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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  May 23, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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and about his efforts today on this sunday. thanks for joining us i am martha mccallum predicting drumming everyday on the story at 3:00 p.m. eastern on fox news. have a great week everyone we will see you next fox news sunday. ♪ ♪ >> the fact is that the deterrent threats with the stability is as vital today for not only that but the world. >> facing historic economic challenges in proving to be resilient. steve: have you ever heard a weaker expression than that? that is the president of the united states of america who cannot even say the most basic
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thing without reading it off a piece of paper. bumbling his way around asia and the stock market crashes and now the baby formula shortages expected to last four months. life of new york tonight "the next revolution". more than the border crisis or inflation crisis, both of those are the consequence of deliberate ideological choices the baby crisis proves this regime the whole rotten crew in juvenile activists is totally not serious and incompetent it was in february 3 months ago the nation's largest baby formula close the michigan factory because of a contamination scare the fda part of the federal government and run by the biden appointee former obama appointee who was fully involved in the decision to close the plant and with the
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responsibility of these men hhs secretary the sarah and vilsack the good news is that secretary vilsack and secretary becerra have been on the case trying to fix the crisis in the white house told us that. working diligently to solve the problem it's all hands on deck in the us trade representative department department of commerce they have all been working diligently and then to address the baby formula crisis. except wait a minute. the crisis is now a few months ago when all these people started working diligently it
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was just a close factory so somehow the and geniuses by working diligently managed to turn a closure into a crisis. this is a massive interruption one of the most vital product imaginable for america's families not to get the michigan factory up and running that was weeks away in order to get extra supply from us producers to find replacement supply from other countries that blocks imports formants of massive tariffs and regulations not even the defense corruption act that they keep going on against the pandemic they tell us working diligently for months and this is the result separating babies from their food want to be more inhumane but at least now we know what working diligently means. it means creating a crisis and explains the entire biden regime. they think working diligently on inflation and at the border
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that they really work diligently from the withdrawal from afghanistan. is this what they meant when they told us grown-ups were back in charge? >> i do think ultimately you will see adults in the room. >> amen to that. >> we have grown-ups in the room. >> . >> . >> we have competency backed. >> how is that working out? we were promised the west wing and we ended up with the eep. and effective governance it working diligently. what a joke. they are so incompetent now even admitting knowing since last year. >> everything that i have been kept apprised from last year we have been moving as quickly as we can.
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steve: we have gone from warp speed with trump to car crash under biden. the economic chief gave us a new timeline this morning. >> when will baby formula be available to americans in the way they need quick. >> it will take a little bit of time. >> a little bit of time? you only had a few months on a military firelight as it is a triumph. what you talking about? you've never should've been in the situation in the first place look at begging for oil through venezuela. the samples tested negative. and the self-created crisis and then to try the emergency
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side that the biden people created and they were waiting on hold one hour 12 minutes only to be told to look at another website. it is shambles with devastating consequences for the most vulnerable in our society and of course just as a fish rots from the head down the spring and the most diligent of them all that the master of the smooth running machine joe biden. >> all the sentence on the front page of every newspaper if we have better mind readers but if we move as quickly as it became apparent to us. steve: as soon as it became apparent? the day before you said that your own white house said you were working diligently on it for months. that's a moment at all became clear everything we have been
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saying, biden literally has no clue what's going on around him. did a brief them about the months of work diligently and he forgot? or did they not even bother telling him? this is the underlying crisis the inflation crisis and the border crisis and the afghan crisis and the baby crisis. the capacity to do his job . >> what am i doing here? >> look at him there is nothing there. >> they managed to make those attacks and incoherent rambling speeches but this is
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when he is on display reading prepared remarks imagine how bad it is in private when he is supposed to be making decisions absolutely terrifying. the policy failures and the broken promises is from the political process the bidens obvious and ability to perform the duties of president properly are different we cannot wait through 2024. >> dude got to go. >> if he go she takes over. and with that incapacitated president to respect the constitution biden has proven he's not fit to be president he should resign or be removed from office immediately.
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>> do you agree? now let's bring in our guest around the table. it is monica crowley along with tammy bruce. how great to see you. i'm excited. we were there in the beginning we really got the way of set up with the establishment. >> the title of your show. the sense there is something that is not in motion. we saw this with the tea party the silent majority in the stakeholders realize the people that we trusted knew what was going on maybe they were educated but none of that was true.
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here is joe biden making baby formula that is not enough. that he has turned the great country into unstable and relies on the kindness of strangers but sometimes they are not kind. 's we are in a lot of trouble. it is shocking to the american people because we watch this why is everything at the core of what we need for our daily lives and national security that are reliant on other countries who are then reliant on us because they don't have enough of a decent infrastructure. >> it is shocking and almost unbelievable. >> just how incompetent they are. it's so infuriating when you see people go about and the contrast with the trump
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administration and everything was perfect but the actual things you have got done is transformational policy implemented. these people brag about how campus and they are is a fiasco start to finish. >> this is one of the big reasons why they have to destroy donald trump. because they were not one of them not part of the ruling class t ruled on —- oh nobody anything that he comes in solving america's problems which all politicians say they are interested in doing every two and four and six years but trump actually began to do it. booming economy with a proven economic agenda and delivered world peace. frankly i don't know what more
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you expect from an american president. he made them all look bad. 's of course they targeted him. into your point i wish it was simply an competence with this administration. but what you are witnessing. steve: i completely agree there are two types. there is the incompetence that we see that with baby formula. now the deliberate destruction on the border absolutely clear. there are things they are doing that are ideologically driven to destroy the strength of america. but this is a joke again what is unbelievable is a keep doing these enormous screw ups and nobody is ever held accountable. just take this example. these three men this guy robert, secretary the sarah
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secretary vilsack are that guilty men they have done nothing about it. now suddenly they panic it is in the headlines. when will they be held accountable or anyone? >> this is what is so strange but it talks about the leader. of course it is debatable who is really running the country. but if there is in russia, lack of seriousness , then you have people who are head of agencies who will not step out of line. just like trumps energy and attitude. it is because it infected everyone else. it set the tone. americans have to address why don't they change their trajectory when they see the problems that exist? it goes to the point of deliberation. why don't they?
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everybody does make mistakes but then you adjust and you change but afghanistan is the signature. it's not the problem. not the singular issue where you trip but it almost had to be because it was so catastrophic. but now it is a baby issue not a formula issue. two toddlers in tennessee one released one in the hospital because they could not get the formula that was important for their physical issues that required specific formula. how many more will there be? and then the brain development we will see that for years. steve: that's why put that reference in there. separating from babies from their families at the border how inhumane. what could be more inhumane than what they are doing now?
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that fear and the panic of the parent who cannot see their child. it is so important for people to understand i have worked in the heart of the government and you know how hard it is to change anything. bureaucrats, the system, the swamp against you. and trump is rude in meetings and yelled at people. honestly if he didn't have that attitude nothing would have gotten done. >> exactly right. and with no course correction under biden and this administration because this is a deliberate takedown of the united states. talking about government what is the great benefit of having a private sector president mike donald trump he would and the business like any other entity when you look at government come it runs on the power motive and keeping and
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access to power. that's what motivates everybody in office. but in the private sector what motivates somebody is the profit motive. so this is why there is no accountability. steve: if he thought someone was no good. and actually during the four years he got more and more fed up with people saying have this establishment person ready. i want people who will get it done. >> this is the relevant juxtaposition. when he ran he talked about the forgotten man and woman. americans had been forgotten.
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that's not just an issue now that is manifesting blatantly without any apology not only have they forgotten us but they forgot us then now only operate for themselves. it is dramatic they are doubling down. i will tell you who will be forgotten other people who are fired in november. they will be selling shoes or whatever it is. steve: it is just revolving door. >> we like to think ourselves as a representative democracy or republic that they no longer represent us but themselves. steve: and the swamp. really good news is that monica and tammy will be with us through the hour. don't go away.
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steve: biden is bumbling
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around asia embarrassing us on the world stage he redlines how important it is to end our dependence from authoritarian regimes like china as we have been saying for years but the ludicrous establishment treated it like a stroke of policy genius trump said we need to decouple from china they call it stupid and recess but now it's called the smart policy rethink. what a joke training is now to assess this our friend is from ukraine tonight we will get the latest but first what did biden say about china and the establishment reaction? you were there implementing the policy now they are fawning over it when they do the same thing. >> it is important to remember the seachange to the foreign policy establishment in 2014 and 2015 neither party was talking about the chinese communist party the way biden talks about it today and that was four years of tough on china policy and if you go
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back to the obama administration and with the vice president of china and during the obama administration of the relationship at what you see and is hunter facilitating the auto manufacturer to china and by the way the chinese company that bought the auto manufacturer they may chinese military jets also trade, ip theft everything that trump was talking about the militarization of the south china sea, to opm hats of all the critical information of people within our government with security clearance and finally look at the infiltration of the chinese communist party under
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president obama and vice president biden and again he was given a china portfolio with the infiltration of hollywood and we see things like the confucius centers on campus. all of this happened while biden was in charge of china. steve: exactly. a great run down. now let's get down about your visit to ukraine what have you seen and what is happening? >> thank you for having me. it has been an amazing trip we have been at most of the night with the air raid sirens. i do think things are okay right now. i have been here with a group called aerial recovery based out of nashville tennessee.
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former special operators from various forms of military use the skills they learned a special ops to do humanitarian operations around the world including the united states of course here in ukraine the focus is on orphans getting them from the dangerous part to where we are so i have been visiting the orphanages looking at these beautiful children and has been heart wrenching but i'm also incredibly grateful for those humanitarians are willing to put their lives on the line. steve: that response is so great when we can celebrate that. what would you say the danger zone? anyone who needs to get out of the danger zone are they vulnerable to russian advances? >> i will say the name to
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protect the privacy that i've met with a former ukrainian official yesterday about two and half years ago i was here and we had a press conference funny enough we talked about this we try to bolster zelensky because of the democrats had severely weekend his leadership with russia hoax so we came to help them out after being badly damaged by the leadership percent on —- perceptions i was meeting yesterday she's not sure how she will get her parents out it is still a tenuous situation that the american people can learn some things from the ukrainian people that they are willing to fight and die for their country they are very patriotic i have been
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inspired by their tenacity what they should be doing it doesn't have to be american-led. steve: it so great you could join us live. we really appreciate it and we will see you soon much more ahead. don't go
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steve: we are right in the middle of the primaries and that the pundits are looking at how many of these endorsed candidates a racist and it seems that jd vance in ohio who was behind until trump backed him but to me the more interesting thing is regardless of which candidate one which race but the idea that trump ran on with a conservative populism pro-business on tax and regulation standing up to china, those ideas have completely taken over the gop pretty much all of the candidates in all races are
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running on the trump platform. the old elitist establishment is nowhere. during the most important battle of ideals they have already delivered a total and complete trump victory. what do we think? >> it makes sense. >> it is a new thing that none of us have ever heard about before, but it's a basic dynamic. he grew to love this country during the campaign. he spoke about policies that were about helping people. that's what the country was based on decisions were always based on how is it we can improve the quality of people's lives to give them freedom and given the basics to allow people and that is what americans have always
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wanted it's not new or a weird toy but who we are and he would be considered the weird guy that shows you have for the establishment and the small plant and how the american people have been very patient we are trusting that there is a point where enough is enough and the british found out world war ii everybody found out whether lusitania or pearl harbor. just let us be. we are at a point like this internally and we scenes science like netflix or other signs from desantis in florida we are ready to move the reminder of this all things being equal he should return for his second term and a redo
12:36 am
of the first. all that he got done with complete resistance. joe biden is ruining us everyone says what can we help you do next? he deserves to be back but we need him to be and i hope that works out. >> there is no appetite. >> the establishment republican party is dead and donald trump came in and smash the paradigm not just republican voters and democrats what they expect and want in a candidate and the leadership so never again will you get a john mccain or mitt romney or jeb bush those days are over because the expectations are different it is now america first party donald trump to get the forgotten man and woman and
12:37 am
said icu. i hear you and i will be your champion. everybody took a giant leap of faith and in the four years he was president he delivered for those forgotten men and women. so now they expect that. the big fear by the left and the gop is donald trump could not be allowed to succeed because if he did he would give birth to hundreds of baby donald trump send hundreds of these candidates maybe not adopted his style but the america first agenda and that is exactly what has happened. steve: in the uk there was a socialist politician and said the famous thing about margaret thatcher. yes she was in power for a long time but her real power issue change the way people think easily the most powerful political leader of the 20th
12:38 am
century the same with trump regardless of his years in office, you cannot point to anyone since reagan who has that impact on the way people think he hates to be described as an intellectual but that intellectual revolution will be legacy regardless of his years in office. >> it is a reminder of who we are. somebody says look what you have done this is what your future will be. you will love that guy then it comes true. this is about a desire for transparency and honesty, respect, just some simple respect and a desire to genuinely not tell you how to live your life they give you the tools to choose from to live the life you want to. and that has been missing except for reagan. we can generally tell us
12:39 am
somebody is generally serious trump has the seriousness. and to be serious it comes with, i don't know if people want perfection because that does not exist but the things that some people don't like is the attitude. >> we just saw that with biden to adopt rhetorically the attitude on china that's another example. >> he came into office understanding his whole philosophy was orange man bad so all policies had to be reversed especially those working for the american people with china it's unbelievable how compromise joe biden and his son are in so many people around him. if you expect joe biden and the administration to take on china aggressively the way
12:40 am
president trump did you are in for a rude awakening. it will not happen. china inflicted a global pandemic on the road killing millions of people. they are deeply engaged in economic warfare not just in the pacific rim but globally they are engaged and warfare of all kinds and this administration will not take them on because they are compromise but the philosophy there is a marxist strain. >> now they say it's empty rhetoric. >> that's a very important ending to the conversation. they may say it stick around we will be back soon.
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steve: welcome back time for this week's closers. of course it is monica and tammy here is a headline from "the wall street journal" editorial yesterday that says at all. hillary clinton did it that could apply to a lot of things but this time it is the russian hoax at the campaign manager confirmed under oath in court on friday was approved by her. >> mrs. clinton has been a dark menace on the political landscape for 40 years. the depth of her deceit and corruption know no bounds. here you have her campaign manager blurting out in open court that yes she approved
12:56 am
referring these lies to a reporter and it is the tip of the iceberg. anyone with common sense understands it originated with mrs. clinton and was executed by mrs. clinton. nobody freelanced any of this. talking from her and the web is wise. and it is taking a lot longer that putting pieces of the puzzle together and again it extends beyond mrs. clinton into the obama white house. >> one of the most interesting things that emerged is that obama himself was told about this but was told in 2016 he was told in the white house this was all brought up by hillary to distract from the e-mail scandal. >> what we have learned is
12:57 am
there is very few people managing either party. a few people make the decisions and when you have people like hillary clinton and barack obama, they are very involved. joe biden is a puppet. and these two people the party was theirs. and have had a run for half a century and barack obama knew his trajectory for decades. none of this has been natural so of course they will be involved that ideological ones. but he liked other ones more. so this is what you have a dynamic where the american people really did know. there is a point where you can't help yourself for some
12:58 am
people it might be normal to say the truth she was in charge of the campaign they needed this kid now suddenly on this is happening and he feels compelled to tell the whole truth. it might be shocking but it just means we have to remain involved in look at the country has been through. the american people saving the world over and over not people like the clintons. steve: what is so disgusting and worth getting in rage but the is people the sanctimonious people that lecture us about undermining our democracy, they have been undermining democracy from the beginning. and what is so glaring and appalling is that the likelihood that any of them will be held accountable we have these lower-level people
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that have been indicted and ralph unraveling the sweater thread by thread but we have a two-tier justice system in the country where the ruling class commits all manner of crime whether the left with antifa or blm but the left is skating and people like us conservatives, the book is thrown at us. steve: very quickly but i am very certain she wants to run. look at the way she is behaving will the skin and the way? >> i think it will be impossible for her to do so. the mood of the country in november other people will stop her. there are signals throughout the country politically and in business we are done with that we have seen it fail we know
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that will not work and to be a casualty but americans need to see justice. >> so great to have you here thank you for being with us we will see you next sunday on "the next revolution" >> todd: a fox news alert, president biden speaking alongside world leaders about a new endo specific trade agreement. earlier this morning, the president shrugged off concerns of a u.s. recession as american struggle with the price of gas, food, and of course, the baby food shortage. >> rn gdp will grow faster than china for the first time in 40 years. does that mean we don't have problems? we do. but when it comes to the gas prices, we are going through an


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