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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 23, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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street don't invest in oil and gas. this isn't putin. this is biden. >> todd: and it's scary, who are these 17 economists? congressman, i don't think we will ever know. we know who you are. congressman michael waltz we appreciate your insight as always: griff. great day to have you on my friend. with that, "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> the united states is deeply invested in the indo-pacific. >> are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> you are? >> it's a commitment we made. >> from the baby formula shortage to record high inflation. it's no wonder americans are feeling stressed. >> do you agree that the united states is headed into a recession. >> our economy is in a period of transition. >> the white house plans to appeal a federal judge's decision that keeping title 42 in place. >> rachel got a firsthand look at the crisis in our border. >> what are we looking at here?
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>> the panels of the previous border wall that was being constructed. >> said yesterday. >> somebody should be imposed about. >> some countries are imposing quarantine. >> i don't think it rises as the level of concern that existed with covid-19. >> pga champion justin thomas: ♪ just another manic monday. ♪ wish it were sunday ♪ that's my fun day. >> will: some kind of weekday inspiration. why aren't we standing? >> brian: observe what's happening it's a beautiful sunrise. >> will: it is a gorgeous sunrise in roscommon, michigan brought in by the bangles. will cain in for steve doocy. answer. >> ainsley: manic monday.
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brian always stands up right until we go on camera. and so today i just stood up and i adjusted my pants and he didn't stand up. i said what's going on here? >> brian: the problem is because i was told that i sat too much because your hamstrings get tight if you sit too much. i try to stand as much in possible in life. >> will: i was told the other day that sitting is the new smoking. >> brian: that's what i'm saying. that's why you always see me i will stand up here because i'm trying not to ever sit. >> ainsley: what does it mean if i like to sit. >> brian: fight against it. >> ainsley: ham strings need to work. >> brian: either that or live in masseuse. people go stretch houses. they go -- they don't work out. go. >> ainsley: tower of london. >> brian: not a punishment. people are too lazy to stretch themselves. they have people stretch them out. >> ainsley: that does feel good. have you all ever worked out at
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the gym and personal trainerrenned he a thought you on that table and stretch you in weird way and get on your back and stretch you that feels great. >> will: no. >> ainsley: i recommend it. >> brian: go to the house or the house comes to you the stretch house. >> will: glad to be sitting here and standing with you this morning. >> brian: two hours and 5 will 8 minutes to fill us in on something he else we have going on. get to this story. president biden raises eyebrows overnight from japan saying the u.s. military will defend taiwan if china invades. >> ainsley: now the white house is on clean-up duty, working to clarify those comments as the president also tries to defend his economic policies. >> will: jacqui heinrich joins us live from tokyo with more. good morning here. i don't know. evening there, jackie? >> ainsley: how many hours ahead or behind? >> it is evening. good morning to you guys though. will, ainsley and brian. you know, the president's statement was a very clear departure from long standing u.s. policy of strategic
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ambiguity toward taiwan. traditionally the u.s. expresses support for henning taiwan defend itself. we have stayed intentionally vegas whether the u.s. military would get involved if taiwan was attacked by china. and today all that went out the window. and -- president indicate that biden knew exactly what he was saying. the reporter says the u.s. has not gotten involved in ukraine for reasons. nuclear arsenal. asking if we would get involved in taiwan if china attacked. >> getting involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> you are? >> that's a commitment we made. >> i was in the room at the time and i can tell you the cabinet certainly did not expect that from the president. i looked over at secretary of state antony blinken he shifted visibly in his seat and then was looking at his phone. minutes later the white house tried to walk back the
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president's comments telling me as the president said our policy has not changed. he reiterated our one china policy and our commitment to peace and stability across the taiwan strait. he also reiterated commitment taiwan relations act provide taiwan the military means to defend itself. if this all feels very familiar it is because this has happened before. the president was asked the exact same question a year ago and immediately after the white house had to walk back the president's comments. today china's foreign ministry gave a swift response. rebuking and deploring and rejecting the president's comments, warning the u.s. not to defend taiwan's independence and saying it will take firm action to safeguard sovereignty and interest. it comes after china expressed anger that the u.s. recently removed language in a state department fact sheet saying the u.s. does not support taiwan's independence. i asked the white house how china should view the president's statement after all of this, and i was told that this was not a change in u.s.
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policy. but, however, this was a major distraction from the launch of this new trade partnership involving 13 countries here in the indo-pacific launched today and also undermined the president's other news he made in that press conference that he doesn't think the u.s. is necessarily bound for a recession. will, ainsley, and brian? >> ainsley: jackie, we would basically support taiwan. we wouldn't want the invasion of china but the military component is what people are questioning, right? >> yes. correct. we have never said that we would send boots or anything like that. now it seems like we might. >> brian: right. it depends on how talk. to say. >> ainsley: similar to ukraine. remember when he was in poland. >> brian: thank you, jacqui. >> ainsley: he was in poland he said to the soldiers we could send to you ukraine and had to walk that back. >> will: this is not the first time where we have had accidental ambiguity on what our policy might be when it comes to taiwan. it was about a year ago, a
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little less than a year ago, that joe biden was talking about this same issue. taiwan and china. and what our commitment might be, and he did sort of the same thing. remember? >> so are you saying that the united states would come to taiwan's defense. >> yes. >> if china attacked. >> yes. we have a commitment to do that. >> one more, the president was asked if the u.s. would come to taiwan. yes we have a to do that. shift in u.s. policy as it relates to taiwan. >> well, there has been no shift. the president was not announcing any change four policy nor has he made a decision to change our policy. there is no change in our policy. >> brian: right. so a little bit of an issue there. because there is a change in the policy. what i find unbelievable is that, you know, when you are a businessman and become president of the united states this stuff isn't incontinuingial because have you been foe using can on your business or a 48-year-old president like barack obama kind of new, only senator for a
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couple of years. you could see this happening. this guy has been doing this 40 years and chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. this is one of the hottest issue last 50 years. china, taiwan, recognizing it. not recognizing it. this should be one of the easiest things in the world for him and what is he doing? now, michael waltz, going to play it next hour was on 10 minutes ago i would love this to be our new strategy, he is still in the national guard, he has the military background. i would love to say we are going do this because they would actually because if you shut off -- if you take taiwan, you have 50% of the world's economy that goes through that area and be controlled by china clearly an enemy. >> will: let me put this to you, brian. our policy largely if you tried to boil this down. as you described went on air. strategic ambiguity. leave china somewhat guessing about what our commitment might be should they start a belligerent act towards taiwan. we have said we recognize your one china policy but we will
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defend taiwan. that leaves china in a guessing place. so, let's try to guess what joe biden is doing. on one hand, i had gordon chang on "fox & friends weekend" this weekend. he said he thinks that the biden administration is trying to project a little bit of strength because they had been projecting such weakness in the last couple of weeks towards china. so now it's time to bow up. so china doesn't start taking advantage of perceived weakness. on the other hand joe biden is confused. he is confused to your point on something he should not be confused on. but, if he is confused, instead of strategic ambiguity, didn't we kind of get there the same way with disagets ambiguity? china is probably guessing today what is the united states position on taiwan? >> brian: right. this is what you do. we know exactly who what taiwan needs to defend itself. we know exactly the scenarios and general keane has gone over it: wrote a fictional book on it. >> ainsley: what does he say they need. >> brian: they need missile defense, they need certain types
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of -- they need to strategize for an invasion. they could do all of that. >> ainsley: have they not done that. >> no. they haven't done it yet. we haven't given it to them yet. if you want to send a message. but the advisers on the ground they basically said to us you better get those advisers off the ground. we haven't. what we need to do is to give taiwan everything it needs to defend itself. that's what we need. we also should say we are going to keep that strait open, that should be our policy. but, what is interesting is if it's intentional. it's great. i'm not sure he meant that but i'm not sure it's intentional because that means it's confusion because remember what the president's trip in poland was like e goes over to poland he says yeah, you will see 82nd airborne you will see when you get there vladimir putin we need a regime change. they had to walk back three or four things on that trip. now they got to walk this back from this trip. and then we have a whole montage go over two minutes of his
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mistakes that he has made in his two trips overseas. >> ainsley: if china wants to invade taiwan would this be the opportunity? >> will: no. >> ainsley: see how biden is responded in afghanistan and ukraine? >> brian: afghanistan is an absolute mess. that allowed ukraine to happen in my view, but i do believe what they're see now, the devastating effect of russia, their ebb ineffectiveness. number two lied to -- we were lied to about military effectiveness. and number three is what has happened economically. >> ainsley: china is watching. taking notes? >> brian: right, their alliance with russia is providing almost nothing. >> ainsley: biden says he does not expect it to happen and he thinks that all countries worldwide need to support the anti-invasion from china. all right. coming up. the supreme court could rule on roe v. wade as soon as today catholic democrats face back lancaster on their stance. >> will: stacey abrams has quite
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a funny pitch to. >> i am tired of saying we're the best state in the country to do business when we are the state in the country to live. >> brian: why critics are calling this the worst campaign slogan of all. ♪
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>> ainsley: we are back with headlines starting with this. ukrainian president zelenskyy giving remarks at the world economic forum in switzerland just about an hour ago. he spoke on the transformation as the deadly invasion of
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ukraine rages on tnchts has turned into a house of russia's war crimes and this is an example of their transformation what russia has done to itself but becoming a state of war criminals. >> ainsley: meanwhile the pentagon weighing the deployment of special forces to the u.s. embassy in kyiv to guard the facility after it was reopened last week. all eyes now on the supreme court issue a ruling on roe v. wade as early as today. a leaked homeland security memo reveals the white house is brace for a summer of violence ahead of the highly anticipated ruling. and the san francisco examiner is calling on the pope to remove the city's archbishop after banning nancy pelosi from receiving communion over pro-abortion stance. calling nancy a more devout catholic than the archbishop who they say is more loyal to far right bishops than to christ. and i will let you take this over, will.
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>> will: thank you. justin thomas your 2022 pga champion. thomas taking down rising star. it was tenth playoff. thomas' long-time friend tiger woods who withdrew from the tournament after three rounds congratulated him he kept himself in this championship until the very end and once he got a shot he didn't look back. rookie leading all day but it was a clasp to be honest. double bogey on the 18th hole opening the door for both sal tore russ and thomas. were you viewed to the tv yesterday? >> will: it was exciting and see a collapse like per rare are a most people polling for the
3:19 am
rangers will. >> brian: tuesday is a big day for america, five more states have their primaries. this use to be anti-climatic maybe one or two. now interested in the secretary of state in georgia. interested in the governor's race. these are intramural battles that usually have very little intrigue. also there what about attorney general in texas george p. bush and -- that's going to be close, too. the big story is the future matchup which looks like it's going to be brian kemp he is so far ahead with senator perdue who is challenging him. >> ainsley: in georgia. >> brian: has no message foregot to have one. >> ainsley: perdue endorsed by trump. >> will: stacey abrams blue topic gala. democratic gala in georgia. she came up with what i think is fair to say an interesting sales
3:20 am
pitch to the people of georgia about why she should be governor and it was essentially as you will hear georgia is no good. listen. ail ail ainsley, stacey abrams stacey says georgia is the worst place to live in. >> ainsley: if you were de blasio and said this is the worst state i need to fix it people would maybe agree. in the south there is so much pride in your state.
3:21 am
and you know this living in texas. there is texas pride. there is georgian pride. there is south carolinian pride. you were so grateful what your state provided you and grateful for leaders. this is the worst campaign slogan that's what stephen miller said. contender for all time worst campaign slogans. what do you think? >> brian: a couple of things. number one she said let me contextualize 48 for mental health and 41 for that ma term mortality. inflation rate. and wages are on the decline. there are some things you would like to do better. many ways to do it. what you point out nine great things this is what can i do but this is what i focus on. you don't say worst state ever i will take it over from here. her disapproval and approval is even at 48-48. very odd. she was really behind major league baseball moving their all-star game and she changed her "u.s.a. today" editorial after published just to change
3:22 am
the record when she realized she was devastating atlanta by moving that out. now she has tried to walked back a bunch of thing and wouldn't meet with president biden. >> ainsley: she had had something elms on her schedule. >> will: as she last conceded the last election she lost? >> brian: she has not. rematch. looks like brian kemp against her. that's a huge mistake. extremely talented. verify good speaker. extremely bright. i get it looked at as a rising star. i think if she wins that governorship she runs for president. >> ainsley: she could. i was on airport one time and she was on the flight with me. i think we were in georgia and flying out of atlanta and it was remarkable the number of people that came up and talked to her. she has a lot of support in that state. >> brian: she would dramatically change that state in a way i don't think that state is prepared to be changed. >> will: same campaign slow. america terrible to live. in. >> brian: don't stay here. >> ainsley: if she hates it so much why does she live in georgia? she has two houses there i
3:23 am
believe. >> brian: jeremy hunt going to come up later. a republican one running in one of the most economically challenged districts in georgia. >> ainsley: okay. >> brian: he wants to take what he learned at west point and at yale and bring it over there. >> ainsley: is he running for congress. herschel walker is running for senate. >> brian: republican nomination unseat somebody that's been there for a while. >> will: big day for primaries tomorrow. >> ainsley: second flight of baby formula is on the way as parents desperately are scrambling to feed their babies. members of congress are demanding from formula makers. >> brian: yeah i'm not a mind reader. border patrol is bracing for a major surge of illegal immigrants despite the block of ending title 42. rachel campos-duffy saw the crisis firsthand. she will join us next. >> this effects everybody. this doesn't just effect the state of texas. every state is now a border state because of this crisis.
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>> will: biden administration failing to lift the band ban on title 42 today. >> ainsley: historic levels. numbers obtained by fox news reveal more than 1,000 across the border in 24 hours one sector alone with 23 of them expelled under title 42. >> brian: rachel campos-duffy
3:28 am
took a trip down to eagle pass in texas talk to law enforcement leaders and some migrants. she joins us now. hey, rachel. >> rachel: it was really eye opening. first of all,good morning and thanks for having me. i really want to thank "fox & friends" for sending me down to the border because it was eye-opening. this is something that has to be seen to understand it's appalling that joe biden and kamala harris aren't looking at the consequences of their policies and are actually pursuing appealing to the blocking of title 42. let me show you what happened on the trip because i think you will be amazed at the lack of transparency our government doesn't want us to see what's happening. >> rachel: getting ready to take off. state troopers from texas taking us up over the rio grande. what do we have right here? >> this is a group of 130-plus that just came across. at least five border patrol agents tied up processing all
3:29 am
these migrants that came across. exposes more vulnerable gaps on the border. >> what are we seeing here like a makeshift tent. >> develop some of the overcrowding in this sector. like you see there, what you see around it is a fence. there is some type of structure. goes to show you that, you know think believe having a barrier is priority or vital what they are doing here as far as the processing, but, yet, we don't see that on the border where it's needed. >> rachel: what are we looking at right here? >> panels from the previous border wall that was being constructed of course we know the border wall was canceled by the federal government. panels could be used for the border wall. >> rachel: after getting a bird's eye view he took me to get a look at the border crisis front lines right next to the rio grande. >> this is an area that we see
3:30 am
increased activity. we see all the different clothing been disscarredded, shoes and different items. >> rachel: this is someone's private property. >> this was put up by the state to stop some of the crossings that were taking place. what they're doing is some of the wet clothing they use it to push down on the barbed wire that allows them to cross over. this is the federal government's job to security the border. right now the state of texas having to bear this burden by providing all these state resources national guardsmen. this is state funded operation. it shouldn't be that way because the federal government. this is their responsibility is to safeguard the americans, safeguard the border. >> rachel: who controls this area? honestly? is it the cartels. >> the caferttles they are using that messaging as far as the border is open to encourage these migrants to make this journey. every person that crosses that river whether it be a child, a woman, families, they pay a fee to that cartel. >> rachel: i spoke to some
3:31 am
cubans interdicted this morning. each one of them spent about $12,000 to the coyotes to get to this point right here because they are being arrested. >> rachel: we just saw a group of illegal migrants cross over here. >> so the only people who have any benefit where he comes from is if they work for the government in nicaragua. >> so i started talking to them. they were willing to give me an interview but then the border patrol came and said now you are in my custody. you can't talk to them -- the media anymore. this is just another example of how the federal government doesn't want us to know what's going on. >> i have been shocked by the lack of transparency. i don't blame border patrol. >> they need to be transparent on what's taking place. this effects everybody this effects the state of texas. every state now is a border state because of this crisis. >> probably one of the saddest things i have seen is the children that are coming across. little life jacket right there.
3:32 am
obviously a child's life jacket. they are making this journey with kids. >>this is much more than immigration. of course it's border security, national security the children coming across and how being victimized by not just the criminal organization but where do they end up. >> rachel: we are standing in fronts of the unaccompanied minors migrant facility for the entire del rio sector. not even the mayor is allowed to see what goes on inside. recommendation we had local chunks and different things went out and bought clothes, formula, food for the kids in there. tried bring it weren't allowed. >> this is the most nontransparent government that i have ever seen in my life. you see secretary mayorkas, and he has this great entourage of law enforcement and people follow him everywhere he goes. go stay on the ranch two miles from the border. see what the common ordinary american citizen has to deal with because of your lack of ability to take care of the border.
3:33 am
parent won't let kids play outside unless one of the parents is out there with a gun because you don't know what's coming by. >> you can't handle this amount of illegal immigration coming through. >> we can't. they pulled most of our agents to go out to process. they don't plan to send these people back. they plan to process them as quickly as they can to release them. they're not staying in uvalde. they are passing through. they are going to your community. going to your big cities. going to the east coast, going to the west coast and to mid america. >> rachel: it was just an incredible trip. so eye-opening. i have been in touch with lieutenant al vares. this little boy was captured on their cameras. weighs abandoned by the cartels. they are looking for him to see where is he at. very common, once the child is of no use to the cartel and to the group that's crossing over, they are often just left there.
3:34 am
the mayor -- by the way, i have been praying all weekend for him. he is the same age, actually looks a little bit like my little boy. i cannot tell you how heart breaking it is the mayor of uvalde told me while he can't get into the facilities, even though he has had churches willing go in to help the migrant minor center they wanted to minister to the kids. read to them. bring toys. they are not allowed to do anything. they are never allowed to get from or see anything. they do see occasionally 11, 12, 13-year-olds in the hospital in the local hospital in uvalde delivering babies. we know that children are being mistreated and victimized coming across this border. our government knows that and frankly we are all complicit in it. because this is happening. our government knows it they are continuing to do this. the take aaway for me for this
3:35 am
trip this is not about national security. this is entirely a processing program for our federal government. instead of sending people back. they build bigger processing centers move people through quicker and send them out to the rest of the country. >> brian: rachel, remain in mexico title 42 ignoring the policy. title 42 they have already transferred it. already basically letting people through anyway. you get here, you're in. that's what you walk away from. i also, what a great report you did. and to see that. >> rachel: thank you. >> brian: see that fence, that wall sitting on the ground that we paid for. we are paying to store it. instead of assembling it and putting it up with the technology. that would help the people that you were working with today. >> rachel: it was so incredible to be up above in that helicopter and you see this new tent city processing center surrounded by a wall because our government doesn't want us to know what goes on in there right next to it the rusting trump
3:36 am
wall which the state of texas offered to pay for and put up themselves. and the federal government said no, we just are going to leave it there rusting. we paid for the contract to put it up no. one is working. the walls are sitting there. >> will: all right. rachel. great job. it's a great piece. it takes us behind the scenes and onto the front lines seeing what is happening. >> ainsley: hopefully they will find that little bite boy. i can't imagine as a mom what goes through their head just go. just go. >> brian: go with these strangers. >> will: excellent job. >> rachel: thank you much. >> will: by the way the vice president is working on root causes this will be solved soon. still ahead, the man accused of attacking david chappelle reveals what the comedian said that triggered him to. >> ainsley: david chappelle. >> brian: i should dave. >> will: third case of monkey pox. what you need to know about this
3:37 am
rare virus.
3:38 am
3:39 am
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3:41 am
morningy pox three potential cases investigate a new case in broward county. president biden is pressed on tackling the outbreak. you said yesterday that monkey pox is something everyone should be concerned about. there are a few confirmed cases in the u.s. and some countries are imposing 21-day quarantine teens. should americans expect something similar. >> no, i don't think so. look, we have had this monkey pox in the larger numbers in the past, number one, number two, we have vaccines to take care of it. there doesn't seem to be a need for any kind of extra effort juanita what's going on. >> ainsley: should would he be concerned let's bring in fox news medical contributor dr. marty makary. >> good morning.
3:42 am
>> ainsley: sounds like is he walking it back. first he said this should be something we are all concerned about but then the second day, the next day when he was asked by the reporter he says he doesn't think we need to be too concerned about it what's the truth? what do you know? >> probably the experts got to him and told him don't put the country on high alert. if i were advising the president i would say look, it's basically impossible for the monkey pox virus to cause a pandemic. it's not highly contagious. the transmission is inefficient. requires very close contact for prolonged period of time with somebody who is sick. it doesn't spread during the incubation period or the period where you feel good. that's succinct from other viruses naming covid-19. >> ainsley: is it affecting a certain population, a certain group. >> there have been two outbreaks in europe that have been suggested to occur gay community in sexual transmission believed to be one of the mechanisms. but it's unknown at this time. now we have seen this virus in the past.
3:43 am
it's primarily spread from rodents to humans. not monkeys, even though it has the name monkey pox. >> ainsley: is it deadly? >> 1 percent of the time it has mortality but probably far more people will die of tuberculosis, syphilis. >> the vaccine is believed to be work against monkey pox. stopped vaccinating in 1972. the outbreak we see in europe and other parts of the united states likely confined to people under age 50. >> ainsley: what are the symptoms? >> there is about a 10 day period on average when you feel great and don't know you have it. that's called the incubation period. you are not that contagious during thattered pooh. after which flu like symptoms aches and swelling of the lymph nodes. and then the skin symptoms set in a few weeks later a
3:44 am
characteristic series of spots we call vest tickles. chances are it's hand, foot, mouth disease common among children. people should know monkey pox is still exceedingly rare and likely from close contact with somebody who had recent travel overseas or someone in contact with someone with recent travel overseas. >> ainsley: you said it's not highly contagious but we just went through this pandemic so everyone is alarmed because we see this virus or disease we aren't used to. red flag for everyone. how scared should would he be? is it anything we need to be worried about. >> i would really encourage people not to do anything different in routine lives there are many other infectious diseases far greater risk. people should use basic precautions, if we use the basic principles if you are sick stay home. if you feel you have been exposed to somebody who is sick. then be careful. stay your distance or wear a high quality mask around
3:45 am
somebody vulnerable. those principles apply to all infect shus pat general's and that would be effective against poncay pox. >> ainsley: one in florida, one in massachusetts and one in new york. >> thank you, ainsley. >> brian: i can't believe we are talking about this but let's move on. the man accused of attacking david chappelle reveals he jumped on stage because he was triggered by the comedian's jokes. isaiah lee telling in i identify as bisexual i want him to know what he is triggering. he should first run his material by people it could effect. really in the suspect is will murder charge and not holding this gun shape blade police say he was armed with. i believe everything he says. the air force academy graduation is this wednesday but three cadets will not be commissioned as military officers as punishment for refusing the
3:46 am
covid-19 vaccine. those cadets will graduate will bachelor agrees but unclear if they will have to reinforce the government since education costs usually repaid through military service. a fourth cadet initially refused of the vaccine made the decision to get the shot and will graduate with commission. and to the usfl the knowledge generals now on five game winning streak after beating the houston gamblers last night. lieu lease perez sealed the deal sneaking into the end zone as time expired for the 26-25 win. anthony jones winning the way for the new orleans breakers that he beat the pittsburgh maulers 26-16 yesterday. the breakers improving 4-2 halfway point of the usfl's inaugural season. it was 110 degrees yesterday on the field. up next as we switch gear. let's see if he scores? should we finish? is it done? all right. up next on our show. i hold in my hand skip bedell's card. he has the ultimate grills in
3:47 am
outdoor kitchens to transform backyard this barbecue season. can't tell you what to do with your house. that's what skip does. ♪
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>> brian: coming to an end. barbecue season right around the corners. >> ainsley: our viewers know we love grilling but what are the best products for the summer. >> will: we have skill bendle to show us. >> we are back. the memorial day official start of the barbecue season. >> brian: prove it. >> i love all this sight all the
3:52 am
best barbecues. everything. we are going to start off with something great this is from victory grills. pellet grill it uses wood pellets inside here. made of very high quality steel. they come with life sometime warranties but the best part victory pellets, all gas grills are all under $1,000. great for new home ons entry level high quality. >> will: smokes and grills. >> smokes, grills, bakes. does everything. controls down here. put the wood pellets in the hopper does all the work. under $1,000 lifetime warranty can't go wrong. now coming into blaze. my favorite brand of barbecues. they make really high quality. all super high quality stanless steel. so high quality it's even marine grade. hampton house on the beach and this thing is not going to rust. amazing quality steel comes with four burners, rotisserie, even a back grill here for the
3:53 am
rotisserie. storage underneath. kind of thought of everything. now i'm excited to show you these. who doesn't want an outdoor kitchen. these things are set up. this is composite wood so it won't rot, granite tops. the griddle is key make your bacon and eggs, pancakes, anything you want to do trying on a griddle is really nice. blaze's professional grade chef series grill. very high quality stainless. as you can see lights inside. also srl technology suspects sexy red lights. every grill has sexy red lights. >> will: will they put it together for you. >> put together by fro fit outdoor living in new york. go on to their website as well do. all the design for you. you pick out your components and ship it anywhere in the country. >> ainsley: that's real granite. >> yep. real granite. you can see double refrigerator which is really nice so you can reach it and get your cans from one or two. cans and bottles in one and
3:54 am
something else in the other. nice to have. >> will: all this weather proved sits outdoors. >> anywhere in the country. ice, rain, snow, dessert heat. it's designed to hold up to the elements. >> brian: you are not done yet. wait, there is more? >> but wait. so now we have the power boiler, guys. this is great for like, gumbos, seafood. things like that. 60,000 btus of flame. amazing and coming over to the lte. great quality grill, again, very high quality steel also with the sexy red light technology, important. plus it has drawers for all of your. >> brian: that's key. >> nice for storage to keep all your spices and things like this. this i really love. wine refrigerator like the dual drawer glass front or solid if you like. glass shelves and wood shelves. really nice display when you have your family and friends over display your bottles this
3:55 am
is a great look. all these refrigerators are outdoor rated keep them out in the winter or the summer. >> brian: price for all of this. >> prices all on the site right now up to 60% off. this week memorial day. >> ainsley: no matter where you live they can help you. >> send it to you in the country. great set up. entry level grill like the other things you see high quality steel a little more affordable. this one is really cool. i want to show you this. this is something new that i think a lot of people are going to love coming into football season, tailgating. this is the imagine that crossover. it's the barbecue that folds up like a suitcase but it has four different modular attachments, pizza oven, smaller grill. even a griddle. they all come off independently. you fold it up and you put it in your trunk. campers, tailgate are, awesome. >> will: pizza oven. >> take it off if you don't want to use it. >> brian: plug it in or gas. >> no it's gas. all available at barbecue
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4:00 am
♪ >> are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> you are? >> that's a commitment we made. >> we can't wait until taipei the capital of taiwan is leveled. >> voter are headed to the polls for primary elections. >> stacey abe grams new slogan for georgia. >> this is the worst place to live. >> keeps title 42 in place. >> rachel got a firsthand look at the crisis at our border. >> rachel: what are we looking at here? >> the panels from the previous
4:01 am
border wall constructed. >> said yesterday that monkey pox. >> everybody should be concerned about. >> i don't think it raises to the level of kind of concern. >> the experts got to him and told him don't put the country on high alert. drivers, start your engines! ♪ ♪ >> brian: will, this is what do you look at the video and comment on the video. that's how we do it during the week. >> brian: you had the sunrise. i have the aftermath st. petersburg which is beautiful. >> will: some of us do our thing. >> brian: it will work.
4:02 am
>> ainsley: describe that picture for us what do you see? >> brian: i saw a sunrise that happened one hour ago and then i saw the aftermath. makes me feel if you were in a boat in st. petersburg time to get the keys find out where you left them and ride on the boat and being that memorial day is -- memorial day weekend is coming up. this is the type of thing you can call in sick. it's monday. >> will: i'm here. >> ainsley: we're expecting. >> will: as evidence. >> will: i'm happy to be with you guys this morning. steve has some time off this week. get you started with news this morning. the white house is on clean up duty after president biden says the u.s. military will defend taiwan if china invades. >> brian: oops. we kind of will about not directly not supposed to say it out loud. those words were said overnight raising eyebrows in japan. >> ainsley: jacqui heinrich joins us with more. >> good morning, ainsley, brian
4:03 am
and will. the president's statements were a clear departure from long standing strategic policy ambiguity involving taiwan. traditionally u.s. defends taiwan support itself. vague whether the military would get involved if china would attack taiwan. today that all went out the window. the way the question framed knew that the president knew what he was saying. the u.s. has not gotten involved in ukraine researches russia's nuclear arsenal. reporter asked the president if we would get involved if china attacked taiwan. >> willing to get involved militarily if taiwan is attacked. >> yes. >> you are? >> that's a commitment we made. >> now, when all this happened, it was abundantly clear that people in the room in the administration did not expect to hear this from the president. i looked over at secretary of state antony blinken he visibly
4:04 am
shifted in his seat. he looked at his phone. i asked the white house official to clarify this apparent policy shift, especially because u.s. recently angered china when the state department struck language from a fact sheet removing the words the u.s. does not support taiwan independence. and the white house official tried to tell me nothing to see here as the president said our policy has not changed. he reiterated our one china policy and our commitment to peace and stability across the taiwan strait. he also reiterated our commitment under the taiwan relations act to provide taiwan with military means to defend itself. now, if all this feels very familiar, it is because this has happened before. the president was asked the exact same question last year and the white house also had to clean that up. >> so are you saying that the united states would come to taiwan's defense. >> yes. >> if china attacked. >> yes we have commitment. >> he is not intending to convey a change in policy nor has he made a decision to change our policy. >> today china's foreign ministry had a swift reaction
4:05 am
saying it deplores and rejects biden's comments. warning the u.s. not to defend taiwan's independence and saying it will take firm action to safeguard its sovereignty and interest. now, this was all a huge distraction from today's events. the president launched a new trade framework with 13 indo-pacific countries, widely seen as a counter to china's influence. meantime, taiwan said it is grateful for the president's comments, expressing thanks and vowing to continue to work with the u.s. and japan to defend itself. back to you guys. >> brian: jackie anyone who says they are playing good cop, bad cop doesn't seem to be a strategy. it seems as though it's pretty clear the president misspoke as opposed to i will be the tough guy and you walk back with the diplomatic language? >> it's really tough to see this. is the second time as we have seen. the president has taken a harder line than the rest of the white house and the administration. saying something stronger than of course the white house officials who follow it up and say that's not what he meant. i was in the room with the president when he launched the
4:06 am
13 countries independent framework and southed at him why did you abandon strategic ambiguity over taiwan. a lot of reporters shouting questions about china. he did not answer any of those questions. brian? >> brian: interesting. >> will: jacqui, thank you: it is hard our instinct not incorrectly has come to believe that joe biden is stumbling his way through a lot of the these answers. his instinct seems to be try to project is the word strength? he comes in strong with hyperbole in a moment of perhaps confusion. the way to resolve that for him is to sound strong. and that's why he makes these big statements about republicans sometimes or whoever it is he sees as his adversary. the key here is does he mean it? does he mean he is trying to sound strong. it's the second time he has done it does he mean it? we will defend taiwan if china were to take military action. >> militarily.
4:07 am
>> against taiwan? an i will be honest. i don't know. and i think as china wakes up this morning as xi jinping wakes up. i don't think they know. >> ainsley: after watching what happened in afghanistan and seeing what is happening in ukraine, to your point earlier, watching afghanistan it sends a message to other countries that you can do this too. and the u.s. is going to botch and it we are not going to get involved. if we do, it's going to be a terrible outcome. but, you made a good point in the last hour that after watching what's happening in russia, and ukraine, maybe that's sending a message to the rest of the country. not a good idea. putin thought this was going to be finished in two days and it wasn't. >> brian: so did we. we pricketded 27 hours. the west stepped up. nato unified. ad to great nations. they have lost between 20 and 40,000 men. tough to tell. ukraine lost about 9,000. they have been pushed out. maybe making the country major city's rubble.
4:08 am
when you are see they are going to set up a counter offensive now to take back the donbas as they try to reestablish what they have taken, just add one more thing. if you want to know what russia is going to be like in the ukraine, you see what happens in kherson in the first town to fall is kherson. do you know who got blown up yesterday in the russian appointed mayor of kherson. ukrainians are going to guerrilla this whole thing out. have guerrilla warfare and make russia's life miserable if they plan on holding ton portions of the ukraine. so, people look at that the economic isolation. there was concert over the weekend in st. petersburg, mystery explosions. anarchy in the streets. too many for russia to arrest everybody. there has been random fires throughout. economic strife everywhere. the ruble has gotten stronger which has been somewhat counter productive because now everything is more expensive. what does this mean in the big picture? michael waltz was on the last segment on "fox & friends first"
4:09 am
and said this about the president's remarks. >> i hope the white house doesn't come around and try to clean it up. it sounds like they already are. and that kind of ambiguity isn't helpful. we need to make it very clear to china that invading taiwan, which will then allow china to control about 50% of global trade and g.d.p., isn't acceptable and we need to move away from that policy of strategic ambiguity that we have had for years. we can't wait until taipei, the capital of taiwan is leveled much like mariupol is now to then have a tough response. we need that tough talk up front. i hope his staff doesn't try to come around and muddy the waters. >> will: abandoning -- his argument is -- look, the united states of merge is economically dependent upon both of those nations. taiwan and china. and our strategic interest is that there is no kin at the time nic military conflict. that's what the needle we are trying to thread. ensure that our economic necessities are met in both of
4:10 am
those places. michael waltz is making the argument it is through clarity of do not invade taiwan. then we will see if we pay an economic price with china. odds are we will not. i would think. but meaning if we take that position clearly what will china's response be to us? >> brian: the thing is if china doesn't want a nato like response, so what happened in nato? got stronger and got unified. massive sanctions. they are getting russian oil look what they're doing with the quad. india not with us on russia but with us against china. south korea, japan, australia. >> we're all kind and be fortified against china the best you can if you are china trying to rebuild your economy after locking down 24 million people. >> will: still locked down. >> brian: trying to get everything going while taking away free enterprise and all elements of it. do you really want to deal with the massive sanctions from the west even if they aren't as suffocating with the one as russia. take taiwan who is no threat to
4:11 am
you at all, it's all a matter of pride? and the reason why we can't let taiwan go especially because they are the number one chip manufacturer and we can't drive a car without it and can't use our military without it. >> ainsley: they are building one in texas thank goodness only three around the world. okay, y'all. >> this is front cover of "the new york post." yesterday what were you doing around 11:40 in the morning? you might have been in church or brunch with your family. there is a young man 48 years old. he was on the q train coming from brooklyn coming into the city to meet his friends or meet someone for brunch at 11:40 and gunned down and was shot and killed on the train. he lives in brooklyn and works for goldman sachs. it's extremely difficult to get a job with goldman sachs one of the top financial firms in the world. there's his picture right there. and his sister had this to say. no one, no one, no one should have -- should have this happen to their family. and the worst part is, even if they catch this person, is he going to be out again.
4:12 am
i wish you guys would go back to mayor adams and tell him the city is not safe. my brother just became a statistic on the way to the city. >> will: terrible story. this comes the same time that mayor eric adams or at least those around him have dropped the hint that he might be interested in running for president of the united states. that he sees an opening in the lane for democratic nominees should joe biden not run. of course that's all predicated on the idea that you run the city of new york competently. here you have the fourth subway murder of 2022. so essentially a little less than one a month now subway murders and this one is absolutely tragic for a guy on the way to brunch. >> brian: shot in the chest killed instantly. do your job, get crime off the streets. >> this is the same mayor adams who 10 days ago came out and said come on, executives. demand your people come back to the city and get out of your
4:13 am
black cars. go mass transit. get on subways and trains and be a good example. we need people back to start paying their way through. really? who is going to get the bullet in the chest next? how are you going to show people it's safe? never completely safe i understand that. we know what it's like to have new york city safe. safe for like 20 years. three terms with bloomberg. two terms with giuliani. >> ainsley: this gunman was pacing back and forth and got away. shot him randomly. they didn't have a conversation. there wasn't an argument. just shot him randomly. >> brian: daniel enrique question now dead at 48 years old. joe borelli was in this morning. he couldn't believe it take a listen. >> you have the exact it with a state with lenient laws on criminal defendants and activist woke judges who don't care about crime victims whether they be the public or police officers. you can't guarantee consequences for criminal actions whether they are someone with a gun or whether they're people picking pockets in times square or
4:14 am
robbing grocery stores. >> brian: you don't really pay for crime. most of the crime is done within 20% of the people do the same crime over and over again. and we don't arrest them. we don't keep them. in new philosophy in america. criminal first. wherever you go. like no matter what city you read, big or small, the problem is it's the criminals that keep getting out and their crimes keep getting more and more serious until they have finally killed so many people or do something so horrendous they go to jail for life and along the way they destroy life after life. >> ainsley: traffic is so bad in this city. a lot of people take the subway because they're commuting. >> brian: i know. >> ainsley: totally abnormal to live in south carolina and someone commute an hour, hour and a half. that is not abnormal here. most people do it. commute all the way out on long island probably the farthest area of your area you commute every day. >> brian: right. >> ainsley: subways are so unsafe. >> brian: i'm on the subway every day and take the train
4:15 am
twice a week when i have to get real quick. for me, i'm only going one or two spots. now that there are people on there, you start thinking like old times when you read stuff like this, you realize it's not. you know what i notice about the homeless situation there are homeless but they are deranged and angry. homeless feel so bad for these people. now for the most people they are mental and should be institutionalized these people need medical care and who knows what they're capable of. >> will: you are right it would be across the country. irresponsible this is happening in cities like dallas and san francisco and new york and atlanta. they are all run by the same policies pushed forward by the same political party. >> brian: we understand the message in november or we are all doomed. 15 minutes now after the hour. we begin with headlines, all hands on deck at the border as agents brace for migrant surge block the administration from lifting title 42 public health policy. national guardsmen are standing
4:16 am
by and leave is not being granted. great. take people and don't give them time off even with title 42 in place. border agents yuma arizona sector only able to expel less than all migrants encountered between friday and saturday morning. now, this johnny depp is expected to get back on the stand today in the $50 million defamation trial against ex-wife amber heard. deadline reporting that depp will be called as a witness by heard's legal team after two weeks of the two stars describing tumultuous violent marriage in court. heard's team expected to wrap up. the judge wants to hear close arguments by friday. america loves this trial for some reason. nascar race getting off the ground at texas motor speedway. i will pause. >> huge wreck. chastain hitting turning chase
4:17 am
elliott around in the wall. >> totaled chase elliott's car. >> brian: cross chastain hitting could i bush's car sending his car flying over it thankfully none of the drivers injured in the violent crash. going on to win in overtime for team penske. he goes home with the $1 million prize and those your headlines. i even did the sports myself. >> ainsley: yes, you did, good job. "fox & friends weekend" will be in charlotte this coming weekend for the coca-cola. >> ainsley can i just talk to you for a second? they go everywhere and we don't go anywhere. >> brian: why is that? we have a big budget. they just use all of it. >> will: well, sports happens on the weekends. >> ainsley: that's true. can you please take brian? he wants to go. >> will: hey, brian, i needs your help. listen, i'm pitching that we go to austin, texas september 10th for texas vs. alabama. want to go to that one?
4:18 am
>> brian: yes. cover. >> will: fox has the game. >> brian: i don't see anything standing in the way. willful will i see nothing standing in our way. >> ainsley: they say they are going to do it. >> will: is he in your ear. >> brian: in the control room. 17 minutes now after the hour i would like to introduce ainsley with the tease. >> ainsley: thank you. a second flight of baby formula is on the way as parents are desprofitly scrambling to feed their children congressman and doctor michael burgess is going to join us next on why answers from the formula maker. >> will: stacey abrams is blasting the state she wants to run as governor for. why she says georgia is the worst place to live. ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ dream on ♪ re eosinophilic asthma
4:19 am
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♪ >> ainsley: in two days on wednesday, america's top baby formula makers will be held accountable for the knight shortage as they deaf before congress. moan while a second flight of baby formula on the way after 78,000 pounds landed in the united states this weekend. the ceo of abbott even apologized for the shortage writing, quote: we are sorry to every family we have let down. by the end of june we will be supplying more formula to americans than before the recall. texas congressman and doctor michael burgess will be questioning formula makers as the energy and commerce committee and he joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning, ainsley. thanks for having me on. >> ainsley: thank you for coming on. what do you expect? what do we want to get out of this hearing? >> well,like, here the thing. the timeline on this while the crisis is upon us, and seems
4:24 am
like the administration said you would have to be a mind reader, no, not really. because there was a whistleblower complaint october 19th of last year. that details some of the difficulties that led to the eventual plant closing in february. so a lot of these things have sort of been slow in their evolution. didn't require a mind reader. just sort of a regular reader could have read the whistleblower report. perhaps gone to the company and found out where the difficulties were and why they weren't being corrected and then the big thing is, what took the fda so long? and why just stop production at a plant when you know the downstream effects are going to be substantial? >> ainsley: yeah, exactly. and tell the other baby formula makers we need to you make more because abbott closed down. at least warn us so parents could be informed. what about the formula coming from europe. i know the plane landed in indianapolis. how is that going to be distributed? >> you know, i'm not quite sure
4:25 am
the details of the distribution. but, sure, it's welcomed and we are grateful that now seeing some additional supplies are going to be getting to the shelves. clearly the 38,000 i think i heard this morning. that's, you know, help. but there is a long way still to go. and you have got to be careful, too. there can be problems with imported baby formula. so, we want to be sure that it's being done correctly from places that are trustworthy and we want america's moms and dads to feel absolutely comfortable they are going to be able to go to the store and buy the formula that they need for their child and that it will be safe. that's the fda's job. and that's what has been so disappointing about this. >> ainsley: who dropped the ball here, congressman? >> you know, i expect we will see a lot of finger pointing on wednesday when the actual hearing. again, just look at the timeline.
4:26 am
you have a whistleblower complaint. substantial -- substantial issues raised. and then no action taken until february. well, what was the reason for that? and then the action that was taken in february, was let's shut it down, well, where was the thought that went into we already know we have trouble with supply chains for cryin' out loud. that's not a new headline. you didn't have to be a mind reader for that where are you going to make up the gap? and, again, those are the things that i'm looking for. those are the answers that i hope we can discern. and the main thing then is particularly with the fda, they have such a responsibility here and yes they receive appropriations. they receive user fees from people that they regulate. they need to be better at this. so, i think we do have the head of the fda come in. i think that's great. he hasn't been on the job all
4:27 am
that long. but he needs to be there and answer for his age agency. >> ainsley: doctor, congressman, thank you for joining us. >> thank you all. >> ainsley: former president trump sounds off on revelations michael sussmann trial as it exposes the clinton smear campaign. democrats had no faith in their 2016 nominee. the biden administration is in clean-up mode after the commander-in-chief said our military was ready to defend taiwan. newt gingrich reacts to the white house walkback coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ we could walk forever ♪ ( ♪♪ ) ♪ walking on ♪
4:28 am
♪ walking on the moon ♪ ♪ some ♪ ♪ may say ♪ ♪ i'm wishing my days away ♪ ♪ no way ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪
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4:31 am
>> are you willing to get involved militarily taiwan if it comes to that. >> yes. >> you are? >> that's the commitment we made. >> brian: all right. >> brian: this morning the white house -- >> ainsley: can you read it,. >> brian: brian do you want me to continue. the white house in clean-up mode over the remark president
4:32 am
earlier in japan. >> ainsley: the white house saying our policy has not changed. he reiterated our one china policy and commitment to peace and stability across the taiwan strait and he also reiterated our commitment under the taiwan relations act to provide taiwan with the military means to defend itself. >> will: fox news contributor newt gingrich is the author of the upcoming book "defeating big government socialism" and he joins us now. good morning, newt. >> good morning. >> will: so what did you make of both president biden's statement which is the second time he has been fairly definitive on whether or not the united states would defend taiwan and then the sort of pivoting backtracking to, i guess, a more strategic ambiguity on our position between china and taiwan? >> >> well, i mean, look, i thought what president biden did was exactly right. given the mess in ukraine. and the degree to which i think the russians did not believe that the western world would come to the defense of
4:33 am
ukrainians. and now there much bigger war with worldwide implications of global famine and just enormous problems. i think here he is trying to be very clear. i can't understand -- i mean i assume he doesn't have any controlling in the white house. because i can't understand how you walk it back. i mean, the word yes is definitive and probably the right word to make sure that xi jinping who is the dictator and head of the secretary general of the chinese communist party. xi jinping needs to understand an attack on taiwan would lead to a general war. because that's what would happen united states defend taiwan who will be in a general war with china. it's not something you want to keep localized. and we are either are or we are not. and if your goal is to convince the chinese communists not to invade taiwan, what biden did intuitively was actually pretty good. so it's a little strange to see his own white house kind of walking him back.
4:34 am
he is the president. they're not. >> will: really quickly the follow-up. if our main goal is to avoid china invading taiwan and you are right he is clear here do not do that it will lead to military action. why has our position for so long been keep them guessing? why has our diplomatic ambiguity. >> the chinese knew i i was speaker of the house. the chinese knew any efforts across the straits would ultimately have to involve americans. and so we have been very clear about that. the taiwan will remain independent, you can't declare that it's a free country because of the one china agreement. on the other hand, the deal was the chinese communists can't invade. so both sides have to keep their half of the bargain and i think given the confusion over ukraine, given a stheans biden is weak. what president biden did in asia, i suspect at the request of our allies, was probably the
4:35 am
right thing to do. you don't want ambiguity in dealing with beijing. you want them to understand an attack on taiwan will lead to a very large war that they will lose. >> ainsley: what is your prediction? do you think they will attack taiwan and what would be our response. >> i don't. >> ainsley: you don't? >> look, i think -- i'm guessing here. i mean xi jinping is a very, very smart man. and i suspect he is looking at the mess the russians are now in. and he is saying to himself if the gap between performance and promise when you have never tried it before. is that big, am i really confident, you know, the nazis couldn't cross 21 miles of the english charges 160 miles in the taiwan strait. that's not nearly as obvious that you can get across. other things they can do frankly. they can declare a missile test zones. they could declare that they have naval exercises. they could do a lot of things to cripple taiwan and cut off
4:36 am
commercial shipping. that would not shock me if they tried that game and we would end up having to escort ships to get into taiwan. but, i think for them to directly attack taiwan is a high risk and the failure of the russians to perform i think has made it a higher risk because xi jinping doesn't know how his military will perform the first time they go into combat. we have a pretty good idea because our people have been engaged for so long in the real operations that we are pretty confident at least for the moment that we can defeat the chinese that we have. to say whether or not 10 or 15 years from now given the bureaucracy of the pentagon we will be able to modernize fast enough, i'm not sure. >> brian: can you imagine if donald trump made two trips overseas in the last six weeks and had to be walked back five times? they would say this businessman doesn't know anything about diplomatic relations. this guy was chairman of the foreign relations committee at the senate. he has been doing this for 40 years. and a bunch of staffers walking him back. we don't even know we discuss this in the breaks.
4:37 am
what is the real policy? is he making mistakes or does he have an administration that's working against him? >> look, i think that all of his key people are hard line left wingers who are terrified of the world. and i think that biden instinctively here was right. i believe and as you know wrote a book trump vs. china and laid out the chinese threat. the clearer you can be, we are in a situation of strategic ambiguity because you don't want xi jinping to gamble and try to take taiwan. i thought biden was right and his staff is nuts. >> ainsley: said blinken was moving around on his chair and immediately got on the phone when the president said that. >> will: thank you. >> brian: of course, pick up that boat. >> will: "beating big government socialism" by newt gingrich. good morning to you. >> thanks.
4:38 am
>> will: one of these pills is laced with enough fentanyl to kill. a warning from parents who have lost children to the deadly drug next. ♪
4:39 am
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breeb brian take a look at identical fills kill you. percocet and xanax. police warn the vast majority of these counterfeit drugs laced with deadly doses of fentanyl is really evil. our next guest boast lost children due to fentanyl. michael you lost your daughter amanda and, ed, you lost your son eddie. you know this first and foremost. tell us first off if you would, mike, tell me what happened with amanda. >> amanda went on the street.
4:43 am
she was suffering from a mental health disorder and she was on prescription medication. she was out of certain medications. so she went on the street to get basically a replacement for a benz dough diazepine that was her prescription drug but it wasn't. it was straight up fentanyl and she was killed instantly. >> brian: somebody prescription drugs, went outside one time and that was it. >> correct. and that's what we call the new paradigm, brian. eddie and i formed this coalition of fentanyl awareness to talk about what we call the new paradigm. simply stated, we do not have a drug overdose crisis in america at all. the overdose situation is not in crisis, never was. what's in crisis are these one and done kids who go out and at a party take a xanax pill and if i may correct the language it's not laced with fentanyl. they are made from fentanyl for very specific reasons having to do with the chinese government and the mexican cartels.
4:44 am
>> brian: trying to kill us. and they are working together to do it. when are we going to somebody you are up to understand that eddie, tell me about your son. >> yeah. good morning, brian. thanks for having me on. i first have to go back to the evening of july 3rd, 2018. everything in my life was going really well at the time. my wife and i were making retirement plans. my daughter just got engaged to a really great guy. and my son eddie 20 years old he just graduated from electrician school. he was working five nights a week in a local strawrnghts saving his money, going to the gym every day. i heard his car pull up in the driveway and i remember looking out the window that night and thinking to myself wow, that's my son, how proud i was of him. and he walked in the house. we had a brief conversation. and that was the last time i saw my son alive. the following morning i found him face down on the bedroom floor. not too long after that i found out that what he thought was a xanax that he had gotten from
4:45 am
someone was actually straight fentanyl enough to kill him five times over. there is not a day that goes by where i don't hear of or read a story about some kid who thinks he is buying an oxycontin, an adderall, percocet, and they end up dying. and, you know, kids do dumb things. but they should learn from their mistakes, not die from them. >> brian: of course. and, michael, what's your message? >> so, brian, again, we talk about the new paradigm. and i use the term paradigm shift which was developed by a physicist, i work in science. i like to think in a very rigorous way. there was a paradigm shift that occurred when the chinese very quite woefully deliberately decided to dump this chemical in our market in 2013. that raised the relative death rate of anyone who would use illicit drugs. at the time that was maybe two to two and a half million americans who were using powder
4:46 am
drugs out of an addiction or sud substance abuse disorder. once got control of the manufacturing in 2015 and 2019. >> they began to think like marketeers and say why limit ourselves to 2 million people who shoot up, snort or smoke heroin, why not take this fentanyl and put it into all kinds of pills and get it to 20, 25 american kids who like to take a pill recreationally. they didn't stop at opioids, went to adderall. doesn't matter they put it in cocaine. first confirmed case in connecticut marijuana that contained fentanyl. now there is nothing safe. so it's all the one and done problem, brian. that's our message. >> brian: you can't be one of those teenagers, person in their 20's that makes one mistake that one mistake instead of a lesson learned can end up ending your life. that's the message because between the mexico and china and our border being wide open, together they are killing our
4:47 am
next generation, especially or anyone who wants to go. these aren't addicts. i think that's the one take away. so sorry you guys had to go through this. michael and ed, thanks for getting the word out. >> thank you, brian. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: thanks, guys. still ahead on this show, stacey abrams wants to be governor of georgia. will this comment get her more votes? >> i'm tired about hearing we are the best state in the country to do business when we are the worst state in the country to live. >> brian: isn't that nice? ♪
4:48 am
4:49 am
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♪♪ ♪♪
4:51 am
>> ainsley: we are back with headlines beginning with this. courageous jewelry store employees, watch this video, turn the tables on a group of
4:52 am
smash and grab robbers in california. the thieves immediately go for the display case. not long before they're pushed up by the workers including one armed with a chair. police in huntington beach are still searching for the suspects. it's unclear how much merchandise was actually stolen. pfizer and bionetech say three doses of their covid vaccine are 80% effective for symptomatic infections. they hope to complete admissions to help regulators like the f.d.a. to approve the shot for young children as soon as possible. all right, brian, you want to take over? some sports. >> brian: we'll do it. let will do it. >> to the nhl playoffs. ainsley's new york rangers are back in their series against the hurricanes after a physical 3-1 win at madison square garden yesterday.
4:53 am
and the tampa bay lightning take a three game lead over the florida panthers after a dominant 5-1 win on home ice. and another tense rivalry, the edmonton oilers go up 2-1 on the calgary flames thanks to evander kane. fans littering the ice with hats for the hat trick. my mavericks went down 0-3. >> brian: not many people thought they'd get there. house money. >> 100%. >> brian: right. >> ainsley: glad you included it. >> brian: and the golden state warriors do have a tradition of winning a lot. >> we have the future. >> ainsley: tomorrow is primary day. another primary day. we made it through last tuesday and the five states that are having primaries tomorrow and there's a lot on the line including in georgia. stacey abrams will be the democrat because she is running unopposed for governor. and then she's running against purdue and kemp. kemp is the current governor. he's been endorsed by president
4:54 am
bush and the competitor was endorsed by president trump. >> brian: vice president pence endorsed brian kemp as well as everybody else. purdue, this former senator who blew the runoff election, he had no message, nothing different from brian kemp. brian kemp has done an awful lot. we see the way he brought everybody out of the pandemic. did not lock down the state a lot. spread internet to the rural areas. i think that this -- brian kemp should not have been challenged. for purdue to take the president's urging, the former president's urging and do this was a mistake. he's going to lose by 20 to 30 points. >> meanwhile in the potential general election matchup, stacey abrams has a unique message for georgia voters. it is, in essence, this place stinks. listen. >> we have to have a conversation about who we are in this state. and what we want.
4:55 am
the state trying to do the business and we're the worst state in the list. when you're number 48 for mental health. when you're number one for -- when you have incarceration rates that are on the rise and crime. you are the number one state on the list. >> there you go. >> ainsley: they're cheering. worst state to live in. >> brian: she's got supporters who want to change to stacey abrams, the way she phrased it, it just shows that she'll pay a -- maybe she thought that wasn't going to get out. doesn't sound like a great recording. it sounds like a fundraiser that you don't think is going to be public. speaking to your buddies. >> ainsley: it's at a gala. somebody recorded it. you think her message would be we have a long way to go in this state and i want to clean up this state and this is what i want to work on these issues. instead of saying it's the worst state to live in.
4:56 am
>> brian: it helps brian kemp out when he runs against her. >> called the worst campaign slogan of all time. >> ainsley: if you said it in new york, a lot of people will say we love this city but not going in the right direction. in the south, there's so much pride in where you grew up and most people don't leave the southern states. >> brian: a little bit. >> ainsley: did i? did i? >> brian: on behalf of new yorkers, we're a little upset about that. you started to get the new york swagger. you have news to relay, right. >> ainsley: yes, i do. coming up, tiger woods. >> "fox & friends" will be in georgia tomorrow. >> ainsley: i see what you're doing. >> brian: don't fear the prompter. >> ainsley: it's a tease and you're reading it. >> brian: it left? "fox & friends" will be down there, i looked at you, it left. we're going to talk golf in a second. honey, what's guy fieri doing at the neighbor's house? it's sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! everyone grab a king's hawaiian slider! ...slider sunday?
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>> brian: president biden saying the u.s. will defend taiwan if china invades. >> the united states goes in to defend taiwan, we will be in a general war with china. >> the white house plans to appeal a federal judge's decision that keeps title 42 in place. >> rachel got a first hand look at the crisis at our border. >> what are we looking at right here? >> panels from the previous border wall that was being constructed. >> this is something that has to be seen to understand. >> young man is 48 years old. he was on the train and was gunned down, was shot and killed. >> the fourth subway murder of
5:01 am
2022. >> brian: do your job. get crime off the streets. >> said yesterday that monkey pox is something. >> that everybody should be concerned about. i don't think it rises to the level of the kind of concern. >> experts got to him and said don't put the country on high alert. >> champion justin thomas! ♪ in the wind ♪ >> brian: where's that at? >> ainsley: that's virginia beach, that's beautiful. pretty shot of the ocean there at virginia beach. i think of navy field when i think of virginia beach. what's on the left? is that a pier? >> will: it's a pier, yeah. >> brian: i think of wnis, one of my radio affiliates. >> ainsley: ok. >> will: i think of coronado
5:02 am
when you think of navy seals. you're right. western branch is coronado and eastern branch is virginia beach. that's a beautiful shot. sun coming up over the east coast. >> brian: good to hear boston again. >> ainsley: the music. that was foreigner. >> brian: foreigner, ok. they're going to be on our series. >> will: concert series coming up. >> ainsley: end of july? ok, we're back. summer is back. first concert is this friday. >> will: lynyrd skynyrd will be there. >> brian: absolutely. brand new turf. >> ainsley: we have lee greenwood this friday. god bless the u.s.a. president biden said the u.s. military will defend taiwan if china invades. >> will: those remarks raising eyebrows overnight during the president's trip to japan. >> brian: did his staff turn on him? or did he get it right? what's going on. jackie joins us live from tokyo. hey, jackie. >> good morning to you, brian, will and ainsley. the white house is claiming the president did not announce a
5:03 am
policy shift but everything that we witnessed shows that it was. for years, the u.s. has supported taiwan, defending itself and supported help for that. but we've kept it pretty vague about whether the u.s. would send its military to help taiwan in the event of an invasion and the reporter noted that the u.s. does not have troops in ukraine referencing russia's nuclear threat and clearly asked biden what the u.s. military would do if china attacked taiwan and his answer shows he knew exactly what he was saying. >> look, here's the situation. we agree with the one china policy. we've shined on to it. and all of the attendant agreements made from there. but the idea that it can be taken by force, just taken by force is just not appropriate. it will dislocate the entire region. and be another action similar to what happened in ukraine.
5:04 am
>> now, the president went on to say he doesn't think that china will try to take taiwan by force because what happened with russia over ukraine is an example of the consequences. now, i was in the room when all of this happened and cabinet members were clearly surprised to hear these words come out of the president's mouth. secretary of state visibly shifted in his seat and looking for his phone. within less than an hour, the white house put out a statement from the official claiming there was no policy shift and saying the u.s. remains committed to helping taiwan defend itself under the taiwan relations act. china, though, swiftly reacted saying it deplores and rejects biden's comments warning the u.s. will not defend taiwan's independence. and saying it will take firm action to safeguard its sovereignty and interests. timing here is pretty sensitive. a few weeks ago, the state department struck out language from the fact sheet that says the u.s. does not support taiwan independence. china expressed fury. those words are no longer there. so far, there's no reaction from
5:05 am
the japanese. but just two months ago, the former prime minister called for the u.s. to be clear that it will defend taiwan from a chinese invasion and in 2020, japan's deputy defense minister urged biden when he was president-elect to take a hard line against taiwan's ambitions calling the island's safety a red line. we saw biden again after he made this statement. he ignored shouted questions to clarify. if all of this feels familiar, it's happened before. biden said the same thing last year and the white house also walked that back. >> so are you saying that the united states would come to taiwan's defense if china attacked? >> yes, we have a commitment. >> he is not intending to convey a change in policy nor has he made a decision to change our policy. >> this was a huge distraction from today's events. biden launched a new trade agreement widely seen as a counter to china's influence. taiwan is notable not part of that initial group despite pressure from 52 bipartisan
5:06 am
senators that said leaving taiwan out is counter to u.s. interest. it overshadowed biden's other remarks from that press conference saying he does not believe that the u.s. is bound for a recession. brian and ainsley? >> will: thank you, jackie. is it clarity or is it confusion? is it a positive step forward or is it being walked back? let's bring in piers morgan to see if we can cut through the confusion. that's kind of the question, isn't it? is this clarity or confusion? what is our policy when it comes to taiwan? >> well, i think someone should tell president biden what the policy is because the white house says he's stuck to long time policy. but he clearly hasn't. long time policy has not been that the u.s. would engage directly militarily if china invades taiwan. it's always been strategic ambiguity has been the policy. they've never committed to doing that. president biden once again has said something public about a
5:07 am
big foreign policy situation which has dramatic repercussions. and the white house have to immediately, they sort of walk it back, don't they? they say we're not walking it back. they can't pretend we just heard him say is not what he just said. we've had this all year. and i just think it's sort of a crazy situation where the leader of the free world keeps making these pronouncements. we know there's change of policy if he means what he says. and his own white house walking it back pretends it's not a walk back and we'll have a walk back of the walk back which is the normal pattern. answer is it's confusing and you cannot afford to be confusing and i also think there's a moral inconsistency here because he was asked directly about a comparison with what's happening in ukraine but clearly, the united states policy has been to offer military aid in the terms of weaponry but not to engage militarily and yet, they seem to
5:08 am
be now pursuing president biden and his white house a different policy if he meant what he said with taiwan and china. >> brian: right. >> not only confusing but it seems to me to be morally inconsistent. >> brian: we want to be consistent with you, we book somebody to walk back anything you said that is wrong in the next block after we say good-bye to you. >> you know what, walking things back, i'd like to remind mr. cain i'm very pleased he's on this morning. yesterday, probably he might regret this now but he was watching what was going on with the british premier league football final day of the season. very dramatic, very exciting. and kind of epicenter of drama, he decided to address the world on his twitter feed by saying we're watching an epic season of collapse for manchester city. for americans who don't follow the british premier league, manchester city at the time,
5:09 am
manchester city at the time were 2-0 down. >> will: yes! >> therefore, they were going to lose the league. and within five minutes of mr. cain's tweet, manchester city scored three goals and won the league. thereby rendering him probably the worst pundit in the history of the british premier league. >> ainsley: today is cleanup day. >> will: the american league will appreciate us moving on from english soccer in a moment. twit certificate a real time mechanism. i'm a fan. my fandom is for manchester city and they won the premier league and i was emoting and it did end up dominating. don't make me dominate you on the british topics. it would be bad for your career. >> yeah, leave the football to me. you stick to guns and things like that. we'll be fine.
5:10 am
>> brian: that's true. stereotype everyone in texas as gun users. look, i think it's important, though, that you guys follow each other. it shows symbiosis, it means you're part of the family. let's talk a little golf. tiger trying to gut his way of making the cut and getting through the pga but he did have time to offer congratulations to justin thomas, big congrats to justin thomas. he kept himself in this championship until the very end. and once he got his shot, he didn't look back. thanks to tulsa and the pga championship for a great week. that is a totally different guy than the way he started this game, right? >> yeah, i mean, a, kudos to justin thomas. i went to bed last night and he was beginning to make his charge. it was an amazing win. but also, kudos to tiger woods who i think in a way watching him in crippling pain, really struggling on that third day after managing to make the cut against all the odds.
5:11 am
has almost been as inspiring watching him do this as it was when he was the greatest player in the world and destroying everybody because, you know, a year ago, this guy had a car crash after a lot of other injuries. but a car crash that looked like it was going to end his entire golf career. and we were going to lose arguably the greatest to ever play the game. and here he is, a year later, somehow competing with the very best. many of them half his age, somehow getting round two, three rounds. he didn't make it to the end. but my god, this guy is inspiring. there's something about tiger woods that kind of rocky balboa sentiment, not how many times you can hit. it's how many times you can get here and get up and keep going forward. i find what's going on with him now truly inspiring. and i just hope from -- as a golf fan that he makes the open championship here in britain in july. it would be amazing to see him there. it's at the old course at andrews which he said is his favorite course in the world. and i hope he makes it.
5:12 am
i think he's not going to make the u.s. open. but he might make our open. and i would love that. but i think he's just such -- to everyone out there who, you know, who thinks that quitting is the way to go, giving up, you know, if you got a slight one, don't move forward. look how he combats things in life. it's easy with his money and fame to say you know what? i'm going to sit it out for another year or two. no, he wants to try to get back out there and get back to where he was. and i think it's incredible to watch. >> ainsley: i love that theme from rocky. that was the theme he was on the street talking to his son, right? don't give up. great one. >> brian: yeah. >> it's my favorite thing outside of my sons, they actually have grown to hate it over the years. i repeat it so often. if you are being a bit whiny and spoiled and a bit like the world has got it in for me, go and watch that scene where rocky talks to his son. it's a great thing for life, isn't it, we're in a world where there's a lot of snow flakery behavior and a lot of people
5:13 am
celebrate weakness and celebrate quitting. but actually, life is about overcoming hurdles, isn't it, and it's about actually proving that you can do that. and not succumbing to the temptation just to give up. and i think that the more that we have that for role models, the better, frankly. >> brian: for the record, after rocky won, he lost after rocky won. if he had quit then, there would have been no rocky 2, rocky 3 and rocky 4. we would have been ok without rocky 4. >> will: that's a great one. rocky 4. >> brian: rocky 5 was the problem. >> can we all agree that 5 was a complete turkey. i'm so glad that they went back and made the sixth one because the sixth one was a great film. and actually, it had the greatest of all the speeches in the rocky films. >> the one you keep referencing where he says to his son, it's not how hard you get hit. it's whether or not you get up. long, short of it, do you keep
5:14 am
going once you get hit hard? >> ainsley: we have to talk about this. >> can you get knocked down, get back up and keep moving forward. that's the key to life. >> ainsley: in case somebody wants to see that, was that number three? where was that scene? >> drago. >> brian: five was -- >> six was the big one. >> ainsley: where was that scene? which one was that speech? let's talk about the queen. jubilee is next week and she's 96 years old. it's being reported she is delegating some of her royal duties now. how is her health? what's word on the street over there? >> well, i had a long chat with somebody very plugged in with the royals and the queen, very close to prince charles and i got a full briefing at the weekend about what's going on. the truth is the queen is 96. she's having a lot of mobility issues. and that's the real issue. she can't stand up for very long and she has good days and she has bad days. anyone who knows somebody in
5:15 am
their 90's will recognize this is not an unusual phenomenon for people when they get to that age. the queen is a tough lady. and every time we think maybe sadly that may be the beginning of the end. she pops up looking radiant as she was last week at the horse show with tom cruise and we all feel good again. i think there's a sort of private concern that they want her to be available for as much as possible for the platinum jubilee which starts, of course, a week on thursday. it's going to be -- i got to tell you, the excitement building in the u.k. and london in particular is absolutely enormous right now because i think people recognize we're not going to have the queen for much longer. and this is celebrating 70 years on the throne. the longest reigning ever british monarch. and i think there is a genuine feeling of this is a wonderful way to acknowledge and to respect that service to her country. but there's also a private concern that healthwise, you know, it's going to be tricky for her. she's not going to be able to do half the things that she would have even done two years ago.
5:16 am
so i think that they are trying to keep things going and i think she'll appear for -- i would hope the most famous scene will be the balcony scene, that's the one i know she's desperate to be at. but i think other things will be delegated as they already have been to her son prince charles. to her grandson, prince william and to the immediate firm, as they put it. and i think that's wise. i hope she's able to make it for the big celebrations of that four-day holiday, because i think we all would like to be able to see her smiling and to say thank you, ma'am, for everything that you've done. >> ainsley: i'm honored i get to fly to england and cover this with you and martha mccallum. we'll have a lot of fun. it will start next week. we fly in tuesday after the show and we'll be there through the weekend. >> i'm going to take you -- every day, we'll be doing it for two days, i think, and we have a big four hour slog with me giving you my expert opinions about the royal family. and then i think we can all
5:17 am
agree we're all going to need a drink after that, after me banging on for four hours. i have a nice local pub lined up for you. and we will then go and have a few liveeners to cheer ourselves up after four hours of me. >> brian: if you don't mind, we're going to fly her over, she'll go drinking. would it be better if martha and ainsley had a chance to stay with you at your mansion? at your compound? so we don't have to pay for the hotel? is that possible? i don't want to put you on the spot. >> it would be my -- listen, we're all one family now, brian. my homes are your homes. any of you guys want to go for the night, i'm your guy. >> ainsley: my homes are your homes. >> brian: that's fantastic. >> will: he'll love it when i show up. >> just leave will behind. i'm not ready for him with his football opinion. but i'm actually very excited. i think we'll have a lot of fun in london. it's going to be great. weather forecast is pretty good. looks like it won't be much rain and a lot of sunshine around. it could be a glorious few days.
5:18 am
and what better way for you, ainsley, and for martha than to spend it with me? >> right. >> can't wait. >> brian: say for yourself. >> will: uncensored on fox nation 4:30 eastern time, catch it there. >> brian: watch piers morgan and watch rocky 6 and wait for that speech. thank you, piers. >> ainsley: always a great guest. you're so fun. >> take care. >> will: the white house bracing for violent protests. should the supreme court overturn roe v. wade? >> brian: kelly conway is here. brand new book with her and reacts to the trial of the former clinton lawyer. it's explosive. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:19 am
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>> ainsley: we are back with some headlines. nypd releasing these photos of the suspect in the shooting
5:23 am
death of a 48-year-old goldman-sachs employee on the subway. daniel enriquez was shot and killed on a subway train in what appears to be a random and unprovoked attack. his family speaking out about the transit system as crime is up 53% from this time last year. his sister telling "the new york post" the worst part is even if they catch this person, he'll be out again. i wish you guys would go back to mayor adams and tell him the city is not safe. ukrainian president zelensky giving remarks as the world economic forum in switzerland just about an hour ago, he spoke on the symbolic transformation of russia house as the deadly invasion of ukraine rages on. >> has been turned into house of russian war crimes and this is an example of their transformation. watch what russia has done for
5:24 am
itself but becoming a state for criminals. >> ainsley: meanwhile, "the wall street journal" first reporting that the pentagon is weighing the deployment of special forces to the u.s. embassy to guard it after it was bombed last week. >> will: the supreme court could issue a ruling on abortion as early as today. in a d.h.s. memo reveals that the white house is bracing for nationwide violent protests. joining us now is the author of "supreme disorder, judicial nominations and the politics of america's highest court". great to see you this morning. i know the supreme court is set to issue a host of opinions in there. it may be in there, the repeal of roe v. wade. rather than the timing i'd love to know in your estimation whether or not it's today or in the coming weeks, do you think it will reflect what we saw in that draft opinion? >> i think much more likely than not, it will. i would be shocked if it was something different, if one or
5:25 am
more justices left the majority that, apparently, justice alito commanded with that draft opinion. now, there will be changes to that opinion, justice alito will be responding to defense probably taking comments from his colleagues in the majority. so there will certainly be tweaks and rewrites, editions. there's been commentary given the leak about certain things that need to be shored up and things like that. but i would be shocked if it was a result different than the bottom line of overturning roe v. wade. >> will: i think the great question mark right now at the supreme court really is in the hands of chief justice john roberts. he's the one that seems to have antennas most attuned to what happens outside of the court meaning if there are protests, i don't know, would he pivot his opinion? where is he do you think on this roe v. wade potential appeal? does he join the majority? does he vote with the liberals? where is chief justice john roberts and what is he trying to accomplish? >> he's been on the bench 17
5:26 am
years now and tried to depoliticize the court and extricate it from the broader discourse. i don't think he's been very successful in that. i don't know whether his move is to still issue his one man would-be compromise that would have upheld the law without overturning roe v. wade that nobody seems to be biting on or to join the majority to make it more -- to make it a 6-3 rather than a 5-4. but at this point, given that we had the leak and we've already had protests even in front of the justices' houses, i don't know if there's going to be more protests, bigger violence than with the draft. some of that, i think, steam has already been let out. >> will: we can only hope so. last question, i personally find it shocking that it's been three weeks and we do not know the name. there's been no one identified. there's been no one arrested for potential criminal charges on the supreme court draft leak. are you surprised at this? where is this investigation?
5:27 am
where is this news? >> well, hopefully, the marshal of the supreme court to whom chief justice roberts has charged the investigation is being thorough. and looking at the personal e-mails, texts, cell records of clerks, justices and their families because that's what it's going to take to unearth all of this. and if any of the justices are being resistant to that or if the marshal isn't pursuing such a complete investigation, then we might not know except the leaker him or herself might at the end of their clerkship deciding they don't want to be a lawyer after all and instead, they want to become a contributor for msnbc or get a book deal, things like that. >> will: yeah. i heard you underline it's a potential justice as well. not just clerks. we have to keep everybody in the eye of who could have done this. >> this is really serious. and you know what? there's six weeks left. we have a second amendment case, school choice. there's lots of things that will
5:28 am
go on at the court. not just the abortion case. >> will: ilya shapiro, thank you for breaking it down for us this morning. the biden administration vowing to appeal a judge's ruling to keep title 42 in place. a retired ice official will join us live with why he says the white house is failing to protect our borders.
5:29 am
5:30 am
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>> brian: border patrol agents are reportedly bracing for an influx of illegal immigrants as title 42 is expected to expire today but it won't. joining us now, retired ice official thomas feeley. word is they're still prepared as if 18,000 is going to cross because the law hasn't really -- the judge's stay hasn't spread to central and south america. >> good morning, brian. thanks for having me. you're right. you know, title 42 was put in place on help us stop the spread of covid. now, the administration wants to get rid of it when the president just said with monkey pox, we should be concerned about that, too. let's go ahead and open up the border which is exactly what this administration wants and put us all at risk again and c.b.p. and border patrol are not prepared under this secretary to handle an influx of up to 18,000
5:33 am
illegal aliens a day. >> brian: nobody is. no team ever. i've heard they can't take a day off, that's not allowed. >> you're right. and, you know, one of the secretary's six pillars of his plan that won't work is detailing more people from h.s.i., c.b.p. from all over the country and the border patrol to the southern border. you know, we've been doing that since this administration rolled in and they're not listening to the boots on the ground. this is going to end horribly for us. >> brian: i gave an idea to people what's happening. it's already out of control. and you have 7, 803 migrants per day in april. now we expect up to 18,000 here in may. it's going to exceed that. now, this is going to be the key time because it's not -- it's not sizzling hot. so people are going to make their way here. there's no big push to stop them in ecuador and stop them in guatemala and stop them in el
5:34 am
salvador. there's no one flying around threatening to take away aid if they don't stop their own people from leaving. there's nobody to apply for admission to the country in the first nation they step into. instead, it's come one, come all. and i hear their return to mexico, the remain in mexico policy is not being enforced. >> yeah, and that's really key. if we lose the remain in mexico policy, we'll be devastated. and even further, ice, e.r.o., the agency that's tasked with detaining illegal aliens. they're losing their contracts across the united states. this is the contract that we do with local jails to detain illegal aliens. as we keep losing those contracts rather, it's hard to believe a secretary that says we're going to detain all these people. if you're going to detain all these people, where? because we're losing these contracts, this is by design. they want open borders. they should come out and say it. we want open borders and that's what we're here for. >> brian: that's not going to be acceptable to the american
5:35 am
people and hopefully they get that message at the midterms. until then, it's hold on tight. thomas feeley, thank you. >> thanks, brian, and just for the men and women in ice e.r.o., c.b.p., border patrol, h.s.i., unlike your secretary. i believe in you. i got you. god bless. let's secure the border. >> brian: it would be easier if they don't let the fence rust at the american border on its back instead of standing up. new revelations that hillary clinton gave the approval to spread lies about donald trump before the 2016 election. yes, her directly. former counselor to the president had to deal with those questions about russia. kelly anne conway here to react. out here, you're a landowner, a gardener, a landscaper and a hunter. that's why you need versatile, durable kubota equipment.
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5:40 am
last week's stunning testimony exposing the extent of hillary clinton's smear campaign. >> ainsley: furious donald trump telling, this is one of the greatest political scandals in history. for three years, i had to fight her off and fight those crooked people off. where do i get my reputation back? >> brian: former counselor to the president kellyanne conway is here. you saw her special last night. "here's the deal", welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> brian: congratulations on the book. people can understand it now and now we find out that michael sussman was actually doing the work for hillary clinton. they admitted that and tried to walk it back. how significant is this? >> it's explosive and people should pay close attention to it for a few reasons. number one is go back to 2016 and think about the way the two campaigns are being run. we were very transparent. donald trump was out there seven, eight stops a day on national tv speaking directly to the people, forgotten man,
5:41 am
forgotten woman, forgotten child. hillary clinton and her team had very little faith in her ability to do this on their own without cutting corners, without having this crazy plan to hatch to try to connect our campaign to a russian alpha bank. this is important because she's not said no to the many rumors she wants to run again in 2024. so the crooked hillary moniker that bothered people so much, lock her up, now joe biden is prop her up. that bothered people so much. go back and look. 62% of americans at that time said she was neither honest nor trustworthy according to an abc/"washington post" poll. they knew something we didn't know. this is important for another reason. they are under oath in a courtroom on the record. this is not a twitter spat. this is not the conspiracy. this is real. chapter 30 in my new book "here's the deal" is called collusion delusion, this country wasted 2 1/2 years, close to three years, all that taxpayer
5:42 am
money and all that diversion. president trump would go up, his spokespeople would go up and talk about a policy prescription fentanyl for example, and they'd say russia, russia, russia, collusion was the sesame street word of the year for three years. and not only is he asking where does he get his reputation back? president trump should hold his head high for all the great accomplishments he played for this country. it's more important than that. they tried to delegitmasize his presidency and cast doubt. according to the sussman trial right now, it wasn't just happening before he became president. it was happening after he became president. people focus on january 6, 2021. let me tell you a little story, january 6, 2017. two weeks away from inauguration day, the day that clapper, comey, brennan and the whole crew came to trump tower to brief the president-elect on national security matters and at the end, what does comey do?
5:43 am
he takes trump aside standing up, the way you would say, what's the weather going to be like this weekend, brian? how are the kids? takes him aside, by the way, we're just looking at something, this dossier, russian investigation. and it was very confusing. the day before on january 5th, it's been written about, had that oval office meeting. and it's the people i just mentioned. with barack obama, joe biden, susan rice who writes herself a memo on inauguration day two weeks later about what president obama said about russia. what's happening downstairs, i'm having lunch at the invitation of valerie jarrett, the eight-year senior advisor and close personal friend to barack and michelle obama whose office i took. hillary clinton's office, valerie jarrett's office in the west wing and we're having a perfectly nice lunch where she's saying president obama wants to make sure there's a smooth transition. i'm very naively going along with it. they're upstairs in the oval office hatching this plan that is now on trial. i want to make that very clear.
5:44 am
this is not a capable news segment or twitter war. they're on trial. this is on the record and we should see where it leads because they cheated and the good guys won. >> will: it won't be the last trial. that's also important. in the fall, danchenko will go on trial as well. i'm curious, you've written this book and seen this taking place in the public eye. are you optimistic, though, there will either be accountability or that the truth will break through because the truth is this 2 1/2 year news cycle really commandeered people's minds and so many people are crystallized in their false belief of russia, russia, russia or whatever it may be. i'm curious if you're optimistic on the truth's ability to really break through. >> i'm always optimistic of that. sometimes justice is delayed. sometimes it's denied. but here, i think we're getting it many years later. look, the devious became ubiquitous. there are over 2600 minutes of network television that -- and cable television that was devoted to russia collusion.
5:45 am
>> brian: that was all they did. that's all "the new york post" and "new york times" did. >> they're not covering it now. pulitzers should be returned. zero seconds now. they're ignoring this trial which really is the first time that we're taking it off of the networks and cable tv shows and into the courtroom where people will judge. >> brian: not optimistic. >> i'm optimistic, i think, look to your point. they have been working in quiet and for all the people that put their faith in robert muller that came up with a report that was deflated, came up with testimony that was even -- the sequel was even worse than the original report. there was no there. and it's turning out now, ainsley, they were sending out marketing messages. everybody knows that if there was -- the real interference that happened in 2016 were the phony media polls showing hillary winning it running away and what i call media interference. it was a more high minded ivy league education.
5:46 am
ivy league educated collusion. it was real, telling you that donald trump did that was a joke. she had would-be cabinet members already buying houses in d.c. liked at one when i bought a house. >> ainsley: i don't remember the substance of the conversation but the discussion was hey, we have this and we want to share this with a reporter and she agreed to decimate -- or to disseminate this to the media and he said that. what are the consequences for her? >> robby was the 2016 campaign manager for donald trump. mook texted me the night before election day, going from new hampshire to grand rapids, michigan, i wrote about it in the book. here's our plan for tomorrow. if mr. trump is declared the winner, and, you know, they're probably laughing as they're typing it, secretary clinton will call him within 10 minutes of the a.p. calling the race. if she's declared the winner, we will wait 10 minutes for him to call her thinking he would never
5:47 am
concede and so he says here, we'll call you. she's the contact. she calls me at 2:30 a.m. but robby mook is doing a great service to this country right now by not taking the fall for his boss hillary clinton. >> brian: he tried to walk it back. >> he tried to walk it back. but he's under oath, brian, that's the difference. i only wish he had said something five or six years ago. for people to not be transparent with the voters. it's one thing for them to try to steal the election in 2016. for them not to be transparent for the voters, they had such little faith to her who had been surprised and lost to obama eight years earlier. we know hillary's problems. she's too much hillary and not enough clinton. never had his warmth and personal touch with the voters. they didn't have faith in her to be able to do this and then the polls were tightening. i think to your point, will, as these trials go on and people say that doesn't matter, doesn't matter. you're going to see more indictments, i think, and more subpoenas and more investigations on this piece of it than you will the other piece.
5:48 am
they all lied, where's the apology? >> will: we need more robby mooks, this is going to have to result in more people telling the truth as they move forward. you're telling a lot here in "here's the deal." your new book on sale. pick up a copy. >> thank you for your support. appreciate it. >> brian: great special last night. >> ainsley: coming up, summer is almost here. the best products to transform your backyard into a tropical paradise. look at that. how beautiful are those? let's check in with dana perino to find out what's coming up on her show. >> dana: no one has more friend on "fox & friends." i'm like wait, what is happening? >> brian: you just won a palm tree. >> ainsley: one of them is a shower, dana. >> dana: ok, let's put brian under there and see me at 10:00. >> brian: sorry, i can't hear what you said. not coming through. >> dana: here's what we have coming up, president biden says the u.s. will protect taiwan from a chinese invasion and the white house backs it back again today. that's the their time they've done so. how can this keep happening? general jack keen is here.
5:49 am
hillary clinton gave the go ahead that trump had russian connections. the trial today, what else will we learn? updates on the administration's disgraceful baby formula crisis and the latest on the border where more migrants are crossing into the united states. monday morning, more news. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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>> brian: all right. i just looked at the calendar. summer is around the corner and it's not too late to transform your backyard into a tropical paradise. >> ainsley: and here to show us, these look so good. >> these are amazing. these are designer palms and absolutely incredible and made out of galvanized steel so you can put them anywhere in the country, no matter what climate you live in. you can have these amazing handmade palm trees. these are freestanding and come in a planter like this. you can put it anywhere on your patio, on your deck, around your pool. they have coconuts on all of them that are low voltage lighting. yesment -- yes. look at this. shower on. we have a built-in concrete top table. they come in big clusters like this. 95-mile-an-hour winds they can take super sturdy, you notice they have a bar top height over there as well. and this little guy right here,
5:54 am
you can find this is great for tabletop outside or inside. this is made to hold up to all the weather. you can, they're absolutely beautiful. designer they have incredible stuff on there. just amazing. you can put them anywhere around your property no matter where you live, you can have palm trees at your home. >> ainsley: love it. >> how amazing is that? guys, sunset swings, can someone sit in here, please? you have to experience this. this is absolutely amazing. let me pull your legs out here, hold on. we'll pull your little leg piece out. got it. ok. go ahead, ainsley. >> ainsley: nice! >> come on, right? >> brian: thank you. >> we have independent swings. we have a gravity chair. the gravity chair takes the pressure off your back, gets your feet up above your heart. this is great for your circulation, right here. so will, check this out. watch this. legs above your heart, right. you have zero gravity on your lower back.
5:55 am
you have an adjustable canopy so you can adjust the shade. these are all powder coated to hold up the elements no matter where you live and unbelievable. come down. let me show you this other one real quick. watch this, a full dinette, can fit up to six people. >> ainsley: it's like disney world. >> yeah. unbelievable. will, have a seat. these things are unbelievable. so you'll notice how smooth they are because they have a precision bearing system and nice and smooth, right? you can actually have your meal while swinging. unbelievable. >> brian: and then you can throw up a little bit later on. >> no. they're super smooth, brian. >> brian: do you know roughly how much this is? >> yeah, all the prices are on the site. they vary, you know, depending on which one you get in size. so i would say go on their sites, they have an amazing site. it's -- if you look at sunset-swings.
5:56 am
>> brian: or you can phone a friend. >> they're powder coated and designed to hold up to all the elements. no matter where you live in the country, they hold up and they have the great commercial top on it. teakwood that is fantastic. >> brian: you brought all this stuff and you have to bring it all home. >> i did. >> ainsley: your wife is sitting over there. don't forget to say the website. what's your website? >> will: more "fox & friends" coming up. from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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>> bad news, you guys will be able to enjoy the rest of your day. the show is done. >> it's over? >> hi. >> that's it for today. >> it's all about relaxing. >> we're going to sleep right after the show. >> dana: the white house doing some international damage control after president biden once again raised the possibility of a u.s. military intervention in taiwan should china invade. good morning, i'm dana perino. bill is off today. good morning, gillian. >> great to be with you. i'm gillian turner in washington and this is "america's newsroom." president biden made that remark during a news conference in tokyo beijing is flirting with danger in taiwan and a chinese invasion would draw a strong military response from the united states. listen. >> are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that


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