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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  May 23, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> bad news, you guys will be able to enjoy the rest of your day. the show is done. >> it's over? >> hi. >> that's it for today. >> it's all about relaxing. >> we're going to sleep right after the show. >> dana: the white house doing some international damage control after president biden once again raised the possibility of a u.s. military intervention in taiwan should china invade. good morning, i'm dana perino. bill is off today. good morning, gillian. >> great to be with you. i'm gillian turner in washington and this is "america's newsroom." president biden made that remark during a news conference in tokyo beijing is flirting with danger in taiwan and a chinese invasion would draw a strong military response from the united states. listen. >> are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that?
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>> president biden: yes. >> you are? >> president biden: that's a commitment we made. it's a commitment we made. here is the situation. we agree with one china policy. we signed onto it and all the attendant agreements made from there. but the idea that it could be taken by force, just taken by force is just not appropriate. >> dana: jacqui heinrich is reporting live. those comments stole the show away from the economic message the president wanted to deliver and the white house is constantly finding themselves in this position and the president saying this on asian soil makes it different this time, jacqui. >> no kidding. very significant, dana. the white house is claiming that the president did not announce a policy shift but everything that we witnessed shows that it was. it was a clear break from strategic ambiguity for years has supported helping taiwan
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defend itself but september very vague about whether the u.s. military would come to its aid if china attacked. the question noted that the u.s. does not have troops in ukraine because of russia's nuclear arsenal. and they asked if the u.s. would take a different approach with china and taiwan if china were to attack. the president's answer shows he really knows what he was saying. listen. >> president biden: it's just not appropriate. it will dislocate the entire region and be another action similar to what happened in ukraine. >> biden went on to say he doesn't think china will try to take taiwan by force. russia's invasion of ukraine shows the consequences. i was in the room for all of this and cabinet members were clearly surprised to hear these words come out of the president's mouth. antony blink en shifted in his seat and looking for his phone. a white house official less than an hour later tried to
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tell reporters we didn't hear exactly what the president said trying to frame it as though he had said something else writing as the president said, our policy has not changed. he reiterated our one china policy and commitment to peace and stability across the taiwan strait. the president affirmed the u.s. commitment to give taiwan the means to defend itself. lawmakers were dismayed at the walk back. >> that kind of ambiguity isn't helpful. we need to make it very clear to china that invading taiwan which will then allow china to control 50% of global trade and gdp isn't acceptable and we need to move away from that policy of strategic ambiguity. >> china swiftly reacted saying it rejects biden's comments and will take firm action to safeguard its interests. china is upset the state department struck out language
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from a fact sheet saying the u.s. does not support taiwan's independence. those words are no longer there. no reaction from the japanese but urged biden since 2020 when he was president elect to move away from strategic ambiguity and be clear u.s. military will help taiwan calling the island's safety a red line. it was a huge distraction from today's events. biden announced a new trade partnership framework widely seen as a counter to china's influence. we asked president biden after this event to clarify what he meant asking if he went too far and upset china and he reacted -- did not respond to any of our questions, dana. >> dana: jacqui, incredible reporting. thank you so much. we're glad you are there on the ground. gillian, it will make news as jacqui was talking about. this is begin rich's take. >> how do you walk it back?
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the word yes is definitive and probably the right word. if your goal is to convince the chinese communists not to invade taiwan. it was pretty good. so it was a little strange to see his own white house kind of walking him back. he is the president, they're not. >> dana: i know you follow foreign policy closely and been at the state department. blinken the secretary of seat shifted in his seat and went for his phone. >> with in the overseas in asia the issue of taiwan sovereignty is not a marginal issue. i spoke to national security sources this morning who tell me this is something he would have been briefed on not just during the days leading up to this trip but going back to his time as vice president. the policy on one china hasn't changed. something he would know in and out: >> dana: they walked it back
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before they had a khons to talk to him what they did when they walked back his russia comments and the third time on taiwan they've done this. as the president wraps up his trip in asia. >> a federal judge in louisiana ruled this weekend to keep title 42 in place. that's the pandemic border policy seeking to limit the number of undocumented migrants crossing at the southern border. agents say so far in the wake of this ruling nothing has changed. bill melugin is in eagle pass, texas, this morning for us. hi, bill. >> gillian, that's right. nothing has changed at the southern border. all that federal ruling does kept the status quo, title 42 will stay in place and illegal crossings continue in huge numbers. look at the video we shot over the weekend in the mead hours after that federal ruling. a group of 60 crossing illegally here into eagle pass and you will see some of them waving and smiling at our fox
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news drone as we were watching them wade across the river and walking into eagle pass. once they reached the u.s. side you'll see they were very celebratory. some of them flashing a thumbs-up. winking, smiling, fist bumps. most of them were single adults predominantly from cuba, venezuela and nicaragua. part of the reason they celebrate title 42 is not being enforced in those countries. now that they've reached u.s. soil they won't be expelled back to mexico. that wasn't the only group. look at the video we shot after that federal ruling. saturday morning a single massive group of 120 who also crossed illegally here in the eagle pass single adults in the groups. no longer seeing the mass family units like we saw last summer. just from friday to saturday in a 24-hour span there were more than 1800 illegal crossings just here in the del rio sector alone. take a look at this wild video out of the big bend sector where we were last week.
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texas dps helicopter video. a group of illegal immigrants were resting under trees in the open desert. they take off and start running to the open desert. a group of 32 illegal immigrants. every one of them were dressed in kam nrouj. this is extremely remote desolate terrain, deadly terrain. the people who cross in this area do not want to be caught and why this group of runners was trying to get away. did not work out for them. border patrol and texas dps caught and arrested all 32. lastly fentanyl busts to show you. out of the tucson, arizona sector, border agents stopping a juvenile u.s. citizen riding public transportation and had bundles of fentanyl strapped to their body attempting to smuggle. a juvenile u.s. citizen arrested there and this bizarre photo out of the el paso sector, 40-year-old american woman was smuggling these
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fentanyl pills wrapped in a condom she had placed in her vaginal cavity while trying to cross at a port of entry. agents saying she was caught via a pat down and canine hit and voluntarily removed that bundle from her body. bizarre to say the least. on that note we'll send it back to you guys. >> thanks very much. dana. >> dana: here in new york city declare a state of emergency over the nationwide baby formula shortage. it allows the city to crack down on price gouging and across the country some parents are finally getting some relief as the first batch of imported formula arrives in indianapolis from europe in an airlift. garrett tenney is in the midwest. >> good morning. the first shipment as part of operation fly formula. the administration says it's enough for half a million bottles of specialty formula for children with allergies to milk protein.
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the shipment landed in indianapolis on sunday and now be distributed to hospitals and clinics around the country. while it is a short term drop in the bucket in terms of this larger crisis it is absolutely a bright bit of hope for parents who have been desperate for help including several who came to the airport to see this load land. >> terrifying is you don't know where their next mel. >> when you go to the store and there is nothing to choose. i see moms and dads next to me facing the same problems and you can cut the desperation with a knife. nothing else matters. the world stops until you find that formula for your child. >> several more shipments are expected to land this week but long term relief is likely a couple of months away. this weekend the ceo with abbott nutrition, one of the largest pliers in the u.s. apologized for the shortage and said the company is taking steps to help including
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establishing a $5 million fund to help families with hospitalized children shipping millions of cans of baby formula from an ireland facility and restarting its michigan facility by the first week of june. it will likely take 6 to 8 weeks before that product shows up on store shelves. on "fox news sunday" president biden's top economic advisor defended the administration's handling of this crisis. >> the short term issues are important and the fda did what it was supposed to do, which was assess safety and shut down a facility in the united states and that was a prudent thing to do because of safety. the broader question is important which is -- this is why the president has put a spotlight on the need for more competition and antitrust enforcement in the united states. >> so far the nationwide formula shortage doesn't show any signs of improving. according to the data analytics firm as of may 15 the out of stock rate for formula was 45%.
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dana. >> dana: when she talks about cutting the tension with a knife i think a lot of moms and dads across the country can relate to that. voters head to the polls to cast their ballots if primary elections tomorrow. stacey abrams may have lost a block of voters before polls even open. another violent crime in new york city subway station. now a manhunt is underway for a suspect police say shot and killed a man in an unproper joked attack. that's next. >> dana: a cruel summer at the gas pump. could high gas prices hold back your summer travel plans? we'll talk about it next. >> you can't hide from this. americans are feeling it and trying to go on some kind of vacation after two years of lockdown and every time they spend over $100 per tank of gas, they've got that little sticker in their mind. this isn't putin, this is biden. you see, son, with a little elbow grease,
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>> gillian: a manhunt is underway right now for a suspect police say shot and killed a man in a new york city subway station. they believe it to be a random act of violence this hour. senior correspondent eric shawn has no details breaking from new york city. >> he was on his way to sunday brunch in manhattan when he was on the subway and shot police say, at random. this morning the family of 48-year-old danielle -- he was cut down as he sat in the subway heading to the city. he was in the last car when the shooter opened fire without saying a word. police describe the suspect as a dark skinned heavy set man with a beard who was still on the loose.
6:19 am
>> according to witnesses, the suspect was walking back and forth in the same train car and without provocation pulled out a gun and fired at the victim at close range. >> he was part of the macro research term at goldman sachs. so far this year three people have been killed in the new york city subway system. last month frank james opened fire on his subway car after unleashing a smoke bomb. 10 passengers were wounded. in the latest horror the victim's family is pleading with new york city mayor eric adams to do something about crime and criticizing the criminal justice system that releases criminals under the bail reform law and other so-called progressive measures. his sister said the worst part is even if they catch this person, he will be out again.
6:20 am
go back to mayor adams and tell him the city is not safe. my brother just became a statistic on the way to the city. he was shot at close range. her husband added, quote, do your job, get crime off the streets. police have recovered the murder weapon as well as a 9 millimeter shell. that gunman police say then escaped from the subway car when the train pulled into the station in downtown manhattan. gillian, back to you. >> gillian: thank you. >> dana: back to the border in title 42. the biden administration says it plans to appeal the ruling that keeps the trump era pandemic policy in place. the mass influx is overwhelming agents there with more than 234,000 migrants apprehended just in april. a sharp spike from last year. brandon judd is the president of the national border patrol council and joins us now. the administration caught a break even though it seems like
6:21 am
it doesn't want one. >> it was an unwanted break. this judge issued a ruling forcing them to keep title 42 in place. if this administration was smart they would look at this and this is the political reprieve we need. they can implement policies to allow us to secure the border once and for all. they haven't done that to this point. but because of this ruling, they can actually take a step back and do right by the american public. will they? i doubt it. >> dana: listen to senator marshall on with "mornings with maria". watch here. >> they told the migrants stacked up on the other side of the river that title 42 is not ending. joe biden has to stop sending this signal to everybody. he needs to stop making this a magnet. when he said an announced he was ending title 42 it was a magnet for the rest of the world. >> dana: what do you hear?
6:22 am
migrants are stacked up like cord wood on the other side of the border. >> we know that and why the numbers are so high right now. if we don't actually use enforcement techniques. if we don't have operations that will secure the border, which is what we're lacking right now. we will continue to see these people cross the border in numbers that aren't imaginable. we never imagined we'd be at this particular place in time. that is simply because of the catch and release program. people are being rewarded for violating our laws. they want to be in the united states. and when they cross the border illegally and wave at the cameras and get released that message is sent throughout the entire world. cartels are then able to go into these countries and advertise their services and convince people to come to the united states simply on the fact that they are going to be rewarded by being released into the united states. >> dana: bill melugin just reported about the big bend sector. he showed this video. it was incredible to me of
6:23 am
migrants who were all dressed in camo like in full pledged camo gear. it was a sophisticated operation. look at that. all 32 of them were apprehended but the resources it takes to try to get them. the sophistication of the cartels and coyotes helping make this happen and the number of drugs they're bringing across. i'll give you a chance to comment on that as well as this thing that really opened my eyes. bill melugin said an american juvenile was found with fentanyl packets strapped all around his body trying to smuggle them into the country on behalf of the cartels. >> what's interesting about that caption right there is it shows what dps is doing throughout the entire state of texas. i wish we had that in new mexico, arizona and california. more people would see the dangerous aspect of border security. what you are looking at in mcallen and del rio, you look at people giving up. if you go to my sector in
6:24 am
tucson, arizona where i patrol, it is not like that. people are running like what you are seeing now on your screen. people are trying to evade apprehension dressing in camouflage and can'ting to get away. it creates gaps in coverage and the cartels are able to strap the dangerous products such as fentanyl and cocaine to juvenile's bodies and have them cross the border illegally. this is a serious situation killing united states citizens and this administration isn't doing anything about it because they are so stacked with open border activists in the white house. they have to push back against that and have to take this judge's ruling and use it in their favor while in the favor of the american public to push back and do what's right by us. >> dana: thank you. we'll stay in touch this week as we get going on a monday. >> gillian: thanks. president biden is igniting controversy in tokyo. he said over the weekend the
6:25 am
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♪ it wasn't me by shaggy ♪ you're never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your discover card. >> dana: memorial day is one week away and with gas prices jumping 33% many people are rethinking their travel plans. the national average is a record $4.59 for a gallon of gas. jeff flock is live in philadelphia tracking the story for us this morning. hi, jeff. >> outside independence hall this morning, dana. high prices, no kidding. and this is an historic site,
6:31 am
of course, the birthplace of our democracy and an important tourist destination this summer and places concerned the high prices will have a chilling effect on visits to tourist locations like this one. good news i guess in the short term it doesn't appear to be the case for memorial day. look at these numbers from arrivalist saying about 38 million people will take to the roads this memorial day weekend. that's about an 8% increase and a topper over prepandemic highs in terms of car travel. the worst in terms of gasoline? no kidding, california tops the list once again. now the only state over $6 on average for regular. states in the west largely make up most of the hot spots and here is the worst news, i guess. that is an analyst from j.p. morgan said she thinks by august the national average for a gallon of regular will be
6:32 am
$6.20. that is crazy talk. and rick perry speaking of which the former energy secretary telling maria bartiromo says it is time for the biden administration to do some talking and admit it has had a roll in the run-up in gas prices and inflation and perhaps think about a course correction. listen. >> it is going to be a brutal summer. so honesty, you know, they maybe can't bring themselves to say we made some mistakes and here is what we're going to do to correct them. >> i don't know if they were debating the cost of hay for horses back in the day in 1776 but we're definitely talking about gas prices now. >> dana: beautiful shot this morning in philadelphia for us thank you. gillian. >> gillian: fox news alert now hours ago in tokyo president biden said the u.s. military
6:33 am
would defend taiwan if china were to invade. white house communications team later walked back that statement. general jack keane joins us now. general. the walkback from the white house is prompting a lot of folks to say it appeared to be a gaffe by president biden overseas. what are the odds the president meant what he said and he plans to order the u.s. military to defend taiwan and taiwan's sovereignty if china invades? >> i clearly think that's what he means. he was asked a question in august in an interview and in october in a town hall meeting of last year. that was pre-ukraine. and he gave the same answer. actually using some of the same words and now he is asked this question motivated largely by what has taken place in ukraine. he gives a similar answer and provides what i think is a fairly satisfactory answer to the question and he said it would be highly inappropriate
6:34 am
if china took taiwan by force. obviously we would respond to that because we made a commitment. he has likely made this commitment with his national security team and all in agreement likely, not publicly, and may have said the same thing to our allies and also explained that something like that, if china took control of taiwan, what it would do to the entire region. and that would be justification certainly for entering in on taiwan's behalf. it's unfortunate -- >> gillian: i'm sorry to interrupt. i want to make sure i tap your brain on this. i think a lot of americans are wondering what the key difference is here versus the situation in ukraine. why would the u.s. military intervene to defend taiwanese sovereignty but we wouldn't intervene in ukraine to defend them against an illegal invasion by russia? >> because ukraine was not
6:35 am
aligned with the united states as part of nato. president bush recommended that, germany and france immediately rejected it and in the same year they recommended georgia, russia did invade georgia. that is the basic difference in the two of them and with taiwan, we go back to the 1979 taiwan relations act and what all that simply said is we broke relations with taiwan and started relations with mainland china. this is jimmy carter. we want peace and stability between main land china and taiwan. the status quo. but here why does the question keep getting asked? the reason is this. president xi when he came into power with his public policy statements, made this statement paraphrased by me, that the taiwan situation will be
6:36 am
resolved peacefully or forcefully and he intends to do that while he is in power. he is threatening war with taiwan. that is breaking the status quo and then, gillian, he followed it up with intimidation and coercion, with multiple military incurss, re-- it is time for the united states to move away from strategic ambiguity which president xi has broken and move towards a policy that is clear that the world understands and president xi understands that we will in fact defend taiwan which is exactly what the president is saying. >> gillian: a couple seconds left, general. "wall street journal" reporting the u.s. could send special forces overseas to protect the newly opened american embassy in kyiv. good move or bad move? >> oh yeah, listen, host
6:37 am
country is supposed to provide security. they are fighting a war, they can't do it. usually in war zones we beef up our security quite a bit. diplomatic security in charge of it. military to assist it's appropriate. scale the security force to what the threat is regardless of what that is. >> gillian: we have to leave it there. could talk to you all morning. thank you so much for joining us. >> great talking to you, gillian. >> dana: ballooning mortgage rates putting a squeeze on home buyers nationwide. is the real estate market about to hit a serious slow down? cheryl casone is here in her bright yellow today. it looks great. miss allen over there isn't checking lesson plans. she's getting graded
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>> gillian: a manhunt in texas is looking for a woman who murdered may wry yeah wilson. caitlin marie armstrong they believe shot and killed wilson over a man the two were dating at the same time. we're with brand-new developments in the newsroom. >> a tipster told police when armstrong found out about the other woman she said she was going to kill her. two weeks since the murder and the u.s. marshals cannot find armstrong who you see here. she has been charged with murder now. the 34-year-old is on the run after police say she killed this woman, 25-year-old mariah wilson. she is professional cyclist in texas for a race when police say she was shot several times
6:44 am
in a home where she was staying. investigators believe the two women had both dated professional cyclist strickland at one point. text messages show a possible love triangle. going through all the evidence. the night before the murder police say wilson went for a swim here with strickland and he stropd her off a short time before she was killed. armstrong's black jeep was spotted near the crime scene at the time of the murder. driving by on the surveillance video. she was released after being interviewed. >> it is so incredibly painful for such a tight knit community and people you've raced with and celebrated with. ridden so many miles with to be faced with this horrific tragedy and really my reaction is just pain and heartbreaking. >> armstrong still on the run.
6:45 am
police asking anyone with information on her whereabouts to give them a call. gillian. >> dana: alexis in new york city for us this morning. >> dana: home buyers say mortgage rates are making homeownership nearly impossible. according to freddy mac the rate on a 30 year mortgage jumped to 5.25% from 3.1% in december. here is cheryl casone to weigh in. a lot of people are struggling trying to find their dream home. >> first time home buyers are struggling because of mortgage rates jumping so much. in a $500 difference in what your mortgage would be in six months. it hurts the first-time home buyer. you have 166 million millennials or younger in this country now population-wise. that's 30% of the home buyers out there searching are those younger buyers. >> dana: but millennials aren't as young as they used to be. none of us are. but they're parents now.
6:46 am
>> and they're having trouble. you are seeing rates go higher. there are some positives out there. the big question mark now is there a bubble or isn't there? there is a bubble that will burst and the federal reserving bank wrote about this in march seeing signs of a housing bubble. so is that going to crash? no, it is not 2007. that was wall street greed and banks. this is different. this is the pandemic, a shift in dynamics and population but it is also obviously mortgage rates are jumping. but rates are going up. less disposable income if you are dealing with inflation, right? there is an inventory problem in this country and also still supply disruptions. all that is negative. but if you look -- i always look at phoenix. my favorite market as a barometer for the national market. what happens in phoenix happens here and other places of the country five months later. it is a good barometer.
6:47 am
the mls listing, 8800 listings today. last year just 3500. so there is more out there available and more choices and listings coming up which means there will be less competition, the frenzy that people had. >> dana: the median sale price is $424,000. that's up 15 1/2% year-over-year and homes sold 550,000 down 12%. so what you are talking about is the market working itself out. inventory problem is an interesting one because where are they building more houses and all the costs of building more housing is very expensive because of inflation and the supply chain problems? >> the only good news we're seeing for new home construction is lumber prices are falling. that's the decent barometer. everything else that goes into building a new home is problem. builders know they have to get the inventory out there. they are jumping to get out there and start to build.
6:48 am
will they overbuild? i don't think so they're nervous about interest rates going higher. go to markets that are the lesser-known markets. our show we've been going to parts of south carolina. colorado, go to destin this week. look for places that aren't miami, phoenix, los angeles and san diego if you want to look for a more affordable place. i say that to first time home buyers. i think they'll realize if they want a five bedroom they might have to settle for a three or four bedroom and the interest rate problem and affordability problem. is it a bubble that will crash? no, it's too drastic. will things level out and normalize. interest rates will keep going up. >> we're going to go to key west. not a deal of a market and destin, florida, as well
6:49 am
wednesday night. >> dana: the prettiest sand is in destin, florida. >> they say you can't keep going back to florida. >> gillian: new bombshell testimony from hillary clinton's former campaign manager robby mook claimed under oath friday that clinton approved plans to leak uncorroborated allegations about trump tying him to russia to the media. we have new details about that testimony coming up next. it is almost election day in georgia. the candidates are making their closing arguments in the peach state but for democrat stacey abrams that pitch includes some very harsh criticism of the state she is seeking to govern. stick with us. ...the tower cam for a - hey! folks, we seem to have a visitor. it looks like - looks like you paid too much for your glasses.
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6:55 am
hours away. governor brian kemp and david perdue will hold events. democratic stacey abrams is embroiled in a last-minute controversy. >> democrat stacey abrams is running unopposed in the governor primary. she made some interesting comments over the weekend that could come back to haunt her in november. abrams was speaking at a gala outside of atlanta but somebody was recording the audio of her comments. it got leaked. in her speech she made some very critical comments about georgia's record when it comes to abortion, economy as well as crime. and then she had this to say. >> i am tired of hearing about we're the best state in the country. >> the worst state in the country to live. abrams is not backtracking so far from those comments according to her twitter feed overnight. she of course will likely have
6:56 am
to answer to a lot of these questions later on after the primary. she is blaming georgia's problems on one man and that is the current governor, brine kemp who is facing a primary challenge of his own. governor kemp is dominating both in the polls and fundraising against his republican challenger former senator david perdue. we've seen the governor campaign heavily -- in the national race even though later today he will campaign with former vice president mike pence in the atlanta suburbs. >> this is about georgia, you know. mike pence and president trump did a lot to help our state and i've always said that and always been grateful for that. mike pence is a friend of mine. >> former president trump wants to keep kemp out of office because of the way the state and the governor handled the 2020 election. in that contest georgia went blue. trump is backing perdue in the race. tonight the former president will hold a telephone rally for perdue and expecting a news
6:57 am
conference from the former senator later this afternoon. but he has been trailing kemp pretty significantly in this race. could force the governor into a runoff if kemp doesn't make it over the 50% threshold. >> the fight to be had here. nobody else was stepping up to do it. if you to call out a friend you have to do that for the better good. that's what i did here. >> early voting broke records. >> dana: we'll see how it plays down there. thanks so much. >> gillian: let's bring in brian robertson was a spokesperson for a former governor. over half the million votes cast in the peach state. historic record voter turnout. does that undercut the narrative we kept hearing that the voting laws would suppress the vote? >> yes, it does. the idea was that we have created barriers to voting to such a degree that no being
6:58 am
could figure out how to vote. we see record turnout. 800,000 overall. democrat and republican. so if you think that half of the voters went for early voting, we're looking at 1.6 million voters showing up by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. that's astronomical. the rhetoric around our voting law has been not only reckless but irresponsible and this is proving it. people in georgia are voting with their feet here and showing up and right now the department of justice under joe biden is suing the state of georgia for a racist election law. if it's intended to suppress it is failing mightily. >> gillian: on the democratic side in the race stacey abrams is the candidate. she said over the weekend her state is actually the worst state in the nation to live. how do you think that will go over with voters? >> yeah, it's a giant hellhole here. she is right. that's why all of these people are moving here to get high
6:59 am
paying jobs because it's such a terrible place to be. she likes to brag all the time about how these hundreds of thousands of new democrat voters that she takes credit for registering. why do you think they are coming here? to minister to us like mother teresa or to get good jobs and to pursue the opportunities that are here? we're the number one state for business. >> gillian: i just want to get from you your political savvy here. why did abrams say that? what is in it for her politically to say that? >> well, i think it's a gaffe. i don't think there is something in it for her. it is not believable. not even to her own base. democrats don't believe this is the worst place to live or they wouldn't be moving here or staying here the way they are. so look, in 2018 she was probably on path to win here and she said you have to work in agriculture and hospitality
7:00 am
and illegals should be able to vote. we know she is capable of gaffes. >> gillian: we have to leave it there. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> dana: a court extending title 42 making also difference along the southern border as you can see right there. thousands of migrants continue to enter the country illegally on a daily basis. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. bill is off today. hi, gillian. >> gillian: great to be with you. i'm gillian turner. thousands of migrants are camped out for months across the southern border in mexico, some have been there for more than a year anticipating the end of title 42. it was slated to expire today. a judge ruled otherwise over the weekend. now hundreds of thousands of migrants are wondering what is going to come next for their journey? here is what the head of the national border patrol said to us a little while ago.
7:01 am
>> if this administration was smart they would take a step back and look and say this is the political reprieve we need. if we don't actually use enforcement techniques or have operations that will actually secure the border, which is what we're lacking now we will continue to see the people cross the border in numbers that aren't imaginable. >> dana: senior national correspondent william la jeunesse is live at a migrant camp in tijuana, mexico. what have you found there? >> you know, there is still a lot of confusion among migrants not just here in tijuana but up and down the border. in this area is where migrants would normally camp. police are not allowing that to happen anymore. basically around 8:00 a.m. this morning those with appointments will show up here and escorted over the border. police are keeping this area clear. we spoke to some families this morning. you remember they generally have been invited by president biden who told them he was going to lift title 42. they still some believe that's
7:02 am
going to happen. they have three choices. stay here in mexico, go home or cross illegally. with 11 million jobs open in the united states no one is going to go home. we spoke to one gentleman from haiti who said he showed up here 1:00 a.m. in the morning thinking he might be able to get over at 8:00. we also spoke to two families and here is what they had to say about their confusion. >> there is no going on 42. today might open up. she is saying today might open up, yeah. >> let me give you the lay of the land. map will show you the encounters here to date. south texas is the busiest basically rio grande valley and del rio and yuma, el paso and southern california. but effectively the ruling means nothing changes but could get worse and here is why. those individuals who are going
7:03 am
to show up at the port of entry to claim asylum will now probably cross illegally and take their chances, roll their dice in that and claim credible fear. if ice doesn't have detention space they'll be released. 8 out of 10 never leave the united states once that happens. nothing is forcing dhs to use title 42. as you know, every month with president biden in office at least the last year, the number of people being deported under 42 has gone down. right now more people are staying in the united states than being deported even with the law. we spoke earlier with former chief rodney scott. >> once people arrive at the border, minus some type of meaningful consequence. they know they will be immediately deported or face jail time in the u.s., they are going to come north. >> so at this point in time,
7:04 am
dana, gillian, most of the migrants are in the shelters, sharing apartments nearby. they typically show up here at the port of entry during the day, seeing what's going to happen. trying to get information usually from the ngos and that who is coordinating with the u.s. as to who gets over and who does not. back to you. >> dana: william la jeunesse at the border. thank you so much. >> gillian: another bombshell at the trial of former clinton campaign attorney michael sussman. on friday former campaign manager robby mook said clinton personally approved the dissemination of materials allegedly connecting former president trump to russia. this testimony despite campaign officials not being, quote, totally confident in the legitimacy of the claim at that time. marc thiessen, former speech writer for george w. bush is standing by and join us with his analysis in a moment. we start with david spunt in washington with new emerging details this morning.
7:05 am
>> i saw an attorney from both sides of the aisle the government and the defense of michael sussman looked a little surprised when robby mook basically blurted it out casually that hillary clinton herself was in favor of releasing this information to the media, giving it to the media when it wasn't fully vetted. mook recalled speaking with clinton and he said in a quote i discussed it with hillary as well. i don't remember the substance of the conversation but the discussion was hey, we have this and want to share it with a reporter and she agreed. michael sussman on trial is charged with lying to the f.b.i. when claiming he had evidence of a secret communication back channel between the trump organization and alfa bank. he said he was delivering his information on his own on behalf of a concerned citizen not any clients like the clinton campaign. john durham seen going into court this morning says his team has some evidence showing that sussman billed the clinton campaign for that private f.b.i. meeting and the f.b.i.
7:06 am
found in evidence of a trump organization/russia bank connection. mook told jurors on friday he would never have authorized sussman a clinton campaign attorney to go to the f.b.i. with that information. he says it was up to the media to essentially vet this information. clinton tweeted just a few days before the election in 2016 she said computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the trump organization to a russian-based bank. right now on the stand is the former head of counter intelligence for the f.b.i. and took notes on that meeting between michael sussman and f.b.i. general counsel james baker. this trial expected to end by friday. however, it may go into next week if jury deliberations take a little while. gillian. >> gillian: can't believe that somebody actually took some notes while they were serving in the u.s. government. thank you so much for the latest on that. we appreciate it. >> dana: good point. let's bring in marc thiessen.
7:07 am
former speech writer to george w. bush. this was news that was to me so earth shattering that you cannot let it pass by and that's where i lead this hour with this story. before i have to comment on the developments listen to kellyanne conway, president trump's campaign manager. >> mook testified under oath this is in a courtroom on the record under oath. this is not a twitter argument, everybody. this is not the conspiracy. he testified that they had no faith in the f.b.i. because of jim comey so instead of going and bringing this information to the f.b.i., they decided to give it to "the new york times" reporter because they know that their action ill re the national media will do their bidding and dig through it. >> dana: hillary did it is the headline. marc thiessen, give us your take. >> you want to know why the polls show that up to over 65% of americans have little or no
7:08 am
confidence in the media to share truthful information? it's because of this. this was a con by the clinton campaign. they had michael sussman worked with fusion gps to get opposition research that they knew was false. hillary clinton approved releasing the false information to the media while michael sussman fed it to the f.b.i. which later found that it was nothing to the story. and then they sent it to slate magazine when they reported it they were shocked to hear the news in the magazine. serious and con the rest of the media to buy into the lie. it was intentional and deceptive. it shouldn't be shocking but it s. instead of being outraged by the way the clinton campaign worked them and used them and lied to them and fed them this stuff the media is ignoring it and helping her by shoving it under. as far as i can tell up until this morning i haven't seen a
7:09 am
single story about this in the "new york times." why is this not being covered? is it because they're embarrassed baution they got played or are they covering for them? >> dana: we talk about immigration as well. i want to point out "the new york times" won a pulitzer prize for their reporting on this stuff. we'll see how it turns out. >> gillian: one of the arguments, marc, that clinton supporters are making is this is kind of just washington insider stuff, people turning over the rock and looking at all the bugs underneath. lying, dirty back door deals, skuzy leaks. this is washington campaigns doing what they do every single day. tell us why this is different. >> because they lifted the rock and put the bugs under the rock, that's why. this was a planted story. it was false information that the clinton campaign generated and then they placed it with the media and then hillary clinton after slate reported
7:10 am
it, then hillary clinton put out -- jake sullivan put out a statement saying we're shocked to hear this news there is a connection between trump and alfa bank and hillary clinton tweeted it herself. they acted like slate had uncovered information independently after they planted it and they were feeding it to the f.b.i. for the purpose of giving it credibility so they could say to reporters it is not just us slate saying it, the f.b.i. is investigating this. so it was a con from the very beginning. it shouldn't be shocking but it still is. >> dana: maybe not shocking but surprising but also where does it lead? hillary clinton has hinted she might want to run in 2024? does that put an end to this? we'll ask a guest later in the hour. johnny depp returning to the stand as a hostile witness in his defamation trial against his ex-wife amber heard. what can we expect today? >> gillian: also this.
7:11 am
nancy pelosi's hometown paper is calling on the pope to take action against a local archbishop there for preventing the house speaker from receiving holy communion yesterday. >> dana: a u.s. military airlifting tons of baby formula from overseas but none of it will end up on store shelves. senator bill cassidy with operation fly formula as president biden struggles to get another shortage under control. >> the biden regime says working diligently for months and this is the result, panic and despair for millions of families. you might even say separating babies from their food. what could be more inhumane? isn't checking lesson plans. she's getting graded on her green investments with merrill. a-plus. still got it. (whistle blows) your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. ♪ ♪ your dry eye symptoms keepking driving you crazy?l, inflammation in your eye might be to blame.
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>> gillian: the san francisco examiner is demanding the pope remove archbishop after he banned house speaker nancy pelosi from receiving communion this weekend. this due to her stance on abortion. the board writes the chief loyalty is not to christ but to the far right american bishops and his radical conservative politics might attract more people to the faith in places like oklahoma, or texas. >> dana: nationwide shortage of baby formula is still critical as a military plane loaded with
7:18 am
prescription formula arrives from overseas but none heading to store shelves. when will families start seeing relief. bill cassidy will join us in a moment and lydia hu has a report. >> the u.s. department of agriculture secretary says the country will see more formula on shelves in the next few weeks and truly that supply can't come soon enough. the latest data shows outages are growing across the country. 45% of baby formula is out of stock up 2% from just the week prior. some states have outages that are much higher like virginia, which is nearly 58% of formula out of stock. over the weekend u.s. military transported the first shipments of specialized baby formula from germany distributed directly to hospitals and clinics across the country. what is expected to bring relief to parents scouring
7:19 am
shelves is the production act. it will allow abbott and other manufacturerers to get needed supplies and ingredients to make formula more quickly and these developments come as abbott ceo apologizes in an op-ed published over the weekend saying we're sorry to every family we've let down. going on to say we believe our voluntary recall was the right thing to do. we will not take risks when it comes to the health of children. now abbott, which has the country's largest market share for formula expects to reopen the michigan plant the first week of june and says formula from that production site should be back on the shelves in 6 to 8 weeks, dana. >> dana: thank you, lydia. here is louisiana senator bill cassidy republican on the senate health committee and i want to play for you the new white house press secretary answered a question about this over the weekend. >> the president understands the struggle of moms and dads
7:20 am
and parents and caregivers and making sure that, you know, making sure that we get a child has, you know, a healthy -- healthy way of eating. i don't have a timeline for you yet. we want to expedite, make sure it goes very quickly because it is so critical and we know what families are going through. but i don't have an exact timeline. >> dana: what did you hear over the weekend from constituents? >> they're upset. the woman in new orleans. three children and can't find formula and feeds them three times a day. does the administration really care? not the kind of words they say. we know abbott had to start signaling this three months ago. fda could have had everything lined up in order to have things here when things hit the fan. they didn't. so there is either incompetence or a lack of oversight or the perception they just don't care. >> dana: the white house maintains they've been working
7:21 am
on this since day one but they won't answer a question which is when did president biden find out about it? >> i'm willing to say there should have been a competent lieutenant that would have taken this on. fact is somebody should have taken it on. since it's really gotten worse they've been able to move relatively quickly. they could have moved quickly three months ago and this never would have happened. >> dana: the desperation these moms are telling the media about. one said she thinks of nothing else but trying to find the formula for her children. that's going to continue for a while. we'll see about that. you have real concerns about the economy and especially u.s. energy. you have 10 ways president biden has killed u.s. energy. we talk about this a lot. on the first day in the first hour killing the keystone pipeline. what other things could they do that could turn this around to deal with the fact that americans have record high gas prices now 14 days in a row? >> first like baby formula they have to show they care. you would care if you took tangible steps to lower the
7:22 am
cost of energy. they say they are doing this and that but it is always one step forward and two steps back. >> dana: such as saying they want to do more oil and gas leases and then actually not approving them at the last minute. >> correct. or putting in more stringent regulations that makes it impossible to happen. i have called for an operation warp speed for energy. get them all in a room. if you can't do it waiting for this person to make a decision while we're in the room you make the decision. the second person does. if there is an agency which seems to be slow walking, hold them accountable. this is important to lower the price of gasoline, the price of your heating and cooling bill. they have to show they care. >> dana: secretary granholm at the department of energy, does she care? >> they have an environmental left that is so powerful. i think the secretary personally does but the environmental left is pleased that gas is $6 a gallon and
7:23 am
they see this as the necessary struggle we have to go through to get everybody to buy into renewable energy. >> dana: how does it play with our competitiveness to china? >> increase test cost of production of goods in the united states. which gives a company one more reason to move their manufacturing plants to china where they use coal which is cheap and they don't enforce environmental regulations and labor standards are low. that's bad for us. >> dana: you will be talking about this to groups and try to get the message out and energy and the china piece. the president is in asia today and hopefully talking about it as well. >> gillian: great interview, dana. days after the primary election in pennsylvania, now still no winner in the gop primary race for senate. how long will it take? we'll go live next to a warehouse in pittsburgh where ballots are still being counted
7:24 am
this very hour. plus a virus that's typically found in west africa is now popping up in different spots around the world. how concerned should americans be? we'll ask dr. marc siegel coming up. >> what we're seeing now is the virus that has jumped from an animal to a human and we see the human-to-human transition. it is important to be aware but i don't think we should panic or be worried at this point. i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool. -seriously? -denied. can we go back to meeting at the rec center? the commute here is brutal. denied. how do we feel about getting a quote to see if we can save with america's number one motorcycle insurer? should flo stop asking the same question every time? -approved! -[ altered voice ] denied! [ normal voice ] whoa.
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new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. >> dana: in pennsylvania the republican state senate primary is too close to call. some 1900 provisional ballots uncounted and looks like the race to be heading for a recount. we're in pittsburgh this morning. hi, alex. >> we're back inside of this election warehouse in allegany county were a tub were ballots were brought in and reviewed by researchers over weekend and representatives and attorneys from the oz and mccormick campaigns have the right to
7:30 am
appeal the decisions on whether those votes should count or not. in a race where just about 1100 votes separate oz and mccormick every single one is going to matter. matters have become more complicated when it comes to certain mail-in ballots. after the 2020 election if a mail-in ballot doesn't have a date on the envelope it can't be counted. friday a federal appeals court ruled in a different case that ballots without a date must be accepted. rnc chairwoman said this on "fox news sunday". >> we certainly do not think that ballots without dates should be counted because how do you know when they came in? it's common sense and definitely where the rnc and gop is. >> it is also where dr. oz's campaign s. he holds a .1% lead over mccormick. mccormick is favored by mail-in ballots. he wants counties to be aware of the new ruling. in allegany county they're awaiting direction from the
7:31 am
secretary of state on that. tomorrow unofficial election results are due. in one candidate does not achieve a half a percent lead the trailing candidate and the trailing candidate doesn't waive a recount one will be ordered on thursday and the recount will have to be complete by the 7th. if that's the case we will not expect results to come in until june 8th. >> dana: we'll stay on top of it. thank you. >> you said yesterday that monkeypox is something that everyone should be concerned about. some countries are imposing 21 day quar an teens for people who are infected in some cases just exposed. should americans expect something similar? >> president biden: i don't think so. i don't think it rises to the level of the kind of concern that existed with covid-19. >> gillian: that's president biden answering questions about the spread of monkeypox, virus normally just found in western
7:32 am
africa, limited to that region of the world. about 80 cases have now been found across the globe sparking worry from the u.s. to canada to europe. let's bring in dr. marc siegel. he joins us now. dr. siegel, do we have you? >> yes, i'm here. >> gillian: i couldn't see you. thanks so much for joining us, dr. siegel. the director of medicine and fox new contributor. dr. siegel, can you give us the ground truth here? should we be afraid or should we not be terribly afraid? anything we can do to protect ourselves? the basics. >> first of all, gillian, i think we're stuck with our foot on the accelerator pedal of fear from covid. we think we weren't warned about that by the world health organization so what will happen now? we constantly fear the worst case scenario, that's the first thing. there is a lot of differences here. first of all it looks like the monkeypox outbreaks are tied to
7:33 am
two really large parties that went on in belgium and spain of gay and bisexual men that may have led to it being more sexual transmitted as before. it was a strain from nigeria. not a big mutation by looking at the structure. this kind of a virus doesn't mutate the way covid-19 does. the sars covid virus does. we can track this. you usually don't spread it until you are symptomatic. we can do a better job of contact tracing. also, we have a vaccine in the stockpile hundreds of millions of doses of a vaccine against small box that works 85% of the time against monkeypox. we can haul that out and do what's called ring vaccination around anybody that has contact. the one thing missing here, gillian, we don't have enough tests as usual. we need a pcr that is widely available so i can actually be proven right here that this
7:34 am
outbreak can be controlled and contained. there is no way this is going to be another covid-19 and i will tell you why. this virus is not nearly as contagious as sars. early estimates in one person has it one other person can have it. the covid if one person has it three or four people can get it. it doesn't spread as easily. we need more information, though. >> gillian: while the president seemed to say over the weekend there is already a vaccine, i would imagine that a lot of americans have been exposed to the vaccine, is that right? >> that's another good point. i'm glad you brought that up. the smallpox vaccine was given to everybody born before 1972. and i just talked to one of our top vaccine experts in the u.s. about this and he says studies show immunity from that can least up to 50 years. so we have partial immunity from the vaccine from people that were born before 1972 but
7:35 am
clearly we're going to have to give it to those who are exposed again ring vaccination. we also have antivirals. a good antiviral that works against smallpox and against monkeypox which is milder by far than smallpox and the strain we're talking about here is the milder of the two strains. i'm not trying to diminish this but i don't see another pandemic coming from this at all. >> gillian: are there precautions, though, that basic precautions that americans can take to protect themselves if they're concerned? >> yes. because this does live on surfaces. it is a more stable virus than the one for covid and if you've been in close contact with somebody that has this, it doesn't transmit as easily but it transmits by saliva and on surfaces and sexually transmitted. you would need to be isolated for weeks. the amount of time between
7:36 am
exposure and getting sick from this is weeks. what you are on the lookout for is swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, flu symptoms and characteristic rash. this would be close exposure. we're not talking about breathing the same air. we talk about very close exposure and that's where contact tracing comes in. the cdc has an excellent division of disease detectives that go around the country checking on this. they're unparalleled and they're involved. >> gillian: hopefully they've had a lot of practice doing contract tracing the last couple of years. we have the leave it there. thank you very much. >> dana: three air force cadets refusing to get the mandated covid-19 vaccines will get their bachelors degree on saturday but not commissioned to the u.s. air force as long as they remain unvaccinated and may now be asked to pay for the cost of their education in lieu of service. >> gillian: the depp versus
7:37 am
heard trial could end with a big bang as johnny depp prepares to take the stand as a hostile witness. >> dana: a small band of green -- they'll join us next with a story you don't want to miss. >> it was a hasty withdrawal and looked like we were forced out. we should have used lethal force to get them to come to the table. there was so much more we could have done that these lessons will be learned for some time going forward. miss allen over there isn't checking lesson plans. she's getting graded on her green investments with merrill. a-plus. still got it. (whistle blows)
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7:42 am
defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california. >> dana: washington, d.c.'s attorney general is suing mark zuckerberg, the lawsuit accuses facebook of misleading privacy practices and failing to protect user data. prosecutors allege zuckerberg was directly involved in decisions that led to cambridge analytica obtaining millions of people's personal information. the a.g. already sued facebook in 2018. this lawsuit goes after zuckerberg personally. that news just in. >> gillian: johnny depp is again expected to take the witness stand today. the trial is entering its third and final week. sixth and final week. kevin corke has more.
7:43 am
>> you're right. the sixth and final week of this particular trial amber heard's attorneys getting a chance to call more witnesses to the stand which means that mr. depp's lawyers will have a chance to cross-examine them. now the first witness today is dr. richard moore. he is an orthopedic surgeon based in north carolina specialized in hand surgery. his part of the discussion at trial surrounding the issues around the injury sustained by the actor to his hand. as for mr. depp, he is expected to return to the stand as a witness and pretty good reason to believe it could happen as soon as today. he would be then questioned by his ex-wife's lawyers. while dep's team rested its case on may 3 heard's team is making theirs for going on eight days including today. heard is suing mr. depp claiming violence and abuse by the actor. depp is suing her for $50 million over an op-ed in 2018.
7:44 am
to win monetary damages mr. depp has to clear a high bar. legal experts tell fox he will have to persuade a jury he never hit amber heard and then have to prove she acted with malice and posting the infamous op-ed. should he take the stand i promise we'll bring you the latest from the courtroom in virginia not far from him. for now back to you. >> gillian: six weeks of this trial has been a lot. kevin corke, thank you so much. >> dana: a true story about real life heroes and their bravery. a first person account how a small band of u.s. army green berets helped overthrow the taliban and al qaeda using horses and laser guided bombs. three absolute legends. the authors of the book source of lightning join us now. so glad to have you on. bob, tell me it's 20 years
7:45 am
since your mission. why write the book now? >> dana, thanks for having me, i appreciate it. 20 years in the making if you think about it. five years that it took us to actually collaborate mark and myself with jim and we just thought it was time. it was time to show everyone out there what the team had done, what special forces is all about and what green berets are all about. it was an incredible mission. it was actually the pinnacle of our career, the pinnacle at least of my career and i'm so thankful we all came out of that mission. it was an impossible mission going in. and that we were -- it was successful. >> gillian: jim, tell the viewer who will probably be
7:46 am
readers, how do you tell the story of this incredible mission and what it accomplished? >> well, the difficult thing really was trying to get their authentic voice. nobody had -- other people had talked about the -- what had happened but nobody had really gone down boots on the ground. didn't -- their eyes and ears and why it took us five years to try to get that authentic voice and everything down there. >> dana: mark, you and bob, you have horse soldier bourbon, i had to see how popular it is. the horse soldier piece of this. remind people about that. >> it was just an incredible moment in american history having the honor to help spearhead america's response to the 9/11 attacks and just as fate turned out, our team would
7:47 am
be riding horse back along with our northern alliance allies fighting against the taliban and al qaeda. this book swords of lightning goes into detail about that incredible month's long mission and the power of small teams empowered and resourced with incredible authorities with our interagency partners and what can be achieved when they are focused. >> dana: tell me why the title swords of lightning? >> special forces patch, that arrowhead with the sword and three lightning bolts but we also learned of historic legend in uzbek lore and they referred to us as avenging angels with swords of lightning. >> you know, dana, think -- i was going to say one reason it took so long was that we couldn't agree on a title. mark is -- three people and the
7:48 am
publishers in there. a lot of debate going on. >> dana: i can imagine. bob, i want to get one take from you. you and i bonded over something that i know that the three of you care about, the special immigration visa holders, those afghans who helped us in the war and this is from "politico" playbook last week. at the current pace many afghans promise a visa in exchange for helping the americans would still be waiting in 2029. that's the last thought from you on that? >> as far as the sivs. mark and myself, we actually collaborated on many of those and wrote those up and submitted those. i don't know why it has taken so long for those to get approved and go through but as far as going back to the naming. i always thought we should call
7:49 am
the book, you know, od55 rides werewolves into combat. >> dana: this book is on my shelf and i will pick it up. an amazing summer read. legends. thank you for putting it all together. we'll see you guys soon. thank you so much. >> gillian: well still 24 hours until primary day in georgia and already historic early voter turnout. despite election laws the democrats labeled as voter suppression. driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those'll probably pass by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is approved to treat
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>> harris: a judge has extended the deadline on ending the trump era covid restriction that keeps thousands of illegal immigrants from crossing the border into the u.s. outside the white house bipartisan worry over the chaos that is eventually coming. the sheriffs from four different states in "focus" at
7:55 am
the border. plus "the faulkner focus" is at the top of the hour. >> gillian: the biden administration is considering a ban on recreational scuff fishing in federal waters saying they need to build the fish population. the move will harm businesses and thousands of americans who depend on the fish to feed their families. we have the details. hi, douglas. >> gillian, it could be a different summer for people who fish for scup and different for some boat captains. usually right now you are preparing for skup season but instead you're preparing for a disaster. >> it will cost the whole industry. >> since 1958, willie and his
7:56 am
family have operated take t dauntless a multi-fishermen head boat in point pleasant, new jersey. >> your father was captain of the boat. your grandfather was captain of the boat and they all fished for scup. >> yes, three generations of us now that have fished for it. we depend on scup. >> the biden administration said to stop scup fishing in federal waters, impacting head boats like the dauntless. they're required to get federal licenses no matter where they fish. they say a ban would devastate his business and affect thousands of fishermen up and down the east coast. if the biden administration wants to close the fishery in
7:57 am
federal waters the scup population must be in trouble. >> no, it is two times its rebuilding target. >> an expert on fishery management and he and groups like yamaha moeters are fierce supporters of recreational fishermen and are sounding the alarm. >> this is a management fight between the biden administration and states in the northeast, new jersey, massachusetts, rhode island. >> and the closure of federal waters will have no impact at all on further rebuilding of the scup population. it has already achieved its goals. >> they say scup are popular among low-income anglers. >> many of your clients rely on scup to feed their families. >> they can't afford to buy a boat or the market price of fish in the market. >> a final decision on the ban could come as early as this week, possibly as early as this afternoon. that's it from here. back to you, gillian and dana.
7:58 am
>> gillian: douglas kennedy. >> dana: fascinating. thank you. nearly 850,000 people have already cast their ballots in early voting for tomorrow's primary in georgia, an increase of more than 20% that undercuts all the dire predictions the state's new election laws would suppress the vote. with more charles watson is live in atlanta. hi, charles. >> good morning. georgiaance have shattered early voting records. look at this. the state reports more than 850,000 have already cast their ballots. that breaks down to nearly 800,000 in person and another 61,000 absentee ballots. when you compare that to previous years it is 215% higher than 2020 and around 168% higher than 2018. secretary of state says the state's new election law makes it easier to vote.
7:59 am
the law gained national backlash leading major league baseball to pull the all-star games from atlanta and delta airlines and coca-cola announced a problem with and called it a repressive law. >> president biden: worried about how unamerican this whole initiative is. it's sick. it's sick. >> and while secretary of state he is battling to keep his on seat. hice's campaign is centered on claims the 2020 election was stolen. he says as a republican he was disappointed in the 2020 election but that in his official role it was simply about doing the right thing and in the most recent fox news poll shows hice and him are
8:00 am
neck-and-neck. likely the race could head for a runoff. >> dana: charles watson in georgia where the action will be tomorrow. tomorrow night of course you can follow bill hemmer on the billboard. that's another important primary that we have in this primary season. gillian, wonderful to have you with me today. >> gillian: thanks so much. >> dana: make it a good day. harris faulkner is up next. "the faulkner focus", here she is. >> harris: we'll begin with a fight. the biden administration says it is going to fight. it is going to appeal the judge's decision to keep title 42 in place. the rule would have expired today opening the floodgates for tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to enter the united states the first time in more than two years. it was a covid restriction the administration says it cares about covid. how much, though? i'm harris faulkner and are you in "the faulkner focus". the white house says it disagrees with the judge's ruling keeping in place the trump-era policy that limits number of illegal immigrants due


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