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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  May 23, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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a runoff. >> dana: charles watson in georgia where the action will be tomorrow. tomorrow night of course you can follow bill hemmer on the billboard. that's another important primary that we have in this primary season. gillian, wonderful to have you with me today. >> gillian: thanks so much. >> dana: make it a good day. harris faulkner is up next. "the faulkner focus", here she is. >> harris: we'll begin with a fight. the biden administration says it is going to fight. it is going to appeal the judge's decision to keep title 42 in place. the rule would have expired today opening the floodgates for tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to enter the united states the first time in more than two years. it was a covid restriction the administration says it cares about covid. how much, though? i'm harris faulkner and are you in "the faulkner focus". the white house says it disagrees with the judge's ruling keeping in place the trump-era policy that limits number of illegal immigrants due to the pandemic.
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while the administration did issue a plan to handle the expected influx of people, it did little to ease the fears of a spike of up to 18,000 crossings per day. that's three times what we have right now. and we know we don't have enough people to handle it all. the head of the national border patrol council says this. >> if this administration was smart they would take a step back and look and say this is the political reprieve that we need. they can actually use the guise of the law to implement policies that will allow us to secure the border once and for all. they haven't done that to this point. but because of this ruling, they can actually take a step back and do right by the american public. >> harris: they have a little bit more time to make that decision to do right. look what we'll do. we're doing something right. we're in "focus" this hour with four sheriffs from four states who are live at the border. you see them there. they will talk about the people
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coming across the border and what to do at the front lines. first bill melugin along the border in eagle pass, texas. bill. >> harris, the only thing this federal ruling did is keep title 42 in place. the status quo remains the exact same down here at the southern border and that means illegal crossings continue. case in point look at the video we shot just hours after that federal ruling went out. this is here in eagle pass over the weekend. a group of about 60 crossing illegally. you will see some of them smiling and waving at the fox news drone as they cross the river. once they reach the u.s. side it is predominantly single adults who have crossed. many are celebratory and smiling and fist bumping and thumbs-up to our cameras. many from cuba, venezuela, nicaragua, countries that title 42 for the most part is not being enforced on right now. they are happy. they know once they get here they won't be expelled back to mexico. it wasn't the only group after
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the ruling. look at this video. single group of 120 that crossed saturday morning hours after that ruling right here in eagle pass. once again predominantly single adults mixed into this group as well. then we want to show you this wild video out of the big bend sector. this is a group of 32 illegal immigrants all dressed in camo fleeing from a texas dps helicopter that showed up over them trying to run into the open desert. this is extremely remote, rugged terrain. the people who cross this area have no plans to turn themselves in and don't want to be caught. texas dps and border patrol caught all of them. all 32 were later arrested and handed off to border patrol. last thing to show you big fentanyl bust at the border. look at these photos out of the tucson, arizona sector. u.s. citizen, juvenile caught smuggling these bundles of fentanyl on their body on
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public transportation. this bizarre photo out of the el paso area where an american woman was caught smuggling this bundle of fentanyl wrapped in a condom and placed up in her vaginal cavity. she then tried to walk across the bridge of the americas into the united states. canine hit detected it. patted down and told she ended up voluntarily removing the bundle of fentanyl pills from her body. texas governor greg abbott will be in eagle pass later this afternoon to tour the area and look at border security. we're expecting one-on-one time for him. we'll have it for our viewers later this afternoon. >> harris: we look forward to that. the story you gave us was hard detail. wow, they're desperate to do what they are doing. republican congressman james comer led a congressional trip to the border. he writes what so many people are saying. ending title 42 will intensify the crisis there. in "focus" now four sheriffs on
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the front lines of the mass movement across our southern border with mexico. one from arizona, one from north carolina, a sheriff from florida and a sheriff from missouri. great to have you in "focus." i will start with you and this finding that a new poll says the majority of americans are in favor of keeping title 42. against it, moving it is 55%. more than half of americans say don't you dare touch it. they get it. what do you want us to understand about it? >> good morning. and i respect that and i appreciate our population the majority sees what is going on on the border and see the erosion on our border when it comes to public safety and humanitarian. thank you for the citizens stepping up to secure our
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border. it is not working. unfortunately what's not working also is president biden and this administration to recognize that and support america. in fact just the opposite. they are going against us to fight title 42. the reason we're standing for title 42 is fact there is no action plan to secure this border. we need to have that to protect america and every citizen within. >> harris: let's go down the line here and i want to reemphasize not everybody is from a border state and we'll get to that part of the story in a moment because we're all connected. rocking ham county, which is north carolina, you are dealing with the other end of what comes across that border, sheriff paige, tell me about it. >> does he have his audio? i don't think he can hear me. i will go now to sheriff wayne ivy who is from florida and ask
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kind of a similar question. although this is a topic that's hot in florida right now because your governor is doing something about the fentanyl that's coming into this country. all right, i will ask my team if there is an audio difficulty here if they cannot hear me that would be terrible. i'm so sad. they will try to work on that. as i was mentioning the problem we have and we can pop a couple of things on the screen while they try to work on their microphones. we've seen an incredible increase in fentanyl coming across the border. a lot is produced in china. imagine the reach china has right up to our border as drug cartels use citizens who are trying to come from other countries to get into ours and become a citizen here, they are used and paying them incredible amounts. fentanyl seized by the pound in 2019 was 2800 and most recently at the end of 2021 it was 11,000 pounds.
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that's up 133%. so knowing that we have heard from reporting and sheriffs like the ones who are joining us now that every state is border state right now. i want to go to sheriff paige of north carolina to give us an idea what you are dealing with with regard to the fentanyl. sheriff paige? all right. oh goodness. we've got this again. we'll move on. we'll try to bring it to you now right after this commercial break. americans staring down crisis after crisis but somebody doesn't want to talk about it. that would be president biden. it has been 100 straight days without a sit down interviews. unless he knows the questions are coming we don't have a chance to go deeper. a familiar refrain. >> president biden once again has said something public about a big foreign policy situation which has dramatic
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>> harris: we really wanted to bring you the four sheriffs from different states and we will do that. i just want to explain what we'll do of the we are having such terrible audio communication problems with them. we'll start left to right. there are four sheriffs again. sheriff from arizona, sam page of north carolina, sheriff wayne ivy of florida and sheriff jim ar naught of green county missouri. each one knows my questions are what are you seeing in your
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areas and what do you feel about title 42 with regard to how much worse a bipartisan group of leadership on capitol hill is predicting? let's get started hearing directly from them and start with sheriff daniels. >> good morning again. i want to applaud the judge out of louisiana. i want to applaud the american people for their support. i want to applaud sheriffs throughout the country, police chiefs, governors that stand united to secure this border. what i can't applaud and challenged with is why president biden, this administration fails to appreciate having a secure border. as a result of that public safety in my county, national security and humanitarian by the deaths in my county has been a product of that. once again this administration needs to engage with local enforcement and we can get the problem solved and secure our borders. >> my county is near to virginia border. i'm standing up for the people, the families that have lost
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family members to addiction in our counties due to the dangerous drugs coming through right here at the border. this is ground zero. this is where the spic et is and where we have to cut it off. those drugs are coming into our communities, heroin, fentanyl and methamphetamine is taking lives. if we don't start here and work with our federal and local and state partners here it will go into the united states. it doesn't stay in arizona. it comes to north carolina and florida and missouri, it comes to so many different locations. 142 people here is real. 142 people have died in my county in the past five years due to heroin and drug overdoses. 1100 overdoses in five years. 1600 narcan users. that number continues to grow every year. you see that across the country. in my county in north carolina i have family members who lost family members asking for help. we are appealing to this
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administration, president biden and mayorkas and people that set these policies you have policies such as title 42. you have policies such as remain in mexico. these policies protect america and the american people and that's why we have to do that and keep those in place. >> thanks for having us and thanks to the sheriffs across the country united in this. this is real simple. illegal immigration doesn't stop at the border. anybody with common sense knows it filters into every community and brings with it the drug trafficking. 90% of america's drugs are coming across this southern border and we need to fight that battle here, not in the backyards of every community in the united states. if you want a real good glimpse of what sheriffs across the country think i would ask our viewers to go to protect america now.ko*fm and look at what sheriffs across this country are saying about the border crisis. it is a crisis. this administration needs to address it. title 42 is one of those things. we need to do everything we can to nip this in the bud and stop
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it. >> i'm from green county, missouri. one of the big problems we have is the narcotics coming over in mexico. this border wall is not complete. this border is unmanned and every day they have hundreds come right through this area bringing fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine over to the united states. it doesn't end right here in the sheriffs county. it goes to green county and all the counties and why we're here. the american sheriff is the last front for us and we want to fight this battle. that's why we're down here showing some solidarity to assist the sheriff down here and we need to secure our borders. that's the bottom line. we have oh secure the border to stop the drug traffic and crime that comes with that. >> harris: i hope america sees the leadership that is in "focus" right now because what they just did without audio communications with me a really difficult. thank you so much. i know my team on the ground there will tell you what i'm
8:19 am
saying. and you guys are there and it is important that you tell us what's going on. it is the work you're doing to galvanize behind the people at the border is critical. thank you for letting me shine a light on that and joining me in "focus." have a blessed today. >> thank you. >> harris: fox news contributor joe concha and media. that was a tough technical fete. there was a lot coming out. when you hear the sheriff from north carolina talk about the number of overdoses and the way that his people, his citizens that he is servicing. rocking ham is not an enormous county. they have a problem with addiction but the drugs flowing in, china has got this. they are working this over. they are killing our people.
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>> that's where fentanyl is created in china. goes to mexico and across the border and into communities. 100,000 people died last year from overdoses. the leading cause of death between the ages of 18 and 49, not suicide, not covid, it's overdoses. this is a catastrophe and we barely hear the administration talking about it. >> harris: when you attach china's government. they hate us so much that they would keep secret covid-19 until they could vacuum up all the ppe they could at the beginning of the pandemic, this is evil. now three hitting us this way. i don't believe in coincidences. you do hit people when they're down and they're hitting us. >> young people are dying not because they think they are taking fentanyl. they think they are taking oxycodone and it is laced with fentanyl.
8:21 am
we need a fentanyl czar. >> harris: we have a border czar. >> who is that again? >> harris: the vice president of the united states. >> when was the last time you heard her talk about the drug crisis and the border. you won't find her talking about this sort of thing. >> harris: i'm glad you were here to watch it with me. i want to get to this. the white house on joe biden the president now damage control again. for the third time he raised the possibility of u.s. military conflict with china if china decides it wants to invade taiwan. >> quickly you didn't want to get involved in the ukraine conflict militarily for obvious reasons. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> president biden: yes. >> you are. >> president biden: that's a commitment we made. >> harris: the president's comments sparked outrage from beijing.
8:22 am
the white house with yet another walk back said this as the president said our policy has not changeded. he reiterated our commitment under the taiwan relations act to provide taiwan with the military means to defend itself. we'll treat them the way we're treating ukraine and help them fight their own fight but that's not what the president said. >> it's a little strange to see his own white house kind of walking him back. he is the president, they're not. i think that all of his key people are hard line left wingers who are terrified of the world. i thought biden was right and his staff is nuts. >> harris: joe. >> i've seen this characterized as a club by the president. -- flub by the president. this is the third time he said without ambiguity if china invades taiwan we'll engage them militarily. china has an active military personnel of more than 2
8:23 am
million people. all president xi hears is what the american president is saying not people at the white house clarifying what he is saying. this again is -- it was funny sometimes when joe biden had gaffes in the past. now you are talking about our national security. so when he says one thing and the white house says another that mixed messaging inspires no confidence. >> harris: why can't he clean up his own messes? >> i think he believes what he says. he should be reprimanding. i think he is saying what he actually feels, right? but then whoever is in charge at the white house is saying no this is what we're really doing. in other words, who is in charge is the question. >> harris: somebody has to lie to make it happen. you can't have two opposite things be true at the same time and only so many times you can be wrong. this is the third. >> by the way, joe biden in the past has been wrong many times on foreign policy. remember what his own defense secretary in the obama-biden administration said. robert gates.
8:24 am
biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades f. the president is going on his instincts take on china if they go into taiwan. that hasn't worked out too well according to his own secretary from a few years ago. >> harris: there is so much there. i don't care what he believes, i want to know what we are going to do. his words don't matter to me if the white house can't even be in concert with what he is saying. we tonight know what action they would take. >> let's heard from lloyd austin. >> harris: we have to go deeper absolutely. president biden has hit a dubious milestone. 100 days without a sit down interview with the media. he has taken questions from reporters but his last one, one-on-one sit down with a member of the press was february 10th with nbc lester holt ahead of the super bowl. since taking office, president biden has given only 23 media
8:25 am
interviews and same point donald trump had done 95, barack obama had done 187. barack obama had a friendly media. so it wasn't that painful. the way some of the pentagon press briefings afghanistan after's horrible withdrawal with the death of our military men and women, it hasn't been as easy for biden as they thought it was going to be. lester holt even hit him. >> it's when the president's poll numbers began to go down and inflation and crime continued to skyrocket and the border continued to get worse and why he has gone down. a lose/lose situation for the president's handlers. if they put him out there we see the clean-ups or he may say things that are dishonest. last week he said there was no vaccine when he entered office and then literally there is him
8:26 am
getting a shot in the arm a month before he took office. and then he also said that the best way to lower inflation is to raise taxes on corporations. which any sane or sober economist will tell you that's not how it works. so when he speaks, he says things that are either misleading or dishonest and when he doesn't speak he looks afraid. we're in an election year. when you can't put the president of the united states out in front of the american people, you look like you are running from something. >> harris: the white house wants to help the democrats in states. i don't know who wants him with the poll numbers. let's see who will take the hit out and see how it works out. >> the democrat in ohio won't take the invitation nor did stacey abrams. >> harris: we called her from "the faulkner focus" and asked about why she didn't meet the president a few months ago. she was busy.
8:27 am
>> i love that color on you today. >> harris: culture wars debate is raging across america. bill maher is in it. >> there is trendyness. the blow being struck in the culture wars using children as cannon fodder. >> harris: we'll go deeper on that and it is still about the economy for voters. >> the market is really semi frozen and this is again the worst downturn since the dot com crash and looks like we are heading into a serious recession. >> harris: the white house doesn't agree with that conclusion despite the rising prices on just about every item we put our hands on. david asman with answers next in "focus." be the last thing on my mind. thankfully, voya provides comprehensive solutions, and shows me how to get the most out of my workplace benefits. voya helps me feel like i got it all under control.
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8:33 am
not a mild one, critics keep going after the president over the multiple economic crises gripping our nation and you can see prices are spiking from everything from cars to furniture to the one thing we can't live without, food. and as the fed works to fight the rising numbers in inflation, the president and the top economic advisors to him are trying to reassure americans of this. >> is a recession in the united states inevitable? >> president biden: no, this would be a haul and take some time. >> are you confident the u.s. can avoid a recession? >> there are always risks but we feel very good about where the united states is when you look on the global landscape. >> harris: the other thing hard to live without. gasoline. the average today for a gallon of regular unleaded $4.59. moody's analystics report. some democrats are pushing for a cap on price gouging but a
8:34 am
former economic advisor says that may do more harm than good. >> i think it's pretty gimmicky these price gouging bills because he has a lot of extra demand. what happens when demand goes up? prices go up. there is an old saying the cure for high prices is high prices. that's a little bit of a painful thing to deal with but it is what it brings more producers into the market and what's brings prices down. we need to let that process work. you try to interfere with it you will make things worse. >> harris: i want to start there with prices of things. david asman fox business anchor. i don't know if i want the man who can't negotiate a few questions in a sit-down interview single handedly removing what's working in the market now because that's capitalism, prices. talk us through. >> that's capitalism. companies won't produce unless
8:35 am
they make the profit. that's capitalism. that's the basis of capitalism. if you put price controls on what is going up, what you will have is shortages. what happens always, always, always, whether a democrat with price controls or richard nixon had price controls back in the 1960s and 1970s. both republicans and democrats and venezuelans have done it. every time, everywhere it's done it leads to shortages for the very simple reason companies won't produce if they can't make a profit. in addition to inflation, do we want shortages? we've seen that before. >> harris: what do you mean we see it now. you have a baby formula shortage for a different reason but it's supply chain and this particular administration's brand of leadership i'll put it kindly. >> imagine if what we're seeing now with baby formula we also see with gas lines. we saw it in the 70s. not only did prices go sky high but we had shortages because of
8:36 am
price controls. we saw the long gas lines. imagine taking two or three hours out of your workday in order to wait in line for gasoline. that's what we're facing if i could say this, the idiots that were suggesting we have price caps which are just price controls. every time you hear price gouging you hear price gaps. you won't say controls but that's what they are talking about. >> harris: we're trying to be kind with our words. we know what we would normally think of people who manipulate us and that's what this s. we are getting the manipulation without the apology. >> there is a lot of manipulation going on. when americans start seeing it every day in their daily life trying to get baby formula or they can't afford to buy meat or they have to wait in line for gasoline, they see it. the vision and the intuition of the american public is stronger than rhetoric coming out of the white house. >> harris: i want to look at
8:37 am
how investors are reacting. the markets are melting down for two months. it feels like every day we're in territory where people say it's painful. the dow's first eight week losing streak since 1923. david and i look good for our age but we weren't alive then. the s&p has fallen for seven straight weeks and it is worse stretch since 2001. the nasdaq is deep in bear market territory. one investment expert does not expect this to end any time soon. >> we are going to have volatility, mike, for a long time here. i don't see it going away. it depends on how the fed tries to land this. it will be very difficult to have a soft landing. it has never been done. >> harris: so what's going wrong? >> what's -- let me start with what's going right today. a lot of people see the market going up 600 points. >> harris: can we put the dow
8:38 am
up for david? >> two different opinions last week on whether or not we will have a recession. the fed came out there was a federal reserve president almost 700 points positive. he needs to go a lot more than that to wipe house the losses from last week. jims bullard said we won't go into a recession. he is not one of those woke central bankers. he have is a moderate guy. >> harris: i didn't realize there was a group of woke central bankers. >> there are too many woke central bankers. a lot of democrats like larry summers complained about it. he said there wasn't a recession. he was talking up the economy because he realizes to kill inflation we have to raise interests rates more than what has been done to cool it down and in order to do that you have to convince everybody that the economy is strong enough to avoid a recession. i think that was it. but you had a lot of experts in the market saying no, there is
8:39 am
no way we can avoid a recession. we've already had one quarter of down growth. the first quarter was negative. >> harris: the president said we won't be in a recession. maybe 2023. >> if we have one more quarter. we won't know that answer until mid july. that would be officially recession. it certainly feels to a lot of americans like recession. again, i think the feelings of americans are a better indicator and a better prognosticator what will happen than the rhetoric from the politicians. >> harris: because they're living it. the president among even democrats look at the president's qualifications not foreign policy. his qualifications are not the economy. what is he good at? we have to find a lane. because it's costing -- it's tough. i would love to ask him. >> i don't think you can answer that credibly right now.
8:40 am
once again, just today another example of doing exactly the wrong thing at exactly the wrong time we have this push for an iranian deal nuclear deal. who does that tick off more than anybody else the saudis? they announced they'll work with russia to keep oil prices high. they won't limit -- they won't produce the kind of oil we need that the president wants. so we have no leverage with the saudis now in order to help us to get prices down because we are going for the iran deal. there is -- >> harris: look at what happened there. we used russia to do the deal with iran and who ends up together? saudis and russia on oil prices. the enemy of the enemy is my friend. >> they are all connected. all of these economic issues are connected with the foreign policy issues and why everything is going down together at the same time. >> harris: wow, david asman. thank you. good ready for more woke
8:41 am
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>> harris: it is week two in the trial of former hillary clinton campaign attorney michael sussman. he is accused of lying to the f.b.i. in connection with the trump/russia collusion hoax. clinton's former campaign manager robby mook dropped a bombshell testifying that hillary clinton herself approved leaking since debunked materials to the media. that claimed a link between the trump organization and a russian bank. the former president told fox news this. for three years i had to fight her off and fight those crooked people off and you will never
8:47 am
get your reputation fully back. where do i get my reputation back? that from former president trump. and a new op-ed with the headline hillary clinton's legacy of lies. david spunt has been in the control room since day one. you're on it. >> there is no question that special counsel john durham is trying to paint a larger narrative that the highest levels of the hillary clinton campaign were out to get donald trump by peddling false unvetted stories to the media. robby mook the former clinton campaign manager said in open court to the jurors a surprised jury that i discussed it with hillary as well. i don't remember the substance of the conversation but the discussion was hey, we have this and want to share it with a reporter and she agreed. michael sussman is in the courthouse charged with lying to the f.b.i. claiming he had evidence of a secret communications back channel between the trump organization and russian bank with ties to
8:48 am
the kremlin. he said he was delivering this information on his own as a concerned citizen not on behalf of the clinton campaign. but special counsel john durham says his team has evidence showing that sussman later billed the clinton campaign. today on the stand the former head of counter intelligence for the f.b.i. who took notes after f.b.i. general counsel james baker told him about the meeting with michael sussman in september 2016. that's him walking out of court with the blue tie. he today was not helpful to the government. he told the jury he does not recall much from that time in 2016 and could not give specific details on notes. however, hillary clinton on october 31, 2016, tweeted out computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the trump organization to a russian-based bank. the trial is expected to continue through this week. possible we'll have a verdict on friday or early next week.
8:49 am
back to you. >> harris: all right. of course david spunt you were in the courtroom. i apologize for that. great reporting as always. thank you. >> formula on that plane specialty medical grade formula for half a million bottles is about 15% of the overall national volume this coming week and we'll see additional planes landing over the course over the next couple of days with more formula. >> harris: the white house taking a victory lap after the first flight of baby formula arrived from europe but media saying the white house isn't doing enough to solve the crisis. >> the white house said they've been working on this for months and months but it didn't appear that way since we got to such a crisis point. >> it certainly doesn't. the baby formula issue is shocking to america. the political ramifications are profound.
8:50 am
the biden administration knew about it in february. whatever came afterwards and the investigations determine the buck stops in the oval office. >> harris: somebody woke them up. rachel campos-duffy is a mom of nine and co-host of "fox & friends" weekends super mom. when you see the legacy media going after this president and the white house what does it tell you? >> wow, it says this is really a kitchen table issue that no one can ignore. it is. it's unbelievable and amazing to see them tout our great u.s. military flying baby formula from europe to -- back to the united states as some sort of political win for them. it is embarrassing. it is as bad as our country begging the mullahs and communists in venezuela for oil when we could produce it ourselves. it just feels like one, this administration from afghanistan to baby formula, it's just one
8:51 am
national embarrassment and humiliation after another. they knew for four months. their priorities are so totally out of whack with the american people. this is like a number one kitchen table issue not to promote my own kitchen table podcast. the number one kitchen table issue feeding babies and this administration wants to talk about climate change and racism and political correctness and more climate policies and ukraine war. this is a disaster and they are totally out of touch. even the liberal media who has been carrying water for them all along can't ignore it. it is really bad. >> harris: they have to put the buckets now. you would have to pretend we're not all seeing the same thing. you mentioned the kitchen table. the name of your podcast but also where politicians like to say voters hash out who they'll vote for. if they are spending a loot of
8:52 am
time around the kitchen table the democrats are in trouble. the number one issue outside of the economy is baby formula. here in new york city the mayor eric adams just declared a national emergency over the shortage just this weekend. so it has hit every single state in a dire way. let's move to this. new york city school kids will soon be learning their aoc's, get it? congresswoman aoc. a new children's book coming to public school libraries slams religion and promotes left wing socialist politicians part of the city's new mosaic curriculum that is supposed to kick off next year. the book is called "what do you know" a story of liberated childhood centers on a black child who talks about fitting in at school and church and a friend who is queer like me. the boy meets jesus who tells him everyone is invited to love and be loved. an unnamed white man who
8:53 am
resembles senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. listen to the author. >> that's mitch mcconnell. the child wants to know if even mitch mcconnell is to love and be loved considering all of the things he had caused. when jesus christ -- >> harris: i wasn't just guessing. what do you make? >> craziness. if we learned anything over the pandemic, harris, the craziness isn't isolated to some liberal school, public school in brooklyn or berkeley. this stuff is making its way to little towns in wisconsin and iowa and here is the bottom line. parents have woken up and they do understand and they are really sick and tired of democrats treating their children as political pawns and putty for them to mold for their own political purposes. children belong to individual families and these individual families have their own set of
8:54 am
values and children, by the way, harris, are entitled to go to school without having marxism or weird bizarre soup of liberal crap that was in that book shoved down their throats. it is all this transgender stuff being pushed on them by very strange people who want to have very inappropriate conversations with children. again for their own political and ideological purposes. i think parents have had enough and they're aware of what's going on and moving with their feet. a lot of people are homeschooling and moving their kids to private schools. there is a huge push right now to make sure that education dollars are attached to children and families and not systems. no one trusts the system anymore. >> harris: those attached funds something we saw roll out during the pandemic after parents are saying how angry they were over crt. it has moved on to sexual
8:55 am
identity and the appropriate ages to have those conversations with parents now. florida says we'll give you the $7,000 for a pupil to go do what you need to do. see if other states catch on with that. always good to see you, rachel. thank you. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". "outnumbered" is up next after this commercial break.
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>> harris: this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner with my co-host emily compagno and kayleigh mcenany. with us today, cheryl and joey jones. the white house is fact checking the president of the united states again. this time, he committed to a possible war with china. >> are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> you are? >> that's a commitment we made. >> harris: doing the


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