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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 23, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> harris: this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner with my co-host emily compagno and kayleigh mcenany. with us today, cheryl and joey jones. the white house is fact checking the president of the united states again. this time, he committed to a possible war with china. >> are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> you are? >> that's a commitment we made. >> harris: doing the walkback
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and it came snapy fast. with the white house insisting there's been no change in the u.s. policy towards taiwan. we've seen this kind of thing before after the president made those comments about vladimir putin, for instance. >> ukraine will never be a victory for russia for god's sake, this man cannot remain in power. >> harris: let's go straight to kayleigh. >> kayleigh: yeah, harris, it's always an unnamed anonymous white house official that cleans up the blunder. look, these gaps are alarming. they're weird to watch. they're disconcerting when it's the president. but when it's in the context to foreign policy, harris. it takes on an entirely different set of alarm thinking that you can set off an enemy, foe and world power. in the case with the taiwan remark, who is it that cleaned it up? the white house official who declined to be unnamed and the case is suggesting regime change in russia, who is it that
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cleaned it up? the official line was within minutes a white house official was telling reporters it was not the case. and harris, it's not just these two. when he was in warsaw, remember what he said about chemical weapons. if putin uses chemical weapons, he said "it will trigger a response in kind" somehow suggesting the united states would use chemical weapons. troops in ukraine, he told the 82nd airborne, you're going to see when you're there. and then in the minor incursion remark that jen psaki must have been indicating the cleanup statement in her office. i mean, the list goes on. this is foreign policy. you can provoke enemies. >> harris: look, joey, with the minor incursion language, that really put us in a new spot with all of this. because that was the first time we had seen the president on the world stage say something that could literally get some of us hurt. namely our men and women who might have to do something about the words coming out of his mouth. >> even before that, harris he
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said everyone would get out of afghanistan and he said the taliban wouldn't take over kabul and said a lot of things. i'll be honest with you, it's not so much what he's saying as much as the fact it is not what his white house is saying that's concerning to me. i don't think anyone can sit here and affirmatively say that they understand what the biden administration's policy or even posture is towards something like taiwan and china. i mean, it's bad enough that the 1979 agreement is political speaking out both sides of your mouth. it's bad enough that we have an official agreement that is completely ambiguous and openly so. but if that's going to be the case, that's what our government has put us in, we should have leaders that are very strong, stern and very solid thinking on this. it doesn't look that way. i want to know if my president is postured and mentally focused on the idea of going to war with china over taiwan. and right now, i can tell you that his words say one thing, his administration says another. that's a scary place to be in. >> harris: look, this is the
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third time he said it, cheryl. isn't the first time. so they told me last hour, that leads you to believe that biden believes it. problem is, as joey is pointing out, if you aren't together with your administration about who you go to war with, what do you agree upon? they keep correcting you on a whole lot of things. >> they do. in particular to that point with china, we got an instant reaction from a chinese official and their language was, of course, very stern. they're blasting us. it's not just a political relationship that we have with the chinese. it's also an economic relationship as well. we are very tired to china as a country. so when he speaks, it's not just about the military men and women and don't get me started about what he said and not said about north korea which is kind of put his foot in his mouth on north korea in the last 24 hours. but then when you start to -- i mean, this is a whole cascade of things that this affects, right? this is not just the president saying, you know, well, of course we're going to defend and put the military out there.
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well, look, that also affects american companies. that affects american travelers. that affects americans that depend on goods and services from china and we still do, unfortunately. so we're very tied to their boat. i know this administration wants to maybe start to separate the two economies, i hope they're serious about that. let's have that discussion instead of this one off and this one word that we got from president biden this morning. >> harris: emily, you know, what we haven't talked about is a possibility that the president doesn't know what he's talking about. you know, that we see the possibility with that with the economy. he says something completely opposite of what the experts are saying about a coming recession. is he sort of, i don't know, freelances on the topic like he's just jarring with a friend and not talking about the economy that we all live by. so i mean, it's possible that when it comes to foreign policy, he just doesn't know what he's talking about. >> emily: and the most frightening part about that is that's the exact message we're sending to beijing.
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that's the exact message that we sent the kremlin which is that this president doesn't know what he's talking about. and meanwhile, as kayleigh pointed out, we rely essentially on anonymous or unnamed white house officials or the press secretary to clean house. to clean up after all these unforced errors by the president. when it has to do with the realm of foreign policy, the stakes are so much higher than the average blunder where he calls congressmen by the wrong gender and tragically addresses the victims of the shooting in buffalo, for example, by the wrong name. you know, those we get all day every day. those are just really unfortunate and disheartening. but in this realm, the stakes are so high. and what happens if, unlike the mainstream media or unlike the democratic party, what if the president doesn't accept the white house secretary's cleanup or anonymous official's cleanup. what if he says what i heard the president say he'll engage in force and therefore, i will respond in kind right now
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prophylactically, that's the danger this has here. if equal in-kind leaders respond in kind with president biden's comment. that's what's frightening. >> harris: yeah, i mean i guess i'd worry more about that with putin when the president accidentally said he would put boots on the ground in ukraine against putin. i think i'd worry about that. that event has already walked itself out. we need china for other things. when you read closely, if europe can't supply all the baby food formula before we can start making enough on our own, we may have to turn to china. i mean, it is mind boggling how we got here. but they do all need to get on the same page. not just because it's an election year, like that's a good enough reason but kayleigh, real quickly, i'll come to you with last thoughts on this. he needs to get on the same page with his people because when you lose trust in the president, the white house and his administration, it can damage that party for years to come. >> kayleigh: yes, and i think this presidency will. the fact that the white house correspondent looked at the
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president and said, what's your message to north korea as they're about to shoot off missile? and he said hello, period. hello, period. that's the response. >> harris: ♪ is there anybody out there ♪ >> kayleigh: the white house cut the mike and has control over that mike and they cut it. we only have the audible transcript on the bottom. this is what they do. they're so scared of their own president and own leader they cut the mike. hello, period, though, we all heard it or all read it on the bottom of the screen. >> at what point are they going to say that why do journalists have to ask for clarity and ensure, that's not what you meant, right? that's not what you meant. at what point will everyone say these journalists are simply succumbing to this pattern, the cascade as cheryl said of these unforced error with potentially dire consequences. there's responsibility there, too. >> harris: turn off twitter and take away their responsibility to get likes so they become less informative. that might do it. we're coming right back.
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call today to request your free bond guide. 1-800-217-3217. that's 1-800-217-3217 >> former clinton campaign attorney michael sussman is expected back in federal court today for week two of his trial. he's charged with lying to the f.b.i. in the trump russia
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probe. on friday, the former clinton manager robby mook said it's clinton herself that approved the leak of materials to the media that claimed a covert communications channel between the trump organization and a russian bank. those claims, of course, turned out to be false. mook's testimony is raising new questions for robert mueller and his team of prosecutors. they spent two years and $35 million in taxpayer dollars and issued nearly 3,000 subpoenas and held interviews with more than 500 witnesses. so why are we just now learning about this detail? emily, anyone in trump world -- anyone in the world really remembers this. but when you were in trump world, i mean, you lived this every day for 2 1/2 years, this looming shadow over the presidency. and you'd think that robert mueller would have this key detail but nope, we learn about it just now and by our records, we checked, we can't find that he even interviewed robby mook. >> emily: that's right. to add to your grocery list,
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they used 19 special prosecutors. more than 40 f.b.i. agents. we footed that entire bill. they produced three separate reports that basically said, well, we can't prove the connection between trump and russia but we can't disprove it. and to your point, kayleigh, all it would have taken is five minutes spent in a room with this guy who could have said, yes, actually it was green lighted by hillary clinton. actually, there was not one bit of truth to this and instead, this really important person is the one that approved of and spearheaded it and leaked it to the media. if i was one of the attorneys on mueller's team, i would not only be extremely embarrassed right now but have a lot of questions because either they did know and it didn't make it into the report or they didn't know and either of those answers are absolutely unacceptable. >> kayleigh: no, they're not and the united states, anyone living here, you thought your president was an agent of russia. that is what they told us for years. and it turns out it was something that was greenlit by the democrat nominee, joey,
9:16 am
said, you know, give this to the media by the democrat nominee, peddled to the f.b.i. and it was all a lie. look at this, this is jake sullivan in 2016, if his name sounds familiar, it should. he's national security advisor now. he says this, this could be the most direct link between donald trump and moscow. computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the trump organization to a russia-based think. he's a russia national security advisor now and gets to move on with life. >> joey: he later tweeted one of those tabloid articles that a baby was born with fins and gills and said this could be the latest and most important thing that we can see in genetic modification. so that's what this is akin to, my point for bringing that up. listen, the illegality of it, there's lawyers here. i'm not one, that can talk about it. from my understanding is sussman is really on trial for, perhaps, lying to the f.b.i. it's not necessarily illegal for hillary clinton's campaign to leak something they have to the press, i guess, they can always
9:17 am
say they expected the press to go look it up and do their job on it and see if it's true or not. but the truth is when you peel back the layers of the onion, what we may not be able to prove in court but every american can see here, laid out as plain as day, is that there's a direct link between sussman going to the f.b.i. and trying to sell the f.b.i. on this and hillary clinton's campaign who he works for, going to the american people and trying to sell the american people on this while all of them, apparently, knew it wasn't true. and so even though politicians can lie to us and get away with it, the idea as a lawyer working for a politician can't lie to the government and get away with it, so what we're trying to see here is can we prove or can they prove that hillary clinton sent sussman to the f.b.i. did he go there on behalf of the campaign? did he go there billing them for his time? and that's what we're looking at and saying can we stick him with it? why do i point that out? we may end up in a few weeks or few months from now and listen,
9:18 am
there aren't criminal charges but every american can see what the democrats tried to do here. and let's make sure that doesn't happen again. even if twitter and facebook are complicit in some way or any other messaging platform. we can't let candidates lie to us at this level because it about tore our country apart. >> kayleigh: and that's it, you know, there's a question what did hillary clinton and the campaign know about sussman who misrepresented himself to the f.b.i. harris, here's my problem ethically here. you had robby mook who said we don't have expertise to judge what we were briefed on but decided to give it to a reporter so the reporter could run it down more. it's their decision whether to publish it. they want the reporter to vet it except wait, here's the tweet. hillary clinton leans into it at the same time. computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the trump organization and a russian bank. so you want the reporter to vet it but on the other hand, you're leaning into it. >> harris: yes, i want to tie what you're saying into what joey was just saying. as you were talking and you were military, a lawyer at heart. i was just the kid of one. what you're talking about is
9:19 am
command and control. and that to me is really fascinating because that gets us far beyond who knew what when. was she triggering everything to happen? by you reading that tweet, kayleigh, it deepens my intrigue now about this concept of, well, did hillary clinton, was she the one who sent sussman to the f.b.i.? and you can ask those questions with regard to this one issue. as joey said, you may not be able to prove that anything illegal happened on hillary clinton's part, but you can talk about the ethics of being the person to direct weaponry, communications weaponry which is what this is, a circular communications lie around an individual is weaponizing what we do, as communications people, right. you can question whether or not she was in direct command and control of that. which feels a lot like targeting which could get you into that legal realm. was she going after donald trump
9:20 am
knowing that she could galvanize members of the f.b.i. and the media? was it directly coming from her? and that tweet suggests that we need to go there with her now because at the very least, we can put her up and have her speak. maybe you can't touch hillary clinton legally, but they haul a whole lot of people into court to hear from them. maybe she deserves to be on that list. >> kayleigh: hey, hey, maybe so. i mean, we know she directed it. cheryl, going to the f.b.i. added this auspice of credibility to the reporting saying that the f.b.i. is involved and looking into it. we know here when sussman went, he texted i'm coming on my own. not on behalf of a client. the question is did hillary know that? >> cheryl: look, the idea in general that one politician would jump at the chance to smear an opponent is not a surprise. >> harris: 100%. >> cheryl: right? what surprises me here is the lack of journalism. i'm disappointed at our colleagues out here that decided
9:21 am
this was -- oh, yeah, of course he did it. sure. they bought into this lie. that lie lasted for years and ended up costing the american taxpayer $35 million. where's the accountability for that? because the taxpayer isn't going to get back $35 million. there's plenty of bad spending to go around, guys. at the end of the day, i think at this point it is fair game to question what hillary knew and didn't know. and i don't know. i disagree with you guys. i think we could find out how culpable she was in this. but we've got to get more journalists on board with that question. >> harris: good luck with that. >> kayleigh: good luck exactly. a lot of unanswered questions. we're six days past the date of this happening, six years and we have unanswered questions. where are the journalists? good question. coming up, remember those dire predictions about voter suppression because of georgia's new election law? well, the facts on the ground, well, they're telling a different story ahead of tomorrow's primary. especially when it comes to
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>> emily: tomorrow is primary day in georgia and the state has already seen record numbers of early voters. more than double from 2020 and 2018. and reports are that the minority turnout is especially high. now, this all seems to fly in the face of the avalanche of criticism against georgia's election integrity law which included criticism that it would spark voter suppression. remember that wave of corporate backlash with major league baseball moving the all star game out of atlanta, for example? and dozens of companies including georgia based coca-cola and delta making bold statements about their opposition to the law. and, of course, the liberal media blasting the law as not just racist. watch.
9:27 am
>> tonight's league jim crow 2.0. >> signed a law putting georgia on an express train back to the jim crow era. >> this is racism plus corruption. >> there's a lot of evidence that says it's not just voter suppression but it's suppression of particular voters. >> make no mistake about it, this bill is about nothing less than taking away the right to vote. that is all it is, plain and simple. >> emily: lot of drama and the department of justice even filed a lawsuit over georgia's new voting law and you'll remember the president weighed in. watch. >> it is the most pernicious thing. this makes jim crow look like jim eagle. >> this is jim crow on steroids what they're doing in georgia and 40 other states. >> jim crow 2.0 is about two insidious things, voter
9:28 am
suppression and election aversion. it's no longer about who gets to vote. it's about making it harder to vote. >> emily: joey jones, not withstanding that beautiful bridge behind you and that accurate fog, you live in georgia. so give us your thoughts. >> joey: yeah, i'm here in san francisco teaching the culture of compliance about freedom, about to go back to georgia. i'll vote tomorrow. give me just a minute here. i got a lot to say on this. i'll try to be concise. stacey abrams recently said georgia is the worst state in the country to live. she didn't mean that to get out. that's absolutely how she feels. the truth is it's the worst state in the country for someone like her to live because we're a state that has been through the fire. we saw the assassination of martin luther king and now we see two strong, black men running for a senate seat where everyone in the state would be absolutely adore them to be in that seat. we're not a racist state. we're a state where a christian
9:29 am
conservative can go to church next to a progressive liberal and talk about how much they love the bulldogs and the braves. that's what georgia is and that scares someone like stacey abrams to death. she doesn't want to live in georgia. she wants to live in washington, d.c. georgia is her steppingstone to get there. she's a darling of the media and the democratic party but she's completely disingenuous. that's why she's such a threat to georgians at large. this georgia voting bill has been a tremendous success at getting people to the polls. that's absolutely true. the things within the bill scared democrats to death and they scared them because it takes away any advantage they could have created in weighing the scales to their side. in the state of georgia, you can go vote freely and fairly depending -- without any worry of someone suppressing your vote but, unfortunately, that means people on the right can do it, too. that's what scares them. if we're going to have dropboxes they're ease i believe
9:30 am
accessible to a rural republican county than they are a democrat heavy inner city. that's what scares them to death. the state of georgia is a place where we've seen racism stump out and it no longer becomes the grip thaw get to sell and that scares them to death. we love each other in the state of georgia, love our culture and love who we are. we are the gateway to the rest of the country for the south and it scares them to death. thank god for georgia and i hope it becomes a state that other states look to setting the example on how you can have very different political opinions but share a culture. >> emily: wow, we have that video of the gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams. let's play it for viewers. they know exactly what you're talking about. stand by. >> we have to have a conversation about who we are in this state. and what we want for each other and from each other. i am tired of hearing about this.
9:31 am
>> emily: second bite of the apple here, what does it feel for you to have this gubernatorial candidate say that and walk it back by saying this is what i meant. it seems that the message is actually really clear. >> joey: we don't give a rat behind what she meant. she's not going to win the governorship. she's not going to beat brian kemp or purdue. she's not going to beat a republican because they're not running on division. they're running on optimism and where the state can go for anyone that lives there. she's running on this idea that half the state wants to suppress and oppress the other half of the state and it's not the reality on the ground. i have one last thing to say. georgia is growing. i just talked to a guy in the airport. it cost $1,000 to rent a u-haul from george to l.a. but $8,000 to rent it from l.a. to georgia. that's the difference. georgia is growing. people from the entertainment industry are moving here. and let me say that we're in this position of division. not because of progressive
9:32 am
democrats but because of cowardice conservative leaning people who are scared to death to speak their mind and be honest in industries like hollywood and places like new york don't bring that to georgia. i spoke to someone in georgia the other day who is a bigwig in the movie industry. loves me. watches fox. but would never say it publicly. that's what needs to change. be honest about who you are. have an open mind and an open heart but speak your conviction. that's what the state of georgia is. >> emily: i can't imagine the gas prices from l.a. to atlanta. but people are obviously willing to pay that, right, if that situation is that dire for them to get to that state, unlike what stacey abrams says does provide such an amazing place to live. and the numbers don't lie. this is the exact opposite of all that hysterical projection we heard from our president on down. mainstream media and the democratic party about what exactly the election integrity law entails because clearly, it entailed something positive. >> kayleigh: yes, as of last sunday, you had voter turnout
9:33 am
and early voting at 200%. it's expanded the voting and you just heard the president say this is jim crow. it makes jim crow look like jim eagle, whatever the heck that means. but jim crow, ok, let's remind ourselves of what happened when black americans tried to vote during that era. they were beaten. they were threatened. houses burned down. their families were attacked. in some cases even killed. to have the audacity to say a voting law that expands early voting to 17 days, stacey abrams only wanted 15 and praised new jersey for having nine. a bill that expands voting to compare that to jim crow is a slap in the face to a very dark chapter in our history that thank goodness is closed. >> emily: harris? >> harris: i've had a question about why we need so many days. i live in new jersey and our population is smaller than it is of the five burroughs of new york city. it's 8.8 million over here and we're 8.8 million for the entire state. i'm wonder why do you need two working days longer to go to vote? some came out of covid.
9:34 am
there was life before covid and there will be life after covid. i have some questions about that and make it available to everybody and as joey says, republicans can do the same thing that democrats do. so on and so forth. but what i really think has democrats rather worried about things right now is that you're seeing, as you pointed out in our state because i was born in georgia, in our state you've got ralph warnock and herschel walker. you have black men that have been and continue to be on the ticket. people that come from different ideologies, right, this is a bifurcation that, perhaps, the democrat party is not ready for. that finally diversity may lean towards what you think and your lived experience more than your skin color and hair texture. that gets complicated when you're trying to prothelize about you. i can't change any of those who matter what my hairdresser does. what you're talking about, joey, is exactly what's happening.
9:35 am
do you think tyler perry of hollywood would want to buy the military base that i was born on once it was decommissioned and build a whole life down in i wy good for him? he's a businessman. it can't possibly be the worst state when you have african-americans of that stature rising, right, economically. i want to sit down and ask stacey abrams what she thinks. what i know is she bailed on the president of the united states when he visited. i don't know how glued together those democrats are. >> emily: coming up, nancy pelosi is banned from receiving communion by the san francisco archdiocese over her position on abortion. that's next.
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>> welcome back. the archbishop of san francisco is taking some heat after
9:40 am
barring nancy pelosi from receiving holy communion over her stance on abortion. the san francisco examiner's editorial board is defending the house speaker and demanding that the pope get involved writing "we repeat the call for hope francis to remove him and replace him with a leader who can unify rather than divide." the radical conservative politics might attract more people to the faith in place like oklahoma or texas but his partisan pompocity will win no converts in san francisco." joey, the archbishop has defended this by essentially saying, look, our direction was specifically from the pope, right, and that he advises us in the realm of catholic politicians and influenceers, specially in the realm of abortion and euthanasia that if we feel there's a departure from our tenet, you know, we have a dialogue with them. if we can't convert them after a while, then we bar them from communion and the emphasis is on that influencing nature of these
9:41 am
positions. the fact that, as he says, it could be a scandal that other catholics in the community might think it's ok to have that pro choice stance which is clearly against catholic tenets. what say you? >> joey: well, first of all, let me say i'm not catholic. i don't understand the full extent of every -- i don't want to use the wrong term here i would say tradition of the catholic faith and i think this is something for the catholic faith to decide. that's the problem here. we talk about separation of church and state. it goes both ways. we don't want the church telling our politicians what to do in this country. we also don't want, you know, an editorial board telling the church what to do. religious freedom is a big deal and we celebrate it here and it's an amazing thing. nancy pelosi is an interesting politician on this because she publicly says that she's a strong catholic in her faith. and i believe that i'm not mistaken in the past she's taken a line to where she kind of says she may not personally believe in abortion but her constituents do. i think that's the line she's taken in the past. she may have changed that as of
9:42 am
late. and i think that's the problem that a lot of americans have with our politicians of understanding, are you talking out both sides of your mouth? are you telling us that our faith is only as important as it is to you today? and that's the concern that we have. >> emily: and harris, to joey's questions and the question becomes what about influencers in the community, right? how strict does the community, then, have to adhere to these certain philosophies? is nancy pelosi being held to an unfair different standard, then? >> harris: i'm also not of the catholic faith although one of the most spiritual moments in my life was visiting the vatican on easter sunday. we were there, and it was my first year of marriage and it was really one of those things where you know you're in a holy place and you are loved. so i would say this. this is up to the church. and we do have separation of church and state. but nancy pelosi also can't have it both ways. she can't run on an issue and say that she embraces it one way and then lives and wants people
9:43 am
to vote according to her political party because she wants to stay in power and stay relevant. i mean, she's also got to make some decisions here. and does she simply stay away from the topic? i don't know, that's up to her. if she can use it, it appears that she's willing to. >> emily: that's right. i agree the vatican is absolutely incomparable. it's absolutely incredible. and kayleigh, to harris' question, we have a lot of politicians including a president who say one thing and advocate for another certainly. >> kayleigh: yeah, and it's not as if, you know, nancy pelosi isn't in some ways seems like using her faith to justify her belief. i mean, she used a quote, i believe that god has given us free will to honor our responsibilities. well, that's not what free will is about. yes, we all have free will but we're not supposed to do things that are abiblical and contrary to our faith. that's a central christian or catholic bed rock principle. i would say this, no cultural issue, i would argue at least among the top five is more clear, is the bible more clear
9:44 am
on than the issue of life. you can look at psalm where it talks about human life being knitted together in the mother's womb and look at chapter of luke where it talks about the hairs of your head being numbered and you can look at jeremiah where it says before you were from your mother's womb before, i knew you. that's how sacred god views human life. for nancy pelosi to throw that aside, i think it's sad, unfortunate and certainly not a christian principle. >> emily: so cheryl, that's the arc um essentially that just because you're a politician doesn't mean that you're insulated from your religious community leaders that you purport to be a member of. and, in fact, you're actually held to a higher standard again because of that influence. >> cheryl: going back to this issue in san francisco, joey has the beautiful bridge behind him. that's a pretty picture of san francisco. what's happening today is not pretty. number one. number two, i was a reporter in san francisco and i covered the push for the legal right for gays to get married. that was under gavin newsome. that was a legal story that i covered. then i covered and i'm episcopal
9:45 am
and the fact that the church, archdiocese did not want gay priests in the church, openly gay priests. religious issue. let's separate religion and politics and the law. and the san francisco media does not understand the difference. and there's a big difference. >> emily: all right, more "outnumbered" in a moment. stay with us.
9:46 am
9:47 am
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>> kayleigh: soaring grocery prices, empty baby formula shelves, feared blackouts and widespread $6 a gallon gasoline. is a recession inevitable at this point and will the biden administration be slow to act? one day before georgia primary voters head to the polls, former president trump and former vice president mike pence will hold duelling rallies. full coverage. and bill reports live from the southern border as a federal ruling to keep title 42 in place has changed nothing. come join john roberts and me live as "america reports" top of the hour.
9:50 am
>> bill mar tore into the left on his hbo show the other night for pushing a trans and lgbt agenda on america's children. >> it wasn't that long ago when adults would ask a kid what do you want to be when you grow up? they meant what profession. it's ok to ask questions about something that's very new and involves children. the answer can't always be but anyone from the marginalized community is automatically right, trump card, end of discussion because we're literally experimenting on children. yes, part of the rise in lgbt numbers is from people feeling free enough to tell it to a pollster and that's all to the good. but some of it is it's trendy. >> kayleigh: cheryl, i find myself saying more often than i would think, he has a point. and he went on to make the point that, you know, genital surgery or hormone suppression are big
9:51 am
decisions for kids to make at a very young age. to illustrate the absurd by being absurd, he said it wasn't -- he said i wanted to be a pirate when he was a child. thank god no one scheduled me for eye removal making the poin that kids are imaginative. >> cheryl: i wanted to be a dallas cowboys cheerleader. that didn't happen for me. at the end of the day, it's all good. they're young. when you're young, you want to fit in, you want to be cool. what are my friends talking about? what am i seeing -- now it's social media. i'm not a parent. i can tell you my friends who are parents in new york city right now are very concerned about the curriculum that we're seeing pushed through here in the city because it's on topics these kids are 5 and 6 and 10 years old. look, if you're an adult and you want to be a they and them and change what your title is, fine. but when you're a kid, are you really ready? do you really know what you are? i would say no. at this point, i'm glad i didn't become a dallas cowboy cheerleader and happy to be a fox news correspondent.
9:52 am
>> kayleigh: we're happy you're here. harris, you covered it on your show and we brought some of the book covers. but they're alarming what's being taught in new york city. here's a kindergarten book. if we have that one, we'll pop it up. label it as one of the few picture books about gender nonconforming children and there's a first grade book about a girl who is really a boy. there's a second grade book and this one got to me. a boy named aiden who thinks he's a girl and chastises his mom for saying his gender before his born to which the mom decides not to say the gender of her upcoming child and called the child a baby. this is heavy for a kindergartener, first or second grader. >> harris: yeah, what are the hospitals supposed to do, by the way? they have to put something on the birth certificate. i know that child is really young and that child and the child's mom will have a conversation later in life when thinks make a little bit more sense. as you get older, you're forced to deal with whatever is going on with you. such a young age, it seems so personal to me.
9:53 am
and look, both my parents were in the teaching profession at one point and they're near retirement years, and i love teachers. and i think that potentially those relationships can be life changing. but there's certain topics that i don't want teachers touching with a k through third grader. like i just -- i don't think that's where they belong. that's not their lane. they're not experts in psychology. and if they are, then they ought to know they really need to stand back on this one because it's very personal. and as far as the medical part of it and changing, i think i'm with cheryl on this. like making those decisions and i'm glad, who was it that wanted to be a pirate, you said? bill maher. i'm glad he has both eyes. and cheryl, you would have made a great cheerleader. i would have done it with you. i have a vicious high kick still. making those decisions when they're that young, they change. as a parent, you're right there with it. but you get a different teacher every year in grade school. whatever they were teaching in the classroom might be different from the next year and what they recognize, so on and so forth. it's a whole journey and more
9:54 am
than just one day's discussion in a classroom. >> kayleigh: yeah, fox news digital found, point this out. it was great reporting on their count. emily, to harris' point, it is not a teacher's role in the case of a california mom, for instance, suing the district there who said her child was identified, little girl, brought to secret meetings where she was told that maybe she's a boy. started going by different pronouns. all unbeknownst to the mom who had no idea. and now the girl doesn't feel that way. but it all happened behind her back. >> emily: that's right, her allegations in the lawsuit what the school district did was blatantly unconstitutional. these are incredibly high stakes which is why the two take aways here are so paramount and accurate. bill maher is right. when you're talking about children and you're talking about the unknown, then you need to play it safe and you need to air on the side of something that is reversible, something that is careful, right, that's the exact opposite of what we are seeing. and the second takeaway is, for
9:55 am
example, in new york state where those books are being shoved upon these young children. remember, they are ranked 16th by "u.s. news & world report." so clearly, perhaps, they should be focused on something more like math and science. >> kayleigh: yeah, it would be helpful. more "outnumbered" in a moment. i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. ♪ you can never have too much of a good thing. ♪ and power... a very good thing. ♪ you never know what opportunities life will send your way. but if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis, enbrel can help you say i'm in for what's next. ready to create a bigger world? -i'm in.
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only two things are forever: love and liberty mutual customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. if anyone objects to this marriage... (emu squawks) kevin, no! not today. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> ok, before we go, a new fox nation special, america's top ranger, 2022. joy jones with pete and abby at fort benning, georgia, elite teams of army rangers competing nonstop to win america's top ranger, joey. >> listen, as a marine, being around the army rangers humbled me and showed me what true amazing warriors looked like, i know it was as a marine, the level they take it to is amazing. the amount of work and effort, they do everything from jumping out of a helicopter into a lake
10:00 am
to just a few hours later shooting all types of weapons and mastering them. you have teams of 21-year-olds and teams of 30-year-olds that have done this multiple times. it does show you what amazing warriors we have, and just like a marine among rangers, amazing professionals, it was a lot of fun. >> harris: thanks for watching. check it out. "america reports" now. >> sandra: fox news alert, a federal judge ruling title 42 must stay in place for now as the surge at the southern border shows no signs of slowing. >> john: large groups of migrants continue to overwhelm. we will discuss the ongoing crisis and what help is needed. >> sandra: a question many are asking. was it a slip of the tongue o


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