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tv   America Reports  FOX News  May 23, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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shooting all types of weapons and mastering them. you have teams of 21-year-olds and teams of 30-year-olds that have done this multiple times. it does show you what amazing warriors we have, and just like a marine among rangers, amazing professionals, it was a lot of fun. >> harris: thanks for watching. check it out. "america reports" now. >> sandra: fox news alert, a federal judge ruling title 42 must stay in place for now as the surge at the southern border shows no signs of slowing. >> john: large groups of migrants continue to overwhelm. we will discuss the ongoing crisis and what help is needed. >> sandra: a question many are asking. was it a slip of the tongue or a
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change in policy? we begin "america reports" with the white house walking back president biden's comments about china and taiwan, and all comes as president biden faces a series of crisis here at home while claiming a recession is not inevitable. i'm sandra smith in new york. great to be back with you, john. >> john: great to be back. let me be the first to officially well come you. the president wrapping up a trip, up and down stock market, fears that gas prices will hit $6 a gallon nationwide and potential food shortage, to leave americans scrambling to feed their fires. >> sandra: the president admitting it will take time to lower gas prices and ease inflation but the u.s. economy is performing better than the rest of the world. we have fox team coverage now,
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byron york is standing by. >> john: jacqui heinrich is travelling with the president live in tokyo. what about the comments regarding taiwan and china? >> jacqui: john, the fact the president made those comments standing on japanese soil right next to the new japanese prime minister adds even more weight, japan has been urging president biden since he was president-elect to take a hard line with china over taiwan, abandon strategic ambiguity and be clear the u.s. military will get involved if china attacks taiwan. the white house is trying to claim that the president did not actually say what he said, referencing a statement he made before the question was asked saying the u.s. policy has not changed. but the question he answered was clear. it noted the u.s. does not have troops in ukraine because of russia's nuclear arsenal and asked if the u.s. would take a different approach with taiwan. >> are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that?
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>> yes. the idea that -- that can be taken by force, just taken by force is just not, is just not appropriate. dislocate the entire region and another action similar to what happened in ukraine. >> jacqui: i was in the room when this happened and it was clear cabinet members did not expect to hear those words come out of the president's mouth. antony blinken visibly shifted in his seat, he was reaching for his phone and the chinese sounded off right away. >> china expressed strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to the u.s. remarks. taiwan is an part of chinese territory. china will take firm action to safeguard its sovereignty, security interest and we will do what we say. >> jacqui: huge distraction from
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today's event. framework with 13 countries as a counter to china and at the launch reporters tried to get him to clarify what he said and address the white house walk-back. no answer from him there. also notably, no questions from the press today on how the u.s. became reliant on foreign aid to feed its children. 78,000 pounds of formula arrived on a military plane from germany in indiana yesterday morning. and no questions from the press about that. >> john: not headed for the store shelves, at least not yet. >> sandra: byron york, great to have you here. a lot to dig into, including everywhere you look there is a crisis this administration
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continues to face. a global slow down. how is it possible at this point when you look at the pain for the american people that this country is not entering a recession, if it hasn't already? >> well, you know, i thought the president ises remarks from japan today were really quite pessimistic, as far as inflation is concerned, he said you know, this is going to be a haul, it's going to take some time. he was not talking about things getting a lot better before those midterm elections, and you know, he has denied for quite a while that it's inevitable that the united states will enter a recession. but it appears more and more that that is likely and that not just republicans but perhaps independents as well will blame the president in some large part for it happening. >> sandra: no doubt, and you look at the price of gasoline, everyone is keeping track because this is something that is very tangible for american
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voters. when you show up and on average in this country, are paying 4.59 for a gallon of gasoline, just one year ago you were paying over a dollar less, 3.03 a gallon. that is real tangible pain for the american people. you look at the states now, with the national average gas price that they are above the national average gas price, and this is widespread and there are many predictions that the average will hit $6 a gallon. are democrats in worse shape than many are even predicting at this point, byron? >> you know, it really appears that they are. there's a new memo out today from a man named doug sosnick, pollster strategist, working with bill clinton in the 1990s and basically he said unless democrats can really pull a rabbit out of their hat, this --
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these midterms are almost already set. this is the time when voters are making their decisions, not the last couple weeks before the election, this is the time right now and he looked back at presidential job approval for previous presidents heading into midterms and their job approval did not get any better between now and election day in those midterm years. there's a specific problem he talks about with president biden, the public is losing confidence or maybe has lost confidence in his ability to handle problems. started with the july 4th white house event last year the president talked about the covid crisis we know what happened after that, delta variant and omicron, and in august [inaudible] [inaudible] bungled withdrawal from afghanistan. that reduced americans' faith in biden's ability to handle problems. so when he says --
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>> sandra: byron, we are having a little trouble with your audio. thank you for coming on, we'll have you back soon. a little frustration, sometimes we cannot hear every important word you have to say. john, if i could, i want to bring this in. this is the economic advisor to the president over the weekend sort of i guess giving us where they see the silver lining in all of this. listen. >> well, people should know we are in this period of transition, to more stable growth and also take confidence that we can navigate through this and keep our recovery going. >> sandra: the first point there, this is a global slowdown and are seeing the global economy take a hit here. the question remains whether or not we are best suited to tackle the slowdown in this country and whether the president is reacting to the economic events rather than trying to get ahead of them. certainly a lot of uncertainty in the markets, i've been watching them along with you the
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last couple weeks and it has been a wild ride. >> john: i've been trying not to watch them. today is a good day to look at them. i mean, obviously because we are the biggest economy in the world by a long shot, we are pretty well positioned to handle economic downturns and come out of them, and how diversified the economy is. >> sandra: the big board is a rally today, but certainly just a temporary snapback in a market that's been down. >> john: you talk to the average consumer about making choices between putting gas in your car or food on the table, they don't care how uniquely positioned the united states might be to bounce back, they want relief now. >> sandra: and the fertilizer and grain shortage, appears to be real, and president zelenskyy warning there is going to be a food crisis in the world, shutting down the ports, russia is, stopping the export of grains will have a significant impact on the food supply in
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this world, john. >> john: it's all very worrisome, no question. michael sussmann back in federal court today. comes after bombshell testimony last week, a witness put clinton herself at the center of the russian collusion. that testimony hurt sussmann? >> it was from the former campaign manager, and may not hurt michael sussmann specifically, but points to a special narrative that john durham plans to pay to anybody paying attention to the story, the highest levels of the hillary clinton campaign gave to the media unveted claims of a trump russia collusion. the former head of counter intelligence for the fbi attempted to recall his notes relating to the clinton campaign
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attorney michael sussmann's meeting with the fbi. he is walking away from the camera. defendant michael sussmann was charged with lying to the fbi, when he said he had communications with a back channel with ties to the kremlin. the government says he was delivering it on his own, not on behalf of any client, the government says he lied. prestep spoke to james baker, the fbi general counsel who met with michael sussmann and prestep took some notes on that meeting. prestep told the journey he does not recall much of that meeting or his notes and could not give specific details. a guilty verdict here, john, could strengthen sussmann's testimony and it could also be damaging to john durham, ultimately the trial is expected to roll on through this week.
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we may have a verdict by friday, or early next week. >> john: david, thank you. sandra, i hope you've been following this as well, a myriad of twists and turns. we'll discuss with jonathan turley a little later in the program, he's particularly intrigued by the make-up of the jury. >> sandra: and the political reaction to it, ron johnson saying we have known for quite some time the hillary clinton campaign paid for the steele dossier but now finding out the alpha bank hoax was all made up. we will have more reaction to that. >> john: ukraine refusing to concede to putin. biden thinking about putting troops in to protect the embassy. >> sandra: title 42 in play but doing nothing to stop the surge of migrants at the border.
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>> sandra: as migrants illegally cross the border in record numbers, thousands more have been camped out in mexico, some for more than a year. just waiting for the end of title 42, which was set to expire today, until a judge ruled otherwise. now the question is, what comes next. complete coverage now, border patrol council vice president
10:18 am
ahead with reaction. but first, william is live in tijuana, mexico. >> william: the people you see here are going to work, they have a permit, visa, green card, some by car and some through the pedestrian gate, but thousands in border cities are waiting for the day to come and now what. they don't know so this morning we went to a soup kitchen, migrant shelter, medical clinic. and the two take-aways is this. number one, people don't know what to do, right. they were told things by the smugglers, by the families, by the ngos, by the news, they don't know what's going on and secondly they need services, they are broke, they have been here a period of time and don't know what to do. three choices, stay in mexico, go home or try to cross the border illegally. 11 million job openings in the u.s. most are not giving up.
10:19 am
>> do you think anyone is going home? >> i don't think so. fought so hard to get here. >> i want to follow the regular route, i'm seeking to go to the immigration office at the border because i don't want to cross illegally. >> this map shows you where the border patrol is encountering most migrants, obviously south texas, rgb, del rio, san diego and el centro. the ruling on friday means something changes eight n could get worse. why? people who would otherwise go through the port of country, now illegally. make the claim, get the interview and if i.c.e. has no detention space they will be released. nothing that the dhs forces them
10:20 am
to use title 42. under biden administration, first allowed unaccompanied children, then women with children, then families and then people from certain countries. former chief, rodney scott. >> once people arrive at the border minus a meaningful consequence, that they will be deported or face jail time in the u.s. they are going to come north. >> bottom line, the push and pull factors have not changed, so still jobs to be had in the united states route conditions and the countries have not changed so we would think the situation would continue. >> sandra: live in mexico, thank you. >> john: the vice president of the national border patrol council and border patrol agent based in tucson, arizona. art, let's talk about the fact there is not a rescission of title 42 as originally planned today. the obama -- sorry, the biden
10:21 am
white house is appealing this order to leave it in place. mostly, i would assume, to preserve the authority of the c.d.c. to enact such things, very much the same way they are appealing the decision over masks in airplanes. because when you really look at it, not rescinding 42 is a gift to the white house. >> right, but honestly, it's a small battle, to tell you the truth. there's still huge numbers coming across the border and individuals waiting on the line for title 42 to go away, now they are going to find other means to enter. they are going to continue doing what they have been doing, where they move agents from one other to process and transport and then try to get in once those areas of the border are not covered. so, yeah, there's going to be more individuals that are coming in, going to be more got-aways, more individuals trying their
10:22 am
best to come through and not be apprehended, not be detected, and the way you fix that is you know, the last administration's policies, you have to put those into play, you have to push remain in mexico even more so. you have to have asylum officers and immigration judges be able to fast track some of these cases. that's what needs to be done. it's a small battle but you are going to see if they really want do something about it or continue with the chaos that we are seeing. >> john: i was going to ask you about that. i assume there is still going to be a surge at the border, even though title 42 is going to stay in place. word went out far and wide the administration was going to lift title 42 and i don't remember any kind of campaign going on in the northern triangle countries to say oh, by the way, they are not going to lift title 42, stay where you are until further notice. >> no, that's definitely a problem and as simple as you can hear them tell them hey, don't come. but if you don't put policies in
10:23 am
place that prevents them from creating the magnet and allowing them to continue to break the laws, you saying don't come is cheap words. we get some in the position to do something, now they are speaking up. well you know, you have to do something when you are in the position to be able to fix it, not afterwards. >> john: put some numbers on the screen, art. these are staggering. fiscal year 2022, year to date so far, crossed the border illegally, compared to 2021, 749,621. by the time the 2021 was over and all things have been tallied, the number had more than doubled. so, what do we expect is going to happen to the 1,295,000 number so far this year between now and the end of september? >> it's going to continue to
10:24 am
shoot up, and it's because this administration and the politicians in the positions to make a change, they don't have the political will. that's the problem. its going to continue to go up. not only the individuals that are entering illegally, but the drugs that are coming into our country, the got-aways in the country and the crime rates will continue to go up. >> john: and a lot of people say now is not the time to lift title 42, not when you have an increase in coronavirus cases and so many states across the nation. and now facing monkeypox, the c.d.c. is well in its authority to say you know what, not for now. art, thanks for kicking us off today. >> sandra: the johnny depp amber heard defamation trial in the final week. depp is expected on the witness stand. but a big name supermodel may also be in the hot seat.
10:25 am
>> john: president biden says if china tries to take taiwan by force, the u.s. will get involved militarily. the white house in clean-up mode saying the one china policy has knotting chaed. but should it. author of the war on the west, douglas murray, talks about that coming up. >> move towards a policy that's clear, that the world understands and president xi understands we will in fact defend taiwan. you lived through the blizzard of ninety-six... twelve unappreciative bosses... seventeen fad diets... five kids, three grandkids... one heart attack... and eighteen passwords that seem to change daily. and with leqvio, you can lower your cholesterol, too. when taken with a statin, leqvio is proven to lower bad cholesterol by over 50%
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>> sandra: from the runway to the courtroom, which celebrity could be called to testify in the trial between johnny depp and amber heard, and why. but first this. >> are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> you are? >> it's a commitment we made. >> sandra: almost immediately after president biden appeared
10:30 am
to break from the long standing u.s. policy of strategic ambiguity on taiwan when it comes to china, the white house walked back on the remarks. the president had his white house staff on clean-up duty. it does appear the white house is on clean-up duty. should they be douglas? >> they have to be in a way to maintain the current position with regard to taiwan. sometimes president biden announces world changing poll sit off the cuff and people have to clean up after him. that said, it's very important this question of taiwan. because the chinese have obviously been eying up taiwan for a long time, the communist party would like to as they say unify china. but they have seen what happened
10:31 am
in ukraine. and we thought vladimir putin invades ukraine and the chinese invades taiwan has not happened. and why has that not happened, what is it the chinese have seen or something we in the west have done. i argue it is in part. the disaster of the russian military currently stalemate, but nearly defeated in ukraine. and they have seen the way in which the western countries have united, nato has united, banking systems and others freeze out russia and the communist party thinks ok, we have to rethink this. does president biden's intervention on this change seem not really in the long-term. what changes things, silence seeing what has happened in russia and ukraine and what taiwan has seen. they have learned you don't need tanks, you don't need the big armaments, but small scale stuff, drones, good intelligence
10:32 am
and even a major power like china could be seen, so the chinese communist party could be thinking do we want taiwan to be our graveyard like ukraine is vladimir putins, probably not. >> the clean-up duty on the part of the white house, not once, but twice, latest from the administration as the president said our policy has not changed in a statement. he reiterated our one china policy and commitment to peace and stability across the taiwan strait. he's also reiterated our commitment under the taiwan relations act to provide taiwan with the military means to defend itself. meanwhile, michael waltz is calling for a stronger taiwan policy. listen to this. >> that kind of ambiguity is not helpful. we need to make it very clear to china that invading taiwan, allow china to control about 50% of global trade and gdp, is not
10:33 am
acceptable. it failed in ukraine, we did not deter putin from invading the neighbor and levelling whole cities. we can't wait until taipei, the capital of taiwan is leveled much like mariupol is to then have a tough response. >> sandra: great points from mike waltz there. but do you expect in the coming days to hear anything further from this white house aside from clean-up duty? >> no, i expect, we have to put up with this the rest of the biden presidency. we get thrown these curveballs, accidental policies thrown out, followed by insistance that nothing has changed and the status quo remains in place. everyone knows this is the difficulty of president biden and the people who have to mop up after him whenever he makes these announcements. but what we have heard is very important. it's definitely the case that since vladimir putin invaded ukraine, the situation, the threats regard to taiwan has changed.
10:34 am
and that is to do with the western alliance as a whole, nato and other forces. it's very important this thing, it's true that deterrent is the best tool we have. it's much better chinese communist party never thinks of taiwan. much better if vladimir putin has never even thought of invading ukraine. however, given some of what has gone on since that invasion, the chinese must be looking at that and thinking it turns out the west has got something in it still. that is a very good and positive note. we have divisions in the west, goodness knows. but ukraine has shown the western military alliance, financial alliance and much more can actually step up and the chinese communist party, are they suicidal over taiwan, i wouldn't have thought so. >> sandra: interesting analysis. thank you for being here. >> john: the $50 million defamation case between johnny depp and his ex-wife amber heard enters the sixth week, and a
10:35 am
source close to depp has told him that depp's ex-girlfriend, super model kate moss will testify via video link on wednesday. kevin, amber heard brought this upon herself. >> she mentioned it and said here is the door, let me open it. >> you can see johnny depp's attorneys say they cannot wait to reach out for her. british fashion icon, kate moss is, set to testify on wednesday by video link, according to sources at the new york post and of course we are continuing to track that as well. in case you didn't know, you probably didn't, she was in a relationship with depp between 1994 and 1997 and she, according to sources, has always been very supportive of the actor. now, she could refute and this goes to what john was mentioning, she could refute some of amber heard's testimony. that could come up on wednesday.
10:36 am
meantime, this is of course week six of the depp $50 million defamation trial and orthopedic surgeon cast doubt on the actor's claim how he severed his finger in march of 2015. johnny depp said that forced a delay of the last movie of the "pirates of the caribbean" series. depp claims during an argument with amber heard his finger was severed when she threw a large bottle of vodka at him. pictures and testimony did not add up, he said. however, on cross, depp's lawyer, who has been sensational suggested that dr. moore formed an opinion without even reviewing the photos from the scene itself which were available, suggesting a lack of thoroughness before reaching a conclusion, that according to depp's team. and dr. david spegel found depp's behavior consistent with someone who abuses alcohol and
10:37 am
drugs. >> both times he said he functioned better and that he recognized that alcohol and drugs was at the root of his problems. >> fortunately for mr. depp you do see that during this trial that he's, his cognition has improved some, which will happen if you are sober. >> some of which will happen if you are sober. depp it's believed will take the stand once again. how soon it happens is anyone's guess, it could happen today, testimony continues all week long. attorneys for both sides are expected to wrap up closing arguments on friday. >> john: drunk or sober, my cognition is shot anyway. the reference for kate moss, there was a rumor he had pushed her down the stairs, which amber heard brought up at trial saying her sister was afraid johnny depp would push her down the stairs like kate moss. and that's the door that opened. they were not going to allow
10:38 am
kate moss in. >> huge mistake, and amber said that. missed by that much. we'll find out in response on wednesday. >> sandra: u.s. marshals searching for a 34-year-old texas woman wanted for the murder of a cyclist earlier this month. was it all over a love triangle? >> john: former clinton campaign attorney michael sussmann back in court in john durham's trump-russia case after a bombshell on friday, that hillary clinton approved spreading trump dirt even though her campaign said they were not sure it was fully accurate. jonathan turley joins us on that. >> i think the trial ends on tuesday and i believe he has a few more indictments coming this summer. okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition
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>> john: it's a real life crime that reads like a lifetime movie script. manhunt intensifying for a woman suspected of murdering a cyclist in texas over a possible love triangle. that coming up, but first -- on the eve of the georgia primaries, former vice president mike pence will hold a rally for the g.o.p. governor kemp. split between the two former running mates be a side of things to come, pence may run against trump in the g.o.p. presidential primary. in pennsylvania, counting more provisional ballots as the race remains too close to call. dr. mehmet oz holding a slight lead over mccormick. expected recount will have to be
10:44 am
completed by june 7th. >> sandra: ok. we'll be watching for all of that, and i can't wait to hear what charlie hurt has to say on that. >> john: he has a lot to say about that in particular a lot of complaints about the georgia election law suppressing the vote, well the vote is way up over not just 2020, when there was a pandemic, but 2018 when there wasn't a pandemic. >> sandra: exactly. i can't imagine charlie hurt having a lot to say about anything, ever. >> john: he doesn't hold back, not usually. >> sandra: he'll join us shortly. a story we have been following closely, texas police are searching for a woman allegedly linked to the death of a pro cyclist. armstrong is wanted in the shooting death of mariah wilson.
10:45 am
alexis mcadams has the latest. what is it that a caller called in, what sort of tips do police have. >> tip from somebody who actually talked with the suspect and said she was visibly angry and shaken up as she talked about another woman she found out about in her relationship and said she would kill her. the manhunt continues for caitlyn marie armstrong, the texas yoga instructor charged with murder. they say she killed 25-year-old mariah wilson, she's a professional cyclist and she was in texas for a race and she was shot several times inside of this east austin home where she was staying with a friend. the cycling community grieving the loss of wilson. listen. >> it's just kind of stunned, tragic, you just want to hug people you love at this point.
10:46 am
>> they believe it was over a possible love triangle. text messages show they were both talking to colin strickland, and at one time talking at the same time. details strickland hit the relationship from armstrong for months saying he changed wilson's name in the phone and would delete the text messages. wilson went for a swim with strickland and dropped her off a short time before she was killed. armstrong's black jeep cherokee drove past the crime scene a few times. police asked her where she was in the area and about the relationship with strickland. police did not charge her at that time. we checked in with u.s. marshals, on the ground. no updates yet. police are asking for updates to give them a call. >> sandra: bizarre story. alexis thank you very much.
10:47 am
>> john: russia continuing to pound ukraine with airstrikes and artillery fire, special forces may protect diplomats in kyiv. what risks are with that. dan hoffman up next. >> sandra: and president biden showing its hand, saying america would respond militarily. was it a slip of the tongue or trying to keep china on edge. james freeman on that. >> you don't want ambiguity in dealing with beijing, they want them to understand. attack on taiwan will lead to a very large war that they will lose. [ marcia ] my dental health was not good. i had periodontal disease, and i just didn't feel well. but then i found clearchoice. [ forde ] replacing marcia's teeth with dental implants at clearchoice was going to afford her that permanent solution.
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10:50 am
but what's republican eric early's passion? early wants to bring trump-style investigations on election fraud to california, and early says he'll end obamacare and guard against the growing socialist communist threat. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california.
10:51 am
>> john: first reported by the wall street journal, pentagon may send special forces to kyiv to protect the newly opened embassy. dan hoffman is a former cia station chief and fox news contributor. picture of the u.s. embassy in kyiv, special forces may be sent there to get protection to the perimeter of the embassy because typically we count on locals. >> the local hires. >> not a lot of locals are
10:52 am
available. this would put american troops on the ground in ukraine the first time since the conflict began. >> i don't think we can do the work of diplomacy without them. they are going to provide a lot of situational awareness. ukraine is a war zone. you have russian troops, chechnyan fighters and mercenaries out there, so our special forces will see the ground and where threats may be, and it's important for diplomats to engage and track the weapons shipments and third, unlikely we have to evacuate in a situation, the last time you want to try to send teams in. at least they are there already and get the folks out. >> john: how big a contingent do you think they would send in? >> i think that's open to some serious discussion there. probably have the requirement for at least two dozen, maybe more. a lot of good discussion. the commander and the defense department along with the
10:53 am
embassy and the sent of state. >> john: the map, all the fight is going on in eastern ukraine right now. russia is talking about annexing this entire area of ukraine here in addition to what they already have in crimea. zelenskyy is saying look, there's going to be no talk of ceasefires, no talk of territorial exchanges. i'm just not up for it. so, what are both zelenskyy and putin thinking right now? >> this means the war is going to go on for a long time and to our first point where you want the u.s. embassy fully staffed or staffed with as many diplomats, there's no sign the war is going to end any time soon. ukraine wants to go back to the 1991 border, and get crimea back. vladimir putin, it's a strategic failure. he cannot let that happen. >> john: heavy fighting here, troops are coming from a little town right about here and trying
10:54 am
to swing around to cut off any remaining ukrainian forces in the area here, complete and encirclement of the town. russians are moving very slowly but are moving. >> very incremental and uneven gains for the russians. if you look at the town izyum, ukraine has interfered with the russian supply line. russia's failure and logistics caused them problems. >> john: the big country, china, and president biden saying when he was in tokyo if china makes a move on taiwan the u.s. will defend taiwan militarily. strategic ambiguity, we don't need that. change the policy, the white house says oh, there's no change of policy. >> i don't think that was staffed out. i think the president had a moment of strategic clarity, to take over for the ambiguity, and
10:55 am
it's not the first time he said that. in october of 2021 he said the same thing. so, i think, look, it is important to have some clarity about the fact we would come to taiwan's defense. we have entered into a new era here, post russia invasion of ukraine we have to make et clear we would come to taiwan's defense. who that entails is another matter but we can be ambiguous before it happens. >> the people freaked out about it. >> john: dan, good to get your take on things this monday. >> sandra: knew at 2:00, georgia is seeing early record voter turnout. james freeman on the white house clean-up job on china.
10:56 am
jonathan turley on the hillary clinton bombshell and andy pudzer whether or not the u.s. is entering a recession. is it in fact inevitable. all that and more coming up. before treating your chronic migraine— 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start—with about 10 minutes of treatment once every 3 months. so, ask your doctor if botox® is right for you, and if a sample is available. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. don't receive botox® if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins,
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11:00 am
>> john: brand-new at 2:00, a man so obsessed with showing off his wealth he named his yacht the letter a so it would always be first on the list. now the guy whose bling lights up the social scene has gone dark. a global mystery after a pal of vladimir putin's mega yacht suddenly vanishes from trackers. turning a luxury boat fit for a bond villian into a fugitive, with $40,000 bathtub knobs. >> sandra: they keep showing
11:01 am
pictures of your boat. >> john: that's my fishing boat. >> sandra: more ahead on the luxury yacht on the lam because of the sanctions over ukraine. even as president biden has made it clear american troops will not get involved in the fighting with ukraine, the white house has been on clean-up duty after the president said the u.s. military would respond if china invaded taiwan. >> john: here is the thing, he did not say it once, but twice. >> sandra: what did the president really mean with the comments and if china makes a move, is our military jumping into the fight? >> john: kick off the hour down in georgia and something democrats said we would never see. this video is sure to come as a shock to anybody who listened to the hysterics on the left.
11:02 am
not only good georgia's gop voting law not suppress the vote by early voting in the primary set to set an all time record. >> sandra: winner on the gop side in the primary race for governor will be going up against the most vocal critic, stacey abrams. it could end up identical to the 2020 race. >> john: abrams called her state the worst place in the united states to live in. her republican challenger david purdue holding events tonight. >> sandra: and test influence of political power. >> john: mark meredith has more on the controversial statement from abrams. she doesn't like the place where
11:03 am
she owns multiple properties? >> well, as a georgian myself by birth, it is a great place to live. stacey abrams is not running against anyone in the gubernatorial primary, but she may be her own worst enemy. she was speaking at a gala at norcross, georgia, and she told the crowd she was disappointed in the georgia economic crime and health rankings and that it's not as good to live in as you might think. she has not jet issued apology for the comments but critics, including governor brian kemp are jumping all over this. he is facing a primary challenge
11:04 am
tomorrow. as for -- >> a lot of people sending me message, cannot believe it, somebody from going to owing taxes to owning two houses in the state, surprised you would do that if you don't like or love the state like i do. >> kemp continues to dominate over former senator david purdue. former president trump will hold a telephone rally for purdue. trump says the governor failed to investigate claims of voter fraud. what's interesting about trump's telephone rally, happening the same time that here at this airport that mike pence will hold a campaign event for governor brian kemp. pence is trying to stay relevant, they call it desperate. looking to see if the former vice president fires back or keeps his comments focussed on the big race tomorrow. john. >> john: i lived in georgia five years, loved every minute of it, still miss the place.
11:05 am
who knew. >> me too, really. >> sandra: i'm sure a lot of people feel that way, john. a record number of people have voted early in georgia, even though the state passed a new voting law last year, democrats claimed would suppress the vote. charles has more from atlanta. >> when the state legislature passed the integrity act of 2021, democrats and others said they would suppress the vote. mlb moved the all-star game out because of it, and coca-cola and delta called it unacceptable. and provided said this. >> the most -- this makes jim crow look like jim eagle. gigantic what they are trying to do, it cannot be sustained. >> record early voting numbers in georgia appear to be undermining voter suppression,
11:06 am
more than 850,000 people have cast their ballots with nearly 800,000 of those cast in person, compared to previous years that figure is more than two times the total of, for 2021 when the number was 326,251, and more than two and a half times the final tally for 2018. voting right groups are crediting a new strategy, the secretary of state said it's proof the new election law makes it easier to vote. he is in a tight race, urging to elect a secretary of state to restore confidence in our elections. the state's top election official says his opponent's claims have no basis in reality.
11:07 am
>> so jody is out there life for a year and a half, but in congress has not authored reform legislation, has not done a thing. >> could be complicated by a pending subpoena to testify before a grand jury looking into allegations that former president trump tried to sway georgia's election in his favor in 2021. it could be complicated, sandra. >> sandra: indeed, we'll be watching it. john. >> john: charlie hurt, "washington times" opinion editor and fox news contributor. you can't really argue with numbers. so, let's put the numbers up on the screen. 2022, so far as of may 20, actually, 795,567 people have participated in early voting. that compares to 326,351 in 2020.
11:08 am
and 299,347 in 2018. numbers for 2022 are more than double the next biggest year. somebody should tell the baseball commissioner. >> no kidding. astonishing, the numbers don't lie. you can't fake those. and to go back to when all of this whole debate began when republicans in georgia tried to institute the changes, as you played with the clips, it was not some sort of political disagreement between two people. you had democrats leading -- led by joe biden himself making the most heated claims you could possibly make, accusing republicans of being jim crow, accusing this law of being like forcing black voters to have to guess the number of jelly beans
11:09 am
in a jar. raising the most appalling spector that you could possibly imagine. what we find out now is actually this law was merely designed to protect the rights of georgia voters to have their ballots protected. whether you are black, white, whenever you are. it doesn't matter. every voter's ballot is now better protected because of this law that joe biden accused of being jim crow 2.0. >> john: i have seen some people online sniping well the reason why early voting is up, people thought their votes would get so suppressed so they redoubled the effort to vote. contrasts to what "washington post" wrote, voting is surging in georgia, patsy reed said she was surprised she did not encounter problems when she
11:10 am
voted early. she voted for stacey abrams, and she said i heard they were going to try to deter us because we did not go republican in the last election when trump did not win, reed said. to go in there and vote as easily as i did and to be treated with the respect that i knew i deserved as an american citizen i was really thrown back. p how does that compare with the narrative that the left has been pursuing? >> yeah, and john, i think one of the things that probably really scares democrats right now is that every time, you know, we come up with a new way of voting, republicans are always -- it's in their conservative nature. they are always reluctant to try new things. early voting, absentee voting, every single new gadget that election officials come up with anywhere, republicans are slow to adopt it.
11:11 am
however, once they adopt it, they get good at it and they like it, and i think a lot of democrats are probably, in georgia are concerned about the fact that maybe what happened over the past couple years is republicans said oh, actually this is -- there are some benefits to this. it is more convenient to vote like this. and they have taken to it. and once they take to it, they -- they overwhelm the system and take to it, you know, like ducks to water. >> you know, democrats have far bigger problems than the new voting laws in georgia. headline, democrats fight head winds in georgia and beyond. the problem is reality. yet the growing fear for democrats is that even the strongest candidates and recruits can outrun president biden's wheezing approval ratings by only so much and are at risk of getting washed away in a developing red wave. the problem is not messaging, the problem is reality. said representative richie torres, democrat of new york,
11:12 am
citing inflation as the greatest obstacle to retaining the majority. so, democrats have a problem, it's not the georgia voting law, it's inflation, gas prices, food prices, looming food shortage, looming gasoline shortages. do they realize that? >> it's all of those things. but they also have another problem, and it's not as big as inflation and gas prices, but it's a very important thing. a lot of it -- and it was made worse, exactly, with all of these jim crow arguments they made about georgia's election laws. they are losing credibility with voters, and when you accuse republican law of trying to secure an election as being jim crow 2.0 -- jim crow, those laws were absolutely horrifying. and by comparing this, what they do is they damage their own credibility. so when they try to make an argument about why inflation is somehow not their fault or something like that, voters have stopped listening because they
11:13 am
have heard democrats cry wolf too many times. and so when you lose credibility, that's when elections, not only get away from you, but get away from you and it becomes really hard to get them back. >> john: for people who called this jim crow 2.0, listen to patsy reed. go in there and vote as easily as i did and treated with respect i knew i deserved as an american citizen i was really thrown back. charlie hurt, always good to catch up with you. >> great to see you, john. >> sandra: told you he would have nothing to say. president biden's comment about taiwan sending the white house into clean-up mode again. not the first time the president has promised a much bigger u.s. response than the official u.s. line. where does the president really stand on this issue? james freeman will take that up next. >> john: days away from the unofficial start of the summer travel season. record high gasoline prices are putting a damper on some plans.
11:14 am
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11:19 am
>> john: president biden visiting asia where he said the united states is committed to a military response if china attacks taiwan. the white house walked it back saying the policy has not changed. not the figures time he has put the white house in overdrive. you can see his aides almost visibly blanch when the words came out of his mouth, peter. >> peter: yes, john, president biden said something here in tokyo that makes it seem as though he would put the u.s. military head to head against the chinese military if he had
11:20 am
to. >> you didn't want to get involved in the ukraine conflict militarily for obvious reasons. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> you are? >> it's a commitment we made. >> peter: and it's more complicated. he said our policy has not changed, the one china policy, and commitment under the taiwan relations act to give taiwan the means to defend itself. that's not what he said. he did not say he thinks taiwan should have the ability to defend themselves, says the u.s. will get involved militarily and the chinese took the message at face value, already condemning it. >> i don't think the intelligence community would appreciate this remark.
11:21 am
having said that, john, i personally kind of like it because it does provide a deterrent message that we will defend taiwan, and coming from the president it's very, very strong. >> president biden has made very similar remarks about taiwan where the upshot is that he would put the u.s. against china if he had to, and both times white house staffers have quickly clarified or walked back or whatever you want to call it, so far the president has not done so on camera here in tokyo. john. >> john: interesting and rare moment the president appeared to be on the same page as republicans. peter, thank you. enjoy your trip back. sandra. >> sandra: james freeman, wall street journal assistant editor and fox news contributor. let's start off with the gaffe or whatever you want to call it, our colleague kayleigh mcenany was on the air saying the gaffes
11:22 am
are alarming. now you have a white house walking back or cleaning up the remarks from the president, essentially saying he didn't know what he was talking about. >> yeah, it's kind of a disturbing pattern. you go back to the ukraine situation when the president suggested that a press conference that maybe a minor incursion by russia would be acceptable, then they walked that back, russia invades, then he says chemical weapons attack by russia would be responded in kind, you mean we would attack them with weapons, so a series of comments and it's not just about does he understand what he's saying, what is he trying to say but corrected by the official white house policy, what does this mean. he's the president. he sets white house policy. the biden who is speaking is corrected essentially by the official biden through, delivered through press aides or public statements. i think he ought to stop public speaking and just communicate
11:23 am
via text, by releases. >> sandra: when you are the president of the united states, makes many question who is actually making these decisions, and then you have congressman mccall there in the sound bite saying the intelligence community does not appreciate this. but he said there himself on the record, you by like it. lindsey graham speaking up, grabbed it and put it in the full screen, he says this. president biden's statement that if push came to shove the u.s. would defend taiwan against communist china was the right thing to say and the right thing to do, lindsey graham says, make major cracks in world order and security take generations to recover from. some members of the republican party saying you know what, we like what he had to say. stick with it. >> yeah, taiwan, unlike the
11:24 am
communist regime in china s a legitimate democratic government, thriving free people, long time friends of ours. start recognizing them as a country, diplomatic relations, not the unofficial relationship we have had, but i think it's a recognition our long time hope that china would reform is -- you know, this was sort of the drama of the trump years and now here in this new administration the same realization, it has not happened, taiwan is the free democratic friends of ours. >> and to point the picture where we are, the attempt to walk back biden's remarks in a statement, the white house says as the president said our policy has not changed. he reiterated our one china policy and commitment to peace across the taiwan strait and
11:25 am
under the taiwan relations act to provide taiwan with the military means to defend itself. china then came back through a statement saying taiwan is an alienable part of china's territory and purely china's internal affairs which has no interference, china's core interests, such as sovereignty and territorial integrity, china has no room for compromise. where does this leave us, james? >> the white house statement was not true. the reason this was news is precisely because what the president said went against the long standing policy and we have had this strategic ambiguity, first we saw china as a useful counter weight to the soviet union during the cold war, and then we see potential for democratic opportunities, and thought the relationship would
11:26 am
get better. i don't know where it leads us or anyone can make a judgment. if you want to look at it in the best case possible, maybe this is kind of keep the chinese guessing and you know, this back and forth, might look confused and disorganized, maybe it provides a deterrent where they don't know what they'll do. >> sandra: the nonmessage send a message. thanks, james. >> john: the trial of the former clinton campaign lawyer comes up clinton, clinton, clinton, and not just the bombshell connection we reported on on friday but clinton connections with the jury raising some eyebrows. jonathan turley says the only thing that seems to be missing from the jury is chelsea clinton. he's next. >> sandra: and the federal judge's ruling on title 42 has not slowed the flow of migrants in south texas. a report you will not see
11:27 am
anywhere else but here on fox. >> you can hear them tell them hey, don't come. if you are not going to put policies in place that prevents them from continuing to break the laws, you saying don't come is just cheap words. arted cosen. five years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infection, some serious and a lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reaction may occur. best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx®.
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it lets you borrow all of your home's value so you can get at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank. rates are still near record lows, but are starting to climb. call newday right now. >> sandra: former hillary clinton campaign attorney michael sussmann back in court today as his trial for allegedly lying to the fbi ended up drawing a direct link between dirt spread about donald trump and hillary clinton herself. that's not the only part of the trial that comes back with a connection to clinton. even some of the jury admit they are fans of the former secretary of state. jonathan turley on how they ended up being seated as jurors in the first place in just a moment. but first david spunt is live in washington, he has the latest on this for us. hi, david. >> hi, sandra. in week two of the trial against
11:33 am
michael sussmann, the former clinton campaign attorney. back three years ago this month, special counsel john durham began looking into the origins of the trump-russia narrative, where did it start. we have an idea where durham may be taking the case. this is the first trial in the three-year probe. michael sussmann charged with lying to the fbi because he claimed he had evidence of a secret communication back channel between the trump organization and a russian bank called alfa bank with ties to the kremlin. sussmann said he was delivering the information on his own as a concerned citizen, not on behalf with of any clients like the clinton campaign. but special counsel john durham says his team has evidence that sussmann later billed the clinton campaign. today on the stand, sandra, bill priestep, the former head of counter intelligence who took notes after fbi general counsel james baker told him about a
11:34 am
meeting with michael sussmann, priestep said he does not recall much of the meeting, or could provide specific details, may be damaging to the government in the case. testimony nothing like it was on friday when the former clinton campaign manager mook casually told the jury that his boss, hillary clinton, approved giving the unveted trump organization story to the media even though it was not 100% solid, and admitted as evidence halloween of 2016, just days before the election clinton said computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the trump campaign to a russian bank. it's possible things could wrap up on friday with a verdict,
11:35 am
although may go into next week, based on how long the witnesses are taking. sandra. >> sandra: david, thank you. john. >> john: let's bring in jonathan turley, a fox news contributor and law professor at george washington university. when robbie mook shared it with the magazine, and why would he do that, and new york post had an interesting take, thought this was an attempt by former clinton campaign aides to protect the queen by saying she had no idea sussmann was behind this or went to the fbi. mook said he never would have told sussmann to go to the fbi because he did not trust the fbi. what do you make of that idea? >> that last point is particularly curious because we know now that the clinton campaign was behind both. steele dossier, they secretly
11:36 am
funded and hid that funding, and also the alfa bank allegations. and in both cases those were pushed to the fbi, pushed to the cia and most importantly, pushed to friends in the media. and what's really breathtaking in this case, hillary clinton green lighted the release of this claim, even though the campaign was told that there were serious problems with what they were alleging. she green lighted it and then told the public something that was pretty much untrue, she went on to twitter and said hey, just ran a story that there is a connection to alfa bank. she and jake sullivan, now the national security advisor, basically pretended to the public that this was all news to them, and that they were breathless at this new disclosure, when the campaign created this scandal and it was totally unfounded. >> john: let me read what jake
11:37 am
sullivan said at the time, because hillary clinton copied and pasted it in the tweet. sullivan said this could be the most direct link yet between donald trump and moscow, the secret hotline may be the key to unlocking the mystery of trump's ties to russia. it certainly seems the trump organization felt it had something to hide given it apparently took steps to conceal the link when it was discovered by journalists. but there was no link, it was made up. >> completely made up. and the researchers told the clinton people, people will mock us, that this is full of holes, and none of this actually he is establishes what we are saying and they were told we need something to create a narrative. this is all in the filings by john durham. but now we know that after that, hillary clinton personally gave approval for this to be released, and she gave effectively a green light gas light the american electorate and what's really astonishing,
11:38 am
hillary clinton has been around the world recently call for censorship because of the dangers of disinformation, and that she wants people who spread disinformation to be barred from sites. well, this was arguably the most successful disinformation campaign in american political history. >> john: green light to gas light, have to you remember that one. and you are curious about the make-up of the jury. a clinton donor says they will be impartial as best they can, and another was alexandria ocasio-cortez donor, impartial if clinton or trump were on trial, and a third says she thinks she donated to clinton, can't remember. another whose husband worked on the clinton 2008 campaign and another thinks the legal system is racist and police should lose funding. what does that add up to you?
11:39 am
>> that adds up to the worst possible jury prosecutors could face and they found out during the trial one of the jurors' daughter actually serves on the same team with sussmann's daughter. so she would have to vote to send the father of one of her daughter's teammates to jail, and the judge said that's ok, she can stay on the jury. and you know, the point about a jury of your peers is not that if you are a clinton person you'll be tried by other clinton people. i mean, this is a pretty extraordinary jury for john durham's people to have to prove their case. the concern i think is that despite this incredible jury, which no defense could even hope for in a normal case, the evidence here is still overwhelming. the defense has not really laid a glove on the fact that sussmann said he was not representing anyone, and we also know he did not just push this
11:40 am
with the fbi. apparently also pushed it with the cia and that pattern is very similar to what the clinton people did with the steele dossier. >> the most interesting facts of all of this, he met with james baker and billed the clinton campaign from the meeting. jonathan, always great to get your take on things. appreciate it. enjoy the rest of your day. when you look at that, and look at what hillary clinton was talking about in the tweet, apparently in covered a covert server, like oh, my, surprise, no, she knew about it. >> sandra: she was in it from the very beginning and you would think, john, you would think looking at the media coverage of all that then, and now knowing this today that this would be naturally to more questions from the media on this. but not so much the case.
11:41 am
>> john: i was actually surprised when i was doing background from over the weekend of, it was a small number, but at least a few mainstream media outlets did perk up their ears after what robbie moot said on friday. hey, we are just days away from the memorial day weekend. expensive one, whether in the car or cooking up barbecue. how are americans handling high prices? >> sandra: not well. parents are searching empty shelves for baby formula. the white house scrambles to import supplies from europe. how long is all of this going to take? happening right here in america. ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks. u put it all on the line. u do it all. so u bring ubrelvy. it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours... without worrying if it's too late or where you are. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly
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knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california.
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>> john: after insisting that inflation was only temporary, the president is now telling americans to get ready for the long haul. so just how much is inflation actually going to cost americans? an extra $311 a month, that's according to a new analysis from moody's. higher prices affecting everything from rent to gasoline to food and healthcare. folks in some states are feeling it more than others, about 45% of households in mississippi say it's hard to pay for everyday
11:47 am
items while a third of americans overall report financial stress. but relief is in sight for some families in tennessee. the state is freezing tuition at public colleges for the next school year. a little bright spot there. millions of americans set to travel this memorial day weekend but expensive trip for those driving to their intended destination as gas prices shatter new records with no signs of slowing down. jeff flock has more, he's in the city of brotherly love today. jeff, are they loving those gas prices? i would not expect so. >> i don't think so. and they are changing their travel plans, john. but not perhaps in the way you might think. take a look at these numbers on what we forecast for memorial day travel. they say 38 million people will actually take to the roads and 8% increase over last year despite the high gas prices. why is that? well, maybe it's because even
11:48 am
though the travel website arrivalist says there are few people taking day trips, small trips, they are travelling farther, taking long trips because airfares are so high, that they are opting to drive instead. of course, they are doing it right now with the average gallon of regular about 4.59, 4.60. forecast, by august it could get as high as 6.20 for the national average, that's crazy. it's actually lower than what diesel is right now, and there is some concerns about not enough diesel fuel out there. the biden administration today considering the possible release of product from something that a lot of people didn't even know existed, northeast home heating oil reserve, sort of an spr for home heating oil and home heating oil is the same product as diesel, but aaa tells fox business don't expect much from
11:49 am
that. listen. >> the president can try to do things but i think there's just, he's very limited in what he can do. >> limited in the short-term, a lot of people say long-term get a little friendlier with oil. guys, it's in demand right now. >> john: not likely that's going to happen, and if what we have seen in terms of releases from the strategic petroleum reserve is any example, releasing from the diesel reserve will not do a whole lot either. jeff, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: what a mess. thank you to jeff for that. executives from the company at the center of the baby formula shortage are set to face lawmakers this week for a grilling. that's not going to help anything for those moms that are down to their last canisters of formula. fox business has the latest on this. lydia, it is hard to believe that we are at this point. >> yeah, and there's really not
11:50 am
a solution in the immediate foresight, immediate release so people are scouring the retailer shelves are the troubling part. just over the weekend we did see a military transport that brought in formula from germany, enough to feed 9,000 babies, 18,000 toddlers for one week, but the formula will not hit the retailers. it's specially for children with allergies so it will go to hospitals and clinics across the country. for retailers, this crisis is getting worse. 45% of baby formula is out of stock across the country, that's up 2% from the previous week. and some states are hit much harder. virginia, they are out, nearly 58% of their formula stock. and now mixed messages, mixed responses when the formula will be back on the retailer shelves. the president invoked the defense production act last week, allowing manufacturers like abbott and others to get the supplies and ingredients
11:51 am
needed to make formula. they say the formula will be on shelves in a few weeks but just yesterday white house press secretary karine jean-pierre says she does not have a timeline for when it will return to the shelves. the abbott ceo apologized over the weekend saying we are story to every family we have let down and believe the voluntary recall was the right thing to do. we will not take risks when it comes to the health of our children and sandra, saying they thinking the abbott facility in michigan will be up and running next week. >> sandra: that is devastating and we are familiar with the feeling of having a young baby at home, and this is america. ok, run out and get just about anything i need at any point in
11:52 am
time, especially if there is an emergency like running out of formula. that's not the case for 45% is the out of stock percentage, unbelievable. >> it may last longer, a couple months, from the main manufacturer in the country. >> sandra: everyone is watching the story closely, trying to get it fixed here. andy pudzer, andy, still as long as it's been going on, it's hard to believe that things are not getting better, in fact, it's just getting worse and less and less formula available for the moms for their babies. >> you know, if you think about this kind of in an overall perspective, we are seriously talking about the potential for world war iii, worldwide famine, our southern border is a disaster, and now babies, and women cannot get formula for their children? this is -- and not to mention
11:53 am
stagflation, by the way, no economic growth and inflation going through the roof. this is a terrible time in america, and we need leadership in the white house to step up and address the problems with realistic solutions, not their latest political solution. >> sandra: you know, but still you have an administration and economic advisor to joe biden, brian deese, not talking about a fix but still pushing electric vehicles. >> our car industry is moving toward electric vehicles and electric vehicle future. we want that transition to happen. we want people to have those choices. it's better for the environment. they are fun to drive, people like them. we want more of those cars built in the united states with secure supply chains so we are not reliant on foreign countries and uncertain supplies. >> sandra: that's great. but as we have seen the president sinking in the polls,
11:54 am
what's the fix for the sky high gas prices today? >> look, the fix is pretty simple. if joe biden stood on the steps of the white house and said we are back in the oil business. producing oil, granting leases on federal land, grant permits, encourage banks to lend to oil companies, do everything we can to increase production, oil prices would immediately come down because oil is not just based on supply, it's based on anticipated supply. so if the world anticipates the supply is going to go up, the price will come down. pushing electric vehicles is ridiculous. they are releasing from our strategic reserves natural gas, releasing oil. this is not a solution to the problem. natural gas funds those plants, excuse me, powers those plants that generate the electricity that run the electric vehicles. you know, just having electric vehicles is not going to solve this problem. we still need fossil fuels and
11:55 am
have to import them if we don't produce them and we can produce them if we have the right policies. >> sandra: and you know how absolutely crucial that is conducting business in america when you have sky high gasoline and diesel prices, it is serious economic pain for not just consumers but businesses as well. top issues facing the american people, it's quite obvious weighing on the minds of the average american voter today. cost of living, 22%. jobs and the economy, 18%. guess what, you can just go combine those. those are not two separate issues, they affect each other equally. so now you have wall street banks warning a recession is coming if we are not already in one, andy, and almost consensus that gas prices on average will reach $6 a gallon. so you would think there would be more political pressure on this white house to do something
11:56 am
about this. >> you certainly would. the polling shows the american people know they are already in a recession, sensing a recession every time they go to the grocery store, the gas pump. news all seems to be bad and from sources that would like to say good things about this president, but so much bad they just can't. so you would think they would react nonpolitically to these issues. there are things we can do to solve this problem. you want to end inflation, you can drive down demand, you can force high interest rates on people, that's going to hurt working and middle class americans or do what's painless. increase supply. use some supply side economics. cut regulations, cut taxes. focus on domestic energy production, inflation will come down and see an improvement across the board in this country. >> sandra: amazing how it always comes back to simple economics 101, supply and demand and fix the problem. andy, great to see you.
11:57 am
thank you very much, and all this uncertainty over what happens next with the economy and gas prices leading to uncertainty on wall street and here you have a prime example of that today. after the s & p 500, a snapshot of the broader american stock market, fell into bear market territory last friday, meaning off 20% from its most recent highs, you have this snap back in the markets today, dow up 627 points. john, you've been living in the middle of all of this, we've been watching it and it's hard to stomach. a wild ride. so much uncertainty over what happens next and where we are as a country with our economic picture. >> john: i learned a long time ago don't look. eventually things will get better, the trend and the dow has gone up. so, you know, try to not worry about this right now, because something will come along, fingers crossed, to right the ship and we'll be ok. >> sandra: the problem is that
11:58 am
you know, you've got american companies tied up in the stock market and when there are serious hits for some of these companies it has ripple effects, including obviously the job market and other things. >> john: we'll keep watching it. or not watching it, one or the other. a russian oligarch who once wanted all the attention in the world is very quiet and nobody knows where his mega yacht is hiding. it's hard to miss, a surfacing submarine or boat that turned upside down, and the went bark. phil keating has the details from miami where, o where, is a. phil. >> good question, the lifestyles of the rich and not necessarily so famous, especially at a time with russia's invasion of ukraine and the west's backlash and sanctions. this personal russian wealthy guy is a target of his mega
11:59 am
yacht being seized as has happened to other oligarchs. so far it has not been seized, no one seems to know where it is. the yacht has disappeared, totally gone, dark. something that is not easy to do. this is the glamorous 394 foot long yacht, super luxury, valued at $300 million. longer than a football field and designed by famous phillip stark. it is super. another yacht has been seized by italy, as is the case with other russian oligarchs. this one motor yacht a was seen was in march in the indian ocean near the maldives. where it is now, anybody's question. a mystery on the seas. always a deep level of privacy as the super rich people typically don't want their
12:00 pm
whereabouts known. the isle of man, in between england and ireland deregistered the yacht which would make it harder to get insurance and all ports and marinas need that. nobody knows where it is for the moment, though, john. >> john: it's a mystery. phillip stark also designed some buildings in miami. sandra, great to have you back. >> sandra: it's >> martha: thank you. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. breaking now on "the story," was it another gaffe by president biden while overseas or is the president committed to the possibility of war with china if they go that step and actually invade taiwan? mike pompeo is going to join us with his brand new reaction to this story and what it means. how china will hear this and what the


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