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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 23, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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whereabouts known. the isle of man, in between england and ireland deregistered the yacht which would make it harder to get insurance and all ports and marinas need that. nobody knows where it is for the moment, though, john. >> john: it's a mystery. phillip stark also designed some buildings in miami. sandra, great to have you back. >> sandra: it's >> martha: thank you. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. breaking now on "the story," was it another gaffe by president biden while overseas or is the president committed to the possibility of war with china if they go that step and actually invade taiwan? mike pompeo is going to join us with his brand new reaction to this story and what it means. how china will hear this and what the ramifications are.
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now the pentagon is also responding and doing some cleanup on this story today for the president as well. we'll take you there as well to hear what they have to say. a shocker in the johnny depp trial. they'll call super model kate moss to the state. we'll get you up to speed on what is going on there. first up on "the story" today, we go to the d.c. courtroom where there were more fireworks in the john durham case against hillary clinton's campaign later. we have covered this whole story. he ran the fbi's counter intelligence division where they did crossfire hurricane in 2016. that was prior to the election. his note that he wrote during some important meetings could be crucial to the evidence in this case. former federal prosecutor trey gowdy standing by with what he makes of what's going on. first to david spunt live at the
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courthouse in d.c. where all the action is taking place. hi, david. >> hi, martha. yeah, a lot of action going on. and bill prestep is the big ticket. he was peter strzok's boss. another name that we reported on. peter strzok not involved in this case. in this case, bill prestep was called as a government witness. so he may not be helping out the government because he can't remember much about 2016. he said so when he was on the stand he cannot remember anything about michael sussmann, the former clinton campaign attorneys meeting with the fbi in 2016. he never met with michael sussmann but was briefed on his visit. he said he had evidence of a secret communications back channel between the trump organization and a russian bank with ties to the kremlin.
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sussmann said he was delivering the information on his own as a concerned citizen, not on behalf of any clients including clinton campaign. special counsel john durham says, martha, his team has evidence showing that sussmann billed the clinton campaign for that fbi meeting. prestep took notes after james baker back in september 2016 told him about his personal meeting with michael sussmann. but he told the jury he does not recall much from that meeting. even his own notes, could not given specific details. the testimony today nothing like it was on friday when former clinton campaign manager robby mook told the jury that his boss, hillary clinton, in 2016 approved giving the unvetted trump organization russia bank story to the media even though it wasn't 100% solid. the former president telling fox digital over the weekend for three years i had to fight her
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off and fight off those crooked people off and you'll never get your reputation fully back. where do i get my reputation back? martha, ultimately there's no question that john durham who was tasked in to looking at the origins of the trump russia narrative is building a narrative on his own even if michael sussmann walks out of here a free man, is acquitted, durham is building a pattern here. she's showing the public the highest levels of the clinton campaign gave these unvetted stories to a willing media. martha? >> martha: it's amazing what they have forced out in to the open here in terms of this discussion given the two-year investigation that the mueller team underwent and none of this came up. thanks very much. with that, we bring in trey gowdy, former chairman of the house oversight committee and a former federal prosecutor. author of "it doesn't hurt to ask." that's what we intend to do.
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thanks for being here, trey. >> yes, ma'am. thank you. good to see you. >> martha: let's take a look at the mueller investigation. $35 million in u.s. taxpayer money for this huge enormous investigation that they did. 19 special prosecutors, 40 fbi agents,2,800 subpoenas, 500 witness interviews during all of that. we remember that they did interview hillary clinton who robby mook says yeah, she signed off on us getting the story out in to the press. it was fabricated essentially is what we later learned. and they interviewed her. i think it was like over the fourth of july weekend for 1 1/2 hours or something. did we ever find out what they asked her in there and whether they asked her any of these questions, trey? >> i don't remember mueller interviewing secretary clinton. i do remember the fbi interviewing her over the july fourth. that was another fbi investigation where -- of course
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you may recall. your point is accurate. they allowed fact witnesses in on the interview. they told her defense team ahead of time and made a decision not to charge her before they interviewed her. i know the fbi considers to be the victim in this case. they believe they were dooped by michael sussmann, this is not where the russia investigation began. it did not begin in the fall of 2016. may have begun in 2015. it wasn't because michael sussmann showed up. something in the bureau made them interview or investigate the trump campaign way back in 2015. way before this perkins lawyers showed up in jim baker's office. >> martha: that's right. that is a great point. crossfire hurricane was a large undertaking on behalf of the fbi. at the end of the mueller investigation, the attorney general, bill barr at the time, came out and said this which
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annoyed a lot of people. >> special counsel's report did not find any evidence that members of the trump campaign or anyone associated with the campaign conspired or the coordinated with the russian government in these hacking operations. >> martha: when you look back at that moment and people were -- some people were outraged. they said he summarized it incorrectly. he said look, they didn't find any connection between the russians or alpha bank or any of these entities in the trump campaign. so when we look at what's going on in this courtroom now, are we learning more about where it originated, even going back to 2015, trey? >> i don't think so. i think what we're learning is that you and i, martha, cannot get an interview with the general counsel of the fbi. you and i probably can't get an interview with a field agent in topeka, kansas. but a democrat lawyer that everyone in the world that has access to the internet knows
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that is a dnc lawyer can march into jim baker's office and say i need you to take a look at this and the fbi wants you to believe they're the victim. they're the victim in this prosecution, this is a lying to the fbi case. so just forgive me for not viewing the fbi as the victim. they initiated an investigation in early 2016. then you have peter strzok in operation crossfire hurricane. all of this predates michael sussmann. so they were looking at trump. what i want durham to tell us is why. what was the factual predicate for looking at the trump campaign well before this dnc lawyer marched himself into the fbi general counsel's office. >> martha: yeah, that's a great question. we know that hillary clinton said to release this information to the press. that created a circular file that worked. she went on twitter. jake sullivan went on twitter and said oh, my gosh, look at
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this connection with the trump campaign and alpha bank. we heard how this d.c. court is -- and the jury that was chosen, many of them are open connection supporters of hillary clinton. do we think there's going to be a fair case here, a fair trial here in this case? and what happens if sussmann is found not guilty, is durham at the end of the road? >> no, i don't think so. a jury is welcome to conclude, yeah, you lied but it wasn't material. so let's just assume that sussmann lied. we're sure he did. he was billing the clinton campaign for the meeting. it's hard to argue that you weren't working on behalf of a client. the fbi may conclude this was immaterial. it didn't cause you to do something or prevent you from doing something. they were already investigating the trump campaign. if the world's premier law
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enforcement agency is going to initiate an investigation based on oppo research, they deserve to be the victim. they deserved to get dooped. >> martha: trey gowdy, thanks very much, trey. great to get your insight on this. wow. what a story. a lot of money went into two years of investigating and still spinning around on this thing. good to see you. so the final hours of campaigning in the gop governor's race in georgia are underway right now. president trump trying to get david purdue over that finish line. former vice president mike pence is all in on the other side with the incumbent governor that incurred the wrath. georgia governor brian kemp joins us next. no. nope. no way. but then helen went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2,
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>> martha: that is the mid-term music. we're about three hours away from duelling events in georgia where there's been recorderly voting in the state of georgia. remember when the president said the new laws were jim crow 2.0? they have report turnout in early votes in georgia. brian kemp and david purdue, former senator, both holding big election eve events. president trump will phone in to a rally there for purdue. former vice president pence will appear alongside brian kemp. it's a big test of who has real pull over gop voters right now. in moments, governor brian kemp joins us. first to mark meredith in kennesaw, georgia. hi, mark. >> hi, martha. let's start with the democrat running in this race. that is stacey abrams. she's not holding any campaign
12:16 pm
events because she's running unopposed in the primary. republicans say they're ready to challenge her after some comments over the weekend. take a listen. [inaudible] >> abrams calling georgia the worst state in the country to live. she made that in a gala in norcross, georgia. she said georgia was the twos because of the social and economic policies enacted by republican governor brian kemp. it's unclear if abrams will issue any sort of correction. kemp told fox that he was surprised be i the comments. he's keeping focused on the economy and his own primary battle as he faces off against fellow senator day view purdue. former president trump does loom heavily over this race. he is continued to attack kemp as a rino, a republican in name
12:17 pm
only. trump held a rally for perdue but has done little to boost him in the polls. wes will got a statement from trump on friday that said that governor kemp was the worse governor on election integrity. we've seen the governor pivot to any other issue but trump. talking about the economy, talking about the pandemic, restrictions and he feels that this will be the best way for the republican party to unite. the whole reason that we're here in north georgia is because this is where former former vice president mike pence will be later on tonight to campaign for the governor. should be a fascinating event. martha? >> thank you, mark. it's rainy. a little rainy and windy there. that's why you heard some hits on the microphone. joining me now is brian kemp. thanks very much, governor. good to have you with us on the program today. so she's getting a lot of
12:18 pm
backlash, stacey abrams for saying that it's the worst place to live. i've just want to play a little more context on what she said there. she's going after your record as governor of the state. here's what she said. >> you're number 48 in mental health -- [inaudible] >> martha: so governor, what do you say to that? how do you you respond when she says your state is a tough place to love for some people? >> it says how out of touch with reality she is, martha? she's trying to fire up and please her liberal donors in california and up in new york and instead of really understanding what georgians want out there. a lot of the things she's talking about we addressed this
12:19 pm
legislative 60s or did a year or two ago. i'm not focused on stacey abrams. i'm focused on the primary. we're waking up every day doing all we can to make sure she's not our governor or next president. we have to take care of business tomorrow to do that. >> martha: you have this interesting matchup with the people that are supporting you and vice president pence as mark meredith reported is coming down there to do a big rally with you tonight. president trump is going to do a virtual event with david purdue. obviously it's no surprise to anybody that the former president went after you very hard after the georgia 2020 results. he said you were not strong enough on election integrity. now his spokesperson is coming after mike pence, the former vice president that served with president trump. he's saying that mike pence is desperate to chase his lost relevance.
12:20 pm
pence is parachuting into races, hoping someone is paying attention. the reality, president trump is already 82-3 with his endorsements and nothing stopping him from saving america in 2022 and beyond. what do you think about the trump team's attack on mike pence there? >> well, martha, i would just say i'm very appreciative and still am of everything that president trump and vice president mike pence did for our state during the pandemic. we had a lot of things we worked on whether it was securing the border, economic issues and just tons of things as we were fighting the livelihoods and lives during the pandemic. they both were very helpful to our state. look, i'm glad to have mike pence coming back. he's a friend, a great supporter. he came down here to celebrate georgia leading the late recovery when we reopened as you remember. i was on your show right when we
12:21 pm
did that. you know, those are the things that i'll be talking about and i have been talking about. everybody is moving our way. we have great momentum in the race. we've had two republican governors here in the last seven days and one former governor that are members of the reason governor's association. we have hundreds of legislators and local elected officials that are showing up at our bus stops. we're not taking anything for granted. we have to get the vote out tomorrow. i have the conservative record to beat abrams again. that's what we're staying focused on. >> martha: what do you think act the fact that more people have turned out in early voting than in the history of georgia elections? is that accurate, first of all and second of all, this is a state that we heard president biden went after the georgia voting laws and said it was jim crow 2.0. what are we seeing on the ground? >> what we're seeing is what we told people back then.
12:22 pm
the democrats and joe biden and vice president harris and woke corporations didn't read the bill. we were dealing with mechanical issues that we saw in the election that frustrated me and other people and we made changes through the legislative process in a transparent way that addressed things that myself or the general assembly never had the opportunity to weigh-in on. that's what we should have done. we had great debate on that. injury seeing it play out right now with record turnout, not just in the republican primary, you're seeing a lot of record turnout in the democratic primary as well. that's what we want. we want a fair process that everybody has confidence in. >> martha: a lot of enthusiasm about these mid-terms from voters. that's for sure. we hope you come back and talk to us, governor. will you do that? >> absolutely. looking forward to it. let's get the vote out. >> martha: thanks, governor.
12:23 pm
we'll watch closely. brian kemp of georgia. so the pentagon is now speaking out after president biden early today said this. >> are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> you are? >> martha: you are the reporter asked. former secretary of state mike pompeo with his reaction for the first time after this comment after this. veteran homeowners. skyrocketing home prices are breaking records. now is the time to turn your home equity into cash. you can get at least 25% more cash at newday than you get at a bank. 25% more cash to make home improvements. 25% more cash to pay bills. 25% more cash for retirement. call now and get an average of $60,000. veterans get more at newday usa. people with plaque psoriasis,
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>> martha: so is this a gaffe or is it an overruling by the president's staff? president biden was asked if the united states would fight china if they dared to invade taiwan? watch. >> are you willing to get involved defending taiwan? >> yes. >> you are? >> that's the commitment we made. that's the commitment we made. look, here the situation. we agreed with a one china policy. we signed on to it. all the agreements made from there. but the idea that can be taken by force, just taken by force is not appropriate. it will dislocate the entire region and be another action similar to what happened in ukraine. >> martha: then hours later the
12:28 pm
secretary of defense was on the hot seat to respond. here's what he said. >> is the u.s. making a commitment by saying that they're willing to defend them militarily, for u.s. troops to be involved in that military response? >> again, the policy has not changed. >> martha: has it? mike pompeo, a distinguished fellow at the hudson institute and a fox news contributor. secretary pompeo, good to have you here today. can you unravel this? what happened here? >> well, martha, no, i don't think i can. i don't think the secretary of defense could unravel it either. if there's one thing he was sure of is clear. you shouldn't answer a question in a podium answer ago question standing next to the japanese prime minister what he did today given the context of the first 16 months in the administration, the debacle in afghanistan, telling the russians a minor
12:29 pm
incursion might be okay, this will anger the chinese communist party. our friends are saying what the heck is going on? this was not a useful pronouncement of american policy. feels like you remember when president obama had he's red line in syria? feels a lot like this, too. i home the chinese communist party doesn't see this a repeat of a minor incursion comment with the ambiguity that flowed from that. >> martha: does the president need to be more clear on this? he said we stand by the one china policy and all the policies that go with it. that would mean that we would offer assistance to die want to defend themselves but we wouldn't do it ourselves. that's what the policy is. i find it hard to believe that someone that served as a senator on the foreign relation committee is not super familiar
12:30 pm
with the nuances of this policy. what do you see there, secretary? what is going on? why did he answer it that way? >> he would have been deeply aware of how difficult this issue is, how complex the ambiguity associated with this. this is a longstanding policy. he would have known that. maybe he's lost a step, martha and doesn't appreciate when you say what he said today people are listening across the world. the chinese party and our friends and allies in the region. the most important thing is to not come out with another statement but to begin to show not through words or statement that has to be walked back or walked forward but with actual deeds. begin to deliver the tools to the taiwanese people to begin to defend themselves, to build out a relationship with the japanese and the south korean. to begin to build out a set of understanding that the chinese
12:31 pm
party will understand we're serious about the threat that they pose to the independence of taiwan. >> martha: newt gingrich was on earlier today. here's what he said. >> i thought what the president did was exactly right given the mess in ukraine and the degree to which the russians did not believe that the western world would come to the defense of the ukrainians. now there's a bigger war with worldwide implications of global famine and just enormous problems. i think they're he's trying to be clear. >> martha: so given the aggression by china on a number of fronts, newt gingrich is saying change the policy. no more one china policy. we would go in with military support. do you agree? >> martha, i was in taiwan a couple months back. i said about exactly what speecher gingrich just said. it's time to change. that taiwan is an independent nation, free, sovereign independent of the chinese communist party. it was never part of china.
12:32 pm
it ought not to be part of china. that's not what the taiwanese people want and we should provide them with the tools to continue their sovereign i think he got it right. >> martha: including american boots on the ground if necessary? >> we have to do everything in advance of what we see the chinese communist party doing. we did this for four years. i'm not just making this up. we worked on this for four years. the chinese communist party threatened taiwan on our watch, too and we were determined to provide them with the tools to deter a chinese communist party aggression. i pray the biden administration will do the same thing. >> martha: you're not saying whether or not you would go so far to put american boots on the ground to defend taiwan? >> we put a lot of tools in the hands of taiwanese so they can
12:33 pm
do what we're describing today. speaker gingrich and i have this right. there's more to be done. you cannot wait until they take over to provide the tools. they're too big and they're too small. >> martha: thanks, mike pompeo. good to have you with us. now to something different. super model kate moss is going to testify. this will be quite interesting on behalf of johnny depp. amber heard said that johnny depp pushed kate moss down a staircase and she didn't want that to happen to her. so kate moss will respond to that on the stand. throughout history i've observed markets shaped by the intentional and unforeseeable. for investors who can navigate this landscape, leveraging gold, a strategic and sustainable asset...
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gonna be eleven even, buddy. really? the clues are all around us! some things are too obvious to be a coincidence. >> martha: this will be interesting. super model kate moss is now set to testify in the johnny depp amber heard trial. there's moss in the 80s, i would
12:38 pm
say. because of something amber heard said during her testimony. she referenced a rumor that depp once pushed her in the 90s down a set of stairs. >> i saw my little sister with her back to the staircase. johnny swings at her. i don't even wait -- don't even wait for any other -- i don't hesitate. i don't wait. i instantly think of kate moss in the stairs. >> martha: so moss is expected to testify wednesday. depp is suing heard for $50 million over a column that she wrote calling herself a survivor of domestic violence. he strongly says he didn't abuse here. here's a terrible story from this weekend that happened in new york. a man hunt for the suspect on
12:39 pm
the left-hand side of your screen after what police are calling a random killing on a new york city subway train. goldman sachs employee daniel enriques on the right was headed to sunday brunch in the middle of the morning, 11:00 something sunday morning when a gunman got on the train and opened fire. he lost his life. according to the police, they say they don't understand any reason. it appears to be random. this comes as eric adams has reportedly been talking about potentially make a run nor the white house in 2024 if president biden does not rain. eric adams denied that. he ran on a platform that new york city would be safer. he's said the right things but most new yorkers do not approve of the job he's handling crime. 54% disapprove. eric shawn reporting live here from new york city with more. hi, eric. >> >> hi, martha.
12:40 pm
it's a shock. imagine going to sunday brunch on a sunday morning and you're sitting on the train and suddenly a man shoots you. this is exactly what happened. police say this attack was at random. the family and friends on this monday shocked and still in mourning of the horrible order of daniel enriques. he's a brooklyn resident. he was cut down while on the train heading from brooklyn to manhattan. police say that he was in the last karr sitting there minding his own business when the shooter opened fire without saying a word, shooting him in the chest. he was more tally wounded. police describe the suspect as a dark skinned heavy set man with a beard. and mayor adams said that murders and robberies are down in new york city compared to last year. the mayor said public safety is his number 1 issue. >> i understand that pain.
12:41 pm
i have to make sure that the city is safe and i want that obligation. i thank god i'm the mayor right now and not those that don't understand the urgency of this moment. >> for nine years, enriques has inworked at goldman sachs. the company said he was in the macroresearch team. the firm says that they're devastated by this sinceless tragedy. the "new york post" said the worst part, if they catch him, he will be out again. my brother just became a statistic on the way to the city. he was shot at close range. meanwhile besides the ceramic, they're attack the criminal justice system. they said they will catch the killer. so what? will anything really change? both the friends and family basically are going after the progressive policies in their view after this sickening crime.
12:42 pm
they accused the gunman, got off of the subway when it arrived in manhattan. there's that intense man hunt ongoing now, martha. back to you. >> martha: he's still out there somewhere. thanks, eric shawn reporting live in new york city. let's bring in a retired fbi special agent. jim spent 20 years of his career in the new york city field office. what is your take on this crime and the circumstances under which it happened? >> martha, it's so disheartening and it seems so avoidable and so predictable. look, we've seen this movie before. in the 70s and the 80s when new york city was the wild, wild west. we had a number of methodologies help bringing out that new york city was the safest big city in the world. what happened? we demonized some of the things that kept us safe. things like comp state and broken windows policing. in this instance, something that could have potentially prevented
12:43 pm
this from happening, martha, the fact that we slowed down stop, question and frisk. that is a process that the supreme court is upheld innumerable times. if a police officer believes somebody is in the middle of contributing a crime, they can be detained, stopped and questioned and frisked. in this instance we had somebody probably with an illegal handgun on a subway train. 248 miles worth of routes in new york city and somebody was shot and killed in an unprovoked attack. it's maddening, martha. >> martha: it's terrifying. eric adams, he says the right things. he puts this undercover task force back on the street, he went to albany and said the rule of incarceration are not right. we're letting people out. this no bail is not working. what do you think about how he's doing? is it too soon to expect things
12:44 pm
to be getting better or not? >> he's got to push back harder on albany, this is a legislative issue right now. bail reform is an abject failure in new york state. what it has done is tied the hand of judges. it took away their discretion where a judge could design to remanned somebody on cash ball if they were a recidivism. there was an individual by the name of andrew abdullah. he had 19 separate awrists including assault, robbery, menacing, grand larceny and possession of a weapon. its revolving door justice and maddening. >> yes. you make a great point. if the legislature that we need to press on and that's the people that new yorkers vote for and they need to listen to all of this really closely in order to get back to when we were the
12:45 pm
safest city in the country. that's where we want to be. thanks very much, jim gagliano. great to have you with us today. after saying this about inflation -- >> most of the price increases we've seen were expected and expected to be temporary. >> martha: president biden making a new prediction about the future of the united states economy. here's what he's saying about a potential recession that we're hearing a lot about now. that is next. riders! let your queries be known. uh, how come we don't call ourselves bikers anymore? i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool. -seriously? -denied. can we go back to meeting at the rec center? the commute here is brutal. denied. how do we feel about getting a quote to see if we can save with america's number one motorcycle insurer? should flo stop asking the same question every time? -approved! -[ altered voice ] denied! [ normal voice ] whoa. [ sleep app ] and the end.
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the choice for attorney general is clear. democrat rob bonta has a passion for justice and standing up for our rights. bonta is laser focused on protecting the right to vote and defending obamacare. but what's republican eric early's passion? early wants to bring trump-style investigations on election fraud to california, and early says he'll end obamacare
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and guard against the growing socialist communist threat. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california. i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. too conservative tesla's full self- driving technology. the washington post reported on "owners of teslas fighting for control..." "i'm trying..." watch this tesla "slam into a bike lane bollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]" this one "fails to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk." "experts see deep flaws." "that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life." to stop tesla's full self-driving software... vote dan o'dowd for u.s. senate. >> is a recision in the united states inevitable? >> no. does that mean we don't have problems? we do. we have the same problems the rest of the world has. >> martha: that is the question for this administration right now. president biden dismissing
12:50 pm
concerns about a possible recession. he says we're in for a long haul before americans get relief from soaring costs from gas, cars, groceries and furniture. there's the numbers that you know well. with that, we bring in stephen moore, founder of the committee to unleash prosperity and robert wolf, former bach economic adviser and long-time career in finance. good to have both of you with us. thanks for being here. >> hi, martha. this is brian deese. i spoke with him yesterday on "fox news sunday." i asked him the same question. are we headed for a recession? here's what he said. >> people should know we're in this period of transition, two more stable growth. people should take confidence that we're better positioned than any other country to keep our recovery going. >> martha: what does he mean by
12:51 pm
transition, robert? should we feel better that we're better positioned than other countries? >> if your living day biday inflagrants, it's hard to feel great. that said, last month we had retail sales, which is the consumer with driven data point outpace inflation. that was a good sign. what i'll say is history normally repeats itself. when inflation is greater than 4% and unemployment is un under 4%, inflation follows. we're not there yet. >> martha: why not call it what it is? why not say what robert just said? look, the pattern isn't good. we know how this works. and it's likely that we'll get a recession and come out of it as we have in the past. this is where we are. we call it a transition when people say it's not that? >> yeah, that's a good question. why do they use that word
12:52 pm
"transition." i like to go back to when trump left office. the inflation rate was 1.5%. it wasn't 8.5%. we've seen a massive rush of inflation under biden. then you ask the question, what has really been the match that has lit that forest fire of higher prices? with i think it's just the run away government spending. the $3 trillion that we didn't have. you flush that money, that cheap money in to the economy that will cause inflation. here's my concern, martha. if there was a shift in strategy at the white house maybe that bill clinton switched strategies back in the mid 90s, i think we could get a round the recession. the american economy would to well. everything biden is talking about is doubling down on the the higher taxes, the increase in government spending and regulations that has caused the crisis in the first place. >> martha: when i doug in with
12:53 pm
brian deese, his answer was more spending. finding ways to make costs cheaper for people. we know the build back better program wants to do that, to lower costst for things like child care. you know, the other side says, look, cut people's taxes, give them incentives, find ways to stimulate business rather than the government spending more money. should the government do any more spending for covid, robert? >> i would understand a small covid relief. we have covid raring its ugly head again. >> martha: we saw money that wasn't spent from last time. there's still money out there that hasn't been spend. why would we do more? >> i'm talking about somewhere around $10 billion. i'm not talking about the $30, 40 billion. want this to reply to steve. january of 21, we had 11 million people unemployed. it's not the same economy. inflation was low but covid was still -- we had tens of thousands of people getting it daily. it's not the same economy. it's interesting how you don't
12:54 pm
bring up the unemployment rate at north of almost 10%. >> martha: which was an extraordinary moment in history. we had just locked down the entire country. go ahead, steve. >> martha: don't forget that the huge stimulus the economy, robert, was operation warp speed, which basically gave the vaccine, which allowed people to get back to work. my frustration, martha is the u.s. economy should be booming right now. we come out this terrible recession that we had because of covid. we got the vaccines out there. we got people going back to work. i think what happened here was that biden came in, saw this as an excuse for spending trillions on the green new deal and we're paying a high price for that remember, when trump left office in january of 2021, we were energy independent. now we have to import our energy from countries like saudi arabia and russia because we're not producing enough at home. >> martha: i have to leave it
12:55 pm
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>> martha: awful mystery here. u.s. marshals in texas on the hundred for this woman, kaitlyn marie armstrong. the woman on the left accused of killing the woman on the right. she was accused of dating her boyfriend. 25-year-old mariah wilson is a professional cyclist, one of the top in her field. she was in texas for a race investigators say that armstrong went to the house where she was staying in austin and they believe she's guilty of shooting her several times. >> it's so incredibly painful. such a tight knit community. people you raced with, celebrated with. i've riden so many miles with to be faced with this horrific tragedy. >> martha: the hunt is on in this case. u.s. marshalls are still on the
1:00 pm
ground searching for this woman. so that is "the story" for this monday, may 23. thanks so much for joining us today. we look forward to seeing you tomorrow back here at 3:00 p.m. stick around. because "your world" is just about to get rolling. market in positive territory today. good news to start with. thanks. we'll see you tomorrow. >> fox on top of what happens now at the border after a judge blocks president biden from ending title 42. meanwhile thousands of migrants in mexico that waited for this day are still demanding to be let in. welcome. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." coming up, we'll talk to the mayor of mcallen, texas on how his city is dealing with the influx. first, fox team coverage. bill melugin is in eagle pass where illegal migrant crossings are still happening. and


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