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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 23, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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that united airlines worker how to fight. he think he needs a few tips. cecil from texas, the airlines can't even keep up with our luggage, so what makes them think they can throw hands back does united airlines need a fight club? i'm a delta guy, so what do i know? that's it for us tonight. tucker carlson is up next, and was a member, i'm waters, and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy monday. things are changing fast, as you know, and you can tell how fast they are changing by the way the people talk about politics. language reflects feelings and thoughts. when your views change, so does the way you talk about them. that's especially true of liberals, who have very deep feelings, and their main feeling, this is always been true, is contempt for you. if you ever listen to npr you know exactly how much contempt liberals have for you and you get to pay for it, npr takes her
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tax dollars in electric you about how immoral you are. that is liberalism distilled. it's been going on long time. npr has been running its particular scam since 1971, but the sneering tone you hear on npr has been a hallmark of liberals. a century. liberals have contempt for dwight eisenhower after barry goldwater and for richard nixon, boy did they, and for gerald ford even. if you're old enough to remember ronald reagan, you will recall vividly how liberals felt about him. reagan was an idiot, they told you, a mouth breather, and so was anybody who would vote for him, very much including you. in the words of al gore, republicans were the "extra chromosome right wing," so they were really genetically defective. that's how liberals actually talk. whenever two or more liberals are gathered, you will find sanctimony. but there's a new inflection. you may have noticed it recently. the pivot -- and it was a pivot -- came six years ago. it was during the 2016 president a campaign. liberals seem to lose any remaining sense of humor at the
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moment donald trump arrived. why? because he called their bluff. looking back, it's obvious what happened. by 2016, no one could argue that liberal programs, or many programs, the various fads and metaphorical wars we are waging on this or that bad thing, there was no evidence that any of it had done anything to improve american life. liberals promise to they would make everything great, but they didn't. in fact, every single liberal enthusiasm failed from radical feminism to urban renewal, from outsourcing to the so-called sharing economy. all of them, each and every one, turned out to be a complete disaster. the reason 2016 was significant is that's the year liberals could no longer deny this. they couldn't say give us another 50 years and we will turn baltimore into geneva. they couldn't say that, because no one would believe it, not even their own voters would believe that. so for liberals, 2016 was a profoundly humiliating moment, and those can be good.
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well-adjusted adults learn from you know hitting moments. that's not what liberals did. they turned their rage outward and they focused that rage on the people they had failed. you always hate the ones you betray, so liberals decided they hated the american middle-class. in 2016, democrats stopped making argument in favor of their own policies, whatever those might be, and instead reoriented the entire party around attacking the very people that historically they had represented. again, america's middle class. now they hated them. at a fund-raiser she thought was off the record, hillary clinton summed up the contempt all of them felt. listen. >> you could put half of trump supporter's into what i call the basket of deplorables. racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, you name it. >> tucker: a gaffe. yeah, in the sense she was telling you exactly what she really thinks. she meant every word of that and
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the applause that she received was heartfelt too. they all felt that way. and that's why 2016 was the year that you and everybody else became a racist! it was the worst slur they could think of. they used it every day of the 2016 campaign grade racist, racist, racist. in the end, and i hated this above all, donald trump won more nonwhite votes than any republican president a candidate than ever, but they didn't stop. no, they just increased the volume. and by 2020, a lot of americans were just exhausted. fine, we will vote for a mannequin if only you will calm down. it was the unspoken yet very clear deal that liberals made with the country. if you dipped the the orangemen, we will stop screaming and burning your cities and we can be all americans again. so people voted for biden. maybe not 81 million, but some people did. democrats didn't mean it. by january blast to the democratic party had more power than at any time since fdr was president, but the telling
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point, the tip-off, was that they didn't seem happy about it. if anything, they seemed angrier than ever. why? because they had lost faith in their own program. they controlled everything, but they had no interest in making things better. they were no longer interested at all in social improvements. social security, they bragged about that for almost 100 years. they stopped talking about it. head start, member that? improving public schools. these were all liberal enthusiasms. they tried them all and none of them worked. so they moved in the other direction. instead, try to fix the country, they decided to destroy the country to start over. if you were watching from outside, it looks like they were having a fit. they erupted into uncontrollable nihilistic rage. they swept the plates off the table, punched a hole in the drywall, through a vase on the tv, burn it down, let's start over! they called this the equity agenda. and you should have been nervous when you listened to them talk about it because every time they talked about the equity agenda,
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they scowled. joe biden looked angry at his own inauguration. he had promised hope, but in the end he delivered division and rage. this is biden on the day he became president. >> president biden: now a rise of political extremism, weitzer premises, thomistic terrorism that we must confront and we will defeat. our history has been a constant struggle between the american ideal that we all are created equal, and the harsh ugly reality that racism, nativism, fear, demonization have long torn us apart. the battle is perennial. >> tucker: what was that? that wasn't the deal! we got rid of the orange man and you're still calling racist? why are you doing that? why are you trying to unite the country? why don't you win over the people that didn't vote for you?
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they didn't spend one day doing that. instead they moved in the opposite direction at high speed. they all of a sudden declared that trespassing was a felony and further trump voters in prison, a lot of them are still there. they said about politicizing the most federally armed federal agencies from the fbi to dhs to the pentagon. that should make you nervous. and they did it for a reason, because they believe their political opponents were criminals and you know that because they said so. they called them white supremacists. you buried why are they calling you that? why are they announcing you as a sedition is, any of the states? why are they making government sensor you are disarming? because they think you are a terrorist. they deployed thousands of national, national guard troops to your capital and kept them there for months. against americans? we weren't being invaded? those were trump voters they claimed to be afraid of. they began using language that even the most radical democrats in congress just six years ago would have thought was way too
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extreme. and it wasn't just a few of them who did this. virtually all of them did it. >> certain dates echo throughout history. december 7th 1941, september 11th, 2001. in january 6th 2021. >> similar to pearl harbor and 9/11. >> we can now add january 6th 2021 to that very short list of dates in american history that will live forever in infamy. >> president biden: the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war. >> the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war. >> this was the worst attack on our mocker see since the civil war. >> the worst single act of political violence since the civil war. >> the worst attack on american democracy arguably probably since the civil war. >> the attack from likely took a lot more americans that were killed under 9/11 attacks.
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>> january 6th was worse than 9/11. >> tucker: why they talk like that? it is so obviously untrue, and get there all reading from the same script. if there has to be a purpose here. they are not doing this accidentally. people don't use identical chunks of language on the same day by accident. they thought this through. linda began putting people on television whose only qualification was the willingness to say things that again, three years ago would be considered beyond the pale. not just a few of them, a lot of them. here's a former trump administration like you telling it with a straight face that their republican party is a bigger threat to this nation than al qaeda or isis. >> radicalized elements of the republican party now represent a bigger threat to our democracy and organizations like al qaeda or isis ever did. not necessarily the human lives, not necessarily, but a bigger threat to our democracy than those terrorist groups ever did. >> tucker: so why are they
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talking this way? what also the going to talk about? their record in detroit for the last 60 years? no. the democratic party decided the only way it could maintain power, win the next election, is to convince you, the voter, that the other side is dangerous, literally dangerous, not metaphorically dangerous, actually dangerous to your life. the problem is you have to up the ante in every election. if there are weitzer premises this election, what are they not election? and then what? john brennan, the former cia director said he looked forward to a authoritarian crackdown. you will notice he lumps in libertarians with fascist bigots and racists. watch this. >> looking forward, the members of the biden team who have been nominated or have been appointed are now moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about what looks very similar to insurgency movement that we've seen
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overseas where they germinate in different parts of the country and they gain strength and they bring together an unholy alliance frequently of religious extremists, authoritarian fascist, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians. >> tucker: that was the month that joe biden was inaugurated. the month you'd think liberals like john brennan would be celebrating trump's departure. but again, they were angrier than ever, and that gotten angrier since that day. so where is this going? it's going the only place it ever could go. democrats have reached the logical end of name-calling. why? because they run out of epithets. once you've accused your political opponents of being nazis, white supremacists, and then of treason, you have reached the limits of language. when you are dealing with someone who has committed treason, it is now a law enforcement matter. people are going to be have to -- have to be physically punished. so not surprising way, that is now what they are calling for. arrest them.
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all of a sudden you're hearing a lot of liberals say that. not just the crazies, but the mainstream people, willard mitt romney, a man who's probably never used the f word in his entire life, suddenly accusing congressman tulsi gabbard of hawaii, one of the most recent will people ever to serve in the body, of treason. not accusing of her being mistaken around, but accusing her of betraying her country, even though she serves it in uniform. what's the penalty for that? well, it's present, at least. watch. >> tulsi gabbard is being accused of spreading russian false flag propaganda. >> and i think doj, in the same way that it is setting up a tax to investigate all of us should be king to people who are russian propagandists and shilling for putin. >> they use to arrest people for doing stuff like this. if they thought you were colluding with a russian agent, if they thought you were putting out information or taking information and handing it over
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to russia, they used to actually investigate stuff like this, and i guess now, you know, there seems to be no bars. >> tucker: they are harpies, they are ridiculous, they are stupid, all true. but what was so surprising is that that wasn't even considered much of a new story. it's that common. a liberal fund-raising group called "call to action" is now demanding the arrest of clarence thomas a bunch of his wife, someone who as far as we know it hasn't done anything wrong apart from marrying a man liberals don't like. five years ago if some liberal group was raising money on the idea that she should be arrested because she is mary to clarence thomas, that would have seemed demented and now it's just another cable news segment. a lot of them are like that. here's former fox reporter on cnn this weekend calling for us, this show, to be sent to prison, because that's now the fair penalty for disagreeing with joe biden. jail time. and a host of the show on cnn seems to think that sounds about right. >> in this particular case, tucker has been screaming fire
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in a crowded movie house for years, and that cliche really comes to the matter of what is free speech, and the fact of the matter is, if you disturb the peace by starting a riot in a movie theater, cops are going to arrest you and you might end up in jail you might end up in something worse. and that kind of stuff absolutely has to stop, whether it's the antitrust bill to take down and d platform people who live and put out falsehoods that cause damage and violence, violent hate, there ought to be something done about it. and the administration is beginning to actually make a move on that, and it's been way overdue. >> tucker: the administration is beginning to make a move on that, since the journalist. maybe wind up in jail or maybe something worse. what's something worse? we are not sure what something worse is but it certainly feels
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like we're moving toward it at very high speed at this point. that's the end point to talk like that, something worse. because rhetoric has its own internal logic. you've experienced it, you can talk yourself into things. we've all done that. democrats are doing it right now. and what they are talking themselves into right now is "something worse." it's scary. it is time to pull back. it is time to de-escalate, otherwise this is going to get really ugly really soon. jason whitlock is the host of fearless, joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. it's just funny how the hive feeds on itself and all of a sudden you're a white supremacist, you are nazi, you are al qaeda, becomes you are a felon, you are a nonperson, you get pretty quickly from there into we need to kill you. >> i think you've argued the point very well. the democratic party is
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desperate and the dems have a desperation strategy. it's replaced this other strategy. they're trying to hold onto power by any means necessary and they will say and do anything to hold onto power. that is the nature of man. but it's not just power they are trying to hold onto. they are trying to duck responsibility for what 60 years of their policy has brought, and i say that as an african american, we have been the lab rats of the democratic party, and they have told us, and we have believed, hey, you don't need family structure, you don't need a father in the home. you don't need education. all you need is the government check. and then worst, you don't need your biblical values and principal. you don't need the 2,000 years of collective wisdom found in the bible, the government and the liberal democrats, the atheist democrat, we will take care of you, man is your god, the white liberal is your god, we have abandoned it all and now
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we look up and go holy cow, look at this mass. we have no family structure, our kid -- we brought into the matriarchy, that doesn't work and the democrats don't want the responsibility for the mess they've created, so look what they've done. instead of saying, you know what, you are our most loyal demographic, you brought every sick idea that we have sold, it's our fault. no, what they've said, it's those trump supporter's. they are the ones that told you this government check would replace a father. they're the ones that told you hey, the bible is evil, it's lead to all the problems you have and all the racism in america. it's those trump supporters, they did it, it's -- i do think black people are starting to wake up to the scam, but i just
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see a desperate political party willing to do and say anything to hold onto power, blame trump supporter's for their policies and demonize everybody that's not on their team. >> tucker: really quick, i don't want to attack carl cameron, who is a very troubled person, but when you hear someone who says he's a journalist say to another journalist we should put anyone who criticizes joe biden into jail, where all the other journalists to say wait a second, you know, that's kind of not what we stand for? why doesn't anyone reading this stuff in i wonder? >> because it speaks to how much our media has sold out and how much global corporations are in charge of most of the american media structure and, you know, he's just represented the global agenda because that's what cnn and msnbc's globalist corporations want him to spout, and so he's doing his job.
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he's fulfilling his -- his sponsors and advertisers want him to say. >> tucker: chris flick takes over, we're going to make it moderate. it's not moderate to call her prison time for people who criticize the president. [capitals] i appreciate your analysis, to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: all of a sudden your hearing a lot of talk about the famous novel "1984." have you read "1984" since you were in high school? you should. we couldn't help but notice that a character from that book appears to be working on cnn right now. we will show you who next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: the state of georgia has been pretty good to our friend stacey abrams. not clear what abrams does for a living, and yet somehow she has been able to afford two homes in the state of georgia, but she's not grateful for it. over the weekend, abrams, who apparently is running for office again despite being the real governor of georgia, went out of her way to attack the state she hopes to lead. watch. >> i am tired of hearing about being the best state in the country to do business but where the worst in the country to live. [applause]
5:25 pm
>> tucker: well, there's a campaign tactic you don't see very often. "i hate this place, elect me." [capitals] robert petit is a radio host in atlanta, state what democrat -- he joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. you don't often hear people seeking to lead a state attacked the state, what to think that was about? >> i think it was a gaffe, faux pas. this is what happens when you have a campaign where most of your fund-raisers are coming out of california, most of your talking points in political strategists are coming at of new york and d.c. the same things that work in d.c. aren't going to work in georgia. you have to get out there and talk to people in the grassroots, talk to some of the political strategists and political consultants who are right here in the state -- running for secretary of state who's been to all 159 counties and talked to people on a daily basis. if to dig down and make sure you are reflecting the views of the people of your state, not simple if people were putting money into the campaign.
5:26 pm
>> tucker: that seems like a theme here. if you look at the polling on what voters care about, surprise, surprise, if not global warming, it's not ukraine, its inflation, gas prices, and the economy. those of the top three. so if your campaign is really run out of the westside of los angeles, how can you be in touch with those issues i wonder? >> i think a big part of it is going on a listening tour around the state, making sure you're talking to people in small diners and local communities. i'm from down in harris county georgia, so we do things a little bit differently. we've seen people from olanta being outsiders, people from outside the state or outside the region. i think if to work with regional people. john, a veteran. they can connect each of those communities. when you start actually listening to the voters instead of listening to the consultants, that's when you're able to win a race and particularly when you have a threat to the republican party like we have in the state of georgia right now, david purdue attacking brian kemp not
5:27 pm
being republican enough, i think that you have an opportunity to really build that grassroots support while they are having a civil war on the other side. >> tucker: it seems like you couldn't run a party worse than the state of georgia has run its republik and party. robert, appreciate your thoughts on that, thank you very much. >> thanks, anytime. >> tucker: so by far the most entertaining -- that nina woman he put in charge of the ministry of truth. she was so ridiculous and provably so that she was out. but it cnn, they are sad. they wanted her there forever. particularly exercised over this. >> the department home and security bar that was going to try and bring together different parts of the government on what they're doing to try to stop people from getting tricked by lies on the internet sounded logical, but this thing was doomed to fail. it became a conservative meme, they called it the ministry of truth. >> tucker: they are going to help people not get tricked by lies on the internet. we need the mannequins -- guy
5:28 pm
who can even complete this complete sentence to help me figure out what's real. he loves the idea of a ministry of truth. why is he like that so much? then it hit us. brian stelter is in fact, assuming he's a real person, basically lifted directly from the pages of "1984", the orwell novel. in the novel, he's called tom parsons. parsons works as a flack for the ministry of truth and here's how george orwell, almost 80 years ago, describes parsons. and as we read this, ask yourself, does this sound like someone who was a we can show on cnn. "he was a faddish but active man of paralyzing stupidity, a massive imbecile enthusiasms. one of those completely unquestioned and devoted drudges on whom a more even than on the thought police, the stability of the party depended."
5:29 pm
we are not saying that's a perfect, word for word description of someone who currently has a media analysis show on cnn, we are going to let you judge. but in case you're wondering, was george orwell a prophet? yeah, clearly he was. ♪ ♪ so the united states is somehow at war with russia, not something that you voted for, but it happened anyway. joe biden loves war, it makes them feel alive and confident, so now he's committed to fighting a new war, this one with china, over taiwan. that happened today. more next. ♪ ♪
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5:35 pm
utopias and other countries on the world. joe biden was in tokyo, now he is suggesting the united states could soon have a war with china. >> willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> president biden: yes. >> you are? >> president biden: that's the commitment we made. >> tucker: what! even if you are a china hawk, we certainly are, war with china, can we win a war with china with our current military? let's be honest. the white house try to walk those comments back. this is a long-standing pattern of the guy just going off. the president of the united states, by the way, the third time at least that biden has threatened to wage war against china very he's also constantly threatening to wage war against russia, which we are now doing. a former trump administration dod official, also a defense of foreign policy expert who's been very tough on china in his writings over the years, so we thought it would be worth asking what he thinks of this. thanks so much for coming on. we have this long-standing
5:36 pm
policy of not saying certain things out loud, strategic ambiguity. what you make of the president violating that today? >> i think it's a mistake. i think we should defend taiwan, but there's a reason that we speak quietly about this. the old policy is speak softly but carry a big stick and as you suggest, we kind of lack the big stick in the president was sort of blithely bringing it up and you don't poke the dragon, if you will, when you're not quite ready and that's unfortunately the situation we are in right now. >> tucker: it does seem, considering that network servers are all made in china by a chinese government-controlled company, to what extent could china just shut the night states down? we are dependent on them for virtually everything. we don't even have vitamin c made to mystically. why would you talk like this right now? >> exactly. we should be focusing on getting ready. i think stepping back a bit, if we are serious about this, and we should be, the president himself so that asia is going to be the most important -- are we
5:37 pm
acting like a nation it's getting ready, that could possibly have a war with china in a few years? but the real thing and tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of americans, both combat forces and civilians, could die, and my question is wise and everybody, democrats and republicans, acting like that's a real possibility instead of saying high five over 40 billion-dollar secrets. i'm in favor of supporting the ukrainians but we are on the verge of a superpower war. are we acting like it? i don't think so. >> tucker: i just talked to someone who is active duty yesterday. he said every meeting he has with the commanding officer is about politics and eei and, you know, while the politicized. is anybody who's in favor of prosecuting these brand-new wars thinking about the readiness of the united states with terry? >> there are a lot of great people in the military, i'm as concerned as you are about the politicization, and that does have a very real impact on our military readiness, no question. but look, the chinese, on their end, the recent news reporting
5:38 pm
is that they are banning china's commonest party members basically elites in china, from having assets abroad. they are cutting up peoples passports passports who are trying to leave china even on just visits. what does that suggest? that suggests to me a country that's getting ready. we should begin ready and nothing else should be going on in our military. basically if you're not working on this problem with all of your heart and might, military officers, but also the civilians the political leaders who are responsible and that's the real question i have, instead of blithely mouthing off about oh, yeah, we made that commitment, let's get real and do it. >> tucker: i think you're exactly right. >> to deter it, sorry. to avoid the war. >> tucker: and if you're military is not a pure meritocracy, you are not, period. i would argue. great to see you tonight, thank you. as you just heard, course we told you many times, the biden to administration is sending tens of billions of dollars to ukraine. what exactly are we funding? we know we are now at war with russia with no vote, but we haven't asked enough, where is all that money going to wind up?
5:39 pm
the founder and editor -- former special operations, joins us tonight to answer that very civil question. thanks so much for coming on. so tens of billions of dollars going to ukraine. where do you think that money is going to go? >> look, i want to say things are happening on, but what i'm going to say is not about the ukraine people, they are the warmest people in the world, they helped me get out of the country during the invasion. i'm not talk about russia, which, you know, they will be judged throughout history for their action and we've been critical on their actions in ukraine, but the entire ukrainian government is corrupt as you know what, and it's mostly state captured by the soros network. they have a regime where it's estimated from some studies a couple years ago that 50% of the money that goes into these is skimmed right off the top. most of the 40 billion we've been told is actually going to u.s. corporations who are obviously, you know, feeding at the trough.
5:40 pm
whether it actually reaches ukraine to the right places will be seen. the former president who was very friendly with biden, who worked against tromp, was artful at wandering hundreds of millions of dollars of american aid through the central bank, through corrupt bond trading schemes and the money went offshore. the ambassador who was with pelosi in ukraine recently, ambassador to the s, was evolved in this scheme as well. there is a well-developed network of corruption across the government, and i can guarantee this money will not go where people think it's going to go. >> tucker: the quick, you are against what russia did, you are pro-ukraine, and are clearly speaking from a place of deep knowledge about ukraine asking his questions wired numbers of congress asking the same questi? >> they are either very naive and they have -- or they are in on it and getting a cut. there also funding information
5:41 pm
operations out of ukraine against targets like bernie sanders, like trump, and so we are basically funding our own democratic destruction and the destruction of western civilization by funding some of these outfits in ukraine, and we can go into that at length, i don't know how much time we have. >> tucker: i wish we had more, i hope you will join us again. appreciate your coming onto may. thank thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: if you're worried about money with inflation and tanking markets, you really should have become a blm activist. she did that and she was the money to buy a $6 million mansion in los angeles. she says she's the victim. she's done pretty well but of course she's the victim. candace owens has been talking about what she did. candace owens joins us next. ♪ ♪ rses. dr. stewart: america's family physicians. dr. szilagyi: and we want you to know... rn grant: covid vaccines are safe and effective for kids. dr. harmon: my grandkids are vaccinated. dr. szilagyi: mine are too. dr. stewart: what's not safe...
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the choice for attorney general is clear. democrat rob bonta has a passion for justice and standing up for our rights. bonta is laser focused on protecting the right to vote and defending obamacare. but what's republican eric early's passion? early wants to bring trump-style investigations on election fraud to california, and early says he'll end obamacare and guard against the growing socialist communist threat. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california. fanduel and draftkings, too conservative two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar?
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it should. it's another bad scheme for california. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: so what happens when you eliminate gender distinctions connect not just the reality of it, but the idea that there are differences between the sexes, considering all human civilization is built on sex differences. all of it. so when you take that away, what happens? kelly jay kane has thought a lot
5:47 pm
about this, she's been a liberal most of her life. she lives in the u.k. she is single mightily focused on preventing women as a group, as a biological reality, from being erased. we had a fascinating conversation with her for a brand-new episode of "tucker carlson today." it's out tomorrow morning. here's part of it. ♪ ♪ >> the fact that feminism right now is pro-sex work, pro-trans, really anti-women in many aspects also helps me not identify. >> tucker: if you are for you're probably not on the side of women. >> totally, 100%. >> tucker: how did you decide this is -- >> with been working in the u.k. and we fully acknowledge that a lot of this culture is coming from the u.s. a lot of the money is coming from the u.s., a lot of the pharmaceutical powers coming from the u.s., so i can --
5:48 pm
really it's all coming to the united states, so it has to be fought here. 2015, i came across this. so i was in an online women's group and then it was being populated by lots of men that i would call those men -- which means that they are very happy with themselves embodying female clothing and identities. and by happy i mean aroused. so it just became populated, and when i raised the question, like are these people women, the vitriol was just something i've never experienced both from women and these men. so i thought i can't talk about it, so that's all i want to talk about, but i was a stay-at-home mom, happily married stay-at-home mother of four and then this came up and i was like i'm just not having it. >> tucker: tough, smart, and funny. three things are not allowed to
5:49 pm
be. while worth listening to that entire conversation. "tucker carlson today" is on fox nation. that rolls at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. if you're worried about money, you should have been one of the founders of blm. they are not worried about money. if she is one of the founders, she now has multiple mansions, she's given her family members hundreds of thousands of dollars in blm donations. that seems like a scam. we are not lawyers or anything, but if you suggest it's a scam, patricia colors will go crazy and tell you that she's the victim. recently, for exam, she accused our friend candace owens of making her feel "unsafe" -- "cackles record thankfully candace owens videotaped the whole thing. here's what she got. >> this morning i woke up to candace owens being outside of my house with a news crew. she was demanding that by come outside. >> hello.
5:50 pm
i was just looking to speak to whoever is at this property because of listed as the black lives matter property. >> i really need my family to be safe. i need to be safe, i need by child to be safe. in this -- this -- what happened this morning is not safety. >> thank you, sir. have a great day. >> tucker: [laughs] thank you, sir, have a great day! you know what that is? that's making her feel unsafe, so we thought we would get the perpetrator face-to-face. candace owens joins us tonight. sorry to laugh, it's just so ridiculous. last time we talked you were like seven month pregnant, it's weird how threatening you can be in that condition. >> gap. i was seven and a half months pregnant, rang the doorbell, had no idea she lived inside or was inside. i spoke to a white security guard for a couple of minutes, he was pretty friendly. he didn't say anything, and i said would you like us to leave, we're just trying to document
5:51 pm
where all this money has gone that was given to black lives matter and no sooner did we get in the car than she was squeezing out fake tears pretending that she was under duress, and it's just so ample medical exactly what black lives matter is. emblematic of victimhood. what you're really seeing there actually is she's terrified. she knows we've been working on this documentary and so she is now slowly starting to admit that maybe she's done some things wrong. he purchased a $6 million mansion with black lives matter money and you hired your brother and your mother to work at the mansion that nobody has access to. i mean, i'm black, shouldn't i be allowed in this mansion is a creative space that it was purchased? she also admitted that she through an inauguration party, a celebration party for joe biden. why on earth would she be doing that after a summer of riots throughout america purporting to be about racism in america, she decides to throw an inauguration party. so in this documentary i really wanted to explore and get to the bottom of what's actually happening with the black lives
5:52 pm
matter movement, the black lives matter organization, and it is absolutely shocking. i mean, when you see the information we uncovered, there's no person that's going to be able to turn a blind eye to the corruption and the lies the black lives matter movement actually is. >> tucker: why has it fallen to you to do this? where is national public radio, where is "the washington post," where's "the new york times," america's newspaper "usa today"? why you? >> it will be featured in the documentary of course because these are the people it also -- said i'm pledging $100 million to black issues. where did all that money go? $200 million. you name it, corporations got on their knees to fill this narrative as our american cities burned in the question is where did all the money go. certainly not any black communities, certainly not any black colleges, so it's shocking to see that this -- so may people, corporate america was implicit in this lie and they are expecting us to shop about it but in reality we've uncovered even more and people
5:53 pm
are going to be astonished at just how deep this rabbit hole goes. >> tucker: i just can't wait, god bless you for doing that, candace owens, thank you for doing that and for this appearance. >> thank you. >> tucker: so it turns out almost a year and a half in we've really been taking the wrong posture with kamala harris. we make fun of her, we get mad about what she says, actually she is the single most reliable wellspring of entertainment in american politics. it never gets old. we've got more after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: so you never heard anything about kamala harris during the 2020 presidential campaign that wasn't about her inspiring firstness, she's black and indian, she's a first, she must be excited. so she gets elected in the country wakes up the next morning and realizes wait, we just elected a low-iq wine mom as vice president. so the administration tried to give her jobs, hey, fix the border, weight, get russia to pull back and not invade
5:59 pm
ukraine. that didn't work. so now she's become, and a lot of people do become this in middle age, just kind of a freelance philosopher. she's like a dyslexic poet with a limited vocabulary, she just kind of bombs around the country emitting words. they are hilarious. she showed up at a children's hospital in washington, d.c., today. here's part of what she said. >> you know, when we talk about our children, i know for this group we all believe that when we talk about the children of the community, they are eight children of the community. >> tucker: when we talk with the children of the community they are the children of the community. if you think that's good, listen to her talk about electric buses. >> we had, many of us, the administrators -- a number of us, the opportunity to be inside of an electric school bus, and it was fantastic. the press actually wrote on that electric school bus, to see you know, i think they got the real inside feeling for what this means, right? and so what we all experienced
6:00 pm
is on an electric school bus, on an electric bus, no exhaust. new diesel smell. >> tucker: when you're in an electric bus, it's an electric bus, right? i mean, it's a bus but it's electric, there's no exhaust. we will be back tomorrow. have the best night. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity" and this is a fox news alert. the all-important g.o.p. senate primary race in the commonwealth of pennsylvania has yet to be called now, what, six days after election day. in fact, vote counting is still underway. keep in mind the state hasn't even begun the recount process. every american should look at this and realize this is on acceptable. it's an acceptable for the people of pennsylvania, it's acceptable for every candidate. it's just on acceptable and something that should be easily fixed. major democracies all over the


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