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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 23, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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this evening. always wish we had more time. thanks for joining us. hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode. for the latest news information,, mean tonight, let not your hearts be troubled. laura ingraham is next with "the ingraham angle." thanks for making the show possible. have a great night. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. thanks for joining us. first, biden's plan to destroy america. that's the focus of tonight's angle. now if you wanted to devise a plan for america's foreign policy that worked totally cross purposes, you'd be hard-pressed to match what biden and his team are doing right now. let's go through the steps. number 1, destroy america's
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energy dependence. our energy supplies from louisiana to pennsylvania to california would power us for about 400 years or so. but the greeniacs want it shut down. as a result, americans are suffering. high prices for everything and still climbing. biden's anecdotes about his childhood don't help. >> we're going through an incredible transition that is taking place. it's bad. the price of gas at the pump is something that i told you, you heard me say before, it would be a matter of great discussion when i was a kid growing up. >> laura: still with that tired old line. the transition -- come on. i love the meaningless euphemism by biden. this anti-fossil fuel obsession is making us weaker. we've gone from self-sufficient to dependent. we're beggars for energy from
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despits from around the world. step number 2 is to make china rich and powerful. >> competition that is healthy is good. that's why i've held the view for so many years and continue to hold the view that a rising china is a positive development. >> laura: so of course, 11 years later, biden will reward china for all of that good behavior during covid by lifting trump's tariffs on made in china goods that enter the united states. yeah, i wish i were joking. are you considering taking down some of those tariffs? >> i'm talking with the secretary when we get home. i am considering it. we did not impose any of those tariffs. they're under consideration. >> laura: he would like to lift the tariffs. the only reason he's not done it yet, he's afraid of the voters. the gop leadership also want them lifted like yesterday.
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and our enrichment of the c.c.p. extends to america's colleges and universities that gladly matriculate more than 300,000 students every year. when biden was president, the number was half that but he was giddy. >> last year 130,000 chinese students were studying in the easy. they're really good. we're going to try to keep some of them. i'm joking. but they are. >> laura: creepy. high profile federal investigations of chinese spies on academia should have pushed us to stop the practice long ago. we didn't. >> the chairman of harvard university's chemistry department arrested by fbi agents charged with lying about more than a million dollars in payments from the chinese government. a boston university researcher accused of being a secret operative of the chinese
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military. another harvard researcher caught at the airport allegedly trying to smuggle biological materials to china. >> laura: what could go wrong? biological materials going to china? during the trump administration the federal law enforcement got very serious about stopping chinese espionage on these college campuses. under biden, china, of course, is getting a free pass. now at the same time, biden and many gop old guard-types want us to get deeper in to the eastern european quagmire by what will undoubtedly end up being hundreds of billions of weapons to ukraine that is step through. >> the cost of this fight is not cheap. caving to aggression is going to be more costly if we allow it to happen. >> my colleague, senator paul, has been an isolation it's. he's proud of it and believes that's where america ought to be. that is a tiny percentage of the senate republican conference. it's always been a strand of
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isolationism in our party but it's not anywhere near the dominant view. >> laura: oh really? i think mcconnell and rand paul should tour the country and debate that $40 billion price tag for ukraine in town halls in front of all of these people and see who ends up winning the audience vote. anybody take a wager on that? i will. and irresponsible is a word that i'd use to describe their proxy war with russia. >> the single most important thing we can do to push back against the potential chinese aggression is to help the ukrainians defeat the russians in this current conflict. >> laura: excuse me? the globalists are responsible for turning china into a global super power. the single greatest threat to freedom worldwide. so every stinger missile we give to ukraine is one that we're not going to be uses to defend
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taiwan. they want u.s. troops there as well. they do. we have already upped our numbers in eastern europe and millie is itching for more. >> my advice would be to create permanent bases but not permanent personnel. a lot of our allies establish permanent bases. they'll build them and pay for them. >> laura: they'll pay for them? another wager i'll take. step 4. biden will ship more u.s. jobs overseas, especially to asia. now when u.s. manufacturers can move operations to asia, this means america is more dependent on asian supply chains. but biden, who has been wrong on every trade deal he's voted on says don't worry. be happy. >> thank you all for joining today. for the launch of the
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indopacific frame work for prosperity. nations represented here today are signing up to work toward an economic vision that will deliver for all people. where economic growth is susstainable and inclusive. >> laura: inclusive growth. they probably think that by bribing these countries with jobs and money, these same counties will rally to our side when china makes their move. it's more naive thinking. every country from australia to singapore will go with the winner in this economic battle. if we end up weaker, they're going to align themselves with china. welcome to reality, kids. when we don't make important stuff here as we learned during the pandemic, we lose control and then we open ourselves up for a ton of hurt. so we have shortages in medicines and raw materials to name a few. and then step five. after he bankrupts us, helps
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china and depletes our munitions and manpower, biden believes we should go to war over taiwan. >> are you willing to go to war to defend taiwan? >> yes. >> you are? >> that's a commitment we made. >> laura: how do our geniuses plan to fight a country after steps 1-4 who has a bigger economy a bigger army, air force, economy and a bigger navy than we'll have? how do they plan to fight a country's whose leaders were trained in our universities and has the best lobbiests in washington? they couldn't outsmart the taliban. have they thought about what would become america if we lost a war with china? we should be very clear here. we will not support any more of the establishment's wars or waste any more money on increases in our pentagon bubble
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unless we decouple from the ccp. we have to change policy, take new pragmatic steps or give up or taiwan which would be a complete capitulation. think about president trump. he understood that keeping the peace required keeping our strength. peace through strength is what reagan said. now we're back in this globalist dream world. president xi isn't. he knows how power he has and how much power he has. if and when he thinks the balance of power has shifted in china's favor, he's going to move on taiwan. the sad fact is if they have the money, the resources and the minds trained here, they could win. so it's time to tell the establishment that it's time to choose. if you want to help finland and sweden and nato because of putin's aggression, that's fine.
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but let's stop pretending through a pivot to asia that matters. you cannot do both. their plan is to strengthen our enemies, weaken us, then go fight more wars. trump's plan was to weaken our enemies, strengthen ourselves and avoid new wars. make sense, right? common sense. our nation is hurting. you can feel it, right? our people are pessimistic. it's horrible to see that. they're beginning to think our political leaders don't know how to turn things around even if they wanted to. every week when they look at their family budgets, americans have to make hard choices. call me crazy, but i think it's time that washington started doing the same. that's the angle. joining me now is mike pompeo, former secretary of state and a fox news contributor. good to see you tonight, mr. secretary. a question that i posed during the angle, right now given the
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investment that we have already in eastern europe, what about biden's comment that they tried to walk back but everybody at this point is confused by? >> laura, good evening. thanks for having me. i heard president biden's comments today. deeply confusing. i couldn't tell you what the their policy is with respect to taiwan today. i don't think anybody can. i'm not sure president biden fully understands what it was he said today. we knew this for four years. we knew that if this began at home, you talked about this in your opening, it begins with a strong american economy and military. not only to get every vehicle to be green and every soldier part of the diversion crowd. today he talked about what we were going to do in asia. there's not been a single-action and not a single effort that supports what president biden
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talked about. i'm as tough on china as you'll find. i've been sanctioned be i the chinese communist party. it's not about words. it's about deeds. this administration has not done what it takes to confront the chinese communist party and support the people of taiwan. >> laura: the issue of confronting china for what they're doing here in the united states, you were serious about this. we talked six years ago or almost about the chinese students in the united states. the department of justice actually established a china initiative that in february the biden administration disbanded. it was, you know, focused on the espionage program that we thought was happening in a lot of our colleges and universities. the perceptions that painted of chinese americas. so wokeification of espionage, what does that tell you? >> they're living in a fantasy world. they have walked away from the
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good work we did here at home. i talked about the chinese communist party being a cancer inside the gates. you and i talked about this six years ago. 360,000 chinese students studying here. we shuttered the chinese consulate in houston, texas. they were running one of the largest spying operations conducted in the united states. the trump administration, we closed it down. we denied them the capacity to attend pta meetings, school board meetings, all they were doing here at home to run influence operations, this administration called us racist when we did this. the truth is what we were doing is protecting america from this very real threat of the chinese communist party here on american soil. if you can't do that, if you can't take on that simple task, your ability to confront what xi jinping has in store for the united states is something that he will see this weakness and he will drive a truck through it. >> laura: i need to turn to the border issue, which is very concerning to you as well.
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fox's bill melugin is reporting tonight that it took two weeks for ice to rearrest a suspected terrorist who is released in the u.s. by border patrol agents after he was flagged by the fbi. we know we're vulnerable to the cartels and the drug traffickers. how vulnerable are we to terrorists given how open this border is? >> a very real challenge. something that we confronted. it's a serious factor and a numbers game. we have this many people coming across the boreder that are unvetted, unknown, unmarked. there's no way you can prevent the real risk you described. we have seen what you saw. we've seen them attempt to do this. when you're an open borders nation, the bag guys will figure out the least expensive way to get through, the least costliest way to get through and the least
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riskiest. this is dangerous for the united states. a lot of ungoverned territory down there and wore allowing ungoverned territory for people all across the word to come through without control. to not chase the terrorist down is heart breaking. >> laura: it's a dereliction of duty. at some point it's the policy. thanks, mr. secretary. great to see you. >> is a recision in the united states inevitable? >> no. does that mean we don't have problems? we do. we have problems like the rest of the world but it's less because of our strength. >> laura: that's our bar now that we're setting. they're less consequential. americans, suck it up, okay? >> we also find ourselves in a situation where we have food shortages. food shortages because of
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ukraine. this is a hail. it will take some time. >> laura: joining us now, stephen miller, former senior adviser to president trump. founder of first american legal. steve, sounds like carter's malaise. it's going to be a dark pressing winter in 2021. talking about foot shortages on the big stage. >> the difference is that we can feed our babies when carter was in office. right now we have this humiliating spectacle. truly embarrassing. foreign countries are sending america emergency relief packages. we sent packages to poor foreign countries -- >> laura: we're becoming a third world country. >> before our very eyes. >> laura: did you see the pete buttigieg thing that we need a marshall for ukraine? >> $40 billion is not enough. >> laura: there's going to be hundreds of billions over lord knows how long if they get their
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way, if the people call the military industrial complex, the republicans and democrats, the establishment. they want us deeper in to eastern europe. this is going to be a commitment. i see this going on -- could be as long as the afghan war. >> if not longer. this is always the heart of globalism. they're content to let detroit crumble, they're content to let pittsburgh crumble and let our citizens live in crime and poverty and to suffer huge wage losses from inflation. take our money and send it over seas by the tens of billions of dollars. >> laura: 69% say the economy is bad compared to 46% last april. 74% are saying things in america are going badly. how can biden come back from this? i know you want to help him. >> i don't think he can come back from it. the mid-terms will be
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disastrous. how badly the democrats lose matters. if it's moderate, it won't affect anything. it has to be a historic loss -- >> laura: going to be a 100 seats in the house. >> has to be a tsunami for them to be a message. >> laura: i get the feeling that you feel the rising anger. whether it's at the gas pump or whether i have to cancel a trip this summer, it's too much. you are starting to hear those conversations. people are making choices. >> laura: marxest policies and neocon policies. they're hated policies. they have gone from trump america first to biden america last and our nation is crumbling as a result? you like my idea of rand paul and mcconnell? i like both of them. >> i would pay to watch that. >> laura: how do you like that idea? they should tour the country, if
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indeed rand paul's position is so wildly unpopular -- >> laura: rand is where the voters are. mcconnell doesn't have it. >> laura: they're acting like it's a 1999 throwback. great to see you. >> thank you. >> laura: if you can't watch me live, make sure to set a series record on your dvr so you don't miss us at 10:00 p.m. up next, breaking news out of pennsylvania tonight. a new lawsuit. could that change the outcome of the senate gop primary? selina is here with details. stay there.
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>> laura: breaking tonight, dr. oz and david mccormick are split by 1,000 votes in the pennsylvania senate primary. oz picked up 30 votes and mccormick grabbed 50 in the provisional ballot preview. mccormick is suing over ballot collection proceediers. he wants republican mail-in ballots received on time but without a handwritten doubt on the outside of the envelope. back with us is salina zito.
7:25 pm
all of these new wrinkles, what's going on in pennsylvania? >> it's like a family ftouhi, right? it's all for a very small amount of votes. you know, i still think we're going to into into a recount. mccormick's litigation is for all of the 67 counties to uphold the third circuit court ruling last week for the elections to accept these ballots. now, the nuance that they have to be post marked accurately. when they come in, they have to have the correct post mark so that came in by election day. it's also supposed to have the date on the outside, which is supply by the voter. that is what the -- that is sort of the quibble between the oz team and the mccormick team. the mccormick team says hey,
7:26 pm
they should be counted. they got in. they didn't put the date on it. the oz team says no, this is just like the democrats. don't get involved with courts and voting and so here's where we are. >> laura: a lot of candidates have gotten involved in courts, right? disputing the election. that's fine. it's their right. that's our system of laws. i don't have a problem with that. it's a tough argument because you'd say that you don't want any people to be disenfranchised because we believe everyone has the right to vote. it's a question of what is disenfranchisement versus following the law as it is on the books. is that such a minute detail that it doesn't matter? that's nor the court to decide. how many ballots are left to be counted in this challenge in all of those counties? do we know? >> we think it's around 5,000. we're not 100% sure. that number keeps changing.
7:27 pm
we don't know if there -- if the new ballots are being counted, how much that adds on to it. so that's -- we're in the i don't know stage. >> laura: have all the military ballots being counted? >> no. they don't get counted -- they're not due in till tomorrow. >> laura: salina, i have a feeling we'll have you on for a while. you don't go anywhere. great to see you tonight. we're just hours away from the polls in four states, texas, arkansas, georgia and alabama. georgia was a pivotal state in georgia handing over power to the democrats in the senate. raphael warnock that won in that special election is running to secure a full term. he's a democrat's presumptive nominee. for republicans, herschel walker is leading the pack with a 58-point spread in the latest
7:28 pm
fox news poll. for governor brian kemp, he looks like he will keep his job and david perdue is trying to unseat him. racial flame thrower stacey abrams, remember she never conceded during her own 2018 gubernatorial loss. she's the presumed democratic nominee. she's also the one that led the charge equating georgia's voting law to jim crow. >> i do agree it's racest. it's a redo of jim crow in a suit and tie. >> laura: well, we have news for you. the national review got their hands on data from the georgia secretary of state's office. as of last week, over 102,000 more black voters have cost early votes in this year i primary than in 2018 when you ran the other time. that's more than three times the number that cast early ballots back then. the state has seen a record turnout for early voting. that's great. joining us now is horace keeper
7:29 pm
project 21 co-chair. horace, i believe you predicted this fear mongering and shameless on the part of stacey abrams. they throw jim crow around like it's nothing. >> they do. it's costing the state. remember what the major league baseball association did. remember all of the attacks that happened that caused people, particularly those of color in the atlanta area that prepared to play their role in proviing services and goods. that was ripped out. nothing is done? where is the apology? we were told jim eagle was shutting down votes and what we're seeing is exactly this. >> laura: a great point about major league baseball. horace, stacey abrams spoke tonight and tried to spin the record-breaking voter turnout. watch. >> the equivalent of saying more people voting means there's no suppression is like telling
7:30 pm
people if you get in the water, there's no sharks. there's no correlation there. voter suppression is about blocking or impeding certain voters from voting. voter suppression is not about stopping voting. >> laura: i have to hand it to her, this is -- she just keeps charging on. there's something admirable about the fact that it doesn't matter at all. like there's fewer voters. if there's viewer voters, that would have been better? i don't understand that logic. maybe i'm not -- >> she's on point continually. she has an idea. let's make sure that we do a slur against the people of georgia and the people of america and it doesn't matter what the facts end up being. she repeats it over and over again. i came on your program and i explained she lost because in one of the best climates for democrats in a generation, she went crazy and lost on guns, on taxes, on a lot of the issues
7:31 pm
that main street georgians cared about. she's doing it again. >> laura: i said this before on just general commentary on the left in the united states as a whole. it's hard to govern a country you loathe and a state that you don't much like. watch. >> i'm running for governor because we have to have a conversation about who we are and what we want for each other. [inaudible] we're the worst state in the country to live. >> laura: that should lose her the race right there. not that i thought she had a chance anyway. the worst state in the country. they think that about america. they like putting our efforts in other countries. they think our country is over. that's what they believe. >> the american dream is critical. not just to the mainstream of america but in particularly to black americans.
7:32 pm
a lot of folks forget that when martin luther king gave his "i have a dream" speech, the primary purpose was to demand changes to make it easier for black men in particular to be able to get jobs so that they can support their families. when she says that georgia is a great place to work and a terrible place to live, that is a world salad that i don't understand. most georgians know getting a good job, being able to provide for your family, that is a place you want to live. >> laura: horace that crime in chicago, speaking of other issues, this -- lori lightfoot, how does she have a chance of getting re-elected with all of that? stacey abrams doesn't want to talk about the crime issue. >> no, they don't want to talk about this escalating problem that they created. we have been sending washington a message. if you're a criminal, it's a
7:33 pm
free season for you to act. if you want to do something heinous like what we saw in new york city, it's okay. if you want to continue what is happening in chicago, there won't be consequences. if i say something like let's start having accountability, if you have a plan of a mass destruction effect, i don't care if people die or not, you ought to get the death penalty that will send the right signal. the progressives can't accept that. >> laura: horace, always great to have you in the studio. since the dems can't figure it out, we sent raymond arroyo to see what they're really concerned about. seen and unseen next. i am robert strickler. i've been involved in communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly.
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>> laura: it's time for the seen and unseen segment. we explore the big cultural stories of the day. for that, we go to raymond arroyo. you just got back from talking to some voters, i understand. >> laura, i like talking directly to people with
7:39 pm
mid-terms coming, these are the issues that could drive their votes. >> you tell me the top three most importants topics to you coming into the mid-term elections. >> gas, gas, gas. >> the economy right now is bad for everybody. i have a family. to support my family right now it costs me a lot more money. >> i have four children. just worrying about them walking around the city. things that we used to take for granted. >> gas and food. the border. >> getting to work safely. >> abortion for sure. >> okay. >> what is the big three for you? >> i'd agree with my brother. but definitely abortion issues. >> that's a big part of your vote? >> uh-huh. >> pro life first. >> that last one was a surprise to me. i discovered it's consistent with the latest polling. monmouth released a poll of top concerns. 26% said the economy. 25% said abortion.
7:40 pm
followed by healthcare, immigration and gun control. this electorate is focused on these issue. >> laura: the abortion issue cuts boths way. could be both pro abortion and pro life. >> laura: and more democrats are worried about roe v. wade going away. we heard the archbishop in san francisco made a major announcement. now sister whoopy is on the story. >> the archbishop of san francisco is calling for speaker nancy pelosi to be denied of receiving communion. that's not your job, dude. it's not up to you. >> with apologies to whoopy, this is the archbishop's job. it's canon law.
7:41 pm
he's called to protect the eucharist from sacralige. so no matter where people are on this issue, the bishop is doing his job. pastorally, he's trying to lead his flock to salvation. i know whoopy played a nun but that doesn't make her a theologian. >> laura: the sister act never ends. >> the johnny depp trial took a strange turn today. depp was supposed to take the stand. looks like amber heard's team is cutting their losses. they decided to call experts to testify. one was psychiatrist dr. david spiegel. he looked a lot like doc brown. christopher lloyd is a shoe-in to play this guy in the made-for-tv movie. he was quite a character. >> did you look at that one when
7:42 pm
you compared the process and speed? >> do i have to answer that question, your honor? >> you have to answer questions, yes, sir. >> it's a news flash for him parentsly. he diagnosed depp with substance abuse disorder even though he's never met the actor. what do i always say? performance matters, laura. what people see, not what you say. after a blistering testimony, when your drink i don't remember gatorade, people might have questions. especially when you say others have behavioral problems. >> laura: he's never met depp and never met a comb either, okay? what's going on there? he does look like the actor in "back to the future". >> laura: he met a delorean or 2. before we go, the president was
7:43 pm
in tokyo for a bilat with the japanese prime minister. it's the slightly tired fry styling biden. >> joe, where are you? >> to then reliance -- excuse me. resilience partnership which we announced last year. you know, the two largest democracies -- the two largest economic -- economies -- >> seems to be the best thing i can do in addition to try to get the -- the -- the middle eastern countries including opec to raise their production of oil. >> there's a -- between china -- excuse me between the ukrainians and russia. >> laura, i can't follow any of this. i don't think he know what's he's saying. i have to give the president points for originality though. when he freelances, nobody knows
7:44 pm
what's going to come out including his staff. when kamala harris speaks as she did today, she has a way of speaking the way kamala harris speaks when she's speaking. >> you know, when we talk about our children for this group, we believe when we talk about the children of the community, they are a children of the community. >> she's always on loop, laura. she repeats what she said a second ago. >> laura: it's not nice, raymond. it's not nice. freestyling biden is one of my favorite ever. thank you. cleanup in aisle four or 46. tonight we bring you a new series walking back biden. where the administration struggles to explain that context or to clarify that joe said what he said but he doesn't mean it because it's not u.s. policy. stay there.
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>> laura: now when the person sworn in as president of the united states speaks either here or on the world stage, we as americans presume that he knows what he's saying. we presume that his words represents the actual u.s. position on any issue. after all, he's the guy in
7:50 pm
charge. but when biden wonders off the teleprompter, things usually go sideways. that brings us to our new segment, walking back biden. >> would you support sending troops to taiwan? >> i will render my advice to the president and the secretary of defense. >> as the president said, one china policy has not changed. so again, our policy has not changed. the president was clear on the fact that the policy has not changed. >> laura: may never know what biden really made that he would respond to china. it's not the first time the white house has had to do cleanup in aisle 46. >> the president renounced putin. he did called for regime change but later walked it back. >> the white house walks back some of his statements. that's something that keeps
7:51 pm
vladimir putin guessing. >> laura: is that the defense? he personally had to walk back his claim that facebook was killing people by not cracking down on covid misinformation. >> what is your message to platforms like facebook? >> facebook isn't killing people, the 12 people out there are giving misinformation. >> laura: i love it when he corrects himself. like a moon walk. it's not just embarrassing but it's dangerousing. joining me now, the editor of the transom. ben, it's kind of funny but deadly serious. >> it would be so funny if we had this mediocre incoherent president in a time when the world stage was lighter and when there were fewer things that demanded a strong commander-in-chief, someone that knew maybe what is going on in the day around him and didn't have to be whispered in the ear,
7:52 pm
sir, you have to walk that back. the problem is he's doing this on the most important issues in global affairs. it's not like he's walking back details of a tax negotiation with capitol hill. this matters on the world stage and he's incoherent. >> laura: i love the argument that he's keeping everyone guessing, including american people. >> remember when that was true of president trump? >> laura: they would never let -- if he said anything that was not like down to the decimal point, they would crucify him. >> the white house's role is some version of the princess bride now. the word he used doesn't mean what he thinks it means. with us something different. he was trying to stick to the script. when it comes to taiwan, this is too important to get anything wrong about, this is a nation that we have a relationship with that has been very fraught going up against potentially the most powerful adversary that we have
7:53 pm
in the world. everybody's mind is on it given what the chinese are doing. here's this former head of the senate foreign relations committee who seems to be treating it as if he's another senator shooting his mouth off. >> laura: he's all bs-'d his way through life. >> he's just there. >> laura: hi, buddy. good to see you. let's go up the mountain. >> laura: that back-slapping approach is fine and good when you're a senator from delaware, maybe. when you're the commander-in-chief, we don't have the flexibility to have someone who doesn't know what is actually going on and know the import that his words have. >> laura: you get the sense that there's some on the left that is beginning to see this is going down the tubes. >> laura: they're on the cusp of a total cliff here. they're all worried about it. you're going from a leadership team with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi that have been around to 30 years to what?
7:54 pm
people like kamala harris that are in between them and the squad? it's a bad scenario for democrats. they're not ready for it. that's why they're trying to do crazy things like mayor pete being a presidential possibility. >> laura: we're going to do the berlin airlift for crook. ben, great to see you. >> good to see you. >> laura: up next, i can't believe it, but i'm starting to miss a former biden official. i'll tell you who it is and i really miss this person next.
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it is our time for why we are sad about jen saki moment of the night. >> and outback [indiscernible] ex but it would looking down at? if only we could circle back.
8:00 pm
>> she really was the most competent person and the biden administration and now she is gone so all could break loose forget the dvr. order your freedom matters gear on laura thanks for watching "gutfeld" and the crew next. >> greg: happy monday, everyone. i hope you had a glorious weekend. i was in salt lake city, utah. fantastic people pure here's my friends having a typical saturday night out two.


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