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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 23, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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we are out of time. things to the great kellyanne conway, dagen mcdowell, our studio audience. shannon bream is next. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, america. welcome to fox news that night. time shannon bream in washington . breaking tonight, and exclusive report from her southern border about a suspected terrorist to crest into the us illegally it was captured by agents and released. why it took weeks for the fbi t fly kim and track him down. we have all the breaking details . nancy pelosi spotted taking community in the nation's
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capital just days after the archbishop of san francisco banned her from doing so in her home city because of her suppor for abortion rights. is the case of the long island serial killer that captured the nation for a decade. this led to a complicated investigation and remains unsolved to this day. authorities have just released major piece of evidence on the case fox news at night investigates. we begin with a story about suspected terrorist released into the us after crossing our southern border appeared bill melugin has all the details tonight. good evening, bill. we learn the last month border patrol police a suspected terrorist in the us after crossing illegally and i took ice more than two weeks to arrest him in the state of florida. take a look at the mug shot her pick this is the colombian citizen and this comes from a federal mall mode that we obtai from a source. on april 18 he was released by border patrol into the us in
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yuma, arizona paradise gave him a gps monitoring device. three days after that, the fbi terrorist screening center ids him as a suspected terrorist on the terror watch list. this case was referred to ice i florida where he had resided. may format, over two weeks late and on may 6 met, that arrest takes place. he is arrested in florida in th tampa bay area and is booked into a local jail. he has released back into ice custody pits i reached out two dhs and i asked how do does something like this happen. the government seems to -- and why would it take two weeks for ice to get authorization to arrest a suspected terrorist living in the us. dhs did not answer those questions but they say in part when we receive additional derogatory information from our law enforcement partners, dhs and our federal partners take
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swift action to apprehend those individuals. in this instance after receivin additional information, ice in coordination with federal and local law enforcement promptly detained this individual who's already under supervision via gps monitoring device. there's nothing prompted but waiting two weeks to arrest a suspected terrorist living in the us and he said what happene here is a major national security breach. >> this a ministration has deprived -- so that does appear to be overcrowding and other does appear to be a crisis. i reached out to rondo santos t >> how many more suspected terrorist can the joe biden administration allow into our country. that's one of the countries that i ask dhs, can they confirm that no other terrorist encounters at our borders have been released
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into the country? they did not answer that question they did however that garcia is an ice custody as we speak tonight. we will send it back to you. >> with that exclusive reporting thank you bill. the white house is scrambling to put out another proverbial fire on monday as president joe biden's that they would intervene if china were to enter taiwan. traveling with the president who has to support from tokyo. >> president biden: is gonna be largely written in pacific. >> he planned to talk about confronting china economically but ended up talking about them confronting them on the battlefield. >> are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> president biden: yes. that is the commitment we made. >> but when they said that the u.s. would help fight off the chinese invasion, that's not what he meant.
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>> he also highlighted our commitment under the taiwan relations act to help provide taiwan the means to defend itself. again our policy is not changed. >> the chinese quickly responded. >> they had strong dissatisfaction of resolute opposition towards the u.s. remarks. taiwan is a part of -- >> republicans agree with the president. >> they are now to then have a tough response we need that tough talk upfront and we hope the staff doesn't try to come around to muddy the water. >> that is what's happening for the first time this was in october. >> you're saying that the united states would come to taiwan's defense? >> president biden: yes, we have a commitment. >> he has not come mending a change in policy. >> conducting air lifts to the
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u.s. as operations slide formula. >> there's enough medical grade formula for a half a million bottles. >> even once he was with supply chains and inflation insist that president joe biden claims that things won't get worse. >> is a recession inevitable? >> president biden: no. >> while the president is here in japan he is also discussing high gas prices in the united states, optimistically talk about how he thinks expensive gas is actually just part of a transition away from fossil fuels. in tokyo fox news. >> the first plane load of baby formula arriving on u.s. soil as part of president joe biden's operation fly formula. to help alleviate the nationwide shortage here. more than 75,000 pounds of famine formula ended in indiana the equivalent of about a half .
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from the court order continuation of title 42 in our southern border continuing to struggle with baby formula uncertainty and balance of spring in our panel to talk about how the administration is hitting both of the crisis. texas state representative brian harrison gray debbie back with us. >> great to be with you. >> let's start here we have this information from the "washington examiner" talk about this is something federal data obtained by fox l.a. which is 1,285 noncitizens were caught illegally crossing from friday morning to saturday morning. of the 1,285 only. is it literally dead or figuratively still alive? [laughs] >> there is good cause for confusion the joe biden administration has been trying to trash title 42 ever since the
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first couple of weeks in office when they illegally started disregarding it for everyone is under 18 they never got under 18 really since then. the judge that struck their latest attempt to get all the 42 down at exactly right. this was a a win for the united states but most importantly it's a win for the rule of law. because were supposed to be not of kings and dictators you have to follow the constitution and the law here in title 42 is the only thing left even though some of the full title 42 we had in the donald trump administration is the only thing left standing between us and on president tsunami of illegal immigration that even the biden administration's own numbers would lead to over 500,000 crossings every signal month and that's the equivalent of a top ten u.s. city every two months. >> the administration claims to appeal that federal judge ruling so let's see what happens the title 42 in the coming days in the meantime the near post points us out by vice president kamala harris.
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says that the vice president attempted put her staff on the issue last summer by visiting el paso and wanting migrants do not come during a trip to guatemala, but in recent she is limited her discussions to the issue to one-on-one meetings and exchange public declarations. what you make of that because the vice presidents are often given unpleasant and difficult task by the ministrations. we haven't heard much from her lately. >> look shannon everything that brian says is absolutely correct. our border patrol officers are absolutely exhausted and with title 42 at this point were enough people just ran across the border illegally. so if we're gonna make sure that people cross the border it has to be a better pathway there gonna come here that to be criminal background checks or something because like the segment just said we've had a known terrorist here from across the border and some of these countries aren't even taking some of their people back.
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at this point the administration does need to have to figure out what we can have to do to make sure they were making our borders safe because at this moment covid numbers are going back up in this country so our first priority is to make sure that we are keeping our citizens first, but if we are allowing people to come across the border where you have to make sure that the pathways to get here is a little bit different than what it is now. >> yes, it is a mess and the need to be bipartisan work on getting stuff working it's going on for decades and it's only gotten worse. i'm start with you on the formula. little bit of good news tonight with the first shipment being coming in. a lot of worried parents out there tonight it's kind of just the tip of the iceberg for the administration says that more is coming. >> the good news is that they're having a second shipment of baby formula is also arrived that should be going to pennsylvania today or earlier today. we have a hundred and 14 pilot set of arrived in pennsylvania today. this is great news because of the country were to set a precedent that we are not can i have baby formula for babies,
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that would've been a bad look for this country. so the great news is that we have baby formula coming in the other great news is that the factory that they closed will be opening up soon they met with people from the fda to figure out how they got better protection better control going forward so the great news is that we have formula, formula is arriving and we can hopefully alleviate this formula crisis that we have right now because the last thing we want to do as a country is set a precedent for an up to be able to feed our babies. >> one of our producers a couple of them keeping an eye out the u.s. transportation emergency declaration waving hours of service requirements for truck drivers delivering baby formula ingredients and packaging. i know that you think that they could've done a much better job already the democratic congress said this that crisis needs action. donald trump at a stage a photo op to throw a few bottles of baby formula to desperate mobs and the joe biden administration brought a little bit out the plane.
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>> they are quite literally doing the photo up thing. there are few things that demonstrate the staggering incompetence of the big government loving government knows all best joe biden administration and this tragedy. it is tragic for mothers everywhere baby formula situation class a government style they took a small problem and they mismanaged it and turn it into a full-blown crisis and now they have the audacity to have these photo ops with these planes flying in a couple days worth of formula. look, right now instead of working months ago to boost manufacturing to lower the regulatory barriers to import safe baby from left from europe, as were speaking the are enforcing an import ban from safe european on the border of the united states a joe biden administration is seizing and destroying for "the wall street journal" baby formula all the while thousands are basically going without food in this country several of them are already being hospitalized. we slashed regulatory's red tape and we embrace the private sector and just about the same on a time that they been
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fighting this baby formula issue we manufactured complex distribution and administrated them to tens and minds of americans and roughly the same amount of time that these people can't figure out how to handle a small hiccup on the supply chain shortage issue like baby formula. we want these people to manage our economy and our national security and pandemics, this is really staggering and it shows their content for the private sector. they are harming americans and babies. it didn't have to be this way. >> we have to leave it there but i think were all cheering for success on this front autocross caretakers all across its country brand brian thank you very much. >> great to be with you shannon. >> breaking tonight they are distancing themselves from accusations by conservatives and nonprofit organizations based on elite emailed said that they got from state farm that the company recruited and urged its agents in florida to push books about gender fluidity on very young children, state farm responded tonight telling fox news that we
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don't support required curriculum and schools on this topic we support organizations providing resources for parents to have these conversations we know longer support the program allowing for distribution books and schools. former hillary clinton in washington michael is facing such charges for his donald trump russia. >> several current and former fbi agents took the stand on monday the biggest name is a former head of the bureau counterintelligence division will even though he was called as a government witness he may have hurt the government's case because he could not remember much about michael coming to the bureau in september 2016. he never met with michael but was briefed on his physics. former fbi did meet privately with him and relayed the unverified information to took notes but didn't remember those
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notes. he is charged with lying to the fbi when claiming he had evidence of the seeker communication channel between the donald trump organization and a russian bank with ties to the kremlin, the fbi found no evidence of the donald trump organization, russian bank connections. he said in a text admitted as evidence of the jury he was delivering information on its own as a concerned citizen done on behalf of any client's name clinton campaign. by bringing forward a number of fbi officials during a narrative. federal prosecutors want to show that he used law enforcement to help negatively impact then candidate donald trump campaign and the hectic weeks before the 2016 election. monday testimony far from the bombshell seen friday with former robby mook casually told jurors that his boss
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hillary clinton approved giving the unfettered donald trump organization russia bank story to the media even though campaign officials were not 100% solid on the facts. testimony is expected to wrap up by the end of this week a verdict may be reached by friday if not early next week. it is still unclear if michael sussman himself will testify. in washington david fox news. >> time for some further analysis of the developing story tonight the spring and defense department chief of staff agreed to have you with us cash. >> thanks for being with me. so jonathan says this on his website he says it revealed the role of hillary clinton in the bank scandal. while most media ignored the testimony of the former campaign it adds to a record on how the clinton campaign was arguably behind the most successful disinformation campaign in american political history both the steele dossier and the bank claim. clinton campaign violated the
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11th thou shall not name a clinton in a scandal. but listen i've people asked me about this they've never heard about this for not seeing in the mainstream media they have no idea that this trial is going on. >> note you're right and that's because they refuse to cover it. who exposed the memo wrote it and then expose the trail of money that the clintons paid you were courageous enough to cover those stories 4-5 years ago but the mainstream media called it lies in war putting out the truth and he's spot on the pond the biggest disinformation campaign only second to hillary clinton's effort with this dossier and then narrative that they knew was false information they went to the federal investigative bureau and a light to a federal court to's avail this is a story that everyone needs to know about these the biggest criminal conspiracy thankfully they turned our russia gait investigation from congress and
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to criminal prosecution that are forcing the mainstream media to pay attention. >> therapy questions about the jury and where they will go and whether there will be a conviction and how far that goes we are standing by on that and continue our coverage of all when asked about the president abroad and the statements that he made to taiwan i don't want to say to clean up the clarification we been given they said that there's been no change of position "the wall street journal" said this that the problem is that no one can be sure with the u.s. policy now is. the constant white house why walk backs he undermines his personal credibility with allies and adversaries. >> no, you're absolutely right. you need a clear linear message from your commander in chief especially when it comes to taking on global superpower such as china and russia look at russia did ukraine they started a war because we had no footing overseas anymore since president joe biden lost all of donald trump's prowess on the
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grand stage. now taiwan the ccp are waiting to dive in a taiwan they have been for decades now president joe biden has basically asserted on the world stage that what were you to start another war? organist support our soldiers serving overseas in this matter? it's an outrageous display of shocking lack in global diplomacy the commander in chief and it is hurting america. >> let me ask about a cultural story mention this a moment ago with state farm there was an email that was allegedly an internal email that said there were encouraging emails to buy a certain number of books given local schools or outlets for young kids about the transgender issue state farm "washington examiner" you are there statement to us in our walk in this packers will we now. they say in a statement to the "washington examiner" on monday in response to the email state farm claims that the strategy around this program has evolved and participants are not being asked to share with schools. but an april 2nd post seabury
9:20 pm
school this was at washington state thing to state farm for providing books for their library and thinking state farm and the jennifer cool project for helping us to be an inclusive environment when that we strive to be and welcomes all. so i don't know if those books were dominated before they decide they want to be a part of this program anymore but tonight they're saying not us. >> it's like doing it disinformation campaign and they got caught and other trying to walk it back. if state farm wants to give the book business they should buy my new book the plot against the king which is the only russia gait children's book ever published in u.s. history. it is literally a tale about a king and the power of doing troop over fiction and serving your country with characters like a knight named devon wizard named name cash to take on a shifty night and hillary clinton and the process of truth and serving our country. as the plot against the king i think state farm should maybe take a look at that an issue
9:21 pm
that at schools across america instead of woke fake idealistic journalistic efforts other trying to walk back. >> i thought i was can work my books and but there you go, kudos to you thank you for dropping in to talk to her all the topics with us good to see you. >> thanks have a good night. >> we will write back with the viral videos of the day. ♪ ♪ ♪ emotion ♪ ♪ sweet... ♪ now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. (children giggling) hey, i was, uh, thinking about going back to school to get my masters. i just saw something that said you could do it in a year for, like, $11k. hmm. barista: order eleven! yeah, see you at 11. 1111 masters boulevard, please. gonna be eleven even, buddy. really? the clues are all around us!
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♪ ♪ >> u.s. naval academy known as -- midshipmen tradition try to scale a 21-foot cover in vegetable shortening or lard at the same time they are being sprayed with water. it's at the class three hours and 36 minutes to complete the task which is working together
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to get a plebe to replace it with an upperclassman hat on the top tradition back in 1950 marks their official passage for first year plebes with class midshipmen well done, the san diego humane society stepping in to help animals impacted by wild fires. so there was a result of a respiratory infection from the fires just one of the dozens of animals that they're treated now as you can see here the kitten is doing much better playing with this toy and his little crate. so cute. all right this, one toddler's dad just might have the coolest hobby ever, building roller coasters for his kid. the colorado man said that he reached out to a retired aerospace engineer to build one for his eldest son but he wanted to build one for his 3-year-old too look at the little guy loves it how fun. maybe we could see them take off. that's typical buy. and if you're near city for the last remaining public pay phone
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pay your respects is located at seventh avenue in midtown manhattan and its removal is the newest to replace it with linked nyc kiosk which offers free services like wi-fi device charging. if you have any viral videos to share hit us up "fox news @ night." ♪ ♪ now to the johnny depp deformation trial against amber heard. kate moss who was once in johnny depp and the mid-nineties is expected to testify wednesday via live video link that's reported to "the new york post." she mentioned her during her early testimony an alleged incident between the british model they will address that specific incident as part of her testimony. carbon monoxide poisoning that is being blamed for the depths of three americans who died at a sandals resort in the bahamas earlier this month as according
9:29 pm
to new reports toxicology findings of their expected very soon they report not commenting on the report. the case of the long island serial killer activated the nation for more than a decade and lead to an extensive and complicated investigation which remains unsolved to this day law enforcement has been pressed for years to be more forthcoming with information in the case and it just released a major piece of evidence. senior correspondent fox nation series grimm ties hunting the long island serial killer the latest we have to warn you the story comes with images there are graphic in nature good evening laura. >> the families of these victims and the press and members of the public have been wanting to hear the 911 calls made the day and escort disappeared for years they have been kept under wraps all this time by law enforcement who claim their release could impede their investigation until
9:30 pm
now. >> the somebody after me. >> this is the voice of shannon gilbert a young escort who disappeared in may of 2010 from long island. in this newly released audio we hear for the first time a 911 call gilbert placed on the night that she vanished. >> what is your name? what happened? >> the chilling words released 11 days to the day after the are raising more questions than answers. in the predawn hours of 2010 at 24-year-old worker disappeared into the night after running from a client in oak beach new york a quiet gated community on the edge of long island's great south bay. she was never seen alive again. the subsequent search for gilbert lead to discovery of
9:31 pm
four sets of female human rains and nearby in december 2010. all workers in their 20s who advertise their services on craigslist were the victims of a suspected serial killer. gilbert's skeletal remains were eventually discovered in 2011 her body lying face up in the marsh not far from the home of joseph brewer a client who she visited that night. >> her clothes were frowned first and then seven days later her remains were found thrown away. >> and then a startling announcement that authorities theorized that gilbert drowned in the marsh where she was found for more than a decade however that drowning theory has been called into question. >> what you gonna do to me? >> she placed a 21 minute 911 call on the night that she disappeared telling a dispatcher that her life was in danger.
9:32 pm
>> for years authorities refused to release these non11 that it would compromise an ongoing investigation. and then on may 13th of this year, police changed course. >> we have made determination that releasing the shannon gilbert 911 call will not hinder this investigation. the prevailing opinion in shannon's death while tragic was not a murder we believe it was a tragic accident. >> not everyone agrees. >> i think that shannon gilbert was murdered the evidence of that fact is overwhelming. >> the longtime attorney for the gilbert family will not waver from his belief. >> the police department have cover that up for all these years. is no question of that anymore. >> his theory is supported by its independent autopsy is conducted in 2015 by forensic dr. michael in the autopsy shown
9:33 pm
exclusively by fox news channel they found roughness on one side of the bone the hallmark sign of strangulation. >> if there is a fracture then that would indicate that she was manually strangled. >> while authorities continue to spar over the cause of death and even bigger question remains. will the release of these 911 calls bring investigators any closer to identifying the long island serial killer or killers? shannon. >> thank you very much she's got much more on the hunt for the long island serial killer and grimm tied a five-part series examining the unsolved murder mystery all episodes are now available on fox nation. coming up house speaker nancy pelosi back home from sam cisco says that she cannot take it because of her continued trying to expand abortion access. what tell you what happened for during sunday mass coming up
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♪ ♪ >> in san francisco over her continued support for abortion rights speaker of the house nancy pelosi was spotted taken the sacrament here in washington sunday morning. they have more on the controversy tonight good evening. >> several news outlets are reporting that the speaker of the house nancy pelosi did receive communion on sunday in order a public rebuke of her catholic origin bishop and sam cisco she was seen at 9:00 mass in georgetown going up and receiving it two days after archbishop salvatori announced that the democrats will be denied communion inner california parish in a letter to chart church members friday they wrote that she is not to be admitted to holy communion unless and until then she repudiates her support for abortion rights and confess and receive absolution for her
9:40 pm
cooperation in this evil in the sacrament of penance. she has not commented publicly on the issue and queen are bishop she refuse several times to meet with him about her support for a bill that passed the house that would make legalized abortion the law of the land the roe v. wade court decision which could be overturned any day by the current supreme court. the issue of pro-choice politicians has been a thorny one for the catholic church which teaches all life including that of the unborn is to be protected and abortion is a horrible sin. receiving the body of are for catholics who are trying to follow church doctrine but cardinal gregory who runs the archdiocese said that he had no plans to deny pro-choice politicians communion and pope francis after meeting with nancy pelosi last year saying that he's never denied anyone in fact the pope met with president joe biden back in october and joe biden said that the two do not talk about abortion but is said that he was
9:41 pm
happy that i was a good catholic as you keep receiving communion. we reached out to holy trinity catholic church in d.c. today and have not received a response. shannon. >> thank you very much. by the where there are confirm cases of monkey virus in utah in florida tonight as european nations have confirm dozens of cases and what is become the largest outbreak on the continent ever. so separate fact from fiction tonight with fox news medical contributor good to have you back doctor. >> high shannon they don't want any pox that i wanted terry somebody to help you break this down. how serious is monkeypox, the viral illness is not like kobe but there is cause for concern. what do we do you know? >> what we need to know is that this is not a novel virus it has been around for many, many years. it is not as contagious as covid, as the flu, but it can
9:42 pm
spread it can spread through the respiratory tract through large water droplets i can enter your eyes your nose or your throat again spread to bodily fluids can spread if you have a break in the scanner for coming to contact with someone else's skin who was posture and outbreak and it can also spread objects like towels that are contaminated incubation period is about 5-21 days and if you start to have any symptoms sometimes will start out with a fever headache or body aches and they can develop a swollen lymph nodes and a rash on any party or body whether it's the face, chest,, et cetera. it's very important to make sure that you see your doctor right away because we have treatment available. >> would've been hearing for the most part is that this takes close physical contact for most people for it to spread someone who has the source of the legions and exchange of bodily fluids. if you pass on the grocery store
9:43 pm
and they turn out that monkeypox what are the need to be worried about that? >> you probably shouldn't be worried but you should know your risk. we pick this up as if you come at a really close contact, skin to skin contact with someone who is infected whether it's an animal or person. we are seeing this outbreak linked to international travel and a lot of the cases that were seen arming young men between ages 20-50 who identify as either or bisexual but it's very it's important to point out that anyone can construct this virus the risk of picking it up is low overall i think the general public risk is very low, but it is still important to be aware of this disease but not be alarmed again we have amazing and incredible vaccines available to antivirals available. that assuming organ i need to use it can be used. it's artie been vaccines that are been to health care workers and hospitals were current patients have been diagnosed with smallpox, she is me
9:44 pm
monkeypox. >> but as of the smallpox vaccine that's used in this case and who would've had a smallpox vaccine? >> there's two different vaccines, one that can treat smallpox, when i can prevent smallpox but can also protect against monkeypox and others in the one which can help with monkeypox and smallpox as well. most people over the age of 50 it may have had their smallpox vaccine but it is been so many years that they probably don't have much protection any longer we eradicated smallpox back in the 1980s so the last vaccines were given in the 1970s. if you do come in contact with it if you are exposed and you are high risk if you have a weak immune system talk to your doctor because we can get you that vaccine if you need it. >> and other cases if you do develop one what is the treatment like? what are the odds of that we was talk about the legality of covid and who would be affected and what the worst-case scenario was. when i was of the average
9:45 pm
patient of monkeypox? >> that's a great question the current circulating strain here and the united states has a fatality weight of about only 1%. most people to heal on their own takes about a month for you to get better after your symptoms they resolve it takes about 2-4 weeks you can have all those fever body aches you develop these pustules that scab off and take time for it to heal. but most people it just requires supportive meaning fluids and hydration and most people do well on their own. some people require further care and hospitalization if they have a weak immune system. >> if you do watch all your efflux or whatever on your laptop during quarantine or lockdown hopefully you don't get a chance with monkeypox. thank you so much forgiveness the information is very helpful be appreciated. >> think shannon. >> coming up on shocking report talks about how the southern convention handles scores of sex abuse allegation. what one high-profile pasture saying tonight's live next.
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♪ ♪ >> alarming details that leaders of the southern baptist convention best handled scores of allegations and denigrating survivors of clergy sex abuse to address the issues in this
9:51 pm
report with the pastor of the first baptist church fox news contributor pasture good to have you back. >> could be back with you shannon. this was a hard to read as somebody who grew up in this church and i just wonder what your thoughts are tonight at so widespread summative from people covering for some different people victims and advocates who try to come forward i remember them being some of them shamed and just mocked and tossed aside is crazy in this report confirms worse and then some. >> you are right this report is absolutely horrific and look i hope that it's gonna be a wake-up call for churches to adopt the kind of policy that we have the first baptist dallas and that's a zero-tolerance policy for abuse and harassment. at our church we have mandatory background checks for everyone working with children bozo volunteers and staff members we have mandatory reporting to law enforcement officers there
9:52 pm
is any of abuse whatsoever these things don't guarantee and elimination of problems but they will sharply diminish the problem and she and i know the argument that a lot of southern baptists a that telling local churches what they do. and that is true, but i tell you who do is have the authority to institute these reforms as the member sitting in the pews. i would encourage any of your viewers tonight who are member of any church to demand that your church have safeguards in place to protect women and children in the church. the church ought to be the safest place in the world for women and children. >> what can we say to people who try to come and report and try to get help in their cases were either buried or they were as crazy? what can we say to them tonight how do we possibly bring about healing or make a mess right in any way? >> shanna my daughters is a
9:53 pm
licensed professional counselor and she says that there's absolutely no trauma any worse than children who experience sexual abuse i don't pretend to understand that pain, but i would say to victims god understands that pain. i do encourage you to find a place of healing there are plenty of good churches that promote healing to attend and i would say above all learn to forgive, forgive doesn't mean deny and it doesn't mean giving up your desire for justice it means giving up your desire for vengeance to settle the score yourself let god settle the score you know that said it be better for somebody to have a millstone tied around their neck and cast into the sea than to hurt a child and god will settle the score on this. >> really quickly we just have a few seconds left your message the churches out there who are part of this denomination though as we know it is loosely knit together they have a lot of autonomy now.
9:54 pm
>> yes they do but that autonomy doesn't free them from the responsibility from a local church instituting whatever changes are necessary to protect women and children this is a wake-up call shannon i hope people are listening. >> thank you so much we appreciate your words of wisdom tonight and the example that you're sitting there we all need to look in the mirror and see how we can do better on these things. thank you. >> thank you shannon. >> and we will leave you with some good news before we say good night and you know i've got a soft spot for a dog also a pet owner reunited with her 3-year-old golden matrox tree. look how cute after another dog kidnapping case right here in the nation's capital this been happening a lot d.c. she let her dog outside a cvs store she popped into get a drink and when she came back she was gone. very cute i can see why that would happen camera footage shows that the pup was taken by a stranger now police warned that there've been an up takes in stolen pets in d.c. we
9:55 pm
covered that in the might not find but thankfully later than i authorities actually found a golden retriever six away from where she was taken finding a picture just next morning just in time for them to celebrate her fourth birthday the very next day. we love a happy ending. that's it from washington. ♪ ♪ aren't we all just looking for the hottest stocks? (fisher investments) nope. we use diversified strategies to position and this is different than other managers, different how but we all just looking for the hottest stocks. nope, we have diversified strategies to position our clients portfolios for their long term goals. you still sell investment toin generate high commissions for you, right? no, we don't sell commission products and we're a fiduciary obligated to act in our clientse best interests. so when do you make more money? only when your clients make more money. yes, we do better when our clients do better in future. investments were clearly different. you could only mean one thing the rest of your life or would it be easy for someone
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10:00 pm
i'm back because it's my time to win it. that's award winning stuff. masterchef back to win is this wednesday on tomorrow of i pledge allegiance for raising anything. and welcome to tucker carlson . so happy monday. things are changing fast as yous know ad. you can tell how fast they're changing by the way that people talk about politicsk. language reflects feelings and thoughts when your views change. so sowh you talk about them. that's e especially true ofof liberals who have very deep feelings and their main feelinga this has always been true islw contempt for youtemp. if you ever listen to npr, youh know exactly how much contempt liberals have for you and you n get


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