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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 23, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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on an electric bus, no exhaust ,no diesel smells funereal bus e like it's an electric bus ride. i mean,? it's a bus but it's electric. there's no exhaust since the bus system. we'll be back tomorrow.ha we have the best welcome to "hannity" and this is a fox sea news alert. the all important gop senate primary race in the commonwealth of pennsylvania has yet to be called. now what , six days after election day. in fact, vote counting is still underway. keep in mind the state hasn't even begun the recount process. every american should look at this and realize this unacceptable. it's unacceptable for the people of pennsylvania. it's unacceptable for every candidate. it's just unacceptable and something that should be easily fixed. democracies all
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over the world are able to produce nationwide results in a single night when they have t of millions of people voting, but apparently not pennsylvania. now recently france determined a winner in their runoff presidential election in less than twenty four hours despite over thirty two million votesg being cast last year, canada managed to confirm the results countrywide during a single day what was a very close election and in 2016 it took the unitedd kingdom oh about a day toge get the final results er during the brexit referendum despite thirty three pointnt five million votes cast in that election. but now it's taking the commonwealth of pennsylvania what day. six days maybea, weeks to count around a million votes in ain senate primary t. so what's happening here? how do we get to this point. for starters, the states widespread mail in voting isa a big problem. in twenty nineteen ,, lawsylvania did pass a new allowing no excuse-i mail w in voting, which by the way, ani interesting violates
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that state's constitution. very clear onss this rather than go through the arduous process of havingth a constitutional amendment which is harder than passing a lawan, they took the easy wayk out which makes the act itself unconstitutional. in fact, the state's constitution explicitly states g that absentee voting is only allowed quote in the event that a person's duties, occupation or business require e them to be elsewhere or who on any electione of are unable to attend at their proper polling placesng p because of illness or physicalor disability or who will not attend w a polling place because of the observance of a religious holidayel or who cannot vote because ofon election day duties and in e the case of a county employeemp that's right there in the constitution. but now this recent bill allows any voter to cast a ballothe by mail for any reason in the weeks leading up to the election. ot these ballots are accepted until eight p.m. on election
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days00 p but cannot be opened or counted until a day of voting is underway now. you end up with problems like this and lookik lancaster county for one more than00 twenty one thousand mail in ballotsball could not be scai because they were printed aboutthe wrong idti. there was also serious questions about mail in ballots with missing dates and signatures. now we are tonight inre the middle of an investigation on this program of a major potential konrad's action from lawyers on this case. l we will have a full report tomorrow and we will give you all sides of that issue. now no matter how you look at. this , it's a train wrecknd and by the way, it can and it must be fixed. for example, we saw what happened in 2000, pr the presidential election in florida, an unmitigated disaster. but to the credit of, the sunshine state, they reside all of c those problems in part by counting absentee votes as they arrive and addressing any issues prior to election day. s,
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and of f course, as i have saide many times, for any statele to have true election integrity,s. you need several things. you need mandatory voter id laws, signature verification. most states allow for partisan observers to watch the vote count from start to finish.t that should be mandatory f in every state. in my view, you've got to haveai chain of custody protections for ballots and of course you should update your voter rolls for every election and alsovo add unlike new york city and other places around the country, you need to be a citizen to be able to vote. and by the way, the vote needs to be counted in full in front of people from every single party there upclose not a hundred feet away, not a thousand feet away. now here we are days and weeks of vote counting with results seemingly changing overnight. doesan not inspire confidence or integrity in the process to anyone at all. now let's be blunt. if france can do it, i think we can do it too. but is not much time. t allim the states in this country
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we need to get it right and get it right now. just five months away from critical midterm elections with the democrats m now in control in the house and senate and the white house, our country is falling apart at the seams. stagflation coming, recession spiking com gas prices and nationwide baby formula shortage, disaster. our southern border over a million covid deaths and americans still trapped in afghanistan. if you're counting like we are at stake. two hundred and eighty two since joe abandoned them behind enemy lines. but tonight joe biden is in asia where he told americans to u itp up and deal with risint gas prices because our countryry is going through an incredible transition . >> take a look for yourself. here's a situation when it comes to gas a prices, we're going through an incredible transition that is taking place and god willing, when it's over , we'll be stronger in the world of stronger unless relying on fossil fuels whenel this isia over .
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joey actually said the quiet part out loud, apparently high gas prices are the point i the suffering is intentional i. how are you telling us they want this country to transition into a socialist eco state which would not be possible with low energy costs? of course energy the lifeblood of the world's economy. joe biden's policies artificially reduce the world's supply. is that any shock that demand remained constant and evend increased at the price goes up w and we're all paying the price? the average family because of biden inflation nearly 6000ve a year. if you drive a car every day, you're going to pay about s 20 more for gasoline this year. we'll see how high the number goes by the end of the year. but remember this it was onlyar four years agos to the day today. four years ago today, chuck schumer proposed in front of a gas station and then berated then-president trump for high gas prices which at the time were under three bucksre a gallo
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. now we're talking about gasks prices at six bucks a a gallon. >> 471 is the average today. take a look. president trump's reckless decision to pull out ofth the iran deal has led to higher oil prices. these higher oil prices are translating directly to soaring gas prices, something we knowe disproportionately hurts middle and lower income people. final price of gas under obama ,two o dollars and thirty six cents. current price of gas under trump two dollars. ninety two cents. you can't blame this on president obama as you try to blame everything on it's time for you to act. >> time for you to act while the climate alarmists religious cult, they are the ones that arecu pushing joe biden tod not drill for oil, not frack for gas. we have gas now poised as we told you last week, jp morgan predicting six dollars a gallon average nationwidea .
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where's chuckie now for seventy one is the national average today, chuck, that he's not out posing outside of an exxon mobil station. and yelling yming about the plightel of the workiu men and women in this country or he's not lecturing or threatening supreme court justices on the steps of . resupreme court j it's almost as if he doesn't really care about the middle class and was only using them as a political prop to of course bludgeon donald trump. chuck schumer is a big reason why americans don't trustso politicians. and thenre there's's a wonderful vice president kamala harris. while joe is busy in asia, she's holding down the fort right here at home and it'soi going about as wellng as you might expect. take a look for yourself. >>al you know, when we talk abot our children, i know for this group weup believe that whn we talk about the children of the community, they are children of the community, the communitymu. it's like an episode of veep. but whatever if you like to watch these shows anyway, according to multiple polls,
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joe and carmela, they're hitting record lows and pretty much every pollam, according toa a new a.p. survey, not only isy biden's approval atis a new low, he's also hemorrhaging support among membersrt of his own base. biden is losing support,g dramatic support from the african-american community, hispanic americans. che's lost 40% of their vote in one poll. the youth vote is losing v a majority of voters believing joe is both incompetent and distract. butus don't worry because the dumbest guy in washington, biden's chief of staff ron klain, thinks his boss is doing better than ever i in response to a new cbs poll showing that nearly 70% of the american people think the economy is bad t and biden s slow to ron klain is out thereee tweeting, quote, i hate to spoil the rhetoric, but this poll shows the president's approval ratingg moving up and solid public confidence on the two biggest problems he inherited covid and jobs really? ut okay. we ran out of tests on your
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watch anyway. remember, more people still blame joe joe, by the way, lasty week's poll had him at 32% approval rating and that'sry among everybody now unfortunately, most people simply cannot afford to live in ron klain fantasy world. in fact, 60 for percent of you the american people because of biden inflation, the higher cost of every item we buyor in every store we go to record high after record high after record high gas prices. sixty four percentam of americas in this country are now living paycheck to paycheck. i've been there for many years in my in my early adult life. it's not a fun place to be .'s you have bills being, you know, being can't be paid. you have cars. you've got to put gas in to run so you can get to work, groceries to buy meats, gettingr more expensive than ever, spiking inflation, spiking gas e prices coupled with a looming recession. it is devastating to these americans. but ron klain just doesn't seems to understand he was reaction.
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louisiana senator john kennedy is with us. senator , am l i wrong in thinking that as the united states of america, one of the best countries, notut a perfect country but td the greatest country god gave man and don't you think ite ought to be possible for every state in this great union ofet ours to be able to get a vote count done and within twenty four hours like other countriess get tens of millions of votes counted? y >> yes. and to restore confidence in our elections? sean, we have to do at a minimum three things.s. first, we have to defeat as we have so far president biden's attempt to establish a federal election code. number two,, we have to go back to having an election b day ,not an election month. e i'm okay. people want to vote by mail. that's t up to the states. but the ballots need to be in
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and counted by election night. let mee say it again. wewe need an election day, not in an election month. and number three, you and thiss is this is unconvicted--. you have to to be required to proveo you are who you say you are to vote. and if we would do those threele things, i think people would have a little more confidencei in our election system. i would like to say something short about yes, i'm sorry you go you mentioned you mentioned oil and inflation. president biden was inaugurated on january 20 of last year. so we are on day four hundred and eighty eight a build back better so far the policy failures from this administration have gushed like an open fire hydrant.ire h.
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you mentioned oil. i the president is clearly obstructing a america from drilling for its own oil. and ifwn our environmental reasons, he says instead he wants to us to buy oil from foreign countries. those foreign countries transport that oil to us in tankerss that use 2000 gallons of fuel per hour and emit eight tons of co2 per hour of the irony is rich. i mean that's a special kind of stupid on inflation. yeah, that's a special kind of keep going. you're on a roll. i' i'm not stopping this . well well on on inflation. here's what the american people see. >> president biden gave americans three six hundred dollar stimulus checks and then
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for his next trick he crashed their 401k and increased their gasoline bills by eight hundred dollars. their food bills bought by thirty thousand dollars and they're about to a thousandh dollars a month now unless you have untreated mental illness, you know that is not a good trade and that's why most americans at least on the economy would right now would not trust the obama administration to properly open a paper that its economic illiteracy p is astounding. you know, i know what it's like early in my adult life to live paycheck to paycheck and that for some period of my life and i spent all my money on college, ran outy , had to go to work. you know, i was a contractor. i worked in restaurants. i didid all that stuff that ies told people of 100 times about. but i will tell you it's not
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a fun feeling, senator . now we have nearly two thirds of americansns in that positionn that frightens me. and what makesns me even more frightened is i don't see a bill clinton moment com i've been saying this bill clinton era of big government is over the end of welfares ov as we know it. the quote sister souljah moment . i mean, bill clinton clintonbi had an ability to adjust and adapt to conditions that were unfolding in his presidencyhis. i don't see that quality in joen or the entire democratic party for that matter. and that scares me e. for the future. >> i'll give you the last word on thisth. well, quite the opposite. president obama says that he has no control over over gasoline prices at all prices.t youha can't have regulatory control over the drilling transport, storage, refining, trading and taxation of oilsi
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as the president doesde in accurately make that statement. and the american people justt don't believe him because it's just not true . senator , always great to have you. you're up for reelection. i don'tyo really mention your race because you're so loved in louisianaau. i predict right now i think you're going to win by double digits. however, i always warn people never take any vote for granted. so we will follow your race more closely as time goes on . thank you , sir. go, go, go, go to john kennedy. go to john kennedy. .com, john kennedy .com to learn more about my race. >> all right, senator kennedy, always great to haven: you here with more. is texas senator ted cruz. >> senator , great to have you . you know, i'm watching what's happening in your state at the border. t we see the chaos there. you see what's happening to the economy. you w see what's happening in afghanistan. you see what's happening war in europe and they didn't see the urgency of actually giving that would defeat
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putin immediately. and now god only knows how long this is going to drag on and all of these issues,s, senator , including the high price of energy were preventable to mepr and they'reev fixable. and that's what's frustrating the most. i think all the americans. that's why joe's approval ratings. 32% now, shawn, you're exactly right and in many ways it's breathtaking. >> you look issue by issue. this white house has gotten everything wrong. i mean, that's actually hard to do. i mean, literally if they roll dice the floor, if they threw darts at the wall, they'dy' stumble in byd accident something. right. but on spending, on debt,ha on economics, on the border, on foreign policy, it's it's all a train wreck. and you know, i've joked that you ought to bringas joe biden down to vegas. bl justac haven't picked red orhe black bad on the opposite. you'd win every timee, you'd bea rich man. you wouldn't have to live paycheck to paycheck. but but p there's actually aa reason for this . the reason they're wrong one hundred to
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one hundred times is they've had the agenda over to the radical left to the socialist. it's bernie sanders, it's aoc, it's elizabeth warrenit and socialist policies don't work. so you take energy. y listenou for in seventy one cens today is the average price of gas nationwide. joe biden isn't unhappy about that . he's in tokyohen to celebrating saying it's an incredible transition. yeah, incredible for you.74 you7 fly a 747 where the taxpayers pay for your jet fuel. what what joe biden is sayingyo is if you at home if you drive a pickup truck, to with you. youp can't drive your pickup truck if you havee a suburban you got to get rid of that . if you've got a minivan, you've got to get rid of that . we're all getting a toyota prius, although he's going to pitch itt as we're all gettingy teslas. but apparently someone is going to give us an one hundred grand to get one. mos it ist the most arrogant contin for working men and women t in this country and that isha the view of the hard left.
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let them eat cake. them john kerry as he flies g his private jet all over the globe says, gosh, you got to give up your pickup truck because i care. so much about the environment and it's just it's cruel and messed up and i think. the american people are really seeing it. you know, senator , we havee in terms c of natural gas and os oil reserves in this country, our natural resources, we have we have the ability too be energy independent for two hundred plus years and that's without finding anything new , which we likely will. the life of me, i don'tou understand why they would beg a venezuelan dictator murdering beg opec keeps rejecting them and make a deal with the iranian mullahs, make them rich again just like our european allies are making putin about a billion dollars profit a day because they allowed themselves to become dependent on a hostile regime. and wend pay the bulk of monies for their defense against
11:20 pm
russia. ia seems to come down tobr energy now if somebody comes up with a brilliant idea, we can all of cheap energy and it's, you know, all green and i'm going to save money. ta i'm all for it. i'll take that but right now that technology doesn't exist. senator , as far as i know,ng i'm following the science. h well, i'll tell you, we actually do have right now for cheapnswer energy which which is american oil and american gas whence joe biden was sworn o in , the average price of gas was a little over two bucks a gallon g. it's now four dollars and seventy one cents a gallon. he's nearly doubled n the price of gas in less than a year and a half. and you want to actually talk about the environment? lookon, the cleanest energy in the world amongan the cleanet is produced here in america. . the united states is an oil superpower, is a natural gas superpower, the number one producer in the world. we werethn th a net energy expor until joe biden came into power and it is hurting the american people. it is zellous. ople to say, by the way,
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i watched the interview with john kennedy. i love john kennedy. ijohnhe's got a great sense of humor, but i'm impressed. he pitched his website almosts. as well as lindsay does. i'm feeling a little left behindli, so i got to at least z ted cruz dog, ted cruz dog, tedw cruz dog. well, by the way,il y i'll endoe you now, butut what are you up o 2020 four or something. 2020 four. nd but i'm on the road every week between now and election day and i'm on team shot. thank you sir. ir all right. when we come back , fighting the border crisis.ay s it's getting worse by the day. weet a r justecor set a record w a judge halts the repeal of title 42 . going does that help democrats? is it going to make any difference? texaseren governor greg abbott, he'll weigh in and well, we had people inside the courtroom the latest developments. yes, hillary clinton made the approval of the russian lie . that testimony came in .en we'll tell youts more . new developments straight out to shopping for car insurance
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a federal judge halted biden's efforts to repeal title forty two border protectionsre. but that's not stopping the administration from illegalrg to release immigrants into the interior of the u.s. because according to a new report from the daily mail, well, hundreds of migrants were released into the u.s. on the day the title 42 was scheduled to end. so it appears that it's business as usual for openan borders. d biden and its efforts to turn t the country into the unitedhe sanctuary states of america and aid and abet lawbreaking and also give special privileges to illegal immigrants. you know, like they get a bidend phone, they don't get a kova test, they get free transportation to the state of their choice. no vaccine mandate that we knoww
11:27 pm
of. the number of o migrant encounters soared to a newo record. two hundred and thirty five thousand just r this past month of,0 april with over one hundred and fifteen thousand at least being released into the u.s..nd and that's why only the people t we knowo about expect that number to get worse because of title forty two is eventually lifted. >> it will get worse way worse . >> here now texas governor greg abbott. you know, interestingly i do believe in a way you had peopleb like mark kelly, beto o'rourke, by the way, bato, the guy that said yeah, we're coming for your guns now all ofn a sudden as a believer, out of the second amendment out ofyi nowhere he just sort of say we need to secureng w our borders. so i i guess we call that election year conversions, don't we, governor ? but we show how powerful the issue is and this isst destroying biden becausero i think he has like a twenty three percent favorability rating with regard toab his handling of the border and immigration and obviously better who ran for presidentat
11:28 pm
as an open border candidate now suddenly realizes that's not selling very well in the state of texas. but shawna must make this verybo important point because you talk about how california to still remains in place, but wehe still see people coming across the border. it was onlynlear a year and a hf ago when president trump was o still in officeff and when president trump wasid a force in california, two people were not cominge w over the border. this is a problem that starts at the top with president biden knowingly, purposefully allowing people to come in knowinglyy, violating the law investigations is going too be had to find out why biden is flouting the law of the united states of america, allowing these illegal immigrants to come into the united states. when you look at the record that was set last month alonese you look atbo the impact on border states like yours. now i just want to be very clear here. you know what the law is. i know what the law is. if i went down to the border and i was aiding and abetting people enteringbe this country
11:29 pm
illegally, i think i would get arrested for d fo that if i thenan transported them to any part of the u.s.. l wouldn't i get arrested and likely convicted of human trafficking? you could. and here's the deal and that isr is the bush administration that has been aiding and abetting these people e coming into into the united states and so there genuinely are legal investigations that could be conductedne definitely concerning secretary mayorkas but also the president and his entire administration but not. listen, texas, we're not just going to roll over here. we're stepping up and doing h things no state has ever done. the first date ever in the e history of the country to build a wall, the first time ever in the history of a country where the governor of texas is working with the governors ofe mexico and togetherar we're doig more to secure the border than what the bush administration is doingd and talk about busses, i found that people across the country love the fact that we are busing these migrants up to washington, d.c.
11:30 pm
no idea. i justf if you want to help, if you can go to border texas govi border but texas joe biden help: . you mean you han want me to done to that one? not you, your audience. i will tell you i got phone g calls from around the countryto where people wanted to d drive a bus. they like this idea, you know. but the last thought here, i governor , if you don't mind,f d i believe, i'm the product of legal immigration and all four of my grandparents from ireland went through ellis island in this day and age, is it really too much to ask for a background check to make sure you don't have radical associations in the middle of a pandemic health check to make sure that you're not going to infect other people in this country? and also weust just simply cannt afford to take people into the country when we can't balance a budget as it is. and you'd have to show a meet the means to be able to take. care of yourself. otherwise if you meet those
11:31 pm
conditions and we have x number of people we invite in every year, i'm fine with that. g i don't care where you come from as long as you meet those conditions and do it legally well. and the lastnt comment was the most important do it therlly. listen, there are lawst that were well thought out passed by the united states congress o. aw thoses laws must be followed. but listen, you mentioned background checks. e there are a known peoplehe on the terrorist watch list who'veatch apprehended those are the ones apprehended not of the got aways. the president of the united states has allowed people on the terrorist watch listis into our country. sot that is an abdication of his duty. all right. by the way, i love the election year conversion of bato the day if he were ever to get elected and he won't by the people of texas are too smart the day after he'd be back to .i i'm coming for your guns, i guarantee you anyway. governor , thanks for being with us. sm comingan up, week two of the sussman trial underway after new bombshells came to light this weekend. we're going to tell youed what happened in court i.
11:32 pm
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asleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed with relaxium sleep. call for your risk free trial of relaxium sleep home now call eight hundred six one three fifty four sixty two 806 one three fifty four sixty two when you can watch the latest news headlines anytime anywhere. fox news on down america is listening now yet anotheret explosive development a s tonight in the michael sussman trial as we are now learningop when the fbi opened up its investigation into that phony trump tower. remember alpha bank conspiracy theory all debunked. the bureau claimeded in writing that the information came from within the department of justice. that is completely falsese information came from clinton lawyer michael sussman and now it comes. several more fbi officials are set to testify this week, including bill priest who was
11:37 pm
peter struck boss and is t the one who ultimately decided to launch the crossfire hurricane investigation and the forty five president donaldigat trump. well,in he's reacting to testimony from last week from fi former clinton campaign managert robby mook who revealed that in fact he got hillary's permission. she herself authorized the disseminating the alpha bank hoax to the media mob. former president rightly told fox news .com and digital quote for three years i had to fight her off and fight these crooked people off and you'll nevern get your full your reputation fully back . where do i go? where do i where do i get my reputation back ? wow. reminiscent of ray donovan. it wasov reaction fox news legal analyst greg jarrett along with trump attorney alina habaso with us. om >> alina, you were in the courtroom again today. tell us the very latest. yes, i have my team in the, courtroom today a and we will be there all week as i've told you, sean. so today was a big fbi day. we precept he spoke.
11:38 pm
he couldn't refresh, refresh his recollection. even when he saw his notes, he had no memory. it was very interesting. we then had ryan gaynor and alison sands testified today. the biggest themes that wewe gog out of today's testimony was that there was a close hold c on sussmanlo, which in the fbi means that they hid the source of the information and that wass highly convenient considering that michael sussman con was retained by the dncth and hillay clinton for america campaign.ig wen. then heard as you mentionec that the department of justicee was mentioned as the source for the white papers, which are the falsified documents by rodney jaffe's company neustar by michael sussman. and we learned a little bithe more today about how those were doctored and then funneled up and it's a really sad day, i think for the fbi and to see and remember that their motto
11:39 pm
is fidelity, braverygr and integrity. and today we witness zeroay integrity, zero bravery and just a complete destruction of everything that is supposedje to be objective and fair in our country. it was assassinated.. >> i think it's sad for the country. t, but i do want to point outth that's the that's the 1% in power at the top of the fbi. greg, i've called it the biggest abuse of power corruption scandal in our history. so we have a situation we look big picture here where you have literally hillary clinton bought and paid for dirtyntor d dossier that's in one pocket and you got the alpha bank trump server in trump tower connection. that was a lie. but you have the candidate herself paying for the russian disinformation in the case ofon the dossier i and disseminating false information in the alpha bank bucket fal and here we have and then you fast forward four years. everything-for fou that they say every lie they told about
11:40 pm
donald trump, they bring the country through . and theny four years later whes you really have a real october surprise oh , that's russianan disinformation and they had no basis to make that claim. and it turns out they were wrong there too. so obviously we've got a big problem in this country becausey what they did to the country and president donald trump is that i'm president and i don't think these people will be held accountable. yeah, they invented a lie and they peddled it to the media and to the fbi and they held hostagegeic the american nation foran the better part of three yearsra and to some extent did enormous damage if not ruined trump's presidency. >> i mean heree we learned today in court that the fbi, james comey and his minions wereo lying to their ownth field agens is one field agent today said had we known the truth, have they been honest with us it w would have changed the equation
11:41 pm
dramatically. we would have recognized the hoaxax for what it was a political smear inventedll by hillary clinton and funded and disseminatedar by her personally, by the way, as wells as her many confederate. the other thing we learned today that was so shocking is that by january of 2017, just as the new president is being sworn in , not only had the fbid completely knocked downow and debunked the phony dossier, but they realized this whole secret back channell, alpha bank communication was also a hoax. what had comey and mccabe and peter destructo did they come clean? es they gos to congress and say d we've shut downn, the investigation. it t was all a hoax. did they tell the truth to the american people? did they refute the endless stories by the media that claimed that trump was a russian asset? no, they kept quiet. they used it instead as a
11:42 pm
pretext to escalate their investigation of donaldd trump to drive him from office and then comey stole government documents when he was fired tori trigger the appointment of a special counsel who just happened to be his longtime friend and colleague bob mueller. and it m m should be especially disgraceful to mueller and hismu 19 prosecutors that they either didn't know that hillary clinton invented all tha of it r they knew it and covered it upbo and the same mole didn't knowus what fusion gps is, whichio is like impossible to comprehend. allena, we got c thirty secondst give ushe a preview of what we can expect the rest of the week ,what we might actually hear a verdict by the end ofct the week. i'm hoping by friday we'll hear a verdict. oh , wait a minute.. f royou made a verdict from from a jury pool that has three clinton donors.
11:43 pm
aoc donor has a juror who'sam a parent daughter is on the same team as sussman's daughter. we expect that verdict, whichth is i don't know which of a rowing team. yeah, no,id i didn't say a fair verdict. they said avenir, which is whyit we have our lawsuit because if we didn't have ourve lawsuit, then, you know, we would havee. no hope. and asas the former president,d, my client said, you can't get back the tarnish and damagei that has happened with the fbith did was disgusting. peter sturrock and all of themng knew what was going on . and even if sussman's intent was to obstruct justice, they knew better. but they didn't care because their vitriol for donald trump was so severe as hillary clinton could not give upupt that white house. at she couldn't even imagine it.'s and that's why we're here today. it is very scary tod for americn citizens when the fbi is colluding with a candidate that's's t gary, thank you and thank you . when wee come back .th all right. itank you. is primary season vos in the great state of georgiaan well, not accordingyw to stacey
11:44 pm
abrams anyway are headed to the polls tomorrow with a number of key primaries on the ballot. we'll check in with senate candidate c herschel walker,ia gubernatorial candidate david perdue as theirl campaigns now head into the final days for that . welcome to benning, georgia, where every year u.s. army units and allied forces have their very best to compete in the longest running military contest in america and the competition has begun in what will become the most demanding three days of their lives. just really trying to get the blood back into my finger. they see one piece will rock climbing over 70 miles through a america's top ranger marathon, not a sprint station is covering this event like never before. 30% to get back in the water. they're going to intercept every bad day. you have urban combat to the next bomber are performing . you have to work together as you move out of range until
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i'm sorry for free help visit ccds seega tips primary night tomorrow in georgia and elsewheren:. herschel walker on the ballot in the gop senate primary in georgiaia in a race to take on the failing far left l senator raphaelef warnock is a key opportunity to flip a democratic held seat to republican and the walker campaign see more and more momentum to explain himself. his georgia senate candidate herschel walker. look, i don't go by polls. i go by actual votes. but in the polls i mean you're leading by a very significant margin.
11:49 pm
your final message as you head to this day tomorrow when my final message is i'm the right man for the job and i think you can see it when you see my opponent talking about coming in secondec, coming in second. we've always put america second, but where america is comeatond, let's in first. and that's what see people do i we got to get this economy back together, guys getting national securitymm back together, get the communities safer. and we also gotal to get that american dream where you can't do it if you come in second when america leadon this world , doing well. and right nowight i got to tello them topp my coming in second.wa well, we don't want that . i want people to want to fight t for this countryhi, fight for this america dream. >> they don't seem to want to do it. ng ti'm going to get into this h david perdue on just a second here. you did hear the comments of stacey abrams about georgia being the worst ag place to li. if you think it's that bad, t maybe the people of georgiaat will give you a one waye ticket to the state of your choice if you're not happy there. r
11:50 pm
>> well, i'm totally shocked b by her saying that because why areou you here? why are you running for governor if this is the worst place to live? youd can't make it better because you had your chance to do better and you you madea a lot of money from what i hear, you made a lot of moneyth fore it. s put the voters down.are goo these are good people hered p p in georgia. or the reason i decided to run because i want to represent them. i owe them a debt. the dead are owed them b and they've always gotten behind me supported me. the reason i told themsu i'm going to fight. i'm going tore fight to make sue that their voice is heard in washington because that's what they elected me to go to washington to doo. ti young know, it's interesting ina past interview you told me that after this primary, assuming you win tomorrow, you want to go into areas that are heavily democratic and you want to try and persuade them to comeer t over to your side and and if you ultimately win the senateer seat, you want to serve all the people of georgia. i think that should be a message of every candidate
11:51 pm
myself. i thought that's a good message, notev everybody says that . and i think we are witnessing something pretty dramatic shift in demographics. more african-americans, or more hispanic americans, more young people, more more women in the voting demographics. they're all going towards the republican party . why do you think this shift and isn't real? well,ne you know one well, one f the things and i'm going to go areas right now because i'm not just waited to afterai a primary is over right now, then i know that i'm going too represent them and i've said it before and i'll say it again i represent all the people whether a republican, whether you're independent or whetheru you're a democrat, i represent you. and if you're an alien living in georgia and you have your citizenship, i'll represent you tooo because i wat everybody voice to be heard and that's what people are supposed to doha to go to washington to represent all the people. and i'm tired of them trying top separatear people to color the fault,people to to their mindd.
11:52 pm
i think that's the wrong thing a to do. wewe are the united states of america. i thinkthinge we forget that too often. herschel walker, thank you . good luck tomorrow. now also tomorrow there is a high stakes battle and thetl georgia gubernatorial primary where former senator david perdue is challengingryic the incumbent governor . republican governor brian kemp here with reaction guy. republican gubernatorial candidate, former georgia senator david perdue. georgia is the worst state in the country to live, according to stacey i would assume the people of georgia have started a i think they probably contributed say fine leave go to the state of your choice. ys an offer today to buy our ticket myself. of course i'd have to buy a private plane because she p doesn't fly with commercial planes anymore. she's made so much money off ofm ripping off the people here in georgia. but you know, this is aboutom her ambition to becomee president united states. she didn't care about it's obvious i was born and raised here in georgia and i'll tell you i'm offended t
11:53 pm
by that. and i think o a lotns of americs are a lot of georgians are as well. my message toe people in georgia, though, if you're fed up with this kind of rhetoric fromein the democrats in the field by the y administration and if you're hispanic, as iou as am with carr politicians and rino selling us out and not fighting forg fo then your opportunity is to stand up tomorrow and vote. look, we've had a recordn, turnout so far, sean, and we've got to do it again tomorrow, i'm told. and only one out of three republicans wille actually vote in this primary and that's unacceptable. we can dictate our direction and make sure stacy is never going to georgia but only if we get out and vote tomorrow. it's very, very hard for anyri in a primary to take on an incumbent governor or incumbent senator . you've been behind the polls, but really tomorrow you only keep camp under 50%0% and then you'd have a a runoff. what do you think the odds of that are because you are downn you've been in a couple of polls down very significantly. why do you think you're downn
11:54 pm
and why do you think things will change as of tomorrow? sarah palin came down and helped us this weekk in savannah, georgia and said that theoo only good polls are for strippers and for downhill skiers and that's kindd of the way i feel about it. john, you know, look, they've never gotten me right. polls. i've t never gotten trump right. you know, matt is probably one of the top two or three pollsters in the country. he's got it in the margin of i error now to get it into a one off. my point all p along has been that pollsters are not talking to the maga voters who did not vote in 18 in the proofav that now is that half of the people who voted so far in early voting in georgia and by the way, this voterss suppression state that stacey 80%iot , we have had a record turnout here and did in twenty as well. but half the people who have voted so far did not vote in 18e . i think that bodes very f well for us . look, we're in a race right now . i don't thinkll so. you have all these new people coming intoom into the primary. why do you think that is and why do you think that favors you? d well, first of all, they didn't vote in 18 but they voted in 16
11:55 pm
and 20. that tells me that they'ree trump voters. they're fed up with our governor right now selling us out, allowing fraud to happen and really ignoring the other place. my point is if you want tor get crime under control, get the mob out of ourco schooli eliminate the state income tax and finally, once and for allte enforce voting law and prosecute fraud. then f i think you've got to vou for me in this primary because i'm the only one that can unitet the party and beat stacey and that's why these people arel coming. let me tell y you a story a little lady told me last week0 that i voted for you in november 2020. i didn't come back out in the r runoff because i had s lost confidence in the system. but she said if i had to crawlul across a room full of cut glass or broken glass, i'm coming out to vote this time for y that'sat what's happening in the statete right now. it's going to be a>> fascinating day tomorrow. weeses wish you the best of luco there's a lot of twists and turns here anyway. david perdue, thank you .. when we come back , more "hannity" as we continue. thank you for being with us. he could only one thing the rest of your life. would it be easy?
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>> all right. that's all the time we have left this evening. we always w wish we had more time anyway. thank you for joining us . we hope you'll set your dvr so you never miss an episode. and don't forget, by the way, for the latest news information ,fox, hannity, .com and in the meantime, let hearts be troubled. he laura ingraham is up next with the atrium angle. thank you for making this show possible. have a great night. orei'm laura ingram . this is ingraham angle from washington tonight . joi thanks for joiningning us . us first, biden's plan to destroy america. that's the focus of tonight's angle. now if you wanted to devise a plan for america's foreign policy that worked totally across purposes, you'd be hard pressed to match what biden and his teamm are doing right now. now let's go through the steps one by one . no one , destroy america's energy independence like we all