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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 24, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> todd: a fox news alert, president biden about to head home to a country battling economic border and crime crisis with his first trip to asia being overshadowed by walkbacks from the white house. i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. the u.s. would respond militarily if china invaded taiwan. the administration working overtime to walk it back, but the president himself leaving it here. >> is ambiguity toward taiwan dead? >> president biden: no. >> can you explain?
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>> president biden: no. >> todd: griff jenkins is in washington with the latest from the president's trip. griff. >> griff: good morning, carley and todd. joe biden's first trip to asia ends just moments from now. you are looking live at air force one, waiting to get wheels up from tokyo, just after 6 p.m. there. caps swing through south korea and japan intended to highlight a new economic pact. as you saw, the president leaves major questions looming over the u.s. policy toward taiwan, which the white house was forced to walk back in a statement and defense secretary austin tried to clean up yesterday. >> our one china policy has not changed. he reiterated that policy and our commitment to peace and stability across the taiwan
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strait. >> griff: not the first time the white house has had to clarify for the president, drawing harsh criticism from china's leaders and earlier this morning in one of the president's last public events, biden was hammered with questions over whether he pressured india's prime minister over russian energy. watch. [indiscernible] -- >> griff: here at home, a lot of questions as americans are feeling the pain of record-high gas prices, biden offering neither solice or solution saying it is just something americans must endure. >> president biden: here is the situation, when it comes to the gas crisis, we're going through an incredible transition that is taking place and god willing when it's over, we'll be stronger and the world will be
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strong sxer less reliant on fossil fuel when over. >> griff: national average gas for gallon of regular gas is $4.59, a price triple a has called unprecedented. 22 states are above the national average as we head into memorial day weekend. >> carley: gordon chang joined us earlier. >> this is 1600 pennsylvania and this actually has real-world consequences, because chinese look at this and say administration is not capable and irresolute. biden was clear when he said the united states will defend taiwan. there was no ambiguity about that and now under pressure, you have his subordinates contradicting him, biden changing his tune. this really is bad and bad not
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with regard to taiwan only, it is with all our defense commitments around the world. >> carley: biden said the u.s. is prepared if north korea decides to conduct a nuclear missile test. the fbi taking center stage in the durham probe trial of michael sussmann. >> todd: government building the case against the lawyer accused of making a false statement to the bureau during the trump-russia collusion investigation. brooke singman joins us live from washington with details. brooke. >> brooke: yesterday we heard from several fbi officials during michael sussmann's trial. biggest name was former head of the bureau counter intelligence, bill, testifying against michael sussmann adding he was briefed on the visit to the fbi. michael sussmann did meet privately with former fbi general counsel james baker. from that meeting alleging covert communication between the
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trump organization and alpha bank made its way to him. the fbi investigated and found no evidence of a trump connection with the kremlin-linked bank. michael sussmann is charged with lying to the fbi. there are text messages where michael sussmann says he was bringing the information on his own as a concerned citizen, not on behalf of any clients. special counsel john durham says his team has evidence that michael sussmann billed hillary clinton's campaign for that meeting. they hope to prove michael sussmann used law enforcement to impact donald trump's campaign in the weeks leading up to the 2016 election. >> it's a really sad day, i think, for the fbi and to see and remember their motto is, fidelity, bravery and integrity. today we witnessed zero integrity, zero bravery.
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>> brooke: the government is expected to wrap up witness testimony by wednesday. it is unclear if michael sussmann himself will take the stand in his own defense. >> todd: we will see. thank you. now that we know hillary clintson played a role, emily compagno talked about mueller not includeing that in his special report. >> emily: we footd that bill, they produced three separate reports that said we can't prove a connection between trump and russia, but we can't disprove it. all it would have taken is five minutes spent in a room with this guy that said it was green lit by hillary, there was not one monker of truth to this. if i was an attorney on mueller's team, i would be extremely embarrassed and have a lot of questions. either they did know and it didn't make the report or they didn't know and either answer is
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unacceptable. >> todd: the investigation cost $32 million of your dollars and lasted almost two years. texas governor abbott wants to send 450 buses of migrantss to washington to manage the crisis at our southern border. abbott toured eagle pass, texas yesterday. >> we are up to our 45th bus now, when you add a 0 to that, washington, d.c. will see they are dealing with the same consequence we are dealing with. president biden has never once tried to contact me about the border, the czar for the border, kamala harris, never once tried to contact me. >> todd: migrants continue to pour over the border. the biden administration wants to lift title 42. new york city mayor eric adams says last weekend's senseless
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subway murder is his worst nightmare and he's promising action. >> i understand that pain and have to make sure the city is safe and i thapt obligation. i thank god i'm the mayor and not those that don't understand urgency of that moment. >> the victim's sister has something to say to the mayor now that he's rumored to be eyeing the white house. >> carley: we'll have the latest on the nail-biter race coming up.
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randomly gunned down on the subway is demanding action from new york mayor eric adams. reports show he is eyeing a 2024 presidential run. >> todd: the victim's sister saying, my brother just became a statistic on the way to the city. i want eric adams to focus on the community. >> todd: here is reaction. ray, something else daniel
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rodriguez's sister said, if they find the man who murdered my brother, they will let him out of jail. she thinks justice won't be served because of bail reform. >> it's very difficult. i can understand her sentiments and my heart goes out to her. i think this individual, 19 prior arrests. i believe he has weapons charges. he's on parole and with recent legislation in new york, it makes it more difficult for prosecutors to do their job. >> todd: a lot of people cut mayor eric adams a lot of slack, us included. let's face it, the city was not in great shape following the tenure of mayor de blasio. you can't turn around a city overnight. how can the guy contemplate a white house run when the city is as unsafe as it is now and is not getting any better?
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>> well, i mean, i think it is difficult. it goes back to how do we keep people safe? the way to keep people safe, keep dangerous people in jail. recent legislation, the mayor has nothing to do with. the state legislators pass laws and we can't consider dangerousness as prosecutors. that is unacceptable. all other finely states allow us to consider dangerousness. this individual who committed this crime was certainly dangerous and the prosecutor should have been able to argue that in keeping him in jail. >> todd: okay, couldn't the mayor flood the zone with even more cops, basically telling the progressive part of his parties, i'm not listening to you anymore, we got to flood the zone with cops and make sure this doesn't happen. cops on the subway, street corners, all over the place?
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>> that would certainly help, but again, this individual has 19 arrests. arresting this individual was not a problem. keeping the individual in jail was the problem. this individual is on parole. there was a measure passed in the legislation, less is more, which didn't allow prosecutors to keep parolees in jail when they violate parole. this is unacceptable and does not help to keep us safe. >> carley: ask you about this, as well, another district attorney is offering cash for guns, gun buyback program, if you will. $200 in prepaid cards and ipads for hand gotuns and assault rifles, $25 for rifles, shotguns and air rifles on staten island. the district attorney, michael mcmahon said it is crucial to do nevering our power to remove dangerous firearms off the streets. how do you feel about the gun buyback program?
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>> i think while some research shows gun buyback programs can have a limited effect on violence, you really need other -- crime-reducing methods and the biggest one is like you said previously, putting cops on the streets, arresting people, but second most important compoenents, they need to stay in jail while they await trial. we need to argue dangerousness, we can't do that. any methods employed will only be so effective when you can't keep dangerous people in jail where they belong. >> todd: ray tierney, thank you. meantime, have you seen this video yet? a brother and sister duo doing everything they can to protect their family business from the criminal smashing display cases with a hammer. we just spoke to them about why
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>> todd: high winds from a possible twister leaving a path of destruction in the city of chesney. janice dean has more. tough stuff. >> janice: we have primaries today and that will make for a tough go., will keep you posted. 67 in dallas. 58 in kansas city. 51 in chicago. a cold front is pushing through the central u.s. and you can see thunderstorms firing up in texas, oklahoma, kansas, missouri and along the gulf
2:22 am
coast. severe storm threat. for today, texas toward arkansas, another primary state today and louisiana and all of this will push across the mississippi and ohio river valley tomorrow. of course, today people are trying to get out and vote. i'm concerned with texas because we are expecting severe storms in the afternoon. if you can get out early this morning, better idea. there is arkansas, you can see potential for strong to severe thunderstorms this afternoon. get out this morning. georgia, not too bad if you are looking at macon and savannah. for alabama, along the gulf coast, could see strong to severe thunderstorms, very concerning for some regions. there is the forecast today. along the gulf coast, texas, oklahoma and louisiana, you see stronger storms. very warm air ahead of this cold front. clash of air masses will bring potential for stronger thunderstorms. again, along the gulf coast,
2:23 am
texas i'm concerned with, arkansas i'm concerned with. georgia, as well, parts of georgia. listen to the forecapacity try to get out as early as possible, this afternoon we see severe thunderstorms fire. that video from texas incredible. warning means imminent and watches mean conditions are favorable for severe storms. >> todd: thank you. president biden has not given an interview in more than 100 days, but has a lot to say about the american press. listen. [indiscernible] -- >> president biden: welcome to the american -- >> carley: joe concha here to react. the questions were about america's relationship with india, attacked the media
2:24 am
overseas. what is your take on this? >> joe: nothing new there. this president has not done a sit-down interview during an election year since the super bowl. think about how long the bengals and rams were playing, that was february. we saw several examples during the president's trip to asia, carley and todd, why his hostagers are petified to put him in a situation where he has to field questions for an extended period of time. think about the journalists they could choose from to put him in front of for cotton candy questions and his handlers are still not putting him out there, it tells you what they think about the president's abilities as he approaches his 80'sth birthday. mr. biden probably wouldn't have good answers on crime or the border, gas operations. on inflation, he said last week, solution is to tax corporations at higher rate, lowering
2:25 am
inflation. no sane or sober economist would agree with that. it is enough to make your hair hurt, guys. >> todd: you heard what he said this trip, about gas prices, this is just something good, it will help transform the gas industry. you heard what he said about taiwan. he said x, his white house, people that were supposed to work for him, said y. if you are the white house press office, would you let him sit down for an sprue when you know you will have to backtrack on one thing, potentially more during each and every interview each and every time he talks? >> joe: aisle five would be very easy. never aisle eight or two, always aisle five cleanups are happening on. carley, this is no exception. it is a lose-lose situation. if you put him out there, undoubtedly he will say things profoundly dishonest or in
2:26 am
complete contradiction to what the overall white house messaging is supposed to be and therefore cleanups come in. if you don't put him out there, he looks afraid of accountability, afraid to make an argument ahead of the midterms, which are 170 days away. it does not look good for the democratic party right now. when you think about all the democratic candidates that are not going for his endorse sxment want him to come to their state. it shows and you have seen the polling, he's become toxic, guys. >> carley: a lot of people running in swing districts said, i will do this myself or not welcoming a presidential visit, which is very telling. joe, we always welcome a visit from you. >> todd: always, joe. >> joe: see you wednesday. >> carley: see you tomorrow. did you see this wild video? united airlines firing the employee seen in this video
2:27 am
fighting former nfl player brandon langley. the ex-denve bronco was arrested over the weekend. it got heated. take a listen. >> carley: wow, united airlines says it does not support violence of any time. langley is charged. >> todd: store employees fighting off robbers in huntington beach, california. another employee grabbed a fool to fend him off. two employees joined us to discuss how they beat back the thieves. >> i just kind of reacted off instinct. i saw them in the reflection when they opened the door and started getting up. once they broke the glass, i
2:28 am
sprinted straight into it. >> we just really hope that police are able to be funded more and can stop this kind of thing from happening and that criminals are actually like prosecuted so they don't feel so brazen to do this in broad daylight. >> todd: this video is insane, police are searching for the crooks. watch how quickly they came in and workers reacted like that, unbelievable. new report says autopsy found carbon monoxide poisoning killed the three people vacationing in the bahamas. the family says they are not buying it. >> carley: lawrence jones is live at salie mae's kitchen, we'll talk to him next.lie mae we'll talk to him next.mae's ki we'll talk to him next. ,
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autopsy concluded that carbon monoxide poisoning led to the death af three american tourists at a sandals resort in the bahamas earlier this month. the family is asking for a second independent autopsy. doctor, should families of the victims be satisfied with this report or should they be skeptical and want a second autopsy? >> they should be a little skeptical that toxicology reports have not been released,
2:33 am
should ask to see them. carbon monoxide poisoning does kill 400 to 500 people a year. there could be a plausible mechanism of what happened. >> todd: trying to visualize standard hotel room. where would carbon monoxide come out of the various things in a hotel room? first instinct is heater, air conditioner, anywhere else? >> it is possible that a gas oven or range could release carbon monoxide. it could be there is a garage where cars are parked in the building and a channel of which the gas could go into the room. >> todd: when you heard the pesticide theory, people saying they smelled pesticide. carbon monoxide has no smell. pesticide does. would you do more research on the pesticide angle? if other people were smelling
2:34 am
that, that could be cause for concern, in my estimation. >> that's a very good points, todd. have you to assume it is environmental exposure. carbon monoxide is colorless andoderless, the pieces don't fit together. >> todd: if they had called for help, they were not feeling well, they went inside and got treatment. could they have been saved or is your body so compromised nothing can be done once carbon monoxide enters your system? >> carbon monoxide poisoning does act quickly. within a matter of minutes, people can lose consciousness. the solution is simple, get people to a better air source. a matter of seconds good have made a difference. >> todd: complete tragedy, so many unanswered questions at
2:35 am
this point. you are calling out cdc advisory panel, pfizer is looking to jab kids as young as six months. why are you against this panel, doc? >> again, the biden administration's fda was completely bypassed in convening their technical experts, theirad visery committee. those are top vaccine experts in the country. many signalled they are not on board with this recommendation to give a booster to 24 million 5-11-year-olds. when you make such a sweeping recommendation for the entire country we with such strong vigor, ordering all 24 million children in the country 5-11 to get a booster, you should convene technical experts. instead, they put it in front of committee well known to fire people who have dissenting opinions, they did that with
2:36 am
dr. martin calldorlast year and there was no clinical data to support the booster. they cited a small study done by pfizer of 140 children in the age group looking at now outcome. instead the antibody bump you get after the booster. the committee said we want a simple message, we're concerned about a confusing message of kids are not getting the booster and older people are. that is not scientific rationale. >> todd: it doesn't make a lot of sense, you gave a good description, see what happens with both the stories. thank you, sir. carley. >> carley: all right. another big midterm primary day kicking off in america. voters getting set to hit the polls in five states today. all eyes on georgia as governor kemp is working to fend all challenge from trump-backed
2:37 am
former senator david perdue. stacey abrams is running unopposed. maria bartiromo has more. >> the race pitting governor brian kemp, endorsed by mike penceagainst trump-backed david perdue. perdue stressing importance of the race to the future of the gop. >> this race is bigger than me or brian kemp, it is about the future of our country. if we want senate majority back this year, we have to win the governor's race in georgia. brian kemp divided our party and he cannot beat stacey abrams. >> stacey abrams appeared to disparage the state she hopes to leave as governor. >> i'm tired of being about the
2:38 am
best state in the country to do business when we are the worst state in the country to live. >> kemp and herschel walker hitting back at abrams comments. >> we are the best state in the kunthry to live, work and raise our countries in. this family is getting up every single day to make sure stacey abrams will not be our governor. >> why did you run for governor if this is the worst place to live? you can't make it better, you had your chance to do better. >> progressives are trying to oust moderate cuellar. potential overturn of roe v. wade. in arkansas, sarah huckabee sanders. in alabama, three-way race for the republican senate nomination, drawing big money, more than $20 million so far.
2:39 am
>> thank you so much. what do voters think? check in with lawrence jones in georgia. good morning. >> laura: >> lawrence: good morning. going to be a big day. one issue is the big race as marianne talked about between perdue, who lost a senate race back home in georgia, took conservative majority and turned over to a split decision go og in the senate. the big race is herschel walker, all indications are by every single poll is that he will win that decisively. the issues that matter to the people, that is what i'm here for. part of the reason we chose this diner, they have had to raise their prices by 15% and they are going to have to do it again recently because of inflation.
2:40 am
in georgia, prices are already low, they try to meet the consumers where they are. because of everything happening with this administration, how it is impacting small businesses, they are having to raise their price. crime is a big issue, inflation. it will be the economy, economy, economy, economy for a lot of folks. i'm interested on how that is going to impact this race here in georgia. >> todd: focusing on the race, do you get a sense that republicans are confident that kemp can take on abrams or is there trepidation there? looks like kemp is taking this thing to the bank at the end of the day today. >> lawrence: it is interesting, before i get to these diners, i start making phone calls and talking with sources on the ground. look, the argument that kemp makes in this race is he is the one that has beat stacey abrams
2:41 am
before. when you look at polling right now, he is the guy that can do it again. a lot of people support that. then you have -- i'm sorry, the former senator -- >> david perdue. >> lawrence: makes the argument kemp is a rhino and doesn't have the maga movement. he is failing to acknowledge, he just lost a race here. that has a lot of voters in georgia on edge. what happens here, i don't know. when you look at polling, the governor is in the lead right now. everything can change on election day. >> carley: it is interesting because trump is backing david perdue. a lot of people will be talking about the comment stacey abrams made calling georgia the worst state in the country even though she's trying to become the leader of it. more to come from you.
2:42 am
very exciting you are in brooklet, georgia this morning at a diner. >> lawrence: exactly right, carley, the comments are going to be in play. the former president is a king maker, what is happen nothing georgia deserves trepidation about what happened with the two senate seats. we'll see what happens today, excited to be here. >> todd: thanks. to pennsylvania, outcome of the republican senate primary race up in air one week later. dr. oz maintains a lead by 1000 votes. dave mccormick demanding mail-in ballots be counted. the ballot are timestamped making handwritten dates irrelevant. the rnc is intervening because election laws are meant to be followd and changing the rules when already being counted harms the election.
2:43 am
learning the latest socialist campaign strategy breaking into houses to combat homelessness. >> imagine a housing for all bill in congress. imagine you, me and a million friends took action and occupied empty houses nationwide. >> carley: is that what americans and want need? we'll be talking to tomi lahren about that coming up next.
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>> carley: coffee giant starbucks is the latest company to exit the russia market. >> todd: cheryl casone has more. cheryl. >> cheryl: this is the latest company to exit russia. management will pay employees for six months, they are shutting 130 cafes for good in response to vladamir putin's invasion of ukraine. the ceo says he condemns the horrific attacks by russia. mcdonald's is selling to a local businessman. but mickey d's logo will remain.
2:48 am
young brand operates kfc, pizza hut and taco bell, will not open any more, but staying in company. >> carley: what is latest on the baby formula? >> cheryl: supplies down 45% across the nation as congress prepares for hearing over the crisis. price gouging, getting reports of that happening with sellers jacking up prices by 300%. ebay, amazon doing total crack down on the practice. this size u.s. transportation is waivering large haul delivery of ingredients, whey, corn syrup, containers. president biden invoked the defense production act last week. >> carley: thank you. gas prices surging $4.59.
2:49 am
the president says the u.s. is going toward transition toward greener options. watch this. >> president biden: when it comes to the gas crisis, we're going through an incredible transition that is taking place, god willing when it is over, we'll be stronger and the world be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over. this will be a haul, it will take some time. >> carley: here to discuss is brian brenberg. he called it incredible transition, that to me signals a positive thing? >> brian: what he means, higher prices are part of the plan. they have always been part of the plan for him. he wants you to pay for his green dream transition. remember the word transitory we saw last year, carley, it is back and transitioned. the president is trying to make america believe he has a path out of this.
2:50 am
he doesn't. he doesn't want a path out. he wants americans to change how they live, if they have to pay through the nose to do it, he's fine with that. this is discouraging. we're not going to come out stronger if we stay on this path. we're going to come out bankrupt. americans cannot afford the energy prices we're paying. businesses can't afford it. we will not be able to shop the way we want to shop, that means we end in recession sooner rather than later. >> carley: big headline in the "washington post" last week that didn't get as much attention as it deserves. biden administration easing restriction on venezuelan oil. chevron could sell venezuelan oil, is that what we need right now, oil from venezuela? >> brian: he has nothing for them but scorn, calling them
2:51 am
price gougers, he'll go to venezuela, go talk to dictators to get oil, carley. is this the transition we want from clean u.s.-produced energy to energy produced by dictators in iran and venezuela and across the world? that is the kind of policy we're geting from this administration. it is interesting, he said god willing, we'll get through this yesterday. that is right on the money. it the take a miracle with this administration and the policy they are pursuing for the american economy to come out stronger and it is enforced error. we can handle our needs right here. >> carley: so many needs, current cost of diesel record high $5.55. we're looking, staring down the barrel of $6 a gallon gas this year. certainly more to come on this gas topic. got to leave it there. thank you for joining us.
2:52 am
>> brian: okay. good to see you. >> carley: you, too. suspected terrorist released at the border, another criminal slipping through the cracks of biden's border policy. >> todd: wait until you hear how long he was roaming around this country before he was arrested. tomi lahren reacting to that report next. this country before arrested. tomi lahren reacting to that report next. around this country was arrested. tomi lahren reacting to that report next. rarrested. tomi lahren reacting to that report next. earrested. tomi lahren reacting to that report next. -arrested. tomi lahren reacting to that report next. freport next. oxrepo. x newreport next. s report next. ex. . . . . . . . .
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talk to your doctor and say yess to linzess. learn how abbvie and ironwood could help you save on linzess. ♪ >> todd: a democrat socialist running in washington state urging to break into homes as a way to end homelessness housing for all bill then imagine you, me and a million of our friends took actions and occupied empty houses nationwide. >> carley: fox nation host tomi lahren joins us live. she is suggesting breaking into homes to combat the homeless crisis. this is a serious problem. is that a serious solution?
2:57 am
>> well, this person also refers to themselves as a democrat socialist. i think that you know my answer to that one. but, listen, guys, this also is the mindset of the radical democrat party or at least the voices that comprise the majority of the radical democrat party and speak for the democrat party arrests a whole. they believe that if you don't have something, you might as well just take it. now, the leaders of their party have made this nation unaffordable for most average americans. but instead of advocating for affordability and bring prices down to ease the homeless prices and problems in washington, california and elsewhere. they believe if you don't have it you might as well just take it forget all those americans out there that bust their butts day in and day out to afford their mortgage and rent and fill up their gas tank in biden's unaffordable america. these democrats don't believe those people matter. no why not be lawless and take what you want. >> todd: next going into a restaurant break in when you want food on and on it goes.
2:58 am
unbelievable. meantime, tomi, turning to the border crisis, fox news exclusively learning that a suspected terrorist was released into the u.s. by agents and wasn't arrested for two weeks. so, if this is the one guy that we know of, that we actually caught, how many suspected terrorists like this are not getting rearrested and are walking the streets of our country right now? >> that should be the question for this administration on a daily basis and i hope that we're asking it. but, listen, two weeks, imagine the terror that this person could have inflicted in those two weeks. imagine a national incident, a tragedy that could have occurred. i will tell you what though, i spent a lot of time with ice agents in california at sanctuary state, and something like this is actually par for the course. where ice agents basically have to beg and ask permission to arrest criminal aliens on a daily basis. this is a problem. this is a systemic problem not only with this administration but with law enforcement agencies in general. it's only going to get worse as our agencies are inundated.
2:59 am
title 42 ends. we will see a run on our border like we have never seen before. and i shutter to think who is going to slip through the cracks. >> carley: the biden administration found solution to the problem remain in mexico policy. the biden administration is currently if there front of the supreme court trying to fight it from being implemented. >> carley: and what's the excuse for that? that's another question this administration should be asked and should be forced to answer every single day, especially leading up to midterms. why do you want our border to be open? why do you want lawlessness at the southern border? why i do not want to know who is coming into our country? this administration has advocated for over two years for americans to give up our rights and freedoms in the name of health and safety. and they can't even protect our own country at our border. it is unacceptable. this shoud be a huge election issue. let's hope we don't have a national tragedy before we are able to change those in power. >> carley: it certainly is an election issue. there is going to be a lot of voting in texas, georgia,
3:00 am
minnesota, arkansas and alabama. i think it's on the minds of voters across the country. tomi, we have to leave it there thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you guys. >> carley: another tomi tuesday. >> todd: i will take a really long nap and go on gutfeld. a really long nap. >> carley: that is a long nap. for right now "fox & friends" starts. have a good day, everybody. >> sean: voters are headed to the polls with a number of key primaries on the ballot. >> everyone has georgia on their minds brian kemp and david perdue. >> got to get out and win, and win big. >> this race is bigger than me. bigger than brian kemp. it's about the future of our country. >> stacey abrams dissparges the state she wants to lead. >> i'm tired of hearing we are the best state in the country when this is the worst place to live. >> why are you running for governor if this is the worst place to live? >> the white house


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