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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  May 24, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> the all american summer concert series is returning to fox square. >> you can hear it now. lee greenwood will be kicking off the summer series this friday. if you're in new york city come on by. it's fro to attend. >> free barbecue so you don't have to wait. >> be sure to tune into fox news tonight. >> dana: a jam-packed election day following primaries in five states with a match-up taking place in georgia. i'm dana perino and bill has time off. martha is here. >> good morning. bill is off. >> dana: i don't know if you've seen bill and bret doing a show together. we're breaking the mold this morning. >> that would be great. today is a big day. a lot going on on the election front and a bruising campaign in georgia. brian kemp appears to be in the
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driver's seat in the peach state against his trump backed challenger former senator david perdue and a showdown to come this fall with stacey abrams. >> we're in a fight for the soul of our state. >> we win this primary and -- >> dana: following a runoff in texas. henry cuellar is fending off a challenge with the backing of the party's progressive wing including aoc and bernie sanders. >> gillian: another big race is in alabama. three candidates vying for the seat vacated by richard shelby. a late surge by mo brooks is making this a close race now with three strong candidates there again a runoff could be in the cards. >> dana: that race is interesting to watch. team fox coverage. we're in alabama.
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and also texas. let's begin in atlanta yeah, georgia with mark meredith is standing by. good morning. >> there are a lot of notable races to watch in georgia today. perhaps the one getting the most attention the race underway right now to be georgia's republican governor nominee. incumbent brian kemp facing a challenge from david perdue. former president trump is backing perdue in this race. we have also seen this come down to a lot of criticism from the former president about the election from 2020 when georgia went blue back then. last night governor kemp was campaigning with former vice president mike pence and while pence did not attack his former boss and friend he hinted at the awkwardness of this race while also urging georgia republicans to stay the course. >> elections are about the future. now, there are those who want to make this election about the past. >> here in georgia governor brian kemp means jobs, jobs, jobs.
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>> the winner of today's primary will face off against stacey abrams in november. she is run than unopposed in today's democratic primary but facing criticism over comments over the weekend where she said georgia was the quote worst state in the country to live. she is due to hold a news conference within the next hour and look to see if she tries to clarify those remarks and georgia's republican senate nom know, herschel walker has president trump's endorsement. held a strong lead. republican opponents are urging georgians to decide if his lack of political experience could be a liability. the winner of the race will face off against warnock this fall. hard to tell based on the polling location but early voting has broken records. we expect to see a lot of people at the polls today and a lot of focus on the secretary of state race. georgia changed a lot of voters laws after the 2020 election. >> dana: a little side bar story but important one on the
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voting process in georgia. we'll talk to one of the candidates who is hoping to become the next governor of georgia, former republican senator david perdue will join us in just a few minutes. >> meanwhile in south texas where congressman henry cuellar is in a heated battle against challenger. grady tremble following this in laredo, texas. good morning. >> congressman cuellar is a moderate democrat and often goes against his own party on issues like abortion and border security. his opponent jessica used to be his intern and now much farther to the left than he is. in the days and weeks leading up to this runoff she has tried to paint him as someone more of a conservative than a democrat. >> there are so many issues i knew that people in the district if they knew what kind
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of representation they were receiving wouldn't get their vote. people are finally paying attention and holding him accountable. >> she is endorsed by congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, senator bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. cuellar has the backing of nancy pelosi and jim clyburn even though his home was raided by his home in january. he is the only pro-life democrat in the house. >> we are going to have democratic nominees like henry cuellar to help get things across the finish line. >> he is not pro-choice but we passed the bill with what we had. >> there is also a runoff on the republican side here in the 28th district of texas between
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garcia and witten who ran last time around. a heavily democrat district and will most likely become the victory for whoever is on the democrat -- the winner of this runoff on the democratic side, martha. >> thank you very much. grady trimble. >> dana: a little sound affect horn, ready. interesting cisneros used to intern for cuellar and at 28 challenging a former boss. >> a big indicator for how much the abortion issue will play into the coming elections and whether or not it becomes something that democrats can hang onto when they have so many other head winds against them with inflation and everything else. it is also just so interesting to me when i listened to his report when he said he is the only pro-life house democrat out of all of them. that is something that has changed dramatically over the last 15 years.
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>> dana: it was very different when i was there. aoc her stamp of approval is helping is call for number one, summer lee has won the race against irrelevant within, the democratic primary there. but don't think that that is a sure bet for democrats. there is a republican named mike doyle. outgoing democratic congressman is named mike doyle. and she could give somebody a run for her money. >> the poor guy didn't want to run. mike doyle. the new mike doyle has a shot in the race in pennsylvania. >> dana: we'll keep you updated. president biden wrapping up his trip in asia along with some economic crises waiting for him in washington the president considering going into the diesel reserve as he
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appeared to praise high gas prices as an incredible transition. >> the president's confusing comments over taiwan completely overshadowed the other news he made in his press conference. he was asked if he was headed toward a recession and talking about these gas prices as if the rough patch we're working through is not to ultimately bring the prices down but to go all electric. >> president biden: here is the situation. when it comes to the gas prices, we're going through an incredible transition that is taking place and god willing when it's over we and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over. >> today a gallon of regular hit $4.59, a record high. last month 4.12. last year 3.03. diesel is worse, 5.55 a gallon. last year it was 3.17. because truckers and farmers
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are so dependent on diesel the white house says an emergency declaration is prepared for president biden to release diesel from the nation's reserves if it becomes necessary to bridge what they call short-term supply shortfalls. but biden announced in march he would release a million barrels of oil each day from the strategic petroleum reserve to bring down gas prices. it has made no impact and critics say the green energy push is more than americans can afford. >> he wants americans to fundamentally change how they live and if they have to pay through the nose to do it, he is fine with that. that is incredibly discouraging because we're not going to come out of this stronger if we stay on this path. we'll come out of it bankrupt. >> in some parts of the country a gallon of regular costs as much as the federal minimum wage of 7.25 an hour. all of this as travelers head into memorial day weekend, dana. >> dana: quite a trip.
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thank you, jacqui. >> border patrol released a suspected terrorists who crossed into the united states illegally last month. that according to a leaked memo that has been obtained by fox news. the migrant was released in yuma, arizona and recaptured two whole weeks later in florida. so where were the cracks in this system is the big question? bill melugin on the border with the exclusive details from his report being. hi, bill. >> important to point out the only reason we know about incident is because a federal source was willing to come forward with documents about what happened. look at the mug shot. columbian citizen. on april 18th he was released into the u.s. and ice fits him with a gps monitor. three days after that release april 21 the f.b.i. terrorist screening center i.d.s him on the terror watch list and
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referred to ice in florida where he resettled. two weeks later on may 4 ice gets the green light to rearrest him. on may 6 arrest happens, taken down in florida, booked into the local jail there and on may 9 released from jail back to ice custody. i asked how does something like this happen? why did it take so long to pick him up? they didn't answer the question but said when we receive additional derogatory information from law enforcement partners dhs and federal partners take swift action to apprehend those individuals. after receiving additional law enforcement information ice in coordination with federal and local law enforcement promptly detained this individual who was already under supervision via a gps monitoring device. tom homan said there is nothing prompt for waiting to weeks to rearrest him and it is a major national security breach. >> agents have told me their
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command the process -- they're not waiting for responses to the terrorist screening center when they run these people through the checks because the focus of this administration is to process, release quickly. so there doesn't appear to be overcrowding or a crisis. >> now i also reached out to florida governor ron desantis's office. they tell us their reaction is we demand to know why dhs released a suspected terrorist in the u.s. and allowed him to live freely in florida for weeks. how many more known or suspected terrorists has the biden administration allowed into our country? that's one of the questions i put to dhs. can they confirm that no other known or suspected terrorists have been released into the country since early last year? they did not answer that question. they do tell us, garcia motto is in ice custody as we speak right now. send it back to you. >> it raises the question how many others like him could potentially be out there and as
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tom homan makes the point it has gotten to be a sloppy process given to rush to get the people processed. bill melugin in texas. >> dana: manhunt intensifies for the deadly new york city subway shooting sunday. he has a rap sheet a mile long. >> the white house in cleanup mode after the president says that the united states would get involved militarily if china were to invade taiwan. what's all the confusion doing to our credibility overseas? senator tom cotton weighs in next. >> dana: shocking video is going viral. a united airlines worker slugging it out with a former nfl player. what happened? s getting graded on her green investments with merrill. a-plus. still got it. (whistle blows) your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. the ergo smart base from tempur-pedic® responds to snoring- automatically.
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>> mr. president is the
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strategic ambiguity toward taiwan dead? >> president biden: no. >> can you explain? >> president biden: no. >> mr. president, -- >> president biden: the policy has not changed at all. i said that when i made my statement yesterday. >> dana: president biden insisting u.s. policy toward taiwan has not changed after the white house walked back his comments yesterday. if china attacked taiwan the u.s. would attack the island militarily. tom cotton is the member of the intelligence and senate armed services committees. when the united states has had this idea of strategic ambiguity for a long time. is it time to put it aside and address the issue in a more clarified manner? >> yes, it is. the policy that joe biden seems to have stumbled on yesterday or for that matter two times in the past nine months is the correct policy for the united
6:20 am
states now. china is our number one competitor. taiwan is the most dangerous flash point in the world. for many years we had so-called strategic ambiguity because the chinese military is not capable of executing the invasion of taiwan. that's not the case anymore. the best way to deter a war over taiwan before it happens is strategic clarity to make it absolutely clear that the united states will come to taiwan's aid. unfortunately what we've seen with president biden now three times in nine months is not strategic ambiguity or clarity, it is muddled and confused ambiguity. three times president biden has seemed to change u.s. policy only to have anonymous white house staff immediately correct him. the worst of both worlds because it gives provocation without deterrence. you can see how it provoked beijing yesterday in their response. but beijing probably doesn't think that joe biden is really willing to go defend taiwan given the fact that he allows
6:21 am
his anonymous aides to rush out and change it. the worst of all possible worlds. >> martha: good to have you with us this morning. this is the reaction from the chinese state council's taiwan affairs office. it says the u.s. is quote using the taiwan card to contain china and will itself get burned? a number of editorials in the journal and post that suggest that if the president is going to answer these questions this way, that we would be in a defensive military mode for taiwan, that there is a lot that needs to be done to prepare us for that kind of potential confrontation and defense. do you agree? >> i do agree, martha. i think the president should clean up this mess himself. as i said yesterday, since he has made this mistake three times in nine months with his white house staff cleaning it up immediately he needs to give a careful, deliberate speech from a prepared text that he
6:22 am
releases in advance that makes it perfectly clear to the entire world that the united states's new policy is strategic clarity. we will come to taiwan's aid. words are not enough. we need to increase our defense budget especially to increase the kinds of weapons systems that we would need to deter china in the western pacific. we also need the taiwanese to step up their military readiness make sure they have the weapons that we give to ukraine in advance and making sure their military has a large and capable reserve force, the kind of reserve army that countries like israel or finland have. they're next to large, aggressive neighbors as well. those are the steps we need to take in addition to making this policy change. but it starts with joe biden being perfectly clear without any confusion at all that this is the united states policy. otherwise as i said we have the
6:23 am
worst of both worlds, provocation without deterrents. >> dana: maybe i will give you an opportunity to explain what is the united states strategic national interest? why does it matter so much to us about taiwan? why would we want to have this -- we understand the chinese is our number one enemy even you could say. but for people out there wondering what's different about taiwan than any other country? >> china is our number one enemy in the world that's one difference. second, taiwan is geographically vital to access the western pacific where so much of our economic prosperity is based. if china can take taiwan it has what douglas mcarthur called an unsinkable aircraft carrier. we have so many place south korea, japan, fill poo*ens. it is an advanced industrial democracy with a company that
6:24 am
produces the most hi-tech semi conductor chips in the world. the only place now the chips are made. if china were to get its hands on that it would threaten the prosperity of all americans. finally, if china were able to seize taiwan, there is no telling where it would stop. again that's a much harder operation than threats on land because that's across the taiwanese strait. if the u.s. lets them execute the hardest military operation it would imperil all of our partners in the east and south asia. >> dana: thank you for being here. >> martha: in new york a manhunt continues for a suspect in an unprovoked new york city subway killing. police are looking for andrew abdullah in connection with the death of daniel -- abdullah has four prior arrests, may eric
6:25 am
adams. >> going to visit a family member. a person walks up to you and shoots you for no reason. that is the worst nightmare. it is my responsibility to keep new yorkers safe. >> martha: that's exactly what new yorkers want. we'll speak with the family of the victim daniel, who want to speak out about what happened to their loved one and they will join us here next hour. >> dana: bombshell testimony in the trial of former clinton campaign lawyer michael sussman. why is network news turning a blind eye? election day grudge match underway in georgia. can david perdue come from behind to beat brian kemp? we'll ask him about that and more as georgians make their voices heard? >> democrats are doing nothing about crime. inflation is sky high. our money is running away because of the stock market and people older than me their
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>> martha: wall street hoping they can pick up where they left off yesterday as stocks jumped 600 points. huge relief to everyone's 401ks. a tough ride over a couple of weeks followed a huge sell-off that left the dow dangerously close to bear market, 20% pullback from the highs. the big board this morning off about 150 points right now. a lot of ground to make up for here. the nasdaq and s&p sharply lower since the start of the year. the ugly tale of the tape. >> dana: good thing you're here. you can explain the financial stuff. the georgia primary spotlighting the divide between former president trump and his former vice president. pence endorsed kemp and trump is backing david perdue. welcome. glad to have you here.
6:32 am
wanted to get you on the screen so we have enough time to talk to you. in the polls running up to this you've been down by as much as double digits and i'm wondering as you sit here on election day is there anything you wish you would have done differently as you ran this campaign? >> good morning, dana. not at all. this has been a race of people versus politicians. you see pence coming in all the other governors. the rhino establishment politicians, the career politicians coming to georgia to make their case. in georgia people are upset about how our career politicians have treated us over the last couple years and why i got in the race. we've taken our message to the people. i'm running against an incumbent governor struggling to get to 50%. the polls haven't picked up the mood of the people. they aren't talking to half of the voters who voted early. half of the people who voted so far in early voting 19 days of early voting did not vote in
6:33 am
2018. by definition these pollsters exclude those when they are talking. we believe there is a move in georgia now, something special going on here. evidence of that is early voting. i'm encouraged about today and a lot of people will turn out that people don't expect to turn out and vote. >> dana: i know yesterday you said you would except the results only if there were no signs of fraud. georgia certainly revamped its election laws. turnout that's breaking records for both parties, which is a good thing to see. but do you have any reason to believe there has been fraud? >> not in that election not yet. what i said my number one goal getting involved in this governor's race was to make sure stacey abrams is never governor of georgia and not a candidate for president of the united states. abrams does not care about what happens in georgia or the people of georgia. she wants a stepping stone to become president. what i've said is i will support brian kemp if he wins today. my main thrust in this whole thing is to make sure we get to the bottom of what happened in
6:34 am
2020. prosecute people who violated the law and make sure they come to justice. in standing up to stacey abrams we want to make sure the woke mob gets out of our schools. eliminate state income state and prosecute people who broke voting laws in georgia. >> dana: yesterday i was preparing for the show today and saw perdue trending on twitter. one of the reasons is here is something you said yesterday on a radio appearance. listen here. >> georgia is the worst place in the country to live she said. she ain't from here. let her go back where she came from. she should never be considered for material of a governor of any state much less our state where she hates to live. >> dana: she responded to that on joy reid's show. >> ly stand on my record and my work and i will stand in the space where i have lived for -- i've been back for more than 20
6:35 am
years andly tell you, i love georgia. i've been to every county in the state and what i hear from person after person after person is they just want a chance to thrive. i challenge every republican to focus on a little bit of rhetoric and show me in your record. >> dana: will she be a formible candidate for the republican if you or kemp pull it out? >> of course. she committed fraud in 2020. we think we've gotten a lot of that covered in some of the state laws that have been passed but we've got to be diligent and get somebody who can stand up to her and why i got in this race yeah, dana. our governor divided our state how he allowed her to take over the elections in 2020. denied anything happened and covering it up. we need somebody to pull the republican party to beat her like i did. we kept in with record turnout in 2020 the 47 1/2% of the electorate. this is not a blue state no
6:36 am
matter what she said. it's the hypocrisy she said all along. one day she hates being in georgia. the worst place to live and the next place they loves georgia. she will say anything she has to to get elected. the hypocrisy of the democrat platform that she is going to represent. >> dana: she ran unopposed. you are in a race with governor kemp. have you spoken to president trump who backed you early? have you spoken to him today? >> not yet this morning. i have a call after this hit but last night we had tens of thousands of people on a telephone rally. he called to georgia and told people to get out and vote like he did in virginia before youngkin won that race. >> dana: thanks for being here. talk to you soon. >> martha: let's look at alabama where you have three republicans that are leading the pack in a hotly contested race to replace retiring senator richard selby. it appears likely to go to a runoff. we're live in montgomery with a look at this race today.
6:37 am
hi, aishah. >> good morning, martha. from ruby red alabama where the polls are open and as you mentioned by the time the polls close tonight we do not expect there to be a clear republican nominee for u.s. senate. that's because of all the candidates. we are not expecting any of them to reach that 50% threshold to avoid a runoff next month. here is a look now at the top gop contenders for this race. katie britt is leading the pack in the most recent poll. she is senator shelby's former chief of staff. watch out for mo brooks seeing a late surge and mike dur ants is battling for second place. each candidate trying to prove they're the most conservative. brooks highlighted his record in congress while he has been tying durant. he has been seeing a lot of
6:38 am
negative ads while saying britt is not conservative at all. no one has former president trump's favor yet. brooks lost trump's endorsement back in march and senator ted cruz of texas showed up in alabama yesterday to stump for brooks and explain why experience matters more. >> every republican candidate on earth professes their allegiance to president trump. i love donald trump. no, no, i love donald trump even more, no i have donald trump tattooed on my rear end. [laughter] after a while talk is cheap. >> we're watching the governor's race, hotly contested one. ivy has a lead but facing eight opponents including lynndie blanchard a former ambassador under president trump. that race, martha, expected to go into a runoff next month. >> martha: big day.
6:39 am
thank you very much from montgomery, alabama today. >> dana: an international manhunt is underway for the woman suspected of killing a rising star in pro-cycling. police say it was an act of jealous rage. nancy pelosi speaking out after being denied communion because of her stance on abortion rights. we'll talk about that next. a-plus. still got it. (whistle blows) your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail. no one should suffer like that.
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nationwide. so you can power your business to do more. find the perfect solution for your business. getting guns off our streets. one democrat's determined to get it done. attorney general rob bonta knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early.
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too extreme, too conservative for california.
6:44 am
>> martha: wild video out of new york airport in new jersey. an argument that turned violent. look at this, look at this. that's not -- former denver broncos player getting into a fight with a united airlines employee. he says the employee swung first. this went on for several minutes. go lord. he hit him so hard he fell over and looks like he stumbled and bleeding when he gets up. the employee was fired and langley was arrested. there is a lot of questions how all of that got started. how about that passenger standing there with a cell phone rolling the entire time? >> dana: i don't like it. >> martha: you feel like that sometimes at the airport. >> dana: i would have been
6:45 am
crying and pleading please stop. house speaker nancy pelosi reacting earlier today after the archbishop of san francisco banned her from receiving communion in her home parish because of her pro-choice stand on abortion. >> i wonder about death penalty, which i'm opposed to, so is the church but they take no action against people who may not share their view. >> martha: jonathon morris is a fox news contributor and theologian. good morning to you. what do you make of nancy pelosi's argument there first of all that the death penalty is not -- people are not withheld from communion for their stance on the death penalty? >> a straw man argument. there is no legislator in even the state of california nonetheless in her archdiocese of san francisco who is proposing greater laws in favor of the death penalty. what her archbishop is doing
6:46 am
right now is saying actually it's my responsibility if you are in my archdiocese and you are proclaiming to be a practicing catholic, if you are publicly going to communion and that entails being in agreement with the church's major teachings, right, on faith and morals, i have to tell you, you shouldn't be doing that. and he has tried over and over again to do this in a private way saying please, just either don't call yourself a practicing catholic and saying this is actually good, or stop promoting those things. >> martha: two quick points. because of what's going on with roe v. wade this is an issue the church is now put in a position where they need to take a strong stand on it and explain to people what the stance is. just one quick thought on this argument about the death penalty it seems to me that nancy pelosi is acknowledging that the comparison is life, right to life, right? she is saying you can't
6:47 am
withhold communion from someone who is pro-death penalty. you are equating that to abortion would be a question of the right to live. >> you are absolutely right. what if there is a legislator who is saying i'm in favor -- i'm a catholic or part of the united methodist church and i am in favor of laws that would bring slavery back. would the head of the united methodist church, should that leader say do whatever you want or say don't call yourself a member of the united methodist church if you are promoting slavery. you can't do it. that's exactly what is happening in san francisco. the archbishop is saying nancy pelosi, choose what you wish. do you want to be a practicing catholic or do you not? if you want to be a practicing catholic, stop doing something that goes directly against a major tenet of the faith protecting life. >> dana: whoopi goldberg
6:48 am
weighed in. >> this is not your job, dude. that is not -- you can't -- that is not up to you to make that decision. what is the saying? it is kind of amazing, but, you know, what is the point of communion, right? it's for sinners. it is for sinners. it's the reward of saints but the bread of sinners. how dare you? >> dana: she says that is not his job but i am lutheran, not catholic but i was reading this morning that is actually his job. >> she is saying it's not the archbishop's job. communion is for all of us, she is right. but it is the job -- it is in the job title of an archbishop, part of his main responsibilities to teach the faith and be a guardian of the sacraments to make sure the sacraments are not being abused and turned into a political
6:49 am
thing. what nancy pelosi is doing is politicizing her faith by saying actually i'm right and i'm going to go against my faith and say it is actually with my faith. i think that's terrible leadership on the part of nancy pelosi. i would also say that pope francis has a responsibility here. the bishops are being left in a very hard position. he needs to say if cannon law gives responsibility to the bishops to be guardian of the sacraments then they should be encouraged to do that or else canon law should be changed, right? pope francis has some responsibility here, too. >> dana: great to see you. thanks for coming in. on another topic the monkeypox outbreak is spreading in the u.s. 6 people across five states are confirmed or presumed to have the disease. phil keating is in florida where officials are investigating a second possible case. i said money pox but it's monkeypox. >> it is monkeypox.
6:50 am
the latest two cases are in south florida and possibly a third new case overnight happening in seattle, washington all of these people diagnosed are men gay or bisexual and all traveled internationally before being diagnosed. the symptoms are what you see here, leashons and bumps on your body. it is contagious with close contact with people like having sex or sharing a bed. it hasn't been seen in the u.s. since 2003. now possibly seven people are suspected of having it as health officials await lab results for absolute confirmation. one person in massachusetts, one in new york city, two in florida and two in utah. possible new one in washington this current outbreak started in europe and asia affecting people in 11 countries from australia to france, italy, portugal, spain. the world health organization says it is currently monitoring 130 patients worldwide and
6:51 am
another 100 suspected cases, mostly traced to two recent raves in europe. >> we have a strong scientific concern that monkeypox is a little different spreading this way than we've seen before. in terms of a public health concern are you right to note there are only a handful of cases being seen in the united states right now. we're actively doing surveillance to track them and make sure we're capturing cases. right now the case count is low. >> symptoms are flu-like, fever, massive headache and very, very much fatigue. but typically people get better in between 2 and 6 weeks dana. >> dana: good to see you. thank you so much. primary day in several states including georgia where one key race is seen as a big test of former president trump's endorsement. karl rove breaks it down next hour. a fox news exclusive. a man on the f.b.i.'s terror watch list released after
6:52 am
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6:57 am
visit and get started today. >> martha: back to this exclusive fox story this morning about a suspected terrorist who was let go at the arizona border with a gps monitor. that's what they did last month. three days later the f.b.i. flagged him after they had led him through the whole process and said he is on the terror watch list actually. look at this part of the timeline. after they determine he is on the terror watch list it takes two weeks for them to get authorization to arrest him, which they then promptly did within 48 hours in florida on may 6. a two-week gap that is the most shocking part about this story. tom homan former acting ice director this morning.
6:58 am
how did this happen? you would think -- dhs claims they do layered vetting when they allow people into the country. what happened here? >> this case proves they don't. i've been saying for over a year this border crisis is much more than a humanitarian crisis, much more than an immigration crisis. when you flood the border with these many illegal aliens unprecedented amount of people coming across, it has resulted in 70% -- 7 out of 10 border patrol agents are no longer patrolling the line. they're processing and leaves the border wide open for bad guys including terrorists to cross the border. now border patrol. i talked to many border patrol agents are under such pressure to process quickly because they don't want to have the optics with haitians under the bridge. they're concerned about the optics of the crisis. border patrol agents have said process quickly so there
6:59 am
doesn't appear to be overcrowding and nothing to see here, no crisis. this is an example. they released the guy before the vengt was cleared. only later to find out two days later he is hot, on the terror screening database. my question is how many more just like this are out there that they can't find because this administration won't tell them? >> martha: it's a very good question. how many more people have snuck in through the border who are on the terror watch list? we know how easy it is to get across this border. we need to amplify the point you made. the reason it gets sloppy in the process is because they are being asked to push people through as quickly as they possibly can because they don't want it to appear like they have thousands of people at the border. the thing that really strikes me the most, tom, when i look at the timeline and maybe we can -- you see these shocking numbers on the screen now. maybe pull this back up again. they determine that he is on the watch list. then it takes two weeks to authorize an arrest of him?
7:00 am
why would that take two weeks? >> i don't understand. when i was under president trump if this would have happened i would have officer deployed within the hour to find this guy and wouldn't have waited from approval from anybody. if he is a terrorist we're gone. if the white house held it up or dhs or ice held it up. i can say it would never happen under the trump administration and under my leadership. we would have been out there within an hour. the most scary about part about this we have recorded over 700,000 gotaways since joe biden became president. 161 countries, many countries sponsor terrorism. if you don't think a single one of those 700,000 that entered the country didn't come from a country that sponsored terrorism you ignore the data. how many of the 700,000 have entered the country to do us harm that we don't know who they are and where they are. >> martha: i think it's a
7:01 am
ticking time. people who lost loved ones because of people here illegally. it is about to happen again. tom, thank you very much. good to have you here this morning. >> thank you. >> dana: election day in georgia. the polls opened three hours ago. many eyes on the republican primary for governor seen as a big test of the power of former president trump's endorsement. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. bill is off today. so we have my friend martha. >> martha: we took over pretty much. i'm martha maccallum and great to be here with dana this morning. a big day. >> dana: a big political day. >> martha: you are seeing heavy turnout in the peach state for sure in early voting. a lot of big races that we keep an eye on here throughout the day and into this evening when we start to get results here. you have governor's race, u.s. senate race and georgia secretary of state going on in the peach state.
7:02 am
david perdue is challenging incumbent governor brian kemp. perdue was here last hour predicting victory moments ago in that interview with dana. watch this. >> i believe there is a move in georgia right now. something special is going on here and the evidence of that is early voting. i'm very encouraged about today and a lot of people will turn out that people don't expect to turn out and vote. >> dana: karl rove joining us in a moment. charles watson is live in atlanta covering the race for us. hi, charles. >> good morning, dana and martha. we have our eyes on a lot of races today including former georgia senator david perdue's bid to unseat governor brian kemp. for weeks perdue, who is trump's candidate in this race, has repeatedly attacked the governor on crime across the state and relentlessly kemp for his election loss in 2020. of course governor kemp has denied that he had the power to change election results and has so far survived perdue's attacks having until election day. we are also following the
7:03 am
georgia secretary of state's race where brad raffensperger is facing a tough primary challenge from jody hice. raffensperger has been a target of the former president after refusing trump's advances to overturn his 2020 election loss to president biden in georgia. that has drawn repeated attacks from hice who has mounted his campaign on claims that the 2020 election was stolen. raffensperger said he ran a safe and secure election and maintains any claims otherwise are false. >> he has lying for a year and a half and he hasn't offered a single piece of election reform legislation. hasn't done a thing. >> the georgia race for senate walker has established himself as the frontrunner with the support of trump and minority leader mitch mcconnell is
7:04 am
running against five other republicans who have criticized him for skipping out on debates and questioned his viability after an ex wife claimed he was assaulted by her and inflamed his finances and claims of business success. this weekend walker speaking to voters asked them to focus on policy. [[inaudible] >> and the winner of that senate race will likely square off against democratic senator raphael warnock who so far, dana, has amassed quite a war chest. >> dana: joining us for more on this fox news contributor karl rove. quickly some sound here about what georgian voters say are top priorities today. watch. >> immigration is one of the big ones. price of gas is a really big one. >> the end of the day we look
7:05 am
for candidates that support our pro-life values, our values of having a good economy. that everybody that young people can survive under. >> dana: this from a pollster on the david perdue/kemp race. with perdue it's hard to see how the race is over. he doesn't have commercials on tv and went dark two weeks ago. kemp is up. almost impossible to win a major race when a popular governor is bombarding you on tv and you are dark. perdue said he felt like he could at least force a runoff. how do you see it? >> you have to be optimistic if are you a candidate on the ballot and hope is to keep kemp to less than 50%. but kemp has run a brilliant campaign. he has made this about two things. one is his own record and vision for the state. strong economy, pro-life, pro-second amendment, election reform legislation, education laws, teacher pay raise. he has made a very substantive
7:06 am
agenda for his candidacy but he has also gone the offense against david perdue saying the issue is who can beat stacey abrams in the fall. the guy who lost to john ossoff in the special election in the runoff election for the u.s. senate is not the guy to beat stacey abrams and seems to me he has been winning that argument. the polls indicate he is likely to pass 50% of the vote today. >> martha: it also appears, karl. that kemp has threaded the needle on the trump issue. he has the backing of vice president pence and saying something interesting. he said you know, i'm -- president trump is mad at me but i'm not mad at him and i support the policies that he stood for. what do you think about his approach there? >> we saw the success of this approach in virginia why youngkin took the same attitude to say i agree with the president's policies and remained mum on everything else and won in a state in which president trump lost to president biden.
7:07 am
so this is a smart approach. he didn't want to take on the president directly or make it about the president's endorsement of david perdue. he wanted to make it about two people. himself, his record, and stacey abrams and who is best to beat her and a smart approach and i think it will result in a victory. i'm a friend of brian kemp's and contributed to his campaign and helped him in a campaign. i think he has run a very wise campaign. >> dana: let's go to texas, cuellar is being challenged by a former intern of his. he was endorsed by nancy pelosi and jim clyburn. he went down and campaigned for him. and cisneros has far left endorsements from bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and aoc. how do you see this one turning out? >> i thought it was interesting that speaker pelosi and clyburn intervened in this. they are afraid of losing the seat because not only is
7:08 am
cisneros endorsed by the squad members she is in favor of the green new deal. this is a gigantic oil district. this district is on the border and this is where democratic sheriffs and may ors and county officials are grappling with the impact of illegal immigration and she is in favor of abolishing the border patrol. talk about defunding the police carried to level number three. how could you be in favor of that? they're afraid if she wins the nomination this seat could very well fall into the hands of the republicans because this is the part of the state of texas where there was a huge change between 2016 and 2020. in 2016 these counties along the border were historically democrat and voted 60/40, 70/30 for hillary clinton. in 2020 they were a lot different. in fact, this county in the middle of all of this voted for a republican candidate for president for the first time
7:09 am
since warren g. harding was the nominee in 1920. they're worried about losing the seat and a reason why they came out in favor of a pro-life, pro second amendment, pro-domestic energy democrat. >> dana: thanks. >> martha: too bad he doesn't know any of those details. >> dana: with the historic reference to harding you get 20 points. we'll keep score through election season. >> martha: come play again soon. >> dana: revelations keep coming in the trial of mike at sussman. a former f.b.i. agent who was assigned to go after a link between trump and a russian bank. she said they she thought the info that came to her from the justice department not a clinton campaign attorney. david spunt is following the trial for us. hi, david. >> good morning. this f.b.i. agent was on the job not long at all when she was handed this massive assignment. her name is alison sands assigned to the bureau's office in chicago when somebody put on
7:10 am
her plate to look into the potential link between the trump organization and a russian bank. alison sands was on the stand for most of the time yesterday. she was told the information was coming from the department of justice, not michael sussman, who did once work at the department of justice. it is possible the wording was lost in translation by the f.b.i. but still it is quite a piece of the puzzle, dana and martha. michael sussman charged with lying to the f.b.i. claiming he had evidence of a secret communications back channel between the trump organization and alfa bank with ties to the kremlin. the f.b.i. found no organization of a trump organization/russia connection. sussman said he was delivering information on his own as a concerned citizen not on behalf of any clients but special counsel john durham says his team has plenty of evidence showed sussman build the clinton campaign for that meeting. also on the strand yesterday.
7:11 am
the former head of counter intelligence for the f.b.i. he was called as a government witness he may have hurt the government's case a bit. he couldn't remember much about michael sussman coming to the f.b.i. in 2016. more testimony today continues with f.b.i. agents. this trial expected to wrap by friday and could go into next week. we are waiting to see if the man himself, michael sussman, will testify. >> dana: thank you so much. david spunt. >> martha: scientists are raising concerns about the future of covid. why they say the virus could remain a fixture in our lives. >> dana: the deadline to trigger a recount in pennsylvania is hours away. what it could mean for the race between dr. mehmet oz and dave mccormick. >> martha: a draft letter by the national school board association soes it was thinking of asking the white house to deploy the military to monitor school board meetings. the stunning details and new developments in that story next. 'r turn to cash in
7:12 am
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7:17 am
>> >> my memory is not as good as it was. >> lingering issues. >> i sleep around 16 hours a day. >> we have a lot of concerns and we know very little about what's causing the trouble. >> dana: patients are long covid talking about their symptoms as researchers warn the virus is still evolving
7:18 am
with many twists and turns to come. molly line is reporting live from boston. >> researchers are having trouble grappling with the incomplete data. the ultimate conclusion dawn from experts across the globe is covid expected to be here for a long time and there are many people that can expect to get it over and over again. >> it's hard to envision a complete disappearance of this virus from the human population. >> that is a doctor adding that the coronavirus has proven adept at changing and reinfection strikes those that have already suffered. >> i think people should be prepared that they could be
7:19 am
infected multiple times over their lifetimes. >> he urges vaccination to combat severe disease. the prevalence of home testing and lack of reporting is making it difficult to track covid infections and reinfections. there are a handful of states trying. new york reporting more than 212,000 reinfections since december 13th and washington state more than 46,000 since september 1st. those numbers are expected to continue climbing as we are in the midst of another covid case surge with 16 states reporting an 80% increase in cases, eight states reporting an increase of 100% or higher. pre-schoolers are getting closer to vaccine eligibility. pfizer is submitting data advocating for a three-dose regimen for the youngest set of the population. >> dana: lots to learn and keep talking about. >> martha: a trouble revelation from an independent review by
7:20 am
the national school boards association found the organization had planned to ask the white house to send military to monitor school board meetings. where the board likeened angry parents to domestic terrorists. the draft says we ask the army national guard and military police be deployed to certain school districts and events where students and school personnel have been subjected to acts and threats of violence. we bring in the man who is the expert and center of a lot of this discussion, senior advisor for america first legal and great to have you with us. what is your reaction to this early draft that suggested gee, it would be great if we could get the military into the school board meetings to calm things down? >> it is appalling that the national school boards association would suggest mobilizing the american military to go into school
7:21 am
board meetings because angry parents are exercising their first amendment right. i watched dozens, if not hundreds of school board meetings and attended them. yes they're heated and passionate. no, it doesn't rise to the level of bringing in the national guard to deal with this. this is an -- this would have been an ask by the nsba to the federal government to effectively go after parents for exercising their constitutional rights. it has a chilling effect and it is frightening. >> martha: i'm thinking about some of the terrible behavior that we saw, the rioting and people's store fronts being broken with glass and people threatened and assaulted in the streets and i remember when senator tom cotton suggested that maybe there should be a military response and the outrage that that was met with. now to in full disclosure this is what the national school board association director says in response to this,. he says the letter contradicts
7:22 am
our core commitments to parent engagement and local control and nonpartisanship. the sentiments shared in this letter don't share the views of the nsba. we don't advocate for that at local school board meetings. what do you make of that response to this early draft of a prior letter? >> well the actual draft did request federal law enforcement. it requested counter terrorism means to go after parents and to look into parents at school board meetings. the fact of the matter is the biden administration worked with the nsba to draft this letter or to get it out there and america first legal we foiled any active threats from the department of justice they had at the time merrick garland testified and there were none. the department of justice, white house got all of this from newspaper articles. if you go to the nsba letter most of those articles were angry parents.
7:23 am
there might have been one or two where there was an issue of disorderly conduct. one whose daughter was sexually assault you had the month before. when they say you are citing the domestic terrorism statute in your letter to the biden administration. this looks like a cya from the nsba. i think when republicans retake the house they'll find themselves in congressional hearings. >> martha: you make a great point. when you look at what actually happened in the instances there wasn't anything that wasn't easily handled by local law enforcement or people on the scene. then you have this real overreaction from the attorney general merrick garland asking the f.b.i. to collaborate on the threats that existed. it is a stunning story and keeps finding new developments here. ian prior, thank you very much. good to speak with you. >> thank you. >> dana: students and staff at philadelphia public schools are once again required to mask up.
7:24 am
officials made the decision to resume the mask mandate after a recommendation from the city's department of public health. "new york times" reports philadelphia county covid cases are up 42% from two weeks ago and i think we were talking earlier the cdc has said unless you are wearing the surgical n-95 masks they aren't working. >> they said that. they said the only thing that will really protect you is an n-95. they have said in softer language, something is better than nothing. things along those lines but i think there will be a lot of pushback to this. >> dana: is no one weighing the consequences of the mask mandate policies for children? i'm reading about it everywhere. psychologists are saying it's causing a real problem. >> martha: i would like to see them talk about summer school. the deficit is how far behind students have fallen and a lot of focus on this and not a lot of focus on catching them up. >> dana: you caught on to that early on and i am paying attention a while ago.
7:25 am
>> martha: a serious issue. >> dana: the family of an innocent man randomly shot to death on a new york city subway is asking for answers from city hall. two grieving relatives of the victim will join us next. >> sitting down, going to brunch, going to visit a family member, a person walks up to you and shoots you for no reason. if you're a veteran, own your home, and need cash, call newday usa. i'm tatiana, here to say you can get an average of $60,000 with the newday 100 cash out loan. that's at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank. it lowers your payments by an average of $600 a month, too. with today's soaring home values, the time to turn your equity into cash is right now.
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7:30 am
♪i've been everywhere, man.♪ ♪of travel i've had my share, man.♪ ♪i've been everywhere.♪ ♪♪ >> it is my responsibility to keep new yorkers safe. my heart goes out to that family. i am sorry that they lost their loved one. we have to continue to make sure that we are not losing loved ones. >> dana: mayor eric adams pledging to protect the people of new york after the last horrific crime in the city. police intensifying the manhunt for the suspect in the shooting. they are searching for this man
7:31 am
abdullah in this attack. he has 19 prior arrests. daniel enriquez was killed heading to a brunch on sunday. his family is devastated and furious at city hall for the rampant crime on new york's transit system. his sister and brother-in-law join us. our grief for your loss and thank you for being here to talk about this. i want to talk about your brother in a moment. first, when you were first commenting about this story you assumed that the shooter would have been in jail before and been released and that if he got caught he might be released again. you turned out to be right. if abdullah is the suspect he has 19 prior arrests including a gun charge, assault, robbery, menacing and grand larceny. you might not have wanted to be right but you were right. how did you know that?
7:32 am
>> it has been almost a year since i witnessed a shooting in my own neighborhood. and cooperating with the police, i had the opportunity to see people who have been arrested and convicted in my neighborhood and i asked the police officer it looks like the same person and he said it is. they keep committing crimes and they keep returning to the same neighborhoods and they are violent and they are aggressive and so after everything was said and done, when i went to the police at the precinct they said he is already out. so the man who shot somebody in public at 2:30 in the afternoon, by 11:00 was free to go in the new york state in my neighborhood. and i had to deal with that for
7:33 am
almost a year thinking, you know, crime is going down, we're going through the pandemic, i am trying to hold it together for my kids. we moved to a great neighborhood. we have a lot of friends. we do community service. i work in queens to be closer to my school and my students. so when this happened, i didn't want it to be true. i didn't even want to find out. i thought the police were going to say it was a car accident. >> dana: right. >> i'm only meeting with the press because i'm pleading that this not happen to another new yorker. that it does not happen to another family. i don't want my brother just to be a passing name in the media,
7:34 am
a passing name in our normalcy post pandemic. >> dana: we don't want that, either. daniel enriquez your brother's name. the mayor said that he thanks god he is the mayor right now and for those of us who are in the city, you now have his and our undivided attention. what do you want him to know from you? >> i think the big thing is everybody needs to work on priorities. before you go after chocolate plant and mrabt vegan lifestyle options go to albany and say they've unleashed chaos on the city. it's not equity when you have more random victims. that's tyranny and it has to be addressed and stopped. >> dana: there is a crimestoppers tip line. the suspect andrew abdullah wearing a dark jacket, and mask
7:35 am
at the time. you came back to new york after you were away for a while and one of the reasons you came back is you were close to your family. and you and your brother really overcame a lot. tell us a little bit about growing up with him and all that he achieved. >> so my parents are mexican american. they came to new york because they had family here from the 60s. we're catholic, we speak spanish, we read the bible every day. the church from where we were born and spent our childhood is around the corner. it's a huge community. one of the oldest catholic churches. the priest who married may parents married me. my -- four of us were born in brooklyn and when it was so
7:36 am
violent and the crime had spiked so much because both of my parents were attacked also. >> dana: you have been through a lot of violence in the city. >> so my parents and four kids they got up and left for california because it's california. hollywood hills, ocean. it was supposed to be a better life for us and it was great, wonderful and my brother being the oldest of five, he was always reading, he was always -- we always looked up to him. he always took care of us and made sure he took care of my mom, too. when i was 5 and he was 10-year-old he tookd like a super hero like superman. if somebody tried to hurt you, he would help you to protect yourself. he would help you to find solutions and so when california got so dangerous because our block was then half
7:37 am
blood and crips my parents made another sacrifice where can we move to have a safer place for now five children? all the while education was always a priority to my parents. my parents kept saying get a better education, you will have a better life than us. >> dana: daniel, your brother worked at goldman sachs. mayor adams will have a meeting with business leaders in the city. if you could ask them to do one thing to make sure that this is not as you said just a statistic, what do you want them to make a decision to do right away? >> i'm not very versed in city politics or planning but from my history the task force needs to be put in place. i spoke to mayor adams yesterday and i explained to him where negligence was prevalent and what happened on
7:38 am
sunday and where the miscommunication. i spoke to him and said there is no cooperation and when even this occurred on the train everyone fled because everyone is afraid right now. if you take the pulse of the city, everyone is afraid and yet we're forced because we didn't work remote, because we worked remote for so long we have to go back. for our children we have to go back to normalcy. we have to -- that should be our goal. in order to do that, nta, nypd, albany, the mayor, the governor, they all have to work to find out what they can do to minimize this crime and address it. the nobel reform, even that system is corrupted because there is no rehabilitation for these criminals. jail cannot possibly be the only rehabilitation because
7:39 am
it's my understanding that private prisons are just to make money. are you really working to help the citizen reenter? >> dana: against the suspect is andrew abdullah with 19 prior arrests. so we feel your sadness and glen, just want to make -- the parents are still living and there was a family text thread and daniel had sent a text an hour beforehand. >> he was always teaching himself new skills and texting. learn a new language and have a video of himself or learning guitar. he was constantly in self-improvement mode. >> we have a text just a subling and a text with my parents. sometimes i don't want the parents, so he texted the siblings like at 10:51 and said guys, check in on mom and dad. they aren't doing well. they are in their 70s and had
7:40 am
many complications. mom and dad always had hard physical labor jobs because their education was invalid. after my father went to get an associates in mathematics. he was smart. he got a city job and became a u.s. citizen. after he sent it to all of us he called my mom and my mom remembers vividly the conversation saying mom, you have to take care of yourself. you took care of five kids. >> dana: his memory will live on through all of you and your children and again our sympathies to all of you. thank you for being here. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having us. >> martha: you speak for so many people in new york and you speak so eloquently. i hope you continue to have the strength that god gives you the strength to speak out because we all feel for you and your loss of your brother. coming up here on "america's newsroom," we will talk about
7:41 am
the fact that diesel fuel supplies are in very short supply right now. the prices are escalating by the day and perhaps there are some solutions to that that the administration is working on. hillary clinton's 2016 campaign manager now admitting under oath that it was hillary clinton who approved spreading what they at that time said we couldn't really back it up. weren't sure it was true but she said share the story with the press. the mainstream media silent on this story mostly. media columnist joe concha is here to talk about why. >> no campaign manager, no candidate should ever sit at a table like this on a news program and say i don't know, the russians might have been the reason we lost the election. what's important is that it could have been the reason and that should never happen again. '. she's getting graded on her green investments with merrill. a-plus.
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the choice for attorney general is clear. democrat rob bonta has a passion for justice and standing up for our rights. bonta is laser focused on protecting the right to vote and defending obamacare. but what's republican eric early's passion? early wants to bring trump-style investigations on election fraud to california, and early says he'll end obamacare and guard against the growing socialist communist threat. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california. out-of-state corporations wrote too conservative an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
7:46 am
>> dana: as prices as the pump creep rising refinery are producing gas fuel and diesel. jeff flock from fox business live in philadelphia with the details on this. >> good morning to you. they make more money from refining jet fuel in the facility where they store the jet fuel for philadelphia
7:47 am
national airport. you haven't seen jet fuel. it is on fire. not literally and not in a good way. 4.49 a year ago, 6.90 in may up 54%. it gets passed along in the form of airfare to passengers, they were up 19% air fares last month. booksing down last month and some sign of capitulation to the high prices. people traveling by car instead. that's what they'll do this memorial day holiday. 82% of travelers will go by car. 87% say they'll travel with somebody else in a car pool this year trying to save money. 11% will go by electric car. i leave you with a piece of good news. that is that overnight gasoline prices went up over a tick about 2/10% still at 4.59 but still high.
7:48 am
like ordering a diet coke with your hot fudge sunday. it is nice but doesn't amount to much. >> dana: exactly, jeff. thank you so much. >> martha: the announcement that john kirby is moving from the pentagon to the west wing is causing an up roar inside the white house press office coming days after karine jean-pierre started her new job as white house press secretary. joe concha joins us. the democrat aide full screen we have here of a quote about all of this. there are people in the white house who feel that the timing of kirby's hiring demonstrates that white house leadership believes that the first african-american white house press secretary needs adult supervision. is that what you take away from this decision to put john kirby
7:49 am
in that influential spot in the white house? >> jean pierre is news but it was amateur hour in the briefing room last week. she was reading answers verbatim. for extended periods of times and sometimes the answers had nothing to do with the question asked. when a person reads answers there is no conviction, no confidence. jen psaki -- unless there are big improvements in jen pyre in a hurry you'll see kirby there. kirby should have been the only consideration for the jobs. he comes on this network and that's important when you want to reach as many voters as possible during an election year. i don't see jean-pierre making
7:50 am
too much appearances on fox news or other outlets. >> dana: we would love to have her and she would always be welcome here. i think the role they're creating for john kirby makes a ton of sense for the white house. they have so many national security issues on their plate all at once and he can come and be a strategic person to look across all those issues and maybe raise for them say we have to pay attention to these other things that are happening. that's my thought. she will have a chance to be back at the podium next week. all this news out of the michael sussman trial. i thought it was huge news but hillary clinton is now to be the one who said go out and spread this information, get it to the f.b.i. and the media and yet no one in the media covered it. we have a little here. no coverage from nbc, cbs, msnbc and then on may 15th, 11 minutes on cnn. that the stunning when you have hillary clinton who got so much
7:51 am
coverage beforehand now are silent? >> it's amazing. remember, the abc and nbc and cbs evening newscast attract 20 million people. the bias is readily apparent saying we covered it online. it doesn't cut it. can you imagine for five seconds if the names were switched and it was instead of clinton campaign manager robby mook replaced by kellyanne conway, imagine if it was conway that admitted a lawyer close to the campaign had gone to the f.b.i. appeared pitched a story that was farcical. jonathan turlly called it the most successful disinformation campaign in u.s. history and he is right. >> martha: a fascinating comment on his part. hillary clinton is responsible for the biggest disinformation campaign in the history of these sorts of stories. on this one, the "washington post" admitted over the weekend, joe, the number of people from georgia turning out
7:52 am
for the election is surging. a tremendous amounts of reporting by a number of out lets that the voting reform law was jim crow 2.0. >> that's right. "new york times" said failure on voting rights would be historic in january. rolling stone how joe manchin bailed on saving deck -- democracy. republican side 450,000 early votes. 2018 it was 150,000. three times as many in the land of jim crow 2.0. even democrats 337,000 votes cast this year, 135,000 four years ago. increase of 250%. i don't think it's an issue to vote in georgia. >> dana: those are the facts laid down by joe concha. >> martha: police are searching for a killer. was it is result of love
7:53 am
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>> dana: tef, as police are search knowledge for a woman allegedly linked to the death of a professional crisis. armstrong is wanted in the shooting death of moriah wilson. it may have to do with a love triangle. alexis has the assignment of the week with this one. >> new information out today. neighbors did not hear a single gunshot that night at the time of the murder. the neighbors tell investigators they believe this yoga instructor on the run from police may have used a silencer to mask the sound of the gunfire. police are looking for now is 34-year-old caitlin marie armstrong. she is chargeed with murder on the run after police say she killed 25-year-old moriah wilson. wilson was a professional cyclist and in texas for the race. armstrong went to the house where she was staying in austin
7:59 am
and shot her several times. text messages show both women were talking to the same man at the same time. that's him on your screen. professional cyclist colin strickland. he told police he was hiding the relationship with wilson for months even changing her name in his phone and deleting text messages. the night of the murder police say wilson went for a swim at this pool in austin at strickland and dropped her off a short time before she was killed. he thought his girlfriend was at home but police say according to the video surveillance her black jeep cherokee -- neighbors believe that armstrong stole the bike to make it all look like a robbery. this morning wilson's family released a statement about this investigation and they're heartbroken saying it is important to clarify at the time of her death those closest to wilson clearly understood directly from moriah she was
8:00 am
not in any romantic relationship with anyone. if anyone has information where armstrong is they should call the police right away. >> dana: thank you for being with me today. >> martha: great to join you on the set this morning and i'll see everybody at 3:00 this afternoon. >> dana: harris faulkner is up next. here she is. >> harris: americans voting in four states today with a lot of people watching the primaries in georgia. that state's high profile race is shaping up to be a test of endorsement power inside the republican party and donald trump is in that game. i'm harris faulkner and are you in "the faulkner focus". former president trump and former vice president mike pence backing different candidates in the governor's primary in georgia. trump putting his weight behind former georgia senator david perdue. pence backing incumbent governor brian kemp who trump called the worst ve


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