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tv   America Reports  FOX News  May 24, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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right now, emily. >> i'm pro napping, too. quick last hypothetical, wear your most uncomfortable shoes for the rest of the life, more sleep, in or out. >> i'm in for more sleep. we take that over the world and help as many as we can. >> awesome, love it, guys. sweet dreams and now here is "america reports" p. >> sandra: fox news alert, gas prices cruising to record highs. average price for a gallon of gasoline in this country, 4.59 a gallon. president biden is praising the run away prices as part of an "incredible transition" toward a greener economy. >> john: the president making the case for the u.s. and the world to go green during a news conference in japan, but gas
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stations signs climb higher by the day. it could plunge the u.s. into a deep recession. >> sandra: first "america reports" with five states holding primary elections today as voters choose their party's nominees, in critical midterm races and the results could say a lot about president trump's influence over the republican party in 2022 and 2024. hello, i'm sandra smith on this tuesday in new york. >> john: john roberts in washington. voting underway in alabama, arkansas, georgia, minnesota and texas. several races could give us clues about trump's grip on the republican party and whether the progressives are gaining control of the democratic party. >> sandra: georgia gubernatorial
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race, david kemp is facing david perdue, and who will face stacey abrams in november. >> john: rick scott, chairman of the republican senate committee standing by. >> sandra: our team on the ground, aishah hasnie, but mark, what is the latest on the governor's race? hello. >> hey, sandra, good afternoon. all eyes both here in georgia and around the country are going to be on the georgia republican gubernatorial primary. the big question whether former president trump will have the sway over his voters that he claims. incumbent in this race, brian kemp, continues to dominate in the polls as well as fundraising. the big question is how will he do over his challenger. we have heard from former president trump a lot criticizing kemp a lot after georgia went blue in 2020. the governor, he won vice president pence's endorsement.
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>> elections about the future. those want to make the election about the past. here in georgia, governor brian kemp means jobs, jobs, jobs. >> as i mentioned, trump is backing former senator david perdue in this primary. months perdue has been trailing in the polls, but early voters may lead to an upset. trump had a telephone rally overnight. the winner of the primary will face off against democrat stacey abrams this fall, running unopposed today, but is facing some widespread criticism for comments she made over the weekend in which she said georgia was the worst state in the country to live. reporters daughter with her and asked her if she stood by her comments. >> i had an inelegant delivery of a statement i will keep making, brian kemp is a failed governor who does not care about
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the people of georgia. >> and watching the georgia republican primary, herschel walker cast his ballot earlier today, some have talked about his lack of political experience, it could be a liability in the general election in november. but the man to beat todayp. and watching the secretary of state race in georgia, georgia has made a number of different changes to their voting security measures since the 2020 election. you have the incumbent facing a challenge, trump want to see as the next secretary of state. eager to see what the results look like later tonight. >> sandra: exciting day and evening ahead. thank you. >> john: another closely watched contest in alabama where republicans are battling it out for the nomination to fill the seat of richard shelby. the race so tight it could be
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headed for a runoff. aishah hasnie has more from montgomery. >> i've been talking to voters all day long, cars all over the place, people in alabama have to drive, they drive a lot. so gas prices, the economy, inflation are on top of mind. >> prices are probably the most important because the price increases have been huge to us from our vendors. >> gas prices. retired people, it's a struggle, really. inflation, have to do something. go to the grocery store, it's a shock every day. >> you hear the pain in their voices, it is a packed race for u.s. senate right now but katie
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brit was leading the republican candidates in the most recent polls here, senator richard shelby's former chief of staff. mo brooks enjoying a late surge, and two months after president trump took back his endorsement. and mike durant is battling for second place. it's expected nobody will be able to break the 50% threshold. brooks story line is one to watch. senator ted cruz showed up to alabama yesterday to stump for him and explain why it really does not matter if trump endorses him or not. >> donald trump has made a lot of endorsements across the country, a lot have won, not all of them. the people of alabama, they are conservative, particularly in a republican primary and they are looking at the difference in the records. >> and john, watching the gubernatorial race. kay ivey is facing eight
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opponents in that race. we could see that go into a runoff here in alabama. >> john: we'll keep on watching it. thanks. >> sandra: florida republican rick scott, also the chairman of the national republican senatorial committee. thank you for being here on a significant day for your party and the country and to ted cruz's point about the former president, donald trump's impact on some of these races so far, his endorsements have performed well. in primaries, since 2020, put it on the screen, races won, 65. success rate 96%. do you expect the results tonight to be any different than what we have seen so far? >> well, clearly we'll see, but i think everybody this year would like to get trump's endorsement. even if you get his endorsement you have to run a race and the issues important to your state. in 2022 when i ran in a primary for governor i was late in the race and i did not have any
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endorsements and pitch what i believed in and i was able to prevail. you can talk about the issues, try to get the endorsement but work your tail off and sell your state. >> sandra: i hear you on that point, ask you, sir, what do you want to see and hear from your party as far as laying out clear concise plans for victory in the midterm elections. if you're planning on that, are republicans doing enough to very clearly lay out, for example, their fix for skyrocketing inflation? >> first off, we are seeing an unbelievable turnout on the republican side. more than twice the number of republicans than democrats in ohio. i think the first time since 1998, more republicans voting than democrats in pennsylvania, and more in north carolina, and people are coming out, and ridiculous, unbelievable gas prices and the president to say it's an incredible transition,
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no, it's incredibly bad for every american family. i believe we have to talk about balancing the budget, talk about reducing taxes, reducing regulation, reducing the permitting time, making sure we watch every dollar we spend, that's what causes the inflation. so i think we have to talk about those things and be clear and then do it. >> you segued for us to the current president biden and saying the quiet part out loud about gas prices and green energy. listen. >> when it comes to the gas prices, we are going through an incredible transition that is taking place, god willing when it's over we'll be stronger and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over. >> sandra: what about that incredible transition. this has been an administration that clearly set out to end fossil fuels, we are seeing the result of that with these skyrocketing gas prices. what was your reaction, sir. >> he's in left field.
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he's got plenty of money, so gas prices probably don't impact him much and does not have to pay to fill up a car. i grew up in a poor family. i watched my mom struggle to put gas in the car and food on the table. and my state, people are going to food banks that have never gone to food banks before. this is record gas prices day after day after day, and by the way, energy goes into everything. electricity rates are up, food prices are up, everything is up because gas prices are up. this president has no clue. by the way, the secretary of energy came and testified last week and said they are doing everything they can, they should see if they can get gas prices down. no, doing everything they can to cause gas prices to go up to get the incredible transition to something different that's going to cost us more money. >> what do you predict of the people of the state? put the record high gas prices on the screen, day after day of record setting highs. folks are paying in the country,
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major economic implications. do you see $6 as an average on the horizon? >> there was a report out today by one of the wall street firms that said that. what's going to get it to go down? they are not making it -- the biden administration is not making it easier to drill, and we are the safest drillers in the world. they are not opening up this at all. you know, have a sound bite and say they are, but they are not. we have to figure it how to get it, rich resources of natural gas and oil and gas. we have to use them. use them safely so we have to get an administration that cares about this. i mean, i don't see how it going to get any better and when it doesn't, inflation will continue to go up. >> sandra: anything congress can be doing? >> with chuck schumer on the other side, a.o.c. and the whole attitude that they -- they don't want to do anything, they don't want to do anything. they control the house and the senate and the white house, they are all in.
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everything we proposed to try to open up drilling, make sure we do it safely, anything, they block. the democrats blocked all of this. they are in with president biden. they are looking for the incredible transition to higher and higher prices and poorer and poorer american families. >> sandra: always appreciate your time. thank you very much for joining us. you know, and it's a big question because obviously it's not popular to have skyrocketing gas prices. inflation polling number one issue for the american voter. is there room for republicans to get together with democrats and do something to bring prices down, it's a question for everybody. >> john: might be a couple democrats who want to do it, but as the president said, sounded conspiracy-theory like before, but he said it, incredible transition to the green energy economy and looks like high gas prices are going to help propel it that way. but again, the electrical infrastructure isn't there for a rapid transition to electric
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vehicle just not. >> sandra: something they have talked about and written in the journal about art laffer, former reagan economist will join us next hour and this hour, steven moore in studio. pick his brain where this is going next, john. >> john: looking forward to that. rising star in the cycling world gunned down in cold blood by a romantic rival allegedly. new the neighbors are speaking out about what they saw the night of the killing. >> sandra: and stunning from the trial of hillary clinton's former campaign attorney. from a top fbi agent. she says she was misled. >> this went up to hillary herself. they did a lot of damage. miss allen over there isn't checking lesson plans. she's getting graded on her green investments with merrill. a-plus. still got it.
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>> sandra: day six in the trial of former clinton campaign attorney michael sussmann, he is accused of lying to the fbi. several current and former fbi agents taking the stand today. katie pavlich is here. who are the key witnesses today? >> key witness is a steady flow of fbi agents past and present who actually were investigating these accusations of a potential connection between the trump organization and a russian bank with kremlin ties. former fbi agent named tricia anderson who was tasked with investigating some of these allegations or accusations but she along with other fbi agents complained and she admitted in court they were not told about
10:19 am
the specific source. she says the investigation was called a close hold where few people are aware of key details. also on the stand, curtis hide, came to washington in 2016 for a few months to investigate the email scandal surrounding then candidate hillary clinton. he also looked into crossfire hurricane, looking into potential trump-russia highs. hide himself is under internal investigation for not admitting exculpatory evidence in that specific investigation. he was asked about documents falsely showing sussmann accusations came from the department of justice even in january 2017 when this was closed. and yesterday former fbi agent allison sands says she was told it originated with the department of justice, not the man on trial behind me, michael sussmann, a former clinton campaign attorney who once
10:20 am
worked at the department of justice. it's possible something got lost in translation but an interesting piece of the puzzle. sussmann charged with lying to the fbi when claiming he delivered the allegations not on behalf of clients but a concerned citizen. as we have reported, special counsel john durham in the courtroom says his team has evidence showing that sussmann billed the hillary clinton campaign and was working with the hillary clinton campaign for that specific private fbi meeting. >> sandra: keeping track of all of it, thank you, john. >> john: let's bring in katie pavlich, editor of town hall, and fox news contributor. allison sands testified an fbi communication to launch the thing indicated that the information came from the doj. what it said. on or about september 19, 2016, fbi received a referral of information from the u.s.
10:21 am
department of justice detailing an unusually configured email serving i think pennsylvania belonging to the trump organization. in that referral, the department of justice provided the fbi with a white paper produced by an anonymous third party. a u.s. based server owned by the trump communication have been communicating with alfa bank in russia. that information did not come from the doj, but came from sussmann attached to the hillary clinton campaign. >> exactly. the trial is not only bringing up the question why sussmann lied to the fbi where the trial is going on, but unethical and corrupt behavior at the fbi during the election. so, sussmann was oddly protected by fbi brass so they were telling agents to investigate this, open up a counter intelligence information within days of the white paper that came from doj and really from sussmann. and further, when you look at the statements made at the time,
10:22 am
by the clinton campaign and then back to the text messages from counter intelligence agents like peter struck and lisa page saying trump must be stopped, political ambitions to use the fbi to stop his election, fast forward to november when the information is being pushed, covered up by the brass at the fbi, all came full circle and they were happy to continue it and then one of the worst parts about this is, there's a lot to choose from, is that the fbi looked at it, found nothing to be true and yet continued forward with it, james comey, became the director of the fbi and went to have that meeting with donald trump at trump tower, he went to the white house, that all escalated into a special counsel investigation and just shows how important it has been that john durham has been a special investigation on this. we would never know the details of the corruption and how deep it goes at the fbi during that time. >> john: do you think there are implications for former obama staffers? >> former obama staffers or
10:23 am
official, let's talk about biden administration officials. timeline, november 1, 2016, jake sullivan, hillary clinton's national security advisor on the campaign release add lengthy statement saying that journalists have found this new information when it was the clinton campaign that gave the journalists this information hoping they would disseminate it, hoping an fbi investigation would get launched to attack the trump campaign. he is now president joe biden's national security advisor, in charge of the national security and giving the president information. so he was pushing the false narrative knowing it's coming from the clinton campaign that the fbi would possibly open an investigation, how can he be trusted with matters of national security for the country. >> john: and hillary clinton was championing as well, and connect the dots. hillary clinton at a meeting said yeah, ok, dish this to slate, right, which was first to publish it and then tweeted the
10:24 am
slate article saying computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the trump organization to a russian-based bank. so she oks given the information to slate and then does an oh, my goodness, can you believe this, tweet? >> and the clinton campaign acted like we got this information, we are very concerned. this trial is showing more and more, and we know through the investigative work of reporters willing to look at this over the last couple of years, that this was not just a one-off situation. this was a very planned operation from the clinton campaign to the fbi, the fbi was covering for sussmann and he had a badge to the building, even though he was working in a private law firm and for the clinton campaign. brings up other questions but shows how deep the rot was and possibly still is given a lot of these people are still working in government and promoted like jake sullivan, and the fbi.
10:25 am
>> john: a lot of layers of the onion. >> it does not smell very good. >> john: sandra, when you look at all of this, may not be criminality other than the lying to the fbi on the part of michael sussmann, but whoa, does it smell like a political dirty trick. >> sandra: and finally getting the coverage it needs and the questions asked like a bloomin' onion. >> john: it is. definition of a political dirty trick. >> sandra: i got you to laugh, and steve moore is laughing. more on that, so will he or will he not. new questions on whether johnny depp will take the stand again in his defamation case against ex-wife amber heard. will it matter after supermodel kate moss testified. >> john: and sounds like the left's push to go green is working. president biden says the pain at the pump is a "incredible transition away from fossil fuels."
10:26 am
but at what cost. steve moore on that just ahead. >> nobody can afford it out here. >> pretty absurd. >> we are trying to stay local and do the best we can until something changes. >> what can he do? just hope for the better. veteran homeowners, need cash? at newday you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value and get up to $60,000 or more. we called and got $96,602. that's more than ever. we called and we got $62,810. home values are soaring. now is the best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. we called and we got $68,201. we called and we got $58,800. use it to improve your home or save for retirement. i called and got $60,300. take ten minutes and call newday usa.
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blocks a protein believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. migraine pain relief starts with u. learn how abbvie can help you save. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. >> sandra: johnny depp was supposed to take the stand in the defamation case against ex-wife amber heard. why does it look like that won't happen now? that straight ahead. but first this. >> when it comes to the gas prices, we are going through an incredible transition that is taking place and god willing when it's over we will be stronger and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when it's over. >> sandra: he calls it an incredible transition, you heard him, to the green energy agenda.
10:31 am
american drivers are paying the price. now 4.59 a gallon on average for gas today. up much higher than that in many parts of the country. that is $2.20 more compared to the day that president biden took office. steve moore, great to see you. and as republicans are saying this morning, steve scalise, saying the quiet part out loud, causing you pain at the pump because it's part of their radical agenda. i suppose we are not shocked by this, but the fact that they are out there now publicly saying it is something. >> how many times have i said on this show in the last few months that biden is kind of lying -- every statement he's made about gas prices, we are doing everything we can to lower gas prices but that's just a lie. and this really was kind of accidental truth-telling by biden where he said you know what, we want to go to 0 on fossil fuels and we want to phase them out.
10:32 am
how do you do that, you make the price so expensive people can't afford it. and what's so outrageous about this, for wealthy people, for people like joe biden, paying 2.20 more a gallon for gas is not a big deal. but for the middle class and lower income people it is causing real financial hardship. >> sandra: it's a major tax on the american family and seen by many different observers of this and economists noting it's costing the average american thousands of dollars a month. >> john: $30 every time you fill up the tank more than today, and if trump were president, we would be 15 million barrels a day, versus 11. this is biden's war against fossil fuels, coal, oil and gas. and the natural gas price, that's almost more than double in the last year and a half.
10:33 am
that's what we use for heating our home, air-conditioning, our utility. >> sandra: price of everything has gone up and electric car, electricity prices are up. well world impact on this, so many papers in front of me, you dig into this, so many different angles, but caught my eye, northwestern mutual put out a study saying the surging levels of inflation and the pandemic have eaten into savings on average for americans. the average american nest egg has declined by $9,000 compared to just a year ago, down 15%. i mean that, is -- >> talking about people's savings. right. >> sandra: tangible stuff that's happening and you talk about the political implications of that, beware, right, steve. >> i think it was the front page of "wall street journal," but reporting on all of these companies actually starting to lay off workers or putting hiring freezes on. so you know, if you get high
10:34 am
inflation with a freeze on hiring, that's the worst of all worlds. definition of stagflation. now look, thank god we have low unemployment today, but that could shift overnight especially as people's wealth declines like you were talking about, they don't feel so good about spending money at a restaurant or movie theater. >> sandra: an important point. i want to read from jerry baker's piece how we tackle this. he says rescue from recession will not be easy this time around. the u.s. finds itself trapped in a set of economic circumstances. it has not experienced in 40 years. navigating them successfully will require policy making, dexterity, notably absent in the monetary and fiscal realms in recent years. so, you have answer, how do we tackle this? republicans win back power in either the house or the senate or both in the fall, what's the plan? >> i have a three-word answer to stopping recession.
10:35 am
cut government spending. cut government spending. biden spent $3 trillion on the so-called infrastructure real, really the new green deal, and then the blue state bailout. it's obvious. if you flood the economy with cheap dollars and government spending you can't afford you'll have inflation. biden says he wants more spending and more taxes and i think that's -- that's what has spooked the economy, the stock market. is people are not seeing an realistic solution out of dealing with this. >> sandra: and they are feeling it every day when they fill the gas tanks or go to the grocery store, it's a story way too long, once said to be transitory by the layoff. and by the way, john, i mentioned the bloomin' onion. and just had one of those, steve said. back to you in washington. >> john: testimony resumed in the defamation trial between
10:36 am
actors johnny depp and amber heard after kate moss was talked about, she is expected to be called to testify tomorrow. gillian turner. what's the focus today, tomorrow will be pretty darn interesting. >> gillian: yes, everybody is hotly anticipating. but today, the feud between depp and heard and the impact that has had on her career. most specifically her role in the aquaman franchise, and take a listen. >> miss heard was in a group of actors that needed to be tested to see if the studio wanted to hire them instead of doubling her salary, miss arnold said it would only be fair to quadruple her salary, and that's just not the way these contracts work.
10:37 am
>> gillian: a warner brothers executive defended the discussions about possibly replacing her, testified that actresses like heard come and go all the time. >> the reality is it's not uncommon on movies for no chemistry and that is movie magic, with the magic of a great score and how you put the pieces together, you can fabricate sort of that chemistry. >> gillian: the other big news, the judge has denied depp's motion to strike heard's $100 million defamation countersuit against him. she is arguing he cost her key roles, millions in earnings and her professional career. both sides are getting some support from an unsuspected source. amanda knox, i know what it's like to have the public decide you are guilty. i'm still dealing with the psychological trauma of the public shaming that i have endured. so now all eyes are indeed on
10:38 am
kate moss slated to testify tomorrow. that will be in defense of depp, the two dated in the mid 1990s. she will say, according to hollywood sources, that depp never abused her physically, emotionally, verbally, and that he was always caring and attentive. >> john: last week during the trial amber heard repeated the rumor that johnny depp had pushed kate moss down the stairs and when they were fighting with each other on the landing of the stairs, and her sister intervened. she was afraid that depp was going to, like kate moss, throw her sister down the stairs. >> gillian: and reportedly moss in the intervening years since has told people not only did depp not push her down the stairs but he actually helped her, you know, treat her injuries, whatever happened to her after she fell down the stairs. >> john: but fell down the stairs, not pushed down. >> gillian: fell, what she said. >> john: good to see you on
10:39 am
that. looking forward to tomorrow as well. >> sandra: search intensifies for a woman accused of gunning down a professional cyclist in anger over a love triangle. now the victim's neighbors are talking about what they heard, or more specifically what they did not hear the night of the shooting. >> john: suspected terrorist released into the united states after crossing the border illegally. how did he slip through the cracks? live with the border with more. >> this border crisis is much more humanitarian crisis. how many more just like this are out there that they can't find because this administration won't?
10:40 am
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>> john: new details of the mysterious murder of a professional cyclist in texas, death is thought to be from a love triangle. the suspect may not be that hard
10:44 am
to find. we have that coming up for you. but first, the world health organization now warning that there are at least 131 confirmed monkeypox cases around the world and another 106 suspected cases. only one case is confirmed here in the united states, that one in massachusetts. according to the cdc, the risk to the general public appears for the moment at least to be low. smallpox vaccine is believed to be 85% effective at preventing monkeypox, but officials say they do not think a mass vaccination effort is needed to contain the virus. monkeypox cases are rarely confirmed outside of africa and the who believes it's transmitted through sexual contact with infected people, although it's not considered to be a sexually transmitted disease, it is spread through direct and prolonged face-to-face contact. boy, after two and a half years of covid this is all we need, huh. >> sandra: yeah, anybody hearing this right now, we are not, and
10:45 am
we wish all those dealing with this well, but we hope this is the last. >> john: i come from a generation we all got the smallpox vaccine, but hundreds of millions in the country that don't have it. >> sandra: we are going to keep our eye on it and report on it. a texas task force is on the hunt for a woman accused of killing her alleged rival in a love triangle, professional cyclist mariah wilson. u.s. marshals believe kaitlyn could be in the austin area. >> family of mariah wilson is telling investigators and fox news she did not have a romantic relationship with anyone at the point she was killed, although police say this was a love triangle that led to this murder. this is who police are looking
10:46 am
for on the screen, 34-year-old kaitlyn armstrong. she's on the run. wilson was a professional cyclist and was in texas for a race preparing. armstrong went to the house where she was staying in austin and shot her several times in the bathroom of the home. text messages show both women were talking to the same guy at the same time. that man is professional cyclist colin strickland. he told police he was hiding the relationship with wilson for months, changing the names on the phone and deleting text messages. wilson went for a swim with strikland, he dropped her off a short time before she was killed. strickland thought his girlfriend was at home, but video surveillance shows her black jeep cherokee spotted near the crime scene at the time of the murder. neighbors did not hear a single
10:47 am
gunshot that night. now saying they believe she may have used a sigh -- silencer. they believe armstrong stole the book to make it look like a robbery gone wrong. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> sandra: obviously the surveillance video is key. so i guess if one were to assume, not knowing yet what the full details are, perhaps the killer was waiting to see when she left, boyfriend, or you know, not boyfriend, the man she was with at the time drove her home, she could have been followed then. >> and the door had a special key pad on it, unlocked, investigators are trying to piece it together. >> sandra: you'll be on the story for us, thank you very much. >> john: state farm getting slammed after an email reveals the insurance giant's plan to help give gender identity books to children as young as five. russia's war taken to another
10:48 am
level. putin's tactic putting the world's food supply at risk. how does ukraine fight back? lieutenant general keith kellogg straight ahead. >> the global food crisis is made worse by russia blocking ukraine, it can affect all parts of the world. with my hectic life, you'd think retirement would be the last thing on my mind. thankfully, voya provides comprehensive solutions, and shows me how to get the most out of my workplace benefits. voya helps me feel like i got it all under control. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected. ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? well invested. inflammation in your eye might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those'll probably pass by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is approved to treat
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10:52 am
>> sandra: fox news alert, just into our newsroom, something we will be following for you. a school district in texas is now on lockdown. officials with uvalde independent school district say an active shooter was reported at rob elementary school, but there are no reports of any injuries so far. we are keeping an eye on the story for you, west of san antonio, and the district said all schools in the district have been locked down because of gunshots in the area. so we are going to keep a watch out for this on anything coming from the police department. we'll update you on this story as any news comes in, john. >> john: since the start of the ukraine invasion in february, russia has been blocking access to crucial seaports along the sea in the south putting the global food supply at risk. lieutenant general keith kellogg, former national security advisor to vice president pence and the co-chair at the center for american
10:53 am
security and also fox news contributor. we hoped to be at the touch screen but it's on strike. so -- we'll try to get it fixed for next time. but this is a big problem, ukraine is a big source of africa, the middle east foodstuffs in terms of grains. it's all stuck there in ukraine. as we look at the fighting and a narrow little area down there in the odesa area to get it out by ship, which is the most efficient way to move grain. you can't really get it out of that port right now because the russian fleet is in the black sea blocking it. talked about rail to the west or maybe even have u.n.-flagged vessels protect cargo ships out of odesa. what's the best way to do this? >> you know, john, 90% of the grain coming out of ukraine has come out by water, by the sea. it comes out through the sea of asov, because mariupol is gone, you can't do that. right now in odesa, the harbor, there's about 80 ships that are
10:54 am
just stuck there, and they are stuck there for various reasons. one, both the ukrainians and the russians have mined that area, so they have to clear that if they want them out. the second, you have a blockade by the russians and figure out a way to break through the blockade. and i believe the only way you can do that is get the u.n. to force that into action and have unflagged ships do it and escort the grain ships out for humanitarian reasons. and the third problem, the straits controlled through the treaty of montroe by erdogan in turkey and he can allow what ships he wants to come in there, war ships in and out by certain tonnage and countries. he can stop it all. it's a complicated issue to get it out of there. the problem when you look at ukraine and russia, about one-third of the grain in the world. 41 of the most undeveloped countries rely on ukrainian grain to feed themselves. we don't realize that in the
10:55 am
united states because we export grain. it's an impact on the world. >> john: see if they can work. jump to the last map in the series here, which is china and japan, sea of japan as well as the east china sea and the philippine sea. as president biden was meeting with the so-called quad, united states, japan, india and australia, joint russian-chinese military exercise flew nuclear capable bombers through the sea of japan, east china sea and out the philippine sea. apparently they told japan and south korea they were going to do it. but it's kind of an in your face move. >> it is, six aircraft did it. i think it was a shot at japan because the chinese are very concerned about japan, especially remilitarization, and i think that was the shot, not the chinese. >> john: we'll have you back. >> sandra: always good to see the general. new at 2:00, voters heading to
10:56 am
the polls in five states with a lot on the line. gop in georgia might be the biggest race. plus art laffer on the democrats' inflation blame game and abby on the magic number to be considered wealthy, all ahead. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. cal: our confident forever plan is possible with a cfp® professional. a cfp® professional can help you build a complete financial plan. visit to find your cfp® professional. ♪♪
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>> john: we have heard stories across the country of young kids learning things at school like they can change their genders. >> sandra: it's not just teachers that shape young children's minds. according to a whistleblower, it could be an insurance agent and a big name corporation we have all heard of. >> john: like a good neighbor. america reports on the email suggesting they wanted kids as young as kindergarten to know all about being transgender. plus, what that company had to
11:01 am
say today when fox news gave them a call. welcome back as "america reports" rolls into a second hour. i'm john roberts in washington. good to see you again, sandra. >> sandra: and you too, john. a busy afternoon critics say divisive politics should stay out of the classroom as well as the board room. >> john: the second hour, take a turn down south. we begin the new hour of "america reports" with battleground georgia and the tale of two presidents shaping the primaries, brian kemp squaring off against trump-backed candidate david perdue to take on stacey abrams in the general election. results could be the biggest test yet of former president trump's influence in the gop. >> sandra: all eyes on that race. huge implications for the current president. americans are voting amid record high inflation and soaring gas
11:02 am
prices. president says well, that's just part of, i'm quoting directly, "incredible transition to green emergency." that could be a tough sell for candidates like georgia senator rafael warnock whose seat could tip the balance of power this fall. >> john: and fox team coverage from georgia hours before the polls close, but peter doocy is live in tokyo travelling with the president. did the president explain his comments about possibly fighting china over taiwan? >> peter: no, john, and it's not because he did not have a chance to. >> mr. president, is the policy strategic ambiguity toward taiwan dead? >> no. >> could you explain? >> no. >> peter: ok then. the chinese are not taking the president's comments lightly, though. a senior administration official
11:03 am
was telling fox china and russia teamed up to fly nuclear capable bombers over the sea of japan while president biden was in japan, which the administration considers most significant joint cooperation between china and russia since russia became isolated from the rest of the world. china invading taiwan, president biden insists has not changed is that they have a right to defend themselves, and now some lawmakers on the hill are saying then that means the u.s. should be preparing them for invasion now, unlike ukraine when the u.s. waited until after. >> we should learn from what is happening today to our other allies, to taiwan, especially for the weapons that they want to purchase now, give them the ability to defend themselves so war does not happen. i think that's a much better approach and forward looking. that's a lesson we should learn from the mistakes that president biden had made here.
11:04 am
>> peter: president biden is aboard air force one now on his way home after most of a week in asia he is going to likely have to address the china comments especially if foreign adversaries are going to start conducting international military exercises when he is over here in the neighborhood. john. >> john: no question that was a bold move yesterday by china and russia. enjoy tokyo, i see you are dropping off, at least for a day, a chance to get to kyoto if you can. >> sandra: georgia governor race, brian kemp and david perdue. and stacey abrams, democrat, is running unopposed but has faced backlash for calling that state, georgia, the worst state to live in. mark meredith is live on that
11:05 am
for us in atlanta. hi, mark. >> hey, sandra, good afternoon to you. governor brian kemp is pleading with republicans to keep him on the ballot as he faces a primary challenge from someone he long considered a friend, former senator david perdue. we saw former vice president mike pence come to georgia to campaign for governor kemp, it was a notable event because former president trump is backing kemp's opponent. his record is going to matter most to georgia voters come november. >> i'm here because brian kemp is the only candidate in tomorrow's primary who has already defeated stacey abrams whether she knows it or not. >> as i mentioned, trump is backing former senator perdue. but perdue has trailed in fundraising and the polls. he believes a large turnout of early voters in the state may
11:06 am
lead to an unset. trump reupped his support for perdue telling voters why he wants kemp out of offers. say he is weak, and they have run all over him on integrity, election, and more. the maga base will never vote for him. georgia gop officials tell fox they gearing up for a big battle against the democratic gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams. she is running unopposed. asked if she plans to campaign with president biden in the speech peach state. >> i welcome him, billions have come to the state, they have been gifted from a governor who takes responsibility. >> and stacey abrams was in hot water saying georgia is the worst place to live, she did not apologize, insisting this is about what the issues that
11:07 am
republicans have brought to the table here in georgia. and so much focus on the gubernatorial race, there are other races on the ballot. and charles watson is live in smyrna, georgia, keeping an eye on the other races. charles. >> thank you, mark. good afternoon. we have our eyes on some of the other key races here in georgia, that includes the republican senate primary. we got a look at herschel walker casting his ballot in his hometown of brightsville, georgia. the football great has solidified himself in the front-runner of a six-way battle, and backing of big name republicans, including trump, saying he was a great football player and will be an even better u.s. senator if that is even possible. walker, of course, is walking into election day with lots of questions about his businesses, finances and accusations of domestic violence.
11:08 am
that's caused some in the republican party to question whether he can be a viable candidate against likely democratic nominee rafael warnock. what he had to say about the match-up in the fall. >> he has a record to answer to, let's be honest. people will not call him out, they are afraid to. i'm not. >> another high profile match-up is the georgia secretary of state against trump-backed congressman jodi heit. he has been a target from trump after he refused to overturn the election in georgia. raffensperger maintains he was upholding the law. >> we have stood hard on the law, on the facts, and people made allegations, we checked it
11:09 am
out. >> in georgia's 14th district, marjorie taylor green is facing handful of challengers, hoping to repeal to green and her antics and seeing if vernon jules can take over a handful in that race. >> john: bret baier, this is a proxy battle between former vice president mike pence, backing kemp, and president trump, backing perdue, then did not back him but now backing him again. who do you think is going to win? >> bret: we know polls don't mean anything until election day, the only ones that matter, it's true. if you were looking at the numbers heading in, seems like the incumbent governor is in a
11:10 am
good position today and that his support was increasing, not decreasing, heading into election day. but we don't know who is going to turn out. i will say the proxy battle has happened before. vice president pence is 1-0, in idaho, his candidate won and the trump-backed challenger did not. and i think the secretary of state battle is going to be really interesting to watch. these are folks in the center of focus of georgia's recount and looking at the ballots and obviously in the ire of former president trump. >> and a lot of folks backed president trump in georgia who don't like what kemp and raffensperger did in the wake of that. but it's interesting that kemp appears to have fairly effectively, we will know the outcome later tonight, threaded the trump needle. pence backing him. but listen to what one georgia voter said to lawrence jones today. >> you said in this election you
11:11 am
are voting for kemp even though you are a trump supporter, why. >> i'm voting for kemp, i love donald trump with a passion but i think he's wrong. >> john: i love donald trump with a passion but he's wrong on kemp. interesting statement. >> bret: yeah, and we have heard that from other candidates like in pennsylvania where that was kathy barnette's message, she came in third and that race is not finished, looks like it's heading towards dr. mehmet oz in the recount possibilities. the president, former president has a really good track record of numbers, in sheer numbers of endorsements, wins to losses. but overall in these contentious battles you are going to see the power of his coat tails and you know, they may not be as big as they used to be. >> john: speaking of coat tails, wonder how big biden's coat tails are when it comes to pulling down candidates. listen to what he said earlier
11:12 am
today about gas prices and whether or not he wants them to come up or down. >> here is the situation. when it comes to the gas prices, we are going through an incredible transition that is taking place and god willing when it's over we'll be stronger and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over. >> john: you know, over the past couple of weeks we have talked about the idea the left secretly wants gas prices to stay high because it will drive people toward a green energy economy. and you kind of felt like a conspiracy theory embracing the idea. >> that is tough for the democratic candidates. rafael warnock, you don't think he's going to be asked that question on the trail in georgia, all of those places, especially moderate places that are trying to thread the progressive needle as well. it's going to be tough. one more point about georgia, and that is what mitch mcconnell
11:13 am
just said on the democrats' effort to pass this election bill. remember all this focus on the georgia bill. he said the democrats almost broke the senate over this issue early turnouts in georgia show more people are turning out than in the presidential primary. this shows there is no effort in georgia to suppress the vote. if you look at the numbers now, is anybody asking major league baseball, do you think it was a bad idea to pull the all-star game or coke or delta for all their comments. because now even in the black districts in georgia, it's exponentially higher and there's not any evidence that there's an effort to suppress the vote. >> john: i raised that exact point yesterday, haven't heard from any of them, though. stick around, breaking news. >> sandra: this news, the fbi has busted a terror suspect linked to isis and according to reports, the suspect was planning an assassination plot to kill the former u.s.
11:14 am
president, george w. bush. gillian turner has the latest from this on washington. it's a breaking story and the latest details reveal the suspect, gillian, has been arrested and is due in federal court in columbus, ohio shortly. >> gillian: that's right, sandra. fox news has also confirmed the name, he will be indicted in columbus, ohio any moment. the charging documents in this case were resealed a short while ago. we have not yet been given explanation why, but hoping for a statement from the u.s. attorney for the southern district of ohio. what we reportedly, what we know reportedly about shahab, iraqy national here since 2020, alleged links to isis. plotting to murder the former president, george w. bush. it's believed he traveled to dallas last november for a surveillance mission where he shot video of the president's home and the surrounding neighborhood. this is according to an fbi search warrant application that
11:15 am
was filed on march 23rd. shahab recruited an entire team to online him in the murder plot. planning to smuggle people here in the u.s. across the border with mexico. a man who worked for the former president now his chief of staff, says president bush has all the confidence in the intelligence communities, and his nephew live responded to the news. said it highlights the national security crisis unfolding along the u.s. southern border. one last thing to note for you, nbc news is reporting an interesting element of the plot. they say he was talking to an fbi confidential informant and was therefore under some kind of government surveillance, meaning
11:16 am
the physical threat to the former president was always low, at least for as long as the government was aware of the plot that was unfolding, sandra. >> sandra: at this time, we don't have the specific charges he faces as you mentioned, due in court shortly there in columbus, ohio. digging into the details from the reports, including our own reporting so far, is that this suspect was planning to go as far as travelling to dallas in november to take video around the former president's home and recruiting a team, he hoped to smuggle into the country, as you mentioned, over the mexico border. i'm sure there's a lot more we are going to learn here in the coming minutes and hours. >> gillian: we'll bring it to you as soon as it comes in, as soon as he appears in court. >> sandra: thank you. >> john: bret baier is still with us. sounds like the plot against his father as well. fbi had this thing nailed from the beginning. this is intricate, this guy had
11:17 am
operatives in turkey, egypt, denmark and iraq he wanted to bring into the united states through the southern border. sounds like the plot would be to arm these guys, have them in a van, pull up besides bush as he was travelling somewhere, open the door and open fire on him. >> bret: yeah, that's very specific and credit forbes originally with the original story. we have confirmed a lot of this. and now he was talking supposedly to, as gillian mentioned, to confidential informants where this plot came, was realized. what it does is a number of things. one, highlight the security and the secret service that is with former presidents that face threats, not only that. but former members of the trump administration who faced threats from iran and other countries, specifically because of the targeting of soleimani. secondly, the issue of the southern border and hits hard the national security
11:18 am
implications of making that border secure. >> john: the plan was to bring the four operatives in through the southern border, get them some sort of visa in mexico and then just come in. >> bret: yeah. the easier that that is, the more pourous it is, the more chance that bad guys can get through there, and a lot of people who are saying the immigration problem is, we are making it bigger than it is, first of all, go down to those states and talk to the people along the border, number one. number two, there are time and time again more indications that bad guys are coming through the border. dhs guy said 42 suspected terrorists came through and we know where they are. we don't, but -- >> john: a story this morning of a guy brought in, he was apprehended, processed, released, turns out he was on the terror watch list. >> bret: they got him again, he had the g.p.s. and they tracked him but he was in florida, so
11:19 am
governor desantis weighed in on this. so i think the southern border issue is highlighted in this, and obviously the specifics and the threat. >> sandra: and the reporting originally from forbes exclusively on this, obviously now others including us reporting as well, but freddy ford, the chief of staff for the office of george w. bush had a statement in the forbes piece saying president bush has all the confidence in the world in the united states secret service and the law enforcement and intelligence communities. that statement is out there. also goes to show this particular case that is how fred investigators and forbes pointed this out, continue to monitor threats from isis even as the group has been severely weakened in recent years. this would obviously be a big catch. >> bret: definitely. and it seems like they are going through the process and they have a lot of details, the fact that we have all that we have so far is pretty unique. isis is a threat, so are terrorists, we don't think about
11:20 am
them as much as we used to but still a threat from the middle east and elsewhere. this is specific in the targeting, but the southern border factors in big in this story. >> john: thank you to sticking around. remember, sandra, the plot against bush 41, people say was the genesis of the iraq war. bush family is a target, no question. >> sandra: november 2020, revealed to the fbi insider that the plot to assassinate bush, the actual plot and asked the confidential source if he new how to obtain replica fbi and police badges to help carry out the killing. some details we are learning about that plot. we will update as the suspect is due in court shortly in ohio.
11:21 am
meanwhile, john, still to come. new reports explain why three americans died in a bahamas resort earlier this month. >> john: incredible prices for incredible transition. how president biden is explaining the pain at the pump as he wraps up a tour of asia. and the latest updates on the hard fought war in ukraine. an inside look at the front lines just ahead. miss allen over there isn't checking lesson plans. she's getting graded on her green investments with merrill. a-plus. still got it. (whistle blows) your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health.
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>> john: a new report sheds light on the deaths of three americans at a sandals resort in bahamas. toxicology reports showed carbon monoxide poisoning killed the three tourists earlier this month. victims included a couple from tennessee, michael and robbie
11:27 am
phillips, and vincent chiarela, he died as a result. and the fourth victim was recently discharged from a miami hospital. >> sandra: ukraine, zelenskyy says russian forces killed 87 people in a single strike last week, one of the deadliest days of the war, now stretching into its third month. trey yingst is in ukraine with an inside look at how soldiers are digging in and fighting back. hi, trey. >> trey: good afternoon, the battle for kharkiv rages on with constant fire outside the city near the front lines, ukrainian soldiers are doing everything they can to defend the civilian population. black smoke prices from a ukrainian position as ambulances speed by. ukrainians are responding with
11:28 am
artillery. that's outgoing artillery fire, trying to push back a new russian advance on the outskirts of kharkiv. down the road, ukrainian soldiers are bracing for more russian bombardments, determined to defend their country. >> people are dying, and for me it is the reason to stop the russians in any way. >> 25-year-old andre, deployed here a month ago from the capital of kyiv. he now lives and fights in a network of trenches near the front lines. these trenches are critical for the ukrainian army as they are taking incoming fire from the russians day and night. >> they want to destroy the country. what -- what else i have to say, they want to destroy our towns. >> towns where he was born and raised. the 45 stares through the doorway of his home destroyed by
11:29 am
russian shelling. it's hard, he says, his voice shaking. plus, i have two daughters. where should they live? this quiet community outside of kharkiv turned into a battlefield earlier this month. the next town over was occupied by the russians, a force that claims they only target military locations. where is the military target, volarie asks? civilians live here, peaceful people. >> civilians are paying the highest price amid the war. many have lost everything. these are not just houses, they are memories, stability, their safety gone in a moment. sandra. >> sandra: be safe there, thank you for your continued reporting on the ground in ukraine. >> john: president biden in the air coming back to the united states to face his biggest challenge, the economy. what economists are predicting for gas prices ahead of the memorial day weekend. art laffer here to weigh in
11:30 am
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or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if your policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. >> john: president biden closing out his five-day trip to asia as he has crises back home. instead of lowering the nation's sky high gas prices, the white house is instead ramping up the green energy talk. jacqui, does the president understand the pain that americans are feeling in their wallets? >> jacqui: he tries to communicate he does but it's a little less clear what he's doing is going to solve that. the president's trip here was framed around deepening economic ties in the region so that china's stranglehold on trade
11:36 am
and therefore security is not quite as strong. but the economy he is returning home to is on the brink. he tried to strike an optimistic tone here in tokyo and insisting a recession is not necessarily inevitable, but more and more economists are saying it's possible, and inflation framed as transitory has not gone away, and gas prices are record highs as travelers head into memorial day weekend. >> this is going to be the most expensive gas has been on memorial day. for the president on the first day to attack american energy independence is wrong. it's costing and punishing american people. >> jacqui: regular, 4.59, last year 3.03. and truckers and farmers are so dependent on diesel, the white house says an emergency
11:37 am
declaration is prepared for the president to release diesel from the reserves for shortfalls. biden tried to strike an optimistic tone, saying we are transitioning to an age we are less reliant on fossil fuels and insists the policies are better but need time to make an impact. >> it's bad, it's going to take some time. in the meantime seems to me the best thing i can do in addition to try to get the middle east, including opec, to raise their production of oil and move along that route, to see to it be continue to grow our economy, create jobs. >> jacqui: the president did use the trip to announce some job creating measures with asian companies, like samsung, and hyundai, but he pushes his legislation, more spending on things like childcare, elder
11:38 am
care, and healthcare to bring down the cost of living. but the problem is it's been months with no movement on those fronts, john. >> john: and a lot of analyses that doing that would make inflation even worse. jacqui heinrich, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: bring in art laffer now, former reagan economic advisor. i have a lot to get to. start with this first, a lot of blame thrown around by democrats specifically the biden white house on why we are paying these sky high prices for gasoline, groceries, just about everything. is anybody buying these excuses that they are making, that if the ceos, the companies are jacking prices, vladimir putin, invasion of ukraine. >> no, they're not buying it. i mean, the first thing he did when he got in is he blocked keystone pipeline, ways to war against oil and now the consequences are coming in. we produced a lot less oil,
11:39 am
that's not happening. then you've got -- he says we have to keep the economy growing. first quarter, gdp was down 1.4%. the first big drop in a long, long time. all of his policies have been very pro inflation and anti-production and the blame game is all he's good at. just the other day, by the way, that nancy pelosi blamed me for the inflation and the trump tax cuts and jobs act. it's just ridiculous. they are the ones who caused the inflation, they did the huge spending, gone to war on oil, all those other problems, i can't just list them all and all of which have led to high inflation and serious prospect for recession in the near term. next year, year and a half. and all of those can be put right at the feet of this administration and this congress. >> sandra: i have sort of a rapid fire here, if you will. do you define recession by two quarters of negative gdp growth,
11:40 am
first of all. >> national bureau of economic research i think and right after the war. >> sandra: all right, so do you believe we are in recession today? >> i don't think we are today but we are very close. we have already had one quarter down, if we get another quarter down we will definitely be in a recession. it may not happen right away, but sooner or later this economy is going to sputter out because of the policies of the biden administration. >> sandra: so you are forecasting recession i hear from you. as far as gasoline prices. >> i think it's going to be very bad growth, yes. >> sandra: widespread economists and analysts looking at the gas prices and saying where we are today record high is nothing compared to where we could be. some even predicting $6 the national average. do you think that's going to happen? >> they may be right. but no, i don't know whether it's going to happen or not. i do know there's a very small chance of that inflation coming down any time soon. because all the numbers we know in the past that are dropping off, when we come into the
11:41 am
election, those numbers will be rising, inflation will be still very, very high. >> sandra: just over 8% in the country. you believe we are going to reach double digits, 10% inflation? >> we could. i lived through the 1970s as you know, sandra, i was there with reagan when they ended the jimmy carter and looks very much like jimmy carter to me. this president is jimmy carter doubled down. i don't see it quite yet. >> sandra: a former fed chair said inflation is not anywhere near the 1970s price spike you say what? >> that's nonsense. i say he's wrong. sharp rise in prices right now, inflation in the range of 12, 13, 14% in the early 1980s. when we came into office on january 20, 1981, the prime interest rate was 21.5%, and the
11:42 am
fed was doing all it could to stop inflation. this fed is not doing that, they are running the course, i think ben is playing games, he's wrong, wrong, wrong, and i was there the same time he was, too. believe me. >> sandra: and where we started and the banner on the screen, do you that's the case, there are any companies who are taking advantage of the situation and artificially raising prices to the consumer? >> there are no companies today that i know of that are artificially doing it any more than they would under any other circumstances. it's not a monopoly, not a taking advantage, a gouging economy. that's what people say when they don't know what to do, scream and holler, that is not true today. this administration's problem and they have caused it through the spending and through the war on oil, and through their paying people to not work. that's what's happening.
11:43 am
>> sandra: that's what steve moore said, he said step one priority should be to stop the government spending, he said that is the number one concern for what is driving this inflation even higher. great to pick your brain, thank you for letting me get all that in, art. thank you very much. >> you did a great interview with jared polis over the window, i loved it. >> sandra: you are the best, thank you. john. >> john: if inflation is not enough to deal with, the power grid regulator is warning americans to get ready for blackouts. says higher than normal temperatures could create demand for more energy, major stress on the grid. the upper midwest and the western half face the biggest risk. so as the president is talking about this incredible transition, don't you think maybe build a couple more power plants? >> sandra: yes, i think everybody is worried about this. did i hear a question on the
11:44 am
floor, did you get your generator going? no, this is a real problem and i want to make sure i give credit to shannon bream. i love art, but fantastic interview with jared polis. >> john: you know, you are both blonde. >> sandra: oh, john. ok. well, anyway, and a special thank you to art, i did not want to call him out in that moment. a lot of breaking news on this busy tuesday, it is coming in fast and furious as the minutes go on here. and now a word of the big break in the random murder over the weekend on a new york city subway. people have been frantic about this. breaking news on that. >> john: also breaking, say good-bye to fort bragg or at least its name. major changes to some military bases as we have always known them. that's coming up. miss allen over there isn't checking lesson plans. she's getting graded on her green investments with merrill. a-plus. still got it.
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the choice for attorney general is clear. democrat rob bonta has a passion for justice and standing up for our rights. bonta is laser focused on protecting the right to vote and defending obamacare. but what's republican eric early's passion? early wants to bring trump-style investigations on election fraud to california, and early says he'll end obamacare and guard against the growing socialist communist threat. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california.
11:49 am
>> sandra: seems one of those days the news is coming in fast. a major break in the random shooting of a victim on the new york city subway system. alexis mcadams has the details for us now. >> that's right, we are learning from the new reports that are coming in just moments ago that the suspect accused of killing an innocent commuter on the
11:50 am
subway on sunday is now turning himself in to police. the man you see here on the screen, andrew abdullah turned himself into a precinct in chinatown after negotiating a surrender with a brooklyn passer. we have a camera there and producer who says it has not happened yet, but different reports he may be in custody or turning himself in. he allegedly arrived at the police station with a pastor in a rolls royce who helped him surrender to police. on sunday afternoon, investigators say abdullah was pacing around the q train when investigators say he pulled out a gun and randomly shot a man in the chest. police tried to save 48-year-old daniel enriquez but he did not make it. he was on his way to meet his family for brunch on a sunday afternoon. he worked at goldman sachs for quite a few years. the family was on "america's
11:51 am
newsroom" talking about their loss. listen. >> i'm trying to hold it together for my kids. we moved to a great neighborhood, we have a lot of friends. we do community service. i work in queens to be closer to my school and my students. so when this happened i didn't want it to be true, i didn't even want, i didn't even want to find out. i thought the police were going to say it was a car accident. >> hearing the families and not just their family, unfortunately, sandra, it's happened so many times on the subway even in the past months with different crimes and this family still trying to grapple with this loss, they are learning the suspect who took their loved one's life could be in custody. abdullah, he had at least 19 arrests and more than a dozen incidents since 2015, the career
11:52 am
criminal was on the run since sunday, once again, hearing reports he is in the process of turning himself in to the nypd. sandra. >> sandra: just horrific, horrific story and so many people just living in fear in this city because of too many instances like that. thank you for the breaking details on that, thank you. >> john: updating a fox news alert, new information from the feds about the terror suspect linked to isis who the feds say was planning an assassination plot to kill former george w. bush. a statement issued by kenneth parker, shehab is in rocky national, who entered the united states of september 2020, and march of 2021 applied for asylum status after being here on a time on a visitor visa. he had a plot to get four other
11:53 am
iraqi nationals into the you state through the southern border with mexico. they would be in on the plot, from reading the complaint. it appears as though what he was looking to do was get a van with a sliding door, pull up beside president bush when he was travelling somewhere, open that door and open fire. he went so far as to in february of 2022, go to dallas to case the president's home. the texas land commissioner, george p. bush, the president's nephew. >> under score this is a national security crisis occurring on the southern border. i'm a military veteran who served in afghanistan specializing in attacks, and
11:54 am
estimated that 23 members of the terror watch list came across the border. imagine the amount of undetected terrorists that came through our borders. so this confirms the national security issues and underscores the importance of securing our border. >> john: you have a couple of immigration issues here. he planned to bring four operatives across the southern border and entered the united states on a visitor visa and then applied for asylum. his case was being examined as he unfolded this plot to confidential informants what he wanted to do. >> sandra: and lawmakers are weighing in, lindsey graham putting out an interesting read. if the report is accurate, the obvious is unfolding before our very eyes saying biden's failed and frankly insane border policies are making us less safe. the rise of terrorism is again threatening the united states. i'm sure there will be a lot more reaction to that. mitch mcconnell was asked in the halls of congress i believe a few moments ago, no comment as
11:55 am
he was just learning of this, john. and on that note to bill who is live at the southern border, eagle pass, texas. hi, bill. >> yeah, sandra, good afternoon to you. this plays into the same story here. we have learned that border patrol recently released a suspected terrorist into the united states last month, and then took i.c.e. over two weeks to go rearrest him. take a look at this mug shot. this is a colombian citizen, he was released into the u.s. on april 18th near yuma, arizona. i.c.e. fitted him with a g.p.s. monitoring device. three days later, april 21st, the fbi terror screening center identifies him as a suspected terrorist on the terror watch list. his case was then referred to ice in florida where he had resettled. now, two weeks later i.c.e. finally got the green light to go rearrest garcia amado, and
11:56 am
they booked him into the local jail, then released into i.c.e. custody on may 9. i asked how does this happen and why did it take so long to rearrest a suspected terrorist. they did not answer those questions. here is what they did say in part "when we receive additional derogatory information from our law enforcement partners, dhs and our federal partners take swift action to apprehend individuals. in this instance, i.c.e. in coordination with local law enforcement promptly detained this individual who was already under supervision with a g.p.s. monitoring device." and tom homan says what happened here is a national security breach. >> border patrol agents have told me. their command wants them to process and release quick. they are not even waiting for the responses to the terrorist screening center.
11:57 am
the focus of this administration is to process and release quickly so there does not appear to be overcrowding or appear to be a crisis. >> florida governor desantis's office reacting to the story writing in part "we demand to know why dhs released a suspected terrorist into the u.s. and allowed him to live freely in florida for weeks. how many known terrorists has the biden administration allowed into our country." and guys, that is a question i put to dhs, can they confirm since last year no other known or suspected terrorists have been released into the country and they know where they all are. dhs did not answer that question. however, they did confirm that garcia amado is back in their custody as we speak right now. >> sandra: eagle pass, texas. thank you, bill. john. >> john: major u.s. military bases with names we all know no longer have those names. jennifer griffin live at the
11:58 am
pentagon with more. >> the names will still be in place until october, they have to be passed by congress. but this commission to rename nine army bases named after confederates, part of the defense authorization bill in 2020, and remember that is when president trump vetoed that defense authorization bill but it was overridden, and now nine new names. fort bragg would be named fort liberty. fort benning, named after lieutenant general howell and julia moore, his wife served side-by-side with lieutenant general howell moore, in vietnam, he wrote the book "we were soldiers once and young." fort gordon in george, renamed for eisenhower. and another after a medal of honor recipient and famous
11:59 am
abolitionist. so nine of the names, they had 34,000 submissions, met with base commandsers and communities, it grew out of the summer after george floyd was killed and the protest that ensued and the defense department backed the decision and then congress added it to the defense authorization act. again, congress will have to approve these names but now have the nine names of those bases named for famous confederates. john. >> john: wow, didn't know it was going to go up to nine, a bit of a surprise. but there we are, we'll see what happens in congress going forward. jen as always, thanks. >> sandra: i'm just digging through the list here. i think you and i both saw this happen at the same time when the report came out, and we are digging through there because it will affect so many who have loved ones at these military bases. i have a nephew on his way to fort bragg, which will be fort
12:00 pm
liberty and fort polk, louisiana, renamed fort johnson. >> john: i did military training at fort benning ahead of the iraq war. that name will be forever retired. >> sandra: that was a busy two hours, john. >> john: it was, as always. we'll do it again tomorrow. >> sandra: we will be back. i'm sandra smith. >> thanks. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum at fox head quarters in new york. brand new information just coming in on these record that an iraqi citizen lives in columbus, ohio, is now charged in a plot to that he was working on a plan to murder former president george w. bush. going so far as to take video, do surveillance around the bush home in dallas. he also was working on recruiting -- alleged in this document -- a team to


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