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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 24, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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louisiana, renamed fort johnson. >> john: i did military training at fort benning ahead of the iraq war. that name will be forever retired. >> sandra: that was a busy two hours, john. >> john: it was, as always. we'll do it again tomorrow. >> sandra: we will be back. i'm sandra smith. >> thanks. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum at fox head quarters in new york. brand new information just coming in on these record that an iraqi citizen lives in columbus, ohio, is now charged in a plot to that he was working on a plan to murder former president george w. bush. going so far as to take video, do surveillance around the bush home in dallas. he also was working on recruiting -- alleged in this document -- a team to work with
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him. he planned to smuggle that team across the southern border, which has been very open. we see the flow across it every single day, to charge people to help him get across that border. he was arrested. this man was charged in federal court in columbus just moments ago. house homeland security ranking member john katko will come on in just a moment. but first to gillian turner as the details come in. good afternoon. >> hi, martha. the suspect has been arrested as you mentioned. he's appearing in federal court in columbus, ohio where he's being indicted. we just got a statement from the u.s. attorney's office there. it says an iraqi citizen has been charged with an immigration crime and aiding and abetting to
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murder former president george w. bush. he was entered the united states on a visitor visa and in march of 2021, he filed a claim for citizenship which is pending review. we're learning that he traveled to dallas for a surveillance minutes. he shot video of the former president's home and surrounding neighborhood. we're learning that he recruited a team of people to join him in his murder plot. he was hoping and planning to smuggle them in to the u.s. across the boredner mexico. this is the former president's nephew responding to the breaking news. he says the crisis at the southern border is now a threat to national security. take a look to george p. bush. >> even biden's administration estimated that 23 member of the fbi terrorist watch list came across the border. imagine the amount of undetected terrorists that came through our borders. so this confirms the national
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security issues and underscores the importance of securing our border. >> and freddy ford jr. that worked for the president and now his chief of staff says president bush has all the confidence in the world in the u.s. secret service and our law enforcement and intelligence communities. these new court documents also show that jihad was talking to an fbi confidential informant and under some kind of surveillance all along. meaning the physical threat to the president always remained low. also important to mention that attempting to smuggle a person in to the u.s. is a punishable by up to ten years in prison. martha? >> fascinating. quick question for you. do we know -- do we have any idea at what stage the informants got involved in this or how they got to that point? where they understood that he
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had the desires to push them off and get involved? it was very early in this. >> we know the suspect came to the united states back in 2020. these court documents say that early on they started monitoring him and that he was under some kind of surveillance all along. so we don't know exactly when all along starts. we'll try to get some clarity. sounds like he was not a free agent in u.s. territory for very long. >> very interesting. very unnerving. thank you, gillian. republican congressman john katko joins me now. he's ranking member on the house security committee. what is your reaction as you learn the details of this plot to assassinate a former president of the united states, president george bush? >> this is precisely the concern that we had with the open border policies of the biden administration. for the first year or so, last year or so, we were fighting with them tooth and nail to get
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information about the number of terrorists that were coming across the border on the terror watch list that had been seized. you're going to give it to us. they finally gave it to us. now we know there's a plot to assassinate a former president and carried out by smuggling people across the southern border. overlay that, they had someone seized at the border, let them go and now he's been arrested in florida. so to say the certain border is not a national security interest is laughable. you have a recipe for disaster that was averted her and doesn't bode well unless they security this border once and for all. >> martha: t mentioned is a separate case that was on the terror watch list that is an extraordinary story as well.
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in his case they identified him and they asked to apprehend him. it took two weeks to get him in to custody. i don't know why they waited for permission tom homan said. what is it about the threat that still exists from organizations like isis, you look at this man to had connections to the bath party in iraq in what we're learn in this early reporting. >> this is a troubling development. we were concerned about this the way the exit from afghanistan happened. it gave the breeding ground for terrorist activities and an encouragements for terrorism around the world. they're attempting to work into this narrative, the exploitation of the southern border. for months and months, the administration is trying to tell us it was mexicans and people from the northern triangle coming across. it's just not true. they're coming across from 160
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countries, 24 people have been seized from the terror watch list. now we have -- this does not bode well for the security of our country. i shutter to think what has gotten through and what we don't know about. we have to take a reality check here and realize that the border policies are making the country much less safe. >> martha: congressman, thanks very much. this is a big issue of homeland security with regard to the border and also the safety of the president, current president and former presidents of the united states, in this case george w. bush. thank you. >> thank you. >> martha: i want to bring in on the phone, dana perino, co-anchor of "america's newsroom." i know you're traveling. thanks for calling in this afternoon. your reaction. we looked at a picture of you working with president bush.
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your reaction as learn about this sophisticated plot to assassinate president bush in his home state of texas where he lives as a former president. >> first reaction was a huge amount of gratitude for the fbi as well as the confidential informant that came forward and helped the fbi foil this plot. i think it's easy to -- you look at the fbi in a lot of different ways and frustrated with them and angry with them in some ways. the men and women of the fbi and our intelligence services work so very hard ever since 9-11, remember as you heard 100,000 times, the united states has to be right every single time. they only have to be right once. so it requires this commitment to making sure that we're giving the fbi and our intelligence services what they need in order to prevent attacks against former president bush or whoever it is, innocent americans. the fact that the border is so
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porous right now and there's no process in order to get people here in a legal fashion. we need that. i think there's real cause for concern. it's interesting to listen to gillian's report and what george p. bush said there. you have the state of texas that is putting its own resources to protect the citizens of this country and the federal government must do something more. this should be a big wake-up call for the biden administration. we don't know what we don't know in the country. >> martha: there's a number of disturbing things. this story was broken by "forbes" magazine. there's a number of disturbing elements to it. it talks about the sources and how they were passing on what they learned over whatsapp. it's very difficult to break into whatsapp and some of the communications. through the informant, the fbi was able to do that.
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it talks about getting people into the united states for a fee of $50,000 each, which goes to the questions about the border. in another case, they talk about two individuals associated with hezbollah. an effort to try to get them across, dana. so there's a lot of stunning things in here. here's another point to ask you about. this individual's name who they have arrested is shiab ahmed shiab. he wanted to assassinate former president bush because he felt he was responsible for killing many iraqis and breaking apart the country after 2003 u.s. military invasion according to this warrant. it goes to the fact that they're still closely monitoring these individuals for future terrorist actions. you brought up if question of they only have to be right once. there's the thinks that they have all the time in the world to carry out these things, which
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i know you talked about a lot in the administration. >> and think also about afghanistan. how the taliban has taken back over. of the prisoners from gitmo, the prisoners of war that were released under previous presidents, during the obama administration, the number that have returned to the battlefield or have wanted to commit further terrorist acts is sky high. now we have to resources on the ground in afghanistan and i know the biden administration says that's not a problem. but when you have confidential informants helping our fbi protect a former president here, imagine the innocent people that need to be protected. that concerns me. it's not in iraq, syria and afghanistan. we have to be on top of it. >> martha: it's a reminder of that. so right you are. thank you, dana.
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dana perino joining us by phone this afternoon. we cover this breaking story. also another breaking story that is developing right now. in fact, just moments ago. the new york city subway shooting suspect who had been on the run since sunday has now turned himself in. he's accused of gunning down a goldman sachs employee. this is the first images that we're getting of this individual. stunning horrible story that unfolded in new york city on sunday. daniel espinoza was on hi ways to lunch. this man gunned him down. this is the video of him getting out of the car. it's 11:45 sunday when he was shot and killed on that subway. we'll continue to bring you live coverage of this story. we want to show you in just a moment the interview that dana
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>> martha: this just in to the newsroom at fox, this is the suspect now in custody in the random it appears killing of the goldman sachs employees on a new york city subway train on sunday in mid morning. 48-year-old daniel enriquez when a gunman shot him in the chest for no apparent reason. andrew abdullah has 19 prior
12:18 pm
arrests. the victim's sister spoke eloquently this morning to dana perino on "america's newsroom." watch this. >> i'm pleading this doesn't happen to another new yorker, another family. i don't wants my brother to be a passing name in the media. >> martha: alexis mcadams reporting live on this. hi, alexis. >> your heart break when you hear these families. family after family in new york city that have had loved ones that have been severely hurt or killed while taking the subway. this guy was going to brunch. we're getting to that brand new video in new york city, this is the suspect getting out of the car handcuffed by investigators after he was on the run for 48 hours after they say he killed an innocent man on that subway. they're taking him past the cameras and all of the investigators that worked at lengths on this to find this man who was on the run taken into
12:19 pm
the precinct there. let's get to it. the 25-year-old career criminal, a previous mug shot there, has a lengthy rap sheet. he had a pastor that helped him be surrendered to police and his family later was saying that he had mental health issues and had no recollection of the shooting. so the "new york post" is reporting that andrew abdullah turned himself in today with the pastor. he arrived with the pastor in a royals royce. this happened sunday afternoon. abdullah was pacing around on the q train when he pulled out a gun and shot a man in the chest. police tried to save the victim, 48-year-old daniel enriquez. he didn't make it. the innocent man was on his way to meet his family for lunch when he was murdered. he worked at goldman sachs for years. his family was on "american's newsroom" talking about their loss. listen. >> when this happened, i didn't want it to be true. i didn't even want to find out.
12:20 pm
i thought the police were going to say it was a car accident. >> now abdullah had 19 arrests and more than a dozen incidents since 2014 according to the post. the career criminal was on the run since sunday. the family says more needs to be done to keep criminals behind bars. >> martha: thanks. the new york city mayor, eric adams, speaking out on this. he spoke with the family yesterday. now he plans to hold an emergency meeting thursday with business leaders that want more police on the subways before they bring workers back to the office. charles gasparino broke the story saying someone alert mayor adams before he runs for president, he needs to fix a few things in new york city. adams has denied a white house run in 2024 if president biden is not in the race. charles gasparino joins us now.
12:21 pm
good to have you with us today. this is an excruciating story and the latest. mayor adams said he wants to make the city safe. >> you know, a lot of words. not a lot of action according to the business leaders. we broke the story that there's this emergency meeting for thursday. it's via zoom. i'm sure that david solomon, the ceo of goldman sachs, mr. enriquez's employer will be there. what the business community will say, they're going to say in the nicest way but they shouldn't, that we need more cops on the platforms, not just walking around the streets. we need them in subway platforms and a bigger police presence. you need to help get rid of this notion of bail reform that lets people with 19 priors out on the streets. >> martha: adams was in albany the other day and trying to get the legislators to change this law. they push back on it. >> he should take it to them every day. they want a strong push. we should bring backstop and
12:22 pm
frisk. we should bring back things that made the city and the economy of this city vibrant during the guliani years and the bloomberg years, not during the de blasio years. the business community helped put mayor adams in office. they flooded him with money. he loves hanging out with them. he loves going to parties. he was at the new york stock exchange at a fashion party while this was going down. he's allowed to enjoy himself. the week before he was in beverly hills. he was someplace else. this guy loves to travel. what is boggling the imagination of a lot of people, particularly quietly on wall street, the guy that talks a good game is a wimp in office. a wimp on crime. it's costing people's lives. what is the business community going to do? adams is trying to get people to return to work immediately, spend your bonus money here. i think wall street will put a
12:23 pm
moratorium on that. they're not going to have the hard mandates of returning people back to the office. that will hurt the city's economy until he gets crime under control. he's going to have to be more than all had and no cattle. he has to really walk the walk. >> martha: he was an undercover task force on the streets. we haven't seen the benefit of that yet. obviously they're undercover. it's tough to see their presence. that was one of the biggest things that i think led to the increase in crime that we saw. then he's got to get them to turn around on this bail reform and prison reform. the police don't want to make the arrests. she told us this story about another crime that she witnessed, enriquez's sister. the person was out on the street that afternoon. >> how many teams have you seen someone acting violently on the subway? >> martha: it's a mental health issue for so many people. >> he has to talk up about that. having these people, the
12:24 pm
severely mentally ill committed. that has to be done. here's the bottom line. if it's not going to be done, new york will turn into detroit. chicago is almost detroit right now. it's in his best interest, if he really wants to run for president, he better get this under control or he won't be able to be elected dog catcher when this is over. >> martha: one of the ways to make things safer is to have everybody back at work on the subways, more life, more people, more police everywhere. the time is now. the time is yesterday. we'll see. charlie gasparino, thanks. so we have more on the bomb shell piece of evidence in the case against michael sussmann revealing fbi agents digging to candidate trump's connection to a russian bank believed that the doj was the source of the information when it was actually someone working also for the clinton campaign, not the doj when we come back. when it comes to pain medicine, less is more.
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you could take out more than $60,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. turn your equity into cash with the newday100 va cash out loan call now. >> martha: fbi agents investigating a tip about a possible connection with donald trump and russia during the 2016 election were told that the tip came from an anonymous source, not a clinton campaign lawyer. that according to a former agent who testified at michael sussmann's trial. david spunt reporting live on today's action there from washington. hi, david. >> hi, martha. good afternoon. there's a recurring theme in
12:29 pm
this trial. that recurring theme is that former agents and current fbi agents all expressed frustration on the stand because they were told to investigate an alleged connection between donald trump and russia, but they were never told where this information was coming from. finally they learned it was coming from the department of justice though. that turned out not to be true. this morning several agents working on that investigation in to a potential connection between the trump organization and a russian bank were on the witness stand. one witness specifically inside, his name was agent curtis hiedy that came to washington for 2016 to investigate the e-mail scandal surrounding hillary clinton. he says that he investigated crossfire hurricane. the name of the investigation into potential trump russian ties. he was asked about documents fally showing that the sussmann allegations came from the doj even in january of 2017 when the
12:30 pm
investigation was closed. we learned that he's under investigation, internal investigation for his handling of evidence in the crossfire hurricane investigation. allison sams told jurors that she was told this information about a potential allegation was coming from the departments of justice. michael sussmann worked for the department of justice at one time, so it's possible the words was lost in translation. but still raises eyebrows. michael sussmann is charged with lying to the fbi when he delivered information as he says a concerned citizen. john durham has evidence that sussmann lied and he was working for the clinton campaign when he went to the fbi to give that information. martha? >> martha: thanks. andy, great to have you with us
12:31 pm
today. what jumps out at you when we hear about this action from david spunt? >> this is manna from heaven for the defense. in a false statement's case, this should be a slam dunk false statement case. sussmann said that he wasn't representing anyone. he was representing the clinton campaign. the second part of a false statement case is you have to be able to prove that the false statement was material. it made the fbi handle the matter differently than they would have if they had known the truth. that should be a slam dunk, too. the obvious reason why he lies is if he tells them i'm working for the clinton campaign, they're going to know it's political information and they're going to look at it differently. that should be an open and shut case. the problem is on the materiality part of it now, you have the situation where the fbi headquarters misled the agents that were running the case on where the information was coming
12:32 pm
from. the information -- where the information is coming from, who is providing it is very important to the investigators that are running down the information regardless of whether they're misled by the witness that was the source or their own headquarters. so what the defense is now going to be able to say to the jury is why would it have made a difference what sussmann said to baker about who he was representing when the fbi headquarters itself misled their own agents about where the information was coming from. >> martha: and the question is why. why did the people telling these agents that they needed to go look into this, why did they mislead them on where they got the information. we'll save that for the next round of our coverage here, andy. thank you very much. good to see you. >> thank you. >> martha: so david asman and connell mcshane on president biden's suggestion that record high gas prices are part of an
12:33 pm
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>> here's the situation. when it comes to the gas prices, we're going through an incredible transition that is taking place that god-willing when it's over, we'll be stronger and the world is stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over. >> martha: there you have it. president biden said something good will come out of these record-breaking gas prices. the national average hitting another all-time high. $4.59 a gallon now according to arm -- aaa. that's up $1.50 from a year ago. david asman tweeting this today. biden said it out loud.
12:38 pm
higher gas prices are good for you. this is a transition period in to a paradise of a green new world. we'll all be better off after this "incredible transition." this is the language of utopianism. nothing is more dangerous than our david asman. >> i disagree with that statement. i don't care who made it. >> martha: he's the chief national correspondents, connell mcshane also here with us. he said the secret part out loud there. >> we all suspected that kind of talk was going on. all of these green people are committed to the green new world as i say that they're willing for us to sacrifice. they're still flying in their government planes and get their limos or whatever it is john uses. the bottom line is -- i said it's dangerous. it's very dangerous, this
12:39 pm
utopian vision leads to the ends justified the means. that's the old phrase that was used throughout the 20th century but horrible ideologies to create a lot of damage. you see that not only recording fossil fuels, the border crisis. the ends justify the means. you think reverse discrimination, critical race theory. or censorship with in new disinformation board. censorship is bad but the ends justify the means. so whenever you hear something that boils down to ends justify the means, i get very nervous and i do with the fossil fuel debate. >> martha: it's a no pain no gain argument. change is good. it's going to be painful but it's this perfect society after that. this is from an opinion piece on the hill by james dearin. in the long run, an inflated gas
12:40 pm
price is good. it will improve health and welfare and could further spike the battery driven cars. >> liberals will make that argument in public and proud of it. it's what they believe. what we don't hear is elected politicians in the middle of an election make that argument out loud. that's the part about saying the quiet part out loud. sometimes you get the truth at the time when you least expect it. this is what the liberal economics has believed for years. if you're paying $10 a gallon for gas rather than $1.50, you're more likely to driving an electric car than you would be if gas is cheaper. that's what they believe. they believe things will get better this way. the politicians and the strategists in the party know if you say that out loud, good luck winning an election. >> and there's unintended
12:41 pm
consequences. you don't get what you planned for. what's happening recently? we have all of these restrictions on natural gas production in the united states, on pipelines, drills, et cetera. that leads to a reliance on coal. we used to use it 20%. now it's 22 to 24%, because we shut down natural gas that burns clean and why the c 02 levels have come down. all of this focus on killing, fracking and natural gas has led to an increase in coal so the air is getting dirtier. >> and the tough part for the president, a so-called quick fix and we may be beyond that would anger the base of their party. anything that they do, opening up and being more open to drilling or anything that you can think of off the top of your head that would bring gas prices down would anger the base of
12:42 pm
their party. they're in a catch 22 that leads to moments like this. >> martha: today is an election day and we're watching that play out. thanks, connell and david. good to see you. so the rnc insists that it is not playing favorites in the pennsylvania gop senate primary after stepping in to block dave mccormick's lawsuit in a too close to call race against dr. oz who holds a razor thin, 900 something votes rights now advantage. ronna mcdaniel here to explain next. you see, son, with a little elbow grease, you can do just about anything. thanks, dad. that's right, robert. and it's never too early to learn you could save with america's number one motorcycle insurer. that's right, jamie. but it's not just about savings. it's about the friends we make along the way. you said it, flo.
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>> martha: we're learning there's multiple fatalities in texas. this is an elementary school. this is according to sources on the ground there. we also understand that there is a suspect who is in custody. it happened as i said in texas, near san antonio. we are told there are multiple fatalities here. this is an elementary school. we don't have more information yet on who has been injured, hurt or killed in this situation. it's very sensitive. we'll get you more information as soon asker with able to do that. meantime, dr. oz and david mccormick separated by the thinnest of margins in the pennsylvania gop senate primary. a race that could determine the balance of power in the united states senate come november.
12:48 pm
now mccormick is suing over updated mail-in ballots. he wants them counted. the rnc is against that move. ronna mcdaniel is standing by why to explain why. alexandria hoff in pittsburgh where there's a breaking numbers in all of this. alex, good afternoon to you. >> good afternoon, martha. it was last night when david mccormick filed this lawsuit. it's an effort to urge counties to supply with the new federal appeals court ruling friday. it was about a different case there. the court found that mail-in ballots without a date still have to be counted. in allegheny counted when it comes to the ball lots, ten would go to odd and 17 to mccormick. it's a seven-vote different there. right now oz leads by less than 1,000 votes so every vote matters. chuck cooper said because all ballots are time stamped on receipt of voter's, handwritten
12:49 pm
date is meaning less. all qualified republican voters should be counted. mccormick said this. >> we have to ensure that those republican ballots are included in the vote count. >> oz has been less favored by mail-in vote and he objected to this. the republican national committee has filed a counter suit and stated either of pennsylvania's leading republican candidates would represent the keystone state better than a democrat but absentee ballots may not be counted. that's p.a. state election law. this was a federal appeals court rule soing it added a lot of confusion. counties were supposed to separate ballots without dates to add them to the tally but not the official count, a mandatory recount here appears certain. that order would come thursday
12:50 pm
night. martha? >> martha: far from over. thanks, alex. republican national committee chair woman ronna mcdaniel joins us now. good to have you with us today. alex laid that out well. there's a federal judge that has ruled about a judge's election in which case they ruled that you should count mail-in ballots because they're time stamped. so you know when they came into that facility. why is the rnc joining on the other side of this and why even get involved at this stage? >> we've been in this situation for a long time in pennsylvania. this is the law. it's on the books. we're a law party. we want states to enforce the laws on the books. we don't want them to change the rules. it says updated ballots should not be counted. our concern is for november. we think mccormick and oz are great candidates. i have nothing against david mccormick. he's a wonderful person. my concern is if we start changing and cherry picking
12:51 pm
pieces of the law and what happens in november? do we accept ballots after election day? get rid of the secrecy envelope. this is the pennsylvania state law. the supreme court ruled this year that updated ballots should not be counted and we want this to hold for the november election. >> martha: all i can think is when you're listening to this, this is why these mail-in ballots are so complicated. if people walk in and place their ballot and have i.d. and show who they are, we wouldn't be in these situations. >> exactly. some people bring the ballot's in and hand it in. they don't have it time stamped. that's why you have to hands written it on the envelope the date. that's the stay law. we saw many state laws abandoned in 2020. we're saying to every state, uphold the laws on the books so we know the rules we're playing by. let's not change them after the game. that's why we're involved in
12:52 pm
this. we don't want to see laws changed after the fact and we certainly don't want that precedent set for november and what will be a very tight contentious senate race. >> martha: you know people look at this and they think the rnc is putting their thumb on the scale for dr. oz and president trump supports dr. oz as well. we spoke sunday. it was the same sort of topic. why would president trump be weighing in and saying that mccormick is out of line when this is a republican primary? you're hoping obviously, head of the rnc, it's a republican that wins in pennsylvania. why -- >> we did put our thumb on the scale. the votes are cast. it's done. we're neutral. the rnc is supposed to be. i called the candidates before -- >> martha: you could easily by saying mccormick's argue. these people put their ballot in. there is a federal decision that says that they should be counted. and let the courts decide.
12:53 pm
>> the federal decision will be appealed to the supreme court, this isn't done yet. the reality is this is the law. you know how we know on the right side, mark elias, that did the dossier, he love what's mccormick is doing. >> martha: mark elias, who you know his name, he's also just testified in the russia collusion trial that is going on as a witness, he said perhaps mccormick would like to support litigation against wrongly disenfranchise voters. he should check it out. when do you think we'll have an answer on this race? >> we'll have the court decisions quickly and the recount, which will take two to three weeks. >> we'll see what happens tonight. thanks, martha. >> martha: ronna mcdaniel, chair of the rnc. in five states across the country, a look back at claims over the past year about republican backed election laws. one of those states is georgia. watch this.
12:54 pm
>> this is jim crow on steroids what they're doing in georgia. >> are these new laws the new jim crow? >> very much so. >> the former president's big lie in georgia has led governor for to become ground zero for voter suppression with the new voting law put in place last year. >> you get the idea. early voting for georgia's primaries is at a record high. that prompted mitch mcconnell to say this on the senate floor. >> the fake hysteria was a pretext to push a sweeping national takeover of election laws that democrats already had on the shelf for a number of years. now the rhetoric is proving false right before our eyes. >> marc thiessen, fox news contributor. josh is also here with.
12:55 pm
joy reed and stacey abrams weighed in on this. everybody is saying that we're seeing a big turnout in this. but even that doesn't convince them that there's not voter suppression happening in georgia. here's what they're saying. >> largely, you know, substantially more republicans, they're not the ones that have long lines. they get to breeze through. voter suppression is about impeding certain voters from participating in an election. as you pointed out right now, republicans have the most competitive election. what does the mail-in ball locks rejection? what are the definite culties people are having? >> josh, you start. what do you think? >> that's what you call moving the goal posts. look, democrats and stacey abrams in particular knows that plain up election grievances help motivates their base. it's good politics for their base. it's not good for our country, it's not good for democracy to trash our election system.
12:56 pm
you know, the truth is in the reality of what's going on in early voting on election day, you have very short lines, high turnout, not a single major issue with balloting or any screw-up that's been reported so far. it's been -- georgia has been an example to the rest of the country on how to run an election compared to pennsylvania, which is still counting votes over a week later from its election. so there was a lot of overheated rhetoric. i don't hear democrats say jim crow 2.0 again right now because the truth isn't in the reality of what's happening. >> that's lot of scaring people to prepare your excuse when things don't necessarily go your way. marc, there was an interesting piece in "the washington post" and they interviewed a 70-year-old african american woman. she said everyone told me that it was going to be hard to vote or try to block my vote. that's not what happened.
12:57 pm
it was very easy. she said i feel good about the whole process. your thoughts. >> yeah, millions of african american voters in georgia including african americans and business owners are saying where do i go to get my all-star game back. that's what they want to know. where is the apology from coca-cola and delta airlines and all of these corporate people that came out and echoed these false charges. joe biden compared the people that support this law to george wallace and jefferson davis. he said they're enemies of america and he would defend our democracy all against enemies foreign and domestic in that speech that he gave in atlanta in january. this is a quote from "the washington post." after three weeks of early voting ahead of tuesday's primary, record-breaking turnout is undercutting the prediction of georgia's election integrity act that would lead to a fall off in voting. that's "the washington post"
12:58 pm
news bureau. so the idea that this was a voter suppression act is another biden lie. we're getting to the point that this is a president that lies more to us than any president in my lifetime. >> martha: as i remember in the kemp abrams race which she never conceded the loss there, that was also report turnout in that race, wasn't it? >> right. this were a lot of allegations that the abrams campaign made and it was very high turnover. especially among african american voters and among democratic voters. the reality of the new georgia law is that it actually expandaccess compared to that 2018 mid-term baseline. what it did do while you have these critics saying it's restricting voting, it took away the emergency measures that were implemented during covid that
12:59 pm
understandably have been changed because we're not in the same covid emergency that we were in the 2020 election. that's the fig leaf that a lot of democrats are using to make it seem there's voter suppression when in reality there's historic voter turnout in the state of georgia. >> martha: quick thought on this texas race. henry cuellar and cisneros. his intern. what is this? >> the big test of the democratic party. can a pro life democrat survive or are they going to pick-off people that don't agree with them on open borders and abortion on demand up until the moment of birth funded by the taxpayers. >> martha: it's amazing that cuellar is the only pro life democrat in the entire house of representatives. thanks very much, josh and marc. good to have you. an update on this horrific story in texas. sources tell fox news that multiple people are dead after a
1:00 pm
shooting in an elementary school. a suspect is in custody. it happened near uvalde near san antonio. this is a story that you don't want to see the headlines on. we will keep you posted on the developments here in what looks to be another tragedy at a school in the united states of america, this one in texas, an elementary school. with that, we'll see you tomorrow. good afternoon, everybody. >> we need to afford gas and pay our bills. prices are astronomical. this inflation is ridiculous. >> it's a shock. every day. >> the economy. gas prices. shortages. all the hot topics right now. >> since we're involved in ukraine, we know that. we have to deal with it. >> gas prices are important to me when i want to see


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