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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 24, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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school. a suspect is in custody. it happened near uvalde near san antonio. this is a story that you don't want to see the headlines on. we will keep you posted on the developments here in what looks to be another tragedy at a school in the united states of america, this one in texas, an elementary school. with that, we'll see you tomorrow. good afternoon, everybody. >> we need to afford gas and pay our bills. prices are astronomical. this inflation is ridiculous. >> it's a shock. every day. >> the economy. gas prices. shortages. all the hot topics right now. >> since we're involved in ukraine, we know that. we have to deal with it. >> gas prices are important to me when i want to see family.
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it cost a lot. that's critical. >> neil: five states holding crucial primaries. it's the one subject that unites voters. in alabama, arkansas, minnesota, texas and georgia, inflation and prices running ahead like crazy with no sign that that is cooling down. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." fox on top of a situation that is getting worse on the economic front with inflationary numbers out of control and in key states across the country having crucial primaries, that could affect the standard of bearer for the democrat and the republicans in those key races. growing talk now as to how this sorts out. we're also looking at the effect of the so-called trump bump and whether it carries today in crucial states across the country as well. let's go first to atlanta, georgia. we'll find our mark meredith following the key pocketbook issues dominating that voting.
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mark? >> good afternoon. the pocketbook issues impacting a lot of voters in their decisions today, a lot of races on the ballot. the one that most pundits are watching is the race for governor. brian kemp facing a challenge for someone that he considers to be a friend, somebody that he campaigned with before. former senator purdue. kemp is the favorite. he's been dominating in tv and fun raising going into this race. of course, it's the voters that will have the final say. purdue is counting on president trump's endorsement to carry him over the finish line. kemp was campaigning with mike pence. the event pitted pence against trump because both candidates they're trying to keep their issues on what matters most to georgians. >> you know, it matters who your governor is. i think that georgians and americans realize that now more than ever. >> in georgia, people are upset about how our career politicians
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have treated us the last couple years. that's why i got in the race. >> perdue has been trailing in the polls. his campaign said early voting broke records compared 2018 and 2020 and could prove that he has a bigger chance than some suggested. he said if the governor is the nominee, he will take on abrams. abrams is running unopposed in the democratic primary. she made comments in which she said georgia was the worst state in the country to live. she refused to back down from the same comments. >> i have an elegant delivery of a statement i'll keep making. brian kemp is a sales governor that doesn't care about the people of georgia. >> now, abram's lost to governor kemp in 2018. we're also watching the republican senate primary. herschel walker expected to do
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well tonight. where we are right here, this football field, it's the national college football hall of fame where governor kemp will have his watch party. neil? >> neil: now to texas where a battle for republicans and democrats is being waged that could be a barn burner. let's get more from grady trimble in laredo. >> in south texas, there's a run-off that pits henry cuellar against former intern and now immigration attorney, the far more progressive candidate, jessica cisneros. these two faced each other two years ago. cisneros has endorsemented from alexandria ocasio-cortez and senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. cuellar's supporters say that's
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not a good thing. >> do you worry if you vote in a too progressive candidate, it could make inflation issues worse? >> absolutely. the fact that she's associated with aoc, that doesn't help her cause. >> congressman cuellar is a moderate democrat who often goes against his own party on issues like illegal immigration, healthcare and abortion. he's notably the only pro life democrat in the house. but recently he's been dealing with another issue, the fbi raided his home earlier this year. he says he's not the target of an fbi investigation but for some voters, that is cause for concern. >> i just think that cuellar has been there too long. i think that there's some things popped up that there's no answers for. >> another run off we're following on the republican side is in the attorney general's race. the current a.g., ken paxton is
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going head-to-head and the land commissioner, george p. bush. paxton a trump republican and george p. bush more of a establishment type like his father and uncle george w. bush and gen bush. this will be an interesting race on that front. paxton is facing an indictment on security fraud and another unrelated fbi investigation over abusing his office to help a wealthy donor. that could cloud that race, a lot going on here in the lone star state. >> could be a late night. thanks, grady trimble. so with these battles going on in five states tonight, to phil wegman of real clear politics. governor going is getting a lot of attention. the so called effect of the trump bump. whether he might miss out on that in the gubernatorial election. his senate pick might even that
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out. so how important is this so called bump effect? >> it's important because it's a proxy war generally, this contest. we're going to figure out whether or not trump's endorsement is a winner. if that automatically means a candidate can punch their ticket. the reason why everyone is focusing on the governor's race in georgia is obviously because president trump has had it out for governor kemp for some time. as trump was recruiting senator david perdue to take on the governor, it didn't seem like perdue gained traction. >> then you have mike pence, the former vice president who is nothing but loyal to the president for four years step in and two weeks ago endorsed kemp. this will be a referendum perhaps on the larger intraparty squabble that we have between the two former executives. >> neil: i'm wondering here, regardless of how these races sort out, president trump has
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and overwhelming record securing the election of people that he supported in whatever election dating back to when he was president. i'm wondering how that will sort out, for example, even in states like texas where you have george p. bush, jeb bush's son beatling with the attorney general backed by president trump. so you're having essentially trump forces pitted against bush forces. >> it's interesting to see how these story lines that are separated by years are coming to clash against one another. here you have the last of the bush dynasty in this competitive race. then you have the trump influence as well. this is interesting. perhaps this is the end of that dynasty there. when i talk to folks in trump world and the larger conservative circles, they know
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that donald trump is not going to go away. even if some of his endorsements weren't successful, he's not going to close up shop. he's in this for the long run. what i'm focusing on now is some of these conservatives saying, wait a minute. trump might have his favorite but the person that he backed, is that the most conservative person good on to policy issues that we care about or a standard barter that is friends with the president. >> neil: how could this change up the makeup of the senate and the house? it's taken as a given and you reminded me that preordained anything here where the house could shrikely flip. the senate is a diceyer call. how do you see the races affecting that? >> i think that if you look for instance at walker and that race, it seems that he's going to win the nomination. it's an open question with regards to the coming battle between him and warnock.
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there's a number of questions that haven't been litigated about his past that will come to light in a general election. there's a lot of republicans, republican members of congress that are a bit bitter that went down in georgia last time around. they hold president trump responsible for losing those two races because he was focusing on the previous general election and not the special election there. they saw him as being too focused on questions of election integrity and not focused on making certain that david perdue could hold on to his seat. next november, we could be having a similar conversations if republicans end up short and don't have a majority in the senate. these are the republicans holding their tongues in public. may they should make it clear.
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>> neil: the president might have inserted himself on these races about making a comments with what is happening to gas prices. take a look at this. >> here's the situation. when it comes to gas prices, we're going through an incredible transition that is taking place that god-willing when it's over, we'll be stronger and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over. >> neil: i have a feeling that senator john barrasso does not agree with what the president just said there. he's kind enough to join us right now. senator, he seemed to be saying the end justifies the means here and that in the end we'll be all the better for this. what did you think of that? >> well, it sounds to me like the president is saying take your medicine, prices are going to stay high because i'm going to get rid of fossil fuel. i will do whatever the far, far left says to do regarding
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climate. high energy prices like american families are suffering with right now. bad for their standard of living. bad for the choices that they have to make. 92% of the american people are worried about the cost of energy. people are having to cancel activities this memorial day weekend. the president is out of touch with the pain that the american people are suffering. if he is in any way connected to it, he's refusing to find and act on the solutions that we know that are there. >> neil: we do know that the president will tap the strategic petroleum reserves. i didn't realize there's a separate one for diesel. he's done that with general petroleum and prices are higher than when he first announced that. are you confident he will have success on the diesel side?
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>> no. he's throwing one hail mary pass after another trying to deal with the high prices. he's talked about going to venezuela, going to deal with a dictator to try to get more oil. even though the way they produce it is the dirtiest oil around the world. he's willing to dance with a dictator than drill for more american energy. the american people know the impact of these high gas prices on their own lives. they're at a point that they can't tighten the belt further. they're not getting hair cuts, music lessons for the kids, grant parents can't visit grandchildren. they were locked out for two years due to covid. now they're being locked out because of the high cost of gasoline all related to the policies of this president. because remember, the cost of gasoline was $2.38 a gallon the day joe biden became president. today another all-time record
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high, $4.60 a gallon. >> martha: senator, i'll be remiss to talk about if we didn't talk about the primary battles in five key states, georgia and texas stand out. a lot are saying it's a test of the so-called trump bump and whether he can continue what's been a pretty startling record of more successes than failures on that front. he might lose when it comes to the challenge for georgia's governor. but he stands to gain in other key races including in that senate battle where herschel walker is the odds on favorite. what is your sense of the former president's influence and impact for republicans? >> well, president trump clearly is a may junior influence on our party and voters. we're going to take the house and senate. we're nominating candidates that will win across the board because they're going to focus on the things that the american people are concerned about, which is inflation, which is the
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border crisis, which is crime in this city. the things that matter to people at home are the things that people will vote on. that will be a big year for republicans because when you get high energy costs, it hurts the poor and it angers voters. it lowers the standard of living when item after item the republicans are lined up with the concerns of the american people and the democrats are out of touch. >> neil: do you think, senator that former senator david purdue loses to brian kemp tonight that former president trump should rally around and support brian kemp in that race? >> i want to make sure -- to me the most important date is november 8. that's election day. i think whoever is nominated nor the republicans is a much better governor than stacey abrams. she said yesterday that she thinks the georgia is the worst state in the country to live.
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its mind boggling that she's running for governor there. >> neil: would it be helpful to you to remove any equivocation here that the former president should say, all right, this guy was not my first pick and i had a beef with him over the 2020 election but he's better than stacey abrams. you think that would be helpful to hear that from donald trump? >> i think it would be helpful. endorsing the republican winner in november i think is very helpful for all of us and good for the country and good for the people of that state. >> neil: got it. senator barrasso, thanks very much. good catching up with you. we're following the cross currents and also following two big press events coming momentarily. one concerning this texas school shooting. we're learning that two children have died in that apparent attack and also today in new york the man who was behind that fatal subway shooting of a
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>> all right. details are sketchy.
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we were getting word that a school shooting and elementary school shooting in texas, in uvalde texas, we know with two children that are dead, at least a dozen injured. bill melugin has more. bill, what can you tell us? >> neil, good afternoon. we just got on scene here in uvalde where we're told there will be a press conference. a law enforcement source said there's multiple fatality associated with this school shooting at rob elementary school in uvalde not far from the city of san antonio, not far from the border in eagle pass. it sounds grim. we're told there's many injuries. apparently what we're hearing from law enforcement sources is this started with a shooting away from the school. the shooter went in to the school. that's when the shooting first took place. if we can look at this video.
1:22 pm
this claims to show the shooter going into one of the school buildings armed. this was posted to social media from the school ground a short time after the shooting was reported. after that, students were let out of the school. videos posted online as well. and the local hospital here, uvalde memorial hospital, reporting that they're treating multiple children in their emergency room as a result of this shooting. i can tell you that there's parents here that are waiting at this press conference that look like they haven't been told a lot. it's very somber, very quiet. people waiting for information. there's border patrol agents acting as security as the local police department is very busy right now. we're not in front of the school. we're in front of the civic center where there will be a press conference. but again, we're not hearing good information about this. law enforcement sources said
1:23 pm
there's multiple fatalities associated with this shooting. an elementary school. we're waiting for a press conference to start. we were told it would be within 30 minutes, a gentleman said they're still figures it out. we're waiting for more information. as we get it, we'll update our viewers. looks like this will play out to be another horrible mass shooting incident with fatalities here in uvalde, texas. back to you. >> neil: the shooter has been apprehended. do you know what his connection was to the school or the kids? >> i'm hearing from law enforcement that the shooter is dead. not that he's in custody, he's dead. i don't have any information. i can confirmed from law enforcement sources that i'm told the shooter is deceased at this time.
1:24 pm
>> martha: thanks for that. bill melugin. soot development that wheer following as we wait to hear from the texas authorities on the motive behind the shooting and why young kids were targeted. the developments in new york city, ted williams joins us right now. it occurs at the time, ted, that we're going to get more details on the culprit behind that attack on a goldman sachs worker on a train on sunday that was indiscriminately shot. he turned himself in today. we'll learn more about that happened and why he's turning himself in right now and now on this texas shooting. desperate incidents, very different conditions. a reminder that crime is out of control. what do you think? >> absolutely. let me if i could just address the uvalde, texas shooting at
1:25 pm
the elementary school where they said that as of now it's being reported that two are dead, meaning students, and at least 14 are wounded. it's my understanding that this all started with the border patrol. the border patrol was chasing after this guy. this guy got to the elementary school and opened fire at the elementary school, which is very sad in and of itself there. i can also tell you when it comes to the new york situation, this is such a tragedy. this man, daniel enriquez was on the subway, on his way to a brunch. this guy, andrew abdullah, 25 years old, a career criminal, was pacing back and forth. it's alleged that he pulled a gun, shot this man, enriquez, in the chest. and then rushed off the subway, gave the gun to a vagrant
1:26 pm
upstairs. he then sold it to a third party for $10. and then that third party turned it in to the police. the crime unfortunately right now all over this country is just off the charts. it's so sad that these incidents are happening. >> neil: in the new york incident, we know he turned himself in. he apparently wasn't targeting this guy. it was indiscriminate. there's was talk by eric adams that devices are needed to show if you have a gun. but we keep having these incidents in subway stations to say enough above ground where crime is at highs. this is getting beyond control
1:27 pm
and beyond senseless now. >> it is. what is needed is more law enforcement officers. i want to make sure i'm clear. i didn't say less. i mean more law enforcement officers to saturate these neighborhoods. the saturate the subway sum. you know, it was only, neil, about a month ago that we had ten people shot in the subway system. crime is off the chart in new york. i agree with the system -- i said dave enriquez. his sister said that citizens cannot feel safe in the city of new york in this immediate time. >> martha: they're learning this alleged shorter, andrew abdullah, 25 years old, had two open criminal cases in new york city. one in brooklyn, we understand, ted, for a separate incident
1:28 pm
stemming from a vehicle theft and the other from an alleged assault. he had a long track record and was obviously released in both of these prior incidents if we're to believe these early reports. what do you make of that? >> that is what is frustrating the citizens of new york. before the ink is dry on these arrests, these bottom feeders are back out on the street. the question that needs to be answered with this guy, andrew abdullah, why was he out back on the streets of new york. again, since 2015, this guy has been arrested over 19 times in that city. here it is, he's on a subway with a gun where he shoots this man in an unprovoked shooting sunday. a sad situation. >> neil: he turned himself in. you don't see that all the time.
1:29 pm
he was well-covered and unrecognizable in the hoodie. what do you make of that? >> well, you know, it's the way he turned himself in. from what i have been told is that he came to the station with a minister in a rolls-royce. it's my understanding that he was trying to negotiate that he turned himself in to the mayor, eric adams, and that did not happen. you know, the fact about it is, at some stage or another, you'll probably hear this guy was mentally ill. but he wasn't mentally ill enough to shoot this guy. he wasn't mentally enough to run up to the subway, to the top of the station. he wasn't mentally ill enough where he would give the gun to somebody else and uncover himself.
1:30 pm
i'm supply saying the citizens in new york and all over this country is frustrated with these violent killings. all we need to do now, neil is look at uvalde, texas. some kid, some kids, neil, are not going home to their families. you have other kid that were in the hospital as a result of gun violence. >> martha: . >> neil: yeah, it beyond incredible. they're just kids. no rhyme or reason for any of it. ted, i regret we have to get together on circumstances like this. but i'm grateful for your insight. ted williams following all of that. all of this, the crime and the stores in the metropolitan areas, many reasons of new yorkers are leery of returning to their in-office jobs in the big apple.
1:31 pm
incidents like this. forget about covid and spikes in cases. charlie gasparino has been following this side of the story. charlie? >> that's why major ceos are going to meet with mayor adams this week on thursday, a zoom meeting, where they're going to press their case that we're not coming back in full force up less you get crime under control, this is a zoom meeting from what we understand. 100 people. this meeting is being held by the partnership for new york. it's a big lobby group for major businesses that represent banks, real estate companies, all the big employers in new york. j.p. morgan, you name it. every major bank or real estate company will be from what i understand represented at this meeting. some of the names at the meeting and will tell you how serious this business community is now taking crime and how worried they are about their employees not being safe traveling around the city and traveling in the subways. we have steve schwartzman from
1:32 pm
blackstone, daniel enriquez was a goldman sachs employee and his boss will be on the call. the nba's adam silver, wells fargo's ceo. jim tisch, the head of lowe's hotel and american express will all be on the call. those are some of the bold face names. from what i understand, 100 people and the ceos will want answers. this is what i'm hearing now from people. they're going to make the case, mr. adams, it's about time that you be it up or shut up. here's why. the business community were huge supporters of mayor adams for his run for office. he promised to get crime under control. it's not. people are still getting shoved to the floors in subway trains, people getting shots in the streets. it's getting out of control.
1:33 pm
mayor adams at the sam time wants all of these banks and companies to bring their work forces back to prepandemic levels. if they're not going to be safe here, they're not going to bring them back. that's the message given to mayor adams. mayor adams, you're running around the country, enjoying the trappings of the office, in beverly hills recently, rumors you want to be president. please, before you do any of that, get this situation here under control regarding crime because it will destroy the economy if you don't. tend to what is happening in the city. do what you said you would do. there's a little of all hat and no cattle with this mayor. what they're telling me, he doesn't deliver. that message subtly will be given at this meeting on thursday. we should point out this meeting is closed to the press. i don't know if that is a good thing or bad thing. if i was listening in, they
1:34 pm
might censor some of their own remarks. so maybe they'll let him have it and tell him how they feel. you get the feeling, neil, the situation in new york is rapidly coming -- the train is coming off the tracks and wire starting to look like chicago here. we shut down violently during the pandemic. new york city was shut down. people lost businesses. it's just coming back. it's reopening amid a crime epidemic. i think if major adams wants wall street to spend their tax dollars, if he wants them not to move to florida or texas or wherever they're moving to, he better get this under control quick. >> neil: the irony here is that the very financial firms that will be petitioning him to do something about this are the ones that little more than a few weeks ago were demanding their employees get back to work. now they're in the situation saying, we understand.
1:35 pm
not so fast. >> it's remarkable. yeah. i think wall street -- you know, if it's a toss-up between getting shot in the chest while one of your employees is going to brunch, think about that. going to brunch or working from home. they're going to pick working from home. adams was at a fashion show at the new york stock exchange while this gentleman was shot in the chest minding his own business by this guy. so that sort of dichotomy is not being lost. >> neil: we're going to go to work where they're going to detail exactly what they can about the culprit here in that attack on a goldman sachs worker on a train. it's not quite ready to go when it is, we'll return there. we're also going to texas where we're getting a few more
1:36 pm
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>> neil: all right. the new york police commissioner is detailing the suspect in the attack on a goldman sachs employees. he was randomly executed. the assailant turned himself in. let's go to that. >> again and again, his repeat offenses were not enough to keep him off of our streets. his criminal history stretches back to 2016 and includes charges of felony assault, robbery, attempted murder and a still open charge from two years ago. the most basic purpose of the criminal justice system is to keep people safe. in the only state in our nation where a judge is not allowed to consider dangerousness when setting bail, this was yet another failure of that system. now daniel enriquez is gone. his family and loved ones are
1:39 pm
suffering and they rightfully want to know why. well, there's no valid reason why. because this horrific crime should never have happened. and i said two weeks ago, after the shooting of our officer dennis vargas, that we need to right these wrongs. the violence on the q train last sunday morning was committed by another repeat offender that was given every leeway by the criminal justice system. we cannot and will not stand for it. today a killer is off of our streets. we turned our attention to getting justice for daniel enriquez and his family. that's our focus moving forward in this case. along with the district attorney's office and our other law enforcement, that's what we're going to do. i want to turn it over to the mayor, eric adams. >> thanks, commissioner. thanks to the good work of the
1:40 pm
men and women and our partners in law enforcement. we got him. we got him in a way that he did not cause more injuries to new yorkers. now the commissioner stated something that is important. we have a killer off of our streets. too many killers are back on our streets. it's a revolving door criminal justice system that appears to pit nypd and good new yorkers against the bad guys. we were fortunate to have thorough police work here and the chief of detectives lay out history of any reasonable thinking new yorker is going to ask themselves why is this person still on our streets? it's a tragedy. the fact is, he the poster of
1:41 pm
many people that believe that they can create violence without any repercussion at all. it is too easy, too comfortable to use the gun and there is a pervasive feeling among dangerous people that there's no repercussions for their actions for using the gun. as we stand here today, we also nt to have our hearts go out to the family. innocent person. he should have been sitting at his desk at goldman sachs. he should have been planning outings with his family. he should have been able to enjoy all the things that new yorkers enjoy. new we're morning his death. spoke to his sister today. she was full of pain. she could not find reasons why
1:42 pm
someone took the life of her brother. hearing the words coming from the bronx, the commissioner and i stopped to see the parents of a 11-year-old baby that was prematurely taken to us due to gun violence. we saw it too afternoon. this is all fueled by the toxic gun laws. we try to rebuild our city. this is an impact that we will respond accordingly and ensure our city is safe and our transportation system is safe. part of our recovery is tied to the mta. that's why we are glad to have the mta as a partner as we move for toward to rid it of the violence that we're seeing. daniel was shot. we feel it in our hearts. we lost a fellow new yorker.
1:43 pm
one of the good guys. we're doing our job i say over and over again, they have removed over 2,900 illegal guns off of our streets. more return with bad guys that feel good enough after we arrest them that they can come back out and wreak havoc on our city. the industry pumps guns into the community faster than we can take them out. arresting the shooter doesn't change what is going on every day in this industry. we have to fight united to stop the flow of guns. the sea of violence comes from many visits. we must damn each one. today we damned one of them. there's more that we have to dam without the help to carry it out. also want to put my heart out to the family members in texas elementary school. a mass shooting.
1:44 pm
two babies doa possibly. 12 injured. these shootings are happening far too often, and the response is not meeting the level of threat and danger that we're experiencing. it's not acceptable. we would never surrender our streets to violence. i want to thank the men and women of the nypd for apprehending this dangerous person off of our streets. >> neil: you've been listening to eric adams, the mayor of new york talking about the apprehension, the surrender of this man after killing daniel enriquez. and then the shootings today in texas involving the death of two children. ted williams kind enough to
1:45 pm
rejoin us. ted, we can link the violent attacks that have been happening in the crime spree across the country all we want. but again, while it's welcome news that the assailant here in new york, andrew abdullah has turned himself in, there's open questions whether he would have been found had he not done so. now we're learning that he had two open criminal cases stemming from an april 24th vehicle theft and another for an alleged assault in man at the tan less than two years ago. this is a familiar pattern. what to you make of it? >> clearly is unfortunately a familiar pattern, neil. the fact about it is, david enriquez is a victim of a broken system. the citizens of new york and the citizens around this country are
1:46 pm
victims of this broken system in the country as well as in the city of new york. here it is, this guy, abdullah, two charges that he should have been in jail on he was led out. he was allowed to go free. and this guy has a rap sheet a mile long. you have to wonder what is going on in the country when this happened. when we look at the fact that tonight two kids are not going to be going home in uvalde, texas. you look at the fact that 14, 13 are injured there. when you look at new york where they say we have do something, we have to change something. they say that every time there's a crime or something that happens where lives are lost. what people want is less talk
1:47 pm
about more action in these towns and cities around this country. >> neil: one thing i don't understand and you know these issues better than i, obviously as violent crimes have spiked and we're continuing to release folks that have violent pasts and incidents that get them turned away from a judge and now in the streets within minutes. so you think the rise in violent cases would give them pause. but apparently not. it keeps going on. in the case of what we saw with mayor abdullah a little more than a few months ago. >> neil, you're absolutely right. the bottom line is simply this. police officers, prosecutors and judges, they got to get on the same page. they're not on the same page in this country. as a result of that, these
1:48 pm
violent criminals are let out to wreak havoc on the citizens within these various venues that is a sad commentary. s will -- also, we have a gun problem. we have to face that. how in the hell does abdullah get a gone and how in the hell does he take it and give it to a vagrant that sells the gun for $10, $10, neil. that is what a life was worst. you can understand the frustration in not only the enriquez family, but to citizens there. they're sick and tired of being hostages to criminals. that is what is going on unfortunately. >> neil: we also have a number of severely mentally ill people just out on the streets.
1:49 pm
so you are putting your life in your hands. >> it's like russian roulette hoping it doesn't hit you. i'm sure just like mr. enriquez thought this would never happen to him. what i'm wondering here, if people get that. enriquez's sister spoke to dana perino. he she said that she doesn't want her brother just to be a passing story. she fears that even in the apprehension of his alleged killer. what did you think of that? >> i echo what she stated here. that is nothing, nothing comes of these vicious cycles that we go through when it goes to killing. when you look at the mentally
1:50 pm
ill, all you have to do is go back to brooklyn or buffalo, new york where ten people were killed by a mentally ill person possibly that was able to get a gun. what we need now is that -- instead of just having workers, we need specific people trained to deal with the mentally ill in these -- we've got tomorrow
1:51 pm
citizens out here who are unprotected. >> neil: it's just incredible to your point. ted williams,thanks very much. we are also learning of this texas shooting that the homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas has been alerted to this. we're waiting for a press conference in texas on that incident after this. - common percy! - yeah let's go! on a trip. book with priceline. you save more, so you can “woooo” more. - wooo. - wooo. wooooo!!!!! woohooooo!!!! w-o-o-o-o-o... yeah, feel the savings. priceline. every trip is a big fanduel and draftkings,
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yeah, feel the savings. two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently.
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only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
1:55 pm
>> neil: we're getting news that 14 students and a teacher are dead. teenage gunmen ran into the grounds of an elementary school in texas while fleeing from police earlier this afternoon. texas governor abbott said that the incident at robb elementary school was carried out by a local 18-year-old students that also died. we don't know how he died. he had abandoned his vehicle, entered into the school with a handgun, possibly a rifle, coming from the governor's office, he said "he shot and killed 14 students and killed a teacher. he also fatally shot his grandmother earlier." so much we don't know.
1:56 pm
this much we do. it's a massacre. ted williams with us right now. ted, we don't know the link of the shooter to the school. 18 years old. why he chose that school. i'm throwing a lot at you. your thoughts. >> yeah, from what i understand, the border patrol may very well have been chasing this person who went in to the school. you're right. there's a lot of unanswered questions. we have a crime scene. as a result of having this crime seen, i can tell you, neil, they're going to process it and they're going to go backwards and try to find out as much as they can about his history. the fact that you reported that he killed his grandmother perhaps, that is just so troubling. but again, neil, here it is.
1:57 pm
we've got a gun involved killing. or killings, i should say. where a lot of young people, a lot of promising young people have lost their lives. i mean, when you just -- you sent shocks through me when you see 14 kids, 14 kids are dead. >> neil: you know, i was thinking of the connecticut elementary shooter that killed his mother before taking out two dozen children at that time. and then this alleged attacker presumably killed his grandmother and then this on going attack we're assuming later on. without knowing any connection to the school, your mind is racing what it could have been. >> that's it. we always -- when these
1:58 pm
incidents happen, neil, the first thing we want to try to defend, the motive. what was the motive that would have permitted a young man to take a gun in to an elementary school and to shoot kids. we don't have those answers, of course, at this time. i would have to believe that they will get some of these answers. the question is will there be changes. we need changes in this country. something is going wrong in this country where you have young men, 18-year-olds in buffalo, new york there, or a 18-year-old from what we understand in uvalde, texas this afternoon, 14 dead when you look at the kids. you look at a school teacher, shot. promising lives. we've got to do something in
1:59 pm
this country. something is wrong, something is from the balance going on in is this country. >> neil: we're waiting to hear from authorities, but this seemed to be unprovoked. we just don't know the shooter's connection to the school. if there was none, it is more horrific, is it not? >> it really is. it tells you someone with no social redeeming quality would go into a school and shoot young people, young people are victims of the violence that has gone on in this country. i'm deeply disturbed. i know that the texas rangers, the federal authorities down there in uvalde, texas, they will get to the bottom of what has taken place. >> neil: we can hope.
2:00 pm
ted, thank you. sorry to jump on you, confirming 14 known dead, well, 15 that were killed earlier today at this texas school. we'll be hearing from them shortly. learning 13 other children are being tended to at a nearby hospital, four in critical condition. and so it goes. we'll have more after this. >> fox news alert, tragic news out of texas. governor abbott confirming 14 schoolchildren and one teacher are dead in an elementary school shooting near san antonio. bill is on the ground with the latest. bill. >> bill: jesse this is the uvalde civic center. a couple women left the building behind us in tears. texas


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