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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 24, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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sorry to jump on you, confirming 14 known dead, well, 15 that were killed earlier today at this texas school. we'll be hearing from them shortly. learning 13 other children are being tended to at a nearby hospital, four in critical condition. and so it goes. we'll have more after this. >> fox news alert, tragic news out of texas. governor abbott confirming 14 schoolchildren and one teacher are dead in an elementary school shooting near san antonio. bill is on the ground with the latest. bill. >> bill: jesse this is the uvalde civic center. a couple women left the building behind us in tears. texas governor abbott confirming
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15 people killed at a mass shooting at an elementary school here in uvalde. that is robb elementary school. 14 people, one teacher. the shooter is dead. officers responding to the shooting, shot and killed him. responding officers were shot at, some were struck, but do not have serious injuries. texas governor abbott says the teen is a local from here. he abandoned his vehicle and ran into the school with a weapon and just started shooting. 15 dead in this mass shooting. horrific. uvalde memorial hospital posting on facebook, they are treating multiple children in their emergency room right now. the atf is here. we are awaiting an imminent press conference. thor of uvalde said there will
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be a press conference at 5 local time. texas governor abbott confirming 15 people dead in this horrific mass shooting. you can see some of the videos we had sent to the newsroom. a video from earlier today showed the shooter going into the school. it is unclear what type of firearm he had. by all accounts, he simply went into that school and just started shooting. we have no idea what the potential motive is, how he did this, how it started. tragic news from uvalde, a quiet border town, 15 dead, 14 children, one teacher. the shooter deceased on scene. texas governor abbott says responding officers shot and killed that shooter. >> bill, responding officers were not on school property, no
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armed school safety officer on the school grounds? >> bill: we don't know clarity of the details yet. all texas governor abbott said is officers responded to the scene and exchanged gunfire with the suspect and the suspect is dead. some officers were shot at and hit, unclear how severe the injuries are. i can tell you right now at the civic center, the police department here is so busy that local border patrol officers are providing security here. there are dozens of border patrol agents here forming a ring around the civic center. we should get more details at the press conference happening a little under an hour from now, jesse. >> judge jeanine: bill, it is judge jeanine, he abandoned the
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vehicle, and ran into the school. no chase preceded this; correct? >> bill: we're not hearing anything about a chase, there are rumors this was a border chase. i have not confirmed that and have no reason to believe the rumors are credible at this moment. this potentially started with a shooting outside of campus, potentially shot his own family member, possibly a grandmother, is what we're hearing. he apparently drove to the school, left the vehicle, ran into the school and just started shooting amongst teachers and children. that is what we're hearing. no nexus to border patrol. this went from 0-100 in terms of horribleness of the story. at first we were hearing only one person was shot and now 15 dead as a result of the shooting, guys. >> jesse: i have a question, do we have any idea whether this
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was a random choice, the school, or something that was part of this guy's world? were they familiar with him? >> bill: we don't know, we don't know a whole lot about the suspect. the texas governor abbott mentioned a suspect name, i didn't catch it. he said he is an 18-year-old local that lives here in uvalde. the motive, i don't want to speculate. we did hear rumors, we will wait until we get concrete information. it sounds like this is a young guy who lived here in town, didn't come from elsewhere. had an incident at home that resulted in the shooting of his grandmother. came to school and for whatever reason decided to start killing schoolchildren and teachers. >> geraldo here, it is fact 14 confirmed dead, how many more children are injured and at risk of adding to this horrible toll?
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>> bill: it sounds like multiple children are still being treated right now. local hospital posted they are treating several children in the emergency room and i saw on social media, a hospital in san antonio posted they were treating i believe two children and one adult. i'm not aware of what other hospitals are out there treating people. it would sound like there is another five to six people being treated in local hospitals and with gunshot wounds, those are serious and the casualty toll potentially could end up going higher, guys. >> judge jeanine: bill, it is jeanine again. how far is the grandparent's home where he allegedly killed his grandparents from the school? >> bill: it is unclear. the mayor told me this was only blocks away from the school. i'm unclear if that is still the case. obviously information is fluid when shootings happen. the mayor when i talked to him
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about this made it southbounded like the location was not very far. we have a lot of people behind us who don't know what the heck is going on, they don't have a lot of information. now the news just broke the 15 were killed and that was moments after when we saw a couple of women leave the building behind us, falling in tears. information is getting out. people are coming here wanting information on their children, loved ones. are they okay? what are authorities saying about it? a lot of confusion and you can imagine, when you are stressing out wondering if your loved one is alive, it can be a horrible experience. it is hard to watch folks waiting, biting their nails, waiting for more information. hope to get more details as the press conference kicks off. it will be at the local fair plex, not the civic center,
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which is where we were told the presser was going to start. we'll find it and get the viewers updates with the latest. horrible situation out here. we are usually covering the border in uvalde and unfortunately today, we are covering yet another mass shooting at a school. >> bill, geraldo, we were on the air when sandy hook broke and craig was up there so fast, my brother, craig, producer, that the moms were taking their children's seat out of the backseat when they confirmed the children are dead. this is horrible. one thing about sandy hook, it led to many schools implementing to follow-up on jesse's question. security, armed deputy, not that that is a be all, end all, that is metal detectors, no indication the school had any security meaningful security in place, i'm not pointing fingers
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at anybody, just asking in texas, is that common to have schools unguarded? is that the case in this situation? >> bill: to be honest, i don't know the answer to that question. some schools obviously have security. typically, i believe that is more high schools or an sro, school resource officer. we don't know if there was officer or security at the school when the incident took place. one video i have seen of the suspect entering the school, i didn't see security anywhere. we don't know what happened beforehand, we'll wait for details to come out. >> it is kellyanne conway. have you talked to any adult eyewitnesses? number two, have the surviving children been reunited with their parents? are they being secured somewhere
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else or been reunited with their loved ones? >> bill: we have not talked to eyewitnesses and we're not physically at the school, that is down the road from us, it is blocked off with law enforcement and emergency vehicles. we're at the civic center where families are gathering, waiting for the press conference. it is unclear if there are children being held in the building behind us, we don't know where they are at right now. some coming out look okay and relieved. i mentioned before, we did see two women come out absolutely bawling and that was tough to see, those two obviously got horrible news unfortunately. >> bill, stay there, we'll be back momentarily. bring in trace gallagher with the latest. what do you got? >> trace: couple things bill was talking about, they didn't have the name of the shooter.
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we do. salvadore ramos, a local student, going back to what judge jeanine offered. how far was his grandmother if that story is accurate, how far was she from the school? we don't know. we know the town of uvalde is but seven square miles, which means nothing in that town more than mile and a half or two miles from any point of location, that is a fascinating thing. we know from governor abbott that the shooter, salvadore ramos went in with a handgun and a rifle. we heard reports he was going to the outside of the school and started shooting first in the parking lot. that apparently turned out not to be true. we are told he made his way inside the school and started
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opening fire there. as far as the question you asked, jesse, about school security. all through texas there are high schools and middle schools with school security. it is rare occurrence when you have sro's at elementary schools. kind of going back to geraldo's point talking about sandy hook. remember, we have at the bottom of the screen, 14 children dead, one teacher has been confirmed. these numbers in these types of school shootings always change. horrifically they always change for the worst. the numbers tend to go up. at sand's hook, 26 children were shot. that is what adam lonza first went and killed his mother and went to sandy hook and opened fire and killed elementary school students and adults who
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tried to save the students. if numbers change, this could be the third worst school shooting in the history of the united states. if the numbers change here, really not much in any direction, this could become the worst school shooting in the history of the united states and keep in mind, the lion share of the victims in this case are like sandy hook, elementary schoolchildren. we should point out, if there is a bright light in all of this, which there is none, if you go to san antonio, 90 miles up the road, you will find a level 1 children's hospital there. two children brought there, we have learned in our experience, if you bring children who are shot to a level 1 trauma center, they have an outstanding chance to live. that is good news. look at the size of this town, talking 15,000, 15,000 people live in this town. they don't have resources to handle something like this.
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all-hands on deck, not just in uvalde, from san antonio and every surrounding vicinity that has a fire department and police department. when you get on scene, we've been to these in columbine, which attracted sources from denver and all around there, you have to have coordination. it is hectic in the early going. you go through the school and check every closet, attic and room by room and kids walk out with their hands up. they are all considered suspects. in a elementary school, it is different format, but basic theory, basic protocol you go through when these typess of things happen. i want to add, when you talk about these types of scenarios, you have the shooter who turned the gun on himself and that would change the investigation, but it doesn't change the fact you somehow have to go in there and get without knowing who is
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in there, go in and get the wounded out, get them on life flight helicopters or ambulances and get them out as quickly as possible. as you learn days after the shootings, seconds and minutes are eternity for kids who need that help and need it so fast. jesse. >> jesse: thank you, trace. sound from texas governor abbott, he spoke momentarily. let's hear it. >> the shooter was salvadore ramos, who resided in uvalde. it is believed he abandoned his vehicle and entered into robb elementary school with a handgun and may have had a rifle, that is not confirmed according to my most recent report. he shot and killed horrifically, incomprehensibly, 14 students and killed a teacher. mr. ramos, the shooter, he is
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himself is deceased. and is believed that responding officers killed him. >> jesse: judge jeanine you picked up on the fact the car was left before he went into the school and turns out there was a domestic situation where he ended up killing a family member, possibly his grandmother. >> judge jeanine: it seems he was trying to escape. this is a fluid situation, any kind of shooting like this or any criminal act of this nature, everything will change issue the facts will change. if he drove to this school, you have to wonder why did he drive to this school, what is the connection? what time did this happen? do we know what time? >> 12:17. >> judge jeanine: 12:17? how old are the kids?
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k-5, tops 10 years old. >> single digit ages. >> judge jeanine: they are telling me single digits, maybe to nine there is a reason he went into this school, something connected in terms of family, his history or the argument connected to that school. >> i don't know anything about him, but there are families that will never be the same and it should not be the occupational hazard of an elementary school student to go to school and this happen to them. i hope people don't jump to political conclusion and call for sweeping massive changes while people are grieveing and may not have been reunited with children yet. >> jesse: that is kind of the day and age of twitter, inclination to immediately get a scalpel over a horrible, horrible story. i think in time there will be scowering the social media, what did he post and when, that tends to be the next step in the next
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few hours. right now we're in a fluid situation, all this micro-reporting and sometime its is good to step back, take a breath and wait for the information. as we've seen now, the facts keep changing. >> we'll take you to the press conference. >> we do want to keep the families in our prayers, i hope you do, as well. the crime scene is still being worked on, we'll notify the parents and families as soon as we have the news. >> we greatly appreciate your understanding and patience. >> we'll notify parents and families when we have news for them. thank you so much. >> we greatly appreciate your understanding and patience with us, at this time, we are only making a statement. we will be releasing more information as the investigation
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continues. we appreciate your courtesy, at this time, concludes our press conference. thank you. >> greg: okay, just caught the tailend of that press conference. greg. >> greg: i'm done. finished. we don't have a lot of information. >> jesse: that is true, however, if it is indeed confirmed he killed the grandmother first, there is some family beef going on. the level to go to kellyanne conway's point, the level of spite that it would take for someone with a weapon, a rifle and a handgun to go into the most vulnerable population on earth, these little children who are defenseless essentially and to commit this kind of slaughter, it speaks to a cold-blooded, horrific disgusting person who has no
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regard to call them a narc is to understate self-centered rage and disgusting horror that this man would perpetrate and take children away from their parents for what? no possible justification. i'm so glad he's dead. this is beyond the pail. this is sandy hook again. >> greg: we know from the reporting that he went out firing. he had to be taken out by local officials there and did not take his own life, we knowledge he was killed by law enforcement, judge. >> judge jeanine: if he was killed by law enforcement, obviously appropriate, legitimate ending. i will call him an animal. anyone who kills children, that
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many children, in one fail swoop is an animal, i don't care. >> i agree. >> judge jeanine: at this point, what we have to figure out, right now parents are still being connected with their children, we are in the middle of this. if that happened 12:15, 1:15 eastern seaboard time, this is in the middle of everything. i must tell you, one thing we don't consider right now in the investigative stage is post-traumatic stress these little kids are going to have in their lives from the fear that will come from this. and parents, as well. it is frightening in the united states that this can happen in the most sophisticated country in the world, in the country everyone wants to come to. i want to know more about him, i want to know what his issues were and his social media and what we're going to do about
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this. >> i wonder if it doesn't matter, he is an animal, savage. >> judge jeanine: a lot of savages out there. >> jesse: we will bring in bill now. tell us what your officers or deputies would see at a scene like this? what is the first -- >> jesse, certainly our hearts go out to family members, another horrible, upsetting incident and more than upsetting, so tragic for the families. you don't have to be a parent to feel that emotion. that goes for crime scene investigators and officers going there now. for many, it is members of the communities, perhaps they knew the children, could have coached them and other families, to go into a scene like that is heart-wrenching for them. they need to pull together the facts, we've been talking and i've opinion listening, we've been going through our mind what
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happened. looking what happened at the crime scene is important to fully understand a, how he got in, maybe understand more what that modality was, what happened when he went in, how soon was he confronted by law enforcement, any security in place? was security in place? was any time to react to his presence? in other words, were people able to in any way know what is going on and elsewhere barricade doors and hide from him as he was going through his rampage. there are things going on, they said are certainly heartwrenching and devastating. for parents it is heartwrenching, parents and the community to understand what is going on and provide clarity on what we can learn from this. we always say that, there has been learning gone on over the years, jesse and the team there. we've learned a lot about what
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needs to go into school security, whether from physical security, whether it is happening to somebody in place, training the students or teachers to go through the run, hide, fight scenario and what might someday save their lives. >> fox is reporting the president of the united states has been briefed and he will be addressing the nation later on this evening. let's go back to bill, who has details he would like to share. bill. >> bill: yeah, jesse, good evening, we just walked out of a press conference held in the civic center behind us. new information is that robb elementary school is for second, third and fourth graders and they are in the process of notifying families. we went in, there is a room full of parents, private room where they are waiting on information for their loved ones, some are walking the hallways, some are
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crying, hugging, emotional, some have been given horrible news. there is room full of parent necessary there waiting on information. robb elementary school is for second, third and fourth graders. the suspect is an 18-year-old local. salvadore ramos. he was apparently involved in a domestic incidents, killed a loved one, drove to the school and committed this terrible mass shooting. latest numbers according to governor abbott, 14 children dead, one teacher dead and the shooter himself dead after exchanging gunfire with police. we're still waiting to find out details if the gunman killed himself or the police killed him. governor abbott believes the police killed him, we are waiting on more information on
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that and waiting to hear status of the injured children. several are being treated at nearby hospitals right now. waiting to see if another press conference will take place, we were told of one should be taking place in 30 minutes or so. latest update, there are parents in the building waiting to be notified and find out what is happening with their children. you can hear a pen drop in there, it is horrible and somber scene in there. >> i can imagine, bill. thank you. let's bring back bill daly. kellyanne conway has a question. >> we need to learn and make sure this never happens again. we really never learn. we have sandy hook and parkland, there was information troubled men were posting on social media.
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the mother was afraid of him and just let him be by himself in his room. the fbi was accused of not doing anything once they visited that parkland florida murderer up to a dozen times in the homes he lived in. before we say, how can this happen? what can we learn? how do we avoid this in the future? is somebody looking at social media posts for folks like this and saying if somebody aspires to be a school shooter, they may get their wish f. they are isolated and lonely and threatening, what can fbi and local officials do? every parent and nonparent wants to know the answer to that. >> bill: that's a great question. red flag laws in place and number of states including florida and new york and other states.
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it does give opportunity for not just law enforcement, loved ones or others in the community that might see behavior concerning, buying weapons, talking about hurting people or behavior that indicate they should take action, there is ability for law enforcement to step in and say this person may pose a threat to themselves and the community and step in. we are all saying, the concern is that people close to those individuals sometimes will say, we can handle it ourselves or we don't need to get law enforcement or authorities involved. that is a big hurdle we need to come through, to understand you need to bring it to their attention and drive that forward and there are mechanisms in place to in most states to be able to endeavor to get guns away from people who may have this behavior. again, this is not a cure-all, i think kellyanne conway, number of things go into this incident,
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each is different with the shooting in buffalo or this incident we'll learn more about, in this case, probably could be this criminal behavior that found its way into the school for whatever reason dochlt we need to do more in the way of fortification of schools in the smaller primary schools opposed to focusing on high schools or colleges, where they feel as though studentss may carry weapons and come in and not outsiders burst into school dochlt we need to look at this? it is tragic to think we don't have answers right now. this has also been something i guess fortunately because of covid, there was hiatus and now with everyone coming back and being back full-time in school for a year and going into next year, maybe something we need to look at with regard to let's revisit this and revisit training perimeter security
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around schools. that is a last offense. all the things happening from sos logical and psychological standpoint, can i help with person? do we need to focus on securing the perimeter, providing a ring of steel around very important locations, where we have our treasures, our young treasures learning and what we need to do there. physical security, presence of police or security officers and training of students and teachers no matter how young they may be, it may be something to save their lives. >> greg: this is greg, it is almost impossible to fathom evil, inexplicable, like you said, should probably be looking at an intersection of factors and you bring up security. we asked, was there any clue, we had clues when it came to the buffalo shooter, the dude was actually arrested, we've seen
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this before, we have clue necessary our hands and overlook them. we don't know, was the gun a legal gun? i always ask the experts this question and i'm a probingen record on this, i will ask it anyway. how does the media natural instinct to do wall-to-wall coverage when one of these spectacles occur, how does that affect the future in terms of copycat attacks and so on? does it inspire them? i'm asking you as an expert, not trying to lead you to an answer. >> greg, great question tochlt bolster the discussion, all right you know the fbi behavioral analysis unit studies each incident. treasure trove of information not fully called to the public's attention, they look at everything from the pulse nightclub shooting to various shootings and show up after the fact and try to understand all
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the dimensions that go in and produce findings reports and help inform citizens and law enforcement going forward to prevent these things. that is your question, spot on, is that if you look at the psychology of what goes into this, then read things whether seeing things going back to columbine or sandy hook or any incidents, in my view and experience is that something does further these people to live into their 15 minutes of fame or for them -- not necessarily copycat, they see if they go down, will it be suicide by police or kill themselves, is they are going to follow some course of action and we're seeing these things and seen this story before unfortunately, the characters are different and location is different. it is sad we keep talking about this, i think some does go into
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psychology of the people, they got the weapon legally, illegally, did they carry it out because they have seen things realtime or go back and look online or if they are part of chat groups, like we heard the shooter in buffalo was part of. they navigate and find their way toward information which promotes them to have self-grandizing. people talk about video games and media in general, we can't cut the stuff all off, it's out there. it has impact on psychologically weakened people who are exposed to it and commit an act thereafter or in the back of their mind, they want to live this out or if it happens to be a criminal action that found way from the community to the school. did the person go there because this is where he's seen similar
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situations, talk about sandy hook happening or other connectivity. personal relationship with this school, something like that affect them? very good question. i think end of the day, it does have an impact and does have probably some promoting elements to it when individuals see incidents and they are talked about and grandizing and carrying headlines of news this is the way they go out. >> i think covering a tragedy of this magnitude is almost automatic, we must and we see it because we have children in school and we all worry when we send them off to school that they'll come home safe and sound. you wonder, could anything have been done to prevent irrational actss? how do you protect against something that is so unreasonable, something that is
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so irrational, something so evil to use greg's appropriate expression, so down and dirty, so mean, just what is this? how do you -- i believe that every school, every school should be protected in the way you protect a bank. there is money in a bank, you protect the bank to save the money. children are more valuable than money. why isn't there required, like every state, why isn't there a requirement there be a school safety officer, there be somebody, good guy with a gun. you need a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun. and also, i keep coming back to 18 year old with long gun and a pistol reportedly. you know, why is a juvenile allowed to buy a gun if this gun was legal, i don't know and don't want to speculate.
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can't buy a beer, a longgun, what are we that we have such bent priorities that we don't see the necessity to regulate this eight or 10-year-old. do you remember being 18? >> was that a question, geraldo? was that a question or comment. >> judge jeanine: i have a question. >> would you like to ask a question to bill daly. >> judge jeanine: you and i know a lot of times what happens is the fbi will go in and question someone and they will say that it is protected by the first amendment, there is no imminent danger here. in the buffalo shooting, that individual who shot, what happened was the defendant had a mental examination and was released cht the question i'm asking, in light of the trigger-happy lawsuit country
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that we live in terms of lawsuits and the fact the mental health psychiatric evaluations, people are released immediately, there has to be some new pair dime to cover those people who sue or being released by psychiatrists when we know they are not capable of living in a civilized society. >> bill: judge, i think you are exactly right. that is what i was getting at earlier, we have laws on the books and ways to go after or stop people and maybe getting weapons or being out in the community. there is reluctance, we'll just take care of it or health professionals who say exactly what you just said, i'm going to be encumbering this person's second amendment right, will i be charged personally for this? my health organization protect me from these type of suits? i think there is a lot that needs to be taken care of before
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people feel comfortable making sure laws that in many cases are on the books, can be enacted. i want to go back to one thing geraldo was getting at. i believe that is where a lot lies and maybe comes from my background at fbi, with corporate and private security for a number of years. it is developing rings of security. we can't find out who all the bad people are out there. maybe there are triple liars, many times there are no trip wires and people come from the fray. we don't know who they are. protect the facilities, much like you said around the bank vault, you have trip wires and you can't get into a vault, there is a time lock on it and you can't get in. protect facilities where we have young treasures stu studying.
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we have two years of covid and people may be more focused getting kids to school. not suggesting anybody was remiss in this case. we do need to revisit this. building stronger protection, having people on the on-site with a weapon to interject and get in front of one of the individuals if they show up. training, closing the doors and make sure true visitors get in and hardening targets. we do it around data centers and places that don't have young people in them. corporate america has done pretty good job over the years, they were faced with a lot of these type of shooting incidents inside facility. not just around post office, number of them where people got in, former employees, disgruntled employees within the organization wam in with
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weapons. they realized it was an issue. we need to go back and take an effort around the facilities and see what we can do. maybe we can't stop all the bad people for coming around us, at least we can fortify the locations. >> jesse: thanks, bill. the president, joe biden will speak to the nation 8:15 this evening. fox will have that live. kellyanne conway, big speech from the president. reminded of nicholas cruz, the shooting in florida that happened when donald trump was in the white house. explain what that was like and what was going on during that tragedy? >> it was valentine's day marjorie school, we invited to the white house the parkland family and mayor, he was there for a different conversation, that was one of the hardest days in the white house to have the families there. you want to be together and want
2:41 pm
people to know the government, the president, hears them and grieves with them. you wonder how much you can do for them. we have outrage and we want to take action today, we also have to concede sadly that there is evil and there are people that suffer from moral depravity. i don't know if he's a copycat killer. i see a couple pictures on social media. i know that some people are so morally depraved, they want to cause as much loss for other people on their way out. i don't want to speculate. in the state dining room when we had the parkland families and they all suffered unspeakable loss and they had different views on the losses and i think the most important thing to do is listen. there is another group we met with and i flew with the president to texas when there was a school shooting and met with parents there. there is another group, surors,
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they are children, single-digit in age. they will try to make sense of this, why did it happen, they will be told, don't let this define you, grieve your classmates. there is evil in the world. what did i do wrong? why didn't you protect them, dad sne it is a essential situation and we don't have all the answers, we never will. it is important communities come together. republicans and democrats, including a lot of people in the media, don't stomp on these innocent children to make your political point. get the facts and information and understand there are people whose lives are forever ruined and changed tonight. >> jesse: very good point. >> greg: i don't think people will listen, glad you made the point. >> stay away from social media. i go back to my thing, like
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there is some things you can't control and some you can control. one is security and paying attention to red flags includes and the other one, how much you want to put into the spectacle of it? why choose suicide plus over suicide? what is the difference? the difference is -- >> that should come first. >> greg: spectacle creates ripple beyond your own action. i'm speaking for myself, i don't like talking about this stuff as it happens, i don't think it contributes anything positive, i don't think it helps families to speculate or talk about things or find, like watching water slowly boil, you need to walk away and come back, i know that is not our job, that is how i feel. i don't like to contribute to speculation, i'm done. >> about what the fbi profiler said and greg mentioned about hardening softer targets, where is the obstacle to having
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politically to having one single armed security guard in every single public school k-12, in the country? it doesn't seem like that is that huge of a deal. where would be the pushback on that, judge? >> the pushback is that people today, many of them are intimidated, they are triggered if there is someone with a gun, they are frightened, that is this new narrative, you see a gun, you should be frightened as opposed to appreciating what they are doing for you and i know texas has sro school resource officers and definitely the middle schools and the high schools, the elementary schools, i wouldn't be surprised, this will be a political issue, make no mistake and i don't want to get into it, it is about guns and safety of someone having a
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gun and protecting you with a gun. i'll tell you, this is every parent's nightmare. when i heard this, i was shaking. if you are not a parent, you've got -- you can feel for the children and the long-lasting impact on this. we have a duty to protect citizens, duty to protect children. we have to recognize crime is becoming pervasive again, the way it was in the '90'ss. this is crime. this is society where there is no respect and a belief that you can get away with it, why did this guy decide to kill himself? i don't know, no way of knowing. it is decadence we are see nothing terms of support. >> good word. >> absolutely. bring in bill again who is there at robb elementary school with new information. bill. >> bill: jesse, good evening, what we're learning about robb elementary school is it teaches
2:46 pm
second, third and fourth graders, students would be ages seven, eight and nine, roughly, that makes the news more somber and horrible, when we learn there are now 15 fatalities associated with this mass shooting. 14 of those young schoolchildren, one teacher and the shooter himself, apparently the shooter engaged in a gun fight with police once officers responded. texas governor abbott identified the suspect as 18-year-old local, the name salvadore ramos. he abandoned his vehicle and walked into the school with a handgun and potentially a rifle. walked into the school and started shooting indiscriminately. thinking how young the kids are, second, third, fourth graders learning the basics, seven,
2:47 pm
eight, nine years old and a gunman comes in and this happens. the casualty number could go higher. uvalde memorial posted they are treating multiple children in their emergency room. another hospital in san antonio posted they are treating two children, as well as an adult at their center, as well. potentially the number could go higher as a result of this mass shooting incident. we're hearing the nexus of this was domestic incident that started with this -- gunman murdering a loved one, potentially his grandmother. he got into the vehicle, went to the school and got out and started shooting indiscriminately. we are waiting on further information on number of casualties. we believe that texas governor abbott may be coming out. we know president biden is going to be speaking later tonight. the building behind us is the
2:48 pm
building in uvalde, we were in there minutes ago after a press conference was held. there is a private room in there and there are dozens of parents sitting in that room. you could hear a pin drop, they are waiting for information, parents who have children at the school. they are waiting to hear updates on their loved ones. for some who have gotten bad news, multiple families in the hallway, some leaving walking by us bawling in tears, they have terrible news and many families are going to get that same news in the coming hours, we've learned there are 15 people dead in this horrific mass shooting. back to you. >> so sad. ages seven, eight and nine. unl believable. >> babies. >> let's go to trace gallagher with breaking news.
2:49 pm
>> what the school district is sending out, four resource officers in the district, that is not to say one of them was on campus at robb elementary school because we think there was not anybody on campus when the shooting happened. we're being told the resource officers apparently are able to roam and cover all the schools that can. unclear where they are based. they have also notified us that the fences, all the schools, the elementary school, middle school and high school, they say have fences around them to keep people out. if you look at the pictures earlier, police going in and out, you have the fences and the main administration building and wide gaps on either side of the administration building where people walk in. there is not really a gate you have to go through issue at least from our vantage point. we are watching breaking news
2:50 pm
unfold. there wasn't one main gate where you go into the a min stragz -- administration building to check in. we should note, if you go back to sandy hook shooting, remember that sandy hook elementary school was locked down totally, completely locked down and only way that adam was able to get in the school is because his mom worked there and because his mom worked there, that was part of the motivation, he hated his mother, killed his mother and wanted to exact revenge because the school treated her fairly. he was able to go there as the mother's son and they let him in the school and that is the way he got in. it is interesting how you look at different scenarios and how the intent was there. we don't know, we just know the shooter in this case ended up in his car near the school and went
2:51 pm
into the school and opened fire. police have not talked about motive or intent. we're in the early process of uncovering his social media footprint. none of it is confirmed. you don't want to go with anything you don't know is confirmed. in the next couple hours, we'll have a much better picture of what this guy was going through in the days and weeks that led up to this and that will give us a better idea if it points to any ideology, motive, any kind of domestic dispute he was having within his family, it should layout a lot of information as it always does, jesse. >> jesse: i want to take it to kellyanne conway, who wants to make a pretty decent point. >> we've spent millions of dollars on schools to secure them, put kid necessary mask, do social distancing, so much money
2:52 pm
unspent f. we're serious about secureing and keeping kids safe, let's take some money and divert it to hardening soft targets, should not be a controversy yael or part of san point. think about it. >> billions left over. bring in philip hol way, a criminal law attorney. what strikes you? >> i'm former law enforcement and currently law enforcement advisor, i agree with kellyanne conway and others who have said on this show in this past 45 to 50 minutes or so, hardening targets is one of the best things we can do. if we can do this to our court houses, even the smallest most insignificant like traffic court has four or five heavily armed police officers at every entrance with metal detectors, certainly we can do this with
2:53 pm
our schools. after 9/11, what did we do? hardened aircraft and put air marshals on airplanes, i'm for arming teachers, for putting more armed security, whether police officers or otherwise at every entrance to every school in america. i think it is just that important. you never know where one of these psychos will come from. we will learn more about this individual, who commit third degree horrific tragedy. until that time comes let's let law enforcement do their work and let's not politicize it. those who can, i arm myself everywhere i legally can because i just never know where one of these psychos is going to come from, whether a movie theater, a shopping mall, you name it, i'm probably going to be armed and it is because i don't know who else around me might be having
2:54 pm
some type of psychiatric crisis, or might be a cold-blooded sociopath like we've seen today. we have got to do something about hardening our schools. i have an elementary school child of my own that is graduating this week and is looking forward to a summer and it just breaks my heart to think about what these families are going to have to deal with now because we in america just can't see prioritizing the safety of our school kids. you can put one or two police officers at a school, that is fine and good issue but that is not enough. you have to have security at every entrance, good locks and fences and even as trace was talking about like with sandy hook, you can't ever completely stop it, you can't guarantee nothing like this will ever
2:55 pm
happen again. we can do more, more than what we are currently do withing our schools. we have plenty montow spend on things we may or may not really need, we need it issue need it with schools. we need to put armed security at ever entrance of every door of every school in america. >> i'd like to start with one, >> let's start with one. make sure every school building person every single school where we have these treasures of ours. "new york times" is reporting friday in houston, texas. nra will have annual convention. governor abbott, former president trump, senator cruz all scheduled to speak. philip, what would you like to hear from these gentlemen at that conference? >> well, first off, i would like them to not please politicize this tragedy.
2:56 pm
this tragedy. this is what we're unfortunately every time something like this happens, people start saying okay, well, it's the gun's fault. well, look, let's -- we can save that discussion for another day. a human being is responsible for this. a human being did this. we have got to let law enforcement do its job. it's like an aircraft disaster. what you do is you start with what you got with the aftermath. you put it all back together and you work backwards to try to figure out what happened so that you can prevent it from happening again in the future. that's where politicians and leaders need to devote their expertise, their time, their money, their efforts and their resources. into preventing this type of individual from having access to our kids again in the future when they want to do them harm. >> greg: i have a question. your expertise is hardening soft targets. there is definitely a bigger challenge with schools in rural
2:57 pm
and is you burr began areas as to say courthouses in the city or schools in the city which are more compact. how would you go -- what's the difference in hardening soft targets in a rural setting where you have maybe a single story but it's spread out? >> yeah, you know. i saw recently the other day a story on fox news about dads who wanted to go and hepa control, you know, their schools. get volunteers. okay? there are individuals even in rural communities. every sheriff's office in the state of georgia has reserve sheriff's units. these are individuals who are unpaid volunteers who would be happy to volunteer their time to go safeguard schools when it's needed. put the call out and individuals in my experience will step up and meet the call. they will do it for free. sometimes it doesn't take money to solve problems. it takes human beings with skill sets who are willing to volunteer their time. they are out there and we should
2:58 pm
use them. >> jesse: thank you very much, phil holloway. he sure gave us a lot to think about, judge. >> judge jeanine: he did. the idea of not just hardening the perimeter but having someone in a position to protect the children. i mean, these children are -- they are babies. they really are babies. and i think that you have got a lot of people now retired cops, retired sheriffs who would be more than happy to protect kids. i think right now and i don't want to get into the politics of it. but we have got to make sure that people understand, especially the schools and the teachers, that we need this. it is a crazy world today. it's very different than it was five years ago. we need to do something about it i think this is one of the only ways to actually protect the school and the children. >> jesse: do you think there is the political will to do that, geraldo? >> geraldo: i think that at this nra annual convention on friday, when you have governor abbott and you have president trump and you have senator cruz, let these
2:59 pm
three men arguably the most important trio in the republican party. let them give us a road map. let them suggest something other than second amendment this or that. i'm just -- i'm an old man that's been around too long and i have five children and i worry every day about them. i worry about every school kid. i want them to be safe. i want to feel safe about them. >> well, there is an old man speaking tonight his name is president joe biden. he needs to match this moment because so far in his presidency. he has not. this country does not trust him. they think he has divided us. he is distracted and incompetent. this is his moment to not politicize it to try to show some comfort and healing and it remains to be seen if is he capable of that. >> jesse: we will be watching when the president speaks. >> greg: i got nothing to add
3:00 pm
except what a terrible, terrible event and your hearts should be with the parents. >> geraldo: amen. jean green god bless those families that have to deal with this nightmare. >> jesse: we saw some of the footage of some of the anguish in the parent's faces as they are waiting to hear the news. thank god level 1 child trauma center so close by. that's it for us. "special report" continues with breaking news out of texas. ♪ >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight a horrific school shooting in south texas. an elementary school. kids ages 7, 8, 9. the governor of texas says a teenager in uvalde, texas, west of san antonio walked into that school and opened fire. authorities now saying he massacred 14 children and one teacher. many other children were injured. the shooter was killed by law enforcement. the questions at this hour are stacking up. the biggest, obviously, is why? the investigation is just be


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