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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 24, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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those doors. if we had a trained security officer at that door, he may have been able to keep from happening what has happened here tonight. >> jesse: if the shooter had known that the guy was armed, he might not have chosen that target. tucker is up next. the president is speaking at 8:15. have a good >> tucker: this is a fox news alert as we open our hour tonight, very sad news from uvalde, texas, city of 60,010 miles from the mexican border. a teenager walked into an elementary school, shot and killed 18 students and one adult, police responded and killed the shooter who has been identified as 18-year-old salvador ramose, joe biden expected to speak in just a few moments from where we hope in a respectful and nonpartisan way. we will be covering it for you
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live, but first bill melugin comes to us directly from the texas border town tonight and joins us now. hey, bill. >> tucker, good evening to you, robb elementary school is behind us now where the mass shooting took place, and the number of fatalities associated with that shooting has gone up from 14. now confirming to fox news there are 18 deceased children at the school as well as one deceased teacher. he brings it to a total of 19, absolutely horrific news. it just got off the phone with mayor mclaughlin and told me two of the staffers just found out that they lost love ones in the school shooting. they lost children in the school shooting, and they aren't the only ones. i want you to take a listen to the interviewee just shot with a dad out here a short time ago and does not know where his 10-year-old daughter is. a student at the school who is desperately trying to find her,
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take a listen to what he had to say. >> i was at work, and my daughter was at school where there was a shooting. and waiting for more details and nobody coming back on the details, and now coming back, looking for my daughter and i can't find her now. >> and this is his little girl. look at this photo, this is 10-year-old annabelle guadalupe rodriguez. telling me she is a student at elementary school and has not had contact with her and is desperately looking for her. has provided this photo of her to texas rangers in an effort to try to find her. so many parents going through the exact same thing tonight desperate for anything news on their loved ones wondering if their little boys were little girls are still alive tonight. as for the shooter, we pull up this photo right here, greg abbott identifying as an 18-year-old local named salvatore ramos -- salvador
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ramos, entering with a rifle. what we are being told us he was involved in a domestic incident earlier in the day and shot and killed a loved one, his grandmother, then got into a vehicle and drove here to the school, abandoned it and then went into the school and just started shooting indiscriminately. absolutely horrible. you can look at other scene video here from the scene of the shooting as well. what we have also learned is that a u.s. border patrol agent was injured by gunfire during this mass shooting. sources saying that the border patrol agents responded to the mass shooting as law enforcement does and that goes down in one agent was struck and injured by gunfire. we do not know the extent of those injuries and there were rumors circulating that there was some sort of immigration nexus to the shooting. sources telling me that was absolutely not the case and no border patrol suit, nothing involvement other than agents looking to respond to the scene. as i wrap this up for you, we
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were at the civic center earlier tonight and it is heart-wrenching over there their parents and families waiting in a private room, where we got to look inside and those spaces are somber. you can hear a pin drop in there. there are some who have already gotten bad news, crying and bawling and sobbing. there are others on pins and needles waiting for anything, waiting for any news of their child, knowing that at any point in time they could get a phone call that could change the rest of their life. it is a horrible thing and you feel for these parents just waiting and wondering if their little kids are okay. but the latest numbers are 18 deceased children at the school which is the second, third, and fourth graders, one teacher here as well. we will send it back to you. >> tucker: bill melugin, thank you for the facts. we are waiting the president address from the white house that comes in about 10 minutes as we sincerely hope that too joe biden will use the moment to
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unite rather than divide the country and keep it nonpartisan and respectful. that's what this demands. very hard to find politicians who are capable of being willing to do that, the governor of texas is one of them, happy to join him tonight. thanks so much for coming on. you are the lieutenant governor where this happen, tell us your thoughts. >> tucker, since i was elected back with greg abbott back in 2014, this is now the fourth major mass shooting that we have had. several in the church, and had the walmart in el paso, and then four years ago, four years ago and one week we had the shooting at santa fe where we lost eight students and two teachers. and i will tell you, tucker that i have been to a lot of funerals and a lot of service, a lot of hospitals. nothing compares to what bill just said about the loss of a
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child, and i think that -- this is pure evil. it impacts the whole nation. every parent, every grandparent that has a child envisions what they would feel if it happens to them. this is something that goes to the core of our soul. all of us. and i hope that the president tries to unite, not to bite us on this. because we as a nation will always remember this. these children at the school as adults one day will never forget it. these teachers, this community of 16,000, the school system only had 4,000 students in the whole system, so these are crimes that get to the core of who we are as people, and i think as people we have to look internally and how do we get here? this was an evil act, there is a lot that we will learn and is going to involve in the days and the times a week with this shooter, we have to unify in prayer and faith and who are we?
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when i grew up in most of the people watching grew up and you, we did not have the situations. we did not have mass shooters in our schools in this evil, so we really have to look at us as a people in a country, because we can do a lot of things. in texas has done a lot of things after the seventh day shooting. obviously we have to do more and harden the targets so that they can hardly enter except through one entrance, maybe that would help and stop someone. but it's bigger than that. we are at a core society. we are society that is at each other's throats all the time. and we are better than this as a nation. i want to praise the teachers, because i guarantee you, eat we don't know the stories yet, but all of those teachers are heroic today. i guarantee you everyone did what they did in santa fe and took their kids and they sheltered them in place and they took them to protect their lives and teacher should not have to have to do that.
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>> tucker: i believe that, anyone with kids knows that elementary school teachers are the best. let me ask you about the prayer part of this. so politicians always say our prayers are with these people and then you hear people push back and say, prayers on and off, they don't work. when you say your prayers are with people, you seem to mean it, tell us why you think it is important to pray in a moment like this? >> first of off, i am a christian, jesus christ is my savior and that is hope, and hope in the bible says hope in the bible says that that is something that we expect that will happen, and that's to be rejoined with our loved ones. that's the hope that we have. but i can tell you, tucker, that when i have been through all of these moments and tribulations over the years the one thing i see is people standing on the rock of their faith, these people who are going through this now come these parents and grandparents, they have to understand that we are going to walk with them.
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greg abbott, myself, that the democrats, we are going to walk with them. where they live, they are with this people. >> tucker: thank you, don't ask politicians about faith, but
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i am glad i asked you. we know the suspect was involved at the shoot-out with police officers for some kind, the latest, we will go now to lieutenant chris olivarez with public safety, a spokesperson with that department. thanks so much for joining us. so this is one of the stories where we think we know it happen, but we may not, so if you would not mind, tell us how this unfolded. >> good evening, tucker, great to be with you. first i want to acknowledge the first responders and the men and women of law enforcement that have shown up to the scene and a act of or o schism to respond of the situation. also to acknowledge and also offer condolences to all the victims and family is and also the entire community of uvalde, we know that the suspect was involved in a shooting with his grandmother earlier when he shot his grandmother, fled the scene and local law enforcement received a call of a crash and a man with a gun nearby, and also
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that's when law enforcement responded to the school, the suspect was able to make entry into the school and started shooting children, teachers, anybody that was in his way, started shooting every single person. we have several officers that try to make entry into the school, but they were met with gunfire by the suspect, he was wearing some type of body armor during that shoot-out with law enforcement. several officers were shot and at that time we did have a tactical law enforcement team arrived on scene who were actually able to make entry in the suspect then returned fire to that actual team in the suspect was then shot and is now deceased. we do have 18 children that are deceased and two adults that are deceased at this time now. >> tucker: two up those, a correction from what we reported a moment ago, can you update it, i should say, will you tell us who they were and characterized as both teachers? >> we know for sure that one was a teacher, the other is a
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suspect as far as the type of firearm that was used, we know it was a long arm rifle that was used, we asked the fbi and multiple law enforcement on the scene working together to try to identify how they were able to obtain the rifle and also most important to see what kind of motive the suspect had. still working together, it still an active investigation right now. >> tucker: my mistake to include the shooter and the actual list. thank you for coming on. so the first victim has been identified. here's a picture of her, a fourth grade teacher at robb elementary school. that is so sad. so there is a lot going on tonight and we will continue with that story for the bulk of the hour, but it is also primary day in a number of states, they are underway including the state of georgia, democrats looking at the georgia voters who have been disenfranchised, the new jim crow, the president told us,
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but in two weeks of early voting there has been a 200% jump in voter participation according to the presidential primary, you don't see that every day, in fact, ever. 170% increase over the other race, so what exactly is happening tonight? we go immediately to the big board which is manned always by bill hemmer. >> good evening, i think that dan patrick really just book for a lot of people a moment ago. i really appreciate his commentary there in texas. this is what is happening in georgia, tucker, 20% of the vote is in and we are watching to see and keep in mind that former vice president nick pentz was campaigning for it just yesterday and former president trump was campaigning for purdue consistently. and right now georgia needs 50% of the vote in order to avoid a runoff. kemp looks really good. at some news organizations calling up, we have not the
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numbers for the associated press, this is what is happening on the senate side, this is herschel walker, former running back, first time as a candidate, and has called for him easily over the 50% threshold who will face off this november now against rafael warnock, and look at that almost 97% where he has been in the senate about a year and a half, so he and him will go at it in november in the peach state, pop on over here for a moment, georgia closed about an hour and 15 minutes ago. alabama closed about 15 minutes ago 8:00 eastern time, and this is a pretty interesting race. on the republican side it will show you that this -- i would keep an eye on mo brooks, no data in just yet, and katie brick used to work for the outgoing retiring senator rick shelby, she once his job. and so too does mo brooks, what is interesting, tucker is that donald trump endorsed him and
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withdrew the endorsement about two months ago, and ever since then the poll numbers have gotten higher. winning the race and we do not know, it is something that we are watching there in alabama on the governor side as well. no data in just yet, a lot of people with the inside track on that. and again, just like georgia, and need to get the 50% of the votes. later in the night you will get to arkansas here, very interesting race, sarah huckabee sanders, the leader for the republicans from the governor's race, then you get out to texas and a couple of critical house races that we will be watching throughout the night at 9:00 eastern time. so it is early and we don't want to get too much into this just yet to hear. but tucker, the last time we talked, was it a week ago tonight? this is where pennsylvania is now. 418,000, 805 votes, they are separated by about 1,000 votes right now. in pennsylvania, we are likely headed to a recount. sometime in early june.
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if so we will let you know what happens throughout the night. our hearts go out to the people in texas right now. i was in san diego hours after that happen, it's a moment that will never ever leave me. a tough night for america. >> tucker: bill hemmer, thank you so much, so joe biden is about to address of the country in response to the mass shooting in uvalde, you can know that if the president uses the deaths of children to try to make himself more powerful, he really is a loathsome man unworthy of leading this country, but he may raise above it, and other words he will get praise from us and other americans, some are not doing that, some lower then you can imagine, ruby gallico tweeted this, just to be clear, f you ted cruz, you effing baby killer. ted cruz did not shoot anybody, nancy pelosi released a statement saying this. it is time for all in congress to heed the will of the american
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people and join in enacting the house passed by congress life-saving legislation in the law, any opportunity, even the death of children to make a point. and then a character called juliet kiam, former obama administration said the shooting is proof that we need to get rid of immigration laws. said that we are seeing this just a few hours ago. >> from an investigation standpoint i will do what the facts tell me now, so i have democrats first of all 80% hispanic school district, and the most important thing for the federal government to do right now is to say that there will be no immigration enforcement during this period in that area. it has a large immigration population, you want parents with their kids come you don't want people hiding right now and we need to make that clear asap, because of the political issues in texas. >> tucker: so a normal decent person stands in reverence and awe and deep sadness before a tragedy like this, a filthy
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person jumps in to figure out how can we make this more powerful as we just heard. judge jeanine pirro is the cohost of "the five" joining us now. thanks so much for coming on and you really do learn about people in the immediate aftermath of something like this. don't you? >> well, you know, what you just saw it is the epitome of the politicization of a tragedy. some people are so ideologically rigid they will use anything, anything to boost their political ideology in this case basically to open the borders, and that is a sad, disgusting commentary when the thing that they are bootstrapping here is the unthinkable murder of 18 children, seven, eight, and nine years old. and you can even think about immigration enforcement. and use these children to catapult into an argument for that. but you know, i think that the most important issue here is
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that we recognize that we have got to protect our children. every thing says the same thing, what i have seen from sandy hook, i was there reporting on sandy hook as well, and we see it over and over again. we have to harden the schools and the facilities. we have to make sure that there are people in there to protect our children. these are babies. these are babies, tucker. and if we can't protect them, we are to go into a building in new york city coming have to go through security and you have to go through a screen. what does it say about us as a country? it is almost as though we are devolving as opposed to getting better. in the chaos going on, we need to heal and we need the president to bring us together. he said he was the adults, we need him to talk about making sure that we are joined together in tragedy is like this. this is one of the most horrific things i have ever heard, and shame on anyone who talks about politics at a time like this.
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these are babies who have died, not to mention the other babies who will suffer post-traumatic stress syndrome. >> tucker: can i ask you a question? you have judged and adjudicated matters of the law, has anybody ever done a systematic study of what mass shooters have in common? i've done this for more than 25 years and i still don't really understand what motivates people to do something like this, is there a good faith effort anywhere to figure out that you are aware of? >> it is interesting, law enforcement, that's a majority of my career as a prosecutor we don't look in and the motivation, our job as prosecutors is to prove the crime, but motive unless it has to do with intent versus recklessness or state of mind, motive is not something we consider. that is something the sociologist will look into. or the psychologist, but that is not something that my background, that we even concern ourselves with generally. it is whether or not they
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committed the crime. now if they use mental health as an excuse, the insanity defense, then we get into the issue as to whether or not they are in the moment and to what they are doing or whether they are using insanity and turning it on and off like a lifeboat, i don't know what will happen, the shooter is dead. but we have to recognize that our children are the most vulnerable. they are literally sitting ducks in the schools, and i know in texas they have a furrow school reporting officers, and apparently each school district i have heard has made the decision if they want it, and there are some people who don't want police officers in schools with guns, because other people are triggered. enough of that. we need to protect our job is to protect our children. >> tucker: i think everybody feels that way, 230 million people in the country. it's hard to keep people from doing bad things. i personally would like to know why they do it. i think that might be really helpful. >> if they are going to do that
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kind of thing, they can't, they are not human. anyone that kills a human child as an animal, i'm sorry. and if they want to kill themselves, although i understand that he apparently was shot, if you want to take your life, fine, but you don't take people with you. >> tucker: judge, thank you. so there are more questions of course and answers, a few people have been able to report from the scene in uvalde, she interviewed a former classmate of the shooter who was outside the school, and joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. so i don't have a clear picture at all of the guy who did this, what did you learn? >> well, the classmate tells me that he was in school with him two years ago and has not seen him at the school since then. he said obviously something happened. he "must have turned bad."
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he explained what happened and what he witnessed. and the street where they saw it rush by and crashed and saw him get out and the funeral of people working at the funeral home nearby run over and kind of rush to the aid to see if the guy was okay and that's when the shooting really started and saw him run over over the fence and get onto the school grounds. i asked him what kind of person he was in school, take a listen to what he had to say. >> and her three gunshots and they started running, so i went into it, may heard more shots go off. >> so tell me what it was coming out one class with him, what kind of person was he? how would you describe him? >> it was a long time ago, so it was during six period, we just chilled, he did not seem like the type of guy to you know, how do you say, sketchy? >> what you think that he would go into a school and kill these
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kids? >> no. >> and you said that he dropped out of school. >> junior year, i did not see them at all. senior year, i did not see them. so i'm assuming he dropped out. but yeah it's crazy. >> do you think that something happen after he dropped out of school? >> i think so, because back then he was a little bit chubby, and looked like he was skinny. >> did you hear that his girlfriend was making arrests around other schools in that area? you did go to that school? >> i was there for four years. >> what does it feel like to stand here and know that that happened at your old elementary school? >> i feel bad. i feel bad for the kids. because yesterday i was walking through, walking and saying hello to all the kids over
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there. >> now tucker, as soon as i was talking with him, he ran over and actually talk to a family whose son survived all of this, a third grade boy, you heard the judge saying that these kids are going to have ptsd, this kid says he does not want us come back to school. he is traumatized and did not feel like he was going to survive. i asked if they went through active shooter training if you knew what to do, he said no, we were all at recess and he saw the guy shoot up into the air and heard a go pop pop and knew that he was serious at that point about hurting people. this is a little boy who again is scared to go back to school at this point. >> tucker: awful, allen bradley, even now it's interesting what we know about the man who perpetrated this, so appreciate that. thank you very much. so it seems like shootings like this are more common, certainly more common than they were 30 years ago. on sunday a man allegedly shot
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and killed a man on the subway in new york city, people say the attack was random and he was heading to brunch and was killed, but running into police hours ago, so on some level what we can say for certain is that there are a lot of crazy people hurting others. if there is a mental health crisis in progress, what is causing it and when can we do? bob sexton, also a lifelong new yorker should say, so for some reason, "the new york times" just ran a piece the other day saying the nation from schizophrenia is ones that you should not worry about, but there is a weird on gluing this to face which is clearly a mental health crisis, i'm not sure why. >> it appears that we are going to be looking at the missed signs which is what so often happens in a situation like this. that chance is, and this reminds me a lot of the analysis that we do on counterterrorism cases when someone radicalized is and you look at the progression, the process, and there is almost always steps and phases, things
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that people saw it, things that may be brought to the intention of authorities. in something like this, societal will enact psychopathic mass murder, you will find that there are steps and things that were missed in this process, there were red flags that people saw and either did not do anything about it, or perhaps just the state failed, those are innovations that are worth discussing, may be making those kind of step so you can avoid that situation. but also interestingly enough, they are often on the left a fight from people where people are fighting against involuntary commitment and fight against the type of laws they could take a dangerous person off the streets, and not on this level, obviously, but the lower level there are people that clearly are a harm to themselves and those around them, and often times the far left decides that they should not actually be admitted and fight against those laws, so that might be something that gets a look now for the discussion about gun control and everything else around the city.
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>> which seems interesting to the people in charge, unless there is an ideological level, the lunatic who shot up the grocery store was a right when activists, but they don't seem that interested in the fact that they are awful lot of tragically, sometimes dangerously mentally ill people wandering around all of the side and, what is that? am i the only one who notices? >> no, i think that would be a helpful conversation for the country to have and the involvement of real tragedy, and there is a need for unity and healing nouns with the country as much as we can try to achieve something in the aftermath of evil like this. but i just say, the people that are using this as an opportunity to bludgeon the other side with platitudes about we must do something, that always falls into a very narrow political lens, they are actually hurting the situation. we are making this more difficult because if we are really trying to have a conversation about how to stop this kind of atrocity from happening again, it is a
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percentage is coming will not stop all mass shootings coming want to stop as many as you humanly could without completely imploding your society in the process. if we have that conversation, it can be along the lines up here's the thing that i have been trying to pass in congress for the last six months or the last 20 years that no one thinks will actually do anything about the shooting or other shootings and if you don't do that, you are a monster. and we are already seeing that that is the trajectory that much of the conversation at least online from democrats and the left is already taking, and not only will they not help the situation, they make it harder, because people say that this is on republicans and donald trump, whom ever they don't like politically sanding in the way of an actual adult conversation about having some kind of if not solution, at least better preventative measures. >> tucker: that is right, and adult is the word, when someone dies, you pause and observe a moment of silence, because it is not about you, it's about the thing that connects us all in the end which is death, and you pause and reverence come you don't immediately start talking
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to yourself coming a narcissist, well, i have a law that i could pass, with no, stop. i think that it is a measure of someone's character. >> and i think that it also just goes to show that it has become so normalized for the aftermath of the shootings that it is not even that you will hear a political narrative of republicans are failing to do what i want them to do on this issue, it's that republicans are evil and actually don't oppose this. you will see that online from lunatics that they have blue checks, and some are in office, you played the or rather you show the tweet about ted cruz, amine, this is insanity. when the people that are pushing this narrative at a time of extreme divisiveness and for that we all feel are just making that situation worse across the board and want to have a conversation about the flags that were missed and the problems in the system that would stop an obvious psychopath, this person and the shooter in buffalo, obviously mentally deranged people is a
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conversation worth having, but the pushing magazine limitations or whatever the issue may be in the moment, just goes to show that there are some people who cannot get beyond themselves even a moment of national tragedy like this. >> tucker: children have died, stop for a second. i agree with that. so as we told, we are waiting joe biden's remarks about this tragedy from the white house. but first it is election day and a number of places, where polls have closed, and turnout has been 200% higher than is being reported than it was in the last presidential primary, several states at the moment, bret baier is fox news chief political anchor and joins us with an update on what is going on. >> hey, tough day with everything coming out of texas, but it is election day, primary election day in five states. he mentioned george, that is a big focus, winning the senate nomination on the republican side, not a surprise and had a big lead going in, now the
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nominee for the senate going up against rafael warnock, the incumbent democratic senator. at the governor's race in georgia, david purdue against the in current income into brian kemp is a proxy battle with former president trump endorsing purdue and vice president pence endorsing kemp, a big lead coming in and we will see what turns out today. so far it is too early to call any of that. then you have some other interesting races like in texas, the democrats moderates going up against a progressive. he believes to pull it out, but there has been a lot of campaigning by progressives to try to take him out. sarah sanders in the governor's race in arkansas, she looks to be cruising onto a g.o.p. nomination there. likely the next governor of arkansas since it is pretty deep red. >> tucker: amazing, thank you for following that, bret baier, appreciate it.
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joe biden will now address the nation from the white house, we are going to take that in just a moment, but before we do we want to go back to uvalde, texas, what do we know about the man who committed the atrocity, senior editor of joins us. thank you so much for coming on. we seen so very little about this man, what have you gathered? >> so, so far we have gathered that information about when the shooting happens that actually the shooter had recognition to a rifle reminiscent to those shooting a buffalo, so not only where we have an armed individual, but also an individual with this weapon. >> tucker: 18 years old from the area, part of the talk that he is from a dhs procedure, not true, killed his grandmother before hand and we have heard
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from one of his classmates from two years ago that he did not perceive any signs of distress in this shooter, do we know anything else? do you think it is weird that we don't? >> no, and that is the problem with these situations is that we don't have the full picture yet, because this happen only just this afternoon and the highlights and insanity of that, unfortunately a woman that i spoke to, they still don't know where her niece is at. the mom is at the civic center, the data is at the hospital. and the ants was at the school, because they are all trying to figure out if there is any information being brought at any other location so they can find out where the family member is at. another man that i spoke to said that his nephew was injured during the shooting, but he is expected to recover, so even until, fortunately some families that don't know where their kids are at. >> tucker: uvalde, texas," when a nice place and has had a
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lot to deal with in the recent years. great to see you tonight, thank you. so in the face of something as awful as 18 children being murdered, some partisan lunatics are jumping up and down with the pre-existing plans to disarm the rest of the country. hate to say that that is happening, but it is, and "the new york times" has been leading that. now watching all of it, and he is a defender of your constitutional rights and joins us tonight with an update. thanks so much for coming on. so "the new york times" sent out a tweet within moments of these children being murdered blaming the nra for it, is there any evidence that the shooter was a board member? is the nra related to this? what is this? >> it is the typical, they take tragedies and politicize them. and it is ridiculous at this point, but the one thing that i want to point out is not withstanding, withstanding all of the political nonsense, not a politician on that side pushing for gun control and so on, there's a wide swath of people
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in the middle who are literally, their only goal is to keep our kids safe, that is the only goal, and some of us differ in terms of how we go about doing that, that's really what the conversation is about. but by and large we don't really get to have this conversation because our political leaders instead of playing political games with each other. so we never get to have those conversations. and at this point we have been dealing with school shootings for quite some time now. and i think that it is time for us to have an actual conversation and understand that at the end of the day, anybody who decides that they want to do something like this should immediately know that attacking a school is a death sentence for them. it should not even be an option in their mind, because our schools are so hardened, i could only imagine if joe biden had younger kids and they went to a certain school, you know how hard it would be to attack that school. these kids are in the most precious things we have, so not putting them in a position where they are the most protected as well is kind of odd to me. and i think that the reason why
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we even have this happen at this point is because the leaders who are supposed to be having this conversation on a national level aren't having it. they are politicizing everything. i know we want to do is keep people safe. >> tucker: so do you expect, because this is the pattern we have seen time and again, rather than address the specific shooting come a we know this person posed a threat who failed to address that threat? why were they mentally ill, useful facts where we can prevent future transitions, you'll see in the remarks tonight a push to reintroduce pre-existing plans to disarm everybody else but the shooter? >> i mean, look, as far as i am concerned, making people helpless is never going to help you. it's never going to work. however, we have these politicians who they immediately will go to the same talking points and the rhetoric, because
5:38 pm
they like to oversimplify problem so that they can talk over people and get people to do their bidding as a means to gain more power. they take advantage of the situations and it is disgusting if you ask me. so all we are saying here at least from this side of things is we don't carry firearms just because they are fun and we want to seem like we are one way or the other, we carry them because we want to protect the lives. that's the whole point, but what they do is best is vilify us and try to make situations like this applied to the hundred million gun owners that we have in the country. and that's just unfair. >> we did see a week ago the president on the united states use a tragedy from buffalo to lecture everyone who did not vote for him that they were somehow immoral and criminal rather than addressing what actually happened. and that is really kind of the last thing the country needs is more of the division from the president. >> but then they also know that the things that they are proposing on their merits, the systematic sit down and breaking
5:39 pm
them down, they don't work. uncontrolled is not just work as a talking point, we understand that they don't work, because they have been trying to push it for decades and we are sitting here having this conversation, and they don't want to have the real conversation, because they know on the merits, we are right when it comes to the idea of protecting and saving lives. >> tucker: there already is gun control, and to this kid was in violation of texas gun law. but of course, the fact that it was a law from the south, not matter. thank you and i appreciate your voice in this. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: it is true that some are using this tragedy to push for as all things this suspension of immigration in texas, at the same time learning about the plot to bring isis agents over the border to kill a former president. really? trace gallagher has that story for us. >> and to bring them over the southern border in fact, the suspect has been identified as
5:40 pm
the immigrant who appeared in court in columbus, ohio, earlier today. we are learning that he came to the u.s. on a visitors visa in september of 2020 and filed for asylum in march of 2021, that request is still pending, but back in november, traveling to dallas where the former president layers and apparently he took video around his home and even recruited other iraqis that he wanted to smuggle into the u.s. to help him carry out the assassination attempt. now the fbi uncovered the plot through confidential informants as well as surveillance of the whatsapp account which is of course a messaging platform. wanted to assassinate bush because he felt the former president was responsible for killing many iraqis and breaking apart the country after the 2003 u.s. invasion. the chief of staff with the office of the former president whose name is freddie ford said quoting again, president bush has all the confidence in the
5:41 pm
world in the united states secret service and our law enforcement and communities, g.o.p. senator rob portman says that the suspect wanted to come across the southern border because it is easier in the affidavit says that because the primary suspect was under fbi surveillance, the threat to the former president overall was low. tucker. >> tucker: amazing. trace gallagher, thank you so much. as we have been telling you since the top of the show, hearing from the white house, the president on the united states will speak and this has changed repeatedly, looks like joe biden it is up in 90 seconds. we want in update from vilma newton in texas for us. hey, bill. >> good evening to you, i can tell you some new news i have learned and got off the phone with some border patrol sources who tell me that it was an elite war tactic border patrol agent who shot -- never mind, sound like we are going to president biden right now.
5:42 pm
>> president biden: thought when i became president i would not have to do this again. another massacre. uvalde, texas, and elementary school. beautiful, innocent, second, third, fourth graders. and how many schools of little children who witnessed what have happened see their friends die as if they are on a battlefield, for god sake. there's a lot we don't know yet, there is a lot we do know. the parents who will never see their child again, never have them jump in bed and cuddle with
5:43 pm
them. parents who will never be the same. to lose a child is like having a piece of your soul ripped away. there is a hollowness in your chest, you feel like you are being sucked into it and never going to be able to get out. you're suffocating. and it's never quite the same. it's a feeling shared by the siblings and their grandparents in the family members in the community that is left behind. scripture says, jill and i have talked about this in different contexts, the lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. so many crushed spirits.
5:44 pm
so tonight i ask the nation to pray for them and give parents and siblings the strength in the darkness they feel right now. as a nation, we have to ask when in god's name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby. when in god's name are we going to do what we all know in our gut needs to be done. it to the 340 -- 3,448 days, ten years since i stood up at a high school in connecticut, a grade school in connecticut where another massacre, 26 people including 21st graders at sandy hook, elementary school. since then they are bent over 900 incidents of gunfire as reported on school grounds. marjorie stillman douglas high school in parkland,
5:45 pm
florida. at santa fe high school in texas, oxford high school in michigan, the list goes on and on and grows when it includes mass shootings in people's like movie theaters, places of worship as we saw at a buffalo grocery store. i am sick and tired. we have to act. and don't tell me we can have an impact on this carnage. i spent my career as a senator and a vice president working to pass common sense gun laws. we can and won't prevent every tragedy, but we know they work and have positive impact. mass shootings went down. when the law expired, mass shootings tripled. the idea that an 18-year-old kid can walk into a gun store and
5:46 pm
buy two assault weapons is just wrong! what's in god's name do you need an assault weapon for except to kill someone? running through the forest with kevlar vests on, for god sake! it's just sick. and the gun manufacturers have spent two decades a decades aggressively working assault weapons which make them the most profit. for god sake, we have to encourage ourselves to stand up to the industry. here's something else i know, most americans support common sense laws, common sense gun laws. i just got off a trip from asia meeting with asian leaders in a learned this while i was on the aircraft, what struck me on that 17-hour flight, what struck me
5:47 pm
was these kinds of mass shootings rarely happen anywhere else in the world. why? they have mental health problems they have domestic disputes and other countries. they have people who are lost, but these kinds of mass shootings never happen with the kind of frequency that they happen in america, why? why are we willing to live with this carnage? why do we keep letting this happen? where in god's name is our backbone? to the courage to deal with and stand up to the lobbies. it's time to turn this pain into action for every parent, for every citizen in this country, we have to make it clear to every elected official in this country that it is time to act. it is time for those that of
5:48 pm
block to the common sense gun laws, we need to let you know that we will not forget. we can do so much more. we have to do more. our prayer tonight for those parents lying in bed and trying to figure out will i be able to sleep again? what do i say to my other children? what happens tomorrow? may god bless the loss of innocent life on this sad day, and may the lord to be near the brokenhearted and save those crushed in spirit, because they are going to need a lot of help. and a lot of our prayers. god love you.
5:49 pm
>> tucker: the president of the united states, frail, confused, bitterly partisan, desecrating the memory of recently murdered children with tired talking points of the democratic party, dividing the country in a moment of deep pain rather than uniting, his voice raising and amplified only as he repeats the talking points he repeated for over 35 years in the senate, the thoughts the only thing that animates him. unfit to lead this country. will cain often fills and on the show, the host of fox & friends weekend, what a moment this would've been if he stopped a sentence in and said we are going to pray for these families and let's let this marinate and stand respectfully before a tragedy and joe biden has lived tragedy, so he could say that was some credibility. he immediately and to some dnc rants off of the cue card. and that's the president. >> what a moment this almost was. it was there for a moment at the
5:50 pm
beginning of the speech that sounded like he might bring this country together and talk about the loss inside someone when they lose a child, the hole that will never be filled, quoting scripture which is so important in this moment, tucker, because what we are suffering from culturally is a rod of spirituality and a loss of meaning, and you are exactly right, he turns and gets animated when it is time to cast blame and point fingers and be part of sin no, he can point to a single law that would stop a shooter, because he does not know what they did yet or gun he used, knows nothing about the details of the crime, so therefore he knows not what laws he could offer that would solve the crime, which revealed that it was just partisanship. i've been listening to you tonight and i share the sentiment, it is a true reflection of character, and not limited to the president of the united states were your first instinct is to turn to partisanship, if it is to blame those that disagree, i know that you're probably clear with this,
5:51 pm
david foster wallace gave a speech where you don't get a choice of whether or not to worship, you get a choice as to what you worship, and what we are seeing people is worship politics. and if that is the case, they will sacrifice anything for their own righteousness and their own narcissism and partisanship. >> tucker: to stand before the image of murdered children and your first impulse is i can be more powerful if i leverage this in the right way? i am in shock having seen the president on the united states called for more power for himself. that is his answer? >> the only reason i am not in shock as i was around and so were you when i saw barack obama stand on the graves of dead children as well, you can expect would happen. and i've been listening to you tonight, and you have been asking some important questions, for example i heard you ask judge jeanine pirro, do we study these things? do we study of the shooters, how
5:52 pm
can we stop them in the future? you know we put together behavioral science as top serial killers, these guys in these situations often kill themselves, we can see what makes them tick and do more, we can put money into protecting schools. we just gave $40 billion to ukraine to protect and rebuild that country, we can afford to protect our schools? we put money into protecting schools from covid, by the way, much of it which is not yet used to be used to protect schools, there are things we can do, but the most important thing is figure out what is going on culturally with this country, we are callous and partisan, we are not spiritual and we have lost meaning. >> tucker: i hope we will not let politicians leverage our grief to make them more powerful, it is really disgusting. i appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you. so vilma lucian was just about to report to breaking news as he was interrupted by the grotesque partisan display of saw from the white house, so we will go back
5:53 pm
there miles from the mexican border, hey, bill. >> tucker, good evening to you, got off the phone a short time ago with some border patrol sources and when i am being told as it is believed that a an elite border patrol agent as the one that shot and killed this school shooter tick day. the elite of the elite of border patrol, and stands for border patrol tactical unit where they have a fast response mechanism. i'm told that they went in and added a technical group and formed a stocking maneuver while they were engaged with the barricade and came in from opposite sides were at the agent extended gunfire with the shooter and killed the shooter and i am told that they agent was injured and is in his leg trying to figure out if he was shot in his leg or hit by shrapnel, so that is the latest update that we have, a combination of federal law enforcement with border patrol working hand-in-hand with texas law enforcement, local
5:54 pm
deputies and police, to pin the shooter where he was barricaded, working together to shoot and kill him. unfortunately in the last numbers we have are that there are 18 children who were killed at the school as well as one adult, a teacher. multiple others injured in the hospitals waiting for treatment, but we just wanted to pass along that update the multiple border patrol services say that it is an agent that was took down the school shooter, we will send it back to you. >> tucker: thanks so much for that, and thanks to the report that details matter, facts matter if you want to show respect to the people, to the children who were just murdered, find out exactly what happened, do not allow politicians to take your grief and use it against you. find out what happened, we saw last week members of the democratic party using the murder of more than ten people in a grocery store in buffalo to attack their political opponents, disgusting.
5:55 pm
tonight "the new york times" wasted about 5 minutes before attacking the nra which has nothing to do with this whatsoever, now watching us closely and now joining to assess, hey, glenn. >> hey, tucker. >> it does seem like the span between tragedy coming across the iphone and partisan responses getting down to the nearest second. >> it is the second time and i think seven days that i have been on your show where both of which have had incredibly heinous and horrific tragedies immediately followed by naked exploitation of the dead bodies before anything is known about the people involved including the killer. i was watching joe biden and i empathize so much with what will said that at the beginning of his speech i was really hoping that he would strike exactly the note of somebody who has twice had to bury a child and could
5:56 pm
really empathize with a unique way with how uniquely heinous it is, and could talk about the spirituality of our society and the need to unite on what obviously, everyone no matter what your partisan perspective is, reacting the same way when seeing this thing and spent about six seconds doing that and then immediately did a detour to figure out how he could squeeze and exploit the situation for partisan advantage. it was so grotesque and i mean, unsurprising, but also really disappointing to watch. >> tucker: and as god watches, i would've praised joe biden if he kept to the first part of that speech, losing two children and not many people can say that and knows what it feels like. i would listen carefully to him and i would feel great deeply grateful if you use this moment to unite the country, we all are united in our grief as we watch children die, why not do that?
5:57 pm
>> i think the obsession of people doing politics full-time seeing the world through this partisan of prism warfare is consuming that it basically drains their entire soul so that nothing is left but this kind of immediate need to use every situation no matter how tragic to gain some kind of an advantage. and joe biden is a politician, he is in public policy, there are a public policy aspects for things like this, so if you want to talk about that, that is fine, but wait a little bit of time, not just for the emotions to be processed, but basic facts are known about who this person is, what motivated them, what role guns had in terms of gun control or anything else you want to talk about, they don't wait at all because they want to exploit those emotions that they could be using to unite people and instead to work them to their own advantage. it is so ghoulish and grotesque
5:58 pm
to watch. >> tucker: it really is, people have died and we owe them the respect of restraint. that's how i feel about all death. i know that you agree. glenn greenwald, thank you for your description of that. tonight we want to go back to ally bradley who has set up a new interview from a witness in texas who joins us now. thank you for coming back on, what have you learned? >> well, tucker, we learned that this was during recess, this little third-grade boy telling me that he saw this con man actually fire a shot and said i know that this guy was serious about hurting people at this point. it did not know what to do that they basically all ran back into the classroom and kind of took cover, take a listen. >> so you heard the gunshot? >> yes. >> what were you thinking? >> i was thinking like oh, he ain't going alike, he is not kidding, he is definitely not afraid to shoot someone. >> were you scared that you have
5:59 pm
to go back to school now? i think you are out of school. >> i am traumatized now. >> so how close to the shooting were you? how far would you say it happen from you? >> i would say like a couple feet. >> you know, tucker, this little boy just telling me that he did not think that he was going to survive and to be that young and have that feeling is a really, really tragic thing tonight. >> tucker: it is just the worst, thank you for reporting from the scene, we have about 55 seconds left and will go to our friend the resident of texas to react to what we are seeing today, hey. >> it is awful, i have to say a quick thing about the president's remarks, immediately going and it started out well enough and then started raising his voice and yelling, you know what the gun lobby is? there is no gun lobby, the modern gun lobby is voters and people who cast their votes to protect themselves, nothing was said about the parents are asked
6:00 pm
about school security. it is irresponsible in america deserves better than they hatefulness and divisiveness, he should look into the scripture about bearing false witness if he wants to quote the bible. >> tucker: i agree, one of the more it disputing things i have seen. and i have lot. we will ♪ >> welcome to hannity and we start with a fox news alert tonight we are tracking multipl breaking stories including results from primary races all over the country, five states tonight, but we begin tonight i southwest texas were just hours ago an evil 18 -year-old named salvador ramose shot his grandmother in then stormed int a nearby elementary school wher he murdered in cold blood 18 young children and at least one adult. bill is live on the scene in texas tonight, what a tragedy


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