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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 24, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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it is irresponsible in america deserves better than they hatefulness and divisiveness, he should look into the scripture about bearing false witness if he wants to quote the bible. >> tucker: i agree, one of the more it disputing things i have seen. and i have lot. we will ♪ >> welcome to hannity and we start with a fox news alert tonight we are tracking multipl breaking stories including results from primary races all over the country, five states tonight, but we begin tonight i southwest texas were just hours ago an evil 18 -year-old named salvador ramose shot his grandmother in then stormed int a nearby elementary school wher he murdered in cold blood 18 young children and at least one adult. bill is live on the scene in texas tonight, what a tragedy.
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>> good evening to you, that is exactly it is absolutely horrific. robb elementary school, it is predominantly seven, eight, a nine -year-old straight tonight we've learned there are 18 children who we're murdered by gunman at the school tonight as well as one adult. i want to show you one little girl missing tonight. this is a photo provided for us by her father. this is annabelle guadalupe rodriguez. his father her father says she has last contract with her. he is desperate to find out if she is okay or not brady provided this photo to texas rangers as well. she's a ten -year-old at the school, listen to what this father told us earlier tonight. >> i was working and i got an update that my daughter was at school where there was a shooting. and wait for more details and nobody ever called me back with details.
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now i come back into town to lick my daughter and i can find her. >> the video you are looking at right now is video that was posted to social media after th shooting took place. is alleges to show the 18 -year-old male shooter salvador ramos entering the school armed with a rifle. we are told by watt law enforcement that he is analytical here, has family her and apparently shot his grandmother before going over t the school abandoning his car and going inside to shoot. the medical examiner unseen here . what we're being told now by border patrol sources is that i was a an elite border patrol agent who went in and shot and killed this government. the agent in women in with the team while texas was engaged with the shooter.
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them told the agent was entered in the leg. right now they're trying to figure out if he was shot and the lake or suffered as shrapne injury in the leg. i can tell you, short time ago spoke with the mayor of uvalde, and he told me to if it's at first i just find out that thei children had been killed here i this globe. unfortunately so many other parents tonight could get that phone call they could potentially change for life forever. >> i have no words. talking about kids this young and tragic, how does a parent ever recover from this. thank you, bill. we will check in with you later in the hour. here with more of the backgroun of the shooter is potential trace gallagher, what do we kno about the shooting? >> let me take you back on top
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of bills reported the shooter, salvador ramose fought to assault rifles on his 18th birthday. we should note that we have zer confirmation of what type of weapon or weapons we're used in the shooting. the texas governor said he used a rifle and a handgun grade you can buy a long gun when you're 18 -year-olds, but you can't bu a handgun at least not from a licensed dealer. you can buy a handgun at 18 years old from a private citize in texas, investigators in private groups are scouring as you might imagine. it happen with every shooting pair there scouring the social media footprint we have told that certainly match the name and the identity of the shooter they show pictures of weapons and messages taunting a young women, actually taunting a few young women.
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we want to you the post because we have not confirmed them. we also want to note there are reports that after they shooter shot his grandmother, which we still have not confirmed. some believe she might still be alive, that he had barely gotte into some kind of car accident and that's when he got out of the car and went in. the associated press, everybody reporting the shooter followed by that tactical border could patrol agent shot and killed salvador ramos. he was hiding behind a barrier at the time. finally, we should note this becomes the second deadliest primary school shooting in u.s. history there it remember when adam went in an open fire at sandy hook elementary school very he killed 26 and seven -year-olds along with six adult read he also killed his mom before he went to that school. >> we will check in with you later in the program. let's bring in law enforcement
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very joining us is pat bronson. pat, good to see who. thank you for being with us. we wish it was under better circumstances. you have to give a lot of credi to law enforcement it looked thick they had law-enforcement and border patrol agents that were in the area tactical teams that they have within their organization, and they were abl to successfully take this guy out. but not after 18 kids sadly wer murdered. >> it's a horror show. i salute them, they are heroes and they do it every single day. unfortunately, there is no complete solution. players only as series of partial solutions. we need an officer in every school in america. that is mathematically impossible, but what we need to do is utilize smart technology.
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we need to install man traps, this is something we discussed in the past. man traps, those are interlocking doors at the schools that are triggered by a tripwire, the tripwire can be a gunshot, broken glass, manual switch tossed by the school employee and it traps the shooter like a rat. and commit when he is trapped like a rat, we will buy time, the most precious commodity these children can ever get is time to run, time to hide, time to get away from this mad madma and his bullets. its tripwires, it's man traps, it's not labor and it's not gun-control, i'm sorry to say. >> pat can make you look at this . leaf had way too many of the shootings and one of the solutions i would like to have is i don't care how great the response team is, for any law enforcement, even the best
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response time is not enough. we have retired military, we have retired law enforcement, they can be in every school, they can be outside the perimeter, they can be inside the school and at least you hav people they are on the ground that are fully trained that wil be capable of immediately responding and hopefully preventing death in the process. people seem resistant to that idea and i'm not sure why. >> you know, i am in the, we surprised security for schools, technology, labor, the fact is mathematically it's impossible. it's a logistical impossibility. 700,000 sworn officers in the united states, if every single one was assigned to a school, w still wouldn't cover at least 900,000 entry doors in the public school system today. i took a look at the math great it's not possible. it's a physical into possibility
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. >> as a layered security solution, these are only partia solutions because the madness that is ricocheting and the min of these madman, and less they share it with somebody it down. there's no way in the world tha law enforcement can interject and mitigate. that plan was stopped and interviewed and thrown in a mental hospital for 36 hours back into because he confessed he wanted to murder a bunch of people very 36 hours and he's back out on the street. it doesn't work great we have t help ourselves we health we owe the kids more. we have to figure this out. its technology, laborers, it's series of labor spread. >> the president waited on the lot of this today and i hope when i became president i wouldn't have to do this again
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another massacre, as a nation w have to ask when god's name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby and when will we do we al need in our gut needs to be done , guns don't shoot themselves, and there are more instances that nobody ever reports, i guess because it doesn't advance an agenda. because that used to save lives every day's also. it's not the issue of the gun it's the issue of the evil in the heart of somebody that does something like this. >> 1,000 percent, the guns have been out of the bottle for a decade. there are more guns and the u.s and all the bad guys combined. they are around forever. they are around here forever. it's not about the next gun being manufactured, it's about as series of other interlocking mitigating factors to help save these children.
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there is no full solution, only ways to minimize the problem to chat. >> i wish we could put politics aside for five seconds and just think of the tragedy in the horror that parents are going through tonight because they lost their children. their lives will never ever be the same. we send our kids to school, we expect them to be safe, and it' really not time and my opinion to be politicizing something like this. we don't even know that every parent has been contacted yet. anyway, stay with us and we wil check in with you later in the program. the border patrol assisted with the response of the shooting today and one officer as we tol you at the top of the show injured by gunfire in as you heard, a border patrol officer fatally shot the suspect great
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here with more is national border patrol council president brandon judd along with border patrol chief jason owens who is in charge of the del rio sector. jason, we will start with you. as i understand it, within the department, you have an elite force that was actually dispatched because of their location, which happen to be right near the school, is that what happened today? >> chon, it is good to talk to you, thanks for having me. for sectors along the southwest border had attachments from her so special operations groups. one of those is the border to troll tactical unit, they were close to the scene in able to respond and played a critical role in actually neutralizing the threats inside the school of . >> brandon, if we talk about this again, the border patrol have had such a difficult job, one of the things with this record illegal immigration
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crushed them coming you guys have been working under every single day now, i have a record in april again, 235,000 illegal immigrants and encounters at th border, resources are really thin, in that sense, it sounds like we were a little lucky tha your guys were in a position that they were able to help today. perhaps many lives were saved because of it. >> undoubtedly, they were lives that were safe because we have the resources that we're available. first off, my heart goes out to the families of these lost children. this is a horrible tragedy that is being politicized rather tha looking at what we can actually do to that is right or we are trying to blame, we're trying t blame the glop gun lobby, we're trying to blame can control and everything except for what need to be blamed, we have to look a what needs to be done to protec these children. thankfully, i'm so grateful for our other border patrol agents,
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i'm thankful they are ready to respond at a moments notice. they receive the training that is necessary to actually protec these children and that's what they did today. they were heroes preach one of our agents was injured in the process of trying to save as many children as he could. and thankful for my fellow border patrol agents. >> here with more reaction dinmont you know along with the host, i will say this to both o you upfront, you will both unde no circumstances to i want to politicize any of this tonight. families may not even know the status of their own children at this hour yet we have this raised even by the president to politicize it by i just find so offensive. at the end of the day, we have to figure out a way to keep kid
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safe in school. dan, i've been advocating for years. people, retired military, wrote what retired law enforcement outside the perimeter of every school and the country, they couldn't donate their time, the can offer them tax breaks, federally covered ten hours a week and we can have every school in america covered. people around the perimeter, people and the halls, first responders there, we don't have to worry about police response times. nobody seems to have heightened that he dia appealing. i don't know any other way to keep kids safe. >> it would be a lot less than what we're giving ukraine. >> and couple of things great it's too late to not politicize it. it's not you doing it, the president of the united states just came out of what could've been for all of us to mourn
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together. he is the president of the united states, he decided to attack the gun lobby. i wasn't aware they gun lobby was involved in the shooting. again, he is the president of the united states in a moment where he could abet a healer it may unifier, he decided that moment was a good time to start yelling at americans. cutesy time with these people are over, they don't care. on your second point, this is what i did for a living. operational security in physica security. pat was a great guest. the man trap is a terrific idea because you can't get into the second door in the man trap onc the first door is closed right and they have to operate the second door cabinet meeting if you have a gun they're going to trap you between the two doors and you will go anywhere. i disagree that we don't have the personnel. he's accurate, if you think of
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it in terms of active police officers in the united states, yes, we can't put one at every single door in every school all the time. to put your thinking where i think you're correct, we should expand that footprint appeared we have a number of retired law enforcement third we may not be able to engage input pursuits but are capable of securing a two or 3-acre school somewhere. i think we have to think outsid the box. the skills are there in the human capital is there. we just got 20 or $30 billion i school funding, help probably more than that for the covid thing. we can go out and take care of these schools and secure them? we could do better than that pretty get this meat be an area we can all have. you have all of these people trained covert retired police, retired military. you know these people well, wha if they donated ten or 15 hours a week at the local school district right and what if we said okay, if you do that we
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will give you a break in your income taxes you don't have to pay it and you don't have to pa state and local taxes either. it wouldn't even cost us a penn in the end. >> i agree with you about schoo security, i always have. as the grandfather of five, thi absolutely makes me sick to my stomach. i begged those families to accept our condolences, the slaughter has been something that we will live with all of us , it is absolutely horrible great when you think of those little babies, i covered sandy hook rate it is that a again. leaves little children come at the most vulnerable innocent beings on earth, they slaughtered. the only place you, dan, and i diverge is it is not to me irrelevant, that in the last te days, 30 people have been kille by to 18 -year-olds with assaul weapons.
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how can you buy an assault weapon on your 18th birthday when you could not buy beer? it doesn't make any sense. in spoken with president trump against this. why not have a juvenile assault weapons ban? if you can't buy a beer, you can't buy an assault weapon. why is that un-american? how does that relate to second amendment? >> what i think the argument is in my thoughts are really with these families all into your question and tell you it's predicated on the false notion that evil people with evil intent, you have to be evil to perpetrate at crime and by the very nature of somebody being that evil, they are not going t obey, they're not going to listen to any laws because that is coming from their heart if you're hard to drive you to do something like this, it doesn't matter what's legal or not lega
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in their world, it matters in your world. i pay on my taxes, dan pays all of his. i overpay just to be sure. but in this case, you're asking people that don't have a heart or a soul or a conscious to obe a lot they're not going to obey. >> we have to protect our children with the same vigor we protect the money in our banks. what's worth more, the money or the children? if we can protect the money, we should protect the children. an old cop, a retired cop, somebody. military. armed. armed. absolutely armed. geraldo, wait, because i want t respond to your first point, yo asked a question. over a decade in law enforcemen
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i arrested a lot of people, and they love your idea for gun law because you know why? if nobody gives a about gun laws . cannot answer the question? this is so half why it's so har to come on with you. i didn't interrupt you, man. listen, let's just be respectfu of each other in this really hard time. i'm just telling you in my expense, yes, i don't like an 1 -year-old who's incompetent potentially mentally ill in thi homicidal mitt eniac to have an assault rifle. we both agree 100 percent. thoughts and unnecessarily kind of hostile term, there is no such thing is an assault weapon but having said that, i'm telling you you're talking abou and obviously psychologically disturbed young man here who walked into a school in shot a bunch of schoolkids.
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do you really believe he was sitting they're reading a a lot of before hand? i know what you're going to say maybe we should make it more difficult to do that, but the problem with that is it's a simpleminded solution because you also make it more difficult for the tens and thousands and hundreds of thousands of other 18 -year-old out there that hav done nothing wrong and would like to buy a rifle to go hunting. >> so what so what you're 18 years old, can you buy a beer? answered no, why can't you buy beer? because society in if insufficient wisdom has decided you can't. >> my question remains. >> why do you believe people that have no conscience, no heart, and no soul, parents los their kids today, why do you believe--why do you believe in any way that those people are
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capable of that evil are going to obey your laws? i think you're living in a fantasy world. >> may be i am, but the nra convention if your president trumka me have governor abbott, absent recruits all scheduled t speak great don't you think you should try to suggest some remedy, proactive. what they going to do? >> the way the second amendment is construed there makes me sick . how did become a case. >> wait, hold on. you dominated this whole conversation. and on anybody else talking. the last 30 years of your life, event of wealthy successful guy nobody disputes that. you can go out tomorrow ended b security if you want too. the second amendment makes you sick? the criminals don't care about your gun laws, it keeps
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law-abiding people and arms while they don't give a about your laws. i did this for a living. they laugh at gun laws and they love people like you advocating for gun laws because you can bu armed protection and they can g in high crime communities and pray on innocent people can't get guys, i have to run. dan, thank you. geraldo, thank you. also tonight we are getting results from primaries in five states including the great stat of georgia. we go to bill hemmer who used t be called at one point that hannity big board, but he took it over, he owns it, it's the h has the best of it and it is th hemmer big board. a tough night in america, but what's going on in the primarie trying to keep track of this an get an idea what the storyline could be in the fall.
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races in five different states and here's what we have been georgia. this is a big governor's race and this is brian kemp keep in mind in georgia, 50 percent of the vote is a runoff, kemp has done that easily. winner over david perdue back b donald trump, and he even doing better than the projections tha we had. higher than the number we had i georgia. what does that mean? a rematch of stacy abrams this fall. the election had been taken awa from her and she thought she wa the rightful winner of that. abrams against kemp this fall. >> bill, we had to pretty big bombshell from stacy abrams yesterday saying the state that she runs to run to be governor in is the worst date and the country. i have a funny feeling that's going to be a big part of that
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campaign in november brickey i see a tweet where the language was shifted a little bit today. herschel walker in easy win ove 70 percent of the vote, so walker was halfway in. walker will go on to take on raffaella warnock who had an easy victory in georgia tonight too. warnock has had the job for a year in a half and has now got his match for november against former running back from the university of georgia and back to bite donald trump. that's what's happening and the state of georgia. the secretary of state running for reelection. you need 50 percent of the vote in georgia 250.6 percent so if it continues on that. this is republican senator primary in alabama. back by the former president.
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they seem to be claiming, but we'll see whether or not they can turn the trip your against the worker, senator shelby. we are early on, only 4 percent of the vote there in alabama. shifting to the governors. pretty well across the state an seems to be on the way. sarah huckabee sanders seems to be this easy winner in the stat of arkansas in the governors race they are. and when all likelihood will go on to win this november so she would run up the state capital there in little rock. in the state of texas, let me show you some very interesting house races. one of them is in texas i will show you down here, this is jus turned 28. he is a moderate democrat. jennifer cisneros is a regressive. cisneros is backed by aoc, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders
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, he is a border, if i were to draw his area here, it' right around this area and it runs up in a the line up toward san antonio. he is a moderate democrat, he i the last democrats in the house of representatives in his pro-life and, right now just barely hanging in there again cisneros, so we will see which way this turns out the. couple of more house races we want to share with you. this is in georgia. this is georgia, this is congressional 18. and easily winner with 70 percent of the vote of five halfway part. you increase that lead. she is an easy winner there in the state of georgia. this is interesting. if you remember, she ran in the old seat.
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you know it well, and they have the demographics change in that part of the peach state. that they went through a redistricting and elisa mcbeth shifted over to congressional district seven and she looks like she is going to win now an in the northeastern section of atlanta so it's another when we are watching on the map tonight. that is where we stand right now . if you want to know, i can shar this with you in pennsylvania because i think the last time that you and i were together when we could go i have a tear coming here is dr. because with 805 the votes for it as of righ now they are still looking at these both seem pennsylvania. this is david mccormick 517,837 creek easy math since about 985 votes between the two. we do have an update on that. get the update i have as every
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county has spread you might sen in all the votes for it my understanding is there are provisional ballots and a few military ballots that may struggle and in the days to come , but for the most part, i think most of the accounting. we will have an automatic recount as you know, so that should happen i believe the dates are june 1st-june 6 and then we will have a winner. >> by the end of the first week of june perhaps. so that's what we've got right now. >> it only took a week. france, canada, great britain, they can count 35 million votes in less than 24 hours, and we can count 1.4 million votes in four days. we are the united states, in a lot of other states get it righ freight it raises a lot of questions about what is going o in pennsylvania. it's not fair to the candidates in the people of pennsylvania, they can do better than that.
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together. got to get their act bill, great job at the big board . we will check back in with you shortly. joining us now for some analysi on this political primary night house speaker and fox news contributor newt gingrich is with us. the president donald trump starts out the night with i believe 81 or 83 into record in terms of his endorsement. impressive by any measure, he will pick up one with herschel walker and pick up a number of the congressional seats, probably your old seat for our good friend mister evans is running and we have both supported him. it looks like sarah huckabee, another pickup for the presiden another endorsement of him. but i have a funny feeling that the only grays that the mob and the media were care about is purdue, kind of hard to take on a sitting governor i knew that from the beginning, you knew that from the beginning.
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what are your thoughts on the track record of the president because i don't know any other political figures that gets involved in tight races and endorses people with a real chance of them losing and than often ends up winning. >> remember, it's very likely now that dr. oz will win in pennsylvania and he was endorse by trump right so the president overall has a very good track record, i want to say i was for perdue and as you know i am deeply for evidence and the six district, but the fact is that governor kemp to his credit, pu together a very powerful campaign. they used all the weapon that i sitting governor has to raise a amazing amount of money, spent about to and a half months demolishing purdue is a candidate with purdue not havin the money to counter it, and kemp is going to win a
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significant victory, i think that is the only major defeat that trump is going to have tonight, and overall trumps track record so far verges on astonishing. >> a thing close to 104 by the end of the knights nights. our somewhere close to that. >> and all of american history, i don't know of any period or somebody out of office as the kind of power in state after state after state that donald trump has. that is just a fact great likin or disliking him, but that's a fact. i think one of the keys to the future of the party in terms of this 2022 that we all pull together in georgia because it' one of the most important senat races and the whole country. i think he will win, but it wil take a unified party.
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i think we need a republican ticket in georgia to win. similarly in pennsylvania, i think the sooner mccormick can recognize he did everything he could, it was a great future, h could certainly come back into years and run for the senate an probably win, it would be great for him to unify with oz and recognize that's where we are and make sure we win that seat. i think in november we could have been astonishing an astonishing year and be nearly even to explain that donald trump is a real problem and reliability if we have the kind of sweet that i think is coming. as you point out, look at how well cyril sarah huckabee's interested in arkansas when she just dropped. i think if she ends up losing tonight, in a country which has a huge right to life population. is one the primary race, the
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governor in the great start of arkansas, another candidate. it's very interesting, as you know, we met in alabama, but a number of years in georgia, and we were very close, that's when our friendship really began and it is such an interesting state to me, but i love the people of georgia, and love the state of georgia, it's one of the greatest date and the country. in for a gubernatorial candidat to say it's a worse place to live, why would you want to be governor? >> i think stacy must've been having a bad day when she said that, she been trying to work her way back, but i'm confident that governor kemp isn't going to let her get away from it. i think she will lose surprisingly bad both because she's no longer new and original , but for years is a national figure. then she doesn't georgia at thi
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stage, her most recent comment showed how alienated she is fro georgia. the truth is, after all the lie that we're told about the new georgia election law, we had huge turnout, the system worked the reforms worked, it's going to be very across the state, they finally said welcome you could really have some voter suppression without voter suppression. what is your complaint, there i no complaints from any part of the state of georgia right now because the reforms that we're passed after 2020, have really been quite successful and have made a huge difference. if the democrats lose clement felt last right to life member of the house, that is a dramati alienation for about half the country, and people need to understand that. you're looking at a democratic party so radical that abortion on the last day paid for the by
6:37 pm
the taxpayer is seen as more legitimate than being right to life, and i think this defeat i texas may resonate across the whole country. as it sinks in that there is no one left to is allowed to speak out in favor of the baby and th democratic caucus and the u.s. house. >> let me ask you if you we can say he is defeated. actually, very fond of it. i think he has a bright political career ahead of them. always hard to beat an incumben by the way. i still believe that hp does have political career, he is a writing star in the party. you're thoughts? to get think he is talent. i'm a little surprised like you
6:38 pm
sometimes people get a little frustrated and a little jump to things that they are not quite in a position to win. i hope you will stay active and i hope you will run again. the times i've talked to him, h surprisingly more like trump than he is like the bush family in terms of his conservatism is one of a very solid very aggressive conservative great i think he does have a great future. texas is an amazing state great i think that more than just his name. i lost twice before i finally won u.s. house seat, and then i lost a whole series of the majority, so i'm very sympathetic for i in fact his father-in-law i'm sorry, his uncle, george w lost and midland , so these things happen. his father lost in his first round running for governor in florida. so i hope you will i hope that
6:39 pm
george is going to come back, george p will come back and run again and to continue to build the base have ideas and solutions verity is a very creative member of their publican party. gig at the state of georgia has changed quite a bit since we have been there. we go there quite often we both have longtime friends i. what has changed because i was there when the state flipped from blue to red, and now it looks like it's red to purple, what is your take on the state and why is it changing again? >> first of all, i stay close t georgia as i have family in atlanta, my daughter and son-in-law, my grandchildren, s i have a very deep interest and the states. i have many personal friends, i think a couple of things, one i it's a huge influence for example when georgia adopted a very good talks laws to attract
6:40 pm
hollywood, they did. they succeeded, georgia is a major production area. that has been part of the change , and i think for a while there, the republicans in georgia were so dominant. sometimes you build a natural counter reaction to that, and that's what happened for a while . have to say i think this may be the year the republicans begin to reclaim this date and a decisive way for a divide and i environment where it's going to be very hard for democrats to d anything except lose, in georgi is going to be one of the state were i think democrats are goin to suffer very substantial losses. darting with herschel walker becoming the next senator.
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i don't see how warner can go home and defend the high price of gasoline, the high price of food, all of the different problems coming up. the other thing that will be tough in georgia frankly is crime in atlanta which is made atlanta a much more dangerous i you. people tell me they are afraid to go to lenox or phipps, the two great shopping centers downtown because of the violence . i think the democrats our in fo a tough time. >> two places, i know very well they changed dramatically since we have been there, since i've been there. mr. speaker, thank you for bein with us, we will hopefully get back to you before the end of the shewbread we go back to our other top stories the evil horrific school shooting that left 18 young children dead, fox's own is life on the ground in texas with the latest. bill, this just breaks every parents heart.
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>> it does, it's the worst mass shooting at school since andy hook years ago. the sun is starting to go down here in uvalde there are numerous command centers behind us belonging to law enforcement this investigation is just getting ramped up now. the number one question is goin to be why, the motive here. as they figure that out the numbers are horrific. there are 19 dead people at the school here that would be 18 children as well as one adult w are told that is the teacher, what we're being told by law enforcement is the 18 -year-old shooter a local resident apparently had a domestic dispute, shot his grandmother i then came here to rob elementar school my got out of his school went into the school and starte shooting indiscriminately at teachers and children. this school is for second, third , and fourth-graders great those are seven, eight, and nin
6:43 pm
-year-old freight you can imagine the horror these little kids went through witnessing this. in the horror that the parents are going through. we have been in touch with the father desperately looking for his ten -year-old daughter brad gave his the picture to the texas rangers hoping there is a ten she is alive. other parents going through the same thing wondering is their little boy or girl okay. waiting for a phone call that will change their life. i talked to the mayor of uvalde earlier tonight, he said two of his staffers found out that the lost children in the school attack. this is not a large community, it's only about 16,000 people. what happened at this school is going to reverberate here in th very close-knit community in th big question is going to be wide . was this a domestic incident that spilled over interned into some sort of chain reaction chaos thing was their mode synthesis or where he was targeting the school any other planned out? we will have to wait for those details to come out.
6:44 pm
you talk to the border patrol sector police, he said it was a elite border patrol agent he went into the school and was involved and exchanged gunfire with a suspect. that border patrol agent is the one that killed the gunman inside the school as texas law enforcement had him pinned from the other side. working together to take them for shooter, she is there are 1 dead children and one dead adult . we will send it back to you. >> these families are devastated . about how you recover. here with more reaction former white house chief of staff alon with fox news contributor tammy bruce pray to me, first we get your reaction to the shooting and the quick politicizing of this. and then ask you a little bit about this primary night. >> anoka met the nation has all of us individually have been through so much we think throug covid and you think each day,
6:45 pm
something can get better and then something like this happen and it is crushing. it is something that the parents , whether you have children or not, you literally can't imagine in the parents going through it now literally can't and perhaps can't believe it. it calls for faith and prayer i a centered notion about the responsibility of what has happened to the nation is a whole. it strikes me with everything we've been through commission o for the last couple of years, the center of children, being i such trouble, it's like a cancer , and that these shootings are like a tumor, and over in over in over again, we have these heated conversations in the politics suck all the air out of the room, and nothing gets done.
6:46 pm
and it's like the same pattern each time, we must come to the conclusion, especially with wha we've seen in the last two year of what big government it and disconnection from people did t the quality of people's lives, and they tried to handle a disaster like covid. no wonder it nothing changes with something like this. we have got to begin to think outside of the box that what ha happened has not been solved, what politicians do from a president down to local people seem to just repeat the same issues and i'll give you one example, sean there was $122 billion for covid assigned to schools, 93 percent of that is unspent. unspent of $122 billion. the president that night discussed that. the issue of how do we pardon a the schools. where do we have money to do
6:47 pm
these things? we have the money. it is sitting there. the schools don't may be know how to spend it or it's going t expire by the way in 2024, it will evaporate, we have budgete that money, i know economically we are in trouble, but that money was part of that initial act from covid. that is the kind of money that the president tonight could hav said we have tens of billions o dollars, it is unspent, it was for covid, we need to have an emergency committee not politicians decide how we can implement this money to make a difference immediately on the ground. we have investigated serial killers, we decided knowing how serial killers grew up mattered including torturing of animals and other signals that at least gives us a sign to intervene. none of that has occurred reall
6:48 pm
with the shooters. we have no national database of their histories. we have disappeared them, we need to return to that. again, it's not like there's going to be a complete solution to human nature, but as a country to get you're bringing up great points. as i'm listening to tammy, yes, if we want to solve this proble with the united states, we coul solve the problem. to me it's a simple solution. we have retired military, retired law enforcement, that i am sure we can come up with a way to ensure that every child and every school is protected with on-site armed trained officers that will be there whe a moment like this occurs. it would be great to say it's never going to happen again, bu that would be naïve and probabl unrealistic, so the first thing i would do, and again, i don't
6:49 pm
care how fast police precinct response time is, it won't matter. if you have people there on the ground trained and armed, and ready in looking and waiting. protect our kids, all of these hollywood celebrities they all have security guards. they all have security around them, why not our children? >> you are 100 percent right, i we is a country want to protect these kids, we can do it. it's a horrible day, it's a sad day. we just gave away $7 trillion over the last couple of years i this country. a lot of it, so that people could just stay home and not work. we could take the hundreds of
6:50 pm
billions of dollars that you intend me just outlined, part may schools, put police officers , retired police officers, skilled people, resource officers in these schools, and protect these kids. there is no doubt if we wanted to make sure that there was someone ready and willing to defend these kids in these schools, we could do it right i think we also have to remember that we can't eradicate evil through legislation. the answer to our problems can' be as joe biden said tonight, t just take on the gun lobby. at some point, we is a country need to understand that we can only overcome evil with good an that god's power is more important and more powerful tha any sort of power that a bunch of people in washington, dc think their brains can get together and fix evil in this world. the answers are not in
6:51 pm
government, our answers are wit god and with him. evil can be overcome with good. the bible also says that there is going to be no peace for the wicked. within a short period of time, even the president racing to politicize this. families have lost our young children, and that cannot get lost on us.
6:52 pm
in the real solution, not a political solution isn't what i think the moment calls for. also tonight continuing to get results from primaries in five states including the state, georgia,. we go to bill hemmer at the big word. it looks like we are getting close in. >> i queued this one up for a reason here. couple of things happening in texas. paxton advances to november while the same time he's under fbi investigation. this is on the democratic side. i was explaining what her position was about 20 minutes ago, she's back by all the progressives in the oc, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, this is her 29th birthday. she is to intern for henry cuellar. she lost an election trying to
6:53 pm
defeat him by about 2700 votes. as i mentioned, he favors, he does not favor a lot about what the balding policies are, he is a border congressman. the lot of drama, perhaps a lot of questions as to how the stat was going to go. in the republican primary now, herschel walker advances and th university of georgia red dog color should we say, is not appropriate for walker, played his college ball at the university of georgia athens. he will face-off against raphae were in oxford there will be a lot of attention in this race. we just heard newt gingrich tal about how does he go back to georgia and sell himself is a candidate.
6:54 pm
he nearly one that selects more gas prices are where they are s a very interesting race to watch . meanwhile on the republican sid for the governor's race it is done. he is an easy winner. brian kemp is over david perdue. kemp won all over the state in fact sprayed the votes are stil coming in here. he will face-off against a sea apron straight talk about array that will get lots of attention. abrams m kemp went head-to-head in 2018. in 2090 was the 50 district 49 percent winner over stacy abrams now. there will be a rematch in this state of georgia this year. on the senate side now in
6:55 pm
alabama, it is a three-way race too early to call, but three very interesting candidates. used to be that chief of staff arisha tell me who is not retiring. she has a lead right now, but still, at 70 percent and probably feels mo brooks had been endorsed by donald trump. brooks stayed in the race. right now he is still in the game. what an interesting life story this man has. he was the one man who survived u.s. army now. we talked about sarah huckabee sanders. let me just bring the she has a comfortable lead, i'm just looking at this at 39 percent for rate if he looks like.
6:56 pm
looks to be the winner right there. going on to miss and the race from the senate side. we had a big part the play ends at the freight i endorsed sarah huckabee very early on. i think i played a big role in that part. >> i give it to you. get i get the blame, i don't ge the credit. we have to let you run. this is terrible news they just broken what we just got word that bill malaysian reporting h got back to us that we have bee reporting on nights 18 children we're killed, and in texas today
6:57 pm
, we now have that number at 19 children in two teachers killed in this horrific school shooting according to the texas department of safety. here now with reaction,. we talk a lot about chicago and the big city, violence, in name we never hear and nothing ever gets said and people don't politicize a, they only seem to do it when they see benefits th answer, if we're going to stop this in schools, as we have retired police in military and we need to use them and we need to protect kids likely protect hollywood stars and likely protect politicians. >> i watch the entire program and i agree with everything you say about the fact that we need volunteer retired officers, at these schools great i also agre with everybody should drop to their knees and. to god for these families and victims. you might as well forget about
6:58 pm
washington because it's not going to be the answer. they want to politicize that. talk about the second amendment. these are criminals, these are maniacs, these are cycles, they don't follow the laws of the second amendment is not so my point is simply this. let's localize this, let's ask heavy schools, protected and have a deterrence by having retired officers at these schools. >> let's get your take. >> as the parent of two kids that our in elementary school right now, i just took my kids to the playground today after school a perfect day here in jersey and you see they don't have a care and the world freight everything is completel and totally innocent i couldn't even begin to remotely grasp what those parents felt or will fill when they are told what happened to their child's, ther really are no words, to your point though, there is no reaso
6:59 pm
why we can't put retired police officers ex- military and put them at least at every school, one exit one entrance and an outbreak it would certainly cut down on the significant number of them carried even put in every school active police officers, you don't have to wor after police precinct anymore, you can work from anywhere thes days given the technology, give the encryption, where i grew up in wayne, new jersey, our polic precinct was right next door, n reason why they can't work out of our front entrance instead. i thank you for looking for solutions, that should be at least one that everyone, republican, democrat, conservative, can agree on. it's not enough, but i couldn't even believe what i heard today. it sandy hook all over again an i'm so sorry for these families
7:00 pm
and their parents. >> reporting 18 dead. two teachers, joe, kemal leo, thank you. that is all the time we have left this evening fred thank yo for being with us. please pray for these families tonight. god only knows how awful they feel. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled, or it is nex we will see you tomorrow. >> i am laura ingraham and this is the incremental tonight we start with tragic news, 18 children, one adult dead after gunmen opened fire at the texas elementary school. we are live in uvalde, texas fred what can you tell us about it tonight. >> we just got another update, unfortunately the number of dea continues to rise. we have just been told moments ago by texas dps there are now 19 deceased children as well as two deceased teachers here at