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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 24, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> reporting 18 dead. two teachers, joe, kemal leo, thank you. that is all the time we have left this evening fred thank yo for being with us. please pray for these families tonight. god only knows how awful they feel. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled, or it is nex we will see you tomorrow. >> i am laura ingraham and this is the incremental tonight we start with tragic news, 18 children, one adult dead after gunmen opened fire at the texas elementary school. we are live in uvalde, texas fred what can you tell us about it tonight. >> we just got another update, unfortunately the number of dea continues to rise. we have just been told moments ago by texas dps there are now 19 deceased children as well as two deceased teachers here at
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robb elementary school. the number of casualties keeps going up earlier this afternoon we were told 14 children, one teacher, that is now jumped up to 19 children in two teachers. look at this video right here. list was posted on social media shortly after starting on campu with the rifle. they have identified him is an 18 -year-old man and a local name salvadore salvador ramose. he had the domestic dispute before going to the school, sho his grandmother, then drove to the school, abandon his car in as you see in the video went inside and started shooting children and teachers indiscriminately. you look at the video of children evacuating the school. robb elementary schools service second, third, and fourth grade. these children who we're attacked tonight are mostly seven -year-olds, eight -year-old, nine -year-olds, 17 -year-olds freight absolutely horrific to think about.
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we want to highlight one of the little girls missing tonight. of father came to us very emotional this evening, his ten -year-old daughter is missing tonight. she is a student here at robb tonight. he has not had contact with her since they shooting for it he i fearing the worst and hoping fo the best. so many other parents in the same position tonight wondering if their children are okay. take a listen to what that father had to say. >> i was working and i got informed that my daughter was a school where there is a shooting . i wait for more details and nobody ever called me back with details. now i come back into town to look for my daughter and i can find her. >> again, uvalde is a small cit of 15 or 16,000 people, it's very tightknit here. everybody knows everybody.
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the mayor told me a short time ago two of his staffers found out they lost loved ones in thi mess shooting just before you give life to us. it almost makes you choke up, h was saying that she did not wan to go to school today and they told her no, you have to go. and they have not heard from her . they are hoping she is still alive. one more thing to point out, we are told by border patrol sources that an elite border patrol agents, was actually one of the law enforcement who shot and killed this gunman in the school earlier. we're told the agent went rushing into the school while texas law enforcement we're engaged with him. he was engaging and back-and-forth in a back-and-forth shootout with texas agent.
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they went and together and we'r able to take down that shooter. i'm told that agent was injured in his leg either with a gunsho or shrapnel. the latest update we have is no a good one, 19 deceased childre into deceased teachers, the shooter deceased as well. >> a father and want mother waiting for news on the child they can find the most terrific thing imaginable. >> as we saw tonight and detail all day long. a horrible unspeakable tragedy. every in an ounce of compassion can feel at least a small slive of the heart ache of all of those they went to the school
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for thistle purpose of killing. and he did. the community, their families, they will never be the same again. we are just beginning to learn about the alleged killer who wa killed by border patrol agent a builders talk about. this alleged killer killed his own grandmother on the way to school. this is how depraved he was or how depraved he became. in the coming days we will lear more about the heroes inside th school, the innocent little victims into adults also. they're last exhorts are undoubtedly filled with terror and disbelief that this is happening to him. we will hear about the first responders who rushed in. we heard bill talk about those three aunt in their motion to save lives. but before we learn pretty much
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any of that, president biden rest in. >> as a nation we have to ask when in god's name are we going to stun stand up to the god gu lobby. when are we going to do what needs to be done? i am sick and tired of it. we have to act. >> i want to be very very clear tonight. president biden appeared on camera tonight for less than eight minutes, not because he believed that his words would comfort the families or the friends of the victims, not because he believed that he would calm what are obviously frayed nerves of a worried nation, parents who are worried he didn't do it to unite americ in this time of grief. no he did not. he spoke tonight because politics is selfish.
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because in today's twisted world , it is considered perfectly appropriate to exploi the massacre of innocent little kids and turnaround your own sagging home members. they have biden at the lowest approval of his presidency. 36 percent. so this attempt at political resuscitation on biden's part i despicable. but it's altogether predictable isn't it? the white house is tried this many times before and has failed . they tried to use the russian invasion of ukraine. they have the leak that roe decision. they have tried to use race or january 6 to divide americans and boost his own standing. none of it worked.
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51 were shot and killed in chicago. we have talked about this a lot lately on the angle. that's where a liberal mayor ha resided for as long as i can remember. so far this year, by the way, 218 people have been killed in chicago. have you heard biden give an impassioned address about any o that? he doesn't speak about any of this? no democrat really does. not even lori lightfoot, not much. now we know why, those victims, they are able to go nameless an faceless because the elites kinda find their task irrelevan because those deaths cannot be used, or at least they think they can be used where they wouldn't be efficient to use them for political benefit. we actually those lives matter, like the coda early who is stil recovering at age 23 in an icu in the hospital from his
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previous wounds after he was left dead. he was ambushed remembered for his telephone two weeks ago in chicago. he was shot two times at close range and still identified his killer in a lineup. so after all this terrific news i will still say this, american know of only when they say one and any politicians, i don't care republican democrats or somewhere in between, and you'r seeking to use what happened today to help yourself, you should be ashamed of yourself. we have a political process in our country, if you want to change law, if you want to change the constitution, go ahead and get the votes and change the law or amend the constitution. if you can do that, you will find success. and whatever your goals are. but if you can't do that, don't come to the nation in the time of tragedy and try to shame the rest of us. we know what time it is.
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former trump assistant secretar for public affairs. a horrific day of news, i mean, i felt like throwing up all day long, it's just terrific great know that community, it's an amazing community people and families and they are playing soccer or baseball on the weekends just like so many communities across this country. charlie, your reaction to what happens, the tragedy, and than sadly were going to have to tal about what happens tonight with the attempt to exploit it. >> i think that you and obviously bill did a very good job of encapsulating how so man of us feel. it's absolutely unspeakable. as a parent, you look at these these images and you think abou
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those children and it is hard t kinda wrap your brain around it obviously there's a lot we don' know right now and there is a lot we need to learn in the coming days and weeks, but i think it is safe to say that there is not a soul in america today who wouldn't give everything to prevent this sort of thing from happening again. >> monica, we have had these school shootings before and there is a lot that goes into this, a lot of personal tragedy and families that are broken, a lot of mental illness, we will learn more about the shooter is the time goes on, but tonight, when we are still finding out that people are missing, the president rushes out, reaction to that? >> the merger of children is a singular people and what we saw today is just beyond comprehension. one of the president's many job is in the time of tragedy in a
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time of this kind of crime, is to unite the country in our grief, and reflect, and remembe the last souls and grieved together as a nation, and any effective president does that very well. with inca president reagan, you think a president trump, and evil exists, it's on the march, in this country and around the world, and so it would have bee very nice and very appropriate to have an american president say give that kind of message, message of uniting the country. instead, what we got from this president is a hack of a speech pretty probably spent it's another thing to be an american president in a time of grief. he was already waiting into policy arguments, i really thin
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that this white house and this democratic party believes that they want to distract us all from the historic catastrophe and they think that they can ru and gun control and abortion, t culture war issues that divide the country. so instead of bringing us together, all they do is drive wedges between us. >> texas congressman, he was on tv today and spoke off and on, but he has an idea about who is really to blame for the shooting . watch. get the answer is not to arm teachers and create even more dangerous situation by having a lot more people with guns there that our in the state legislator , the republican majority have made it more dangerous by making it easier for people to get weapons that can kill a bunch of people. >> he didn't miss a beat, did he ? entirely on the gop shoulders. >> it is sort of unimaginable
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that you have people in public life, politicians, joe biden ha been at this for 50 years and has been part of the problem fo 50 years. if he had a workable solution, he hasn't offered to it. the idea that he would walk out and going into that speech, i went in with an open heart and thought this is a hard speech t give. all you have to do is you have to stick with the unifying message and if you listen to ho quickly every single day there is a tragedy in this country, they exploited to their own personal political benefits, an it is so despicable great to listen to that congressman talk about that, the idea that the only thing that saved more children from dying was that yo
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had a heroic border patrol agents in other officers in tha school who we're armed and they shot the guy dead, and that is what stopped the carnage, and for these guys to sit here and flippantly dismiss the idea of hardening schools obviously it' not their children, but the ide that they would take this opportunity to try to score political points is so beyond despicable. it is disgusting to even have t even respond to it. >> writes. >> monica, there is a wonderful place called the oxford and, texas. two of their workers lost children. i just found out about a minute ago. these are amazing people. again, there are communities,
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this is an incredible community. so they are grieving, they are hurting, there are kids that ar unaccounted for, and the response by this administration biden is at 36 percent approval we are going to turn it around on these horrific stories of personal loss. is there anything more selfish than that? >> i think it's the epitome of selfishness and why people hate politics, period. >> one of the reasons why joe biden's poll numbers are circling the drain is it's the policies that are absolutely conscious traffic for every american. it's also the fact that this ma does not project understanding, compassion, sympathy. with joe biden it's all politic all the time. even in this crisis moment wher the president job is to bring the country together.
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he got off an airplane after 17 hours coming back from asia, so he was jetlagged, i'm sure they handed him the speech and he said great and he just read it by rote, but he actually believes what he conveyed to make. in let me just say this, laura. the propaganda price is going t amplify this. they are already running with it . he's got the support of the press ongoing control and the other agenda items he wants to move forward with great he thinks he's got his wingmen protecting him on this. he won't let the american peopl see through the forest tonight. they are hurting for these parents who have lost their children. they see with a callous crass political statement tonight great i expect that to drop eve further after this. >> in fact, charlie, i believe it was today that the white
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house released its new much anticipated rules for federal use of force guidelines post george floyd and the taylor desk , so how ironic that their focus is let's definitely make the problem here at the law enforcement in america, but tha is what came down today. and again, the people who want to think the worst of law enforcement, and i'm not saying there can't be any changes, maybe there are modifications that would make sense, but that is their goal, they love those things. >> writes. >> into listen to them talk about keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, you know, i you're in the administration that doesn't believe in prosecuting ellen a case is about people who, felonies, if you're an administration that doesn't believe in enforcing laws that charge people with
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felonies so they can't process guns. it would be how did this 18 -year-old guy who clearly has severe mental issues, how did h get these guns, i think it's a legitimate questions to ask for it, but, coming from an administration vice president t literally build rioters out of jail during the summer of hate in order so that those people could go back and make more laws , you really can't have it both ways, but that's what they want to do and then they want t politicize horrific tragedy. get this is coming off the heel of you know what is happening a davo's or america is really under america is the biggest polluter, the greediest, and, cnn's national security analyst juliet km, she wasted no time i
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using this whole tragedy to trash america. watch. >> that if what the united states means to the world, we can pretend that we represent goodness in the right side of history and what ever conflict is out there. about the world like it is an says this is that we are not getting. this is not american exceptionalism. get no one thanks that killer i american exceptionalism, so that's an idiotic point, but this is how they view america. >> they will use tragedy when children still lying on the ground as a reason to beat up o the united states of america. they don't believe we are worth of a superpower and they believ we are morally inferior so that arguments, you're going to hear this now for days from the left and they're going to try to gai the political advantage for the
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democrats this fall. it's not going to work despite the support of the press, but this is who they are. believe them. >> if there is always an excuse to erode american freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly coming your second amendment rights, they will loo for an excuse to do that. we will probably check back wit you later and they show great thank. now join me, no stretch of the all too well, his daughter was killed in the 2,018th parkland shooting. he spends his time advocating for schools to be safer. then children don't have to be vulnerable to these types of killers. a self-defense company. andrew, do you know what those parents are going through, and know your heart is breaking for them tonight. your reaction to what you've heard so far?
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>> am so angry and practically shaking right now of what happened and of what these parents have to deal with. just thinking that my daughter was murdered and we put a commission in florida together to look into all of this. this district in texas didn't learn anything. how hard could it be to have a single point of entry and armed policeman or highly trained teachers at the school. even at the single point of entry. >> andrew, we are learning more as time goes on about the suspected killer who himself wa shot and killed by the authorities on the scene. but i remember the first time you came on this program after your own horrific experience an tragedy, and the fact that we are still having these conversations about just puttin
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barriers in place to make it harder for someone to gain access to a school whether it's an inner, or bulletproof glass or one security officer, they i is quite stunning that that is something mother it's maybe it' a budget or desire, but they still don't have the psychic safety mechanisms in place. >> what i advocate a lot becaus i get a lot of messages from parents, it's the parents it, it's your responsibility where you're send your children to school. you have to know now after the shootings that every week there's a shooting whether it's a school or a supermarket, that you need to check where your kids go to school. in need to go back to school nc is there a single point of entry , do you have guards and the school. i got the message tonight from someone, they thanked me becaus they listen to me and they took their kids out of public school and put them into private schoo because a lot of these private schools take security way more
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serious. so parents, it is your responsibility where you bring your children. >> andrew, is exactly right. politicians have rushed out tonight they are still accounting for missing children in the politicians rushed out, including kamala harris. watch. >> as a nation, we have to have the courage to take action and understand the nexus between what makes for reasonable and sensible public policy to ensur something like this never happens again. >> andrew, your reaction to the almost instantaneous politicization of this issue eight years of obama and biden,
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i'm not sure what they accomplished, and now a year in a half of a democrat dominated congress in white house, and 21 dead in chicago so far through the month of april. >> it kills me that we have mor money to send to the ukraine, but we can't protect our children in our country. what are our children? how far could that 40 billion have gone? how many police could you have for $40 billion to be at school. either side they are, they're going to send that $40 billion to ukraine and we could use it here in this country. americans are suffering great liquid happened at the school. it angers me because i don't want to hear that we don't have money for schools very that's not right.
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>> andrew, you took the words out of my mouth tonight. $54 billion total, and of cours all the people coming across ou southern border who are also this is going to be huge cost o the country as well. we have money, but we're spending it all the wrong places . andrew, thank you for speaking out tonight and thank you for your words of compassion in you righteous anger and examination. >> slowly emerging from social media, and when and how he obtained those guns. we will dive all of those in moments, but i have to turn to some of the other news tonight, there are five states holding primaries across the country, georgia, texas, alabama, arkansas, in minnesota. we are getting resulting in hav reported all over. mark, what can you tell us? >> good evening to you, a republican governor had a very good nights.
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the former u.s. senator david perdue, what was interesting about this race not only was it established it was that former president trump moving heavily over this race, trump wanted to see perdue into the governor's aunt into the governor's nation to get out of office and said 2020 election. they keep the soak shoe in economic issues great we are talking about everything but th 2020 election and that appeared to play off tonight right a position called alleging to mak sure that he is going have all the support he needs when it comes to later on this november. his talents, far from over. he's going to be facing stacy abrams, sheep he beat her back in 2018 and now essentially it will be a rematch as time aroun freight a lot of courses
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happened in georgia since 2018. stacy abrams ran unopposed today . she's raising a lot of money an so republicans i want to mentio the former football star, all easily went in the senate primary today, he is going to b going up against cement warnock in november. a race that democrats are expected to spend heavily, they want to keep that senate seat, walker winning in his. there will be a lot of question about what the general election is going to look like right now for the republican race. to get that is going to be fascinating. mallets go to alabama in montgomery with all the details. >> hello, no winners just yet, but the reset, the recent
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results show that they lead the pack of six republicans vying for the open u.s. senate seat. we are also watching the congressman recently searched surged in cycles. two months after former president trump revoked his endorsement. we are also watching he has bee battling a lot of really negative political acts on the grounds. we are expecting a runoff for the u.s. senate seat because we don't expect anyone tonight to break that 50 percent threshold freight everyone has been tryin to prove to the voters that the are the most conservative. i've been talking to voters all day in the most important issue for them is to fix the economy. or watching the governor's race closely and that is also expected to likely go into a runoff.
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>> thank you so much. now we turn to texas were grady is standing by. >> we are following congressional district 28 here in the laredo area. the longtime income meant congressman the former immigration attorney, as of right now, cisneros has a lead by about nine points, but there has not been a decision made ye in this race. it is still too close to call with about 23 percent of the vote left to be counted. this is an important race to watch because from the democratic perspective, this is a heavily democratic county and we will be able to see from thi race or see why they have got
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further to the left. the congressman is numb because he's a moderate democrat, he often goes against his party on issues like the only pro-life congressman congressman left in the house. on issues like illegal immigration. his opponent on the other hand is backed by aoc, bernie sanders , and elizabeth warren. we will keep you posted. >> at that will be fascinating to watch a play outspread now are going to go too red bear, fox news political anchor. we will get your thoughts on th primaries and then go to their horrific tragedy in texas. >> these are all kemp counties, it's not clear that perdue is going to win a single county here. uc iv is moving forward.
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let's go out here to the house races freight you just heard about the house race cisneros i the progressive to the up like this. he is 77 percent in. immoderate, well-liked in the district, but the progressives went after him for it so the squad, i'm talking aoc, bernie sanders went out there, cuellar is one of if not the last in th house pro-life democrats, he is at risk of possibly losing this particular race. then as we look at the senate races, it wasn't even close her for herschel walker, that is th walk from, he goes up against i should be an interesting race t
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say the least. you have the update in pennsylvania, which is fascinating. we are still out roughly just under 1,000 votes with dr.'s leading great as of tonight all of the counties are said to be in and there are some provisional ballots. it does not appear to be anywhere close to the number that mccormick would need to overturn that. the recount, .5 percent, it is allowed it is triggered, out of the last six recounts and the state of pennsylvania, three we're waived off by the opponen three that went forward, increase the lead for the first person going going in. we will see what happens in pennsylvania impaired that will be in a couple of days. >> brett, the news that, i gues
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it's not all that surprising that texas attorney general's race, nbc news in other outlets are now reporting that george t push is the first bush to lose statewide office ever in texas to can paxson. the bush star power is very strong in texas, but maxima was able to hold up that challenge. you think endorsed by former president trump. he kind of wind that easily. the other surprising one went the other way. looks like in georgia, secretar of state fred roethlisberger is going to win, that contest not over yet, but it looks like it' had it that way. he was targeted for the former president. tonight's big loss though is
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obviously georgia where the encampment went on to win. >> the secretary of state noss, that is a big one as well. i think you're right. on the ledger it goes the other way. thank you, great to see you tonight. in this pennsylvania race, fewe than 1,000 votes of rate dr. oz and mccormick right this is a critical state for the republicans if they want to tak back the senate parent he took his battle to the state supreme court and trying to close this gap. back with us tonight is the national politics reporter for the national examiner. we heard the details some of them from is this too little to late? >> i mean, this is probably the last ditch effort. they filed a extraordinary release application to compel the counties to cast their
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ballots that are signed and tim stamped, but not end that is what it's whittling down too. tomorrow the department of stat is going to hold a press conference freight i expected that moment they will address how many up standard balance ar actually out there. i think tomorrow we will have more defining understanding as to where this is great. >> is this the closest race in texas history for senate as senate primary? it has to be. >> no. ticket that's right. i forgot about arlen specter.
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to get selena, thank you. what we are learning about the gunman who killed 19 young children in the texas elementar school today. we will tell you about that whe we come back. what's on the horizon? the answers lie beyond the roads we know. we recognize that energy demand is growing, and the world needs lower carbon solutions to keep up. at chevron, we're working to find new ways forward, through investments and partnerships in innovative solutions. like renewable natural gas from cow waste, hydrogen-fueled transportation, and carbon capture. we may not know just what lies ahead, but it's only human... to search for it.
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>> at learning more tonight about salvador ramos, the atriu that officials say killed 19 children into adults. trace gallagher is in a restles newsroom with all the details freight what do we know? >> texas democratic state senator says this shooter, 18 -year-old salvador rameau's brought to assault rifles on hi 18th birthday, but we should note that we have zero confirmation on what type of weapon or weapons we're used, i fact texas governor says they shooter used a rifle and a handgun. for clarity, we should note in texas you can buy a long gun when you are 18 years old, but you cannot buy a handgun, at
7:43 pm
least not from a licensed dealer . you can buy a handgun at 18 fro personal dealer in texas. they are scaring the social media footprints and we have told that match the name and th description of salvador rameau' including posting for show pictures of weapons and message to young women that appear to indicate he was planning something nefarious, we won't show you the post because we have not yet confirmed them. bill is reporting that when the shooter went into the school in here is the video showing him doing just that. he was followed by a border patrol agent he went in with th police tactical team and shot and killed salvador rameau's. apparently he was hiding behind a barrier. we should note the agent was also injured in the way, but it's not known if that was by a gunshot or shrapnel. the agent was able to walk out of the school under his own power.
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finally, this now becomes the second deadliest primary school shooting. when adam lanza opened in sandy hook, he killed 26 and seven -year-olds along with six adults . joining me now is our former assistant director of the fbi, chris, we are hearing drips and grabs about they shooter, who i now dead pictures reportedly on instagram that have been delete of his weapons and these messages reportedly to women in his life, what is your initial assessment of all of this? >> again, laura, unspeakable cowardly acts freight i have grandchildren, one that turned nine today, i can't imagine wha these parents are having to dea with freight like every mass shooter, especially the young ones, this one flashing red which is no surprise.
7:45 pm
they seem to always communicate threats, they seem to articulat what they're thinking. their state of mind. the people around them. we don't know if anybody reported this or whether any la enforcement officer ever had an contact with him over this, but i do school security assessment quite often and i advocate for an armed security guard, especially the elementary schools worth it young ones can't run and fight in tight, you can do that with the little ones they don't have the acumen in the wherewithal to do that, so there is a lot to take in here, laura. to get can be done and ended molecule lost his daughter meadow at the parkland school shooting, there is a lot that can be done even short of havin an armed security officer at th front of every entrance or exit
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rate whether it's bulletproof glass, whether it's intercom only bring in someone who was previously cleared, there are barriers to entry that can be put up, but they are inconvenient and it's a wonderful community, uvalde, so they just go by the wayside, that is human nature until tragedy occurs. >> security is a tough field because you don't get any attention or any resources unless something bad happens, it's hard to make that case whe something catastrophic has not happened, but your rights, one of the most important things yo can do is control access, especially after school has started. in this case, there ought to be one access point. there needs to be a team that assesses what is going on.
7:47 pm
>> chris, i'm surprised we don' know more about the shooter yet with the world that we have and the how fast information flies that there aren't more people that knew him well that have already spoken out, are you surprised about that? >> i am, and i sense that a lot is being withheld right now for example i think there was a chase involved, the accident tipped me off, the fact that he was in some sort of--he shot hi grandmother, the officers were on the scene so quickly. they were already there very quickly, i sense there might have been a chase involved the father said that. >> chris, we are going to stay on this very thank you for joining us tonight. we will be back. via more details coming in on this evil despicable texas shooting. stay there.
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>> as a nation we have to ask women when in god's name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby? the gun manufacturers has been two decades aggressively marketing that make them the biggest profit. we have to be encouraged to stand up to the industry. >> courage to stand up to the
7:53 pm
gun lobby. him looking at them abc news headline from 2016 this was in december of 2016, four years after sandy hook, obama and biden leaves a legacy of little progress on gun laws. joining me now, a wr hackett an political analyst, eight of you argument you have seen the reaction and the evil. i don't even have words. this is the most disgusting despicable act of cowardice in violence against innocent children. and yet, if you hours after the shooting president biden comes out and essentially gives a political speech about gun manufacturers and so forth. your reaction to this tonight? >> unlike you. its sickening. barack obama did it and then biden has done it as you said. biden started this off and it
7:54 pm
wasn't long until he started my god, my god in than he ended yo have to stand against the firebird that industry wasn't there today. in attacker was there and he. >> the conversation moves to assault rifles, obama and other used the phrase weapons of war and they did also the same thin after the el paso shooting. there been a lot of school shootings between 2020 and 2021 with a record number of school shootings across the country. something is going on out there. something is happening.
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>> i don't thing it has anythin to do with guns. the family, the lack of disciplines and the various schools that are sometimes attacked, i think it has to do with a fact that there is no longer any belief that they her and now is not the only thing i that there is something outside of us that is also important. we live a narcissistic life and i think we bear the fruit of that, we see proof of that with these kinds of attacks. >> i think we don't want to tal too much about this individual, because that is part of the problem as well. you have individuals who are copycat killers or who admire the evil handiwork of others, this has been the case throughout history. that one seems to top the other seems to top the next.
7:56 pm
i can even get the words out. >> i have children, and they were small at one time, i can't imagine how that would feel, bu i think as i spoke with her friend today, they were mentioning mental illness and all these possible things, i said never forget evil. never forget evil. evil will drive people to do this. evil people do evil things. i hate that this evil has befallen the people. i hate that it happened to thos parents, but the answer to it i not to give away your guns and give up.
7:57 pm
it's to love each other, pray for each other and then move wake up tomorrow try to do better. >> michael moore spoke out tonight, the filmmaker on msnbc. watch. >> who will say on this network or any other network and the next few days it's time to repeal the second amendment? you can't say that. why not? if they had any idea there woul this be this kind of carnage, the founders of this country wouldn't have supported it. to get michael moore taking for the founders of america tonight. i have to say, i respect this much about michael moore, he is not hiding what they really wan to do, they want the second amendment gone they've always wanted it's gone, and this is a tragedy that they think perhaps will propel that effort. >> as you know, there is a process, if they want to amend the constitution and get rid of it, have added, but the problem is even a poll today that i'm
7:58 pm
writing, people do not believe that will a&m shootings. people running for office a it will, the people in office say it will, but when you talk to americans across the country, gun control is not nearly as popular as somebody like nancy pelosi or chuck schumer would tell you it might be. >> are you one of those that believes that we should have an armed officer at the entrance t each elementary school? or some type of security procedure? >> is, but an armed officer wit one entry points, that is important, one entry point arme officer. yes. >> i think the point tonight, that he made earlier in week $754 billion over to ukraine fo humanitarian and military
7:59 pm
assistance. we need assistance to protect our young children, it may be that money could be used to fortify schools and schools districts that are being stretched because of lockdowns and everything else that occurred. we appreciate it. thank you. i want to end tonight with what we learned about one of the victims. robb avett rail is, according t the york timesheet been a teacher for 17 years, and taugh fourth-graders and the school. she was shot and killed by the gunman while trying to protect her students. this was according to her aunt she is in her early 40s she was married had a child of her own, her aunt described her is the fun of the party. every victim has a story and he family in a circle of friends that are hurting tonight.
8:00 pm
america cannot politicize a tragedy while we are still trying to mourn for the victims. but this is why so many people tune politics out at a time or we have to engage and care for each other and love one another. i hope pray for america, for ou country, for some unity. we needed now more than ever. thanks for watching. it's america now and forever. >> mellow and welcome to fox news @ night, i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, devastation a small texas town where 19 children and go adults had been killed in one of the deadliest school shootings in our history. we have team coverage tonight. kevin corke is monitoring the white house response to this tragedy. bret baier is here as well.


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