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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 24, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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discussed certificate and there's no obligation with sunset you'll create the ultimate outdoor living space perfect for entertaining friends. call now for your free awning idea kit with local dealer info and two hundred dollar discount certificates like this that are under a sunset at now and say call eight hundred three five one eleven eighty three eight hundred thirty five one have an eighty three . >> this is a fox news alert as we open our hour tonight we're getting very sad news from uvalda, texas, a city of about sixteen thousand sixty miles from the mexican border. a gunman, a teenager walked into an elementary school in new valdese a few hours ago.a he shot and killed 18 students and one adultnd police responded and killed the shooter. he's been identified as 18 year old salvador ramos. joe biden is expected to speak in just a few moments from the white house in a we hopemo respectful and nonpartizan way. we'll see.
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he's returning tonight from a trip to asia. we'll be covering it for you live so you can, bu but first tonight , fox's bill melungeon comes to t us directly from the texas border town tonight .he he joins us nowte. bill tucker, good evening to you, rob. elementary school is right behind us right now where this horrific mass shooting took,be place and unfortunately the number of fatalities associated with the shootingon has gone up from fourteen texas dps now confirming to fox news 1 there are 18 deceased childrenea at this school as well as one deceased teacher.. that brings it to a total of 19 absolutely horrific news. 1 i just got off the phone with the mayor of all the a short time ago, mayor don maclaughlin. he told me two of his staffers just found out that they lost loved ones in this school i shooting. they lost children in this school shooting and they aren'tl the only ones.s. i want you to take a listen to w this interview we just shot with a dad outut here a shortno time ago. he does not know where his 10 year old daughter is. s she is a student here at the school. he is desperately trying to
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find her .o take a listen to what he had to say. how was it working in i've goty if my dad was at school where they were shooting and wait for more details, nobody ever called me back on detail and now come back in town looking for my daughter and iok can't find her now. and this is his little girl. take a look at this photo right here. this is ten year old annabel guadalupe rodriguez. he told us she is a student here at rob elementary school. again, he has not had contactha with her. dhe is desperately looking for her . he told us he has providedpr this photo of her to texas t rangers in an effort to tryo to find her so many parents going through this exact same thing tonight desperately looking for news, their loved ones wondering if their little boys or the little girls are still alive tonight . as for the shooter in this incident, we can pull up this photo right here. texass governor greg abbott identifying him as an 18 year a local named salvator d he was seen on video entering
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the school with what appeared to be a handgundo and possibly a rifle. ng what we're being told is he wash involved in some sort of a domestic incident earlier in the day, potentially shot and killed a loved one .ed his grandmother then got into a vehicle, drove here to the school, abandoned it and then went into school and just started shooting indiscriminately. e. absolutely horrible. you o can take a look at other scene video here from the scene of this shooting as well. what we have also learned is that a. us border patrol agent was injured by gunfire during this mass shooting. cbp sources telling me that border patrol agents respondedtrol to this mass shoog as all law enforcement does when a call like that goes out and one agent was struck and injured by gunfire, we do not know the extent of thoseng injuries. there were rumors circulating that there was some sort of nexus toon this shooting. cbp sources telling me that is absolutely not the case. theree was no border patrol pursuit. there was no border patrol involvement other than agents attempting to respond to the scene with tucker. as i wrap this for you, we were
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just over at the civic centernd earlier tonight . it is heart wrenchingnt over there. s there are parents and families waiting in a private room. we got i a door opened up and we looked inside and those faces are somber. you can hear a pin drop in there. there are some inin the hallwa s who have clearlyve already gottn bad news. they are crying. b they are bawling, they are sobbing. there aree ar others on pinsti and needles waiting, waiting for anything, waiting for anyngo newsr of their child, knowingan that at any point in time they can get a phone callif that can change the rest of their life. it's a horrible thing. and you feel for these parentsri just waiting and wondering if their little kids are okay. l butat the latest numbers eightee deceasedn children at this school, which is first, second, third and fourth graders, those are mostly seven, eight and nine year old one teacher deceased here as well. tucker , we'll send it back to you. oh , come on . that's film television.r: thank you for those facts. you know, he told you at the open we are awaiting the president's address from the white house. that comes in about ten minutes as weomes0 mi told you, we sincy hope that biden will use
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this moment for oncejohe to unie rather than dividee the country to keep itnp partisan and respectful. that's what this moment demands very hard to find politicians in this time of history who are capable, much less willing too do that . lieutenant governor of texas is one of them. we're happy to be joined by him tonight . he is, of course, and patrick, this is a governor. thanks so muchim foright coming. so you are lieutenant governor of the state in which this happened. tell us your thoughts. wr tucker , since i wasuc elected back with greg abbott back in 2014, this is now the fourth major mass shooting that we've had. wehe had sutherland springs, the church. . we had the wal-mart in el paso ,odessa and then four years ago, four years ago and onean week weta had the shooting at santa fe where we lost eight students, two teachers. and i will tell you, tucker , that i've been to a lot of funerals, a lot of services, a lot of hospitals. nothing compares to what bill just said about the loss of
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a child. and i think when crimes like this is pure evil that it impacts a whole nation, every parent, every grandparent that has a child envisions what what they would feel if it happened to them.hat this is something that goes to , all of of our soul us . and i hope the president tries to unify, not divide us on this because we as ae nation will always remember this .em these children at this school as adults one day we'll never forget if theseil teachersl, this community of sixteen thousand the school system only had four thousand students in the entire systemhe tucker . so these are crimes that get toe the very core get of who we are as people. and i think as people we have to look internally and how did we get here this is an evil act. there's a lot that we're going w to learn and it's going too unfold i in the days and weeks ahead about this shooter. but tonight we've got to unifyni in prayer. we have to unify in faith.
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we have to unify. and who are we where we're tucker , when i grew up and most of the people watching grew gre up and you we didn't he these situations. we didn't have mass shooters in our schools. weo didn't have this evil.n and so we really have to look at us as a a people, as a county because we can do o a lot of things in texas has done a lotin of things aftergs the santa fe shooting. obviously we have to do more . we have to harden these targets and no one can get in ever excepto through one entrance. e maybe that would would help maybe that would stop someone. but it's really bigger than that , tucker . it's we're a course society. we'rewe we're a society that'sat just at each other's throats all the time and we're better that we're better than this as a nation with special needs tonight no longer tonight . yes. i want to praise the i want to praise the teachers because i guarantee you we don'tua know these stories yet. buter all those teachers were heroic today. i guaranteeda you everyone did what they did in santa fe. they took their kids and they sheltered them place. they took them to protect their lives and teachers shouldn't have to have to do
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that in there. i teach a lesson. i play one with elementary school teachers are the best. let me ask you about that about the prayer part of it. so politicians always say our prayers are with these people and then you hear people push back and say prayers aren't enough. prayers don't work. when you say your prayers are with the people, you seem to mean it. tell us why you think it's important to pray in a moment like this . well, first of all, christian wasn't always but jesus christ is my savior and that's hope and hope. the bible says hope in the bible. tucker says that's something we expected and that will happen and that's to be read. join with our loved ones in heaven again. so that's the hope we have. but i can i can tell you, tucker , that what i've been through all of these funerals and services over these years, the one thing i have seen is people standing on the rock of their faith and that's hard today. you know, these people who are going through this now, these parents and grandparents, they have to understand we're going to walk with them. greg abbott myself,
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the legislature, republicans, democrats, texans. twenty nine million of us . we're going to walk with them. but i see real faith, tucker . and what do you have in the absence of faith? you have no hope and i realize not everyone is a believer and i understand that . i'm just telling you that it's times like this where you realize how strong your faith is and some people realize for the first time they need god. and so believe it. tucker , what else? this was a country founded on faith, tucker . and that's why together we have to come together as a people don't politicize it. don't point fingers. we'll figure all this out afterwards and we'll do better and everyone will learn from it. but right now we have to say who are we as a country? who are we as a people? i believe in god. i believe god will be with these families and this is the time that is just my heart breaks and everyone watching heartbreaks know what does. i know it doesn't matter where they live there with these people and you valde, texas tonight . thank you . don't often ask politicians
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about faith, but i'm glad i asked you. thank you . lieutenant governor of texas. we know the suspect was involved in a shootout with police officers. sometimes the latest on that. we're going to go down to lieutenant chris olivares with the texas department of public safety as a spokesman with that department. thanks so much for joining us . so this is one of the stories where we think we know what happened but we may not, if you would mind, tell us how this unfolded. right. so it's great to be with you. so first i want to acknowledge the first responders, the men and women of law enforcement that showed up to the scene and it's an act of heroism to be at the scene to respond to the situation and also to acknowledge and also offer our condolences on behalf of the texas department of public safety to all the victims, the families and also the entire valley community. so what we know right now, tucker , is that the suspect was involved in a family disturbance with his grandmother earlier on the day that he shot his grandmother, fled the scene and local law. horsman received a call of a crash and a man with a gun
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nearby with school was that and also that's when the force responded to the school. the suspect was able to make entry into the school and started shooting children, teachers, anybody that was in his way. he started shooting every single person we had several officers and officers tried to make entry into the school, but they were met with gunfire by the suspect. the suspect was wearing some type of body armor during that shootout with law enforcement. several officers were shot and at that time we did have a tactical law enforcement team arrived on scene who were actually able to entry and the suspect then returned fire to that actual tactical team. and what the suspect was this shot is now deceased right now at this time we do have eight children that are deceased and two adults that are deceased at this time right now to adults, that's a correction from what we reported a moment ago. can can you update it? i should say? can you tell us who they were? characterize where they both teachers? well, we know first.
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we know for sure, tucker , that one was a teacher. the other adult is a suspect as far as the type of firearm that was used, we know that it was a long rifle that was used. we have atf, we have fbi, multiple law enforcement agencies on scene working together to try to identify how the suspect was able to obtain this rifle and also most importantly to see what kind of motive the suspect had. so we're still working together . everything is still preliminary. this is still an active investigation right now. yeah. so it was my mistake because you were including the shooter in the casualty, right? you chris lawrence, i appreciate you coming on . so the first victim has identified as evo morales. here is the picture versus a fourth grade teacher at rob elementary school that is said . so there's a lot going on . so we're going to continue with that story for the bulk of the hour. but it is also primary day in a number of states. they are underway, including in the state of georgia. the democrats have said for years that georgia's voters have been disenfranchized
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the new jim crow, the president told us . but in three weeks of early voting, there has been a 200 percent jump in voter participation compared to the presidential primary. you don't see that every day in fact, ever. there's also about one hundred and 70% increase over the 2018 gubernatorial race the first time that stacey abrams ran. so what exactly is happening tonight ? when we have that question, we go immediately to the big board, which is man's always bill hemmer. hey, bill , good evening. tough night, but i think dan patrick really just spoke for a lot of people a moment to go there and i really appreciate what his commentariat was there in texas . this is what's happening in georgia. tucker got about 20% of the vote in and we're watching to see keep in mind that , you know, former vice president pence was campaigning for four kemp just yesterday and the former president trump was campaigning for perdue consistently. and right now in georgia you need 50% of the vote in order to avoid a runoff. looks really good. some news organizations have
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called for calm. tucker , we have not just yet based the numbers on the associated press. this is what's happening on the senate side. however, this is herschel walker, former running back university of georgia first time as a candidate. the ap has called for walker easily over the 50% threshold he will face off this november now against raphael warnock and look at that almost 97% for warnock has been to send about a year and a half so he and walker will go in november in the peach state, pop on over here for a moment. georgia closed about an hour and 15 minutes ago. alabama closed about 15 minutes ago, eight o'clock eastern time. and this is a pretty interesting race here on the republican side. i'll show you that what i would keep an eye on mo brooks down here. no data in just yet and katie britt katie britt used to work for the outgoing retiring senator richard shelby. she wants his job and so too is mo brooks. what's interesting about brooks tucker is that donald trump endorsed him and then withdrew
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the endorsement about two months ago. and ever since then his poll numbers apparently have gone higher. who wins this race? we do not know. but just something we're watching there in alabama on the governor's side as well . no data just in just yet. a lot of people think i've has the inside track on that. and again, just like georgia, you need to get the 50% of the vote later in the night you're going to get to arkansas here. very interesting race with sarah huckabee. sanders the leader right now for republicans and the governor's race. then you get out to texas, a couple of critical house races that we'll be watching throughout the night. that's at 9:00 eastern time. so it's early. don't want to get you too much into this just yet here. but tucker , the last time we talked what is it a week go tonight is where pennsylvania is now mehmet oz at four hundred eighteen thousand eight hundred five votes. david mccormick in front of seventeen thousand eight hundred and thirty seven. they are separated. so about about a thousand votes right now in pennsylvania. we are likely headed to
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a recount sometime in early june. so we'll let you know what happens throughout the night. but our hearts are with the people in texas right now, tucker . i was at sandy hook in the hours after that happened. it's a moment that will never, ever leave you the tough night for america talking really awful about this one. bill hemmer, thank you so much. so joe biden is about to address the country in response to the mass shooting in uvalda . we'll bring that to you in a moment. you can know that if the president uses the deaths of children to try to make himself more powerful, he really is a loathsome and unworthy of leading this country. but he may not he may rise above it and try to unite this country, in which case he will get praise from us and from every american. some are not doing that . however, some have done lower than you even imagined. a congressman ruben gallego just tweeted this quote just to be clear, f you ted cruz, you f ing baby killer. can you imagine you think of ted cruz. he did not shoot anybody. it's a horrible thing to nancy pelosi released a statement released a statement saying
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this quote it is time for all in congress to heed the will of the american people and join in acting. the house passed bipartisan common sense life saving legislation into law. of course they jump at any opportunity, including the deaths of children to make partisan points. and then a character called juliette kayyem, a former obama administration official. dhs said the shooting is proof we need to get rid of immigration laws. she said that i'm seeing this a few hours ago from an investigation standpoint. >> i'm going to do what the facts tell me now. so i've got demographics. first of all, an 80% hispanic school district. so the most important thing for the federal government to do right now is to say there will be no immigration enforcement during this period in that area . it is it has a large immigration population. you want parents with their kids. you don't want people hiding right now and we need to make that clear asap because of the political issues in texas. so normal person, decent person stands in reverence and awe and deep sadness before a tragedy like this , a filthy
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person jumps in to figure out how can this make me more powerful? it's just heard judge jeanine pirro is the co-host of the five. she joins us tonight. judge, thanks so much for coming on . you really do learn about people in the immediate aftermath of something like this , don't you? well, you know, what you just saw is really epitome of the politicization of a tragedy . some people are so ideologically rigid that they will use anything, anything to bootstrap their political ideology in this case, you know, basically open borders. and that is a sad, disgusting commentary when a thing that they are bootstrapping here is the is the unthinkable murder of 18 children seven, eight and nine years old . and you can even think about immigration enforcement and use these children to catapult into an argument for that . but you know, i think the most
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important issue here, tucker , is that we recognize that we have got to protect our children. everybody says the same thing. but i've seen from sandy hook i was there reporting on sandy as well and we see it over and over again. we've got a hardening of schools. we've got to harden the facilities. we've got to make sure that there are people in there to protect our children. these are baby these are babies, tucker . and if we can't protect them where if you go into a building in new york city, you have to go through security and you have to go through a screener. i mean, what does it say about us as a country? it's almost as though we're devolving as opposed to getting better and the chaos that is going on , we need to heal. we need the president to bring us together. he said he was the adult. we need him to talk about making sure that we join together in tragedies like this . this is one of the most horrific things i've ever heard and shame on anyone who talks
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about politics at a time like this . these are babies who have died ,not to mention the other babies who will suffer post-traumatic stress syndrome . let me ask you a question. so so you've been a judge. you've adjudicated matters of law. has anybody done a systematic study of what mass shooters have in common? i mean, i've done this for more than twenty five years. i still don't really understand what motivates people to do something like this . is there a good faith effort anywhere to find out the illawarra? you know, it's interesting and law enforcement and that's the majority of my career as a prosecutor. and you know, we don't really look into the motivation. our job as prosecutors is to prove the crime. motive is really unless it has to do with intent versus recklessness, their state mind motive is not something that we consider. that's something that the sociologists would look into the psychologists. but that's not something that my background that we that we even concern ourselves with generally. it's whether or not
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they committed the crime. sure. if use mental health as an excuse, the insanity defense, then we get into the issue as to whether or not they are present in the moment and know what they're doing or whether they're just using insanity and turning it on and off like a light bulb. i don't know what will happen here. obviously the shooter is dead, but we've got to recognize that our children are most vulnerable. they are literally sitting ducks in these schools and i know in texas they have s.r.o. school reporting officers and apparently each school district i've heard makes the decision as to whether they want it. and there are some people who don't want a police officers in schools with guns because other people are triggered enough that we need to protect our job is to protect our children. yeah, well, i think everybody feels that way. three hundred and fifty million people in the country, it's it's hard to keep people from doing bad things. i personally like to know why they do it. >> i think that might be really helpful. well, you know what ?
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if they're going to do that kind of thing, you know, they can't they're not human. anyone who kills a child is an animal. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. and you know what ? if they want to kill themselves, although i understand that he apparently was shot. you know, if you want to take your life but you don't take people, does he think that so there are more questions, of course, than answers. a few people have been able to do actual reporting from the scene in uvalda. bradley is one of them. an independent journalist. she interviewed a former classmate of the shooter. he was outside the school when he first heard gunshots. bradley joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on . so i don't have a clear picture at all of the guy who did this . what did you learn? well, that classmate here tells me that he was in school with him two years ago. he says he hasn't seen him at the school since then. he said obviously something happened. he said he , quote, must have turned bad.
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now, tucker , he explained exactly what happened, what he witnessed. they live on the streets that this happened on that they saw this truck rushed by . they saw it crash. they saw him get out. they saw the funeral. people work at the funeral home nearby, run over and kind of rushed the aid to see if that guy was okay. and that's when the shooting really started and i saw him run over , hop over the fence and get onto those school grounds. i asked him what kind of person he was in school. take a listen to what he had to say and her three days and they started running. so i went inside and i would take it down. more shots go off. so tell me what it was. you have one period for him. what kind of person went see? how would describe him? he was a long time ago. so it was his experience. you just to relax. it seems like somebody has to say he said know. would you ever thought he would have gone into i think you know
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and you said he dropped out of school. oh , well, i'm a student of junior year. i do not see him at all. i don't i think i do not see him. so i'm assuming he dropped off top of the next three things went south after he dropped out of school? i think so because back then he was, you know, a little bit chubby right now, skinny like 10%. how did you hear that his girlfriend was making around this area? i don't know. it's okay. but you did go to that school. oh , yeah, i was there for four years. what does it feel like to stand here and know that that's what happened? had your old elementary school kids congestion? i was walking through the i was walking i found all the pieces are on fire so i got along
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with now tucker , as soon as i was talking with them, i ran over and i actually talked to a family whose son survived all of this , a third grade boy you heard the previous the judge saying that these kids are going to have ptsd. this kid says he doesn't want to go back to school. he's traumatized. he said he did not feel like he was going to survive. i asked him if they went through any active shooter training, if he knew what to do. he said no, we were all at recess. he saw the guy shoot up into the air and he goes, i heard him go pow pow. and he goes, i knew he was serious at that point about hurting people. this was a little boy who again is scared to go back to school at this point. awful. nobody even now it's interesting how little we know about the man who perpetrated this . i appreciate your addition to what was going on . thank you very much. so it seems like shootings like this are more common. they're certainly more common than they were 30 years ago.
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on sunday, a man called andrew abdullah allegedly shot and killed a man on the subway in new york city. police say the attack was random. the victim was just heading to brunch and was killed. abdullah surrendered to police just hours ago. so on some level what we can say for certain is that there are a lot of crazy people hurting others. there is what they call a mental health crisis in progress. what's causing it? what can we do? buck sexton, former cia officer, joins us tonight, also a lifelong new yorker , i should say so for some reason ,the new york times just ran a piece the other day saying that donations from schizophrenia were actually cool and you shouldn't worry about them. there is this kind of weird unwillingness to face what's clearly a mental health crisis in the face and i'm not sure why. it seems to me, tucker , that we're going to be looking at the miss signs and that's what so often happens in a situation like this . the chances and this reminds me a lot of the analysis we do on counterterrorism cases when someone radicalizes used to look at the progression in the process and there's almost always steps in things
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that people saw, things that maybe even were brought to the attention of authorities in something like this psychopathic mass murder. it's also very likely that you're going to find that there are steps there were things that were missed in this process. there were red flags that people saw and either didn't do enough about or perhaps the state failed. those are the kinds of interventions that it would be worth at least discussing now maybe a means of making those kinds of steps so you can avoid this situation. but also there's interestingly enough, they're often on the left is a fight from people or people are fighting against involuntary commitment . they fight against the kinds of laws that could take a dangerous person off the streets and not on this not on this level. obviously, but at lower levels. there are people that clearly are harm to themselves and to those around them. and oftentimes the far left decides that they should not actually be committed and fight against those laws. so that might be something that gets a look now apart from of course, all the discussion about gun control and everything else we're going
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to see, which doesn't be very interesting to the people in charge. i mean, unless there's an ideological angle they spent last week telling us if the lunatic who shot at the grocery store in buffalo was some kind of right wing activist, he was a mental patient. obviously this is irene made clear . so but they don't seem that interested in the fact that there are an awful lot of tragically sometimes dangerously mentally ill people wandering around all of a sudden like what what is that ? am i the only one to notice? no, i think that would be a helpful conversation for the country to have. obviously the moment of real tragedy or and there is a need for unity and healing now in the country as much as we can try to achieve something in the aftermath of evil like this . but i have to say the people that are using this as an opportunity to bludgeon the other side with platitudes that we must do something and then it always falls into a very narrow political lens. they're actually hurting the situation. they're actually making this more difficult because if we're really trying to have a conversation about how to stop this kind of atrocity from happening again and it's by the
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percentages you're not going to stop all mass shootings. you want to stop as many as you humanly possibly could without completely imploding or society in the process. if we're going to have that conversation, it can't be along the lines of here's the thing that i've been trying to pass in congress for the last six months or perhaps the last 20 years that no one thinks would actually do anything about this shooting or other shootings and you won't do that . you're a monster. and i think we're already seeing that's the trajectory that much of the conversation at least online from democrats and left is already taking and it's appalling. and like i said, not only will they not help the situation, they make it harder because the people that say this is on republicans, this is donald trump, this is on whomever they don't like politically or standing in the way of an actual adult conversation about having some kind of if not solution, at least better preventative measures. well, that's exactly right. an adult is the word because when someone dies, you pause and observe a moment of silence because it's not about you. it's about the thing that connects us all in the end, which is death. and you pause reference before
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that you don't immediately start talking about yourself narcissist. well, i have a law that i could pass this no stop. i think it's i think it's a measure of someone's character and i think that it also just goes to show that it's become so normalized for in the aftermath of these shootings. it's not even that you will hear a political narrative of republicans are failing to do what i want them to do on this issue. it's republicans are evil and actually don't oppose this . you will see that online from lunatics, but they have blue checks and some of them even in elected office they'll tell you played the, the or rather you showed the tweet about ted cruz. i mean, this is insanity. i mean, the people that are pushing this narrative at a time of extreme divisiveness and horror that we all feel are just making the situation worse across the board. they want to have a conversation about about the flags that were missed, about the problems in the system that could stop an obvious psychopath. this person, the person that is the shooter in buffalo. these are obvious obviously
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mentally deranged and evil people. that's a conversation worth having. but pushing maga magazine limitations or whatever the issue may be in the moment just goes to show that there are some people who cannot get beyond themselves even in a moment of national tragedy like this . yes, children have died stopped for a second. i agree. buck sexton, thank you . thanks. so as we told you, we're awaiting joe biden's remarks about this tragedy from the white house. but first it is election day. no i places fox news alert polla have closed, for example,ve the state of georgia turnoutut has been 200 percent higher.n it is being reported than it was in the last presidential primary. checking results in severall states at the moment. but thereiden iss vox's chief political anchorage joins us with an update on what's going an is . ou hey, tucker . tough day obviously with everything coming out of texast. but it is election day primary election day in five states. you mentioned d georgia. that's a big focus. herschel walker winning the senate nominationad on the republican side, not a surprise, had g a big lead going in and he is nowhe
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the nominee for the senate going up against raphael sns warnock, the incumbent democratic senator. the big race in georgia, the governor's'sincumb race, former senator david perdue against the current incumbent brian kemp. that'ss really a proxy battle a little bit with former president trumpmp endorsing perdue and vice president pencee endorsing kemp. kemp a had a big lead going in . we'll see what turns out today. so w far it's too early to call any of that . and you have some other interesting races like in texas and require the democrat moderate going up against the progressive believed to pull it out. buttl it but there's been a lotf campaigning by progressives to try to take him outo. sarah sanders in the governor's race in arkansas. she looks to be cruising on toru a gop nomination there, likelyno the next governor of arkansas since it's pretty deep i red . amazing. a there's so much going on . thank you for following that there. appreciate it.baier,
10:33 pm
joe biden will now address the nation from the white house. we're going to take that in just a moment. but before we do, we want to go back to valde, texas of today's tragedy. what do wee know about the man who committed this atrocity? julie rose is a senior editor at who spent a lot in that part of texas and joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on . and we seem to know very little about this man. what have you gatheredve so so far we've gathered that information about when the shooting happened is that actually the shooter t had body armor in addition to the rifle, which is actually reminiscent to the shooting in buffalo. so not only unfortunately where we have an armed individual but we also have an individual with protection. s interesting, 18 years old from the area. bill meluzin told us there is talk online that it was part of a dhs pursuit that's not true . killed his grandmother beforeer hand . and we haveebe heard from one of
10:34 pm
his classmates from two years ago that he didn't perceive any signs of distress in this w shooter. do wew know anything else and do you think it's weird that we don't know? no. and that's the that's the problem with these f situations that we don't have the full picture yet because this happened only justs this afternoon. and to highlight the insanity of that unfortunatey of woman that i spoke to, they still don't know where her niece isth that the mom is at the civic center and the dad is at the hospital and obviously she was at the school because they're all trying to figure there is going tony be information being brought at any location so they can just find s where where their familyr members that another man that im spoke to said that his nephew was injured during the shooting but he's expected b to recover.s so even still, unfortunately, there's some some familieso that don't know where where their kids are at baldy texas. what a nice place that had a lot of a lot to deal with
10:35 pm
in recent years. this julio, great to t you tonight . thank you . face of so in the s face of something as awful as 18 children beingfu murdered, some partisan lunatics are jumping upn and down with their preexisting plans w w to disarm the rest of the country. i hate to say that's happening, but itt is the new york times has been leading that unfortunately again tonight calling noid has beennd watching all of he's a defender of your constitutionalco rights and joins us tonight with an update going north. thanks so much for coming on . so the new york times sent out a tweet within moments of these children being murdered, blaming the nra for it. is there any evidence that the shooter was an nra board member? ishe nra related to this ? what is this ? it's the typical tragedies t and they politicize and it'spo ridiculous at this point. but one thing i want to point out is that notwithstanding withstanding all of the political nonsense and allth a politician politician or not on that side pushing for gun control and so forth and so
10:36 pm
on , you know, there's a widepe swath of people in theop middleo who are literally their only goal is to keep our kids that's it. that's only goal. and some of us differ. you know, some of us differ in terms of, you know, how we go about doing that .the that's really what the conversation is about . butav by and large , we don't really get to have these conversations because our political leaders instead of playing political games with each other so we never really get to have thoseseti conversations. and aton this point we'vehi beeh dealing with school shootings s for quite some time now. and i think it's time for us to have like an actualan conversation and understand that at the end of the day, anybodydhe who decides that they want to do something like this should immediately know that attacking a school is a death sentence for them.m. it's shouldn't be an optionec in their mind because our schools are so hard. auuri can only imagine if joe bn had younger kids and they went a to a certain school how hard ita would be to attack that school. these kidsids are the most precious things we have. so stt not putting them in a position where the most protected as well is kind ofe. odd to me. and i tha think the reason why u
10:37 pm
even hasn't happened happened at this point is because the leaders were supposed to be having hav this conversation on a national level, aren't having it the politicizing it. everything and all we want to do is keep people safe. so do you expect that rather than because this is the pattern we've seen time and again rather thanth addresst the details of this specific shooting, did wee this person posed a threat who failed tohr address that threatat? why was this person mentally ill, et cetera, et cetera? useful facts from which we learned to prevent future mass shootings that you immediately see perhaps the president's remarks tonight a push to reintroduce preexistingto plans to disarm everybody else but the shooter i mean, as far as far as i'm concerned, making people helpless is never going to help them. yeah, it's never going to work. however, we have these politicians who they immediately will i go to the sae talking points of rhetoric a
10:38 pm
and that's because they they like to oversimplify problems so that they can talk over people and get people to do their bidding as a means to gain more they take advantage of these a situationsdv and it's disgustin. if you ask me and so all we're w saying here at least in the gun community side of things is we don't carry firearms just because they're d fun, just because we want to seem liketh we're one way or the other we carry firearms because wee t wao to protect lives. that's the whole point. but liv what they end up doing s they what they do best is vilify us and then honestly try to make situations like this apply to the 100 million o gun owners that we have in this country. and that's just unfair. right. see a week ago the united states use a tragedy in buffalo to lecture everyone who didn't vote for him that they were somehow immoral and criminals rather than addressing what actually happened. and i justthing that's really the last thing the country needs is more of that more division from the president. >> well, then they also know that the things that they're proposing on the merits, you really systematic ir sit down
10:39 pm
and break them down. they don't work like gun control doesn't work isn't justu a talking point. we understand they don't work because they've been trying to push for decades and yet we still are sitting herend having this conversation know and they don't want too have the real conversation because they know on the merits the we are right n it comes to the idea o of protecting and saving lives. there already is gun control, of course.ol, and as far as i understand, this kid was in violation.on ofa the killer was in violation ofs texas gun law. but of course the fact there was a law didn't stopan this killing war . i appreciate your voice in this . y thank you . thanks for having me. so we reported and it's true that some are using t this tragedy to push for of allo things, the suspension of immigration enforcement in texas the same time we're learning about a plot i to bring isis agents over the border to killde a former president really to trace gallagher has that story for us tonight. and tucker, to bring them over the southern border, in fact, f the suspect has not been identified as 52 year
10:40 pm
old iraqi immigrant shehabho akhmad shehab shehab who appeared in court in columbus, ohiot earlier today. we are learning he came to the u.s. on a visitor's visa in september 2020 and filed for asylum in march 2020 one . that request is still pending, t but s back in november she traveled to dallas where the former president livesoo and apparently he took video around his home and even recruited other iraqis that he wanted toan smuggle into the u.. to help him carry outsi the assassination attempt. now the fbina uncovered the plot through confidential informants as wellhe surveillance of shehah whatsapp account, which of course is a messaging platform. shehab wanted to assassinate bush because quoting here felt the former president was responsible for killing many iraqis and breaking apart the country after the 20033u. us military invasion. the chief of staff for the office of the former president his name is freddy ford says quoting again president bush has all
10:41 pm
the confidence in the world in the united states secretes service and our law enforcement and intelligence communities gop senator rob portman says the suspects wanted to come across c the southern border because it's easier and the i affidavits says that because the primary suspect was underct fbi surveillance, the threat to the former president overall was lowow tucker .tu amazingck first counterforceo i think so much as we've been telling you since the top of the show we've beenhi hearing fr the white house, the united states is going to speakak that has changed repeatedly at this point. it looks like biden is upike j in about 90 seconds. so we want tooe bid get a a quik update from bill clinton who stands by in texas for us tonight. hey, bill . hey,er . good evening to you. i can g tell you some new newsff i've just learned just got t off the phone with some border patrol sur sources who tell meha that it's believed that it was an elitet bortac border patrol agent who shot up. itne sounds like we're going to president biden right now. let's go to that to became
10:42 pm
prison. i would not have to do this again. another massacre, uvalde, texas elementary school, beautiful innocent third and fourth graders and how many scores of little children who witnessedch what happened? see, their friends die as ifir they're in a battlefield. for god's sake, with the rest of their lives. on there's a lot we don't know yet. there's a lot we do know. the parents will never see their child again ever having to jump in bed and cuddle
10:43 pm
with parents who never be the same to lose a child. l it's i like having a piece ofou your soul ripped awayr . there's a hollowness in your chest. you feel like you're being into it and never going to be able to get out suffocating . it's never quite the same. it it's's a feeling shared by the s siblings and the grandpap and the family members and the community. the thought behind scripture says john, i've talked about this in different context. another context more is nearerrt to the brokenhearted and saves the christiansed so many crushed spirits.
10:44 pm
so tonight i asked the nation to pray for them, give the parents and siblings the strength and the darkness they feel right now as a nation we have to ask when in god's name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby when in god's name we do. we all know in our gut needs to be done. 3 this is three hundred and forty three thousand four hundred and forty eight days. ten years since i stood up a high school in connecticut, a grade school in connecticut, another gunman that massacred , including 20 first graders at sandy hook i elementary school. since then there've been over 900 incidents of gun fires reported on school grounds o. marjory stoneman douglas highll school in park, florida, santa
10:45 pm
fe high school in texas, oxford high school in michigan. list goes on and on and on . this grows when you include nasho places like movie theaters, houses of worship as we saw just ten days ago at a grocery store in buffalo, new york . i am sick and tired of we have t to act. and don't tell me we can't have an impact on this carnage. i spent my career as a senator , vice president working to pass common sense gun laws. we l can will prevent every tragedy but we know they workw and have positive impact whenma we pass the assault weapons ban, mass shootings went down when the law expired. mass shootings triple the idea that an 18 year old kid can walk into a gun storee and buy two assault weapons. at
10:46 pm
it's just wrong. what in god's name do you need to solve before except to kill someone there aren't running through the forest kevlar vests on , for god's sake. it's just six and the gun manufacturers have spent two decades aggressively working assault weapons which make them the most and largest profit. for god's sake, we have to have the courage to stand up to the industry. here's what else i know most americans support common sense laws, common sense gun laws. i just gotot off a trip from asa meeting with asian leaders and i learned of this while i was on the aircraft.e what struck me on that 17 hour flight, what struck me was these kinds of mass shootings
10:47 pm
rarely happen anywhere else in the world. why they have mental health problems, their domesticte disputes in other countries. the they have people who areop lost. but these kinds of s mass shootings never happen with the kindho of frequency they happen in america. why why are we willing to live with this carnage? why do we keep letting this happen? where in god's name is our backboned to the courage to do it and stand up to the lobby's time to turn this pain into action for every parent, for every citizen in this country? , we have to make it clear we have to make it clear to every elected official in this country it's time to act ty . it's time for those who have struggled to delay or block
10:48 pm
the common sense gun laws. com we need to letmo you know that e will not forget. we can do so much more . we have to do more . our prayer tonight those parents lying in bed and tryingd to figure out will i be able top sleep again? what do i say to my other children? what happens to the more and god less the loss of innocent life on this sad day than may the lord be near the broken heartedan and save those crushed in spirit is they're going to need a lot of help, a lot of our prayers. god love you maga hats.
10:49 pm
please go to texas. our president i say so frail, confused, bitterly partisan and desecrating the memory of recently murdered children with tiredem talking points. the democratic party dividing the country in a momentin, deep pain rather than uniting his voice rising, amplified only as he repeats the talking points he repeated fored over thirty five years the united states senate partisan politics being the only thing that animatesat. unfit for leadership of this country. will cain is a man we trust. he often fills in on this show is alsoil the host of foxf and friends. we can look what a momentd, this would have been if you'd stopped a sentence in and saidai we're going to pray for these families and let's let's let this marinate for a minute. let's stand respectfully before a tragedy and joe biden as live tragedy. so joe he could he could say that with some credibility he moved immediately into some dnc rant off a cue card. that's the president. what are momentsi is almost was. yes.
10:50 pm
theret a moment at the beginnig of the speech he sounded like he might bring this country lgether, talk about the loss inside someone when they losee a child the whole that never willt be filled quoting scripture, which is so important in this momenth, tucker , is what we'rero suffering from culturally is a rot of spiritual, a loss of meaning. and you're exactly right. a he turns in , he turns and gets animated when it's time to cast blame, when it's time to point fingers, when it's time to be partisan n. he can'tto point to a single law that would have stopped the shooter because he doesn't know what the shooter dha did yt what gun he used. he knows nothing about the details of this crimee and so therefore he knows notth not what law he could offer r that would solve this crime which revealed it was just simply partizanship i've listening to you tonight ,gh tucker , and i dot share this sentiment with you. a true reflection of, character and not limited to the united states if you're instinct is to turn to partizanship if your first instinct is tosh blame those who disagree, you know, you're
10:51 pm
probably familiar with this, tucker . david foster wallace gave an amazing speech once you said you don't get a choice of whether or not to worship you get a choice as to what you worship and what we are seeing. people worship politics and if that's the case or sacrifice anything for their own righteousness, for their own narcissism, for their own partizanship i mean to stand before the image of murdered children and your first impulses, i can be more powerful if only leverage this and the right way. that's what the president is. i'm i'm in shock having seen the united states call for more power for himself. that's his answer. well, the only reason i'm not in shock, tucker , is i was around and so were you when i saw barack obama stand on the graves of dead children as well. and so this was somewhat anticipated. you could expect it to be what would happen. and again, tucker , i've been listening to you tonight and you've been asking some important questions. for example, i heard you ask judge pirro earlier in the show do we study these things?
10:52 pm
do we study these shooters? how can we stop them in the future? you know, in the eighties we put together the behavioral science unit at the fbi to stop serial killers. now these guys in these situations often kill themselves. we can see what makes them tick . we can do more . we can put money into protecting schools. we just gave 40 million dollars, tucker , to ukraine to protect and rebuild that country. we can't afford to protect our schools. we immediately put money into protecting schools from covered, by the way, much of it which is not yet used could be used to protecting schools. there are things we can do but the most important thing, tucker , is figure out what's going on culturally with this country. we are callous, we are partisan, we are not spiritual and we have lost meaning. i hope we will not let politicians leverage our grief to make them more powerful for their aggrandizement. really disgusting. what will cain, i appreciate your coming on . thank you . thank you , tucker . so bill clinton was just about to report breaking news this he was interrupted by the grotesque partisan display you saw from the white house.
10:53 pm
so go back to bill moyers in uvalda town 60 miles from the mexican border. hey, bill . tucker . good evening to you. i just got off the phone a short time ago with some border patrol sources. what i'm being told it is believed that an elite border patrol bortac agent is the one who shot and killed this school shooter. today a bortac agent is the elite of the elite of border patrol. bortac stands for border patrol tactical unit. they have a fast response mechanism. i'm told that bortac agent went in with his tactical group with other agents. they formed a stacking maneuver while texas law enforcement was engaged with the shooter who was barricaded. they came in from opposite sides. the bortac agent ended up exchanging gunfire with the shooter, killed the shooter and i'm told that the bortac agent was injured in his leg. they're trying to figure out if he was shot in the leg or hit by shrapnel so that is the latest update we have there a combination of federal law enforcement with border patrol working hand in hand with texas law enforcement, local deputies
10:54 pm
,police and texas state troopers here to pin that shooter where he was barricade working together to shoot and kill him. unfortunately, though, the last numbers we have are there are eighteen children who were killed at this school as well as one adult, a teacher. there are still multiple others injured in the hospitals waiting for treatment. but we just wanted to pass along that update to you that multiple border patrol sources tell us that is believed a bortac agent is the one who took down this school shooter. we'll send it to you. and thanks so much for that . thanks much for that factual report. and details matter facts matter if you want to show respect to the people, to the children who were just murdered, find out what exactly happened. don't allow politicians to take your grief and use it against find out what happened. we saw last week members of the democratic party using the murder of more than 10 people in a grocery store in buffalo to attack their political home. it's disgusting.
10:55 pm
tonight , new york times wasted about five minutes before attacking the nra, which had nothing to do with this whatsoever. glenn greenwald has been watching this closely and he joins us tonight to assess hegland hidaka. it does seem like the span between tragedy coming across the iphone and partisan response is getting down from your second. >> i mean, it's the second time and i think seven days that i've been on your show, both of which have had incredibly heinous and horrific tragedy immediately followed by naked exploitation of the dead bodies before anything is known about the people involved, including the killer. you know, i was watching joe biden. i empathize so much with what will said that at the beginning of his speech i was really hoping that he would strike exactly that note as somebody who has always had to bury
10:56 pm
a child, he could really empathize with in a unique way with how uniquely heinous it is. he could talk about the spirituality of our society and the need to unite on on what obviously everyone, no matter what your partisan perspective is reacting the same way when seeing this sort of thing. and he spent about six seconds doing that and then immediately did a detour to figure out how he could squeeze and exploit this situation for partisan advantage. it was so grotesque and i mean unsuppressed but also really disappointing to watch. and as god watches speaking for myself, i would have praised joe biden if he had kept to the first part of that speech. i agree with you completely. joe biden has lost two children . not many people can say that he knows what it feels like. i would listen carefully to him and i would feel deeply grateful if he used this moment to unite the country. we all are united in our grief as we watch children die. why not do that ?
10:57 pm
i mean, i think that the obsession that people who are doing politics full time have a way of seeing the war, the world through this prism of partisan warfare is so consuming that it basically drains our entire soul so that nothing is left. but this kind of immediate need to use every situation, no matter how tragic to gain some kind of an advantage and look, joe biden is a politician. he's in public policy. there are public policy aspects to events like this or the one in buffalo. so if you want to talk about that , that's fine. wait a little bit of time. not just the emotions can be processed but so that just basic facts are known about who this person is, what motivated them, what guns ,what role guns had in terms of gun control laws or anything else you want to talk about. they don't wait at all because they want to exploit those emotions that they could be using to unite people to instead work them to their own advantage. it's so ghoulish and grotesque
10:58 pm
to watch it really is people have died and we owe them the respect of restraint. that's how i feel about all death. and i know you agree this stuff drains people's humanity and it's just awful. glenn greenwald, thank you for your description. thanks, tucker . tonight we want to go back to ali radley's. she's conducted a new interview from a witness to this crime in uvalda, texas. she joins us now. ali, thanks for coming back on. what have you learned? well, tucker , we learned that this was starting this little third grade boy telling me that he saw this gunman actually fire shots and he said, i know that this guy is serious about hurting people at this point. he said he didn't know what to do. they basically all ran back into the classroom and kind of took cover. take listen to you heard the gunshots. yes. what were you thinking? i was thinking like, oh , shoot. he was he, he got like hitting me. he was not afraid to shoot someone. are you scared?
10:59 pm
no, you don't. do you have to go back to school now? i think you're out of school, right? no one knows schools. i'm traumatized now. so how close to the shooting were you how how how far would you say it happened from you? i think it was a couple of feet . you know, tucker , this little boy, he's telling me that he didn't think he was going to survive and to be that young and to have that feeling. that's a really, really tragic thing tonight . it's just the worst. thank you for reporting from the scene. thank you so we've got about fifty five seconds left and we want to go to our friends in president texas for reaction to what we're seeing today. dan tucker. it's awful. i have to say a quick thing about the president's remarks immediately going on . this is a fox news election alert on jack habaneros live in new york. rattrap spurger has defeated former president donald trump's effort to oust him as georgia's top election official. brad raffensperger defeated
11:00 pm
congressman jody hice in a closely watched republican primary for georgia secretary of state raffensperger was scorned by his own party for refusing donald trump's request to overturn overturn. that is the 20 20 election. raffensperger avoided a runoff and won an outright victory over heisse, getting more than 50% of the vote. >> jackie binya is now back to regular programing. welcome to "hannity". and we start tonight with a fox news alert. tonight we are tracking multiple breaking stories including results from primary races all over the country. five states tonight . but we begin tonight in southwest texas where just hours ago an evil 18 year old named salvador ramos shot his grandmother and then stormed into a nearby elementary school where he murdered in cold blood . eighteen young children and at least one adult film illusion. he's live on the scene in texas tonight . bill , what a tragedy


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