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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 24, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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congressman jody hice in a closely watched republican primary for georgia secretary of state raffensperger was scorned by his own party for refusing donald trump's request to overturn overturn. that is the 20 20 election. raffensperger avoided a runoff and won an outright victory over heisse, getting more than 50% of the vote. >> jackie binya is now back to regular programing. welcome to "hannity". and we start tonight with a fox news alert. tonight we are tracking multiple breaking stories including results from primary races all over the country. five states tonight . but we begin tonight in southwest texas where just hours ago an evil 18 year old named salvador ramos shot his grandmother and then stormed into a nearby elementary school where he murdered in cold blood . eighteen young children and at least one adult film illusion. he's live on the scene in texas tonight . bill , what a tragedy.
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john, good evening to you. that's exactly what this absolutely horrific keep in mind, rob, elementary school here, this is mostly for the second, third and fourth graders. so that is predominantly seven ,eight and nine year olds. and as you mentioned tonight , we've now learned there are 18 children who were murdered by a gunman at the school tonight as well as one adult. i want to show you one little girl who is missing tonight . this is a photo provided to us by her father. this is 10 year old annabel guadalupe rodriguez. her dad tells us he has lost contact with he is looking for her . he doesn't know where he is. he is desperate to find out if she is okay or not. he provided this photo to texas rangers as well. again, she's a 10 year old at this school. take a listen to what that father told us earlier tonight . i was at work in the including my dad was in school where they were shooting and i'll wait for more details and nobody ever called me back on detail and now come
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back in town looking for my daughter and i can't find now. now the video you're looking at right now is video that was posted to social media shortly after the shooting took place that alleges to show the 18 year old male shooter salvador ramos entering into the school armed with a rifle. we are told by law enforcement that he is a local here, has family here, apparently shot his grandmother before going over to the school, abandoning his vehicle, going inside and starting to shoot in discriminately. you take a look at some of the scene video today. children leaving the massive scene. the medical examiner is on scene here and what we're being told now by border patrol sources is that it was a bortac, an elite border patrol bortac agent who actually went in and shot and killed this gunman. what i'm told happened is that bortac agents went in with a team of texas law enforcement, was engaged with the shooter who was barricaded. they essentially went in together at different ends and that bortac agent is
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the one who shot and killed the shooter. i'm told that agent was shot in the leg, injured in the leg excuse me. right now they're trying to figure out if he was shot in the leg or suffered a shrapnel injury in the leg sean. the latest update out here tonight is a grim one . again, 18 children at one adult that believed to be a teacher inside. and i can tell you just a short time ago i spoke with the mayor of all day, mayor john mclaughlin, and he told me two of his staffers had just found out that their children had been killed here in this school and unfortunately so many other parents may get that phone call tonight , a phone call that could potentially change their life forever. so can i have no words when you're talking about kids as young as so sad, so tragic? how does a parent ever recover from this ? our thoughts our prayers are with all of them. thank you , bill . and will circle back and check in with you later in the hour. here now with more on the background of the shooter and potential motives. what we know at this point trace gallagher is with us. trace, what do we know about
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the shooter? let me just piggyback on top of bill's reporting there, sean, because texas democratic state senator roland guitarra says the shooter, 18 year old salvadori, almost bought two assault rifles on his 18th birthday. but we should note that we have zero confirmation of what type of weapon or weapons were used in the shooting. in fact, texas governor greg abbott says the shooter used a rifle and a handgun. now for clarity. we should note in texas you can buy a long gun when you're 18 years old , but you cannot buy a handgun, at least not from a licensed dealer. you can apparently buy a handgun at 18 years old from a private citizen. in texas, investigators and private groups are now scouring. as you might imagine, it happens in every shooting. they're scouring the shooter's social media footprint and we have also pulled up sites that certainly match the name and the identity of the shooter and they do show pictures of weapons and messages taunting a young woman, actually taunting a few young
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women. we won't show you those posts because we have not yet confirmed now. we should also note there are reports we are getting word that after the shooter shot his grandmother, which we still have not confirmed that she has died, some believe that she might be still alive, that he apparently got into some kind of car accident and that's when he got out of the car and went in as bill was saying, the associated press, everybody reporting the shooter ran into the school, followed by that tactical border patrol agent who went in with another team shot and killed salvador ramos. ramos was hiding behind a barrier at the time. and finally, we should know this now becomes the second deadliest primary school shooting in u.s. history. remember when adam lanza went and he opened fire in sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut? he killed 20 six and seven year old along with six adults. he also killed his mom before he went to that school shot. all right, trace gallagher, we'll check in with you later in the program.
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now let's bring in law enforcement, their perspective . joining us now is retired nypd detective pat bronson. pat, good to see you. thank you for being with us. i wish under better circumstances the one thing that you've got to give a lot of credit to once again is law enforcement look like you had law enforcement and border patrol agents that were in the area, tactical teams that they have within their organization and they were able to successfully take this guy out but not after 18 kids. sadly, were were murdered. well, it's it's a horror show. it's an absolute horror show. and i've been on a number of times with you want and i salute them heroes and they do it every single day. but unfortunately there is no complete solution. there's only a series of partial solutions. we can't just throw labor at this site with passion pleas. sean, for an officer in every school in america that's logistically feasible and mathematically impossible, what we need to do is utilize
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smart technology. that's what's needed to straw man traps. this is something we've discussed in the past like 2018 i chat mantrap a series of interlocking doors at the school entrance that are triggered by a trip wire trip wire can be a gunshot broken glass, a manual switch towards a school employee and it traps the shooter like a rat. and when he's trapped like a rat, we're buying time. the most precious commodity these children can ever get is trying to run to hide, to get away from this madman and his bullies. it's wires, it's mantrap. it's not labor. it's not gun control. sorry to say, you know, you look at this and i've said this we've had way too many of these shootings and one of the solutions i would like to have is i don't care how great the response team is for any law enforcement, even the best
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response time is not enough. we have retired military. we have retired law enforcement . they can be in every school. they can be outside the perimeter. they could be inside the school and at least you have people there on the ground that are fully trained that would be capable of immediately responding and hopefully preventing death in the process. people seem resistant to that idea. i'm not sure why. well, you know, sean, i'm in the business. we provide secure security for schools on security and security and perhaps all the stuff technology, labor, the fact is mathematically it's impossible. it's a logistical impossibility to 700000 sworn officers. the united states, if every single one took off and were assigned to a school, we still wouldn't cover the at least nine hundred thousand entry doors in the public school system. today i took a look at the math. it's possible the math doesn't work. it's a physical impossible for
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that help in some way as a layered security solution. and let's be clear, these are only partial solutions because the madness that's ricocheting in the mind of these mad madmen unless they share it with somebody, write it down. memorial's post it or say it, there's no way in the world that law enforcement can interject and mitigate. it's impossible. let's we can read their minds. and by the way, the shooting in buffalo were murdered in that race to the top grocery store that clown was stopped and interviewed and throw in a mental hospital for thirty six hours back in june because he confessed that he wanted to murder a bunch of people 36 hours and he's back out on the street, as it were. we've got to help us get the kids more we all the more we owe the children in america more . we've got to figure this technology. it's labor. it's a series of layers. you know, the president weighed in on a lot of this today and i'd hope when i became
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president i wouldn't have to do this again. another massacre as a nation we have to ask when in god's name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby when in god's name you will we do what we all need in our gut needs to be done. pat guns don't shoot themselves and you know, there are more instances that nobody ever reports, i guess because it doesn't advance an agenda, a political one , political agenda. but guns are used to save lives every day also. and it's not the issue of the gun. it's the issue of the evil that's in the heart of somebody that does something like this one thousand percent sure the gun genie has been out of the bottle for decades. there were more guns in america than all the bad guys combined could ever use. the last 100 years with minimal maintenance stayed around forever. they were around here forever. it's not about the next one that's being manufactured. it's about a series of other interlocking mitigating factors to help save these children.
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and i hate to say it and it saddens me to say it, but there's no full solution. there's only ways to minimize the probability of reoccurrence, you know, minimize i wish days like today. i wish we could put politics aside for five seconds and just think of the tragedy and the horror the parents are going through tonight because they lost their children. their lives will never, ever be the same . we send our kids to school. we expect them to be safe and it's really not time in my opinion to be politicizing something like this . and we don't even i we don't even know that every parent's been contacted yet. but anyway, pat bronson, stay with us. we'll check in with you later in the program. now the border patrol assisted with the response to the shooting today and one officer, as we told you at the top of the show, injured by gunfire. and as you heard both fox's bill meluzin and the ap reporting that a border patrol officer fatally shot this suspect.
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here with more is national border patrol council president brandon judd along with border patrol chief jason owens who is in charge of the del rio sector. jason , we'll start with you. as i understand within the department you have to elite force that was actually dispatched because of the location which happened to be right near the schools. what happened today? well, first off, john, it's good to talk to you and thanks for having me. so yes, the sectors along the southwest border have detachments from our special operations group, one of the teams is called the border patrol tactical unit, or bortac. they were thankfully close to the close to the scene are able to respond and played a critical role in actually neutralizing the threat inside the school. yeah, and brandon, bringing you in here, we talk about this again. you know, the border patrol have had such a difficult job. one of the things with this
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record of illegal immigration crush that you guys have been working under every single day now we've got a record in april again, two hundred thirty five thousand illegal immigrants and encounters at the border. we have more drugs crossing that border than before. resources are really thin in that sense. it sounds like we were a little bit lucky that your guys were in position, that they were able to help today. perhaps many lives were saved because of it. >> yeah, undoubtedly were lives that were saved because we had the resources that were available. look, i first of all, my heart goes out to the families of lost children. this is horrible. this is a horrible tragedy that is being politicized rather than looking at what we can actually do. that is right. we're trying to blame we're trying to to blame the gun lobby. we're trying to blame gun control. we're trying to blame everything except for what needs to be blamed. we have to look at what needs to be done to protect these children. and thankfully i'm so grateful
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for my fellow border patrol agents. i'm grateful that they're ready to respond at a moment's notice ,that they're ready to go in and that they've received the training that is necessary to actually protect these children. and that's what they did today. they were they were heroes and one of our agents was in fact injured in the process of trying to save as many children as he could. i'm grateful for for my fellow corporal. all right, gentlemen, thank you and thank all your fellow officers for all that they do every day. brandon, thank you . and chief jason jason owens, thank you as well. here now with more reaction, the host of unfiltered, dan bongino, along with the co-host of the five geraldo rivera. i'll say this to both of you up front. you're both dear friends. under no circumstances do i want to politicize any this tonight. families may not even know the status of their own children at this hour and yet we have this race even by the president to politicize it. i just find so offensive. but at the end of the day, we
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have to figure out a way to keep kids safe in school. dan bongino, i've been advocating for years people retired military, retired law enforcement outside the perimeter of every school in the country they can donate their time. they can offer them tax breaks, no income tax state, no income tax federally 10 hours a week and we could have every school in america covered people around the perimeter, people in the halls, first responders there. we don't have to worry about police response times. that to me seems like a no brainer. nobody seems to find that idea appealing. i don't know any other way to keep kids safe though then. and metal detectors by it would be a lot less than what we're giving ukraine with the 40 billion we're sending over there. well, a couple of things. first, it's too late to not politicize it. i respect where you're coming from, but it's not you do. and it john, i mean the president of the united states just came out and what could have been a great healing moment for all of us to be able
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to mourn together. i mean, he is the president of the united states decided to attack the gun lobby. i wasn't where the gun lobby was involved in the shootings. were you so again, he's the president of united states. and in a moment where he could have been a great healer and unifier, he chose that moment to start screaming at americans and the gun lobby who had nothing to do with the irish we coming from. but those days are over . sean, cutesie time with these people is over . they don't care. now on your second point, you know this is what i did for a living. you know, operational security and physical security on locations and buildings was a big component of it. pat was a great guess. he bred the mantrap is a terrific idea because you can't get into the second door in the mantrap unless the first doors close and they have to operate the second door. meaning if you have a gun they're just going to trap you between the two doors and you're not going go anywhere. but i do disagree with them that we don't have the personnel he's accurate if
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you think of it in terms of active police officers in the united states. yes, we can't take one now and put one at every single school everywhere, every door all the time. but what you're thinking, i think you're more correct is we should expand that footprint. we have a number of retired law enforcement who have the skills who may not be able to engage pursuits but are perfectly capable of securing, say, two or three acre school somewhere. so i think we have to start to think outside the box. the skills are there. the human capital is there. we can do it. sean, we just got know what , 20 , 30 billion dollars school funding probably more than that for the covid thing. you know, we can't go out and take care of some of these schools with security. come on . we can do better. rather, i would think this might be an area of agreement all three of us can have and that is you have all of these people trained retired police, retired military, you know these people well. and you know what ? if they donated ten , fifteen hours a week the local school district and what if we said, okay, if you do that ,
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we'll give you a break on your income taxes, you don't have to pay it and you don't have to pay state and local taxes either. >> it wouldn't even cost us a penny in the end. you know, sean, i obviously agree with you about school security. i always have as the father of five the grandfather of five . this absolutely makes me sick to my stomach. i beg those families to accept our condolences. the slaughter has been something that will live with all of us . it is absolutely horrible when you think of those little babies i covered sandy hook, you know, it is that again, it's these little children the most vulnerable innocent beings on earth being slaughtered. you know, the only place you, dan and i diverge is it is not to me irrelevant that in the last ten days thirty people have been killed by two eighteen year olds with assault
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weapons. how can you buy an assault weapon on your 18th birthday when you cannot buy a beer? it does not make any sense. i've spoken with president trump about this . why not have a juvenile assault weapons ban? why can't the nra get behind if you can't buy a beer, you can't buy an assault weapon? why is that un-american? how does that violate you know what the problem with i think the argument is and i really my thoughts tonight are really with these families. but i'll answer your question and i will tell you one of the it's predicated on a false notion that evil people with evil intent you have to be evil to perpetrate a crime and murder an innocent child. and the problem is by the very nature of somebody being that evil, they're going they're not going to obey. they're not going to listen to any laws because that is coming from their heart. and if your heart drives you to do something like this , it doesn't matter what's legal or
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not legal in their world. it matters in your world. i pay all my taxes pays all it is. it's a matter of fact i usually overpack just to be sure. but the reality in this case you're asking people that don't have a heart and soul or conscience to obey a law they're not going to obey. two quick points. one , we have to protect our children with the same vigor that we protect the money in our banks. what's worth more, the money or the children you're in ? why can't we on if we can protect the money and we ran the school with law enforcement tie a cop, an old retired cop, but somebody military. yes. are you armed, armed to go? absolutely. absolutely. because i just really don't her all the way, way, way. i want to respond to your first point. you asked a question. i think i deserve an answer there. you know, over a decade law
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enforcement i arrested a lot of people who had illegal guns and you know, they love your idea for gun laws and new gun laws. you know why? because nobody gives you can i answer the question why some of these are you having the two children with assault weapons on their first gun? it's so hard to come up with you because you go ahead. i'm sorry i didn't interrupt you, man. okay, listen, let's just be respectful of each other and it's really hard time. i'm just telling you in my experience. yes, i don't want an eighteen year old who's incompetent potentially mentally ill and a homicidal maniac to have a weapons. you and i both agree 100%. and by the way, i agree with the sherman the term assault weapon, but that's for another day. okay, that's an unnecessarily high school term thing. there is an assault weapon. but having said, i'm telling you you're talking about a obviously psychologic disturbed young man here who walked into a school
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and shot a bunch of school kids. you really believe like he was sitting there reading a law book beforehand and i know what you're going to say. well, maybe we should make it more difficult to do that . but the problem with that is that the simple minded solution because you also make it more difficult for the tens and thousands, hundreds of thousands of others of 18 year olds out there have done absolutely nothing wrong and would like to buy for what was a what why. so i think that what kind of you're you're 18 years old . you can you can you buy it? can you buy a beer answer? no. why can't you buy a beer? because society in its infinite wisdom has done wrong. but you're not answering my point at eighteen year old robert my question remains should be too young to buy gun . why do you think why do you believe people that have no conscience, no heart and no soul parents lost their kids today. why do you believe hard hang show. why do you like it? why do you believe in any way
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that those people that are capable of that evil are going to obey your laws? because i think you're living in a fantasy world. maybe i am, but the nra convention is in houston on friday. you have president trump, you have governor abbott, you have senator cruz all scheduled to speak. don't you think that they should try to suggest some remedy, some be proactive rather other than is not going to make amendment the way the second amendment is construed now makes me sick. how did how did muskett become nakase would make that happen? you know, let me go back . hold on , wait, hold on . all right. i know you've dominated this whole conversation. i let anyone else talk here, although, you know, for the last thirty years of your life you've been a very wealthy, successful guy. nobody disputes that you can go out tomorrow and buy security if you wanted to. the second amendment makes you sick. why so people the criminals
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don't care about your gun laws. they love them because law abiding people unarmed while they don't give a damn about your lawn. i did this for a living. steve lansford, come on . and they love people like you advocating for gun laws because you can buy armed protection and they can go and high crime communities and prey on innocent people. why should never get a hold the gun. hold on . wait for me actually obey the law right now i got to run but at least we got to go. dan , thank you . although thank you . all right. also tonight , we are getting results from primaries in five states including the great state of georgia. we go to our very own bill hemmer who used to be called at one point board, butveig he took it over . he owns it. he's the best at it. so we call it the hemmer big board. that was right. john, nicee toig see you tonigh. yes, a tough night, america. but i'll tell you what's going on . the primary is trying to keep track of this and get an ideahe of what the storyline to be ind the fall take you to races
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in five different states. and here's what we have in georgia. this is the governor's race and this is brian kemp. keep in mind in georgia, 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff here and this done that easily win. over david perdue backed by donald trump and kemp is even better than projections that we had and our polling if go back to ohio is really good and higher than the number wee had there in georgia. so what does that mean? kemp will now face a rematch ofs stacey abrams this fallta. stacey abrams four years ago thought that the election had been taken away from her .nn she thoughter she was the rightful winner of that election. she gets a chance now to prove it this fall. so abrams against perdue, ab abrams against kemp this fall bill , by the way, we had we had a pretty big bombshell from stacey abrams yesterday saying the state she wants to rune to be governor and is the worst state in the a i have a funnyfunn feeling thats going to be a big part of
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that campaign. and i saw a tweet where the language was shifteded a little bit today. da point taken on that, john. herschel walker, an easy winnern on 70% the vote. so walker with you know,wa halfway in walker will go on too take on a raphael warnock who cruised easy victory shonen in georgia tonight . so warnock's had the job for a year and a half. he's now got his match for november against the former running back from the university of georgia and back to by donald trump. so that's what's happening there in in the state of georgia. by the way, brad roethlisberger secretan state is running for reelection. you remember everything that went on in georgia in late 2020 and early 2020 one . remember you need 50% of the vote in georgia to advance. roethlisberger right now is at fifty point six percent. so if he continues down that march, you avoid a runoff and he will win. this is republican senate primary down in alabama. b mo brooks is backed by the former president who that
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dorsum back about a month and a half ago, brooke, seem to be climbing, but we'll see whether or notip he can turn the trick here against katie. brid used to workr senator shelby, but we're verysh early on now only four percent of the vote there in alabama shifting to the governor's race there, about five percent. kibpr doing pretty well across the state seems to be on her way to avoiding any sort of runoff in the state of alabama. that's two states down. sean, i'll get you to get you to two more , okay? sarah huckabee,ck sanders looks to be an easy winner in the state of arkansas and awh governor's race there and in all likelihood go on to win this november. so t she would run up the state capital there in little rock in the state of texasli. let me show you some very interesting house races. okay,inte one of them is in tex. i show you down here this is district twenty eight . isturnedry cuellar a moderate democrat. jennifer cisneros is a progressive. cisneros is backed by aoc,n,
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elizabeth warren, bernie sanders quasar. is a he's a border. if i were to draw his areari here, it's right around this area and it runs up in a line towards san antonio.crat, he is a moderate democrat. he's for border security. he is the last democrat in the house of representatives who is pro-life and quenya right now. just barely hanging in there against his narrow. so we'll see which wayll this turns out. got a couple more house races with you. hare this is going back to georgia, though. going to be crossingor my lines here, john. ia, this is but this is georgia. co this is congressional district 14 margeritang green , an easy w winner with more than 70% ofof the vote in about halfway pointa you could increase that lead to. but she's beense called an easy winner there in the state of t georgiahe. this is lucy mcbath, if youing. remember she ran in newt gingrich'sat old seat about two years ago. i mean, this is a ruby
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red republican northwest of atlanta, georgia, you know. well, sean and they hadng the, the demographics change in that part of the peache stat . well, then they went through a redistricting and elusive mcbath shifted over to congressional district seven and she looks like she's going to win now in the northeastern sector of atlanta. atlanta's just another se one we're watching on the map tonight . so that's where weto stand right now. by the way, if you want to know, sean, i can share this with you in pennsylvania because i think the last timehe that you and i were together one week ago okay, got it here. here is mehmet at four hundred eighteen thousand eight hundred and five votes as of now right there still looking at these votes in pennsylvania. it could be fore some . this is david mccormick at four hundred and seventeen thousand eight hundred and thirty seven.e quick easy math says about nine hundred and eighty five votes between the two of you have anbw update on that. would you get the update that i county now has
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pretty much sent in all the ballots. why it took them a week, i don't know. all the greene county dropped late this afternoon. my understanding is there are provisional ballots and a few military ballots that may straggle in in the days too come . but for the most part,i i think most of the county now we will have an automatic recount, as you know. so that should happen. 1st-j i believe the dates are june 1st to june six .d you are correct.will hav and then wee will have a winner by the end of the first week ofe june brown . so that's what we've got and only took a week let's see france, canada, great britain, they can count thirty five million votes in less than twenty four hours v and we can't count a million four votes in what we're going to do. we'll work amazing. and we're working on it and we are the united states and a lot of other states get it right. it does raise a lot of questions about what really is going on in pennsylvania. it's not fair to the candidates. it's not fair to the people of pennsylvania in the commonwealth and they can do h
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better than that .av they have got to win. yes, they've got to get their .ct together. all right, bill , great job at the big bill hemmer, thank you . we'll check back inck in with y shortly. first joining us now for some analysis on thisis political primary night, house speaker and fox news contributor newt gingrich is with us. the president donald trump starts out tonight withh eighty one or eighty three and two record in terms of dawson. y impressive by any measure he'll pick up on with herschel walker a pick up a number of the congressional seats, probably your old seat where a good friend, mr. evans is running and we have bothth supported him. supporte like sarah huckabee another pick up for the president, another is paxon. another endorsement of him looks like he's on his way to victory. but i have a funnynybu feelingte that the only race that the mobh and the media will care about is purduee . kind of hard to take on a sitting governor . mr. speaker, i knew that from the beginning. from you knew that from
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the beginning. what are your thoughtsre on the track record of the president? because i don't know any ofbecal the political figure that gets involved in tight races and endorses people with a real chance of them losing and then often ends up winning. well well, remember the it's very, very likely now that newt has is going to wins in pennsylvania and he was endorsed by trompe. he so p the president overall president trump overall has a very good track record. look, i want to say i was foryo perdue and as you know, i'm very deeply jake evans in the sixth district. but the fact is that governor kemp, reto his credit, put p together a veryut powerfuley campaign, used all the weapons that a president sitting a governor has to raise an amazing amount of money spent about two and a half months demolishing perdue as a candidate with do not having the money to counter it. and kemp is going to win
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a significant victory. and i think that's a we ought to be honest about it.only that's the only major defeat that trump is going to havegh tonight . and overall, trump's track over record so far verges on astonishing how to do one hundred and four by the end of the night or somewhere closee to that . to t yeah, nrcc in allha of american history, i don't know of anyf period where somebody who's out of office o has the kind of powr in state after state after state that donald trump has. and that's just a fact in relaxium i dislike him but i th's a fact.t. i think one ofin the keys to the future of the party in terms of this twenty twenty two is going to be to make sure that we allll pull together for georgia because herschel walker's race is one of the most important senate races in the wholehe country. w i think hershel can win, but p it's going to take a unified party . and frankly, while i was very much for perdue, i'll do everything i can to help
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governor kemp win because i we need a republican ticket in georgia that can win.ican similarly, in pennsylvania, i think the sooner maccormick can recognize he did everything he could. he has a great future.t future e he could certainly come back in two years and run for the senate and probably win. but it'llgreat be great for himo unify with us, recognize that that's what we are . seat make sure we win that seat. in i think november we could have an astonishing year and it'll be very hard even for the new york times, the washington post to explain that donald trump's a real problem or a real liability if we have the kindt of sweep that i think isth comig . and as you point out, i mean look look at how well sarah huckabee, sanders did in arkansas where she's just romping. k and by the way, i think if kerry ends ups losing tonight and a country which hasi a huge right to life population speaker, it may not have a single democrat left. we can now project that sarah sanders has in fact wonis
11:35 pm
her primary race for governor in the great state of arkansas. another endorsed candidate. you know, it's very interesting. as you know, we met, in alabama, but i live a number of years in georgia and we were very r close. that's when our friendship really began and it's such an interesting state to me. but i lovehe the people ofa, georgia. i love the state of georgia. it's one of the greatest statese in the country. and for a gubernatorial candidate to say it's the worst placeat to live, why would you want to be governor? > well, i think stacie must have been having a really badhe day when she said that she's been trying to work our way back . but i'm confident governor camp's not going to let her get away from it. i think she. will probably end up losing surprisingly badly this fall both because she's no longer new and original. she spent four years as a national. figure trying to lay the groundwork to run for president someday. she has better ties in new york
11:36 pm
and los angeles than she doest in georgia at this stage. her most recent comments showed how alienated she is from georgia. and the truth is, after allh the lies that were told about the new georgia election law, we had a huge turnout. everybody agrees in general the system worked, the reforms worked and it's going to be there. and of course,acro stacey hasul finally said, well, you can really have voter suppression without voter suppression. well, if you have this big a turnout, what's your complaintco? i mean, there's no complaints from any part of the state of georgia right now because the reforms that were passed after 2020 have really been h quite successful and have made a huge differenceug. i don't go back to quietist for a second if the democrats lose the last right to life member of the house, that is a dramatic alienation from about half the country and people need to understand that who you're looking at a democratic party so radical that abortion on the last dayth
11:37 pm
paid for by the taxpayer after nine months is seen as more legitimate than being right to life. and i think that this defeat in texas may resonate across the whole country as it sinks in that there's no one left who's allowed to speak out in favor of the baby in the democratic caucus in the u.s. house. let me ask you if youho lookk at can we can now, by the way, project the carbon tax and has defeated george p. bushfo relaxium very fond of i thinkk he has a bright political career ahead of him. i'm not sure why he made this move against the sitting attorney general always hard to beat an incumbent by the way, pacs and another trump endorsed candidate. i was a little surprised at this effort. i still d believe that george p. does bright political career. he's a rising star in thes party's your thoughts? well,nt first of all, i think george p. is a great talent. i'm a little surprised like you
11:38 pm
sometimes people get a littleli frustrated and a little jump to things that they're not quite in a position to i hope he'll stay active. i hope he'll run again. the times i've talked to him, first of all, he's surprisingly more like trump than he is likee the bush family in terms of his conservatism mean he's been a very solid, very aggressivee conservative and i think he does have a great future. texas is an amazing state and i think that more than just his name, he has a level of talent that's very real. so i hope he doesn't drop out. remember i lost twice before i finally won u.s. house seat a and i lost a whole series of efforts to gainof a majority. so i'm very sympathetic to people like his father lost in midland, texas in 1978 running for congress. so i'm sorry is his uncle george w. lost in midland? you know, so these things happen and his father lost his first round running for governor in florida.
11:39 pm
to hope jeb is going i hope that george is going to come back . george p. will come back , runui again, continue told build a base, have ideas, have solutions. he's a very creative member ofic the republican party . let me let mean ask you, the state of georgia has changed quite a bit since we've been there. i know you know, you go back quite often and we bothbe have longtime friends there. what is change? because i was there when the state flipped from blue tos red and now it looks like it's at least red to purple. what is your take on the on the state and why is it changing again? >> well, look, i mean, first of all, i say very close to georgia. i have a family in atlanta, g my daughter and sonra in law and my grandchildren. so i havevery a very deep intert in the state. i have many personal friends. i think a couple of things. one is that a huge influx, for f example, when georgia adopted very, very good tax laws to
11:40 pm
attract hollywood, they did they succeeded georgia a major production. i guess what they did it brought in thousands of people to the hollywood environment into the atlanta area. that's part of the change. i think that you've had a much more active or better organized african-american community that's been part of the change. and i think that there's a younger generation that you know, for a while there, the republicans in georgia were so dominant. they had everything all the statewide offices, absolute control the legislature. well, sometimes you build a natural countering reaction to that and that's what happened for a while. but i have to say i think this may be the year the republicans begin to reclaim the state and decisive way biden is creating an environment where he's going to be very hard for democrats to to do anything except lose and georgia is going to be one of the states where i think democrats are going to suffer very substantial losses, starting with herschel walker
11:41 pm
becoming the next senator . i don't see how warner can go home and defend the high price of gasoline, the high price of food, the whole all of the different problems that are coming. the other thing that's going to be tough in georgia, frankly, is crime in atlanta, which has made atlanta much more dangerous. city people who tell me that they're afraid to go to lennix sort of fips, the two great shopping centers downtown because they're violent. but once i think the democrats are in for a tough time, buckhead wants a divorce from atlanta because of the very reasons stating to places that i know very well that changed dramatically since we've been there since i've been there. mr. speaker, thank you for being with us. we'll hopefully get back before the end of the show. but we do go back to our other top story tonight and that is the absolutely evil, horrific school shooting that left 18 young children dead. fox's own bill meluzin lives on the ground. he's in texas with the latest bill this just breaks every
11:42 pm
parent's heart, sean. it certainly does. and this is the worst mass shooting at a school since sandy hook years ago. and i can tell you the sun is starting to go down here and uvalda and with that the floodlights are now turning on . there are numerous command center trucks behind us belonging to law enforcement investigation just going to get ramped up now obviously the number one question is going to be the why the motive here as they figure that out? the numbers are horrific. you mentioned it off the top. there are 19 dead people this school here that would be 18 children as well as one adult we're told that is the teacher and what we're being told by law enforcement is the 18 year old shooter, a local resident of bobby apparently had a domestic dispute, shot his grandmother then came here to rob elementary school, got out of his vehicle, left it, went into the school and just started shooting indiscriminately at teachers and children. and this school is for second, third and fourth graders. those are seven, eight, nine
11:43 pm
year olds. you can imagine the horror these little kids went through witnessing this and the horror the parents are going through now we've been in touch with the father who's desperately looking for his 10 year daughter tonight , has not heard from her , gave her picture to the texas rangers hoping there's a chance she's alive. other parents going through the exact same thing tonight wondering if their little boy okay is their little girl okay? waiting for a phone call that's going to change their life. i talked with the mayor of all the earlier mayor, john laughlin. he told me that two of his staffers found out they lost children in this school attack this is not a large community here. it's only about sixteen thousand people. everybody is very interconnected. what happened here at this school is going to reverberate is a very close knit community and the big question is going to be why was this a domestic incident that just spilled over and turned into some sort, you know, chain reaction chaos thing or was there something more sinister where he was specifically targeting this school and he had it planned out? we'll have to wait for those
11:44 pm
details to come out. but you talk to the border sector chief here. he confirmed that it was actually an elite bortac border patrol agent who went into that school and was involved and exchanged gunfire with the suspect. and sources are telling us that border patrol agent heroically is the one who killed that gunman inside a school at texas. law enforcement had him pinned from the other side. he was barricaded. so again, federal and local law enforcement working together to take down this shooter. he is dead. unfortunately, there are 18 dead children as well and one dead adult. we'll send it back . many press to these families tonight devastated. i don't know how to recover. thank you from illusion. all right. here with more reaction from the white house chief of staff reince priebus along with fox news contributor tammy bruce. tammy, first we'll get your reaction to the shooting and the quick politicizing of this and then ask you a little bit about this primary night that we're going through . well, you know, the nation has all of us individually have been through so much we think
11:45 pm
through covid and you think each day something can get better and then something like this happens and it's crushing. it is something that parents whether you have children or not, you literally can't imagine. and the parents going through it now, it's literally can't and perhaps can't believe it. it's it's it calls for faith and prayer and a a centered notion about about the responsibility of what's happened to the nation as a whole. it strikes me with everything we've been through sean, for the last couple of years, the center of children being in such trouble. it's like a cancer and that these shootings are like a tumor and over and over and over again we have these heated conversation and the politics all the air out of the room and nothing gets done.
11:46 pm
and we have it's the same pattern each time we must come to the conclusion, especially with what we've seen in the last two years, with what big government did and disconnection from people did to the quality of people's lives as they tried to handle a disaster like covid no wonder nothing changes with something like this and we've got to begin to think out of the box that what has happened has not been solved. what politicians do from a president down to local people seem to just repeat the same issues. and i'll give you one example, sean. there was one hundred and twenty two billion dollars for covid assigned to schools 90 three percent of that is unspent, unspent of one hundred and twenty two billion dollars. the president's night did not discuss that . the issue of how do we harden the schools? where do we have money to do
11:47 pm
these things? and we have the money and it's sitting there and the schools don't maybe know how to spend it or it's going to expire the way in twenty twenty four and it'll evaporate what we have budgeted that money. we've done it. i know economically we're in trouble. but that money was part of that initial act for covid and that is the kind of money that the president tonight could have said we have tens of billions of dollars. it is unspent. it was for covid. we need to have an emergency committee to outside of government people in regular life, not politicians decide how we can implement this money to make a difference immediately on the ground. and then lastly, we we invest we've investigated serial killers. we decided knowing how serial killers grew up mattered, including a torturing of animals and other signals that at least gives us a sign to intervene.
11:48 pm
none of that has occurred really with these shooters have no national database of their histories. we've disappeared. we need to return to that . and again, it's not like there's going to be a complete solution to human nature. but for every brand you bring it up. great points as always. me and as i as i'm listening to tami. yes. if we want to solve this problem with the united states, we can solve the problem. to me it's a simple solution. we have retired military retired law enforcement that i am sure we can come up with a way to ensure that every child in every school is protected with on site armed trained officers that will be there when a moment like this occurs. it would be great to say it's never going to happen again. but that would be naive and probably very unreal.
11:49 pm
so the first thing i would do is and again, i don't care how fast a police police precincts response time is, it won't matter. but if you have people there on the ground trained and armed and ready and looking and waiting metal detectors, whatever it's going to take, protect our kids. you know, all these hollywood celebrities, they all security guards, all these famous people, they all have security guards. we have our elected officials. they all have security around. why not our children? well, you're 100% right, john? if we as a country want to protect these kids, we can do it. it's a horrible day. it's a sad day. we just gave away seven trillion dollars over the last couple of years in this country. much of it very important and necessary, a lot of it so that people could just stay home and not work. we can take the hundreds of
11:50 pm
billions of dollars that you and tammy just outlined hard in these schools put police officers, retired police officers, skilled people, resource officers in these schools and protect his kids. there's no doubt that if we wanted to make sure that there was someone ready and willing to defend these kids in these schools, we could do it. but i think that we also have to remember that we can't eradicate evil through legislation and the answer to our problems can't be as joe biden said tonight , to just take on the gun lobby at some point we as a country need to understand that we can only overcome evil with good and that god's power is more important and more powerful than any sort of power that a bunch of people in washington, dc think that their brains can get together and fix evil in this
11:51 pm
world. their answers are not in government. our answers are with god and with him. evil can be overcome with good. now the bible also says that there's going to be no peace for the wicked and so i wouldn't want to be where this shooter is tonight because it's not it's not a great place and i think that is needs to be our focus as a country. and i think we've lost our way as a country and somehow or another we've gotten to a point where i believe that our answers are in government and it's not within you know, a very short period of time. i mean, even the president racing to politicize this , it's beyond inappropriate and it's it's always and never let a tragedy go to waste, i guess. but you know what ? parents are literally they're our lives have been ruined tonight . families have lost their young children and that cannot get lost in us.
11:52 pm
and a real solution, not a political solution is i think what the moment calls for. thank you both. all right. also tonight , we are continuing to get results from primaries in five states including the state of georgia. we go to our very own bill hemmer. he's at the big board as usual. it looks like we got we're getting close enough to this one up for a reason. yes, sir. i see yeah,s because a couple of things happened in texas a moment ago. ken paxton was declared the winner of george p. bush in that runoff for the attorney general's job. so paxton advances to november 2nd while at the same timee he's under fbi investigation. that's on the republican side. this is on the democratic side . jennifer cisneros explaining what her position was about 20 minutes to go right. she's backed by all the progressives in washington. alysse and bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. sanders, elizabeth warren, this this is her twenty ninth birthday she used to intern for henry clay two years ago.
11:53 pm
she lost an election trying to defeat by about twenty seven hundred votes quasars. i mentioned he favors a he does not favor a lot of what the biden policies are on the border and he's a he's a border congressman, by the way. and he's also pro-life. the last one there is among democrats in in the house today . so that's what's happening in texas right now. come on over here a moment. i'll show you what we have in georgia because before the night began, you know, georgia was the place ofe i would say a lot of drama. perhaps there were a lot of questions as to how the state was going to go in the republican primary. now herschel walker advances in the university ofnd t georgia red dog color, shall we say, on is that appropriate for walker? you know, played his college , the university of georgia in athens. he will face off-o against rafael. we're not going to see a lot of attention on this race now youou just heard newt gingrich talk about how does war not goor back to georgiagi and sell
11:54 pm
himself as a candidate that deserves reelection after he just narrowly won that special election the year half ago when gas prices are where they are isa can be very interesting race to watch. meanwhile, on the republican side for the governor's race, it's done campas the winner. in fact,is he's an easy winner. brian kemp is over over davidmp perdue. kemp won all over the state, in fact, and the votes are still coming in here. so he will now face off against stacey abrams talking about a race isinra going to get a lof attention. abrams and kemp went head to head in 2018 in twenty eighteen. sean kemp was a fifty 49%ve winner over stacey abrams.r ramw now there will. be a rematch in the state of georgia this year in alabama. i just want to check this right now. it's been some time since i've looked out of this on the democratic just want to cross over here because kriv was considered a favorite is on track right now to do just
11:55 pm
that on the senate side . now in alabama, it'sit a three way race, too early to call, but three very interesting candidates now katie britt is to be the chief of staff for w richard shelby who's now retiringho. she has she has a lead right now but still a 17 percent in probably feel a little good right now. mo brooks have been endorsed by donald trump. the endorsement was takendo way brooke stayed in the he right now he's still in the game. mike durant, what an interesting life story this mant hasin. he, he was the one man who survivedhe u.s. army now mogadishu 1993. he survived the helicopter crash in mogadishu, somalia wants to go to the u.s. senate right now trailing in third place at 23% in arkansas we'rewe talking about sarah huckabee, sanders let me just bring the governors. well, boozman right now has a as a comfortable lead. t i'm just looking at this shot r at 39%.
11:56 pm
so he looks right now looks to be the winner right there. we won't make it official just yet for a while. but we'll all likelihood go on to represent arkansas in that in that race on the senate side come november. this is what i'm curious about because this was just call for sarah huckabee. sanders really wasn't a lot of doubts, wasn't a ton of competition for her and she's the easy winner tonight in arkansas and will go on to see if she can turn the trick in in november in well, i think i had a big part to play in that bill .i yeah, i endorse sarah huckabee very early on .le i think i played a big role. i give it to you. yeah.. get i get the blame, right. okay, i get the blame. i get i don't get the credit. we got to let you run the bill hemmer at the hannity big board sorry at the hammer big board anyway bill , this is terrible news that just broke. we just got word that bill maloja reporting he got it back to us that we have been reporting all night 18 children
11:57 pm
were killed in texas today. we now have that number at nineteen children and two teachers killed in this horrificn school children schol shooting according to the texas departmenting of safety. here now with reaction, joe concha. leo, to point out darryl leo, ab we talk a lot about chicago and big city violence and names we never hear and nothing ever gets said and people don't politicize it. they only seem to do when when they see a benefit. but the answer if we're going to stop this in schools is we have retired policean and militaryd and we need to ue them and we need to protect kids like we protectlike hollywd stars and like we protect politicians. pr listen,og i watched your entire program. i agree with everything you sayd about the fact that we need volunteer retired officers atat these schools. agree with right. private. everybody should drop to their knees, pray to god fores these families and victim a.
11:58 pm
they might as well forget aboute washington because it's not going to be the the answer. because they want to politicize it and one of your guess i'm not going to mention his name talked about the second amendment, is not at issue here. these are criminals. these are maniac'sin these arela cycles. they don't follow the law. so the second amendment is not a problem here, although so my point is simply this less localized if let's have these schools protectedle and have a deterrent by having retired officers at by the schools. >> yeah. let's get your take. joe concha. s >> well, as a parent of two kids that are in elementaryt school right now, sean, i . i just took my kids to the playground today after school. a perfect day here in jersey. and you see they don't have a caree in the world. everything is completely and totally innocent and i couldn't even begin to remotely grasp what those parentsemot fet or will feel when they're told what happened to their child. there really are no words to
11:59 pm
your point, though. there is no reason why we can't put retired police officers ex military and put themd at least in every school one entrance, one exit in that may not stop every shooting but certainly will cut down on a significant dumber of them. or you could even put in every school actively case officers. remember, you don't have to work out of a police precinct anymore if you're doingter that study, you can work from anywhere these days given the technology, given the encryption. so why not put police officers that are normally on desk duty in local schools and said i grew up in wayne, new jerseyse are police precincty, is right next door. no reason why they can't work out of our front entranceha instead. and i think that if we're looking for solutions that should be at least one that everybody republican , democrat, liberal, conservativen can agree on . but but again, i don't want to say thoughts and prayers for those families because that that's so it's just not enough. but i just couldn't even,ld believe what i heard today at sandy hook all over again. and i'm just so sorry for these
12:00 am
parents and their families. it's horrible. now we've been reporting 18 dead. now that number has gone up to 19 andnd two teachers. joe , thank you . kemal leo 2.0. thank you . important. that's all the time we haveed left this evening. we always thank you for beingpl with us. please pray forea these families tonight . god only knows how awful they feel in the meantime we willtroubled heart. >> let s not your heart be trouble or next we'll see tomorrow. >> i'm laura ingram . this is ingraham angle tonight and we begin with tragic news. eighteen children, one adults are dead after a gunman opened fire at a texas elementaryli school. fox's vilma luciane is live and uvalde, texas with all the details. bill , what can you tell us tonight? laura , we just got another update. unfortunately, the number of dead continues to rise. we have just been told moments ago by texas dps are now 19 deceased children as well a as two deceased teachers here r