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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 25, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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parents and their families. it's horrible. now we've been reporting 18 dead. now that number has gone up to 19 andnd two teachers. joe , thank you . kemal leo 2.0. thank you . important. that's all the time we haveed left this evening. we always thank you for beingpl with us. please pray forea these families tonight . god only knows how awful they feel in the meantime we willtroubled heart. >> let s not your heart be trouble or next we'll see tomorrow. >> i'm laura ingram . this is ingraham angle tonight and we begin with tragic news. eighteen children, one adults are dead after a gunman opened fire at a texas elementaryli school. fox's vilma luciane is live and uvalde, texas with all the details. bill , what can you tell us tonight? laura , we just got another update. unfortunately, the number of dead continues to rise. we have just been told moments ago by texas dps are now 19 deceased children as well a as two deceased teachers here at robb elementary school as a
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result of this mass shooting,e the number of casualties just keeps going up.e earlier this afternoon we were told 14 children,, one teacher that is now jumpedup up to 19 children and two teachers. unfortunately, you take a look at this video right here. this wasdi posteda on social ma shortly after that shooting. it alleges to show the shooter arriving on campus with a rifle. law enforcementnt have identifid him as an 18 year old male, a local named salvator ramos. we are told that he had a domestic dispute before going to the school, shot his grandmother, then drove to the school, abandoned his car and as you seeee in the video went inside and started shooting children and teachers indiscriminately. take a look at this video here of children evacuating the school. rob elementary school services, second grade, third grade and fourth grade. soth these children who werewh attacked tonight areo mostly seven year olds, eight year old nine year olds, some 10
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year olds. absolutely horrific to think about. and we want to highlight one ofi the little girls who aregh missing tonight . if we can pullli up this photo a father came to us very emotional this evening. his 10 year old daughter is missing tonight . sheni is a student here at robb elementary. her name is annabel guadalupegh rodriguez. had contact with herrs since the shooting. he is fearing the worst, hoping for the best. so many other parents in the same position tonight wondering if their children are okay.t take a listen to what that father had to say to us earlier . >> i was working through my dad was a school where they were shooting and i would wait for more details. nobody ever called me back on detail and now come back looking for my daughter and i can't find her now. and again, your body is just a small city of just aboutof fifteen or sixteen thousand people. it's very tight knit here. everybody knows each other.
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just to give you some perspective, the mayor told me a short time ago two of his staffers just found out giey lost loved ones in this mass shooting just before you came live to us , we were talking with a grandfather off camera who told us that his granddaughter is also missing another 10 year old inside this school. he has not had any contact with her and it almost makeses you choke up. he was saying that she did not want to go to school todayer and told her no, you have to go. and they have not heard from her . they are hoping that she is. still alive. one out. urng too point we are told by border patrol sources that an elite borderel patrol agent, a bortac agent was actually one of the law enforcement who shot and killed this gunman in the school earlier. we're told that bortac agent went rushing intoe the school while texas law enforcement were engaged with him in another part of the school. the shooter was barricaded engaging in a back and forth shootout with texas law enforcement. that bortac agent that federal border patrol went in with
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other officers and what it's called a stacking motion where they went in together and they were able to take down that shooter. i'm told ent was that weathertet was injured in his leg either with a gunshot or with shrapnel. so laura , unfortunately the latest update we have is not a good one 19 deceased children, two deceased teachers tonight the shooter dead as well.te we'll send it back to you, bill . a father or mother waiting for news on a child they can't find the most horrific thing imaginable. thank you , bill . so as we saw tonight and details all day long, a horrible unspeakable tragedy occurred today in texas. it's every mother, every father, every american with a heart and an ounce ofnc compassione can feel at least a small sliver of the heartache of all those who that died and their families, adults, children and of all day texas
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now a crazed 18 year old killer with a firearm went to t this school for the sole and he did.commng and the community, the families ,they'll never be the same again. never. we're just beginning to learn about the alleged killer who himself was killed by a border patrol agent that bill just talked about this alleged killer, salvador ramos, killed his own grandmother on the way toto a school. this is how depraved he was or how depraved he became. so in the coming days we'rehe going to learn more about the heroes inside the school, the innocent little victims and now two adults. also their last moments were undoubtedly filled with terror with disbelief that this was actually happening to them. and also we'll hear about the first responders who rushedt in . weho heard bill talk about those three who stacked in their motion to go in and try to save lives. but before we learned pretty
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much any of that , president biden rushed in the nation.e whereha does when in god's name are we going to stand up tost the gun lobbyan when in god's name we do we all know in ourwe gut needs to be done. g i am sick and tired. we have to act now. i want to be very, very clear tonight. me president biden appeared on camera tonight for less than eight minutes not because he believedno that his wordsmi would comfort the families of the friends ofct the victims, ns because he believed that he would calmwo what are obviously frayed nerves of a worried nation. parents who were worried and he didn't do it to unite america in this time of grief. >> no, he did not. he spoke tonight because politics is selfish because
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in today's twisted worldld it's considered perfectly appropriate to exploitki the massacre of innocent little kids in order to try to turn around your own sagging poll numbers today reuters ipsos has biden at the lowest approval of his presidency. 36%. so this attempt at political resuscitation on biden's part, it's despicable but it's altogether predictable, isn't it?wh the white house has tried this many times before and it's failed. they tried toe use the russian invasion of ukraine to prop him up as a credible commander in chief. they tried to use the leak ofsi the draft roe decision at the supreme court to rally his base and they've tried all along to use race or januaryy six to divide americansng and boost his own standing. none of it worked in the month of april alone.
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fifty one were shot and killed in chicago. we've talked about this a lotts lately on the angle and that'sma where a liberal mayor hasr presided for as long as ii can remember. and so far this year, by the way, two hundred and eighteen people have been killed in chicago. have you heard biden give anne impassioned address about any of that ?d he doesn't speak about this . no democrat really does not lori lightfoot not much.ligh now wetf know why because those victims, they're able to go nameless and facelesso because the elites kind of find their death irrelevant because those deaths cannot be used. atca least they think they cant be used or they wouldn't be efficient to useer them for political benefit. but we actually believe those victims lives matter like dakota early who is still recovering at age twenty three in a icu in apr
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hospital from his grievous , unds after he was left deadd he was ambushed, remember, for his cell phone two weeks ago in chicago. he was shot three times at close range and still managed to identify his alleged killer alina. ll >> so after all this horrific news, i will still sayth this americans know phony when they see one and any politicians i don't care if, you'reca republican , democrat r somewhere in between and you're seeking to use what happened todayy to help yourself, you should be ashamed of yourself. we have a political process in our country if you want to change the law, if you want tost change the constitution, got ahead and get the votes and change the law or amend the constitution. >> if you can do that , you will find success and whatever your goals are. but ife. you can't do that , don't come to the nation at a time of tragedy and try to shame the rest of us because we
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know what time it is. we know what's really going on . joining me now is charlie hurt, fox news contributor in washington times opinion editor and monica crowley, former trump assistant treasurerrump, secretary for pu affairs. monica and charlie, a horrificic day of news. i mean, i just i like throwing up all day long. it's just horrific. i know that community. it is an amazing community of people and families and they're playing soccer or baseballr on the weekends just like so many communities across this country. charlie, your reactionco to what happened, the tragedy and then sadly we're going to have tog talk aboutwi what happened tonight with the attempt to exploit it. so i think that you and the moyers did a very good job of encapsulating how so many of us feel. it's just absolutely it's unspeakable. . ook at these and as a parent, you look at these this these images and you think about those children
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and it's it's hard to kind of wrap your brain around . s and obviously there's a whole lot that we don't know right now and there's a lot that we need to we need to learn in the coming days and weeks. to s but i think that it'say safe to say that there's not a soulthda in america today who wouldn't give everything to preventy't this sort of thing from happening again. >> monica, we've had these school shootings beforeho and it's you know, there's a a lot that goes into this , a lot of personal tragedy and families that are broken, a lot of mentals th illness. we'll learn more about this shooter as time goes on . but tonight when we are still finding out that people are missing, the president rushes out reaction to that . yeah, you know, the murder of children c is a singular evil. and whatpe we saw today is just beyond comprehension. one of the president's any president's many jobs is in a
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time of tragedy, in a time of this kind of crime is to unite the country in our grief and reflect and remember the lost souls and grieveas together as a nation a and any effective president does very well. you think of president reagan, trumpank of president and look, evil exists. it's on the march in thisry country and around the world. and so it would have been very nice and very appropriate to have an american president tonight give that kind of message a message of uniting the country. instead, what we got from this president was a hack ofe the speech. i mean, joe biden has alwayss been a hackinstt and it's one g when you're a us senator , but it's another thing to be a hack when you're an american president in a time of grief and we got a grotesque display of of rank partizanship and a plea for gun control. i mean, he was already waiting into policy arguments. i mean, i really think p
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that this white house and this democratic party believes going into the midterms they want to distract us all frommph this historic catastrophe. laura . and they think that they can run and win on gun control and abortion to culture war issues that divide the country. so instead of bringing us together, all they do is b drive wedges betweenet us . now texas congressman joaquin castro, he was on tv today and spoke off and on,e but he has an ideare about who's really to blame for the shooting. >> watch. the answer is not to armar teachers and create an evenvi more dangerous situation by having a lot more people with guns therere. but around the stateli legislature, the republican majority have made itcatyr more dangerous in texas by making it a lot easier for people toop get weapons that can kill a bunch of people. ea charlie.? he didn't miss a beat that it's entirely on a job. no, no. yeah, no, it's it's sort of
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unimaginable that you would have people in public life, politicians like and you know, joe biden's been at this for 50 years. he's been part of the problem for 50 years.50 and if he had a workable solution, he hasn't offered yet and the idea that he would walk out and you know, going into that speech i listened with an open heart open. i thought, man, this is a hard speech to give , but you all you have to do is you have to stick with a unifying message and to listen to how quickly he went to a divisive political smash and grab which these people do every single time there's a tragedy in thisag country,ed they exploit it to their own personal political benefit and it ison si despicable. and to listen tos that congressman talk about that , you know, the idea that the only thing that saved more children from dying was
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that you had a heroic border patrol agent and other officers in that school who were armed and they shot the guy dead and that's what stopped the carnage and for for these guys to sit here and flippantly dismiss the idea of hardening schools, obviously it's not their children, butt the idea that they would take this opportunity to to try to score political points is so beyond despicable. and you know, it sort of it's disgusting just to have to even> respond to it in our now monica, there's a wonderful place called the fox ranch in texas which i've had the great privilege of of going to it's right in the area there and two of their workers . e children i just found out about a minute ago these are amazing people againn, i just think that , you
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know, there are communities and there are communities that incredible community. >> so they're grieving. they're hurting. there are kids who are unaccounted for. st and the response by this administration is biden's atnt 36% approval. we're going to turn it around on these horrific stories ofit personal loss. yeah, i mean, is there anything more selfish than that ? i think it's the epitome ofop selfishness and it's why people hate politics, period. yeah. and it's one of the reasons why joe biden poll numbers areci circling the drain. it's policies that are absolutely catastrophic for every american. of course,ns but it's also the fact that this man does not project any kind of understanding, compassion, sympathy with joe biden. it's all politics all the time even in this kind of crisis moment where the president's job is to bring the country together. and look, he went out there with a policy agenda today.
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you know, we got off an airplane after 17 hours coming back from asia . , so he was jet lagged. i'm sure they handed him the speech and he said great and he just read it by rote. but he actually believes what he conveyed tonight . i mean, the and and let me just say this , laura . the propaganda is going to amplify this . they're already running with thisun. so he's got the support of the press on gun control and the other agenda items that he wants to move forward with . so he thinks he's gots his wingman protecting him on this and he's o not going to get criticized and the press won't. but the american people see through this farce tonight they're hurtingth for these parents who have lost their children and other loved ones and they see their president come out with this kind of callous, crass political statement tonight . no, i expect his poll numbers to dropt even further after this . well, in fact, charlie, i mean,
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i believe it was today that the white house released its new much anticipated rules for federal use of force guidelinese post george floyd and the briannad taylor deaths. how ironic that their focus is. let's definitely make it makeen the make the problem here the law enforcement in america and that only applies to federal law enforcement in this case. but that that's what came down today. and again, the people who want to think the worst of law enforcement and i'm not saying there can't be any changes maybe there are modifications that would make sense. but sure that's their gold. they love those things, right? well, and to listen to them talk about keeping guns outke of the hands of well, you know, if you're an administration that doesn't believe in prosecuting felony cases against people who commit felonies, if you're anra administration that doesn't believe in enforcingdo laws that charge people with felonies so
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that they can't possess guns. you know, a big part of this a big a very important aspect of this entire investigation is going to be how did this 18 year old guy who clearly had h severe mental issues, how did he get these guns? i think that's a legitimate thing. those are legitimate questions to ask. but but coming from an administration, a vicell president who literally bailed rioters out of jail duringe the summer of hate in order so that those people could go back and break more laws, you really can't sort of have it both ways. but that'st not the way they want to do it. and they want to politicize a horrific tragedy like this . well, this is coming off the heels of, you know, what'sof happening davos where it's you know, america is really you know, it'ss undergirdinger everything. it's america isic really the biggest polluter there. know the greediest and the cnn national security analyst juliette kayyem. she wasted no time in using
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this whole tragedy to trash america. watch that narrative about what the united states means ton the world. we can pretend that we represent goodness and the right side of history and whatever conflict is out there.wo but the world looks at us and says this is this is an american phenomenon that we are we are not getting right. >> this is not american exceptionalism. io monica, first of all, no one thinks that killer is american exceptional. so that's an idiotic point. but this is how they view america. yeah. oh ,ica. absolutely. and they will use a tragedy with dead children still lying on the ground as a cudgel to beat up on the united states of america. they do not u believe that worty of superpower and they believe that we're morally inferior. soar yeah, that argument you're going to hear this now for days from the left and they're going to try to to gain a political
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advantage for the democrats in the fall. it's not going to.go work despip the supportit. e but this is who they are when they tell you who they are, when they show you who they are, particularly in these kinds of sensitive moments, believe them. now there's always an excuse ton erode american freedom, freedom of speech, freedom offr assembl ,your second amendment they will always look for anse excuse to do that . charlie. monicao th., we're going to proy check back with you later in the show. thank you . now joining me is andrew pollack, who knows tragedy all too well. of course, his daughter meadow was killed in the 2018 parkland shooting. hhe's been spend his time advocating for our schools to be poor so that children don't b have to be vulnerable to these types of crazed killers. he's also the chief public safety officer burna a self-defense company. andrew, you know-d what these parents are going through and i know your heart is breaking for them tonight . your reaction to what you've heard so far. laura , i'm so angry that i'm
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practically shaking right noww of what happened, ofwhat thesend parents have to o deal withau and just thinking that my daughter was murdered and we put a commission in florida together to look into all the failures in this district in texas didn't learn anything but what happened with my daughter? how hard could be that a single point of entry and policemen or highly trained teachers at the school, even the single point of entry would prevent it . and it just angers me is this things that have to happen ? >> andrew, we're learning more as time goes on about this suspected killer who himself was shot and killed by the authorities on the scene . but i remember the first time you came on this program after your own horrific experience with tragedy and the fact that we are still having these conversations about just just
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putting barriers in place to make it harder for someone to gain access to a school, whether it's an intercom orsc bulletproof glass or one security officer. it is quite stunning that stil in many communities maybe its budget, maybe it's a desire they stillw, but don't have those safety mechanisms in place. >> oh , and what are you advocate a lot of?f? because i get a lot of messages from parents. it'sre the parents. it's your responsibility whereli you send your children. youw have to know now after these shootings and every week there's t a shooting whether ito in a school orl in a supermarket that you need to check where your kids go to school. you need to go back to school and see is thereis a single poit of entry? dory you have laws at the schoo? i got a message tonight made me feel kind of good from someone they told me thanks. they thanked me because they listened to me and they said they took the kid out of public school and put them in c private school because a lot of
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these private schools, they take security are way more serious. so parents, it's your responsibility is what you bring your children and you have to know andrew is exactly right and politicians have rushed out tonight and again, they're still they're still accounting for missing childreno and the politicians rushed out ,including kamala harris. . tch as a nation we have to have the courage to take action and understand the nexus between what makes for reasonable and sensible public policy to ensure something like this never happens again. andrew, your reaction to the almost instantaneousac politicization of this issue,
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eight years of obama and biden?u i'm notre sure what they, accomplished. and now for a year and a half of a democrat dominated congress and white house, two hundred eighteen dead month of in chicago so far through the month of april.. you know what kills me more ? we have 40 billion to send over to ukraine to protect our borders, but we can't protect our children. and in our country, what are our children worth ? how much money could that 40 g billion how far couldon that and how many policemen could we have paid with whataboutism be it schools or to put in the glass that we need for the metal detectors in some of these in some areas or bulletproof glass. what could we have done with that 40 billion? so when you hear politicians, whether either side they either side they voted to send that 40d billion the ukraine and wen could use itth here in thisfe country, americans are suffering. you and look, what happened atd this point really angers meat because i don't want to hear that we don't have a budget to protect them. that's that's notve right.
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andrew, you took the words out of my mouth tonight at sb54 billion total and of course all the people coming across our southern border who are also youhernare, that's going to be e cost to the country as well. we have money but we're spending it in allpl the wrong places. andrew, thank you for speaking out tonight . tand thank you for your words of compassion and frankly your righteous anger a and indignation. well, express, we appreciatengmi it. now new details about the shooter are slowly emerging from his social media and when and how he obtained those guns. we'rehe going dove into all of those in moments, but i have tou quickly turn to some the other news tonight , a huge news night. there are five states holding primaries across the country georgia, texas, alabama, arkansas, and minnesota. we're already getting results in . we have reporters all over . so we're going to start tonight with mark meredith in georgia and brian kemp headquarters. mark, what can you tell us ? laura ?
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well, republican governor brian kemp had a very good night easily defeating his main primary challenger, former u.s. senator david perdue . i what was fascinating about this race, not only was it an established republican challenging another established republican , it was that former president was loomingthat heavily over this rt trump wanted to see perdue into the governor's into the governor's mansion to get kemp out of office. ever sinceet the 2020 election when georgia went for president biden and we have seen, of course, former president trump make it very clear he was not happy with kemp. now with the kemp campaign,ee they kept his focus on more social and economic issues that conservativespak care abouk pretty much talking about everything but the 2020 election and thatint appeared o pay off tonight . now we have heard from former senator david perdue. he offered a concession call to governor kemp pledging to make sure that kemp is going to haveo all the support he needs when it comes to later on this november because kemp challengeds far from over laura, he's now going to be facing former georgia state rep. stacey abrams. and if that sounds familiar, it's because kemp beat abrams back in 2018 and now to essentially be a rematch this time around.
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but a lotd of course has happened in georgia since 2018. stacey abrams rance unopposed in the democratic primary today. she is already raising a lot.sio money and so republican will certainly have to get out the vote if they're going to keep the governor's mansion. laura , also want to mention that former football star herschel walker also easily winning in the senate primary tonight . he's going to be goingg up against democratic senator raphael warnock in november. this is also a racehe that democrats are expected to spend heavily. of course they want to keep that senate seaty y ep t blue . herschel walker, though, easily winning in his primary tonight . there's going to be a lot of questionsl beout aboutis what the general election is going to look like right nowok l from the republican race as we watch. no major surprises here in georgia. laura . mark, that senate contest is going to be fascinating. thanks so much. and let's go to alabama for two major gop primary elections. governor and senate i say i have me is in montgomery with all of the details. sam hey, laura . i can tell you well, not just yet, but the recent that's
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okay. but the recent results show that katie haret is leading r the pack of six republicans who are vying forep the open u.. senate seat. she is the former chief of staff for retiring senator richard shelby. meantime, we're also watching congressman mo brooks very, very closely. he actually recently surged in the polls two months after former presidentnt revoke his endorsement for brooks. and we're alsohi watching the third top contender who is mike doran. he has been battling a lot of r really negative political ads on the ground. we are expecting a runoff for the u.s. senate seat because we don't expect anyone tonight to break that 15% threshold. b everyone has been trying to prove to voters that they arei' the most conservative. i've been talking to voters all day and the number one issue for them is fix the economy. meantime, we're also watchingve the governor's race very, very closely. that is also expected to likely go into a runoff. kay ivey is battling a the
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republican for that nomination . laura , thank you so much. and now we turn to texas wheregr fox grady trimble is standing by grady. hey, laura . we are followinge the congressionalfo district 20 days here in the laredo area of texas behind that door behind me they are counting votes as we speak in the race between longtime incumbentme incumbent congressman henry player who is pitted against his former intern who's now a progressive immigration attorney jessica cisneros. as of right now, susan has the lead by about nine points,th but there has not been a decision made yet in this race. it is still too close to call with about 23% of the vote left to be counted. this ise co an important race to watch because fromwa the democratic perspective , ty this is a heavily democratic county and we'll be able to see fromto this race or at least get a sense of whether voters here on the democratic side have
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moved further to the left.le congressman quenya isft known because he's a moderate democrat. he often goes againstt his party on issues like he's the p only pro-life congressman left in the housen. he also goes against president biden, criticizes him on issues like illegal immigration. his opponent, on the other hand , is backedba by congresswoman aoc senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. >> so we will keep you posted. laura , i don't think that'll be fascinating to watch it play out great. thank you . adand now we're going to go tone brant via fox news chief political anchor brant .ou we'll get your thoughts on the primaries first and then we'll go toghd a horrific tragey in texas. but what are you seeing so far in these primary races? any surprises? not a ton of surprises, but just bounce around a little bit. the governor's races first georgia, it was not even close with kemp taking some time to look at these counties. these are all counties. it's'sl notke clear that perdui going to win a single county
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here. you hearduc i should mention the race in alabama. it does appear that he is moving forward. but whether she gets over that 50% mark, that is a real question. outut here to the houseus races. you just heard about the house race in texas congressional district twenty eight . this is a big deal for cisneros . is the progressive to be up like this ? we've got 77% in kwam, a moderate, well-liked in the district. but they the progressives went after. oc so the squad i'm talking aoc proceeded to leave. bernie sanders went out there. there is one of if not the last in the house pro-life democrat and he's at risk of possibly losing this particular race. and then as we take a look at the senate races, wasn't even close here for herschel walker that is a walk. he goes now up against raphael warnock, which should be an
12:33 am
interesting race toe say the least. you have the updatete in pennsylvania which is fast i and we are still at roughly just under a thousand votes with matador's leading and as of tonight , all of the counties are said to be in b and there are some provisional ballots. there are few military ballotsan ,but it does not appear to be anywhere close to the number that mccormickk would need to overturn that . now the recount point 5% it's allowed. it's triggered. but mccormack could concede before that out of the last six recounts in the state ofen pennsylvania statewide, three were waved off by the opponents, said no, you don't have to do it. three that went forward increased the lead for the person going in so close to that one point five dollars million to do the recount. we'll see what happens in pennsylvania in probably a couple of days for bratva, the news that i guess is not
12:34 am
all that surprising that texas attorney general for nbc news, other outlets i guess we're also reporting now that george p. bush is the first bush i guess, to lose statewide office ever in texas. so ton ken paxton again, the bushsh star power is still very stronga in texas, buts, paxton was able to hold off that challenge and it was endorsed by the former president trump relaxium kind of won that easily over george p. bush, who was the land commissioner in texas . the other surprising one went the other way it looks like in georgia the secretary of state brad roethlisberger is going to winate that contest. s notli over yet, but it looks lie it's heading that way. and he obviously was targeted by the former presidentar who supported his his opponent. so it's a mixed bag tonight . but overall, former president trump still obviously has a big lead as far as his endorsements and win losses. tonight's big loss though was
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obviously georgia where the incumbent president went on to win and the secretary of state lost . that's a that's a big one as well. but i think you'rehe right on the on the ledger. yo itu, goes the other way. all right, brant , thank you . great to see you tonight . and it's just said in thishi pennsylvania race which we've been covering every nights , fewer than a thousand votes separate dr. oz and mccormick. t again,he this is a critical staa for the republicans ifke they want to takent back the senate. so mccormick today tookle his battle t to the state supree court and what is a last minute bid to try to close this gap? so back with us tonight is salena zito, national politics reporter foron the washington examiner. he, na, we heard the details some of them from bret, but is f this too little, too late? >> how is this being seen? well, i mean, this is probably the last ditch effort raised. they filed a extraordinary releasee application to compel
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the counties to count the ballots that are signed and time stamped but not the voter didn't write the date on the on the ballot and you i that is what it's whittling down to. tomorrow the department of state is going to hold a press conference. i suspect that moment will address how many outstanding actually are out there and if the runoff is going to be triggered. i think that's what we'll find out tomorrow. i think tomorrow will havewe more defining understanding w as to where this is where this race stands. selina, is this the closest race in texas history forte a senate primary? it has to p be no, no, no, no. pat toomey and arlen all that's right. that's right. i forgot about arlen specter. oh my god. how could i possibly forget about him?
12:37 am
all right. so all right. dana, thank you so much.learning good to see you. now up next , what we're w learning aboutho a gunman who killed 19 young children in a texas elementary schoollho today. il >> we'll tell you about when wet come back . ?what's on the horizon? the answers lie beyond the world. we know you recognize that energy demand is growing and the world needs lower carbon solutions to keep up at chevron, we're working to findds new ways fortr through investments and partnerships and innovative solutionsan, like renewable natural gas, including hydrogen fuel, transportation and carbon capture. we mayfo not know just what lies ,but it's only human to search for it. >> attention zantac users. the fda requested manufacturers to pull zantac off the market, noting exposure to unacceptable levels of a cancer causing agent. if you or a loved one was diagnosed with cancer after
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12:42 am
that moment i was like this be i am i can do this . i can do the truth is i think we all have the strength inside of us . but until you 80% you just don't know what's there. we're learning more tonight about salvadoran the eighteen year old who officials say killed nineteen children and two adults. and you've all day texas fox chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher is in our west coast newsroom with all the details. trace, what we know. well, laura , texas democratic state senator roland gutierrez says the shooter, 18 year old salvador ramos, bought two assault rifles on his 18th birthday. but we should note that we have zero information on what type of weapon or weapons were used. in fact, texas governor greg abbott says the shooter used a rifle and a handgun. and for clarity we should note in texas you can buy a long gun when you were 18 years old , but you cannot buy a handgun at least not from a licensed
12:43 am
dealer. you can buy a handgun at 18 from a private citizen in texas. now investigators and journalists the process of scouring the shooter's social media footprint and we have also pulled up sites that match the name and the descript of salvadoran most, including postings that showed pictures of weapons and messages to young women that appear to indicate he was planning something nefarious. we will show you the post because we have not yet confirmed them now. fox's bill mulugeta was on the scene in texas is reporting that when the shooter went into the school and here is video showing ramos doing just that . he was followed by a border patrol agent who went in with a police tactical team and shot and killed salvador ramos. apparently ramos was hiding behind a barrier and we should know the agent was also injured in the leg, but it's not known if that was by a gunshot or shrapnel. but the agent was able to walk out of the school under his own
12:44 am
power. finally, this now becomes the second deadliest primary school shooting in u.s. history when adam lanza opened fire at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. he killed 20 six and seven year old along with six adults. laura , thank you . and joining me now is chris swecker, a former assistant director of the fbi. chris , or hearing dribs and drabs about this shooter who's now dead pictures reportedly on instagram that have been deleted of his weapons. these messages reportedly to women in his life. >> what's your initial assessment of all this ? again, laura , unspeakable, cowardly act. i have grandchildren one and turn nine today. i can imagine what these parents are having to deal with with their hearts ripped out like every mass shooter, especially the young ones, this one was flashing red . it appears, which is no
12:45 am
surprise. i mean, they always they seem to always communicate threats. they seem to articulate what they're thinking, their state of mind, the people around them can't help but notice that we don't know whether anybody reported this and whether any any law enforcement officer ever had any contact with him over this. but i do school security assessments quite often and i advocate always for an armed security guard at every school, especially the elementary schools. the little ones can't run, hide, fight. you can't do that with the little ones. they don't have the you know, the acumen and the wherewithal to do that . so there's a lot to take in here. laura . >> well, there's a lot can be done as andrew who lost his daughter meadow at the parkland school shooting. there's a lot that can be done even short of having an armed security officer at the front of every entrance or exit. i mean, whether it's bulletproof glass, whether it's
12:46 am
intercom only ringing someone who is previously cleared, there are barriers to entry that can be put up. but they're inconvenient and it's it's a it's a wonderful community involved. it's an incredible place. so they just go by the wayside. that's human nature until a tragedy occurs. security is a tough field because you don't get any attention. you don't get any resources unless something bad happens. it's hard to make that case when something catastrophic has not happened. but you're right, one one of the most important things you can do is control access, especially after school has started. and in this case there ought to be one access point for especially for an elementary school which is fairly small and a threat assessment team inside the school. if someone is flashing red or somebody is exhibiting behaviors, there needs to be a team that gets together and assesses what's going on and goes so gets law enforcement involved. crtv.
12:47 am
i'm actually surprised we don't know more about this shooter yet with the world that we have and the how fast information flies that there aren't more people who actually knew him well who already spoken out. are you a little bit surprised about that alone? and while perhaps i am, i sense that a lot is being withheld right now for for example, i think there chase involved the accident tipped me off the fact that he was in some you know, he had just shot his grandmotherat the officers were on the scene so quickly. i hear about independent school district officers that were already there. they're very quickly i sense that there might have been a chase involved. the father said that actually in a quote all right. well, chris , we're going to stay on there. thank you very much for joining us tonight. we're going to be right back . we have more details just coming in on this evil despicable texas shooting. >> stay there. why are so many people turning
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♪ >> as a nation we have to ask winning god's name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby. they have spent twour decades selling assault weapons making the largest profit for it it's time to stand up to the industry .
12:53 am
>> courage to stand up to the gun lobby. in looking at an abc news headline from 2016, this was in december of 2016, four years after sandy hook obama and bide weaves a legacy of little problems on gun lobby. you have seen the reaction, evil , i don't even have words. i have been sick to my stomach all day. this is the most disgusting act of cowardice and violence against innocent children and yet a few hours after the shooting, president biden comes out and essentially gives a political speech about gun manufacturers and so forth. your reaction to this tonight?ur >> same thing. gavin newsom did it before him earlier in the day in then barack obama did it and then biden has done this.
12:54 am
biden started soft and i though he would surprise us all, but m god, my god in as you said to, then he ended it by saying we have to stand against the firearm industry. the firearm industry didn't do this for the firearm industry wasn'tdu there today. in attacker was there. >> the conversation moves to assault rifles, obama and other use the phrase weapons of also the same thing after the e paso shooting. there been a lot of school shootings between 2020 and 2021 a record number of school shootings across the country. something is going on out there. there is something happening to our national psyche or to families or to mental illness. i don't know what it is, but there is something very corrosive happening in our culture.
12:55 am
that we have to get to the bottom of. >> i agree. i don't think it has anything t do with guns, i think it has to do a lot with that shattered family, lack of disciplines and the schools that are sometimes attacked. i think it has to do with a fac that there is no longer any belief that they hear ino now i not the only thing that's here and now come out that there is something outside of us that is also important. we live a narcissistic life. we bear the fruit of that, we see the fruit born of that. >> we don't want to talk too much about who this individual is because that is part of the problem asus well. you have individuals who are copycat killers or who admire the evil handiwork of others. this seems to be the case throughout history so we don't
12:56 am
want to become part of the problem tonight, but the fact o the matter is that there are 19 families of small children who are just beyond heartbroken today, tonight. and i guinea pig at words out. >> i have children, and they were small at one time. i can't imagine how that would feel. iat think as i spoke with a fri today they were mentioning all these possible things, i said never forget evil. never forget evil. evil never forget evil great evil will drive people to this. people do evil things and i hate to see what befalls the people in that town.s i hate that they are having tha experience, but the answer to i isn't to give away your government and give up.
12:57 am
the answer is to embrace each other and then when you wake up tomorrow try to do better. >> michael moore spoke out tonight, at the filmmaker on msnbc. what. >> who on this network or any other network and the next few days is trying to repeal the second amendment? you can't say that. why not? noif they have any idea there would be this kind of carnage government you would believe that the founders of this country wouldn't support it. >> michael moore eking for the founders of america tonight. i have to say, i respect this much about michael moore, he is not hiding what they really wan to do. they want the second amendment gone, they've always wanted a gone, and this is a tragedy the think will perhaps propel that efforts. >> as you know, if they want to amend the constitution and wage rid of ittu, have a habit, but problem is, even uphold today the writing, people don't
12:58 am
believe morgan control and the shooting. people running for office say i will. the people in office want to stay in office say it will. when you talk to americans across the country, gun-control isn't as popular as what people might say it is. >> are you one of those who believes that we should have an armed officer at the entrance t each elementary school or some type of security procedure? >> yes, but one entry points, that combination is important. one entry point, armed officer, yes ipo believe that. >> i think the point tonight that he made earlier about we send $54 billion over to ukraine . for humanitarian and military
12:59 am
assistance, and we need assistance to protect our young children. it is sad to say, but may be that money be used to actually fortify schools and school districts that have been stretched because of lockdowns and everything else that occurred. that would be really nice. we appreciate it. thank you. i want to end tonight on what w learned about one of the victims . robb elementary school teacher. she was shot and killed by the gunman while trying to protect her fourth-grade students. this is according to her aunt lydia martinez. she was in her early 40s, married, child of her own, her aunt described her is the fun o the party. every victim has a story in a family in a circle of friends that are hurting tonight americ
1:00 am
cannot politicize a tragedy while we are still trying to mourn for the victims. a but this is why so many people tune politics out but this is a time where we have to engage, care for each other, love one another. and i hope pray for america, fo our country, force immunity. we need it now more than ever. ♪ >> a fox news alert freight 19 students into teachers that after a gunman opened fire in eight texas school. family members gathered to cancel each other. >> the school enrolled hundreds of young students and second, third, in fourth grade. relative speaking out about the tragic losses.


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