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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 25, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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while we are still trying to mourn for the victims. a but this is why so many people tune politics out but this is a time where we have to engage, care for each other, love one another. and i hope pray for america, fo our country, force immunity. we need it now more than ever. ♪ >> a fox news alert freight 19 students into teachers that after a gunman opened fire in eight texas school. family members gathered to cancel each other. >> the school enrolled hundreds of young students and second, third, in fourth grade. relative speaking out about the tragic losses.
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>> you don't have any answers. you don't expect these kinds of things. especially with these young people this is a different level . >> the latest details on the victims very jackie. >> such a devastating story. this is the second deadliest school shooting in u.s. history behind sandy hook elementary an in newtown elementary in 2012. >> this was a tragic event toda and my heart is broke today. our hearts and thoughts and prayers are with all of our families today as we go through this day in the days to come. my heart was broken today. we will need prayers. >> us through the spirit. >> a total of 21 people were
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killed in the shooting which took place just two days before the end of the school year. 19 children among the dead so far, witnesses described the horrific scene as parents rush to try to reunite with their children. >> seeing all these parent with their loved ones, and some of them made it, some of them didn't make it. it's terrifying. >> we are beginning to learn more this morning about the victims for the associated pres reporting eight -year-old insid a garcia. is dead. his grandfather sharing this picture. xavier lopez was a fourth-grade at the school who also died in yesterday shooting great his mother was reportedly with a method school for an award ceremony just hours before the shooting. for two adults confirmed that were both teachers including a fourth-grade teacher who worked for the uvalde school district for four decades.
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to other children are missing and feared dead. the father of annabelle weber whether lupe rodriguez telling fox news that is missing. in the is hoping for the best, but fears the worst. >> i hope it's not her. i have been to the hospital and all the victims there, they didn't identify my granddaughter . >> the robb the uvalde school district has ended school early for the year. all staff members in the district are being asked to report to the respective school this morning. staffers at robb are asked to g to a civic center in the small town. >> we note the school shooter was killed by a border control
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agent. each is confirming that agent i further but is expected. after president biden landed from that five-day trip to asia he was emotional and visibly angry speaking to the nation from the white house imploring congress to stand up to the gun lobby. he witnessed what happened. seeing their friends die as if there in the battlefield. i am sick and tired of it. we have to act. and don't tell me we can't have an impact on this carnage. i spent my career is a senator
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in as vice president working to pass common sense gun laws. >> president biden also spoke o the phone with the texas governor afrin federal assistance for the devastated community of uvalde after an 18 -year-old gunman killed nineteens school children into adults. >> parents drop their kids off at school and have every expectation to know that they are going to be able to pick their child up when that school day ends. texas is in mourning with them for the reality of these parent that are not going to be able t pick up their children. >> the gunman allegedly seen here in this video was killed b a authorities among the texas lawn for excitement agencies that responded in elite of the border patrol agents, the agenc tweeting this u.s. border patro agents an active shooter situation inside of robb
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elementary school in uvalde. in entering the building they faced gunfire from the subject who was barricaded inside. fox news learning that it was a border patrol agent that killed the gunman that agent was injured in the shooting but is expected to recover. meanwhile president biden ordering flags at the white house in federal buildings across the country to be flown at half staff in honor of the victims of the deadliest school shooting in nearly a decade. in the meantime we expect the governor will visit the grievin community of uvalde today. >> thank you for that reporting. with that, let's bring in who his trains group school resourc officers.
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they have many security measure in place for it let's take a moment to read through all of them. partnership with local law enforcement, they also had security staff that patrols doo entrances, parking lots, case managers, social workers, licensed counselors on the school campus where they also d threat assessment teams, social media threat monitoring, visito management security, canine detection services, motion detectors and alarm systems, perimeter fencing at the robb. outside buzzing systems, security cameras, a locked classroom door policy, staff an student training and the threat reporting system and despite al of those things, sheriff, this gunman was able to take 21 lives . where does that leave us?
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>> it leaves us in a situation that we have talked about for years, you just went through a litany of security measures tha most schools in texas and the texas school safety center center has advised and actually proceed for a long time to try to ensure safety level for the top of violence at least i yesterday. and again, our sincere condolences from texas law enforcement for those who suffered this violent tragedy. the truth remains that we have to be able to stop a violent attack like this very quickly. we have to try to minimize the bloodshed, that we do have to b able to probably rethink the situation between our school boards in this nation in in texas. our superintendence in actual educational staff and i believe
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there are some programs here in texas that are very popular, that are set to try to stop an active shooter situation or minimize the bloodshed and violence that one must endear when something happens freight these are called guardian programs, and you know they see to be the only sure way that weakens stop an active shooter. until law enforcement able to make it unseen and in active shooter situation. here again, this is a complete new type of marriage for a lot of school districts, a lot of school boards and the lot of community members on how to go about this great you need some training coming you need coming you need top not tear one type training for your school employees if you're going to go down this pathway. these schools who have taken these security measures have done a lot, and those are greats
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, and we should do those things, but there is another level of safety and security that comes from having a will trained staff on your school campus. >> to your point, why doesn't every school in america at this point, ten years after sandy hook and after countless more o the school shootings, why doesn't every school in america have an officer or some type of guardian program like you mentioned? it seems at this point like it' malpractice not too. >> that is a great question, bu you're talking about an educational standard here, you're talking about teachers who didn't sign on to take on violence. many are willing to step forwar to make the commitment to protect the kids, we have plent that want to do that. it is a step for the community
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to get to. rivers fungibility here as we tried to educate children and w must also try to protect from active shooter incidents. the education industry didn't sign up for this. have tremendous liability issue that go on, you have costs and expenses that go on with this. these are serious questions for school boards not only in texas but across this nation. many schools in texas affect especially our rule counties that have school districts that our 15, 17, or more miles away from law enforcement headquarters or larger cities. many of these schools in texas have gone into this type of program. it takes dedication it takes th right person it takes the selection process that is very
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unique to take a person who is an educator and put them in thi kind of role. >> a think you make an excellen point and on the five last night , geraldo rivera had a very insightful line where he said that he thinks that schools should be guarded like banks because children are more valuable than money. so i think there may need to be a fundamental shift in how we see the dangers that children face in this day and age. one thing i wanted to ask you about, one of the most grueling moments for all of these parent yesterday was the waiting game. a lot of parents that they couldn't find their children or didn't know where their childre were in the hours after this school shooting took place. some parents may even still be wondering at this very moment where their children are. you know why that is? to keep the violent aftermath o a mass attack like this it's up
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by its nature chaotic. the systematic laying out of each step in this process takes time. it is a resource, sometimes it' the incident command that's on there and how they go about this , these are fairly rare situations and it is a very chaotic situation. imagine being there in that building trying to account for those kids and they have gone any number of places. so the breakdown of the order, it occurs, and it takes time to get that back. i'm sure they are doing the bes they can to try to get the information out and collect their children, get the information out. everybody wants to be very positive about this in the information there getting so they are cautious.
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it is a very chaotic mess that you're trying to put back together and restore order. it takes time, unfortunately it takes time to do it right. >> following yesterday's horrific events, i was talking with our security here at fox, many of whom are retired law enforcement. they said in a heartbeat they would show sign up for a shift or two or three at the local schools that leads me to believ there are enough retired cops and veterans and law enforcemen in the aggregate that would do the same. highly trained to prevent something like this when there is a yearning from that community to get out there. and across the nation, i believe there are dads and retirees who are set forward an
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help. as long as the school board has the approval to do that here in texas, into, the resources to that and, the type of leadershi and supervision to take on that responsibility with a new perso there, a new security staff, many of our districts here in this state don't have the type of dollars to do that. this is something state leadership i'm sure will look into. i'm sure the governor has been very proactive, and i'm sure he will take a look at it and offe recommendations as to what the state can do to enhance the typ of security. you know, we've always known th value of our kids here in texas we've always known that. we want to do everything we can to protect them and sadly and our country, it takes things like this to galvanize support and put new measures in place.
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look at new methods that may work. three instilled the training perspective in the commitment t this. rededicate dollars from other areas and try to bring this to new level of security to protec the children. these things as this unfolds over the next several months in the next year, i believe you will see texas react very quickly to put some additional safety measures in place, but a always, dealing with violence like this, thank god the four tech units were there and we're able to take on and we're able to make entry into the school and in the violence. that'll have to really focus on in the overall scheme of things fred. >> the city of uvalde and seven and a half square miles. everyone in the town is neighbors of so grieving this last together. sheriff, thank you so much for
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joining us this morning. >> absolutely. thank you. another major story were following on this breaking news day, several critical primary races decided overnight setting up a november showdown for control of capitol hill. gig at the top all morning long. the top legal official in the state attorney general kim paxton will be here to outline every step and the investigatio to make sure his serve for victims in their family. do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep? qunol sleep formula combines 5 key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster,
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taking shape after primaries in five states, beginning in georgia. >> the governor is sent to face off against democrat stacy abrams after beating the former the gop incumbent slamming abrams after she said georgia i the worst place to live. her priorities are not our priorities. california and chicago,. >> and herschel walker scoring
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big win for senate seats fred very challenging democrat this fall. >> if you speak out, they will cancel you out. they'll force you out of your job. these people call themselves progressives,. >> in texas, kim paxton things the gop nominations and the democratic house primary betwee aoc back and her old boss, congressman still too close to call. the player finding himself in controversy after an fbi rate a this home earlier this year. >> sarah huckabee-sanders easil winning the gop nomination for governor. >> when i worked at the white house, nobody ever cheered when i went up to the podium. so this is different.
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>> in the alabama gop senate primary nuclear winners so they are headed to a. ron, great to see you on a primary election morning. we will start with georgia getting most of the attention. >> it goes to show that elections our way more complicated than that national media narrative. everybody tries to make the election about that donald trum endorsement. you can really, what it came down to was i think that the trump back calendar which is a former senator would just lost the recent election.
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they'll likely doubt that frank is doing. it wasn't necessarily about the presidents endorsement one way or another. people made up their own mind. >> lawrence jones was at a dine in georgia yesterday in a lot o people said they're going to vote for brian kemp said that because he already beat stacy abrams one so they feel like he was the man to do it again. i think abrams recently got in trouble for saying that georgia is the worst states and the nation, she walked that back yesterday saying i had an inelegant delivery of the statement that i keep making an that is brian kemp is a failed governor who doesn't care about the people of georgia. how do you think this race is going to shape up between abram and kemp this time around? get that comment remind you a lot about what terry mcauliffe did against lynn young can hear in when he said parents shouldn't have a say in their
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education. it was a big major gaffe. there are still a few months left in the election. but still, saying something lik that is just so toned deaf because obviously georgians lik where they live or they would probably try to live somewhere else. but i think that national narrative, the thing was stacy abrams that she's trying to mak the georgia election about stewart of national progressivism. i think you can see in this primary that georgians are goin to care about local georgia issues. when you have a gaffe like this i think it shows that you're ou of touch with those local issues . >> speaking of progressivism, let's head to texas, what you think about that playoff race that is really close right now? >> it's kind of a mixture of factors where there is an incumbent with a big scandal an sort of the young progressive challenger coming after cuellar and i think that it is one of
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those things that if we don't have a projected winner yet, it's a really close election, but it shows you how aoc and sort of the young progressive movement within the democratic party and an election like this where they can knock off the incumbent. >> in think the race is so fascinating because the only thing similar between these two people is there is a d next to their name. a lot of people care about border security and henry cuellar is very strong on the border, but if you look at the difference between them, it's really anybody's race. cisneros is backed by aoc. >> i think she's got a great chance to win and like i said, these party primaries are often about different things than wha the general election electorate would care about. so as well as things where the border is in a massive crisis right now. you would think that would be the deciding factor and a race like this having hundreds of
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thousands of people a month cross the border illegally. in a democratic primary it's just like a republican primary who is most aligned with the seat of the party. they are going to have a field day focusing on that race and the general assembly because of the border. basically the campaign commercials right themselves. >> pennsylvania gop coming here for a vote recap as it could be announced as soon as today. right now, he as trailing dr. oz . for mixing we have slim resolutions in our own party. it filed a lawsuit demanding that undated ballots be counted. they say election official suit should follow state law which i
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mail-in ballots that are not dated don't count for it we are following breaking news on the elementary school attack in uvalde, texas,. a tightknit community absolutel devastated. 29 years is a texas police officer, we will get her insigh on how schools across the country should be responding to keep our children safe. can keep my heart is broken for the parents here in uvalde. they never thought something like this would happen in a small town. been a very bad tragedy here.
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>> a fox news, tragedy striking uvalde, texas when 21 people including 19 children we're killed and school shooting
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yesterday. >> this is the second deadliest elementary school shooting in your school history behind the. the superintendent sharing how crushed his small community is. >> this was tragic senseless event today and my heart was broke today. our hearts and thoughts and prayers are with all of our families as we go through this day and days to come. my heart was broken today. we will need your prayers. >> us through the spirit get a total of 21 people were killed in the shooting which took plac just two days before the end of the school year. 19 children among the dead so far that number up from 14. witnesses described their horrific scene as parents rushe to try to reunite with their children. >> seeing all these parents wit their loved ones in some of the
1:36 am
made it, some of them didn't make it. it's terrifying. >> we are beginning to learn more this morning about the victims, the associated press reporting 18 -year-old garcia among the dead. his grandfather providing this associated press and confirming his dead. savior lopez was a fourth-grade at the school who also died. a fourth-grade teacher, she works for the uvalde school district for nearly four decades . to other children are missing i fear dead this morning. annabelle guadalupe rodriguez telling fox news' daughter is missing. in the grandfather of missing fourth-grader is hoping for the best, but fears the worst. >> i hope it's not you her.
1:37 am
i hope, i have been to the hospital in other victims there, they didn' identify my granddaughter. >> the uvalde school district offering counseling services an has entered the school year early. the district will lease the graduation plans for high schoo students at a later date. all are being asked to report t their respective schools this morning, but staffers at robb elementary are being asked to g to the civic center in the smal town. just devastating. >> thank you for that reporting. spring and a retired officer. thank you so much for joining u this morning. there is still a lot that we do not know at this time, but one thing we do know is that the 18 -year-old gunman was shot and killed by a border patrol officer after he committed this fake act of violence.
1:38 am
with that in mind, what are police and investigators doing today? >> first of all, good morning, carly and second of all, yes, i am definitely with the rest of the nation praying for them in uvalde. today, as far as i'm concerned is a detective, we are going to look at his social life, social media, we are going to look at anything that would tell us wha he's been up to in his room, where he lives, we're going to talk to family members, we're going to go through his locker, we're going to talk to his teachers, friends, people that he's always in contact with, an then later on, we are going to do an autopsy to figure out had he been drinking or taking anything. all of those things are important in trying to piece together what would make him do this senseless act. >> somatic question still
1:39 am
remained this morning. carly, focusing on the shooter. this school district reportedly had so many security precaution in place, but they didn't work brady have any sense as to why they didn't stop this madman? >> you know, good morning, todd. to be honest with you, you coul be in some of the most secure places here in the united state and it just doesn't work great leap seen that before. they have done everything they needed to do. it's just it was one of those days. it's the end of the school year people are thinking about getting out of school, what they're going to do for the summer, it's not really anyone' fault, it's just the fact that this was just one of those time when it just happened the way i happened, unfortunately. you just have to understand we are all human and humans, their minds or in other places, they are doing other things, i heard
1:40 am
that there was some sort of assembly earlier, they are coming off of that and trying t get everything organized so thi will contact him at the end of the week. >> i am interested in the socia media aspect of all of this because the district said that they they have social media monitoring to make sure that nobody in the district was posting anything threatening. this gunman did have a bit of a odd social media presence and there is some reporting that he tagged a photo of his gun he tagged a girl in a photo of his gun and he wrote i have a littl secret i want to tell you, be grateful i tagged you. this woman said no, it's just scary, i barely know you and yo tag me in a picture with some guns were the only issue is thi is a private direct message, so there is a flaw within tracking somebody just so singly or
1:41 am
specifically on social media although it is an idea. i think that like everything else, you have to look at it case-by-case. so now, unfortunately now, they are going to look at this, they are going to look at things tha involve guns or when people say things like that involving guns social media has cracked down a lot on people posting and tagging and posting guns and money and drugs and paraphernalia, they have really cracked down on it, but i think there's a lot more that needs t be done as far as that is concerned. for that woman who receive that tag for some odd reason, when you get those types of just
1:42 am
anonymous tags or phone calls o what ever, you have to tell somebody, this is weird i think something's going on with this kid. can you i'll look into it? sometimes you can and sometimes you can't. >> that is a good reminder. we appreciate your time and insight this morning. horrible day. >> it is a horrible day. >> thank you, we appreciate it. >> turning to this matthew mcconaughey uvalde native. he wrote in a statement quote once again we have tragically proven that we are feeling to b responsible for the rights of our freedoms granted us we have to rearrange our values and fin a common ground above this devastating american reality that has tragically become our children's issue. action must be taken so that no parent has to experience what the parents in uvalde and the
1:43 am
others before them have endured. he said he supports the second amendment, but believes in commonsense gun reform reform, he is from uvalde, texas. the moment of silence before tipoff at the nba playoff game between the mavericks and the warriors. >> our thoughts and prayers are also with the victims of their horrific shooting today at the robb elementary school in uvalde , texas,. we mourn with their families an friends in the entire community after this unspeakable tragedy. >> after the game, warrior star players are dealing with the tragedy. >> i have kids. i send them to school every day drop them off, and you feel for the parents that are going through what they're going through i can't even imagine we are so blessed to do what we do. >> golden state head coach calling for congress to take action on gun control. >> and isis law to assassinate
1:44 am
former u.s. president by smuggling killed theme through mexico was just stopped by law enforcement he is now in custody ,
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isn't that right, girl? whoa! it can connect hundreds of devices at once. [ in unison ] that's powerful. couldn't have said it better myself. and with three times the bandwidth, the gaming never has to end. slaying is our business. and business is good. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. ♪ >> a fox news alert, a plot to
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assassinate former president george w. bush foiled by federa agents. >> the alleged plan to smuggle and isis death squad through ou southern border. >> and iraqi citizen living in columbus, ohio is charged with aiding and abetting a murder plot against former president george w. bush in an immigratio crime. >> we just arrested an individual with isis ties from ohio who was trying to bring people in through the border from isis to kill president bush . ticket according to justice department charging documents, the individual wants the plot i retaliation for iraqi desk during operation iraqi freedom. he allegedly received tens of thousands of dollars to smuggle iraqi nationals into the countr to kill the former president in then smuggled them out through the mexican border. >> it shows people not only tried to assassinate my uncle,
1:50 am
but also seem to conduct a spectacular attack estimated that 23 members of the fbi's terrorist watch list came acros the board or. imagine the amount of undetecte terrorist that came through our borders. this confirms the national security issues and underscores the importance of securing our border. the former president chief of staff releasing the following statement, president bush has all the confidence in the world in the united states egret service and our law enforcement and intelligence communities. the secret service added they take all threats seriously, but did not comment on the plot specifically. the suspect faces up to ten years in prison for allegedly attempting to illegally bring a individual in the united states in 20 years on the attempted murder of u.s. official. >> the brigadier general and army veteran who served ten tours in afghanistan and is als a new hampshire senate
1:51 am
candidates. isis and quite frankly anyone with a tv can see our southern border is wide open for people doing more or less whatever the want including terrorist activities. will this incident get the bide administration to finally secur it or not? or more of the same will transpire? >> first, it lets me just express my sincere condolences for all those in uvalde, texas. in thank you for your outstanding coverage on this very tragic event. to get to your question, nothin is more important than our border security, our homeland security, and everything we do to secure americans here in thi country. let's face it, the biden administration is failing on al levels here they are just doing things that are exacerbating th opportunity. our joint terrorist task force have been in place. we have cooperation at the state , local level. outside the country to identify
1:52 am
the threats. they only have to be right once we have to be right every singl time and the biden administration with their policies have left americans completely vulnerable across-the-board, not only here in the united states, but across , outside the united states, across the world. this must change. i hope this is a wake-up call, but we haven't seen any wake-up calls on the info economy, inflation, billing, or anywhere else where they have created a significant vulnerability for americans. >> at the southern border is a big part of the story the other is the rise in terrorism. used vector general report just released a report on our departure from afghanistan saying that and will be able to target the u.s. with an attack between 12 and 18 months.
1:53 am
that is a horrifying thing to find an inspector general report . will they be able to present anything like this from happening? >> no, it will not. there is no way it will have an effect on isis k in afghanistan their ability to expand. isis isis wasn't even in afghanistan until the obama administration change strategy in late 2013 and 2014 leading t the highest casualty rates in and also a complete takeover of afghanistan by the taliban in the rural areas setting up what would eventually become due to the debacle of the withdrawal i the complete incompetence from the commander-in-chief of the way down to the two star level.
1:54 am
overnight, we make them more military capable than our 164 countries and the world and you leave terrorist organization an an extremist organization in charge of the country. nothing, nothing is going to go well. afghanistan's withdrawal, the debacle there, the loss of life of americans, 13 americans has only led to a lack of confidenc in our leadership in our abilit across the world to be able to stand up for freedom, to stand up for security, and to not onl work with our allies, but also keep americans safe. this is very dangerous. >> it's beyond the head scratcher at this point. its real life and it's having horrific consequences across th world.
1:55 am
thank you for your time in your insight this morning. thank you both, god bless you very. >> god bless you too. part of an elite unit that went into that texas elementary school and killed the shooter. former border patrol will join us next hour. realized we needed a way to supplement our income. if you have $100,000 or more of life insurance, you may qualify to sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if your policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance.
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grieving families gathering to consult each other at the civic center was still of them waitin the worst news of their lives. you are watching fox and friend first on this wednesday morning. >> the school enrolls hundreds of young students in second, third, and fourth-grade freight relative speaking out about the tragedy. >> i'm still trying to process everything going on. we don't have any answers. you don't expect it very. >> especially when you use a loved one, but when you lose a young love one, that as a whole other thing. >> the latest details on those victims. >> this is the second deadliest elementary school shooting in u.s. history behind the sandy hook elementary shooting


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