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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 25, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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grieving families gathering to consult each other at the civic center was still of them waitin the worst news of their lives. you are watching fox and friend first on this wednesday morning. >> the school enrolls hundreds of young students in second, third, and fourth-grade freight relative speaking out about the tragedy. >> i'm still trying to process everything going on. we don't have any answers. you don't expect it very. >> especially when you use a loved one, but when you lose a young love one, that as a whole other thing. >> the latest details on those victims. >> this is the second deadliest elementary school shooting in u.s. history behind the sandy hook elementary shooting in
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newtown, connecticut back in 2012. the uvalde superintendent sharing how crushed his family as this morning. >> this was a senseless tragic event today and my heart is broke today. our hearts and thoughts and prayers are with all of our families as we go through this day and days to come. again, my heart was broken today . we are a small community. and we will need prayers. >> us through the spirit get a total of 21 people killed in th shooting which to complete just two days before the end of the school year. 19 children among the dead so far, that number up from initially 14. listen to this chilling audio from the dispatchers calling fo rapid response. >> for 12 to all units, standby. >> we're beginning to learn mor about the victims this morning, eight -year-old yes i had garci among the dead.
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his grandfather providing this photo to the associated press. ten -year-old xavier lopez was fourth grader at the school who was killed in the shooting his mother was reportedly with him just hours before the school awards ceremony, the two adults confirmed dead we're both teachers including eva morales of fourth-grade fourth grade teacher. she works for the school district for nearly two decades. to other children still missing and they are feared dead this morning including annabella wha lupe rodriguez and the grandfather of missing fourth-grader elisha cruz torre break they are hoping for the best, but bracing for what may be the worst. >> i hope it's not her. i've been to the hospital, and all the victims there, they didn't identify my granddaughter .
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they will release graduation plans for school students at a later date. all staff members being asked t report to their respective schools this morning, however employees at robb elementary being asked to report to the civic center in the small town. >> we now know the school shooter was killed by an elite border patrol agent by a very specialized unit, dhs confirmin that that agentless heartbreak in emotional president biden addressing the nation, immediately calling for stricte gun policies joins us live from washington with the latest. chris? >> good morning, carly and todd attesting to come home to just about an hour after landing fro his trip to asia and angered president biden spoke to the nation from the white house and employed congress to call for new restrictions on firearms. >> how many scores and how many children that witnessed what happened see their friends die
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as if they're on a battlefield battlefield. i am sick and tired of it. we have to act. and don't tell me we can't have an impact on this carnage? i spent my career is a senator and vice president working to pass common sense gun laws. >> the president also spoke on the phone with texas governor greg cabot offering federal assistance for the devastated community of uvalde after havin identified the 18 -year-old gunman who killed 19 elementary school children into adults. >> when parents drop their kids off at school, they have every expectation to know that they are going to be able to pick their child up when that school day ends. instead of texas is in mourning with them for the reality that these parents are not going to be able to pick up their children.
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the agency treating this, u.s. border patrol agents responded to a law enforcement request fo assistance in active shooter situation inside robb elementar school in uvalde. in urgent entering the building they faced gunfire from the subject who was barricaded inside. that agents, that killed the gunman was injured in the shooting but is inspected to recover. meanwhile, president biden has ordered flags at the white hous in federal buildings across the country be flown at half staff in honor of the victims. finally we expect they will visit the grieving community later today and we will bring you more as we get that. >> let's bring in the former assistant fbi director, chris, good morning to you. relearning the law enforcement has served multiple search
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warrants, third gathering telephone and other efforts right now. what is the fbi's role in an investigation like this? and where do things stand today? to get their role in this case would be in and assist role but in a major assist role since we have a rural police department injures office with probably limited crime scene processing capabilities. they will bring to bear a lot o resources and a very short period of time from the local san antonio office, dallas, and all points around texas so they can bring their evidence response teams there. they're good at processing thes types of crime scenes. they're better at getting electronic evidence. doing very comprehensive interviews of the social networ if you will of the person, the shooter, getting very
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comprehensive picture very quickly of this young person doing a profile on this young person and getting to what the motive might be. so there is a lot of resources there, all hands on deck right now. >> chris, there were a lot of security measures in place at this school. i'm going to read through the list it's long, so bear with me. for officers within the school district, partnerships with local law enforcement, security staff, case managers, social workers, licensed counselors on-campus chemists for threat assessment teams social media threat monitoring, canine detection, motion detectors, alarm systems, perimeter fencing , and security vestibules in other bugs in systems, security cams. staff and student training and threat reporting system, chris, ed two-parter here, why didn't all of that work, and if you ar in charge going forward, how would you fortify some of these
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most soft targets that we have in our world right now, elementary schools and schools in general? i used to do school security assessments i've done several last couple of years, and those are all the things you recommend . what i find when i do the assessments is you have that on paper, but in practice, it's no happening, so i saw the video o the shooter coming in the side entrance during school hours that can't happen. those site entrances should be locked, we don't know, they sen three security offers across th school district, they didn't sa whether there was a school security officer armed at that location. there may have been, i don't know. there is one left ear, control was a lapse, was there an armed officer there? that's a visible deterrent to someone like this. the threat assessment team, was this person flashing red, sort of zoom out a little bit.
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was this person flashing red an was he actually assessed by the school district or the high school into referral made to la enforcement. i tale that on paper, but i often see that these things are not in practice. >> thank you so much for joinin us this morning. he made a great point and we appreciate it. frantic parents have waited for hours desperate to hear from texas police as their children still remain missing this morning. >> former congressman and fathe of nine joins us to react next. your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis.
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♪ >> key midterm races taking place after primaries in five states 50 in georgia, governor brian kemp did face-off against stacy abrams. gop incumbent slimming abram fo calling georgia the worst place to live. >> georgette will never be. her priorities are not my priorities.
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>> staying in georgia, herschel walker scoring a big win, he will work to turn one of georgi senate seats red challenging democrats rafael warnock this fall. speak out, they'll force you ou there they will cancel you. these people call themselves progressives. but this is self-destruction. >> in texas, kim paxton winning the gop nomination setting off challenge from the democratic has primary which means aoc fac jessica cisneros and her too close to call verity finds himself in controversy after an fbi rate at this earlier this year. >> in our conceit, sarah huckabee-sanders winning the go nomination. >> when i worked in the white
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house nobody cheered when i wen up to the podium, so this is different breath. >> also an arkansas curmudgeon securing his spot and the state senate race this fall. >> in the alabama gop right, no clear winner yet, so they are headed to a runoff. with that, let us bring in john duffy and former wisconsin gop congressman. your reaction. i have the segment of georgia, very popular senator, very popular family. he lost in 2020 which gave control on the senate to democrats, i think there's a lo of angst about that with republicans in the states and republicans around the country because again i give up 50-50
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split in thin the give control to the democrats. this is something. he did it was 70 plus percent o the votes especially when kemp had the endorsement. it is much closer, something else was going on here that kem would one way with the race wit such high numbers. again, donald trump endorsed perdue. i don't know that came into pla much come up donald trump's endorsement so far this year ha been gold for candidates. georgia didn't work at all. >> staying in georgia, herschel walker is going to stay soft against rafael warnock in the senate race. yesterday walker was on the campaign trail already calling rafael warnock little biden. he says that he sees no difference between warnock and biden. you can already see that line o attack forming. you think that is going to work? >> listen. through term we secant i'm not
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going to repeat the names he called his opponents, but i still remember all of them. i think what warnock probably has is a far left guy, all the regressive policies, just like biden, he has supported and voted for, and again it's a state that has traditionally been read, it's been trending a little bit more blue in the las several election cycles. as a democrat i think it would do better in georgia, warnock, the far left, i think that's a redline of attack coming from herschel walker. i think that will work with voters, especially when those policies haven't worked, the country is on the wrong track, george is on the wrong track, with inflation, crime, the problems we have across the globe, the border, mean you nam
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the issue and things have gone horribly, that doesn't bode wel in a georgia race for a far lef democrat. >> we want to get your thoughts on the tragedy unfolding right now in texas. when you saw the reaction of those parents, as a parent, wha was your reaction? >> i have two kids that would b in that school, that school-age and if you have a child that age , they tried. >> them to stand in line to go to the bathroom. they need adults to guide them through every phase of their life, and my heart breaks for m parents and for the family. i can't imagine being in the school that would tear those kids there's not enough adults to try to protect them and they were looking for an adult to protect them i think there is 1 kids that have died now, and fo parents to not get information quickly about whether their child is alive or not and waiting for calls, you look at
2:19 am
the response from law enforcement and analyze that as days go on it looks like they got their pretty quick, but the fact that you can get information is a parent i think is a real problem here. any parent, it's unbearable, yo can't imagine you can put that into words for it i was reading some of the social media post that some of the family members were posting. somewhere saying my victimless might nephew was a. we are getting the images of these beautiful young souls. you can see in their young imag what they could have looked lik as an adult and it just becomes all the more real and all the more tragic as we mourn this senseless loss together. thank you so much for joining us .
2:20 am
there is one of the beautiful babies right there on your screen. >> florida congressman when 17 people were killed in apartment shooting back and pick he will tell us how state and local leaders need to respond. >> one of the first lawmakers t visit the embassy in ukraine while russia and china holds a joint military drill. he will join us later life from ukraine.
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♪ >> 19 elementary school childre into teeny into teachers are no confirmed dead after an 18 -year-old gunman opened fire inside a texas school. the second deadliest attack of its kind since the massacre at sandy hook in connecticut. >> carlos manis was mayor of miami-dade and and joins us now.
2:25 am
congressman, what did you do, especially in your time as mayo to prevent something like this in your district? >> the things that we did, immediate after parklands i ordered all police officers to make sure that every single school and the miami-dade count had an armed police officer in it and that continues to this day. the state and the school boards did a great job and hardening all the schools and the single point of entry. on top of that every single police officer in miami-dade on the street has an assault rifle and enhanced body armor brightl created priority over sponsor teams, that there is omission i actually responding to active shooters and doing it in a very rapid manner in a very aggressive manner because we know that minutes count in saving lives. >> i know you spoke to some of the parents who lost children during the parkland school shooting, what we're those conversations like as they grieve the loss of their children? >> i mean there we ran the gamut
2:26 am
, some parents wanted more gun-control and others understood that the only way to solve this problem is to protec our children in the way to protect our children is to put armed police officers in every single school, no matter what school it is, so what was happening before you had the resource officers that were onl in high schools and middle schools and their other elementary schools were left wide open, we resolved that we weren't going to let that happe our children our our greatest resource, we are going to protect them and no matter what the cost, we're going to protec them. so once we took these steps, nobody said a word about the cost, it cost about $20 million halfway through our fiscal year but it didn't matter we needed to protect our children, that's what we need to do around the country. we need to harden our schools and armed guards, armed police officers at every single one of them to protect our children so that this doesn't happen and if it does happen it means that
2:27 am
something fall through the cracks, but obviously you need to have priority response teams to get there quickly and put th shooter down for it. >> congressman, why isn't that being done? sandy hook was ten years ago an there was a groundswell, every single school in america needs to have a cop in it after sandy hook, and over the passage of time that seems to have died down. wide to your point, to your recommendation is there not a cop in every single school in america? >> political will, and i'm sure that the parents in the america people are willing to spend the extra money to put police officers in every single school and that's what needs to happen they need to harden every singl school and they need to follow the security recommendations of the experts and make it very difficult for some madman to do this again in the future of the united states so make it much more difficult. our posture is not only against
2:28 am
school shootings, our priority response teams are also there for shootings, mass shootings, active shooters of any kind so we know that we learn the lessons of overseas, we could not have our swat teams mount u and get together because in those minutes, in that half-hour , countless people's lives can be lost. we need to react rapidly, they need to be equipped the right way, they need to be trained th right way, and that is what we do here in miami-dade county. i was proud of what we did during my time as mayor. >> looking back at recent history, you think about the parkland school shootings, sand hook, the shooting that took place in buffalo. all of these are teenagers. they are obsessed with social media, a lot of them have menta problems, we need to look at that to on the state of mental health here in the united states . we need to make sure that these
2:29 am
disturbed young men and women d not get their hands on weapons. that is easier said than done. you need to take active measure to protect our children, need i need to take active measures to protect our community, and far too many people look at the dollar signs, what is a child's life worth? it's priceless, so yeah, we nee to make that sacrifice and, to it to keep our children in citizen safe. there are typically red flags that family members and friends notice, but fear don't feel lik they need to report them and then something catastrophic happens and they say we wish we did it congressman, thank you for joining us this morning, hopefully what happened in miami-dade can be a model for something that can move forward and in cities across the country , thank you, congressman. >> i think we need to do that across the country in there may
2:30 am
be some legislation coming down federal legislation, we are researching that to see if ther is something we can do across the nation. >> what with that legislation look like? >> if you are receiving federal funds, that you would have to have a minimum standard of safety in every single school, and so that is something that again we are researching to see if we can introduce something like that across the nation. i'm proud again of what we do here in miami-dade county shoul be the model because we need to protect our children. >> we now note though shooter was stopped after a brave borde patrol agent, part of an elite unit rushed in to kill the gunmen at this quote which is nearly 75 miles from our southern border. >> here with more on the response next.
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a gunman opened fire just two days before the end of the school year. eight -year-old your ziad garci is among those victims. his grandfather providing this photo to the associated press ten -year-old savior lopez was fourth-grader at the school was also killed in yesterday's attack.
2:35 am
his mother was reportedly a victim at the school for an award ceremony just hours earlier. the two adults confirmed dead we're both teachers including ava morales, a fourth-grade teacher who worked for the school district for nearly two decades. >> to other children missing an feared dead including ten -year-old annabelle and a fourth-grader kicking the gunma was killed by a border patrol agent who was part of an elite units, the agent was injured an their shooting, but is expected to recover. let's bring in who is a former chief of u.s. border patrol and retired acting eyes director, good morning to you, it is good to see you and we are learning that this hero border patrol agent who ended up shooting and killing this gunman was part of the elite for tech units i thin it's something that a lot of people don't know about. hell is about that unit. >> good morning freight let me start by saying my heart goes
2:36 am
out to these victims in their families. no parent should suffer this kind of tragedy. our heart goes out to them. as it relates to the border patrol. their coaches for little league and those kinds of things, i'm not surprised, somebody from th border patrol tactical unit was at the scene. this is what first responders do , this is what border patrol agents to, they run to the soun of gunfire to try to help people . anybody that knows the border patrol knows they're their indelible in communities like this in their presence protects all of us. now in this case, it looks like one of our agents went in and sacrificed himself and other agents to put the shooter down and again, those of us that kno the border patrol were not surprised by the spirit were grateful for his efforts. >> this school does have children on border patrol agent
2:37 am
in it. my question to you is how much work in these men and women take , these border patrol agent it's not enough that they are now literally impossible, but now their children are being attacked right at much work in these people take the. >> it is tragic. unfortunately when i heard abou where they shooting was, my first thoughts were to my forme colleagues because we know like i said, we are part of that community and i'm grateful for that agent to do that right it' a very stressful time for the workforce, and this is just another brick on the load if yo will for what they have to face each in every day. >> we are learning one of the teachers that was killed, that wife of a law enforcement officers are so many good american families have been affected by this. the officer, one of the officer involved in the shootout with the gunmen yesterday was injure either a bullet or shrapnel to
2:38 am
the lake do you have insight on how he is doing? >> i hear that he is going to recover and that the injuries are not life-threatening. so again, our prayers go to him and his family for those injuries and the mental anguish that that entire community will go through. we pray they recover quickly. >> we've been talking about local response morning long. >> you know across, the government enterprise with the taxpayers in their generosity, there is lots of grants money out there for schools and law enforcement in other things. so concentrated effort to make sure those resources are used i a way that protects these vulnerable kids. this is an elementary school, s having dedicated resources, having plans in place, having drills, having the right kind o training and equipment on the ground i think all of those things unfortunately in the aftermath of something like thi
2:39 am
you have to look at what was done what needs to be done, and if there's a way we could prevent it in the future. >> border patrol officers are always heroes, but we are especially highlighting that today thank you so much for joining us. >> listen to this, actor and uvalde, texas native matthew mcconaughey reacting to it they shooting writing and a statemen quote once again we have tragically proven that we are failing to be responsible for the rights, our freedoms grante us, we have to rearrange our values and find a common ground above this devastating american reality that has tragically become our children's issue action must be taken so that no parent has to experience what the parents in uvalde and the others before them have endured to. he reportedly says that he supports the second amendment, but believes in commonsense gun reforms. >> a moment of silence for the school shooting will kick off the nba playoff game between th
2:40 am
mavericks and the warrior spirit . >> our thoughts and prayers are with the vacuums of the horrifi shooting today at 342 elementar school in uvalde, texas,. we mourn with their families an friends in the entire community after this unspeakable tragedy. >> after the game, warriors are shared how players are dealing with the tragedy. >> i have kids. send them to school every day, drop them off, and you feel for the parents that are going through what they're going through. i can't even imagine. >> golden state had coat also calling for congress to take action on gun control. in the meantime and isis plot t assassinate a former u.s. presidents by smuggling of killed team through mexico was stopped by we have a live repor next.
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>> todd: we're back with a fox news alert and a plot to assassinate george w. bush. >> carley: live with the details on the alleged plot to smuggle an isis death squad through our southern border. brook, good morning. >> good morning, guys. an iraqi citizen living in columbus, ohio is charged with
2:45 am
aiding and abet ago murder plot against former president george w. bush and an immigration crime. >> just arrested an individual with isis ties from ohio who was trying to bring people in through the border from isis to kill president bush. >> according to the justice department, charging documents the iraqi suspect launched the plot targeting the former president in retaliation for iraqi deaths during operation iraqi freedom. the fbi says it was uncovered through the work of two confidential informants as well as surveillance of the suspect what's app. a social messaging platted form. he received tens of thousands of dollars to smuggle iraqi nationals into the country to kill the former president and smuggle them out through the mexican border. >> it shows that people would not only try to assassinate my uncle, a former president of the united states, but also seek to conduct a spectacular attack. so this confirms the national security issues and underscores the importance of securing our
2:46 am
borders. >> in the biden administration, would their policies have left americans completely vulnerable across the and this must change. >> iraqi suspect faces up to 10 years in prison for allegedly attempting to illegally bring an individual into the u.s. and 20 years on the charge of aiding and abetting the attempted murder of a u.s. official. guys, back to you. >> carley: all right brooke thank you. carrying out the first joint military exercise since moscow launched its invasion of ukraine. the two nations flying nuclear capable bombers today near japanese and south korea air defense zones. >> todd: the show of force occurred meeting with key allies in japan. brian fitzpatrick is on the ground live now in ukraine. and he joins us now. congressman, how worrisome is this latest show of cooperation between russia and china and how should biden respond? >> it's incredibly troubling.
2:47 am
it's a sign that receive a very real thing. things that we thought were permanently relegated to the history books are not. russia and china pose threats individually and pose a massive threat in aggregate. that's why i'm here with dan crenshaw in kyiv right now to deal with the russia problem but we have a huge china problem on our hands particularly when they're allying with russia. >> carley: talk about why you are in ukraine right now you and congressman crenshaw the first lawmakers to visit the kyiv embassy since it reopened. tell us why you wanted to do that and what you learned on this trip. >> yeah, dan and i both supported the $40 billion aid package. now we got to make sure that it's used the right way to purchase the equipment that it is actually needed on the front lines. we are meeting with the frontline warriors and ukraine military to figure out what they have and don't have. the logistics system which is probably the biggest thing that needs to be fixed. we are trying to advocate for a
2:48 am
amazon logistic rather than peters system organic to the ukrainian way to make sure they not only get what they need but getting it in time. they have a massive fight on heir hands particularly in the east. >> todd: three months in. what's the mood of the ukrainian people, congressman? >> amazing group of people. they are incredibly resilient. the david in this david and goliath struggle and they are fighting every day. you know, that's why they are very appreciative of america's support by the way. everybody back home should know that they greatly appreciate it as they remind us every day this is not ukraine vs. russia. this is freedom vs. dictatorship. it's all of our fight. >> carley: congressman brian fitzpatrick, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> you bet. thanks. >> carley: you are very welcome. >> todd: if you are just waking up with us this morning. 21 people confirmed dead in the texas school shooting including 19 young students, second, third and fourth graders.
2:49 am
ken paxton is here to outline every step in the investigation. >> carley: first, check in with will cain for a look at what is coming up on "fox & friends." good morning. >> will: good morning, carley. coming up this morning on "fox & friends," we are following breaking developments in a massacre at a texas elementary school. lawrence jones will anchor with us this morning live from uvalde plus texas congressman gonzalez, allen west and a parkland father andrew pollock will give us his perspective coming up on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪
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2:53 am
>> carley: republican field taking shape after a day of primaries. >> todd: brian kemp set to face stacey abrams. calling abrams out after she called georgia the worst place to live. >> georgia will never be
2:54 am
stacey's mind because her priorities are not my priorities. her radical ideas are to please people in new york, california, and chicago who are funding her campaign. >> carley: herschel walker scoring a big win in his race last night. the former nfl star hoping to turn one of georgia's senate seats red when he squares off against democrat rafael warnock this fall. the primary cisneros and henry square are a. 157 vote difference. too close to call to call right now. >> attorney general ken paxton wins the g.o.p. nomination depending off a challenge from george p. bush and, there is a lot of news out of texas this morning including this horrible story. 19 elementary school children and two teachers are now confirmed dead after an 18-year-old gunman opened fire inside a texas school. grieving families gathering to console each other at a local civic centered with some of them still awaiting the worst news of
2:55 am
their lives. >> todd: texas attorney general ken paxton is the top legal official in the state. he joins us now. a.g. paxton congrats on your win but overshadowed on the events going on right now. what are you and your team doing right now to address what is happening in uvalde. >> we already have members down there. we have a crime victim's assistance group that goes down and immediately starts working with the victims whether that's medical help, that's mental health, whatever the issue is. we'll help people that are victims of a crime like this and so my team will be down there, already down there. i'm heading down there this morning. we had an election yesterday and i was dealing with that this is a really tough day for texans. we obviously all suffer together when we lose some of our people like this. >> carley: have you looked at the security measures that this school district had this place? we have been reading them all morning. there is a laundry list of things that they said on paper that they were doing. we're going to show some of them on the screen right now.
2:56 am
and do you think that anything more could have been done to prevent this? >> yeah. look. the texas legislature, when i was elected we funded a program that allowed local school districts to decide whether they wanted the teachers and other people in the school how to defend themselves and how to defend people in the school. i think that program is essential because law enforcement cannot react quick enough to stop these things every time. so we're going to need people on the ground whether they are, you know, trained police officers or whether they're people that are trained in the school so that the reaction time can be much more quickly and if not, we're going to continue see people shot like this and killed. >> todd: along these lines broadening this out to the entire nation. why isn't there is a school resource officer or a police officer or somebody quite frankly, a.g. paxton with a gun protecting every single school in america right now?
2:57 am
>> look, we just spent 40 billion on ukraine to help protect another nation it seems like the least we could do is fund a police officer or at least a program there are thousands and thousands of schools in this country. a program that trains people in the school so that when this does happen, because it will happen again, we know it's going to happen. so if we know it's going to happen, let's do everything we can to prevent it from turning into a situation we just had yesterday. >> carley: yeah, we are focusing a lot on what could have been done to prevent this sometimes these things are, unfortunately, unpreventable. but then you have to look at the school security situation and the number of school resource officers that were allocated in the school district. this was only four for, i think multiple schools. so maybe that could be one of the solutions. do you think that there's any appetite for statewide funding that could be passed for school
2:58 am
districts to increase the amount of officers that are on -- at every single school across the state? yeah, i think we need to look at everything. find ways to limit access so there are multi-multiple points of entry. if they have a gun, they will get through a point one point of access. you have got to have either a police officer there or other people trained to react in moments of crisis like this. because, you are right. we are not going to prevent bad people from going crazy and walking in schools to do this. and they know that they can be successful because almost everybody that tries seems like they have an opportunity to be successful. so i think schools need to really focus on this. the state needs to focus on this and the federal government needs to focus on this. >> todd: is there an appetite in this country for what i was calling for which is an officer in every school or are politics going to play too big of a role? some people think those officers are triggering to students, when quite frankly, a.g. paxton who
2:59 am
cares how the kids feel when this is the consequence in front of your screen where people are dying? >> yeah. look. the politics shouldn't matter. what should matter is what is going to work? what's going to protect 19 children and two teachers from being dead, you know, within minutes of a gunman walking into the school. there is no doubt if somebody there armed, several people armed, and trained, there would have been the potential to eliminate some of the loss that we had yesterday. that, in the end, is the goal. >> carley: we have about 30 seconds remaining. i just want to end on your general thoughts to the parents who are suffering right now across the state and, of course, particularly in uvalde, texas. >> look, i can't imagine how they feel. i have got four children. that call is the worst call you can ever possibly get. i'm sad for them. i feel pain for them knowing what it would be like to lose one of my own children.
3:00 am
so we're definitely thinking about those families. we are praying for those families. we care about those families and fellow texans and fellow americans. >> carley: we echo that sentiment. a tight-knit community going through so much right now. attorney general ken paxton, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> carley: with that "fox & friends" starts right now. >> todd: bye-bye. ♪ >> ainsley: we start with a fox news alert. tragedy in texas, at least 19 children and two teachers killed in a shooting at robb elementary school? uvalde, texas. this morning, we are learning of the names of some of those killed. xavier lopez was a fourth grader, he was only 10 years old. he accepted an award at the school with his mother just hours before the shooting, the last time she saw him alive. and the associated press reports 8-year-old u z iah garcia is also among the dead two. teachers were also


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