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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  May 25, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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an impossibly difficult and emotional situation. we appreciate your work and thank you for being with us this morning here on "fox & friends." we'll be continuing coverage all throughout the day, obviously. >> ainsley: take over after our show. thank you for watching. just keep it on fox and we'll continue to keep you updated with new developments. >> we can't get anything, anything as little as they're okay, they're not okay, we're still waiting. no information has been released to any of the parents here. >> there are kids possibly held at the funeral home and that's what brought me over here to find out what's going on. i'm scared and worried and trying to find my baby. >> my heart was broken today for our small community and we need your prayers to get us through this. >> good morning, everybody.
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desperation and anguish as families are dealing with enormous emotions. 19 children at least are dead and two adults as well. good morning. dana has time off. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. julie, welcome back to our program. >> good morning. i'm julie banderas and you're watching "america's newsroom." >> this scene a horrific scene at the robb elementary school. about 80 miles west of san antonio, officials saying the shooter barricaded himself inside a classroom. officials say the victims were all in the same fourth grade room. the rampage ending we're told after a border patrol agent rushed into the school without waiting for backup and forced entry into that classroom that killed the attacker. >> the massacre entering the record books as the second most deadly school shooting in u.s. history following sandy hook 10 years ago. the "new york post" front page echoing that horrific day in newtown, connecticut.
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>> now the focus on the latest tragedy to grip america. the victims are identifying them. the suspected gunman is 18 years old. his name is salvador ramos, apparently he was living in the town of uvalde, a town of 16,000 people. that's a small town in america and certainly people within that town knew this 18-year-old. we're trying to piece together the story where he apparently fired his gun at his grandmother and she is clinging to life at the moment. as we piece that together let's get to our camping. bill melugin was one of the first on scene late yesterday afternoon and begins in uvalde this morning. good morning. let's try to go by piece by piece based on what we're learning. a news conference won't be held
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until this afternoon. based on what we think we know, let's begin. >> good morning to you. we know this investigation is really starting to crank into high gear now. police are serving search warrants and going through phone records and checking social media trying to get in touch with relatives of the shooter and conducting traces on firearms trying to complete the picture of what happened here and what might have motivated this shooter to do this. take a look at this video. it is posted to social media a short time after the shooting took place. it shows the shooter going into robb elementary school. law enforcement forces say he was wearing tactical body rifle and with a rifle. 18-year-old salvador ramos. he shot his grandmother before going to the school. she is critical as of this morning and has not died, still in critical condition. he then went to the school with
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that gun and started shooting indiscriminately at children and teachers. take a listen to some of this 911 dispatch audio. >> as you look at video here of children evacuating the school in aftermath of the shooting keep in mind robb elementary school serves second, third and fourth graders. they're predominantly 7, 8, 9 and 10-year-olds. unfortunately we're being told by texas dps a lot of carnage took place for the most part one single classroom. a classroom that the shooter went into the school, barricaded himself into a fourth grade class and we're hearing many of the casualties happened in that one single classroom. as you look at more scene video of the massive law enforcement presence that responded the big question yesterday was we were talking with multiple parents and loved ones waiting for any
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information whatsoever on their children on their little boys and girls, are they alive, deceased? they were waiting for anything. we saw people bawling, getting horrible news, notification. texas dps notifying us that all families have been notified as to whether or not their children are alive or deceased. all notifications have officially gone out. we're learning that as you mentioned off the top, this is now the second most deadly mass shooting at a school in u.s. history behind sandy hook in 2012. 26 people were killed in that shoongt. as of right now for the robb elementary school shooting we have 21 deceased. 19 children and two teachers. later on this afternoon at about noon local texas governor greg abbott will be out here to deliver remarks. >> thank you for that. listened to a lot of interviews with police down there.
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lieutenant olivarez will join us in a moment. did the gunman know any of the teachers or any relationship with any students at the elementary school? >> no indication yet but that is certainly something they are looking into. they are trying to figure out what, if any, connection there is to this domestic incident and why he ended up over at the school. again, this all started off with him shooting his grandma. he then drives over to the school, crashes and abandons the vehicle. texas dps tells us the first calls that came in were for a man with a rifle heading towards the school after he crashed the car. he then weren't inside, barricaded himself in the classroom and started shooting indiscriminately. i'm told local police responded within three minutes when they heard the gunfire. they tried to make entry but because he was barricaded two
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local police officers were injured by gunfire. an elite border patrol agent maiden tree with another team, a tactical team. they went in there and it is believed that agent shot and killed the shooter. bill, that's what this investigation is going to look into is what's the motive here? did he know anybody in the school? what is the nexus with this domestic incident? does it have anything to do with what he carried out at the school? there seems to be some element of premeditation. he went in with body armor and told he had a bag of ammunition with him. was heavily armed with a rifle. he went in there, locked himself in the class and horrifically we're being told almost all the casualties were in that one single classroom, a classroom of little fourth graders. >> one more and then i will let you get back to work. did he live with his grandmother? do we know that answer? do we know where his parents are? >> we do not know.
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that's one of the things that law enforcement is trying to do now is get in touch with his relatives. we have no information on what this domestic incident was or why he decided to shoot his grandmother in the first place. there are way more questions than answers right now. it is one of the reasons we're trying to go through his social media and trying to contact any relatives he has and really hoping the grandmother survives her injuries. she is in critical condition now. she could if she pulls through provide a lot of information and context as to what happened in the moments before this mass shoongt, bill. >> we'll talk to you throughout the morning and day as well. bill melugin on scene. back to julie for more. >> all right, bill. there are details on the victims of this horrific attack that are emerging this morning. gut wrenching details as the grieving parents for those children are identifying their loved ones. alexis mcadams joins us with more.
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>> the story just breaks your heart. small kids murdered while at school sitting in the classroom on a quiet afternoon. their families are posting tributes. they were looking forward to a fun summer in texas and now planning funerals. 10-year-old javier lopez and garcia. the kids were killed in the same classroom or either the same area of that school. two teachers including this woman here on the right. eva morales was killed. they are grieving the loss of the innocent lives. uvalde residents are also grieving. >> hard to see what's happened today here as a grandma. i can't imagine going through that with one of my grandkids.
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my heart is broken for the parents here in uvalde. >> those people you heard from were out in the same area parents trying to figure out if their kids were alive. its a small town and trying to figure out if their kids were okay. asking police and school district for answers. fathers of those young people including a 10-year-old girl were at the school trying to figure that out. listen. >> i can't get anything. we can't get anything as little as they are okay or not okay or we're still waiting. no information has been released to any of the parents here. >> now this morning we can tell you as you heard from the texas rangers there, they have notified all of the family members of these 19 kids and those two teachers. funeral homes in the city, i talked to one across the street from the elementary school. all funeral expenses will be covered but families are trying
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to figure out their next steps. >> last day of school was supposed to be tomorrow. alexis mcadams. >> president biden landing from his trip in asia and went after the gun lobby immediately. lucas tomlinson is from the north lawn this morning. >> good morning. after quoting scripture president biden went after the gun lobby. >> president biden: why are we willing to live with this carnage? why do we keep letting this happen? where in god's name is our backbone to the courage to deal and stand up to the lobbies? it's time to turn this pain into action. >> texas massacre taking place while the president was flying back from japan. biden spoke by phone with texas governor greg abbott to offer condolences and assistant. vice president harris spoke at
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a previously scheduled event. >> we have to have the courage to take action and understand the nexus between what makes for reasonable and sensible public policy to insure something like this never happens again. >> within hours the shooting in texas senate majority leader chuck schumer forcing votes in the coming days on legislation to strengthen background checks for gun purchases. it happened 10 years after sandy hook in connecticut. chris murphy weighed in. >> why spend all this time running for the united states senate. go through all the hassle of getting this jo, putting yourself in a position of authority if your answer is as the slaughter increases and kids run for their lives we do nothing.
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>> florida raised its minimum age to purchase a firearm from 18 to 21 and added a three-day waiting period. rick scott was governor at the time, bill. >> thank you for that. we'll get more news from there when it becomes available. with us now lieutenant olivarez the texas department of public safety and thank you for your time. you have been generous. i've seen you on several networks already today. a couple questions from me first. we are trying to get at motive here. this 18-year-old had a birthday about nine days ago. can you piece together what happened on that birthday and what has happened with his acquisition of weapons and ammunition over the past nine days? >> right, bill, good morning. we're trying to gather as much evidence as possible. also to determine a motive. what were the indicators. any red flags prior to the mass shooting? we're working closely with f.b.i., atf as well as local
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law enforcement again texas rangers the lead investigating unit trying to gather as much evidence as possible. a lot of unanswered questions now. 18-year-old shooter that was involved not only with this mass shooting at the school but also at a domestic disturbance where he shot his grandmother. he was residing with grand parents. he fled the scene and made his way to the school. there was a call that came into local law enforcement in uvalde, texas, there was reports of a crashed vehicle a and an individual running into the school with a long rifle. so much unanswered questions now. this 18-year-old we do know of was unemployed. did attend a local school here in uvalde, texas. we haven't been able to identify any friends, girlfriend. anyone that knows this individual. no criminal history or gang affiliation. a lot of questions what were the motives behind this mass shooting that took place? not only that but indicators as far as what caused him to shoot
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his own grandmother? >> is it true he purchased two ar-15s in the past three days? >> what we do know he was in position of a long rifle. we are working with atf to try to determine exactly the type of rifle, the capacity, when it was purchased and how it was purchased and how he was able to obtain this rifle. atf will make the determination and we'll continue to provide updates. that's one thing we need to understand as well is how he was able to get in possession of this firearm. there was no criminal hills tree or gang affiliation that would set off any indicators for him to make this purchase. >> i heard you say a rifle. was it just one weapon or more than one? >> as of right now, bill, we do confirm there is one rifle involved. the individual was in possession of when he conducted the mass shooting. we're trying to gather more evidence and processing the
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scene right now talking to witnesses and anybody that knew the shooter. also those involved in the school, teachers that were evacuated at the time of the shooting. again, a very active investigation right now. so much we need to put together, so many pieces and so many unanswered questions and we want to provide accurate information. >> hasn't been even 24 hours. did he live with his grandmother or parents and if so, are his parents together? do they live in that town, lieutenant? >> right. he was living with his grand parents. as far as to why he was living with his grand parents and how we're still trying to make that determination. but he was residing with his grand parents, in close proximity to the school and where the domestic disturbance originated inside the residence where he shot his own grandmother. she is critical condition right now and still alive. she will be a key witness to this investigation and able to provide any information as to
6:17 am
the background of the shooter as to what would have set off the shooter. any indicators to cause the mass shooting. >> i have a few more but want to bring in my colleague, julie banderas. >> thank you for talking to us. you were talking earlier how he lived with his grand parents. my question to you do we know if his parents reside in this country or if they do not? do they live in another country? do you know where they are? does anyone? >> right, i have not been provided with that information. i continue to receive updates as we go on but i can tell you right now that our lead investigators will identify his parents if they reside here or wherever, they'll be in contact and also identify history as what caused him to actually -- why he is not residing with his parents? why is he residing with his grand parents? we're working closely with law enforcement and continue to provide the updates.
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>> i understand a border patrol agent is the one who shot dead the armed gunman, the suspect. he stormed the school before backup even arrived after the gunman had barricaded himself in a fourth grade classroom. that man is a hero. that man or woman is a hero for possibly preventing many more lives from being stolen. i want to talk about the community. this is a predominantly hispanic, underprivileged community. from what i understand, many of the students that go to this elementary school are in fact the children of border patrol agents. what can you tell us about that? >> right. this is a very small border community, a tight knit community. everyone knows each other. law enforcement, everybody inside this community now all know each other. i want to touch base what you mentioned earlier. there were multiple law enforcement officers that responded to the scene. all officers are heroes. they put their lives on the line between the sheert and
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these children to prevent any further loss of life. initial officers on scene prior to the specialized tactical team that arrived that were able to kill the shooter but those are the heroes as well. they were on scene and met with gunfire initially but able to evacuate other children and teachers by breaking windows to preserve any further loss of life when the specialized tactical team arrived consisting of border patrol. they maze forcible entry into the classroom. they received gunfire as well. one was shot and released from the hospital yesterday. everyone that responded to the scene and volunteers and support we have received right now everyone is a hero to this day and we want to continue to provide the support and mourn the loss for these victims and families for this tragic incident in uvalde, texas.
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>> no matter how much training you have, no amount of training could ever prepare you for walking into a scenario saufps this one. my last question for you is what is the protocol for school shootings in the state of texas? because as you know, school shootings and shootings in general and mass shootings are on the rise in the state of texas. in this school in particular, is there security in place? and what are the protocols in place for potential shootings like this one? >> right, julie. i can't get into too much detail what policies or proceed irs or training provided to this school here in uvalde. generally speaking most of the schools in the state of texas receive some type of active shooter training with law enforcement and officers assigned to schools to be table respond to an active shooter
6:21 am
situation. to determine what the protocols were in place for this particular schools and what security measures were in place as well. we're working together with the local school here as well. we're gathering surveillance cameras. any evidence we can put together to find out why this took place and how the shooter was able to make entry into the school. >> lieutenant, there was a report late last night that he posted online that something to the effect that the kids should watch out. do you know what that meant and were there any known threats to the school? >> you know, bill, you've been receiving that information as well and circling on social media. we haven't been able to confirm that with the texas rangers. if that's the case they will be able to gather that evidence as well and use it for this case. if that's the case and we are able to confirm it, it will be a significant indicator as to what caused the mass shooting and what was behind the motive behind this. >> he went to the local high
6:22 am
school, we know that. did he also attend this elementary school? >> that we do not know, bill. trying to put together a timeline as far as how long he has been here in uvalde. >> you are welcome to say we don't know and that is entirely acceptable especially in these early hours here. you said on another network earlier today that he went to one classroom and all the deceased are in that one room. so that would mean the 19 kids and two teachers were all dead in one single room. did anyone survive inside that room and do you know if this killer knew any one of the adults. >> we don't know if there was any affiliation with children or teachers into the skoo. he made entry into the school and
6:23 am
he barricaded in a classroom. officers were met with gunfire. as he was barricaded inside the classroom. a typical classroom settings where you have mass groups of children and teachers inside a classroom with nowhere to go but the doorway. it was blocked by this gunman and he started shooting children and teachers inside the classroom goes to show how evil the shooter is and complete disregard of human life right now. complete tragedy. >> you said there was forced entry into the room. i assume they busted down the door eventually. is that what happened? >> yes, right, bill. it was the specialized team comprised of u.s. border patrol and local law enforcement able to gain forcible entry. that border patrol agent was met with gunfire on entry but able to successfully shoot and kill the suspect to prevent any further loss of life. >> lieutenant, thank you so much for your time.
6:24 am
you have been very generous for us and many others. good luck. this is really tough stuff. i was on the scene at sandy hook 10 years ago. these moments you will never be able to erase from your mind, lieutenant. we'll talk to you later today. thank you for your time. >> thank you, lieutenant. >> 23 past the hour. we'll get back to this news in texas, again the press conference from the governor, greg abbott, will not happen for several hours and we'll be at the press conference when we and many others will find out a bit more information. we'll work through it together and let you know what we know when we know it. the families in texas are waking up to the unthinkable this morning and so are we. back with more next.
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6:30 am
stop you in your tracks and these people need as much strength as we can send them in a town of 16,000. it has been changed forever. back to uvalde in a moment as we gather that information and we'll give it to you. there is other news and we want to touch on that now. >> julie: meantime georgia governor brian kemp celebrating a landslide victory in the republican primary. incumbent easily defeated trump endorsed challenger david perdue. charles watson is live in atlanta with the latest on this. hi, charles. >> good morning. it turned out to be a pretty early night for trump-backed former georgia senator david perdue who conceded the republican gubernatorial primary less than two hours after results started coming in. brian kemp winning that contest pretty handily over perdue bringing insofar north of 70% of the vote and interesting, julie, perdue tried to make
6:31 am
this race about the republican electoral meltdown in georgia in 2020. kemp wanted no part of rehashing the 2020 election and stuck to talking about his record and that was a message that apparently won over voters. incumbent governor is poised to face democratic nominee stacey abrams in the general election, a rematch from their first bout in 2018 and could sew up divisions in the gop. >> kemp is a much better choice than stacey abrams. we'll get behind our governor. >> tonight we want to make sure that stacey abrams will not be our governor or the next president. >> former president trump's political power did prove beneficial for football great herschel walker who cruised to victory in a six-way republican primary battle for u.s. senate. but he walked into the general
6:32 am
election with questions from within his own party about his electability. certainly as he is poised to face democratic senator rafael warnock who has amassed tens of millions of dollars for a showdown in the fall. >> bill: let's bring in newt gingrich and knows georgia well. get a rematch now. kemp and abrams from 2018. a couple of things i want to point out. she made that comment the other day about the worst place to live and kemp jumped on that last night and the numbers for the turnout. georgia had that major league baseball game, all-star game taken away from it and moved to colorado but look at this early vote turnout. republicans nearly 1.2 million in 2020. up 96% increase, democrats up 29%, okay. they're up a third. what do you think we learned, sir? good morning to you. >> first of all we learned that
6:33 am
the baseball system owes georgia a major league baseball game and an all-star game and delta and coke and others who sold out georgia owe a big apology to the people of georgia. the reforms that were passed worked and the fact is, it was a very good election. better election than pennsylvania which is still counting votes. you also have to say brian kemp ran a very, very good, very effective race. i think he is now poised to defeat stacey abrams pretty decisively. she may find it easier living in new york city or los angeles where she raises most of her money. so maybe by that standard she doesn't love living in georgia. a lot of people in georgia won't love having a governor who doesn't love her own state. i think that was kind of a weird thing. i think herschel walker may be the most important senate candidate in the country because he would represent such a dramatic change in the senate.
6:34 am
given his -- he is a guy who competes and wins and who would stand up for what he believes in no matter what. other than the governor's race in georgia president trump had a pretty good night almost everywhere. he did very well in arkansas, he did very well in texas, he did very well in a variety of places. he is about to have his nominee win in pennsylvania, dr. oz will finally eke out a 700-voc margin out of i think 800,000 votes. amazing primary in pennsylvania. >> bill: just on that point i think what kemp will say about stacey abrams she wants to run for president of the united states. he has made that clear. she wants to get this job and leapfrog. it will be an interesting race to watch. on the trump aspect, he campaigned hard against kemp and he campaigned hard against raffensperger, the secretary of state. both of them won. kemp easily. raffensperger by a smidge but
6:35 am
nonetheless they did. does that tell us much knowing how public and vocal he was and what georgia has gone through over the past year. >> what it says is governor kemp using the power of the governorship raised an enormous amount of money ran a negative campaign that purdue couldn't answer because he didn't have the resources and raffensperger was on kemp's shoulders. a lot of people thought raffensperger would pull down kemp but you have to give kemp a lot of credit. faced with a crisis of his career he rose to the occasion and it's the only place i know of right now as i'm racking my brain where somebody has stood straight up and you have to be honest and say he won, trump lost. trump won a number of other races in georgia and had a lot of people he endorsed get elected but the news media nationally will overstate it but frankly speaks well of kemp both as a politician and
6:36 am
governor and sets him up to win very decisively against staci. i think she will lose by a much bigger margin than she lost four years ago. >> bill: newt gingrich, thank you. >> you don't take your kids to school thinking it was the last day you would see them. >> i see cops when i opened the door and i hear two gunshots and then after that they told us to get up and go to the back of the stage. >> seeing all these parents with their loved ones and some of them -- some of them made it, some of them didn't make it and it is terrifying. >> it just breaks my heart. it breaks my heart. i didn't expect anything like this would ever happen here. >> julie: close knit texas community torn apart this morning after a depraved gunman killed 19 children and 2
6:37 am
teachers in an elementary school yesterday. we'll bring in lawrence jones. he is on the ground in uvalde, texas, where you traveled to overnight to be there today. i can't imagine the mood. i cannot imagine what people are feeling. what are you seeing there on the ground? >> it's a somber mood and one that doesn't only hit my heart strings because there were children that were essentially assassinated, innocence were targeted but it is my home state and just the sheer fact that family members weren't able to get the call about their loved one. their child because they couldn't even identify the child. that's how grew some the crime scene is. they continue to process it. i'm glad all the family members have been notified and we can start the healing process and figure out the motivation
6:38 am
behind the suspect. he shot his grandmother. that tells you he is already demented but took it a step further. after he crashed his car he went and targeted 18 young people and it is truly gruesome. >> bill: what we learned from olivarez a moment ago is he was living with his grand parents and so we assume the grandfather is capable of speaking. we don't have much information on his own family, immediate family, anyway. but as you look around there, how big is this school? and as you look around, do you see many family members that have come this morning or was most of that grueling process carried out yesterday? >> most of that aspect was carried out yesterday when they were trying to locate their loved ones. now that they've gotten the bad news. this is a small town.
6:39 am
a small area, many people -- we talk about the response of law enforcement being there in three minutes in a small town like this. i mean, that is incredible for them to be able to get here that soon. so the local law enforcement you have had a school official that was as a police officer in the school. then you had the border agent part of that special operations unit that went after the suspect and thank god killed that suspect. so the response time i think is something we should celebrate but we should also celebrate the fact that law enforcement went in and neutralized him, a, and b, what they had to do to identify these children. this is something -- one source said they've never seen a crime scene like this and never forget this crime scene. that's the type of crime scene we're dealing with today. >> julie: lawrence, what do we know about the border patrol agent who stormed the school and managed to get into the
6:40 am
barricaded classroom? we understand that he was waiting backup but went ahead. his judgment was get in there and take down the shooter before backup arrived. do -- we know he was shot but is okay and he is fine and was released from the hospital. >> and i'm waiting for that agent to be able to tell his full story because as you know what we're learning more is the gunman targeted one room and barricaded himself in that room and that agent went in there without any backup. not knowing if there was an accomplice or anything, ran toward the fire and in a climate where they are often demonized we need to appreciate law enforcement what they did. there could have been more people dead today if it wasn't for that special operations law enforcement officer. >> julie: a hero. >> bill: thank you. press conference three hours away and we anticipate we'll
6:41 am
get more information then. talk to you later. thank you, lawrence. >> julie: thanks. >> bill: in a moment here some other news to get to. this stunning report about an isis connected plot to assassinate former president bush. new details on how the plot would exploit the southern border. it is coming up next. >> for months and months and months the administration was telling us it was only mexicans and people from northern triangle across. it's just not true. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms and in clinical studies, had no substantial impact on weight. this is where i want to be. call your doctor about sudden behavior changes or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. elderly dementia patients have increased risk of death or stroke.
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>> julie: christopher wray will be testifying in front of the senate appropriations committee today amid multiple breaking stories. we expect him to speak about the massacre in texas fwut f.b.i. thwarting an isis connected plot to kill former president bush at his home in dallas. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon with all of this to explain. hi, jennifer. >> f.b.i. director as you mentioned christopher wray will face uncomfortable questions today while testifying in front of the senate appropriations committee at 2:00 p.m. eastern. his testimony comes a day after we learned that the f.b.i. uncovered a plot to kill former president george w. bush.
6:47 am
the perpetrator, iraqi citizen who entered the u.s. on a tourist visa in the final months of the trump administration went so far as scouting president bush's dallas home and library. affiliated with isis according to the affidavit, the iraqi man is under arrest after engaging in undercover f.b.i. team. 52-year-old shihab was living in columbus, ohio, a spokesman for president bush i shall ooufd the following statement. president bush has all the confidence in the world in the united states secret service and law enforcement and intelligence communities. the alleged perpetrator recruited four iraqi nationals who he wanted to smuggle into the united states through the southern border. shihab entered the united states in september of 2020 on a visitor visa and in march 2021 he fade claim for asylum with the united states citizenship which is pending review. this discovery has alarmed
6:48 am
lawmakers. >> we already have a border problem we all know about. this puts it in very plain terms. here you had terrorists who were planning to come to the united states and commit a heinous act on a former president. my former boss and they were going to choose to come across the mexican border because that was the easier way to get access to our country. >> a recent d.o.d. inspector general report describes the rising threat to the homeland in the wake of the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan quote, if isis-k is able to continue to exploit a reduced counter terrorism environment it will likely be able to establish external operations capabilities targeting the west including the u.s. homeland in the next 12 to 18 months. we'll be listening to the hearing at 2:00 p.m. eastern. julie. >> julie: jennifer griffin, thank you. >> bill: want to bring in new york republican ranking member of the house homeland security committee. i just have a few things here. do you know how far along this
6:49 am
plot got? >> it was quite involved and i know there was substantial amount of chatter that was intercepted on whatsapp and other internet chains. part of the plot included trying to get people to come across the southern border. was really important about that is the bad guys know the southern border is open and they're figuring out ways to exploit it. it took us a year to get the statistics from the department of homeland security about the number of people on terror watch list seized at the border last year. up to 35 nou. it stands to reason others have gotten through and now confirmed bad guys are trying to use the southern border to get bad people into this country. >> bill: an excellent point. just the idea that they were thinking of the southern border is substantial enough. >> right. and that's the point, right? it's my worst fear about this
6:50 am
administration's lack of border policy. they're looking at the southern border as wide open and bad guys are coming across. a matter of time before something like this will happen god forbid. thank god the agents interrupted the plot and make no mistake about it. there are probably others and we have to be vij lanlt. i don't know what it will take for this administration to wake up and realize the border policies are making our country much less safe. >> bill: we were told up until yesterday there were 44 people on the terror watch list who have crossed into the country from the southern border. can we account for those 44 people today? >> no. there is one example. someone crossed -- came across and realized after he came across was on a terror watch list and took them two weeks for some reason to go and arrest him when he they found him in florida. it just goes to show you they do not have operational control and do not have a handle on the people coming across and they
6:51 am
are nrifrting with fire. god forbid something bad happens. its he owe too late then to safe i told you so. we want to stop this nonsense. i hope the administration will come to its senses. they seem hell bent wanting to keep an open border and putting the american people in danger as a result. >> bill: the republican congressman with me. thank you. >> thank you. >> when parents drop their kids off at school they have every expectation to know that they will be able to pick their child up when that school day ends. in the state of texas is in morning with them for the reality that these parents are not going to be able to pick up their children. >> julie: greg abbott grieving over the worst school shooting since sandy hook. the latest on the devastated families and the investigation still ahead.
6:52 am
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6:57 am
>> julie: new york city breathing a sigh of relief after the suspect wanted in the deadly subway shooting turned himself in. police were looking for andrew abdullah in connection with the attack. daniel enriquez was killed heading to brunch. >> we have to go back to normalcy. that should be our goal. in order to do that, nta, nypd, albany, the mayor, the governor, they all have to work to find out what they can do the minimize this crime and address it. >> julie: eric shawn is live in new york city here with more. hi, eric. >> hello, julie. police call it an unprovoked killing.
6:58 am
the crime victims advocate say is the failure of progressive criminal justice policies in new york city. that suspect 25-year-old andrew abdullah has a long rap sheet. he turned himself in on sunday for the subway killing. he was pacing in the subway car muttering about a phone. pulled out a gun and fired a shot at daniel enriquez. a goldman sachs bank employee on his way with his family to sunday brunch. >> his repeat offenses were not enough to keep him off the streets. his criminal history stretches back to 2016 and includes charges of felony assault, robbery, attempted murder and a still open gun charge from two years ago. >> according to the "new york post" the criminal record includes 19 arrests. he served 2 1/2 years for conspiracy and a tempted
6:59 am
weapons possession in a gang case. and had open cases for vehicle theft in april and alleged assault and that prosecutors asked for a bail of $15,000. the judge let him out on bail of $1. victims advocates say progressive prosecutors have failed to protect new yorkers. >> i can't believe somebody with his record was on the street as long as he was and this never should have happened to begin with and we need to keep people that are dangerous as he is locked up. >> abdullah surrendered with the help of a brooklyn bishop who says he has mental health issues. abdullah is expected to be back in court later today. julie. >> julie: eric shawn, thank you. >> a lot of unanswered questions right now. we know it's an 18-year-old shooter involved not only with
7:00 am
the school but domestic disturbance where he shot his grandmother. he was residing with his grand parents. the 18-year-old we do know of was unemployed, attended a local school here in uvalde, texas. we haven't been able to identify any friends, girlfriend, anyone who knows the individual. no criminal history or gang affiliation as well. >> bill: that from the past hour. another school shooting horror in uvalde, texas, 80 miles west of san antonio and 60 miles from the u.s./mexican border. grieving families and community and entire nation mourning today. our coverage continues. i'm bill hemmer. brand-new hour begins now. dana has the day off today and julie welcome back to our coverage here. good morning. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. yesterday's massacre was the second deadliest school shooting in u.s. history. a grim reminder of sandy hook 10 years ago.
7:01 am
19 children lost, two teachers also killed and two police officers wounded. that 18-year-old suspect shot and killed by a border patrol agent who rushed into the building. >> bill: as we start to learn more about the victims, all were killed inside a single fourth grade classroom at the robb elementary school where bill melugin continues our coverage in a new hour that begins now. bill, good morning. what more have we learned? >> good morning to you. just a few moments ago got a brand-new update telling me there are still 17 people injured as a result of this mass shooting, specifically university health in san antonio hospital are reporting they're still treating a 10-year-old girl in serious life threatening condition. they're treating a 10-year-old and 9-year-old both in good condition and they are treating a 66-year-old woman who is in serious life threatening condition. that is believed to be the shooter's grandmother. texas dps says he shot her in
7:02 am
the face before he went over here to this school to commit this mass shooting. as you take a look at the drone video we shot at the scene as soon as we got here yesterday. the latest where this investigation is. law enforcement say police are serving search warrants going through phone records, going through social media, as you heard they are trying to contact any friends or relatives in the shooter. they have been unsecond sus f*el so far. texas dps the only one they know now is the grandma. no friends, no girlfriend. they describe him as a loner, no criminal history or gang affiliation. not a lot to go on right now. the shooter going into the school yesterday identified as 18-year-old salvador ramos, a local in uvalde who police tell us again the only person they know who has a connection to him now is the grandma who he shot in the face and he did that shortly before he arrived at the school. he went in with body armor and
7:03 am
rifle and started shooting indiscriminately at children and teachers inside the school. take a listen to the 911 dispatch audio. >> as you look at the video of children evacuating from the school we repeated this multiple times but it is important. this school serves second, third and fourth graders, incredibly young children. 7, 8, 9 and 10-year-olds and the morbid details we're getting from the shooting is this shooter went into one single fourth grade classroom, locked himself in, barricaded it and essentially almost all of the cash -- casualties were from the one single classroom. 19 dead children. two dead teachers. as you look at more video of the aftermath of the scene there. the big question has been parents, loved ones trying to
7:04 am
get information on their children. we're now sadly finding out that some of the parents and loved ones we interviewed last night looking for their little children have gotten the worst news you can get, those children did not survive unfortunately. incredibly difficult, heart wrenching, life changing news. a lot of families in uvalde, texas are getting today. back here live i'm also hearing from law enforcement sources that a lot of those first responders who went in there yesterday, the local officers as well as the border patrol agent and team are really struggling with what they saw in there. we don't want to go into the details but by all accounts we're hearing it was a horrible scene and you have to keep those law enforcement officials in our thoughts tonight. what they had to witness is just absolutely horrific in there, bill. >> bill: one can only imagine. simple question, bill. yesterday there was a civic center where many parents went. is that still open and available today or is there a central meeting place for
7:05 am
families who have questions? >> we believe they are still using that civic center. we are at the school now and not over there looking at everything going on. they want to keep the media away from the families which is entirely understandable. yes, as of yesterday and this morning we know they did have a room in there where they were privately notifying these families and when we were there yesterday, really some of the toughest scenes i've seen in may career of these people bawling and getting these calls and notifications and walking out of that building their lives had changed forever and the worst news imaginable. texas law enforcement do tell us now all victims have been identified and all notifications have gone out to these families, bill. >> julie: i have a question. do you know how police found out that the grandmother was shot in the first place? >> we do not. we heard that potentially they
7:06 am
heard gunshots and went inside but we're waiting for details on that. we want to know what was the issue with the domestic dispute. what kind of a guy shoots his own grandma in the face, right? we're waiting for more details on that especially to find out what if any connection there was to that shooting or the school shooting. there was premeditation here. he had a lot of ammo and body armor and went in with a rifle and locked himself in the classroom and essentially started shooting indiscriminately. they are really hoping the grandma survives her injury to give more context how that day started. latest update she is in serious, life threatening condition fighting for her life in san antonio. >> bill: there is a report out there about this 18-year-old killer that he was shy. that throughout the course of his time through education, high school and before that
7:07 am
that he was bullied and troubled. the reports say he had a tough family life, moving between his own mother and his grand parents and back again and had a bit of a torn relationship with his mom. has any of that been repeated to you or other reporters down there working this story? >> not those specifics but it certainly matches up with what texas dps told us about 10 minutes ago. he fits the profile of a loner, they are having trouble finding any family, any friends for him, no girlfriend, nobody has come forward to say they know him. really the only person they have identified is his grandmother. they can't even find any biological parents or anything like that. he was unemployed at the time of the shooting, no criminal history, no gang affiliation. he did go to school here in uvalde in years past but they don't know a whole lot about him right now and they don't have these family members they are able to talk to to gain more insight now and why they
7:08 am
are going through his phone and social media really trying to find out anything they possibly can. based off the description you said to me, bill, yes, that's exactly what texas dps he fits the profile of a loner. >> bill: bill melugin on scene. back to you shortly, bill. the press conference three hours away and will cover that when it begins. back to julie now. >> julie: let's bring in former d.c. homicide detective ted williams. thank you for coming on this morning to talk about this tragedy. i want to put up on the screen what we know about the suspect and you fill in the blanks as to what follows in this investigation. we know the suspect who was shot and killed by border patrol agent was a student at uvalde high school and legally purchased two rifles shortly after turning 18 years old. his birthday was nine days ago. he shot and critically injured his grandmother and at this point we don't know a motive. i was just asking bill melugin
7:09 am
how the police were alerted to the shooting of the grandmother since that was the beginning of his crime spree. where do you start as an investigator and homicide detective in all of this? >> well, sadly you have to work backwards. you have to try to find out as much as you can about this shooter and what i mean by that is you have to talk to people who may or may not have known him. he had to have been on somebody's radar screen. when i say somebody, i mean citizens out there, julie and bill. what happens normally when somebody acts out like this, somebody in the community knows something. this is the reason we say when you see something, you have to say something. in this instance, they are scrubbing his social media
7:10 am
sites and checking and hoping that the grandmother will survive her shooting so she can provide some information. there is some information that his mother may live in the north dakota area so i'm sure they are trying to contact those family members also, julie. >> julie: we also want to commend the police work on the ground. a border patrol agent stormed the building and went into that classroom where the student had barricaded himself, backup hadn't arrived. they arrived minutes later. everyone on the ground incredible police work. >> incredible. and julie, this is what we need to understand. we hear about police officers, law enforcement officers being demonized daily. and we see here the best of law enforcement officers. these law enforcement officers ran toward the danger. they ran into that classroom.
7:11 am
they tried to save as many students as they possibly could. they shot this guy. but this is the problem, julie, these law enforcement officers are human and they will be scarred by this. i understand there are 17 that are in the hospital. those individuals are also going to be scarred by what they observed yesterday in uvalde, texas there at that elementary school. >> bill: ted, you've been listening to a lot of our coverage not just today but yesterday and late into the evening hours last night. have you been able to piece together the level of security that was used, the physical structure of this building? >> you know, really have not. i was on with neil cavuto when this matter broke for us on fox and we were talking about it at the time that it was only two and that would have been two too many. then it was 14 and then into the night we learned that 19
7:12 am
individuals or young kids had been shot and two adult teachers. and one of the things we're trying to figure out and law enforcement by the way is also trying to figure out, was that school actually targeted? we know once he shot his grandmother, he took off in his truck. at some stage he wound up ditching the truck in a ditch. he got out and he had this full body armor to some degree and headed straight toward this school and got into the fourth grade classroom and started shooting. can you just imagine what these children, the children that died and the children that are living, what they went through? it was a living hell in that classroom. >> bill: the reason i asked that question, there was a report earlier a lot of these schools have gone to lockdown systems and there is one way to get in and one way to get out.
7:13 am
apparently based on one report that there was one door that was open and he chose that door. if that's true, he knew the building he was going into. that's the point. >> he may very well, bill, have known this building. i think this clearly is all a part of the investigation. i heard you on earlier, bill, what you said you covered sandy hook. i can tell you, in 2007 i was up at virginia tech when 32 individuals were shot. i was at the nightclub there in florida when individuals in a mass shooting. and the one thing we all want to know is, what was the motive? why would another human being go in and just massacre young children? that's all a part of this investigation also, bill and julie.
7:14 am
>> bill: ted, thank you. without words for now. thank you, ted. >> julie: thank you. >> i agree with you, my friend. >> julie: less than 24 hours after the horrific school massacre the judiciary committee is holding a confirmation today on the second pick to run the atf. he is expected to face questions on this and other recent mass shootings. chad pergram is live on capitol hill with more on this. chad. >> as you say, this is president biden's second attempt to confirm someone to run the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. chipman withdrew facing opposition last september. the senate has only confirmed one atf director since 2006. democrats railed against inaction on guns after the shooting. >> what are we doing? more mass shootings than days
7:15 am
in the year. our kids are living in fear. every single time they set foot in a classroom because they think they'll be next. >> following sandy hook the senate considered multiple rules on guns. republicans took issue with democrats trying to undercut second amendment rights. >> i had this reaction, i would any time there is anything that comes up they want to blame guns. >> senate democrats are trying to launch debates on a bill to prevent domestic terrorism in the aftermath of the shooting in buffalo but expect a gop filibuster. >> can you imagine how they would scream if democrats were soft on terrorism and yet they are doing exactly the same things themselves? >> senate majority leader chuck
7:16 am
schumer a prepping two bills on background checks and face a filibuster. he was on the senate floor a few moments ago and he said there is a plague upon this nation. julie. >> julie: chad pergram, thank you. >> my heart was broken today for a small community and we will need your prayers to get us through this. >> bill: an outpouring of grief across the country. devastated town searching for answers as to what happened there. we're learning more about the very young victims and the disturbing new details about that 18-year-old killer. veteran homeowners. skyrocketing home prices are breaking records. now is the time to turn your home equity into cash. you can get at least 25% more cash at newday
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7:21 am
getting guns off our streets. one democrat's determined to get it done. attorney general rob bonta knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california.
7:22 am
>> julie: results are in from a big night of primaries, incumbent brian kemp easily defeating a challenge from trump-backed former senator david perdue in georgia's republican gubernatorial primary. while a runoff in texas's 28th district between democratic congressman cuellar and cisneros is too close to call. we find aishah hosni with the latest. >> good morning to you, julie. we expected this. we knew it was coming. the gop race for u.s. senate here in alabama is headed to a runoff next month. we're expecting katie britt facing off with representative mo brooks who announced last night that he was back from the dead two months after president
7:23 am
trump took back his endorsement. >> enough about the past. we have a runoff in 28 days. that's how long this game is. 28 days. one month, june 21st, and we are going to prevail because america needs us to prevail. >> in alabama's gubernatorial race governor ivy avoided a runoff beating eight other republicans to seal the nomination. democratic opponent yet to be decided in a runoff. in the west too close to call in texas. progressives haven't been able to oust henry cuellar there holding a narrow lead against jessica cisneros endorsed by bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and aoc. it is probably headed to a runoff. sarah sanders in arkansas following in her father's
7:24 am
footsteps securing the nomination for governor. >> i'm tired of watching arkansas be at the bottom in so many places that i know we deserve to be first. and i look forward to taking us there. >> julie, the texas school shooting weighing heavy on these campaigns. last night with katie britt telling me she is already pushing back on any calls for gun reform. julie. >> thank you very much. >> bill: want to get more reaction from last night's result. rnc chairwoman is ronna mcdaniel with me in studio. good morning. general sense what was your takeaway from last night? >> really high turnout and double absentee turnout in 2018. it isn't apples to apples. democrats didn't have a race in the senate on the gubernatorial side. you look at republican turnout. it was through the roof for primary. >> bill: some states get more attention because there is more -- there are more races, some
7:25 am
have higher priorities, some candidates are challenged, some are not. nonetheless in georgia you know how much attention has gone to the new voting law. in 2022 republicans were at 1.1 million. democrats at 700,000. when compared to the mid-term four years ago republicans up 96%, democrats up 29. your witness. >> exactly. and higher african-american turnout, asian turnout and hispanic turnout. as joe biden went down and called these laws racist. the exact opposite has been proven true through the results and much higher turnout across the board in georgia. >> bill: in georgia specifically. donald trump weighed in on a lot of these elections, just last hour he put out a statement i will read part of it. he says overall for the cycle 100 wins, six losses, some were not possible to win in two
7:26 am
runoffs. thank you and congratulations to all. where do you stand on that knowing how much he interjected trying to get perdue to speak kemp in georgia? >> he has changed races this year. vance won, budd won with trump's endorsement. in georgia what i heard from voters is they want to beat stacey abrams. they love drufrmd but wanted to make sure stacey abrams isn't their next governor. they put in kemp. you talked about enthusiasm. >> bill: the energy is on the republican sie.d >> it is. >> bill: is it maintained for five months? >> i think so because of inflation and high gas prices. we aren't seeing economic indicators that show that lives will be better in the next five months and not seeing biden address the angst and concern of so many americans now. >> bill: in pennsylvania the race is too close to call and
7:27 am
appears there is 985 votes i think it was as of last night. maybe a little less or more between oz and mccormick. will the state of pennsylvania allow ballots that are cast without a date to be counted? >> that will be litigated in the courts. the rnc stands by the pennsylvania law. we think states should abide by their laws. the law is it has to be dated. and you cannot count undated ballots. the pennsylvania supreme court ruled orn that earlier this year that undated ballots can't be counted. if we start changing rules after the game democrats will come in in november and try to change rules after the election. we want states to abide by the laws on their books so all the players in the field know what the rules are before the game is played. >> bill: it might be difficult for mccormick to catch oz. well oh -- >> we like them both. either one would be good. >> bill: i see a lot of very
7:28 am
interesting races, j.d. vance against tim ryan in ohio. oz or mccormick gets fetterman in pennsylvania and a rematch in georgia between stacey abrams and brian kemp that went down to the wire in 2018. >> herschel walker and warnock. we have great races. we are seeing that republican turnout is through the roof in the primaries. we saw it in georgia and it bodes well for us in november. >> bill: we shall talk many times between now and november. thank you for your time today. back to julie. >> president biden: how many little children who witness what happened, see their friends die, feel like they're in a battlefield? i'm sick and tired of it. we have to act. >> julie: president biden addressing the nation following the mass shooting at a texas
7:29 am
elementary school. reaction from washington coming up next. and then we are back on the ground in uvalde, texas, with the latest developments from the scene. lawrence jones will join us live next.
7:30 am
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7:34 am
>> the border patrol unit is the highest trained agents in the patrol and they respond to situations like barricade situations with shooting at the border. this unit, thank god, was nearby. at least one of them were able to get in there and take the subject out before he killed anybody else. >> bill: that's tom homan earlier today on our broadcast. the former ice acting director. lead border patrol unit stormed the elementary school in texas. 19 kids are dead. 2 adults dead all killed in the same classroom. the grief and anguish just beginning for the family members and lawrence jones,
7:35 am
host of lawrence jones cross-country is there on scene back in his home state. what's happening now, lawrence, where you are there? good morning again. >> we're just standing by waiting for the governor to make his appearance and give his press conference the local officials. texas rangers are leading this investigation. texas rangers are under the department of public safety. and we're just going to really need them to thread the needle. what they know. was there a manifesto? i have l.t. the pr person for the department of public safety that earlier today said he would be able to give us more information about that later. they are still processing the crime scene behind me. the vehicle that's the suspect used is still behind me. the big witness will be the grandmother. she was the first one shot. she is in stable condition. so they have to interview her and we'll wait for the press
7:36 am
conference giving us more details about those minors still in the hospital and we expect to see them pull through. it is still fast moving. the wounds are still open right now because a lot of these parents were just notified hours ago because they couldn't even identify the bodies because they had some dna they were finally able to make those notifications. still very early, bill, very early. >> julie: at this point the investigation is very early. we don't know a motive. bill earlier was talking about some details that we're learning slowly about this suspect, him maybe being a bit of a loner, a shy guy. we don't know where the parents are. maybe live in the dakotas. do we have what notified police to arrive at the grand parents'
7:37 am
home after the grandmother was shot? do we know where and how the crime spree began and how they were alerted to it? >> from my understanding, police got involved here on the scene when they heard the gunshots themselves. there has been a lot of misreporting saying there was a pursuit. there was not a car chase from the police. the police heard after he crashed right behind me and then he started to shoot some other folks at a funeral home. so after that they heard the shots. within three minutes they were on the scene and radioed for backup. we still don't know a lot about what happened at his grand parents' house. she is the eyewitness so they have to interview her to get information once they get her in a stable position. that was some wrong reporting that was put out there over
7:38 am
social media that a, there was a pursuit by the cops and then the other story put out there was border patrol was chasing this guy. that's not true. >> julie: do we know where the grandfather is, or no? >> we do not know that. we know the grandmother is in the hospital but from my understanding there hasn't been any contact with the grandfather right now. >> bill: you are in for a long day and people in the texas town are in for some very long years ahead. lawrence, thanks. back to you shortly. >> they are in our prayers. >> bill: no doubt. press conference in 2 1/2 hours. this from last night. >> president biden: to lose a child is like having a piece of your soul ripped away. there is a hollowness in your chest and you feel like you are being sucked into it. you will never be able to get out. we have to act. and don't tell me we can't have
7:39 am
an impact on this carnage. when in god's name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby? >> bill: that when the president arrived back from asia from the white house. want to bring in katie pavlich editor of town and fox news contributor. tough stuff to take in, digest and absorb together. what did you think of the emotional address from the president last night? >> well, bill, as the daughter of a teacher who spent 35 years inside of a vulnerable classroom i agree with the president says he wants solution and end the carnage and wants to prevent this from happening. federal legislation that we've had on the books before, which he did mention, has not prevented this from happening during the time period that it was in place. so there are big questions i think that everybody is asking about why is it that schools aren't protected in the same way that airports or banks or
7:40 am
stadiums are protected? and every school district is district. uvalde is a very small community and it happened obviously at colleges and bigger school districts but the federal government is not a one size fits all policy to solve this problem. but they can support local school districts with funding, a number of religious institutions qualify for grants from the department of homeland security to bolster security at their places of worship. that is something that should be addressed with schools and so the president was emotional, he blamed the gun lobby. i would say there is an argument to be made that the pro-gun control lobby also should be looked at in the sense there is a concerted effort over the last two or three years to take armed offices out of schools because they have firearms. there are local solutions the federal government can help with and a number of organizations out there willing and able to train teachers to be ready for an emergency
7:41 am
response and to issue deterrents and be an offense rather than on defense in these situations. >> bill: there was one measure that came out of sandy hook, the push for deeper background checks. it went a long way in congress but was not successful eventually. is there an appetite in washington for something like that to come back now? >> well, as we've seen in the past with the legislation that's been put on the table in response to a school shooting is that the -- i don't know if appetite is the correct word. i think lawmakers are looking for legislation that would actually do something to prevent this from happening and a lot of the background check legislation, some of which will be put on the floor by majority leader chuck schumer tomorrow wouldn't have addressed this specific issue or mass shootings in the pass. this person passed a background check. the idea we don't have
7:42 am
background checks, we do have background checks as we saw in new york, red flag laws already in place didn't work. there are not always these large overbearing keeping federal or state policies but there are things you can do at individual schools to react when these things happen and those things should certainly be considered. >> bill: katie, thank you. katie pavlich in washington more to come. julie. >> julie: the nation horrified by yesterday's deadly massacre at a texas elementary school. the mayor of uvalde joins us next. veterans. if you own your home, congratulations— home values and home equity are going up and up. thousands of veterans are turning their equity into an average of $60,000 with the newday 100 loan.
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>> bill: it is 10:47 in new york. we're two hours and 15 minutes away from the briefing with the governor of texas greg abbott at 1:00 east coast time. officers responding on the scene. the city's mayor is don mclaughlin. thank you for your coverage. i know there is a chopper overhead. julie and i will speak up and hopefully we can hear one another. sir, can you tell us about the
7:48 am
relationship that this killer had with his family? through the process we understand he was living with his grand parents but he was -- he still had a relationship with his mom but it appears that was strained. can you help fill in the pieces about his home life for us? let's begin there. >> i can't. i don't have the answers to that question at this point. something they are still piecing together. >> bill: was the grandfather in the picture? >> i believe the grandfather is deceased, i'm not sure i that. i believe. i don't know. >> bill: sir, where were you yesterday when you first got word of this and do you recall the moment when the shooter was identified to you? >> yeah. i was in my office. as soon as the call came out i came to the school where it was
7:49 am
and i was sitting at the hill crest funeral home yesterday. i just cried. i couldn't believe that there was somebody out there that could do something like this. my thoughts and prayers are with these families right now. >> bill: a lot more tears to come. last question and i will bring in julie as well. when you heard the killer's name, did you recognize it or did you recognize him? >> i didn't, i did not. he wasn't known to me. i didn't know him. >> bill: have you met anyone who did? >> i have talked to a few people that have known him and went to school with him. i talked to some parents of students that went to school with him but that's about as far as it's gone. somebody really said anything. >> bill: did they tell you much about his personality,
7:50 am
character and how well they knew him? >> no, they just said that when covid hit, he kind of dropped out of school and just kind of pulled back to himself. >> julie: so he was not currently enrolled in school? >> my understanding he was not currently enrolled in school. i could be wrong, but i understood that yesterday. >> julie: tell the us a little bit about your community. it is a small community, a close knit community i would imagine. it was a small school. a lot of the children were hispanic. many of them were the children of border patrol agents. you are right along the border. what is this community like? >> well, you know, uvalde is a strong community. naturally it will take a lot of healing for all of us. this is tough. but these families are our biggest concern right now. the one thing about uvalde, it is a strong community to help
7:51 am
come together for the families and our community and this will pass. it will take time but it will pass. >> julie: you were speaking earlier with the lieutenant and talking about how this is the kind of job that no lieutenant, no police officer could ever possibly prepare for, no border patrol agent who had to storm this classroom and shoot and 18-year-old dead to save future lives from being lost. what are you feeling and sensing from the police community there that had to deal with this horrific scene yesterday? >> look, nobody should have to see what these officers saw yesterday, nobody. and we got counselors coming into town and already here speaking to some of these officers. from what i understand they're talking to the officers and so forth. it was horrendous sight in that classroom and we had officers who had families that teach at that school and an officer with the school district who lost
7:52 am
his wife. it is just -- it's -- nobody should have to deal with that. my heart is out to all these officers. the other thing i would say thank god for the first responders. if they hadn't reacted as fast as they did it could have been much worse. >> bill: the security at the school. can you give us an understanding what the procedure was about students or teachers or adults or visitors? how do you get in and out of that elementary school? >> well, the elementary school, you were supposed to go through the office and come through the office. they have police officers at the different campuses. this particular individual from my understanding he climbed over the fence by a classroom and stormed the building and luckily there was some officers that were pursuing him already from where he shot his grandmother and then there were officers at the school, i think.
7:53 am
>> bill: there is a picture. >> they're piecing it all together. >> bill: did he go through the main area where the front office is located? >> no, he came in through the back of the school. >> bill: that door is unlocked and i wonder what protocol is at the school. >> i don't know if it was unlocked or not. i don't know if it was or wasn't or if he broke in or not. the protocol is usually i know the schools -- we go through all the doors are locked any time we've been there. >> julie: what's the relationship between the border patrol agents in this area? they're there to protect the border but they were at the school so quickly in order to respond to this emergency. are border patrol agents also expected to sort of secure the entire area including schools such as this? is this a common safety protocol in place if god forbid something like this were to happen to bring in border
7:54 am
patrol? >> well, the uvalde, we're very fortunate we have 141 border patrol agents stationed here that work at the various stations outside uvalde. they are a part of our community and blessing to our community. any time we've had a disaster or situation border patrol is right there on the spot unselfishly. they are there at the drop of a hat. like i said, our community loves our border patrol agents and we're thankful that we have them along with our sheriff and police department. >> bill: you said something a moment ago that is quite telling. he was being pursued by police after he left his grandmother's home. what was the timeline then from the moment she was shot, police are alerted and he arrives at the school? are we talking five minutes, 10 minutes? >> i don't think it was -- all i can tell you that i do know at this time he shot his
7:55 am
grandmother, he got in a car, wrecked his car here on grove street, there were officers coming around the corner as he wrecked his car and he fled his car and ran to the school. that's all i know at this time on that. >> julie: we've asked this before and maybe you would know the answer to this. so far we aren't quite sure. do you know what alerted police to the shooting at the grandmother's house? >> the grandmother was able to call and notify them. >> julie: she called 911, wow. now we know where it started. >> yes. >> julie: thank you so much for talking to us. >> bill: mayor, good luck to you. you said at the outset prayers and tears and a lot of them. don mclaughlin, thank you and good luck. >> thank you. >> julie: thank you, mayor. >> god bless you. >> julie: let's bring in martha maccallum, host of the "the story" to covering this. you'll do it on your show but such a sad story that once
7:56 am
sadly again we have to talk about on air. the second deadliest shooting in 10 years at a school. >> good morning, guys. this is so heart braerking. we have only seen a couple of the pictures so far of these children but they have just beautiful smiles, full of life, they were a couple days away from summer vacation and i just want to also commend you on that interview because you guys got a lot of information there from the mayor and we are still putting this together. because there are a lot of big question marks here about how all of this played out. there are some of the children and the teacher who is a wonderful woman by all accounts as well in the box below me right now. these families woke up yesterday morning, the last thing they ever thought was going to happen. that their whole lives would be changed and as the president said last night it doesn't get better.
7:57 am
andrew lost a daughter at parkland and he said i wish i could say it gets better. it doesn't. you just learn to live with it over time. the grandmother was shot, she called 911. that engaged police activity. there is also reporting that there was some school protection on or near that scene. then he crashes his car and the mayor just -- tell me what you guys thought. he just suggested he crashed the car because there were officers pursuing him. then he climbed over the fence. the school had already indicated that there was a shooter in the area and that everyone was on lockdown according to some early reports. the question is how did he get into the building? where were those officers when he got into the building >> bill: -- how much time did it take to carry out the
7:58 am
carnage with police around the situation? a lot of questions. >> bill: one thing i would take away. some of this may be right or some incorrect. if cops are in pursuit and he goes inside the school and barricades inside of a classroom because he knows at that moment he had already pursued by the police and he has run out of options and his mind is already sick and he has 21 people in the room, 19 of whom are second, third and fourth graders, two are adult teachers and the classroom that he chose may have been at random. there is -- so far there is no evidence to suggest he was after one of the teachers or adults or even one of the schools. that's where his trail led him at that moment. >> you know, it is just -- it is unspeakable to think of that
7:59 am
situation where, you know, in many cases children are trained what to do. we are going to hide in this area and barricade ourss in here and somehow he got into that classroom during that process. so your mind goes a lot of places and these poor officers who were able -- who did get in there and saw this we know they are having a really tough time today and completely understand that. the other thing that struck me just to mention is what the mayor said about how he dropped out of school during covid and never went back. now, we have an increase in the number of mass shootings in the country, 610 in 2020, in march of that year. 2021, 692, and the numbers are very high for 2022 now as well. you can't obviously attribute it all to any one thing but we've been hearing for a long time about the mental health effects of covid on teenagers,
8:00 am
on children, of the isolation. we don't know anything about his family. he was living with his grandmother. there are a lot of questions of what we've gone through. >> julie: every school in the country is revising its school shooting protocol i can guarantee you that. i got an email from our school principle they are meeting today to meet and pray it won't ever happen again. >> bill: our coverage continues now. here is harris. >> harris: a tough day for america as our nation is plagued by the death of our school age children at the hand of the killer. uvalde, texas is all of us together. heartbroken, reeling, hurting. the journeys of those parents whose little ones are gone is unimaginable. at this hour they're providing dna samples to identify the children.


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