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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  May 25, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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his family. he was living with his grandmother. there are a lot of questions of what we've gone through. >> julie: every school in the country is revising its school shooting protocol i can guarantee you that. i got an email from our school principle they are meeting today to meet and pray it won't ever happen again. >> bill: our coverage continues now. here is harris. >> harris: a tough day for america as our nation is plagued by the death of our school age children at the hand of the killer. uvalde, texas is all of us together. heartbroken, reeling, hurting. the journeys of those parents whose little ones are gone is unimaginable. at this hour they're providing dna samples to identify the children.
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i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the numbers are staggering. 19 children dead, 2 teachers dead. 17 others wounded at robb elementary in uvalde, 85 miles outside of san antonio, texas. what they are going through is beyond our comprehension but we are learning about the shooter. 18-year-old gunman entered the school reportedly through an unlocked door. he immediately went into a fourth grade classroom and opened fire. an elite border patrol agent who rushed into the school before police arrived exchanged gunfire with that teenage killer. that border patrol agent took the killer out. lieutenant chris olivarez with the texas department of public safety giving some details about the killer the border agent would have faced. >> once he made entry into the classroom.
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children and teachers inside the classroom and armed with a rifle with numerous rounds of ammunition. you have to give praise to the brave men and women of law enforcement that put their lives on the line between the shooter and those children to try to preserve any further loss of life. >> harris: the little students were two days away from their summer break. >> my heart is broken for the parents here in uvalde. >> such a tragedy, such an evil thing. you can't make any sense of it. >> seeing all these parents with their loved ones and some of them -- some of them made it, some of them didn't make it. and it's terrifying. >> harris: fox team coverage. tefx as attorney general ken paxton will join us in "focus." we begin with fox news correspondent bill melugin outside robb elementary in uvalde, texas. bill. >> harris, just a few moments ago we got brand-new
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information coming to us from texas state senator john whitt meier who received a briefing from the atf. according to the atf they say the shooter legally purchased two ar-style rifles here at local gun stores. one may 17th, one may 20th. roughly within the last week or so. one of those rifles was found in his truck crashed behind us. the other rifle was found inside of the school. we're told according to the atf on may 18th the suspect bought 375 rounds of ammunition, 556 ammunition and they found seven, 30-round magazines of the ammo inside of the school. unclear if it was spent ammunition or if those magazines were empty. they also say they found a backpack full of ammo that he dropped at the front entrance of the school.
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that's brand-new information we just got in the last 15 minutes kurt receive texas state senator who got the info as the result of a briefing from the atf. we'll give you the rest of the details of what we know. look at the video of the shooter going into the school yesterday. again he has been identified as a local 18-year-old salvador ramos. he shot his grandma in the face before he went to the school here. she have is still in serious life threatening condition this morning. you can see in the video shows him entering the school armed with what appears to be one of those rifles and he then went inside and started shooting indiscriminately. listen to the audio. >> as you look at video of children evacuating that school yesterday, this school services
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second, third and fourth graders. those are children mostly 7 and 8 and 910-year-olds and the horrific thing about the shooting. law enforcement says it took place in one single fourth grade classroom where the shooter went inside, barricaded himself and shooting and killing the children and teachers inside. the latest numbers, 19 children dead, two teachers injured. back out here live texas dps saying 17 other people who are injured as a result of this shooting. some of whom are in serious condition including a 10-year-old girl who is in serious condition being treated in san antonio as well as the gunman's 66-year-old grandmother being treated in san antonio. she was shot in the face and texas dps telling us they hope she pulls through to try to give some context as to why this happened, how this happened, what the domestic incident was before this shooting took place, harris.
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>> harris: before i let you go, i just want to try to understand what those parents are going through right nou. i mentioned off the top of this hour that they are providing dna samples for authorities to identify the children. where are many of the parents now? are they together? what is the course of action for them? >> at last check our understanding most of the parents, families, loved ones reuvalde civic center. they had a private room where all the loved ones were waiting for information and we saw some people come out of that room bawling and crying yesterday when the door would open up, it was dead silence in there. you could hear a pin drop. we are now told all notifications have been made and all victims identified. so now it's the families processing what they've been told. a lot getting phone calls that will change their lives forever, harris. >> harris: there is no repair
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process. you don't just get over it. it is heartbreaking, bill, thank you. ken paxton texas attorney general now. you and i have been together on some breaking news days and tough days. this has to be one of the worst of them. i want to get your top line thoughts. >> you know, tough day for me. i was finishing off my runoff yesterday looking forward to victory and i got this news and it was devastating. as a parent of four children i can't imagine dealing with this as a parent. you're right. there is no getting over this. it has no purpose. it is completely senseless and it is a sad day for texas and a sad day for americans. >> harris: how are you involved at this point? i would imagine -- you mention your four beautiful children. your family, as a parent you want to jump right in but there are some things your office, i would think, would be pulled into at this point. how does this work?
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we have border patrol, several different levels of authorities there on the ground in uvalde. >> our first involvement is to assist the victims of crime. we have a crime victims assistance fund funded by the legislature. i have people down there and about to leave after this interview to head down there with other staff of mine and our first focus is really taking care of these families, helping them in any way we can from medical to emotional to whatever assistance they need. we are down there to help them. and then any type of investigation or prosecution. the way it works in texas the local district attorneys have to refer it to us. if they ask for our help we'll step in and help them. >> harris: what is the process in terms of other schools in your state right now? all of the country as parents we were getting the notes late last night and early this morning to make the choice whether or not we want our children to go to school and there would be counselors which
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i thought we're 3,000 miles away probably from there here in new jersey. how does that work? what i do understand, attorney general paxton, this effects children. they are on social media and talking and exposed to it in different ways than we might have thought. >> i know the local counselors are available for anybody in that area. this affects children all over the country. parents, too. they have been concerned about their kids. when it happens you can't help wondering if your kids are safe while going to school. if i had kids still in school. i have grandchildren. it is hard not to wonder if this could happen to your child or grandchild. >> harris: i want to go to this. former acting ice director tom homan was talking about the unit that brought down the sheert. let's watch together. >> the men and women of vor tech are the most highly trained of law enforcement officers.
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their training is extraordinary and a volunteer thing. some of the finest marksmen in law enforcement and the training is 24/7. always willing to be deployed. this unit, thank god was nearby so at least one of the guys was able to get in there and take the subject out before he killed anybody else. >> harris: general general paxton. someone was fighting for those children's lives up until the very end and was able to take out that killer. your reaction. >> tom is right. this guy is a hero for what he did. there is no way to know how many lives he saved. potentially hundreds of children are alive and other teachers alive today because he got there, risked his own life and the guy deserves the medal of honor and the appreciation of everybody in that community and all americans for what he was willing to do to protect those children. >> harris: i want to give some details. we've been looking into the teenage shooter's background and a couple of things popped.
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a friend of his said he was horrified when the teenager showed up at a park back in 2020 with some slashes across the face and the two of them talked about it and one kid said to the other that, you know, you are crazy, browe, why would you do that? the teenager said he was doing it for fun. that friend told the "washington post" that the shooter now that we know him as that and another friend would owe indication nallly drive around his neighborhood at night to shoot random people with a b.b. gun and egg stranger's cars. what is your -- >> a lot of times it's hard to pay attention to warning signs. you don't expect people to take the next step. probably most people don't take the next step and do something like this kid decided to do yesterday. so i don't know exactly what the answer is as to knowing what -- when somebody is going to take this step especially if
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they've never done it before. that's why i think you have to go back to protecting the schools and more we can do to protect the schools by providing law enforcement. we have programs in texas that schools can adopt where teachers and administrators to protect the children. law enforcement -- there would be somebody at the school to fight back. >> harris: another thing we know if there is a cause of concern or for concern with an individual the schools have resources. the problem is you have to know when to flag those things and it is hard to tell the grandmother, though, we pray she survives. the first she shot. 66 years old. her situation wasn't changed much from my notes. but they are trying to keep her alive. she will have part of the story that nobody else has about her grandson. just real quickly next steps for you. you are heading to uvalde. >> we will get on a plane in an
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hour. we'll go to the governor's press conference and taking several staff members. already have people down there. we'll meet with families and figure out what's the best step we can take to provide assistance for them. that's what we are all about. when one of these situations occurs. we're just going to basic level just try to help these families deal with which is a horrible, horrific situation. >> harris: my prayers for you as you walk into that as well because whatever and whomever is able to touch that situation will be mightily needed today and a tough task for you. we'll get together again and can talk about your primary victory and all of that next time. now you head to uvalde. thank you for your time. >> thank you for those prayers, we need them. >> harris: thousands of illegal immigrants crossing our border daily. we know that of the already purchased border wall material is sitting around. our money.
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one senators wants to do something about that. democrats' mid-term election blues overa red wave. >> biden is creating an environment where it will be very hard for democrats to do anything except lose and georgia will be one of the states where i think democrats will suffer very substantial losses. >> harris: georgia primaries wrapping up yesterday with a mixed bag for trump-backed candidates. senator joni ernst of the great state of iowa is in "focus" next. by an average of $600 a month. call newday right now.
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>> harris: governor brian kemp defeated the donald trump-backed david perdue in a landslide. trump's choice for georgia
8:20 am
secretary of state congressman jody hice also fell to the incumbent brad raffensperger. raffensperger had been a main target politically for trump after his refusal to give in to trump's demand to overturn the state's election results. but there were some bright spots when it came to the former president's influence. football great herschel walker won his senate primary out of a field of six candidates very easily. he will face off now against democrat senator raphael warnock in november. the former georgia bulldog wasted no time taking on the left. >> they are ruining this great country. these people call themselves progressives. but this isn't progress. this is self-destruction. they control all the cities, defund our police, dress joe biden up as a woke outfit and he is walking around the white house as they push these
8:21 am
policies that are hurting americans. showing weakness to our enemies. >> harris: charles watson live in atlanta with more. >> good morning. more on that senate race in a second. you saw former president trump whose political power proved to be a little shaky in georgia after two of his endorsed candidates fell to secure wins in two of the most profile races in the state. david perdue took a beating from brian kemp who pulled in well north of 70% of the vote in the republican gubernatorial primary. this despite taking on attacks from perdue who laid the blame for the 2020 republican electoral meltdown in georgia squarely on kemp. the incumbanlt governor is set to go up against stacey abrams. >> make sure stacey abrams will not be our governor or the next president. >> it also turned out to be a
8:22 am
tough night for trump endorsed congressman jody hice who could not deliver on his primary challenge to secretary of state brad raffensperger. there was hope that race could be forced to a runoff. raffensperger pulled in just enough votes to get him over the 50% threshold. trump's political power was beneficial for herschel walker who cruised to victory in his battle. but walked into a general election race with concerns from within his own party about his lack of political experience and past controversy with allegations of abuse from his ex-wife. he will face raphael warnock who has amassed a multi-million war chest and already on the attack saying he presents a distinct contrast with herschel walker whose bizarre claims he is not up to the job.
8:23 am
these races are beginning to heat up and interesting to see where they take us in the next few months. >> harris: i will pick it up where you ended, charles. great to have you on the program. good to see you. senator joni ernst, member of the senate armed services committee is in focus now. thank you for being with me. how does -- i will say it for the first time i've said it. the republican senate nominee of herschel walker beat the incumbent raphael warnock. >> first i want to express my deepest condolences to the families in texas. just a horrible, horrible tragedy that they are experiencing. but we also in other parts of the country saw some amazing victories and we did see this with herschel walker. you are right. he was the bright spot in georgia and what he can do and what other republicans can do is really promote the conservative values we have and ways we can get america back on
8:24 am
track. tackling inflation, unleashing american energy potential. really taking on a strong leadership position around the globe so we are deterring adversaries, not encouraging their bad behavior. so there are a number of things where we can show real strength when it comes to our voters this fall. and i think republicans, including herschel walker, will have great sweeps come november. >> harris: we have brian kemp who is going to face stacey abrams again and i want to get your take how he beats her again but first of all. she appeared to twist herself into knots talking about voter turnout. let's watch together. >> the question about voter suppression and voter turnout is causation without correlation. sorry, make mistakes even when you know what you are talking about. correlation without causation. we know increased turnout has
8:25 am
something about suppression. it's whether or not you make it difficult for voters. in georgia difficulty has put in place by georgians who want to vote by mail. >> harris: in the three weeks of early voting more than 850,000 ballots were cast, that's up 212% over the 2020 presidential primary race and 168% increase over the 2018 gubernatorial primary contest. she says those numbers don't matter. why not? >> oh my goodness. harris, yeah, stacey abrams has this all wrong. when you are saying there is voter suppression and we see increases year-over-year of voter turnout she is promoting the big lie out there that we're trying to suppress votes across the united states by making sure that our elections are secure. we have seen this even in iowa where we have strengthened voter security laws and you
8:26 am
know what? voter turnout continues to go up. so stacey abrams is trying to promote a fallacy out there and lying to voters across the state of georgia and there is nothing to see here other than trying to make sure elections are secure. i do hope we have strong voter turnout out there. i think it is important that people participate in the election process. but again she is trying to promote something that simply is not happening. >> harris: one thing is true, the whole nation will be watching again. those numbers in a primary are huge. all right. let's talk the border. i know you have a border bill so i want to hear about the latest with that as well. the president's border crisis is raging out of control, senator. we know this as a country. it is bipartisan in the fact we're all living through it. axios reports that many
8:27 am
immigrants are waiting at the border hoping to run out the clock as title 42 eventually will come to an end so that they can get into our country. axios reports that up to 8,000 illegal immigrants per day are attempting to cross the southern border. they are having those altercations with people in the water of the rio grande. we've seen it. senator ernst you are proposing a measure to build it back. to complete the construction of a barrier using materials bought by taxpayers for border construction. >> thank you, harris. god bless our cbp for all the wonderful work they're doing at the southern border. we have an issue. here is part of the solution. it is my build it act and it does allow states to apply for the unused portions of the southern border barrier and erect their own barriers. we know that states are
8:28 am
initiating this. we have seen this in arizona and texas already. why are we allowing all of these previously purchased materials just to waste away in the desert? president biden called it a waste of money when he was talking about the border wall. but what he has done is a true waste of money. what he has done is secure these contractors to watch over these unused supplies that are lying in the desert at a cost of upwards of $3 million a day. >> harris: let me cut in. we're paying people to babysit the stuff that's just sitting that should be part of a wall? >> harris, exactly. $3 million per day contractors to watch over these unused materials. i know we went back and fact checked that. it is crazy. that is the waste of money. let's go ahead and use those materials. they have already been purchased and with the crisis we have at the southern border, this should be part of our
8:29 am
solution. >> harris: 100%. i would first of all want to hear about how other senators who see it differently politically couldn't already get that. many of them live in states where there is a border. where there is a wall, rather, well like former senator kamala harris who is now the vice president. how did they get away with it? they know a wall works. we'll bring you back. thank you. i hadn't mentioned it until now but we have in the next two hours we are expecting a live news conference and hear from governor abbott in texas as we continue to go through to sort through, to learn more about the tragedy in texas. >> my heart was broken today. we are a small community. >> the superintendent of uvalde, texas, you have our prayers. we look into the psychological
8:30 am
effects on the children and the parents left behind with dr. marc siegel.
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8:36 am
children and the teachers shot and killed. you are seeing some of their photos now left to right, yu zi, garcia, guadalupe, javier and teacher ava. all fourth graders. here is a relative of morales, one of the teachers killed. >> she put love into everything she did. with her daughter, with her family, with the school, and i will always remember her honestly as a hero for doing what she did. especially as a mom and having her own child. i would say that this is our family. who did not see a sign that someone was struggling with their mental health that was so disregarded in life that we didn't catch, that someone was on a spiral down, asked more
8:37 am
questions, tell people? i'm not kidding. that could truly save lives. >> harris: look at that. thoefs -- those are all the right questions. "washington post" has been keeping track of school shootings since the columbine massacre. they report 311,000 children at 300 different schools have experienced gun violence during school hours. 185 people killed. 369 have been hurt. even those who were not harmed but witnesses a shooting can be profoundly affected. dr. marc siegel is professor of medicine at nyu langone medical center and fox news contributor. we often talk the whole patient. for the 17 survivors and the grandmother shot in the face first by this gunman on his way to the school, that healing is also frustrated by the fact that the psychology of the moment is so tough. but for those children who
8:38 am
witnessed this among those 17 survivors, what is ahead for them? >> first of all, harris, good afternoon. the people that experience this, their families will never be the same again. a piece is cut out of their family and we talked about it with the war and here. family members need to come together with kindness and courage and to mourn the loss of those who died. then there is what you are talking about what was witnessed. there are 500 children in this school that witnessed this and they'll suffer from post traumatic stress with anxiety and fear memories are the strongest we have in our brain. you will feel helpless. here is what their parents have to do. they have to show courage. this he have to talk about the border patrol agents, don't they, who showed great courage coming in there to get the shooter and prevent further devastation, courage replaces fear in the brain. but still the children will suffer.
8:39 am
they will suffer anxiety. they can be caught helpfulness to replace helplessness and taught to do acts of kindness to replace acts of fear. that is also true for the world at large. so many children around the world including your children and mine will be attaching to this empatheticly because they care about this and school shootings over 24 this year already and 42 last year. i asked my son this morning who you know well, how about your school? he shocked me and he said dad, my school has 50 security guards. listen to him already talking about the security guards in his school that bring him comfort. >> harris: right. our children know each other and they were in preschool together and dr. siegel my bella, like your son this morning said mom, don't worry, i know where all the exits are. we have had this conversation so many times now that our children know what the resource evers are. some kids don't have resources like that, though. you are talking about a
8:40 am
situation where their parents will have to make up the difference in terms of shoring them up and telling them they are safe. >> that's right. the parents have to show courage if they want their children to show courage. we've talked about this, too. i vote for decreasing social media exposure especially for young children especially at this time. there is too much violence. i think we're doing a tasteful job of it here on fox. you can only show so many images of the shooting itself before you permeate people's negative imagination. elizabeth phelps did a research on this. if you look at a video image of a shooting he react physiologically the same as if you were there. >> harris: you are a perfect person to ask. you will hear people say should we not cover it as much? are we part of the apparatus that drives these?
8:41 am
you say there is only so much we should show. give me your thoughts on that. >> i think we should cover it the way you and i are covering it now. now trying to pat us on the back. you cover it by talking about the implications of it. should there be more mental health screenings. how did he get the weapons? what's going on in the school? what is he feeling and what are the children feeling? the images themselves people relate to too closely and think it will happen to them. it is inevitable people will woreee it will happen to them and overpermanentize the risk and expand it. we teach something as a result. go about your normal behavior and normal activity and be helpful and talk to your parents. do not be afraid to talk about this to your parents. >> harris: that's so helpful today for those of us who are disseminating the information to put it in the context of arming people with the tools they need to go forward. thank you, dr. siegel, always. more warnings now for democrats
8:42 am
in politics ahead of the mid-term elections. we are 167 days away from november 8th. could president biden's falling approval ratings hurt his political party's chances in november? we aren't seeing how they couldn't. you have to convince us otherwise. ari fleischer in "focus" next. a, but many don't even know about. it's the va home loan benefit. as a veteran, you're eligible to apply for a refinance loan for up to 100% of your home's value. not just 80% like other loans. the newday 100 va loan lets you refinance your mortgage, consolidate your high-rate credit card debt, get cash and lower your payments an average of $600 a month. so if you need money to take care of your family, use the valuable va home loan benefit you've earned with your service.
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>> harris: democrat in colorado says there is a warning of doom for his political party in november. when you are in the same party as the president, that's going to be a tough cycle. the national democratic has done a terrible job talking about what we've accomplished and what we are fighting to accomplish. that's all a quote. it comes as a new gallup poll finds a whopping 83% of voters say they're dissatisfied with the direction of america while only 16% say they are satisfied. ari fleischer a fox news contributor former white house press secretary is in "focus." what do you make of those numbers? >> i think senator bennett is on to it. he is absolutely right. the democrats and previously assume to be safe senate seats should be running scared. that's what history shows, harris. if we're heading for a wave election, the last three waves
8:48 am
with 1980, 1994, 2010. i can go down the list. surprise in pennsylvania lost his incumbency in 1994. 2010 russ feingold loss his race. nine democrat incumbents lost in 1980 including new hampshire and wisconsin. so yes, the big surprise to keep your eye on are colorado and washington i think there are six states where democrats could lose. those two are probably the biggest surprises, colorado and washington >> harris: i want to break it down by political party. satisfaction are the direction of the country is very low as we just talked about. among democrats just 24% say they are satisfied. independents 18% say they are satisfied. 4% of republicans say they're
8:49 am
satisfied. ari. >> that's a huge factor. when you talk about a wave election one of the biggest determinants if something is a wave or not is direction of the country. i can assure you in 2006 when bush was in office and the mood of america when we were on the wrong track. they didn't like what was happening in iraq and a wave election against republicans where we lost the house in 2006, direction of the country, satisfaction is a huge determinant. so all of this combined with history showing the first mid-term election of a president, this election cycle 2022 is normally a time when the incumbents lose, they're the democrats this time. >> harris: when i say through that polling that democrats only 24% of them think the country is going the right way. that isn't to suggest they would vote for republicans but to the democrats further nightmare they may sit home. either scenario is bad for democrats. >> it's both. it is both. when you have that kind of a
8:50 am
low number, yes, you will have a smallish significant percentage of democrats who vote republican because they're fed up and want to send a signal. you have the enthusiasm factor. that enthusiasm is massive. you will have a huge republican turnout because republicans don't like joe biden. democrats don't love him they saw him as the alternative to donald trump. when things are this bad they the end to stay home. republicans had this problem in 2018. president trump's first mid-term election. democrats were energized fired up to vote against donald trump and his party. republicans largely stayed home and democrats cleaned republicans' clocks in 20818. it is about to be reverse -reversed. >> harris: when bennett says what he says it is hard not to come to the same conclusions.
8:51 am
gallup finds americans remain highly critical of congress. 18% approve of the job it is doing. they're never really popular, are they? 77% disapprove? when broken down, 3 in 10, three out of 10 people, democrats, approve of how congress is doing. they are in the majority. >> yeah. all of these factors are what adds up to a wave election. there are elections where there isn't a lot of turnover. the election is close and one or two democrats or republicans lose. this is not shaping up to be that type of election cycle because of these statistics you are citing. the exciting parts about politics. it is fuzzy, nebulous, arguments. these type of numbers over a period of time add up to a trend and i think it is an irreversible trend. the cake is getting baked. i don't see much changing. i don't know what issues could
8:52 am
change between now and november. >> harris: the icing on the cake is inflation that's really hitting us. ari fleischer in "focus" today. thank you very much. watch this. >> thank you. >> we have 141 border patrol agents stationed here that work at the various stations outside uvalde and they are part of our community and a blessing to our community. every time we have had any situation border patrol has been right there on the spot unselfishly. they are there at the drop of a hat. our community loves our border patrol agents and thankful that we have them. >> harris: the mayor of uvalde, texas reacting to massacre at the school. a border patrol agent went in
8:53 am
there and took out the shooter. lawrence jones. i know you have been on the ground. thank you for being with me. first of all the families and have you had a chance to -- i know you can't get into that one private room at the civic center. who have you been able to talk to? >> i just lost audio. if you can hear me back in new york essentially the situation is still fluid. they finished processing a lot of the scene. investigators are still on the scene, with federal partners. texas dps under the leadership of greg abbott, texas rangers are leading the investigation trying to find out what the motive is i'm trying to figure out if there is a manifesto, did he talk about -- was there anything on social media to talk about his plans to commit the acts? what we know now he targeted one classroom after crashing his truck behind me. and he shot his grandmother.
8:54 am
she is in critical condition but expected the survive right now. she will be the eyewitness we'll learn more from. what happened at that scene before he decided to get in that truck and shoot at a funeral home employees and run into the classroom and target all those kids. again, still a fluid situation. we can confirm and learned this morning before we went on air that all the family members have finally been notified of their loved ones. it was tough to do that and the oflsers were in a tough situation. you could not identify those young people. that's how bad the crime scene was, harris. >> harris: all right. lawrence jones, thank you very much. sorry for the technical difficulties on your end. great job down there. thank you. i want to point out we'll wait to see what happens with the grandmother. 66 years old. first person the shooter shot. he shoot her in the face. she is struggling for her life
8:55 am
right now. as lawrence said if she is blessed and gets through this, you can bet that will be one of the first people that officials want to talk to. we do know the shooter entered through an unlocked door. the first opportunity he had was the fourth grade classroom. if we learn more we'll give it to you. remember the names of the people who perished. "outnumbered" after the break.
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>> harris: we are awaiting a news conference from texas governor greg abbott. america once again in mourning. this time grieving the loss of 19 children and two teachers in texas. this hour, we will bring you the latest on the investigation. more on the victims and share the stories of heroism. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here with my co-host kayleigh mcenany and emily compagno. also joining us shannon bream and trace gallagher. parents in uvalde, texas, are


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