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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 25, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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she has got a job on wall street. >> judge jeanine: that's fantastic. >> jesse: condo in brooklyn i'm so, so proud of her. >> martha: aaron jackson won a gold meddings in speed skating. this is her turn and got to go -- >> judge jeanine: i love that. >> jesse: that's it for us. "special report" is up next with bret. >> bret: thanks, guys. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, searching for answers after the massacre at a south texas elementary school. the death toll from yesterday's attack in uvalde now stands at 19 children and two teachers. more than a dozen others are in the hospital. the 18-year-old gunman killed by a border patrol agent. those are the facts. what we do not know yet, at least is, why saffold ramos burst into robb elementary and committed the worst school shooting in texas history. he did post on social media
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shortly before entering that facility. as the investigation proceeds the politics of gun control rise again to the surface. emotional cries for new legislation and those who encyst more laws will not prevent these kind of tragedies from happening. we will cover it all tonight from all angles. we begin with correspondent jeff paul in uvalde. good evening, jeff. >> yeah, bret. tonight we are learning from authorities that 30 minutes before the shooting the suspect apparently sent some messages on social media. we don't nowhere they went and who they went to and when they opened them up. but two of those messages, according to officials, talked about shooting his grandmother. talked about wanting to go to an elementary school to shoot it up. authorities did confirm that after shooting his grandmother, the suspect then drove away from that scene crashing his pickup truck near robb elementary school. we are told there was an armed school police officer on campus but didn't stop the suspect from getting inside the school. from there, officials say he
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barricaded himself inside a fourth grade classroom. this is where texas dps says all 21 people were killed in that very classroom. eventually law enforcement managed to breakthrough and get inside the classroom killing the suspect. texas governor greg abbott credited officers for bravely running towards the threat, ending something that he says could have been much worse but also says right now families are simply broken apart. >> hearts are forever shattered. all texans are grieving with the people of uvalde and people are rightfully angry about what has happened. >> now, shortly after that news conference with greg abbott and during it, greg abbott was then interrupted by democratic gubernatorial candidate beto o'rourke, he was removed from there by police officers. but, before doing so he looked
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at greg abbott and told him he is doing nothing. >> sir, you are out of line. >> sir, you are out of line. sir, you are out of line. please leave this auditorium. >> exit. >> get out of here. >> i can't believe you are a sick son of a [bleep] you would come to something like this and make a political issue. >> now, we are also learning tonight that the mother of the suspect is reportedly surprised to hear about this shooting. in an interview she says that her son was not a violent person. but that he didn't have many friends. and he kept to himself. bret? >> bret: jeff paul in uvalde. jeff, thanks. tonight we are learning about the victims of tuesday's tragedy correspondent alexis mcadams has that part of the story from new york. >> tonight, 19 innocent children and two teachers gone. their lives taken away by a gunman who opened fire inside of this texas elementary school. these photos of their smiling
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faces now a memory. 10-year-old javier lopez just made the school's honor roll 18-year-old garcia learning football plays with his grandpa. 10-year-old rozel low remembered as a sveda and kind child. 10-year-old seen here in softball uniform ready for summer break. 10-year-old ella garcia was a happy and loving girl. her family, heart broken. >> she was very happy and very outgoing. loved to dance and sing and play sports. she was big into family and enjoyed being with the family. >> police say all families have now been given this horrible news though for hours there was confusion, chaos and heart break as parents searched for their kids. jesse rodriguez was hoping to hear his daughter anna bell was still alive. >> now i have come back in town looking for my daughter and i can't find her now. >> as those kids sat in class, a
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gunman barricaded himself inside and opened fire. reports say one little girl tried to call 911 but she was shot and killed. aba morales a teacher gunned down inside of her own classroom. morales murdered after she reportedly helped a student climb out of the window and get to safety. saving his life as the gunman took hers. >> i will always remember her. honestly, as a hero. for doing what she did. >> right now, bret, these families are planning funerals as police dig into gunman's social media pages. we wrote he was on his way to shoot up the school just about a half hour before this all happened. now the victim's families left wondering what other red flags were missed. bret? >> bret: alexis, thank you. the texas shooting has reignited calls for new gun control laws. president biden is urging lawmakers to stand up to what he calls the gun lobby. but exactly what can be done is now a matter of intense debate as it has been before.
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correspondent gillian turner is at the white house with that story tonight. good evening, gillian. >> good evening to you, bret. here at the white house, like across much of the nation, officials are freshly horrified by the details that are continuing to emerge out of uvalde today. the president is digging deep into his own personal experience now. trying to explain to the american people the nightmare that the victims' families in texas are now living through. >> to lose a child is like having a piece of your soul ripped away. >> president biden's acting once again as the sympathizer in chief but he is also focusing on gun control as the primary means of moving the country forward in the aftermath of the 27th school shooting of 2022. >> i'm just sick and tired of what's going on and continues to go on. >> first item on his agenda breaking washington free of the gun lobby. >> the idea that an 18-year-old can walk into a store and buy
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wednesday of war designed and marketed to kill is, i think it's wrong. violates common sense, even the manufacture of the inventer of that weapon thought that as well. >> americans though aren't all in agreement about the best way forward. while the latest fox news poll shows 54% of the country favors tougher penalties for gun crime as a means to reduce violence. a majority disapprove of the way biden is handling guns and crime. when it comes to actual solutions, politicians in washington are passing the buck. the president to congress, congressional leader to voters. >> americans can cast their vote in november for senators or members of congress that reflect how he or she stands with guns. >> i don't know what the solution is to this particular problem. >> even the president's own nominee to lead the atf insisting his hands are tied. >> if i'm privileged to be confirmed as atf director my job
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is to do what congress tells me to do. >> one senator, joe manchin is very sure of what he won't doompleght fbi should not be needed to be talked about throwing out the one tool that we have that gives us, that keeps us working and at least talking together. without that we did nothing. >> while the president announced last hour that he and the first lady will, together, travel to texas to meet with the victim's families. the white house though has not given us any more guidance in terms of the timing or the date of this trip, bret. >> bret: jillian, there is this new executive order on police reform that the president just signed. what's in it and why is the white house relying on executive action? >> just a few moments ago in the east room, the president said that the reason he is signing this executive order today is, quote: because republican senators failed when they declined to push through the george floyd justice and policing act last year. now, this executive order is meant, he says, to increase transparency and trust in the
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nation's police force. it includes measures like creating a new national database of police misconduct mandating that police wear body cameras and banning the use of chokeholds. it is important, bret, to point out that this executive order will apply to federal police officers. it will not be applicable to state and local police departments. >> bret: okay. gillian turner live on the north lawn. thank you. partly obscured by the texas tragedy and the magnitude of that story primary elections held in five states yesterday. georgia featured the most action. trump-backed university of georgia football legend heacial walker easily won the g.o.p. primary for u.s. senate seat. controversial congresswoman marjorie taylor green fought off her primary challengers to win that nomination. secretary of state brad raffensperger lambasted by former president donald trump for election. and wen brian kemp easily
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survived challenge from former senator and trump favorite david perdue. congratulations on the win. thanks for joining us. do you feel vindicated today? >> oh, thanks for having me, bret. we are just glad to getting out of the primary. i'm honored to be the nominee again. i promised voters in 2018 if they made me their nominee i would put them first and ahead of status quo and the politically correct and i would do what i said i would do when i was campaigning. that's what i have done. i think they confirmed that last night. with the work ahead for us is in front of us. we have got a lot of work to do to make sure stacey abrams doesn't become our governor or your next president. >> bret: are you going to mend ties with the former president? it got pretty ugly there for a while. >> well, as i have said many times on the hardworking georgians bus tour this is about georgians. i have never said anything bad
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about president trump. i don't plan on doing that i praised him and his administration and vice president pence for the work that they did to help our state during the pandemic during the pandemic and a lot of other things that we worked on. but this race and what i'm running for is to be governor of georgia. you know, i'm concerned and was concerned yesterday with their endorsement with their vote to be the nominee again. and i got to do that again in november and it's my belief that all republicans are going to come together to make sure that stacey abrams doesn't win this race and we keep georgia moving in the right direction. you know, unlike her, bret, i believe georgia is the greatest state in the country to live, work, and raise our families. i'm proud we are the number one state in the country for business and i'm going to keep. >> bret: she stands by that statement here is her response to that. >> i think it was inartfully delivered. the point was i have made many times. there may have been a phrasing that i could have done better but my intention and the reality
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is true. and that is brian kemp doesn't care about certain communities in this state. >> bret: she went on to defend that saying going right to the issue of guns. and saying that your record on guns in georgia is going to be a big part of this election. what do you think about what she said and that issue in your election upcoming? >> well, she is trying to mask over what the real issues are in the state of georgia. which is 40-year high biden inflation. she criticized billion dollars back to the taxpayers instead of wastefulfully spending it help fight prices at the grocery store. we suspended the gas tax for two months two months. off set disasters domestic energy policy. she criticized that she wants to raise taxes. she -- she and her party, they want to defund the police while in georgia. we have been standing with law
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enforcement. we have been going after violent criminals. we also just passed a mental health parody act and a lot of other things to address issues that we have in our state. that's what i'm looking forward to campaigning on is my record because i have one and the record that she has is she thinks she knows better what georgians should be doing in the government our own citizens. that's what i'm fighting against. >> bret: governor, there are a lot of people looking at the issues. and you are right to say democrats are behind the 8 ball when it comes to inflation and crime. even immigration in some places and some states, maybe georgia. but, on the issue of abortion, we could have a roe v. wade decision that effects some races. and on back to the guns, georgia gun laws you have permitless carry effective as of april 2022. it now generally permits any lawful weapons carry to carry handguns openly or concealed in most public spaces without any background check or permit required. you know in the wake of what happened in texas there is going to be a big push.
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>> bret, that's not correct. i mean, everybody still has got to follow the law when it comes to background checks. it's just that you don't have to have a piece of (from the government to carry now. >> bret: to carry. >> if they are saying that. that's not correct. and, look, the democrats and stacey abrams call this criminal carry. well, i got news for them, the criminals already have the guns. they are the ones that are doing these terrible, violent crimes. they are the members of the gangs that we are going after. what we are trying to do is give law abiding citizens the ability to protect and defend themselves. they are fed up with a lot of local politicians that won't allow their police to go after these people. local prosecutors are not prosecuting these individuals. and locking them up for violent crimes. and they have get out of jail free policies. and i have been a governor that's been doing something about that. because that's what georgians want. they are scared to death. when you can't allow your child to go pump gas or go to the mall, there is a problem that
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needs to be addressed. and we have been doing that in the great state of georgia. >> bret: governor, last thing, you know, in that election last night, secretary of state brad raffensperger got more votes than former senator david perdue. obviously the former president was trying to take raffensperger down after the 2020 election and was supporting david perdue. what do you think that result says? is georgia now past the 2020 election? is that the message? what is the message? >> well, i haven't had a whole lot of time, as you can imagine, to crunch the nuns and see how everything fell out last night. we were focused on making sure we won our race and making sure that we are regrouping today and getting ready for this fight. because it's going to be the number one watched governor's race in the country. probably be the most expensive. but i would just tell you i think georgians they voted for people last night that had a record. that has been putting them first ahead of the status quo and the politically correct. i know that's what i did.
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that record i have had a lot of people help me with that members of the general assembly, speaker ross and lieutenant governor a lot of people engaged in that fight. that's what we have got to do. the fact is we have got to come together now and win in november. that's what my mission is going to be. i think it will be of the citizens of our state. >> bret: governor kemp as always, we appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me. >> bret: stocks are up today after minutes from the federal reserve's most recent meeting indicated intends to move expeditiously raise interest rates back to more neutral levels. the dow gained 192. the s&p 500 gained 37. the nasdaq finished ahead 170. up next, the defense begins its presentation in the trial of the hillary clinton campaign lawyer accused of lying to the fbi about the trump-russia probe. we will bring you our daily update next. ♪ ♪ like the shot they take.
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coventry direct, redefining insurance. >> bret: the prosecution has rested in the case against the hillary clinton campaign lawyer charged with lying to the fbi about the trump-russia probe. michael sussmann's defense team has begun its presentation and the defendant could be a big part of it. correspondent david spunt has been following this he's outside the courthouse again here in washington. good evening, david.
3:22 pm
>> bret, good evening. michael sussmann may take the stand as early as tomorrow. his attorneys though say certain conditions must be met. specifically his attorneys say sussmann may and i emphasize the word may take the case in his own defense if judge christopher cooper agrees to make sure the prosecution, when cross-examining sussmann if he takes the stand does not ask specific questions about negotiations that happen between both parties before sussmann was indicted last september. what those are, we don't know. special counsel john durham's team came to court today armed with new evidence, emails, bills, receipts, you name it for the jurors to see. an attempt to show that sussmann lied to the fbi. durham's team showed durham's team invoice where sussmann build the clinton campaign on the same day he met with fbi general counsel james baker to lay ward trump russia
3:23 pm
connection. he build 3 hours september 19th, 2016 for work and communications regarding confidential project, end quote. september 19th, 2016, bret, the same day sussmann went into see the fbi, but there is no reference to that 30-minute meeting baker on that invoice. sussmann's attorneys told jurors that in the past when sussmann would meet with the fbi on other subjects, he never hesitated to write the letters fbi on his invoices. special counsel durham charged sussmann last september with lying to the fbi because he once said he delivered the trump-russia story on his own. not on behalf of a client but billed the clinton campaign. sussmann's attorneys argued it's possible sussmann did spend three hours that day in september working on campaign items and rightfully billed the campaign and his attorneys argue the fbi meeting was separate on that same day. in the afternoon, bret, the government rested and the defense called former doj
3:24 pm
official named that tashenna she testified she had notes from a meeting where top fbi officials andrew mccabe priestap in 2017 were told sussmann came to the fbi on behalf of a client. now, bret, if sussmann does take the stand tomorrow, this will push things back. we may not get a verdict until early next week. if he does not, this entire trial may be wrapped up before the weekend. bret? >> bret: all right. we will follow it all. david spunt outside the courthouse. thanks. the head of the food and drug administration meantime telling lawmakers today on capitol hill federal efforts to inspect a baby formula factory linked to the nationwide shortage were delayed by covid-19, scheduling conflicts and even a missing piece of mail. there was plenty of remorse to go around during today's hearing but also some fireworks. fox business correspondent lydia hu has details from new york. good evening, lydia. >> good evening, bret. fda commissioner dr. robert
3:25 pm
caliph along with executives from the country's leading baby formula manufacturers testifying before lawmakers today as they try to find answers to the country's shortage on baby formula. dr. caliph at one point acknowledging the fda acted too slowly in its response. >> fda's timeliness of interviewing the whistleblower and getting into the facility for a for cause inspection were too slow. and some decisions in retrospect could have been more optimal. >> an executive from abbott the country's largest manufacturer of formula also testified this afternoon alongside executives from other companies he apologized to the american people. >> we want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to get more supply on to shelves for families. since issuing the recall, and shutting down sturgeon jis we sn
3:26 pm
action to supply. >> even babies who fell ill was not directly connected to abbott's plant accords to the company. an inspection still found bacteria present in the factory some lawmakers found abbott's answers about changes in protocols in response to be insufficient. >> i frankly found your answers to be vague. you talked about how you were putting in new flooring. how you were doing this or that. if you could please let us know so that we can assure our constituents that we won't have a crisis like this again. >> now, abbott sturgis, michigan plant is slated to reopen on june 4th. the company says it will take six to eight weeks for newly made formula to hit retail shelves. meanwhile a second shipment of 100,000 pounds of formula arrived today in virginia from germany through operation fly formula and, bret, the fda just approved two million cans of formula to be imported from the
3:27 pm
united kingdom into the united states. but it won't be until next month before americans will have access to that. bret? >> bret: okay, lydia, thank you. up next a recap of yesterday's primary elections and update on that pennsylvania g.o.p. senate primary extremely tight. we have new information tonight heading to a recount next. ♪
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♪ >> bret: alabama's republic senate primary june run off between katy brit former chief of staff to richard shelby and congressman mo brooks they are seeking the demonstration for the senate seat now held by shelby who is retiring. the texas democratic runoff between veteran congressman and frequent biden critic henry cuellar and jessica cisneros remains too close to call. declared victory with a slight lead there it may be heading to
3:33 pm
a recount as well. former white house secretary sarah huckabee sanders won the republican nomination for governor in arkansas with that g.o.p. primary win in deep red arkansas. she is favored to be the next governor there. a new development tonight in the struggle to determine who won last week's republican senate primary in pennsylvania. new details tonight. correspondent bryan llenas is in harrisburg. >> i'm required by the election code to order all county boards of election to conduct a recount of the race. >> pennsylvania's acting secretary of state officially announcing a recount in the commonwealth republican senate primary race. dr. mehmet oz leads former hedge fund ceo dave mccormick by under 1,000 votes triggering an automatic recount beginning friday and which must be completed by june 7th. intent on fighting mccormick did not waive his right to a recount. the campaign filed a petition tuesday asking the pennsylvania supreme court to allow 860 republican mail-in ballots
3:34 pm
missing the required handwritten date on the outside of the envelopes this to count. in a separate case last week. a federal appeals court ruled that undated mail-in ballots should count. the pennsylvania department of state agrees. >> it's our position that undated ballots incorrectly wrongly dated ballots should count. they are immaterial. >> mccormick's suit echoed the sentiment arguing a voter's handwritten date serve no, sir logistical confidentiality or antifraud purpose considering all mail-in ballots are officially time stamped by the board upon receipt. calling on him to concede noting the recount will cost taxpayers over a million dollars. the republican national committee filed its own lawsuit to intervene stating election law is clear an undated ballot should not count. >> the concern i have is if we start changing rules after the game, then democrats will come n november and try and change rules after the election. >> the department of state
3:35 pm
ordered all 67 counties to place undated ballots in the separate piles until litigation is resolved. meanwhile, there are some 10,000 absentee, military, overseas and provisional ballots that still need to be counted statewide. bret? >> bret: bryan llenas live in harrisburg, p&a. let's bring in former counselor to president trump kellyanne conway she is the author of the new book here's the deal. great book. >> thank you, bret. >> bret: there is a lot in this book about your time in the trump administration but also a lot of other things about politics and your previous history. i want to ask you about just last night and what you have seen so far in the primaries. is there a theme developing here on either side? can you paint a picture for the midterms for where we stand? >> there is, bret. i think past is prologue in terms of the 2022 midterms. this is pretty typical for the
3:36 pm
party in power in the first midterm. we know that president clinton suffered 52 seat loss in 1994. president obama famously referred to his 63 seat loss in the house in 2010 as a, quote, shellacking. one would think that president biden would endorse something similar. we see early twinings of that. two major things coming out of the primary number one record enthusiastic turnout in these republican primaries. people are energized they are going to the ballot box. very upset what they see with respect to inflation, energy, immigration, putin, ukraine and the whole sundry list of problems in country that didn't exist before a short time ago. number two what you see in these races is where president trump has endorsed a candidate, that candidate is surrounded by non-endorsed candidates also running as america first candidates. they want to somehow hugh closely to the policy accomplishments of president trump. you are seeing this in very
3:37 pm
crowded primaries in pennsylvania which you just reported on, in ohio, in north carolina and the list goes on and on. i think on the other side, bret, the democratic party is a fascinating case study so far in these primaries. they don't have the record turnout that the republicans have in some of these states; however, there is a bit of a schism going on. you have some more traditional moderate democrats running some with president biden's endorsement. and they are going up against these bernie sanders or elizabeth warren or aoc or all of the above endorsed candidates. and in some cases, the more radical candidates are winning. so, i think you are seeing both parties paying very close attention to these primaries and we are going to see, i believe, a monster year for the republicans in the fall. i think the issues set right now does not favor president biden. he doesn't seem to have any kind of course correction that you would see from a president whose numbers are under water. >> bret: we were just talking to governor kemp down in georgia.
3:38 pm
obviously those results seem that georgia was ready to move on from 2020. in this book you say you were one of the only advisers to tell president trump at the time that he had essentially lost and to accept it. you write in politics 101. you don't tell the american people what's important to them. they tell you. on some days it seemed the campaign viewed the covid pandemic the same way they viewed hillary or comey or big tech. just another political enemy standing between trump and re-election. you are pretty tough on jared kushner in this book. repeatedly referred to as de facto chief of staff. shady dough secretary of state the real 2020 campaign manager. jared had high tailed it not middle east as soon as the campaign lost midwest and the election victory who he is so confidently predicted not materialized. kind of straight talk. >> it's straight talk. i don't know any other way and it's all fact-checked and true. i'm heart broken that president trump didn't win a second term there was loot of unfinished business and unraveling of
3:39 pm
policies that he put forth. that's why he is seriously motivated to run again, bret. the 2020 campaign had a certain different tenor tone. 2016 underdogged under estimated under funded and under staffed that's a donald trump way to be to turn on the head i know if you will or won't win rather than what doo what we did focus on electoral college vote which is how do you or don't win. i believe in 2020 they proved the old adage to be true the fastest way to make a small fortune is to have a very large one and waste most of it. $1.4 billion and not much of it left for ads in the swing states late in the game. you know, covid changed the way president trump was able to campaign. he is a rally guy. he likes to go and connect with the voters and allowed president biden to sort of hide a little bit from the voters. that benefited him. but i think to run on policy is the cautionary tale here to make sure people understand what the
3:40 pm
accomplishments are and how they affect their daily lives. >> bret: let me finish with this you told president trump elections are about the future and not the past. you talk about the job description going forward in 2024. and it's not the who but the what. and the strength in the g.o.p. you write for the republican party lies its policies and its people. and its people. voters applaud g.o.p.'s commitment to fiscal issues, national security and social issues. so that's the ticket? >> that's the ticket. and certainly, when i say elections are about the future not the past. let me say one thing about the past here. we have many voters right now saying my life is much better not that long ago and i want it back. and so in that regard they are looking behind them to look forward a little bit. how do we get that energy independence? how do we get the $2 gas? how do we get border security? how do we get putin out of ukraine and putin salivating as nuclear threat to israel and the list goes on and on. in terms people want a fighter.
3:41 pm
the question is are you fighting four yourself or fighting for them. voters appreciate people fighting for them. that was the magic of trump 2016 and i would say his presidency, bret, which is people felt he was delivering for the forgotten man woman and child to the extent he wants to do that he should do it get bret is there a trump candidate 2024. >> he would like. to say he sees a undone business. people are hurting and they are very frustrated with the direction this white house is taking us into as a nation policies that effect them every single day. i think those two things president trump can stand up and say i had a better economy. more border security, putin, china kim jong un all contained in a way they are not now. and number two, i want a rematch with biden because can i go to him toe to toe. whoever runs, if president trump says he is not running, which i believe he would like, to whoever runs is going to have to pick up that america first mantel because those policy
3:42 pm
prescriptions are very popular you see the opposite of that now in this current white house. voters don't ask who can win. voters ask who can lead. the pundits and media we sometimes ask who can win? who can win? >> bret: that was my next question. >> voters want someone to lead. >> bret: who can win. >> the person who can win is the one who connects with the people and convincingly talks about policy every single day. not personal grievances. not just the past but the future and the policy prescriptions that everybody wants. and, look, i think so long as the biden-harris white house does not do what president clinton and obama and some other leaders have done which you know what? this has not been a great time for the home team. we are going to do a course correction. we are going to admit some mistakes and admit that people are hurting and come out with solutions. very reactionary. they talk about gun control after a tragic unspeakable school shooting. they talk about abortion after the roe leak. they talk about putin after he invades ukraine. very reactionary white house.
3:43 pm
that's no way. i think that plus fight and unraveling the trump policies no way to run a country. >> bret: the book is "here's the deal" kellyanne conway we appreciate it, thanks. >> thanks for reading, bret. >> bret: up next the latest information on the terrorist watch list assassinate former president bush [ forde ] replacing marcia's teeth with dental implants at clearchoice was going to afford her that permanent solution. [ marcia ] clearchoice dental implants gave me the ability to take on the world. i feel so much better, and i think that that is the key. ♪ sweet ♪ ♪ emotion ♪ ♪ sweet emotion ♪
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>> bret: director of the fbi answered questions from lawmakers today up on capitol hill about a plot to assassinate former president george w. bush. a plot that was thwarted. the suspect is a man affiliated with the isis terror group, according to the director. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the latest tonight from the pentagon. >> we have got to continue to stay laser-focused on our efforts to counter violence, motivated by hate and extremism. >> fbi director chris wray faced questions from frustrated lawmakers a day after the texas school shooting and a day after an iraqi man appeared in an ohio court charged with a plot to kill a former u.s. president. >> this was confirmed just yesterday when an fbi search warrant unsealed in ohio revealed that an assassination plot against former president george w. bush included plans to smuggle assassins into the united states from mexico. i'm very proud of the work that our folks did on the ohio case.
3:49 pm
certainly any porous point of entry is a potential vulnerability that bad actors of all sorts, including national security threats can seek to exploit. >> the perpetrator, 52-year-old shihab ahmad shihab was living in columbus, ohio an iraqi citizen who entered the u.s. on tourist visa and then applied for asylum. he scouted president bush's dallas home and library. affiliated with isis, according to the affidavit. he recruited four iraqi nationals who he wanted to smuggle into the united states through the southern border. >> they do not have operational control and they do not have a handle on the people coming across and they are really flirting with fire. >> a recent dod inspector general report says isis is taking advantage of the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan. warning the u.s. homeland could be targeted in the next 12 to 18 months. >> the iraqi man accused of
3:50 pm
plotting to kill president bush did not enter a plea when he appeared before a magistrate on tuesday. a detention hearing is slated for friday. bret? >> bret: jennifer, thank you. up next, the panel with the news of the day. first, beyond our borders tonight, ukraine's president saying russia must pull back to its prewar position as a first step before diplomatic talks can proceed. that statement comes as russia batters key areas in the east. a regional governor reports at least 18 civilians were killed by the latest russian shelling in that donbas region the past two days. senior officials from sweden and finland meet with turkish counterparts in anchor are a as an effort to overcome turkey's strong objections to the bids to join nato. turkey has said it opposes the country's membership because of their perceived support of party and other entities the turkish government views as security threats. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪
3:51 pm
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3:56 pm
please, please, please, damn it put yourself in the shoes of these patients for once. >> it's literally sickening, sickening to consider the innocent young lives stolen by this pointless, senseless brutality. >> bret: some sound from both sides on the senate floor as calls for action, calls for legislation continue to bubble up from yesterday till today. and will continue. let's bring in our panel guy benson political editor at town host of. tom bevan and amy walter chief of the cooke political report. amy, we go through this cycle. chuck schumer doesn't have the votes. he has already pull dollars the legislation off that he put on the schedule. is this different? no it's not different. >> no. it's awful. i feel like we are sitting so
3:57 pm
often in the same exact position with people who are really hurting. there are communities that have lost their children and it's not clear that there will ever be a place where we are going to be able to say this is it and this is where we are going to go next. unfortunately, i don't know that there is the easy answer for any of this. and right now, i do think though that it would be great to have some leadership to see someone stand up and say we can't allow for this anymore. >> bret: the tragedy of the moment, the emotional outpouring, what these images that we are see from the parents and all of this heartache to bring it back to washington and the nuances and the process, guy, there is always calls for the filibuster to be eliminated and let's plow through and get something done. action. but, it does seem that parties that are doing that forget that they could be in the minority juz in a few months.
3:58 pm
>> right. >> bret: at which time they would be on the back end of a filibuster without a filibuster. >> which is why some of the democrats in the senate are already tapping the brakes on the same ones that we usually hear from sinema and mansion on that front and they have done it on a lot of big issues whether it's called voting rights or abortion. they are saying let's keep that in place. it is frustrating, bret, to see people talk about that this as unimaginable. unfathomable. it is imaginable because it happens far too often in this country. i think there is not a breaking point or a tipping point but a consensus among people across the spectrum this is intolerable. it can't keep doing this and okay, fine. i think we can agree on. that was then what? and that's -- that is where the whole thing falls apart and we go to the same script over and over. >> bret: isn't there something where somebody says okay, let's do a little bit of this and a little bit of that and maybe we come to a compromise here and do
3:59 pm
something? >> yes. i think if you leave the politicians in washington to their own devices. i mean, this is a real moment for president biden to really lead as amy said. it's a time for leadership. he has spoken twice about this issue already. he hasn't outlined anything. he has just been words thus far. you would like to see him say, listen, we're going to try and hammer out a compromise, right? get republicans, get democrats in a room and say what can we agree on? let's start there. even if it's the smallest little thing. i mean it would be a heavy lift in a nonelection season before, you know, midterm elections five months before it will be even heavier lift at least they could get something on paper where at least a small section of people agree and they could move forward from that. but we are not even close to that right now. >> bret: we're like one election away from solving the big things. panel, i'm sorry. we have to wrap up early. kellyanne speaks a lot. no, no. i'm just kidding. thank you so much. we will be back tomorrow, "special report," the hillary clinton campaign lawyer accused of lying to the fbi may take the
4:00 pm
stand in his own defense. we will be at that trial like we are every day outside. give you the latest. thanks for inviting us in your home tonight. that's it for this "special report" fair balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" is up next. jesse, do you ever get to a show where you just need a little bit more time? >> jesse: every time kellyanne is on the show. [laughter] thanks, bret. ♪ >> jesse: we begin tonight with a fox news alert. as more details are emerging about the horrific school shooting that happened yesterday in uvalde, texas. 19 children and two teachers were killed in the massacre. these kids were as young as 7 years old. our heart breaks for these families and the entire community. and as we struggle, the process this horrific situation, tonight we are also learning more about the demon who opened fire inside the school. 18-year-old salvador ramos. acrd