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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 25, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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we're out of time tonight . we'll be back at eight p.m.m. the show that's the sworn enemyo of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. now above all, sometimes the one who of course kumarco and welcome to hannity. we start tonight with a fox news alert tonight , major breaking news surrounding the horrific shootingfi and involved a texas town. coming up, a full report on allv that disturbing new developments about the shooter. plus, we will discussabouot bado o'rourke's pretty despicable political stunt from earlier today. and the mayor of uvalde,daon they will join us . but first we check in on the ground in texas with our a very own sara carter. she was just out at a vigil took place there. sara.
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sean, i can't even begin to express what an enormous loss this community has suffered here today and here at this vigil at the fair play here in valge county and the families that came here to honor the 19 children that died came here. they said a broken heart with just a need to be together in a time off mourning. you can see everybody leaving right now. we've got t a lot of crowd behid us . but i got to tell you, sean, earlier today it didn't matter where i went in this town. people were hugging each other. they were saying, youay know,ha i knew a childt that went toad that school and it made sense. this is a population just over 16000 people. so everybody knew somebodyne everybody was connected to somebody i did know somebody in this town. i knew i knew a family here that i lived only about maybe a an hour and 40 minutes from uvalda here in texas and the
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family was shocked and stunned to discover that a number of people on their daughter's softball team had been killed in the incident at ravella entry. their daug their daughter was so broken up over it i was with this family earlier today. they just couldn't comee and speak a. t they wanted to so badly talk top the american public. butubfelt felt like they said it feltke like someone had kicked the spirit out. but the daughter, 10 year old daughter was very awarere of what was going on and i asked her how she was feeling and sean, the only thing sheas could do was try come run up to me and hold me and just hug meou .he famil and i got to tell you,ies for the families out here, that strength is that strength is what they need right now.d they think what they need is not politicizing this . they want to be able to take time to mourn the loss of those that they lost here.
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e.they want that moment to mourn the loss of those that they t lost and they needhe that time. and you know, it's interesting, sean, but it's only been a day . s right? and for some people they say it feels like a week gone by . and you talk to the officials you talked toia, some of them sy they feel like this isn't even real yet. and when you see see the parents and when you see the neighbors around the school and you see and you feel that what's insider your heart and i'm a mother, you know that what happened here was just with such pure evil. butt this town says they are going to get through this .ng they are going to comfort one another and they want the rest of the american public to know that what they need right now is just a lot of love. a lot of understanding and a lot of patience. all right, carter on the ground in texas tonight , a very
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emotional report. you tell us a little bit more about that family. you you tried at one point to interview them. it just became impossible because of the grief that yout saw. , yeah. f you know, i know the family from being out here coveringd stories along the border, sean. you know, i spend a lot of time out here on the borderhe and become very familiar and the people in texas are so w warm and welcoming they make you feel like you're their family to you and so you become very close to people. i spoke with the mother. she has three children. sheer is a rancher.r her husband's a rancher out here in uvalda about, you know, roughly 30 minutes from downtown. they live in the county. so liv she homeschools her chiln . her children, though, however, play on the sports teams with the kids at school. they come over to the house. they spend the night at each other's home so they all know each other. they're all very, very close. she she says that they're allsa like
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family, you know, because it's such a small community. and what had happened wasity. wn she found out that there was ann active shooter atac the school, she said, you know, none of the parents believed that there wasly a actually an active shoor at the school until they were told by authoritieses what was o going on .n they believe that the school l was on lockdown, that the kids wereve safe. everybody was concerned. her husband actually coaches, you know, the baseball teamm out here knew valde and his daughter was on that d team with a lot of the girls that were in the classroom that was targeted. so t for her it was it was impossible for for the family that wanted to come. they wanted to speak. but ser at the very last minute, both her husband and her asked . ne they just said they needed time.. and i get that you know, i meanh ,this is this is something that i think like for many people it comes in a state of. shock. there's some anger here. ng i think t people are going y
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through the grieving process. you know, all all of thosee. steps that people gon through when they grieve. i know many people in the audience have felt that , you know themselves. so i think right now i wanted to take this time to say, you know, i think it was important for us and i think it was important for the show to notot to not force the families to give themd talk to their space, to let them know that we love them, to let them k know what an amazing community they are. so let them know that we are we are going to tell their story and we're going to tell the truth. we're goin going to tell the whole story. but we want them to know that we are there to a support them and that we are there to love them. and right now i know the mayor was speaking, mayor johnug mclaughlin, he is an amazing man. he has really been there forco the community. texas dpsmmy. has been here. h the texas department of public safety has been out here th not too fariesas from where i'm standing. actually the fbi is here and there's a lot of families here still and they're all staying
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together and going together later on into the night sean. right. so i know for this audience i speak for them all. they feel the same way. all of them prayers. thank you , sir.. carter, appreciate it. so sad. and here now with the very latest on the deranged eighteen year old gunman is a very old trace gallagher trace, what have we learned? eawell, despite texas governor greg abbott saying that 18 year old salvadorr- rams does not have a history of mental illness. those who knew him paint a very disturbing picture. one friend says ramos wouldld ue kniveses to repeatedly cut his face just for fun. we have learned that ramos was bullied over a childhood speech impediment, starteded wearing ao black clothing and combat boots, combat boots to school and then stop showing up to school altogether. the 18 yearr. also had numerous run ins with his drug addicted mother. omsome of which involved policei the mother's boyfriend calledon the relationship tumultuous and called ramos a weird kid. his social media footprint
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includes pictures of rifles that he called his wish list and pictures of rifles that he recently purchased. policent say he bought a semi-automatic rifle on march 17th. he bought three hundred thirty five rounds of ammunition and two days afterye that , another rifle. yesterday he shotst his grandmother, sent a message to an unknown person confirming he shot her and said he was going to attack the elementary later, he killed 19 children and two teachers shot.. sea all right.n: skyler, t thank you . nowyo tonight we send all our love, all our prayers toyeve everyone involved in texasnk there. can you think of anything worse than losing a child just for a second? you think about that aspect of it as captured very well by sars-cov-2 who's been there with the families all day. ce yesterday we lost 19 innocent children to brave teachers because of the evil actions of a despicable, soulless monster.
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you can't have a conscience or a soul and do something this evil right. th let me be clear though. thereio is a solution. we've got to talk about solutions. most people don't wanton't wan t get to the root cause ofo anything. but if we want to protect ours, kids, which we must do and prevent this thing from happening again, we need an honest discussion. ol we protect our politicians. they are secured with police, with secret service, with armed gunmen around them. for we pay for that and rightfully so. we shouldll protect our electeda officials, celebrities, athletes. they all have bodyguards. they can afford it.n as they deserve the protection as well. we just spent ll., what ,il 40 billion dollars that we senti to ukraine to protecti democracy. i think it's wells well past tie that we as a country maybe we should save a few of those billions of dollars and sendch them to every school in the country so they can hire well-trained, well qualified armed guards, particularly r
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retired police officers, retired military. weke can do that if we choose to if we make it a priority to protect every stadium, every concert venue, every airplanee in this country that we all get on and use, weus can do the same for our schoolsth and for our children. without a doubt finding realio actionable solutions to protect our kids is critically important and we don't have to infringe on people's rights to do so. unfortunately, sarah's right. sadly, many on the left, they're not interested in a real solution.t, t in fact, they don't evenhey dony seem to care about gun violence at all and lessoning until if it's a preferred political narrative. now take look at your screen since 2019 five that fourth thousand five hundred and ninety eight children have been shotbe and killed in the united states. ofof those of that number, forty three of those deaths were school shootings and of
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course we on this program have stated over and over again you this literally is our national treasure. these liestrea,, these preciouss all lives definitely matter. one death is a tragedy. so why on the left, why do they seemingly always ignore the young kids routinely beings gunned down in cities like baltimore and washington, d.c. ,new york , losos angeles, chicago, every single week? we have twenty eight people shot in chicago last week, by the way, that's on the lowic side for a typical weekend there. no one on the left ever talks about it. care they don't seem to care on thism program we have been scrolling the names of murder victims, that have been involved w and have been shot in the windy city. we have done this since 2009. since that time, one thousand three hundred and eighty one children under the age of 19 have been shot and killed in chicago. that includes eight years of the obama biden presidency
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and vice presidency. but they could they couldn't be bothered att the time. they never addressed they barely mentionde the epidemic of violence in obama's home city of chicago . they didn't lift a finger. they didn't even try. do next to nothing. they barely spoke about the carnage and one of america's major cities. so you've got to ask yourself a question. rt why is that all? in short, if democrats, the media mob and if they can'tt use a shooting to tryy and vilify republicans or conservatives, what , they just ignore it? >> what how is that possible? and then you listen to b joe biden before we evenidne knew the actual number of shot yesterday rushes to politicize this . so now sadly, like always, they use the horror and you fall a texas to scoreha what cheap political points becausee they really cared aboutt all of those kids. why didn't they lift the finger for joe eight years ago, a vice
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president? why didn't you do anything last night before we even knew the k actual real death toll? presidenteal biden raced rushed in front of a camera politicized a shooting, lashing out at the so-called gun lobby and while then one democratic congressman takes t so today he interrupted anre official press conference in duvall day with his veryn uvn political stunt. >> take a look at this . this circus i sit down, you're out of line and embarrassed about it and go out like that shooting is right now and you're doing nothing. no robbery relaxium. this is totally predictable when you sir, you're out ofou line. he thinks you're out off line.
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you are aligned with me. i'm so senatorial. i can't believe you're sick of a deal like this to make a political 50% there. you've got to check it out. >> why do you want to get out t of here? this was supposedd to be an informative briefing for parents, the community, the general publicty. o there were family members of victims in that room. there were parents there in the room crying. but there's boso didn't seem to care. he wanted to see his name in the headlines. he wantedd t to raise money fore a struggling campaign. he wanted the focus to be on c him. bsre so if cbs news even reported he orchestrated this disgusting stunt from beginning to end, take a look . >> could you make out what was being said by veteran o'rorke? a well,pp i didn't seenc what happened just before the press conference started. tei was in the third and third
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aisle, third row on the aisle rather. and there were two people across the aisle from me at a moment before the press conference started. they got ta up from their seats when bexhill walked in .in so they were seat holders for him and then he sat down. so his presence wasn't really noticed in the fifteen or twenty minutes that people were gathering wer inside because hei not in the room.s so this seemed something very clearly staged by back to workca and his campaign. >> it is stage and proposal will lose this election badly. w by the way, he's all over theo map now when it comes to guns, the second amendment let's go back in time. remember during his presidential ntia campaign that run remember he bragged often about wanting tobo confiscateut your guns and year he's coming for your arms and your ak 47 as well. now as a gubernatorial candidate in an election year conversion, he's trying to defend the second amendmenthe, not what he did before americans will who own a ar
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15s, ak 47 will have to sell them to the government. i fullyt expect ourou fellowhe americansir to turn in . there are 15s and their ak 47 . are you in fact in favor of gun confiscate? yes,s, yes. r- we're going to take your team, your ak 47 . i'm not taking anything from anyone. what i want too make suree that we do is defend the seconda amendment. >> oh ,n: now that he's runningo for governor , he wants to a defend the second amendment. no, we're not going to confiscate guns, just the tip of the business. what we find so repulsive about politicians, they have no real convictions and he'll say do anything to get elected. bato bozo iss no hero here. he's spineless. he's not a politician. . he wants to feel important and he's politicizing a tragedy. the realdy heroes, if you will, and you all day with those at risk their life and limb to
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save as many kids as they could and they did, including the elite border patrol officialhe, the one that rushed into rob elementary school, the one that returned fire and ultimately killed this murderer . and by the way, this take a look at this . this is his hat. take a good look at that . as you can see, came within millimeters of losing his own w life. joining us nowit with reaction s ohio congressman jim jordan,n, our founder clay travis. congressman, start ss with you. if it wasn't so revoltingly political , i could live with the fact that people have different views on whats. the answer is. but we protect our politicians with armed guards. we protect our hollywood starsar with armed guards. we protect our elite athletes with armed guards. whyo can't we do if every schooa in america hasn't the time outcome come to do that ? >> no, certainly sound. you're exactly right. we need trained security personnel, schools.
11:18 pm
we s need we need trained that e need security at schools soools that makesse all the sense in te world and that's what we should be focused on instead of the politics but nevererut forg, democrats. you knowy' what they've said. their motto is never let a crisis go to waste. and that's that's what we saw today from from mr. o'rourke. and i think most of the country agrees with the mayor's response. ha this is terrible. this is a tragedy. what happened there and our heart goes out to these families who lost a loved one not and this is not a timeur to turn it into politics likes he attempted l to do and like the democrats are attempting to do, they're going to bring legislation to the floor. the answer is not to destroy the second amendment. the answer is not to defund the police like the like the democrats have talked aboutr this to do what you describe train security personnel and schools and securitych at ot schools so that kids andea teachers can learn in a safe environment. that's what we got to focus on . you know, clay, why the deafeningle silence they gae all these numbers out of all these kids? you know, the eight years joe biden's vice president barely mentions i think obama
11:19 pm
twice or three times mentioned violence in chicago. they never lifted a finger.yo and you're talking about you nearly fourteen hundred kidsth that died during the time that they were in office. >> why didn't they lift a finger thenn? it's a fascinating question and unfortunate one and first of all, sean, you're 100%, right? my kids aremyre in first i grad in fifth grade i walk them to and from school elementary every single day.t t i can only imagine what these parents are going through .fi but we have an armed policeur officer in our school. the kids want her .nal asset t she is a phenomenal asseto to that school. >> she teaches kids that they can trust police and that they are able to understand that she's there to protect them. i think every school in america should have an armed police officer too your point on why wb don't talk about this , i got a big question for you and also for the congressman. why did this suddenly start in nineteen ninety nine with
11:20 pm
columbine? all of our history people havebi been able to go buy guns. the the second amendment has always been in effectcts b. in we did not have mass shootings inside of schools until columbine and since then we've had a lot of copycats. we we have had a ton of people attempting to reenact what they did, i believe becauseat unfortunately we're making these mass shootersg famous. and what i would say is what you did when you were talking about these gentlemen who charged into the school to save all of those children. let's talk about the children. let's talk about the people who lost their lives, th their families. es let's not make these shooters famous and the selectiver outrage for when we decide to care aboute the death of children and when we do not is a great and fantastic and unfortunate question because our murder rates are skyrocketing right now allou over the country overwhelminglyt children are bearing the brunt of that violence and for v the vast majority of the time we just pretend that their lives do not matter. dd
11:21 pm
when there's a school shooting, everybody shows up and pretends that they care about kidsca k and then they vanish. we all know there will be more m kids than this shotor or killed in big cities all weekend long.m coming up, unfortunately over memorial day weekend and the vast majority of them m will never be talked about. their killers won't be found and we won't even pretend that we are evenn focused on trying to bring justice for those families, this is a national outrage. joe biden has no answer for it n and the numbers continue to skyrocket. alluminue sky over the country.y and that's why people keep t buying guns, by the way,o because they feel like they have to protect themselves. jim , why the deafening silence eight years joe biden as vice president and all these kidss are dyingal in chicago. and then before we even know the death last night when in god's name will we stand up toto the gun lobby when in god's name, where in god's name is k our backbone? youno know how many scores ofit little children who witnessed
11:22 pm
what happened and seeing their friends dieee as if they were in a battlefield and he says that over and overen again. where was as he those eight yeas when all that violence was taking place and his president's hometown because l they and lift the finger to t help chicago know w what the country i think needed yesterday was to focusas in on the families who are hurting this community, who is hurting can'tct that we have you you just any family who has to go through this is just so tough. as clay saidto, we've got s grandkids. i mean, they were in grade school. so i know what it's got to be terrible. so that should have been b the focus. but it's hards ha to explain wha joe biden does so many things that he does nowts and says all the crazy things that he said. g i mean,o you can just go policyo area after policy area. so i don't know. but i do know that the country has figured it out and a country the country wants too focus on , not f on morning with families who've had this terrible thing happen happened to them, not the politics toth of this . allcl right, jim jordan,ha thank you so travis, thank you .
11:23 pm
p we to go we're goingnk back live to you allto day texat with the very latesthe on the horrific shooting. now earlier today, the texas contracts that he's going to weigh in now. also the mayor that called beto o'rourke a sick s.o.p. sick slbs joining us he's joining us as well as we continue. this is what he said excuse me, 50% saying let's sit down. you're out of line with our house. i'veso got to shoot him right nw and you're not no robbery at i relaxium. this is totally predictable when you're out of things. soso you are not likely to exit the exit. i can't believe you're a big deal like this to make the whataboutism what we want
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grief. >> there is heartbreakbr across the uvalda texas community, friends and family remember their loved ones killedl in yesterday's evil school shooting massacre for the very latest on the ground, we go to our own jeff paul who is there just the latest, please. >> yeah, sean, we're starting to learn more not only about the shooting itself but the man who investigatorsho say shotll and killed 19 kids and two teachers apparently about 30 minutes before the shooting took place. authorities say t that suspect fired off three messages on social media who these wenten to and where they exactly wentt and were open that partieskn
11:29 pm
unclear. ow but what we do know is that two of these messages referenced shooting his grandmother. third, though, referenced him wanting to go to an ro elementay school to quote shoot it up. but after shooting his grandmother, investigators say the suspect took off, eventually crashed his truckckg bob elementary. w we know there was a armed school police officerhoolut on the ground, but it didn't stop the suspect from entering eventually barricaded himself inside a fourth grade classroom killing 19 kids and two teachers. the aunt of one of those victims is trying to remember her niece, 10 year old illiana garcia. but her heart, she says, is so broken right now she was very happy, very outgoing, loved to dance and sing and play sports . she was taken to family, enjoys being with the family to sean. we're also learning tonight that the mother of
11:30 pm
the suspected shooter says she is surprised to hear about this shooting. she reportedly told a newspaper that she basically thinks her son is a violent person and that he was a loner and didn't really have too many friends. john. jeff on the ground in texas tonight , thank you . here with more updates on the tragedy in texas is the state attorney general ken paxton, who won his primary yesterday. normally i would congratulate thank you for being with us after you got the endorsement from president trump. so we didn't even know how many people as i mentioned, had actually been killed in joe biden races out to the cameras. when in god's name will we stand up to the gun lobby? where in god's name is our backbone? i'm sick and tired of it. we have to act. don't tell me that we can't have an impact on this carnage and we have to have the courage to stand up to gun manufacturers. and he says all of this . and meanwhile, while he is vice president, you know, we had over a thousand kids killed
11:31 pm
and they didn't lift a finger in chicago. that's obama's hometown. i asked the question a different way if my question to anybody that wants all these restrictions and they only bring it up when it's politically convenient, what are you going to do if somebody breaks into your home in the dark of night and wants to bring harm to you and your family? i know what i'm going to do. i'm going to defend my family. i'm going to defend my home. what will people do? didn't stop because criminals by their very nature you would know betterin. >> they don't seem to obey laws, do they knower? spor and that's why this is sotsoy ridiculous. they constantly bring this up because they haveededbeing wi as agenda of stopping lawwetoni ab citizens from exercising their second amendment right. and the reality is a l this guyt came in and he murdered people.o there is a law against murder. ping lawa he's not going tobi follow a single gun law if. he's willing to violate
11:32 pm
simurder law. g g and i don't understand whyngle a they make that argument. they get away with it becausese and g any sensmake any sense at all. and you're right, if they weree in the same situation and biden is in that situation, it'ss people with guns around them every day and that's okay. and yet here we are saying that the gun should be taken away from law abiding citizens. that makes sense. citizens, it t make sense. >> sean: what was your what was your reaction to beat oruc? you? i knew immediately just as you i have been talking about tonight that it was a i mean, just automatically came to me. him when we started, and i didn't see him when we started and then we were in there for a little while s and then all of a a sudden he just pops up. he's got cameras all over them and he's just yelling and inni my opinion just not the place to do it. we're americans first. we're texans. we're we're thinking about these families. we're thinking about these lost kids is lost teacherser and this you know, i understand he disagrees with us. that's okay.y. he's running for governor . his right to his opinion. but this is really reall a poor choice on his part to come make his case.
11:33 pm
you yeah. you know, a as is look at this d i watch this and the instant politicizing of this , why do you think it is? all these you know, all these years that i have scrolledt the names that americans never hear of people shot, shot and killed in big cities like chicago and why don't they lift a finger to help those cities?dn you can predicty on any given weekend 30 , 40 , 50 , 60 , 70 people are going to be shotse and all of these different cities and you never hear from anybody about that . how come it's so selective? >> it's typical of liberalism doesn't work. laws they have all these gun laws in chicago and citiesch that hae the most stringent gun laws are the ones that have the biggest problem abo and they don't wantt talk about it.h and ken paxton, thanks for r texas.h us tonight . straight ahead, with texas. straight ahead, some ofome the media mob had in a predictau ,outrageous response to the horrific shooting. michael moore actually wants the second amendment repealed.
11:34 pm
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11:39 pm
you'rere out of line with the authoritarian politics of it. i can't believe you're sick of a deal like to make a mockery. this is not the they're you or y get do you want to get out of the . as it was more as the mayor of uvalda, john mclaughlin with us . mr. mayor, first our sincere apologies. are love, prayers and thoughts are with you and your entire communityy. soyb sorry this happened to everybody there. thank you for being with with in this tough time. i want to ask you first and foremost about that moment . were there was there family members that lost loved ones in that room at that time in fort that i don't knowha that i don't know. but that was nott t the time ps
11:40 pm
to have that discussion. if he wantss to have that discussion, that's fine. today at that conference was t not the time or place to do that . the but there werere parents there. there were people crying., t i understand parents in the audience. is that correct? yes, there was. yeah. yes, it was. when you when you first saw s this and and obviously you took it upon yourself to stand up and tell them to shut up and i think rightly resonated with a lot of people in the country by calling. so it's a clear political stunt. but s even before we knew how many people have actually been killed in your community already the president of the united states had spoken out about this and politicize this and i have a hard timean understanding without any knowledge or eveny death count in a tragedy like this why people race and rush to politicize it. what are your thoughts on that? well, first and foremost, our hearts are broken here.
11:41 pm
my hearts are broken for these families that lost these children tdr and will come backv but that's the problem every time we have one of these to persecute you.d to what happened to the grown men that we elected to m representen us in congress who can sit down at the table and come tosi a conclusion? i'm going to get one hundred percent of what i want. you're notge going to get one hundred percent where you want ,but nobody wants to have t that discussion if you're going to be my way or the highway and we keep thoseng eyes and eas and yes, we have a gunesd i'm sure. do we need an expanded background check possibly b. but we also have a mental health problem that nobody wants to address and maybe maybe we don't have any signsda today from that young man. but i've been there two years ago that he could have reacheded out and we could get some help. we'll never know that . >> seaow, it's the families. twenty one our families are suffering. it's the mayor of fort thousand five hundred ninety eight kids have been shot and killed k in the united states since 2019 of the smallest percentage of them are school shootings. i'm a believer that god createsm
11:42 pm
every human life and every human life is precious and we need to preserve and protect it . as far as school shootings specifically go, i think the time has now come where we must protect our kids the way we protect hollywood stars and our elected officials that have armed securityd with them. is is that a possible answer?wer for example, in your community ? you know, we formed the police and we formed the police department, the vatican's a leading school district formed a police department. thank god there was one there, one there when he was. to but p that was the yes, we need to put armed security guards in our armed police officers in our schools. i think i think it should be mandatory and i think ourch children deserve what our for example, dc elected officials have.. and by the way, we pay for it and i think it's the right thing to do. i think we've got to protect
11:43 pm
our elected officials. but i also believe we've got to protect our children also. and i also believe that we're not doing a good job here. lectf you've always get lectures from politiciansro and the veryol same people that ignore the violence in chicagoen, baltimore and d.c. and l.a. and new york. i don't really think you need lectures from people that haven't cleaned up their own backyard.. a what dogr you think? no, i agree with you totally. i mean, i spent some time in chicago. i spent three months there when i went through cancer treatment and every weekend it was ten tod fifteen is you buy a gun in chicago, you can't buy bullets in chicagoyo. but yet look at look at what happens there every weekend. it's a tragedy we need to address. we need to address these shootings. we need toes addressssot a lot h things. but the gunun control they're talking that's not going to stop these people-cs n from getg those guns. they're going tot th get them however they want. we need to come to d the table, 's sit down and come to something that's going to work for everybody.
11:44 pm
mr. mayor, i know you had your vigil tonight and i know it's been a very emotional, you know, tumultuous, you know. 48 hours. twenty four hours for the people in your city. what what what are the plansth for the days to come? doe? you know yet? we don't know our biggestre and foremost is to make surear these families are cared fored their needs are met whatever they need. you know, like i said, you k know, thank god we did have the state here because we didn't have the resources to it. with we've had to deal with what they brought into our community has been justas unbelievable. and the outpouring ofev loveur that we've got from allinot over the country and thete support that we've gotten, you know, in the next couple of days we're going to continue to grieve. but we'reo also a strong community. you know, when one man asked me, they said we'll be stuck with the stigma for the rest thf our lives. in the valley is a place whereot school shooting was know that may be true, but we're not going to we're not going to choose to embrace that . we're going to embrace the community. we are strong, caring, loving
11:45 pm
for one another.>> s mr. mayor,ea i known: m wer. m k this audience a lot of loveye and prayers in these very, very difficultt days for you and thec families, especially in the community. . alk for being with usnini >> all right. and now far left voices all across the media mobme exploitig the tragic shooting in texas to launch more smears against, conservatives. advance that agenda. listen. it will adv be goldberg who's saying she's going to punch someone in the face if she hears another o republican offe. thoughts and prayers really will be that's the question q what are we doing?e because where where why are we always at square one with us ? i swearr to god, if i see another republican senator talk about their heart beingngng bron ,i'm a go punch somebody and i can't take it thoughtsra and prayers and your thoughts and prayers really with everybody youyedy have done something by now.w. so you saw them. they are suffering at the gun show. see you in court.
11:46 pm
does your neighbor have to beg an arsenal? call the cops if you're going to get all in my businessca and tell me what myn family can and cannot do, neitherou can you. they're going to come for those who are fifteen and you betterea get ready to give them up.o >> not going to happen.on what we want to you jointe with us and why don't wech protect these kids in every school across the country with armed police officers are retired military officers, people that know what they're in , one way out, metal detectors, whatever it takes that don't protectt kids. that protects a lot o of your hollywood friends, doesn't it? over at mzoudi and see you got filmmaker michael moore. yeah, he's taking it a steppg ts further. he wants a full repeal a of f the second amendment. take a look atme this .e >> n i think that we need some really drastic action here . wea m need a moratorium perhaps on gun sales. we need who will say on this network or any other network in the next three days it's time to repeal the 2ndhe
11:47 pm
amendment or you can't sayy that . well, why not it with reaction, author of this brand new book o by the way, just out is called here's the deal. kellyanne conway along with former arkansas lo governor mike huckabee is with us. >> kellyanne, you worked at the white house all around the white house all throughoutai that building upstairs downstairs around the president outside an ovalth office, youic have guys with guns protecting our president. ifprot you go to the capitol, we have people with guns protecting our elected officialss. we pay for that and it's the right thing to do. can't wer do that for our kids yes,s, we can song we can take all that leftover covid money and harden these targets and byt the hollywood people are a one thing i can excuse anger and emotion. we allwe a feel it and we all he a right to express our thoughts, prayers and heartbreak. there's no question for these fallen angels and theiralle teachers. sean, my problem is with the hypocritical politicians. i want to ask every democrat out there who's preening and screaming about this the did youg questions
11:48 pm
spend as much time on school safety and hard being and protecting our kids as you p did on impeaching your president? not once or twicere. i know there's a january 6th. commission. is there a school safety commission under president trump? what did he tell president biden? what are these democrats who own all of washington are in charge of all of washington actually doing? i find it to s be some of them are ignorant. some of them are arrogant. ef thand some of them are both f the above. how about using the same rigor to protect our children fromu violence that you use to protect them u from the virus? i mean, my goodness, we had these kids in masks, social distancingki. they weren't even on the campuses or in the classrooms and that was finedls for a while. but don't they also deserve tohe have their livesir protected, their safety protected, same vigor that you insisted and applied to apply here? it's very simple. well, you know, it's kind of hard. i think kellyanne is a point governor and that is they seem to only selectively care about s shootings. they ignored allelar of violenc,
11:49 pm
all the dead kids in chicagoea when joe biden wasd vice president. they never said a they never liftedp a finger to stop that .ut they don't only o seem to care about one riot, not the five hundred and seventy four riots in the summer of 2020 that they lied to us about the mostlyfu peaceful that killed dozens of americanle, injured thousands od cops and caused billions in property damageused. why do we always have selective moral outrage like this ? thioh , by the way, the real the real winner in the huckabee family is your daughter sarahhi sanders, who i think won by an much bigger margin than you did in her primary than you did in yours. but i'm just saying i knew you would have to i bring that up. yes, she did.. and i'm proud of granulation, but i'm heartbrokenulat to see what i'm seeing in the country. and youla just played a couple f video clips that revealal what's wrong. the fact is that good fruit doesn't come from a poisonous. tree and when you have irrational people like whoopi and michael moore, they're irrational. you'remo not going to get a
11:50 pm
rational solution from irrational people. al p happen. i love what the mayor of uvaldad had to say in the spirit in which he said that's who i need to be listening to right now. hethe fact is there's a time to have discussions and ideas, but there's a time just to hugnd people and weep and recognize s that there's some real pain. wot and when the mayor said that he hopes people won't think vivaldi is a placece where w they had a school shooting, i'd say to the mayor, i don't think they will they're going to see a community that came together ,that bonded together, went to, church candles, hugged each f other, put flowers out that didn't fix anything shown. but it made us human. it made rational people because that's what rational people do in the midst of their grief. irrational people point fingers ,try to make it political , run up and stage an incident like bato did, which was just disgusting. and we was need rational people
11:51 pm
running the country not irrational people. and i p pray that the people ofe your body will understand that america is not pointing fingers. they're liftingng hands and that's what we need to assure them of and they have given us an example of what ahe community does in the midst of grief. an all said, governor , thank you for being with us. congratulations again to sarah and kellyanne. thank you as always. kelelnow, while many on the let call for new major gun restrictions in the aftermath of the massacre in nevada,as the texas governor greg abbott warning against oversimplifying the issue g a, pointing to the n policy failures in places like new york and chicago. it was wit the reaction we haveo host of country lawrence jones don't you don't want to miss the show. also, fox news contributor . ra trump you know, it's always predictable, laura , where they're goinghe and i guess what maybe made this a little different is the speed which
11:52 pm
they politicized that before we even knew the death count k. that seems to be a record. it yeah,'s well, it's not surprising, unfortunately. john, to see this happen. i and look, every parent in america every every person in america is just heartbroken over this. i cannot for a second imaginebe being one of the familyin membev of these 21 individuals that were killed yesterday. it's a horrific situation. but yes, they always jump to gun control. but 50 years ago we had much more lax gun laws and we have now we had actually more gunsno per family than wew do now per household. and so what changed?f why all of a sudden, sean, in the past couple of decades have wee seen a rise in this? and you have to ask yourself that that's what any rational person would and you look across the board things like the fact that , you know, we have the dissolution of the family in so many respects. we have c fatherless children on the rise in america.
11:53 pm
we have the loss of religion in so many aspects of our country where it was a foundation of our country at one time. you can't c discount the rise of social media and the role that has played in things like this and then the mental health aspect of this obviously has to be a focus instead of the guns because sane people do not don things like going to an elementary school and assassinate children, sane individualshils do not go to a grocery store in buffalo . tent to kill people sane individuals do not go to a new york city subway trying to murder as many people as possible. so obviously mental health has to be addressed here. they always jumped the gun pon control. but when you look around the country shopping at states with some ofia the most stringent gun policies they have the most murdershe per year with guns compared to any other state, it doesn't make
11:54 pm
sense. we got to address mental healtha and we got tock get back to ouri foundation in religion in america. >> ljn, you've been on the ground in texas all day talking to people there. what are they tellingg son ? they want the media. they want the democrats toem tae a breath. i mean, it is so thick here. do you realize they startedng politicizing this before many of these young people ty were identified? i mean, it is very sickening. i've been on the air since 4:00 a.m. central time dealing with this, talking w with family members, talking with cerrejónun unit rangers have been pulled off the investigation because what they pes witnessed today reviewing the bodies you got to just the piece of i'm going to talk to the maga to make sure he notified and identified every single victim's parentti. that's what we're dealing with on the ground and to the mayor's point, who was just on the program tonight ,
11:55 pm
he told all the press a. he told all the politicians, local, national, everyone. he didid not want any politicization or he was going to call them out o and beat odue he takes the first opportunity to make about him. i mean,en it's just sick.ow i don't. even want to have the debate right now. s i want to get these kids tont the resting place. i want to t give these families closure and it just seems like the other side is not interested in that right now. these innocent children. we've got to figure out how this happened, why this happened and how to prevent this from happening again. but we also have to pray form these families and give them the support t love that they need. that's what they're askingan fo. on the ground for comments alj powerful comments from comments . were you both right on the money for hannity right after this shopping for car insurance is the worst
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the time we have left tonight . please remember to set your dvr so you never miss an episode. thank you for making this show possible. don't forget fox l hannity .com for the latest news and information. our thoughts, our prayersio remain with the people of texas. a new holidayay especially tonight and please keep them m in your prayers. tough times for them at all. right, stay with us. what are you having trouble laura's next . we'll see you tomorrow. i'm laura ingraham and this is the ingram angle tonight . the families the twenty . one uvalda shooting victims continue to grieve tonight , a certain left wing politician or i should say want to be ad politician tried to t use the tragedy to help his campaign. >> you're out of line and in an embarrassed shoot is right now you're doing nothing. no. to get youyo out of the place to talk to me. so this is totally predictable . texas l