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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 26, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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please remember to set your dvr so you never miss an episode. thank you for making this show possible. don't forget fox l hannity .com for the latest news and information. our thoughts, our prayersio remain with the people of texas. a new holidayay especially tonight and please keep them m in your prayers. tough times for them at all. right, stay with us. what are you having trouble laura's next . we'll see you tomorrow. i'm laura ingraham and this is the ingram angle tonight . the families the twenty . one uvalda shooting victims continue to grieve tonight , a certain left wing politician or i should say want to be ad politician tried to t use the tragedy to help his campaign. >> you're out of line and in an embarrassed shoot is right now you're doing nothing. no. to get youyo out of the place to talk to me. so this is totally predictable . texas lieutenant governor dan
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patrick was grabbing the mike to speak at the very moment, the same moment beto o'rourkeph went on this unhinged rant.on dan patrick will join us in moments. moments. all day, texas wherere lieutenat chris oliviera, spokespersonf with the texas department ofaf public safety is standing by .nt lieutenant, there are there's one witness i know that you desperately you want to speak with and that's the gunman's grandmother who he shot in the face of a dispute apparently over wi fi. she was on the phone with a cell phone provider complaining about wi a what is her medical status, after being shot in the face and how important is she to t this equation? right.ur so good. even more so. she is a key component to i this investigation right now. she is critical. oursalr prayers are with her as well as the entire community here.
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involved is alsouv vic with the victims, the families. p but weul are hoping that she pulls through because w she will be a key witness to this investigation because she can be able to tell us exactly what was this history of her grandson. s what we know right now that this particular shooter did not have a criminal background, no gang affiliation. we do know that he was residing at the grandparents att this time and also that he was unemployed in a high school dropout. u so a lot ofnanswe unanswered questions that were trying to determine exactlyret what the motives were and what triggered this 18 year old tomi shoot his grandmother and also to commit a mass shooting here ,uvalda, texas, where we have 19 children that are deceased as well a, two adults, two teachers that were in that classroom deceasedm and a totan of 18 , a combination of children and adults injured. now, lieutenant, the suspect is now dead. the alleged shooter i guess we have to call that he was holed up in one classroom but then made his way to the adjoining
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classroom through a an adjoining door. >>ha is that correct? right, laura . so that's what we're gathering right now. so we're trying to corroborate all this informationran.. what we do know is that gunman wasn't countered by several local police officers heree involved i in which there was an exchange of gunfire. those two police officers were shot trying to make entry into the school. the gunman is then able to barricade himself in that classroom which was adjoined t by another classroom in which the shooting took place and he just conductedde this horrific act of violence to these children, to these teachers that were inside that classroom. >> lieutenant, there's >> lieutenant, there's took for authorities to enter a building and engage the shooter. there'ss reports that it was as much as a half hourho after he entered the building and cnn
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tonight says it was up to an hour and that there was a lull in activityy where everyone was trying to get as many people out of the building as possiblee . i was i wondering how is itu more than thirty six or thirty six hours about later almost. we still don't have that timeline, right, laura ? so one thing that we want to do because of course there's a lotc of reports that are out theredi right now, especially on social media, but we haven't be able to corroborate the timeline. we want to make sure we provide accurate information by gathering the facts. so we are speaking to witnesses. we'reesse actually speaking to the initial officer, the school resource officer who arrivedry on scene. f we're trying to establish if this officer waste actually countered by the shooter, if he was in his vehicle, if he was off h n his vehicle. so right now he's also going to be a key witness to this investigation as well. thbecause he was the first on scene. we did have multiple officersne arrive on scene at a moment'smo notice when this gunman mademe entry into the school.
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but also, as i mentioned, twoof officers were shot ats that point. they were trying to evacuate other children and teachers in that school by breaking s windows around the school and trying to evacuate as many people as possible. t and that's when,he of course,h the tactical team arrived with border patrol deputies from zavala county. also other law school police officers made forcible entry into that classroom and alsobl were met with gunfire. but they were able to shoot and kill the gunman. and lieutenant, what did he enter again, discrepant outas there about these basic facts? you see multiple accounts saying different things in social media. so i just want to get yourut understanding about that . did he go through the frontan entrance of the buildingce or it was also reported in one outlet that he went to the side entrance of the buildingth whico was unlocked. dodo w we know that right. im so what we do know from the time that he crashed his vehicle so when he crashed his vehicle, the local police department received a call ofhi a crash vehicle near by the school and also a gunman carryinggu a long rifle making
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his way towards the school. at that point, that's whenat point, that's the initial school resource officer was on scene. again, we're tryingg toe. statuh exactly what was his role and as far as how far a was he from the shooter? what was his role if he was encountered? was there an exchange of, gunfire? t we're trying to corroborate all that information right now. atat information right now. with witnessed that officer as we speak right now. but we do realize that oncece this gunman made entry into that school, those officers were met with gunfire. so again, trying to establish that timeline from the time he crashed his vehicle to the point where he made entrye o to the school and also how longa was he in that classroom? n wewe want to make sure we gather all the facts and provide accurate information. all right. all right. of all of that's correct. i mean, there's surveillance video at everyo angle of a that school, i understand. >> correctng? lawrence, also going back to what you mentioned earlier. i know you mentioned about what entrancened where he crashe his vehicle. he went towards the rear of the school again , we're tryingt to establish working with the
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school also determine exactly that door was unlocked, ifly it was unlocked, why was it unlocked? what security procedures that they have in place for such an event. soev we're still working closely with them, also working with fbi, atf at multiagency collaboration, trying to determine the factsla. >> lieutenant, do you know if any of the children it's hardbu to askt this question, but we have to ask these uncomfortablea questions. when he was holed up in thatm, first classroom for could be as long as a half hour we don't know were were all the children shot in that classroom? >> i i again, it is as a motheru i can't even say say it because it's soo upsetting. but c were there any children who survived in that classroom ,you know? right.up and this isse upsetting. i mean, i was at my daughter'shi ward's assembly the days that this took place and i actually flew over here because of what was taking place herein involved texas. but what i can tell you, i i can't even imagine what thoses children were goingim through at that particular moment,,
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especially the teachers, how terrified they probably were if they were screamingo that they were yelling for help. what we do know some of the officers that were on scene ,they heard the gunfire. they heard the screaming from h these children. so it just it just hard to imagine. and also what we don't know through the ones that witnessed this . exactly. we do not knowo. but what i can tell you rightre now is that these officers that responded, you know, justsp what they went through , how impact was going i to be for them and also the entire community here, uvalda now and lieutenant, i just there are no words b really on but r thank you for giving us the insights that you can tonight. we really appreciate itea.nd. y and today many of us saw one of the most disgusting displays by a politician that we'vehat sn in a while and that's saying something. and this just from beto is o'rourke, you know, the guy who is so focused on taking everyone's ar 15 watch pass the mike to lieutenant governor dan patrick. excuse 1000% sit down forut
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a while and then obamagate was after ghostlike afterw the shooting is right now a and you're doing nothing no robbery. so this is totally predictable . you'reve out of line with . i'm so sorry that i can'tum believe. a good deal like this to make the mike lindell that gentleman calling bato out is valdai mayor don mclaughlin who had i think one of the toughest days of any mayor in the nation ever yesterday. and i think we can all understand his anger and of course can translate the bleep's. joining me now is texas lieutenant governor dan patrick who is grabbing the mikeen tong speak. when mr. t o'rourke had this out stand. first of all, our our deep, deepest prayers and condolences to everyonele in texas and the s people of uvaldauf who are suffering so greatly tonight .
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we have to say that before we say anything else, what happened today at that press conference was makeable. well, from your perspective, tell us what happened. so when i sat down, i noticed that we were in theum large auditorium of the high school. i noticed that was in the second row on the end seat and i literally could see himee leaning forward almost like he was getting the pownce . t and so i i but i didn't imagine i could see maybe a he was goint to stand up and ask a question at some point or make a statement. but i could never imagine that on this day when we were there to not only disseminatere information and learn more but were there to, be with these families that he would pull such a political you know, i thought laura and i said in my comments after he finally left that can'tll we have just one day, one week,
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one month of us all coming together for these children? that's not a political stunt, not partisan politics. where's our humanity? and what we found out is that o'rourke was more interested in his political ambitions mte that hes about these families.s. and that's what i think was thinthat's what i think was really the tragedyas of his behavior. it car showed he really didn't e about these peoplepeop and thats what we were there that'sr, what governor abbott said myself and the others who spoke. he certainly couldn't havespta thought dan , that what he washe doing was bringing comfort to the families or really nothing was going to advance s the narrative of safety or concern. this was first and foremost an act of political selfishness. nn absolutely. absolutely and well planneded by the way he cameme and i saw him out of the corner of my eyeg and was wondering what he was
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up to. he had a right to be there, butd total political selfishness. and so here we are. s laura . and this is not, by the way, what texans expect in a leader to behave like this , particularly in this day. he could have had a press conference outside ifco he wanted. he could have broughtut this upi at some other time , some debateme or some issue, but. not this day. it was just offensive to these children who died in these teachers. and by the way, laura , ,anway,d out and talking to one ofem the school employees, one ofd the teachers who was killed was the teachers who was killed was a student. i as i as i said yesterday when i was interviewed, we would hear stories about these heroic teachers and the heroism ofe these two teachers t in that classroom and the law enforcementoo. let me laura , i've been through a lot in texas. we've had a lot of shootings in texas, a lot of disasters. butst whenever it's children, laura , as you said with yourav own i have children, grandchildrenn, it gets to the core of who we are as a
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country. and laura so i just to for him to do that today and for us to even spend five minutes talking about him, s i just dismiss him and i think america and texas dismissed them today , quite frankly. >> lieutenant governor , back to the question i asked the tenant alvarez about the point of entry ofba the school. i mean, the if someone is bent on maiming and destroying, they will figure out a way too do it probably. right. but if they're if it was s and we'll find out more . but ifor there was a side entrance or a back door that was open, that can't happen at any school in the country. ititit just can't happen. those have to be secured and a front door has to be the only point of entry. i mean, we've said this before and i think you and i have talked about it before. >> yeah, we did four years ago a last week was our shooting at santa fe and the day of the shooting that was the first recognize is that our schools were not really protected the way they should be and we put in a tremendous amount ofpu money over one hundred million
12:14 am
in trying to give schools the tools to fortify their schools . it's not always as simple as you sound, but as you say or people say. but our elementary and middle schools for sure are not that big where we can control the acts that you should have one way in one way out every door should be locked had he and i went up to where that door was today, i walkedha a walk that area had that doorak been locked and he had takeno a few more minutes to look foree another entrance. he may have been stoppedn before getting into the school. soso it's really important we do that in our high schools. we're even going to have to think about how we redesign our high schools because our high schools are sools large , laura, that one entrance doesn't work.t but we've got to addressn, that issue. but laura , if i can i just, come back to this law. this problem is a much larger problem than the infrastructure . the gun issueue g, the mental health issue. this is a and all those are important. but at the end of the day, law s we are in a sick society where
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we are atth each other's throats all the time. he showedme today everywhere you look, we are just whether it's on the internet, whether it's in any walkk of life, people art just at each othero every day and we have to ask ourselves who we are. and i believe we're a nation of godly people and godly people need need to pray for god to make change and people we've got to make change to make a second chronical 714 laura , everyone should read tonight. go to the middle of the bible, turn right second chronicles t 714 christians have to pray for god to heal our land and we have to take a stand. if there are some people in this country who are not i believers, that's fine. i respect their right not to believe but for those of us whow are christians, we need to take hold of our country and we doro that through prayer. you cannot changeer the culturea of a country without changing the character of the people and you just cannot change character without changing a heartt and you can't do that without turning to god. >> thank you , lord ..
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all right. lieutenant governor , great to l see you tonight . . thank you so much. and it is easy and it's got f less for politicians like knowor iraq and joe biden.o they just pounce on tragedies like this to either resuscitate a flagging poll numbers orl to launch a political campaign. but what they're not telling you when they're ranting about gun control is that good guys o with guns? oh , yeah. they can stop the bad guys with my next guest knows this all too well because knono in november of 2017we, stephen willeford was at his home in sutherland springs, texas. lawhen he heard gunfire from the first baptist baptistst church nearby. he immediately grabbed his gun.n he ran barefoot to the church. he shot the gunman multiple times. but twenty six people still butd died that night. stephen willeford joins me now.n stephen , it's great to see you tonight . in addition to saving countlessg lives, you're also a spokesperson for gun owners of america. you know, guns and gun owners have become a scapegoat. they always areth at times like
12:17 am
this . what's your response to tti the politicization ofci this an6 what's happened over the last thirty six hours learning? i think it's despicable and my heart goes out to the families and i guess i'm one of i the really few people in this nation that can really sympathize with the families because we've them through the same thing in sutherland springs and we know spr we know what they're going through and like to reach out torough and them and tell them i understandd i guess we're part ofteerstandd a club that we neverd wanted to be part of. hi well, i think we all of us iua think what would you doti in ths situation or what would you do in a circumstance you heard shots and you ran you ran toward the gunfire. we had multiple lawnly
12:18 am
enforcement almost instantaneously on the scene. theree was some thought early on that the shooter was being chased, which is why he crashed his vehicle. i don't know what happened, but he made his way intore that school pretty fast and he was able to do an enormous amount of damage in a very short period of time. something's got to change with the way we approach theseit schools or the security or t and we're going to get into some of the other issues that are involved here. ng but u i mean, when i was growing up in the 70s and early early 80s, this just didn't happen. not to this extent. n absolutely it didn't happen. and in the state of texas werd have what's calledia the guardin program and we're schools can or choose not to take part in the guardian program, the guardian program trainsm teachers to use guns, trains
12:19 am
teachers also first aid and cpr stop the bleed and fibulaoo training on top of it,d which is a good idea no matter what .sa buty, it also, like i say, trained them and allows them to carry into schools. but it's an optional thing for the schools in this part and the guardian program i think it's time for schools to stoke it in part and i think it's time to end gun free zones and schools too. >> well,to eric swalwell a smashing that idea today, but we'll leave that for another conversation. stephen , thank you . now upou next , what we know about the evolving gunman and what he has in common with so many of the other school shooters. what were the warning signs and how were they all missed the answers next .
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oach allergen to your health can come from unexpected places. get the facts. this is hesterberg. he didn't talk very much. he kept to himself. it didn't have many friends. itof was kind of a weird one . something was off about him.
12:25 am
he said a lot of time online. he didn't go to school much last year. dad wasn't on the scene. something changed lately with him. he was more volatilee vo. these are just some of the things we've learned in the past 30 hours or so about the uvalde, a shooter. but thoseti descriptions could hit any number of the school shooters from the past twenty five years or so. virginia tech, sandy hook, parkland. look at their eyes. they're all the same. they can dead a few years ago, a study of mass shooters found that ninety eight percent of them were male, the average age thirty four . but there werehe other commonalities. first, the vast majority of mass shooters experienced early childhood trauma and exposure to violence at a young age. the nature of their exposure included parental suicide, physical. sexual abuse, neglect,
12:26 am
domestic violence and or severe bullying. and with these school shooters,h the young menoo often show signs of severe distress long beforein they opened fire . but either no one intervenes ore the intervention that do occur aren't effective. practically every mass shooterc studied had reached an identifiable crisis point months leading upftpoint to the shooting. they often become angry and despondent because of a specific grievance. now we probably will never know the complete picture here. but when a high school kid cuts his face with a knife as ramos did one of his friends a saw it. someone should have said something they should've doneav something but they didn't. they juste wrote them off as odd or quirky or weird or maybeky antisocial. in other words, they let it ride. it's too risky to get involved
12:27 am
in someone else's problem evenme family members look the other way or threw up their hands oror they say they were blind to t the warning signs. >> why didn't he live with his mother? they had a what you call a family problems or something, but he spent a lotot of time in his room alone. yes. d this year he didn't go to school. he didn't graduate,e, but he didn't go to school. knoww he had weapons or nothing or this or that . then i would have known i would have reportede. that with the shooter's grandfather nowhe over months or likely yearsr.s almost became a ticking time bomb. but no one stepped in to defuze him. now the left is focusingct on the fact that an 18 year old with no clear source of y income was able to buyas expensive guns and three hundred seventy five rounds of ammomo. of course he could have just o as easily probably built a pressure cookerf bomb
12:28 am
and killed just as many people. so focusing on his message, it doesn't really end up solving very much someone who is bent on killing will find a way tong kill. so politicians piggybacking on tragedy for political gain. we talked a little bit about that with dan patrick. it's sickening as it is predictable because iff they wanted federal gun control, they had eight years t of obama to get somethingng passed and now democrats have the house, they have the senate and they have the presidency. so at this point put up or shutp up and let the politicalol and legal chips fall where they mayle. m and inea the meantime, we allus must take this moment to ask a what is it about our culture, our society, the way we're living now that is creatingat the conditions for so manyr young men to have zero regard for human life as in chicago or
12:29 am
we're just for fun. i guess it was last night a well known homeless man who was merely sleeping was set on fire in the dark area under trump tower and some other buildings at 250 this morning. police say a man doused a sleeping seventy five year old homeless man with a flammableeepi liquid and then st him on fire. >> our young man just >> our young man just and angry than they were, let'ss say in nineteen eighty . it sure seemed so why is that ?o have we made it far too easy for our kids to disappear into a virtual world when the real world presents real challengesdt ? are we really present when we're with our children or do we have our own heads buried in screens? are we too worried about offending someone? if we talk about the importance of fathers, how do we even know
12:30 am
our neighbors? do we even show concern for anyone outside our ownde bubbles and are we afraid to intervene when we see someone going off the rails? the answers to those questions will not change the fact that those precious nineteen children and two ofss their teachers were brutally murdered tuesday afternoon . we'll bring them back theri searing painng the profound sens of loss will nevers end for their families and the children who survived. but perhaps perhaps if we setet aside politics we can save lives but we must get back to caring more about each other as human beings love one another. teachh our children that every life, every life has tea inheret worth and value because as we've seen when someone believes he's worth nothing, orth never going to nothing, get any better. he may just try to find
12:31 am
his glory in deadly ways by joining a gang , by selling drugs, by using a gun, a knife ,a baseball bat or a bomb. joining me now is john kelly, a criminal profiler john , om i just mentioned some of kinde of similar attributes that mass shooters have displayed have h as the one that we just saw unfold in uvalda. didd i miss any what arest the biggest ones? i was going to say, you know, i'd like to lecture with you or have with me some lecture just b because you did everyone you focused in on every topic. i mean, you know, years ago walt disney said that the greatest natural resource that the united states had was the mind of its children. and i think that's the greatest natural resource that people don't seem to focus o on . it seems like, you know, parenting has become a lost
12:32 am
profession in some ways and i've worked for w thousands kids and thousands of familiesye over the years. you know, i go all the way back with you to westwood one twenty years ago and then o we were talking about some ofum this stuff with columbineve and all the child abuse and everything that's going i mean, hurt kids, hurt people . all right. it's reallylele hurt kids grow p to hurt people like you brought up about early childhood trauma . all right.haot and that's why i got into profiling. o our focus was on trying to show the public the child abuse that takes place within serial s killers families as they're growing up the dysfunctional familyon and the unbelievable,ab horrific abuse that goes on . g and that's justot something people have got to understand. you know, this child is in its
12:33 am
formative years. the child is in their formative years and how they form it, how how are they being formed and john, when i asked all those questions, i mean, i'm kind of asking i i myself t, because we all get caught up. we're so busy screens the stupid phone and we removeov ourselves from life as it's l happening right now around and we're missing life. we're missing in and there's a lot of there's a a there is a lot heard around us and it's easier to put a blinders on . and again, i'm not i'm not pointing fingers. allay of us .rs. all of final final words, all of us and life has become kind of desensitized. we've become desensitized as a culture. i believe, to blood and guts and gore. i really believe that ilo it saddens me, you know, it's justt
12:34 am
something that has gone on the science h were always s there. the kids usuallyer know some of it kids usually know before anybody else knows. i mean, it'ss. it's just the bottom line and you know,kn parentsow really have to show love, respect and value toir their children. it is a child's birthright that is your birthright as a baby in a crib you deserve more respect about. can anybody say a babyy doesn't deserve that now you're right about that , john, and we appreciate your voice tonight . thank you . find myself in a position where i'm lying to my kids and every parent in america right now isel lying to their kids. you're telling their kids they're going to be safer s at's their school and everything's going to be okay. it's a lie. the truth is not by policy desex but by design, by design of the republican party in this country, every kid in every classroom is exposedry
12:35 am
and vulnerable to a shooting. >> joining me now, newt gingrich, former speaker of the house fox news contributor newte. every democrat on television for the most part hasdi pointed a finger at the republican party in the lasted thirty five hours or so. l your reaction tonight ? well, look,ea i think we need a much more profound and honest conversation. there's evil in the world without getting involved in whether some democrats felt that the fact is that the young man who went into that schoolo personified evil. the man who went into the grocery store in buffalo personified evil. the number of people the democratic district attorneys are releasing who are murderers,, carjackers, robbers murderers,, carjackers, robbers and unless we'rere prepared to have a really honest national discussion, we're going to
12:36 am
continue to have one hundred thousand plus people dying from drug p overdose. we're going to continue to havef teenagers committing suicide. we're going to continue to haveo these kind of h murders.of we need a much more profoundve national conversation than the kind of political baloney that both parties engage in that sticks up to the level of trying to somehow manipulate a system which is totally broken. now if you want to protect schools and here i agreeal totally with sean hannity and othersly do what texas has begun to do in which this school did not do and that is pay teachers to become guardians, train them, make sure that they're armed, make sure that somebody walks into a school with a rifle. frankly, if i can be blunt gets killed, there ought to be an'm automatic system that saysll you're out here toed kill our children. you're not going to make it and we're going to kill you t first.ha say and that means every school in the countrys ought to have
12:37 am
five or ten people paid five hundred dollars a month or more extra. y that would be a rational federal program to pay every teacher who's willing to be trained and armed to protect our children, teachers and administrators. but we don't have that kind of conversation. we're all stuck up in some hypothetical baloney led by president joe biden who i think yesterday made a total disgrace out of what should have been>> a serious national speech l. so and so i'm very happy to have a debate about what would itly really take to fix these t things. but there aren't many people b in politics who want to get involved on that level off change t. now some of that some ofo that will for sure help. we also have a deep spiritual vacuum in america and life means nothing to way too manyop people and that is a very difficult and long term problemm to fix. butt in the meantime, we have to harden these targets. newt, great to seese you g as always. eand more on texas in a moment.
12:38 am
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policy for only twenty nine dollars a month and his wife and a five hundred thousand dollar policy for only twenty one dollars a month go to select now and get the insurance your family needs at a price you can afford selective we shop, you save moments. we're going to have more on that deadly shooting and of all day and how you can protect your family in these increasingly dangerous times. but first i want toeaes turnon quickly to, washington, dc whee congress wants twenty two billion more for covid relief. but we're learning tonight that millions have already been wasted from that original one point nine trillion dollar package like five hundred thousand bucks for programs on racial justice at the university of montana a. fifty k to teach indigenous canoe building nearly four hundredd seventy two thousand dollars for an exhibit. on ancient egypt in pittsburgh . . about this sad but not sad infuriating arkansas senator tom cotton, senator ,in
12:44 am
what the heck i mean this kind of small change compared to almost two trillion dollars. but what does it tell us about this or this kind of waste wasn't predictable. wasn't predictable. said when the democrats tried to shovel two trillion dollars out the door immediately without properly w oversight and adequate controls, that it would be that it would go to fund these kind of irrelevant and frankly trivial priorities the democratic party that it wouldn't go to help g coronavirs relief. it's just an example of how reckless the democrats have been and over the last yearss and a half with their t tax dollars, they wasted all this money on those initiatives you just talked about and thatsu just scratched the surface. they stuck you with a tworf trillionou tax bill . and on top of it all, it's that bill that caused the inflation that we have right now. i mean, they even gave stimulus checks, the boston marathon bomber and other hardened criminals.
12:45 am
that's how ideologically devoted they were to spendings.o trillions of dollarsns last yea. that's why we don't need any more of the spending and we don't need any more democrats in control in washington. sh well,in senator , i think we saw a lot of republicans who voted for that so-called infrastructure bill , which is more money spent by washington that we either have toav borrow or print. and when we borrow from countries like china, we funding the war that russia is waging on ukraine because chinat is helping russia. so the wholele thing is a twistd deal when we spend money that we don't have all of it and thankfully we right now stop the democrats are spending another five trillionra dollars on the coronavirus now they claim that they're still working on it. they still want to tryth to parc it back .be maybe they can get the 50 votes in the senate, but hopefully weo can get to the endf of this year at least through the election and make sure that they're not
12:46 am
wastingug more of your tax dollars on things like racial diversity, equity and inclusion programs are indigenous to new building programs. none of this had anything to dot with the coronavirus pandemic that we faced two years to goll at the height ofen the uncertainty and the challenges and lockdown's this was coming out of the coronavirus pandemic. this is about the democrats aboa funding their pet projects now i just think until republicans we help take back the senate and the house, i think the spending has to end. we're outf of dough and it's hurting our country at this point. senator , thank you for standing firm. and up next , an active shooter expert with information you need to know how to keep your family safe. >> it's out there and we'll bring it to you later. >> look, cleaning the outside of your windows is a real choice and who wants to climb a dangerous ladder just to get to the second floor? not anymore.
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12:52 am
situations that especially in classrooms that kids and teachers should lock down maybee turn the lights off, lock close the door.or, but i but i think you say that that's not always the right move.>> >> why not curricula? and, y unfortunately, if we tryoo and tell people to do theseki cookie cutter solutions, it's not one size fits all. we learn that during columbine because we've always programed i our kids that if anything happens, dove under the table or dove under your desk. well, instead of running out ofy the library like so many kidsab did, several ofle them dove undr the table and ultimately were executed because they were still there when the two assailants entered. so we have to use our common sense, react rationally rather than emotionally and process to do what isra and process best for our survival. >> now, michael, the question a is always fightinglw back and obviously little kids, they're t not going to be able to do much probably. back,
12:53 am
but adults fighting back when you have someone likeik a shootr with a high powered weapon, a lot a lot of ammo in the bag. what to do? to well, it's going to depend on the circumstances and theva circumstances are going to be vastly different in any situationatio. so you have to the first thing you've got to do is keep your head or our brainsti sometimes lock up under extreme pressure and fear and in so many situations we've seen and i teach in my program grown adults were literally just freeze and be paralyzed in fear and doing nothing. the best the wrong thing is not the best way to survivesu a situation lie this . we've gotrvrv we h to stay calm, react rationally and then we can do the run fight or whatever method we've been trained on . >> there are some reports that it might have been as longa that it might have been as longa an hour that shooter was in that school. the i know you don't know allum the circumstances. a lot of questions remain
12:54 am
. but for a novice like me who doesn't i don't know anything about this , butti that seems like a long time. a >> it's a very long time and statis actually probably 98% of the time.cally proba these situations are over ins 10 minutes or in fact, the highest body counts virginia tech and las vegas. ten minutes exactly. most about 69% of theseeg incidences are over in less than five minutes. this is a very, very long time.s >> about 40 minutes for this one. michael, keeping our head inin times of crisis. it is a hard thing to do.ank you you teach it for a living. thank you for doing that . and i hope people are watchingeo tonight .ch final thoughts on another difficult day whening ton weiga fox station is forever grateful for those who put this great country first and to show our appreciation, we're continuing to offer all active military and veterans their first year of vaccinations for free. or you can stream shows, celebrate our country and honor those who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms.
12:55 am
this is an award show that america needs that our hero deserve. this is for all the men and women. i'm so grateful for every step that says you had a willingness to learn she had a really good ,calm, clear head about her . if you gave her a command, she would operate. you get the real value of this country that you live
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
♪ ♪ >> laura: now, one of the volunteers who was helping last night in uvalde's at scene inside of the school and said it was c horrific. the children who were so were so
1:00 am
grievously wounded who were shot could not be identified appeared the parents waiting outside. some of them had to actually give dna samples for the purposes of trying to identify the victims whose identity couldn't be determined because of the gunshots. we have a real problem in our society, a terrible tragedy and we must pray for each other, love one another. thank you for watching. see you tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ >> todd: a fox news alert, a community coming together to more horrific deaths of 19 young students and two teachers killed in the texas elementary massacre. we are learning more about the victims. one of them. you are watching "fox & friends first" on thursday morning, i'm todd piro. >> carley: carley shimkus, one teacher who survived the attack breaking down in tears as she recalls the gunmen coming down the hall outside of the bathroom.


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