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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 26, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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grievously wounded who were shot could not be identified appeared the parents waiting outside. some of them had to actually give dna samples for the purposes of trying to identify the victims whose identity couldn't be determined because of the gunshots. we have a real problem in our society, a terrible tragedy and we must pray for each other, love one another. thank you for watching. see you tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ >> todd: a fox news alert, a community coming together to more horrific deaths of 19 young students and two teachers killed in the texas elementary massacre. we are learning more about the victims. one of them. you are watching "fox & friends first" on thursday morning, i'm todd piro. >> carley: carley shimkus, one teacher who survived the attack breaking down in tears as she recalls the gunmen coming down the hall outside of the bathroom.
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[crying] >> i had to protect my children. spruance issued or shooter another classroom and launched a nearly 40 minute ambush that claimed all of those innocent lives before a member of the border patrol unit kicked him out. take a look at this photo showing that agents had to after the confrontation purity suffered a braced one to the head. look at to be alive this morning. >> carley: ashley strohmier with breaking details, ashley. >> such a tough interview. guys, good morning to you. the community together with a prayer vigil in the wake of the horrific shooting. some with a tribute with bible verses and as many of the people with their heads bowed, the governor abbott was also in attendance and we are now
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learning more about the victims of the senseless act. 19 of those lives lost were children between the ages of eight and ten. one of those children had just turned ten years old, 16 days ago. her father a first responder finding out his little girl was killed when he responded. you see parents and the students were lucky they got to take their children home with him that day. >> yesterday, a lot of the motions. it is heartbreaking. my heart goes out to all of uvalde to the families that lost their kids. >> this woman's niece will have to be laid to rest. >> i just don't understand how people could take a gun to a kid, an 18-year-old, what is he going to use it for?
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but for that purpose. >> in the meantime governor greg abbott leasing chilling things about the facebook. a planned plant attacked against his grandmother and the school. according to abbott the morning of the shooting, a series of messages saying "i'm going to shoot my grandmother. i shot my grandmother and i'm going to shoot an elementary school." after he shot his grandmother in the face, miraculously she was able to call for help but he crashed a car and walked back into a back door of the school with a rifle he had bought weeks ago after his 18th birthday. the grandfather of the gunmen reacted to the massacre. >> why didn't he live with his mother? >> they had some problems or something. >> would he spend a lot of time in his room alone? >> yes, he didn't go to school. he didn't graduate. he didn't go to school. if i would have known, i would
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have reported it. >> carley: in the meantime the mother of the gunman said she was in disbelief her son is capable of this level of violence. that is according to the boyfriend. she also said, he didn't accept his son and shot his grandmother because he loved her. >> todd: ashley, we know about the timeline of events that unfolded tuesday morning. let's walk you through it starting 11:00 a.m. when the police if the shooters sent three messages on social media and don't know who they went to bed he said he would shoot his 66-year-old mother. >> carley: 11:30 a.m. sent a second message saying he followed through on the threat followed by a third message saying "he then wanted to shoot up an elementary school" appearance but when he got into his grandmother's truck as she ran across the street and crashed it outside of robb elementary. he was confronted by an armed police officer at a back door, shot that officer, barricaded himself inside the fourth grade
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classroom. >> carley: it was unlocked around 11:45 a.m. and the police swarmed the scene breaking windows to help other students escape until they were able to get inside the classroom. by 1:00, the shooter was dead. former fbi special agent jonathan teague joins us now. jonathan, good morning to you. your reaction to what we know so far about the shooting. >> i will tell you something the whole process that you just went over there from the people that were the victims, parents too is a fact about law enforcement and how it unfolded, this, unfortunately as i'm sitting here looking at this and trying to take the emotion out of it, this could have been prevented on so many different levels. i think social media so good at scrubbing supposedly things that they think are socially
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unacceptable completely missed the mark on this one. we have law enforcement misplaced a safety officer at the school unable to stop the shooter and then when law enforcement got there, it took 40 minutes to enter into that room. i think that is probably because of the tactics that are being used, the old tactics. when someone comes in a room and they are shooting young people like this or anybody in a mass shooting scenario, you are supposed to rush to that and engage the shooter as quickly as you can to eliminate the threat here that is why we get into the job. so, i know it is easy to sit back and armchair quarterback this entire thing, but we have to look at this from something other than just get rid of guns. the fact is, proper threat assessments where we looked at it from the attacker's point of view, we could literally sit down and go step-by-step how
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somebody could carry this attack out and mitigate those circumstances. in this case, none of that was done. >> todd: as a former fbi special agent, you alluded to all the things that went wrong here at a going forward, what needs to be done to prevent the next one of these? >> so first and foremost, we need to use the people that work in the schools, the teachers, the administrators. we need to realize doing a threat assessment is not a big budget item. these people live in that school every single day five days a week. so, they know if they are going to attack the school, how they would get in. all they have to do is sit back and look at the facility and say, we need to shut this door. he was able to enter a back door that was not locked. he was able to approach a school when something was occurring in the community. i'm not even sure if the school safety officer was notified of this. the threat assessments cannot
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just be done from the police officer or the defender standpoint. we have to look at this from the attacker standpoint. how, when, why, someone would attack and then you go start mitigating the circumstances. i can guarantee you, absolutely guarantee you that many -- i don't love about all that many of these mass shootings could be stopped if we just paused and did the right thing which is starting with threat assessments. >> carley: yeah i think you make a great point and these mass shooters typically display warning signs in buffalo. the shooter was hurting small animals. in this case become a friend of this uvalde shooter said he was slashing his face with a knife and saying he was doing it for fun purity was shooting people with bb guns. really troubling things he was doing in his life. so come another thing that could be done to prevent these things was to take those red flags,
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warning signs seriously. >> you are exactly right on the spirit of florida, every wanting a mass shooting and a couple of things are reoccurring. one is all of these individuals, especially young people are on some type of medication and most of the time they have been seen by a psychiatrist or psychologist. they are usually known by law enforcement. or the people in the school know they are trouble. but here is what is not being done here the schools, they don't realize it, they can contact law enforcement. there is no law against this. we believe this might be an issue. law enforcement can do a preliminary investigation by approaching the individual and getting their take on it. that is from columbine onto now is something that is a mistake being repeated over and over again. because we now deem it socially and acceptable and the lawyers and the attorneys and the police department don't want to get anybody's food. that is why they go into the
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school systems and don't approach. >> todd: you answer my next question in part but beyond the legalities of it, columbine had it in 1992. sandy hook happened ten years ago. why does nothing seem to change, despite all that we know? jonathan, will this be different, the catalyst to finally have the change that we need? >> sadly, if you look at the statistics coming out of the shootings but the reaction after the shootings, what we will see as this will become rhetoric about the gun debate. then, it will go away with no changes. it is interesting you bring up how far back columbine was because all that really came out of that was active shooter training, which is after the fact once somebody is actually engaged. even then as you see now, we can go back to the nightclub. why were so many people killed? the police officers engaged were pulled out so a s.w.a.t. team could go in and until the
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s.w.a.t. team got there, a negotiator is ineffective in that type of situation. a similar circumstance happened here. we must on a national scale or at least by state-by-state scale start looking at these repetitive mistakes. i don't want to say forget about the gun debate, we should have gun debate because the second amendment is there for a reason. what is happening right now is it is overwriting the people's ability to sit down and separate these two things. it is getting in the way of saving lives. it has turned into a political issue. the majority of people come i will see this one thing, the majority of the people at the top of schools, law enforcement and in politics have no idea what they are doing when it comd protecting these people. this is why this is repeated over and over again. it turns into a political game. it turns into a gun debate, and none of these things get fixed.
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i can guarantee you. i could sit down on zoom with every school in the united states come i could teach them three to four hours how to do their own threat assessment and they could go forward. >> todd: i wish every american watching the segment. you are so clearheaded with your and analysis. how to save our babies come it is time somebody listened. jonathan gilliam, thank you. >> todd: to visit families in the coming days, the world has changed and pushed work on reform. >> it is not absolute. when it was past, you couldn't own -- you couldn't own a canyon. you couldn't own certain types of weapons. just always been limitations. it is time for action. we are here today for the same purpose to come together and say "enough." to act. >> todd: joe manchin said he backs gun limits but once again
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rejecting calls to change to pass a simple bill with a simple 50 majority vote. >> carley: president biden to biden on the two-year anniversary of george floyd's death highlights the creation of a national registry of officers fired prior misconduct and encourages state and local police to tighten restrictions on choke holds and no-knock warrants. some police are calling the move and active political domestic political theater at a time of skyrocketing crime. an attack on the police and the fact it comes one day after law enforcement officer risked his life to save others in texas. law enforcement legal defenseman president saying "this executive order is a political response to activist demands" if they wish to help, improve training and increase professional standards. it can be done. ">> todd: beto o'rourke facing serious backlash this morning
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for derailing greg abbott's update on the uvalde shooting to push forward. watch. >> sit down. you are out of line. sit down. >> you are doing nothing! >> [bleep]! >> this is totally predictable. >> sir, you are out of line, sir, you are out of line, sir, you are out of line! please leave this auditorium. >> todd: calling it a shameless political stunt. that was not the time or place to have that discussion. if he wants to have that discussion, fine. but that was not the time or place to do that. >> our hearts are broken in uvalde and all these children will come back but that is the problem, every time we have one of these, it is a political deal. >> todd: i think "the wall street journal" summarized the spectacle as follows and i think they'd beautifully stated it.
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trailing the polls, beto o'rourke had to politicize murders even as the motions are raw and officials are still trying to figure out ramos motivation. mr. orr rourke said during his 2020 campaign that he wanted to band ar-15 rifles and on wednesday he got his sound bite but we will see this mass murder was all about gun control. let's not forget that the reason this press conference was taking place so that the victims families could get vital information that they needed in order to cope with this tragedy. they are looking to their leader, who in this moment is greg abbott to guide them through the worst thing they will ever experience in their life and beto o'rourke chose this moment to make it it issueto gain attention for himsf presumably with his campaign. to kick out greg abbott.
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>> carley: you just heard jonathan gilliam say real solutions are being drowned out by the political rhetoric. when he said that my immediately thought of the beto o'rourke moment that clearly meet the shooting about him in his campaign. what did he think is going to happen from a bust into the press conference and change minds on the gun control debate? no, this was about making a moment, making a spectacle of himself to get attention for him running for governor. senator ted cruz was there on the stage when this took place. here is his assessment of it. >> look, i was shocked. we were going through a briefing, listening to law enforcement precisely what had happened and what the next steps were. and it was disgusting. he strode to the front of the room and tried to turn it into a political rally. i guess his campaign is flailing. he's going to lose. you have a community that is broken to pieces.
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to try to politicize it and turn it into the rally the way that beto o'rourke did come i've seen a lot of crass behavior. that was embarrassing, and it was... it was disgusting. >> carley: i think it was embarrassing. i have a very strong feeling that it is going to backfire on him politically. obviously, he has political differences between himself and everyone on that stage but there is an appropriate time to express that. he chose very poorly. >> todd: it is called a debate, that is when you express your differences and that's when you highlight the differences, not near hours after babies gone down in a classroom. >> carley: turning to this the republican senate primary between dr. oz and mccormick is headed for a recount. >> todd: griff jenkins live on that race in texas, hey, great. >> good morning a lot of unfinished business from tuesday
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starting with the keystone state where it is too close to call the trump backed tv doctor, dr. oz leading ceo david mccormick by less than 1,000 votes peer that triggers an automatic recount according to pennsylvanians acting secretary of state. watch. >> the 902 vote difference between the two candidates is within one half of 1% margin that triggers a mandatory recount under state law. so as acting equatorial state come i'm required by the election code to order all county boards of election to conduct a recount of the race. >> mccormick hopes to make up the difference and outstanding ballots, we are proud of the campaign received 418,000 votes and's we look forward to a resolution to the party with socialists john federman in the fall, the campaign yet to respond but the recount begins tomorrow and must be completed by june 7th, and the -- as you
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mentioned, todd, a tight race and the house democratic primary between congressman cuellar and aoc back progressive jessica cisneros too close to call there. aoc slamming her party on twitter stating "on the day of a mass shooting and weeks of a news have a democratic party leadership rally, antichoice incumbent under investigation and the primary goals fund-raisers accountability is partisan and another failure of leadership." we will see what happens they are pure to filing in alabama that's in primary there to replace retiring senator shelby and june runoff between kitty griffith and mo brooks. in what is almost the most expensive primary in alabama history, harley and todd to. >> todd: you get into the nitty-gritty of that, thank you so much. did you hear about this
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senator bernie sanders and lindsey graham and eight debate monitored by bret baier, streaming on fox nation june 13th. it will be held in the replica of the united states senate at the edward kennedy institute in boston. planning to other debates and they hope this will rekindle a friendly discourse which sorely lacking in today's policy. i think we can all agree with that. former campaign michael sussman may testify in the durham probe trail with the facing line to the fbi. the judge to decide on that motion as early as today. >> carley: brooke singman live with details, good morning. speak with the campaign attorney michael sussman may testify as soon as today but the attorney said only under certain conditions. the defense may let him take the stand if judge christopher cooper agrees to keep the government from asking questions related to preindictment negotiations, john durham on
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wednesday armed with new evidence including emails, bills and receipts for jurors to see in another attempt to show that he lied to the fbi when he said he was not bringing trump russia allegations on behalf of a client. durham's team showed an invoice for the clinton campaign on the same day he met with the fbi. according to the evidence sussmann built a campaign 3.3 hours september 19, 2016 for "work and communications regarding confidential projects." september 19, 2016 the same day sussmann went to see fbi general counsel james baker claiming he had information of covert information channel between the trump organization in russia. sussmann's attorney said it is possible sussmann spent three hours working on clinton campaign items and rightfully build the campaign, but argued the fbi meeting was separate and if sussmann does take the stand, the verdict will likely come next week. and if not we could have a
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verdict before the weekend, carley, todd to. >> carley: thank you. turning back to the news in texas we started a conversation about keeping our kids safe in school. >> todd: annexed guest lost his brother and the sandy hook shooting years ago. he shares his thoughts. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the new gmc sierra. premium and capable. that's professional grade.
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>> todd: welcome back. it is hard to believe that massacre at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut took place about ten years ago. it will be ten years ago this upcoming december. one of the victims there of sandy hook and safety school advocate and form a united states candidate, j.t. before we get into the security part of this, the policy part of this, what is your message to the families and uvalde grieving right now, experiencing something you experienced again ten years ago? >> well, i just want to let them know i did experience what they are going through. i sat in the sandy hook firehouse for hours december 14, 2012, waiting for my brother to come out of that school, and he never did. i know that is something that they all just went through. it is the hardest day of your
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life. and i think it is important and i hope one or two of them here here's this message. although this is the darkest moment of your life, you will be happy again. you will find a sense of hope. here sandy hook just about every family that lost someone that day, lost a loved one, has started a nonprofit or a charity to make other people's lives better. so out of darkness can't come a lot of light. i know that is not something at the forefront of their minds right now, but i know the sandy hook families will be here to support the texas families when the time comes. >> todd: beautifully said, jt. as for the policy of this all, we had a confirmation during and joe biden's nominee the head of the atf admits he cannot define assault weapons even though he supported a ban on assault weapons in 2018. watch. >> i was a candidate.
1:29 am
i did talk about restrictions on assault rifles but i haven't went through the process of defining that term. >> you are running for public office and call for a ban on assault weapons but you don't have a definition for assault weapons? >> todd: jt come obviously you've been intimately involved with this debate. your thoughts on the debate, one and two, having this debate so soon after a tragedy like this. >> yeah, obviously, tensions are high and you will run into a debate immediately following a tragedy like this. it happened after sandy hook, too, political campaigns put out political emails a day after. it is unfortunate. people will do it, it is human nature but it is unfortunate. you cannot really have a debate if you cannot define the issues. it seems like they can't define the issues right now. i will say in america we have more cons than people. guns aren't going anywhere. it is something that we all came
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to terms with, not everyone but i came to terms after the shooting. there is 350 million guns in america so they are not going anywhere. so what we have to do is look past that and find solutions that go beyond that. for me, said it the other day perfectly, hard onto target, soften the hearts. resources for schools to harden against school shootings, which here in sandy hook we have the safer schools in the country the day after the shooting. no one was there to protect my brother that day. i wish that could have been different. additionally resources to soften the heart, help students, get to the students, these troubled, young teenagers before they commit the shootings. we went this atf nominee also previously said he opposes arming teachers in schools. should we have some level of armed presence at every single school in america?
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>> absolutely, absolutely. i will tell you what, sandy hook is a pretty liberal town. and we have armed guards and little annexed police stations in every school. okay, so we know how to do it here. it is not political here. it is just a matter of fact that the kids need to be kept safe in schools. until we can figure out this mental crisis going on in our country, when i have kids i don't want them to go to a school unprotected like sandy hook was the day of the shooting. >> todd: please let your town be the model for the rest of the country, please. babies lives are at stake. jt lewis we appreciate you coming on these very difficult mornings, thank you for your time. check back in with us hopefully in a couple of years. everybody is following your town model, thank you. >> of course. >> carley: all right, the suspected gunman in the new york city subway shooting that left goldman sachs men
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employed dead held without bail. andrew is charged with murder and possession of a weapon. he was busted on tuesday two days after the shooting trying to negotiate a surrender. the police are revealing that he had 19 prior arrests including assault, robbery, grand larceny and outstanding gun charge from last year. chicago mayor lori lightfoot hearing from parents after a curfew for teenagers. the change is a rarely enforced role and requires minors under the age of 18 to be off at the streets by 11:00 p.m. >> this is not the answer! curfews don't work. what they do is force people to go even further. all this does is decriminalize as children of color. >> carley: p site the mike despite the backlash, it was approved on unaccompanied minors gathering at the park on the weekends at night.
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heartbroken families are searching for families and we want to know how the 18-year-old gunman was able to get inside the school and kill 19 children. >> todd: jack brewer knows families impacted by the shooting and says one solution is bringing god back into schools. he is next.
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>> todd: welcome back. the second shipment of baby formula has arrived in the u.s. from overseas. the lawmakers to press ahead of the fda about shortage that has left parents panicking across the country. the hearing commissioner admitted the agency is slow to act on a whistle-blower complaint about conditions at abbott's plant but blamed that on... wait for it... a mailroom issue here is the fda testimony knows the hard copies of the whistle-blower complaint center three fda officials, dr. mayne, dr. woodcock were not
1:39 am
from the fda mailroom but blaming literally mailroom which could be the case. but we are in 2022 here. >> it is a technical issue and we are fixing it. >> todd: blaming the male guy. >> carley: guy $10 an hour. and the company expect to get the plant back up and running but the formula will not be on store shelves until mid-july. >> carley: also there is this twitter after a new filing reveals elon musk plans to make plans $33 billion in the twitter takeover bid. elon musk to complete the deal with former ceo jack dorsey who exited twitter's board of directors. the shares rose 5% after the news was announced. now to the top story, the senseless violence in uvalde, texas has left the entire nation's guard and looking for answers.
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>> todd: jack brewer and evangelists of the foundation and spoke to families who lost kids in the parking shooting four years ago lives in that area. jack, thank you for being here. what is the solution? >> it is only got at this point. i think we are seeing a generation of children that are godless and don't have a fear of god. so whenever you start throwing in all the complexities that kids these days phase from the media they consume to the television that they watch, the conversations that they are having now and even with the schools are teaching the children are things that ten, 15, 20 years ago you would have never even thought about talking to children in school. so their minds right now are confused. this child that did this horrible act was confused. he was dressing up like a girl and doing all kinds of things that show he was bullied and he was casted out. so, we will have this, but you
1:41 am
don't have the only solution and the only solution is christ jesus to give some type of spirituality and prayer back into our schools. you should give parents the option to be able to have their child. we live in a country where our millennials and participation rate for churches under 30% in a lot of locations. this is the lowest church participation we have ever had in a nation. so, it just shows you why you see so much chaos in our streets. we are a fatherless nation, which is something that also hurts. i believe this child was fatherless. whenever you are fatherless, you don't have someone to hold you accountable a lot of times. you don't have masculinity being taught to young boys. that is what is really missing right now across the nation and plaguing us, plaguing our prisons, our schools, communities and making it unsafe for a lot of families. >> carley:
1:42 am
"the wall street journal" editorial wrote yesterday, they say "firearm laws are week before the 1970s, only recent decades have young men entered schools and supermarkets for the purpose of killing the innocent that a teenager could look at a 9-year-old, aiming a gun, pull the trigger, it signals larger, social mike social, cultural breakdown." you hear about the grandfather of this gunman "yes, my grandson was a loner. he didn't graduate from school. didn't have a relationship with his mother. it does feel we are spiraling into this new form of evil with religious breakdown, family breakdown, isolation, increased social media. how do we come back from this? >> you have to figure out how to find these children and give them the understanding of a relationship with god. if you don't wake up in the morning and say a prayer or you
1:43 am
don't go and give thanks, you don't have that humility. you can lose that respect for life peer that is what is happening right now. you see children that don't respect the lives of other people and other human beings. and that is a sad, sad day especially for a country like this. we are a country where we give more charity and we go out and support the world. if we are going to take our little children and the bible teaches us what we put into our little children, we are accountable for. and we are denying the opportunity to learn faith and learn a relationship with god in the schools, in the communities commend the church houses, they may have a big issue. jesus christ said himself, you could put a millstone around your neck than to hurt one of these little ones or teach one of these little ones to sin right now we are teaching the children to sin and embracing
1:44 am
sin all the way from the white house down. we don't call iniquity iniquity, but we must learn that if we don't, we will continue to see these tragedies but more importantly we will continue to have a godless, nongod-fearing nation, and that is not what we want and the greatest country in the world. >> carley: you are absolutely right. >> todd: jack brewer, thank you for your words this morning, god bless you. president biden signing on marking the george floyd's death. >> carley: it will actually make the city less safe. law enforcement panel to react to that coming up next. >> the police are not the problem in the black community. biden if he really cared about black lives, he would call for law and order and stop demonizing the cops.
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♪ ♪ >> the police are not the problem in the black community, criminals are. the police shot six allegedly unarmed blacks in 2021. compare that to the 10,000 blacks who were killed by criminals. in fact, a police officer is 400 times as likely to be killed by a black as unarmed blacks killed by a police officer. george floyd's death was sickening, but it was not a pattern.
1:50 am
it doesn't represent the way most blacks die and if biden really cared about black lives, he would call for law and order and stop demonizing the cops. >> carley: the critics calling on the president to stop demonizing the police after he signed executive order to reform law enforcement one day after first responders rushed in to help during the tragic texas school shooting. donovan come at the crescent city lodge number two tram of police, the founder of black lives matter and sergeant betsy brantner, good morning to you all. i will start with you, the timing of the executive order is what struck me. i understand it was on the anniversary of george floyd's death but happened a day after this tragic school shooting where the police officers, once again, went into the line of fire and crime is on the rise across the country.
1:51 am
ultimately, this executive order is intended to hamstring the police. >> all across this nation, crime is up. some shootings are up and every single day it seems mass shootings. we see a certain party coming out and trying to commit more divide when there is nothing going on. cops are not the problem. we need to move forward and get the community together, but give the police the tools they need to do their job. if we have an officer do something criminal, by all means, let's go after the one isolated incident but do not damage and go after every single cop? >> carley: i want to see the messaging and all of this and the messaging from the president is we need to tighten the reins around the police because we don't trust them. mentally what does that do to law enforcement officers?
1:52 am
don offends shaw is frozen, are you there? >> yeah, sorry about that. you know, this timing really works to our advantage to some extent. we have been dealing with this now for quite some time. and we are allowed to come i think this allows us to move past it but let's move past this and focus on the other areas of the criminal justice system that needs attention. that way, the police can go back to focusing on the work that they need to do to protect these children on a daily basis. >> carley: sergeant smith come inside the order, the guidelines band choke holds, mandates body
1:53 am
cameras and also will start a national database of the police misconduct and limit the transfer of military equipment to local police departments. what does that do to policing? >> welcome understand this only affects federal police. this is a lyrical theater. president biden can affect state and local law enforcement so he will further hamstring his own federal police officers. i think the worst part of this bill, he has the one effect of state and local law enforcement is to take away that militarized equipment that local law enforcement often gets the federal government to use in situations just like we saw in uvalde. so now, he will limit local and county s.w.a.t. teams. they will not be able to get the armored vehicles so that we can go in and save citizens, save kids in school.
1:54 am
he is declaring a war on law enforcement but he should be declaring a war on crime and a war on poor mental health in this country. it is political theater and frankly, it is outrageous. >> carley: i think you make a great point there, joseph imperatrice, donovan livaccari, betsy brantner smith, thank you so much. >> todd: johnny depp calling his ex-girlfriend kate moss to testify in the trial against his ex-wife amber heard. denying rumors of domestic abuse while they were dating back in the '90s. >> did he push you in any way down the stairs? >> no. >> during the course of your relationship, did he ever push you down any stairs? >> no, he never pushed me, kicked me, -- >> todd: taking a stand for the second time, and amber heard with text messages from johnny depp with a foot parts
1:55 am
are rightfully his, and johnny depp accusing the lawyer of "typing them up." in the meantime beto o'rourke crashing the press conference on the texas school shooting. we will show you the shocking moments coming up next. ♪ ♪ the trail. oh, man. hey! open up! the redesigned chevy silverado. with a sophisticated, high-tech interior... open the door! it's easy to forget it's a truck. ♪♪ - thanks. - nice truck! it was. find new style. find new roads.
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♪ ♪ >> carley: a fox news alert, a community coming together to mourn the horrific deaths of 19
2:00 am
young students and two teachers killed in a texas elementary school massacre. we are learning more about the victims. one of them was only eight years old. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning. i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: and i'm todd piro. breaking down in tears as she recalls the gunman coming down the hall outside the classroom. >> [crying] i had to protect my children. >> todd: ashley strohmier has the breaking details on our top story this morning. >> among those many victims was mary garza. his father, a first responder, finding out his little girl was killed when he responded to the scene. in all, nine lost their


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