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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 26, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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school massacre. we are learning more about the victims. one of them was only eight years old. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning. i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: and i'm todd piro. breaking down in tears as she recalls the gunman coming down the hall outside the classroom. >> [crying] i had to protect my children. >> todd: ashley strohmier has the breaking details on our top story this morning. >> among those many victims was mary garza. his father, a first responder, finding out his little girl was killed when he responded to the scene. in all, nine lost their
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lives and the uvalde community coming together as parents of students at the school that survived the shooting say they would like you to take their children home that day. >> yesterday was full of emotions. it's heartbreaking. my heart goes out to the families that lost their loved ones. they are kids. >> i just don't understand how people can sell that type of a gun to a kid coming to an 18-year-old. what is he going to use for? but for that purpose. >> carley: meantime, governor greg abbott releasing chilling details about the
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shooter's facebook bragging about his planned attack against his grandmother and the school. as the gunman wrote a series of messages saying, "i'm going to shoot my grandmother," "i shot my grandmother," and "i'm going to shoot an elementary school." after he shot her in the face she was miraculously able to call for help but he stole her car and crash it and walked through a back door with a rifle he bought weeks ago after an 18th birthday. the grandfather of the gunmen reacting to the massacre. >> why did he live with his mother to mexico they had -- what do you call it? problems or something. >> would he spend a lot of time in his room alone? >> last year he didn't go to school. i didn't know he had weapons are nothing. if i would have known, i would have reported it. >> meantime, the mother of the gunman says she's in disbelief he is capable of this level of
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violence. and he shot his grandmother because "he loved her." >> carley: ashley, thank you. president biden plans to visit you valley to visit the families in the coming days. he thinks the world has changed and thinks constitutional rights should, too. >> the second amendment is not absolute. when it was past, you couldn't own a canon. you couldn't own certain kinds of weapons. it's just always been limitations. it's time for action. we are here today for the same purpose, to come together and say enough. to act. >> carley: he is once again rejecting costs change senate rules to pass a bill with a simple 50-vote majority. >> todd: during tom cotton's
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confirmation hearing on capitol hill. watch. >> when i was candidate for office had talked about restrictions on assault weapons. i haven't gone through the process of defining that term. >> so you're running for public office and you called for a ban on assault weapons but you don't have a definition for assault weapons? >> back in 2018, calling for an assault rifle band while running for how ohio attorney general. yesterday he told senators that the decision to identify what an assault rifle is is up to congress, and that would be difficult to define. 4 minutes after the hour now, the primary for men that i was headed for a recount. >> carley: a nail-biter pinning democrats against each other in texas. good morning. >> a lot of nail-biters, who really the senate majority may hinge on that race in pennsylvania and right now we still don't know who the republican candidate will be.
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tv dr. mamet oz leads dave mccormick by less than 1,000 votes. that triggers an automatic recount in cording to the act secretary of state. >> is within the one half of 1% margin that triggers a mandatore law. as acting secretary of state, i'm required by the election code to order all county boards of elections to conduct a recount of the race. >> mccormick hopes to make out the difference in outstanding ballots, saying, "we are proud our campaign received nearly -- we look forward to toa swift resolution so our party can unite to defeat socialist john federman in the fall." the oz campaign has yet to respond to the news. the recount must be completed by shoot down my june 7th.
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in texas they are locked in a tight race maybe separated by less than 200 votes in the house democratic primary between veteran congressman henry cuellar and the aoc-backed progressive. that may head to a recount as aoc is slamming her own party, to eating on the day of a mass shooting in weeks after the news of roe, under investigation and the close primary. robocalls, fund-raisers, all of it. accountability isn't partisan. this was another failure of leadership. finally, down in alabama the primary to replace retiring senator richard shelby, that is heading to a june runoff in what is already the most expensive primary in alabama history. >> carley: more to come. thank you. did you hear about this? senators bernie sanders and lindsey graham will go head-to-head in a unique debate.
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it will be moderated by fox's bret baier and streamed on fox nation on june 13th. it'll be held in a replica of the united states senate at the edward m kennedy institute in boston. organizers are planning to other debates at other venues. they hope it will rekindle the tradition of friendly discourse which they say is sorely lacking in today's politics. i think a lot of people would agree with that. not something you hear about every day that's going to happen. >> todd: just to review, senator graham is not willing to move down my great aunt and bernie sanders is moving to south carolina. it's just bringing back the old school ways. >> carley: exactly, we love it. catch it on fox nation on june 13th. former president obama links the school shooting to the anniversary of george floyd's death. some left wondering how those tragedies go together. we'll be talking about it with joe concha. >> todd: and the fbi director addressing and isis assassination plot against another former president. the threat at our open southern
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♪ ♪ >> todd: americans across the country searching for answers on how to end the senseless violence we have seen in places like uvalde texas. jack brewer, founder of the
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brewer foundation, joined us earlier with his message. >> that is her issue. we don't call iniquity iniquity but we must learn, because if we don't we'll continue to see these tragedies. more importantly we will continue to have a godless, nongod-fearing nation, and that's not what we want in this great country in the world. >> todd: meantime, the local community coming together to on of the victims in a candlelight vigil. >> we come together tonight praying for you, uvalde. praying for you. we know that your life will never be the same. the small city will never be the same. >> carley: that is after kimmy robles of last chance ministry joins us now. pastor, beautiful words that you spoke to the people of uvalde at the vigil. and i know you lost you that are
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19 years old. she died in a car accident. what are you telling these parents going through exactly what you went through at one time? >> i always say that they are beginning a journey that is so tough. i was thinking the other day about how they are waking up to an empty house, with no appetite, just in shock. they will never be the same. i tell them the only way they are going to be able to survive is to get closer to god. it's been five years for me and my wife, and our life has never been the same. it's been shattered, like something has been torn out of our body, our soul, and i can only imagine -- i'm actually going there today to meet with a lot of the parents, and just tell them to keep holding on. people say it's going to get easier, and it really is not going to get easier.
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thanksgiving, christmas is right around the corner, and it's never going to be the same. losing a father and the mother is a tough thing, but when you lose your own child, it's a pain you can't explain. >> todd: carley asks what you say to the parents who have lost a child. what do those parents say to you? what did they ask you and is very raw moments immediately after their lives have changed forever? >> they are always asking why. where was god, if god is real. me being a pastor, my own daughter, my youngest daughter, she had the same question. why? why would this happen is someone? if god is so good, why would this have been a someone like us? we are serving and doing good. someone innocent, so young. and those questions will be asked. i just have to continue to tell them to hold onto the promise of
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god. it doesn't make no sense. it really doesn't. i just don't see how someone can continue to live or survive without actually drawing near to god. i understand that those questions will come. me being a pastor and losing my daughter, expecting her to come home and never coming home, is something -- it's like you get sucker punched from the enemy and darkness is all around this world. we've got to continue to unite and be strong and that's why we do what we do. i decided to encourage others when i need it myself to keep on going even when sometimes and if feel like keeping on going. but we have to continue to move forward. el paso, a small little town, they need to know the whole nation is praying for them. it's not an easy thing to discuss something with a parent, but i always love to speak to these parents because i know exactly what to say, how they feel, and they can run to drugs or run away from these problems
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or they can rent to god. and i pray that everyone runs to the only dominic and for that only he can give. >> carley: we had jack brewer on before, and evangelist to the former nfl player. he said there's a lack of god in schools right now. do you agree with that? >> i totally agree. everyone wants to blame god. i always say, we need to bring prayer back. everyone is looking for the answer, and you think about back in the day, the '70s and the '80s, when i went to school you didn't see these things. i believe it's because we allow that to happen. but we can rise up as a nation and really push forward to something that really matters, and it'll make a big difference.
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>> carley: i hope we can. governor abbott during a press conference yesterday said that just a few days ago some of these kids were celebrating perfect attendance at the school and other never going to go to school again. it's gut-wrenching, the images we are seeing on our screen. you're a your ministry and message are s. thank you for sharing. god bless you. >> god bless. >> carley: did you see this? >> excuse made. >> sit down. you are out of line. >> hey! >> sit down. >> you are doing nothing. >> you need to [bleep] sit down. >> this is totally predictable. >> carley: beto o'rourke derailing a press conference where locals in the media were gathering. important information about an absolute tragedy, and some of the media are celebrating him for it. you on concha here next to
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react. ♪ ♪
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>> sit down. you are out of order. >> carley: there you have it come a texas gubernatorial beto o'rourke completely dis- derailing a news conference where people are gathered for important updates, and here's how some in the media reacted. >> beto o'rourke, who was a member of congress and not running for governor, wondering what's going on down there. >> this seems very clearly staged by beto o'rourke in his campaign. >> todd: joe concha join is now. she is referencing the fact that she saw seat fillers there right before that press conference. as soon as it started, those seat fillers left beto o'rourke
2:23 am
and came and filled in the seats it was ready to go so he didn't draw attention previous to drawing attention. as for nicole wallace's comments, as for beto o'rourke's outburst, why does the left in the media think that is now the proper time to politicize this, moments after this massacre? >> there is no proper time given what happened. if you look up the definition of desperate in the dictionary, there is beto o'rourke's photo. he ran for senate in texas and lost, and then he ran for president and somehow was deemed as a potential front runner from the democratic nomination and he failed craptastically, now he's running for governor and he will lose by a country mile for every poll in texas. now he takes his press conference and makes it about himself, because he sees what happens by his own candidacy and knows he has to do something, anything, to turn things around. this is the same person called
2:24 am
for it not only stopping border wall construction in texas but that they should tailor existing border wall down, bringing drugs to this country. it's killing young adults at an unprecedented rate, so take two seats here, because this is not about what happened to those children, elementary school kids. it's about you. trust me, i haven't slept in three days after this happened earlier this week. >> carley: i understand your passion, and he has slipped up on the gun issue, too. now he's running for governor. they want to support the second amendment and he interrupted his press conference at the worst possible time, making an absolute fool of himself. former president obama is getting heat for this tweet he posted. some people i saying he is linking two tragedies together in an odd way. he wrote, as we grieve the
2:25 am
children of uvalde today we should take time to recognize that two years have passed since the murder of george floyd under the need of a police officer. his killing stays with us all up to this day, especially those who love him. then you have ben shapiro tweeting, what in the world is the former have to do with the latter? i don't understand the connection. joe, how do you feel about this? >> i know i'm supposed to give analysis here but i really have no words. what utter classlessness from the former president. don't link anything of what happened to these kids down in texas, particularly to what happened in minneapolis, where no one would ever defend what that police officer did to george floyd, but what does that have to do with these kids being executed by this madman? let's talk about solutions, can we please? here's the bottom line. almost every school shooter,
2:26 am
when you look at sandy hook, when you look at what happened in texas, or even what happened in buffalo, which wasn't a school shooting but, at the same time -- they all seem to have something in common, don't they? most of these shooters are under 21 years old. most of them are students themselves, probably in high school. maybe if you're talking about solutions we talk about putting former police officers, former military, or even existing police officers on desk duty that can do their desk duty from the school, because they have the technology. you don't have to be in a building anymore to do work that you can't get done. put them at the front of every school are one in, one out. maybe if you talk about compromise on who gets a gun, maybe we talk about that you don't get one until you are 21. if you can't get a drink, he can't get a gun until you're 21. because these shooters are -- not all, but many of them are under 21. in the navy we can have a
2:27 am
conversation about how we stop these things are happening. there is barack obama exploiting this for god knows what reason. he is supposed to be "the great communicator." i'm sorry, i don't even know what to say at this point, guys. >> todd: a total mess by the former president. amid this texas massacre, bette midler getting in on the act tweeting that protesters should "come armed" to the nra annual convention. it seems like she's auditioning for "the view." your reaction to these comments? >> she would be perfect next to joy behar, i can completely see it. her twitter feed is her life at this point. "the wind beneath my wings" is a long time ago. johnny carson signed off on "the tonight show" 30 years ago this week, and she was the person who serenaded him. and you are like, while matt, bette midler, you've got to love her. and now she becomes this person. i don't know what to say at this
2:28 am
point, the people exploiting this the way they are. >> carley: understood. thank you for joining us this morning. >> sorry. >> carley: we wish you the best, we understand. we would turn to the senior meteorologist with our weather forecast. >> good morning. let's get to it. memorial day weekend is coming up in a lot of folks are like, what's the weather going to be like? let's take a look. it's cooler than average, an area of low pressure moving over the ohio river valley and we can see the potential for severe storms today. hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes for some of these areas stretching from the gulf coast although it up toward the great lakes. and on friday that friends will sweep across the east coast and give us a rainy day for most along the i-95 corridor into saturday. there's the friday risk. some of these big cities, and watch fox for your latest watches and warnings. and as we get through friday, mainly for the east coast, then
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we will see some on and off showers as we get into the memorial day weekend also for the east. forecast today, very warm across the south. the southwest, as well, where we have heat advisories, and your memorial weekend outlook, not too bad. but we are going to see some showers on some of those picnics, so keep an eye to the sky. we are going to get warm here in the northeast next week into the 80s. if you like it warm, it's coming. >> todd: clinton campaign lawyer michael sussman could testify today after a trove of new evidence. a live report coming at. >> carley: and sarah huckabee sanders after a victory in the gubernatorial primary. her dad will tell what this moment means to him. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> todd: a fox news alert now, a community coming together to mourn the horrific deaths of 19 young students and two teachers killed in a texas elementary school massacre. we are learning more about the victims. one of them, only eight years old. >> carley: that beautiful boy. a teacher who survived the attack breaking it down as she recalled seeing the gunmen coming down the hall outside her classroom. >> my kids were so scared.
2:34 am
[crying] i had to protect my children. >> todd: the shooter entered another classroom and launched a nearly 40-minute ambush that claimed all those innocent lives before the member of an elite border patrol unit took them out. look at this photo showing that agent. he suffered a great boon to the head and is lucky to be alive this morning. >> carley: let's break on the timeline of events we know so far, starting at 11:00 a.m. when the shooter sent messages and social media. we don't know who they went to you, but the first said he was going to shoot his 66-year-old grandmother. spewing before 11:30 he sent a second message saying he followed through on that threat and followed by a third message saying he then wanted to go and shoot up an elementary school. >> carley: then he got into his grandmother's truck as she ran across the street for help, drove 2 miles and crashed it
2:35 am
right outside robb elementary school. he was confronted by an armed district police officer at a back door, shot that officer, barricaded himself inside a fourth-grade classroom and unleashed her. >> todd: the school confirmed it was on lock down around 11:45 a.m. and the police swarmed that scene, breaking windows to help other students escape so they were able to get inside that classroom. by 1:00, the shooter was dead. >> carley: let's bring in the chief of the san antonio police department. chief mcmanus, good morning to you. what do you make of -- what do we know about this investigation so far and the timeline of events? >> i got a call somewhere around noonish advising me of what was going on in uvalde. we immediately deployed our s.w.a.t. unit by helicopter. part of them went by helicopter and part of them went by vehicle, and from that time they
2:36 am
got there, the situation had already been neutralized. but they stayed to assist. >> carley: i think we are all thanking and praising law enforcement this morning just thinking about that image that we saw, this border patrol officer wearing this hat, and it had a bullet wound, meaning that he came just centimeters from possibly losing his own life. >> no doubt that any time an officer enters that kind of situation it is dangerous. it's potentially life-threatening. you can see by this officer's hat, that's an example of it. >> carley: yesterday governor abbott said there was no forewarning that this 18-year-old would do something like this. i think he was talking possibly about his criminal record, but
2:37 am
there were things in his background that were very odd. we are learning about strange social media behavior. one of his friends said he would pick up a knife and slash his face with the knife because he liked the look of cuts, and he would shoot people with bb guns. are these red flags that people should be paying more attention to? >> they are red flags, and the frustrating part for law enforcement in the aftermath of these types of events is the fact that always someone comes out, or quite often, someone comes out and says, "i knew something was wrong and strange about this individual," and they didn't report to it. they wait until afterwards. and unless police know in advance that something like this is going to happen, there is no way to prevent it. we can get into the whole issue of security at schools and other venues where these things happen, but that's a broader topic.
2:38 am
>> carley: i was also reading that his cousin told "the new york post" he wasn't very much a social person after he was bullied at school. so you're dealing with somebody who didn't feel comfortable at school and he was young and then he goes up and shoots up a school. is that something that police could be looking into as a possible motive? >> it could be. there's a variety of motives in this investigation is not over yet. they will dig and dig until they come up with what they believe is the motive. and that is researching online, social media, looking for manifestos, that sort of thing. >> carley: the san antonio police department, like you said, sending resources to assist in this investigation. we thank you so much for that and for joining us this morning. >> you're quite welcome. thank you. >> todd: pressed on emerging terror threats from our southern border just one day after the bureau foiled an isis plot to smuggle in a death squad to kill former president george w. bush.
2:39 am
>> certainly any porous point of entry is a potential vulnerability that bad actors of all sorts, including national security threats, can seek to exploit. i have had to cbp folks show me around so i can see firsthand what they are dealing with, and they have a heck of a challenge on their hands. >> todd: congressional testimony comes as cbp reports 157 encounters with people on the terrorist database so far this year. >> carley: right now as many as 50,000 migrants are reportedly waiting in mexico right at the u.s. border for the end of the title 42 public health policy, more than double the number anticipated by the biden administration. their 8,000 attempted border crossings each day as well as roughly 1200 migrants being released into the u.s. every single day. congress finally getting their chance to press the fda director
2:40 am
on the baby formula shortage. he was one of the explanations he gave. >> literally, we are blaming mailroom. >> it's a technical issue and we are fixing the mailroom. >> in our panicked parents satisfied with that? congressman and doctor joined next. ♪ ♪ she's worked in retail during the holidays. as a barista during rush hour. and a nanny to a couple of rambunctious kids. now, all that experience has led her to a job that feels like home. with home instead, you too can become a caregiver to older adults, with a career that makes a difference. ♪♪ apply today. ♪♪ ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks. u put it all on the line. u do it all. so u bring ubrelvy. it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours...
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♪ ♪ >> todd: former clinton campaign lawyer michael sussman may testify in the durham probe trial as he faces charges of lying to the fbi. a judge set to decide on that motion as early as today. speed to live in washington with the details, good morning. >> michael sussman may testify as soon as possible day but his attorneys say only under certain conditions. the defense may let him take the stand if judge christopher cooper agrees to keep the government from asking questions related to preindictment negotiations. special counsel john durham's team came to court wednesday armed with new evidence including emails, bills, and receipts for jurors to see. another attempt to show sussman lied to the fbi when he said he wasn't bringing trent brush allegations on behalf of any client. the team showed an invoice where sussman billed the clinton campaign on the same day he met with the fbi.
2:45 am
according to the evidence, he billed the campaign 3.3 hours on september 19th, 2016, for "work and communications regarding confidential project." september 19th, 2015, is the same day he went to see fbi general counsel james baker, saying he had information of a covert communications channel between the trump organization in russia. his attorneys argue it is possible that he did spend three hours that day working on the clinton campaign items, and rightfully build the campaign, but they argue that the meeting at the fbi was separate. closing arguments and a verdict will likely come next week if he takes the stand today. if not, we could have a verdict for the weekend. >> todd: thank you. >> the testimony knows that hard copies of the whistle-blower complaint, sent to three fda officials including dr. mena dr. woodcock, were not forwarded from the fda mailroom. we are literally blaming the mailroom, which could be the
2:46 am
case, but we are in 2022 here. >> is a technical issue and we are fixing it as a go. >> todd: the fda commissioner pressed on the baby formula shortage. dr. michael burgess was in that hearing and joins me now. how is a mother struggling to feed her newborn baby supposed to take that excuse that it is the mailroom's fault? >> they shouldn't, and to be perfectly honest it seems like some of the worse than that. the fda does the right thing. but this is september of last year. it whistle-blower complaint comes in a month later, but that gets lost in the mail. bottom line, the factory is not notified until the end of april.
2:47 am
that's just nuts that it would take that long. as i mentioned yesterday, maybe the good news in all of this is that the administrator in the fda has spent time before but also in the private sector. he worked at google, so he understands digital communications and how these things work. heaven help us, he needs to get the ability of the fda to get some data management flow not just better, but much, much better. >> todd: it is shocking that nobody thought to, i don't know, follow up at any point once they put in the mail. we will see. meantime, beto o'rourke causing a huge scene at a press conference where families of the victims were hoping for important updates about the uvalde shooting. watch. >> excuse made. >> sit down. >> you're out of line and embarrassment. >> sit down. >> you're out of order.
2:48 am
>> you're doing nothing. >> no, you need to get the [bleep] out of here. >> this was totally predicable. >> sarah, you're out of line. sir, you are out of line! please leave this auditorium. >> get out of here. please. >> i can't believe you sick son of the [bleep] would make this a political issue. >> todd: you are a texan. our texans part of that spectacle? >> there's nothing to be proud of. it's just an unbelievable situation they are facing down in uvalde and south texas. the community will never be the same. everyone in that community has been affected by what has happened, and you've got a gubernatorial candidate that says, let's make it about me. it's unbelievable. >> todd: politicizing a tragedy mere hours after it
2:49 am
occurs. >> in this case i shouldn't speculate, but it seems like desperation. we see the poll numbers. governor abbott is going to be reelected handily. are they going to be problems that are going to occur during the campaign time? sure. are there problems in the next the next gubernatorial administration? sure, but you're not going to sell them like this. >> todd: "the wall street journal" analysis is that it's all a dead dumb i political play of desperation, a hail mary heave. i agree, it is sickening. >> it's absolutely unsettling. >> todd: congressman, thank you for your insight this morning. we appreciate it. president biden signing an executive order on policing to mark the anniversary of george floyd's death. critics say it will make our cities less safe. >> the police are not the problem in the black community. if biden really cared about black lives he would call for line order and stop demonizing the cops.
2:50 am
>> carley: sarah huckabee sanders is following her father's footsteps after a commanding victory in the arkansas governor's primary. her dad, mike huckabee, will tell us what this moment means to him. ♪ ♪
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>> todd: president biden signing a reform. it calls for the creation of national registry of officers fired for misconduct and encourages state and local police to tighten restrictions on chokeholds and no knock warrants. a panel of police advocates says this misses the mark. >> cops are not the problem. crime all across this nation suspect. subway shootings in new york city is up. every single day it seems that there is a tragedy with a mass shooting. >> this only effects federal police. >> i think the worst part of this bill is that he is the one state and local law enforcement is to take away that militarized equipment that local law enforcement often gets from the
2:55 am
federal government to use in situations just like we saw in uvalde. >> some police groups are calling the move an act of political theater as it comes just one day after a law enforcement officer risked his life to save others in texas. former arkansas governor mike huckabee joins us now. governor huckabee, good morning, it's great to see you. what do you make of the president's executive order and the timing of it? it coming a day after this horrific police shooting -- police officers, border patrol ran in, risked their lives to save as many people as possible and then you have the president signing this order that essentially hamstrings police? >> it's more of joe biden's political theater. i don't think joe actually writes this stuff. it's pretty evident that he is not always aware of what he is saying. but the tragedy is that you're once again trying to make the cops the bad guys and make the bad guys as if they don't exist.
2:56 am
we have a crime problem, not a cop problem. are there maybe some bad cops? of course there are. there are bad people in every profession. but overwhelmingly the police officers of america are the people who work for very low pay. they do an incredibly important and dangerous job and they put their lives on the line for the rest of us. a simple thank you from time to time would be kind of nice for them. but, instead, they get treated as if they are the problem. and it's just wrong. i wish joe biden would get up at the podium, thank them, say we are going to stand behind them and try to make their life better and ask mothers and fathers to raise their kids to respect police officers and if you have a beef with the cop, don't take it out on the street. there is a proper time in place but when he stops you, pulls you over, or asks for something about what you are doing, that's not the time to have an argument or get into a debate about law enforcement standards. >> todd: speaking of law enforcement, there are calls to have law enforcement in every single school in the country. that begs the question,
2:57 am
governor, why isn't there some armed officer, somebody to protect each and every school in the united states of america? >> it's a simple matter of money. that's why it isn't there because schools are saying we are struggling to get enough textbooks in the classroom and high technology, things that the students are needing and the parents are demanding. but, at some point, just like we did when we decided we are going to put intense security in every airport and every public place, every stadium, we will do it in schools and do it because people decide we don't ever want to see these things again. you may not be able to completely prevent it still capacities for feel breakthrough various security levels. buff the steps that we could take would be worth taking. >> carley: yeah. i was thinking back to my parents of generation and generations before then. and they had issues. they had problems.
2:58 am
whether it's world war ii or the great depression, i think of this generation, the fundamental issue is mental health and what's going on with depression and drug use. and when you think about the makeup of these gunmen that are going to schools or grocery stores. it is typically teenage boys. this is something that -- you didn't have to deal with when you were growing up. what is going on in this country right now. >> yeah. when i went to school most of us would have deer rifles in the back of a pickup truck and parked on the school parking lot and nobody thought a thing of it. everybody had guns but nobody ever thought about turning them on the teachers and students at our schools. one of the differences you mentioned, carley is mental health. mental health is something that starts at home. it also starts when our culture and our society understands when you see an entire generation of kids who are raised by people that aren't their parents and you have people that don't feel
2:59 am
like they are loved, i'm not saying that every person who commits a crime like this is an unwanted, unloved person, but we have created an incredible psychologic mess by having so many kids being raised where they are confused about who they are, what matters to them, whether they are valuable. and you know, you add to that and medicate a bunch of them with high powered drugs. and this is what we get. it's tragic. god help us all for creating this kind of culture. >> todd: before we let you go let's end on a high note. your daughter sarah huckabee sanders easily winning the primary for arkansas governor. your thoughts, dad? >> i wish i would have had numbers like that my gosh 83 plus percent. pretty doggone good. proud of her. proud of all my children but sarah is on the stage and spotlight. she will be a terrific governor not because she is my daughter but she spent her life genuinely caring about issues.
3:00 am
i tell people the truth about sarah she is tough as a tiger but tender as a mom. i think that's going to be her strong suit going in as governor. >> carley: the app. pell doesn't far far from the tree. thank you for coming on we appreciate it and congratulations to your daughter sarah as well. with that "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> brian: all right, straight up to a fox news alert. the community of uvalde, texas coming together for a vigil honoring the victims of tuesday's elementary school shooting remembering the 19 children and two teachers who lost their lives in the attack. all those children killed between the ages of 8 years old and 10. one uvalde teacher recalling the terror. [sobbing]


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