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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 26, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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sarah she is tough as a tiger but tender as a mom. i think that's going to be her strong suit going in as governor. >> carley: the app. pell doesn't far far from the tree. thank you for coming on we appreciate it and congratulations to your daughter sarah as well. with that "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> brian: all right, straight up to a fox news alert. the community of uvalde, texas coming together for a vigil honoring the victims of tuesday's elementary school shooting remembering the 19 children and two teachers who lost their lives in the attack. all those children killed between the ages of 8 years old and 10. one uvalde teacher recalling the terror. [sobbing] my students were so scared.
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i had to protect my children. >> pete: a local hospital says it has discharged or transferred all those injured in the shooting. continuing search for a motive. and governor greg act praising law enforcement's, quote, amazing courage without which he says the death toll would have been higher. abbott also revealing the gunman wrote a series of messages online before his killing spree. one saying, quote: i'm going to shoot my grandmother. another saying, quote: i have shot my grandmother and i'm going to shoot up an elementary school. >> ainsley: we are also learning the heroic cbp special agent killed the gunman barely made it out with his life. the picture of the hat he was wearing shows it was grazed by a bullet. authorities say he was able to walk away safely. let's bring in lawrence jones, is he live on the ground in
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uvalde, texas. lawrence? >> good morning, family. i attended that vigil last night. i have got to tell you whenever you see grown men cry because their loved one has been killed or they just feel the intensity because their grandchild or their son or daughter was almost killed there. story after story. you know, this morning i was talking to one of the troopers and he was telling me about one of the grandmothers who -- grandchild begged them to take them after this award ceremony. and that grandmother just said, you know, just wait. i will pick you up after school and that young girl did not to see the next day. did not make it that afternoon. it's story after story that we continue to hear. that graduation ceremony that they had was crucial in this investigation because as you guys know because of the damage that was done to these young people, to their innocent
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bodies, they could not identify them. and so they used the combination of d.n.a. and those photos from that same day to identify the clothing, to be able to notify their parents who they are. and, guys, i cannot continue without addressing the elephant in the room that a.p. report that has been disseminating through the mainstream media talking about the law enforcement officers holding the family members back from going into the building. i was on the phone all night talking with law enforcement officials. it's so personal to suggest they didn't go into danger. for people to not understand the makeup of this area. a lot of the people that live here, a lot of the law enforcement that live here, kids, went to that school. they were going not only to get to the community kids, but to get to their own kids, federal agents, kids go to this school. local cops, kids go to this school. they did everything in their
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power. one of the teachers that died, and this is going to be revealed within the investigation. she called her husband, who is also a law enforcement agent to get here. sadly, as he is rushing to get to the scene, he did not make it soon enough. so, again, the suggestion and i know we want to villain in this situation and we have it. it is the guy that targeted these innocent victims. the 21 victims, the 19 children and those two teachers. it is not law enforcement here. they are hurting i they are grieving, and the suggestion that the a.p. would put out this report saying that they didn't run toward the danger is just simply ridiculous. >> brian: but, lawrence, i just didn't know what are the facts? why didn't they go in quicker? why -- what did happen when the armed guard confronted the shooter? why did he get through the back door? why was that back door open? did he scramble to get to the back door quickly?
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i mean some of these questions people just on the outside aren't looking to vilify they just want to know why it did take so long to get to that classroom. >> lawrence: it's important to also understand this investigation is still going on. last night, for every investigation whether it comes to law enforcement, they have to conduct these interviews. and so they are trying to make sure that they have all the facts before they start releasing it to the public what i can tell you in the preliminary investigation the video that you are seeing where the law enforcement officers are securing the scene, they are also engaging with the suspect. they had no eyes in the room so they were breaking out windows. finally that border patrol agent, part of the special operations breaches that door and is able to get in. but, again, this is information i'm getting from sources within the texas rangers that they should not really be releasing this information because the
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investigation is not complete. i understand we want answers but we have to make sure that we have all the interviews done before they just started laying things out for the public to hear. but i think it's important to know the video that they continue to see circulating around of the parents trying to make their way into the building, law enforcement was already trying to breech. they were going on the offense. they have to secure the scene or it would have put more civilians at harm's way, guys. >> pete: lawrence, you are exactly right. the last people that should be demonized or made the bad guys in this are the law enforcement that responded. there is video out there. ultimately on the scene you need to secure the perimeter that requires officers. my understanding the first officer that engaged the shooter and injured almost immediately and then there were local -- two local police officers that went in also engaging with the shooter at which point additional resources went in. so i think the video of the
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heavily armed officers outside is jarring because you won doctor why they are not inside. you are saying your understand is by that point there were teams inside there were multiple aspects to the police response. they will didn't have the key to the door and they had to get the key. a lot of variables classroom door was locked. >> lawrence: they trying to breach. no eyes in. it was a fluid situation. it's important to understand this. this is why law enforcement is upset. their kids, their kids, the law enforcement officers that were responding to the -- were in that building. their family members were in the building. the suggestion they weren't trying to -- their wives were in that building. the suggestion that they weren't doing everything in their power to rescue those kids and those teachers is just ridiculous. >> ainsley: lawrence, rubio is a sheriff's deputy in uvalde he
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responded to the scene and he learned there at the scene his daughter lexy rubio was dead. now, the post this morning morning, the "new york post" is reporting that witnesses across the street or in the area saw the guy get out of his truck, grab his ar 15. shot two people nearby but missed. then fired at a school district security officer and two arriving police officers. then dps says 30 minutes went by from the time he shot at that district security officer and when border patrol was able to shoot and kill him inside of the elementary school. i guess the question is right now if there were officers on the scene that he was shooting, and missed, why didn't they run into the school right after him in that back door and get to him sooner? >> lawrence: when he had already barricaded himself into the classroom, they had no eyes in. so, you know,. >> ainsley: they had to get the key. >> lawrence: exactly.
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remember, you got a guy with a gun in there. and you have people that are hostages, essentially. so, it is a fluid situation of trying to maintain human life as well as take out the suspect. what i do know is that they tried to engage. but it was a tough call to make at that point. that's what i'm hearing from the law enforcement officers here on the scene. >> brian: yeah, i mean, we are just seeing now. trying to find out more about this guy was pretty much a recluse, we know he had a stutter, a lisp as a kid, always made fun of. not making excuses. that's what his classmates said. started dressing in black and grew out his hair and became somewhat -- some people might have viewed as someone they didn't want to anywhere near them. then he communicates to somebody he knew in germany hey i'm going to go shoot up a school and post what he was going to do. only a short amount of time when he made that post that he was going to shoot up a school and got there.
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so, when penal say social media should have picked up. that's a pretty short timeline. >> ainsley: 30 minutes. >> lawrence: 30 minutes. >> brian: that's a very short timeline. >> pete: some of those were direct messages as well not public posts which makes it even more difficult. >> ainsley: lawrence, what do you know about his mother and grandmother? how is his grandmother doing? is she talking? >> lawrence: they are still trying to get her in a stable position. i haven't heard from my sources that they have been able to interview her. they really want to interview the grandmother because that's where the altercation started. he fired at the grandmother. she lived, she is in critical condition at the hospital. and then he runs in that truck. he crashes. i know there was some misinformation about if there was some sort of pursuit from border patrol or even law enforcement. there wasn't any pursuit. i think he kind of knew that law enforcement were going to show up on the scene after he, you know, shot his grandmother. he hit that ditch, which is right behind me. they have have since taking
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taken that truck out and moved it to the crime lab. and then he fired on those two people that work at that funeral home right across the street behind me. and then he made his way into the school. now, the splitting of the hairs is when did he engage with those law enforcement officers? they have yet to be interviewed yet. there is a common protocol where they give them a cooling off period. that way everything is not muffled or everything -- that the story can be clear and concise. they are waiting to corroborate all of the testimony. they have separated those officers. they have separated that agent and then they are going to place that together for the investigation. i understand a lot of people want if this is my child i want speed as well. it's important to get all of the facts before we start rushing to a conclusion, guys. >> brian: i understand, too. there is some -- they had 15 patients who are transferred or discharged from the hospital.
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so, not everybody shot lost their life, thankfully. do you know anything about the update of some others that were in the line of fire? >> yeah. so, i did talk to one of the trauma surgeons yesterday. it looks like most of the people that were still in the hospital are expected to make it. that is some bright news during this tragedy that they will make it we are not expecting to see hopefully, prayerfully the death toll go up, guys. >> pete: lawrence, you mentioned law enforcement the governor of texas greg abbott praised their efforts even as we are getting all these reports. here's what he said yesterday. >> the reason it was not worse is because law enforcement officials did what they do. they showed amazing courage by running toward gunfire for the
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singular purpose of trying to save lives. >> pete: lawrence, to your point, there will be unfortunate finger pointing as there always is. but, at the end of the day, the personal connection those officers had in that community you know they wanted to do everything they could. >> lawrence: i would just say one last thing, pete, before we go because i think it's important. after that breach, to get in and the suspect was taken down, by the way that border patrol agent who we showed on the screen, he almost died. the bullet ricocheted on his head. it's only by the grace of god that he survived to tell the tale. when they got into that room, there were kids that were shot that were still living that were still breathing. all of those law enforcement agencies had to try to resuscitate those young people. i don't know how to paint that picture for you guys. but just imagine the trauma that these age of these law enforcement officials going through. these are counselors on site for
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law enforcement officials bowers they are still reliving those moments. you have experienced texas rangers that had been taken off the case because they can't get the images out of their head to focus on the investigation. it is like a war zone in that building, guys. >> brian: just quick thing it looks like they know exactly where he bought the gun. turns 18 a few days later. >> ainsley: the day before. >> brian: goes down u.s. 90. we know where he traveled from. he buys it at the oasis outback. and basically there was nothing -- no one broke the law. he was allowed to get a gun because he was 18. they are allowed to sell him a gun because there was nothing in his background check. are people exploring this? >> lawrence: yeah. the atf is definitely on that part of the investigation. they will be spearheading that what we know is that, of course he legally purchased the gun but a high school dropout that has zero -- not a job or anything from what we know, how did he
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purchase that gun? i think that's where they are shifting that part of the investigation to. was he aided? as you know his grandfather that has been reported was a felon. and you are not allowed to have -- if there is a felon in the household, firearms around them. so, if they helped participate in that, and i don't want to speculate, but i'm just saying that is part of the investigation. >> brian: i will say, hey, lawrence. >> lawrence: and was it in the household? >> brian: i saw the grandfather interviewed and he said he had no idea the kid had a gun. >> brian: that's what he is saying. >> pete: going to say because he is allowed to. >> ainsley: lawrence, reports are that he got in a fight with his grandmother because she was upset graduation from the high school is on friday and she was upset that he wasn't graduating. he didn't have a job. he lived with the grandparents. and there are reports this morning in the post that his mom was surprised by this. and she said he always kept to himself. he didn't have many friends there are reports that she struggled with drug use and kicked her son out of the house
3:16 am
but she denies that the two had a volatile relationship. what do you make of these red flags though? he used to run around and shoot people with b b guns. he would egg cars according to his friends. cut his own face with a knife he told his friend at first it was a cat that did it and then he confessed later and said it was just for fun. then he started growing out his hair wearing all black. his friends said it got worse and worse. >> lawrence: it is clear that all the adults in this young mans life failed him. it's clear they didn't pay attention to all the warning signs around him. it's clear someone didn't decide to step in and say let's get him the help that he needs. as it relates to the tragedy for him to take the pain that he was going through and to target the innocent people. these young people, i mean, it's unbelievable. >> brian: so twisted. >> lawrence: it wasn't like he went. o -- it's not like he went to the high school that he was bullied. he literally picked innocent young people and a fourth grade
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class to target. he became the bully that day. >> ainsley: do we know why? sorry, brian. >> brian: go ahead. >> ainsley: sorry, brian. do we know why he did target the elementary school? >> lawrence: we don't yet. we don't know why he did that again, that's part of the investigation. i continue to ask my sources was there a manifesto? and they have been very say haven't seen anything, keep pressing, pressing. they point to some of the data that they have seen on social media through private messages and what he has posted on different chats. but, there's nothing saying his manifesto. just his play-by-play as he is doing it the day of. >> brian: just so irresponsible for people to take their political stance and an opportunity to spout out on what they believe gun control should be like or what law should be in place and which should happen to the second amendment. you just gave us an idea what it is like in the town in which this happened. every household is talking about
3:18 am
this same incident. but bring us right there to uvalde, texas and tell me how this is resonating right now. because maybe some people are happy about it but beto o'rourke who is the democratic nomination to run for governor decides to have two people reportedly hold his seat and when the press conference starts, he slides, in not many people see him. and then does this. >> excuse me. >> excuse me. [inaudible] >> sit down. >> you are out of line and an embarrassment. >> sit down and don't play this stunt. [shouting. >> you are doing nothing. your office is doing nothing. this is totally predictable. >> sir, you are out of line. sir, you are out of line. sir, you are out of line. please leave this auditorium. >> exit. >> i can't believe you are a sick son of a [bleep] come to a deal like this to make a political issue.
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[shouting] >> brian: lawrence, how did that resonate? i'm sure you heard about this. >> all i'm going to say is the town was not happy about this. and just to put it into context. this is a democrat area. a lot of them are democrats. this is not even about politics. this is about their loved ones. the fact that he took this tragedy and made it about him. it proved he was the same old rich kid that i thought he was all along. as disgusting what he did to these people here. i will just say thissing, don, the mayor had told all the media and all the politicians that he did not want any politics. he had already given us all a warning saying do not try to use this tragedy for some type of narrative. he told the politicians that were on the stage this is my town. he had made himself very clear to everyone in the room as well as the press that he didn't want any of that and so beto o'rourke to come to this town and bring
3:20 am
his politics, it was so shady, it was so sad, and i think a lot of the families that are grieving just didn't think much of him after that. it is not about him having a political perspective. he is free to have that. he is free to have a march, a rally, a press conference. it was a time and a place and that was not the time nor the place, guys. >> pete: lawrence, you mentioned that mayor uvalde done mcglaughlin he was on sean hannity's show last night talking about beto o'rourke's behavior. listen. >> was not the time or place to have that discussion. if he wants to have that discussion, that's fine. but today at that conference was not the time or place to do that. our hearts are broken here in uvalde. my heart is broken for these families that lost these children that won't come back. but that's the problem. er time we have one of these, it's a political deal. what happened to the grown men that we elected to represent us in congress that can't sit down at a table and come to an conclusion. do we need expanded background check? possibly. but we also have a mental health
3:21 am
problem that nobody wants to address. and maybe we don't have any signs today from that young man but could they have been two years ago he could have reached out and gave him some help? we will never know that. >> pete: there you go, lawrence. >> lawrence: i will tell you this: the last thing that i will say about beto o'rourke and i don't want to give him more time than he needs, this is the same guy that has proposed taking law enforcement out of schools. can you imagine what would have happened if law enforcement were on the scene? it would have been more blood shed. so, i think the town doesn't need that they are trying to mend their broken heartsdz. they are still trying to figure out funeral arrangement and how they are going to literally put the pieces of their lovely children together so they can have a presentable funeral. that's what the town is talking about. i could not escape this tragedy yesterday. i went to a store. a lady tells me her niece died. i went, to you know, to get a bite to eat.
3:22 am
they tell me that he was -- he coached one of the kids. this is a small town. everyone knew these kids. it's special. these kids were special. they have stories. that's what they want to talk about. and i would just say this. just to the morning team of our coverage. i went to the memorial yesterday. and i can't tell you the amount of people that i talk to as i'm trying to hug them and understand what they want me to cover because that's what we're doing. we're here to serve them. they continue to say thank you, thank you for not making our morning coverage about politics. thank you for honoring my son and daughter. thank you for honoring my player that played on my soccer team. that's what the victims want. we can have that political debate later. but let's wait until at least to get these kids the proper burial. >> brian: i will say this on that i like that the governor the lieutenant governor did not engage him and the mayor said get out of here you are a disgrace whatever you said which was accurate.
3:23 am
the governor didn't try to -- he could have easily lost his temper there. the lieutenant governor easily could have went back at him. he just let him go. i thought that was a wise move. >> ainsley: the governor was saying a really nice tribute to the families and how heart broken he was and then he handed it over to the lieutenant governor. right before he started talking that's when beto came in. i was watching it live on fox. sandra was anchoring. i'm like who is this guy who is interrupting this press conference and then i realized later it was beto o'rourke. but then the mayor starts yelling at him get out of here you s.o.b., caused a lot of chaos and the security led him out. but to your point to focus on the good stories here or if there are any good stories, atb big grocery store chain in texas they donated $500,000 to the victims and the families and when you shop in some of the local stores, you can make donations to some of these funds. and i heard that the funeral home is it across the street from the school or next to the school that they are saying that no one will pay for no one will pay for a funeral?
3:24 am
>> lawrence: that's exactly right. that's what i'm hearing as well. ainsley, i am not surprised at all. that is texans. that is uvalde. we stand up for one another. we love one another. and that's why i think it is the politicians that need to understand that. that these people have made it very clear, they are not going to let this moment divide them. they are just no. they want to show love. that's what this is about. and i just hope when the commander-in-chief comes with this national platform that he understands that. that he understands what the mayor said. that he doesn't want political speeches. greg abbott has a political perspective. but he didn't provide a political speech yesterday. because he was instructed not to. and i'm not saying that he needed to. but he took the wisdom of the mayor. >> brian: lawrence, i'm not optimistic we heard the president hours after this happened. he immediately goes to what his political views are. but, thank you. lawrence, we will check with you constantly. probably in another 20 minutes.
3:25 am
>> ainsley: thanks, lawrence. >> pete: we are going to have the lieutenant governor who is up on that stage when those antics unfolded dan patrick will be on the show at 8:00. >> ainsley: he was the one interrupted by beto o'rourke and continued on after they took him out of the room. let's hand it over to carley who has more headlines for us. >> carley: i do. starting with this kevin stitt signing one of the strictest abortion bills in the nation into law. it bans abortion at conception effective immediately unless it is necessary to save the mother's life. the governor saying, quote: if other states want to pass different laws, that is their right. but in oklahoma, we will always stand up for life. the law also includes an exemption if the pregnancy is the result of rape or sexual assault or incest that has been reported to law enforcement. twitter shares soar after leefn $33 billion in his twitter takeover bid. musk in talks to complete the
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deal with former ceo jack dorsey who just exited twitter's board of directors. shares of twitter rose 5% after the news was announced. the awe inspiring pageantry of new york city fleet week is back after a two-year covid-19 hiatus. a parade of ships carrying 3,000 sailors, marines and men went up the river to start off the week long celebration. and who better to kick off our all-american summer concert series tomorrow celebrate heroes than lee greenwood. it is free to attend. if you are here in new york city come on by. go to register for v.i.p. access to free barbecue. we can't wait to see you there. those are your headlines guys. >> brian: new addition this year v.i.p. ains ain't sign up for v.i.p. entrance you get free food. barbecue for breakfast. >> pete: feed everybody. >> brian: we want to section people off. all do you is register.
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and eat for free. 26 minutes now-thank you, carley. 26 minutes after the hour. take a look at this. the hat worn by the border patrol agent who ran into the line of fire and then stopped the school shooter. a local sheriff details the response to the deadly rampage. that's next.
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eyewitness ains remembering the 19 children and two teachers lost in the attack father finding out his daughter was killed when responding to the scene. president biden is set to travel to uvalde in the next coming days. so, there is so many facts. everyone is looking to put together that timeline again. we will go through the best we know. trying to find out more about what happened. what happened with this 18-year-old that set him off and were there red flags? it could be legislated. can you put together a red flag law that stops the next one? is there anything lawmakers could door should be doing? >> ainsley: look at all of those individuals consoling one another, grieving. lawrence jones is actually there at the vigil last night and is
3:32 am
he live with us. is he still in uvalde this morning. lawrence i was reading there is a boy there who is a fourth grader and he went with his family to the vigil last night and he said to the media, he was getting ready to go outside to play with his entire classroom and then their classroom heard banging and people started to hide. and they were running in different directions to go and hide. and the father of that little boy said he has already found a therapist for his son and his son has already had one session because he said he knew every single child that was either killed or injured. what is the town saying and what is their response to the president who says he is going to visit uvalde soon? >> you know, after the beto stunt, i think there was an heightened sense who was going to make it political or not. so a lot of the local leaders that i talked to they just stressed to me that they didn't want anything to be political. they wanted comfort and wanted it to be about the victim. honestly, i don't think they have anything with joe biden. it has to do with everyone.
3:33 am
as i told you the mayor has made it very clear as a member of the press, as well as when it comes to different politicians that are coming in to town they want it to be about the victims. the support, the resources, concluding this investigation so we can give these family members answers so they can start the healing process. >> pete: lawrence, you are exactly right. it is all about the victims and the families. the evil individual who did this to at any time elementary school kids will learn more about the shear dysfunction that was that family's situation, too. which feeds into the horrific nature of all of it. >> ainsley: thank you, lawrence. lawrence, stay with us, we are going to talk to the sheriff and can you weigh in on this too. this morning we are learning more about the hero first responders who ran toward the line of fire on tuesday. and how close they actually came to the danger. this shocking photo shows a bullet hole on the hat of one of the border agents.
3:34 am
>> brian: uvalde county texas sheriff responded to the scene in uvalde and he joins us right now. sheriff, as we are starting to find out more details about and lawrence is still here. more details about this, what could you tell us developed over the last -- after the last few hours that we should know about this investigation? >> good morning for starters. i am so sorry but the dps is in charge, texas department of public safety is in charge of the investigation. i can't tell you anything. all i can tell you is we responded to assist. we are a small community. we know each other for years. i have been a sheriff since 1997. i know all of my local co-officers around the area and surrounding officers. we are here to assist each other in any time of need because we are very few in our departments. and my officer, sergeant was responding from his home. he had the child at that school and he was very, very fortunate
3:35 am
that his child was safe. >> pete: sheriff, i realize there may be details that you can't divulge with ongoing investigation and we absolutely respect that from your county and the adjacent counties, what is the protocol? what is the -- what would you have trained on as the response that officers would take to an active shooter? presumably that was followed or there was a template there. what was it for you guys? >> for us, at the moment that the call came out on the air, we all scan each other's frequency like i was saying because of the fact that we are small agencies and we all needed assistance and we are thankful for everybody to have served -- showed up to help. and they all cooperated and everybody -- one of my sergeants was off duty and he come in. i had officers that were off duty that came in to assist because of the fact that we are here to assist each other. we were there and at the disposal of the sheriff and his officers, whatever they needed
3:36 am
and that's what my officer was asked to go in with the border patrol team to go in to try to overtake the individual. to neutralize the situation. he was one of the officers who went in. >> ainsley: sheriff we are very grateful to all the people who responded your entire team. there are reports this morning that it took 40 minutes to get inside the school and actually not apprehend but actually stop the suspect by shooting him. is that true? did it take 40 minutes? do you know any of those details from your officers? >> i was there. i don't -- timeline it's very hard. we were there to, like i said, to try to make sure we got everybody out of their as safe as possible. i wasn't looking at my watch. whatever we did happened, we did everything we could. and we evacuated, myself and my chief deputy and a couple other officers evacuated some classrooms that was students and took them into an adjacent
3:37 am
parking lot. and then from there. the teams went in and that's what i can tell you. >> brian: lawrence, go ahead, you have a question? >> lawrence: sheriff, thanks, brian. why is it important when you guys are in an active shooter situation to establish a perimeter? there is a lot of concern about the parents that wanted to get into see their children. potentially rescue their children. why did you guys have to create a perimeter? >> well, for several reasons. you don't want parents to cause more mayhem that there already is. this is in a residential area there are people all over the place. as a parent, i would want to get my child out of the harm's way as soon as possible at any cost. so, yes, that's the reason we create a perimeter. and then to establish what is going on and what needs to be done. >> brian: in uvalde you guys decide to put an armed officer
3:38 am
in the school. >> i don't know uvalde school policy zalala county. they have armed officers. armed certified police officers in the school district. >> brian: that's a good move you believe, right? is one of the lessons from this on first blush you need more than one? >> by far. look at the ratio of students and the territory that the officer has to cover. inside the school district. it's a large area that must be covered. and, yes. >> ainsley: how do you do that i was watching sean hannity's show talking to police officers at fox and they love this idea. he suggested that former law enforcement that's retired why don't you all get together and everyone volunteer 8 hours per week at your child's school or at the local elementary, middle school and high schools so you
3:39 am
can all get together and guard these schools if they can't find the financing to pay for this. just volunteer and the police officer i was talking to yesterday said all of us would do that in a skinny minute because we love our students and we want to protect and we love law enforcement. how can we do this? >> it's a matter of coordinating with the school districts and getting with them. you have got understand in a small community it's difficult to find people that are retired i have been here since 1984 and i'm still working. to find retired officers that are not doing anything, the retired officers that i know of work a second job or to make ends meet. >> pete: considering the extent of the carnage. there not been the officers responding it could have been much worse. god bless the officers.
3:40 am
sheriff thank you so much for your time. >> ainsley: thank you so much. i can't imagine what all of you saw. thank you for being there for the children. >> brian: lawrence, thanks. we will check with you again. with all the idiotic things we spend on, if there is going to be national financing application for the schools that are in economic duress, don't you believe that there will be a national push to get financing to allow these maybe under funded schools to get security. >> ainsley: if we can send so. money to other countries to help them. we can definitely send them to the schools so we can protect our kids. >> pete: one would think so, for sure. still ahead the fda admits had had a slow response to the baby formula shortage. >> brian: you think so. as parents struggle to feed their infants. congressman neil dunn is demanding accountability from the biden administration. he joins us next. ♪
3:41 am
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♪ ♪ many brian as parents across the country struggle right now
3:45 am
to find baby formula the fda chief admits to a series of failures before congress yesterday. >> fda's timeliness of interviewing the whistleblower and getting into the facility for a for cause inspection were too slow. and some decisions in retrospect could have been more optimal. there is no dispute that the facility was unaccept unsanitary as evidenced by the consent decree. frankly the inspection results were shocking. >> brian: okay, members of the house committee on energy and commerce and the co-chair of the g.o.p. doctors caucus congressman neil dunn joins us now. congressman, what did you learn yesterday. >> well, what we learned is that the fda they were very slow responding on the front end anand on the back end. if their guidance is actually true what they needed to do to clean the plant up. they should be helping the plant with that proactively. because they have created a monopoly. the government created that. >> brian: congressman. first off, you had fda head who is not defensive.
3:46 am
he just got there which is part of the problem. why did it take him sphofer in the middle of a pandemic to nominate an fda director? >> i'm glad that you mentioned the pandemic because this whole baby formula thing is like a microcosm of the economic lockdown we used during the pandemic. it's very inflexible it causes a lot of damage. it makes it hard to actually respond and to put the supply chains back up. so, we're just seeing a microcosm what we did to the entire economy with too much government that's overregulating the market. >> brian: he actually said that part of the problem was that when the fbi wrote his letter saying all the problems with abbott labs and there were problems, it was a mess. that it was stuck in the mail room. took him a while to actually respond to the letter. they blamed the mail room. here's what abdomen said yesterday, the ceo apologized. we're sorry to every family we let down since our voluntary recall exacerbated the baby formula shortage. we are making investment to make sure that never happens again.
3:47 am
was there anyone mature to say if you take all 40% of the formula out of america that this could be a -- this could cause a national shortage in america? is there anybody could make statement in retrospect? >> that's the fda that's their job to look at the supply chain on the front end as well as what comes out the back end the answer to that is we have to make responsible decisions all away along. >> brian: the fda acting director if ever there was should have said to the white house shutting down abbott labs significant effect on baby formula. you want to get ahead of this. this was in december. or how about even february responding to a republican congresswoman who called stefanik who called for some action. instead in may the president says i'm not a mind reader. is that an acceptable answer? >> well, no, it isn't. it's ironic it came from elise stefanik who is a new mother herself. she really is very close to this
3:48 am
problem. >> brian: all right, congressman. they let us down. hopefully the director, this new fda person in charge will correct it. but they said hold on tight until jehiah july. fantastic. >> i hope we learn from this a larger legislative about all of the economy. >> brian: which is? >> which is that we need to know what kind of damage we are doing with these lockdowns because standing supply chains back up after you shut them down is not easy. >> brian: putting somebody in charge to see what else we could be running out of hurt our every day life. >> see what damage we are causing before we cause it. >> brian: thank you. >> thank you. >> brian: i want to check in with janice dean for the fox weather forecast. janice? >> janice: good morning, brian and everyone. take a look at the northeast we have fleet week here and the temperatures are going to be cool. sunny but inclement weather on the way tomorrow. 54 right now. the good news is we are going to warm things up. 68 today. as we get into the weekend, it's going to be into the 80's. that's a nice change as we hit
3:49 am
the memorial day weekend, 81 for saturday. but we do have some wet weather that's moving into the ohio river valley down into the gulf coast. and that could bring some severe weather today. large hail, some damaging winds, maybe isolated tornadoes, so we'll be watching that region and then tomorrow on friday, in the afternoon rush hour, that's when all of this messy weather will move into the east coast. so we will be watching that. the potential for stronger storms for the friday afternoon commute. and then, of course, we will watch the rest of the weather towards the weekend. a lot of people will have off. fox for your latest details. all right, brian, send it back to you. >> brian: some places in new york they're canceling flights already they are worried about the storms. >> janice: oh man. >> brian: again we don't blame you janice. >> janice: i appreciate that. >> brian: new emails emerging after a plot to assistant george w. bush is foiled. and as we remember the victims of the tragedy in texas what needs to be done to keep american kids safe from here on in. fox news contributor lara trump
3:50 am
discusses that next with ainsley.
3:51 am
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3:54 am
isis to assassinate former president george w. bush. griff jenkins in washington with the update. griff? >> griff: fbi director chris wray not shying away at all from admitting the emerging potential of terrorist threats coming across our southern border when pressed on it. watch. >> certainly any porous point of entry is a potential vulnerability that bad actors of all sorts, including national security threats can seek to exploit. i have had cbp folks show me around so i can see firsthand what they're dealing with. and they have a heck of a challenge on their hands. >> griff: the alleged perpetrator behind the plot to assassinate bush you see here 52-year-old iraqi citizen shihab ahmed shihab living in ohio al-rye odd means thurens in
3:55 am
arabic. tourist visa in the trump administration. applied for asylum and scouting president bush's home and presidential library. according to the affidavit he recruited four iraqi nationals who he planned to smuggle across our southern border to carry out the aassassination. the chief of staff freddy ford issuing this statement saying president bush has all the confidence in the world in the united states secret service and our law enforcement and intelligence communities. this comes as cbp reports they have encountered 157 encounters with individuals on the terrorist screening data base. so far this year. and a recent dod inspect general report says isis is taking advantage of the u.s. withdraw from afghanistan. the u.s. could be targeted in the next 12 to 18 months it will be interesting to see what secretary mayorkas has to say and whether he agrees with the assessment by director wray about our, quote, porous border.
3:56 am
ainsley? >> ainsley: thank you so much, griff. now to this. a fox news alert. the horrific texas school shooting is renewing the push for stronger security measures in america's classrooms. >> i sat at round tables with the parents and families talking about how to make schools safer and one of the things that every one agreed is don't have all of these unlocked back doors. >> pay teachers to become guardians, train them, make sure that they are armed. that will be a rational federal program to pay every teacher to ho is willing to be trained and armed to protect the children. >> we will continue to discuss with legislators about all the potential avenues and pathways that we can take to make sure that schools will be even safer going forward. >> ainsley: joining us now with what needs to be done to keep our children safe is fox news contributor and also a mother lara trump. good morning to you, lara. >> good morning, ainsley, good to be with you. >> ainsley: good to have you on. what do you think needs to be done in america's classrooms
3:57 am
now? >> oh, i mean, this is just such a horrific situation. every time we find ourselves in the wake of one of these incidents, you know, people talk about a variety of different things but, you know, we have to address it at a certain point, ainsley the root of this problem you didn't have this sort of thing happening decades ago. but we have changed as a society. and whether that is the family structure, whether it's the fact that we all spend so much more time on devices than actually interacting with one another. a mental health drivers that was exacerbated by so many ways by the pandemic. we have to get to obviously the bottom of why we continue to see these sort of incidents on the rise. but in the meantime, yes, we have to protect our kids in the wake of things like 9/11. we saw so many steps taken to protect places like airports. why is it any different for schools across america. every child, whether in uvalde or chicago should be able to go to school and know that they are
3:58 am
safe there, that is an environment where they can do nothing other than learn they don't have to worry about any of this. and while it's a sad commentary on where we are in our society right now, it is what needs to happen. and, you know, there are a variety of measures. you played a couple of soundbites of ideas whether it's a fence the perimeter around schools. armed guards, metal detectors there are a variety of ways to secure our schools. if you look at the end 'spending of our government, this is a drop in the bucket to secure schools across america would cost almost nothing $85 billion worth of military equipment to the taliban, we just sent $40 billion to ukraine. it would cost a fraction of that to ensure that our schools are safe and secure and you are right, as a mom, it is something i think about a lot. i'm sure it's something you think about as a mom as well. every parent in america now, unfortunately, has to think of this. let's take some steps to secure
3:59 am
our schools until we can address the underlying reasons why these things happen. >> ainsley: does this need to come from local government? does it need to come from washington? we interviewed a dad yesterday after the school shooting down in florida. and he said we all said we are going to make changes. we made a lot of changes in florida. but the rest of the country should have taken note. he said we need to symptom all of this from happening by securelying our schools. but we continue to see a shooting after shooting after a shooting. and nothing gets done. so who is responsible for fixing this problem? >> well, i think the responsibility falls on a lot of people. but, if you look at who took measures again after things like 9/11, it was the federal government. they're the ones that have taken the steps to ensure that we're all safer as we go to airports. as we travel by air. of course, it is an inconvenience. no one likes it. but it is a measure that has to be taken, so, perhaps we need congress to act. perhaps we need to take some steps on the federal level to ensure that there is safety and
4:00 am
security in schools. at this point i think folks all across this country are looking for anyone who is willing to stand up and say here's a way that we can keep our kids safe. it's the most precious, important segment of our society. it's the least we can do. >> ainsley: okay, lara, thank you so much for coming on. >> you got it, thanks, ainsley. >> ainsley: you are welcome. the second hour of "fox & friends" continues now. ♪ >> brian: here we go straight to a fox news alert. the community of uvalde, texas, coming together for a vigil. honoring the victims of tuesday's horrific elementary school shooting, grieving families and students remembering the 19 children and two teachers lost in the attack. meanwhile, all those children killed between the ages of 8 and 10. the local hospital says it has discharged or transferred all of those juries in the shooting believed to be as many as 17. >> ainsley: investigators are still searching for a motive as governor greg abbott reveals the gunman wrote a series of messages online before his crime
4:01 am
spree. one saying i am going to shoot my grandmother. another saying i have shot my grandmother and a third one saying i'm going to shoot up an elementary school. abbott also praised law enforcement's response. >> the reason it was not worse is because law enforcement officials did what they do. they showed amazing courage by running toward gunfire for the singular purpose of trying to save lives. >> pete: we're also learning the horrific cbp special agents who killed the gunman barely made it out with his life. this is a picture of the hat he was wearing showing the grazed by a bullet. but authorities say thankfully he was able to walk away. >> ainsley: this morning when we walked into work, we are all handed the "new york post," shear a picture of the cover of the post with all of the little
4:02 am
children's faces, the victim's faces. and it reads the children lost, faces of fourth graders murdered in one classroom. they are saying now that this all did happen, all the injuries and all of the deaths happened in this one classroom. >> brian: let's bring in lawrence jones live on the ground in texas. uvalde, he knows this area quite well. and of course know it even better over the last 48 hours. lawrence, what do you think is going to be the focus today as people get to understand it's not just -- they are not just numbers. these kids were people and these families will never be the same? >> lawrence: good morning, family. i think the focus today is going to be on the burials. we are going to start getting more information, the bodies are going to be release dollars to released to the familiesin manyt to be planned. i think questions are going to be continued as from the family members and community members about what we could have done to prevent this, they are going it
4:03 am
want more answers. one thing i did hear from folks is they there is a lot of these young people and they are going to have a whole summer to try to process this. but they don't want to return to schools. and that's a reality that this community is going to have to deal with, the surrounding community is going to have to deal with because it's such a small area, guys. >> pete: lawrence, you are exactly right, as we mourn, as we see the faces and read the names and meet the families who are still affected by this forever. we are also trying to get our arms around the timeline of what happened and, lawrence, in the previous hour you helped us break down the conflicting reports because there are videos out there of crowds gathering. parents wanting to go in. feeling like the police didn't go in fast enough. what's your sense of both the school resource officer that apparently was potentially in an engagement almost initially and then i have seen reports that initial local law enforcement that responded did go in almost immediately. what is your sense of the timeline? were there folks in -- outside
4:04 am
the barricaded classroom? law enforcement attempting to get in while we saw the groups outside? how do those things tie together? >> >> lawrence: yeah, it's really hard because they are still piecing every piece together. as i said, the texas rangers are leading this investigation. they are under the department of public safety and report directly to the governor greg abbott. what i can continue to hear is that there was a local cop that was on the ground. also a school resource officer and then the third officer, from my understanding, preliminarily, was from the border patrol. special operations unit. i cannot tell you how many calls i wielded through as i was about to go to bed of just law enforcement officers being upset and really angry of the suggestion that they didn't want to go into danger to not only save the members of the community but their own children. you know, i can't highlight enough how small this town is
4:05 am
but how much a town of law enforcement is. there is a lot of border patrol agents, kids that went to the schools. ice agents, local cops. as you already know a sheriff's deputy lost his wife in this shooting. so, they were called by their family members as this was happening. not just loved ones, community members as you know they show up every day for them. but their family members were begging them to get to the scene and now they are being criticized by isolated video that you see them trying to maintain and secure scenes that's already volatile. one thing they wanted me to stress is that they had no eyes inside of the barricaded room they were trying to break out windows to try to see the killer and to see how they were going to finally they just went in. there were a lot of judgment calls that have to be made. unfortunately, we lost 21 innocent lives in the process. but they did everything that
4:06 am
they could and it's important to note that in law enforcement didn't get there when they did. this killer could have killed more people in that classroom as well as go to other classrooms. and so, you know, it's -- there is investigation being had. the texas rangers, anybody thinking that law enforcement are just looking out for themselves, the reason why the texas rangers are investigating, they also investigate law enforcement. any time there is a shooting with law enforcement is involved, they call the texas rangers there to complete those investigations. so you are not going to get some biased view from these investigators, but they have to follow this by the letter of the law. and they have to make sure that they give us an accurate timeline. the worst thing you can do is to say this happened step why step early just to please the media and to voices and then be totally wrong. they care about this community. they live in this community. they lost children and loved
4:07 am
ones, a wife in this community. it's going to get to the about the of this. it's going to take a little bit of time. >> ainsley: eva-mile-an-hourles. her husband is one of the deputies in the town. rubio he went to respond to the scene. he is also a uvalde sheriff's deputy and he learned that his daughter lexy is dead inside the school we spoke to the sheriff of a surrounding town he sent deputies to help out. we asked about the timeline i wasn't looking at my watch the whole time i'm trying to get kids out of the school. listen to this, lawrence. >> we responded to assist. we are small communities. we know each other for years i have been a sheriff since '97. i know all my local co-officers around the area.
4:08 am
my officer, sergeant was responding from his home. he has a child at that school. and he was very, very fortunate that his child was safe. we are thankful for everybody to have served. one of my sergeants was off duty and he come in. i had officers that were off duty that came in to assist. my officer was asked to go in with the border patrol team go in to try to overtake the individual to neutralize the situation. he was one of the officers that went in. >> ainsley: you know, lawrence, easy for the media and new york or in california to place judgment on what's happening. but you are there on the scene. and you were telling us earlier the folks there just want to focus on their loved ones and they want to unite as a community. and they don't want to get political like beto o'rourke did yesterday, right? >> they don't want any politics. also before we move on, i the want to note that a lot of those officers including sheriff's deputies responding to the scene. although they weren't able to be
4:09 am
the ones to go in. already three officers on the scene to do it. a lot of those deputies end up coming in to provide life-saving support. they were successful in some cases and a lot of cases they weren't. and they have to live with that for the rest of their life. as it relates to beto o'rourke, a lot of the people in the town are very upset with him making this political. you know, the mayor of the town made it very clear not only to the members of the press but also all the political leaders that were coming into his town. remember, all politics is local. this is his town. there is a pecking order, obviously, with the governor and the president and all these senators wanting to come into town but when they leave, he is left with putting the pieces together for this town. he made it very clear that he didn't want any politics involved. apparently beto o'rourke did not get the message. >> pete: lawrence, i really appreciate your reporting this morning in a military context can i relate to the chaos. you don't have information. you don't know where he went in. if there is more than one
4:10 am
person. you don't know what classroom it is. you don't know what other officers are in there. you also don't know if you can even get into the door. it turns out it was locked. you needed a key to get in. it may have been a reinforced door because of previous shooting. so many things happening in realtime. to point the finger at officers at this moment utterly irresponsible as we try to get our arms around what actually happened. >> lawrence: pete, brother, i think the problem, if i can just speak from the heart here, brother, i think what people want is a villain. and i'm just here to he will it you the villain is already here. it's a guy that went in there and killed 21 innocent people. they want to find some place to put the blame. we want to find some way to reason with this tragedy. it's tough. we search for clues. and when we don't hear -- when we hear silence from an investigative standpoint, which they have to until they have all the facts. it just creates speculation. it doesn't warm the heart.
4:11 am
and so there is a villain there. and i think we should focus on the victim. but we also can't forget there was one guy that did this. he should be the one that's held accountable. unfortunately he was a coward. >> brian: right. the last two shooters both 18 years old turned 18 and went and bought a gun. and the president of the united states in a matter of hours says it's all because republicans are afraid of the nra. so, there was all of a sudden a villain from the white house. meanwhile the devastating attack is leaving heart broken families desperate for answers. >> pete: lawrence, stay with us. our next guest rushed to the hospital to stand by parishioners after their 10-year-old grandson xavier lopez was killed. his family was just at the school just hours earlier for an honor roll ceremony. >> ainsley: joining us now bracketville texas, first baptist church pastor y.z. jimenez. good morning, pastor. >> good morning. thank you for having us this morning. >> ainsley: you are welcome.
4:12 am
how many parishioners did you lose was it monday, tuesday? monday. how many parishioners did you lose on tuesday? >> well, we are -- we are intertwined with the community of uvalde. we are about 40 miles in bracketville. one of our parishioners had had a situation. of course, he was to come to bracketville and do some work for us. he called me and he couldn't find his grandson. so they were in desperate search to find out where he was at. and he was of course, going all over along with his son-in-laws and daughter-in-law and trying to find out the news. and he called me later and told me that his grandson had passed away. and then his mother was -- the mother was hospitalized out of trauma. and that's when i received the call and went down to uvalde hospital and it was just a
4:13 am
moment, very surreal moment of course, and very tender. and that's what happened that day. and i can't imagine what others were feeling at that very moment throughout the community. there were still parents still searching to find out the news and located at the civic center. so it made it a very difficult time. >> pete: pastor, we have seen some shall i say crude statements made by folks that saying keep your prayers. we don't want to hear your prayers. >> this is not a moment for that. what's your response as a pastor directly impacted by this with families who have lost souls? how important is prayer at a moment like this when we are all grasping for answers and want to see something done but it feels like in this moment there is not much we can do? >> >> yes. you know, last night we held a prayer candlelight vigil here in bracketville for those of
4:14 am
uvalde. we prayed and sang worship songs. what a blessing it is to be able to come together and encourage one another. right now is a time of healing. and i know that the families are really struggling. i know that all the news reports and everything that's happening politically, it makes it more difficult for those families to heal. it's a time to be able to do that. i feel likes a i see these things happening throughout the country, i think we are looking at the wrong thing when i look at the scriptures and discover that even after adam and eve came, of course, and during that time their failure in the garden of eden, it passed on a huge thing there. their first son kaine slew able
4:15 am
out of jealousy. there were no guns. what about in the human heart. it's not goes into the mouth that defiles men it's what comes out of the heart. i'm looking throughout america there is a heart problem and that anger can be deep-seeded, maybe for this person that committed this act. there was a deep seeded issue there. the bible also says i live at peace with all men without -- see the lord. root of bitterness trouble him. what happens there may be an initial event that happened in a person's life in a childhood and it could be vast and what we are seeing throughout america right now is an issue that's not been dealt with. throughout young people. i do freedom seminars and dealing with illness issues. we are dealing with the wrong issues of seeing how these kids have been abandoned, maybe abused. and they grow up and, of course, other issues. can happen and multiply until
4:16 am
ultimately, the bitterness turns to rage and then rage, when it happens manifests itself into a lot of things. we see road rage, we see all kinds of divorce. we saw family violence. all these things are an issue of the heart. and we're failing to deal with those with those children there perhaps been abandoned. we don't know about this individual. so i look at praying not only for the family but for the -- for all these kids that need to be touched in some way to reach them and see what their troubles are. >> brian: lawrence, you have a question? >> lawrence: pastor, lawrence jones here, i got to ask you, people that subscribe to our faith, we see god as all powerful but in these moments, we're often faced with a question, i know i have heard from people here god, why? god, how could you allow this to happen? what do you tell your flock? >> you know, on the other side
4:17 am
the bible says the thief or the satan cometh but to kill, to stl and destroy. jesus says i have come that you might have life. one of the most important things that we could look at right now the enemy is trying to take over our country in a huge way spiritually. and what's happening is what i just mentioned. i think once a person has all this bitterness, then what happens is taking control. and god will take things and turn them around. i'm convinced. when i look throughout the scriptures, there was job. he lost his family, he lost his wealth. he lost everything in a matter of a day. when i see this i'm thinking how did he do it? yet, he rose up and because of his walk with the lord, it was the fact that he was able to stand there naked, came out of this world naked shall i return. his response was so immediate.
4:18 am
so as i talk to people, i want to encourage them in their faith that god still loves them. that we have a god that has experienced the loss of a son when jesus christ died on the cross for our sins. and he understands our human feeling so one of the things is as i attempt to be able to say first of all that family is a god -- cares about you. i think humanly, no one really cares how much you know until they know how much you care. and so our responsibility, i feel, is to love them where they are at. and help them along the journey through this healing. >> ainsley: pastor, do you believe what happens when a child dies? do they all go to heaven? >> you know, that's a great question because when i see that in scripture, king david had a child that was dying. he went in and fasted for three
4:19 am
days. his servants were behind the curtains and wondering he said, you know, what's going to happen, the child dies. they come in to king david and they ask the question. they said you fasted and prayed for three days while the child was living. and why do you now get up and wash your face after the child has died? and the reply that king david said i cannot bring the child back to me but i can go and be with the child. so rehearsed that story i believe that those young children the age of accountability there is so sweet. i mean, that god has pulled them up into heaven and the bible says, of course, let not your hearts be troubled. if you believe in god, believe also in me for in my father's house are many mansions were it not so i would have told you. i go prepare a place for you. and i will go and prepare a place for you and come again that i may receive you unto myself. >> brian: all right, pastor.
4:20 am
thank you very much for joining us. >> ainsley: that is so beautiful, pastor. thank you for. >> hey, i want to tell you and i say i just want to tell you to fox news, we appreciate you. and every morning you are a part of our lives. i thank you so much for bringing and covering the border situation. we want to thank you from the depths of our hearts down here in this part of texas. we really appreciate you. thank you. >> ainsley: pastor, we appreciate you. you are just glorifying god in your profession and so many people will be in heaven because of what you do and what you chose to do on a daily basis. so thank you for that. you are changing lives. >> pete: pastor -- >> you are doing a great job. thank you. >> pete: brackettville, texas. what we needed to hear this morning. >> ainsley: i love the baptist church. good scripture-based. >> brian: carley shimkus is poised to give us the rest of the news. >> carley: god bless him. i do have more news and tragic
4:21 am
crime story to report on. suspected gunman in the new york city subway shooting that left a goldman sachs employee dead is ordered to be held without bail. andrew abdullah is charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon. he was busted on tuesday, two days after the shooting while trying to negotiate his surrender. police sources revealing abdullah has at least 19 prior arrests, including assault, robbery, grand larceny and more. gas prices at another record high today with the national average now $4.60. but if you ask energy secretary jennifer granholm, there ♪ of the white house can do about it. >> the president doesn't control the price. so what can any leader do and is he obsessed with the fact that gas prices are so high and people are hurting. >> carley: granholm said everything is still on the table asked if the administration is considering additional action including banning u.s. oil exports.
4:22 am
pennsylvania's republican senate primary is going to a recount. trump backed dr. oz is leading over businessman david mccormick by less than a thousand votes. both will begin being retallied as early as morning results jun. the winner will face john fetterman in november. a controversial figure could soon be back on the gridiron. collin cap per north korea workout with the las vegas raiders. kaepernick's first try out since 2016. he went unsigned after stirring up controversy by kneeling during the national anthem. some are calling this his best chance of returning to the league. kaepernick has said he is, quote: fine with returning as a backup if it helps his chances of getting back to a starting role. those are your headlines. ainsley, over to you. >> ainsley: thank you so much, carley. >> carley: you are welcome. >> ainsley: texas governor greg abbott revealing the series of
4:23 am
posts the gunman made before killing 19 children and two teachers. >> first point of he said i'm going to shoot my grandmother. the second post was i shot my grandmother. the third post maybe less than 15 minutes before arriving at the school was: i'm going to shoot an elementary school. >> ainsley: joining us now to react to this is fox nation host nancy grace. nancy, you are a mother. your kids are in school. how are you feeling about all of this and what's your reaction to what the governor said? >> heart-broken. because it's easier to look at a tv screen and see this unfold but when you dare to put yourself in the shoes of those parents, many of them videoed running toward the shooting. they were trying to get into the school. but they couldn't to try to save
4:24 am
their children. willing to risk their own lives to try and save their children. now i hear what the governor says, it's very disturbing. and it goes to the frame of mind of the shooter. i'm not even going to say his name. i don't want him to live any longer than he has on the airwaves by giving him any kind of glory. three posts shows that he knew very well what he was going to do. he wasn't crazy. he wasn't suffering any type of confused state. he posted he was going to go shoot up a school after shooting his grandmother in the face. he took a backpack and one gun that he had bought. he bought two on may 17th. one on may 20. two guns in total. he posted pictures of the guns. he posted pictures of bags of ammo. these guns were the equivalent to a vietnam type m-16.
4:25 am
semiautomatic weapon. he goes to the school, backpack, gun visible goes down the back and enters through a side door. back hallway and barricades himself in the classroom. this guy so full of hate and evil that he guns down little children. can i tell you how many times i have ridden by the children's school since this happened checking to see if any doors were open or any way an evil doer could get in? and i feel like we are failing parents. with these posts i wonder why facebook, where it was posted on a direct message one-to-one, it wasn't a public post, couldn't have picked it up based on the words alone. shoot, school. they monitor other malware, why not this? >> ainsley: yeah. and schools all across the country are having conversations about this. we're navigating how to talk to our kids about it, if they are old enough to understand.
4:26 am
we are all praying for these families and my daughter's school that's what they're doing. she goes to a faith-based school. and we're all concerned about this. having conversations with our own school resource officers. our own security at our schools and talking to the head of our schools or the principals. it's just a tough story to cover and all of us have heavy hearts. let's shift gears now, the johnny depp trial, that's still ongoing, kate moss testified. she used to date him back in the 1990s. here is a little bit of her testimony. let's watch this. >> did mr. depp push you in any way down the stairs? >> no. >> during the course of your relationship, did he ever push you down any stairs? >> no. he never pushed me, kicked me or threw me. [inaudible] >> ainsley: nancy, who do you believe in this case? >> well, right there i believe kate moss. why do i believe her? as a prosecutor, i would always look for testimony that was rich in detail that would be more
4:27 am
difficult to make up or lie about. her testimony was less than four minutes. and she shot via link to glows sharier in england. she was come, she was cool, rich in detail. she said after dating depp for about four years they were in jamaica at this resort, the golden eye. she fell down steps. it was wet. like a monsoon had just come up according to depp who also testified. and she slipped. he tended to her. picked her up. carried her in and got medical attention. now, very short testimony. but what an impact. this cook the final nail in amber heard's coffin. because it catches her disseminating yet another untruth. another interesting witness was a tmz employee i got to tell you what happened. according to tremayne, tmz was tipped off that she, amber heard was going to file a tro and that at a certain point she would
4:28 am
turn so the camera could get a shot of an alleged bruise. and that's exactly what happened. they said hey you are getting your 15 minutes of fame the tmz employee sho back isn't that what you are doing by taking amber heard as a client? the courtroom was dead when that happened. >> ainsley: he sure day of thed some beautiful girls. didn't he? my goodness they are both pretty. >> he sure did. >> ainsley: thank you so much, nancy. >> thank you. >> ainsley: the nancy grace team is digging into the circumstances how a 15-year-old girl was sex trafficked from a dallas maverick's basketball game. this will be an investigation on fox nation in the very near future. head to fox nation now to hear nancy's analysis of the case on her daily show called crime stories. straight ahead we go out to uvalde texas for the investigation into the tragic shooting.
4:29 am
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4:33 am
lives between the age of 8 and 10 years old. >> pete: let's check back in now with lawrence jones live on the ground in uvalde, texas. lawrence, just hearing the names and seeing the faces brings it home. you are there on the ground. and you rightfully pointed out before we start pointing fingers or playing politics let's wrap our arms around this community pray for them and love on them. >> lawrence: that's right. and they need all the love, all the prayers. pete, you know, you are starting to see -- we are starting to fill out not only the names but the faces of these young people, i think it's important to talk about how we got there. yesterday, right before i was getting on air i was getting reports back and forth there were family members that hadn't been notified. finally they were able to be notified. and they have been able to shed some light on why it took so long. well, the identities of those young people were hard to make out because of the damage that
4:34 am
was done to their innocent bodies during that shooting. >> brian: unbelievable. >> lawrence: there was a judge that had to request those d.n.a. swabs to get tested against the parents and also, there was earlier that day, there was that graduation, so there were photos of those kids with their parents. they had to collect all those photos, with a combination of the d.n.a. and the photos, they were able to make that match. later on today i'm going to be interviewing the justice of the peace, which is elected judge. they're responsible for not only identifying them but making those notifications to those family members and so i really want to know, what was going through his head? i mean, it's bad enough seeing one person, an innocent young life, but to notify all 19 of them and those two adults, i don't think i could do it, guys. i don't think i could do it. >> ainsley: lawrence, i know you are in texas.
4:35 am
in uvalde they don't get "the new york post." as you know when you walk into fox news everyone is reading it and holding it up. this morning as we are walking into the -- there it is, there is the cover of "the new york post." as we are walking into work. people are just shaking their heads. everyone is saying because no one is talk. it is just so tragic. if you look through the post, lawrence, it's page after page about each of their stories. there is one picture of the little girl her name was lexy rubio. her dad was the uvalde -- is the uvalde sheriff deputy who rushed to the scene who learn that she had died. his name was felix. there is is one picture where earlier in the day the parents were at the school and she is holding up honor roll certificate. smiling and her mom posted it on social media. my smart, beautiful child made the honor roll. there is a picture next to it with the mother grieving, just it looks like she is running in front of the school and she is wearing the same outfit but in that picture a few hours later she learns that her daughter, she will never see her daughter again and that was the last time she talked to her daughter.
4:36 am
she left by saying i love you and we are so proud of you. lawrence, i'm sure you heard all of these stories. share with us what the community is saying. >> you know, i have heard the person connected it was parents of the coaches or, you know, the level one trauma surgeon that i talked to yesterday. talking about how it has crushed them. but the one thing that i continue to hear over and over and over. and i got to admit, i want to understand it as well. you have this 18-year-old that goes to this elementary school. why this school? no one has been able to provide that answer yet. you know, we hear often that these shooters go to their classroom, they go to their school and not that it's justifies it because it doesn't. but why did he target the elementary school? that is what a lot of the victims they want to know why that classroom why that fourth grade classroom? >> brian: did he know the back door was open? >> lawrence: how did he know
4:37 am
that? >> brian: did he scout this place? >> ainsley: good question. >> pete: lawrence, we are grateful to have you on the ground. we will check back in with you in just a few minutes for those details you are gathering. appreciate it. >> ainsley: thanks, lawrence. >> pete: all right, still ahead. clinton campaign lawyer michael sussmann could testify today after durham's team came to court with a trove of new evidence. we'll break down the latest from the trial with miranda devine. >> brian: he is so guilty: timel with nucala. nucala is a once monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma that can mean less oral steroids. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala.
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4:41 am
>> second amendment was not absolute. when it was passed you couldn't own a -- you couldn't own a cannon. you couldn't own certain kinds of weapons. it just always been limitations. but, guess what? these actions were taken before they saved lives. they can do it again. >> pete: immediately, joe biden pushing for stronger gun control
4:42 am
measures as democrats waste no time politicizing the devastating texas school shooting. but our next guest argues if fixing the u.s., quote: gun crisis is really the goal, visions like these won't fix anything. fox news contributor miranda devine joins us now with more. miranda, thank you very much for being here. that's exhibit a. if you want exhibit b divisions that won't create an opportunity look at beto o'rourke walking up to a press conference attempting to politicize it immediately. >> hi, pete. look. >> pete: good morning. >> that seems to be the democrats' entire playbook whether it's joe biden, demonizing his opponents. blaming them for the tragedy of uvalde. whether it's beto o'rourke grandstanding for his own ego. or whether it's chuck schumer ranting and raving. you know, this is not the way that anyone acts in good faith when you are trying to have a
4:43 am
negotiation to do something about the problem in uvalde. and whether it is going to entail tinkering with the gun laws or doing whatever else it takes to keep children safe. you cannot start from the standpoint punching your political opponents in the law. saying it's all your fault negotiate or else. it just doesn't work and it shows you the democrats are not interested in keeping kids preventing another tragedy. they look at this purely and simply as a political asset. >> pete: miranda, are we capable of having that deeper discussion. you point out in your op-ed there is a sickness in america. we had as pastor on our program earlier we have a problem of the heart in this country, politicians, pundits want to jump to the easy dog point of the political answer to fix it yet, sometimes it's something deeper. and, you look at this tragedy, it feels like we are incapable
4:44 am
of addressing that as well. >> look i just think you can't rule out the fact that the it starts at the top. there is so much rancor and division in the country that really comes from the white house. you know, i know this sounds like i'm being partisan again. but it's true. because joe biden was elected by a lot of people because he promised that he would bring unity. and that's what people wanted because after the trump entire trump regime when, you know, people were at each other's throats, when the media was peddling lies about president trump, when he was being demonized, it has been that the entire country was at war with each other. then we have the riots leading up to the election when the entire country was on fire. this is not america. americans are kind people, and this is not the way they should be. this has been engineered by
4:45 am
politicians political purposes. >> pete: uvalde, it's their mayor, it's others that are showing the goodness of our country in these moments. miranda, you are exactly right. i want to get your take on one other topic as well this morning. because the sussmann trial continues. and the prosecutors in that case, miranda, presented the jury with -- that's michael sussmann right there with his billing record, which they say prove that he charged the clinton campaign for that fateful 2016 meeting with the then fbi general counsel where he shared alleged covert communications between trump and russia. so he went to the fbi and said i'm just here helping you out on personal, you know, to help you look into, this but the same day he billed the clinton campaign for the meeting. and, man, and then you have got the text messages on top of that. the acknowledgment by robby mook that hillary clinton knew about this. it feels like an open and shut case but is it? >> look, the details are just
4:46 am
delicious the way they are rolling out. there you have a lawyer as per usual he has hoisted on his own baton because he couldn't help but charge the clinton campaign $800 per hour. 3.3 hours [inaudible] campaign against donald trump on behalf of hillary clinton. i mean, you know, sussmann is up for misleading, lying to the fbi. but, really at the heart of this is hillary clinton, she sanctioned, she approved this attempt to dirty up donald trump and paint him as an agent of the kremlin. you know, the ramifications of that dirty trick went on, crippled the trump presidency. the great damage was the source of a lot of the rancor and division that we see now and god forbid part of the putin's
4:47 am
invasion of ukraine and the damage that stunt everyone in the world. this is not a trivial issue. it may seem that the charge is small. but, actually, the ramifications and the report that will come from john durham are momentous. we should all pay very close attention to that. >> pete: precisely right. we look at the that jury in the d.c. and hope there is objective looking views of the evidence. miranda devine thank you so much for your time. >> thanks, pete. >> pete: you got it let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. >> janice: good morning, pete. it's a nice day in new york we are expecting showers and thunderstorms along the i-95 corridor. people are going to be traveling. there are the current temps. 57 in new york. below average. very warm temperatures across the south. we are watching some of this moisture work its way up towards the ohio valley and back through the plain states in towards the mississippi river valley. there's your severe storm threat today with a concentration of portions of the ohio valley and then the appalachians and that
4:48 am
future track shows you those showers and thunderstorms moving towards the east coast for friday. dinnertime hour. a quick look at your memorial weekend outlook. not too bad for much of the country but we could see some rain for the northwest and the northern plains. there is sunday moving in towards the upper midwest and then the great lakes but otherwise, you know, not too bad for the two thirds of the country. there is your memorial day parade forecast for d.c. on monday. 90 degrees is going to be hot and then here is our forecast today. so across the south. very warm, still cool across the northeast, but we are going to warm those temperatures up this weekend, pete, into the 80's for new york. so that's some good news as we celebrate fleet week going into the weekend. over to you. >> pete: see some of those sailors tonight at patriotic event. janice, thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up, a bullet hits the hat of a brave border patrol agent. running into the line of fire. in texas, his boss joins us next with how the agency helped
4:49 am
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4:52 am
>> carley: a fox news alert. as we learn more about the school shooting in uvalde, a public school district about four hours away in donna, texas announces they're shutting down all schools due to a credible mass shooting threat.
4:53 am
a source familiar with the situation revealing an a.k.47 and a list of targeted students were found by law enforcement officers in the home of one of the suspects. the donna independent school district writing in a statement to parents "in light of the recent events and in an abundance of caution, we will be cancelling school districtwide classes and staff will work from home. the safety and security of our students and staff is our first priority. classes will resume on tuesday." wow. guys? over to you. >> ainsley: it says they planned to open fire at a campus and two to three people were involved. we wonder how the police were notified, was it a parent in this home? >> pete: maybe, no silver lining but parents are now looking in their own backyard and saying is this in front of me and i'm missing it? maybe. >> brian: the thing that strikes me about that, too, more than one involved. haven't heard about that since columbine, you know, of a multiple shooters.
4:54 am
>> ainsley: people planning it. meanwhile, in uvalde, first responders are being hailed as heroes for risking their lives during tuesday's horrific attack. >> reason it was not worse is because law enforcement officials did what they do. they showed amazing courage by running toward gunfire for the singular purpose of trying to save lives. >> pete: amen to that. meanwhile, a shocking new photo shows the bullet -- shows a bullet hole in the hat of the border agent who ran into the line of fire and took down the gunman. >> brian: u.s. border patrol chief ortiz joins us now along with lawrence jones. lawrence, start us off. >> thanks, brian. chief ortiz, thanks so much for joining me. before i get to the border agent and the special operations unit,
4:55 am
i want to talk about the response of law enforcement. you guys have been under fire. you told me as i've been reporting that you just finished visiting one of your agents because his grandfather, his granddaughter was killed in this incident. talk about it. >> yeah, yesterday, i had a chance to visit with the family of one of the victims. and he's a border patrol agent at one of our stations here and he's been doing this job for almost 30 years. and you can see the heartbreak both in his eyes and his family's eyes. but these tragic events when they happened, they hit close to home. our agents are members of these communities. their kids go to these schools, their spouses work at these schools and, you know, certainly this one was one that we're going to take a long time for us to heal from. >> i don't want to get into the investigation because i know that your agents are now a part of this investigation. but tell me about that special operations unit. how fast did it take them to get
4:56 am
here? and if they weren't here, how would this thing look? >> one of the things that i think needs to be clarified is when we received the call around 11:30 that day, our agents responded from across the sector. we have about 1800 agents and anybody that was on duty and even some agents that were off duty responded to this location when it was initially starting to unfold, we had close to 80 agents. but the first agents on the scene were part of our border patrol tactical response team, our search and rescue team and a couple of border patrol agents that were relatively close by. and when they knew that they had to take action, they set up an entry team. we do use of force in active shooter training all the time and one of the things that they knew that they had to do was neutralize the threat and they didn't hesitate. >> chief, before i turn it over to our anchors in new york, i've been hearing from sources all night telling me how difficult it was to breach. how they could not see within the classroom, how they have to
4:57 am
break those windows and how they had to make some tough judgment calls. can you paint that picture for our audience this morning? >> yeah, so one of the things that when the entry team made the decision, came up with a plan of action to go into those classrooms, we had to have agents on the outside. there were officers. there were local police departments, so this was a concerted effort. this wasn't just the border patrol or texas d.p.s. or the sheriff's department. this was all the law enforcement working together to try and do everything they could to rescue as many kids and as many adults in those classrooms as they possibly could. >> i'll turn it over to new york and our anchor. >> brian: lawrence, if you could ask the sheriff ortiz, did they walk into that room with big shields like body shields, those big plastic body shields? is that how they got through the door? does he know if the door was actually fortified? if they had an armed guard, they were thinking about safety.
4:58 am
is that one of the doors that was tough to break down, pete, that you were referencing? >> one of the things that happens quite often when we do active shooter training, our agents, they stack. when they go into a location that's barricaded or a room, they go one behind the other, and one person is providing cover. and the other ones are protecting and making sure that they're looking left and right. that's exactly what happened during this event. you had one of the agents that was holding the shield. and then several agents along with some of the other officers were engaging the subject. >> ainsley: oh, my gosh, chief, how do you know when to go in? you know on the other side of that door are dying children but also a man with a very powerful gun. >> yeah, so the agents, you know, especially our bortac team, they're the best trained agents that we have in the united states border patrol. but all of our agents receive specialty training in a situation like this. and one of the things that you can't do is you can't hesitate.
4:59 am
you can't pause because that certainly is going to provoke greater loss of life. that's the last thing that we want. what we wanted to make sure is act quickly, act swiftly and that's exactly what those agents did. >> pete: god bless those guys! when you talk about this response team, was this a team that trains together as a unit? or was this an ad hoc of the guys that could make it to the scene on time, they had trained separately, then they went in as a team? how many were in the stack? take us into that situation as much as you can. >> so our tactical teams train as a unit. they work at different locations on any given day. but when they have to respond to an event like this, they all know what each other is supposed to be doing in this scenario. so what i can tell you is that, you know, we have special operations detachments across the country. and these events, when they unfold, they know exactly how to react and how to respond. and then with respect to the numbers in the team, typically
5:00 am
it will be anywhere from five to 10. and i think more of that is going to come out once the investigation continues to unfold. >> chief, can you paint the picture for our audience because, you know, there's been a lot of back and forth with that video that is circulating about the scene out here of the parents trying to get into the school. explain what it means to secure the perimeter before your agents were already -- while they're still acting during that crime scene right there. you guys have to protect the perimeter. why did you decide to do that? >> one of the things that we have to do, we don't know exactly the extent of the threat. i'm sure the officers that arrived at that location knew that from the first responders that we had one subject that we needed to do everything we could to neutralize and then after that, you want to make sure that everybody else is safe. all our officers are safe. if you look at one side of this school, there are broken glass where officers were breaking glass trying to pull kids out of classrooms. and that played out across the entire school.
5:01 am
and so one of the things we don't want to do is have a blue on blue situation or, you know, we need to make sure who the bad guys are and make sure our officers are safe. >> your officers were trying to resuscitate those young people that were there as well. we appreciate it, chief. thank you so much for joining us this morning. i'll send it back to you guys in new york. >> brian: all right, don't move. thank you very much. the 8:00 a.m. hour of "fox & friends" starts now. >> ainsley: this is a fox news alert. a community in mourning. the people of uvalde, texas, holding a prayer vigil to honor the victims of tuesday's senseless elementary school shooting. 19 children and two teachers lost their lives in that attack, and all of the children killed between the ages of 8 and 10 years old. the local hospital says it has discharged or transferred all of those injured in the shooting to different hospitals mostly in san antonio. >> pete: investigators still searching for the evil motive as
5:02 am
governor greg abbott reveals the gunman wrote a series of messages on line before his attack. one saying "i'm going to shoot my grandmother." another saying "i've shot my grandmother." and "i'm going to shoot up an elementary school." abbott also praised law enforcement's response. >> the reason it was not worse is because law enforcement officials did what they do. they showed amazing courage by running toward gunfire for the singular purpose of trying to save lives. >> brian: we're also learning about the heroic c.b.p. special agent that killed the gunman, barely made it out with his own life. a picture there of his hat was wearing shows it was grazed by a bullet. authorities say he was able to walk away. then we got just details now about the stack that went in so actually breached that room.
5:03 am
so as you see people on the outside securing the perimeter doesn't mean people weren't on the inside trying to take down the shooter. >> pete: those things have to happen simultaneously. you don't want the situation to get more chaotic, you have to secure the perimeter. law enforcement wants to secure the scene so officers who are already in there don't have even more confusion. you can have people going on in multiple places and now coming at each other from opposite directions. these are inherently chaotic situations. what you have to know is there's only one bad person in this scenario. a coward ultimately who went to an elementary school to kill people, and the police did everything they could, law enforcement, to act as fast as they could to save lives. you know that. you know they know there were 10-year-olds in there. >> ainsley: let's bring lawrence jones in this situation. lawrence, that was a fascinating interview. he gave us details that we really hadn't heard before.
5:04 am
and i want to hear, if you'll stand by for a second, from a military standpoint when you're training and you go into a house or classroom in this case, you don't know where that gunman is. you've never been in this classroom. >> pete: it comports with what you said, first of all, it's all about training and the chief talked about the extent of training that an elite border patrol would have. a stack is a tactical approach, stacked outside the door. first man is the breach man trying to go through the door or in this particular case, as you asked, with potentially it sounds like with a shield. >> brian: sounldz like he said yes. >> pete: bulletproof meant to take the initial incoming and it's the second and third agent going right or going left, depending on what kind of door it is and what kind of classroom it is and you secure at the corners and in trying to identify the threat. but lawrence, you have to think about the fact that they know this classroom is full of kids. they know it's full of, you know, the teachers that are in there as well. so it's not just a shoot and forget as you would in a war
5:05 am
zone where there's an enemy there. you have to be very precise with the shots that you make even if the shooter is shooting at you. >> brian: a bunch of 10-year-olds behind you. >> pete: 10-year-olds, is he using one as a human shield? that interview was fascinating and to hear, you know they were trying to put the information together as fast as they could and get agents on that door stacked to go inside. >> you know, pete, you really just provided some color to this situation and you really explained what law enforcement is trying to explain right now. but they can't quite tell the public everything because it's pending an investigation. you know, i learned a lot of this material last night talking with my sources because there was a video circulating, you see these parents that are wailing because they want to go into the building. and they say that they were prevented from going into the building. meanwhile, it is the law enforcement that is trying to shield the area, contain it and still react on the gunman and
5:06 am
then protect innocent life that is in that classroom. so it was a very fluid situation and a lot of misreporting that is going on out there. misinformation going on out there. with the agent as well as the chief just pointed out to is what they really did. you know, there's been this suggestion that they acted way too slow. as you just heard from the chief, one of his agents lost a granddaughter. i mean, one of the deputies lost his wife. many of the agents when it comes to ice agents, border patrol agents, deputies, kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews are in that building. not saying that their life is more important than the other children that in there. it shows you all these people were rushing to the scene. the suggestion that they wouldn't try to save innocent life is just not true. >> brian: right. lawrence, the other thing is pretty clear is this is a major issue. you have two 18-year-olds in the
5:07 am
span of about three weeks who are solemn to themselves. people who kind of ostracized and isolated clearly with mental issues who end up being these killers. i just wonder openly without an answer, how do you get a gun for the first time hours before and then shoot that kind of proficiency and that kind of -- how do you shoot a person -- >> ainsley: his birthday was march 17th and he got the gun on march 18th and this happens. >> brian: he acts like he's an experienced military guy and so the buffalo guy, too. >> pete: to that point, we're trying to get more information about whether the shooter, the killers, the cowards' grandparents, grandmother or grandfather knew that he owned the weapon. would he have trained with it in order to be proficient? >> pete: the parents said they did not know. the grandfather said he did not know. go ahead, lawrence.
5:08 am
>> so the investigation is shifting to how he got the weapons. if there were any additional people that helped him get the weapons. this is someone that is unemployed and a dropout. how did he get the money to buy it? as it relates to the grandfather, the grandfather is a felon. so he can't be there with a firearm. so i don't take much stock into what he's saying. i would just wait for an investigation to put all these pieces together to see who knew what and when. >> ainsley: you know, i know your faith is important to you and we hear this scripture in church that satan comes to kill, steal and destroy and goes after families. he in this case killed children, evil killed children. it he stole from these families their innocent little babies. and destroyed lives forever. we had a pastor on earlier and he was just wonderful. and he read a lot of scripture and talked about one of his parishioners, the grandparents of one of the little boys, go to his church. and he got a phone call, and they said i can't find my grandson.
5:09 am
i'm supposed to be at the church. i can't find my grandson. i'm not going to be coming and later he got a call saying my grandson is not coming home. he was one of the ones that was killed. and here's the little boy's picture. his name is xavier lopez and lawrence, you've been telling his story. remember, his parents were at the school for the honor roll or for one of the awards ceremonies. and that was the last time his parents saw him. he was the child that couldn't wait to get out of school in two days because he wanted a summer of swimming. here is his grandparents' pastor on "fox & friends" earlier. >> last night, we held a prayer, candlelight vigil for those in uvalde. we prayed, we sang worship songs. the community came together. we're here to support each one of them, and what a blessing it is to be able to come together and encourage one another. right now is a time of healing and i know that the families are really struggling. i know that all the news reports
5:10 am
and everything that's happening politically makes it more difficult for those families to heal. one of our parishioners had a situation, of course, he was to come to brackettville and do some work for us and he called me and they couldn't find his grandson. so they were in desperate search to find out where he was at. >> ainsley: so lawrence, stick with us because we want you to be here for this interview. let's bring from texas lieutenant governor dan patrick. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> ainsley: unfortunately, there is evil in this world but, fortunately, you have great law enforcement down there in the state of texas that was there to respond and prevent other children from dying. what is your reaction this morning? >> so you all have covered a spectrum of issues already on the beginning of the show and thank you for your coverage and your reporters on the scene that have done great work. so something you just touched on, though, is what i had been talking about since this happened less than two days ago.
5:11 am
it's been less than two days ago and a lot of people want answers to a lot of questions and we'll have every answer specifically at the right time. you have to give law enforcement and everyone else their time to auto their work. this is a spiritual issue in this country. you know, we have people making suggestions, want answers to various questions. making various criticisms. let's just all step back because we have to look at every one of these issues from mental health issues to hardening our schools to any questions about guns, the background of this shooter, what could have been done faster. but the bigger issue is we are a broken country. we are in a country in the ditch. we have -- we ask ourselves how can this happen and why did really the first major school shooting happen back in 1999 and what's happened since then? well, there are a lot of loneers out there and i'm old enough remembering when i was in school, if you had a student who was a loner or a classmate who was a loner, they were really alone. today, there are no loners.
5:12 am
all loners are interconnected on the internet, encouraging sometimes people to do bad things. there's some people on the internet praising this young man as happened in sante fe four years ago to a similar shooter. and i think we also have to be careful of running down this road this was all mental health. we don't know that yet. but there's evil in the world. and we can't attach everyone who has a mental health issue is evil. we'll never have anyone come and ask for counselling. so there's -- let's separate these issues. there's a mental health issue that we must do everything we can to help young people. particularly coming out of covid has made it even worse. but there are loners but they're not alone. and they're on the internet all day long. and some of them playing their violent video games where they kill hundreds of people a day. so they detach themselves from society, killing is nothing more than a game to them. and we ask our question, why did this happen? how did this happen? we have violent music, violent
5:13 am
rhetoric, everything is anti-everyone. and so where are we as a nation? you know, we have people in this country that want to pull us away from god. you know, second chronicles 7:14 says "if my people who humble myself, if my people who are called by my name humble thyself and pray and turn their face to me, well, i will do three things. i will hear them from heaven, i will forgive them of their sins, and i will heal their land." there are a lot of people in this country that don't believe in god. that's their right. i respect that right. but we as christians who do believe which are the majority of this country, that verse talks about us. it's not every american turning to god. it's about us. if my people called by my name. we're the christians called by god's name. it's up to us to take back our country and put us on the right path to do the right things. and look at all these issues on a much bigger scope of who we are.
5:14 am
we're a nation that we're at our throats every day, every way, you see it every day in every walk of life and it has to end. it has to end. >> brian: in the meantime, you know, not every school is being shot up nonstop. i think we can study what is happening and see if there's any commonalities between the shooters, commonalities between the security that worked and the ones that didn't and there's a way to do this analytically and emotionallessly and that's not what's happening political. we saw that case in point yesterday. beto o'rourke was strategizing. he had someone holding his seat. when the press conference started, that person goes out and in sneaks beto o'rourke and then he does this. >> excuse me. excuse me. >> sit down. you're out of line and an embarrassment! sit down! >> shooting right now -- >> no! this isn't a place to talk this over. >> this is totally predictable. >> sir, you're out of line!
5:15 am
sir, you're out of line! sir, you're out of line! please leave this auditorium. to make a political issue. >> brian: you watched that, you said a couple of words. for the most part, you and the gov -- governor stayed quiet. what's your reaction now? how hard was it to keep your composure then? >> first of all, brian, when i walked in and sat down in that auditorium, this large auditorium, i saw beto out of the corner of my eye sitting on the second row on the end. and he was leaning forward, in fact, i think i saw a picture on fox last night where he was leaning forward. and i thought what is he doing here? what is he planning to do? he had a right to be there. never did i think that he would do what he did. i thought he might stand and ask a question, make a statement.
5:16 am
but to come up and interrupt that briefing which was meant to disseminate information. we had a two-hour briefing before that to learn as much as we can. we were there primarily for the families of these slain children murdered in their classrooms. and it shows that and i don't even want to talk about the guy. it shows that he was more interested in his political ambition than he was about these families. i've said this before and i'm going to say it again. what kind of country are we? can't we at least come together, republicans and democrats, all of us? can't we come together for one day? one week, can't we let these children be buried? can't we give these families some peace and comfort? instead of turning this into a circus? it was disgraceful and i did keep my composure and this was high stress. i'm worried about his stress.
5:17 am
and then beto creates law enforcement to have to come around him. the same law enforcement, many of them had been in the school. who had been at our briefing. so he's creating a situation with people under high stress. he didn't give -- he didn't care about anyone in that room except himself. and that's not the kind of leader we want. but look, i don't want to waste five minutes on that guy. he could have held his press conference afterwards. he was just disrespectful. we've got to put our arms around these people. we've been through this before four years ago, brian, with sante fe almost four years ago to the week. we have to, by the way, there are lots of short things that we can do and we must do and we've done a lot in texas. obviously, we must do more. you know, harden schools. there should be one entrance in and one entrance out at all of our elementary and middle schools are small enough to do that. there should be one way in and that should be a well protected entrance in. we already have a program where we allow any teacher in school district that wants to be armed to be armed. we train them. it's up to the schools. we leave that option.
5:18 am
we have metal detectors at schools if that school makes that decision. we funded that and put in hundred millions, mental health issues. i go back to we can do all of these things, we got to get to the base root of this. what's causing these young men in america to get a gun either legally or illegally to go into a school and murder children in cold blood? and that's what's on the table here. that's what's on the table. that's bigger than any one thing. until we fix that, until we become a nation that loves each other and quits fighting with each other, above everything, i don't care if you're at the oscars. i don't care if you're two football coaches recently calling out each other. i don't care if it's on the internet. i don't care if it's on the media. everywhere we go, it is hateful rhetoric. road rage, shooting, riots, you name it. we say how did this happen in america? let's look at america. and we've lost -- we've lost turning our face to god and asking him for forgiveness for our own sins as believers and to heal our nation. that's what we must do.
5:19 am
that's god's promise and god doesn't break his word. until we go back to giving our country to god, we're going to be a lost nation. and that's where i feel we are right now. arguing over all these other issues. we'll work on those issues. we'll get better. and we'll do better. but if we don't heal the nation and we don't change the environment that these young people live in, this is going to happen again. >> pete: well said. if you want to have that conversation about how to address it, it doesn't start by grandstanding in front of political opponents and you did keep your composure. so did the governor. and i think that mayor, this is my turf spoke for a lot of people saying how dare you? but thank you, lieutenant governor, thanks for giving us the information this morning. and for all you're doing as lawrence jones, thank you very much. >> thank you. pray for us. >> pete: absolutely. >> ainsley: we have been. thank you. let's hand it over to carley. >> carley: we'll start with a fox news alert.
5:20 am
a developing story out of donna, texas, four hours from uvalde where a school district is shutting down all campuses due to a credible mass shooting threat. a source familiar with the situation revealing an a.k.47 and a list of targeted students were found by law enforcement in the home of one of the suspects. the donna independent school district writing in a message to parents "in light of the recent events and in an abundance of caution, we will be cancelling school districtwide classes and staff will work from home. classes will resume on tuesday. the district also banned backpacks and placed additional safety measures on campus after the shooting in uvalde." oklahoma governor kevin stitt signing one of the strictest abortion bills in the nation into law. it bans abortion at conception, effective immediately, unless it is necessary to save the life of the mother. the governor saying "if other states want to pass different laws, that is their right. but in oklahoma, we will always
5:21 am
stand up for life." the law also includes an exemption if the pregnancy is a result of rape, sexual assault or incest that has been reported to law enforcement. twitter shares soar after a new filing reveals elon musk plans to front a whopping $33 billion in his twitter takeover bid. musk is reportedly in talks to complete the deal with former c.e.o. jack dorsey who just exited twitter's board of directors. shares of twitter rose 5% hours after the news was announced. and the awe inspiring pageantry of new york city's fleet week is back after a two-year covid-19 hiatus. a parade of ships carrying 3,000 sailors, marines and coast guardmen went up the hudson river yesterday. to start off the week long celebration and who better to kick off our all american summer concert series tomorrow and celebrate heroes than lee greenwood. it's free to attend. if you're here in new york city, come on by. we would love to see you.
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go to fox and to register for free v.i.p. access and free barbecue as well. can't wait to see you there. >> brian: hours away now. you are our first one. thanks, meanwhile, president biden, you might have missed it, signed an executive order to reform police practices and strengthen public safety. really? on the second anniversary of george floyd's death. he thought this would be a perfect time to do it. this came one day after the tragic school shooting in texas. what needs to be done to keep communities safe and children safe? apparently, let's start vilifying police again. dr. trey penny joins us now as the president of the national fallen officers foundation which is nonprofit, nonpartisan. also a 22-year veteran and a dallas police retired dallas police sergeant. dr. penny, i know it was key because it was the anniversary of george floyd's death. but do you think that was the right time to talk about police reform? are police the problem right now in america? >> absolutely not, police are
5:23 am
not the problem and first of all, let me go and offer my condolences on behalf of the national fallen officers foundation, i want to offer my condolences to all the families impacted in uvalde, texas, by this tragic incident. but the bottom line is, you know, i think the biden administration, that was definitely ill advised for them to release that information especially with what we're dealing with down here in texas. you consider that the heroes of that entire incident was, you know, were the police officers. we have an off-duty border patrol officer who is not even responsible for responding to those types of calls that showed up and mitigated that threat. and you look, we got to appreciate, this is the time that we need to appreciate our law enforcement officers and what they do in the field because without them, we cannot be safe. >> brian: here are the three things. and this is really window dressing but here are the three things, highlights of what he's proposing, what he's going to put into action through his executive order. creates a national data base of
5:24 am
police misconduct. mandates wearing body cameras, bans the use of choke holds unless deadly force is authorized. they want to limit no knock warrants on top of that. which one of those four help? >> look, i will say this -- i would say before that the national registry is something i would not implement. for one, it negates due process of law enforcement officers. we had a lot of these cases where these officers have been terminated from employment and have been reinstated after the courts have looked at their use of force during a specific incident. so i think that we have to get back to really baseline issues that impact law enforcement. look, we -- this was reactionary. if you think about everything that biden's administration has done as relates to the george floyd incident, it was reactionary as opposed to really getting down to the real issue that are impacting law enforcement. and that's how the community perceives law enforcement.
5:25 am
and a lot of that has to do with the messaging that's being sold against police against our public safety officers on social media and on line. this radical agenda, you know, that's influencing every negative situation that's occurring in our community right now, in our communities across the country is on line radicalism, attention seeking behavior. that's where all the hatred is coming from against our law enforcement officers and putting us in a significant strain to do our job. so i will say that there's nothing that's going to help us in terms of what biden has proposed and, you know, law enforcement should be willing to stand up and not take it on the chin this time. >> brian: yeah, i would hope so and look what's happened over the last two years, african-americans have paid a greater price than anyone else in terms of being victims of crime. and it's not by cops. cops aren't perfect. i don't know any industry that has all perfect people in it. for the most part, they get up every day and their goal is to
5:26 am
help people. and i just cannot believe they're still in the eye of the storm with this administration. thanks so much. i appreciate it. >> absolutely. thanks for having me. >> brian: all right, meanwhile, still ahead, shocking photo of a border agent's hat reveals how close law enforcement came to gunfire in uvalde. u.s. senate candidate herschel walker got the nomination on the republican side. his reaction to this breaking news. trelegy for copd. [coughing] ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze driftin' on by... ♪ if you've been playing down your copd,... ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day,... ♪'s time to make a stand. start a new day with trelegy. ♪...and i'm feelin' good. ♪ no once-daily copd medicine... has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy. with three medicines in one inhaler, trelegy helps people breathe easier and improves lung function. it also helps prevent future flare-ups. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems.
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>> brian: we're back with a fox news alert. president biden is set to travel to uvalde in the next coming days, we understand. >> pete: he plans to meet with the families of the 21 victims of tuesday's horrific elementary school shooting. this as governor greg abbott hails law enforcement for saving lives and border patrol chief raul ortiz who joined us earlier commends their response. >> these tragic events when they happen, they hit close to home. our agents are members of these communities. their kids go to these schools. one of the things that they knew that they had to do was neutralize the threat and they didn't hesitate. >> ainsley: the 19 children and two teachers who lost their lives in the attack are being remembered by their community. this happened last night. it was a prayer vigil yesterday and all of those children that were killed were between the ages of 8 and 10 years old. they had their whole lives ahead of them. and now these families are torn apart.
5:31 am
let's bring in daily caller field reporter jorge ventura live in uvalde this morning. we had you on yesterday and you gave us a wealth of information. new information we hadn't heard. what's the latest today? >> well, now we're understanding more about the timeline. we're starting to understand that law enforcement did not actually go into the school for at least almost an hour. ramos was in the school for, according to "the new york times" report, for almost an hour and now that we've been speaking to more sources and been on the ground, a lot of residents have been asking if more could have been done from law enforcement. why didn't they go in there sooner? according it a law enforcement source, there were a group of parents deciding whether to go in themselves because law enforcement was on standby. that's going to be basically the next thing that people are going to be asking questions, could more have been done here in uvalde? >> pete: you're right, there are a lot of conflicting reports about the timeline. could part of that be that -- first of all, was there an initial response of a few officers who attempted to do something and second of all, was there an understanding, was it
5:32 am
an active shooter vs. a hostage situation? those differences can matter as it pertains to response. >> first, it was just the first called 911 was for gunfire shots heard. after that, that's when the local law enforcement first arrived and attempted to engage with ramos. they were not successful. that's when ramos goes into the school. they called for backup. that's when we spoke to some family members who said they noticed that law enforcement was just waiting there. they did not go in immediately. that's when they started to question themselves, should we go in there? ourselves as parents. but that's going to be the next thing that a lot of people are going to be asking for, the texas d.p.s. director held a news conference yesterday and said between 40 to 60 minutes, ramos was in there. as you know, when it comes to the shootings, 20 minute gap is an eternity when we're talk about a situation like this. >> brian: jorge, i guess some of the reports we're getting is some people who were supposed to secure the perimeter and others were on the inside. so do you think it could be they were on the inside but didn't
5:33 am
get into the classroom for an hour? or is there -- do they believe they were on the outside of the building for an hour? >> we're still waiting to confirm, what we do know is it was the border tactical unit that went into the room and then they're the ones that neutralized the threat. it was border tactical unit. uvalde police did wait for them. we're still waiting for reports, the information is kind of flying so fast. there was early reports that the grandma was deceased and we find out she's still alive. we're waiting to confirm that exact part of information. >> ainsley: thank you so much for being there on the ground and giving us this information. >> thank you. >> pete: you cannot understand how complicated that is in the beginning. we'll continue to get details when we get them and bring them to you. >> brian: lawrence is pushing back hard on the a.p. report. >> ainsley: the blame obviously is on the shooter. and you know, you hear about defunding police, if that happened and there weren't police, how many kids would have died? would he have gone classroom to
5:34 am
classroom? >> pete: that's right. school shooting and gun control debate taking center stage at yesterday's confirmation hearing for joe biden's pick to head the a.t.f. georgia senate candidate herschel walker joins us now. herschel, thanks for being here. you just had a big primary win there in georgia. first, your reaction to the events and the talk about gun control and everything that's unfolded since this horrific event in an elementary school? >> well, i'm sad and i'm still praying for the families, you know, i was sad about the whole situation. we have people that's trying to score political points, you know, they want to continue to talk about our constitutional rights rather than talking about the person that did the shooting. you know, i think that's what we need to get into. we need to get into what happened to him. why? by putting money in mental health. have people thought about that? we got to get back into pray. it's bad. no, it's not bad. we need to pray for things like
5:35 am
that. we need to continue to go out and fight for it. we want to continue to take your constitutional rights away and i think we can't do that. >> brian: all right, so herschel, couple of things have happened politically. the president within hours comes out and says it's because republicans don't want to stand up to the n.r.a. that's the problem and we should get assault weapons off the streets and everything was dramatically better in that brief period of time when we didn't have assault weapons. and lastly, people are talking about expanding background checks and raising the age from 18 to 21 to buy a firearm. where does herschel walker stand on that? that will be an issue when you try to get that senate seat. >> it's always an issue. they want to score political points. let's be honest. what we need to do is look into the person that did the shooting. the same thing that's happened whether it was in texas, in new york, in chicago, thing happening in buffalo. you know, people will see that
5:36 am
it's the person that are yielding that weapon, that's the problem that we have. and i said what we need to do is look into how we can stop those things. what about getting a department that can look at young men, looking at young women and social media. what about doing that? looking at things like that? and we can stop that that way. but yet, they want to continue to talk about taking away your constitutional rights. and i think that more things we need to look into. this has been happening for years. and the way we stop it, by putting money into the mental health field. by putting money into other departments rather than departments that want to take away your rights. >> ainsley: herschel, you are so loved. and, you know, all over the country, but especially in the state of georgia because you played for u.g.a. and have been such a role model to many people in that state and to young boys who watch you play football for all those years. and you just won the republican primary by a landslide. what did you win by 70% almost?
5:37 am
>> well, close to it, you know. and that's what i said early on, it was close. it was a good fight. but i'm glad georgia put me here because i'm not here to entertain anyone. i want to make a change. i want people to know that i'm here to fight for them, and not just be in office just to be there. i love the lord jesus, and i believe in the constitution but also believe in my 10 commandments. >> brian: but herschel, are you ready for warnock who has the senate seat now and has more experience maybe on the issues than you have. and you have not really been in a heated debate yet. are you ready for the next wave and the next challenge for people that don't know where you stand on a lot of these issues? >> well, you know, what's so strange about it is you remember last year, he was just a pastor going into the senate seat. but yet, he became the senator for georgia. and right now, you see the policy that's been released on the state of georgia that's been released on this country.
5:38 am
so the question need to be asked, is he ready? because the policies that they're doing right now doesn't seem to work for this country or for the state of georgia. so i think he needs to be getting ready for me, not me getting ready for him. >> pete: there you go. herschel walker, big race on your hands come november. we appreciate you spending time with us. >> ainsley: thank you so much. congratulations on your win. >> thank you now. god bless you guys. >> ainsley: god bless you. >> brian: balance power in the senate is at stake. texas governor abbott says the suspect made disturbing claims on line before killing 19 and two teachers. that brings the total to 21. so how can we stop these attacks before they happen? our next guest worked in the f.b.i. cyber division and weighs in. tums vs. mozzarella stick when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast heartburn relief in every bite. crunchy outside, chewy inside.
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5:43 am
shoot my grandmother. the second post was, i shot my grandmother. the third post maybe less than 15 minutes before arriving at the school was i'm going to shoot an elementary school. >> pete: texas governor greg abbott revealing that the suspect, suspected uvalde gunman divulged his plan on social media moments before the attack. now, meta says these were "private one to one text messages that were discovered after the terrible tragedy occurred". but that the company is closely cooperating with law enforcement this as we learn the school, the elementary school, that school district has purchased a social media monitoring service years ago in 2019. a service called social sentinel. our next guest worked in the f.b.i. cyber division, former special agent john yanarelli joins me now.
5:44 am
if it's a private message, how capable are these entities of monitoring it? that's a lot -- that's a lot to go through especially in real time. >> you're right, pete, there's a lot of information out there on social media but when you're private messaging, it's not as readily available. yet, technology does exist that can search and look for key words. the question, of course, now is going to be how intrusive do we want social media companies looking at our private messages? >> pete: then it becomes a civil liberties conversation because i don't want social media companies reading my private messages in real time. but if a threat exists, how do you flag certain keywords? and this district had a system that scanned social media. would a private system meant to, you know, maybe geolocate messages like that, can that be effective? >> you're right. there's the problem of sending these types of messages and the time involved.
5:45 am
here, we had such a short window of time. it's great to note that the school was so proactive and the problem, pete, is you can see even being proactive, this is a difficult battle. that said, social media companies need to be doing more because we've seen this repeatedly where people are posting horrible things. persons see it and don't call law enforcement. somebody needs to take some action so law enforcement can get the upper hand. >> pete: here's what we know about the suspect and why it may have been difficult to target him. did not have a known criminal record. did not have documented mental health issues. had dropped out of school over absences and reported being bullied which wouldn't have hit any official particular radar and the last bullet is bragged on social media. but again, if this happened within minutes or hours of the event and it happened with private messages, that's a really, really difficult thing to, a, identify it.
5:46 am
let alone, b, action so that you prevent this. it feels like when it comes to social media, this was outside of their hands. >> it probably was because of the limited amount of time. yet, we can also use this as a lesson for the future that sometimes there is more time. there is more warning and i'd like to see the algorithms with social media looking for disturbing things and making the notifications automatically through computer systems to law enforcement. if it's nothing, so be it. but it could prevent a terrible tragedy. >> pete: and ultimately, usually, the most effective tool are human beings with the most intimate knowledge of the individual flagging those problematic posts or texts and saying hey, something is wrong here and letting people know about it. because an algorithm can't catch everything and the scary part for libertarians is who is deciding who is flagged and what's looked at that can become constitutionally very
5:47 am
problematic. thank for your expertise and time this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you, pete. >> pete: you got it. all right, still ahead, honoring american heroes. how country superstar lee brice is giving back to those who give their all to our nation. but first, let's check in with bill hemmer for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> bill: lee brice, good man. looking forward to it. what we know, what's yet to be told, brit hume on the implications in america. big topic coming up. russia wants to cut a deal for the rest of the world to get ukraine's food, and voters are telling us a fascinating story about where america is during all these primary votes. karl rove analysis on that. larry kudlow on the price of gas over memorial weekend and all that energy policy. that goes with it. see you in a couple of minutes. top of the hour here in america's newsroom. my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪ ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala.
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>> janice: good morning, everyone. good morning, my friends, what's your name? >> payton. >> janice: where are you before? >> kansas city. >> janice: first trip to new york? >> yes. >> janice: yankees won last night, yes? >> yes. >> janice: what are you doing today? >> central park. >> janice: forecast for new york city first. temperatures are in the 50's right now. we'll get warmer, though, over
5:52 am
the next couple of days. however, tomorrow, that's when we'll see the potential for showers and thunderstorms coming through the area. today is the day to get sightseeing in and we might see some delays especially tomorrow afternoon. we could see some severe storms tomorrow. this is friday afternoon for all of these big cities. just be aware, on your app will give you the latest details. there's the severe storm threat from the ohio valley down to the gulf coast. keep that in mind. powerful cold front moving on through. the rest of the country looks pretty good as we get into the memorial day weekend. very warm for the south and the southwest where we have the high fire danger. and then for tomorrow, we're going to watch that front move on through the east coast. and you like brian i hear. >> oh, yeah. >> janice: want to say hi to him? >> hi, brian! >> janice: we want you to say hi. >> brian: i will if i have time before radio. we blew the break. >> janice: we love you, too. >> brian: not as much. all right, honoring our heroes.
5:53 am
country music superstar lee brice is ready to kick off his label me proud tour next week. >> pete: $1 from every ticket sold will go to tunnels to towers foundation. >> ainsley: lee brice joins us now along with tunnels to towers c.e.o., frank. before we get into that and lee, i want to get your response and how you can honor. you do so much with first responders and our country's heroes. i wanted to ask you, do you have a message for the folks in uvalde? >> well, america is praying for you, praying for your families. it's just horrific. it's so sad to watch. our whole country in mourning for these families and we just pray for them and they should know they're not alone. and it's just very, so sad. >> ainsley: it is. and lee? >> yeah, i mean, really just second to that. my wife and i yesterday were
5:54 am
just talking about -- talking about that and, you know, she was in a true just funk, you know, all day long and anxiety about her and she was -- we were just talking about how sad it is that the families are having to go through this and the friends, everybody involved in that whole thing. and it's just unfathomable and we were just praying for them and like you said, they are not alone. we're praying for them constantly, you know, and whatever we can do to help. >> pete: let me stick with you, lee. what we wanted to talk to you about this morning in addition to the response of that, and i think a lot of people feel the same way. what do you even say? it's sort of -- it seeped into every aspect of our lives over the last few days and rightfully so as we think about these families. you're continuing to do right by heroes as well. you're kicking off your tour, label me proud tour, and benefit both tunnel to towers and folds
5:55 am
of honor. talk to us about this partnership and what it means to you. >> you know, starting with even folds of honor, you know, i've been a part of them for a while. but, you know, my whole life had a military kind of family and always appreciated that. but getting on the road and meeting heroes, true heroes and meeting them all the time. it really has just held deeper relationship with them. and then meeting people like frank and what he does it really is just weighs on my heart any chance and every chance i get to give back in some way, you know, because i'm so blessed and able to do what i love. so to be able to kind of combine those together and then meet people like frank and then, you know, partner up, it's really going to be -- we're going to have a great time on tour and hopefully do some good in the process. >> brian: $1 for every ticket goes to tunnel to towers and folds of honor which is awesome. i saw you pack a theater in the pouring rain and lee brice
5:56 am
kicked everything off and the harder it rained more people came in. that's dedication. this is a perfect time to kick this off, it's memorial day. for what you have done over the last 20 years, what should memorial day mean to the american people? >> well, i love that families come together on memorial week end. they barbecue. and they hopefully have all american flags and they talk to their kids and they talk to their -- everyone around them that this is a lot more than a barbecue. it's about making sure that we remember there's a tremendous sacrifice that was paid for our freedom so that we can live in this great country and do the things that we -- that we do, and yeah, so we thank you, lee, you're such a great help. you did something on 9/11 for me last year when you called me up on that stage when you were doing this great concert and raised a lot of money for us. you're always out there to help those who pay a big price for
5:57 am
our freedoms and i just want to personally thank lee for what he's doing. the dollar a ticket is great. but he's going to be talking about both foundations every single time he goes out on this stage. just in case you weren't going to do that, i'd figured i'd say that so you do. >> right. >> ainsley: lee, give us an idea. >> it's tremendous what he's doing. >> ainsley: it really is, give us an idea, how many people do you expect to come to your concerts on this tour so we can get an idea of a dollar per ticket, that adds up. >> you know, i guess it will be anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 people a night. and we're going all summer long, three or four nights a week. so do the math, you know. and we're really just excited. and i know, you know, that will add up, you know. but truthfully, there's -- it's not just us, we're hopefully just like he was talking about, we can get the message out there even more than just our donation and have, you know, give information out there so other people can understand, you know,
5:58 am
why they need to be giving themselves as well. >> pete: i did the math and came up with a lot. >> brian: yes. >> pete: it's going to benefit the cause. frank, specifically the veterans homelessness program is what a lot of this will go to. >> yeah, so, you know, lee just sang a beautiful song for us may 13th, we were in nashville, did a concert in nashville. and lee sang his song "i drive his truck." and if you listen to the words of that and the emotion he puts into it about driving his son's truck all the time to remember him because he was a fallen soldier, you know, it brought me back to believing in that. lee, when you sang that and i listened to it and played it at our staff meeting, i actually had tears coming down my eyes. it brought me back to when i had to drive my brother's truck albeit, i didn't drive it all the time. but i had to drive my brother's truck after 9/11 from squad one because it was brought back to his company.
5:59 am
and back to staten island. when i was doing it, i was overcome with emotion. but during that concert, we made an announcement that the tunnel to towers foundation has made a promise and a commitment that we're going to eradicate homelessness amongst our veterans. and this money is going to go a long way to help that. and we're not just going to put a roof over their head. we're also going to make sure that we get them all the services that they're going to need to get back into society the proper way. they fought for us. they protected us. now, it's time for us to step up. >> brian: lee, get back out in front of crowds again and giving back at the same time. frank and lee, thanks so much. you're an unbeatable team. >> thank you all for having us. good to see you. >> ainsley: what's your website? where can we get the tickets? >> well, and, you know, start looking it up. >> brian: that does it.
6:00 am
>> everywhere. >> ainsley: and >> $11 a month you can change the world. >> brian: and folds of honor, too. >> ainsley: basically a cup of starbucks. you can sacrifice that. >> pete: wonderful partnership. two great guys, great americans. >> ainsley: have a great day. thank you for watching. see you back here tomorrow. >> bill: what was the killer's motive, was the properly is response enough? dana has time off. julie is back with us today. good morning to you. >> julie: america is reeling and in mourning. 19 children and 2 teachers dead. 17 others wounded. >> bill: the gunman


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