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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  May 26, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> ainsley: and >> $11 a month you can change the world. >> brian: and folds of honor, too. >> ainsley: basically a cup of starbucks. you can sacrifice that. >> pete: wonderful partnership. two great guys, great americans. >> ainsley: have a great day. thank you for watching. see you back here tomorrow. >> bill: what was the killer's motive, was the properly is response enough? dana has time off. julie is back with us today. good morning to you. >> julie: america is reeling and in mourning. 19 children and 2 teachers dead. 17 others wounded. >> bill: the gunman sending
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several private messages on facebook in the 30 minutes leading up to the massacre. one message referred to shooting his own grandmother. another about attacking an elementary school. >> julie: a short time later he entered the school through a back door and went into a fourth grade classroom, barricaded himself and opened fire. a border patrol agent from an elite unit rushed into the shooter killing the student. >> bill: we have heard from many anguished parents waiting for news of their missing children and many are now left to remember their loved ones who are no longer. >> she was very happy and very outgoing. loved to dance and sing and play sports. >> hundreds of friends. they were all frantic praying. they were saying anything they could to the policemen to let them get the kids. he is still in there, we can't do that. other kids staying he is in
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still in there. >> we're stronger together. >> julie: last night mourners gathered for a vigil to honor the victims, wanting to come together during their unspeakable grief. but others are using the tragedy to win political points unfortunately which failed senate and presidential candidate o'rourke. >> excuse me. excuse me. sit down. you are out of line. >> bill: o'rourke was ushered out where he proceeded to hold a press conference outdoors. we have extensive coverage. alexis mcadams on heartbroken families. president biden's response and back to bill melugin in uvalde, texas with the latest from there. >> i want to show you guys the cover of the local newspaper here this morning in uvalde. this is the front page of the uvalde leader news. you can see there is no
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headline. the entire front page is completely blacked out only with a date on it may 24, 2022. a day a gunmen rocked into rob elementary school and mass act erd 21 people including 19 children. this morning there are new questions circulating about the timeline of the law enforcement response with new social media videos circulating online showing angry parents showing up outside the school and urging police go inside. take a look. >> here is the thing about these videos. we do not know the timeline on this. we do not know when these videos were recorded. was the shooter already dead? was the team inside about to breach? we don't know those questions. we know there are no gunshots heard in the video and appears police are trying to form a perimeter to stop parents from rushing inside the school. we know there was an engagement
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between a school police officer and shooting first and then reign inside and barricaded. it was ultimately a border agent who breached and killed the suspect. we want to show you this photo. cbp source showed the hat the bortac agent was wearing when he got into the classroom and killed the shooter. he was very lucky. the hat is ripped open. he has staples in his scalp. the suspect shot at him millimeters away from killing him. he was part of a team that went in. there were two other bortac agents and a search and rescue team. one guy went with a shield. the rest followed. engaged the sheert and neutralized him. as you look at the shooter going into the school armed with a rifle we spoke with a teacher at the school last night who explained just how close that shooter got to her
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class. take a listen. >> my kids were so scared. i had to protect my children. >> we're learning some new concerning information out of the rio grande valley in south texas down by the border. local media there, the monitor reporting that the donna school district there is shutting down its campuses today and tomorrow after police foiled a mass shooting credible plot at their campuses. apparently there were two to three people plotting to shoot up a school down there with the local media there the monitor reporting that they found an ak-47 and list of students to target in one of the homes of one of the suspects. schools down there in the rgb,
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donna, closed today after a mass shooting threat was foiled. incredibly concerning news there, guys. send it back to you. >> bill: back with you throughout the morning. meanwhile we're starting to hear from those who knew the suspect. some of his family members are speeng out saying they did not see it coming. confirming the 18-year-old was a quiet loner. that was confirmed yesterday. his grandfather telling abc news he would have stepped in had he known more. >> this past year he didn't go to school or graduate. i didn't know he had weapons or nothing or this or that there. if i would have known i would have reported it. >> bill: the suspect's own mom denying they were on bad terms as has been reported in some places insisting her son was not a monster saying in part, quote, my son was not a violent person. i'm surprised by what he did. i had a good relationship with him. he kept to himself.
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he did not have many friends, end quote. we were told yesterday that the killer rotated between living with his mom and grandmother. at last check he was with his grandmother in texas where he grew up. we are learning more about the victims as well. they include an 8-year-old boy and a hero teacher who lost her life just moments after saving one of her students. alexis mcadams looking at these stories and more that will tear at your hearts. >> you can't even look at those kids' faces without shedding tears and imagine what these families are going through. not only planning funerals but wondering what red flags could have been missed with the gunman. the cover of the "new york post" this morning. the faces of the children lost. all murdered inside of that same classroom in texas. families now forced to say goodbye to their babies.
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>> 19 innocent children and 2 teachers gone. lives taken away by gunmen who owned fire inside of the elementary school classroom. the photos of their smiling dpaiss are now a memory. let's talk about these kids. the 10-year-old made the school's honor roll hours before he was killed his mom attended a special ceremony at the school to honor his big accomplishment. she was proud. posting photos of the certificate and telling him he was such a good little boy. it was the last time she would see him. 8-year-old was learning to play football with his grandpa and had big plans for the summer with his family. 10-year-old remembered as a sweet and kind little boy who loved to spend time with family and friends. 10-year-old seen here in her
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softball uniform. athletic, smart and kind. 10-year-old was a happy and loving girl. family grieving saying that she will never be forgotten. saying she was happy and-out going and loved to spend time with her family and also to the next picture here the two teachers, eva mireles and irma garcia hailed as heroes killed inside their own classroom was combined with a door in between and all of the kids inside. moments after this gunman walked in torres was trying to help the kids get out. is gunman took her life. i spoke with her family. >> she put love into everything she did with her daughter, her family, with the school, and i will always remember her honestly as a hero for doing what she did especially as a
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mom having her own child. i would say that >> emotional last night in texas. the community coming together to grieve. that small texas town is tight knit and forever changed as they remember the innocent lives that were lost. >> i cry a lot and i cried a lot to today and yesterday. i might cry some more here as we speak. you may cry. our hearts are broken. believe god's heart is broken. >> more vigils are planned in the coming days. right now there are 21 small white crosses in front of that elementary school. each one with the name of an innocent child and those two teachers that were taken. >> bill: funerals will be next
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and they will be heavy. thank you. president biden says he will go to texas. he will travel there in the coming days. lucas tomlinson has the story to the north lawn now. >> that's right, bill. in addition to announcing he is going to texas >> president biden: the second amendment is nrot absolute. when it was passed you couldn't own a cannon or certain kinds of weapons. it just has always been limitations. >> chuck schumer begging republicans to work with him on new gun control legislation. the majority leader admitted it is unlikely 10 republicans would break ranks. senator rick scott was governor during the parkland shooting in florida and he spoke on fox business this morning. >> you have to say what's the problem and let's solve it. i did it when i was governor. we put together a task force on mental illness, how to make schools safer.
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work with law enforcement and share information. we have to do something up here. >> according to the f.b.i. the u.s. murder rate rose 30% between 2019 and 2020. the largest single year increase in more than a century. there were over 21,000 murders across the united states in 2020. murders increased another 5% last year. biden's nominated to be the next atf -- >> violent crime is increasing. firearms violence and mass shootings are increasing. hate crimes and religious violence are increasing. as is violent extremism. >> the white house has not announced when the president will go to texas. he speaks at the naval academy graduation on friday. >> bill: back to the white house throughout the morning. thank you there back to julie now. >> julie: the f.b.i. director testifying on the massacre yesterday on capitol hill.
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he called uvalde the latest example of concerns over lone wolf actors. >> the threat of lone actors who look to attack regular everyday people going about their regular, everyday lives. in fact, it is that threat that we continue to be most concerned about here in the homeland. >> julie: the director says the motivation of attackers is all over the map and it is just too early to fully know what happened here. >> bill: countless takes on this and there will be continue to be and reactions on the story. here is one from the "wall street journal" editorial board. it writes the following quote, that a teenager could look at a 9-year-old, aim a gun and pull the trigger signals some larger social and cultural breakdown. it also suggests that society may have to adapt by rethinking our hands-off attitudes to antisocial behavior and mental illness. this topic runs deep. brit hume joins us next hour and we'll go through it
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together then with britt. war in ukraine could soon be felt around the world. the u.n. is warning a global food crisis could be next. former nato commander is here in studio to explain on that. >> julie: we go back to uvalde, texas as we learn more about what happened in the hours leading up to the massacre. this is remington. he's a member of the family, for sure. we always fed him kibble it just seemed like the thing to do. but he was getting picky, and we started noticing some allergy symptoms. we heard about the farmer's dog and it was a complete transformation. his allergies were going away and he just had amazing energy. it's a no-brainer that remi should have the best nutritious and delicious food possible. i'm investing in my dog's health and happiness. ♪♪ get started at if you've been living with heart disease, reducing cholesterol can be hard,
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>> julie: russia's threat of ukrainian grain is ramping up. satellite images russian ships loading up with grain in crimea as the u.n. warns a global food shortage looming in the coming
6:20 am
weeks. we're live in kharkiv with the latest. trey, what is the story? >> julie, good morning. we have breaking news out of kharkiv. russians increased their attack on the central part of the city killing four people and injuring seven others and the reason we're reporting underground. yesterday we got an opportunity to speak with ukrainians who lived under russian control about the terror they faced. >> marina points to her phone as she recalls sending the location of russian troops to the ukrainian military. we were in the barn looking through a hole trying to film everything and pass all the information to our soldiers she explains. this quiet act of resistance took place in a small village outside of kharkiv that saw widespread atrocities committed by the russians. credible reports of torture, executions and rape all committed by occupying troops.
6:21 am
>> he took this girl and raping her on the second floor of the school right in the classroom she says of one russian soldier. the story was corroborated by multiple eyewitnesses who was hiding in the local school when russian troops stormed in. she remembers the night a 20-year-old ukraine woman was taken against her will. she was crying when she came back. i asked her what happened to you and she replied he raped me. the terror inflicted on this quiet community will influence generations to come. 77-year-old woman worries about the future for her grandchildren as tears stream down her face. >> first of all, i'm thinking how will we rebuild everything? and for it all to end. it is unbearable. >> ukraine is losing territory in the east each day. the war is nowhere close to over and the battle for kharkiv
6:22 am
continues. julie. >> julie: trey yingst, thank you. >> bill: author of a brand-new book called to risk it all retired navy add mir ral is with me. there is a call on behalf of georgia invaded by russia in 2008 and moldova to become members of the e.u. the prime minister of moldova making her point just yesterday. >> we don't want to miss this window of opportunity and several years from now look back and say what happened to that extraordinary sentiment will the european union be an exporter of peace and stability? >> bill: i should add ukraine wants the same deal in the e.u. that is an economic channel. nato is a military channel. right now i would think it would be easier for some of these countries to join nato than it would be the e.u. >> i think that's an accurate
6:23 am
analysis, bill. nato member turkey would love to get into the european union. it is hard to get into the european union even in the best of times and yet what you are going to see is small nations like moldova and ukraine. they will use this moments of crisis. don't let a good crisis go to waste to leverage themselves into the e.u. i think the e.u. will be slow to admitting new members. >> bill: we asked what putin's endgame is. apparently he wants to negotiate with the rest of the world in order to allow ukraine's food supply to be distributed out of the black sea. so long as we remove some sanctions on him. how do you see it's going? >> i think it's a non-starter simply because despite the fact that the world needs the grain, there is so much correct outrage over putin's behavior, notably the war crimes, i don't think the west is going to jump
6:24 am
to drop sanctions just for a few boat loads of grain. but here is what might happen. the u.s., nato, united nations may escort grain in and out. don't forget we did that in the 1980s to get oil in and out of the strait of hormuz when the iranians wanted to close it. i don't look for a negotiation succeeding. we could possibly see convoys at sea. >> bill: some thought it could be an issue weeks or way, others 10 to 12 months away. i thought it would be sooner than that. >> i'm in the camp of sooner. this is going to get to creating real unrest in north africa, the middle east, other parts of the world. the grain shortage is looming directly in front of us. >> bill: the black sea has been mined in parts on behalf of the russians and probably ukraine as well. how would a u.s. or british patrol ship be able to usher the food out? >> as the saying goes we have
6:25 am
the technology to demine and we did exactly that in the strait of hormuz. don't forget, we have the mine sweepers in u.s. and nato. we would establish corridors and drive the ships through swept corridors where the mines were removed. >> bill: we are three months into the war. how does it end? what's putin's endgame as you see it today? >> he has failed miserably at his front game which was to take over the entire country and decapitate zelenskyy and take over the country. that has failed. his endgame at this point is to take as much territory as he can along the land corridor that runs from mother russia down to the crimea, take all that sea front in the black sea and then negotiate to hold onto it. >> bill: we'll see how success kful it is. to risk it all is your book. >> you will learn about the
6:26 am
determination of john paul jones and the audacity of steven decater and the raw courage of dorey miller and learn about the ability of michelle howard to use tools all together to rescue captain phillips. the story about the navy, bill, but also a story for anybody who feels they are facing a situation of great risk in the decisions they make. >> bill: love the subject. good to sigh. good luck on the book and more. >> thank you. >> julie: fox news alert on the shocking moment many are talking about. when former texas congressman beto o'rourke during a priest briefing on the uvalde killing. >> he didn't care about anyone in the room except himself. that's not the leader we want. >> hundreds attending a vigil to mourn the victims of that horrific shooting.
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♪♪ >> julie: shocking moment in texas yesterday. former texas congressman beto o'rourke who is running for governor is seen interrupting his rival governor greg abbott as he is briefing the nation on the uvalde school shooting. take a look. >> you are out of line and embarrassment. sit down. >> you are doing nothing. >> this isn't the place to talk this over. >> this is totally predictable. >> sir, you are out of line. sir, you are out of line. >> julie: karl rove a former white house chief of staff and fox news contributor. that was just disgraceful. this is a moment when the entire nation and more importantly the families of the victims and loved ones are trying to get information from
6:33 am
their governor and he comes out here and accuses governor abbott of doing nothing. what was he doing? he was trying to grieve along with the rest of the nation and also try to be sensitive to the parents, beto o'rourke clearly had one thing on his mind and it was himself and not the victims' families. >> well said. if robert francis o'rourke was accurate it was entirely predictable did he call 911? to stand there and point his finger at the governor and wag it and say this is on you, this was a terrible moment that a stunt, attempt to inject himself into the middle of this controversy in an entirely inappropriate way. there is plenty of time for him to make political recriminations at least let the bodies be buried of those children and let those families grieve without turning it into a political circus.
6:34 am
shame on him. >> bill: he had a press conference with a lot of reporter. cbs reporter who was inside that theater said this. >> there were two people across the aisle from me and a moment before the press conference started they got up from their seats when beto walked in. they were seat holders for him and then he says down. this seems something very clearly staged by beto o'rourke. >> there will be a governor's race this fall and we'll see which way it falls literally. three weeks ago we put out a poll on gun violence in america. what is more likely to decrease gun violence, 54% say tougher gun crime penalties. about a third said tighter gun restrictions. what about the debate in states like texas? >> look, the one thing that came out yesterday in the last few days is local officials in uvalde said that they lack
6:35 am
sufficient resources for mental health issues. think about this. this is a young man who had an absent father, shuttled between the homes of his mother and grandmother. there was an absence of a family that surrounded this young man and would be able to detect these kind of impulses and deal with them. the local mayor, don mclaughlin, who has been a long time fixture in uvalde. one of the problems was the county doesn't have enough mental health resources. both of the answers that were given in the poll are traditional but we need to do something to find a way to identify people who are at risk like this and if at all possible help them before they lose control. >> bill: you are right between being shuttled between the two homes. the mayor told us yesterday that he was a bit of a loner
6:36 am
prior to the pandemic and during covid he just dropped out. karl, it took a while for people to find people who knew him in that small town of uvalde. >> yeah. and look, as a society -- family matters. having a stable family helps make for stable individuals. and, you know, shuttled between his mother and grandmother, god knows where his father was in all of this. his father lived in uvalde but was, you know, his parents were clearly at odds with each other and the father doesn't appear to have played a significant role. god bless the law enforcement as this started to happen, rushed to the sound of the guns and confronted the kid and, you know, i'm sure there is a border patrol agent who shot him who today has got mixed
6:37 am
feelings about having taken the life of a human being but god bless him for stepping into this moment and stop the killing. by unfortunately taking a life. >> julie: there have been lax gun laws in the state of texas, conceal and carry, carry a weapon now and not conceal it. there are laws some would argue, as i argue the other side here, there is no reason why anyone should have to be able to go into a gun store and buy an automatic rifle. this guy bought several weapons, over 300 rounds of ammunition so he was clearly on a mission. when somebody sells a gun to an 18-year-old buying over 300 rounds of ammunition, ar-15, handgun and all these other weapons, there seems to me it might be a red flag. there is no background check. it is a sensitive issue. obviously you don't want to step on second amendment rights but there has to be some kind of accountability to looking into who it is that's
6:38 am
purchasing these weapons. and that's kind of a fine line. >> first of all, there is a background check that he had to go through. second of all, this is uvalde, southwest of san antonio down in brush country. i go hunting down there. it is not unusual for somebody to walk into a gun store and get a lot of rounds of ammunition. i went hunting pigs about 50 miles away from there from a helicopter and shot a lot of shells. this is a different kind -- this is not new york or washington, d.c. or san francisco. this is a place where people routinely hunt, routinely have weapons and the question is, how do you stop these things from happening that -- you have a choice. we could be like australia and deny people the right to own a firearm, or we will have to find ways to try to identify people who are at risk and either make them -- give them the help they need or deny them the afwoilt quickly purchase a weapon.
6:39 am
>> julie: automatic rifles, 12-gauge shotgun. >> we don't allow the sale of automatic weapons in the united states. you can't buy a machine gun. you have to pull a trigger. each time you have a shell. admit you can pull a trigger pretty quick if you want to pull it. >> julie: right. thank you. >> bill: the conversation will continue. thank you. there is a new study meanwhile on the effectiveness of covid vaccine. a lot of people wondering. results may prevent serious health problems in most people but may be less protective against long covid. we're in atlanta with the cdc. >> that's right. a large study in the u.s., more than 30,000 people basically looking at the fact of how vaccines work against symptoms from long term covid. these are symptoms like rest pri tear trouble and lung trouble, brain fog that can last for months after having covid. the department of veterans affairs ran this study and it
6:40 am
shows vaccines were only 15% more effective. while they are effective at preventing death or serious illness from covid, when it comes to symptoms of long-term covid they are much less effective. one researcher said the results were disappointing. he said the research is intensifying this as cases of long-term covid continue to grow. >> we have a lot of concerns and we know very little about what is causing the trouble. 5% of people have persistent symptoms. that's a lot of people who are suffering and we don't understand how to help them in the long run. >> the numbers of long term covid continue to grow. in the u.s. 1 out of 5 american adults age 18 to 65 who had covid suffer from some symptoms of long-term covid. for older americans, the numbers get worse. 1 out of 4 over age 65 suffer from long-term covid. back to you. >> bill: wow, very interesting.
6:41 am
steve harrigan in atlanta, thank you. julie. >> julie: federal prosecutors resting their case against former clinton campaign lawyer michael sussman. the evidence they presented next. plus the community and the country in mourning. we go back to uvalde, texas, with an update on the investigation and the anguish.
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getting guns off our streets. one democrat's determined to get it done. attorney general rob bonta knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative
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>> bill: this case is moving fast. special counsel john durham's team resting their presentation in the trial of the former clinton campaign lawyer michael sussman. what's next? david spunt is at the u.s. district court in d.c. on that. david, good morning. >> the big breaking news in the case michael sussman, former clinton campaign attorney will not testify in his own defense. he came up in front of the judge and confirmed he wouldn't be taking the stand in self-defense. typically when a defendant does not testify it means that his or her attorneys feel confident that the case is going their way plus putting the defendant on the stand may also open them up to a brutal cross examination and it is a risk. sussman is charged with lying to the f.b.i. specifically then f.b.i. general counsel james baker when he came to baker in september 2016 before the election and said he had some
6:47 am
information linking the trump organization and russia and he delivered that information on behalf of himself, not the clinton campaign. special counsel john durham's team say it's not true and showed jurors an invoice where sussman billed the clinton campaign on the same day he met with f.b.i. to relay that allegation. according to evidence sussman billed the campaign 3.3 hours on september 19th, 2016, for a quote work and communications regarding confidential project. september 19, 2016 is the same day sussman went to see the f.b.i. there is no reference to the 30-minute f.b.i. meeting on that invoice to the clinton campaign. sussman's attorneys told jurors in the past sussman met with the f.b.i. on other subjects numerous times, never hesitated to write the letters f.b.i. on his invoices. his team is also arguing that on september 19, 2016 michael sussman may have worked three hours on campaign-related
6:48 am
things, billed the clinton campaign but kept it separate from the f.b.i. meeting. closing arguments may begin today or tomorrow. big news is michael sussman will not take the stand. >> bill: thank you for that. julie. >> julie: picking up on that story our next guest detailing the roll exactly. andy mcarthur is a former u.s. assistant attorney. you are probably not too surprised we just learned the former clinton campaign lawyer michael sussman will not be testifying in his own defense today. i'm assuming the judge agreed to block durham's team from questioning him about pre-indictment negotiations? >> i think it's mainly that he is confident that the case is going in his direction. it is odd to say that under circumstances where the proof is overwhelming that the statement was false.
6:49 am
but there is a difference between the statement being false and the f.b.i. being fooled by it. and i think the statement at this point is better understood as a cover story so the f.b.i. could take information or feel comfortable taking information that was obviously political opposition research. so what the sussman defense i think has been able to show is the government has big trouble trying to prove the materiality of the false statement which is an essential element. the f.b.i. wasn't fooled and because they went to great lengths to conceal the fact they had accepted information from a partisan political source. >> julie: his defense has to put a lot of thought to put your client on the stand and putting the defendant up on the stand because a lot could go wrong. cross examination could always backfire. do you think that's something that concerned the defense? do you think perhaps his
6:50 am
defense is concerned about anything? >> well, i think that's always a concern but as an old trial lawyer myself, i've seen many, many cases where defendants got up on the stand to testify when they shouldn't have because they just convinced themselves the jury wants to hear it from them that they are not guilty. and to my mind, the biggest advantage a criminal defendant has going into a trial is that the defendant doesn't have to prove anything and all of the burden is on the government. once you give your own story, once you offer your own story, that advantage largely dissolves because then it becomes your story against the government's story and that is usually worse for the defense. so i think by putting in a vacuum the government's theory of the case, they are able to poke holes in it by showing the f.b.i. -- while durham wants people to think the f.b.i. was a dupe here what actually
6:51 am
happened the f.b.i. wasn't fooled at all. >> julie: andy mccarthy, we appreciate you coming on. check out his piece on >> bill: get a verdict soon. gas prices hitting another all-time high in time for memorial day weekend. the energy is saying the quiet part out loud. larry kudlow on that next.
6:52 am
6:53 am
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6:57 am
he is obsessed with the fact that gas prices are so high and people are hurting and this is a global issue. that's why you have to at the same time accelerate our movement to clean energy. you can walk and chew gum. >> bill: she says the fact that we're paying these outrageous prices acts like the exclamation point to our movement to clean energy. this was a choice largely, would you agree? >> i would. i think look, president biden said it in japan day before yesterday, right? he said this is part of a transition. and so he accepts the fact that gasoline prices are high and they are going to stay high and so are diesel prices and so forth and so on. so what he is telling you is this is all to switch to net zero carbon, no fossil fuels. and i'm here to tell you first of all this is some crazy woke
6:58 am
dream. there is no option here. we are going to have to have fossil fuels and they get cleaner and the technology improves and if we don't, if the bidens get their way in this crazy woke dream you are heading for a permanent recession with permanently high inflation because there is no alternative to it. 70% is fossil fuels whether it's electricity, fertilizer, plastics, or you name it. and the bidens have never given us an alternative roadmap if you got rid of fossil fuels. so get ready, fasten your seat belts. gasoline prices will keep going up. by the way, bill, on the world market secretary granholm talked about world oil prices. we're at 111 a barrel. we are higher now than we were when they put in this crazy idea to sell a million barrels
6:59 am
of a day from the strategic petroleum reserve. the key is drill. more drilling and more pipelines. and by the way, it gets cleaner, okay? carbon capture and storage, it gets cleaner. we have the cleanest natural gas in the world. let's do nuclear, too. >> bill: we built the pipeline in alaska 40 years ago. do you know what we can do 40 years later? >> the real technology advances are coming in fossil fuels. that's the irony about this. but if you take that away, which is what biden said in japan, this idea of the transition, quote, unquote, then i'm telling you, you will have skyrocketing energy prices, skyrocketing inflation, and virtually a permanent recession in this country. this woke pipe dream has to be stopped and that's why i keep
7:00 am
saying the cavalry is coming. we can't go this direction. >> bill: biden said when it comes to the gas price we're going through an incredible transition that's taking place. it might take 20 years but i'll see you at 4:00 later today on fox business, okay? you have a lot to say about this and it will be with us for a while. thank you. heartbreaking scene last night in uvalde, texas. hundreds coming together to mourn. 21 innocent attention are gone. i'm bill hemmer. dana has the day off. julie, good morning. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. as the investigation unfolds there was still a lot we don't know and also growing frustration as some parents wanting answers begin to raise questions about the timeline of events that horrific morning and also the response by police. mike huckabee saying in a
7:01 am
tragic case like this don't make cops the bad guys. >> we have a crime problem, not a cop problem. are there bad cops? of course there are. there are bad people in every profession. overwhelmingly the police officers are america work for very low pay and do an important and dangerous job and put their lives on the line for the rest of us. a simple thank you from time to time would be nice for them. instead they get treated as if they are the problem and it is just wrong. >> bill: lawrence jones continue our coverage live outside the school in uvalde, texas. listened to a lot of your reporting earlier today. what do you have now? >> it seems to be that this situation continues to expose via social media and it goes back to the timeline. all i can say is this. i was on the phone with my sources all last night before i went to bed trying to get some
7:02 am
type of closure for some of the victims. as you know, bill, this is under investigation by the texas rangers. they are under the department of public safety. the texas rangers just don't investigate big situations like this but they also are responsible for cops if they are in corruption or anything like that. so what we know is for a fact is there were three cops on the scene that were responding immediately to the situation. i've heard five minutes and 10 minutes. what the public is seeing is where officers tried to create a perimeter outside of the school and they wanted to go in. if you are a parent and you see your child is under fire of course you want to go in. what i'm hearing from the texas rangers is during that period of time where they are holding the parents off trying to secure the perimeter they were already trying to breach. they got in a situation where they couldn't see what was going on in that classroom. you saw many people within the special operations unit especially the first two
7:03 am
officers on the scene trying to breach by going against the glass trying to create an opening. during that period of time the special operations unit is working from the other side trying to get into that building. i understand this is a fluid situation and that people want answers. i would caution people. this is a law enforcement community. a lot of the cops here kids were there. a lot of the deputies' kids were there and ice agents as well as border patrol agents. you have one deputy killed. you have a border patrol agent granddaughter killed. they were doing everything they could to respond to the situation. it was fluid. no textbook definition how to deal with this. the investigation will be complete soon. i would tell people don't rush to speculation. >> julie: i'm so glad you said that, lawrence. you said it is a law enforcement community and you are right. the border patrol agent that ultimately did barge into the
7:04 am
school and shoot the gunman was border patrol. a lot of border patrol agents have children there. they were emotionally invested in this as well. tell us about a potential police chase. this is kind of a story that has been in and out. was there a police pursuit before the suspect arrived at the school? we know there were law enforcement in place at the school before he made entry through the back door. the mayor was iffy on that yesterday. >> from my understanding, there was no police pursuit. no cops chasing the suspect. but the suspect was on the run because he had just shot his grandmother before he went to the school. when he got to the school he crashed. there was still no pursuit at that time. ooh fawn ral home across the street saw a crash and two of the people tried to go there to see what was going on. the suspect then fired rounds at those people at the funeral
7:05 am
home before he decided to go inside the school. >> bill: lawrence, thank you. we'll dig for answers and hopefully the pieces will fall into place eventually. thank you. brit hume is with us now fox news senior political analyst. good morning to you. you are sitting back and watching a lot of this. you can go ahead and pick your own target here where you want to start. i have an idea. "wall street journal" headline young men, guns, and guardrails. a lot of hot takes. today's young killers are not motivated by material deprivation. they're typically from middle class families with access to smartphones and xboxs. their deficit is social and spiritual. the rise of family dysfunction and the decline of institutions such as churches and social clubs. their deficit is social and
7:06 am
spiritual. how do you sight, brit? >> i think that's a reasonable take. i wish i had blinding insight to provide, bill, i don't. i'm not sure anyone does. what has happened is what always seems to happen when one of these hideous atrocities occur. everyone goes to battle stations. the left goes to gun control. the right looks for other remedies such as more cops on the scene at schools and more attention to mental health. but nothing ever seems to resolve this problem. and the "wall street journal"'s comment that there is a spiritual deficit involved here may well be exactly right. that is one thing that has changed in this country over the decades is the institutions we used to look to for leadership for moral guidance and so on have been diminished by time and social customs. so we have people who may be
7:07 am
disconnected from their friends, the school, and who connect with something or somebody on social media or the xbox games they play or whatever. it is worrisome. >> bill: here is chris murphy, democrat on the floor just this week. >> what are we doing? days after a shooter walked into a grocery store to gun down african-american patrons we have another sandy hook on our hands. what are we doing? >> bill: it goes a little bit to the comment you started making there. what is true in texas, i guess. if you're 18 you can buy a long gun. you can buy an ar-15. if you're 18 in texas you can't rent a car. but also if you're 18 in texas you've been able to buy a long gun for 60 years and these mass killings, although somewhat new in american society one could
7:08 am
argue, they continue and now we're left to figure out what comes next. beto o'rourke rushes into the press conference, makes the scene. you wonder what gives eventually? as a country, as americans, we can figure this out. we can do it together. >> that's a good question. maybe, bill, but we've been trying to figure this out for some time and we have not come across measures that would be constitutionally acceptable, politically possible, and known to be effective. the school resource officers, cops on the scene at schools have been effective in a number of instances where they've stopped these possible killings. but in this case there appears to have been a school resource officer on the scene and remains to be seen in full measure what exactly that officer did or did not do.
7:09 am
but that's a possible solution if it can be made to work. there is no consensus on this and it doesn't seem to me there is likely to be one any time soon, which is why these things are so painful because not only are they utterly heartbreaking to see these young kids slaughtered in their classroom, but equally disturbing almost is the fact that we don't seem to know what to do about it. you know, chris murphy speech on the senate floor was the same appeal we keep hearing, do something. but what? that's the question. >> bill: social isolation that you mentioned is something that must be considered here. you can live a life by not talking to other people because you live your life through the computer. apparently during covid that's what this killer did. if he was absent from society before, the pandemic allowed
7:10 am
him to go deeper into his own isolation. whether his mom could not reach him or his grandmother could not communicate with him. that comes back to the home and the parents and the people who are around here. >> many things do. and the breakdown of paternal leadership in families. you look at situations like the constant death count in places like chicago and other american cities, you often find the ruthlessness and fatherlessness is part of the problem. and that's another issue we need to consider as a society is the loss of family cohesion. it is better to have two parents in the home with true leadership. >> bill: social and spiritual. trying to figure it out. >> julie: meantime the debate on classroom safety continues
7:11 am
on capitol hill. in just a little while a house panel is expected to question education secretary cardona today on his solutions. chad pergram is live on capitol hill watching this and more for us. good morning, chad. >> good morning, julie. the push now is to bolster security at schools. those are some of the questions facing the secretary of education miguel cardona today. gop members want to arm teachers or increase the presence of police officers in schools. >> when i was on our school board back in jasper, indiana, no one could get in our schools, not even a school board member. if you went up to the door, the system was locked. so i'm talking about a security system that makes a soft target hard. >> many decisions about school security are made at the local level, not in washington some on the left are wore eefd about militarizing schools. progressives resist adding officers because of concerns
7:12 am
about arrests and police brutality. some on the left believe the presence of officers could trigger some students. democrats doubt that more officers are the answer. >> it's just nonsense to think that you will be able to put enough fire power in the schools to overcome these gunmen who are walking in with military-style assault weapons and body armor. >> there is also the issue of mental health and reinstating the assault weapons ban. >> we look at background checks as well that our emphasis should keep guns away from people who pose a threat to themselves and others. >> assault weapons ban was part of a major crime bill written by president biden when he served in the senate in 1994. the ban expired after a decade. congress lacked the votes to switch it back on. julie. >> julie: chad pergram, thank you. >> bill: cools on high alert
7:13 am
coast to coast. police uncover a plot to open fire on another school in the state of texas. brand-new details on what the police found and the suspects there. >> julie: the fugitive suspect in a love triangle murder spotted thousands of miles away from the scene of the crime. are police any closer to an arrest? >> she is a suspect in the murder of this young woman. we don't know what she will do beyond this. so it's important to find her. take cash out of your home. uo the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% percent of your home's value. with today's rates near all-time lows and home values at record highs, you can take out $60,000 or more and lower your payments by $600 a month. the newday 100 va loan. only from newday usa.
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7:18 am
>> julie: an energy emergency could be america's next crisis. the risk of summer black-outs on the rise nationwide. natural gas prices to blame. they have surged nearly 200% over the past year alone meaning more people relying on
7:19 am
electricity and raising the risk of power outages. a nonprofit predicts many aging power grids could fail during peak summer conditions which may result in widespread black-outs. >> bill: 18 past. nationwide search underway for a fugitive yoga teacher wanted in a love triangle murder of a pro sick lift. u.s. marshalls believe 34-year-old caitlin armstrong fled to new york's laguardia airport on may 14th, three days after the murder of anna marie wilson in austin, texas. we're trying to tie it all together. >> good morning. u.s. marshals are asking for tips to track down the former yoga teacher kate armstrong. just over two weeks since mo wilson's murder. she was wanted since may 16th. she was interviewed by austin police a day after the murder but was let go.
7:20 am
and then did this. take a look. u.s. marshals say you look at armstrong flying to houston and eventually to laguardia airport in new york. what happened after this is the question now. >> certainly our question at this point is, is she still in new york or has she gone somewhere else? >> here is where authorities say she was just over two weeks ago. armstrong's s.u.v. was seen outside the home where wilson was staying while in town for a race. wilson was a professional cyclist and it happened after wilson was dropped off after going swimming with her former love interest armstrong's on and off boyfriend strickland. that's when police say armstrong shot and killed wilson inside the home. >> it is so incredibly painful for such a tight knit community
7:21 am
and people you've raced with and celebrated with and know and have ridden so many miles with to be faced with this horrific tragedy. >> still questions up in the air. wilson's family tells fox news she was not in a relationship with anybody at the time of her murder. the family is holding a memorial for wilson this sunday in austin, texas and starting a foundation in her name as the manhunt for her killer continues. >> bill: what a story. nice to see you. julie has more now. >> julie: let's bring in lenny depaul former chief inspector and commander of the u.s. marshal fugitive task force here in new york. this is a confusing investigation. the manhunt for the love triangle murder suspect moves to new york city now. investigators revealed the texas fugitive caitlin armstrong took two flights from austin to new york on may 14th. three days to give you a timeline here after the murder
7:22 am
of anna wilson. investigators linked one of the guns found in armstrong's home to the murder weapon. what kind of evidence are investigators finding, do you think? >> good morning, julie. those are great questions. ballistics matched. shell casings found on the scene on may 11th to a 9 millimeter gun they found in armstrong's apartment. but with respect to the flights and all that, they did -- the shooting was may 11th. may 12 she gets questioned and let go. apparently a misdemeanor warrant date of birth didn't match up. they released her. may 14th she jumped on the flight and ends up at laguardia airport. is that her destination? there is no warrants for her arrest and not in the system. she can come and go as she pleased and that's what she did. >> julie: that's a question that many would have. what happens in that questioning room? you just mentioned she was
7:23 am
questioned, right and released. why was she released? did she not provide enough information in order for cops to have detained her at that time? what do you think happened in that room when she was being questioned? >> that's exactly right. they didn't have enough evidence to hold her. no probable cause to detain her. her boyfriend then was with her. they both were released. he is cooperating and rightfully so given enough intel especially to the lone star u.s. marshal fugitive tasks force in texas. they are tearing her world upside down. the digital footprint will be important. what did she do before historically? grab a burner phone. who did she talk to? that trusted circle of friends. i'm sure they're looking at everyone. is somebody assisting her? the bigger question is is she in new york or did she jump on a plane and head somewhere else? the warrant is out there and they're covering the bases.
7:24 am
look-outs are in place if she went overseas or canada or wherever. hopefully it will be a matter of time. >> julie: thank you, there is a tip line on the screen. that is the u.s. marshal service communications center. give a call if you have any information. lenny, thank you so much. >> bill: the investigation into hunter biden is about to pick up steam. watch out. what republicans are now demanding as they look into his foreign business dealings. plus it ain't over yet. that senate republican race in pennsylvania is about to head to a recount. we're live in the keystone state on what you need to know. that's coming up.
7:25 am
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>> bill: 10:30 in new york. learning more about the threats against america's kid.
7:30 am
donna independent school district in texas down near the border a 4 1/2 hour drive from uvalde shutting down all campuses today and tomorrow after what is considered to be a credible threat reported to the police. sources say up to three suspects were involved in some sort of plot to attack a campus there. in richardson, texas police arresting a high school student after finding two weapons inside his vehicle. that persists and we'll let you know what comes of either, if anything. >> julie: all right. it could be anybody's race in pennsylvania. the republican senate primary officially going to a recount. dr. oz holds a razor thin lead but david mccormick is hot on his heels. bryan llenas is live in the state capital of harrisburg with us this morning. good morning, bryan. >> a statewide recount will begin tomorrow in pennsylvania in the republican senate primary race. nine days after election day.
7:31 am
dr. mehmet oz has a lead over david mccormick but over 900 votes triggering a recount under state law. all 67 counties must have the recount complete by june 7th with results submitted june 8th. >> smaller counties as you can imagine might have that recount done pretty quickly. larger counties might take longer. it is really up to the county to decide what method of recount they are using, if it's hand or if they are using another device. you can imagine hand might take a little bit longer because they need to actually have more bodies to help do that. >> there is an ongoing legal battle over the fate of 860 republican ballots where people did not write a date on the outside of the envelopes. mccormick argued undated ballots should count. the ballots were officially
7:32 am
time stamped by county election boards. the oz campaign and republican national committee have filed lawsuits to intervene in the case arguing the undated ballots should not count writing quote the orderly administration of pennsylvania's may 2022 primary election will be upended after election day not only would this undercut democratically enacted laws that protect voters and candidates. such extremely late changes risk confusing voters and undermine confidence in the electoral process. there are still 10,000 absentee military overseas and provisional ballots statewide that still need to be counted. it is unclear how many of those are republican. julie. >> julie: thank you, bryan. >> bill: a couple issues here. bret baier is here to straighten them out. you heard from the secretary of state in that piece appointed by the democratic governor saying it is their position
7:33 am
that undated ballots should count. that means you vote and you don't know when you voted. ronna mcdaniel with us yesterday and we asked her about this and she seemed to be making the argument for the long haul. here is what she said on that. >> the concern i have is if we start changing rules after the game, then democrats will come in in november and try to change rules after the election. >> bill: there it is. mail-in votes and drop boxes. if you can't prove when you cast your ballot maybe you have an issue as to when you did cast the ballot. >> that's right. this is what the mccormick campaign says. it is a different system now and even though the voter didn't hand write the date, which is supposed to happen under state law to accept the ballot, that the ballots were time stamped when they were received so there is some sort of notification about when they were received and when they got them. that said the state law is the state law and it is what the
7:34 am
lawmakers came up with and where the rnc and oz are. and they point to the politics of this heading into a general election. most -- you heard bryan mention the 10,000 absentee ballots and provisional ballots are coming from the eastern part of pennsylvania in counties that are overwhelmingly democrat to republican. so most of those are in a democratic ballot universe. they look at the possibility, as you heard from ronna mcdaniel, that the democratic secretary of state is all for this because she can turn around and say well, i did it for a republican in the primary and then suddenly it changes the ballgame come general election. >> bill: i guess if you are a republican, democrat, independent or martian you should prove when it happened. i have 916 votes is what bryan said. >> 902. >> bill: as of today 902 which can be overcome. as you and i learned many years
7:35 am
ago when we were young men in tallahassee, florida, 902 votes. >> hanging chads and everything. >> you were in the big huge taj mahal >> you were in the truck. >> bill: here are theed that winds whether it's oz or mccormick or whether it's joe biden. here is what gallup found. are you satisfied with the direction of the united states, 83% are dissatisfied. it gets more dire. when you break it down according to parties, only 18% of independents are satisfied. the 4% of republicans shouldn't surprise us. the 18% on independents is tough sledding. >> big time. an uphill battle for democrats all over the country in a place like pennsylvania especially. economic situation, inflation, you look at crime, you look at
7:36 am
immigration in parts of the country being a big issue. i think democrats are looking at the table of the possibility that abortion plays in some of these races now that the gun issue plays in some of these races. but republicans are well positioned just by what you are saying, right track, wrong track. whoever the republican nominee is in pennsylvania, they are going to be bracing trump-era policies either one of them to run against lieutenant governor fetterman. >> bill: really interesting races as we see from the primary season. the fall will be fascinating. >> it will. >> bill: back to the ryder truck you go. it worked out for both of us. >> it did. you were looking at the ryder truck and stale bagels and said i want to go with this network. >> bill: and i did. >> julie: all right.
7:37 am
elon musk upping the stakes committing billions more of his fortune to buying twitter and house republicans setting the stage for a new probe into hunter biden's business deals arguing voters deserve the full story behind his finances. >> possibly flip an election as well. deeply important to get to the bottom of it. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $60,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. turn your equity into cash with the newday100 va cash out loan call now.
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>> julie: i did not get a stand by. elon musk double down. new sec filing reveals the tesla ceo is committing another 6.2 billion in equity to finance his twitter bid bringing his total commitment to nearly $34 billion. lydia hu from fox business has more. isn't it awesome to have billions of dollars to throw at an investment that you aren't looking to get a return but just for free speech? i would love to have a cent of that. >> what's another billion here or there, you no he? this additional equity, julie, was revealed yesterday in a regulatory filing. it means as you point out he is putting up $33 1/2 billion of
7:43 am
the roughly $44 billion offer. this also means that elon musk is no longer planning to rely on a margin loan backed by his tesla shares for this purchase. that's notable because shares of tesla have tanked about 34% since musk announced his takeover bid in mid april and also a significant move since there was speculation just last week around the future of this deal when musk publicly requested proof from twitter that fake accounts fake up less than 5% of total users. musk suggesting there are many more casting doubt as to the value of the company. yesterday twitter held its annual shareholder meeting. the meeting generally avoided this big looming question whether it will complete the $44 billion sale to musk. now in an interesting twist, twitter investors blocked the reelection of a musk ally you can see here, the co-head of
7:44 am
private equity firm silver lake. they blocked his election to the board but the twitter ceo said the company is continuing to work through the transaction. now, after news yesterday of musk's additional equity twitter shares initially jumped. they are up almost 5% at the moment. still remains unclear how elon musk will pay but the regulatory filing also reveals he is in talks with twitter shareholders including former twitter ceo jack dorsey for a financing commitment. musk could possibly retain dorsey's stake in the company after -- it seems this saga continues. >> julie: lydia hu, thank you very much. i will clarify once again i didn't know i was on camera earlier. it happens. nobody told me. >> bill: live tv.
7:45 am
republicans meanwhile on the house oversight committee seeking more financial documents from hunter biden as the investigation into his business dealings grow wider. lawmakers sending letters to numerous banks and the treasury department just yesterday. john levine reporter of the "new york post." thank you for coming back and good morning to you. the letters will take us in which direction next on this story? >> bill, thank you for having me back. i this i the letters show that house republicans are incredibly serious about pursuing the hunter biden investigation should they regain power in the mid-term elections, which is widely expected they will. ranking member of the house oversite committee comer of kentucky has sent numerous letters to banks and other institutions in anticipation of an investigation should republicans take the majority. house leadership is incredibly committed to the investigation.
7:46 am
the house gop conference chairwoman has promised us directly that she plans to subpoena hunter biden. we know from the january 6th commission that cooperating with a subpoena -- you can subpoena anyone. doesn't mean they'll show. it shows there will be a thorough and expansive initiative to get to the bottom of what we don't know. >> bill: now we'll gauge public opinion based oh than what we learn and what we may learn and not learn. josh hammer was on with maria. "newsweek" opinion editor said this about the last election. >> 20% of people sthaid if they had known all the details of the hunter biden story before they cast their vote for joe biden in 2020 they would have flipped their vote. this literally possibly flipped an election as well. it is deeply important to get to the bottom of it. >> bill: that's his view. he said 15 to 20% of people have said according to his view here. a lot ofist is water under the bridge. what is not water under the
7:47 am
bridge is the letter to a man who worked with hunter biden. while serving as president of hunter biden's company you received president biden's tax refund check and transferred it to hunter because president biden owed money to his son. how much money did the president owe his son and what role the son played in managing the president's finances? they were dealing from the same pile of money. >> eric is one of the critical players in this saga what we don't have that much information on. he appears consistently throughout the hard drive for a 10-year spread intimately familiar with hunter biden and joe biden's personal finances. we know from past reporting in the "new york post" and fox news he met with white house officials at the white house and other locations including then vice president joe biden on dozens of occasions and he
7:48 am
certainly, i think, someone will is -- if republicans take control of the house, is going to be someone who receives a subpoena or a request for documents very, very soon. >> bill: what does your gut tell you if republicans take control of the house and start these hearings? is it a drip, drip, drip, or is it more than that or does it not in the end go anywhere? >> well, i always tell people the hunter hard drive is one of these ancient egyptian texts you dig out of the sand. we're trying to figure out what things mean and place things. there is so much there that is very tantalizing and we can't figure out what it means. for example so many attachments i can't open because they were never downloaded from the cloud onto the laptop. i see there is a contract here and some agreement there or a memorandum of understanding and we don't know. these are things that are going to potentially be able to come out in a house investigation.
7:49 am
so i think potentially you'll see a torrent of new information coming out when republicans control the house, if they do. >> bill: nice to see you. get you in studio again sometime soon. thanks for coming in. what's next? >> julie: big tech stepping up in the wake of the uvalde school shootings as authorities investigate the suspect's alarming social media texts before the attack. we have that next. and this is the sound of better breathing. fasenra is a different kind of asthma medication. it's not a steroid or inhaler. fasenra is an add-on treatment for asthma driven by eosinophils. it's one maintenance dose every 8 weeks. it helps prevent asthma attacks, improve breathing, and lower use of oral steroids. nearly 7 out of 10 adults with asthma may have elevated eosinophils. fasenra is designed to target and remove them. fasenra is not a rescue medication
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our premium kibble starts with real meat and real vegetables. and we package it in this completely accurate bag. look at that marbling. ♪ha! what you see (what you see)♪ ♪is what you get (is what you get)♪ >> harris: critics with straight fire for beto o'rourke who says he wants to be the next governor of texas. yesterday he disrupted governor abbott's news conference after the school massacre. many are calling it beyond disrespectful. lawmakers hitting the fda head over the baby crisis. conflicting stories and finger pointing. none looks good for the biden
7:55 am
administration. senator james langford, pete hegseth, tammy bruce, "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> the only information that was known in advance was posted by the gunman on facebook, the first post was i'm going to shoot my grandmother. the second post was i shot my grandmother. the third post was i'm going to shoot an elementary school. >> julie: greg abbott describing messages, disturbing messages allegedly sent by the 18-year-old gunman in the texas school rampage shortly before the deadly attack. this latest mass shooting reviving the debate over the role of social media. our next guest is the author of a new bill in california. it would hold social media companies responsible for harming children who become addicted to their products. joining us now is california
7:56 am
state representative jordan cunningham. first just lay out the bill for us. because could parents sue a tech company if their child were to become addicted to social media especially in the case where it harms your child? >> yes, that's exactly what it does. the social media duty to children act. right now-in-law everywhere in product liability if you make a product you know kids are going to use you have to make it safe for those kids and if harm is suffered by kids from your product you are liable. >> julie: $25,000 they can sue for? >> statutory penalties of $25,000 and the reason we need that. it only applies in the case of an addiction caused by social media that actually harms a child. we talk depression, suicide, eating disorders. what we're seeing across the nation the crisis that is fueled by social media
7:57 am
addiction. >> julie: you are a father of four school age children. the uvalde school shooting hits home for you as a parent. the question is how could this bill potentially stop children who are on social media such as this school shooter from eventually becoming murderers? do you think there is any correlation there? >> this is an unspeakable tragedy. it hits home for every parent. i will say on the bill as a former prosecutor i don't want to speculate what might have motivated that person to do that. but we have a problem amongst our youth right now with social media addiction. we know it's causing harm and fueling a lot of negative things for kids. this bill i believe could be a preventive measure that could help all these kids and i think it's an important step. we need the financial incentive that holds companies
7:58 am
accountable for intentionally addicting children which a lot of them are doing. >> julie: the suspect in the uvalde shooting posted warnings on his instagram accounts. former classmates say he was active on instagram. snapshot said they suspended an account of his. could this have been prevented if social media faced consequences for users's actions? >> i think they should face financial consequences for using algorithms that addict kids and making money off of that and while knowing in a lot of cases we know that they knew for years that they were both addicting kids and causing depression, eating disorders, suicidal ideation. that's what my bill is trying to focus on is where the
7:59 am
company has acted in a way that is harmful to children and that is provable. they should be held liable for. that as to whether generally the company should have more obligation to say notify law enforcement if somebody is posting something that's scary to their account i will leave that for other people to address. i don't think it is a terrible idea. >> julie: as a mother of three i think it's parents who need to be. parents need to -- while the problem falls in line with these social media websites like snapchat and instagram being very addictive parents need to do their role as well but that's all the time we have. state representative jordan cunningham. we appreciate your time. thank you so much, sir. >> thank you very much. >> bill: so julie, the questions continue. i have yet to hear about a news conference today. sometimes that's where we get our best information but i
8:00 am
would anticipate one but so far 10:00 local time in texas it has not yet been announced. we'll stand by for more. meantime you are coming back tomorrow, aren't you? >> julie: i will be back tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. >> bill: we'll see you then. >> julie: you aren't counting down the days, are you? >> bill: have a great day, everybody. julie, you as well. see you tomorrow. to our audience at home, see you friday. here is harris. >> harris: the uvalde, texas teenage murderer is dead and determining why he carried out a massacre at an elementary school is taking an army of investigators and criminal experts and maybe a look at some stuff we don't want to. today questions for local police as we learn more about the timeline of tuesday's tragedy in texas. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". 19 young students and two teachers murdered by a gunman who had barricaded himself in their classroom and


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