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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  May 26, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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10:00 local time in texas it has not yet been announced. we'll stand by for more. meantime you are coming back tomorrow, aren't you? >> julie: i will be back tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. >> bill: we'll see you then. >> julie: you aren't counting down the days, are you? >> bill: have a great day, everybody. julie, you as well. see you tomorrow. to our audience at home, see you friday. here is harris. >> harris: the uvalde, texas teenage murderer is dead and determining why he carried out a massacre at an elementary school is taking an army of investigators and criminal experts and maybe a look at some stuff we don't want to. today questions for local police as we learn more about the timeline of tuesday's tragedy in texas. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". 19 young students and two teachers murdered by a gunman who had barricaded himself in their classroom and opened fire.
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witnesses are now saying they were urging police to go inside rob elementary school and the timeline is becoming clearer. the shooter may have been in the classroom 40 minutes from the time he opened fire to when the tactical team shot him. governor greg abbott addressed the shooter's chilling facebook posts before the shooting. >> the only information that was known in advance was posted by the gunman on facebook, the first post was i'm going to shoot my grandmother. the second post was i shot my grandmother. the third post was i'm going to shoot an elementary school. >> harris: the frightening image shows how close the agent came to getting a bullet through the head with a round of ammunition ripping a hole through the fabric and injuring his scalp. bill melugin is in uvalde.
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a lot of questions today about that timeline. >> good morning to you. there are. quickly i would like to show you the front page of the local newspaper here in uvalde this morning. the uvalde leader news. there is no headline in the and the entire page is blacked out except for the date of the shooting may 24th. there are fresh questions about law enforcement timeline when it comes to shooting. new videos circulating on social media claiming to show parents getting angry at police officers and urging them to go into the school. here is part of those videos. take a look. [shouting] >> now here is the thing about
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those videos. we do not -- here is the thing about the videos. we do not know when this clip was recorded. we don't know if the shooter was already dead. we don't hear any gunshots in the video. we don't know if these officers are trying to set up a perimeter and a team inside waiting to breach. dps said there was a school police officer who engaged the shooter once he got on campus. there was an encounter. we are waiting for more information on that. we know eventually that other officers showed up and were shot at and eventually that bortac agent went in with a tactical team and took the shooter down. cbp source sent me and this is the hat the bortac agent was wearing when he breached the classroom and engaged the shooter directly shooting and killing him. he suffered a graze wound to his head. the bullet barely missing his
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head or scraping it millimeters away from death there. he has staples in his scalp now, just goes to show how close that agent was to losing his own life. also want to show you this brand-new video we got into the newsroom this morning of an officer walking a girl out of the school who appears to have blood-stained clothes she is carrying as well as blood on her legs. unclear who the blood belonged to. that little girl traumatized and the officer taking her away from the scene. parents witnessed that as well. last night fox news spoke with a teacher who works at the school. listen to how emotional she got when she describes how close the shooter got to her own class. >> my kids were so scared.
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i had to protect my children. >> harris, there has been a lot of reporting out there regarding the potential for the gunman to be in that classroom maybe 40 minutes, maybe up to an hour. that is something we are trying to work out with our sources. what i'm told by texas dps is right now they're interviewing or about to interview that first school police officer who had the encounter with the gunman. once they finished that interview with him and get more details i'm told they'll have a clearer picture on what the whole timeline is. certainly more questions raised today about that law enforcement response. we'll send it back to you. >> harris: as you've just told us and we'll get into it this hour too we'll wait for the facts. the intervoouf with the first police officer is important. the community of uvalde and the entire nation and beyond in mourning. the "new york post" dedicating its cover today to the 19
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little children killed in that act of pure evil. the youngest of those students just 8 years old. families now making funeral arrangements and officials say all of their little bodies will be returned to their loved ones by today or tomorrow. we're also remembering the two teachers who died eva mireles and irma garcia are being hailed as heroes. relatives tell the news the women died trying to shield their students from the shooter. pete hegseth, co-host of "fox & friends" weekend is on the mezzanine in "focus" with me. these stories day-by-day will divide us in terms of our emotions. of course there were heroes but our hearts are so broken. >> we have to have clarity about the evil aspect of this, the coward who targeted
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elementary kids. the timeline never moves as quickly as our news cycle and we want to know who could have known. the people around this shooter, the grand parents, the parents, the friends, the people he connected with on social media. he posted on social media but likely private messages. how quickly can you get access to those? then you turn to the law enforcement response and we covered it all morning this morning on "fox & friends" and it's not clear we have our arms really at all around what the timeline really was. >> harris: we don't. >> if the first shots occurred when he crashes his truck into the ravine outside the school and engages with the resource officer there. if that's when the clock starts, how much took him to get in the school. the other local police. there are reports of two other local police engaged iminitially. they were shot. is that when he went into a classroom? did they decide to treat it as an active shooter or hostage situation? what you will have slightly different protocols for both in
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this scenario predicated. with the school you want to get in as fast as possible. you have 8, 9 and 10-year-old in the classroom. you can't use the aggressive tactics outside the door for fear of injuring or killing more young kids who are in that classroom. >> harris: that's the case when you think there might be hostages. you are right. tenderness of their age. the school was supposed to be o*b on lock down. there was a door unlocked. i just want to know the basics once he left his grandmother's house. there is a bit of a timeline coming into clearer focus and you're right. you heard bill melugin just reporting, was it 40 or 60 minutes? 40 minutes or an hour? this is what the texas department of public safety director said about the timeline. let's watch. >> went down a hallway, turned
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right and left. two classrooms adjoining. that's where the carnage began. as he was shooting it would be within 40 minutes or an hour but bottom line is law enforcement was there. they did engage immediately. they did contain him in the classroom. >> i can relate to the fog of gathering information in that situation. shots fired. somehow gets into the school. that's another question. 10, 15 minutes before they i defrnt file he is in the school. where is he there? once you find him there how do you get into the classroom? we fortify these classrooms to make sure that shooters can't get inside them when you have an active shooter drill. it also means it is difficult for law enforcement to get inside them. reports are they had to find the key for that classroom in order to get in because they couldn't force their way in. maybe that means that door is fortified as other school shooter protocols have required in certain places. so you can't blow your way in the door plus you have kids behind that door.
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you may not want to send a rank and file police officer in there who isn't as trained in swat tactics. you wait for the guys with the shield. you don't want to send someone in to be a recipient of bullets. they went in with a shield first. the first guys absorbing the bullets coming in allowing the second and third member of that tactical team to roll off right or left and engage the shooter. i'm defaulting to the port of the investment and courage of our law enforcement knowing everything can always happen faster. i have to believe they wanted to do the best they could. this is sheer evil and with he pray for the families right now. >> harris: so well put and your tactical experience having been in the military helped us out there, too. because my initial question still stands. why was there an unlocked door during a lockdown? it doesn't matter who shows up when if that fortified door is secured. it has to be more difficult.
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we know he would have known that. his grandmother worked there as late as 2020. >> he may have surveilled it as well. the house was not far from the school. >> harris: thank you for your service but applying it in this sense. a lot of backlash after beto o'rourke, he was a congressman in texas, now wants to be the governor in texas, running against governor abbott. he made quite a scene during an update on the school shooting yesterday. >> sit down. you are out of line and an embarrassment. sit down. >> you are doing nothing. >> this isn't the place to talk this over. >> this is totally predictable. >> sir, you are out of line. sir, you are out of line. >> harris: we cut out the spicy parts there. you know. he was put in his place. the outburst met with praise
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and fierce criticism. >> it is sad to see politicians try to capitalize politically off of the death of innocent children. not today. not today. this is about healing. this is about bringing the country together. >> it was completely out of line and disrespectful not only during the press conference but the time of mourning to the victims and families. simply uncalled for. >> harris: this is shocking when it happened yesterday and there were people among staff, law enforcement there whose children were in that school. from what i've read, some of them may have been among the injured, right? and maybe the deceased. all of those reports are not out yet but those people en masse were hurting. why would anybody who wants to run for governor of that state show up and act a fool like that? >> if you are political to your core this is a moment for political grand stangd.
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where did he go? in front of the stage where all the cameras were trained and audio to be heard. the governor and lieutenant governor were gracious. it was the mayor of uvalde who said you are out of line. he has been clear from the beginning to say this will not be politicized. we will have the conversation later. if beto o'rourke is sincere about a wanting a solution you wouldn't start by impugning the motive of folks on the other side. it doesn't create the opportunity for that discussion. political to its core and shameful. >> harris: he is not a leader. can you imagine what that mayor saw yesterday and today. he is not a leader o'rourke to walk into a situation and he hurt them. >> he would have known either on stage or in the crowd there were personally affected by this. >> harris: somebody was saving him az. he knew who was in the crowd.
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>> he was planning to go right in front of those cameras. the man plays to the cameras. >> president biden: so thirsty. remember the -- >> harris: we couldn't miss a moment of his life when he ran last time. thank you for being here. a dire national security situation at the border we know. alarming number of people on the f.b.i.'s terror watch list trying to get into america. plus the gas prices. go along with the blame game on the left. >> he is obsessed with the fact that gas prices are so high and people are hurting and this is a global issue. what can he do? >> harris: so then what is a president for if it is not for something like this? americans looking for answers as gas hits yet another all-time high. oklahoma senator james langford in "focus" next.
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>> i've had cbp folks show me around to see what they're dealing with. they have a heck of a challenge on their hands. we through our joint terrorism task forces work very quickly with our dhs partners to try to bring the counter terrorism dimension to the threat. >> harris: biden administration may have a problem on its hands, particularly the president. when your f.b.i. director says the quiet part out loud, watch out. somber assessment on the national safety challenges. cbp report agents have caught 40 suspected terrorists from october to april in six months. we have know that. let's layer on this comes after border patrol released a
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suspected terrorist into the united states in april. he was flagged by the f.b.i. but not located and arrested until two weeks later. republican senator james langford of oklahoma along with arizona democrat senator kyrsten sinema are introducing a bill that would insure the biden administration have a plan in place before lifting title 42. the trump-era emergency measure which limits immigration due to the pandemic. senator langford, who is heading to the border this week, is in "focus" now. he sits on the homeland security committee and is the top republican on homeland's border management subcommittee. first of all, welcome to "the faulkner focus". i want to get to what is in this bill and how you have been able to do a bipartisan pull on this. >> this has been long-term relationships to push back and forth to be able to bring facts to bear to say this is what's going on and sitting down with democrat senators trying to
8:22 am
argue through based on the facts of what is actually happening. they understand there is total chaos at the border and getting worse every month. march was the highest number ever, april was higher. half of the people the biden administration is turning around based on title 42. but they are trying to fit with the courts right now to be able to lift even that piece because they want all of that quarter million to be able to illegally cross the border without having to stop at all. so i've worked with five democrats that have joined me to be able to push back on this administration and say you can't just lift title 42 until all of this -- it's a pandemic response piece. they try to keep bits and pieces in place and ignore the border and they have to have a plan. the plan they released says in the last paragraph despite our best efforts the number of migrants will continue to go up. their plan is none of it will
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actually work because they know they are facilitating illegal immigration, not stopping it. >> harris: when you say that number and i'm glad you did, a quarter million people being turned away and we don't have enough to handle now what's going on, it takes resources to turn them away. can you imagine letting them into the country? >> it's a quarter million crossing the border. half of those were being turned away. right now ice the telling us they don't have enough personnel to fly people out of the country but they have enough personnel to fly people into the country. the bizarre thing where you see the priorities of the administration. they won't do remain in mexico. they want to release the title 42 to allow more people to come in. if you illegally cross the border and ask for asylum they give you a hearing eight years in the future. they know it will facilitate more people coming. >> harris: politically if you want to look at it that way and everything these days almost is, what does that give them on
8:24 am
the issue, longevity? >> it does. it gives them the moment to be able to have a lot of people to come in. here is the problem. folks are coming in from all over the world. we don't know criminal backgrounds in the places they coming from. they run a criminal background check to see if they committed a crime in the united states but no idea of the crimes they've committed in their previous country. not a check on that at all. major problems they're setting up in our society and they just seem to ignore that. >> harris: all the gotaways, the 700,000 or so of them that we've yet to learn anything about. i'll move to this. we just set another record for gasoline prices. millions of americans are set to hit the road for the memorial holiday weekend. the average for a gallon of regular unleaded is now 4.60. more than 50% higher than it was just a year ago. critics point to president biden's policies for this huge
8:25 am
price surge. energy secretary granholm defending her boss and saying this crisis shows why the nation needs to turn to clean energy. >> he is obsessed with the fact that gas prices are so high and people are hurting and this is a global issue. so what can he do? so you can exhort the oil and gas industry to increase supply and it tells us why you have to at the same time accelerate our movement to clean energy. you can walk and chew gum. you can do both but the fact that we are paying these outrageous prices almost is an exclamation point on the fact that we need to move to clean energy so we're not in this position in the future. >> harris: senator langford. the secretary of energy says the president is obsessed with the issue of gas prices? can you imagine how he handles the things he ignore? >> i can. i have seen those things as well. in baby formula and multiple other areas he has ignored. the simple fact. the price of gas went 50% up in
8:26 am
the first year of the biden presidency because what she was articulating. they want to try to push people to get to different energy source evers by raising the price of oil and gas. bust what they weren't anticipating was how out of control it would get and created a spiral of inflation with increasing energy prices and the $2 trillion bill they put in place. the two things combined have been catastrophic for americans and they directly caused this by cutting off access to pipelines and permitting and continuing to make it hard to get capital. all things they have put in place in their very first year because they intended to push people but their unintended consequence was the dramatic inflation. >> harris: i don't know what he can tap immediately in terms of alternatives at this point. they have grid issues every summer because of heat and fires in california where gas is high right now.
8:27 am
if you force people to go to electric cars that they can't afford. plugging it in 3 to 5 months of the year might not be an option. >> they continue to say it will encourage people to go to other source of energy to get a better price. china is the one who controls all of our lithium and cobalt. we talk about trying to be able to move to china and be dependent on them for energy is a terrible idea. let's do american energy production and we can do it cleaner than anyone else in the world. the only way the price goes down is if supply goes up. they are blorking supply now. >> harris: why would we want to lean on china more than we already do? >> we don't. >> harris: they lied to us at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and put us in the worst position possible and not done anything friendly since. senator langford from the great state of oklahoma. thank you for being in "focus." democrats and some of the
8:28 am
liberal media asking always quick to politicize a mass shooting. blaming republicans and guns. but many are saying we have to take a deeper look at our society and the real root of this sort of violence. backlash over another biden executive order. >> it's more of joe biden's political theater. the tragedy is you are once again trying to make the cops the bad guys and make the bad guys like they don't exist. we have a crime problem. not a cop problem. >> harris: the president cracking down on police tactics one day after one of the most deadly massacres in recent u.s. history. law enforcement deeply divided over the new rules. tammy bruce is in "focus" next. i have fantastic news for fellow veterans who need money for their family and home. there's a powerful va benefit that veterans have earned, but many don't even know about. it's the va home loan benefit. as a veteran,
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>> harris: some in the liberal media wasting no time going straight to politics after a
8:34 am
shooter killed those 19 children and two teachers in a texas classroom. >> why are we doing? why are we always at square one with this? i square to god if i see another republican senator talking about their heart being broken i'll punch somebody. >> the enemies are the hypocrites and scoundrel who talk about what a tragedy it is and we must all pray for the survivors. they actively work against progress. >> harris: a lot of opinion on this. actually two articles in "washington examiner" saying it's not that simple. one titled biden blames gun lobby when his real enemy is culture. the other with we must confront the cultural mess that gave us uvalde. a "wall street journal" op-ed headline this way. young men, guns and guardrails and argues today's young killers are not motivated by
8:35 am
material deprivation. they are typically from middle class families with access to smartphones and xboxs. their deficit is social and spiritual. the rise of family dysfunction and the decline of mediating institutions such as churches and social clubs have consequences. tammy bruce, fox news contributor, host of get tammy bruce on fox nation is in "focus." this was no more on display for me than right after the shooting that first night, tuesday night, when what was all over social media that i was seeing was hopelessness, fear, and hate. i put out one scripture which i don't normally do about the little ones with jesus making it into heaven. and the response was my goodness, thank goodness something with hope and something positive. how sad is that? we need to either extinguish the dumpster fire or go deeper and replace it.
8:36 am
>> it's a beautiful recognition of the nature of what's happened because what you described, this hopelessness, fear, chaos, was not just even in that moment. that was another result of everything -- every day in this country. it is political. it's the rhetoric we just heard. it's the reaction that everybody else is a horrible dire evil enemy that needs to be destroyed. the supreme court, right? the decision being leaked and then this talk about violent riots and that the only answer to things is violence and you have to burn buildings down and everyone is the enemy. every day it is not just adults that hear this. the young people, children hear it and adolescents hear it and teenagers hear it in addition to all of our discussion here is about separation of us and society. it is about the fact that where do you go where there are churches now being poo* poo*ed.
8:37 am
like church is the problem or social clubs are the problem or family is the problem. that the government takes care of your children. the fights with the schools, teachers trying to eliminate the parents directly from influence with their children. these are not one-off dynamics. this is the culture and we're seeing this. of course, it drives us into this and no one seems to be interested in what is exactly happening with teenagers and it is not just video games. it is not just the violence you see on tv it is everything combined. >> president -- >> harris: the pandemic at its height was hell for many people in this country it was deadly and it made us see our children up close in a different light. i was with mine 24 hours a day locked down in new jersey. the blessing was i got to see the classroom every day and
8:38 am
what was missing in their lives. some of it was on me and my husband to make up the difference and you lean in. >> our generation we've grown up as women wayne certain kind of environment. we adapt and have made certain choices. but then what happens we get into habits and we forget we might not notice certain things. as parents everywhere noticing wait a minute. i haven't really noticed what the curriculum is. then you don't notice the negative of the facts that teachers and schools aren't making an effort to make sure you know what the curriculum is. parents across the country realize why is no one trying to get me involved? even though it's like you have to make a choice to do so and when you do and you go to the school board meetings you are decried as terrorists for wanting to be involved in your children's lives. >> harris: i want to get to this last quick point. it is something we don't talk about and have been lately but i don't know if we're nailing
8:39 am
mental illness or domestic aboouls at home or nailing the things that reportedly were happening in this teenagers' lives. if kids aren't in the classroom we can't keep them safe from some of the stuff going on at home. why aren't we dealing with that better >> why don't we make a change. when you have some hostility and anger that goes back to violence and condemning other people it sucks all the air out of the room. you have the political conversation about guns. nothing else gets discussed. it's really about this presumption, i suppose, that kids can't have a mental health issue and now we know through the pandemic that not only do they, but it has been increased and then the use and reliance on psychotropic drugs. we don't investigate that at all when it comes to young people. >> harris: the day after the
8:40 am
deadly uvalde shooting president is cracking down on police and signed an executive order to increase accountability for federal officers, restricting the use of no-knock entries. it also limits the transfer of military vehicles and equipment to local police departments. one parent who lost his child in 2018, the parkland shooting with this. >> you have a person that's signing an executive order going after police officers. which is ridiculous. we want to give school police the right to do the right job in schools in mass shootings. we don't want to hamper the police. i support law enforcement. i had the worst thing ever happen to me. >> harris: defund didn't work. >> it didn't. it sent a message to everyone there is no responsibility. police are the enemy. everyone else is the victim. if you are on the edge, you will be taking all of this in
8:41 am
thinking well, this is -- anything goes. i have a right to be angry. i have a right to want to hurt people. that's tha* seems to be the reinforcement. when it comes to the police this is once again a reinforcement that law enforcement parameters, law and order is wrong or is the enemy. lastly when it comes to money and hardening these targets of the covid relief money for schools, $122 billion. 93% has not been spent. that's $113 billion. every single school in this country could benefit from that money being able to be repurposed to security and hardening the targets. nobody discusses that. the money is there. >> harris: those are important facts all of it. tammy bruce, always great to have you here. we get her twice today. you are hosting hannity tonight at 9:00 p.m.
8:42 am
the fda commissioner back on capitol hill getting an earful over the baby formula crisis. he is blaming everything but the biden administration and the shelves are still bare. plus for months the media insisted georgia's new election law was racist and meant to suppress the black vote. >> their strategy is now pass a bunch of racist voting laws. >> voter suppression. >> harris: how in the world did the primary show record turnout? are they going to take that back in the media? that's a rhetorical question. the panel next.
8:43 am
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>> families should not be searching for formula but they have to do it now until we fill in. several weeks out, we'll have a surplus of formula. the supply inadequacy did not happen overnight. we regulate and we're seeing evidence just in time distribution system, market concentration and sole source contract are leading to shortages. >> harris: we got the part about it will still take several weeks. the fda commissioner there throwing abbott manufacturer
8:48 am
under the bus and no apologies with contrition in his voice accepting responsibility. it was his department, his leadership. we'll move on. one of the litany of excuses that the fda is giving a house panel for the administration's glacial response to the baby formula shortage. that fda director told law bakers the shut erd michigan plant is weeks away from opening but the plant will be up and running in a week and a half and could have formula in stores by mid july. meanwhile first lady jill biden yesterday welcomed a second shipment of baby formula from europe. >> i'm here today to say to parents you aren't alone. at the highest levels of joe's administration, they are finding solutions and they
8:49 am
won't stop until all parents can get the formula all their children need. >> harris: she sounds so passionate. let's welcome doug collins, former republican congressman from the great state of georgia. laura fink, ceo, a democratic campaign consultant. welcome both laura and doug. adding in some facts quickly before i get your response to the first lady. the fda is hitting a pause on the europe deliveries of formula because they have information on them that is not in english and they don't think that we're smart enough to google translation to use it. doug. >> this is just amazing. about like taking the unsympathetic nature of this to the parents of america now and the only issue i heard also the fda director said we need more money for better leadership. when you heard the first lady talk about now we're solving this problem.
8:50 am
it is like taking your child to the mall, dropping them off and they didn't know where they were and you come back two hours later and said you were lost, i found you. no, they caused this issue and part of this issue and didn't have the foresight and longest to say how to solve it in the future. the ideological agenda is showing itself again of this administration. >> harris: sometimes when you can't solve a problems? you know what helps? compassion over gas prices but we'll stick to baby formula now. still haven't heard it. >> i think jill biden was an excellent display of compassion. >> harris: is she in a position in the administration to do anything? >> i'm sorry. >> harris: can she do anything? >> i think what you saw behinder were crates of baby formula. what you saw was the defense production act being invoked and legislation that said hey we need inspectors to make sure we inspect all of this formula that we're now importing from other nations. what problem they're solving
8:51 am
are decades in the making. my colleague was in congress and didn't do anything about the 40% share of abbott industries. ultimately this is a monopoly held by four companies. this is a problem when you hit the supply chain. americans understand that. what they want are problem solvers and when you see baby formula airlifted, defense production act invoked and legislation sent in congress that republicans unfortunately roundly rejected all but 12 said hey, our baby's health isn't worth $28 million to make sure we can inspikt the formula coming in from overseas. that's the real tragedy here. the real tragedy is politization of this issue. >> harris: let me step in there. i want doug to respond and i have something to say about all the baby formula at the border that they could have gotten to a lot faster than the baby formula in europe. doug. >> wow, you going to attack monopolies. is this the issue you are
8:52 am
saying for years we should have -- give me a break. >> that's a huge part of it. >> is what biden's administration did. understand something. that's the straw man you want to argue with. i wouldn't want to defend this administration issue, i get it. >> what did he do wrong? >> harris: we'll move on. by the way, they could have tapped fema's resources with baby formula before they hit europe. all of it has to be inspect. we don't know what the expiration dates are in the warehouses at the border but they are in the united states. critics calling for a media reckoning after georgia saw massive turnout for its primary election. 834,000 people, up 212% compared to the 2020 presidential primary and 168 percent increase compared to
8:53 am
the 2018 gubernatorial primary. this in spite of the left's outcry over the state's new voting law they called voter suppression. remember, the racist reach that they had calling them jim crow. that was their talking about. >> this makes jim crow look like jim eagle. >> it is unamerican. it is old school american. jim crow american. >> when you disenfranchise people by passing jim crow laws. that's not democracy it's dictatorship. >> their strategy now is to pass a bunch of racist voting laws, a new jim crow in the south. >> no matter how they try to wrap it in a bow, codify it with law, it's voter suppression. it is the new jim crow. >> harris: i don't doubt they believe that. it just the facts don't support it. they are getting called out. an op-ed from those in the
8:54 am
media who decried georgia's electoral voting law is warranted. don't hold your breath, though. laura. >> high turnout does not mean that voter suppression didn't happen. high turnout doesn't mean it didn't take an effort like new georgia projects knocking on 500,000 votes. >> harris: i want you to answer the first part of that. why doesn't high turnout means there is no suppression? that's a really easy one. what is it? >> i'm sorry, what i'm saying i was just -- i didn't hear you. what i'm saying is those numbers don't prove a thing. we nooed to look at the mail-in ballots hefsh lere >> harris: early voting is counted in the 180% increase. >> >> my goodness. you just argue things that
8:55 am
don't make sense. this is ridiculous. the voting turnout for heavy. since 2014. -- the hispanic male and black and african-american male and female have double digit increases. this is a red herring. everybody shows up. it's the thing you need to understand that you can argue until you are blue in the face it is not a racist law. >> harris: "outnumbered" after the break. veteran homeowners, need cash? at newday you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value
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>> new questions now about the police response to the texas elementary school massacre as some parents say the officers were "unprepared" and just waiting outside as they even debated storming the building themselves. this is "outnumbered." hello, everyone. i'm emily compagno here with my co-hosts kayleigh mcenany and harris faulkner. joining us morgan and chris bedford. now, this is shocking new video which you are watching of the


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