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tv   America Reports  FOX News  May 26, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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to visit the families in the coming days, hoping to heal texas and the nation. stay with fox news for continuing coverage. here is "america reports." >> sandra: and to this fox news alert now in uvalde, texas, we are now awaiting a news conference that could come at any moment. it comes as there are growing questions on the timeline of tuesday's school massacre. families demanding answers on what happened between the time the gunman entered that school and elite border agent shot and killed him. hello, welcome, everyone. sandra smith in new york. >> john: good to be with you on this thursday afternoon, john roberts in washington. this is "america reports." dramatic video showing frustration and anguish of parents outside of robb elementary school on tuesday. watch here.
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the video shows frantic and frustrated parents demanding they be let into the school. police keeping the distraught family members behind a perimeter as the shooting unfolds inside. it's still unclear when in the whole event cycle this video was shot. >> sandra: texas officials have yet to deliver a clear timeline of what exactly happened and when. we do know the gunman got into that school through an unlocked entrance, responding officers were met by heavy gunfire and the suspect barricaded himself inside the classroom with children and teachers. a community the victims, today would have been the last day of class before the summer break. >> john: texas republican congressman tony gonzalez represents uvalde, he joins us in moments. fox team coverage. alexis mcadams has more on the
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victims. >> sandra: to bill with the latest on the ground in texas, what do we know? >> bill: sandra, a short time ago i was in touch with a source close to the investigation and told they are in fact planning to have a press conference later this afternoon. i'm told to address discrepancies and conflicting initial reports. in the initial minutes from the shooting, particularly when it comes to the school officer we were told on campus. i specifically asked the source, did that school officer exchange gunfire with the gunman before he went inside and started killing, i'm told they plan to address that this afternoon. i asked, has that officer even been interviewed yet. i'm told they will also address that this afternoon. so a lot of questions circling right now about this timeline and exactly what happened with the law enforcement response. all of this happening as videos are now circulating online showing angry parents arriving
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at the school allegedly as the shooting was potentially taking place getting angry at police officers, yelling at them to go inside the school and rush the shooter. here is part of that, take a listen. [indiscriminate voices] >> bill: the thing with the video, we don't know exactly when it was recorded. we don't know if the shooter was already dead, we don't know if these are just officers trying to set up a perimeter and keep the parents back while there was a tactical team inside waiting to breach, we don't know if it's while the shooting was going on. we don't hear gunshots in the video but the video certainly raises questions about the timeline and the angry parents who felt the police were not doing anything. for the most part, though, what we are being told is law enforcement did rush to the
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scene and that's cleared by the photo, a source showing the hat belonging to that elite border patrol agent who shot and killed the shooter. he took a gunshot wound to the head from that shooter, a graze wound. you can see the tear in his hat. i'm told he has staples in his scalp, a minor injury but he was part of the elite tactical team that breached the door, went in and engaged the shooter and killed him. and take a look at the video of the shooter going into the school, the questions circulating about the initial school police officer. remember yesterday texas authorities said all day long that it was confirmed that the school police officer had exchanged gunfire with the shooter, the officer was hurt, then the shooter ran into the school and started killing. late yesterday they walked that back and said they could no longer confirm that. so we are awaiting more details to find out what exactly happened, was there a police officer on campus, and was there an exchange of gunfire.
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another video as you look at this, this is an officer leading a girl out of the school who appears to be very shaken up and understandably traumatized. she's carrying bloody clothing and appears to have blood on her legs. and as you watch that, we want to play the interview with a local resident who explained how she witnessed a teacher essentially trying to keep her kids calm. take a listen. >> my sister said there was another teacher next to her, went to her door, and told her that she, it sounded like there was gunshots. they locked the doors, my sister got all the kids and they went into the restroom in the classroom. they tried to act like nothing was going on to let them just interact with each other like they are in the restroom area, just so they would not panic and get scared. >> bill: the big question we are waiting to find out which will hopefully be answered in press conference, was there any engagement by local police with the shooter before he was able
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to get into that classroom and start killing? was there any exchange of gunfire, was there any sort of confrontation before he got into the class, or was the confrontation only after he had barricaded himself in that room and killed the children and the teachers already. we don't know when the press conference is going to happen, only told it's being planned and put together right now. as soon as we get more information on that we will have it live for our viewers. back to you. >> sandra: absolutely, thank you. john. >> john: sandra, still learning more about the victims in uvalde. alexis has new details, she's been following their stories. what's next for the families, alexis? >> john, they are grieving in the small tight knit community and they have to plan funerals. i talked to a guy from texas, he's going to donate 21 caskets, 19 of those are small caskets. and a grieving mother writing on
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facebook saying she cannot eat, can't drink, and can't get out of bed. sick over the loss of her daughter asking why this was not prevented in the first place as other families also have questions about that gunman. listen. >> i just don't understand how people can sell that type of a gun to a kid, to an 18-year-old like what is he going to use it for. but for that purpose. >> tears continue. 19 innocent children and two teachers gone. their lives taken away by gunmen who opened fire inside of a texas elementary school. these photos of their smiling faces now a memory. right now, there are 21 small white crosses sitting in front of that elementary school. each one with a name of an innocent life that was lost. 10-year-old javier lopez made the honor roll, his mom attended a special ceremony because he
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had a huge accomplishment. he was on the honor roll. that was the last time she would see him. 8-year-old osia was learning football, playing with his grandpa. big plans for the summer. and another 10-year-old sweet and kind little boy loved to spend time with his family and friends. 10-year-old elijah cruz torres, here in her softball uniform. kind, smart. ellie garcia, her family grieving saying the little girl will never be forgotten. the two teachers we have been talking about seen here were in the shared classroom in texas. it was ava mireless and she was gunned down moments after she reportedly helped a student climb out of the window and get to safety, saving his life as the gunman took hers.
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>> she was very happy and very outgoing. loved to dance and sing and play sports. she was big into family and enjoyed being with the family. >> more vigils of planned for these small children. the family continues to grieve. funeral plans should be as soon as this weekend. >> john: the entire nation is weeping for all of them. alexis, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: a look at the capitol this hour where education secretary cardona is testifying before a house panel. comes less than 48 hours after that massacre and as the gun debate is heating up in the country with congress and republicans now pushing for new school security measures while democrats are calling for tougher gun control laws. tony gonzalez, he represents uvalde, texas. joins us now, sir, welcome. our hearts are broken, we are grieving with those families, this is just awful, all of it.
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and we continue to have questions about what happened in the initial moments that that gunman arrived at that school. can you add anything to what we are learning at this hour? we are awaiting an update from officials on the ground there. the texas department of public safety director steve mccraw is quoted as saying it was 40 minutes to an hour that elapsed from when the time that ramos, the gunman opened fire on the school security officer to when the tactical team shot him. was there too much time that passed and could those police we have now seen in video outside the school have stormed the classroom earlier? >> yeah, what i will say is in uvalde, i grew up close to uvalde, and you know, we are still in a state of shock but that's starting to wear off and reality is starting to set in. you are going to see the emotions from shock to anger and we have every right to be angry because we were tired of the
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inaction, tired of the politics that come in and swoop in and try to swing this one way or another. this is about how do we solve this problem going forward. you know, the minute that gunman entered the school, deaths were destined to occur. so there's a lot of things we need to take away from this going forward on there. the things i've gotten, the conversations i've had with law enforcement officers was, you know, police were initially contacted when there was an accident at the school, when the person dumped, when the shooter dumped his car and went in, and he went into the first class that he saw, and as soon as he went in he immediately started murdering innocent children and it was not until the initial force contacted him, engaged him, that he stopped and basically was barricaded in place. people like lieutenant martinez who took fire and also was injured, they saved hundreds of
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lives. they are heroes walking among us. we are going to talk about the victim, we absolutely should, also need to talk about the survivors and heroes of this crisis. >> john: congressman, i mean, clearly there was heroism on that day but when you see these pictures of the parents outside of the perimeter you can clearly see the frustration and the frantic nature of what they are going through and some parents, according to reports i've read, wanted to take matters into their own hands. xavier, his daughter jacqueline was killed in the attack quoted saying "let's just rush in because the cops aren't doing anything like they're supposed to." obviously you can think if a parent is kept behind a perimeter and hear shots going off in the school and fearful what's going to happen to the child, they would want to storm the building themselves.
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but a question whether or not the police officer with assault rifles out there manning the perimeter might have done more at that moment. >> i'm a father of six and this hits home and you know, take my congressman hat off and father hat on, which is always on. you know, of course you would storm in there. of course you would want to save your children. i have folks that work for me, regina is one of our staffers, and she was a concerned parent trying to get her child into safety. what i'll say is from the reports i've gotten, from the conversations i've had, it was a mix of different law enforcement officers that were able to ultimately neutralize this assailant from killing more people. and it was border patrol agents, it was local uvalde police department, sheriffs, it was folks not even from the county. you have to remember, law enforcement, these are our kids. so if you get a call and it's your child's school, there was a
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deputy that -- his wife and his daughter went to the school that responded. so law enforcement responded as quickly as possible. i would say due to that response, there were lives that were saved. and as soon as this gunman entered that building and entered that classroom there was -- he had one intent and that was to murder innocent children. >> sandra: you are talking a lot about what happened once the gunman was in the building. but as bill just pointed out, the biggest question at this hour, what was the level of engagement with authorities outside of that school building before he was able to enter. have you been privy to any of that information? >> i was told that no one knew that it was an active shooter event until he entered that building. that prior to that, it was a car accident that was -- that happened at the school. that was the initial alert report. outside of what he had done at his home and the 911 call. >> sandra: that would mean there
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was never ever exchanged gunfire with the school police officer outside of the building? >> that's right, that's right, and i've been told there was no gunfire outside. all the interaction happened inside the school. now, when they said, you know, initial interaction, we'll see what the report kind of ultimately ends up with. i think that part of it was there was an accident at the school and then people started responding to that, which quickly turned into an active shooter situation. >> john: congressman, there are some reports the shooter did take a couple of shots of people at the nearby funeral home as they came out from the funeral home to investigate what had happened in that accident. so maybe there was an alert, i don't know, i wasn't there, when shots rang out there. but after events like this, the debate always goes like this. people on the left, double down on calls for gun control, people on the right say we need to do more to keep guns out of the hands of people who are mentally ill. and i think that everybody would
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agree with that, that a person who is mentally ill should never be allowed to have a firearm yet they keep getting them. what's the solution to that? >> you know, it's always that way. it gets to politics real quickly and democrats are pushing hr8, and that passed in the house, it stalled in the senate. if that bill were to pass, let's say it passed a year ago, passed in the house and were to pass in the senate and the president would have signed it into law, that bill would not have prevented the uvalde shooting from occurring. you have politicians that push this narrative that say pass my bill and i'll save lives. >> john: i'm sorry, congressman, again to my point, what's the solution to keeping guns out of the hands of people who are mentally ill? >> yeah, step one, identifying the people who are mentally ill. i mean, this guy -- you know, you asked everybody that interated with him, they are not surprised he was a shooter. we have to get ahead of this,
10:17 am
not wait for the day of. he had been planning this for a long time. we have to identify these people early on. we live in a different world. our children are growing up in a different world. we have to help them. in texas, we have 30 million citizens. we only have 1,000 mental health beds. that's a problem. we have to add more capacity to it and it starts -- what happened in uvalde can happen anywhere. >> john: yeah, it happened in buffalo. >> that's right. >> john: in orlando, so many other places. parkland, columbine. >> you know, i spoke last week, actually, with the father of a parkland shooter, and he came to me and said you know, there is a bill, alec, the luke and alex act. what i'm getting at, we have been shaking out this problem for a long time, it's not a new topic. we need to act. the time to act is now, not political grandstanding.
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>> sandra: congressman, appreciate you joining us, thank you very much and best to the community as you try to heal. and john, part of that healing process is the community coming together and to highlight some of the actions that some of the locals are there, hillcrest funeral home, some hid during the shooting, announced it's arranging funerals for the lives lost at no cost. many people are lining up to donate blood, others have started fundraisers for the victims families, and collecting teddy bears for survivors, and this is the moment we grieve and we try to heal and those communities are pulling together to do everything they can to show their support for those families and those victims. >> john: when you think of the scope of this tragedy and the fact it's a fairly small town by texas standards, how are they ever going to recover from this. this -- this will always be how
10:19 am
uvalde is defined from now until at least 2, 3 generations down the road. >> sandra: so sad, await the update from the officials on the ground there. we will continue to monitor the situation on the ground and bring that update to you live when it happens. meanwhile, ukrainian exports of agriculture crops are frozen as russia blocks the country's ports. fears of a global food shortage and recession is looming. what medicine to be done to stop further economic chaos. steve forbes will join us. >> john: and michael sussmann not taking the stand in its own defense. is that a good move after the government found key evidence that could find him guilty of lying to the fbi. >> the details are delicious the way they are laying out. the lawyer -- checking lesson pl. she's getting graded on her green investments with merrill.
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>> john: well, as americans get crushed by inflation and pain at the pump, new economic crisis could be on the horizon. just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. it could be just weeks away. steve forbes joins us with that. but first -- former clinton campaign attorney will not take the stand in his own defense after crucial evidence was presented to the jury that could prove the special counsel's case against him. david spunt has been following the sussmann trial. live outside the courthouse. was it surprising sussmann did not take the stand? >> there was a thought michael sussmann may take the stand, but ultimately his legal team feel confident about the case right now, and put a defendant on the stand it's a little risky
10:25 am
because you are opening him up to cross examination by special counsel john durham's legal team. today was the first time we heard from michael sussmann, his voice in court. he stood before judge christopher cooper and confirmed he would not testify in the case. after the defense rested today, judge cooper read jury instructions before they deliberate. this is the standard process. sussmann is charged with lying to the fbi, specifically then fbi general counsel james baker when he came to baker in 2016 and said he had information linking the trump organization to a russian bank with kremlin ties via a computer server, kind of a back channel. john durham says sussmann lied when he told baker he was not coming to deliver the information about trump and russia on behalf of a client and he was on his own. durham says he has evidence and actual bill showing that sussmann billed the hillary
10:26 am
clinton campaign for that meeting with the fbi. whether or not what sussmann did, if it's legal or not illegal, that's for jurors to died. the burden of proof is what they are looking at. and tomorrow jurors will come in, hear closing arguments, judge cooper has a hard out by 2:30 p.m., so it's possible the jurors will hear closing arguments, and four days off because of memorial day and then come back and start deliberating on tuesday. john. >> john: interesting period of time to digest everything that they have heard. david, one word for you, flonase, it will help. >> yes, thank you. >> sandra: a global food crisis could be weeks away, that warning coming from a u.n. official as russia blocks ukraine's key ports putting wheat exports in limbo.
10:27 am
joining us now, steve forbes, chairman and editor of forbes media, and writing about inflation, of course, the topic of the moment. what it is, why it's bad and how to fix it. how do we fix this, steve? >> on the ukrainian situation? do what was done in world war i, germany was starting to starve belgium, would not let the food supplies go in until the brits agreed to lift the blockade. herbert hoover organized neutral shipping, countries like norway and sweden, germans could inspect it, diplomatic breakthroughs, send in neutral shipping, pick up the grain. if putin blocks it he has to answer why ukraine did supply food for 125 million people on the edge of starvation, 50% of the world food is from ukraine. if putin blocks it, we send in
10:28 am
neutral naval ships like countries like sweden to escort them, if putin -- i don't think he would block it. he wants to us an the food weapon to win in ukraine what he could not win on the battle field, pressure on ukraine. >> sandra: interesting point. >> use neutral shipping to get the food out. if he wants to starve hundreds of millions, i don't think he can withstand that kind of pressure. >> sandra: just a step back and put it in perspective, ukraine and russia account for 30% of the world's wheat supply. you are talking about an astronomical amount of food supply concentrated in that one area of the world. so the world is dependent on these grains. you look at what's happening here at home, questions about whether or not the united states and our farmers can make up for some of the loss, it's not going so well here. this is north dakota planting rate, it has plummeted, the slowest rate in history.
10:29 am
as of sunday, just 27% versus the average in years prior, 80%. what's happening here and why can't we make up for some of this lost food supply, steve? >> it's called inflation. huge cost of fertilizer, gone up 40, 60, 80%, going to get worse if the ukrainian blockade is not lifted. huge costs, fuel costs are going up as well, joe biden may think it's going to lead to a glorious new era. but in the meantime it's going to be devastation. so, higher costs is why farmers figure they can't make money, and biden is now making noise about having price controls, so you are going to make -- take a huge risk and have the government say you can't charge what you need to recover your costs, not gonna happen. >> sandra: not doing well for him in the polls. >> it all connects together. >> sandra: as far as ukraine's top agricultural exports, sunflower oil, corn, wheat,
10:30 am
those are the major exports that ukraine has been very reliable as far as exporting to countries all over the world. you brought up energy prices, and here you have it. today's national average for a gallon of gasoline, we are now, steve, at 4.60 a gallon. up from a week ago, up from a month ago, and how far from one year ago when it was at 3.03 for a gallon of gasoline. what happens next with all this? you are writing about inflation, the american people have spoken, polls show this is the primary concern of the american voter heading into the midterm elections. >> act like it's a real emergency. do that pipeline from canada, canada can ship lots of oil. open up federal lands, they make noises about ut but block permits. in texas, if you are on private land you can get a permit in a few days to drill. federal government, months, if not years. so, biden says we are doing
10:31 am
everything we can to raise gasoline output, to lower prices, do the real policies. increase supply. >> sandra: there are things to your point that could be done today and especially more business friendly tone from the administration so that some of these companies are willing to take on the risk and expense of that drilling. >> not just tone, they have shown such distrust of the commercial sector. do it with actions. biden announced tomorrow, the president announced tomorrow we are going to green line that pipeline, boom. that would change the whole atmosphere. >> sandra: great to have you here on set, steve forbes. >> john: texas offerings officials will give an update at 2:00 eastern on the massacre in uvalde, specifically they hope to straighten out questions about the timeline. the shooting reigniting questions about big tech's role and responsibility. the government posted just
10:32 am
minutes before the massacre took place. a new york congresswoman gives her analysis in just moments. but we begin with fox business correspondent hillary vaughn, on capitol hill. how is facebook responding to the fact the shooter posted comments about what he was about to do on their platform? >> john, they have already taken down his facebook account and also his instagram accounts after the disturbing activity from him on the accounts has come to light. texas governor greg abbott detailed what was in those messages from the shooter that were sent minutes before the massacre. >> the first post was to the point of he said i'm going to shoot my grandmother. the second post was i shot my grandmother. the third post, maybe less than 15 minutes before arriving at the school was i'm going to shoot an elementary school.
10:33 am
>> meta, facebook's parent company says these were not public posts but instead private messages sent from the shooter to someone else. folks person andy stone tweeting this, the messages government abbott describes were private 1 to 1 messages discovered after the terrible tragedy occurred. we are closely cooperating with law enforcement in their ongoing investigation. but multiple outlets are reporting an instagram account linked to the shooter did have a public post with a photo of assault rifles, the new york post reports the shooter tagged a random instagram user in that picture, and the woman that was randomly tagged told the new york post the shooter messaged her that he "got a little secret i want to tell you." that was tuesday morning, the day of the shooting and he never told her what he was going to do. people that knew the shooter say he was a loner and texas lieutenant governor dan patrick saying he does not think social media is a healthy place for
10:34 am
children. >> today there are no loners. all loners are interconnected on the internet, encouraging sometimes people to do bad things. >> uvalde school district has previously used social sentinel to monitor social media activity and try to identify threats using artificial intelligence. but john, it's not clear if they are still working with that company and if that company was able to flag anything prior to the shooting. >> john: thank you. let's bring in r a new york republican congresswoman. as she pointed out, shooter sent out three messages on facebook about a half hour before he went on his murderous rampage. said i'm going to shoot my grandmother, i shot my grandmother, and then i'm going to shoot an elementary school. again, as facebook said, those were private messages to a single user that might have been
10:35 am
difficult to track but also posted images of himself, as hillary pointed out, and instagram. he posted images of guns, he had an exchange with somebody that apparently made him very uncomfortable and we saw this before with the guy that shot up the new york city subway, he had quite an extensive social media profile. do social media companies have a responsibility to more closely monitor what's going on there in terms of potentially violent acts? and helping to flag people who might commit them? >> this is something that i think we are all grappling with. the issue is we do need to engage those social media companies, engage law enforcement, we need to engage mental health providers. and certainly individuals who see these messages. they have a responsibility to also report it to authorities to try to prevent an attack. i think what you said earlier today was exactly right. when something like this
10:36 am
happens, you hear the left calling tore gun control, the right calling for more law enforcement. i believe the answer is somewhere in the middle and we need to talk to each other, stop talking over each other, and unfortunately with social media today what you are seeing is politician, elected officials, people in leadership positions attacking each other instead of trying to come together for a solution. buffalo, the shooting that took place there, that individual purchased those guns legally, even though new york has the toughest laws. what does new york lack? governor cuomo's policies closed thousands of mental health beds across the state. but at the end of the day the solution is probably in the middle but unless we are willing to speak to each other and engage those law enforcement professionals, sometimes politicians feel their legislation may be great but may not be practical, that's why we need to have everyone at the
10:37 am
table to have a serious discussion about how we prevent this from occurring in the future. >> sandra: and you can make the case hours, minutes that made the shooting, became a heated political debate as it often does and people are left wondering, congresswoman, will anything change, how do we prevent this in the future. here is the governor of texas during a live update during this show yesterday on real gun laws and big city crime. >> i know people like to try to oversimplify this. let's talk about some real facts. and that is there are "real" gun laws in chicago. there are more people who were shot every weekend in chicago than there are in schools in texas.
10:38 am
our job is to come up with real solutions that we can implement. >> sandra: so you look at chicago and our brain room dug up, the past weekend, 28 people were shot, one fatally, the prior weekend, 31 shot, five fatally, and new york, may 22, 32 shootings, 36 victims. i could go on. do you think that is a fair comparison and do you agree with the point that stricter gun control laws will not lead to less crime and less shootings? >> well, look, each state has a cookie cutter approach. when you speak about new york, though, it's clear we have some of the toughest laws in the nation and it has not stopped incidents that occurred, for example, in buffalo. but what you do know also in new york, it's not just guns that are the violence, right. you have people who are stabbing people to death, you have people who are shoving people in front of trains. you have a tremendous issue with crime, violence, mental illness.
10:39 am
all that needs to be addressed across the board. there was somebody in my district recently stabbed to death and you know, gun laws would not have prevented that death. what about the people who are being attacked by mentally ill individuals who are riding the subway. there is not safety precautions there. i think -- so two things. i think definitely the mental illness has to be addressed as well, but i think just the fundamental teaching in society. we need to start teaching our young people to respect human life, to respect one another as individuals, to not look at people based on their race or religion or creed or where they have come from and i think it's lacking in our schools today. there seems to be a lack of value of human life. when you see people getting killed on the street for $20 robbery, it is incredibly sad and i think as a society we need to do better, and as i said, very beginning, it encompasses all of this. it has to be a much larger conversation but i think social
10:40 am
media has attributed, unfortunately, to a lot of what we are seeing in society, lack respect as human beings. >> john: you believe the answer lies somewhere in the middle. does that mean that you would accept some move toward tighter restrictions on gun ownership for certain people? >> well, look. new york state legislature i did vote for certain restrictions and i think that again, it has to be a compromise, and i think we can't do anything without engaging our law enforcement partners. often times i have seen legislation come to the floor where law enforcement is saying this is not practical or they are against certain things like a database, for example. you know, we need to make sure the people who are actually going to be enforcing these laws are there when we are writing these laws. because at the end of the day, we need something that is practical. what good is it to have laws if in practice they don't work. the idea is to prevent something like this from happening in the
10:41 am
future and i think there is a balance to be achieved here if we just listen and engage and have a real discussion instead of looking to just score political points and sadly, some who are politicizing a tragedy. >> sandra: appreciate your thoughts on that. thank you very much for joining us. >> john: good to see you. >> sandra: search for a suspected killer wanted in the murder of a professional cyclist and romantic rival expanding from texas to new york. how they think she got there and where they are looking now. >> john: gas prices record highs, travel the highest in two years. senator john barrasso.
10:42 am
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>> sandra: the fugitive yoga teacher has been spotted 1,000 miles from the crime. any closer to an arrest? >> police are working on it and so are u.s. marshals. we know u.s. marshals say kaitlyn armstrong flew to laguardia days after the killing, they don't know where she is now. her wanted poster, wanted since may 17 for the murder of mariah wilson, a professional cyclist. the yoga teacher, armstrong, initially interviewed by austin police one day after the murder but then was let go. and then did this. u.s. marshals say you are looking at armstrong at the austin airport flying first to houston and then eventually to laguardia airport in new york.
10:47 am
says many wondering why did police let her go in the first place? >> they didn't have enough evidence to hold her, no probable cause to detain her. i believe her boyfriend, colin was with her. they both were released, aparentally he's cooperating and rightfully so. >> speaking of evidence, authorities say this is armstrong's suv outside the austin, texas home where wilson was staying while in town for a race. just after wilson was dropped off after going swimming with her love interest, and armstrong went inside the house and shot and killed the 25-year-old cyclist, police say. >> it's so incredibly painful for such a tight knit community and people you raced with, celebrated with, ridden so many miles with to be faced with this horrific tragedy. >> there is some uncertainty regarding the love triangle.
10:48 am
wilson's family tells fox news that she was not in a relationship with anybody at the time of her murder, but the family, sandra, is holding a memorial on sunday in austin, texas. and starting a foundation as well as the search for her killer ramps up. >> sandra: surveillance video is a big part of the initial story with the suspect having driven by her boyfriend's place at that time, which give away, i believe a jeep cherokee. so now obviously with the search stretching 1,000 miles, a huge job for these investigators to pull the surveillance video and start that investigation. >> every tip helps. >> sandra: nate, thank you very much. >> john: one ukrainian village occupied by russians for weeks coming up, we speak to civilians who survived. some with horrific stories of atrocities carried out by putin's forces. others with tales of heroism by fellow ukrainians. >> sandra: new report by the department of defense warns the terrorist group isis k could
10:49 am
attack the u.s. homeland in as little as 12 months. this of course after an iraqi man living in ohio was arrested on charges he plotted to kill the former president, george w. bush. general jack keane will join us on that. >> flirting with fire, and god forbid something happens, and too late to say i told you so. we want to say i told you so now and stop this nonsense.
10:50 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert, approach the top of the hour at which time we are expecting a briefing, an update from officials on the ground in uvalde on the school shooting. there are major questions that do remain as bill has been reporting and pointing out from the ground there outside of the school. such as how much time elapsed from the amount -- how much time elapsed from the moment that that shooter entered the school and when he actually began firing in the classroom and also officials have not yet said with certainty whether the armed school district security officer outside robb elementary exchanged fire with the 18-year-old attacker. we hope to get some more clarity and some answers to the questions when the update happens. top of the hour, stay tuned for
10:54 am
that, john. >> john: looking forward to that, thanks, sandra. a new defense department assessment of the situation in afghanistan finds isis k could likely target the u.s. homeland in the next 12 to 18 months. but the real threat to america could come from alliance of al-qaeda and taliban forces in afghanistan. we are joined now. deal first of all, general, with the rise of isis k. it's there in afghanistan, but isis is a diffuse ideology, attracts different followers from different areas of the middle east, most recently we saw this fellow from iraq in the united states who had a plot to kill president bush in the works. what do we know about the rising level of threat from isis, not just in afghanistan, but elsewhere? >> yeah, well certainly isis
10:55 am
literally stormed on the world stage in 2014 when they had established a caliphate in syria since, about the middle of 2012 when they moved there from iraq. but during that time frame they grew the organization from several hundred to tens of thousands and invaded iraq in 2014, and that put them on the world stage and the barbarism, and inspired followers around the world, and extinguished by the previous administration around 2019, but groups of them around and united states policy has transcended a number of presidents and i think it's sensible. it's 40 or 50 radical islamic groups worldwide causing mischief and killing people. we are focussed on only those who have aspirations to attack
10:56 am
the united states interests overseas but particularly the homeland of the united states. and that is isis in syria, and in iraq. and in both of those places we have u.s. troops on the ground as well as the use of air power that could be used in both of those countries. another organization is al-qaeda in yemen, and we don't have troops on the ground there but have them nearby. we used to have troops on the ground there but we were pushed out after the iranian-backed group deposed the government. and also have a threat coming from east africa, there's al-qaeda there, and also isis there. and as a result of that, we have troops on the ground in somalia being able to respond to it. the fifth location is the one that concerns us and you are bringing up today, and that's isis in afghanistan and also the
10:57 am
potential growth of al-qaeda in afghanistan, and as we all know, we no longer have troops on the ground there, and that's why it's being emphasized because it's much more difficult to understand what is taking place there and this business of we are going to deal with it over the horizon gives a lot of skepticism, and deal with the enemy once you know the location. >> john: general, i want to talk to you about that, but what the inspector general report at d.o.d. and playing down al-qaeda and alliance with the taliban. bill ragio wrote in the long war journal "the terror groups have safe haven, the ability to regroup, train fighters, and
10:58 am
leaders, and plot against western interests." terror groups at the behest of the taliban are limiting external operations to give the taliban time to consolidate the grip on afghanistan. are we in a period here, almost an incubation period, where al-qaeda is gaining strength in afghanistan and as soon as the taliban releases restrictions and says ok, we have consolidated control over afghanistan, you go ahead and you start conducting external operations, that we could see those come here to the united states? >> yeah, well, the major lesson learned out of 9/11, a lot of them, but one of the major lessons was we cannot let radical islamic groups who want to attack the united states have sanctuary any place, we cannot let that happen. that happened in afghanistan and we knew it was going on for years. after all, that same organization that attacked us on
10:59 am
9/11 had attacked two embassies, u.s. in, excuse me, in africa, and also ordered attack on the u.s.s. cole, and all came from that sanctuary. that is the concern we have here. taliban control afghanistan, remember the president made a decision, overruled his military and the director of the c.i.a. who did not want to pull out the seven military bases and the three c.i.a. bases because one, the taliban can take over, and two, it will give rise to these radical islamic groups and their ability, john, to have a sanctuary once again, to be protected in that country, to plan and prepare. and over the horizon operations to be able to monitor that is going to be very challenging and the report is signalling that we are vulnerable. that is what is taking place here. >> john: alarming report, and
11:00 am
when you take a look at the free rein now the organizations have in a place that jumped up and bit us, it's troublesome. great to get your perspective and analysis. >> great talking to you, john. >> sandra: fox news alert, awaiting an update from law enforcement on the ground in uvalde, texas. questions are growing over the police response to that school massacre. >> john: videos showing helpless parents outside the school frantic while the horror was unfolding inside. furious moms and dads seen begging police to do more to help their children. listen here. [indiscriminate voices] >> john: investigators piecing together what happened. police cautioning video clips might not tell the full story of how officers responded inside.
11:01 am
welcome to the second hour of "america reports." john roberts in washington. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith in new york. we will take you to the news conference as soon as it is underway. and one of the big questions at this hour, will we get any more clarity on the timeline, amid reports the gunman could have been inside of that school for an hour before law enforcement was able to get inside. a makeshift memorial is now set outside of the robb elementary school. 21 crosses bearing the names of each of those victims who lost their lives in this senseless tragedy. former fbi investigator bill daly will joining us, but first the update, coming in from our fox affiliate in san antonio, kabb. and john, it is absolutely heartbreaking. a reporter out of our fox affiliate there is now reporting that joe garcia, the husband of
11:02 am
irma garcia, one of the two teachers shot and killed in that school classroom has suffered a fatal heart attack. joe and irma were high school sweethearts, they were married 24 years and leave behind four children. >> john: can you imagine, the four kids are orphans in addition to all of the children who lost their lives on tuesday. oh, my goodness. tragedy on top of tragedy. bill, what are we expecting to learn from this press conference coming up? >> bill: i'm told we are going to get more clarity on the timeline and the law enforcement response to this school shooting, particularly when it comes to that school resource officer and whether or not there was an exchange of gunfire or any sort of encounter with the gunman at all before he went into the school. i also want to point out just a few minutes ago i had a chance
11:03 am
to interview u.s. border patrol chief ortiz who said he wanted to go on the record to push back against what he calls false narratives starting to circulate that law enforcement was just standing around waiting to go in the school or he had one single agent go running like rambo to take the shooter down. none of that is true. all law enforcement worked together to go in and breach that room. take a listen to part of the interview right now. >> lead agencies were part of a tactical group that reached the door and engaged the shooter. how many of your guys were part of that group and talk about the bravery it takes knowing they are looking down the barrel of an ar-15. >> we had over 80 agents respond initially. entry team that made the breach was made of up about 6 or 7 officers. for with the border patrol, the others were from the state and local agencies, and when they breach, they stacked. we prepare, we train for this,
11:04 am
we have active shooter training for all our officers and agents, they knew exactly what they needed to do when they entered the classroom. they were not the only ones clearing classrooms. we had other law enforcement agencies clearing other classrooms to make sure as many kids to be saved during this event. >> and he wanted to stress there was not just one agent who took the shooter down, but a team of agents mixed in with local law enforcement. they all worked together. i asked him, what did they face as soon as they opened that door, knowing there was a mass shooter waiting for them right behind it. take a listen. >> as far as you know, those guys, the tactical team, they were fired upon essentially immediately on coming through the door. >> as soon as they opened the door they were taking gunfire and i can tell you those agents did everything they could to make sure that they neutralized that threat and tried to preserve as many lives as they possibly can. and what they witnessed and
11:05 am
observed was horrific. they have to live with that for the rest of their lives. >> bill: the chief told me he wants to stress there's a lot of attention on one single agent who is said to have taken the shooter down. the photo we have been showing of the agent with the hat torn shot back, he says there is no credit just to one single agent in particular. this was a team effort. they all put their lives on the line, federal, and local law enforcement, opening that door together, knowing at any instant they could all be killed but they went in and that's what they did anyway. they knew they were facing death, they went into that room and neutralized the shooter. back about the press conference, we are expecting it to start any minute now and we are hoping we get more clarity in terms of the timeline. there's reporting the shooter might have been in the school up to an hour, conflicting reports as to what the school police officer did or if he was even here. remember, yesterday texas d.p.s. told us the school officer got into a shootout with the gunman
11:06 am
and the officer was injured. then the gunman ran in the school. they walked that back a little bit yesterday and would not confirm there was a shootout. so the big question we are waiting to hear from the press conference is was there any type of engagement between law enforcement and the shooter before the shooter got into that classroom and started shooting and killing children. or was law enforcement response after the shooter had already got in the class and started killing and was the response they were trying to breach the door. we are hoping to get more details at this press conference today. i'm told by law enforcement sources they plan to address those questions. wait and see, guys. >> sandra: as far as the presence of officials at the news conference, will it be the department of public safety there in texas, or are there going to be others participating in this? >> bill: the press conference is just down the street from us, so i can't physically tell you who is going to be there, but texas d.p.s. and likely the texas
11:07 am
rangers as they are the lead on this investigation. i would not be surprised if you have federal law enforcement there, atf, fbi, as they are basically in a unified command investigating all together, different investigatory apparatus all together but predominantly expecting this will be a texas law enforcement, texas authority press conference to clear up some questions, some of the narrative and the timeline discrepancies that have been going around. >> sandra: all right. down the street from you, its on the screen next to you. so, we are watching for those officials to begin the update any moment now. a lot of outstanding questions we hope some answers come soon. >> john: bring in bill daly, a former fbi investigator, and bring on the screen some pictures from tuesday as frantic parents desperate to try to save their children were confronting police officers who had established and protecting a perimeter. they were imploring the police
11:08 am
officers, please go in and get our children. some of the parents said look, if you are not going to go in and get our children, give us the vest, we'll go do it. you know, we don't know the full story here what was going on. were there officers inside while these were maintaining the perimeter, i'm sure you have seen the video. what's your take, bill? >> john, as heartbreaking as it is, you are right. timing of this and when the video was taken versus who was going on inside the school or in the did he mention of the entire incident. you can imagine parents would have known about it and arrived, this had been going on for a period of time, the shooter had been in the building. and police had already been there, set up a perimeter. we are assuming at this point others were inside, we'll know more perhaps in a little while. again, in perspective, we want the facts to lead us to what the proper conclusions are and as much as we know and try to empathize, not having been through that, it's very
11:09 am
difficult, to empathize with parents and wanting to know, was there something that could have been done, was there someone who could have helped them, something other than could have occurred and looking for the answers and perhaps looking for them by trying to, let's say, suggest the police could have been more proactive. but i would say let's hold back, let's see what the facts lead us to and that will help inform us as to what either went right, what went wrong, or done better for any future planning. >> sandra: we were all thinking back to the moment where we first got word that there was an active shooter situation, it happened live during these hours when we first reported it. and back to, it did take quite some time to find out that anything had happened when we slowly learned the horrific news one by one. can you imagine a circumstance in which it would take an hour for police to storm that classroom? >> well, again, you know, not
11:10 am
having been there, it's difficult to think that local police, apparently according to statements yesterday made by the panel, that gave the press conference, is that police were nearby and so some police were there, if not the school resource officer which we'll know more about hopefully in a few minutes. so, there were some police presence there. kind of getting back, sandra, to this video, you can imagine if there was police traffic and the police were calling each other trying to get there and respond to it, by the time unfortunately parents would have known about it, time would have elapsed and what's been known in other active shooter situations is the actual shooting by the active shooter is very, very short period of time, unfortunately. it moves from being an active shooter situation to something else, whether a hostage situation or barricaded shooter situation. so we'll just have to see what we learn today, and see if we can discern anything further
11:11 am
before people are looking for answers that maybe they can't find in these videos and elsewhere. >> john: bill, we have seen some comments from law enforcement in texas the shooting of the children happened almost immediately upon the shooter entering the school. we don't know if that's confirmed, as far as the timeline goes. but we do know a couple things in terms of the timeline, that there was some sort of encounter, don't know what it was, between the shooter and the school resource officer. according so some reports i've seen was in a car a short distance away and immediately drove to the school. don't know if there was an opportunity to actively engage with the shooter. and then we know that a couple of officers from the uvalde police department tried to get into the classroom and both were wounded. from a law enforcement perspective, if you've tried to go into the school with a couple of officers and they have come out of it wounded, do you keep throwing forces into the fray or do you pull back and you wait to assemble a team, a breach team
11:12 am
that can go in and get the job done? >> well, just speaking from my knowledge, and again i was not a tactical member of the law enforcement organization, so speaking from what i know from the private sector where we teach about active shooter situations and know what police may respond when we have had discussions with them, is that you know, they will try to go in and not tend to the wounded but go in, whether it's wounded by civilians or others, until they can neutralize the threat. that's been the protocol, i think since you know, the earliest school shootings we have seen. and not this situation specifically, we don't have knowledge of it, but i would imagine if they thought there was any chance to save additional children they would have gone in like they did and try to confront the shooter. so i can't imagine, it's difficult to imagine that they would come back, regroup when they thought there was a chance to save at least even one
11:13 am
child's life by going in and trying to neutralize the shooter. but again, let's let the facts lead us to these conclusions. >> sandra: indeed, we hope and pray our finest were able to do their jobs but the heartbreak continues, and as i reported a moment ago, fox affiliate in san antonio reporting the death of the husband of one of those teachers that passed in the classroom. she left behind four children, he's now gone, those children have no parents. it's heartbreak after heartbreak, and we are waiting an update. the country is watching, we want some more details on this absolutely horrific situation. bill, did you give us a little bit of an idea what an investigation of this magnitude looks like at this point and how far along they could be by now because obviously as bill keeps reporting, a lot of questions. >> yeah, sure, sandra. and just imagine the complexity of this, you know, we not only
11:14 am
have the actual crime scene, how many times the weapon was fired, who fired where, even police shooting, you know, at the suspect where any civilians or policemen injured by the crossfire, they can try to understand how the other police departments responded, what the timeline was. a bit more specifically what happened from the time the shooter left his grandmother's house and made his way to the school, and that, i think, is key to this timeline is understanding all that. these do take a long time, sandra, as i just said, there are a lot of moving parts to it, a lot of people that need to be interviewed, radio traffic that needs to be analyzed. i'm not expecting it to date in the news conference that we'll have a complete report that can be submitted, the final on this. it will be some interim update on what they found and maybe some key issues that hopefully
11:15 am
will confirm or allay concerns by parents and the local community but i think we have to wait for some time for the full report to come about. you know, something i mentioned yesterday during our broadcast, it is something to keep in mind, the fbi through its behavioral analysis unit, many know from what they have seen on the television and the movies, they go to the scenes. i had the pleasure of working with some of these individuals during my career, and they go off to these incidents sometimes just on the heels of it occurring, as quick as they can get there and start their own analysis, and looking at the factors from the way the police behaved and the shooter, looking at a pattern to improve this. and done it from the beginning of the horrific events, and done everything from the pulse nightclub to the columbine shooting and sandy hook, and they do that. supplemental to whatever the police in texas provide.
11:16 am
later on there will be some analysis, whether it will be released to the public or not, i don't know, but the fbi behavioral team does it to help us better understand how to maybe read the trail, the bread crumbs, that may have suggested there was a way to get ahead of it before it occurred or deal with the situation better when it actually did occur. >> john: great to know how to get ahead of these things, they keep happening, bill. this was supposed to happen 16 minutes ago, that's when it was scheduled for, but i would assume because they are dealing with the timeline here, multiple agencies involved, and the chaotic nature of the early moments of this, that it's taking a while for them to put the pieces together before they present them publicly. bill, thanks for being with us. if you could stand by, that would be great. we are learning more about the victims as family and friends are mourning their loss. alexis has been following it and has the latest. >> just want to start with something you talked about a
11:17 am
short time ago, looking at the gofundme pages for the victims and it has been now updated by family member that irma, one of the teachers who died in the shooting, her husband, a family member wrote, tragically passed away this morning as a result of a medical emergency. the family writing please keep our family in thoughts and prayers. i truly believe joe died of a broken heart and losing the love of his life of more than 30 years was too much to bear. heartbreak after heartbreak. it was to be the last day of school, now classes canceled, now a crime scene and the community continues to grieve. listen. >> my 11-year-old isaiah, those were his teachers two years ago. he enjoyed that class. that was the same classroom that happened. so he's kind of -- he is traumatized. >> traumatized like the entire community. right now, there are 21 small white crosses in front of the
11:18 am
school. each one with a name of an innocent person who was lost. 10-year-old javier just made the honor roll. his mom was proud of him, and she was there right before the shooting. and another played football with his grandpa, and another a sweet and kind little boy who liked to spend time with family and friends. elijah, in her football uniform, she was kind. ellie garcia, happy and loving girl. her family grieving saying she will never be forgotten. and the teachers, heroic teachers. families saying ava mireles and irma garcia were killed in the classroom. ava helped one climb out of the window to safety, and they tried to shield the kids from the gunfire. families also planning funerals at this point, the grieving mom
11:19 am
writing on facebook that she can't eat, she can't drink, can't even get out of bed, understandably. sickened by the loss of her little girl and asking why this was not prevented in the first place. other families have major questions about the gunman. listen. >> i just don't understand how people can sell that type of a gun to a kid, to an 18-year-old like what is he going to use it for. but for that purpose. >> along with fundraisers and vigils and funerals, university health system out of san antonio is asking people to donate blood to help the other victims still recovering from their injuries, john. >> sandra: absolutely heartbreaking, this husband who has just passed of one of the school teachers. just grief-stricken, suffered a heart attack and is now dead, they leave behind four children. >> four kids left behind and they had been married for
11:20 am
decades. this was a tight knit community, these were loving families that are now broken apart and those four little kids, what are they supposed to do now, they lost their mom in a school shooting and now their dad reportedly dying this morning. >> sandra: married for 24 years, and there are already stories about her heroism in that classroom shielding those children, her students, from that gunman. all right, thank you very much, alexis. bring in chris, former fbi director, awful all of it as we learn more. >> yeah, it rips your heart out and the more you hear about it, the more it just tears at you. i mean, these are incidents are all too common, unfortunately. >> sandra: go ahead, john. >> john: i was going to say, i'm
11:21 am
sorry. we just got a statement from the uvalde police which comes ahead of this press conference that's about to take place here. the police chief wrote an open letter to the community saying it's important for our community to know our officers responded within minutes alongside officers from the independent school district, responding police department officers sustained gunshot wounds from the suspect. our entire department thankful they did not sustain life-threatening injuries. i understand questions are surfacing regarding the details of what occurred. answers will not come fast enough during this trying time, but rest assured that with the completion of the full investigation i'll be able to answer all the questions that we can. so, obviously a big concern there from the police chief that questions are being raised in the community, chris, as to exactly what the response was in
11:22 am
terms of trying to get to the kids inside the schools. from what you have heard so far, can you put together any pieces of the puzzle? >> yeah, some pieces of it. obviously a lot of fact we don't know right now. i lessen carefully to steve mccraw's information yesterday. he's a former colleague, 28 years in the fbi with me and i focussed in on his comment that there was an encounter between the school resource officer and the shooter, and there were no shots fired, i'm pretty sure i heard that correctly. so that's the big question mark. i don't think it's the time it took to get in and breach and get inside. i think at that point the shooting had stopped and they decided to regroup and come in with the tactical team. i think the question mark i have
11:23 am
right now is what happened when the shooter first encountered the school resource officer. all of us are saying, myself included, are saying that security guards, off duty police officers are the gold standard when it comes to security outside of any kind of school, especially elementary schools, you can't evacuate the students. so that's the big question mark here. i, you know, again, we don't know all the facts. there may be a question of why it took so long to get in, if he was in fact shooting, but i think at the point, at one point he stopped shooting and they had two officers down and decided to go in with the tactical team. >> sandra: chris, they are running a little behind, they said one point this afternoon and then said 2:00 eastern time. we are 23 minutes past that. you have to assume there are last minute details to try to
11:24 am
gather as much information as possible to inform the public, chris. >> yeah, there is going to be some limitations here that are imposed on them by people who are going to do the inquiry, and know, you don't want the public to know the facts before they know the facts or speculate about the information. so there are very strict limitations what they can and can't say. and possibility of prosecution. we know the shooter is gone, but but you never know whether someone aided him in getting the guns and that sort of thing. so, there's that. there are civil cases that will come up later, and so there is a lot of reason not to give all the facts to the public right now, so i think you are going to see a very limited release of information. i think they really want to address the question marks that are arising in the media about the response and why they didn't go in quicker. because that just started
11:25 am
popping up yesterday and the ambiguous statement about the encounter with the school resource officer. >> john: i heard karl rove talking earlier today, people are raising questions about, you know, how did this guy get the money to buy the weapons, apparently he had a part-time job at wendy's, and a kid, 18 years old goes into a gun shop and in three days buys two very powerful long guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, does that raise any red flags. karl's point was this is an area of texas where a lot of people go hunting on the weekends, and that it likely wouldn't have raised a red flag. but the others say look, if an 18-year-old kid walks in and buys two of these weapons within 2 or 3 days, wouldn't the person who is selling them say wait a second, is there something going on here that i should be concerned about? your thoughts.
11:26 am
>> yeah, from a law enforcement perspective, i would say that should have raised red flags. my understanding is he went in on two different occasions and bought the weapons but he also, you know, there's money involved here. i mean, he bought $2,500 worth of ammunition, from what i have heard, and on two different occasions he comes in, and very short period of time. so that ought to raise a red flag, you know, assuming it's the same person behind the counter. it's a small place, you know, a small gun shop, i would think that you don't see a lot of 18-year-olds, and he does not look very old. you would not see a lot of 18-year-olds on two different occasions in a short period of time buying two weapons, two shoulder weapons and almost 350 wounds of ammunition, 223 ammunition, that's not hunting rounds. so that -- this is just my perspective on it. i know there's big discussion around the second amendment and
11:27 am
gun control and that sort of thing. i'm not addressing that. i'm saying this should have made some red flags. >> sandra: ok, chris, thank you very much for joining us. looks like maybe we are getting a little closer in uvalde to getting an update from the officials on the ground. it does appear we are about to see this begin. let's all listen and watch together. uvalde, texas. >> john: looks like just a little bit of time here as they are getting everybody together. again, according to bill, this is going to address the timeline of how things unfolded in the first moments after the shooter crashed that ford pickup truck into that spillway, and then entered the school.
11:28 am
apparently some shots were fired to folks at a nearby funeral home who came by to investigate the accident, may have tipped off the school something was going on in their vicinity, might have been some encounter of some nature with the school resource officer. we hope to hear more now. >> sandra: and of course what triggered a lot of questions, when the texas department of public safety director, steve mccraw, said yesterday that 40 minutes to an hour elapsed from when the shooter opened fire on the school security officer to when the tactical team shot him. there's a lot of questions within that obvious question, john, and we do expect that they are going to try to clear up any ambiguity over what happened in those moments and how much time did indeed pass. >> john: a number of reports the shooting took place immediately after the shooter entering the school, maybe it was over and
11:29 am
done with by the time the tactical group breached, we don't know. let's listen in here. >> good afternoon, everybody. good afternoon, everybody. my name is victor, regional director. thank you so much for being here today. my goal today on this conference, this press conference is give you a snapshot where we are at today. happened on tuesday, may 24, so a lot of information, a lot of moving parts, we have a lot of people involved in this investigation. i'm going to give you a summary
11:30 am
of what happened. before i do that, i was able to make it here during the event on may 24, the same with a lot of other law enforcement officers that came to this event, this critical incident. i got to see the victims, got to see the officers, got to see the community members. it is -- it is so hard, it is very -- it's hard to take, it's traumatic, we are all hurting inside. we are hurting inside for the community members in uvalde, texas. we are hurting inside with our local partners that have to live here and work here every day. the victims, the family members, we feel for them. i'm a father, i can go home tonight and hug my kids. that hurts. the members behind me, family members, their kids, it's tough.
11:31 am
it's tough, it's hard, but that gives us the motivation to move and do good work for uvalde, texas, for the victims. we speak for the victims, and we take that dearly. before i get started texas rangers are leading this investigation. we can't do it alone. we cannot do it alone. we have atf, fbi, cbp, border patrol, uvalde county district attorney's office. the list goes on and on and on. but the agencies i told you are the main ones that are assisting with the investigation. you want to know what happened, recreate the scene. that takes days, that takes hours, that takes time.
11:32 am
a lot of information. we have to do a lot of interviews. we started on tuesday, today is thursday, we are still grabbing a lot of information. we also, what's important to us, why. why did he do this? why did he do this? who is this man? suspect, we are going to find out. with all the different agencies that are involved, we are working every angle that's available. we won't stop until we get all the answers that we possibly can. so again, i want to thank the men and women that are behind us supporting the dps and the rangers. so a lot of information, i'm going to give you. some new information as of tuesday that i wanted to clear
11:33 am
up that we want to clear up that is pushed out. we'll continue to have updates in the coming days once the information is obtained, and we are able to confirm and cooperate that. we want to make sure we are pushing out the right information. early on when we came in we were receiving a lot of information from a lot of different locations. that's the baseline, we start there. we make some reports. but since then we started doing interviews, started working the crime scene, so we are cooperating. i want to share some of that. it's a small piece of information right now, but it will grow within days. so please, thank you for being here and being patient with us. it means a lot. on tuesday, may 24, 11:28, suspect just west of here wrecked his vehicle.
11:34 am
pickup truck that he took from his grandmother. the he had just shot his grandmother in the face, she's alive, she's stable at this point. 11:28, he's sitting there, he jumps out the passenger side of the truck, according to witnesses, he's got a long arm, rifle, and a bag. later we find out it's ammunition. he walked arounds, he sees two witnesses at the funeral home across the street from where he wrecked. he engages, and fires towards them. he continues walking. he continues walking towards the school. he climbs a fence, now he's in the parking lot shooting at the school. multiple times. the 11:40, he walks into the
11:35 am
west side of robb elementary. according to the reports, video we have obtained from outside, inside, and again, we are still combing through that, so bear with us. multiple rounds, numerous rounds are discharged in the school. we are trying to do, get a number, we are in the process of analyzing that video. the four minutes later local police departments, uvalde police department, independent school district police department are inside making entry. they hear gunfire, they take rounds, they move back, get cover. and during that time they approach where the suspect is
11:36 am
at. according to the information i have, he went in at 11:40. he walked, i'm going to approximate, 20 feet, 30 feet, he makes a right, he walked into the hallway, he makes a right, walked another 20 feet. turns left into a school room. into a classroom that has doors open in the middle. officers are there, initial officers, they received gunfire, they don't make entry initially because of the gunfire they are receiving. but we have officers calling for additional resources. everybody that's in the area, tactical teams, we need equipment, we need specialty equipment, we need body armor, we need precision riflemen, negotiators, so during that time that they are making those calls to bring in help to solve this
11:37 am
problem and stop it immediately they are also evacuating personnel, when i say personnel, students, teachers, there's a lot going on. a lot complex situation, measuring, measuring. approximately an hour later u.s. border patrol tactical teams arrive. they make entry, shoot and kill the suspect. but you also had uvalde county deputy and uvalde police department that made entry and killed the suspect. immediately, immediately numerous officers now it turned into an rescue operation. how do we save these children.
11:38 am
how do we save these children. some made it out, we don't have a hard number yet, but that was a goal. and then continuing making the area safe continues. a lot of moving parts afterwards. but during they were taking gunfire, negotiations, developing a team to make entry and stop him. i'll take a few questions, and again, look, summary, one more thing i forgot to mention, that i want to clear up that came out early on. it was reported that a school district police officer confronted the suspect that was making entry. of not accurate.
11:39 am
he walked in unobstructed initially. so from the grandmother's house to the wreck to the school, he was not confronted by anybody. to clear the record on that. four minutes later law enforcement are coming in to solve this problem. stand by. so -- i want to clear that up, that's very important. and again, this will happen as we move forward. thank you, i'll take a few questions. so right now, you know, during the investigation, it appears it was unlocked. so we are going to look at that and try to corroborate that as best as we can. i do not -- please, one at a time, and then we'll address as many questions as we can.
11:40 am
>> [inaudible] >> so josh, thank you for the question. so right now it appears it was unlocked, like i said, it goes back to the investigation. it takes time. we will find out as much as we can why it was unlocked or maybe it was locked, but right now it appears it was unlocked. thank you. >> [inaudible] >> so during this time, right now according to the information we have, majority of the gunfire was in the beginning, in the beginning. i say numerous, more than 25. it was a lot of gunfire in the beginning. during the negotiations there was not much gunfire, other than trying to keep the officers at bay. but that could change, once we analyze the video.
11:41 am
but right now, according to the information, he did not respond. >> [inaudible] >> so at this time no, no. there was not an officer readily available armed, no. no. nothing -- i said after that -- yes? i'll circle back with you. again, as we do that investigation, we have all these questions we want to answer some. i'll get back with you, sir. >> [inaudible] >> so you have to understand, 11:30 is the information we have at this point and we can confirm, 11:30 a.m. we got a crash and a man with a gun.
11:42 am
and you have responding officers. that's what it is. 12 minutes from 11:30 to 11:40 -- that's the information we have right now. look, at the end of the day, our job is to report the facts and have those answers. we are not there yet. over here, over here. >> [inaudible] >> say again. so, so right now the first 911 call at 11:30. i will get the time what it took to respond. we'll have that answer. >> [inaudible] >> there's a lot of possibilities. a lot of possibilities. until, until, until we interview, there were numerous officers at that classroom, numerous. once we interview all those
11:43 am
officers, what they were thinking, what they did, why they did it, the video, being the residual interviews, we'll have a better idea. could anybody have gotten there sooner. you have to understand, it's a small town. you have people from eagle pass, from del rio, laredo, san antonio responding to a small community. that's a tough question, that's a tough question. it goes back, our job is to report the facts. report the facts and later we can answer those questions. i don't have enough information to answer that question just yet. so -- >> [inaudible] >> one more question, please. >> [inaudible] some parents were asking to borrow police armor.
11:44 am
>> i have heard that information, but we have not verified that yet. so -- >> what part have you verified? >> we have not verified if it's a true statement or not, or just rumor out there. you have to understand, we are getting a lot of information we are trying to track down and see what is true. we want to vet it. thank you so much. hold on, hold on. so look, we appreciate the questions. i've got you -- yes, sir. >> [inaudible] >> so, i have taken all your questions into consideration. we will be doing an update, we will be doing an update to answer those questions. what is your name?
11:45 am
simone. i hear you. >> that information -- [inaudible] >> simone, we will circle back with you. we want to answer all your questions. we want to give you the why. that's our job. give us time, i'm taking all your questions, i'm taking them back, to talk to the team. look, thank you for being here. have a -- we'll talk soon. we'll talk soon. >> thank you, thank you. >> john: waiting to see if victor from dps south texas takes anymore questions, doesn't look like he's going to. interesting information there, first and foremost, that we have now heard a third explanation of certain part of events here, and that is that he says there was
11:46 am
not an officer on the property of the school when the shooter came on school property. we had heard that there was a resource officer who exchanged gunfire, then we heard there was a resource officer who had some sort of engagement with the shooter but no shots were fired, now we are told that there was no officer on the scene as the shooter ran toward the school. he also said that the majority of the shooting took place in the early minutes of him entering the school, so it's quite possible that all of the students who were killed were killed in the first few minutes. but clearly still a lot of questions yet to be answered and victor escalon saying he will take that information, run it through a bunch of traps and try to tell us more about that it. please stay tuned to this fox news station for more on this unfolding tragedy. i'm john roberts in washington.
11:47 am
and we are back in the fox news channel. sandra, very interesting information we saw from victor escalon, fills in some blanks and creates more questions. >> sandra: he walked in undisrupted or unobstructed, not sure the word escalon used there, but walked in initially, he was not confronted by anybody. it's safe to say, and we'll bring bill in here, he was listening, he is in uvalde, texas for us, and what happened, and was there exchange of gunfire at the door, there was never an armed security guard at the door to begin with. >> bill: yeah, and that is the highlight from that press conference from me. keep in mind yesterday texas dps reported there was an officer,
11:48 am
there was an exchange of gunfire, that the officer had been injured and as a result of that shootout the suspect had dropped a bag of ammunition that he was not able to bring into the school. that was the highlight, that there was no confrontation whatsoever, waltzed into the school through an open door. the other thing that jumped out to me, 11:28 a.m. he got out of his truck with the rifle. right over there, that fence you see, that is where he crashed his truck. so they are saying on tuesday at 11:28 a.m. he crashes the truck there, he shoots at two witnesses at a nearby funeral home, then he climbs a fence into the school. that's the fence you are looking at right there. it is not big at all, just what, 4, 5 feet off the ground, looks like a chain link fence. so, are they are saying that there was a 12-minute span between him crashing the car, getting out, pulling out a rifle, shooting at witnesses, obviously people are going to
11:49 am
hear gunshots, and within those 12 minutes he was still able to walk into the school through an unlocked door, apparently. now, i guess we'll have to wait until the investigation comes out, maybe people did not hear the gunshots but they are saying 11:40 he walks into the school, starts shooting and almost all the killings are in the first few minutes of the shooting, 11:44, 4 minutes after that is when the first local police officers make entry into the school. they are shot at, they are injured, they pull out, they call for back-up. then we are told that shooter was essentially inside that school, i believe they said for about an hour before the tactical team with border patrol, uvalde county and local police breached it and killed him. this is drastically different than what we were hearing from the initial reports of law enforcement, the fact that there was no confrontation with any school police officer or any
11:50 am
police officer whatsoever with gunshots being fired and he was able to walk in the school through an open door and just kill indiscriminately. >> john: pointed out there was no school resource officer on the campus when the shooter arrived. the other is, it's standard protocol in schools across this country to when students are in the schools, the schools are buttoned up tight. do we know why there was an open door and how did he happen to know that there was an open door? did he go around and try all the doors, or apparently his grandmother had worked there up until 2020. did he know that there would be an open door? >> bill: john, personally i have no idea but i'm sure that's going to be something they find out when they comb through that surveillance video. you are absolutely correct.
11:51 am
i mean, even when i was in school, i remember every, almost every single door was locked everywhere you go, and it is remarkable that yes, that shooter somehow found one door at the school that ended up being unlocked, and he was just able to walk in without any resistance whatsoever, and again, we are hearing that essentially within four minutes most of the killings had already been done. 11:40 he walks into the school, gets into the classroom, starts shooting and killing. 11:44, local police try to get in there, he's already barricaded, he shoots at them, injures them, they pull out, call for back-up and it appears a pretty serious amount of time goes by before there is the breach attempt with the tactical team. but john, you hit the nail on the head. how is a door able to be unlocked, especially when you consider the fact when they are saying he crashed the car, got out, a funeral home to the right
11:52 am
of us, and shot with his rifle at two witnesses at the funeral home. one would imagine gunshots would have been heard. there had to be some element that people knew what was going on. because remember, there is the social media video we have been showing of the gunman with the rifle walking into the school. somebody must have heard something to pull out that phone and think they wanted to see what was going on -- yeah. >> sandra: something happened after he fired toward those two witnesses at the funeral home. and i don't believe we knew this to begin with, but he then, as i wrote down exactly the way victor escalon just detailed it, he fired towards them, the witnesses at the funeral home, then walked toward the school, climbed the fence, entered the parking lot and shot at the school. so there was fire -- there was a gun fired at the school as he approached it. ok, so that was 11:40, and which
11:53 am
time he entered the west side of robb elementary side, numerous surrounds were discharged at the school, four minutes later local police made their way inside, they make entry, approach the classroom, 11:40 he walked 20 feet when he walked through the door of the school, 20 feet, turns left into the classroom and the officers are there but they don't enter immediately, ok. and he detailed that there was a lot going on, it was complex, they were measuring, evacuating, and then bill he said one hour later it was that the tactical teams arrived and they shot and killed the suspect. one hour later, which confirms the reporting we had from earlier today that that gunman was not killed for an hour after he entered the building. >> bill: that's exactly right,
11:54 am
and i'm glad you pointed that out. that was new information that when he got out and entered the school, texas dps said he was shooting at the school. i forgot to mention that. add another layer to this, people would hear gunshots at the school exterior, getting shot at and further the question why was a door unlocked. was there potentially a panic of people trying to get out or get in and a door was left ajar, we don't know. that's going to come out. but yeah, that's going to be a tough pill to swallow for parents to hear between the shooter going in and the shooter taken down, an hour of time passed. and we have been showing that video on our air today of those angry parents outside yelling at police to do something, to go inside. we still don't know exactly when that video was recorded. we don't hear gunshots in it. but after what we just heard in the press conference it seems entirely in the realm of
11:55 am
possibility that perhaps it was still an ongoing situation and those parents knew that, were angry, and by all reports some of them wanted to go inside themselves. so, that press conference really, i believe, is going to be a tough pill to swallow for the parents who lost loved ones at the school. >> sandra: perhaps there was confusion whether or not there was gunfire with someone of security status at the front door because now we have learned that the shooter approached the school property shooting at the school, according to what we just heard there. and that eventually all turned into a rescue operation and we know how horrific the ending to the story is. bill is on the ground there. john, we now have a picture of joe garcia, we brought the story to our viewers earlier. we have just learned that the husband of the hero teacher in that classroom, one of the teachers who lost her life, mother of four, that her husband
11:56 am
has now died. his family saying that joe died of a broken heart. >> john: yeah, they were married for 24 years, they have four children. those four children are now orphans. i mean, if you take a look at the photograph there, they were clearly very much in love, and family members suggest he probably died from a broken heart. you can understand that. bring in a former nypd and law professor now. what do you make about the timeline here, still seems to leave some holes. >> it's a troubling narrative and i see gross similarities to the nikolas cruz shooting in parkland. he began shooting in the parking lot and got into the school and the doors were not locked. we had a similar situation. doors were not locked, especially in an elementary school, those doors should have been closed.
11:57 am
so, it begs the question who was the infrastructure protection afforded to the school. that being said, we now have a shooter or the assailant that gets in and we have responding police officers that arrive four minutes later. all police departments have active shooter drills required them to bring in body bumpers, ballistic shields, things of that nature. it appears this, these types of resources were not introduced because if we had the body bunkers, ballistic shields to go in initially it would not have taken an hour to neutralize the shooter. it's a troubling narrative and i think more could have been done. and for the listeners, many people don't know, often times when you have local police, federal police and state police, they are all on different radio frequencies. you done have an established command post at that point. so in many instances people, i should say the officer doing the best they can to introduce the shooter but on many occasions
11:58 am
you have communication difficulties between the three entities, but in the end, it took far too long, that being an hour, to get in and neutralize the shooter. >> sandra: and perhaps you could give some color to the situation happening outside the schools where we are seeing this video of parents so frustrated that they were calling on police, why aren't you going in. then parents say they are going to run in themselves, and you know, obviously there's a protocol here, you can't have a bunch of people running in when there is potential gunfire being exchanged, whether it's additional police, when there are units inside the building or parents running in. you know, perhaps you could sort of give us an idea what that protocol might look like noting how absolutely frustrating this must have been for those parents standing there. >> after the shooting in columbine, colorado, we since had a seismic shift from special operations officers to the responding officers going in to
11:59 am
intradict the shooter. the parents are losing loved ones and seeing nothing being done. i can understand, their hearts are broken. they want to see an execution. at the same token, the responding police officers need to go in to intradict the shooter creating the level of carnage for the 9 and 10-year-old kids. i understand we need to preserve a perimeter, this is the time we need to go in. all gas and no brakes. >> john: great to get your perspective, and such a tragedy, and now whether or not everything that could have been done was done. pointed out by dps, there were officer inside the school, they were taking fire from the gunman, going through search and
12:00 pm
rescue, trying negotiations, but the suggestion was all the students and teachers killed were killed in the early minutes. i guess we will learn more about the timeline as the days wear on. >> sandra: and they are still parsing through video footage, ongoing investigation. our coverage continues here on the fox news channel. thank four joining us. i'm sandra >> martha: thank you very much. a lot of questions remain and a lot of questions arising out of that news conference that we just heard. we'll break all of those down for you over the course of "the story" here. i want to begin jeff paul who is on the ground in uvalde with a look at what we just heard. as i said, a lot of questions about this school was in lockdown. that lockdown announcement came out. we got it on our phones as soon as it happened. i'll trying to


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