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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 26, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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hard to say. okay. andy mccarthy on this development. republicans and democrats are united on this. it's another piece of information that they are using to say all right, social media companies besides their political points of view, now more grist for the mill as to how far they should be regulated if regulated at all. we shall see. "the five" is now. ♪ ♪ >> judge jeanine: hello, everyone. i am judge jeanine pirro along with harold ford jr., jesse watters, katie pavlich and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> it was reported that a school district police officer confronted the suspect that was making entry. not accurate. he walked in unobstructed
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initially. so from the grandmother's house to the school, into the school, he was not confronted by anybody. to clear the record on that. >> judge jeanine: shocking developments in the tragedy in texas the left 19 children into teachers dead. authorities updating the timeline on what happened and changing key facts. they now say that the gunman was not confronted by a school safety officer and instead was able to walk into what police think was a unlocked door at the school without any resistance. here's everything we know at this moment. 11:28 a.m. the gunman crashes his car near the school, gets out, and the meal he starts shooting it to people at a nearby funeral home. the suspect then jumps the school fence and starts firing at the building. at 11:40 a.m., the gunman enters the school "unobstructed."
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by going through what authorities believe one unlocked door. he then goes down a hallway and into the classroom or police say he starts shooting. 4 minutes later, local police arrive, confront the gunman, and this happens. >> they hear gunfire. they take arounds, they move back, they get covered. they don't make entry initially because of the gunfire they are receiving. we have officers calling for additional resources. everybody that's in the area. tactical teams. we need equipment. we need specialty equipment. we need body armor. we need precision riflemen, negotiators. >> judge jeanine: one hour later, a border patrol tactical team arrives, breaches in the classroom, and kills the suspect. a bullet grazes the hat of that brave agent who shot the animal dead.
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all right, jesse, i'll go to you. what we found out today is what everyone familiar with this predicted and that is that it is always the situation, a fluid situation, the facts change because no one has a real grasp on them in situations like this. and now we went from an office served confronted the shooter to an officer encountered the shooter and was injured by the shooter to now no officer was on the scene. so i guess that's proof positive that we can't rely on everything that's reported. we don't know what the facts are yet. but i think the thing that is the biggest concern is there is an hour wait between when the police first go and get shot at back out and then try to assess what's going on. >> jesse: they ripped up the playbook after columbine. in columbine they waited until they had a tactical team and then they went in big but it was
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40 minutes they waited. they don't do that anymore. the new protocol is there's an active shooter situation in a school, you immediately go directly towards the gunfire and you engage the shooter and you take the shooter out. the reason you do that is because you have to assume that every round you here go off from the shooter is a bullet going through child. right? so it's an immediate rush towards the shooter had that also distracts the shooter from killing children. because he now has to engage law-enforcement. and so they didn't do that here. i don't know why they didn't do that. we're going to figure that out. they should have been trained to do that. also if this door was locked they should have a key like the fire department has a key. >> judge jeanine: let's be clear on that. let's be clear on what you're talking about. it was unlocked for the assailant goes in but then when the police tried to go in it was locked. >> jesse: we have heard a few stories about the locked door.
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i don't know the truth about that. they also need breeching tools. you're going to show up and you can't bless down a door if you're law-enforcement? they should have that in their unit. also they should have tourney kits on site either at the school or they should have turned to kids in the police cruisers. if you go in and eliminate the suspect then you have children bleeding to death in there. if you wait 40 minutes, an hour without giving them medical aid, you could have saved lives. every second is costly. they did a study on this, the secret service. 85% of school shootings, 85% happen in 5 minutes or less. so this is so critical that you have this every second counts and i don't know if they're not telling the truth about what happened, it is the fog of war, while we are getting different information. but it's now really hard to trust what you're hearing about what happened that day.
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>> judge jeanine: harold, one of the issues is that they have to assess whether it's a hostage situation, whether it's a barricaded shooter situation, or whether it's an active shooter situation and until they have people around who can assess that, they can keep going toward the fire which is the easy answer but they have to assess what it is that's going on in the school. there is some -- there is some leeway. we have to get to the police. plus when you go onto a scene like this, who is in charge? the local police, school district police, fbi, etf, deputy sheriff? who is in charge. we've got to give them a little space. >> harold: of course we do. my prayers to all the families in the communities. but to build on jesse's point, we as parents of students or kids in those schools, we assume teachers know their job, that police officers on law enforcement know their job. it can't be for me to try to figure out, to sort out who is
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in charge. i would assume that that would be the case. probably one of the more interesting if not daunting statements and reports that i read is some of the things that you were talking about. they were telling parents that could not go in the police officers were not going in either. i would probably be dead today if i were on the scene because they would have had to shoot me or take strong action. if my children were in that school, there's no way whatsoever my mental and emotional and physical makeup would've allowed me not to go in. if you're a police officer, the question has to be asked not generally of police officers but they are, why wouldn't you have done exactly what you said? it's been 3,448 days since the killing of the kids at sandy hook. we have had 900 shootings in schools across the country and that's one shooting every four days, more than that over a period of time. they have to be protocols for this. but i agree, more of the facts
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coming forward. if facts do come forward, it can only be even more painful for the families and for the parents in that community. >> judge jeanine: i want you to listen to the sound and i agree with harold. this is the sound of the parents. >> [bleep] [screaming] [sobbing] [screaming] >> judge jeanine: wildly police are assessing want to do, those parents are screaming, children are bleeding out, if indeed they were shot in the first few minutes. >> greg: yeah. it's terrible. no doubt there will be investigations. there are devastated parents. this is how truth unfolds. it unfolds over time and it's always been my personal feeling that you left the truth unfold over time. i know that we are criticizing the reaction times of the police
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but it's not like we are experts. we do this a lot but i would rather just wait for the facts to come out. sure, you could argue, should they have gone right in or should they have waited for swat? what was their t traheinining? but i'm not going to pretend that we are right when we come to situations. we are the media. we are terrible and rushing to judgment. we push out a lot of inaccurate material. a lot of the facts that have come out in this story have turned out not to be true. so we are getting another bite in the apple of the story and i just would rather just pull back instead of starting to condemn people. what they should have done and what they should have not done because the facts always end up changing. it always does. so i don't think there's any benefit to pushing out information, whether it's inaccurate or not because frankly, what the hell do we know? really. what the hell do we know? >> judge jeanine: we don't know. we weren't there. katie, president biden said the
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other day with his executive order he was going to limit the transfer of military hardware to police departments. have these police officers have ballistic shields, different technology, whatever you want to call it, they could have gone and without waiting an hour. they could have confronted him. >> katie: i'm so glad that you brought that up because i was going to bring it up. dhs has been capable of transferring military type equipment to local police departments like a volte texas, very small town that doesn't have enormous resources, they don't have a big tax base so they need funding or equipment from the federal government to be on the same level in terms of their training should something like this happen in their community. it's difficult. it's expensive. the training takes a lot of time. that's one aspect of this. the other is as we now see in the reporting of the press conference today, there was not an armed officer on the scene. the door was unlocked for the
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guy to walk right into the school. there was no security at all. none, there was nothing to stop this person. there was nothing to slow him down. no deterrent. it was too late. the old saying is when seconds count, the police are minutes behind and that's exactly what happened here. it's interesting to look at the time line with border patrol showing up. uvalde is about 50 miles from the border. i'm curious to know the events there and why a s.w.a.t. team couldn't get there more quickly. the video of the police standing outside with long guns, what kind of firearm did the initial police officers go into the school with? do they just go in with hand guns or rifles? lots of questions about how they handle that but the idea that there was no single thing to stop this person changes everything. imagine if the door was locked. we learned from parkland that you have to keep the doors close. >> judge jeanine: in the nikolas cruz case. and now we find out that the door was now close. also that the district employees
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four school resource officers, the uvalde school district. eight schools. four school resource officers can't possibly be at eight schools. coming up, we will take your life on the ground in texas to try to find what happened in the hour before cops killed the shooter.
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♪ ♪ >> harold: authorities giving an update on this horror at a texas school played out. the key question still remains. the biggest is what happened in the hour between one officers first confronted the suspect to when he was killed. texas department of public safety asked about it earlier. >> reporter: how it is the officers officers were there for
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an hour but yet no one was able to get inside that room? >> we will circle back with you. we want to answer all your questions. we want to give you the why. that's our job. give us time. i'm taking all your questions. i'm taking them back to the team. >> harold: jeff paul is on the ground in texas and we've got a few questions for you. that may ask, is there a sense that there are things in this timeline that we still don't know? the things are going to come out that materially change the way we think about this has been the case in the last few hours as we heard that the texas department of public safety spokesperson there? >> i think absolutely. you bring it up. the hour between the first time officers and law enforcement make contact with the suspect and the hour that passed between them killing him. it is what took place in that hour, especially when we see these videos of parents who understandably are very emotional and want to get into the school and figure out if
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their child is safe or if there's anything they can do in their power to save their children and other children. the hour, what happened during that timeline? what was happening around the rest of the school? were their kids being rescued? were they talking with the suspected shooter? many, many questions right now the frustration out here amongst the community is somewhat understandable. >> harold: judge. >> judge jeanine: one of the things it's extremely frustrating is the fact they are waiting an hour, you're outside. i have got a copy of preventative security measures by the school district as well as the standard response protocol. he doesn't seem that they did any of this. it seems, if it's the case and it appears to be the case based on the parents screaming and yelling to get in there, that they didn't know who was in charge. they were waiting for tactical teams. they were waiting for hostage negotiators. as opposed to running towards the gunfire. and in that sense, i agree with
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jesse but at some point when we get the medical examiner's autopsy reports, we're going to find out how many of these kids actually bled out. then there's going to be a real problem. with the police in this district. is there any talk of that? are people angry about that? >> yeah, definitely. they want to know what was happening during that hour and you can hear texas dps sort of trying to explain that according to them most of the gunfire took place during the first few minutes once he went into the school. but judge, you bring up a good point. were these kids bleeding out? was there anything that could be done to help these kids who were in there? and also what resources were in place actively in place as the suspect was barricading himself inside the fourth-grade classroom? >> jesse: jeff, it's jesse. was there a window in the classroom? i am assuming that there was a
2:20 pm
window. every classroom has a window. it is a first-floor situation. if they had some officers lined up in the hallway, unassuming, outside the door waiting for an hour. no one thought may need to go around to the window and see if they can get a shot off through the window at the suspect? >> that might come out. that might be one of the things that comes out that there was some effort regarding a window. we know some kids escaped through windows according to investigators. that there were officers breaking windows to get kids out. whether that happened in that particular classroom, that's unclear what you hope and you pray that every single measure that could've happened like using a window took place in the situation. we'll find out. >> katie: jeff, it's katie pavlich. there's questions here about the backup that they asked for. officers that initially went into the school, we know they
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were evacuating students as they were asking for backup. is there a reason why there wasn't a texas dps s.w.a.t. team that went in to take out the shooter versus a border patrol team? if that team came from eagle pass, how far away were they when they got to the school? >> yeah, we are hoping to get clarity on some of that. we know that there were uvalde police officers who first made contact with the suspect and they were shot at. this is according to texas dps. they have sort of back off and then there's the big gap between the moment that they first made contact and the moment that they killed the suspect. regarding whether or not there were texas dps or there were different s.w.a.t. team that could've responded as opposed to the border patrol, i think at this point we know is that they called all law enforcement with those capabilities to arrive and it might be a situation that the border patrol team was the closest and the fastest. >> greg: jeff, given the
2:22 pm
amount of attention that this horrible tragedy has received, i always note that there is a concern about copycats and i have heard of a few attempts anyway. his law enforcement talking about that? any kind of stuff like that, the copycat effect? >> they are not outright talking about it. i'm sure there's probably some language that they are using to sort of prevent that. i don't really hear them using the suspect's name or using the photo a lot when going into detail about that. that is something that we are conscious on out here to not glorify the person who is allegedly responsible for this. but that is always a concern when something like this happens, especially when you talk about people who might be mentally unstable. >> harold: jeff, we really appreciate the hard work and the good reporting. keep it up. coming up next, democrats and the media accused of rushing to politicize this tragedy in texas.
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>> jesse: authorities are trying to figure out what happened, democrats and the media will wasting no time to turn the tragedy political per the usual suspects mocking republican ideas to harden schools and focus on mental health. >> please spare me the don't politicize this b.s. the hell to anybody who says don't politicize this. >> it's time to repeal the second amendment. you can't say that. why not? >> a guy called beddoe, these sick of a bitch. the sick >> an absolute fraud the governor of texas is. no amount of bloodshed seems to be enough for maga republicans. he >> jesse: it seems like a lot of the conservative
2:28 pm
commentators and conservative politicians have been talking about solutions. the democrats on the left wing media have been attacking republicans. >> greg: when you don't have an argument, you go after the person. that's always what you see with morning blow. they are quite possibly the dumbest people on television. together they can get one brain cells actually i'm doing exactly what they are doing. the problem with the discussion is in a lot of political discussions you are condemned if you have two thoughts in your head. you must have a single variable thought, right? it's like the dems can only scream "it's guns." but the republicans might just say it's the perpetrator when actually these variables can intersect. you can say the person responsible for this killing is that person. by having that rifle made him more effective. should we discuss that? should we try to test a ban. geraldo has brought it up a bunch of times and it's been
2:29 pm
around for a while a while. raising the age from 18 to 21. i don't see it as thoroughly irrational. especially if you put an expiration date on it so you can compare three years or five years of it. why not address the root causes. it's like these videos will be looked at george floyd and other people in these police encounters. we get there when it's over and then we pick it apart. we act like we are the experts. these spectacles, even though they are not rare enough, they are rare enough that we can analyze each one the way you can analyze those videos and you will yield some common thread, whether it's untreated mental illness, whether it's bullying, broken homes, lack of security, media amplification which happens to be my thing that i talk about all the time. i don't think it's right to keep doing this all the time. but you can come up with solutions if you decide to entertain more than one
2:30 pm
variable. none of those people that you showed are capable of entertaining more than one variable. they are stuck in one route and they will never get out of it. we are able here on "the five" to discuss these things. we can discuss it and disagree. they are incapable. >> jesse: i'm wondering if the media makes it difficult for the democrats in washington to compromise with republicans to do a deal. >> katie: i think so. full disclosure, i do menial work and i am a longtime second amendment advocate. it does make it harder for democrats who want to come to the table have a real adult conversation as you would say about this issue. the arrogance that we have seen from the media, the majority of them, the ignorance we have seen from them, they scoff and ignore and make fun of real experts out in america who understand what it's like to go and bolster school safety, who happened to be part of the firearms
2:31 pm
community, who know what they are doing kids in their community safe. because they might be nra members are because they owned firearms, they are ignored and therefore the problem is never solved. i've seen a few things. the 21 age limit got shut down in california. the issue of mental health, this guy reportedly cut his face on his own. that is something someone should go to an institution. if you fill out a background check, you ask and if you've answered honestly if you've been put into a mental institution and if you say yes, your background check should fail. he passed that background check. politicians who say that we need to do something to do something when they know it won't work and tell people it will work. that's not productive. that's lying. that's dishonest. work on stuff that will solve the problem and listen to real
2:32 pm
experts, not 99% of the media who have no idea what they're talking about. >> jesse: if you fill out a background check and you just lie like hunter biden did, if that is an effective background check. >> harold: australia hasn't had one mass shooting since 1996. they placed public safety and public health over some of the things. they prioritized it differently than we have. katie, i would differ with you on some of the things that you shared. i don't differ with you on your passion and commitment to gun safety. but think about this, in most states you have to have hundreds of hours of training to cut someone's hair to get a license for this young man in texas barely was able to get an ar-15 with no training. i share the data point a few minutes ago. 3,448 days, 900 shootings. i think we should put it all on the table. i tried my hardest when i was in
2:33 pm
congress to work with republicans, liberal democrats, conservative democrats. the truth of the matter is we have to figure out how to get more resource officers in schools. i went to date near my kids schools, two armed guys look like they were navy seals outside that sneakers store. if we don't have the wherewithal, the resources, everyone has to come to the table and figure out what are we not doing to secure and make our school safe? our schools. judge, you and i. we have to figure out police officers and police departments have to understand what the protocol is when they go to the schools. we should not as parents come to a school and wonder who's in charge. do you know what you're doing? that is their job. so many things that need to be put on the table and i would agree with you in this regard, guns is not the only thing. we are fools if we don't believe we have to have a serious
2:34 pm
conversation about how steps, reasonable and sensible steps that we can take from public safety to deal with guns. >> judge jeanine: one of the things about guns is that when you look at chicago, i mean, that is just a fact. guns are illegal in chicago. chicago has more killings than we see anywhere else in the country. they have one every weekend. kids don't even run at the sound of a gun. they want to make this illegal, that illegal. but here's the problem. new york city was once the safest large city, not that long ago, in the united states. the reason we are not safe anymore, the reason crime is surging is not because of an increase -- it's not because of covid. it's not because of the pandemic. it's because the same people and their social justice agenda have decided we'd got to let everybody out on bail. let's not keep anybody in jail, even if we think they are a danger, even if they have a gun, let's let them out with a gun.
2:35 pm
and in the end, let's demoralize and defund the police. who is at risk? the black, brown people? all of the minorities are at risk. this is all politics and the fundamental problem we have in this country is that the politicians want to fight with each other. they don't want to solve anything. they could solve issues like immigration. they could solve issues having to do with guns. katie is right. the ninth circuit came down inside you cannot tell us how old somebody has to be to buy a gun. that's the ninth circuit. the ninth circuit in california. do you know how liberal they are? let's just get together and recognize that these people are only looking for the next election. >> harold: for the white guy. >> jesse: speak for yourself, harold. the far left and president biden piling up lisa's liberal cities praise for a brutal summer of violence.
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♪ ♪ >> katie: the radical far left trashing police after president biden signed a partisan executive order that could handicap cops right before the expected rise in violence the summer. upset with biden for not going further tweeting "maintaining a white supremacist institution like policing costs black lives. this continued commitment by politicians to support our killers makes them assess trees to our demise." the left continues to ignore the lawlessness. a chicago man pointing a gun at a news crew in broad daylight during a live shot about rising crime. judge, what is your assessment of this executive order from the white house yesterday? >> judge jeanine: i think it's dumb. i said at the first day it came. first of all, he has a house, the senate and the oval. why did they do it executive
2:41 pm
order? why did they discuss. here's the bottom line. the criminals are so brazen. we are so desensitized that they will watch a crime and just videotape it now. it really is the fault as far as i'm concerned of people who just think that criminals have rights and as you can see, they are jumping up and down on the car. they pulled the driver out of the car that's why businesses and banks don't want to come back. bankers, employees don't want to come back to work in new york city. that's why mayor adams is having a meeting i think today with goldman sachs and jamie dimon those from blackstone and all the rest. people are afraid to come to work in new york city and they are legitimately afraid. i will tell you with the mayor should be worried about. he should be worried about the fact not that they don't want him to work but that these businesses will consider moving out of the state, which they should pay >> katie: jesse,
2:42 pm
tim scott accused president biden of plagiarism by lifting the best parts of his police reform which they filibustered and then adding an divisive rhetoric and tactics that will hurt the police. >> jesse: wouldn't be the first time joe plagiarized something. they don't want to do anything with republicans. they want to campaign on it. i had a brilliant idea which i never do so i have to share it. goldman sachs in these big banks, they are awash with money. they can get rid of bail reform like that. they just shower opening with money, just lobby the hell out of these liberal cities, lobby the hell out of the capital. take everybody out to dinner and pheasant hunting trips. make them change the law. goldman sachs employee shot in cold blood on the subway good make it the goldman sachs legislation. that will get business back and it will help a lot of people
2:43 pm
that don't like goldman sachs. another idea i had. aoc never talks about crime. she never talks about all these horrible things that happened in her own city. i actually went and looked and did research for the first time today and found out that her ideas for crime are nonexistent. the only thing she has for crime on her entire website is a reimagining public safety. i don't know what that means. she doesn't explain it. everything else is legalize drugs, empty the prisons, give felons the right to vote. oh, and one thing she sponsored in the house. she wants police officers to identify their name and department when they arrest somebody. that's it. she doesn't actually have a policy to fight crime. it is to fight police. >> katie: social justice. harold, what do you think? >> harold: i think tim scott would probably be pleased if they took the best of his stuff and tried to make something. i think we been trying to say politicians should be focused on
2:44 pm
getting things done and realize you're not going to get everything you want. you have to get the biggest parts of what you want to figure out how you reconcile with other things. i don't disagree with anything that's been said around the table. the judge made a point in the last segment around black and brown communities and concerns. i didn't mean to belittle it at all. i will say to democrats that the data shows black and brown communities are totally opposed to defunding the police. the numbers are way down. it has increased their support. black and brown communities, they want to increase it but put more police officers on the street, more interaction with police officers. at the same time, the point that greg made a while ago about two ideas being able to exist in your head at one time. black and brown communities also, much like law enforcement agencies, law enforcement agencies and their unions, they want smart, sensible reforms on
2:45 pm
who can own guns as much as anybody. there's a way that we can figure out the answers. we are going to run investment, jobs, out of the city. maybe they should take jesse's idea. >> judge jeanine: up in albany, new york, take him out for crab. >> katie: we are seeing people have to survive because there's no recourse if something happens. >> greg: you have to consider the billions of dollars in damage and hundreds and many thousands of lives that have been taken during what i would call this two-year purge. it was based on a media generated lie that cops were deliberately targeting unarmed blacks, right? that is a lie and the data refuted. if you look at the data, it shows that these interactions, if they are more likely to shoot an unarmed white man then a black man. the person who did that was a black professor that they are trying to cancel because of those findings. i think he might've been fired. it's like these mass shootings. two dozen events every year when it comes to these kinds of
2:46 pm
events, like the george floyd events, that you can examine every single variable involved including the race of the suspect and the race of the cop. you will find when you look at this that you might find that your assumptions are completely wrong. but that didn't happen because the press chose not to look at those variables. they didn't even bother with the data. so you had cnn and blm and the dnc basically destroying the civil fabric of a country rather than admit why these crimes occur. then i would go back to what i said in -- i don't know what block it was because it all blends together. we arrive at these crimes after they occur. so we are picking it apart and stuff when we know what the root causes are here. we can't say family structure and the abysmal state of our schools. these two things together put kids in such holes that they
2:47 pm
can't get out. >> jesse: don't forget about drugs, greg. >> greg: i will forget about drugs. when drugs are banned and they are still everywhere, i can go out and get whatever i want. >> judge jeanine: you can? >> greg: yes, what do you need? [laughter] harold is trying to save me. >> katie: i'm going to read the tees. as america goes down the drain, democrats are plotting behind dumping joe biden
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but what's republican eric early's passion? early wants to bring trump-style investigations on election fraud to california, and early says he'll end obamacare and guard against the growing socialist communist threat. eric early. too extreme, too conservative fanduel and draftkings, for californ two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
2:51 pm
>> greg: president biden has big problems everywhere he looks. 83% of americans say they are dissatisfied with the direction of the country. things are so bad his own party is working behind the scenes to get rid of joe, quietly searching for an alternative for 20 to 24. harold, isn't it ironic that the man who loves trains has gone off the rails? >> judge jeanine: that's good. >> greg: thank you. and hunter is still on the rails? double joke.
2:52 pm
>> harold: the last three or four presidents, we have seen huge numbers, wrong track, right track. i don't remember when i was in congress the numbers being as pronounced as they are, be it clinton, be it obama, trump, noel biden. the president has his hands full and i have set on this show many times he's got to continue dealing with inflation, immigration. he has got to deal with crime. you deal with those issues and things can turn around. >> greg: you know that the dems are getting rid of him when the media is doing hunter biden stories. it just kicked in. >> jesse: i am proud of them. could've used them in october 2020. >> greg: they've got to live with it, just like the rest of us. >> judge jeanine: i am waiting -- >> jesse: i'm waiting for democrats to break publicly. this is a whisper campaign, they are jockeying for position. i am waiting because republicans break with trump all the time.
2:53 pm
it was constant civil war on the right. how come no democrat has what it takes to stand up and say joe is terrible. and i am not going to distance himself -- i am going to distance myself because he is a mess. why hasn't that happen? do it right now. >> greg: i want to get katie and the judge in here. 83%. we couldn't get 83% to agree on anything. >> katie: nothing. the old saying is if you want a friend in washington, get a dog. joe biden has no friends even with the democrats. then get a cat. then the dog gets sent away. they want to end. it's about power and money and joe biden clearly off-track. 83%, including independent say that you are doing a poor job but no indication of doing it around. >> greg: judge, do you agree with harold and what he said in the green room? that joe biden was the worst
2:54 pm
president in american history and i'm ashamed to be a democrat? do you agree with harold? >> judge jeanine: i don't think he said it in the green room. >> greg: are you doubting me? >> judge jeanine: yes. >> greg: that hurts deeply. >> judge jeanine: i think joe biden being president of the age of 86 is like beyond the pale. >> greg: he will be 86 and 2024? >> judge jeanine: if he gets elected and then four years. that's enough. >> greg: yes. that's all i've got to say on this topic. "one more thing" is up next. .
2:55 pm
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once upon a time, at the magical everly estate, landscaper larry and his trusty crew... were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck. timber... fortunately, they were covered by progressive, so it was a happy ending... for almost everyone. >> judge jeanine: time for "one more thing," harold go, first. >> harold: iconic star leona died. he was in the dominican republic filming the upcoming movie dangerous waters. you may recall in my generation i'm 52. his portrayal of henry hill in good fellas.
2:59 pm
he brought that character to screen in so many ways. rest in peace. let's celebrate his life and watch one of his movies this weekend. >> jesse: dominican republic? >> survived by his daughter carson and fiancee jacey. >> judge jeanine: time have you ever heard of a cookie cracker? stop it. [laughter] >> judge jeanine: ritz and oreo have joined forces to create the sweet and salty snack. one side oreo cookie and the other side is a ritz cracker peanut butter. >> greg: this is deviant. that's not right. >> judge jeanine: this is deviant. one side is an oreo cookie. okay. [laughter] share. okay what do you think? >> probably pretty good. making a mess over here. >> judge jeanine: they disrupt
3:00 pm
me all the time. all right, jesse, you go. can i have one? >> "jesse watters primetime." >> jesse: rebecca parson will be on. she is a democratic socialist running for congress. she wants homeless people to break into homes. >> greg: let me -- >> judge jeanine: shelter. >> greg: my show is also great. that's tonight and going to be a big surprise. >> judge jeanine: we are out of time. that's it for us. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. >> bret: what is that oreo and ritz? >> judge jeanine: oreo and ritz cracker. i will send it to you. >> bret: that's crossing. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight we are learning, unfortunately a elementary school there are increasing questions tonight about the law enforcement response including how much time elapsed before officers stormed the school and killed that gunman. and whether he gained access to an unlocked door as it appears


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