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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  May 26, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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report salute. tomorrow on "special report" former president trump delivers remarks at the national rifle association's convention the nra in houston. something tells me that will be covered. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report" fair, balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" starts right now. jesse, did you have the oreo-ritz cracker thing? >> jesse: i had three. they are delicious. thank you. ♪ >> jesse: it's been over 48 hours since the disgusting shooting in uvalde, texas left 19 children and two teachers dead. and two days out, we're still trying to figure out what happened. this afternoon, the texas department of public safety attempted to clear the air but ended up leaving us with more questions than answers. so let's start with what we do know and see how the timeline of terror unfolded. >> on tuesday, may 24th, at
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11:28, suspect just west of here wrecked his vehicle. he walks around and sees two witnesses at the funeral home across the street from where he wrecked. he engages, and fires towards them. he continues walking, he continues walking towards the school. he climbs a fence, now he is in a parking lot. shooting at the school. >> jesse: they had said saffold ramos had a back pack on full of ammo and a rifle. for 12 minutes this lunatic was opening fire on anybody they could see people outside a funeral home shooting at the school as he approached. complete mad man. ramos was then caught on camera in the back of the school entering the building. >> 11:40, he walks in to the west side of robb elementary. multiple rounds, numerous rounds
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are discharged in the school. it was reported that a school district police officer confronted the suspect as he was making entry. not accurate. he walked in unobstructed initially. so, from the grandmother's house to the bar -- to the school inside the school he was not confronted by anybody. >> jesse: according to what he just said there was no exchange with a resource officer outside the school. nobody was around. ramos was able to walk right in, no problem. the doors were unlocked. so now he is inside the school. and that's when police show up. >> four minutes later, local police departments, uvalde police department, the independent school district police department are inside making entry. they hear gunfire. they take rounds. they move back, get cover.
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and during that time, they approached where the suspect is at. approximately an hour later, u.s. border patrol tactical teams arrive. they make entry. shoot and kill the suspect. >> jesse: again, police say ramos locked himself in the classroom at 11:44. they also say that they didn't enter the classroom until an hour later. that's when ramos was shot and killed. so, what in the world happened during that time? well, we really don't know what police were doing because they have been pretty vague with us. >> we will circle back with you. we want to answer all your questions. we want to give you they. that's our job. give us time. i'm taking all your questions. i'm taking them back to talk to
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the team. >> jesse: we have gotten very few details from. they all they are saying is that they were calling on more resources. keep in mind, during this time there were kids alive lock in the classroom with the killer. can you even imagine what they were going through? the terror? one boy in the classroom said he and his friends hid for their lives under a table cloth as the gunman slaughtered their classmates. he said he heard police call out to the kids yell if you need help and after that, he heard the gunman shoot one of the girls who cried for help. just think about this for a second. every minute that passed, every minute that police waited to enter this room, those two little boys were locked in a room with an armed psycho silently hiding under the table, terrified for their lives. while their classmates were bleeding out. it's heart-breaking. and then there is the teachers. >> my kids were so scared.
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[sobbing] i got in front of them because i had to protect my children. >> jesse: while all this was unfolding inside the school, crowds of parents had gathered on the outside of the school overcome with panic. [screams] >> jesse: how would you feel if you were one of those parents wondering if your child is alive or dead. and that perspective, police weren't doing anything. so they were terrified and they were angry. and how did police treat them? well, the "wall street journal" talked to a mom at the school who said that federal marshals put her in handcuffs and threatened to arrest her. that same mother also told the "wall street journal," quote: she saw a father tackled and thrown to the ground by police and a third pepper sprayed.
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another parent was tasered. it's been over 48 hours since this horrific shooting happened and we definitely have a lot more questions than answers. i feel like we are not getting the whole story here. law enforcement, everybody involved needs to be more upfront. we need to know what happened. because it looks like a lot went wrong. here now, chad ayers, former assistant swat team commander and michael julian, active shooter survival structure. instructor: chad in terms of thr protocol from what i understand waiting an hour is not it. aren't you supposed to run right toward the fire and eliminate the shooter as fast as humanly possible? >> you are exactly right, jesse. that's how we train is the moment that call comes out, you don't wait on your backup. you go straight there. if you can't get through the front door, you drive your patrol car through the front door. you have to get there.
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just like talking about. every second is another life. we know can you bleed out in 3 to 5 minutes. it's absolutely devastating it looks like once they got in there they got hung up behind a door. there was reports they needed a key and couldn't get a key. look, there is knock boxes for firemen to get in. it's very frustrating that there was not ways to breach that door or tools. and, again, look. it's very early, jesse, we don't know all the facts and exact timeline yet. i want to be careful to monday morning quarterback anything. you are absolutely right. our job is to get from' to eliminate and neutralize that threat as quickly as possible. >> jesse: michael, what is your assessment of what went down during that hour while they waited for tactical to come? >> yeah. same as charksd based on i wasn't there but based on what i'm being told, there is a lot of mistakes made. it's very unfortunate. the reason you have got to engage immediately is the gunman
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is going to do one of three things, reengage the law enforcement, they are going to try to escape. more often than not they are going to kill themselves. either way whatever they are doing, they are not trying to kill innocence, the sooner you engage and get from and make that happen, the sooner the thing is going to end. >> jesse: chad, i imagine there is a window in the classroom. it's a first story building. all these classrooms have at least one window. would someone have thought maybe to circle around to the outside probably while the shooter is focused on the door and maybe try to get a shot through the window because the kids are short and they are on the ground. and this guy is 18, is he tall, his head is sticking right out. why couldn't you put one through his head through the window? >> well, that's what i'm having trouble understanding because there are reports out there, jesse, where they were breaching windows, breaking windows to get other students out. why weren't they breaking the window, you know, to get those students out or to take a shot
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to eliminate that? you know, here in the upstate of south carolina, many of the schools have numbers on the exterior windows. and that is for that reason. for law enforcement to be able to see and know what room they are in from the outside and hopefully be able to breach that window and take a shot and end this thing as quick as possible. >> jesse: michael, what else tactically went wrong here besides the waiting around? he crashes his vehicle. police are aware about the grandmother being shot in the face # there is a 12 minute gap. he is releasing rounds before he enters the school. >> they actually had gotten word grandmother was successful in calling. they knew and sat on the information and did not immediately act and shut the school down. that's how he was able to
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actually get-gain entrance to it. then, not going in immediately, i mean, we learned after columbine that you have got to get in -- you don't set up a perimeter and wait for swat or anything. as soon as the second officer arrives, did you go in as a team, and you engage. so, just the waiting and not knowing, i'm guessing, i wasn't there, i'm guessing the training is not recent. not up to date. and that led to a lot of these problems. >> jesse: yeah, chad, isn't that the lesson after columbine? you don't wait for tactical? you go in right away? shouldn't that be pounded into their training manual from the jump? columbine was in 1999. >> exactly. that's where tactics started to change. let's take columbine out of it and look at the parkland shooting. we saw the results that happened there at parkland, what happens when you stand outside. and now here we are in 2022 and we are still seeing this. this is what we sign up for. is we have to go to the sound of
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gunfire and put our lives ahead of anybody else's. and, like i said, it's going to be interesting, jesse, over the next week or two as this timeline and body cam footage comes out and we are really able to get a better of this. i can't imagine standing outside of a door where there is all of these little elementary school kids inside. look, 44% of these events are over in less than a minute. 15% are over in 5 to 15 minutes, which means a total of 85% are over in 5 minutes or less. noinel of these attacks and this is from a secret service study. none of these attacks lasted longer than 15 minutes. i agree with michael, it appears to be a training somewhere. >> jesse: at least get into the door to give aid to the kids who were bleeding out. just that alone to rescue the kids who were already shot. just makes your heart break. all right. chad, michael, thank you guys for sharing your expertise with us. we really appreciate it let's
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turn to jorge ventura caller for the daily caller been on the ground and spoke to parents who were at the scene on tuesday. >> jorge? ?jorge can you hear me? >> hey, jesse, i can hear you. hey, speaking to parents and multiple witnesses who described it on the day of the shooting as soon as they heard the gunfire, parents jump into the cars, rush to the school, that's where the witness explained to us where law enforcement along with border patrol started forming the line and blocking parents from getting to the school. the parents who were actively trying to save their kids. according to the washington examiner, those parents begged up to 40 minutes for law enforcement to stop the texas shooter. we have now found out according to the "wall street journal," one of those moms was actually placed in handcuffs from federal marshals, one father was actually tased when he was trying to get his kid out. he was put on a bus. the parents here, jesse, are
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extremely frustrated and demanding answers from texas dps on what exactly happened on may 24th. >> there was actually one father trying to get past the tps because he saw his child get put on the bus. he was trying to breakthrough law enforcement. they were holding him back. and i mean, a lot of the parents were mad at the law enforcement, you know, they are not doing nothing about it why don't you all just storm in there to try to do something? because maybe 19 people could have still be alive today. >> that's what we kept hearing multiple witnesses saying according to the "new york times" the shooter was in that classroom for up to an hour. today, jesse, we found out new developments. yesterday the texas tps director said when the shooter arrived he engaged with a campus officer. 24 hours later we find out that is not true and that has been taken back. right now why are still trying to get an exact timeline from texas tps right now parents have more questions than answers of
4:14 pm
what happened on the 24th. it. >> jesse: who else did you speak to when you were down there. >> jesse, we have spoke to a 40 grader who survived the shooting. he hid under a desk. he witnessed ramos running in. he explained his attire. he was actually successfully evacuated from the school and his mother met him at the civic center but that fourth grader according to his mother has been very traumatized by that event. >> yes, he was running across the field with the cops chasing. then i didn't see the rest because he went behind the building at the school. i didn't really see him. did i see him run out. he looked like he had a black suit on with like black hair. >> those were the scenes yesterday. we continued to hear that the parents, like i said, have been completely frustrated with law enforcement. they have been frustrated with the inaction. asking why did it take so long to respond to the shooting. why couldn't they get in there sooner?
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unfortunately, jesse, 19 kids lost their lives that day. >> jesse: so sad. jorge, thank you so much. we'll be right back. ♪ feel the clarity— and make today the most wonderful time of the year. live claritin clear.
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>> jesse: the media and politicians are completely missing what's behind the mass shootings across the country. blaming guns is easy and ineffective thing to do. the "wall street journal" editorial board points this out firearm laws were few and weak before the 17970s only recent decades have young men entered schools and supermarkets for the purpose of killing the innocent. what changed is the culture. the nuclear family is collapsing before our eyes. church attendance is an at all eye time low. kids'brains were being warped by social media. and we force our kids into lockdowns. isolating them from socializing
4:21 pm
with each other and pushing them deeper into video games and wicked internet sites. sports aren't mandatory anymore. drugs are everywhere. the media and entertainment industry fosters a sick thirst for fame and notoriety. and there is just a general lack of respect for human life. we're missing all the ingredients for a healthy country. if we want to stop the next mass shooter, we need to approach this completely differently. it's time to take preventing school shootings as seriously as we did stopping terrorism after thousands of americans were killed on our soil by radical hijackers. and the "new york post" today maureen callahan writes this. after 9/11, the department of homeland security began tracking online chatter to disrupt planned terror attacks which did the fbi which began proactively working up profiles of future terrorists. why can't the same be done here?
4:22 pm
most of these school shooters fit a profile, they are usually young males who come from a broken home and don't have a dad in their life. they are disconnected. they live online. they skip school, get into fights. do drugs and worship villains. many times they hurt animals and hurt themselves. these patterns are well-documented. but the fbi seems to wait until after the shootings to look for red flags and social media companies are too busy policing pronouns to flag clues reading to the next school shooter. and our politicians are too busy hating each other and fundraising while teenagers are on the fringe flirting with death. jason whitlock is host of the fearless podcast who joins me now. jason, what do you think is the main factor in our culture that's triggering this kind of rise in mass shootings? especially at schools? >> cowardice, fear and coward to
4:23 pm
dis. our culture is controlled by fear and cowardice. masculinity, traditional male values are under attack. it's not any mystery why young boys are confused, angry, confused about their identity. angry at the world. their natural instincts have been under attack probably the last 50, 60 years and most acutely in the last 15 to 20 years since we turned over our culture to the pansies in northern california and their social media apps. they are imposing their view of the world. their standard for manhood on the rest of us. and we men have been coward and have taken it. and so i look at that -- your opening segment, and people are wondering why the police didn't do anything, didn't run in. they exist in a culture totally controlled by fear and cowardice. we haven't created a culture that supports men doing what comes natural to them protecting
4:24 pm
women and children. that's what comes natural to us when we're allowed to be men. bus this new culture we have built is set up to totally annihilate, eliminate our natural instincts and make us think oh, the people in northern california know better than god about what a man is and what a man should do. men, boys, under attack, they are acting out angrily and we are too cowardly to do anything about it. >> jesse: i'm wondering if you are right about the social media pansy element. if you look at the timeline, you are seeing it increase in these mass shootings, especially the school shootings right around the time and right after the time facebook launched, twitter launched, do you know right in like 2005, 6, 7, 8, 9, you see the rise in these mass shootings. do you think that it's taken the
4:25 pm
male brain and just warped it and changed the brain chemistry so that you know, they are just not doing the same sorts of activities that young men used to do? they are kind of zoning out looking at a screen? >> mental illness is running rampant in america. depression, kids are committing suicide. kids are overdosing on drugs. it's our smart phones. it's the big tech companies in northern california trying to reprogram us from god's natural order. that's what they are doing. we are spending all of our time making sure that a safe space for lia thomas to swim against girls in the ivy league. social media obsessed with making sure that george floyd behind up own drugs we better send a limo and two women to go
4:26 pm
give him a reach around and escort him to jail as politely as possible. i'm just sorry. this is a mistake this is not what we should be focused on. we have to allow young boys to develop into grown men and understand their responsibility as grown men as leaders i look at that police force i feel somewhat sympathetic for them. our culture is so hostile toward policing. we have run our natural leaders out of leadership positions across corporate america. our culture has changed. i looked 211 years ago, a bunch of men, mostly, run a up into the world trade center towers knowing very likely they are going to die. did that happened today think those men do our culture has
4:27 pm
changed so much. they sit down and contemplate for several hours and most of them would check out and not do a darn thing. >> jesse: when the father is not there, you know, you used to go out and go hiking you used to go hunting, used to play sports. used to hang out with other guys, other dads, there is not a lot of that going on as much as it used to. and i think that does play a huge role in this. jason whitlock, thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> jesse: joe biden breaks another record. we will tell you what that is. and a socialist joins "jesse watters primetime." should i be worried? ♪ baby got back by sir mix-a-lot ♪
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♪ >> jesse: hold on to your wallets. we found out today the u.s. economy shrank by 1.5% in the first quarter of the year. massive hit. the only time we saw our economy suffer a loss like this in the last 8 years was at the beginning of covid. when literally the whole country was shut down. and now we have hiring freezes, layoffs and gas prices hitting all-time highs on the regular. things that weren't even factored into the latest numbers. so, get ready, the next quarter is setting up for a massive train wreck. and analysts are saying you can expect a shallow recession to follow. but if you ask this white house, you should be thanking them for all of their success. >> most household balance sheets are strong and provide some cushion for rising prices, i understand rising prices are painful i understand that because of the efforts over the past year there is some cushion. so this success was not given,
4:34 pm
it wasn't a given, it was rather our work over the past 17 months resulted in well-designed and well administered policies that have provided the tail wind for long term recovery. >> jesse: congratulations on a job well done. take the long weekend off. you guys deserve it. but america isn't buying this bs. a new harvard harris poll just reported the highest percentage of americans ever said biden has made them financially worse off. about 56% of the country. and according to gallup, 83% of americans say the country has gone off the rails only 16 procedures happy with the way things are going out only a quarter of democrats but then again they ever never happen. don't expect biden to do anything about this. the guy is shot. he doesn't know what's going on. and the people around him useful idiots. guys like fed chair jay powell who on record admitting he
4:35 pm
doesn't know what he is doing. is he just sitting back and printing free money all the time. >> fair to say you simply flooded the system with money? >> yes, we did. that's another way to think about it. we did. >> where does it come from? do you just print it? >> we print it digitally so we, you know, as a central bank, we have the ability to create money. >> jesse: yeah. that's how this guy handles all of our money. biden just reappointed him to another term. no wonder we are screwed. and when the economy tanks so do poll numbers and it shows. look. new all time low 36%. biden is not good at much, but he sure is good at breaking records. monica crowley is the host of the monica crowley podcast and former assistant treasury secretary. how bad is, this monica? you have seen a lot of this. >> yeah. this is catastrophic all around
4:36 pm
for biden and his administration democrats in general, jesse. we have inflation 40 year high. gas prices today hit another record high. so the american people are suffering acute pain as a result of biden and the democrats unified control of the government in washington. and their disastrous economic policies. so, when you have this kind of economic catastrophe, paired with an upcoming midterm election, these numbers spell disaster for the democrats and i think most of the american people understand they need to send a very powerful signal to the democrats in november. and that this needs to be an extension level event for the you say extension level. set back on crime for a decade. totally mismanaged the dollar. they have destroyed it that's got to set them back at least another cycle. look at the border. no one is ever going to trust a
4:37 pm
democrat to control the border again. i mean, the list goes on and on and on. how bad is it. >> it's really bad. some would say it's unprecedented in recent american history, jesse. you know, when president trump handed off this economy to biden in january of 2021, he hinted the fastest economic recovery any crisis on record. last year and a half the american people see what joe biden has actually done with that he has torpedo it. this is a deliberate destruction of the u.s. economy. this is a deliberate overwhelming of all of our systems from the border, to the military, to illegal immigration, to crime, to cities in collapse this is all why design. if it weren't jesse, you would have a president recognize failed policies, see that his
4:38 pm
poll numbers were crashing and just out of political self-interest, want wanting to preserve his and his party's political viability going forward, they would course correct. but there is no course correction. and that tells you that all of this is part of the fundamental transformation of the nation, people in this administration keep talking about the transition that we are experiencing in this economy and, yes, gosh golly they understand it's painful for now but we are just in transition. nobody is asking the question transition to what? and it's away from individual freedom and economic liberty and toward a more collectivist marxist model. that's what we are going through now. that's what they're intent on. their eyes are on that prize and that's why they won't change course. >> jesse: you are right destroy the country and transition it to a weak welfare state. >> that's right. >> jesse: we are watching it unfold. thanks so much, monday canchts yep. you bet.
4:39 pm
thanks. >> jesse: a socialist running for congress wants the homeless to rise up and occupy buildings across the country. she is here after the break.
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>> jesse: campaign ads keep getting more creative every year this year no different. democratic socialist candidate rebecca is running in washington's sixth congressional district and made waves with this in your face ad. take a look. >> billionaires call us nothing and we will be happy. imagine propose a housing for all bill in congress. and then imagine you, me, and a million of our friends took action and occupied empty houses nationwide. they couldn't ignore us. no one has ever done anything like this. that's why it's going to work. are you ready? >> jesse: she said she has actually occupied empty i buildings before like houses foreclosure and instructed people to occupy businesses like the hotel in 2020 where they
4:45 pm
refused to leave or pay after the first night. some of her other plans she wants to enact if she is elected are to raise the minimum wage to $30 an hour abolish ice, because the current immigration system is, quote a combination of systemic racism, the prison industrial complex and corporate greed. she also want to repeal federal laws that stop unlawful entry and reentry of migrants. and cash bail, have a one-time cancellation of all student debt and pass the green new deal. let's bring in the democratic socialist candidate for congress rebecca parson. so any house, any structure, any building you are saying rise up and occupy it? doesn't that seem a little dangerous? >> well, i am not calling on anybody to break the law. i'm pointing out the facts that will are 600,000 homeless people in this country, 40,000 homeless veterans and one in five homeless people are kids.
4:46 pm
meanwhile we have 28 empty homes for every homeless person. so i'm calling on all of us to think about the empty homes that are owned by corporations like black rock, like zillow, like the banks, that are owned by those companies, those large corporations and not being used for what they're intended for which is actually housing people. >> jesse: but if a bank owns a house that's foreclosed, someone that wants the house is able to buy it but they can't buy it if there is a homeless person in there. what happens if they move in and some guy is just sleeping on the floor? >> well, i'm calling on us to think about buildings that have been empty for a while that are owned by corporations. you are not having a lot of buyers coming looking at them. they are is just sitting empty and there are a lot of houses like that. places here in washington state and across the country. so i think that in the richest country on earth we should not have anybody who is homeless living on the street especially not 40,000 veterans, especially
4:47 pm
not 120,000 kids. >> jesse: yeah, i agree. i don't know if that's the right way to go about the homeless issue. what about ice? you want to abolish ice? who is going to deport all the criminal illegal aliens? >> well, actually, decades ago, even during the reagan era, this was before ice, and we managed the immigration system fine. i think there is existing, you know, preice law enforcement that can deal with immigration, but at the same time. >> jesse: what do you mean? >> who would that be? >> borders and customs. local police, customs and border patrol. there is also. >> jesse: but local police can't handle immigration law. you need ice because you have got to get these people out of the country that are dangerous, right? >> i don't -- we managed fine before ice. what i'm really concerned about is the fact that all across the country, including in my district there are 28 homes empty homes for every homeless person, why do we have veterans sleeping on the street who served their country and now they can't even find a place to live. so i'm asking people to think
4:48 pm
about this situation, this problem we have, politicians just pay lip service to it they say they are going to do something about it and they don't. they act like the problem is way too complicated to solve. meanwhile it gets worse and worse and worse. we actually in tacoma had people who were encamped on the site of an encampment from the great depression 100 years ago then it was called the hooverville now it's called the tent city. so if 100 years we couldn't solve this problem and it's only gotten worse we need to take a different way of looking at this issue. >> jesse: yeah i agree that politicians have paid lip service to dealing with the homeless. i just don't know if migranting into abandoned buildings is the best way. you also wanted to raise the minimum wage to $30 an hour. do you think that might help with inflation? >> well, actually some studies have found that 60% of inflation is due to corporate price gouging. with the $30 minimum wage i realize that's much higher than
4:49 pm
it is right now. if you look at the mit living wage calculator, all across the country, not just in blue states, high cost blue states like washington all across the county, counties in michigan, arkansas, mississippi, $30 is the minimum living wage for an adults to be able to support a child. if we restructured 9 way we do with incentives. the government has given $4 billion in subsidies to elon musk. when was the last time they gave subsidy to small business owner. i'm a small business owner myself. >> jesse: what's your business? >> if we would living wage who that would go along way. >> do you pay your employees $30 an hour. >> digest jess do you know if other people pay $30 an hour for minimum wage they might not have a business after that. that might be what you want then they can go out of business and the homeless people can move into the old building. >> absolutely not, no. >> jesse: rebecca, i have got to go. this has been enlightening. we would agree to disagree. good luck in your race.
4:50 pm
and i'm not sure if you are going to win but if you do win, god bless you. and god bless the people of in washington. thank you so much. >> thank you. thanks for having me on. >> jesse: all right. predator hunters are taking justice into their own hands. >> i want to cuddle. who would say that to a minor. >> might be a good talker. not this time. >> i'm here to hang. >> i got to go. ♪ d of taking pills every 4-6 hours, aleve works up to 12-hours so you can focus on what matters. aleve. less pills. more relief you know, you hear a lot about celiac, but i never s thought my dna on what matters. would tell me i had a higher risk for it. i mean, i'm a food critic. i literally eat for a living. this can be a game changer. do you know what the future holds?
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with a cfp® professional. a cfp® professional can help you build a complete financial plan. visit to find your cfp® professional. ♪♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: child predators are everywhere. it's estimated that about a half a million online predators are active every single day, but a lot of the time police don't have the time or the resources to monitor online activity and try to catch these predators before they hurt kids. so that's where the 607 predator hunters come in. they are vigilante group based out of binghamton, new york,
4:56 pm
will find and expose these online sickos. they confront them, they film them, and if necessary, they get the police involved. the group recently confronted the aerials local news anchor who traveled to a department store to meet an underage kid. >> talk before we get the cops here. >> it's okay because here's the thing, i wasn't looking to meet him buried >> let's have a talk before we get the cops. >> you are into thick, chubby or guys, and shirtless picks? >> that already sounds bad. >> i want a cuddle. who would say that to a minor? >> the age in high school, 15 buried >> might be a good talker. >> here to hang -- >> i've got to go. >> jesse: yeah you do. the man was fired from his job after this video came out but he hasn't been charged yet by police. joining me now are three members of the 607 predator hunters. i've watched a lot of your
4:57 pm
videos, i think it's just amazing work what you're doing, so first of all, just thank you and i think the community out there owes you a debt of gratitude. what kind of -- we saw the news anchor. i mean, that's crazy. what other kinds of professions or types of people to you guys end up catching? >> well, he was definitely -- had the highest profile but we catch all walks of life. we fed military background, he was a news anchor buried those were two of the higher profile catches that we've done, but they come out of the cracks everywhere. you can catch anyone from a teacher too, you know, firefighter, it doesn't matter. they are everywhere. >> jesse: what kind of line do they give? it's always b.s. at the top, right, and then they break down and admit it. >> yeah, it's the same lines every time. we joke while making sure the just say the same line that we get every time, it's communal, it's everybody's first time, they were just coming to help the minor. it's the same b.s. every time.
4:58 pm
>> jesse: do you guys ever get police involved? how does that work? >> absolutely buried when we started out we would have police involved at every catch, but the way it works around here with the current district attorney, they are not letting the police arrest these guys, they are going scot-free and there's not enough presence around here. these guys aren't getting caught. >> jesse: what's the name of the d.a.? >> i don't out of the top of my head buried >> that i'm not sure of. >> jesse: we will find out. let me play some more sound that you guys confronting some perverts. >> we need to have a talker we are getting the cops involved buried >> what drives someone to be that sick and had? >> you were here to [bleep] meet a minor to put her in diapers. >> what he went to do the next time a minor messages you? >> blocker. if that's what should have done.
4:59 pm
>> jesse: what have you guys learned about human nature and it -- just because you guys have been kind of face-to-face with a lot of these guys. >> it's sick. these guys have no remorse, no feelings. sometimes we are talking to these guys for weeks, it could be a day. they're willing to meet up and it's disturbing. >> jesse: how prevalent is it? if you go onto a chat site -- i mean, did they just start flooding you with pickup lines? how does that work? >> yeah, absolutely. we never expected it to be as prevalent in the area as it was when we first started, but if we did this full-time we could catch 15 guys a day. it's been nonstop, it's been overwhelming. >> jesse: you could do 15 guys a day? >> oh, yeah, easily. >> jesse: a lot of these guys married, the single, do they live at home with their parents? >> with caught them all between married, single -- i mean, you name it.
5:00 pm
we set up the decoy accounts and like you said, we get hundreds of messages instantly. >> we never message them first, we let them portray the first message where then we portray the age. if they continue, we continue buried if they tell us to get off the app -- >> jesse: you don't want to entrap anybody. good work, guys, we really appreciate it. tucker is up next and it was member, i'm waters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." two days ago, as you know, mentally ill teenager murders 19 children and two teachers in elementary school in uvalde texas. the crime was so awful, so complete the unimaginable and shocking that it was about 24 hours before most people thought to ask exactly what had happened. how was he able to get inside the school? why did no one stop him as he
5:01 pm


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