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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 26, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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of messages instantly. >> we never message them first, we let them portray the first message where then we portray the age. if they continue, we continue buried if they tell us to get off the app -- >> jesse: you don't want to entrap anybody. good work, guys, we really appreciate it. tucker is up next and it was member, i'm waters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." two days ago, as you know, mentally ill teenager murders 19 children and two teachers in elementary school in uvalde texas. the crime was so awful, so complete the unimaginable and shocking that it was about 24 hours before most people thought to ask exactly what had happened. how was he able to get inside the school? why did no one stop him as he methodically executed so many
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children over about an hour? where was law enforcement? those are just fair questions, though they are. they are essential questions. if you want to prevent similar atrocities, you need details, you've got to find out what exact we happened. if this is a well-known concept. every time a commercial airliner crashes in this country federal investigators painstakingly recruit the final moments of the flight. not because they are ghoulish. want to know what caused it. if and that's the main reason that air travel is so safe. after action reports work. yet somehow our leaders rarely respond as rationally to violent crime, almost never. a mass shooting is just too tempting a moment for them to demagogue. at the public is often grieving and then shock, so it's the perfect moment for the usual opportunists to leap forward and cast blame on the political opponents, to seize all the power they can while the country is too traumatized to notice. if you almost hear anyone in washington ask what happened. instead it's always a race to see who can benefit politically. this week was no different.
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within hours of tuesday's massacre, democrats in congress announced they planned to clamp down on your ability to defend yourself with a firearm. why is that? apparently the uvalde shooting was your fault, so you are going to pay the price. media applauded this, so democrats went even farther. yesterday they unveiled their plan to seize firearms from american citizens who have not been convicted of a crime or even accused. under normal circumstances, it would be instantly obvious that that is unconstitutional. in our system you have to be convicted before you can be punished. but in the hysteria that understandably follows a tragedy this horrible, politicians know that they can suspend civil liberties. it's not just democrat's, by the way. republicans in the senate immediately signaled they are on board with more gun control. mitch mcconnell, who at the age of 80 has adopted political views that are strikingly similar to joe biden's, announced that he stands with chuck schumer against you. i am hopeful, mitch mcconnell said, that we can come up with a
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bipartisan solution that's directly related to the facts of this awful massacre. directly related to the facts. that sounds sensible. but since we are passing new federal laws, it is worth asking, what are the facts here? yesterday, texas governor greg abbott appeared at a press event to relay the main facts, which is that law enforcement on the scene did all they could to save those children. that's the first thing to know. watch. >> the reason it was not worse is because law enforcement officials did what they do. they showed amazing courage by running toward gunfire for the singular purpose of trying to save lives. >> tucker: law enforcement showed amazing courage by running towards gunfire for the secular purpose of trying to save lives." we heard that and we wanted to believe it. most of the time we admire
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law enforcement. taken off a lot of abuse to do a hard and essential job for not much pay. if you think you don't need the police, go ahead and defund them and see what happens. that explanation sounded good to us. but was it true? according to texas department of public safety, it was in fact true. a spokesman told us that a school resource offer assigned to the elements or school exchanged gunfire with the suspect for the suspect entered the school. in an interview with cnn, estrada stated the gunman "engaged" the school resource officer and during that shoot outcome of the gunman dropped a black bag containing ammunition. the director of the texas department of public safety, steve mcgraw, confirms this happened. "the bottom line is law enforcement was there, they did engage immediately." so that was the story, and again, we were happy to believe it. but it doesn't seem to be true. a witness who lives next to the school said he saw everything that happened.
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he said to the associated press he had watched him crash his truck outside elementary school, take a rifle and shoot at two people at a funeral home nearby. he then began shooting at the school building before running inside of the school about 10 minutes later. according to him there were no police officers at the school to engage him. he would enter the school and began shooting. when police finally did arrive, he said, they didn't do anything at all for about an hour. in fact, parents had to beg the police to save their children. go in there, go in there, one woman said. it was a shocking story. it was the opposite of what authorities had told us for more than 24 hours. so who's version is true? in the last day, videos have emerged corroborating his version of events. those videos show police officers with rifles and body armor standing outside the school. it's not clear if the gun was still shooting at this point, but we do know the gunmen was still alive and instead going
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into the school the police instead worked to keep parents out of the school for a full hour. watch. >> i already know! >> are your kids in there? no! >> [indiscernible]. speak a little kid, that poor baby! >> i will go in without a vest! i will! >> [indiscernible]. >> i don't understand. >> that's [bleep] crazy, bro, they are just standing all outside. the kids are in there. >> i don't know what kind of [bleep], but half of these want to go in there without vest, without guns. >> tucker: it seems apparent that when that video was shot, the gunmen was still alive with the firearm in the school with
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children in the school. a texas official later suggested on camera that while all of this was happening, some members of law enforcement in texas went into the school to get their own children out. is that true? if it is true it's a moral crime at the very least. in the meantime, we know the police were forcibly keeping parents away from the building. at one point an officer held a taser at his side. watch this. >> [indiscernible]. [screaming] >> [indiscernible]. >> tucker: taser of course aimed at the parents. one parent told "the wall street journal" that as soon as she heard about the shooting she drove 40 miles to
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the school because she had two sons enrolled and she wanted to save them. "the police were doing nothing," she said. "they were just standing outside the fence, they weren't going in there or running anywhere." she immediately complain about this and when she did, federal marshals put her in handcuffs. ultimately they freed her, at which point she "made her distance from the crowd, jumped the school fence and ran inside to grab her two children." she then ran out of the school with her children. in other words, this mother was cuffed, freed, ran into the school and still had time to get her kids out as the police stood outside. now, if that's true it's a scandal. today the police called a press conference to try to explain all of this. texas dps and began by explaining it might just be a rumor that parents were urging police to go inside the building. watch. >> eyewitnesses that parents of the students were urging the
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police to go in while you were waiting for a tank and s.w.a.t. team, even that some parents are asking to borrow police armor so they could make a counter assault on the school? >> i for that information, we have not verified that yet. >> what part haven't you verified? >> we have not verified if that is a true statement or not or is it just rumor out there. >> tucker: oh, it's a rumor, except it's on video, so it's not at all the rumor, it's a fact. that officer did admit that there was no school resource officer after all, the one we were told had "engaged the gunman." didn't exist. watch. >> it was reported that a school district police officer confronted the suspect and was making entry. not accurate. he walked in unobstructed initially. so from the grandmother's house to the school, into the school, he was not confronted by
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anybody. clear the record on that. >> tucker: so the point is not to point fingers or blame people. nobody wants a school shooting, everyone's heart is broken by it, but the authorities are not allowed to lie to us in the aftermath of an event like this. our federal officials are not allowed to take an event like this, ignore the facts, and then use it to take our constitutional rights away. so what are the facts? here's the new story from texas dps. at 11:28:00 a.m., the shooter crashed his truck outside. he then pulled the gun and began shooting into scum that we are people at a funeral home. that confirms with what the sit witness said, he also stop visual building. during that time as you would expect people were calling the police. 12 minutes later at 11: mike fortier on the shooter went inside the building. 4 minutes after that, the police finally went inside the building, so in all there was a 16 minute gap until the police showed up and responded. so why did that take so long?
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that is a fair question. in fact it's a critical question. even at the parkland school shooting when police staged outside and students were being murdered, police wound up inside the building 11 minutes after the shooter. but in this case it was 16 minutes. why was that? we have a right to know. but today police wouldn't say. >> at 12 minute gap. there was a 12 minute gap from when he entered the school -- 1. what happened in at 12 minutes? >> you've got to understand, 11:30 is the information we have at this point. 11:30 a.m. we got a crash and a man with a gun. then we have responding officers. that's what it is. if it's 12 minutes from 11:30 211:40, that's the information we have right now. at the end of the day our job is
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to report the facts and to have those answers. we are not there yet. >> tucker: so the second the shooting starts anywhere at any time, things get very confusing. they used to call it the fog of war, it's entirely real. it's hard to figure out exactly what happened when people start getting killed. but in the big questions it's very obvious immediately. was there a school resource officer who exchanged fire with the gunmen? that's not something you would imagine. that either happened or it didn't and you would know right away if it happened or he didn't. it didn't happen, but they said it did happen. that's a lie. why did they lie? police did say that officers want inside the school for 4 minutes after the suspect but then they were treated outside the school and then police did not reenter the school for another hour. during that time they say they were waiting for backup, including, for some reason, for multiple crisis negotiators. watch. >> officers were there, the initial officers, they received
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gunfire. they don't make entry initially because of the gunfire they are receiving. we have officers calling for additional resources. everybody that's in the area, tactical teams, we need equipment, we need specialty equipment, we need body armor, we need precision riflemen, negotiators. >> tucker: no matter how prolonged -- pro law-enforcement you are, we are, there's only so much b.s. you can take in the face of a tragedy like this. we are waiting for specialized equipment? you have an 18 year old with a firearm and little kids being killed. what kind of specialty of quitman do you need? negotiators? really? as children are being murdered? one 11-year-old child said she smeared herself with a friend's blood to convince the gunmen she had already been shot to death. another fourth grader survived the shooting, said the police told kids inside to call up or help others shooter was still shooting in the gunmen killed the students, followed police
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instructions calling out for help. if you're wondering why police waited an hour for negotiators to talk to a gunman who is indiscriminate we murdering children, you're not the only one. they were asked about this at the briefing today. was the door really barricaded, was it just locked? police wouldn't respond to a simple question like that. watch. >> what were the officers doing between 11:44 -- barricaded behind that -- >> you guys have said that he was barricaded. can you explain to us how he was barricaded and why you guys could not reach that door? >> i have taken all your questions into consideration. we will be doing updates, we will be doing -- after the questions. >> tucker: so two days after this massacre, authorities are slowly admitting that everything they told us was untrue. they are not even sure the door was barricaded, there was no school police officer. these matter, these questions. if you wanted to stop mass shootings in the future, figuring out how this happened would be the place to start, but of course there's nothing in
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joe biden's executive order on policing in the memory of st. george floyd that addresses anything related to the shooting. and nothing under consideration for mitch mcconnell who tells you that he cares about the facts above all will do anything to punish police officers who hide well children died because the point of this is not to protect children, obviously, you may have figured out it's to blame you because you dare to exercise your constitutional right. and if you do dare to exercise your constitutional rights, you are complicit in mass murder. >> the truth is not by a policy defect, but by design, by design of the republican party in this country, every kid in every classroom is exposed and vulnerable to a shooting. >> it absolutely is partisan because there's one party that's refusing to pass gun laws. >> the fact that we move kids to go through the rituals you are talking about, vulnerable to this kind of slaughter is a political decision. >> please stop thinking that there is some body count, some
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level of brutality and carnage that will move them. these republicans and their two pet democrats, that the rivers of blood will one day run deep enough. >> tucker: these goals. of drawing politically convenient conclusions, accusing people who have no connection whatsoever to this massacre of murder, all on the basis of no evidence and then when the evidence emerges and it doesn't comport with the politically convenient story they want to tell, they simply ignore it. but the rest of us should not ignore it, we should not avert our gaze. we should demand the truth, we should demand to know what happened, the children were murdered deserve at least that. in a moment, we're going to speak to our friend who happens to be the mayor of uvalde, texas, but first we're going to speak to ryan petty, he is the author of -- the father of elaina, who was murdered at the parkland school shooting, he is also on the safety commission which investigated that massacre and a member of the florida state board of education. thanks so much for coming on. >> thanks for having me tonight,
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tucker. >> tucker: as we just try to explain, there's a lot we don't know, but we do know that the initial version was so far from the apparent truth that it makes you wonder. >> yeah, tucker, you know, i'm sitting here listening to you describe the timeline of events and what we think we know and i'm getting angry. and i hear the anguish in the voices of those parents that were begging law-enforcement to do something and i remember back to parkland and learning that the school resource officer at parkland stood outside for 48 minutes and i'm having flashbacks to what happened then. look, we're early in the investigation. i understand we don't know everything, but when stories change as radically as they have over the past two days and law enforcement can't give us a straight answer about their response, people should be angry. my heart goes out -- my heart breaks for these families.
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>> tucker: well, yeah, because we are being told that we need to turn america's elementary schools into like a checkpoint at the gaza strip border, we need to militarize them, but what's the point of any of this if the people in charge of keeping our kids safe refuse to engage with an active shooter? >> i'm appalled at what i believe has happened, or at least what we think has happened so far. the fact that -- look, for 12 minutes the shooter was outside shooting and then he went into the school and 4 minutes later police respond, but they were ill-prepared for the attack. they didn't have body armor, it doesn't appear like they had rifles and the ability to get into the classroom and stop the killing, so they set outside for what appears to be 40 minutes waiting for a tactical response team to come in and address the threats. this is -- this is -- this is appalling.
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they should have been prepared. first of all, the shooter could have never -- should have never gotten onto the campus walking into what appears to be an unlocked door unchallenged by anyone and able to breach security and no sro on that campus. i can't believe after all we know, that all of these attacks, that there were so many failures yet again in uvalde. >> tucker: what a story. thanks so much for joining us tonight, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tucker: so at the heart of all of this is a town of uvalde, texas, about 60 miles from the mexican border. as it happened, we've been to uvalde, we know the mayor there, it's a really nice place and it's been of the center of the national immigration story for the last couple of years. uvalde has been through an awful lot and it's going through even more now. the mayor of that town joins us tonight. mr. mayor, thanks so much for coming on and are hurt generally goes out to you and to the people of your town.
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it must be bewildering to see uvalde at the center of this tragedy, but also -- center of a national debate over gun control in all these bigger issues. >> it is, tucker. my heart breaks for these families. you know, i don't even know what to say. this is senseless, should have never happened. hearts are broken in our community. this tragedy is senseless. it should never have happened. >> tucker: it does seem like -- and i know that you're caught up in what's happening in your town, the unimaginable thing that just happened, but outside of uvalde, what has happened there is now being used as a kind of football in the game of politics. are you aware of that? do you have a sense of what people are using this tragedy for in washington?
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>> you know, tucker, this situation is bad enough. my heart breaks for these families to have this, you know -- there may need to be a discussion on gun control or gun rights and different things, but this country is so divided right now because we have two parties, a republican and democrat, and both parties have taken a narrative, either my way or the highway. we elected meant to go to washington and sit down at the table and negotiate and get -- nobody is going to get 100% of what they want and we can come up with good common sense laws. you know, tragedies like this should never happen in america. should never happen. and it is so, so sad and heartbreaking. >> tucker: are you able, in your position as mayor of the town, to get a straight answer about what happened? because it's been very hard for the rest of the country to learn even the basic timeline. for example, where parents told by police -- the video seems to
5:22 pm
suggest that they were -- that they were not allowed to go inside to rescue their own children? >> well, tucker, i can tell you this. as soon as i found out that we had an active shooter at the school campus, i went there. there were parents outside, but you know, as far as the law enforcement, there were parents that wanted to go into the school and there was a large presence of law enforcement when i got there. there was dps, there was border patrol agents, there were police officers, there were sheriff deputies. you know, at this point i don't know all the answers. it is still an investigation. we've talked to them but we haven't gotten the answers yet, but i -- you know, i can tell you that school has 620 kids at it and what i did see was officers shielding themselves and bringing kids out of classes and, you know, if this timeline was truly an hour, it's on acceptable. like i said, so tragic. >> tucker: if you're the mayor
5:23 pm
of the town and you can't get straight answers just yet, and we are all in the same boat but i assume that we will. mr. mayor, thank you so much for joining us tonight, again, our deepest, most sincere sympathies. >> thank you. god bless you and again, so sorry for these families. >> tucker: thank you. gas prices are the highest they have ever been, that's not an accident, of course. the administration has wanted that for quite some time. now a federal agency is warning that we will see blackouts across the country this summer. no electricity. that's next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: the federal energy regulatory commission is the authority that oversees the nation's energy grid. warning that there is a "high-risk" of blackouts this summer, no more electricity for you. commissioners are now or now acknowledging that renewable energy will not be reliable when needed. if the results of that? the green new deal that we got without a vote? a much higher utility bill and unreliable electricity. vice president of the texas public policy foundation, he joins us tonight.
5:29 pm
chuck, this is one of those slow-motion car crashes that we've been sort of watching for years now. they told us that we are going to transition to green energy, it was going to be great, we're going to save the planet. it doesn't work. why isn't anyone in authority acting to stop this before it happens? >> well, because, tucker, the pain hasn't hit yet. the pain is only beginning to hit now in the case of prices. what you find in germany and across the united states is in states that have more periodic renewables, more wind and solar, the costs are higher. and why are they higher? well, they are higher because the grid has to be on all the time and for it to be on all the time, the more wind and solar you have, you have to either create hugely expensive massive utility scale battery farms, or you pay reliable hydrocarbon powered power plants to stand around on standby for when they are needed. and that takes money.
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and so no one's really invested in this. we've done the easy part first, and now like a person jumping out of an airplane, we leave the door and we wonder have we got our parachute on to that's where we are right now, tucker. >> tucker: but to do that to a country's energy grid is effectively sabotage. energy is food, energy is the economy, energy is everything. without energy, you are in the stone age. >> absolutely right. and i suppose you could look at this is like a good news bad news sort of thing. the bad news is the price of electricity is going up even faster than the rate of inflation under joe biden. the good news is, if there's a black art, you don't have to pay for electricity because you don't have any. >> tucker: [laughs] that's dark, but true! thank you. >> literally dark! >> [laughs] literally dark. great to see you tonight, thank you. >> thank you. speeone's all of a sudden you look around and a lot of people are pretty unhealthy. and part of the reason for that
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is the food in this country is also pretty unhealthy. the good news is, healthy food has positive effects that you may not even be aware of. max has studied these effects very carefully, nutrition expert and the author of a brand-new cookbook, he told us that when his mother was diagnosed with dementia, he decided to figure out how you might prevent dementia by eating differently. here's what he found. ♪ ♪ >> i've always had an incredibly tight relationship with my mother and at a young age, 58, she started to show the earliest symptoms of what would ultimately be diagnosed as a rare form of dementia, which is akin to having both all summers disease and parkinson's at the same time. one in five dementia cases are treatable to this, so it's rare, there's not a lot of research funding that goes into it. it's progressive, it's incurable.
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>> tucker: famously horrible disease. >> famously horrible disease. and i didn't take a traditional path. i'm not a medical doctor, i never miss her present myself, i'm not a formally trained scientist, but i was just a concerned son, somebody will love his mom, cared about his mom, and when i started going with my mother to doctors appointments, basically a doctor would run a battery of esoteric test, write a new prescription for some new pharmaceutical band-aid on a perception pad and send you on your way. that's what i saw with my mom. in nearly every instance. from that point forward i became fixated on trying to understand everything i could about the diet and lifestyle factors that could have predisposed my mom to having developed this condition. and in tandem with that, what could be done to prevent it from ever happening to myself because i realize at this point -- this is not something that any of the doctors told me, but that i had a risk factor now at this point. but with her guard to alzheimer's disease, there is a genetic component and it's not a determinant gene, it's what's called a genetic risk factor. about one in four people carry
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it but it doesn't mean that you're going to develop alzheimer's disease, that's the most empowered part of the story. your genes load the gun, but if your diet and your lifestyle pull the trigger. >> tucker: max, very interesting guy. you can stream the entire conversation tomorrow morning on fox nation, starts at 7:00 a.m. new information tonight about what happened in uvalde, texas, and specifically about the person who did it, the shooter buried him journalist allie bradley just spoke to his grandfather. pretty amazing interview, we've got part of it next. ♪ ♪
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okay, that was awesome. voya. be confident to and through retirement. >> tucker: it's pretty remarkable two days later how little we know about the shooter in the massacre in uvalde, texas, probably because the details don't serve anyone's political agenda. he was 18-year-old, sally bradley, independent journalism was been doing actual journalism down in uvalde, she just spoke to the shooter's grandfather and
5:39 pm
she joins us tonight to tell us what she's learned. thanks so much for coming on. what did he say? >> well, tucker, first of all, when i met up with him he invited me straight into his house and he still had blood splattered on the wall where his wife, the grandmother of the shooter, was actually shot. he told me she was shot in the cheek, went through and came out the other side of her ear. she's recovering here today but when i talked with her grandfather, i asked him what was the relationship like between the shooter and his grandmother and he said that she loved him, she took care of him, he never would have seen that coming at all. when i asked him if he knew what would have caused this, why would he have shot his grandmother if they took care of him at the time he was living with them. take a listen to what he had to say. >> what do you think would have caused him to do what he did to his grandmother? >> yesterday morning when i came in, you know, she was here, she
5:40 pm
had told him to take him -- she had him on her line and he said i'm not ready and then he got up and went to the bathroom and i left. and later, an hour or two, this happened. >> i asked him if there was an argument, and he said no, it was not an argument that all, and then i asked him if he knew if the school was targeted, if this was something that he was planning or if he knew exactly what happened. listen to this. >> why was this done? i don't know. i wasn't inside his mind. i don't know what he was thinking or what -- if he had this plan. i don't know. i don't know. it's sad for everybody. >> roland tells me that he's praying for everybody in this community and what happened here is absolutely horrific. he's from here, he went to robb
5:41 pm
elementary as well, tucker. >> tucker: allie bradley for us tonight, thanks so much, appreciate it. so congress is busy drawing vast and in some cases completely unrelated lessons from what happened in uvalde two days ago. but one member of congress has a very different perspective on things like this. when she was 16 years old, marjorie taylor greene, a member of congress from georgia, was trapped in her high school when a student showed up with firearms to commit a mass shooting buried she's never forgotten her, she learned from it, she joins us now to explain what she learned. thanks so much for coming on. >> thank for having me. >> tucker: see you were 16, a with a gun, must've been a horrifying experience. what did you learn from that? >> what i learned as i never want to be in a situation where the only person with a gun is the one that's out of their mind crazy, intent on killing people. it was the worst thing that could have happened to any of us
5:42 pm
and it was terrifying. there was no adult there with a gun in our school because our schools had turned into gun-free zones. this is because of joe biden endocrine bill that they passed back in 1990. the scariest thing about it is our parents were outside the school also wanting to see their children and i'll never forget when we finally got out of the school, hugging my father and just how terrified he was and how relieved he was when he finally saw me and was able to embrace me. but here's the situation. it's the gun free school zones. those of the biggest problems, and we have to return schools and education back to parents. parents need to be able to make the choices, and as we've seen from the information and videos coming out where these parents were held back -- and we need to learn more about what's happened and why they were held back, but we saw the reality. even one of the mothers that was handcuffed and then once she was freed, she ran in and saved her
5:43 pm
own two children and if she had gone in with a gun, she would have been committing a federal crime and it shouldn't be this way at all. we have to repeal the federal law, gun free school zones because the best thing that we can do for our children is to protect them with good guys with guns. and we know the democrats know how to do that full well. >> tucker: it doesn't seem to be working. we've had it for 32 years. what do you of liberal republicans in the senate, lindsey graham, john cornyn, mitch mcconnell, jumping on board chuck schumer's gun control plans? >> yeah, the members of the party that slither in the capital and have been there too long, lindsey graham, who just not too long ago was calling for the assassination of vladimir putin and can't wait to send our young men and women to war in some far-off land called ukraine that hardly any american can find on the map, is the same guy that's willing to have red flag gun laws that will undoubtedly lead to taking away
5:44 pm
firearms from veterans because they may have ptsd from all these foreign wars that he's voted for and funded for years now. yeah, these of the problems, people in the republican party, and this is what's coming for them. they found out, hearing from people although the country, how angry americans are at the $40 billion that they sent to ukraine, because americans don't want a war. we want our country fixed, and if they vote for gun control, they are going to find out big time that that's not what republicans want from their republican leaders. >> tucker: yeah, let's send automatic weapons to untrained ukrainian civilians, but take your guns away, makes sense. congressman marjorie taylor greene, interesting story, appreciate you. >> thank you. speeone's or wreckage of a scum of the comedian said something pretty funny recently and people had a heart attack. what does that tell you about where comedy is in the western world? we will assess it after the break. ♪ ♪
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they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: ricky gervais is one of the few comedians was actually still funny and he's at
5:50 pm
his funniest when he's mocking hollywood. he's done it a lot, he just did it again. >> it's scientists came to me and went rick, we've sorted a coming up to go back and a time machine, press this button, it kills hitler before the holocaust or the war, right, the president is exactly the same except it makes a bit more ginger. i go no. why should i suffer? [laughter] but when you see one of those fluff pieces, whenever they ask the question, the silly questionnaires that's a liberties do, there's always what's the first thing you do, you have a time machine, they all say i'd go back and kill hitler. really? you'd go back and buy microsoft shares, you [bleep] liar. >> tucker: that's true, by the way, they would buy microsoft shares. and then he made fun of the one group you're not allowed to make fun of, and that would be trans activists. >> the new women. i know the new women, they have great -- you know, the new ones we've been seeing lately, the ones with beards and [bleep].
5:51 pm
they are as good as gold. it's the old-fashioned -- in other old-fashioned -- they go oh, they want to use our toilets. why shouldn't they use your toilets? for ladies. they are ladies! look at their pronouns! what about this person isn't a lady? well, his penis. her penis you [bleep] bigot! [laughter] what if he rapes me? what if she rapes you! >> tucker: so the audience laughed, most people would laugh. you're allowed to laugh. glad doesn't laugh, their job is not to left at all. they set a statement out condemning the bit. it's full of "graphic, dangerous anti-trans rants masquerading as jokes." speaking of graphic and dangerous, chadwick moore is the editor in chief of outspoken and
5:52 pm
he joins us tonight. very graphic and dangerous response. how is it dangerous? to heaven many idea? >> i watched the special and it really made me nostalgic for a time when men were men, women were women, and comedians were funny. and it was really funny, much like dave chappelle's special that they lost their minds over and dave chappelle specials are also quite heartfelt if you watch the whole thing and weren't just listening to the white liberal media outrage machine that was trying to cancel a black national treasure. but the dangerous rhetoric, it's really interesting because these groups -- another thing too is he makes just as many jokes about christians and the faithful in that comedy sketch. i don't see the same outrage and calls for censorship for groups that may be represent their interests, which calls you -- tells you everything you need to know about who the real puritans and authoritarians are in today's society. >> tucker: wouldn't it be -- if you are in charge of p.r. for the trans activist community,
5:53 pm
wouldn't it be wiser just to kind of let it go and let people laugh? >> this is another thing too, when you pretend to take all the weight of a community onto you and to pretend that they are so fragile, they live on the knife edge of breaking down every two seconds, we are actually doing is stripping those people of their dignity, anger stripping them of their humanity and their ability to be happy and to survive in the world. and if you're a little weird, if you're a little abnormal, it's okay to laugh at yourself, and you should laugh at yourself. and if you are able to laugh at yourself on occasion, i guarantee you you're going to be happier, more productive, and better suited to survive the world because the world isn't going to change for you. no matter how much you bully people, censor people, i try to cancel people, it's not going to make them respecting more, in fact it's going to make them loathe you. if >> tucker: that is such a deep point. i want to write that down. you're exactly right. laugh at yourself every day, savor your own ridiculousness, and you will be a happy person. chadwick moore, thank you for
5:54 pm
that. >> thank you. >> tucker: more news after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: we are out of time, but don't forget to check out our conversation on brain health on "tucker carlson today." brain health? yes. apparently you can keep yourself sharp into old age if you think a little bit about what you eat. not to complicate it. a very compelling case for how
6:00 pm
certain foods make your brain work better. you can stream that tonight on fox nation. tomorrow night we got a special show for you. joe biden and the economy, we will spend the full hour investigating what's going on and how it will affect you. we think it's worthwhile. we will be back. every night, 8:00 p.m., the show that's the sworn enemy of lying, verbosity, smugness and groupthink. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome to the special edition of "hannity," everybody, i'm tammy bruce in for sean. and tonight, series no details about the timeline from tuesday's shooting in uvalde, texas. raising more questions than answers. according to reports, the shooter fired his gun outside of school for 12 minutes before entering. jeff paul is with us.


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