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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 26, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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that is all the time for this evening. i will be with you tomorrow night as well. you can catch my show. get "hannity" streaming on fox nation and you can read my column. thank you, everyone. and i will see you tomorrow night. "the ingraham angle" is up next. ♪ ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle." thank you for joining us tonight. >> i got to say the offices. i got to see the community members by public it is so hard. it is hard to take in. it is traumatic. we are hurting inside. we have partners who have to live here is where every day. the victims. the family members. we feel for them.
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>> laura: raw emotion. new details and more questions out of uvalde, texas. a scene from tuesday's mass murder of 19 children and two adults. authorities held a press conference. they tried to the correct some earlier what they say were false reports but in doing so, they also rate a lot more questions. >> 11:28, the suspect just left of here wrecked his vehicle. he climbed the fence. now he is in the parking lot, shooting at that. multiple times. he walks into the west side of rob elementary. >> laura: what about the initial story that the shooter had exchanged gunfire with a school security officer? >> i want to clear up that came out early on. it was reported that a school
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district police officer confronted the suspect that was making entry. not accurate. he walked in on the suspect. there was not an officer available, armed. no. >> laura: no officer armed at the entrance to the school. grieving parents and family members, we desperately want and he desperately answers. police say they are still interviewing the responding officers. there were a lot of them from different jurisdictions and also other witnesses. some specifics are known. >> walked into the hallway. he makes eight right. walks another 20 feet. starts left into a school. into a classroom. that has doors open in the middle. officers are there. the initials officers -- initial officers receive gunfire. >> laura: we don't know how muc.
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they knew the shooter was in the classroom and the time they engaged him. >> approximately an hour later, u.s. border patrol tactical teams arrived. our job is to the report the. and have those answers. >> laura: a lot of the unpack here. at this hour, my big question is, did responding officers from different jurisdictions, did they do all they could under the circumstances? joining me now is cullen smith tenth a retired fbi agent. it looks like about an hour took between the initial entry, when the technical team went in and shot him dead. so far, your reaction to this. >> good evening, laura. thank you for having me on your show. we don't know what we don't know
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and it is a fluid situation and there was a lot of chaos at the scene of the incident. i can talk a little bit about the training that i received as well as the training, the fbi pushes out for all the agents as well as law enforcement officers that participate which is the alert training which is the advanced law enforcement rapid response training and that training cleans these officers to put number one responsibility is to stop the killing and then once that happens stop the dying. generally speaking the first officer on the scene is -- if he hears gunshots, he is to go in and engage the shooter. if you are not hearing gunshots, a third officer and together they go in and engage the shooter but it appears that that may have happened at this point. once the assailant, into the classroom, for whatever reason, they stopped there at the door and then they waited for the tactile those technical team to arrive. >> laura: they were asking for negotiators and other equipment.
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we know that because that was set at this press conference today. also, we are finding out about how many gunshots there were approximately. watch. >> the majority of the gunfire was in the beginning. in the beginning. i say numerous. more than 25. it was a lot of gunfire in the beginning. during the negotiations, there was more gunfire. rather than keeping the upper six at baker -- that could change depending on the video. right now, according to the information, he did not respond. >> laura: colin, it looks like negotiations did not lead to that much and they keep saying most of the gunfire was in the beginning. and it seems like to justify not going in, not having an urgent need to win in. which i'm not an expert. but would seem like there might
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be survivors. and first or no gunfire law, why isn't the first move to go in as soon as possible? i'm just not following this. something i might be missing. >> colin: none of us were there and i certainly do not want to -- actions of all of the officers that immediately, to the scene as well as the border patrol tactical team as well as the officers that were a part of that team that one and engage the shooter. generally speaking, for the training that most if not all law-enforcement officers receive via the alert training and worked their own version of the active shooter training, once you engage the shooter, you continue to engage. this point, made a been an issue of the fact that the door was locked and they did not protect those potentially do not have the correct tool to get into that door. and/or whether it was a decision made on the scene with her they were taking fire and they didn't have an opportunity to engage
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the shooter and work negotiate with them. so -- treatment let me read something. this is from "the washington examiner." that the other patrol agents song taking down the government as a suicide -- gun man as a suicide mission. if you brush the dirt not only do have that kids but that cops, the officials said. suicide to try to rush a barricaded subject from your experience, is that an electric statement? -- accurate statement? >> raymond: -- >> colin: if the shooter has superior firepower and you don't have it. position in which you can get into and eliminate the shooter, -- >> laura: but the door. it is a door. i don't mean to be short with you. it is a door. there are kids inside and a shooter. i know it is more complicated. but there is a door. there is a shooter. there was a lot of gunfire and they know he is in there. my question to you is, do you go in because there are kids in there, either dead or suffering,
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or do you wait an hour and help you get better negotiators? or equipment? that is my simple question tonight. >> colin: and certainly that is a simple answer expected from my perspective, i would go in. but also -- >> laura: that is what i thought. >> colin: i would hope to have the right tool. those officers understand they are static in front of that door and he has an ar 15 with several magazines, they are going to be taking fire and that is exactly what happened to the border patrol tactical team and several of those officers did take fire. they were successful in eliminating that threat. >> laura: they went in and they had perhaps some more equipment. this is tough for everyone, the police, the local authorities, the federal authorities that were on the scene and the families it is beyond heartbreaking. there are no words for this. we appreciate your expertise. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell today told cnn of all places that he is open to
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the gun-control talks saying i met with -- and i have encouraged him to talk with senators murphy and others who are interested in trying to get an outcome that is related to the problem. i'm hopeful that we could come up with a bipartisan solution. interesting. joining me now is kellyanne conway. and author of that new bestseller, here's deal. kellyanne this is going to treat what a lot of people believe is an opportunity to have some bipartisan response for these shootings. also a political first on. what do you expected to happen here? >> kellyanne: i expected to happen what has happened every other time. i was there in the white house after parkland practical it was much discussion about the same issue, the same matters. they were serious conversations. sometimes partisan. sometimes bipartisan. the president was speaking to replete with democratic senators who said they wanted to be helpful and they would not do
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this and they would not do that. all of whom have went on to impeach him twice and none of whom were serious but what i find really gelding is not even the politicization of all these issues while families are still grieving, well funerals are being plan, but that narcissism, i feel that they -- beto o'rourke is a total narcissistic. i think that sponsor from mayor lightfoot is narcissistic. why is everything about them? in the case of beto o'rourke, i want to say this because this has to do with what they are discussing. when you have people trying to grab that mic and steal the spotlight when people are giving a factual briefing of what they know what just happened to the increasing community and these fallen angels, shut up. here's a guy who is in congress. he ran for president and lost. he got the same electoral votes as cory booker and now he is running for governor of texas. if i see a clip of him yesterday in a fund raising keys or in an
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ad, you should all pay close attention to the. this talk in washington -- happen. it goes back and forth but i think the people, nothing really came out of the post parkland era on any of this and people just —-dash. [overlapping speakers] >> laura: i'm not sure if that means nothing is going to happen. >> kellyanne: i did not say it had to happen work not happen. a lot of folks frankly does a lot of folks in the white house meeting -- you know, people are -- but look, i think, here's the other thing, laura. everyone is yelling and the rest of us. we express prayers and sympathy, talking about mental health but "the washington general" had a great article about the $112 billion that was designated for covid related school activities including mental health but 92% of it is unspent. there is a mental health component but there is also the ability to shift over. we can -- let's act with the
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same rigor to protect these kids that we did that virus. >> laura: there's a lot of heat on this nra convention tomorrow, kellyanne. it looks like there's going to be some significant protest, flyers, you know, being sent around the internet and people being pushed, pressured to cancel their appearances and so forth. this is obviously turning into they hope, i think that the democrats, attempt to boost joe biden. do you think it works? >> kellyanne: i don't know who or what could boost joe biden at this point. they are looking at the midterms. they know what they are onto precipice -- on the precipice of losing the house. they only react about abortion after the ruling from the supreme court. they only talk about guns after this tragedy in uvalde, texas. they are not brand knuble. i think -- nimble.
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and i think there's going to be arguing. i don't think it will be as clear, for the democrats as they meeting. raymond congratulations on your new book. bestseller. you can get it on amazon or at your local bookstore. kellyanne, thanks so much. coming up, if you're not yet familiar with the acronym esg, you need to be. my ankle does a deep dive into help -- how big of a scam it really is and why it threatens our way of life. that is next.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: the left goes. that is the focus of tonight's angle. environmental, social governance. the acronym esg is a classification and rating system that globalists are now using to pressure american companies into adopting progressive practices at every level of the full operation. and like so many really bad ideas, and, of course, originated at the united nations. covid years they have aggressively marketed the concept is good for companies, good. you, and for the planet. dsg propaganda even comes in the
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form of really creepy figures. so. >> managers undertake to incorporate esg issues into investment analysis and decision-making processes. the active owners and incorporate esg issues into inte ownership policies and practices. >> laura: doesn't it sound great, kids? basically, think of those behind the esg movements as that self-appointed south -- thought and governance pleas for corporate america. companies not on the s&p 500 esg index are punished by institutional investors and asset managers who themselves are pressured to drop offending companies from their mutual funds or. what does one of the biggest promoters of esg is a guy named larry fink. he is the ceo of blackrock. this means one company has an enormous amount of leverage to force other companies to go
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woke. >> want to have the highest performing stock in the industry. i think what i'm requesting is what i see from what -- where our clients' money is going. if they don't choose to do this, i think you're going to start seeing some of these companies having lower performing companies. if you are going to have high-performing stock over a long period of time, you need to be doing this and blackrock is doing it ourselves empty -- on behalf of our shoulders, our employees, and our clients. >> laura: how benevolent take larry fink will help the world that against pollution, climate change, and mean bosses. except in the place where all of that is rampant. china. blackrock is heavily invested there which means that it
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operates with the permission of its communist party. larry may want to check out the new documents detailing the horrifying abuses against uighur muslims going back to 2018. but i guess that is not going to stop the blackrock china bond fund or any of their other chinese ventures. blackrock is heavily, heavily entrenched there and double investments are only going to get bigger. as usual with these self-appointed guardians of climate, hypocrisy and double standards are always bubbling right below the surface. and then for to probe allies who love this dsg stuff. but what everyone needs to know is that esg scores are based on a set of totally arbitrary standards and they actually, end up knee capping great american companies, almost overnight. not surprisingly, elon musk
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sought right into the esg scam and now the tesla was just booted from the esg index, while exxon estate onto musk is really on the warpath. exxon is rated top 10 best in the road for environment social and governments. by s&p 500. tesla did not make the list. is she is a scam. it has been weapon is by fully social justice warriors. he tweeted. of course he is right. and the exclusion, his -- has only worsened tesla's stock. in just the past six weeks alone. brushing aside the political motivation here, robert doran -- margaret dorn, she tries to justify tesla office scored by setting claims of racial discrimination and poor working conditions. and the response to vehicles autopilot crashes. well, more more physical and
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ambiguous esg standards arca the more room to ask your political enemies and rework your friends. even proponents like dusty lam seen adviser at esg global advisors concedes that clear metrics are a real problem here. he cites several factors including a concealed -- confusing that account of categories and acronyms which have evolved over several years. but lance thinks that esg needs to be better marketed. marketing problem? that is like saying biden's economy is caused by a marketing problem. it is just that problem. does policy. given the blowback we saw against disney for its esg inspired moves against florida parents and musk's complains. i think the esg crowd knows that we are on to them. in their defense -- and their defense is pathetic. esg is rapidly becoming politicized.
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incorporating esg factors into investment decisions is not about political views. it is about driving long-term value for shareholders and stakeholders. i will give you a translation here by capitalism made america too rich. it is tempted to change that and esg can help level the playing field. got it? musk himself is too powerful. but they will try. other powerful and visible rise up to protect the woke agenda by urging social media censorship of your detractors, of course. and that is taking a page from the covid please's playbook -- police's playbook. i don't put anything past these people. this is all the rage at davos, of course. >> we are finding ourselves in a place where we are -- we have increasing polarization everywhere and everything feels binary when it does not need to be. i think we are going to have to think about a recalibration of
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the whole range of human rights that are playing out on bond from of speech to the freedom to be free from online violence. >> laura: of course, this is music to china's years because the elites have finally come around to the value of suppressing speech, intimidation tactics, implicit threat will shut you down and use of broad generalities and a carbon neutral world. >> the world to reach this zero net zero carbon world, we are going to have, invest estimates more than $15 trillion as new technologies. >> laura: i think you get it, the entire esg movement is just another way to circumnavigate run the emergent voters. it is going to make people like larry fink and his men's richard petty.
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it won't mean a freer and richer america for the average american. have the courage to stand up to the woke police of blackrock and call out the global elites that frauds that they are and that is the angle. >> also go to the global economy and our ability to solve challenges from climate to covid. we don't seek to stop china or any other country for that matter from growing their economy or advancing the interests of their people but we will defend and strengthen the international law, agreements, principles, institutions that maintain decency. >> laura: that is probably that when pierced speech i have heard a secretary of estate gift. the white house sees china as an ally for. one we need in order to take on any challenges facing this country. it does not matter about their human rights abuses.
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it is just the way it is. this is totally disconnected from reality. it is essentially waving the white flag of surrender. joining me is jordan shane. -- gordon chang. china is working to undermine america at every turn,. and blinken comes out and essentially says, well, we can't really affect china's behavior. so we will try to use opportunities to work with them anyway. i could not make heads or tails of what this was supposed to be all about. >> gordon: this is really awful, laura. china has declared a "people's war" on the u.s. they did that with people's daily. when people's daily -- that is
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china speaking. we know covid that -- china, we know where covid-19 came from practice, 100% that we know that china spread covid-19 beyond its borders. we know 100% that china is behind these large far-flung fentanyl gangs and that means 100,000 americans have been killed each year with chinese conventional. that is deliberate. when you say that you have to work with a country like china, you're giving china a veto over american foreign policy which is what biden has done in some respects. >> laura: he also signaled that as long as these guys are in charge, you know, biden or whoever is pulling his strings, we are never going to even begin to decouple from china. watch. >> secretary blinken: we don't expect every country to have that exact same assessment as we do. we know many countries have ties
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with china that they want to preserve. this is not about forcing countries to choose. it is about giving them a choice. >> laura: gordon, this is a mess of a speech. this is setting up a total capitulation under china tariff and i'm thinking if you are president xi and watching this, you're thinking, we went from mike pompeo to this do? they are sitting pretty. i keep saying i don't have words for things today but i don't have words for this. , 19 yes. and this shows the weakness of the biden administration's approach to china. and this sounds -- when you go back and think about what reagan said that the united states was going to defend its interests and deep interest of three countries around the world and we were not going to except the soviet union as a given.
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it was we win or lose. that is sort of morphed into what blinken said which is milquetoast and our allies and friends listen to this are the sergeant and they should point out the chinese leadership is laughing at what lincoln said today. -- blinken said today. >> laura: when you think about how the u.s. government is working and spending tens of billions of dollars that will ultimately be hundreds of billions dollars to change's russia's behavior. they are doing dowtech they are not going to do that towards country, of course they are. china has gotten so. because the elites did all that business there. that now i got they are saying too big to fail. >> gordon: you know, the sad thing about this is that china is failing. it is failing on its own because it has a contracting economy. it has a debt crisis. and covid-19 which it can't deal
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with and so this is the time for us to come back to that reagan posture and take a look at the free world must-win. if it is not free, we know what happens. so of this is -- and as you say, -- >> laura: one of the worst speeches. one of the worst speeches have ever heard a secretary of state give, period. that goes back to obama. great to see you. up next, is the mob coming for ricky gervais'? raymond arroyo is up next with a special edition of "seen and unseen," next.
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♪ ♪ control welcome to fox news live. the gunman was inside the elementary school for more than an hour before he was killed by law enforcement. family members not to meant to know why police did not storm the placement of it. texas department of public safety since the 18-year-old gunman began his rampage at
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11:40 a.m. today. was not killed until 12:50 pm. radio to -- rate leota -- ray liotta has died. he did not make up this morning. robert de niro says in an e-mail statement that he is "way too young to have left us." i'm ashley strohmier, and back to "the ingraham angle." ♪ ♪ >> laura: it is time for our content segment. for that, we go to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. a big director i understand is coming out against the reagan years? >> raymond: yes. everyone will see when this matters. there's a new film that he did
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that of the years. the new movie is called armageddon time. >> laura: claiming that racial and economic inequality has its roots in the reagan era. >> ronald reagan became president. my mother said, it is going to be a nuclear war and the feeling of armageddon was sitting on the family and what it means for cinema because it was the end of a new hollywood which meant the end of a certain kind of film that i really love. >> raymond: this is a curious critique. since far from killing of csilla look and we have been dining out culturally under '80s' and left for 40 years now. kasen point, this week. what is premarin? tom cruise is back as maverick in "top gun." and then you have cobra kai.
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and also hitting this week is the new season of stranger things. there is that said? in the '80s. it recycles plot points from everything from "18" to "rodon." -- "et" data "red dawn." >> laura: the '80s rock. fun music. patriotism. reagan. america was back. rambo. >> raymond: ricky gervais' premiered in new netflix special called super nature. the opening the minutes has drawn controversy. >> ricky: women, not all women coming the old-fashioned women. the ones with wounds. [laughter] those [bleep] dinosaurs.
7:40 pm
i love the new women. it is the ones with [bleep]. [laughter] i love them. >> raymond: the feeling is apparently not mutual. they condemned the show as dangerous anti-trans rants. survey is pushing back. >> ricky: we did not used to hear about it. people would say that is controversial because they want you to shut up. that is what they say. they want you to shut up. so don't shut up. >> raymond: giovane just told a spectator, my target was transacted this ideology. i addressed -- comedy is going to be offensive, laura, even cruel at times. the question is intent and with the audience is willing to accept and embrace.
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>> and surveys -- gervais is a liberal. that is why people like jay leno are saying i'm never doing political comedy again. they are killing comedy. >> raymond: comedy also serves an important cultural purpose. it lets of esteem for us culturally. if you're laughing, it is hard to hate. this is a good thing but we should be encouraging more even targeted mean-spirited comedy because if people are laughing that you can have a discussion and you are not hating each other. nobody is getting physically hurt. don rickel would give these people heart attacks and gervais is not the only one. you will remember we reported that petting the pwn berated -- for not properly wearing her mask. this is the moment. remember this. >> wear your mask.
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that is the rule. if you don't want to follow that rule, get the [bleep] out. who do you think you are? >> laura: now lupone is explaining. >> she took it off, it waved in the air and then put it over her eyes so she was mocking the mandate and marking the covid safety managers who get abuse every night. >> raymond: how did petting the pwn become the urgent —-dash patti lupone become the surgeon general of broadway? >> laura: that voice is not as fun. what else?
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>> raymond: and apparently as ukraine goes up in smoke the biden administration, secretary of state antony blinken is launching a new type of integrated deterrence of a musical variety. >> secretary blinken: do you guys have a guitar? please, sir. ♪ ♪ >> raymond: they could just play that off the coast of taiwan. i promise it would keep all of the aggressors at may. let's hope they are a bit more in tune. >> laura: oh, my goodness. i'm glad i missed all of that. thanks a lot, raymond. thanks so much. thank you. after silencing doctors, biden administration has a what about a drug they were pushing themselves. it is crazy. all the details next.
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>> and it is very, very effective at preventing super disease. >> laura: do you remember that? that was, what, a month ago?
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the administration was pushing this great drug that was going to help treat covid and dismissed all those that questioned its efficacy. now we are finding out that covid symptoms can return after you take the drug but again, that was sold five minutes ago by the white house as the drug that was granted help you get rid of covid. i wish i was joking. i'm not. the cdc this week put out a health advisory warning of something called covid rebound. what? it starts two to 80 days after initial recovery and may bring a "brief return of symptoms" regardless of vax status. dr. peter mccullough, also with me. dr. harvey risch. i have not seen you in a well. i'm glad to see you. this is the first time i have seen a treatment that actually brings covid back after
7:50 pm
supposedly treating it. this is -- this is kind of a first for me. what are your thoughts on this tonight? >> dr. risch: this was actually in that pfizer materials that were given to the fda for its review. and it turns out that in that 97 page -- treated in the patrol, 11 of them have this rebound phenomenon that after five to seven days of treatment, the symptoms started coming back. the fda has said that you just treated with another -- but of course, that was not tested in the trial that we don't really know exactly what is going on. the fact that it is a problematic struck in the first place because it has so many interactions. have to either be stopped or -- makes it very comforted into administer. >> laura: dr. mccullough, this is the kind of thing that drives people to that distrust those very public health officials who claimed to be and desperate
7:51 pm
desire of our trust and our faith, is it not? >> dr. mccullough: you are right. they should be working with esperance conditions. we have been working with drugs in combination take that is the key thing. it is not a standalone drug. we have always used hydroxy quark when in sequence combination -- hydroxychloroquine in sequence culmination. and a 71-year-old man who was triple vax who clearly had documented viral rebound. he had two peaks of ascending viral load and even doxxing enthusiast from the college of medicine in houston commented that basically, took its course and what he really needed is he needed the mccullough protocol. we use drugs in sequence combination that initially -- oral pleasant his own. it is never a single thing.
7:52 pm
>> laura: speaking of dr. hotez, under another issue that is making headlines around the world, is the issue of monkey pox. let's watch. >> mostly men involved in these intimate relations that are more likely to get monkey pox? >> that in its own interesting way is good news because it means you can identify people who are actually transmitting the infection. >> laura: dr. risch, this is under monkey pox issue which is the next verbal issue that i think the public health authority want us to trust them on and from what we have heard so far, you know, it looks like this is a very limited risk. it is a very small risk but it is a risk in a particular subset of people mostly and yet, to
7:53 pm
listen to some of the other folks on television, it would think you would get it by going to the gym? >> dr. risch: that is bright. this is high risk, even among them. and even people who get it, it is not a high risk of severe outcome. all things considered, this is basically a nothing burger, as they say, it is not going to be a widespread pandemic. wanting they are not talking about is there may be some evidence that risk is increasing and people who have actually been heavily vaccinated. that has to be worked out. we will find out. >> laura: well, that is terrifying to hear that. dr. mccullough new york city is actually so desperate to get people messed up again that apparently -- masked up against that apparently there are using monkey pox. the state department of health stating that masks can detect
7:54 pm
against monkey pox. is there any truth to the whatsoever dr. mccullough? >> dr. mccullough: no, it is a hyperbolic reaction. there was a case of monkey pox last summer. they published it april of 2022, a man had lots of contact. he went to the atlanta, dallas. finally hospitalized but he was treated with the drug. it works fine. the important thing, they had they had alter contact-tracing. nobody got it. >> laura: gentlemen, it is great to see you. thank you for joining us. next got yet another loss in uvalde, texas. stayed there.
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turns out that dying of a broke heart is possible a teacher die in tuesday's mass shooting in uvalde, texas she was trying to protect her students and today
8:00 pm
her husband died of a heart attack i truly believe that joy died of a broken heart, her cousin roper the couple leaves behind four children. rest in peace. you will not be forgotten. pray for that family, all the families and for healing across this land it is america now and forever greg gutfeld takes it from here. >> greg: you look fantastic and mash. happy thursday, everyone. i often wake up to the same thing every morning. larry kudlow asking me if he ca use my toothbrush. i said yes. i also wake up to a question in


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