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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 26, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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we are out of time. things to use morgan ortagus, jimmy failla, tyrus, and kat timpf. shannon bream is next. america, i love you. >> shannon: , hello and welcome to fox news. i'm shannon bream in new york. >> [indiscernible] at this time, no. there was not an officer readil available. i set up with that, yes. i will circle back with you.
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again, as we do the investigation, we have all thes questions and we want to answer them. be three more questions than answers after officials at the texas department of safety hold a news conference on thursday regarding the shooting at the b elementary school. the officers on the scenery changing as the investigation i ongoing. the spokesperson is joining us in just minutes and we will ask them the questions on everyone' mind tonight. let's go right to the scene where we are reporting live fro uvalde. >> good evening, shannon. so many questions right now. barry few answers to help this community that is becoming rowing lee frustrated what is happening right now. so many of these people are directly impacted by the shooting that unraveled just behind me at rob elementary school. a lot of frustration going back
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to videos like the ones you're watching right now. they showed shot up the bus dea during this mass shooting and were trying to not only can answers but figure out what's going on with her kids as they watch police officers standing there holding a perimeter and many parents wanted to push bac through the perimeter to see if their kids were okay. that's for a lot of the frustration is coming from. they wanted off there was enoug done to save as many kids as possible. they cleared up some of those questions to pay it took one hour from the time law enforcement first engaged with the suspect until they shot and killed him. we are also learning investigators believe the door the suspect entered through could get inside the school was on lock. texas dps backtracking on the claim that there was an armed police officer on site. there was not. >> we want to know what happened , re-create the scene. that takes days, that takes
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hours, that takes time. it's a lot of information. we have to do a lot of interviews. >> the chief of police here in uvalde also revolve -- responding to the claims that h knows those answers will not come fast enough for her he along with the rest of the officials out here are going to do all they can to drill down and figure out what -- why this happened. >> we understand that governor abbott is going to hold a conference tomorrow in uvalde pick is that a little bit of a surprise for you? what were you expecting? >> previously governor greg abbott had planned to speak at the nra convention that's happening in houston, tomorrow, but it sounds like he canceled that appearance to go there in person and it sounds like it's going to be doing some sort of video address whether that's live or pretaped, we don't know but he will be instead here in uvalde addressing the community
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at 3:30 local time 4:30 eastern time. we will see what he has to say. the last time governor abbott spoke, he had beto o'rourke sho up. we will see who shows up that this one and if there are any interruptions. >> thank you very much for the update. so let's get some more clarity now. where the investigation is tonight. from texas department of public safety lieutenant chris olivarez . we appreciate your time tonight. >> thank you, shannon. thank you. the timeline is modified and updated and clarified and i wan to walk you through it. there was a call around 11:28 o 11:30 and people try to assist the guy after his crash and he was shooting at them. he went into the school at 11:40 . half we clarified that there wa no one that attempted to stop
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them from going into the school? there wasn't a resource officer at that point? >> so we know for a fact there was not a school resource officer on site at that particular time. we do know that there was a school resource officer that responded to the scene and initially from those first took place, we were receiving information coming in and it wa very fluid and a very active investigation it still is edits early on to make any factual determinations. the school resource officer encountered the gunfire and exchanged gunfire. we have confirmed that's not th case and there was no encounter whatsoever with that initial school resource officer and the gunman. >> shannon: at 11:44, my understanding is that were loca police officials they are come officers that responded on site. there may have been police officers with the school district as well.
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can you clarify for us whether they would end of the school an told or took rounds at that point? with a inside the school or outside the school? how are those officers tonight? >> that's a good point. there is a lot of confusion out there and a lot of unanswered questions come a lot of miscommunication as far as what actually took place i can tell you for a fact from the gunman entered the school and we determine what security measure were in place and how he was able to make entry, those officers responded within minutes, right behind the shooter after he gate entry to the classroom. we know for a fact that they were searching the area and it' a school with several hallways and classrooms. at their first nobody -- we do know that there were othe students in those classrooms as well so they were trying to fin the threat and the shooter as they approach the doorway, two
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officers get shot. they were able to retreat and they moved out to the end of th hallway and were able to contai the shooter picked they had their weapons drawn and we know that for fact because we were speaking to the officers in getting us witness statements. even the officers that were sho remained in the school. >> other going to fully recover? >> yes. they received non- life-threatening injuries. as i mentioned, there were officers inside that school the entire time. >> so let me ask you about this now we are having all of these parents things in the new york times reporting on this. his daughter jacqueline was killed. he said that officials have bee misrepresenting and the respons of -- they said they rushed in and we didn't see that. he was outside the school durin the attack and he heard gunshots . he said he doesn't understand b the officers were just standing out there for so long. he said there were plenty of me
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arm that could've gone and faster. this could have been over at a couple of minutes. he lost his child and she also lost her husband there is about an hour gap until about 12:50 o so when we were told that borde agents were there with a specia tactical unit and they took him out. parents are posting videos and asking questions and demanding to know, they were begging someone to go after their children and -- in terms the video that's been circulating come officers were already inside the school personal those officers you see on the video, you've got to understand in a situation like this, there were officers arriving and some in the school. there were officers on the opposite side of the school breaking windows trying to evacuate children and teachers in the officers you see in the video as far as that video is circulating, those are officers that are trying to create a
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perimeter to keep people from going into that school because we do not know over the active gunman is and if he's alive or what he is doing. officers remained and there wer several tactical border patrol agents that arrived and also local police departments as well . they were able to obtain a pane or shield which allowed them to make entry into the classroom. for trying to determine if the door was barricaded or breach. that still in the course of the investigation. they were able to make an entrance to the classroom in 1h was shot and they were able to shoot and kill the suspect. >> let me ask you come is accurate to say there's reports out there that during this hour long wait to get that that gunman that there were delays waiting for problem body armor or you mentioned the ballistic shield for negotiators and that is what was delaying going to the area where you thought he
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was? >> you know, shannon, that is what we are trying to determine. that's why we are speaking to officers and getting witness statements. i do not want to form an opinion . all i can tell you is that -- [indiscernible] we constantly talk about this and there's a question of what could've been done and could have there been more. that's what were trying to determine. also working with the school an the school district, the fbi trying to obtain record statements over trying to put everything together so we can provide actual information. >> we really appreciate you coming on. as things clarify we would love for you to come back and give explanation. we all want to be absolutely supportive of law enforcement.
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my late father was a law enforcement officer and i know the difficult duty that you do every day to protect your community. we want to get answers because lot of this doesn't add up righ now. we want you to come back. let's bring in tonight's panel in reaction to what we are learning. we've we've been talking with parents there in uvalde. and randy sutton has been hearing about the massacre as well. thank you for coming on. what that's up and what does no add up these says there's a lot we just do not know yet but wha are you hearing from parents that doesn't line up with just the frustration feeling that they were powerless him off enforcement was not acting. >> the parents have been speaking with have been completely frustrated. multiple witnesses said as soon as they heard gotchas they be the got the car and got to robb elementary. they couldn't get into the school and i got to a point or
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group of parents actually huddled together and were game planning to go into the school. we also learned that a mother was placed in handcuffs by federal marshals and a father was tased attempting to grab hi kid once he was on the bus. multiple parents that they were frustrated i don't understand b the took so long to get the shooter appeared according to the new york times that shooter was in the classroom for roughl one hour before he was shot. is also frustrating for parents that the texas dps director in yesterday's press conference is from the shooter engaged a campus resource officer, only 2 hours later they walked back on that. parents have a bunch of questions we don't have too man answers on them with what exactly happened with response. >> the marshals are not denying the woman was handcuffed. they stand by that story pick eventually she did go after her own kids and bring them out herself. there's so much that we don't
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know in the heat of this horrific situation. want to read something from the atlantic tonight. the headline is corporate the police. it appears that the uvalde law enforcement was unprepared. and in uvalde they seem to have expected the standoff just as authorities had expected -- police forces should trade for lightning response and announce in advance that the automatic reaction to events like this is not to wait a second before going in and trying to kill the shooter. my impression was after columbine, that was the policy that if there were kids in ther any shooter or shooters were in there, that law enforcement would go when you are the expert . what do we need to know. >> that is exactly the protocol. after columbine that's exactly what law enforcement did. they made tactical plans throughout the country and
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practiced in many, many jurisdictions to go in as soon as you have an element to go in and try to neutralize the shooter. i, i just like everybody else have been following this since it began. we have a problem here and that we. >> information instantly all th time. law enforcement simply isn't prepared to do it because these are such dynamic situations. you have hundred seven hundreds of police personnel, witnesses, victims, and in order to determine what actually took place, it is a massive enterprise. but we want answers right now. and so law enforcement has now become trying to appease
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everyone with instant questions. and i think that that is an issue right now. shannon, i want you to understand i come to this story with a very personal point of view because i engaged and active shooter at a school in m career. it was a life-changing moment. it's a life-changing moment for everyone of these police officers who have to be engaged in this situation. i find it very confusing with the information that i'm gettin about what took place. if i'm confused, then, of course , everyone is confused. we have the texas rangers, one of the most incredible police organizations in the country, i doing a timeline, doing an investigation and we have to give them the ability so that w can coherently understand what took place here.
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>> shannon: absolutely. there were more than 600 children they are. we can only be thankful that there weren't even additional lives that were impacted. we saw a lot of people recovering were very injured grievously by what happened. so it is important to know that they had operation going on to evacuate other kids and teacher and hopefully as this goes alon we forget the answers and see that puzzle come together. but the public and these parent more than anyone deserve those answers. thank you very much for being with the. we appreciate your time. >> of course. >> shannon: irma garcia was murdered at robb elementary school. her husband, joe, suffered the fatal heart attack. they leap fine for children. trace gallagher has more in wha we are learning about the victims tonight as the story
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just gets worse. >> good evening, all of these families are deeply distressed and seeking support and a variety of ways. f we've seen over the last few days, sometimes that comfort is best found by sharing stories about those that they lost. >> 21 victims, 21 white crosses standing together in front of robb elementary, symbols of lives lost, hopes-, and hopes never realize. but the families of the young victims are fighting to keep their memories alive. a father up ten-year-old jacqueline said that he remembers his daughter's love o family and her love of life. >> she was in gymnastics did sh love to be around family. the grandfather of nine-year-ol garcia once the world to know that he was the sweetest little boy that he has known. the father of ten-year-old josé
9:18 pm
torres sent his son was full of energy and that he loved to laugh. was also among the 19 who never made it out of her fourth claim classroom that day and her sister missus her deeply. and she wants us to know that mom and dad and i will be the same without you, but we are comforted knowing that you are waiting for us in heaven and have a spot for us we have one sassy guardian angel that i kno is going to protect our family. elicited the odds of ten -year-old eliana garcia who wants the world to know this about her beautiful niece. >> she was very happy and very outgoing. she'd love to dance and sing an play sports. she was bacon to family and enjoyed being with the family. that she sounds like a good girl . >> she was there also families
9:19 pm
in this tragedy who are not yet ready to speak. some because they can't find th words but they find the pain unbearable, the emptiness. and then there is a young cousi of nevaeh bravo often looks to the sky sometimes to pray and sometimes just may be to catch glimpse of nevaeh, who she believes is flying with the angels above. >> that's what she said, flying with the angels above. uvalde has seven square miles o 19 churches. we hear a lot of them talk abou faith and family. as they get through this, they are leaning very heavily on both . >> there seems to be no better place to land than that. thank you very much.
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>> in the wake of the shooting, the national rifle association is moving forward as planned with this annual meeting friday in houston. greg abbott and ted cruz and donald trump have all been scheduled to address the convention. ashley is tracking the developments tonight. this is the first meeting in three years it was canceled in 2020 and 2021 because of the coronavirus. the nra has come under extreme scrutiny amid that horrifying event in uvalde, texas. former president trump is expected to be there along with republican texas senator ted cruz picked they are both slate and confirmed to speak at the convention. also at the top of the show, governor abbott will be appearing virtually. and alexandria cortez criticize
9:21 pm
a tweet from senator ted cruz that said praying for the children and families that were left devastated and that shooting pre-she responded with you slated to headline at a speaking gig for the nra and three days, in houston, no less. faith without works is dead. he is scheduled to attend virtually but patrick is also expected to be there. meanwhile lee greenwald has canceled his concert appearance out of respect for the families in uvalde this week. beto o'rourke said he will attend around the outside the summit hold the nra and politicians accountable. the nra releasing a statement saying as we gather in houston, we will reflect on these events and pray for the victims, recognize our patriotic members and pledged to redouble our commitment to making our school
9:22 pm
safe. at the white house press secretary had this to say thursday about the nra and its allies. >> it's shameful that the nra and their allies have stood in the way of every attempt to advance measures that we all know will save lives from gun violence. measures that we know what keep weapons out of the hands of people who are terrorizing our community picks up that is what matters. >> the company who manufactured the rifle used in the texas school shooting has pulled out of the convention. they set after finding out one of their guns was used in this horrifying tragedy, it is not the appropriate time to promote their product at the meeting. >> thank you very much. >> as the uvalde shooting re- offense the debate over how to secure our schools, one is going to tell us what she did i another school district to make a concrete difference.
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president biden takes criticism for signing an executive order placing restrictions on police so soon after this mass shooting . and in the midst of a nationwid crime surge. republicans also feeling the heat over claims that the party won't move forward on any kind of new gun-control gun control measures. kevin corke always here to separate fact from fiction for a . >> good to be with you as always . while the precedent is schedule to visit uvalde, texas, he will lee defined a bitterly divided washington, city grappling over how best to address the devastating school shootings that of taken place across the country. all while still trying to avoid
9:29 pm
politicizing such tragedy. and there and lie some of the harshest criticism of the president himself, facing a cacophony of ridicule for signing the executive order tha you mentioned which targets federal law enforcement officer so soon after the texas shootings and in the midst of a nationwide crime surge. >> the president has been very clear he wants action. coupons congress to take action and to turn this pain into action. and i hope the senate particularly those who have bee unwilling to act in the face of previous tragedies will act now appeared. >> meanwhile over on capitol hill, mitch mcconnell has instructed instructed texas republican john conant to work across the aisle on a bipartisa solution that could address som of the underlying issues that could remain at the heart of so much pain. >> i think that there is a sens of, you know, urgency that we
9:30 pm
didn't feel before. were going to try to work through this and see if we can pine that common ground picked out is what our goal should be. we're going to extend the handl partnership for those who've been sitting on the sidelines, two those that have chosen to side with the gun lobbying and if we don't succeed, we are having boats. we are putting people on the record. >> that is exactly what happens here in the nation's capital they will have a vote so you ar on the record so come election season they can come back and say what did you do at the time you had a chance to make a difference. file democrats have pointed the finger at republicans for inaction on guns, south carolin senator tim scott is accusing democrats up basically pilferin some of the very solutions that he offered in his criminal justice effort a couple of year ago. legislation that the democrats led by chuck schumer, you may recall this, filibustered.
9:31 pm
>> shannon: i remember it well and very good of you to remind us all. i will see you little bit later for some good news. immediate following a moment of silent wednesday for the victim in uvalde, texas, the announcer addressed nba fans in attendanc for the call to action on gun control. >> he urges you to contact your state senators by calling 20 do- 2 to 4-223-1235 message demanding their support for common sense gun laws. you can also make change at the ballot box, visit -- and let your voice be heard thi fall. >> florida senator marco rubio responded tweeting the nba doesn't like to talk about the billions they make from china that -- but they have no problem politicizing a horrific tragedy in america appeared tonight the new york yankees and tampa bay
9:32 pm
ray twitter accounts turned awa from baseball entered the attention to gun. a team sending out tweets about information about guns and domestic abuse. and linking -- a powerful statement thursday, solid black newspaper page with no words except tuesday's date, may 24, 2022. talk about the steps another acuity had to take to secure schools there. great to have you with us. >> thank you for having me. >> i want to talk about how school resources -- the decision is left up to loca school districts that can be assigned to multiple schools an can require employees to carry firearms. what did you all think was important. did you find that they were actually able to get done to protect your kids pick.
9:33 pm
>> so this goes back to decembe of 2012 sandy hook massacre, which was devastating, as is uvalde pick i ask your viewers to pray for the family on the victims of that horrible tragedy . so when sandy hook hit december 14, 2012, the mama bear in me immediately liked it measures our district had paid we had three school resource officers spread across 11 campuses and my further investigation told me that thos school resource officers had a two minute response rate. among public safety that is a pretty good police response rat but when seconds matter you can't have two minutes. so he immediately went into action and started calling my city council people. i was surprised with the mayor pro tem of the time. he gave me a pretty hard to kno
9:34 pm
when that was simply unacceptable to me. >> you found that you were able to get an armed school resource officer at every school and you found a way to get them paid fo as well. the officials did come around and school officials came aroun and we all got together on a table and even at homeland security they are informed force . they asked me to serve as the advocate on that task force. we used emergency funds to immediately implement a more robust security force. we also developed a program which implemented an armed officer and every one of our schools. and keep in mind this was emergency funds. what we had to do from there is go to the voters had asked them to approve this measure. we found a wonderful way to do
9:35 pm
this and we simply took a part of the sales tax that was already being used for a progra that was no longer needed and w shuffled it over and the voters overwhelmingly approved that pig . >> of an addition to having tha armed officer thayer, were ther other physical protocols to the building or other issues that you really pushed for quick. >> absolutely tons. i am still baffled as to how anyone could just walk into a school anymore. i don't want to go into detail about the other measures we took . output tell you since then the nurse counsel has been wonderfu and provided more resources to our schools for extra fortification of those processe to make those extra tough to crack. as we know, i heard your earlie story and as we know these evil people go after soft targets an gun control is not the answer.
9:36 pm
putting a good guy with the gun is the only thing that will sto a bad guy with a gun and an armed resource officer inside each building is absolutely critical. when you have a government facility that the government deems as they gun free zone, it is the government's responsibility to protect those precious children. how long is it going to take. our elected officials have arme security. is time we put armed security a every school in america appeare as schools debate they can look to your example for some ideas. thank you. >> thank you. breaking tonight come and attempted robbery at an ohio walmart has apparently turned deadly. and employee attempted to intervene on the theft than the suspect shot two employees, killing one of them before
9:37 pm
taking off. good samaritans tried to stop the suspect before he fled the scene. at several people injured after a freight train derailed in western pennsylvania. the accident occurring when the train collided with the construction vehicle that was attempting to cross the tracks knocking 17 railcars off the tracks, sending them into the river. the former clinton campaign attorney accused of lying to th fbi about donald trump spoke to the court for the first time today as this trial draws to a close. what he said it where the evidence stands tonight. that is next.
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the defense has rested its case of a former hillary clinton campaign liar. michael sussman choosing not to testify in his own defense. we report on where things stand tonight. two. >> two major developments thursday in court, closing
9:43 pm
arguments kicked off friday morning as michael sussman declined to defend himself on the stand. for the first time in this tria we heard directly from michael sussman when he told the judge he put not testify come away to avoid direct questions from special counsel john durham's team sussman is charged with lying to the fbi specifically that fbi general counsel james baker when he came to baker in september of 2016 and said he had information linking the trunk organization to a russian bank with kremlin ties via a server. was delivering that information on his own, not on behalf of an clients. durham argues that sussman went on behalf of the clinton campaign and showed building evidence that he says proves that. sussman's team said he did nothing wrong and has a long working relationship with the fbi and with never liked the bureau.
9:44 pm
the judge, christopher cooper, read instructions on thursday and told them to weigh several questions, chiefly come up was sussman's statement false, fictitious, and material to the investigation. also did michael sussman at knowingly or both the leap with the intention to break the law. the final question was the statement made in the executive branch of government, the fbi. if the government proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt, they are instructed to find michael sussman guilty. after closing arguments on friday, deliberations will likely begin to stay after the long weekend. in washington, fox news. >> british prosecutors authoriz charges against after kevin spacey for four counts of sexua assault against three men stemming from an incident in england in 2005, 2008, and 2013 purity could not be formally charged and must-see enters
9:45 pm
england or wales. he faces similar allegations here in the us. >> amber heard took the -- she wrote about domestic violence in 2018. she said she's got depth threat including against her child and says that the campaign against her forces her to relive the trauma every day from the harassment and the humiliation. she said that johnny depp is ou for revenge. to johnny depp denies that he actually abused her and jury deliberations are set to begin friday. >> eliminating the baby formula shortage here in the us and how you can join the effort next. we live in the mountains so i like to walk. i'm really busy in my life; i'm always doing something. i'm not a person that's going to sit too long. in the morning, i wake up and the first thing i do is go to my art studio. a couple came up and handed me a brochure on prevagen.
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a washington dc restaurant tour again an initiative to fight hunger in the capital region an it turns the attention to the baby shortage formula he talks about his latest efforts force so money families in crisis. i love the story for so many reasons. you started during the pandemic when people weren't desperate t put these community fridge writers said many different counties. just let people come and get it.
9:51 pm
your doing the same thing with baby formula. cow or you getting your hands o this step. >> necessity is the mother of all invention we started in march of 2020 when the elderly for quarantine because of covid. then we were delivering hot steak dinners to people in thei house. we've been doing that for years now. covid didn't make more people hungry. it -- the same thing with baby formula . a recall should that affect the nations baby formula supply. i'm an entrepreneur and we have restaurants at the end businesses and one face with th problem we reacted with fast forward or we are out of business. the first thing i thought as their elderly communities aroun this country and they got to have baby formula and we found that. through my eternity brothers we went down to florida and when the shelves are full of baby formula, we just buy them, ship
9:52 pm
them up here and redistribute them back in the dc area. snap does not pay for this. so there's a lot of baby formula , it's expensive. >> it's in a bottle, not what you have. >> it is $4 a bottle. sixteen dollars a day to feed a bbn you can't afford it. so we are here to fill the gap. we have learned. babies are hungry to pick i think we have an obligation moving forward to it we just need the funding to do it. that's what makes this happen. >> i love that you decided to look at places for people like to retire. i love that you went to these communities. i look forward to retiring ther myself one day. those communities have a surplu of this and you've got people shipping it in. you talk about donations. how can people get involved if they want to help?
9:53 pm
>> 100% of everything we raise goes to put meals in our refrigerators and deliver meals to the elderly and make sure that school athletes -- we keep them afloat and keep employees working and keep the economy moving and keep people safe with good wages for restaurant employees as well. and the moms don't need to worr as well. we are community based. i want people to copy this around the country pick we can do this. we can solve hunger. >> in reading this i saw you restock you every morning and a lot of times by noon the formul is gone. you're worried about bombs that were traditional hours and may not be able to get there and yo are not delivering to people's homes if they need it. >> we have the ability, the government has been a lot of things and distribution is not
9:54 pm
one of them. i don't get inundated with call and can't respond to everybody but we get calls from people in really bad situations. i can call it newbern get it to them in ten minutes. we do that. we are making assures that moms can rest tonight. >> we are so impressed but you are doing. that is a lot of good news. thank you for all you do. thank you so much. >> i was one of those kids that really needed the free lunches during the summer because you rely on the schools pick that a such a great idea i can't wait to see others join in again a really good news note, that is where burn survivors from the phoenix area are getting ready take a height up kilimanjaro in africa pickets part of a campaign called courage rising. of aims to raise money for the
9:55 pm
new arizona burn center. among those climbing, a 12 -year-old named isabella she was burned in 2017. there she is a picture of resilience. if you are like them, we salute you. >> we do. all, my goodness. thank you from new york. we will see you on the five tomorrow. explorative is pretty sure it's not one thing barbecue buffet, buffet is the complete opposite of what the is barbecue and barbecue chicken and roll the game today and be ready. i like that . i still like to start my own place starting your buick enclave. i just never. know where to that buick. i love that new alexa smell. it's a buick. we manufacture the cheap alexa we manufacture the cheap alexa take us to the nearest grocery store a getting directions.en
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9:59 pm
but the truth is it's a one page document but it still must get through one final barrier. the county when someone comes in with fraudulent deed, if it's notarized and all the paperwork building, we by statute have to not give it back to them and say we know this is fraudulent. that's against the law. it's a false sense of security on real bottom line is yes, it happens and we can stop it from happening and it only takes one thing you and there's nothing to watch you put your house and all of a sudden it might not be your saving price for pennies a day untied lots of money to your title non stop alerting you to this vicious activity. you need a warning note that this first death happened . you can stop the red meat, terry. he signed it for home trying to lock and was immediately alerted to suspicious activity. so i received the report and saw hey, i have a lien
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against my property i didn't know about. we got it fixed right away. and if you call in the next 15 minutes and mentioned promo code, you'll receive your first thirty days absolutely free. do your property. i mean, there's no point i can go or call now 1-800- nine three eight four four one five . >> good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. two days ago, as you know, a mentally ill teenager called salvador ramos' murdered nineteen children and two teachers in an elementary school and uvalda, texas. the crime was so awful, so completely unimaginable and shocking that it was about 24 for most hours people thought to ask exactly what had happened. how was most able to get inside the school? why did no one stop him as he


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