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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 26, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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your brain work better. this is a dream that nighton on fox. ow tomorrow f night we've got a special show for you. joe biden and the economy. ou wer spend the full hour's investigating what's going on and g w how will affect you. you think it's worthwhile? we'll be back every night. candace owens the sworn enemy of flying foxes among missingng group. welcome to this special edition of "hannity", everybody. i'm tammy bruce and for sean. and tonight, sserious new details about the timeliney' from tuesday's shootings in uvalde, texas are raising more questions than answers. according toto reports, the shooter fired r his gun outside the school for 12 minutes before entering. here now with the very latest details from texas, jeff paul is with us.
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jeff,je wit yeah, tammy, a very frustrated community and this v all goes back to a video that's been making its rounds for about the last 12 hours or so showing parents, you know, understandably frustrated standing outside the school at some point during the mass shootingng sutsi being held bacy police officers and then any parents wanting to go inside and do something and check on their kids and now texas dps is responding. they tell us really d righton nw they don't have too many i details, but they started filling in some of the blanks, m especially when it comes tot this timeline. now the one thing that stuck out is that it only took the shooter 12 minutes and the time he crashed his truck to get inside his school. and investigators sayey they believe the door on the west sidee where he entered was unlocked. investigators also say that it was att this point during the first few minutes that he was inside the school where most of the shots were fired. now texas dps also cleared out.u there was not an armed schoolpu police officer on campus as they had previously
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reported. four minutesho after the shooter got inside, police entered but were immediately shot at. so they sort of backed off, called back up all law enforcement in the area to help and respond. was then an hour later where border patrol officers arrived, eventually shooting and killing the suspect. we want to know what happens, w recreate the scene that took place in the statehouse, but t t takes a lot of information to do a lot of interviews. commu how the community is very muchnr still mourningy and that was evident at the school today when you could see people showing up to pay their respects. twenty one crosses placed on school groundsss showing their sort of love and respectes for the 19 students, two teachers who died. we've seen a constant flow of people showing uponst and doing just that praying, leaving flowers, trying to make sensesh of the unthinkable thing that has happened here behind us at rob elementary school.
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in fact, one of the teachers who was there spoke with our crew last night at the vigil, just couldn't really make out the words that she was so emotional, referring to her students as her own children. tami h. i well,s jeff, thank you . it is clearly crushing and literally unbelievable, but it's real and none of us will ever be the same . thank you for your report, sir. nineteen innocent kids, twowo adults murdered on tuesday. this includes, of course, a teacher named irma garcia who was killed trying to protect the children that she was chargedrg with . those little students from the deranged gunman in her fourth graden class yesterday. prepare yourselves everyone. her husband joe died from a heart attack. talk about a broken heart literally. they leave behind four children.d this is the reality of the individual impact of this kind of heinous, monstrous . nown joining us with more on the ground in texas is fox newst contributor sara carter. a lot t to unpack here, sara. you're right there.
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so much going on information moving so quickly. we understand everyone is stilln going to be in shock and yet some of the things we're learning is stunning. we'vee got to go there because we're all talking about why does this keep happening? we've got c to learn how to change this . what are you seeing on the ground? oh , absolutely. tami, i did get off the phone shortly with texas i , i have been told that the texas rangers are conductingco the full investigation into the timeline and what occurred here. we're expecting a lot of texas rangers as well to be arriving tonight . as for emma garcia, the teacher who lost her life protectingch her children. i want you towant take a lookak behinde me. alll of the people from this town that are showing up here u right off of main street in uvalda. there are i u 20 one crosses beg signed all day. we've been here for c most
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the day by children, by people from out ofby town, by people here in texas who've driven seven hours, some of them eight hours just to come here and leave flowers and toys foril the children. now irma garcia's crossdrdr is among her children here as well as the other teacher who lost her life. and reports are that irma was literally holding her children in her arms h when they foundy her body and the body of the children, her husband. it's's devastating. but joe garcia came to the memorial yesterday. he came to the memorial y toel bring flowers for his lovely wife who had been married for twenty four years. they were high school sweetheartss and according to family members, the minute he got home he collapsed with a broken heart and lostt his life . he has c four children, the oldest being twenty three , the youngest, i am s told,ev bey
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in the seventh grade. you know, i'veou been talking to people here in the community. it's been very difficult for many people close to the situation to talk publicly. some ofal comfortable others hae not felt comfortable. i did have a chance to speak with john. so while he's a member ofni this community, he is a rancherl . he manages a largear ranch right here in uvalda county and here is what he had to say.ny so many people are wondering they're asking why would someone doeo this ? and it almost feels as though part of this town's spirit has been wounded. so for sure. but it's a resilient you know,d i talked to someoneto today who works at the hospital and he said i was workingki with the children yesterday and kids that wereds wounded wee were not worried about themselves. they weren't worrieds, that thee were shot in the leg or this you know, otherwise they were worried aboutab their teachers. they're worried about their friend.
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what do you say to a child, you know, you don't you can't youhe cry with them. i guess. i mean,, my daughter of course,o sara went to school around elementary. she's now a teacherenta in navaa . but she taught me valide last year and has connection with many kids and she sat and rob c in those classes of those kids were you know, we're in and she's just really you know, she's crying. ve she's can't believe it. she you know, she just can't come to grips with it. and so seeing that how it affected her and she's a teacher and and saying, you kno, this is changes everything that changes allch you feel like that this is something that you don't ever connectct with when you see it on the news. but now it's your homean and we're really connected to it. they are very connected to it.
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tami,mm he was right. you know, i was with john whend his daughter called him and he d had her on speakerphone and introduced her to me and she was gasping for s breath while she was talking to her father. it was just it was was j so devastating. but i got to tell you, you know, i did i do know people here in this community. i've interviewed people here before, including john and onehe of them was a little girl who was in the fourth gradeho who fortunately was not fer tragically killed. like her classmates, she is, a homestudy, a student, butbu ss was friends with all the kids ie in the c classroom. and when w i saw her tell me it was just that moment, you know, she looked at me. i said, hey, sweetie, how are you holding up? and she just broke down crying and all i could do is just hold her in my arms and , you know, let her cry. this is a very heartbreaking situation. i think we all c across the country are connecting to it. i s i said, people are bringing gifts fro all acrossnt
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the country and also donations for the families and for the loved ones and for t the burial. that you valge policeor department is coordinating that heredi with the mayor, john mclaughlin. so if anybody wants to be ofic service, if anybody wants to help the families hereer in uvalda, they can certainly contact the uvalda police department as well as cityta hall. sara, greatat reportingen and that's important to knowd because as we we tend to go to the, the political fight which of course these storiesfl that you're talking about reflect the humanity involved in real lifema that they don't k care about, you know, p the pundits or the fightsel and all of that . but we also want to help you now have four children who have lost both parents that family. a and is there any other fundraising or is it really it's just really contact the city center there and theor mayor's office to try to help financially and otherwise? well, i know there are go finde
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any sites that i have spoken to mayor john mclaughlin. i've spoken to people here in town. they said that the uvalda police departmentto u as well as the local banks here arehe coordinating so that theyy willm ensure that 100 percent ofil the money gets to the families, gets to the victim.e ut t. we've got to makehat. sure about that . keep an eye on it, sara. keep up the great work. thanks for being there. so now look, according to today's troubling new reports, the gunman was in fact inside robb elementary school for up to an entire hour while law enforcement in fact waited outside. these ar. viltiple reports videode in fact, shows parents on the scene begging police to go inside according to one mother who drove 40 miles to the school, quote, ot the police were doing nothing.hs they were just standing outside the fence. they weren't going in there or running anywhere. the mother then told the wall f street journal that she ranro from the crowd, jumped the school fence, went inside
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the school and rescued her own children in the midst of this .m joiningid us now with reaction e former homicide detective and fox news contributorti ted williams and the co-host of the buck sexton and clay travis show about sexton, who is also a former member of the nypdte intelligence division. gentlemen and ted, let me start with you. it's good to see's youd t. you know, there's clearly t there's still mourning and they're stillhe sadness and grieving and there's now some rage as we get morehi information because we've got to know this information in order to know what to do and what goes wrong and what we can fixan. w tell me your thoughts nows with what we're seeing and how this is unfolding for so far. well, kiran, as you've already said, we do have to get this information and we have toma k get it right and weno need to know the truth of what took place. we were told yesterday in a press conference by thehe governor and the head of
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the texas rangers and the lieutenant governor and other officials there that the first person to come in contact with this killer wasic the security officer at that back door. the bager. we now learn was unlocked. we also now know that there wasc no security officer and we also know that by the time this guyha got into that school, into that room, there was gunshots and then this guy was in there for one hour. a and i'dnd like you to think abot this and i'd like our audience to think aboutut this . you had thought 19 childrenou that had been shot h and you had 17 or more that had been injured and those kids were in their for one hour with this killer and those who are now living i am sure, tammi, that day scarred and perhaps
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scarred for life and whatapho should have happened i what should have happened ifs what happened twenty three years go we learned a lesson at columbine and that is to go into law enforcement and neutralize the persononson right away. that did not happen here. they gave us false information yesterday and as a result ofes that , unfortunately some kids may have been saved or we don't know that but we could have been some people well, we know just from this report froml the wall street journal if it's accuratest a mom goes into the arena, gets into the building in the midst of b all of this access to the building, finds her childrens hes remove them fm the building. again, this is for her report wall journal reporting what she's told them her own children. a mom did this and this is also when we think about the governor, perhaps they were given the wrong information
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that it looks like the local police report they were reporting. nobody seems to have the correct information at all. what do you think with your background in intelligence and what's required here? i know it's a small town. nong one's going to forgive themselves for the rest of their lives. we don't want to pile on heren, but we must know the nature of what missteps were taken. r that'sig absolutely right becaua it's essential that we do what'suse necessary going forwad to try to prevent and certainlya mitigate to the greatest possible situation liketu this m and iel just say that the timeline of what we know right now occurred from a lawce enforcement perspective response is just unacceptable. it's too long. it's too slow. there are so i understand they're saying there are additional details that need to come ad out. but j the fact of the matter is just based upon what has already been confirmed, they had an active shooter who was still shooting over the course of that hour of the wait
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while he was inside and the prior point wasan already made that there may have been children who were hit who were bleeding out. speed is absolutely of i y the essence and that you coulds have had as many as around 100 law enforcement officersen a on the scene setting up a cordon and preventing parents from goingen in and then a paret actually managed to get in and save her own children justen goes to show you this was a breakdown and people are going to be studyingng if the lw enforcement community for a long time i think i about just how command and control on the scene, what tactics, techniques and techniques and procedures need to change here. what was the breakdown? how did this occur because nobody would ever look at this study the situation from a pure lawe enforcement perspective and say this is the way this is the playbook. this iss p we're supposed to respond in this circumstance. i know it's a small town. they don't have a lot ofad resources, but they have a lot of armed personnel on the scene and oneyear 18 year over the ri, ted, you know, we saw some of t this also when it came to the parkland shooting clearly that played out where we knew about
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a school resource officer hiding a different policece department coming in to finally move in that environment that what happens on the ground can be shocking. these are people who areed trained to do something. you have to wonder it's like are police affected by the rhetoric we've been hearing for years about law enforcement? is is this a dynamic that where there needs to be massive nationaleds training about howo respond to a violent incident? but it seems strange that when even especially children are involvedn at schools in this dynamic parkland and now heren that things were not done when they could have been done, what do you think, ted, is is that the core of this reticence and this problememd? >> well, you know, i listen to in defense of the police, there's always a great deal ofn confusion when you haveyo these kinds of unfortunate events. but there wer were kids in theen these lawt enforcement officers knew that there were kids
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in therere and these kids were should have been immediately that should have been ann attempt to rescue them even ifea you would have to try to breach the door, they should have d had some kind of way to try to get into that room and they should have got in right away. you could not wait an hour. just think about it. younghi kids in their terribly upset because they waited one hour before going in there to try to rescue. absolutely shocking. butyo i'll give you the last wod here because again, everyrd is going to bring new information and we know everyone involved isis shocked and struggling with how they acted and what . gened where doo you think we go from from here? well, i'm familiar bureaucracies work including law enforcement bureaucracies. la of think that some the, the reported information that turned out to be incorrect ,we'ree going to see that there's a bit of a scrambling going on among of
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some of the authorities involved here to come uppin with what the narrative will be that doesn't end up sounding like a lot of cops did around s screaming parents saying save our children inside there's murdering them. i think that's honestly h the takeaway here. juston going to be that they don't really want to get the information out there quickly because the information of the response here is is not good law enforcement also with the exception of the border patrol tactical teamt that went in there and ended the threat. lookhe, thank you , gentlemen. i mean, this comes down to no matter what kind of a plan you might have no matter how much money or what the strategies are, it comes down to the humanity, the humans involved and being able to actoi on that. thank you so much for joining me tonight . now democrats just can't stop attacking republicans over this week's shooting. congresswoman lauren bover to charlie hurt and joe concha will join us with reaction after the break. fox station is forever grateful
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all in one money management solution, then download the trouville today. unfortunately tonight the tragic massacre in texas is only leading to more division across washington and leadingng to more shameless political stunts from democrats rather thanro move forward with real substantive solutions to keep our kids safens, many r on the left are retreating to the same tired talking points and the same worn out smear tactics. for example, in the senate, majority leader chuck schumerd blocked the republicans bill on school safety measures, claiming it would put more guns in schools. and over in the house, congresswoman or bobert is standing up against yet another batch of attacks from her colleague alexandria ocasio. cortezac ll. es representative boehner will join us in just a moment and get us even former president barack obama is finding himselfme i embroiled in controversy. not entirely surprising here after a bizarre tweet linking s
11:24 pm
the school shooting with the may 2020 deathch of george floyd . the 44th president tweeted quote as we grieve the children of usa today, we should take time to recognize that two years have passed since the murder of george floyd under the knee of a policege officer. his killing staysh with us all to this day, especially those who loved him. look, everyone right? this is not some kind of twisted competition. mr. obama, the former presidentp has once again reminded americans why he was the original dividerer in chief meanwhile, last night in miami before a game m five betweenan the heat and the celtics, the announcer saidno this following a moment of silence, he urges you to contact your state senators by calling 202 three to four three one to one to leave a message demanding their support for21 common sense gun laws. make change at the ballot box that he contemplates vote to register
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and let your voice be heard this fall. >> yeah, that sounded like a little bit of booing,g, i think. in fact, now florida senator marco rubio responded the nba doesn't like to talkk about the billions they make from a china that enslavesms muslims and harvest's aey their organs. but n they have no problem h politicizing a horrific tragedy in america. so look here, everyone. it's just a crazy for reaction. we have fox news contributors joe concha and charlie hurth along with colorado congresswoman lauren beaubourg. thank you allcore. congresswoman, my first time being able to talk with you and i knoww that you've hador a back and forth with akca cortez and what all of us are looking at though is beyond, you know, that kind of argument and rhetoric. what exactly is happening?ng we know that things are being stopped in congress. people want to know where c the republicans are at, where you're at when it comes to what the next stepp can be taken for. some real change here right?
11:26 pm
well, first of all, of course,t my heart mourns for what has taken place. and once again, unfortunatelyrt we've proven that gun free zones are deadly and we cannot legislate evil. i want real solutions, not just tweet. i want our schools secured. i want our children protected and i want teacherste that can protect themselves and their students and you know, what ?th weou can achieve this without trying to disarm law abidingze citizen. this is my equalizer. i need a way to protect myself and my children and my firearm is my equalizer, my tool to dowh that and what i've seen fromat democrats is i i'm trying to use this tragedy tragedy to their advantage, their radical political agenda. it's shameful. schumer blocking the school safety bill on the floor just yesterday, sandy cortez tweeting at me, but she hasn't taken up my offer to actually meet and work together. and of course, we saw bato acted like a total and triedf to use the death of these children as a prop to advance
11:27 pm
his political candidacy when 9/11 happened, we didn't ban planes. we secured the cockpite and of course, leave it to barackth obama to make this issuewi more divisive instead of allowing the nation to come together more and heal. well, s i have to saynl that certainly after november the congressyy is going to look very, very different. but the effort to at leastto there is common groundnd on things that we can find. we know it some people don't want to find solutions, joe . you know, they're not interested in working together because their life and their donations come in when - they aw fighting with everyone. >> what's your take on what's unfolding so farldin will tell e this is very personal. obviously i'm a parent ofgr a kindergartner and if a second grader in elementary school i have notch slept a wink sinceh this happened. the nightmares are reales thinking that this could happen to my child and our school in town has had two policeic officers at the scene since this happened and i hope it's
11:28 pm
a permanent thing becausee this is one of those things where we need to have one entrance at all times in and out of the school, all be willing to pay b any tax tons make sure that it happens wherew we have a police officer who is behind bulletproof glass or maybe retired military att the school one entry point. and i can guarantee you t that these things willhi cut doo significantly, won't stop them completely, but it willhe decrease them, no question.ll and then by the way, in almost every instance a i'd love to hei the congresswoman's thought on this in every schools. shooting, not everyone, but almost everyone. the shooter is i under w twenty one years old . if you need to wait to have a drink until you're twenty one , then you should have to wait until you're twenty one to buy a gun and i get a military argument that you could be drafted into the military, you could join the military beforeil or twenty one . but those people are properly trained in a controlledco and environment so i'm not sure that's an argument at all. so maybe we should at least
11:29 pm
extend the time until you can buy a gun. as for president obama, in his tweet, it's one of the worst in history as far as when you have the millions to choose from right to exploit these m children somehow compare it to what happened to george floyd is utterly classic. see a despicablele mr obama neet to apologize to me. i wouldol say, joe ,og where alk this was remarkable and leo, what that struck me as isabt s uchitel charlie i'm sorry is is that you'vee got a dynamic whery you have notou even a comparisot but a suggestion that it's a competition that you shouldn'tioio like. yes, there's this over here, but look over here and that is what was so strikingly both of these situations deserve, the attention they've been getting clearly. but it's almost like he was upsetit l, charlie, that he wast his his thing wasn't in the spotlight. >> didn'tay that seem t that wao you? yeah, i have to say honestly, i read that tweet maybe 15 , 20 times and to this moment i still have no earthly idea
11:30 pm
what he was trying to say other than an attempt to politicizeat the situation that does not and ifoto be politicized. and you know, if there's any sort of silver lining out of a horrific, horrific, unspeakable tragedy like this ,h it is a moment where the entire country is completely unified in horror and agonyke over something like this . and the idea tt that you have so many of these politicians, powerful politicians in powerful positions who choose this moment not to take advantage of that unified country to kind of discuss, okay, what do we do about ithe but ratherr to score political points to divide people again to to turnpe into a political bonanza for themselves. it's just reprehensible. and you know, i'm open to discussing whatever needs to be discussed. that we talk about
11:31 pm
anything other than a talk about anything without discussing the issue of mental health in this country is sort of a nonstarter for me because we have a serious illness among among a lot of people, anpl alarming number of people and it seems and i get that it's very complicated. i don't i can'tra begin to wrap my head around it. but we need to start looking at the bigger picture, continueus until we yeah. bigger and there's so many different frontsts to this , lauren. do and this comes down to again what congress might do or not do. something w and just very briefly, isot this something when we look at not things t that would raise money or get attention or do a bato thing where it's a stunt about looking at the broadert issues, what do you think? first of all, i do believeve that this start at a local and state level our sheriffs need to work on to secure our schools. this is a number one priority. but i'm also on legislation that in gun free zones in our schools, as i said, gun free
11:32 pm
zones are very deadly and that's where you see mass shootings whenever there is a shooting that takesre place outside of a gun free zone where a law abiding citizen is able to carry a firearm. the average number of deaths dropped from 13 to two, usually the first victim and the shooter because an armed citizen is there present to neutralize the threat. gun free zones do not work therek. is not a law that is on the books or one that isha proposed that would have stoppedtt if this was an evil act. but we can do things to make a sure our children are secure and not just hiding behind p plywood. yes. and great point. absolutely that we have too remember we're looking at like federal legislation. but this is a local issue as we're seeing when it comesof to what happened in front of that schoolhouse and what those locally wanted. so it's a local issue. it's got to have support from the federal government. money may be involved certainlyg training and all the other
11:33 pm
things said that there is i one hundred and $90 billion that was allocated for190 covid funds and a lot of that is still unspent. and i would like to look into that to see if there's something that we can use from those unspent funds to keep our schools good. that's great. i've been talking aboutut i tha. that will expire in twenty twenty four . it is unspent of two 11 billion . 93% money spent that year. one hundred ninety billion and getting that reallocated perhaps you congresswoman you can lead the way on that. thank you all for joining me. joe charlie and congressman bover, thank you . now coming up in the midst of that horrible shooting, president biden signed an outrageous executive order . police reformm we'll talk about it with leo terrell and steven miller next . stay with us. shopping for car insurance is the worst anymore. this close says one thing he threw up in the sink. here's one from you.
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is listening right now. biden failures are going fromas bad to worse as a new poll from gallup finds that a whopping 83% of americans are dissatisfied with the direction of the country, all while biden's approval remains at a dismal 41% with some other41 polls having it% as low as mid 30s. now this comes as theis destructive democrat agenda is failing on every single front as we see every day in ourin lives o. inflation40 is hovering at a 40 year high. gas prices continue to hit one record high after another. n record numbers of illegalts immigrants are waltzing across a southern border. biden's weak diplomacy is arousing evil dictators across the globe, all while t crime surges. gun violence plaguing ouren streets and americans try to make sense of biden's senseless presidency. and what is the president's solution to all these growing criseses to further divide the country and to surrender to surrender his agenda
11:39 pm
to the far fringe left? it's never really been. what agenda did he have except to become president? these are the extremists in the democratic party now, for example,arty yesterday biden sit an executive orderha that in the midst of all this appearsde to be just another effort to demonize the cops. one law enforcement official told fox news it was a quote, political response to activist demands. new now?t's the order includess things likee implementing a new quote, new evidence informed annual anti bias training requirements and quote reimagines crisis response. so we've heard that before. it'st not good. so what does that mean? but just like clockwork, the president, the resident grifter's over at black livessi matter used the occasion to l launch more smears against the policeaust with group tweet, quote, maintaining a white supremacist institution like policing costs black lives. c this continued commitmenthe
11:40 pm
by politicians to support ourm killers makes them accessories to our demise. of course, unless you're living in a six million dollar mansion like like they're here for reaction. fox news contributor leo terrell along with americantri first legal founder stevenn miller. leo, let meo, start l with you. where we we're involved in these issues on the front lines. weeg are regular americans. we, have great jobs.o. i love the job i do. you've been an activist and ait community person all of your adult life. but both of us on the wrongg side for a period of time. but this really i'd like you to address the seemingly cancerous nature a of how none of this stops and how it seems toor be like boringin into wanting more disaster after more disaster after more disaster. thank you for having me. i'm glad to be on with stephen as well. look, joe biden is an emptys suit. you saidmp to me he's taking his marching orders from the extreme left.
11:41 pm
he is doing absolutely nothing to help the average american citizen because the extreme left has already doubled downs on this disastrous economic policy is just horrific. what he did yesterday with the steven with the george boyd act executive order toothless tammy. you know why? kno it doesn't address state and local officer its own. his powers over the federal officers. and the sad partra aboutl it is that donald trump and tim scott try to get police reform legislation. steve will tell you that it's just blocked it. cory booker, kamala harris, you know why? because they didn't want to allow president tim scott to show that they believe in police reform with necessary . so if you get a toothless executive order, it's meaningless. , and i'll tell you right now, joe biden in name only as president, buts the extreme left is running this country and we see the result stephen , with all those disasters we allt know as they are playing out, they're not even like staying w
11:42 pm
static. they're getting worse over timee and we all know we're not surprised. and so there's something afoot . it's notli there's nous effort n just like let's just keep it atr a 20 year high. it goes to a forty year high. is this just incompetence or do you see this perhaps of an agenda that is being deliberately implemented atde this point? the bush administration is effectively runin by marxist revolutionaries. there's no poll that's going tos stop them g being voted out of power is the only thing to only thing that's going stop themki every day they show up to work asking themselvesno how can i advance another radical marxist directive? let'sth talk about that policía. here's something people are not discussing in that executiveve order. it restricts the federal government from providing m surplus military equipment toil our police departments, something president trump was on the exact opposite side of making sure they have that equipment. does it matter? well, ifho somebody comes to
11:43 pm
your school and starts shooting ,you t want police officers to get there on the scene in 60 seconds 6 with the best armor, the best equipment, the most powerful weaponryow they have to obliterate to obliterate that school shooter, why in god's name? why in god's name now of all times we take away this equipment from our policele officers. it's just one radical directive after another with no thoughtou for what it doesgh to the livesi of everyday citizens. and itt would say also when you think about the disturbed orll a young man who'sy really mad and all you hear is talke about defending the police and law enforcement's evil. you know, they're underfunded. you know, they don't have what they need. that probably makes it a tinyor bit easier to take a chance that you normally wouldn't takee if the police were going to come down on you like a hammer as cops. we all less safe and thousands more will needlessly be killed crime because the police are being told to pull back and not do their jobsd . you know,o leo, do you thinkor this is a factor -? f
11:44 pm
you know, it's more of a kind of an undercurrent factor whenow when criminals and others you, know, we have the horrible shooting on the subway here in new york. crime in los angeles continues these home invasion robberies. the schoololn shooting, the slaughter of children is this do you think this is part of this cultural rhetoric that the left hasas moved that did that encourages and inspires the disturbed, though? >> absolutely. let me tell youte right now the criminals are elated with democratic leadershipk in this city. every day we a talk about a the crime and i'll tell you s right now the reason isim very simple. they want to destroy everythingg good about this country. stevens said i it best. these are marxists who want to destroy every institution. they want to destroy the police department black lives matter. let me be very clear about them. they got no credibility. every agency in the state investigate them when there isla that tsunami landslide victory by the republican partyre, pleae investigate blm. they have no credibility. they don't n before any person
11:45 pm
in this country other than their mansions. and let me tell you gentlemen, thank you . you know, this is allal of . is kind of rhetoric the people doing the worst things are hoping it's going to they're going to raise money. this is about what and what's gets people most emotional and how they can manipulate and use and all of them came to the front because they don'the want to m be left out of the money that can be raised. this iscased. americans have had enough moms have had enoughad families have had enough. so thank you both for joining me. i appreciate it, gentlemen. . now up next , the defense hashe officially rested you guys in the trial r of former clinton campaign lawyer michael sussman. trump attorney allena and great jerry. we'll break it down for stayme right therend. on what do c you recommending forat musselburgh based on clinical data? my patients like these just because they work up to twelve hours even on moderate pain for unbox it's good medicine. hello, i'm mike lindell
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michael " sussman who is on tril for allegedly lying to the fbi. youeg know, he put it in writingg as part of a special counsel, intodurham's probe the origins of the russia hoaxx may learn his fate early next week after the defense rested its case today without calling sussman to the stand,, setting up closingar arguments tomorrow. also breaking today, anrm appellate court ruled against former president trump sayinger he must testify in the latest political hit job against himti as a new york attorney general's office continues its witch hunt intoch his businessh practices. yes, they've got so much time on their hands. joining g us us now with reaction, attorney for former president trump lena hoba and fox news legal analyst greg jerrett.. alina, th thank you for being here. it's nice to see you again. so americans see this news, po those of us whort were supportes of president trump, the 70 plus million american see the legal system kind of moving along this new york agenda. wh what's your feeling about
11:51 pm
what this means for him in thiss case? will there be an appeal and i'me going to ask a you about the susman case as well. sure. suronon the attorney general cr the epitome of a witch hunt, as i would call it in new york right now, today it was ordered that he should be deposed. my cliente doesn't have a problem with that. the, the truth isth we probably will be appealing it. i think the decision was flawed, but it's a typical case of an attorney general taking her , pulling politicss and politicizinger her office and weaponizes the office she ranic saying she was going to go after him. tha i mean, she ran for that offices saying that that's what she wasd going to do before sheo even had a little bit of information. she decided that she was going to go after s trump organizatio, trump tower and anything in trump's orbit. this isd a real literalness when it comes. i i mean, it's crazy and they're okay with this. i'm waiting for f president trump, greg, to like haveio
11:52 pm
some potion somewhere. is he youn know, some big potpo with some frogs legs? you know, we've got to switch it on because they just won't let him go. greg, this stuff about sesemann major media legacy media has up in really covering this , this seems to be clearly hugemse durham is doing a good job, but there seem to be some trouble. we're looking at peoples, on the jury that are clinton donors. it seems like it mighthtseem bet up for once again no real justice. can you give us a breakdown of where we're att right now? >> well, susman is dead, found guilty. durham has presented an overwhelming evidence that he lied and the lie was material is the law requires. so sussman's only hope here is as i said at the outset of the trial, jury nullification. right. , jury nullification, that jurors that are stacked with hillary clinton's supporters and donors will perversely ignore the facts, the evidence and the law and decide to acquit
11:53 pm
and obviously guilty person sussman couldn't possiblyerso te the witness stand in his own defense. i said it before he made that decision for a couple of reasons.of first of all, he wouldlu absolutely melt in wither under a vigorous challenging cross-examination that would make him look guiltierld than he already is. and second ofnd s all, he would have to lie to the jury topo get out of this and that wouldse expose him to further criminalin jeopardy for perjury, lying in court to a jury,. so again, his only hope here is that this jury is so politically charged and the defense made sure at every turn remindinge nessman was against donald trump and in favor of hillaryld they're hoping to completely politicizein the verdict. well, i hope you're wrong. and you know, nullification is for the audiencee when you have an obviously guilty defendant but you vote not guilty anyway because you are making a point and don't lawyers have a responsibility to not put
11:54 pm
their client on the stand if they know that client will lie? isis that correct? absolutely. u it would be unethical for a lawyer to enable his client knowingly to lie on the witness stand. that may have f been a further complication here. now, elena, obviously president trump is havingt a reaction. he's been proven correct in every single thing he haser complained about that he's pointed out that he's been dealing with he has been provenw correct. how does he feel about how this is going to flow? does he have some hope that it might turn out the right way? not very w muchh to be honest. and i don't blame him.'t the man i don't know how he wakes up every day. he's the strongest person i know when it comes to fighting the fight and caring about this country because he is attacked relentlessly every day and it doesn't matter if you get a trial and you have urtext message that blatantly says, hey, i'm not coming here for any of my clients evener though hillary clinton and her c campaign and you and the dnc
11:55 pm
are my clients but i'm not coming for it, they'll still find a man not guilty and i don't blame him h for thinking that . look at the attorney generalkit look at all of the things that are coming out. we we're not living in a world where justice prevails. we're not living in a world a where the truth or facts are applied to law. we're living in a. trump anything trump and by the way, it's the minority. it'st' not a majority. it's the minority.y. and i always remember there's more of us than there are them . but that's the way we got to be able to say that the a attorney general in letitia james should be disbarred for her . all right. just we've got to thank you . all right, both of o you, thank you very much now. more of this special edition of "hannity" right after the break. year the 75% stronger all they hold thanks to the will
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12:00 am
communities, in our homes, in our prayerss and unfortunately that is all the time we have leftr for this evening. enin tomorrow night here as well. thank you for joining us . s remember, youho can catch my show, get tammyg through streaming exclusively on fox nation and can also read my column at emac. us asked us thank you everyone and ian will see you tomorrow night. the ingrams is up u next . >> i'm laura ingram . this the ingraham angle. >> thank you for joining us tonight. i got to see the victims so got to see the officers. i gotnity to see the community members. it is it is so hard. it is very it's hard to take. it's traumatic. we're hurting inside for. the community members in uvalda, texas. we're hurtingur inside with our local partners. they have to they have to live here and work here every day . the victims, the family members
12:01 am
,we fee