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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 27, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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and unfortunately that is all the time we have leftr for this evening. enin tomorrow night here as well. thank you for joining us . s remember, youho can catch my show, get tammyg through streaming exclusively on fox nation and can also read my column at emac. us asked us thank you everyone and ian will see you tomorrow night. the ingrams is up u next . >> i'm laura ingram . this the ingraham angle. >> thank you for joining us tonight. i got to see the victims so got to see the officers. i gotnity to see the community members. it is it is so hard. it is very it's hard to take. it's traumatic. we're hurting inside for. the community members in uvalda, texas. we're hurtingur inside with our local partners. they have to they have to live here and work here every day . the victims, the family members ,we feel for them.
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>> raw emotion, new detailsou and more questions today. outt of all that , texas, of course, the scene from tuesday's mass murder of nineteen children and twos adults. now authorities held a presss conference. they tryingss to correct some earlier what they say were false reports. but in doing so, they also raised a lot more questions delivered. twenty eight suspects just west of here, richard. vehicle pickup truck declines offense now he's in the parking lot shooting at a school multiple times. he walks into the west side of rob elementary. it appears it was unlocked. ni >> what about the initial story that the shooter had exchanged gunfirey t with a school securic officer? >> butut i want to clear up that came out early on .it was
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it was r reported that a schooll district police officer confronted the suspect notkeould make an entry accurate. he walked in undisruptedd. as it n was not an officer readily available or no no officer armed at the entrance to the school. now grieving parents and family members, they desperately want and they desperately need answers. but policee say they're still interviewing the responding officers. there were a lot of them from different jurisdictions and also other witnesses,nd some specifics are known, however, he makes the right you walk into the hallway, he makes a right walk anotherht twenty feet first up into a school room into a classroom that has doors open in the middle. officers are there. the initial officers, they receive gunfire yet wera still don't know why so much time elapsed between the time
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that they knew the shooter was in the classroom, had fired many, many rounds and the time they engaged him approximately an hour later, u.s. border patrol tactical teamsca arrived our job is to report the facts and have those answers. >> we're not there yet. a lot to unpack here frombi what we know at this hour. imy big question is diden responding officers from different jurisdictions, didl they do all they could under the circumstances? joining me nowcistances? is coln schmitt, a retired fbi agent who led the command post in the 2015 san bernardino mass shooting. colin looks like about an hour i took between the initial entry to win the tactical team went in and shot him dead so far. >>ur reaction to this ? good evening g and thank you for having me on your show.
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so obviously we don't know what we don't know and it's certainly a fluid situation and there was a lot ofwa chaos t the scene of the of the incident. i can talk about a little bit about the training that i received as well as the trainingei that the fbi pushes out foror all the agents as welr as law enforcement officers that participated, which is the alert training, which is the advanceds i law enforcement rapid response training and specifically that training trained tra these officers p that their number one responsibility obviously is to stop the killingib and then once that happens is to stop the dying and generally speaking,, the first officer on the scene is if he hears gunshots, he's to goo in and engage the shooter and then if he's not hearing gunshots, he waits for a secondot officere or a third officer and then together they go in and engagee the shooter. may have so it h appears that may have happened at this point. but then once the, the assailant got intoo the classroom for whatever reason, they stopped there at the door and then they waited for the tactical teamta to arrive. >> well, they were asking for a negotiator and other
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equipment. we know that because that said at this press conference today also we're findingso out about how many gunshots there were approximately what the majority of the gunfire was in the beginning. in the beginning i say numerous more in twenty five . it was was a lot of gunfire in n beginningg. during the negotiations there wasn't much gunfire other than trying to keep the officers at bay. but that could change depending on what we analyzed the video. but right now, according to information, he did not respond . colin, it looks like negotiations didn't really lead to muchth and they keep saying most of the gunfire was in the beginning and it seems like to justify not going in , not having an urgent need to go in which i'm not an expert. you are. but it would seem like therebe
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might be survivors gunfire, lull or no gunfire lol why isn't the first move to goo in as soon as possible i? m i'm just not following this something i might be missing. well certainly none of us were w there and i certainly do not want to second guess the heroic actions of all those officers that immediately got to the scene as well as the t the border patrol tactical team as well as the officers that were part of that teamag that went in engaged the shooter generally speaking that per the trainingng that mot if not all law enforcement officers received via the alert training and or their own version of the active shootersia training. once you engage the shooter, you continue to engageho. at this point it might haveth been an issue of the fact that the door was lockednd and they did not protecte potentially did not have the correct tools to get intohe that door and or whether itth ws a decision madeec on the scene, whether they were taking taking fire and they did have an
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opportunity to engage the shooter and or negotiater with them. so well, let me let me read something. this is from the washington examiner that the border patrol agent saw taking down the gunman as a suicide mission if you have a barricaded subject and he has advantage because he's barricadedidid if you rushed the door, not only do you have dead kids but dead cops, the official said it's suicide to try to rush a barricadedri subject. from your experience, is that an accurate statementnt? well, certainly if the shooter has superior firepower and you don't have a position in which you can get in to and eliminate the shooter, that's a door that colin it's a door. i don't mean to be shortu. with you. it's a door. okay, there kids inside and a shooter. i mean, this is not i mean i know it's more complicated i'm saying but there's a door. there's a shooter. thereer was a lot of gunfire and they know he's in there. so again, my question to you is do you go in because there are i kids in there either deadn or
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suffering or do you wait ano hour and hope you get better negotiators or equipment? that's my simple questionnt? ha tonight and certainly that's a simple answer from my perspective i would go in but also i hopeo to i have that would i hope to have the right tools. now remember that door is a fatal funnel so thosef officers understand if they're standing in front of that door and he's got an ar t 15 with several magazines, they are going to be taking fire and that's exactly what happened to the border patrol tactical teamo and several of those officers did take fire , were injured, however, that were successfulirn in eliminating the threat. >> yeah, well,g they went out and then i guess they have perhaps some more equipment. butip colin,me this is tough fof everybodyor. the locale, authorities, the federal authorities that were on the scene and the families, it it's beyond heartbreaking.or there are really no words for this . we appreciate your expertize now senate minority leader mitch mcconnell today told cnn of all places that he's open to
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gun control talkso saying i met with senator cornyn this morning and i've encouraged himnd to talk with senators murphy sinema and others who are interested in trying to get an outcome that's directly related to the problem. i'm hopeful that we could come up with a bipartisan solution. interesting. joining me now is kellyanneco conway, former senior adviser to president trump and author of the newnw bestseller here's the deal. kellyanne,best this is going to this is obviously going to create what a lot of people believe is an opportunity to have some bipartisan response to these shootings but alsoir a political firestorm. what do you expect tost happen here? i expect to happen what's happened every other timeelly is there in the white house after t parkland, there was muchhe discussion after valentine'sic day 2018 aboutal the same issue, the same matters, a serious conversation, sometimes partisan, sometimes bipartisane . the president waswi speaking directly with democratic senators who said they wanted
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toshe be helpful and they wouldt do this and they wouldn't do that . all of them went on to impeach him twice off hav course, and nr of whom were serious. what i find really galling is o not even the politicization of all these issues. well,f families are still grieving while funerals are being planned. but the lan, them i feel that r is a total narcissist. i think the response from mayor lightfoot is narcissistic. why why is everything about them?ut and in the case of their work, i just want to say this because this has to doo with what they're doing. they're discussinghat the in washington as well. o when you have people trying to literally grab the micre and steal the spotlight when people are giving a factual briefing about what they know which has happened to a grieving community in these fallen angels shut up. butt here's a guy who was in congress then he ran for senate, p lost he ran for president, lost .. he got the same electoral votes as cory booker and commentariat zero. now he's running forer governor of texas. and if i see a clip of him yesterday in a fundraising pieceay or in an ad, we should
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all pay very close attention to that . so this talk in washington, it does happen. it goesha back and i think that people look nothing really came out of the parkland era on any of this and people justi' said they do. well, i'm not sure that meansn nothing is going to happen. i mean, i didn't say it had to happen or not happen. there h are a lot of people i'm just saying and a lot of folks frankly a lot of folksse in the white house tweeting who weren't in authority to tweet eitherou k. by the way, you know, people are very reactive. but look, i think here's the other thing where you get everybody just yelling at the rest oft us , god forbid we express prayers and sympathy, thoughts and prayers, talking about mental health. you know, the wall streetng journal this week had a great article of the thatt one hundred and twelve billion dollars that was designated for covid related ha school activitiesr ,including mental health last year by this administration that 92 percent of it is unspent. so there is a mentalpe healthnt component in there. there also is our ability to shift over and harden these targets.
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we can act with the same rigor to protect these kids from violence that we did a virus. l there'sau a lot of hate on this nra convention tomorrow and there looks like they'reke l going to be some significant protests. t ayers, you know, being sentnt around the internet and people being, you know, pushedin pressured to cancelg their appearances and so forth. but this is obviously turning into a they hope i think t the democrats an attempt at boosting joe biden. do you think it works? i don't know who and what can possiblyow this joe biden at this point, but they are looking at the midterms are looking at disastrous results, sayki the finished majority in the house right now since world war two. so they know they're on the precipice of losing the house. but i findd themic to be very reactive. they only react to putinre after he invades ukraine. you only react about abortionaf after the release mr. putin caught. they only talk a lot abouts shooting at vulcans after this tragedy and you've all texas. so they're very reactive, not very nimble white house. and i actually think there's going to be a lototi of argumel
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within the democratic party on this issue. i don't think it'll be asrein clear cut for the democrats as they may thinkg. t kellyanne, thank you very muchin and congratulationsg. on yourse new book, a smash best seller.ll here's the deal. you o can get on amazon or your local bookstores, which wee like to support as well. kellyanne, thanks souc much. and coming up,p, if you're not yet familiar with the acronym s.g., well, you need to be my angle. does a deep dove into how big of a scam it really is and why it threatens our way of life? >> that's next . because al more is one of the most misunderstood periods in american. everything about the conventional view is wrong and it could have been so focused on political warfare people decided that they needed
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the left goes corporate. >>ocus that's the focus of tonight's angle t enviromentalgo social governance. well the acronym esg is a classification and rating system that globalists are now using to pressure american companies into adopting progressive practices at every p level of their operation. and like so many really bad ideas, it of course originateds at the united nations for years. they've aggressively marketed the concept as good for companieshehe pa, good for you and good for the planet. ffg. propaganda even comes
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in the form of really creepy videos asset managers who embrace the principles for responsible investment undertake to incorporate esg issues into all investment analysis and decision making processess the active owners and incorporate esg issues into their ownership policies and practices. sound great kids well basically think of those behindhink the fi movement as the self-appointed thought and governance policeco for corporate america. somp n companiesot not on the sp five hundred esg index are punished by institutional investors and asset managers who themselves are pressured to drop offending companies froml their mutual funds or their pension. nowst one of the biggest promoters of esg is n a guy namd larry fink, the ceo of blackrock blackrock, the world's largest asset manager. and this means one company has an enormous amount of leverage
12:20 am
to force other companieseso to o woke if they want to have the highest performing stock in their industry. i isnk what i'm requested is what i seeee from what where our client's money is going.. so if they don't choose to do this , i think you're going to start seeing some of these companies havinge lowerin performing companies if you're going to have a high performing stock over a long period of time, you needd to be doing this and blackrock is doing it on doing ourselves on behalf of our shareholders. we're doing this on behalf of our employees and our and our clients. how benevolent humanitarian larry fink will help the world fight against pollution and climate change, human rights abuses and mean bosses except in the place where all o of that is rampant. china blackrock is heavily invested there whichd means
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that operates with the permission of its communiststert party . and larry might want to check out the new trove of documents tailing the horrifying abuses against muslimsyi at chinese detention camps going back to twenty eighteen. goingo but i guess that's not going to stop the blackrock china bond fund or any of their other chinese ventures. blackrock is heavily, heavilyea entrenched there and their investments are only going to get bigger as usual with these self-appointed guardians of climate hypocrisy and double standards are always bubblingfa right below the surfacece and ditto for their political allies in government who of course they love this esg stufff . but what everyone needs to know is that esg scores are based on a set of totally arbitraryct arbitrary standards and they actually could end up kneecapping great american . npanies almost overnight now not surprisingly, elon musk
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saw right through the esg scam pretty much from n the beginning and now that tesla was just booted j jbo from the esg index, well, exxon stayed on musk's really on the warpath. w exxon is rated top ten best in the world for environment, social and governance by s&p 500. . while tesla didn't make the list, esg is a scam. it's been weaponizes by phony social justice warriors. he tweeted. of course he's right and the exclusion has only worsenedor tesla stock drop which is tumbled approximately 28% in just the past six weeks alone. thso brushing aside the politicl motivation here, margaret dorn ,whose s&p dow jones is head of fauci indices, she tries to justify tesla score by citing claims of racial discrimination and poor working conditions. maytagking in fremont, californa factory and its response tohe vehicles autopilot crashes. well, the more amorphous
12:23 am
and ambiguous esg standards are ,the more room to act your political enemies right and reward your friends. even esg proponents like dusting lance, senior adviser at esg global advisors, concedes that clear metrics arere a real problem here. he citesea several factors,al including a confusing lexicon of categories and taxonomy is an acronym which have evolved over several years. but lance thinks that egd needs better marketing with a s marketing problem. that's like saying biden's economy is causedid by a marketing problem. now it's just badol policy.ic so given the blowback that we saw against disney for its esgsg inspired moves against florida parents and then, you know, musk's complaints and his t reach, i think the esg crowd, they know that we're on to them and their defense is pathetic. dustin lance tweeted, yes, g is rapidly becoming politicized and it's now heavily exposeded. disinformation risks
12:24 am
incorporating esg factors into business investment decisions is not about political views. it's about driving long term value for shareholdersd and stakeholders. give a translation here. capitalism made america too rich. it's timede to change that and esg can helpes level the playing field. got it. now must himself too powerful to silence but they're going to try other powerful interests will rise up to protect the woke agenda of esg by urging social media censorship of their detractors. of course. and that's taking a page frome' the covid police's playbook. after all. and they're going to citeli overriding health and safety concerns. i don't put anything past these people, by the way. this is all the rage at davos. of course we are findingng ourselves in a place where we're we have increasing polarization everywherehe and everything feels binary when it doesn't need to be . soi i think we're going to havei to think about a recalibration
12:25 am
of a whole range of humann rights that are playing out online, you know, from freedom of speech to the freedom to you know, to be free from online violence. >> of course, this is music tosi china's earsc because the elites have finally come around to the value of suppressing speech of intimidation tactics. implicit threats will shut down and the use of broad generalities and also a fantasy of a carbon neutral world for the world to reach the world to reach this zero that zero carbon world, we're going to have to invest estimatesmo more than fifty trillion dollars into new technologies $ i think you get it right m that the entire fauci movementan is just another way toen circumnavigate around the american voters greening the planet. m it's goingak to make people like larry fink and his friends richer f, but it's not going to
12:26 am
mean a freer and more prosperous america for mea person. no way. so musk and other corporate leaders must band together, up tohe courage to stand the wolf bullies of black rock and call up the global elites forlo the frauds that thy aree. >> and that's the angle is also integral to the global economy and to our ability to solvemy challenges from climate to clovis. we don't seek to block china from its role as a major power in order to stop china or any other country for that matter. r tfrom growing their economy or advancing the interests of their peopler . but we will defend and strengthen the international law agreementsaw,, principles and institutions that maintain peace and security. that's probably the wimpier speech i've ever heard a secretary of state give and that's saying something. but tony blinken made it clear today that the white house views china as an ally when we need in order to take on any challenges facing this country doesn't matter about their human rights abuses. yeah, they're bad, but it'say
12:27 am
just the way it is. i it's this is totally disconnected from reality. but watching us today, it's essentially waving the white flag of surrender. in joiningg me now is gordon chang gates don't institute senior fellow author, the great us china tech war , gordon china is working to undermine america at every turn and blenkin comes out today and essentially says, well w, we can't really affect china's behavior. so we'real going to try to use opportunities to work with them anyway. i couldn't make heads or tails of what this was supposed toha be allt about. this is really awful, laura . first of all,th china has declared a quote unquote people's war on the u.s.. they didid in two thousand with people's daily the most authoritative publication in china when people's daily speak dai.
12:28 am
that's chinese speaking and we know, you know, covid that lincoln talked about. well, china we don't know wherew covid-19 came fromhe, but theres 100% that we know that china deliberately spread covid-19 beyond its borders. we know 100% that china is behind these large far flung sentinel games and that means 100,000 americans have been killed each year with chinese bednall and that's deliberate. so i don't know how you work with a country like that . and when you say that you have to work with a country like china, you're giving china a veto over american foreign policy cr, which is what biden s done in some respects. well, a he also signaled that as long these guys are in charge, biden or whoever pulling i the stringss, we're never goinge to even begin to decouplen from china. what we don't expect every country to have the exact same assessment of china as we do. we know that many countries, includingsmen the united states, have vital economic or people
12:29 am
to people ties with china that they want too preserve. this is not about forcing countries to choose. >> it's about giving them a choice. gordon this is a mess of a speech. we keep saying it over and over again. this is setting uppis a total capitulation on the china tariffs and i'm thinking if you're president xi and you'ret watching this today x, you're thinking, wait, we went from mike pompeo, to this dude, they're sitting pretty i don't even i keep saying i don't have words for things today, butut i don't really have words for this . yes. and really this shows the weakness of the administration's approach to china and the failure to defend the american public from a malicious beijing. and this sounds when we go back and think about what reagan said that theen united states was going todnt defend its interests and the interests of free countries aroundertr the world. and wewe were not going to accet the soviet union as a given.
12:30 am
it would be we may lose. well, that is sort of morphed into what lincoln said, which is milquetoast. and you know, our alliesst and friends listening to this , they're disheartened. and of course, as you point out, the chinese leadership is just laughing at what lincoln said todaytoda. gordon, when you think about how the us government is working and spending tens of billions of dollars will ultimately be hundreds of billions of dollars to changeds russia's behavior, try toru isolate russia, they're doing that . sot the idea t that they're nots going to do that toward countries, of course they are. but china has gotten so big because the elites did all that business there with huge trade deficits that now i guess they're just saying too big to too big to fail. well, youl. know, the sad thing about this is, is that china is failing. its failing f on its own becausg it's got a contracting economy and it's got a debt crisis worsening food shortages and coping with 19, which it
12:31 am
can't deal with. and so this is the time forme us to go back to that reagan posture and say, look, the free world must win, the world must be free because if it's not free, we know what happens. >> so this is and as you say and one of the worst speeches, one of the worst speeches i've s ever heard a secretary ofec stae give period that goes back to obama's table. all right, gordon, great to see you. thank you . seeright. nup next , is the mob coming fr ricky gervais? raymond arroyo is with us with a special thursday edition of seen and unseen next , you can only one thing the rest of your life would to be pretty sure it's not one thing barbecue buffet, buffet is the complete opposite of 1% barbecue ribs, rocks and barbecue sauce and roll. >> hello, i'm mike lindell and my thanks to your support you've called a five p.m. become one of the fastest growing companies in america over the last 12 years.
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zebra shows you who actually can compare car insurance to sleep at the zebra .com today at my plumbing business online technology is central to everything we do. we social media and online advertising to reach new customers and rely on digital tools and platforms to make our business more efficient. i don't understand why some in congress want to take away the technology we use every day. this political campaign against american technology will hurt small businesses like mine who need it. our leaders need to strengthen not weaken american technology . fox news live a ashley strohmeyer new york the gunman who massacred twenty one people at a texas elementary school was in the building for more than an hour before being killed by officers. the victims families are now demanding to know why authorities didn't
12:37 am
storm the building sooner. a public safety spokesperson says the gunman began his rampage at about 11 40 a.m. tuesday and it took about an hour before units tried to get inside. and at least four people are dead and two others are hurt after an explosion destroyed and damaged several homes in pottstown, pennsylvania. first responders say two people also remain missing as crews continue to comb through the debris in the town 40 miles northwest of philadelphia government county officials say they believe a gas leak may have caused the explosion. >> i'm ashley strohmeyer. now back to the angerm angleas it's time for a seen and unseen segment. we expose a big cultural. stories of the day and for we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. right, raymond news , a big director i understand is coming out now against the reagan years. >> yes. everybody will see whyne this matters w. director james gray premiered a new film at cannes this week.d
12:38 am
that of the he is that space film out after a few years ago. is called cmovie armageddon time. ital focuses on the early 80s when he was a kid. now gray is claiming that racial and economic inequality has its roots in the reagan era. >> ronald reagan became president and i felt my parents my mother was just going to be a nuclear war . she constantly say that andd the feelinggbe of armageddon was just sitting on the family s of course, what it means for cinema because it was the end of the new hollywood, which meant the end of a certain type of film that i really love r and now this is a curious critique or since far from killing off cinema , we've been dining out culturally on cinema for 40 years now. case in point, this week what's premiering tom cruise is back thirty four years later as maverick in top gun. cobra kaiee got that revisited the karate kid movies from the 80s. this is one netflix's biggest
12:39 am
hits . there's even a karate kid musical that just and alsok hitting this week is the new season of stranger things. where is that set in the 80s? it also recycles plot points from everything from e.t. to red dawn. so say what you want about ragan's america. its cultural staying power is we've ever"nothing seen. okay, i don't knowa what his problem is about the 80s but let me just say the 80s rock okay? fun music, patriotism. reagan r america was back rambo. ra i've gotmb to get on to this story later comedian ricky gervais premiered a new netflix special called super nature. the opening few minutes hassy drawn controversy within the no women. fashioned one ,en the old fashioned women. oh , you know, the ones with womb's dinosaurs.
12:40 am
i love the new wave. i knowow the new i mean, they'rs the ones with that's good. >> that's good god, i love em. >> well, the feeling is apparently not mutual friends activists condemned the show as dangerouson anti-trans rants masquerading as jokes and anti-gaydang trans garbage fire . ran gervais is pushingts back . people have always been offended by comedians or things they say, but we didn't used to hear about people said, oh ,an that's controversial because they want you to show upt.. that's why they say that , you know, they want you to shut up so don't shop your base just told the spectator laura my target wasn't france but trans activist ideology. right. i've always confronted dogma that oppresses people and limits freedom ofe expression. look, comedy issi going to be offensive or even cruel at times. the question is intent and what the audience is willingnt to
12:41 am
accept and embrace your face is liberal but he's like he's like bill maher and all these comedians are like you're killing you're killing our business. and that's why people jay leno say i'm never doing political comedy again, just not doing p l well that they're killing comedy comedy also serves anmo important cultural purpose. it lets off steam for culturally and youou know, ifin you're laughing, it's hard to hate. so this is a good thing. ween should be encouraging more even target mean spiriteded comedy because if people are laughing, you can have a discussion and you're not hitting each other. nobody's getting physically hurt. gmy goodness. don rickles would give these people heart attacks ife they heard the personalth comedy he doled out. and laura gervais is notis the only one pushing back on critics. you'll remember we reported that patti lipponenth berated a theatergoer for not properly wearing her maskk. > well, this is the moment. remember this ? well, you know why you're
12:42 am
in the theater because you don't want to you can have my salary. >> what do you think you are? well, now leaphorn is explain her dramatics, laura , what led up to it? and it's what nobody covered in the press was what she did when our covid safety managers came down to tell her to put it on correctly, she took it off, waved it in the air and then put it h over her eyes. so she was mocking the mandate and mocking the covid safety managers who get abuse every night. laura , how did patillo little poem become the surgeon general of broadway? you know, now she's the scold and the health czar for everybody at her broadway show. she's got to calm down and doom her job well, patti, we love her voice, but that voice is not raymond, what else?
12:43 am
i agree. . well, it apparently ukraine goes up in smoke and the biden administration saber rattles with china. secretary of state anthony blinken is launching a new type of integrated deterrence of a musical variety . now as we go out, would you would you care? do you guys have a guitar g that your secretary might be able to use later possibly, laura . they could just play r that off the coast of taiwan. i promise it would keep all the aggressors at bay. let's hope his diplomatic overtures are a bit more inle tune than that . t shoutingun oh my goodness, i'm glad i missed that all of that . i'm glad i missed that . but you foisted upon me. thanks a lotnd. i watch this program and thanks so much. thank you . all right. ter sil silencing doctors use covid treatments they didn't like the bush administration. were pushin that was a warning about a drug they were pushing themselves. it's's crazy.
12:44 am
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12:49 am
the administration was pushing this great drug that was going to help treathat covid and it dismissed all thoseis who questioned its efficacy. well, now we're finding out that covid symptoms can returnag after you take this drug again that was sold five minutes ago by the white house as the drugel that was going to help you get rid of covid. okay, i wish i was joking. i'm not. so the cdc this week put out a health advisory warning ofme something called covid rebothta what it starts twort to eight days after initial recovery d and may bring a quote, brief return of symptoms regardless of vak status. this is i don't know where to start with . dr. peter macala, cardiologist, author of courage to face covid-19. also with me, dr. harvey rishikesh, epidemiology. professor at yale school of public health. i haven't seen you in a while,ou dr. is glad to see you on tonight. now this is the first time i've seen a treatment that actually brings covid back afterly
12:50 am
supposedly treating it. this is this is this is kind of a first for me. what are your thoughts on this tonight ? well,, this was actually in the pfizer materials that were given to the fda for its reviewt and it turns outur that in the ninety seven patientsat that were treated in their trial, 11 ofed them have this rebound phenomenon that after five tot af seven das of treatment and then another few days elapsed, then the symptoms started comingnt back . the fda had b said, oh , well, you justt treated with another course of paxil. but off course that was not tested in the trial. we don'toi really know what's going on . top of it is a problematic drug in the first place because it has so many interactions with commonly used drugs like statins and other things that have to either be stopped or doses changed. that makes it very complicated to administer. now, dr. mcculloh, this is exactly the kind of thing that drives people to distrustve those very public health
12:51 am
officials who claim to be in desperate desire of our trust in our faith. >> is it n not? you're right. they should be working with experienced clinicianshoul you know, we've been workingor with drugs in combination. that'skirugs the key thing to ad is not a stand alone drug. we've always used hydroxycut work on an ivermectin in sequence combination and inn the paper by gupta and colleagues fromor a boston va. it was a seventy one year old man who is triple vaccine who clearly had documented viraltr rebound. he had two peaks of h3n2 viralng load and even vaccine enthusiast dr. peter hotez from baylor college of medicine in houston has commented that packs of wheree he basically took his course and then worsened what he really needed is he needed the mcculloh protocols copywrite it and we use drugs and sequence combination b doesn't need adding. additionally, doxycycline or systemizing oral prednisone or colchicine aspirin.
12:52 am
it's never a single drug to treat covid now guys speaking of dr. hotez on another issueth that's making headlines all arounde the world is the issue of monkey pox and who really is spreading it or susceptible to it? >> let's watch. is it mostly men involved in these intimate relations who are more likely to get monkey pox? that seems to be the major profile that actually in its own interesting way is good news because it means that you can identify people who are potentially transmitting the infection. >> take a risk. this is on the monkeypox issue i ,whichs is the next viral issuet that i thinkha public healthth authorities want us to trust them on . and from what we've heard so i far, it looks like this is a very limited risk. it'sut a very small risk, but it's a risk and a particular subset of people mostly.
12:53 am
>> and yet to listen to some of the other folks on television, you would think you're going tot get it by just going to the gym. >> that's right. this is a very narrow defined population at higher risk even among them it'sk, not a high rik and even people who get it, it's not a high risk of severens outcome. so all things considered, this is basicallyed, i nothing burger as they say, it's not going to be a widespread pandemicic. th and theey one thing that they'rt not talking about is there mayt be some evidence that the risk is increase in peoplean who have actually been heavily h vaccinated that has to be worked out yet. we'll find out more .: well,we that's terrifying to her that dr. to call it new york city is actually so desperate to get people messed up again that apparently now they're using monkeypox to try to get everyone in the city - to wear those god-forsaken masks again, the state's department of health stating that mask can protect against monkeypox
12:54 am
as well as other viruses circulating in new york city. >> is there any truth to that whatsoever? dr. michael? no, it's a hyperbolic overreaction. you know, it was a case of monkeypox in dallas last summer paper by birao and colleagues are published april of 2020 two. a man from africa, he has lots of contact. he went to atlanta. dallas wasas all over the place, finally hospitalized. he was treated with the drug t pox t government.t. it works fine. but the important thing, laura , they did all the contact tracing. he came in contact with tons of people. nobody got it. gentlemen, it's always great to see you.>>n, it thank you so much for joiningis us tonight. grethr i thank you.s and up next , yet another loss and all day texas.ri >> stay there burieder in receipts, invoices and other paperwork that's preventing you from doing what matters most to get the allme new and rapid receipt smart organizer to scan, digitize and organize your documentsst, receipts,
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>> laura: turns out dying of a broken heart is possible. a teacher who died in the mass shooting in uvalde texas was trying to protect her students
1:00 am
and today her husband of over 25 years died of a heart attack. i truly believe joe died of a broken heart. she left behind for cochildren and arma, you will not be forgotten. pray for that family come all the families and healing across this land. it is america now and forever, greg gutfeld take it from here. ♪ ♪ >> todd: a fox news alert, a nation waking up with a lot of questions this morning after authorities revealed an 18-year-old shooter was entering a school completely unobstructed and claimed the lives of 19 children and two schoolteachers. you are watching "fox & friends first" on a friday morning, i'm todd piro. >> carley: carley shimkus, taking the latest timeline of events with many wondering why it took an hour to kill the gunman after he crashed his car outside of the school. an investigation


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