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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 27, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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years died of a heart attack. i truly believe joe died of a broken heart. she left behind for cochildren and arma, you will not be forgotten. pray for that family come all the families and healing across this land. it is america now and forever, greg gutfeld take it from here. ♪ ♪ >> todd: a fox news alert, a nation waking up with a lot of questions this morning after authorities revealed an 18-year-old shooter was entering a school completely unobstructed and claimed the lives of 19 children and two schoolteachers. you are watching "fox & friends first" on a friday morning, i'm todd piro. >> carley: carley shimkus, taking the latest timeline of events with many wondering why it took an hour to kill the gunman after he crashed his car outside of the school. an investigation is ongoing, but
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here is what we are told so far. it was 11:28 a.m. with the crash happen appear at the shooter exited the vehicle and began firing his gun at onlookers across the street. he also fired at the outside of the school as he approached the unlocked backdoor. >> todd: he walked in without any resistance 11:40 a.m. and made his way to the classroom to carry out his attack. 40 minutes later, the officers arrived on the scene and then we are told they took cover to wait for backup and ordered to evacuate the rooms. >> carley: it wasn't until an hour later the border patrol agents entered the classroom by force and shot the suspect ad. ashley strohmier has more on this story, ashley. >> this is what has people so furious right now, the texas department of safety initially said on tuesday that the school resource officer had "engaged with the shooter before he went into the school, but that
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statement contradicts what we heard and the news conference yesterday, take a listen. >> the school district police officer and the suspect was making entry. not accurate. he walked in unobstructed. >> so now we were told there was no resource officer at the time of the shooting. officers who first got to the scene didn't initially go inside the school because of "gun fire they were receiving." the police waited for a technical team to arrive, leaving children and teachers stuck inside the school with the gunman for an hour. the mayor of uvalde said the one hour is unacceptable. >> what i did see was officers shooting themselves and bringing kids out of classes. you know, this time lynn was truly an hour, it is unacceptable. >> we are also learning more about an off-duty u.s. border patrol technical team member who
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helped rescue 20 children, including his own 8-year-old daughter trapped inside the school. jacob alvarado got a text from his wife who was a teacher at the school saying "there is a active shooter," he borrowed his barber's shotgun and rushed to the same. not everyone was lucky to get their child out of the school. here is 10-year-old responding about his daughter who was killed. >> she was excited for the summer. we were going to go to the zoo and travel to illinois to see some family and stuff, but obviously after what happened, it is not going to happen now. >> and the mother of the shooting suspect was seen parading and walking back and forth as she prayed on her parents front porch holding what looked like a rosary. her mother told fox news "we feel bad for everybody but she lost her son too."
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todd and carley. >> todd: ashley strohmier, let's bring in brian foley, retired canada cup to discuss the shooting. brian, what are your biggest issues with the timelines of our? >> let me put it this way, my biggest issue, todd, these are emotional times. when it is emotional and raw like this, people look for answers and for someone to blame. i think right now they are laming the police officers. that is a natural reaction as i understand it but let me say this, there is a lot of cops on the scene. if cops felt like they should have gone in and didn't, you would start hearing that from them. you would hear from the union and they wouldn't let us in. we are not hearing that right now, which tells me the cops on the scene knew what the situation was, knew where the containment was and had to hold back and not enter the door to the classroom. you have an armed gunmen with lots of ammunition and
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high-powered rifle. if you go through that door way at that point, you are guaranteed of getting killed. the gunfire stopped, i'm not here to make excuses for the police officers, what i am saying it is raw, early, there is an investigation and forensic homicide investigation will go on and we will know everything. todd, we haven't seen body cameras or cruiser cameras but those body cameras when they come out will tell the whole story. >> carley: you make a great point about emotions running high and people making snap judgments before all the facts come out. some of the facts that we did learn yesterday after the gunman entered the classroom and had already exchanged gunfire with the police, the police spent the next hour calling for backup and body armor and negotiators. that is really the period of time harris on a lot of people across the country's eight took way too long. some people say because a
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law enforcement these police officers, it is a horrific situation but they should at least try to enter that classroom. but what i'm hearing from you as you say that is not the case and actually they could have handled the situation appropriately? >> look, the investigation will tell you one way or the other. as cops in connecticut and i'm sure across the nation, if you are told to go in there and eliminate the threat and stop the shooting, had the shooting stopped at that point and had been contained, now look, it is a difficult and horrible decision to make. you have people that need medical treatment, yes. you have people that could possibly die or still alive were held hostage, in these situations you don't know. may be the briefing should have been made at that point but we will get the radio transitions and the body camera and see what happened. my guess is this is raw emotion at the time. and we will learn a lot more
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when this forensic investigation. this is 20 homicide investigations and we will know everything that happened in here. who knows how long law enforcement was away from the school and what other calls are going on, how long it took, once the gunfire stops, then things sort of slow down. i know it is horrible to say, but at the same time, you have a question, should they have gone in and breached that door? tough call to make. >> todd: one question... >> carley: it is a tough call, sorry, todd. >> todd: one question i don't hear being asked and i think a lot of people have this feeling is you have an 18-year-old, quite frankly, loser presumably with no official training versus multiple officers, multiple heavily trained officers and units that are trained specifically with this. why would you think if you are an officer you are outmanned and outgunned at that point? this kid is only training is
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playing call of duty. >> the kid, todd, did not say 18-year-old and trained with a firearm. what the cops are hearing and i can tell you right now, a high-powered rifle or shotgun. you look at rifle in that school and you know what is happening as a police officer, technically. we know typically watching school shootings, unfortunately, lessons learned from too many school shootings that that is a high-powered rifle and most likely that's what this person has at that point. >> carley: one of the children who died is javier lopez. here are his grandparents reacting to the tragedy. >> they didn't follow the school guidelines are. what happened to security? >> i don't understand exactly what happened. i think they should have secured them by door. >> it was a bad situation that
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should have never happened. >> carley: i mean, his grandmother makes a critical point the gunman apparently walked through an unlocked door and brian, imagine if this store would have been locked, we may not be talking about this right now. >> if you want to be critical absolutely let's jump on that, the schools in connecticut have a very specific safety plan, camera doors, absolutely, that will be somebody's fault. you have to have the school secure. i have a 12-year-old daughter i want every door locked and i don't want anybody to just walk in. obviously there will be a lot of second-guessing going on, unfortunately, it in connecticut we had sandy hook. this is raw when that happens. this is raw to see and feel a lot of things are the same. you feel so sorry for the
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families here they are looking, again, for somebody to blame. the fact that the unlocked doors and vendors coming in and out delivering milk cartons and things like that, look, you cannot slack and security in schools. they were so much more to do always. you can make your school safe and stronger, and locked the back, it's not like somebody made a horrible decision or mistake. >> todd: i think one of the reasons we are having this discussion this morning is the messaging coming out of authorities has not been very good. as somebody like yourself who has focused on messaging and as long as i've been in connecticut and known you and i've been on stories, you are the guy who stands in front of the microphone to get the message, how important is giving a good job at this point not only to calm down the community but the entire nation that is having a reaction that we are all having right now? >> well, we watch in the state
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of connecticut, and there is no playbook for it. you want to get as much out as you can of the police department. this is so raw and how do you know what to say? how do you calm people down? one time i had people yell at me at a crime scene go do something, go do something. and then to get the information out, when you hear even smaller scenes and you try to gather information from different cops, different agencies to get everything and cops are excited on the scene and say something, one of the most important things on messaging is to say, "listen, these details are preliminary and may change. there are a lot of things moving around. we have to verify this information, but here is the information we have. we want to get it to you because it is important to know." when you preface that, it is where we want to get it out. to say the wrong thing in times like this build is trust. who knows the police
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department's relationship with the community was prior to this, but messaging is very, very important. you want to preface it with this is preliminary and the information may change but this is what we have right now. >> carley: we will hear from governor greg abbott today holding a press conference for 30 eastern time and we will carry it fox news. and also today will be the first day of summer for these children but instead, these families will be planning their funerals. >> todd: brian foley as always we appreciate this and nobody knows what we went through december december 20th, 2012. died two days after his wife's tragic death, irma garcia's husband suffered a heart attack with placing flowers on a makeshift and he died of a broken heart. the couple leaves behind four children. in the meantime, pouring in,
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died in his sleep yesterday and the dominican republic and best remembered for iconic role, and good father. >> one of the best movie shots in history right there, legendary sharing a touching tribute "he absolutely amazed me and i will be proud of the work we did together on that picture. and also played the role in the classic baseball field "field of dreams" kevin costner's that we toppled over when hit him with a line drive during batting practice scene. and his passing, he leaves an incredible legacy and he will always be joe jackson and my heart will happen at that moment. the film was real and now god has ray, ray leota 67 years old. >> carley: closing arguments
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in the defamation trial johnny depp versus amber heard. yesterday from a tearful court room, the trial up ended her life, watch. >> i am harassed, humiliated, threatened, every single day. it is painful, this is humiliating for a human being to go through. >> carley: johnny depp went on to question her about all the testimony contradicting her own -- her op-ed in the 2018 "washington post" was about johnny depp despite saying otherwise. "i know how many people will come out and say whatever for him" that is why i wrote the op-ed. closing arguments and the trial set to begin as the clinton campaign michael sussman declines to testify. >> todd: brooke singman live
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in washington, brooke. >> the government set to deliver closing arguments in the trial of michael sussman this morning, he decided not to testify in his defense and cooper reaching the instructions thursday and duty to determine what the facts are in the case. cooper said jurors should not be properly influenced by biases including political affiliations but former house intelligence committee devin nunes says there is reason to be concerned, listen. >> there is some trouble with some of the jurors in giving money to clinton and members of congress. you have one of the jurors with the relationship of some kind to sussman's family so very, very strange, but the evidence is pretty overwhelming. >> special counsel john terms team came armed with evidence, bills and receipts for jurors to see this week as they attempt to show sussman lied to the fbi when he wasn't bringing trump russia allegations on behalf of
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any client. he shows jurors an invoice and the bill to the clinton campaign for same day he met with fbi. according to sussmann he billed 3.3 hours on september 19, 2,016th for "work and communications regarding confidential projects." september 19, 2016 the same day sussmann went to see fbi general counsel james baker claiming he had information of covert communications channel between the trump organization in russia. sussmann's attorneys said it is possible sussmann did spend three hours working on clinton campaign items and rightfully build the campaign, but his attorneys argued that fbi meeting was separate. the government and defense will each have approximately two hours to deliver the closing arguments. the judge asked this began at 9:00 this morning but likely won't hear a verdict from the jury until next week, carley, todd. >> todd: brooke singman, thank you. the g.o.p. to gain 25 to 30
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house seats and the election. the political report shows changes with 12 races flipping republican peer of the minority leader for now, kevin mccarthy said "this party is ready for november." speak with the challenge will be how much can we win via? if we win more than 18 seats, that is larger than 1994 revolution. >> todd: i'm sorry ten flipping republican. in order to flip house republicans, they need another five seats. remember the democrat socialist breaking into empty homes as a solution? >> carley: i do. >> imagine you, me and friends took action and occupied empty houses nationwide. >> todd: well, she might be realizing now that is not a way to win election. >> carley: that there is this come americans are hungry for food, fun, travel this morning but the cost is just about
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everything. we will be diving into it plus david webb and lara trump all joining us live on this friday morning. don't miss it. ♪ ♪ dude, this is awesome... but we should get back to work. ♪ ♪ this good? perfect. if you're gonna work remote... work remote. find new workspaces. find new roads. chevrolet.
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>> todd: millions of americans to hit roads and airports but record high gas prices on airfare, vehicles and hotels hitting families or to. >> carley: griff jenkins live in washington with maura. griff, how bad is it going to be? >> what is going to be really bad, carley and todd. as you enter, at the wall it will take a beating. the average price of gas only rising but broken a new record from 17 consecutive days hitting all-time high yesterday of $4.66 for average price of a gallon of gas. good news moments ago though latest average price dropped and 100th of a cent. despite the pain at the pump, travelers are not detoured to. >> despite record high gas prices we are expecting based on what we see for memorial day, it will be very robust travel period for summer.
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people just want to get out and go. >> whatever the gas price is, we have to unfortunately pay for it but we want to go visit our family so this is the cost involved. >> todd: 35.2 americans to travel by car and air come up 43% last year and paying for the flights come up 30%, an average of $394 for a flight. the latest call says "more americans 50 wine are concerned while traveling." the pain won't stop when you get to your destination because everything you might imagine you put on the grill is on the rise, bacon up 18%, chicken up 16%, ground beef 15% from even a hot dogs up 7%. this comes as biden tells american "we are just going through incredible transition." but the poll numbers in the tank, the latest gallup poll is
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83% of americans are dissatisfied with the way things are going in this country. that is prompted, by the way by lawmakers to write a letter yesterday to the secretary to demand answers over the administration's plans to bring those gas prices down, todd and carley. >> carley: griff i don't know if we should be celebrating. we will take our wins where we can get them. >> unbelievable. i have looked everyday and down ever so slightly, todd and carley. >> carley: weibel tickets, the ceo pat lafrieda of meat purveyors. and he joins us now. pat, good morning to you. a lot of people will be barbecuing, grilling this weekend but it sounds like they will get burned when it comes to the price of meat. how bad will it be? >> well, beef prices are up just as fuel and everything else in this country is up. but not essentially higher than
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anything else. but we've heard this notion about for this memorial day americans being forced to purchase veggie burgers over hamburgers for the first time due to pricing. that is simply not true at all. there is no doubt beef mcbeath consumptions with prices as high as they are has risen even more than 2020. so, i think when it comes down to it, americans are never going to give up beef as long as the prices stay within reason in which they are. everything is up, not just beef. >> carley: pat, you are absolutely right. veggie burgers are getting good but nothing compares to actual beef. i'm sure a lot of people will be buying it but if they are in a budget, they may want to look for certain cuts of meat. do you have any advice on that front? >> i think poultry is still as
1:27 am
best they risen in price also, but there's great value in certain cuts of poultry, certain cuts of beef. there are economy cuts and each of these classifications. it is memorial day and we want grilling season, burgers are about 2% higher than about a year ago. which we were already higher. inflation had already begun to set in. but what is really killing the entire industry and all industries right now is fuel. especially in the northeast and don't see the impact that fuel has. fuel affects all of us and especially at the grocery store. >> carley: we have that 1/100th of a cent with gas prices down today to celebrate. you know, you mention inflation of course what we are talking
1:28 am
about but we talk about that topic and it is political. president biden has blamed the meat industry for the rising costs. he blames big beef, is there any truth to that? >> well, it depends. before putin invaded ukraine, it was beef. then it was putin, now, we are back to beef not settled in ukraine but we hear a little bit less to it and accustomed to it. now, we go back to blaming actual burger meat is what i remember him saying. it is simply not the case. if you will come up beef is up because of labor shortages, which we still seem to have and unlike the produce industry, beef industry, labor is by -- i'm sure there are exceptions, but predominantly by american citizens.
1:29 am
so, there are less undocumented workers in the beef industry as opposed to picking produce, which is something we all commonly know, but somehow, we look the other way when it comes to produce, the produce industry. nothing against produce, but it has less cost for labor than the beef industry does. >> carley: just for people at home, your factory as the world's largest dry aging rome and you can also cook because yesterday i watch you make a skirt steak pinwheel which looks delicious but it seems complicated for me. pat, thank you for joining me come appreciate it. >> thank you. [overlapping voices] >> carley: tied it all up but check out this insane video, san francisco woman was leading the homeless gets carjacked in
1:30 am
broad daylight. we will show you what happened next. >> carley: another terrifying incident on camera a father and 4-year-old son at gunpoint by armed robberies new york city apartment building. we talked of the former police chief about mayor adams and action. ♪ ♪ do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep? qunol sleep formula combines 5 key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol. do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy - even a term policy - for an immediate cash payment. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized we needed a way to supplement our income. if you have $100,000 or more of life
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all of this is humanitarian aid that the fellowship is sending from israel directly into ukraine. >> all of this humanitarian aid from israel directly into ukraine. this won't feed the people inside of ukraine and the rest on the border. food, medicine, clothing is needed now. the situation in ukraine is worsening. and not working around the clock hosted by refugees. the life-saving is the most.
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who are you going to be now? who are we going to be? we're talking about saving jewish lives and time is running out. time is running out. please call or go online now. ♪ ♪ >> carley: welcome back. remember the democratic socialist running for congress in washington state who ran a campaign dad to bring empty homes to make way for the homeless? >> imagine proposal in congress. then imagine you, me come in a million friends took action and occupied empty houses nationwide. they couldn't ignore us. >> carley: well rebecca person spoke to our very own jesse watters last night and dependent the president with the idea but walked her remarks back a bit. >> i'm not calling on anybody to
1:36 am
break the law. i'm calling on all of us to think about what is owned by corporations, owned by those companies, those large corporations not used for what they are intended for which is housing people. >> carley: parsons once empty houses to be bought by the government and redistributed to those in need. of course, she does. security camera footage with a car jack or to roll over a woman in the san francisco bay area parking lot. the 81-year-old victim had just gotten out of her vehicle to hand out meals to the homeless when a man snatched her keys and drove off. >> he took my purse. and i can't tell you how violated you feel. your social security, your medicare, your driver's license, your everything. >> carley: well met, the poor woman appeared the police tracked down and arrested the
1:37 am
suspect who'd is homeless him so. they got him took gnomic touch with the the the victim. >> todd: returning to the yankees game with his 4-year-old son has a gun pointed to the back of his head and in the lobby of an apartment building. crime continues to surge in the big apple. mayor adams with to clean up the streets. laurent singletary a congressional candidate and police chief joins me now. when you see a video like that, it is supposed to be a beautiful memory, data coming home from a baseball game with his son ruined by a crime like that, don't you wonder why nothing seems to be improving and the city. >> good morning, tad absolutely, your heart goes out to the victim at the hands of criminals in new york and it appears to be new york state, the results of the policies created by legislatures from the left who
1:38 am
seem to, quite frankly not care about the victims and go about their daily lives. you look at what is going on in new york, goldman sachs employee and people not held accountable, todd appearance be when i think we can all agree that is the main issue from a bail review form from a lack of accountability, but mayor new york adams campaigning said i will clean the city up. we really haven't seen the results, the editorial board saying "rising street homelessness, traffic congestion and of course drive the exodus away from new york city, crime is the key. jicama mayor adams, bowing to make that job and at the least the public should see him working without weeks from his entourage about a presidential run were stories ramming it up in los angeles. where are the mayor's results to back up the tough talk and why does he keep doing things that
1:39 am
appear to the public like he's not focused on number one mission which is producing crime? >> you are absolutely right, todd piro the number one mission, eric adams, and to solve the issue of crime. people want to be safe. and just met in new york city. we are talking about big ceos who basically said enough is enough. we need you to provide solutions to this problem. no matter what is going on in the rest of the world and the rest of the nation, eric adams has to focus on new york city. when i was police chief that was the number one rule number one responsibility, of rochester, new york, and those that came to play and visit. new york city is the metropolis of new york state. we have to make sure new york city is safe for residents and those who come to
1:40 am
visit. businesses will leave new york as well. >> todd: he's got to flood the zone with cups and stop worrying about what the left thinks about it. speaking of which tuesday shooting coming to new york congressman aoc calling out the country's patriarchal society, take a listen. >> check on the men in his life. it feels like few role models and examples of people talking about this in healthy ways. there is such a thing as healthy masculinity that is not rooted in subjugation of other people. >> todd: i mean i hate to dignify by asking for a response but your response, laura? >> i watch that video over and over again and i don't even think aoc knew what she was trying to say. i work 20 years in law enforcement, and here she is making characterizations and accusations with a class in society. the rhetoric of politicians like
1:41 am
aoc to divide this country. in fact what she is saying is quite sexist and should have a platform and use that platform. you have to be careful how to use it. the last i checked the shooting is still under investigation meaning we don't know why this merger tried to go into a school and wreak havoc and kill kids. let's call it what it is and deal with it whatever it is when the investigation is complete instead of sitting down with viable solutions, what does she do? she takes to social media and provides us rhetoric to bring people together or provides viable solutions. >> todd: i would have the times in our history as the most patriarchal coal, those are the times when ever had shootings like this. so her point stupid as always. laurent singletary, we smart as always, we appreciate your time this morning, thank you. americans want to know, did first responders fall short in response to the texas shooting or did they do everything possible to save lives?
1:42 am
>> david webb is here to unpack all of it next. >> what should have happened is what happened 23 years ago. we learned a lesson in columbine. that is, you go into law enforcement and neutralize right away. that did not happen here.
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>> todd: the police say a school shooting clock with juveniles in custody with threats made against the school there in texas, ak-47 targeted students and found one of the suspect's home spear of the school district cancel class until next week as the investigation continues days after 21 people killed by a shooter. first responders they are facing a lot of criticism for an hour to kill the shooter who gunned down and that teacher in uvalde. >> the timeline of what we know right now occurred from a law enforcement perspective response is unacceptable. it is too long, it is too slow. speed is absolutely of the essence and as many as 100 law enforcement officers on the scene setting up and preventing parents from going in.
1:48 am
and then actually a parent to get in and save their own child goes to show you this is a breakdown. they will be stunned for a long time. >> carley: david webb is a fox news contributor and fox news reality with webb on fox nation. how do you feel about this new timeline that we learned yesterday? >> what is unacceptable this hour-long timeline and even the smallest town, there are a lot of questions. it is fair to say there needs to be an investigation. at no point is an hour acceptable peer that comes down to the officer, the man behind the badge where the woman behind the badge. they have to look at training and all of these elements what makes a police officer a top-notch police officer. that is all across america. locum i will not do what the media does and go out there after law enforcement but failure cost lives and failure to act.
1:49 am
none of us sitting here can find ourselves in that position. that moment if you don't have body armor or handgun. cops are human beings, but you don't get to make that mistake. it is time to act. and maybe they weren't ready. we don't know. that is that thing come investigate and find out why. nothing will bring those children back. we need answers. >> todd: that is a crucial point. we are not in that business but people are speaking out. here is one of them, chad ayers had this to say, listen. >> this is what we sign up for it. we have to go to the gunfire and put our lives ahead of anybody else's. but i just can't imagine standing outside of a door where there's all these little elementary school kids inside. look, 44% of these events are over less than one minute. 15% or over in 5-15 minutes, which means total of 85% over in 5 minutes or less.
1:50 am
so none of these attacks and this is from a secret service study, none of these attacks lasted longer than 15 minutes. it appears to be training somewhere. >> todd: that does seem to be a common theme but how do you reconcile that wrenching pleas from the parents with the tactics used by law enforcement year? >> sadly, you can't. you need to deal with the town and i say the town because this is a small community has to have a reckon with law enforcement and leaders. whatever they have to do to resolve this tragically, you won't bring those children back. but going forward, training, when you think about the fact that even after an hour, thankfully the board tech unit that is there for the other reason, some of the highest trained law enforcement officers in the country is the board tech unit here these people i wished they were on site. i wish they were on site minutes after because they are trained
1:51 am
to take people down. be two on the other hand we had brian foley on at this hour, and the connecticut police officer, he said once law enforcement at this gunman contained in a classroom in the shooting stops, the majority of the shooting happened in the first few minutes, we are told then time slows down and it becomes negotiation but you have to wonder if children in there, so there are just still, like you said, so many questions that need to be answered. todd, going into this segment mentioned what happened in texas a possible school shooting planned by students. you don't know if this is a copycat situation, but it does raise questions of the copycat thing here and how concerning that could be going forward. >> that term gets used a lot but unfortunately it covered this
1:52 am
since the '90s, georgia and so many others, schools, mass murder events. copycats already exist. it may be push them to advance the threat. >> carley: maybe it pushed the police in that town to investigate a little further. >> the cops are in a lot of a lot of the communities. >> todd: it is fleet week the first time in a while and broadcast live from uss baton but how excited are the sailors to be back? >> i have to tell you fleet week is back and i called it on-air and off air with the sailors, new york's covid coming out party. over the years i've been fortunate and i've done the ships of different types. the baton, and others, it is something else to see when they come in on fleet week to show off the aircraft, the ships,
1:53 am
professionalism, the military. i have to tell you i was on the baton's back as i have done over years and other ships. and you are talking people are part of their jobs. >> carley: how about their country? >> now she's in charge charge of the gatlin, the life of mike last line of defense in one of the sailors, innovation machinist and he's from baltimore. he got out of a bad neighborhood and went into a good environment and then the officer's, you can't knock the people and the sworn officers who have sworn for decades and trained others to take their place. the uss bataan one of the largest ships that we have. >> marines, and may be living together. that may turn into -- >> carley: david, thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> carley: to honor 150 fallen
1:54 am
heroes who died in the line of duty since the agency's inception in 1924. in 202115 agents died in car accidents from covid-19. and the fall and honored with a bad performance of 21 gun salute and helicopter flyover at the national board of patrol museum. ukraine defense ministry posting a jarring footage of massive explosions with russian rocket attacks on the eastern front. the defenseman said this is why advanced rocket launch system from the u.s. and western allies allies. the ukrainians call in the 3-month-old conflict the largest and most horrific war of the 21st century. >> todd: and the u.s. and ukraine and secretary of state said the biden administration focused on raining in a rising china. even as president putin's war continues we focus on the challenge to the international
1:55 am
order posed by the people's republic of china and that comment from antony blinken. the usa and japan with joint exercise over the sea of japan and this comes after russia and china conducted their own first joint military drills since invaded ukraine and nuclear capable bomb on tuesday. this memorial day marks the return of rolling thunder. we are taking a look at the loud and proud to honor the nation's heroes. >> carley: virginia is honoring memorial day by backing military law enforcement, of course. here to explain how the state's is supporting america. ♪ ♪
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>> carley: a fox news alert. a nation waking up with questions this morning after authorities reveal an 18-year-old shooter was able to enter a school unobstructed and carry out a massacre that claimed the lives of 19 children and two school teachers. you are watch "fox and friends first" on this friday morning. >> todd: i'm todd piro. many people wondering why if took an hour to kill a gunman after he crashed outside the school. an investigation still ongoing. it was


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