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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 27, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> carley: a fox news alert. a nation waking up with questions this morning after authorities reveal an 18-year-old shooter was able to enter a school unobstructed and carry out a massacre that claimed the lives of 19 children and two school teachers. you are watch "fox and friends first" on this friday morning. >> todd: i'm todd piro. many people wondering why if took an hour to kill a gunman after he crashed outside the school. an investigation still ongoing. it was 11:28 a.m., when had
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happened. he fired at people across the street and as he approached the school as he approached the unlocked wack door. >> carley: he walked in 11:40 a.m. and made his way toward the classroom and carried out his attack. four minutes later, officers arrived on the scene and were met with gunfire inside the school. they took cover to wait for backup and evacuate other rooms. an hour later a special unit entered by force and shot the suspect dead. ashley strohmier has more. ashley. >> ashley: a texas department of public safety rep said on tuesday the school resource officer had "engaged with the shooter before he went into the school." that statement contradiktss what we heard in a news conference
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yesterday. >> it was reported a school district police officer confronted the suspect as he was making entry. not accurate. he walked in unobstructed. >> ashley: we are told there was no officer on site at the time of the shooting. officers didn't immediately go in because of gunfire and waited for a tactical team to arrive, leaving teachers and students in the school for an hour. -- the one-hour response time was unacceptable. >> i saw officers bringing kids out of classes, if this timeline was truly an hour, it is unacceptable. >> ashley: we're learning more about off-duty u.s. border patrol tactical member who helped rescue 20 children, including his daughter trapped inside the school.
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jacob alvarado got a message from his wife. he rushed to the scene. not everyone was lucky enough to get their child out. >> she was excited about summer, we were going to go to the zoo and see family and stuff. obviously after what happened, it just is not going to happen now. >> ashley: the mother of the shooting suspect was seen praying and rocking back and forth on her parent's back porch hold whatting looked like a rosary. her father says she feels bad for everybody, but she lost her child, too. >> carley: we spoke with a retired police officer, brian foley last hour who said people
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should wait for more details before they criticize the police. watch this. >> these are emotional times, when it is emotional and raw like this, people look for answers and look for somebody to blame. i think right now they are blaming police officers and that is a natural reaction, as cops, you understand it. there are a lot of cops on scene f. cops felt they should have gone in and didn't, you would hear that from them, you would hear from the unions. we are not hearing that, which tells me the cops on the scene knew what was situation was and where the containment was and couldn't enter the fatal funnel at that point. you have an armed gunman, with a high-powered rifle and if you go through that doorway, you are guaranteed getting killed and gunfire had stopped. >> carley: tragedy on top of
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tragedy. the husband of a teacher killed while protecting her students dies two days after her tragic death. irma garcia's husband joe suffered a heart attack after placing flowers on the memorial at robb elementary school. the couple leave behind four children. >> todd: unbelievable. tributes coming in for ray leota, who is best remembered for his iconic role as henry hill in "good fellas." >> what are you doing? leaving your car? >> it is easier than leaving it at a garage and waiting, quicker that way. >> todd: is there a better movie shot than that one? martin scorsesee says he amazed me, i'm proud of the work woo did together on that picture.
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he played the role of shoeless joe jacks in "field of dreams.are thes" >> devastated to hear the news of ray leott's passing. god gave us that stunts, now god has ray. ray liotta, 67 years old. closing arguments will begin today in the trial of johnny depp and amber heard. >> i am harassed, humiliated, threatened, every single day. it is painful. it is humiliated for any human being to go through. >> todd: johnny depp's team asked her fw testimony
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contradicting her claims. she did admit her op ed was about johnny depp, i know how many people will come out and say whatever for him, that's his power, that is why i wrote the op ed. you can only act so long before cross-examination will get you. michael sussmann declines to testify today. >> carley: brooke singman has all the details. brooke. >> brooke: that is right, the government and defense will deliver closing arguments in the trial of michael sussmann this morning. sussmann will not testify in his defense. the judge said it is the jury's duty to remember what the facts are in this case and jurors should not be influenced by any bias, including political affiliation.
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devin nunes says there is reason to be concerned. listen. >> there is trouble with some jurors, giving money to clinton and liberal members of congress. one juror has a relationship of some kind to sussmann's family. very strange, but the evidence is pretty overwhelming. >> special counsel's team came armed with -- attempt to show sussmann lied to the fbi when he said he wasn't bringing trump-russia allegations on behalf of any client. sussmann billed the clinton campaign on the same day he met with the fbi. sussmann billed the campaign for "work and communications regarding confidential project," and september 19th, 2016 is the day michael sussmann went to see
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the fbi saying he had information about trump and russia. sussmann attorneys said it is possible sussmann did spend 3 hours that day and rightfully billed the campaign. attorneys argue the meeting at the fbi was separate. the government and defense will have two hours to deliver closing arguments. the judge asked these begin at 9:00 this morning, we likely won't have a verdict from the jury until next week. carley and todd. >> carley: brooke live for us, thank you very much. many americans are excited to travel and enjoy summer after year of covid lockdown and social distancing. now something else might rain on our parade. >> todd: breaking downbeating that inflation and joe biden's energy crisisville on your wallet this memorial day weekend. ville on your wallet this memorial day weekend. wiville on your wallet this memorial day weekend. ll ville on your wallet this memorial day weekend. havville on your wallet this memorial day weekend. eville on
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switch today. >> carley: the fda commissioner facing bipartisan outrage over the ongoing baby formula shortage. mike bronn claiming ole gopole. the shelves are bare despite two ship mentss brought in from
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overseas. i can't be exacts, my expectation is that within two months, we should be beyond normal and with plethora of supply, two months, caleb says the abbott factory is yet to reopen because of puddles on the ground and leaks in the roof. abbott will start sending out new shipments on june 20. americans getting ready to hit the road this memorial day weekend. high fwas prices are hitting families hard. >> todd: expert mathematician, griff jenkins, joins us from washington with more. i wish the audience could see the e-mails going back and forth between us about how much gas costs. >> griff: if you have a wallet, it is going to take a beating.
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last hour i said gas prices dropped 1/100th of a cents, it is actually 1/10th of a percent. yesterday it hit $4.60. it drop third degree morning 4.599, 1/10th of a cent. triple a says travelers are still hitting the road. watch. >> despite record high gasoline prices, we are expecting based on what we've seen for memorial day, a robust travel period for summer. people just want to get out and go. >> whatever the gas price is, we have to pay for it, we want to go visit our family, this is the cost involved. >> 39.2 million americans expected to travel by car and air, up 8.3% and we're paying more to fly, up almost 30% at
2:16 am
average of $394 a flight. this is latest "washington post" poll says more more thans are concerned about high gas prices than covid risks while traveling. the pain won't stop, anything you can put on a grill is up on the rise. chicken, ground beef and hot dogs are up almost 7%, this comes as president biden is telling americans, we're going through a "incredible transition," but his poll numbers in the tank. only 41% approve in the latest gallup poll, americans are dissatisfied with the way things are go nothing this country. that is prompted by a group of gop lawmakers to write a letter demanding answers over the administration's plan to bring prices down. todd and carley. >> todd: griff jenkins may have
2:17 am
gotten the answer wrong, but in the e-mail chain he showed his work. >> carley: you said gas prices are down 1/1000th of a dollar, which is 1/10th of a cents, far beyond me? >> griff: i got in this business to avoid math, i made an error. i correct myself and apologize for leading americans astray. >> carley: moral, gas prices are still really high. >> todd: bring in personal finance expert and economic analyst, dan. dan, we require math from you. focus on travel and on this weekend, memorial day wiek end. what do you expect to see? >> you will pay more. good morning to you and carley. you are right. great lead-in. we will pay more for just about everything this weekend. americans will be digging deeper when they hit the road. as we emerge from this pandemic,
2:18 am
there is desire on our part to get out there, vacation, get back to normal. bad news, we are paying more for that privilege. >> todd: do you expect that trend to continue for the remainder of the summer? >> i do. wish i could give you better news, i expect through to the fall, we'll be seeing high prices stick around. prices go up pretty quick. it is much stickier when they are up there to come down. takes longer and more effort. we'll see that effort with respect to the federal reserve raising interest rates, we'll see how successful that effort is. it will not happen overnight, it will take time. >> todd: it doesn't seem to be stopping anybody. are people saying, i've been stuck in my house for two plus years, i'm tired of this, to heck with high gas, high flat, high hotel prices, i'll get memorial day and summer on.
2:19 am
>> you don't want to do a staycation, todd? >> todd: no. >> nor does anyone else. that is driving this, that demand on the part of consumers, you and i and our neighbors are willing and many of us capable still of paying those higher prices. that, todd, while good for consumers, pushes prices up further because of the demand. supply is not there, number of airline seats that are var i can't believe, not there. airlines are struggling with capacity. people want to fly, not enough seats on fly them, prices go up. >> todd: what are tips for prices for people wanting to go away. >> if you are flexible with your plan, that is the key. number two, maximize credit card
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rewards. you and i talked about this before, i like cash back cards, now use the best card to get the best discounts. watch what you put in your wallet or purse and skip the popular spots this summer, they will be overcrowded and expensive. skip some of those and go for spots that are off the beaten path. >> todd: understood. dan roccato. veterans and patriots roll into washington, d.c. for memorial day to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice and raise money for veterans. >> carley: rolling to remember ride is here to talk about this critical mission. your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling.
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you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need? like how i customized this scarf? check out this backpack i made for marco. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep? only pay for what you need. qunol sleep formula combines 5 key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol. >> carley: listen to this, bikers are showing support for our nation's troops and fallen heros this memorial day weekend.
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the rolling to remember ride is back in washington, d.c. to raise awareness for critical issues facing our nation's veterans. here with more, executive director, joe shinelli. joe, you have incredible things going on this weekend. tell us about it. >> so we have about 100,000 motorcycle-riding patriots converging on washington, d.c., many are already in town. things kickoff tonight with a blessing of the bikes at the national cathedral, and sunday on the big day, where the motorcycles as far as you can see will be riding to demand full accountable of our missing in action and raise awareness around the suicide issue gripping the society. >> carley: jon stewart will be in attendance, is that right?
2:26 am
>> absolutely. on saturday afternoon rfk stadium, we have a special task act rally and have about 10,000 people coming out who demand the pact passed on the senate floor and the president signs this massive legislation to help veterans who have been impacted by burn exposure. it helps veterans exposed to agent orange in vietnam. this will help veterans in the future that are exposed to toxic substances. >> carley: you are trying to break a guinness world record, tell us how? >> about 22 veterans die by suicide everyday, a lot of our members do 22 push-ups per day to raise awareness, usually in a
2:27 am
public place to keep them in our hearts and minds. we're going to do a massive number of people at one time doing 22 push-ups, the old record is 1600, we expect to smash that record 2:22 on saturday. come out to rfk on saturday afternoon. >> carley: for those that don't know about amvets and what they do, tell us about the organization. >> sure. veterans organization, been around for more than 80 years. we are open to any veteran who honorably served regardless of when or where they served. we fight for veterans on capitol hill, fight with whatever administration is in place. we are committed to being veterans serving veterans and ensure there is someone fighting for veterans. >> carley: i'm sure it was a lot of work to put together, for all
2:28 am
amazing causes. joe, thank you for joining us, have a wonderful time. >> thank you, appreciate you. >> carley: you're welcome. >> todd: great stuff. senior meteorologist janice dean, how is it looking as people celebrate the brave men and women who gave up so much. >> janice: much of the country will be fairly quiet this weekend, depending on saturday and sunda current temperatures, warm across the south and we have thunderstorms that are going to move across the east coast today, so that will cause travel delays. you want to make sure you on top of that, severe storm threat today from florida up toward new england with concentration of parts of the i-95 corridor. this will linger across the northeast into saturday and
2:29 am
sunday is a better day. take a look at the rain forecast, system will move to the west and bring rain and mountain snow in areas extending toward the northern planes. warm across the south. 91 in dallas, 102 in el paso and very warm air across the southwest, that is not helping the fire danger. saturday, our memorial day weekend forecast, northeast, lingering showers and thunderstorm. could see severe storms across the upper midwest. there is sunday, you can see the west spreads in toward the plane states and we have that threat for severe storms for the upper midwest and the planes. i wish i had a better forecast, this is going to linger going into holiday monday, severe threat extends across the plane states and we have pretty big snowfall across the rockies. >> carley: which is crazy,
2:30 am
right? >> janice: it shocks us every year, this type weather lingers across the west. >> carley: complaint box -- >> todd: skiers will thank you for ski nothing may and potentially june. >> janice: always a silver lining. >> carley: have a great weekend. >> todd: jason will join us live to tell us about the 23 bills just signed into law. >> carley: and rachel campos-duffy is live in concord, north carolina. rachel ahead of nascar's coca-cola 600, talking to people about inflation and a whole lot more next.
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>> todd: virginia governor glenn youngkin signing 23 bills to honor and support the state's active and retired servicemembers ahead of memorial day. here is jason miyares. agents, what message is virginia sending with this legislation? >> jason: virginia is open for veterans. if you're a veteran and you live in another state, we want you to move here. if you are getting out of the service, we want you to stay
2:35 am
here. i was happy to stand with governor youngkin, he signed legislation coming out of the virginia assembly. it is making virginia the best place to live and work. we want to reduce taxes on first $40's,000 of your benefits, wave permit fees for veteran-owned small businesses. as mentioned over 22 veterans lose their lives everyday to suicide, we're creating a suicide -- coordinator. highest concentration of veterans and active duty personnel of any state in the country. we are called the city of heroes because we have so many. i grew up in a military community, have such appreciation for the sacrifices daily that veterans make, spouses make as veterans serve
2:36 am
overseas. we want to embrace the communities, biggest and brightest we have. as we go up to memorial day and remember those fallen, it is important to stand with those and governor youngkin and i talk about serving those that serve us. this legislation is important step to do so. >> todd: scrolling through various pieces of legislation, you have both republicans and democrats sponsoring it, ultimately being signed by the governor, that is what america is supposed to be. nice to see virginia as a model for that. you talked about the numbers, virginia has so many military servicemen and women, describe how interwoven the military is into the fabric of your state. >> it is something as simple as when you go to the grocery store here in my hometown. you will see those that have scars of war that are amputees
2:37 am
and you interact with family friends that their husband has to be deployed for the next six to nine months on a carrier fighting overseas. we come together in virginia, i have a mentor and friend who is a marine, he said, if you go to arlington national cemetery and go among the star of david and crosses, there is not an r or d next to somebody's name, they have given last full measure of devotion to this amazing country. coming up on memorial day, it is important to recognize sacrifices, we have military fighting force unlike any other. if you don't believe me look at korea at night from satellite, half the peninsulaliving in freedom and light and half in darkness. 40,000 americans went to a land where they didn't speak the language and died defending the
2:38 am
korean peep frel one of the worst tyrannys the world had ever seen. all they asked for, place to honor their dead. we honor those that did lay themselves down at the altar of freedom. we are the last best hope on earth. we want to embrace them, support them. it is a time we don't recognize it as three-day holiday, it is solemn occasion for those that gave all for us. enjoy going to beaches and enjoy criticizing government, but living in freedom. we wouldn't be able to do that if it wasn't for the veterans. >> todd: jason miyares, thank you, sir. carley. >> carley: well, inflation is hitting hard ahead of memorial day weekend. surging gas prices forces americans to cut back across the
2:39 am
board. >> todd: it is an issue rachel campos-duffy will hear about at the wayside family restaurant in north carolina. good morning, rachel. >> rachel: good morning to both of you. we are 15 minutes from the speedway. i'm here, i've put on my apron, there is a labor shortage. join in and help out. we're waiting for customers to come in. it is early yet. we will talk about inflation and the state of the country. there is a sour feeling on things and see what people are doing for memorial day with inflation. people sticking close to home because of gas prices. they are not going to feel a lot of relief at home, prices for meat, especially, things you put on the grill, way up, 15, 17, 20%. a lot to talk about with people here. >> carley: one thing i'm sure you will talk about it being
2:40 am
memorial day is patriotism and america and people who sacrifice their lives so we can be free. north carolina is such a patriotic state, i'm sure a lot of people will be honoring that message. >> rachel: absolutely. this is a state with a lot of veterans, patriotism. we will see. among younger voters, patriotism a bit on the decline, i think right now a lot of americans are trying to come together in light of the tragedy we just had this past week. again, i think inflation, jobs, that is top of line for everybody right now. >> todd: rachel and the rest of "fox and friends first" weekend crew will be live for the coca-cola 600. in addition to anchoring the show, rachel, will you be racing? >> rachel: i won't be racing, i am warming things up here, they
2:41 am
are excited to watch the race, as am i. i hope everybody joins in. >> cheryl: >> carley: you look beautiful. i've learned so much about nascar from you guys going down and covering the races. thank you for that knowledge. >> todd: that is why i asked. why don't you hop in and go for it? >> carley: probably more challenging than that. rachel, thank you for check nothing with us. we'll see you on "fox and friends." >> rachel: you got it, see you soon. >> todd: this memorial day marks return of the famous puppy walk, give all americans a chance to remember servicemembers who gave their lives defending america. >> carley: we will have more on the incredible symbol coming up. , and i feel like i can do anything. we've been coming here,
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with our everyday pricing. switch today. >> carley: ukraine defense ministry posting jarring footage of massive explosions from russian rocket attacks on the eastern front. the defense ministry says this is why it needs advanced rocket launch system from u.s. and allies. the ukrainian calling the
2:46 am
conflict the largest and most horrific war of the 21th century. >> todd: the secretary of state blinken says the biden administration is focused on reigning in -- listen. >> as president putin's war continues, we will remain focus said on the most serious long-term challenge to the international order posed by the people's republic of china. >> todd: the u.s. and japan carried out this joint exercise over the sea of japan after russia and china conducted first military drill since russia invaded ukraine during president biden's trip overseas. border patrol holding a ceremony in el paso to honor the 150 fallen heroes who died in the line of duty since the agency inception. 15 agents lost their lives, the fallen honored with a bagpipe
2:47 am
performance, 21-gun salute and helicopter flyover. >> carley: more than 645,000 u.s. troops have died since world war i. this memorial day poppy wall of honor will be on display to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. joining me now is army veteran and vice president of marketing for the usaa. you are in front of the poppy wall right now, such a time-honored and beautiful tradition. tell us why it is important to keep this going. >> yes, usaa has been pursueing and educating americans on memorial day on the significance of the holiday. many enjoy the weekend as the advent of summer, spending time with friends and family, it is important to remember it was
2:48 am
645,000 u.s. service members since world war i that are the meaning behind memorial day weekend. behind me is the poppy wall, it depicts the poppy. each one is representative of one service member who has fallen in combat since world war i. the poppies signify the significant sacrifice or freedoms we will enjoy this weekend and everyday thereafter. >> carley: 645,000 poppies on the wall, stretches 133 feet and it is 8.5 feet high. how long does it take to create this memorial? >> we've had crews working 24 hours for the last day or day and a half, it will be complete this morning. if you are in the dc area, i encourage everyone to come out.
2:49 am
>> carley: our director rusty gaze taught in the paper poppies to honor national poppy day today. the flower is chosen for a specific reason. tell us about the history there. >> that is right. it dates back to world war i, lieutenant colennel in the army lost a friend at the battle of belgium. he saw the poppies and he wrote a poem called in flounder field and a professor read the poem and wrote a response poem entitled "we shall keep the faith," and she vowed to wear a red poppy in honor of the fallen soldiers in world war i. she campaigned to have the poppy recognized as national symbol of remembrance and was successful in 1920. >> carley: the reason our director rusty gave us the paper poppies is because his father
2:50 am
served in the vietnam war. we thank all our veterans this weekend and every single day we are on this earth. it is memorial day, what is your memorial day message? >> i want everyone to enjoy the weekend, but take a moment to understand the true meaning bhiengd -- behind memorial day. there are many ways you can honor them, wear a poppy. i encourage people to go to usaa/memorialday to understand history of the poppy and significance behind memorial day and recognize other ways you can honor the sacrifice of many of us will never know. >> carley: so important. eric, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> carley: you're welcome. the nation waking up with a lot
2:51 am
of questions this morning after authorities reveal an 18-year-old shooter was able to enter a school completely unobstructed and carry out a massacre that claimed the lives of 19 children and two school teachers. >> todd: first responders taking heat for the latest timeine of events. it took an hour to kill him after he crashed outside the school. unpacking everything we know with lara trump. if your moderate to severe crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis symptoms are stopping you in your tracks... choose stelara® from the start... and move toward relief after the first dose... with injections every two months. stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection, flu-like symptoms, sores, new skin growths, have had cancer, or if you need a vaccine. pres, a rare, potentially fatal brain condition, may be possible.
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>> it was reported that a school district police officer confronted the suspect and was making entry. not accurate. he walked in unobstructed. 11:40. he walks in to the west side of robb elementary. according to reports, video we have obtained. four minutes later local police department, uvalde police department, the independent
2:56 am
school district police department are inside, making entry. >> carley: texas law enforcement contradicting information we learned a day earlier about the horrific school shooting that claimed the lives of 19 school children and two teachers. on tuesday, we were told the school resource officer had engaged with the shooter before he entered the building. that of course, turned out not to be true. >> todd: first responders also taking a lot of heat for the latest timeline of events with many people wondering why it took an hour to kill the gunman after he crashed his car outside the school. joining us now fox news tributer lara trump. so many questions. as a mom, what questions do you want answered? >> well, and, todd, that's the only way i think so many people can approach this is that you have to look at this as a parent. i have two kids who i send to school every day. and i assume that they are going to be safe. i assume that when they are not in my care that every single measure will be taken to ensure
2:57 am
their safety and allow them to focus on what every child should at school which is learning. you know the fact that there was this open back door, the fact that, you know, we continue to hear conflicting reports, obviously we have to wait for everything to come out. obviously there is a lot to download here. and there is -- i assume a whole group of people who will really study this incident. as we should. because, you know, it's really upsetting to think that had it not been, perhaps, for an open and unlocked back door at a school, 21 people in uvalde, texas would still be alive right now. 19 children would not have lost their lives. but the truth is, when you have an evil deranged individual within intent, it is very hard to stop that person, but, if you put up road blocks, if you have deterrence in place, it does become a lot harder for them to go into a place like a school. you make it no longer a soft
2:58 am
target. i think so often about what we had to do after 9/11 to our airports and as anowing as it is to go through airport security, no one likes to do it. you have to commit it has been successful. we have not seen airplanes hijacked at the same rate. you don't see major incidents happening at airports. so that has been effective. you have to, as a parent, make it impossible for people to get into these schools or at least make it, you know, incredibly difficult so that they no longer see it as an option. >> carley: i said it before but i think it's worth repeating. something said earlier this week on the five that schools need to be protected like banks because children are more valuable than money. we are now learning that the shooter's mom said that he could be aggressive if he got really mad. we are also learning that he threatened his peers, he stalks
2:59 am
girls online and also he abused animals and was a dropout. he wasn't going to school. to me this sounds like a huge failing within his family who would should have known something was up with this kid. >> you are right, carley, you often hear after the fact similar reports whenever you have situations like this. oh, this person kept to themselves. they had this strange behavior, hurting animals, those sorts of things. these are red flags, but there is a failure, i think, whenever you have family members who do not address that. who do not try to get an individual help like that. and i get that it's hard. it's your child. it's your grandchild. whatever it is, a family member or a friend. but, to have been able to prevent a situation like this, we should all be looking out for warning signs and we have to address our society has changed. the way we interact with one another has changed. most of it is online now and not in person.
3:00 am
and that has changed the way we operate in a big way and so we should be on guard for this. we should be looking out for this. it's a horrible situation all around. and i think as parents we are all paying attention want answers and want to learn from this tad. >> todd: lara trump thank you for your time this morning. we appreciate it. with that a tough week. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> pete: we begin with a fox news alert. new details on the timeline of the uvalde school massacre. >> it was reported that a school district police officer confronted the suspect that was making entry. not accurate. he walked in unobstructed approximately an hour later. u.s. border patrol, tactical teams arrived and did make entry shoot and killed the suspect. >> pete: police revealing the


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