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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  May 27, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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thank you. we have to run, kid. have a great weekend and i'll see you tuesday. >> julie: do it again all next week? okay. >> bill: have a wonderful holiday weekend and enjoy family and friends especially in light of the events we've been all watching this past week. god bless and we'll see you next week. here is harris, bye-bye. >> harris: knocks fuss alert now. the families of the 19 children, two teachers killed in texas in that school shooting now adding outrage to all of their pain. the state department of public safety has changed its story on what exactly happened at uvalde's robb elementary school this week. some are accusing the local police of deadly inaction. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". officials now say that teenaged gunman fired shots for 12
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minutes outside the school. he then entered unobstructed through an unlocked door. here is the texas dps walking back those initial -- they weren't true, they were lies. let's watch. >> it was reported that a school district police officer confronted the suspect that was making entry. not accurate. he walked in unobstructed initially. so from the grandmother's house to the school into the school he was not confronted by anybody. there was not an officer readily available armed, no. >> harris: that's why you wait for the facts. the "new york post" this is the cover this morning detailing parents' frustrations as they pleaded with police to go inside. that picture from the scene. adding to the chaos, witnesses say police officers tased,
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pepper sprayed and handcuffed some parents who were what the police said interfering with their investigation. and reporters apparently are losing patience as well. >> thank you so much. that's all i have. >> what were the officers doing at 11:44. [inaudible] >> i have taken all your questions into consideration. we'll be doing updates and updates to answer those questions. >> harris: we go deeper now. the husband of irma garcia, one of the teachers killed in the massacre has died. his family says joe garcia suffered a fatal heart attack two days after his wife was killed. so that would be yesterday. the two were high school sweethearts married for 24 years. they had four children now left
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behind. former boston police chief dan linskey in focus. first bill melugin on the ground in uvalde, texas. bill. >> harris, good morning. the aftermath of this mass shooting is ripping families apart here in uvalde. you just highlighted the garcia family. we would like to take a moment again to highlight their heart wrenching situation. this is joe and irma garcia, high school sweethearts married 24 years. irma was a fourth grade teacher and killed in the mass shooting here on tuesday. we find out yesterday that joe suddenly dies of a heart attack. they leave four children behind. we want to show you this video. take a look. this is joe yesterday. video recorded yesterday showing joe going to the school to place flowers at a cross with his wife's name on it to memorialize her. we learned hours after this video was recorded joe passed away of a heart attack.
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both of them gone within a 48-hour span leaving four young children behind. hard to even put it into words. also an impact on the shooter's family. it is the shooter's mother. she is praying with a rosary on the front porch of her parents' house. she said she was praying but she is going through quite a bit right now as well. we also want to show you our live fox news drone right now above the school. we want to walk you through this. that ditch you see there is where we are told the shooter crashed his car. he gets out with a rifle and starts shooting at two witnesses at this funeral home you see in the video and starts running toward the skoo. jumps the chain link fence you see while he is shooting at the school and able to make entry
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into the west side of the school through an open door, a door that was left unlocked. we are hearing horrible stories now the case of an 11-year-old girl whose parents tell us she smeared a friend's blood on her and tried to play dead in an effort to stay alive. she did end up surviving the shooting. now the loved ones of deceased children like lopez are asking where was the security why was that door unlocked? >> they didn't follow what the school guidelines are. what happened to the security? >> i don't understand exactly what happened but i think that they should have gone ahead and secured that door. >> it is a bad situation which has never happened. a lot of kids got killed. >> in less than an hour at 11:00 a.m. local time we expect a dps press conference where i'm told by law enforcement sources there will be
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significant new information released. i'm also told they feel they have the timeline down concrete now basically to the second. they understand exactly what happened and when it happened and again i am told there will be significant new information released at this press conference later on this morning. we'll have it live for our virus of course. >> harris: before i let you go because i have a police chief from a very big city on the east coast and we'll talk about responding to these things. so i want to ask, what are the parents saying about those moments? i know you have had a chance to talk to some people, about those moments when they were held back? there is so many stories. one of a mother who was handcuffed. her dad was tased. -- pepper sprayed. she then was released from handcuffs and got into some side of the building and jumped the fence. they didn't even have a perimeter going on? i don't know how it was possible. by the grails grace of god she
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rescued her two children. some parents were in communication with kids in other parts of the school. one of the girls who lost their life was calling 911. that's just a remarkable and very jarring story to hear. >> it is. it's going to be a tough pill for a lot of parents to swallow when they heard that press conference yesterday the shooter was in the school for an hour before there was a breach attempt. what they're saying what if there were children bleeding out in the classroom and a chance for some of them to survive and they waited and didn't go into that room? now, there is another perspective as well. talking about law enforcement sources who say look, these were basic street patrol officers no shield, didn't have training for a barricaded suspect and they said it would have been a funnel of death if they tried bursting into the
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room one-on-one. you would have had a bunch of dead cops on your hands. any way you slice it, it is a horrible situation. you have kids potentially dying, bleengd out in the room and you have cops trying to decide to breach it or not. will we all be killed? i'm not a law enforcement expert and defer that to those who are but that's just what some law enforcement have been -- it's what some sources have been telling me. think about what the officers were thinking about as they were considering do we breach that room, harris? >> harris: i'll get into it. bill melugin, thank you very much. you saw the families of the victims overcome with grief and lashing out at the school over the lack of security. this week's tragedy took place despite new safety protocols. "new york times" with the somber headline. uvalde had prepared for school shootings. it did not stop the rampage. dan linskey, former boston police chief heading the police department during the marathon bombing and manhunt for the
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brothers. good to have you in "focus" today. let's start with this idea the police and from what i've read the quote was they were trying to get the right angle ton shooter behind that door and figure out how not to get themselves killed. is that protocol? >> so since columbine happened we learned that waiting for tactical teams is not the solution for a school shooting. police have been trained to not wait for three and four officers to go in a diamond formation and as soon as possible encounter the subject. the doorway is a fatal funnel. we know and accept that. but we train for that. and if these officers weren't provided with the training or the equipment, just because they are patrol officers doesn't mean you can't have things in the back of the patrol cars to access a door. other tactical things you can do to come to the back side and
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smash the window and try to get a site picture through there. we'll wait for the full record to be in there. i can't imagine waiting an hour to breach that door absent raging gunfire coming through and pinned down and unable to move. it is against what we train police officers and probably is a cult we've told police to do in a couple of years. defund the police and demilitarize the police. in order to train we have to train police officers in stressful situations and realistic role players so they have the same brain function they have yesterday where you show up and the human reaction to fight, flight, or freeze. you have to take the deep breaths in the freeze mode and open the training up and then do what we do which is go to the sound of gunfire and that could mean that officers could be shot. we have shields, ballistic
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shields we put in place. tactics how to clear a door from multiple angles. discrash naer devices and have to be mindful we have a class full of children. the other -- we don't want officers firing indiscriminately into the classroom and causing injuries we don't have to have happen. certainly an hour time was a lot of time away from the door and we'll await for the official results and maybe see some video to exactly what happened. it is contrary to training and goes to a lack of training and resources for police who in the country told us don't militarize the police. this individual was in a barricaded position with an ar-15 assault rifle. that's a military situation that police will have to address and we have to find a balance to both of them. >> harris: when you say go to the sound of gunfire one of the things i wrote down, chief linskey, were two words. ingenuity and bravery.
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an axe somewhere, they have anti-fire materials there in the school and so it would take then somebody on site having a blueprint that you send every officer. i was brought up military so i always have a plan for everything it seems, my husband says. you send that immediately across every device you can across that police department. that blueprint digitally. not like they have 50 schools in uvalde. they only have a few. that brings into what you are saying. they could get the axe and know where things are. but i've heard it described as a fog of war in those positions. i want to if you could quickly before we move on speak to that as well. you talked about that cortisol level. we have that level of panic but it comes to bravery as well. >> i'm a former united states marine and made chief at 43. i had a career of crisis. i will admit everyone all of
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the viewers here today when i showed up and saw the horrible carnage on bolton street i froze. i was present during a case where one of our officer was killed and he was -- i actually froze on boilton street for a period of time. i saw a woman whose foot was bleeding and bent down to get pressure on her foot. i didn't want to deal with the tragedy in fronts of me. massachusetts state trooper said chief, we need you in the middle of the street. i was infuriated not the trooper reminded me to be the boss but i had to be reminded. i shook my body and took the cleansing breaths. if you talk to any special operation folks they talk about controlling your breathing. once i did that the cortisol and i went into the flight move. our teams had prepared. we trained with amputees with
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missing arms and legs. the officers didn't see it for the first time and not be in the frozen mode. that's the training for officers to make sure they are prepared for critical events. once they open the file cabinets we spoend. within 22 minutes every victim was than in an or, er or treated by a doctor. it came from training and bravery of hundreds of officers, firefighters, emts and nurses and doctors and citizens who pulled up together. but everyone will freeze. how quickly you get out of freeze that matters. we need to train police officers and providing them with the tools and training to do just that. if not we're failing them. >> harris: as citizens we have to spoirt -support you and get the funds you need to the train. that transparency and honesty comes from leadership and heart and grateful to get it from you today. it speaks widely to what the
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scene looked like. i'm grateful for your perspective. thank you for being here. a new analysis suggests that red wave, the political red wave is coming for the democrats this fall. it might actually be more of a tsunami. are you hearing that? we'll talk about why. gas prices going up more. prices overall as the weather is warming up. >> american families are having to pare back dreams and make sacrifices. it's normal life in democrats' version of america. >> harris: more republicans hitting president biden for his comments on gas prices this week. and big pain at the pump as drivers fuel up for the memorial holiday weekend. marc thiessen in "focus" next. i have fantastic news for fellow veterans
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>> i've noticed oats more crowded. we've spent two years stuck at home and everyone wants to get out. >> harris: i love his smile. he is excited and moving around. airports across america bracing for the busiest holiday weekend in two years. air travel expected to jump 25% over last memorial day. travelers may be experiencing sticker shock, fares have jumped a whopping 28% compared to what they were in 2019. despite that, though, demand for domestic flights is up in the first 15 days of may. fox businesses grady trimble is live for us at chicago's o'hare international airport. grady.
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>> that gentleman who you saw smiling there was on a work trip. maybe he was happy because he wasn't paying that airfare himself, his company was. people taking to the skies this memorial day will pay a lot. take a look at the numbers from the travel booking app hopper. the increase of 28% compared to before the pandemic. the average domestic round-trip will cost you just under $400. take a look at the terminal here in chicago. it is one of the busiest airports in the country this weekend and every weekend. around 3 million people will be taking to the skies this memorial day weekend. that's a 25% increase from last year. not quite as many as pre-covid, though. even with those high prices, the people we talked to here say they're willing to pay them because they feel like they've been cooped up for a couple of years and mask mandates are lifting and they just want life to get back to normal. listen. >> i have to pay but i wish it was a lot cheaper.
8:23 am
i would like to travel a lot more. >> everybody has been trying to get out and moments like this with the mask mandate now coming down i see a lot more people happier and they want to live their life again. >> as we head into the summer months, adobe expects it to be up. demand is through the roof and jet fuel prices are through the roof right now, too, up 100 percent compared to a year ago. we should also mention the airlines have been dealing with big problems with massive flight cancellations and delays because of staffing shortages whether it's pilots or flight attendants. delta has already cut 100 flights each day this summer to try to relieve the system a little bit and avoid any of those mass cancellations and delays on the day you are
8:24 am
taking off. >> harris: we were where we were pre-pandemic. the same as it ever was. people have to brace for those prices as you just told us. thank you. this weekend, this memorial holiday weekend drivers are facing gas prices which continue to shatter records. i mean on a day-to-day basis. prices have been rising for nearly two weeks straight. the national average now at 4.59 a gallon, a 42 cent jump when the national record was first broken in march. mitch mcconnell the latest republican to criticize president biden saying high prices are an incredible transition toward green energy. >> according to him it's what he calls a quote incredible transition. well, that's a heck of a way to describe his administration's war on the most affordable, reliable, and abundant forms of
8:25 am
energy in our country. the pain at the pump is only one of the democrats' radical policies and reckless spending. >> harris: now a coalition of republican lawmakers has sent a letter to energy sector jennifer granholm accusing the biden administration of draining the strategic petroleum reserve without a plan to bring down gas prices. they have' tapped it price and promised 10 to 35 cents a gal than it would come down. it hasn't happened. they are demanding she testify before congress. marc thiessen, "washington post" columnist. when the president made the promises about what he could do with gasoline it wouldn't have mattered much anyway. those are not kept promises. >> no, they are not. look, his approval rating hit an all-time low in the poll of 36%. i think it will be lower next week when people come back from
8:26 am
memorial day weekend having paid all these high gas prices and high air fare. this is the second lockdown. they've been cooped up in their homes because of the pandemic. now it has receded they are cooped up in their homes because of inflation because they can't afford to travel. what the biden administration is doing is a second lockdown. an economic lockdown because americans can't afford to live their lives as they should post pandemic. >> harris: it is so interesting what you say. grady tremble, we saw how we're back to where we were in 2019 in terms of the bookings for travel but after this weekend, that could really affect moving forward the fourth of july, labor day, so on and so forth. how much catch do you have to spend on all this is what you're saying, too? two top republicans. kevin mccarthy and ohio's jim jordan have written a blistering op-ed pushing back
8:27 am
against subpoenas of the january 6 committee and signal they're unlikely to cooperate as hearings are expected next month. here is part of what they wrote. while americans are struggling to put gas in the tank and food on the table democrats are weaponizing government to attack republicans. one would expect this sort of inquiry from a banana republic. by subpoenaing us the committee is escalating its abuse of tactics to coerce information from members of congress about their official duties is a dangerous abuse of power and serves no legitimate legislative purpose and eviscerates constitutional norms. jim jordan joined the "focus." >> the democrats have broken every kind of precedent you can imagine. what they've done to former white house chief of staff mark meadows, with that subpoena and that contempt vote. they are doing things we never saw the weaponization and now the weaponization of this
8:28 am
committee. >> harris: five republican lawmakers have been subpoenaed by the january 6th committee. you know, marc thiessen, i have read through some of what you told my team and one thing that stuck out we're broken. we used to be able to do this. what do you mean? >> the idea that we can't have an impartial, nonpartisan investigation of january 6th is pathetic. what happened on january 6 was a disgrace. it shouldn't be swept under the rug but also shouldn't be weaponized for partisan politics. not that long ago we could do this. i was in the pentagon in september 11, 2001. we had a commission that investigated and came up with recommendations the creation of a national terrorism center. we had a bipartisan commission into the failure of intelligence on weapons of mass destruction in iraq which was a very high voltage issue and somehow managed to do it
8:29 am
without turning into partisan chaos. the problem is not just related to january 6. we need bipartisan commissions going forward. we should have a 9/11 commission to investigate our failures to anticipate and deal with the pandemic. what went wrong? what structures failed? how did the public health officials get it so wrong? how do we fix it? >> harris: we may have had officials that knew what was going on at the wuhan laboratory. if they don't know they can tell us that but we need to ask. we probably need one of those commissions with the baby formula thing, too. by the way, the warehouses sitting with baby formula because fema has to have a backup. we don't know the expiration dates pub politicly. let's get that information, too. a lot we could ask for. we can't do it effectively anymore. last quick thoughts on that. >> you are 100% right. we have had bipartisan commissions since george
8:30 am
washington appointed the commission to look into the whiskey rebellion in 1794. 2/3 of these commissions come up with unanimous reports where people put aside partisanship and come up with solutions. it is a sign how broken our politics is. it will hurt us going forward. >> harris: what do you do next time because you didn't learn lessons from last time? the 2022 mid-term elections are just around the corner. the anticipated red wave looks like it is gaining steam or becoming more crimson now, redder. the cook political report putting 10 more seats firmly in the gop column and projecting between 20 and 35 house seats won on that side. house minority leader kevin mccarthy with this. >> i predict we'll win the majority. the challenge will be how much can we win by?
8:31 am
we'll make america energy independent. lower the price of gas, secure our border. end the fentanyl from coming across. the other thing we will do is make our streets safe and secure again. i believe if we just do this and a parents' bill of rights that fundamental part i believe we can win more than enough seats to win the majority. >> harris: house republicans need a net gain of five seats to take control. 165 days away. i'm counting. >> we'll take back the house. whether the red wave will catch the senate as well. the democrats think abortion will save them from their failures or the january 6th commission or the new campaign is the anti-maga agenda. people look back and say things were pretty good under the maga agenda. gas prices low, people working, no shortage of baby formula or enemies around the world
8:32 am
respected us. >> harris: a lot of people have the red hats that say maga. is the president saying he hates more than half the country? >> yeah. what he is doing, he has to run against the anti-maga agenda because he can't run on his own agenda. >> harris: those hats have people in them. what is he saying? it's like deplorables. >> it is. the worst blowback failure of a political catch phrase since deplorables. most republicans will the anti-maga king. >> harris: i'm sure republicans are thanking their lucky stars for imagination coming outs of the white house on that one. good to sigh. have a wonderful memorial day weekend. we still don't know why the
8:33 am
g*nman chose to kill 21 people. aoc has theories and she is getting pushback. the texas governor candidate getting called out for flip-flops on guns as well. remember beto and his outburst? how about some facts. jimmy failla in "focus" next.
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that's at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank. it lowers your payments by an average of $600 a month, too. with today's soaring home values, the time to turn your equity into cash is right now. >> sit down. you are out of line and an embarrassment. sit down. sit down. >> you are doing nothing. >> you need to get -- this isn't the place to talk this over. >> totally predict a*blg. >> sir, you are out of line. sir, you are out of line. >> harris: dress up as a fool. parents and members of the community tearing into beto o'rourke. for that stageed performance this week. the democratic candidate for texas governor's outburst
8:39 am
destructing. an official update on a uvalde texas school massacre. he wants to run the state. beto can't seem to keep his own positions on guns straight. here he have is as a presidential candidate that he failed in 2019. >> are you proposing taking away their guns and how would this work? >> i am if it's a weapon that was designed to kill people on a battlefield. hell yes we'll take your ar-15 and we won't allow it to be used against fellow americans anymore. >> harris: then this shift sometime before april 1st of this year. his campaign website read we need to reduce the number of ar-15s and ak weapons on our street. i don't believe any civilian should own an ar-15 or ak-47.
8:40 am
jimmy failla, what happened to beto? >> he should stick to doing what he does best, losing elections. he is such a jackass disrespectful. a democratic animal at that. so disrespectful to the parents in that moment. he is not showing up to a town hall where they are discussing constructive ways to deal with this. he is showing up to a briefing where people who have lost their children are getting the details. beto's act out is wrong. they think it's more important to be seen than right. more important for him to get that click and streaming dental visits and flip-flopping on guns as he is. look what you just showed us. when it was trendy i'll take away the gun. a blowback and he was like well maybe hold onto a few guns. now takeaway the guns again. he have is an inauthentic person and he runs and loses
8:41 am
and he will continue to run and lose. >> harris: he knew what he was going to do. somebody had saved a seat. he didn't care who was in the audience. >> that's what people need to understand. this moment it belongs to parents and kids. there is no world where you are sharing the grief of losing a child horrifically and the floor is open to debate and intrusion to people talking, to people politicking. if democrats don't realize that, they are part of the problem. to say we have to come together, you can't come together if we sit to brief parents and say you are a bunch of murderers. you don't call people murderers for the date of a party. that's what democrats do. we need to have a conversation. if you a will white supremacists just show up. it is disgusting and disrespectful.
8:42 am
>> harris: squad member aoc said it was because of patriarchal values. here is aoc the day after the attack. >> check on the men in your life, seriously. because there is -- it just feels like there is very few role models and examples of people talking about this in healthy ways especially as we try to evolve out of a world that is predator on women, gay, non-binary and trans people because traditional regressive patriarchal values. but there is such a thing as healthy masculinity not rooted in the subjugation of other people. >> harris: jimmie? >> how much a stupid quote. you know it's bad when camera
8:43 am
wants the recipe for your word salad. this is everybody working their own agenda into this situation. they are trying to leverage the suffering and pain people are feeling to advance what they want. nothing to do with trans or nonbinary people. if you bash the patriarchy, it's so out of touch with the facts of the situation and when you look at the breakdown on the shooters what do all of them have in common? there is no strong father presence or man in their house. 75% of all mass shooters come from a house without a dad. we need strong men. not about toxics masculinity is about strong men. this guy was bullied and couldn't take the bullying and shot up a school. that's weakness, not strength. >> harris: look, when she speaks like that i wonder who her audience is, okay? she is not just broadcasting to
8:44 am
no one. so what does that look like in politics? maybe that's why the democrats can't quite figure out what to do. biden with ukraine was all over the place until finally progressives quieted down and he had a plan whatever that was going to do. we need baby formula, gas prices to go down. is her representation of the voice of progressivism and example of why they can't even get it together? >> it's indicative of the fact they want to run on this in the mid-terms as opposed to solving it now. so spot on and true with police reform. what do they do with police reform? filibustered tim scott to kick it down the curb post election. they are passing a watered down version of his bill. this reads that way and that's my fear. my fear when you hear thing like trans and non-bin naer sounds more like 2022.
8:45 am
sounds like the mid-terms. >> harris: thank you always. i'm sure i will get a call for the donkey. >> it was well deserved. beto can relax. >> harris: this memorial day as always we honor our service members who made the ultimate sacrifice. marine sergeant eddie wright is hear to share his story about becoming the first double amputee to return to active duty safnsd what -- service and what he is doing to help those who survived.
8:46 am
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>> harris: this memorial day weekend as we always honor those who fought and died for our freedom, we want to take a special time on this friday before things get going to bring some things into focus.
8:51 am
marine st eddie wright could have been killed when he was hit by a grenade in iraq in 2004. he was awarded a bronze star for his whore owe i can actions that day and made history becoming the first double amputee to return to active duty. today he spends his retirement giving back to others who have been injured. the service members who continue to have us in their sights. sergeant eddie wright is in "focus" now. sergeant wright first of all thank you so very much not just for your service. of course for that but loving america so much that you do and you gave so much and continue to serve in active duty. i want to ask you about that day in iraq. you were still able to help your unit. can you tell us about it so we understand what you were facing?
8:52 am
>> sure, you bet. thank you for having me on. it was just a routine day. we were in combat often then. our training, my training, how we had prepared, all those things came together to a point to help us all survive that ambush. it was -- there was incredible displays of heroic acts not just in my microcosm where i was injured but the whole platoon and company. it was just -- i just look back in awe at the men who fought that day and how they made it through. >> harris: talk to me about what memorial day weekend means to you? many americans know it is a time we give gratitude and some will have barbecues and we don't forget the reason for the holiday but it is different for you. >> yeah. the memorial day for me now because of my experiences in
8:53 am
combat, and i have friends, my platoon commander was lost in the ambush where i lost my hand. he was a warded the cross. i remember the people who didn't make it back home and i think about the men and women, the fathers and mothers, the brothers and sisters and the people who haven't come home from our previous wars, you know. since the inception of our country. and so it is real personal and real meaningful. it is great to get together with family and have the barbecues and the camaraderie but it is also important to remember the sacrifices that have made it possible for us to come together like this. >> harris: amen. i hear it, it took on a new meaning i would imagine after you were recovering having left iraq. tell me about the semper fi organization. >> it is an amazing organization that surprisingly
8:54 am
not many people have heard of but it was started back in 2004, the beginning of the war to fill a need that was void because of just the influx of all the veterans and the needs that we were having that weren't being filled by, you know, other agencies. and since then this organization started a couple of marine spouses created it and now they've been able to award over $270 million in grant assistance and helped over 28,000 veterans and their families. it is the semper fi america's fund is a wonderful organization that gives us hope. >> harris: we'll put that up and we have it on the screen but i will put it up on my social media today. semper fi, always faithful. thank you for being faithful to our country and loving our country to serve and give up so much. we thank the men and women who served. thank you for putting your personal touch on that, too and
8:55 am
making it resonate with us in an important way. >> thank you for having me. all service members, not just the marine corps, everybody. >> harris: i will add that to my social today as well. god bless you and your family, sergeant wright. they are beautiful. we showed some pictures during this. thank you. >> thank you. >> harris: it has been a tough week. glad we were together. "outnumbered" after the break.
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veterans get more at newday usa. >> we are awaiting a news conference where we expect to get an updated timeline and more answers on the police response to this week's horrific mass shooting. we will take you there come alive, as it begins. hello, everyone, the set "outnumbered" i am kayleigh mcenany. bill is live in uvalde with more details, bill? >> kaylee, good afternoon. any minute now it will be hosted


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