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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 27, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> we are awaiting a news conference where we expect to get an updated timeline and more answers on the police response to this week's horrific mass shooting. we will take you there come alive, as it begins. hello, everyone, the set "outnumbered" i am kayleigh mcenany. bill is live in uvalde with more details, bill? >> kaylee, good afternoon. any minute now it will be hosted
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by texas director steve mcgraw perry law enforcement is telling us we will expect new significant information to be released about the mass shooting here in uvalde specific and when it comes to the timeline. i am told the timeline is going to change a little bit once again, but now they feel like they have it pretty concrete. basically down to the second, they have an understanding of what happened. we will wait to see with those details are. in the meantime we want to show you a heart-wrenching situation for one family here, if we can pull up this video. this is joe garcia. his wife was irma garcia. fourth-grade teacher murdered at the school on tuesday. this is joe leaving flowers for his wife yesterday here at the school, a cross with her name on it. we learned just hours after this video was taken he died of a heart attack. i am being told to wrap right now i assume the press conference is about to start so let's get back to you guys. >> kaleigh: thank you, bill. yes we are waiting, it should be dps director stephen mcgraw,
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here we go. >> let's get started. >> stephen: good morning, thank you for being here today. my name is steve mcgraw the director of public safety. on tuesday the directorate stomach was the 30th district, causing initial suggested the texas rangers under the public safety with responsibility of this horrific murder of 19 innocent children and two adults. our goal today is to provide the parents come the community of uvalde, the public, as much information as we can. and where we are on the investigation. we are here to report the facts as we know them now, not to defend what was done or criticize what was done, or the actions taken. i will begin first and foremost with the timeline. as we know it.
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the second timeline i will discuss is the 911 timeline. then we will talk about the relevant social or digital media footprint of the subject. we will also have plenty of time for questions at that point. at 11:27, we know from video evidence at 11:27 the exterior door suspected where we knew the shooter and her to, or almost. was propped open by a teacher. 11:28, the suspect crashes into the ditch as previously described. the teacher runs to the room at 1:32 two retrieve a phone and walks back to an exit door and the door remains propped open.
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where two males, as reported by escalon yesterday, two males at the home that when they heard the crash they went to the crash scene. when they arrived at the crash scene, before they got there, they saw a man with a gun exit the passenger side with a backpack. and they began running. ramos began shooting at them, did not hit them. one of the males felt when he was running. both males returned to the funeral home while they were running and again we saw through video teacher reemerges inside the school and panicked and apparently calls 911. 911 call at 11:30 so there was a crash and a man with a gun. 11:31, the suspect reaches the last row of vehicles in the school parking lot. at 11:31 the suspect shooting began at the school while patrol
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vehicles got to the funeral home. i will point out where it is. press vehicles over here, suspect hiding behind a vehicle starts walking down shooting into the classroom. there was a discussion early on that and isd, consolidated isd was a resource officer had confronted. that did not happen. as esca long about yesterday. it was stated in preliminary interviews but often they were a cursory walk through that doesn't reveal the type of information and certainly police officers, like anyone else, sometimes witnesses get it wrong. the bottom line is that officer was not unseen, not on campus, but heard the 911 call about a man with a gun and drove
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immediately to the area, sped to what he thought was the man with a gun, to the back of the school but what turned out to be a teacher. not the suspect. in doing so he drove right by the suspect who was hunkered down behind a vehicle where he began shooting at the school. 11:31, the suspect shooting in between the vehicle is when it began. patrol vehicle gets to the funeral home. multiple shots are fired outside of the school at 11:31. patrol car accelerates in the parking lot drives by the shooter, that's exactly what i was talking about. at the isd officer at the time. he passes and leaves the camera view. multiple shots fired of the school at 11 poll 32. at 11:32-36, at 11:33 is one of
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the suspect entered the school at the door and pointing to now. 11:33 he begins shooting into tomb 111 or 112. it's not possible to determine from the video angle that we have at this point and time. we do know this; he shot more than 100 rounds based on the audio evidence at that time, at least 100 rounds. he entered at 11:33, or 11:33 started shooting the classrooms. 111 and 112. and at 11:35 he entered the same rooms as the suspect enters working for the police department. they were later followed by another four team of uvalde police officers and a county sheriff. county deputy sheriff. so a total of seven officers were on the scene. the three initial police officers that arrived went directly to the door and two
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received grazing wounds at that time from the suspect while the door was closed. 11:37 there was more gunfire, another 16 rounds fired, 11:37 and at 11:38, 11:44, 11:51, usb agents started to arrive. at 12:03 they continued to arrive in the hallway. as many as 19 officers at that time in that hallway. at 12:15 no vortex members arrived. not the entire vortex but members of with shields at 12:21. the suspect fired again was believed to be at the door.
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11:21, law enforcement moved on hallway. at 11:50, they reached the door using keys they were able to get from the janitor because both doors were locked. the classrooms he shot into were both locked when officers arrived. they killed a suspect at that time. and now i would like to go over the 911 timeline. which i warn you is not... it's better to read it than listen to it. the caller identified, i will not say her name, but she was in room 112 called 911 at 12:03. the call was one minute and 23
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seconds. she whispered she was in room 112. after identify herself. at 12:10 she called back in room 12 saying multiple were dead. 12:13, again, she called on the phone. again at 12:16 she is called back and said they are 8-students alive. at 12:19, the 911 call was made and another person in room 111 called. i will not say her name. she hung up one another student told her to hang up. at 12:21, you can hear over the 911 call that three shots were fired. 12:36, 911 call lasted for 21 seconds. the initial caller called back
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student and child called back. was told to stay on the line and be very quiet. she called 111 that he shut the door at approximately 12:43 and 12: 47 she asked 911 at seven the police now. at 12:46 she said she could hear the police next-door. at 12:50 shots were fired that could be heard over the 911 call and 12:51 very loud and sounded like officers removing children out of the room. at that time, the first one who called was outside before the call cut off. additional information that we have is through 58 total magazine, 11 of those magazines
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were inside the school. three were three were on. the suspects body. to go in room 112, six inside room 111. five in the ground one and the rifle, 32 magazines outside the school but on school property, one just outside the school building on 31 and the suspect backpack he did not take into the classrooms with him. 15 magazines of the crack though might site. for a total of 60 magazines. he had purchased and had a total of 1,657 total rounds of ammunition, they hundred 15 of those rounds were inside the school, 142 of those were spent cartridges. all hundred 73 were live rounds. 922 were outside of the school but on school property. 22 of those were spent cartridges. 900 reliable rounds. 422 were at the crash site, 22 were spent cartridges, 42 of
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those were live rounds. 35 spent law enforcement cartridges total in the school. eight of them in the hallway 27 in the classroom 111 with the suspect was killed. i had mentioned we would get over it quickly able digital timeline of things we talked about early and i want to correct something that was said early on in the investigation. that he posted on facebook publicly that he was going to shoot his grandmother and secondly after that he that he had shot her and third he was going to screw shoot up a school. that do not happen. it was actually in the message. facebook messenger conversation he had with someone else. we know he was leaving a digital footprint and i will do it by facetime that will ramos asked
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his sister to help him buy a gun and she flatly refused in 2021. i will avoid some of these and get to the -- instagram a group chat and it was discussed that ramos being a school shooter. that was on february 28th of 2022. on march 1st of 2022, there was an incident had with four people. there was a chat he discussed buying a gun. on march 3rd, 2022, there was another four-person chat, "word on the street as you are buying a gun." ramos replied "just bought something." rn. on march 14th, and instagram
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posting by the subject in quotations "ten more days." user replied are you going to shoot up a school or something? the subject replied "no, and stop asking dumb questions and you will see." do you have any questions? i have agreed we can stay as long as we can to answer as many of those questions as we can. if i can't answer it because we don't know definitively right now i will simply say that. it continues to be a preliminary investigation. it will certainly come over 100 interviews have been conducted
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and will continue to be conducted in thousands of lead that will be pursued. not consecutively, but concurrently in thanks to our federal and local partners. i do want to mention behind me with one of the special agent in charge. we also have an atf special agent in charge and who also have behind me? texas rangers, if there any specific i haven't covered or need their particular support on. i do want to cover one thing quickly, though, before go to questions. that is some of the questions we receive that we have already received. one of those is going around now that there is -- in fact the subject had been one of the two arrested by the chested rangers texas rangers back in 2018. that is not the case. it was not one of the individuals. in fact, we have found no links
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or associate relationships to their investigation. a threat back in 2018 of the two juveniles charged with attempted or conspiracy to commit capital murder. there is no question that we thought and had evidence. the district attorney agreed that these juveniles 13 and 14 years old was a threat to uvalde. at the senior year of the 114 years old which would make it in 2022. however, it was not the subject. questions? yeah. yeah. one thing i want to say. one thing i failed to say is when we are done, we have tony benny are with us will translate into spanish, okay? the answer some questions afterwards. [reporters talking over each other]
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>> did you say were 19 officers in the hallway? what were the officers thinking instead of going into another door to get inside the classroom? >> stephen: none of that time. >> why? >> harris: mxp to the commander at the time had believed it had transferred froe shooter to the other subject. >> children were calling 911 saying please send the police. that they are. there are lives at risk. >> stephen: we are well aware of that. >> right. why was the decision made not to go in and rescue them? >> stephen: again, the on
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scene commander considered a barricaded subject and that there was time and more children at risk. obviously, obviously based on the information we had there were children that classroom at risk, and it was, in fact, still an active shooter situation and not a barricaded subject. [reporters talking over each other]
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>> the question is simply this there was a 40 minute gap. if the 911 operators were aware people were alive and that classroom why warrant officers notified of that, and if that is the case why didn't they take action? that is the question. i will go back to the answer. for right now it is that it was considered, okay? the decision was made on the scene. i wasn't there, but at the same point in time, you know, decision was made that this was a barricaded subject situation. there was time to retrieve the keys and wait for a tactical team with the equipment to go ahead and breach the door and take on the subject at that point. that was the decision the thought process of that particular point in time. [talking over each other] >> what?
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>> stephen: there were 19 officers and there. in fact there was plenty of officers to do whatever needed to be done with one exception is that the incident commander inside believed they needed more equipment and more officers to do a tactical breach of that point. that is why vortac was requested on the scene as soon as they were there. they executed a search early a dynamic entry and went in and of course that was not until 12: 37. for the benefit of hindsight, the hay, standby. standby. hey. standby. i've got it. i've got it. okay. hey, for the benefit of hindsight where i am sitting now, of course it was not the right decision it was the wrong decision period. there is no excuse for that. again, i wasn't there but i am just telling you from what we
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know we believe there should have been an entry as soon as you can, hey, when there is an active shooter the rules change. it is no longer, okay? it is no longer a barricaded subject. you don't have time. you don't worry about a matter perimeters. by the way, active shooter training, active shooter certification. that doctrine requires officers, we don't care what agency you are from you don't need a leader on the scene. every officer lines up stacks up, goes and finds where the rounds are being fired at and keep shooting to the subject is dead period. [talking over each other]
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>> stephen: he used a debit card first, but do your point it was very expensive and a debit card is not a credit card. it means he had money in the bank. so why and how is being looked at right now and i will tell you this. thousands of more leads are being looked at right now because we have an answer to all of the questions. we haven't gotten into the "why." we know the individual was also into cyber gaming gaming in that regard. and group gaming. we have a lot of questions out there who areng answers, but we have an obligation and will continue to update you when we find something out. 's for governance coa news of a couple of questions that border
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patrol -- the local police and allow them to go into the building, can you elaborate why? >> stephen: border patrol agents, vortac agents of the building lined up part of the 19 i talked about. the entry team multiple in the entry team that came in. i can tell you that they were told just like any other officer was told, and others in command sash that came on board that the commander of the time was believed that in fact it was a barricaded subject and we had time that there were no kids at risk. >> talking about group chat and talking to people, why wasn't he on the radar? >> stephen: i wish he was. there is no question. i will say this right now. every time we have enough of these copycats, okay? we need the public, just like we did in 2018, that was a public,
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okay? they came forward. two people planning to shoot up a school. it is imperative on the public. when you get something just because it sound like he's a nut he may be a nut, but it is possible. he may be intended to do it as i read the timeline based on the chats he had. so we need everyone when we have a threat to life like that to take it seriously and reported. ultimately, this is tragic. what do you tell the 19, parents of 19 kids? or the families of two teachers? >> morgan chesty nbc news yet of them going wit for tactical gear by 12 foul 15 and officers with seals on scene. you did not breach the door until 12:50. >> stephen: i said it before. for example, first of all, when it comes to an active shooter you don't have to wait on tactical gear. plain and simple. have an obligation.
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what i know now, okay, absolutely. it was an active shooter because you can transition, keep in mind and the doctrine, okay? of active shooters you can transition from alert of an active shooter situation to a barricaded subject or a barricaded with hostage subject. but, but, if the shooting continues and you have any reason to believe there are individuals lives and their given obligation to move back to n active shooter posture and everybody at the door. [reporters talking over each other] >> a 911 call with 8-9 children alive in classroom 112. are they still alive and why would there be officers off campus? >> stephen: uvalde as a part-time squad team number one. the isd's got and will laid the officers what, six? they have six.
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the independent school district has six officers, and they didn't have one post at that location. someone said what you tell the parents? the bottom line is or someone talked about and said when there are kids in the room, why wasn't there an entry? because it was believed, like i said at the time, that the subject was stationary barricaded, though there was no risk to other children. again in retrospect, from where i am sitting right now, clearly there were kids in the room. clearly they are at risk. by the way, to go back to the shooting there may be kids and rude, okay? they may been shot but injured. it is important to get there and render aid to. [speaking over each other] >> to the collar survive? >> where is the resource officer was an on-campus? >> stephen: he was not. >> why? where was he? >> stephen: we will have all of those answers down the road
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okay? >> did those colors survive, sir? callers. >> stephen: first i want to say that i want to be the officers were there early. there were four of them barrier they immediately started to evacuate the school ended that throughout the process. so, keep in mind that was going on. what do i say to the park tell my parents? i have nothing to say besides
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what happened. we are not here to defend what happen. we are here to report the facts so they have the facts. [speaking over each other] >> stephen: i'm sorry? i don't have any information on that. again -- one second. however, we did review what the arrival of the team did end look at those instances. >> we know the parents of the children are hearing what you're saying right now and you are saying that everything that could have possibly been done was done. was not done. >> stephen: if i thought it
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would help i would apologize. but, hey, let me say this. let me say this. when you go back in the timeline again i want to go back and i'm not defending anything. you go back in the timeline, hundreds of rounds were pumped in and 4 minutes into those two classrooms. and a firing afterwards was sporadic at the door. the belief is that there may not be anybody living anymore and that the subject is now trying to keep law enforcement at bay or entice them to come in and suicide by cop. i understand that. i reported that. [speaking over each other]
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>> stephen: i may answer the first one but on the second one i don't have. the first one that each door can lock from the inside, and both doors were locked from the inside so the subject went in. when he went and he locked the door and came out one time into the hallway and went back and locked the door because at the time the officers went in, both doors were locked. they got a key from the janitor and used it to. [speaking over each other] >> at 12 collect oh three and you breached at 12:51. how many students died in those 48 minutes? >> stephen: i don't have that answer. >> what is on your heart how are you doing?
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>> stephen: thanks a lot. forget how i am doing, it's about the parents. forget about me. the officers and stuff like that we take an oath to uphold the law and protect people. anytime something tragic habit we want to know why it happened and if we could do better next time. call it like it is. it is tragic, quite frankly. they shouldn't happen anybody ideally. identify this guy is a suspect and address and before he even thought about attacking on the 24th.
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>> stephen: we are looking at other people absolutely. anybody who was in contact. association. that may have known something and may be involved in some chat room gaming along with him. there's nobody we are not going to talk to and look at, i can assure you the district attorney is very proactive and very concerned about this. any evidence we bring to her that someone was an accomplice or an enabler or didn't do what they should have done is in violation of the law and meets the probable cause standards and i've no doubt she will take care of business like she did back in 2018 when he had two individuals plot capital murder at the school. >> you at 911 calls at 12:10, 12, 13, 12:16, the student wasn't killed until 12: 50. did any of those colors survive? >> stephen: yes.
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i can't tell you that with certainty, but more than one survived. i'm sorry, what? yes, i will go backwards right appear and move over here. so much out into the windows here. vulnerable all the time going through. we don't have any recordings of any children getting injured yet in this area. as to the answer the opposite i don't have the answer to that, quite frankly. keep in mind children in here.
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what we are looking at is from a tactical standpoint and everything in terms of looking backwards, okay? certainly one of the things is what was the access and 111112 in that regard? and their other access points as well. hold on. let me say it once let me say one thing. one thing i didn't point out, okay? is that we have him going into these rooms, right here it is a jack and jill restroom between. not unlike santa fe, the classrooms are separated but they are really connected. so you can move back and forth between those two classrooms.
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[speaking over each other] >> was the incident commander repeating the information coming via the 911 call, and if so, why not? and the level investigation you're putting out there? speak to that question will be answered, but i am not going to share everything we have right now. because i don't have the detailed interview right now. >> what was the barricade situation, did in the police officers go in and get their own kids while the parents were outside? >> stephen: not that i am aware, no. go ahead, yes please. >> how many children called 911 and do you know for a fact if any of those children died? >> stephen: i know to go for certain did and they did not die. >> why was that propped open door still propped open even
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after the incident where there were shots being fired from the funeral home? >> stephen: bottom line is we reported what happen. the door was propped open it wasn't supposed to be propped open it was supposed to be locked. certainly the teacher that went back for her cell phone propped it open again. that was an access point the subject use. [speaking over each other] >> you said in hindsight mistakes were made in democratic congressman's config fbi to investigate response here. who will be held accountable? >> stephen: we welcome the fbi there's a reason there is a special agent in charge behind me right now. they play a vital role. again, this is about finding facts and reporting fact as quick as we can. it's not about trying to defend or trying to assess or even -- it's about the facts. sharing whatever we learned on the facts as quick as we can be as transparent as we can.
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okay, the media, but more importantly the parents on the public and citizens of uvalde -- [speaking over each other] speech of chief of police. it is his school, he is the chief of police, okay? again, i am not going to discuss discipline, it's an ongoing criminal investigation. hey, again, i'm not going to get into that. >> yeah, matt's. >> stephen: the chief of police, he was convinced. and again, i want to go back and say he was convinced at the time that there were no more threats to the children of the subject
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was barricaded and they had time to organize with the proper equipment to go in the subject had already hit three officers. two officers and the final question, someone was grazed as well but no police officer was seriously injured. >> hearing shots fired inside the classroom. >> stephen: yes. yes they did. i went to the timeline before where he continued to shoot and shoots periodically, sporadically. yeah i think are to give you the timeline sure went through it. the lesson they shot right before the entry, okay, was they shot at 12:21. >> at the officers are the children? >> stephen: not of the
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children, we don't know yet. we believe it was at the door is what he fired at. >> go-ahead right there. hold on. >> stephen: we know beginning one of the vortac agents arrived they had three ballistic shields. >> last question. [speaking over each other] >> stephen: i don't know. no, that's fine. let's answer the question.
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i artie said that. i already said that. first of all the active shooter doctrine, the active shooter doctrine as long as there are kids and someone is firing you go to the gun. you find them and neutralize them period. there were some nuances with going transition to a barricaded subject. also transitioning to a hostage situation, and of course, that decision at the scene was that this is still a barricaded subject that didn't go back to an active shooter. >> where is the police chief? >> stephen: because i am here to address the latest on the facts. you're certainly welcome to reach out to him. i prefer -- >> hold on, hold on. >> how many children --
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>> you been on the scene for several days. what exactly is your role in this investigation given the fbi goes through lengthy efforts to study active shooter situations like this. do you think this is something that requires an independence federally or by you guys? >> thank you for the question very my name is oliver rich come on the special agent in charge of the san antonio division. first, i want to say i understand there are a lot of questions and a lot of frustration in the public and our heart goes out to the families of victims of this tragedy. i will say our role here remains the same. we are here to assist in this investigation, to provide support to the community to the best of our ability. we have had 200 people here for over four days we have people working all across the country
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to support this community and support this investigation. we are continuing in that vein. it we have victim specialists here working with people in the community and we will continue to do that. if the facts bear out this is federal then the fbi will have a an investigation of the time. but for now we continue in this one. this report. [speaking over each other] >> stephen: two more questions. yes. >> the police department february the my posted in february of 20 when they familiarize themselves with the school into the training to do just what they were supposed to do. how come they are not in the league, or their commanding officer was not in the league when they're familiarized with this training and they should have done what they were posting on facebook they were doing? who dropped the ball? >> stephen: i don't have the answer that question.
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>> president biden will be here on sunday. your thoughts on that, do you have a message for the president? >> stephen: welcome here, welcome to texas. this community has been hit hard. i think it is noble the president is going to be here to recognize the pain and suffering this community is going through. i think that is what leadership is. that is why governor abbott is here. leaders go to where the problem is. right now, the problem is in uvalde texas. okay. okay. >> kaleigh: you been watching dps director steve mccormick answering questions, some answered, others gaping questions still unanswered. let's pick through some of them. number 1, at 11:27:00 a.m. a teacher propped open a door.
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the very door that the shooter walked through. she observed him crash his vehicle, she went to retrieve her phone, and he/she came back that door remained propped open. the question is why? we were also told initially there was the independent school district officer that had an altercation, that are not to be the case. in fact there was an officer who is not of the scene the time the shooter engaged in the crash. he drove past the suspect, he was crouched behind a vehicle. that independent school district officer not on the scene when ramos arrived. the question is why. the 45 minute period, but now we know there were 19 officers. 19 in the school. vortac arrived at 12:15 with three shields, but that suspect not taken down until 12:50. we have bill melugin with us and i think the key question here,
9:46 am
bill, is the timeline of the 911 call and the decision of the commander they are in the building to move this from an active shooter situation to a barricaded suspect situation. this officer believed there were no children live in the room, there were no children at risk. what we do know is there were a series of 911 calls that came in. we know that at 1220, 213 shots fired at 12:50. another shot fired, unclear whether any individuals at the time where the object of that fire. we learn from the dps director he believes the shots were aimed at the door but nevertheless, still, if you are there, the 911 call timeline matching that up with the actions of the 19 officers, that is key. >> bill: kaylee, that was a stunning press conference. we essentially learned that from
9:47 am
the moment police force entered the school to the moment the shooter was killed, that spanned one hour and 16 minutes. we got word that there were phone calls coming in from inside of the school, 91 calls from teachers, from students saying please help us. one student saying there are 8-9 students live in the classroom. we just heard the dps director strongly quicker, criticized the decision by the local police chief, the stool though my school district police chief in uvalde calling at his decision the wrong decision and there is no excuse for it to not reach that room. he said that commander decided to treat this as a barricade situation rather than an active shooter situation. in hindsight, they now know there were children in the classroom, potentially still alive. who needed help. there were 911 calls coming from inside the school as gunshots were still ringing out while there were 19 police officers in the hallway waiting for a
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tactical team to arrive. take a listen to some of that criticism from the texas dps director. >> stephen: again, i wasn't there. from what we know, we believe there should have been -- >> bill: and again, the dps director, steve mccraw he got emotional talking about all of this. we then found out the way the shooter was able to get into the school is because a teacher propped a door open, and that is how he was able to get in. we learned the initial timeline we were given was off as well. keep in mind they initially said the shooter got into the school at 11:40:00 a.m. now that time has changed to 11:33:00 a.m. you consider he crashed his car at 11:28. it didn't take him 2012 minutes it took them 5 minutes instead. we were told, hauntingly, that he essentially got into that
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classroom, and for several minutes had free reign firing hundreds of rounds before any officers arrived. we were told he got into the classroom at 11:33. the first officers did not arrive until 11:35. that was a group of seven police officers who approached the door, were shot at, fell back a couple of them were injured, they fall back. they call for help. they wait in the hallway and they keep their guns on the door and begin to treat it as a barricade rather than an active shooter. apparently, that 40 minute chunk of time goes by. vortac arrived at 12:15. than they report at 12:16 they get a 911 call from a teacher saying there are still 8-9 students alive inside, please help. so, i am trying to redraw my notes here. this was a stunning press conference. we also know there was a digital
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footprint. he was apparently on instagram group chats with other people talking about buying guns. they eluded he made an instagram post, i believe they said on mae shooting. he said "ten more days." apparently he was in communication with people about buying guns come about threats. he apparently asked his sister last year to help him purchase a gun, she said no. but, wow. just going through all of these notes. it to hear the dps director strongly criticized the actions of the local police here. i think it says volumes why the police chief is not here at the press conference to take questions from the media as well. so, to wrap it up in a nutshell, got in through an open propped door, shouldn't have happened. police waited a long time, over an hour essentially to call for a tactical team while children were still needing help inside. go ahead.
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>> bill: bill, continue. >> bill: i thought you said something. looking at the timeline he was first encountered by police in that school until the moment he was killed there was an hour and 16 minutes. you heard dps say they teach active shooter doctrine in texas. when there is an active shooter, you go in, you go directly to that threat, and you neutralize it as fast as possible. unfortunately, that didn't happen here. he is calling that decision a bad decision in hindsight, an inexcusable decision. essentially this comes down to the on scene commander who we are told it is the uvalde school district police chief decided this would be a barricade situation rather than an active shooter situation. he believed it had transitioned into somebody locked inside the class, didn't know if the kids were alive or not, and they had
9:52 am
to call in a tactical team. we now know, the new information, they are were still calls coming from inside the school. there were so gunshots going off. there were 19 officers waiting in the hallway for that tactical team to make the breach, which did not happen until 12:50. to give that perspective again, he enters the school at 11:33, he is not killed until 12:50. between 11:30: 33 and 11:35 he had hundreds of shots and i classroom where the majority of the damage was done i was headed back to. >> kaleigh: thank you, bill perry tragic, heartbreaking, stunning press conference indeed. in many ways leaving more questions unanswered. and inaccuracy he had fired for 12 minutes outside of the school, it appears it was closer to six. joining us now, time homeland tom homan, he is also fox news
9:53 am
contributor. a lot of questions here, tom, but the optimal question here is this. at 12:16, call comes in that there are 8-9 students that are alive. we know one minute prior to that the three shields had arrived, vortac had arrived, but that door was not breached until 12:50:00 p.m. your thoughts? >> tom: lets go to back beginning. in a couple minutes officers went into that school and engaged. they took what they believed to be an active, mobile active shooter, and contained him. until his officers got shot, they didn't didn't retreat, they took cover and that is the first thing you do in an active shooter. the entire school having them contained in one room. for the majority of the school, the shooter doesn't have access.
9:54 am
officers maintained him and kept them in containment which i think was a good thing, right? and you have to remember. i don't agree with everything director mcgraw said. remember. even when a tactical team made an entrance these are guys training, extensive training comes of the most extensive training law enforcement can have. even when they go on the door they have to find into the shooter. where are the children, whereas the shooter? when they go into the door they have to find the shooter before they can. when they were looking for the sure what happened? they get shot. so even people with the most advanced technical equipment, the most tactical training, these officers select to locate the shooter within that room and take him out while they are taking rounds. that was a tactical unit well-trained. so people question why the police didn't act on their door earlier, they don't have any of that equipment, and any of that
9:55 am
training. i am not the quarterback, i'm saying there are a lot of cops here that did a lot of great things and overall saved a lot of lives. there will be lessons learned. the investigation isn't over with yet. having a timeline is a good thing to have. there is a lot of people like what were you doing at this time? did you have any visibility on the bad guy at that time? there is a lot more questions that need to be answered. is troubling to me. i think there would be lessons learned in some mistakes that were made. but, you know, until the investigation is older we are jumping the gun. so many reporters, the way they are firing questions at mcgraw was unfair. i will say this. my heart bleeds for the parents. my heart bleeds for the families. i can't even imagine what they are going through and they need to be front and center on this. lesser member the law enforcement officers, gunmen that were injured, i've been
9:56 am
involved in shootings and seen a lot of tragedy in my career too. these officers will never be the game. i guarantee most of these officers, and some will need to get some help. so i guarantee, ever one of these options are questioning themselves every minute every day not sleeping and remembering the carnage they can never forget. these are victims too. until the investigation is completely over until we can come the officers aren't the bad guys, the shooter is the bad guy. >> kaleigh: absolute perry one of the officers who responded let's not forget he called lost his own child as he was responding to the scene. tom, you underscore t tell my key point that is to be an investigation prayed a lot of facts have changed. we are 72 hours into this. we thought there was an independent school district officer outside, turned out not to be true. efforts we were told that vortac agent stormed alone, we now know that's not true perry we were told for my 12 minutes there was
9:57 am
a shooter firing outside. in fact was more like 6. my point is information is changing their 72 hours into this. tom, the key question is as is 911 calls are funneling and for teachers from students at 12:16 p.m. when there was soon to live, how quickly with that 911 information be getting to the responding commander, who thought, and the words of the director, that in fact there were no children in there to be harmed? how quickly without information be getting to him? >> that's what we don't know. that's the question that needs to be answered. did the commander get up-to-date information minute-by-minute what's going on? that may have changed in response, his decision, do we breach? a tactical breach or not? i think the number one question that needs to be answered. was he getting updated responses immediately about what was going on in the classroom? that we don't have a lot of answers. what needs to be addressed in the future and what he was but
9:58 am
that's the key. i was thinking during the conference that was the key for the whole thing. >> kaleigh: another question, tom, the district, the school in particular, that a teacher propped open a door to a school. we know it most schools the doors remained locked. when this teacher saw the crash, perhaps she panicked, he or she, but ran back to that door and that door remained open. not to mention where was the independent school district officer? >> tom: that one mistake, i'm sure she will live with the rest of her life. i'm sure she never thought i would have been but you are right. something that simple could have prevented a lot of people from being killed. i don't want to to say about that. >> kaleigh: we only have a minute or so when i really want to get to this because this was a key point. the digital footprint of this individual perry we know 60% of
9:59 am
shooters communicate their intent beforehand. in many ways he was no exception. there were at least three group chats we learned of with four individuals and one case, and one case many days before, there was discussion about this individual being a school shooter. i don't know if it was in jest or serious but the bottom line is one of those three people in that tract, if they had told authorities, some they could've been very difficult to mark different here. >> tom: the investigation on social media, these are multibillion-dollar companies. front page stories about the elections over the else going on right now, the social media companies need to step up their game. multibillion-dollar companies need to come up with a system. with people on social media clearly are a threat to the community need the attention of the police immediately. we are the richest nation on earth. there is no reason this country can't get to that first. with companies like facebook and
10:00 am
all these other companies we can fix this. i hope the kayleigh mcenany. >> thank you very much, tom. pray for the 21 families whose lives are changed, including the law enforcement officer who lost his child, pray for those families. i certainly will be. here is "america reports." >> john: kayleigh, thank you. this sad friday, texas officials moments ago giving an update on the deadly school shooting that claimed the lives of 19 children and two teachers. one of the major questions answered in the news conference how the shooter got inside the building, through an open door. i'm john roberts in washington, and good friday to you. >> thank you, john. i'm in for sandra smith. texas dps revealing a teacher propped


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