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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 27, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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balancing a full trash can on his head while he is riding a bike and he is also -- he gets even more acrobatic. he gets on here and leg kicked up in the air. everybody needs a little entertainment. we need laugh right now. characters of new york never disappoint. >> greg: yes they do. >> judge jeanine: that's it for us. see you back here on monday. enjoy memorial day weekend. we love you. >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier, breaking tonight, we are getting a clearer picture of what happened before and during the horrific massacre at a south texas elementary school tuesday. a public safety official now says a teacher propped open a locked door and later the commanding officer at the scene made a series of tragic miscalculations even as desperate children begged police for help over the phone. those revelations came in a stunning news briefing today detailing a number of decisions that are being seriously questioned tonight. correspondent jeff paul is live in uvalde again tonight.
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good evening, jeff. >> yeah, bret. after days of growing frustration within this community here in uvalde, texas, law enforcement now says mistakes were made. for the first time on the record, texas dps investigators admitting that there were kids inside the classroom with the shooter as the clock was ticking that might have been helped. >> people hindsight now that of course it was not the right decision. a wrong decision. there is no excuse for that. but, again, i wasn't there. i'm just telling you from what we know we believe this should have been an entry as soon as you can. hey, when there is an active shooter the rules change. it's no longer, okay, it's no longer a barricaded. you don't have time. you don't worry about outer perimeters. >> we are also learning today the shooter entered through open door that had been propped open by a teacher. investigators also say most of the shots being fired in the first few minutes the local incident commander at the time
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of the shooting thought there was no longer a threat to kids. but we now know authorities believe children were inside the school as the shooting was inside the shooting calling 911. they were begging operators to please send police now. texas dps says with all this happening 19 officers stood in the hallway trying to figure out a way to get inside the classroom where the shooter was barricaded. they said more than 4 # 5 minuty until border patrol agencies show up to get a master key where the suspect was shot and killed. governor greg abbott responding today when asked about being and giving and reiterating facts in the case that turned out not to be true. >> the information that i was given turned out in part to be inaccurate. and i'm absolutely lived about that. there are people who deserve answers the most. those are the families whose lives have been destroyed. they need answers that are
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accurate. >> now, what is unclear at the moment is how many of those kids and the teachers died in that 48-minute span between when officers first made contact with the suspected shooter and the time that they stormed in that room and killed them. all of that very much under investigation. and this weekend this community, which is very much broken will welcome a visit from president joe biden and first lady jill biden. bret? >> bret: you know, jeff, you can hear the emotion in governor abbottens voice there. he was the first one to come out and give information to the media after talking to law enforcement and other people behind the scenes he was giving the wrong information. >> you could hear many times he said i am lived. you could tell from tps frustration from those investigators because according to them this was information was rock solid.
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they are going out there speaking on behalf of local law enforcement and now having to backtrack to that story, bret. >> bret: we will continue to follow it as the investigation continues. jeff paul in uvalde, thanks. president biden is renewing major push for new gun control laws in the wake of the school massacre but he focused on other issues today as he spoke to some of the finest outcome people this country has to offer. gillian turner has details tonight live from the north lawn of the white house. good evening, gillian. >> gillian: good evening, bret. the president did address the naval academy for their graduation ceremony today. he struck a more upbeat tone than we heard since tuesday night when he addressed wake of the uvalde tragedy. now gun control being the very top issue on the president's mind at least according to the white house press secretary yesterday, president biden said the nation is standing at a crossroads right now. >> you are graduating at an inflection point. not only in american history world history. the challenges we face, the
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choices we make are more consequential than ever. [cheers and applause] >> tonight the president and first lady are in delaware but on sunday they will travel to uvalde to meet with the family of school shooting victims, community and faith leaders and local officials. the white house now focused on pushing gun control legislation through congress insisting the president's hands are tied. >> we need congress to advance common sense measures that we know will save lives. >> but the vice president might not agree. when answering a 2019 presidential debate question on banning assault rifles via executive order, she chided joe biden. >> does the vice president have a point there? >> some things you can. many things you can't. >> let's let the senator answer. >> i mean, i would just say hey, joe, instead of saying that we can't let's say yes, we can. [laughter] >> with the ball now in the senate's court leaders mitch mcconnell colleague does expect to vote after memorial day. democrats warn getting republicans on board will be an
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uphill battle. >> charlie brown enough times to know that up until now the football has been pulled out from under me every single time. >> and republicans issuing their own warning. >> this is not an excuse to infringe the second amendment rights of law-abiding citizen. >> one thing that president biden has going for him on capitol hill right now is everybody from republican senator cornyn to democrat senator joe manchin seems to be saying the same thing, that is that this time is different. the tragedy in uvalde does really seem to be striking a chord on capitol hill. whether that is enough to push the senate towards some kind of consensus on a policy solution is a whole other matter. bret? >> bret: we will be watching that closely. meantime, gillian, there is new reporting that the white house has settled on $10,000 per person student loan forgiveness. what are you hearing about that? >> today "the washington post" reported that after months of internal deliberations about
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this the biden administration had settled on that number. $10,000 of student loan debt forgiveness for everybody who makes under $150,000. we reached out to the department of education and the white house today though and they tell us they do not have an announcement on this. one thing that's interesting to note, bret, is the secretary of education testified yesterday and he said over on capitol hill, quote: the person who took the loan should be paying the loan. he did then go on to qualify that later in his testimony he said that in the past students have been defrauded and mislead but there you have it. bret? >> bret: right. i mean they are not cob firming it yet. he can also say it in that delaware commencement address, too. gillian, thank you. >> very likely. >> bret: inflation gauge tracked by the federal reserve rose 6.3% in april from a year earlier. that's below a four decade high set in march. the first slow down in inflation since november of 2020. the report also showed consumer spending rose by healthy nine
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tenths of a percent from march to april. that outpaced the month-to-month inflation rate for a fourth straight time. all of that led to wall street's first weekly gain after seven weeks of loss. the dow surged 576 today. the s&p 500 gained 100, the nasdaq was up 390. for the week the dow jumped 6.25 percentage points. the nasdaq 6 hillary clinton campaign attorney accused 6 lying to the fbi about russia trump probe. david spunt joins us. >> good evening to you. deliberations over for the day. we won't know the verdict until at least tuesday. when court resumes. special counsel john durham's team told jurors the evidence is overwhelming to convict former clinton campaign attorney michael sussmann when he told the fbi he was delivering
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information about a secret communications channel between the trump administration and russia on his own, not on behalf of any clients. for example, one of his clients, the clinton campaign. durham argues that sussmann was politically motivated, meeting with his friend fbi general counsel james baker just weeks before the 2016 election. prosecutors also showed emails between sussmann and reporters and say it all comes down, bret, to this text from september 18th, 2016. jim, it's michael sussmann. i have something time sensitive and sensitive i need to discuss. do you have availability for a short meeting tomorrow? i'm coming on my own, not on behalf of a client or company. want to help the bureau. thanks. sussmann's team told jurors via a poster board during closing arguments despite what the government said this was not a giant political conspiracy theory. the government accused using smoke and mirrors to distract from the facts. sussmann's attorney sean
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berkowitz told jurors sunday night text message doesn't matter it's what sussmann said baker monday at fbi headquarters and there are no notes or recordings of that meeting. baker told different people different stories about what michael sussmann actually said. sussmann's attorney say it was no secret he worked for the clinton campaign and that sussmann practically had the dnc tattooed on his forehead. they say sussmann's allegations were not taken seriously by the fbi because bureau agents never interviewed sussmann later in a formal setting. bret, here is the one-page single charged jury form the jury will fill out when it reaches a verdict and hand it to the judge. it may be simple in content but in context, quite complex, court resumes after the holiday and we will be there. bret? >> bret: we will wait for that verdict and see where it goes from there. david, thank you. up next, we go live to houston where the national rifle association is holding its national convention days after that school massacre in another
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part of texas. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 49 in philadelphia. five people killed in house explosion northwest of the city. two people hospitalized there not immediately known what caused that explosion. fox 5 in new york where law enforcement officials say 41 people have been arrested as part of a takedown of a massive retail theft operation. authorities report shoplifters stole about three $.5 million in goods from stores like bloomingdale's and macyens. the items were then sold on ebay. this is a live look at atlanta from our affiliate fox 5. one of the big stories there tonight. heartsfield jackson airport braces for a huge holiday weekend. more than 2 million people are expected at that facility. that airport. experts say travel numbers exceed all over this country. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ i've traveled every road in
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♪ >> bret: breaking tonight, the national rifle association is holding its national convention in houston. just about 300 miles from
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uvalde. former president trump is speaking to the audience right now. senior correspondent alicia acuna is in houston tonight. good evening, alicia. >> good evening, bret. and the nra compensation attendees did hold a moment of silence at the opening of their reception today in honor of the victims in uvalde. this as critics have called for the organization to cancel and texas governor greg abbott did cancel his trip here to remain in uvalde but appeared via recorded message. former president trump as you mentioned is here and he is speaking. at the beginning of his speech he asked for silence as he read the names of the victims. he also added this. >> every time a disturbed or commented person commits such a hideous crime there is always a grotesque effort by some in our society to use the suffering of others to advance their own extreme political agenda. >> now, texas lieutenant
3:18 pm
governor dan patrick canceled his appearance tweeting while a strong supporter of the second amendment and an nra member, i would not want my appearance today to bring any additional pain or grief to the families and all those suffering in uvalde. this is a time to focus on the families first and foremost. he joins a list of musicians who canceled their appearances as well as texas senator john cornyn and texas congressman dan crenshaw. those lawmakers saying it was due to scheduling conflicts. protesters have been gathering all day yelling at attendees as they enter the building. in the crowd we found rachel conner a texan who hunts and supports the second amendment but not the timing of this event. >> i think they should have said, you know, we can do this another time. those families who are suffering, grieving, who probably don't have enough money to bury their kids. this is an affront to them. >> we also talked to nra member
3:19 pm
michael simbolo he is open in changes to american gun laws and age restrictions for purchasing ar-15s. can be at least 21. i think that's a good thing to do. >> the nra, bret, has only ever canceled its convention twice. in 2020 and 2021 and that was due to the pandemic. bret? >> bret: alicia acuna in houston, thanks. meantime a federal judge is dismissing federal president trump's lawsuit against new york attorney general letitia james. the civil investigation into his business practices to continue. the judge says she made her ruling on case law that in most its casbars federal judges from interfering in state level investigations. the decision comes one day after a new york appeals court ruled former president trump must answer questions under oath in that probe.
3:20 pm
georgia's secretary of state is expected to appear before a special grand jury into whether former president trump and others illegally tried to meddle in the 2020 election in that state. a subpoena obtained by the associated press says secretary of state brad raffensperger who was just won the primary in the g.o.p. just this week is scheduled to appear before the panel thursday. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff says a military leader should never pledge ultimate loyalty to a president or anyone else. general mark milley talked with me yesterday at arlington national cemetery and i brought up his tense relationship with then president trump. >> you delivered remarks at princeton your alma mater rotc cadet. >> you are never to take an oath to a president a king or a queen. you are not taking an oath to a dictator or wannabe dictator or tyrant. you are taking an oath to an idea. the idea that is america. >> bret: what sparked that line? >> i have used that for 10
3:21 pm
years. so it has -- we take an oath to the constitution. we take an oath to a document. and within that document is embedded the idea it's codified in this document this idea that's america. my mother and father my mother was in world war ii. my dad was in world war ii. they fought for something. they fought for an idea. they fought each other in the sense that they fought foreother folks in the unit. in the largest sense they fought for idea the idea of america. the idea all americans are created equal we are endowed with creator with life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. all of those have those fundamental rights as americans for liberty and freedom. and we, those of us in uniform, we are taken a sacred oath to defend those even at the cost of our life. all men, all women, regardless of who you are, black, white, asian, indian, catholic protestant just, none of that matters. what matters we are americans. all single country. no matter what our last name is we are all americans.
3:22 pm
and we are dedicated to freedom and liberty and it's our job to make sure that we keep that that way. >> bret: at the end of the trump administration, obviously the relationship between you and president trump was rocky. and there were bumps in the road publicly. did you ever consider resigning? >> there were moments, sure. i think that's in the past and i'm looking right now plenty of things on my plate and i will be looking to the future. >> bret: in part because of the rocky relationship or in part because some things were said. you were at the center of the storm. what did you take from all that time? >> again, i go back to my north star is the constitution. and i am grounded in that as my basic core essence of who i am as a soldier. and that is where we need to stay as a military. we have to be apolitical. we stay out of the politics of the day and we maintain our oath to the constitution regardless of what party is in power. >> bret: we'll have the rest of that conversation with general milley monday, memorial day on "special report."
3:23 pm
>> bret: russia backed separatist claim they have captured a hub is i in eastern ukraine's donbas region. russia's forces stived to gain more ground today by pounding another ukrainian held area where authors say 1500 people have died since the start of the war. now, russian forces have suffered massive losses according to u.s. and british authorities since the beginning of the war. though britain's defense ministry says moscow's troops have recently captured several villages in the east but do not have yet full control. up next, are the blue dog democrats an endangered species in congress? we'll bring you that report. first, beyond our borders tonight. iran's paramilitary revolutionary guard seizes two greek oil tankers during helicopter launched raids in the persian gulf. the action appears to be retaliation for greece's assistance in the u.s. seizure of crude oil from an iranian flagged tanker earlier this week. the jalz news network says it will commit a case file to the
3:24 pm
international criminal court on the killing of the reporter. she was fatally shot earlier this month during an israeli raid in the occupied west bank. the qatar based network and the palestinian authority have accused israeli soldiers of deliberately killing her. israel rejects those allegations as a blatant lie. taiwan's military conducts annual missile drills to test combat readiness and demonstrate the fire power of its armed forces. taiwan's navy headquarters has released video of various type of antiair and antiship missiles used in the four-day exercise. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more... crazy commutes... crowd control-
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♪ >> bret: for decades moderates were welcome in the democratic party. but there are questions tonight whether the so-called blue dogs have a future in a group dominated now by the left. here's congressional correspondent chad pergram. >> who let the blue dogs out? moderate democrats, sometimes called blue dogs were once a major block in the democratic caucus. now they are a disappearing breed. the democratic party leaning left. dominated by the squad. progressives name checking fellow democrats over guns. >> because senator manchin may be saying he thinks things are different now, kyrsten sinema says she thinks things are different now. i'm sick of these excuses. i'm sick of them. >> the loudest voices are coming from the left. in fact, the democratic moderates oftentimes are intimidated into silence because they don't want to be called out on social media. some moderates are quitting veteran jim cooper of tennessee and relative newcomer stephanie murphy of florida. kurt schrader officially lost
3:31 pm
his primary to progressive challenger jamie mccloud skinner today. >> first you have gone so far to the right that running to the left of you means i'm a democrat. >> pro-life texas democrat henry cuellar locked in primary runoff against jest jessica cisneros. democrats back cuellar but progressives back cisneros. >> we need members of congress who are going to have the guts to stand up to these very, very powerful people and justice will do that. >> it's unclear if there is even room for moderate democrats anymore. >> the democrat party used to talk about being the party of the big tent. well, you know, i don't think that's the case any longer. >> the left ward bend could alienate swing voters. >> rightly or wrongly that is bad brand it's one that turns off a whole lot of moderate voters. >> democrats now focus much of their attention on abortion. henry cuellar and joe manchin are among the last democratic pro-lifers in congress.
3:32 pm
bret? >> bret: judge, you mentioned senator manchin, he is now talking with senate majority leader chuck schumer about a climate and deficit reduction bill? i mean, is this an offchute of build back better? >> it is. democrats tried to jump start these talks. manchin said repeatedly he wants deficit reduction and cheaper medicine. manchin could back a fee on methane. is he interested in what calls a car bon border tax. places tariff on products from overseas. tax could raise millions lower the deficit could make some products more expensive. bret? >> bret: okay. we'll follow that chad, thanks. closing arguments were delivered today in the jury deliberations are now underway in the libel trial brought by actor johnny depp against worm former wife amber heard. depp's lawyers asked the jury to, quote: give mr. depp his life back. heard's lawyer says the lawsuit is not about depp's reputation but is part of an ongoing smear
3:33 pm
campaign. depp launched after heard filed for divorce. depp is suing for $50 million. heard has filed a counterclaim for 100 million. ♪ ♪ >> bret: in tonight's whatever happened to segment, fox news investigates what truly caused last year's massive oil spill off the coast of california. critics were quick to blame the oil industry but as national correspondent william la jeunesse shows us there may have been more to it. >> approximately 4,000 feet of the 17.7-mile pipeline has been displaced. >> october last year, an oil spill closes southern california beaches. >> we're extremely sorry this happened. >> critics quickly blame industry. >> this act will ban new oil and gas drilling off the coast of california. >> few focus on what caused the
3:34 pm
spill. >> chris is in uniform he is active duty. >> this is where the coast guard and shipping interest manage harbor traffic by g.p.s. and radio the purple line on the right is that 17-mile pipeline. on the left, icons representing dozens of ships. each confined to a circle, roughly a mile wide. now go back nine months before the spill. the coast guard ordered ships to vacate the harbor because of high winds. all left except the cargo ship in beijing. >> g.p.s. tracking data for both of these ships show that both of them passed over the pipeline the track of the dam it in particular went close to the place of the actual leak. >> both captains trouble raise anchors to harbor officials who fail to tell the pipeline operator. >> we are not aware of any spill until 8:09 a.m. saturday morning.
3:35 pm
>> early evidence points from one or more strikes from anchors in an area by cargo ships. >> it had no realtime information an anchor interfered with the pipeline. >> certainly in hindsight it would have been a very prudent maneuver on the coast guard's part if they suspect the damage to the pipeline to report it to the pipeline operators. >> why does it matter? money. right now the pipeline company is 100 percent responsible for the spill. if others are found libel, however, they will share the damages. so just weeks ago, amplify energy sued both of those shipping companies and the group that manages vessel traffic here for failing to disclose possible damage to the pipeline so they could check it out before it actually ruptured. bret? >> bret: interesting. william, thank you. up next on this memorial day weekend we take to you a place where essentially every day is memorial day. ♪
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♪ >> bret: great shot of washington there. on this memorial day weekend we look at a place of great importance to the u.s. military community. national security correspondent jennifer griffin shows us the
3:41 pm
dover air force base and its significance. >> dignified transfer of america's fallen. the first stop for u.s. service members killed overseas when they returned home is dover air force base in delaware. it's where their families wait. vips gather, the honor guard is called, and members of the air force mortuary affairs team have the solemn task of preparing the remains of america's war dead for burial. every day is memorial day here. >> there is not another mission exactly like it in the military. >> major matthew knight is the senior chaplain at dover, he joined the military after 9/11. >> we want to ensure whenever our fallen come through here that they and their loved ones are shown dignity and respect. >> crystal seymour is a sergeant first class. >> i am an army liaison officer. touch a multitude of families throughout the most tragic time.
3:42 pm
about living on through the work that you do. >> sometimes the families are in denial. >> i remember having a family who came and sat down with a small child and just refused to believe that their loved one had died. and when they saw his transfer case come off the aircraft suddenly an emotional dam broke. >> the families are brought to fisher house, which aaccommodates them while they wait for their loved one to land. >> there are toys here for the children that come through with their family members. it just gives them a comfortable environment. >> the last americans to die in afghanistan landed here last august, 11 marines, a navy korman and a soldier killed at abby gate by a suicide bomber just days before the u.s. withdrawal was complete. their families and u.s. dig any tears met them at dover. >> america makes a promise to us that should anything happen to us while we are serving we will be brought home with honor. we don't leave our fallen
3:43 pm
behind. that we always honor those who have honored america with their sacrifice. >> jennifer griffin. >> bret: truly amaze will. we have a new fox nation documentary series. it's now available. you can stream it right now called the unauthorized history of the vietnam war. it took a long time putting this together. it takes a fresh look at this controversial episode from america's past, including how u.s. troops were treated as they returned home from the war. here's an excerpt. >> unlike previous generations, the men and women who served in vietnam did not receive a hero's welcome at home. it was very shameful episode in our history. not just abandoning our ally which was very unfortunate, and hurt u.s. reputation amongst other countries throughout the
3:44 pm
world, also the treatment of vietnam veterans was absolutely despicable. revisionist on the left side now no one was spit on and that didn't happen. yes, it did happen and can you talk to a number of vietnam veterans who talk very vividly about their experience coming home. >> when i got to process at oakland army base, we walked through a tunnel off the tarmac into a like a hang garr building or something and it was an l turn in the middle and on the wall was a very faded american flag painted and a sign saying america is proud of you. that was it. other than that, they said put your boots over here, do, this fill out your -- turn in your medical records. and then they said don't wear your yin form into town. most of us have come back with medals and, you know, we were proud of what we had done. and they are saying oh, no, you go into town, you are probably going to get into a fight or
3:45 pm
whatever. and then we started hearing stories about people being spit at and so forth. ♪ >> john ran bow, a drifter. >> bret: the portrayal of the vietnam veteran in popular media. >> i do not belong in this town and they're saying i don't belong over there. >> as either a ticking time bomb or a dissolutioned drug addict is simply wrong. the proportion of vietnam veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress is actually less compared to previous wars. vietnam veterans have a lower unemployment rate than their civilian counterparts. the rate of divorce and suicide is no higher. and far from being disillusioned by their experience in the war, polls show that vietnam veterans are strongly patriotic and more likely to support u.s. military
3:46 pm
intervention compared to those who didn't serve in that conflict. >> bret: you really want to see this. if you served in vietnam, thank you for your service. if you served in the u.s. military at any time, thank you. if you have parents or grandparents, this is actually worth watching. there are a lot of new things that you won't have seen about the vietnam war. it's streaming again on fox nation. check it out. up next, the panel with the lightning round on the texas school shooting the nra convention in houston. blue dog democrats plus, winners and losers ♪ ♪ otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, you can achieve clearer skin. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla can cause serious allergic reactions. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting.
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overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! flonase all good. commander considered barricaded subject time no children at risk. obviously -- obviously based upon the information we have, there were children in that classroom that were at risk. there was time to retrieve the keys and wait for a tactical team with the equipment to go ahead and breach the door and to take on the subject at that point. benefit of hindsight where i'm sitting now of course it was not the right decision. it was the wrong decision. >> bret: stunning news conference today. different information than we received at the beginning of this school shooting. from authorities on the ground. bring in our panel jeff mason white house correspondent for reuters. morgan ortagus former state department spokesperson and doug hyde communications director former deputy chief of staff. the house majority leader eric
3:52 pm
cantor. it was stunning, doug, to hear the about face kind of about the open door, about the police not going in. and, most of all, obviously about the kids' 911 calls calling for help over that hour. >> yeah, it was devastating to listen. to say it's come not just with the trauma of the week of what we saw with what happened in shootings and to the children but also in just how we get information. we are all trying to process this and it's incumbent on the governor and local law enforcement to do this in an orderly way and be as accurate as possible. the reality is, bret, if you don't have an answer you say you don't have an answer and say you will get an answer as soon as you can and return with that when you do. otherwise, you run the risk of losing all credibility, which is exactly what happened today. >> bret: yeah, morgan in the meantime in washington there is a serious renewed effort and we say this every time. it does seem a little different this time. politico writes this about the
3:53 pm
g.o.p.'s two favorite dems try to turn their credit into a guns deal. bipartisan bids to legislate on guns failed repeatedly in the past decade mostly due to g.o.p. opposition to stricter gun laws. republicans acknowledge because senators manchin and sinema preserve the filibuster they need toot least listen to democrats who have desperate for an agreement to reduce gun violence. chris murphy said i will take some good not the whole loaf, so is this different, maybe? >> potentially. i think this will now be something that happens quickly but i think this is what americans are actually asking our legislators to do which is not take a massive step that's going to fix school shooting for the rest of our lives. we all wish we could do. perhaps practical steps they could take and find some bipartisan solutions the problem will be, the reality is as devastating as this is we are still in an election year i am
3:54 pm
an little skeptical this will get done in an election year. >> bret: that's okay. we are skeptical in washington that's where we are years after years. jeff, after sandy hook the massacre there almost 10 years ago, our late colleague dr. charles krauthammer, i had him on the panel and he talked at length about that. this is just a piece of that. take a listen. >> i understand this reflexive move to do this in principle i'm not opposed to it. the problem is we have some history with this. we had a decade of that assault weapons ban from the mid 1990s, it lasted for a decade and if you look at the studies had no appreciable influence on gun violence or the legality of individual attacks. it's the shooter, the weapon, the environment. and although liberals only want to look at, of course, is the weapon. there are other things to look at. if you look at the shooter himself and the mental health
3:55 pm
issue' the fact that you cannot get a commitment on these kinds of people, i'm thinking most of jared laughner, the shooter in tucson, arizona, everybody knew he was a grenade about to go off. anybody who knew him was in class with him said that but you could only stop him after he killed. and we have moved so radically last 50 years to making it difficult to commit people who are dangerous that there has to be a shift in the other direction. so that has to be on the table. >> bret: he went on. and went on to after that night write a very detailed column about it i have tweeted it out and put it on facebook if you want to read it from "the washington post." but, jeff, it's complicated here. but, again, to my point with morgan, is this a different dynamic now that you are seeing develop in washington? >> well, bret, i mean, you asked or mentioned chattanooga sandy hook, it certainly felt like there was a different i do dynamic then that was lovely 10 years ago. i remember president obama's
3:56 pm
emotional speech at the service or the tribute to those children the democrats really coalescing around effective for what they viewed as effective gun control measures and then they didn't get what they wanted. this has been another awful, awful school shooting. it leads to conversations, it's leading to as we were just discussing conversations between republicans and democrats. so, yeah, there is a sense that maybe something different or new will happen this time. but it will depend on what they can work out and will depend on whether that momentum that unfortunately sometimes comes after these mass shootings actually continues. >> bret: yeah. there's a lot to follow here and we will continue to do it and talk to all those lawmakers who are in the midst of that conversation. that's a growing list. okay. let's do winners and losers. doug, first to you. winner then loser. >> the republican governors and who were in the governing coalition. that starts in georgia. also i would add mike pence who
3:57 pm
stuck his neck out on the line and got a big win for himself politically. >> bret: what about loser? >> it's donald trump. you know, he endorsed and went all n georgia and obviously lost by large margins. also was reported today, bret, that he wanted to cut a deal on guns, wanted to do something on the shootings and was talked out of it by mick mulvaney, the donald trump that cuts deals on guns and infrastructure not only wins massively on re-election but everybody he endorses wins re-election as well. >> bret: all right, morgan, win or loser. >> winner of the week is my friend in georgia herschel walker won that primary by 68%. a big night, very big turnout. that's going to be one of the races i watch most closely in november. loser of the week for me is the iraqi parliament, bret. they voted -- they made it illegal to establish any sort of normalization or peaceful relationship with the state of israel. that is certainly not on trend with what's happening in the rest of the middle east thanks to the abraham accords.
3:58 pm
>> bret: all right. jeff? winner, loser? >> my echo what my friend doug was just saying brian kemp in georgia. a big win there with over 70% of the vote in that primary beating david perdue who had former president donald trump's support. it's really big win for him and less -- certainly not for trump. >> bret: okay. quickly loser? >> david perdue. i had david perdue. >> bret: got it. >> i balanced those two out. >> bret: threw government panel, thanks so much. have a great memorial day weekend. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ >> bret: all right, it's friday. you know what that means. "notable quotables." >> cry so tired. >> i'm confused and worried try position find out where my baby is at. >> i don't have the answer to that question. >> second amendment is not absolute. >> gun control laws like that
3:59 pm
worked, chicago would be mayberry. >> what are we doing? why are you here? >> is there a trump candidate in 2024. >> he would like to. >> i had an elegant delivery of a statement that i will keep making. >> i'm looking forward to campaigning on this, my record. because i have won. >> what we have now have a very clear pattern in both the steele dossier and alpha bank scandal. both of them originated with the clinton campaign. >> are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> i think the president was clear on the fact that the policy has not changed. >> we are ready to fight in a future war and prevail in a future war whatever comes our way chinese, russians or anything else. >> we had systems that were failing and decisions that could have been better. >> i always remember her honestly as a hero for doing what she did. >> we prayed. we sang worship songs. the community came together. right now is a time of healing.
4:00 pm
>> all right. monday, we will finish that conversation with general milley at arlington national. sunday, sandra smith anchors her exclusive guests including republican congressman mo brooks ben cardin. tune in for that thanks for inviting us into your home tonight all week. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. thanks for your service if you have served. "jesse watters primetime" with lawrence jones starts now. lawrence? >> lawrence: thanks, bret. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. ♪ >> lawrence: as more details emerge surrounding the horrific school massacre in uvalde, texas, it left 19 children and two teachers dead. over the last 72 hours, we have heard a lot of information. we have been told many different stories and today we're finally getting to the bottom of what went wrong. texas governor greg abbott says over these last few days he has been mislead by law enforcement and he is lived about it. >> i was