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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  May 27, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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monday, we will finish that conversation with general milley at arlington national. sunday, sandra smith anchors her exclusive guests including republican congressman mo brooks ben cardin. tune in for that thanks for inviting us into your home tonight all week. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. thanks for your service if you have served. "jesse watters primetime" with lawrence jones starts now. lawrence? >> lawrence: thanks, bret. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. ♪ >> lawrence: as more details emerge surrounding the horrific school massacre in uvalde, texas, it left 19 children and two teachers dead. over the last 72 hours, we have heard a lot of information. we have been told many different stories and today we're finally getting to the bottom of what went wrong. texas governor greg abbott says over these last few days he has been mislead by law enforcement and he is lived about it. >> i was mislead.
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i am lived about what happened. when i came out here on this stage and told the public what happened, it was a recitation of what people in that room told me, whether it be law enforcement officials or non-law enforcement officials. whatever the case may be. and, as everybody has learned, the information that i was given turned out in part to be inaccurate. and i'm absolutely lived. about that. >> lawrence: yeah, me too, governor. i gave them the benefit of the doubt, too. the governor's statement comes just hours after today's press conference by the texas department of public safety. they gave us some answers starting with how the shooter was able to enter the school so easily. turned out the back door he used to get in wasn't only unlocked, it was wide open. >> we know from video evidence 11:27, the exterior door
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suspected of what the -- where we n.i.e. knew the shooter entered, ramos, was propped open by a teacher. 11:28 the suspect vehicle crashes into the ditch as previously described. the teacher runs to the room 132 to retrieve a phone. we see through video teacher reemerges inside the school in a panic apparently calls 911. lawrence so the door was propped open at 11:27 moments before the monster wrecked his truck, shot at a funeral home, started walking to the school. shortly after that, he entered the building, with no problem. >> 11:33 is when the suspect entered the school at the door that i'm pointing to now. 11:33 the suspect began shooting into room 111 or 112. >> lawrence: we now know he started shooting through the hall. they then locked himself in a classroom full of children. >> when he went in the
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classroom, he said you are all going to die. he just started shooting. i was [inaudible] he shot my teacher and then he shot the kids. >> i kind of don't feel safe going to school and i feel -- sometimes at night. >> he came in and he crouched a little bit and he said it's time to die. >> lawrence: those kids that survived will never be the same. it's hard to imagine what these poor kids went through. locked in a room with a monster. and today we're finally learning what happened in the hour leading up to the police breaching the classroom and killing the mad man. and it's not good. texas tps said that the children in the classroom were calling 911 throughout the hour begging for the police to come help them. >> the caller identified -- i will not say her name, but she was in room 112 called 911 at 12:03. at 12:10 she called back in room
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12 advised there are multiple dead. 12:21 you could hear over the 911 call that three shots were fired at approximately 12:43 and 12:47 she asked 911 to please send the police now. >> lawrence: that baby died. texas tps said by 12:03, 19 officers were in the hallway outside the classroom but they didn't go in. so the question still remains why? did they know about the 911 calls? dps was asked about that today. >> the question is simply this. there was a 40 minute gap. the 911 operators were aware that children were alive in that classroom. why weren't officers notified of that and if that's the case, why didn't they take action. decision was made this was a barricaded subject situation. there was time to retrieve the keys and wait for tactical team with the equipment to go ahead
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and breach the door and take on the subject at that point. that was the decision. that was the thought process that particular point in time. >> lawrence: with all due respect, colonel, that's still not a clear answer. the border patrol sources close to the incident says that the bortac agents inside of this school were not aware of those calls that were come in. they also told me they dispute the timeline. and we don't know if those calls were being relayed to the commanding officers on the ground. so that leaves us with one of two options. either 911 dispatch wasn't relaying the calls to the commanding officers at the scene or they were and that would mean that the leadership on the ground knew shots were being fired inside of the classroom were kids were still alive and still, against all logic ruled that it wasn't an active shooter situation. either way you look at it, someone dropped the ball and they know it. >> bit of hindsight where i'm
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sitting now of course it wasn't the right decision. it was it was a wrong decision, period. there is no excuse for that i wasn't there i'm just telling you from what we know we believe there should have been an entry as soon as you can. >> lawrence: harry hawkins helped develop nypd shooter plan for the schools. sir, thank you for joining the program. i apologize for my frustration. i have been talking with sources through the entire week. i have been on the ground. i gave law enforcement the benefit of the doubt. i believe thought rank and file because they have children of their own that was in that school, wanted to go in but the leadership dropped the ball on here. where am i going wrong, sir? >> you sound 100 percent right. listen, i'm still shaken up over what happened. i don't know anybody down there. this is a horrific incident. and the leadership who took over that officer or the commander who took over that incident and told his officers to stand back was completely wrong, it was
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horrific mistake and should never have been done. you have got 18 officers or 19 officers outside of that classroom, all right. even if they don't have the key. you could shoot that door wide open and get in there at those children. here you have got children here calling from inside that location. now, remember, police officers are heroes to kids. all right. here they are calling their heroes, all right. to come and rescue them and do you know what? we never came. and by the time we got there, all those children were dead. that is horrific. it should not happen. and we need to make some significant changes here. and, also, the fact is i'm sure some of those officers outside that door were saying to themselves and talking to each other saying what are we doing? how come we are not going in right now? they're hearing shots. they might even hear children inside. big, big mistake. horrific. >> lawrence: let me pick up right where you are. you are exactly right. i talked with special operations
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in the border patrol today. they told me that they were -- they had to make the decision to go in. the leadership on the ground didn't make the decision to go in. they had -- that's what they are telling me. i believe them. actually. >> oh, yeah. you could see from the actions from what i have been following for the last couple days since this occurred. i mean, i knew instantly when i first heard about this that something was wrong. i didn't have to hear any reports. >> i knew something was wrong in the fact that they didn't get from and save those children. you had -- there was so many officers outside, somebody some could have came through the window and the door. why did it take them so damn long to get the key to the door that should have been the first thing they were trying to get. apparently they had attempted to get from and the door was locked. why didn't we not get the key right away. why did we not try to go through the window and that door, once we had the keel and et get in and save those children. many children were proceeding probably bleeding out. >> lawrence: harry, the person running this operation on the ground is the chief of police
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for the school district. okay? how does he not have the key? i don't understand this the people entrusted for the safety. people have got to remember the people who responded to this shooting, the majority of them were federal agents. were county officials. these are people that outside of the district that responded with manpower. the least they could have had was a key to the damn door. >> exactly. that should have been easily obtained through the school in the first place. should have been able to get that key to that door to be able to breach it and if you can't breach it? shoot it out. you have got weapons. they had shields that came before the swat team got there and they could have went in there using those shields and taken down those per at the -- that perpetrator. also, did any of those officers have an ar-15 in their car? since columbine i have been talking about police officers should have ar-15 in their vehicle so they can take on shooters like this and apparently maybe it didn't happen in this incident. i don't know. >> lawrence: you know, harry, i want to bring it back because it
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seems like part of the dispute is was it an active shooter situation or was he behind the door and was no longer barricaded in? that seems to be the semantic push. i held off on my criticism because they told me he was barricaded in and he was no longer firing shots. when the special operations unit came, in they said he was still firing. >> yeah. you can't make a decision like that because you don't know if there is children bleeding out. we are going to find out from the autopsies what happened to those children, and we might find out that children might have been alive as long as five, maybe 10 minutes. we could have gotten in there and 15eu6d some lives. we won't know that for sure in the autopsies are done. >> lawrence: harry, can i tell you for a fact that it happened. i talk toed people on the ground had to resuscitate. one of the deputy sheriffs in the county responded. his life was still alive with a gun shot in her stomach there were people alive there. they should have done more. thank you so much, sir there has
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been a lot of blame being passed around during this tragedy. let's not forget the heroic stories we are have been hearing for the past days. lining the off duty border patrol agent rushed to the scene as soon as his wife texted him for help. jeff paul is live from uvalde with the more. >> yeah, lawrence, as these new details start to come out surrounding the investigation. we are also starting to learn more about the heroic measures members of this very community here in texas took once this shooting started to unfold. one of the stories that's really starting to grab some headlines involves off duty border patrol officer. his name jacob alvarado, he was just sitting down to get hair cut when he got the news of what was unfolding in uvalde. his wife trish sharks mind you is a fourth grade teacher at robb elementary school his daughter a second grader. he will jumped up, grabbed whatever he could to help the situation, which turns out to be the barber's own shotgun, and
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then headed towards the school. once he got here, obviously a lot of emotions going through him. him wanting to not only get to his wife but his daughter and help the other kids out. he devised a plan with some of the other law enforcement out here. and while they were working on, the situation involving that one particular fourth grade classroom, these other law enforcement going from, you know, school classroom to school classroom getting those kids out. getting them to safety as their parents, you know, emotionally waiting by. and that's just one story, lawrence. we are out here as you probably witnessed when you were out here, people are showing up, giving food to the first responders, giving food people out here. i think one of the things that really sort of sticks in the back of my mind when you drive through the town. a town of 16,000 people. always that town square, especially in texas. you know what i'm talking about, lawrence. a group of people out there. 21 crosses for all of the victims out there. and there is always a group of people, no matter the time of the day, how hot it is. either holding hands praying, standing there, thinking about
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what was lost within this very community, lawrence? lauren lawrence unbelievable. when leadership fails, good men step up and do something about it coming up, democrats target the second amendment while an up and coming charter school puts a new spin on gun safety for its students. ♪ i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms and in clinical studies, had no substantial impact on weight. this is where i want to be. call your doctor about sudden behavior changes or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. elderly dementia patients have increased risk of death or stroke. report fever, confusion, stiff or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be life threatening or permanent. these aren't all the serious side effects.
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>> lawrence: following the massacre in uvalde john cornyn to work with democrats on red flag laws allow police to take away guns from anyone they think is a threat to themselves or others. they are hoping to find a compromise. but the left has been very open about their true feelings about the second amendment. they won't rest until they can rip the guns away from every law
4:19 pm
abiding american. >> who is stand not guilty way of getting rid of guns. >> who will say on this net work or any other network on it's time to repeal the second amendment. >> they are going to come for those ar-15s and you better get ready to give them up. >> now what we need is a bill on the floor of the house controlled by democrats which will eliminate ownership of assault weapons by ordinary people would have 5% of the people in this world and 45% of the guns private individuals are owned by americans. do we need that many guns? >> lawrence: never let a crisis go to waste. antonio oak far is the president of empowered and spokesperson for gun owners of america. tony, my friend, thank you so much for joining me tonight i don't understand what they are doing here they plan on using a crisis in next which supports the effort to ban guns.
4:20 pm
i think they fell and bumped their head. >> you would be very correct there, lawrence. absolutely. this is texas where we just implemented constitutional carry not too long ago. you know what? unfortunately, this is what we are seeing with the anti-gun. they didn't take any time to start fundraising on the backs of murdered children. fundraising letters in order to get money off of this horrific tragedy. first, before i even continue i want to say as a parent of two young children myself, i want to give my heart-felt and deepest condolences to the families of this who are risk tragedy. can i only imagine the grief they are going through. as a texan,a woman and a gun owner i know the answer does not lie in gun control. it has not worked and continues not to work. >> lawrence: you know, antonia, i'm curious, if we entrusted a
4:21 pm
government to keep us and our children safe, and they failed with their guns, why would we ever give up our guns? it just doesn't make any sense to me. >> it doesn't and the fact of the matter is that the second amendment is a protection for this very scenario the people, the founders who wrote the assessment in our bill of rights wrote them because as a protection of something that we already have which is a human right, a god-given right to self-defense, to self-protection and to keep that regardless of what the government's ability to be there to defend us or not. so that's the issue here is that people have a fundamental misunderstanding of what's important here. if we really want change in d.c. and what's been going on with gun laws, then we need to see things like a federal appeal of the gun-free school zone act. we need to arm teachers who want to be armed, who want to defend their children if that horrible
4:22 pm
scenario should ever happen. that's what we should be doing. equipping and empowering those who want to do the right thing when that time occurs. >> lawrence: you know, antonia, off duty border patrol agent was in the chair getting his hair cut. didn't have his weapon on him. went to his barber, got his shotgun and not only went into the school to rescue his daughter and his wife, but rescued other children. when people said wait. >> right. and those are the people that i would hope if anything like that ever happened to me, god forbid, that i would hope those brave men and women, regardless of if they had a background in border patrol or not, just an average day citizen, a law abiding person who happens to be a gun owner, even, being able to help in those situations when patrol is not there. when police officers aren't there. and so, that's what the second amendment is all about is protecting that god-given right
4:23 pm
of those people who choose to step up in that situation and do the right thing and thankfully we had some who did the right thing or otherwise we would have had more casualties. >> lawrence: that's right second amendment is our last of defense. antonia okafor, thanks at being here tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> lawrence: instead of demonizing one school is teaching how to use them safely. on the way ranks with his class. >> treat every weapon. >> yes, sir. >> never point your weapon at anything you don't intend to shoot. >> yes, sir. >> keep your finger and ready to fire. >> yes, sir. >> and keep your weapon on safety until you are ready to fire, got it. >> yes, sir. >> lawrence: you have seen them before king randall x for boys school. king brother so proud of you as always. what made you decide to do this with your young men? >> well, particularly in the black community, most of the young men don't get a chance to
4:24 pm
experience firearms but through rap music or through video games or through things they see on tv and those people or those things aren't people we want to teach our children how to use firearms. they are going to learn how to use them anyway. they are going to learn to use them anyway why not proper people instructors and have them learn proper firearm safety and gun etiquette. extremely important especially in a country where the guns are located. i won't hide them from them. i want to show them reality. so, one of the biggest things for us is making sure that our children learn about firearms. during the entire time i have had the program myself have always carried a firearm with my students because i want to make sure they are protected and avoid situations like such as happened in uvalde. are. >> lawrence: you know, king, what's been the response from the community. this is not the first thing have you done something like this. you teach them basic skills how to repair laws and do plumbing. all different type of trades that young men should know so
4:25 pm
when they become husbands they can do it in their households. take them to the next step, teaching them how to protect their families. what's been the response? >> the response has been interesting for the most part. what i do like to tell a lot of people, especially white liberals most of them don't necessarily care for defenseless. most of those people sitting around telling us we need to ban guns and all that stuff. go to their houses and see how many guns they have. they want us defenseless they would love nothing more than minorities to be defenseless in their communities so white supremacists and other people can come run rampant in our communities. i also say to our community where are they going to go first when we ban all these weapons. we say we are scared of police try to push for more police interaction makes no sense. the response overwhelmingly has been positive because our boys need to learn this instead of learning it from the streets. learn it from us while we are teaching them how to work on cars and how to be husbands and
4:26 pm
do construction and grow food. we will teach them how to use firearms properly and teach them gun etiquette. i think that's extremely important for or communities. we have to be proactive not reactive. being proactive is teaching them about firearms and lessens the chance of them getting in any accidents or having any episodes where they are just trying to figure out what a gun is or something like that. most times a lot of children are just excited to hold a weapon. they have never seen it before. they saw it on rap video. have pictures point it at each other and stuff like that. i want to make sure i teacher them no, this is a firearm. you need to respect it and when it can do. learn how to actually use it at a proper time. >> lawrence: i don't care what they say, you are saving lives by doing this king, not just from a standpoint of these are going to be great second amendment owners when they get of age. also when they come in contact with a gun, they are going to know safety not to touch the gun, to know not to point the gun, you are saving lives and we appreciate you, brother, thanks for coming on "primetime" tonight. >> thanks so much, lawrence.
4:27 pm
>> lawrence: you got it, brother. joe biden's plan to win over those pesky millennials, free money.
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♪ ♪ >> lawrence: things haven't been going too well for joe biden approval rating dropping to a new all time low. down all the way to 36%. and gas prices hitting daily all-time highs. if you are looking to turn around the ship and he just came up with another bad idea to do just that. spend more money. we're finding out today that the white house had a brand new plan to cancel student loan debt up to $10,000 per student. that would cost around $230 billion total. coming straight out of the taxpayer's money. but it's already starting to backfire on biden. not because $230 billion is a lot of money, but because it's not nearly enough. aoc tweeting 10 k is just enough to anger the people against it
4:33 pm
and the people who need forgiveness the most. we can do better. we can do better? if joe biden listens to aoc the economy will be a whole lot worse. stephen miller is a former senior adviser to president trump and founder of america first legal. thank you so much for joining the program. sir, what is the president doing right now? is he attempting to buy votes? because with inflation spend more of the taxpayers' money? >> well, he is attempting to buy votes. it's just incredibly vote buying strategy. for every one ph.d. grad that he gets, who is on a career path to be earning 500, $600,000 a year, is he going to lose 10 working class blue collar workers. this is a wealth transfer from the working class to the ph.d. class. it is one of the stupidest political moves i have seen before the midterm elections in a long time. >> lawrence: yeah so, why do it? why do it? you see the direction of the
4:34 pm
country. you know, whether i'm in chicago same things from voters, democrats on voters not comfort or pleased with the direction of the country. i think the answer to why is he doing this policy why is doing every other radical unpopular policy whether it is inflationary spending policies. open border inflation policy. soft on crime anti-police policy another executive order this week. surrounded by and cacooned by elite radical wealthy insular ultra progressives who have nothing in common with the working people of this country. they are completely totally from anxieties, concerns, hopes, dreams, desires of most normal americans what happens in the
4:35 pm
next election? do you think it's enough or is it too early? do you see the republican winning the midterms, the senate as well do you think it's going to be a full sweep? i don't know what more he has to do that's wrong to win over the votes of give the republicans a house and the senate? >> no, it's been the most disastrous first half of a presidency that i think has occurred in american history. and so there needs to be a thunderous repudiation, an historic repudiation in november. i believe that if there is, a very large conservative house majority backed up by a senate majority will be able to shut down an unwind some of these policies and prevent truly irreparable and irreversible damage from happening. that's the best we can hope for. if that doesn't happen i fear the damage will be permanent and irrec cobble. >> lawrence: do you predict a pivot from the president of the united states? there has to be some sort of
4:36 pm
pivot. he promised to be moderate joe and instead he goes after moderate joe manchin every time he gets. will there be a pivot? >> when bill clinton pivoted he was a young, vital man in the prime of thinks career. and he wasn't nearly as disastrous as joe biden but he governed a lot more left before he lost the 94 midterms but he was a man who had a viewpoint who had a philosophy, who had a conviction and a presence of mind, joe biden is too alleges, too old, to confused to overrule the marxist and ultra left advisers who are around him and running everything from the domestic policy council to the national security council to the department of homeland security to the department of education and everything on in between. he doesn't have the presence of mind to control his own government even if he wanted to. >> lawrence: yeah. i just hope your party doesn't mess it up. because the republicans always find a way to mess up an easy
4:37 pm
victory. anyway, steven, thanks so much for coming on the program. >> thank you. >> lawrence: coming up, a shocking new poll about kamala harris. we will tell you what it is when we come back.
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♪ >> lawrence: so, in case it wasn't obvious joe biden's presidential run in 2024 is not looking too good, not only is his approval rating tanking by the miners new polls show over 70% independent registered voters think joe biden is too old for office. and 53% of voters have doubts about biden's mental fitness. >> the best thing i can do in addition to try to get the um, the -- >> after my president's -- excuse me my predecessor's fiscal miswill management. >> the two largest economies -- that's not right. >> lawrence: frankly 53% seems
4:43 pm
too low. who do the democrats have to replace him? the saying mayor pete? nah. elizabeth warren? nah. bernie sanders? nah. as joe biden would say come on, man. what about kamala harris? it's her time. >> it is time for us to do what we have been doing and that time is every day. we all believe that when we talk about the children of the community they are the children of the community. we will work together and continue to work together to address these issues, to tackle these challenges and to work together. >> talk about the significance of the passage of time, right? the significance of the passage of time. so when you think about it, there is great significance to the passage of time. >> lawrence: you would think democrats would hear that and want nothing to do with her, but you are wrong. of course a new poll kamala is the new favorite. they like her way more than bernie, hillary, and company.
4:44 pm
wow. kamala may be failing as vice president but it looks like she is failing upwards. joining me is ned ryun founder and ceo majority. what is it with the democrats, ned? >> i have got to tell you, lawrence, just listening to those clips i get the sneaking suspicion speaking is not kamala's strong point. they have such a short bench there is a extreme lack of talent, lawrence. that poll kamala is at 19. bernie and hillary are at 10. i think little pete is at 7. but i will say in this poll that shows her winning the democratic primary 33% are undecided as in anybody but this clown show. and i would also point out in that poll that even if she wins the nomination she would lose to donald trump by 7 points. just because there is such a shortage and lack of talent in the democratic party. i remind people when kamala announced in 2019 that she was running, she was considered
4:45 pm
heavyweight. presumptive front runner a very short amount of time 1% to 2% of the polls didn't make it to iowa caucuses and now you are telling me this is their great hope for 2024? boy, when i read that poll i started laughing, lawrence, i'm pretty sure i heard cries and screams of anguish from a lot of democrats thinking oh my gosh, did this is our best chance in 2024 look for donald trump to win re-election. >> lawrence: she was the first one out of the primary. she polls low with every demographic during that period of time. not only that, she can't even maintain her staff. her staff doesn't even believe in her. so, i don't understand how democrat voters can believe in her. >> well, they don't, lawrence. you just pointed out the reuters poll as biden at 36%. what people aren't really talking about is a recent nbc poll that shows voters only 31% of voters have a positive view of kamala harris and it's even worse among independents. this is not going to happen.
4:46 pm
i suspect lawrence we are in 2022. she is such a weak candidate even if she is a sitting vice president. i strongly suspect some forces inside the democratic party are going to say we cannot let this stand because there is no way that she wins the general election either against donald trump or ron desantis or whoever else republicans put up. she is a terrible candidate. the amazing part is, lawrence, it seems like she was never really vetted and all of a sudden she is the vice president. you know why she is the vice president? somebody not as good as joe biden which is saying something. they saw the conundrum by having kamala harris. she wasn't picked for her brilliance. let's put that way. >> lawrence: leads me to my next question does joe have to run? >> joe can't run. think about it, the clips that you just played? he is going to be 82 roughly in 2024. is he going to come off as 92 or 102. and that's over two years away from now. i just don't see there is any possibility that joe biden at 36% approval rating going to get
4:47 pm
shell lacked in the midterms the next two years are going to be even more brutal i hope with republican investigations he will be 82. he will come off as 102. i think they are going to be looking for anybody but joe biden and then they are stuck with kamala harris or hillary or bernie or little pete. they have backed themselves into a corner, lawrence. i couldn't be happier. >> lawrence: it's going to be interesting to watch. ned, thank you so much. >> thanks, lawrence. >> lawrence: you got it brother. on the next installment of everything is racist. the word chief has been canceled. at least in the terms of job titles or for employees for the san francisco unified school district. the school district released a statement saying they will rename any job title that includes the title chief. jason rantz is the host of the jason rantz show and he is here to explain. jason, inform me of what they are doing there. >> yeah. since there are absolutely no problems to address anymore in the san francisco unified school district, it has decided to get
4:48 pm
even more woke. so they're banning the word chief from job title so like chief technology officer, chief of staff, or maybe chief equity officer, district leaders held a powwow, they immediately shamed each other chief as offensive to native americans in a statement to the san francisco chronicle, a spokesperson said well, there are many opinions on the matter our leadership team agreed that given that native american members of our community have expressed concerns over the use of the title, we are no longer going to use it now, it's which native americans had reservations about the term chief but one might be able to surmise find a lot of middle age white women stand up for marginalized communities taking up this fight. the decision comes after february recall of three woke school board members from the san francisco board. over 70% of the voters booted them from office because they were ignoring the struggling schools and instead they were trying to rename the ones named
4:49 pm
after george washington or thomas jefferson or even dianne feinstein. they are pretending that that was offensive. it is worth noting, i think that the word chief does not originate with native american cultures. it actually comes from an old french word that is chef, it means head of a group. it had a lot continue origin but apparently that word is vulgar i'm not going to say it. the district has not yet decided on what to call these new jobs. i imagine whatever it is they come up with they will be able to claim it's offer. you can't call it a senior position because that's ageist. you can't say managers without saying man so that's gender. not entirely schuyler what they're going to come up with. >> lawrence: we are dealing with morons. gets to the point you have to stop laughing because it's so sad. thanks so much, brother. >> thanks, chief. >> lawrence: well played. so, coming up, don't let inflation get you down this memorial day weekend. we will tell you how to barbecue on a budget texas style. that's next. ♪
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4:56 pm
food prices specifically have risen 10.8%. some of the classes on your party menus this year are going to cost you a pretty penny. from last year, prices have gone up 16%, beef and veal 14%, port 13%, hot dogs are up 6%. and don't plan on driving to the barbecue because a gallon of gas is going to set you back $4.59. that is the national average. but i know you still want to ball out this weekend, so you just got to do it on a budget. let's ask jeff andrew gruel, owner of slat fish restaurant. chef, take it away, what do you got for me, brother? >> all right, good times. first affect us as a precursor, i guess you can't call me chef anymore, so considering i am a dishwasher, how about we refer to me as the aquatic director. but moving on. moving on to the important stuff here. look, when it comes to flavor, there is a certain vanity that surrounds a lot of these
4:57 pm
well-known cuts of meats from your ribeye to the prime rib to the tenderloin when it comes to barbecue and all of these sexy vegetables, but that is culinary virtue signaling. all of this was less than $50, okay? it is all about flavor that comes from inexpensive uncooked for months, if you will, so things like assets, fresh citrus, utilizing both sides of a lemon, exterior with a micro plane, things like chili salt, right, a nice white balsamic vinegar, always have these things on hand, herbs are important and do not cost a lot of money. a bowl of bacon is important, look for the packages that are bacon ends in pieces, usually $2 to $3, chop it up, use it in a lot of different types of ways. i've got chicken thighs. who wants the chicken breast, anyway, that is so boring? portobello mushrooms, you might
4:58 pm
be thinking, why do you want veggies in there? we all know we love veggies. for example, you can make a slider, i mix some of that bacon in with chopped vegetables, a little whipped cream cheese, throw that -- >> lawrence: [indistinct] >> your know what, you are right. now we have the world perfect slider, turkey legs, when it comes to fish, do not go for salmon, shrimp, tuna, $4.99 a pound, really sweet in the flesh, fruits, watermelon, how do you jazz it up? may be a little vinegar on your watermelon, some chili salt, now suddenly you are a mix of martha stewart and guy fee right there. this is how it happens. you have fun with it, take well-known dishes, add other dishes and you got yourself a beautiful spread for less than $50. to be or what is the meat on your left over there? >> oh, thank you so much, i almost forgot, it was staring at me. this is a beautiful cut of meat,
4:59 pm
$4.99, $3.99, sometimes a pound, you want a reverse year, low heat, cedar the end bring it upy sliced, and inexpensive, this whole cut of meat was less than $10, slice against the grain, bingo, something even more flavorful than that boring fillet. trust me, filet is boring. >> lawrence: what do you pair that with? can you make a sandwich out of -- >> yes, sandwiches, salad, once again think texture, love crushing up potato chips, nuts, mixing income of mayo's life, if you don't like mayo come a little dijon mustard, different vinegars, a red wine vinegar, champagne vinegar, a lf fresh herbs in there, and expensive elements that you can lace into your food to add the flavor. >> lawrence: i love it, brother.
5:00 pm
i appreciate it. you showed us how to ball out on a budget and we got them flavor, i love flavor. thanks for coming on, chef. >> and if this was only scratch and sniff, you could taste it. >> lawrence: i appreciate it, brother. thank you for watching "jesse watters primetime." i'm lawrence jones, don't forget to catch my show tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m. eastern time. until then, tucker carlson is up next. see you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." when was the last time you heard a democratic politician propose a solution to a problem, no matter what the problem is, that didn't make the democratic party more powerful? ponder that for a moment. let's say for example that you really believe global warming was an existential threat to humanity and that rising carbon dioxide levels were causing global warming. what would you do to fix it? well, you might


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