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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 27, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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you showed us how to ball out on a budget and we got them flavor, i love flavor. thanks for coming on, chef. >> and if this was only scratch and sniff, you could taste it. >> lawrence: i appreciate it, brother. thank you for watching "jesse watters primetime." i'm lawrence jones, don't forget to catch my show tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m. eastern time. until then, tucker carlson is up next. see you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." when was the last time you heard a democratic politician propose a solution to a problem, no matter what the problem is, that didn't make the democratic party more powerful? ponder that for a moment. let's say for example that you really believe global warming was an existential threat to humanity and that rising carbon dioxide levels were causing global warming. what would you do to fix it? well, you might think back to
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tenth grade biology class, co2, co2, hmm, don't trees consume co2 for photosynthesis? quick google check. how about we plant a whole lot more trees across the country and across the world? that seems like a natural solution with lots of upside, trees are beautiful, and might help fight global warming. oh, but no, there is a problem with that idea. planting more trees might help solve climate change, but it definitely will not enrich your donors. trees are cheap. it is hard to make money from trees. worse than that, trees are impossible to regulate. once you plant trees, they grow by themselves, they do not need federal help. trees definitely will not make you more powerful, so instead, here is an idea, let's invest trillions of dollars of other people's money in batteries and wind farms and electric school buses. that way democratic politicians get fingertip control over the entire u.s. economy and all of their friends get rich. sounds perfect. let's go with that idea.
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that is how democratic politicians think. every one of them. so i probably should not surprise you that elizabeth warren has a brand-new plan for rising gas prices, and naturally, it goes without saying, that plan would give elizabeth warren a lot more control over you and over the united states. well, hold on a minute, you may be wondering. why should elizabeth warren have control over anything? elizabeth warren isn't very bright. she has never created anything. in fact, she is a proven liar. this is a person who exploited the suffering of american indians to get a job promotion. the trail of tears means i need 10-year. okay. so every possible way, elizabeth warren is mediocre. yet, and here's the catch, she is also a u.s. senator and that means she has power. warrants latest plant to make herself more powerful is the price gouging prevention act of. this bill would allow is of elizabeth warren to decide what things cost in the united states. let's say you're paying $6 a gallon for gas, and you may be, the obvious solution to that --
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in fact the only solution to that -- is to make more gasoline. because if there is more of something, it will cost less. that is not just basic economics, though it is, it is also a law of nature. never changes. but elizabeth warren wants the opposite. she does not want more gas. in fact she has worked hard to prevent the united states for producing more gasoline, and that is the reason why it is so expensive. what elizabeth warren wants instead is control over gasoline and over everything else, and this bill will give it to her. see how this works? and this is why the biden administration has shut down oil and gas leases in the middle of an energy crisis. and not just that, they are crushing refineries. according to one analysis by hot air, "seven american refineries which formerly processed -- have gone off-line, some have simple he shot down while others were being converted to biofuels like ethanol to meet the demands of the environmental lobby. these losses have left the united states with 124 operating
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oil refineries, 10% fewer refineries for gasoline, diesel, jet fuel then we had in 2016, even as demand has continued to increase." do you see where this is going. no more oil or gas for you, that is why you cannot afford to fill your tank. instead, the biden administration is demanding states build wind turbines that sound good but unfortunately don't actually work. last year we went to texas to see this firsthand. here's a clip from our documentary on the tragic buffoonery of wind power. >> with no chance of being approved near malibu or greenwich or in the mountains of aspen, the development invariably happened in poorer parts of the country. the number one place for wind farms is texas. the question is, what happens when the turbines stop spinning? >> we are in the middle of nowhere in texas. we are trying to find a place just to sleep tonight. everything is sold out. there is nothing available. >> it is now expected to be the largest insurance claim event in texas history. this winter storm totally
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overwhelms the power system in texas. >> i can tell you this morning, nearly 4.2 million texans still have no electricity. >> texas has the most wind power capacity in the united states, but the texas turbines, which are not winterized, iced up during a cold weather event in february of 2021. electricity output collapsed. >> texas regulators ordered rolling blackouts monday as an arctic blast has frozen wind turbines. speak of the texas grade, like the california grid, is becoming increasingly unreliable and difficult to maintain. difficult to keep power in a steady basis. >> this 20-year-old turbine is leaking oil, doesn't look too green to me. >> tucker: so the point of an energy grid is to produce and transmit energy. it has only one purpose, and that purpose is being sabotaged on purpose by the biden administration and by wall street in favor of green
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energy, in favor of windmills that don't actually work, and as a result of that we are facing a prospect of more blackouts this summer. we don't have electricity anymore. it's a first world country. but elizabeth one has a fix for that. "it shall be unlawful for a person to sell or offer for sale a good or services at an unconscionably excessive price during exceptional market shock regardless of the persons position in the supply chain or distribution network." so the argument here from elizabeth warren's argument, the economy has been in a period of exceptional market shock the pandemic began. therefore, prices set by every industry across the country would fall under the regulatory authority of who? elizabeth warren. most of the price gouging bills are limited to specific areas during natural disasters but this one is not, it is economy-wide and forever. the question is how exactly does elizabeth warren define "unconscionably excessive prices," because they are not defined in the legislation? so it turns out the definition is up to, can you guess, elizabeth warren.
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any business with gross annual revenues over $100,000 a year, that means pretty much everybody in the country, must now obey elizabeth warren. that means elizabeth warren, who had the power to set the price of say diesel fuel, that is what we use to fuel trucks for everything you buy or consume, they tend to entire u.s. economy depends on diesel. cvs reported decently prices are getting to the point where truckers can't work anymore. watch. >> kill prices like $6.39 a gallon. >> imagine paying that for a fill up of more than 100 gallons. >> a regular fill up would have been, just a six month, about $700. now, it's about 1,000. >> it is what truckers are facing across the country for diesel, and you are paying the price, according to oil analyst tom clues out. speak with you're ordering ordering anything that moved by freight or across the country, t
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comes via the fuel surcharges, probably not the worst of the diesel surcharges, that will come next month. i just don't think there is any magic bullet at the moment. it's going to be tough. it is going to be a tough summer. >> tucker: so most projections suggest this -- and by "this," we mean the price of energy, is going to get worse, and that is exactly what elizabeth one is counting on, you're suffering. she hopes americans get so desperate that they go to her to set the price of diesel as well as everything bought or sold in the united states economy and when that happens, what happens? interesting question, so at this point, a lot of money is floating around the u.s. economy and that is because of government spending. the federal reserve prints money, goes to the banks, and then it filters down to wall street and they buy bigger houses. and at the same time, supplies of essential goods are very limited so when you impose price controls in that kind of environment, anyone, anyone? bidding war started and prices go up even higher. as the economy alan cole put it recently, you will inevitably get a scalpers paradise.
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government imposed prices will be low, so they will sell out fast, of course, and then you get a black market. we don't have to guess, because this has happened in every controlled economy in history, the bolsheviks learned this early when they impose price controls. so what do you do next if your government imposing these? you crackdown on scalpers, that is what elizabeth warren's bill would do. so you get a lot more law enforcement, a lot of people going to jail, but you also get with the economist gregory grossman calls the second economy, people do anything they can to get the government approved a lower price. the soviets traded favors an established protection, they called the system -- which translated from polish meant someone who provides cover. what you get is corruption. corruption is the inevitable result of price controls. even the soviets learned this after almost 70 years. it is why gorbachev of banded price controls in the 1990s. nicolas maduro, a pretty rigorous marxist, also abandoned
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price controls in venezuela. what he did that three years ago. in the 1970s, richard nixon also realized, can you imagine, price controls don't work, but only after he froze all prices and wages in united states, and that eventually led to a massive spike in demand and double-digit inflation. so people who don't understand basic economic principles probably should not full around with the economy, but they can never control themselves, and that is why some of the biggest figures in the democratic party right now want to repeat mistakes we have seen countless times, not just elizabeth warren. it is the supposedly moderate bob casey, sheldon whitehouse, who is not very bright, and bernie sanders and ed markey and jeff merkley and tammy duckworth and dianne feinstein, they are all on board with this bill, and then in the house you have jerry nadler, david sisson nini of rhode island, the former mob lawyer, katie porter of california, ro khanna, silicon valley -- they have all close cosponsor legislation. there hoping if they do that you won't open wikipedia to find out what happened with every other country in the history tried
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this. they definitely don't want you looking at the history of the soviet union and that is why that history is no longer taught in schools. instead, they want you to watch reports like this and in fear give them total control over your economy. >> the shifting and shrinking school lunch menu. supply chain disruptions and the spiraling cost of key ingredients has forced school districts to pull back or make substitutions. at some schools, no more hamburgers or chicken patty sandwiches due to problems and the price of buying bonds and ketchup, a new service of school districts nationwide reveals 97% of meal programs reported challenges with higher costs, while 98% acknowledge problems getting some menu items. the supplies and the ingredients, costs are poised to rise again for your school's july 1st, when an emergency measure and acted at the start of the pandemic expires. >> tucker: so we are not shilling for big business here, we do not work for joe biden. we don't have to. in fact, we are often nightly
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critical of big business. but let's be honest for a second. does any serious person actually believe that hamburger and chicken patty manufacturers are holding back supplies of their products because they are greedy? [laughs] that is not what is happening. we wish it were what is happening, because you could probably fix that. but that is what they are telling you is happening, and they are telling you that so you'll believe it. they want you to believe that the baby formula shortage is not about supply, it is about pricing. unfortunately, that is just not true. here is nbc with the latest figures on the shortage. >> the fda telling nbc news it is concerned, not having certain formulas available on shelves could pose life-threatening risks for infant. one mom says she has been grappling with the shortage for two months, after their formula was recalled. >> how are you dealing? >> i am just really taking it day by day, to be honest. >> unable to find her formula on shelves, she had no choice but to suddenly switch brands. texas has been hit particularly
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hard. the formula out of stock rate here is now 50% here. >> tucker: oh, so the key line was the last line, the out of stock rate is now 50%. so they just don't have the product. companies generally if they have a product are eager to sell the product because they are in the business of selling products to make money. but unfortunately if you have no grounding in economics at all, not even theoretical, but practical, like if your whole life has consisted of lying to large crowds get elected to print more money to pay yourself, give yourself the most generous retirement in the united states, you probably don't know how anything works. and that would describe most leaders in the democratic party. so their solution, not surprisingly, is of the solution. it will make the problem worse, but it will make them more powerful. , do you not like that? oh, we are sorry. we would love to hear your complaints but we are not available at the moment, we have flown private to a global warming conference. charlie hurt is available from our friend, the opinion editor
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at the washington time and he joins us tonight. charlie, great to see you. every price incites people like elizabeth want to greater power lost, so is it really surprising her solution to the inflation the federal government because from mismanagement is handing her more power over the u.s. economy? >> well, really, that is the big break between democrats of today and the democrats back when they used to be successful, and you put your finger right on it, every solution to every single problem that they come up with, no matter what the problem is, always gives them more power and sends more money into government coffers, which they control, and that is what it has all been about. you look back at the 20th century, the democratic party was the most powerful party for the entire 20th century, they controlled everything, and the reason they did that is because they paid attention to people, and a minute ago you were talking about the difference -- you are not a stooge of big
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business, i don't let anyone in the chamber of commerce is going to accuse tucker carlson of being a puppet of big business. but it doesn't take a puppet of big business to realize that actually, the government has become in a lot of ways more nefarious than big business, and it used to be, the democratic party of the 20th century, stood up to big busines against little people. that is why they were so wildly popular. and it is like when bill clinton left the white house, he turned the lights out and said -- change all the dynamics and you wind up with a guy like barack obama, and now, joe biden, who is not even as cool as barack obama, they don't believe in standing up to any of these forces. and they instead use government -- he was their power to accrue more power, and get more money from those little people they used to stick for to make themselves more powerful and more richer. >> tucker: yeah, you have to
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ask yourself. he we long for example, one of the most part the democrats in the country, might have been president in 1936 had he nt been assassinated but you have to ask him if he we long were still in the senate, would he say stop oil exploration during an energy crisis? it is hard to imagine him saying that. >> yeah, exactly. if huey long were alive today, his name would be donald trump, and that is why the hate donald trump so much, because, you know, after 16 years of abandoning their people, this guy named donald trump, who actually -- if you think about it, there are a lot of similarities between him and huey long. donald trump comes along and completely steals their lunch, steals their message, steals their voters, steals everything for them, and for that, they have to kill him, they have to destroy him. >> tucker: that is so smart. i never thought of that before but i agree with you completely. charlie hurt, thank you very much. >> great to see you. >> tucker: so, if you are trying to live or trying to move, you may have noticed that
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housing prices have risen by 20% in the last year. rents are up around 12% nationally and way higher in certain areas. this is happening in part because companies are buying up all the housing to turn them into rentals because you will own nothing and be happy. two venture asked back by goldman sachs bought an entire community in florida for $75 million. places like phoenix and jacksonville, investors are buying up starter homes. >> houses, try calm, and other investors are buying in places like jacksonville, are what might be called starter homes. usually selling for about $300,000. when one of those comes on the market, investors are ready with all cash offers. >> investors never look at the home, never. >> they don't even look at the home? >> they never look at it. >> that and the fact investors often weave inspections puts would-be first-time home buyers at a serious disadvantage.
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home ownership is increasingly out of reach. >> in our portfolio, the majority cannot buy a home, cannot afford to buy a home i don't have a credit to buy a home. >> tucker: so homeownership is the linchpin of american society and generations of leaders have understood that. our leaders don't seem to have any interest, why is that? the founder of -- she is a longtime expert in residential real estate and joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. so is this as big of a problem as it appears to be for people who just want to own a home? >> homeownership, tucker, has been a pillar to the american dream or a very long time. because of the various different economic benefits that come with it, especially the accumulation of wealth, reducing the housing -- the housing costs, and expecting credit, not to mention the deduction incentive that you have. in addition to that, the stability and accumulation of
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wealth that is attained through homeownership has been the primary mechanism through which the american people have been able to achieve social and economic mobility for themselves and their children's, and that is challenge right now because they are competing with wall street, very low supply, and these investors are paying over asking price, many times waving inspections and closing very quickly, and it is impossible for the american people to compete against that. right now, one in five homes in that price range is owned by an institutional investor, and in my opinion, that is going to continue. my concern is what is going to happen when shareholders begin to demand more return? they are going to have no choice but to increase rent, and whether that is great for corporate america, it is not good for american families. >> tucker: and it is bad for the country, a stable nation of homeowners, vested, rooted in place, becomes a volatile country of renters, and that
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is -- it is as bad as we thought. katrina, i appreciate your coming on tonight. >> thanks for having me, tucker. >> tucker: to all businesses are in trouble right now but small businesses have just been crushed under the biden administration. we will talk to one small business owner about how. that is next. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: welcome back to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." inflation and supply chain shortages are crushing a lot of people, but especially small businesses. more than 90% of small business owners say they are very concerned about the economy. one of them is the owner of the brooklyn chophouse and brooklyn dumpling shop, both of which are excellent and joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. how do you see this play out in your life as a small business owner? >> tucker, first, thanks for having me on. we saw this coming in the spring of 2020. we knew when you shut down the economy, when you don't follow the science, and when you basically mandate you employees, well, you know what is happening next, supply chains are going to break, there are no employees. the economy has been rattled. what happened in 2020, i have been jumping up and down for two years saying there's going to be a cause and effect, the effect
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is going to be enormous and happened in the next 2-3 years, where we can't get paper products, i just built 25,000 feet, everything from sheet rock to nails, you name it, double the price. we launch brooklyn dumpling shop with a couple hundred franchises, delivery, diesel fuel, everything is double. it is almost impossible to function as a small business owner because of what they did to us two years ago. >> tucker: and you've got -- no one wants to be a conspiracy minded, but it was obvious even in the spring of 2020 that the huge conglomerates were going to benefit, amazon, google, facebook, they did, and businesses like yours were going to be hurt. would it shock you in ten years if all the restaurants in times square are owned by google? >> yeah, well, we struck early on in times square because times square is not available to small guys like us. it is usually available to the
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big public companies. we took a chance, with my partners, robert and david, we moved in quickly in may 2020, and we knew -- new york is resilient, it's going to come back, so we signed a 25,000 feet location back then, and we are the only mom-and-pop shop in times square, so absolutely what you said is 100% correct. >> tucker: yeah, i don't want to eat the google burger. we are rooting for you. stratis morfogen, thank you so much fear >> thank you so much for having me. >> tucker: so the main reason that your gas prices are so high is because not enough gasoline is being refined because not a enough oil is being -- the biden ministry and has decided to kill domestic oil production. prices this summer, rationing could be next. the crypto market has plummeted in recent weeks. one of the biggest investors in bitcoin joins us to explain why he is not that bothered by it.
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we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> welcome to fox news live, i'm kevin corke in washington. the governor of texas says he is livid that law enforcement "misled him" about their response to the mass shooting rod elementary school. abbott was grilled earlier today of whether he knew they did not merely breached the door to the classroom. the gunmen shot and killed 19 students and two teachers before cops got inside about an hour later. deliberations meanwhile underway in the trial of a lawyer for hillary clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, michael sussmann, charged with lying to the fbi early in the trunk brush her probe. 's legal team denied they lied and say the statements he made don't matter because sussmann was merely presenting national security information which the in their opinion the fbi would have looked into anyway. i am kevin corke in washington, we are going to send you more bk for more of "tucker carlson
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tonight." have a good evening. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: partly this is true but the facts speak for themselves. in the middle of the worst energy shortage in 50 years, the biden administration is doing everything it can to sabotage putting new energy online. they stopped issuing new oil and gas leases. they have also canceled several existing leases, including one that would have allowed drilling on more than a million acres. that's the only source of natural gas for about half a million people living in the state of alaska. senator joe manchin asked the interior secretary deb halen about this, kind of a big deal, and yet amazingly, she had no clue it was even happening, watch this. >> you all just put out a statement, the department of the interior just put out a statement, and the statement basically says the proposed program is not a decision to issue specific leases or authorize any drilling or development. this is from y'all's office. so it looks like you ordered to shut everything down. did you know -- >> i am sorry, i am sitting in
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this hearing, and not -- >> my god, somebody -- this shuts it down. >> tucker: the cabinet secretary in charge of that didn't know it was happening. mike taylor runs combined energy services. he joins us tonight. mike, thank you so much for coming on. it feels like this is, from a consumer perspective, anyway, an energy crisis. it is not clear to me why the administration, while that crisis is hurting people, number one issues voters say they are worried about, they would be squeezing domestic energy production, preventing it? why are they doing that? >> tucker, well, we saw on day one, the biden administration that it is time to end fossil fuels, so my family owns a retail propane gas and heating oil distributorship here in upstate new york. we have been serving our customers for over 50 years. this week the average home heating oil price in new york state at $6.30 a gallon, kerosene is over $7 a gallon, which is used by many homes, people living in mobile
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homes. they can't afford this. it is absolute lunacy. diesel fuel as reported earlier was over $7 a gallon and it is crushing everyone. >> tucker: so people living in trailers are paying the most for kerosene. a lot of people do heat with kerosene. have you ever seen in administration set out on purpose to hurt the weakest in our society? >> tucker, it is beyond bad. in new york state and new jersey come a lot of northeastern states, we are on the climate change agenda, so hard-core, new york state enacted the climate leadership and community protection act. that starts in 2030 and basically outlaws fossil fuels and forces the electrification of everything. that is less than seven and a half years away. that is all new construction, and if you go to replace your oil or natural gas, propane cast furnace or boiler, electric. study showed $18,000 to $15,000
5:37 pm
for the average homeowner to convert to electric and they want this with clean electric, i don't know, we mentioned this before, new york state, but half of our electricity currently comes from fossil fuels. less than 5% comes from wind and solo solar. we have hydro- and nuclear that makes up the rest. we just got rid of 7% of our nuclear power by taking away in the hudson valley. removing fossil fuels, this makes no sense. the electric can't handle, we don't have enough grid. last year, tucker, 315,000 people moved out of new york state. as this gets closer, we are going to be driving more people out of new york and businesses. natural gas is 3-5 times less expensive than commercial electricity. we just can't do it up here, tucker. we are draining the state rapidly. >> tucker: i've never seen anything like it. mike taylor, good luck up there. >> yeah. send us how. >> tucker: even florida. >> one thing, people can help
5:38 pm
us,, it is worth doing. >> tucker: thank you so much. people suffering through profound inflation right now, we have profound inflation because -- many are seeking refuge in bitcoin, whose amount is limited by design and cannot be inflated but the bitcoin markets have been volatile, they have been dropping like a lot of the rest of the market. the price has plummeted by roughly 40% the past two months. so how should you react to that if you're in bitcoin are interested in it? one of the biggest inventor investors in bitcoin, w.h.i.p. talk to him before, cofounded and runs micro strategy. he joins us tonight with an update. thank you so much for coming on. you are the voice people interested in this topic listen to most carefully. how are you feeling about bitcoin? >> bitcoin is the most certain thing in a very uncertain world. you know, in a market full of chaos and sound and fury, people
5:39 pm
need a safe place to stand apart from intervention of a government, agency, or corporation, so bitcoin represents a fair, open, equitable network with a simple promise, anyone who wants to join, what you own is yours and no one is going to take it away from you. >> tucker: do you think -- one of the ideas by bitcoin was it would not be directly correlated to the equities market. the s&p drop, bitcoin would end. are we going to see that? >> well, you know, in these markets right now, there is no simple place to hide. all of the indexes are in bear market territory. bonds don't represent a safe refuge because their currency derivatives, stocks have to grow their cash flows faster than the inflation rate, but if you zoom out two years, since the beginning of the covid crisis, you notice the u.s. money supply has expanded 36%. gold is up 7%. for the s&p index is up 29%.
5:40 pm
the nasdaq is only up to 19. bitcoin is up 229%. so if you can stomach the volatility, you take the long view, you've got a safe haven there. >> tucker: so i guess, the simplest measure of how you feel is what you are doing, what are you doing at bitcoin right now, buying or selling? >> whenever i have some spare cash, we buy or bitcoin. we are taking a very, very long view towards this, the network is only getting better, adoption is improving, very constructive regulation is coming out of d.c., and the lightning network is moving us closer to the promise of letting everyone in the world trade with each other at the speed of light in a fair and equitable fashion. >> tucker: so you are buying. >> yeah, i will be vying at the top forever. >> tucker: [laughs] >> an instrument of economic empowerment. i am not trying to time in the market. >> tucker: right. i always want to know what
5:41 pm
people are doing, not what they are saying, so that really tells the story. michael taylor, great to see you tonight. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me, tucker. >> tucker: treasury secretary janet yellen kind of gave away the whole game yesterday, she said women are more valuable to "the economy on the labor force" if they have abortions. have an abortion so you can more obediently serve corporate america. [laughs] that's feminism! it is not a corporate plot or anything. why are the always telling you not to have a family. it's interesting. that's next. plus, democrats have done a lot to demoralize americans and make them dependent on the u.s. government. how does that happen? we will tell you after the break. ♪ ♪
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self-driving cars. our power grid. water treatment plants. hospital systems. they're all connected to the internet... and vladimir putin or a terrorist could cause them all to self-destruct... a cyber 9-11 that would destroy our country. i'm dan o'dowd and i wrote the software that keeps our air defenses secure. i approved this message because i need your vote for u.s. senate to send a message... congress needs to fix this. fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so inflation, in case you haven't noticed, is higher than it has been probably in your lifetime, at least 40 years, gas prices just hit an all-time high, and parents can find baby formula. don't you worry, our treasury secretary janet yellen is not a goal or anything, has a plan to deal with this, and she revealed it in the united states senate. all you need to do is have an
5:47 pm
abortion. >> i believe that eliminating the right of women to make decisions about when and whether to have children would have very damaging effects on the economy and with set women back decades. >> tucker: set women back -- oh, it would set amazon and google backed ma decades because you cannot be an obedient employee if you insist on reproducing and having your own family. right. women are told us constantly, don't have a family, you have a duty. that is one of the reasons the birth rate has dropped by more than 40% in the past 15 years but janet yellen does not think that is low enough, it has to go lower. get to work. rebecca heinrichs is a senior fellow at the hudson institute and a mother of five and joins us tonight. i have always suspected feminism was a corporate lie and this kind of confirmed it. stop whining about having your own children, get back to work says janet yellen, have you ever seen more anything more spine
5:48 pm
tingling the repulsive and that? >> it isn't readily repulsive, tucker, the argument is barbaric and of itself, but to have the secretary of the treasury making the argument is chilling because she is really talking about people, rather than as women and mothers and families, she is kind of revealing she is thinking about it in terms of cogs in a machine for the economy. she also talked about how it would disproportionately affect potentially women of color, who are in a lower economic state, which is really a sister, intellectually, to margaret sanger, the founder of planned parenthood, who would talk about, you know, those who are not suited to have children because their feebleminded or poverty-stricken because they don't provide, you know, something better to society, what can they give to society, and therefore they should not be having children. so really repulsive, really kind of exposes how she views the american people, and really kind of tells american women, you know, what she really thinks
5:49 pm
about them. the biggest live progressives have ever told is that the abortion industry and abortion on demand is pro-woman. it is not pro-woman. team grades women and erases us of our unique characteristics of life-giving quality, the people who give us birthing bodies, it is not surprising they would make is kind of connection. >> tucker: no! i mean, you're not a woman come in their view, you are a widget in a bin to be assembled so they can paint a note on their house in aspen. did you ever think anyone would say this out loud, though? basically to say to be a corporate drone is morally superior than having your own family? >> well, they think -- you have the secretary of the treasury making this so she must be right because she is so smart and credentialed, but is barbaric, more akin to the chinese communist party's view of their citizens, which they have a barbaric, brutal, state run
5:50 pm
population control with forced abortions because they're trying to maximize output, so to have an american secretary of the treasury make this remark is really gross. also, it is just not true, tucker. poorer families do typically have more children. and still, the united states continues to get wealthier, but as you pointed out, if anything is really true, it is that the united states should be populating with more babies, you know, since 2007 we have been below replacement rate, so a sign of a dynamic, healthy, happy society of communities, we should be demonstrating that we've got great hope in the future, and there's things that are actually more valuable than monetizing your time and talent. a woman's time and talents are never wasted on her children and her family. and so, i think it really exposes something pretty backwards and grossed about the way the secretary of the treasury is viewing people. >> tucker: not just her, all of them, children are the source of the most profound joy in life, period, by definition, if
5:51 pm
you're telling people otherwise you are leading them to a dark place, i think. rebecca, you explained that so well, thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: so if you feel too discouraged to start a family, feel too portable buy a house, there's probably a reason for that. it's on purpose. the same people discouraging you from starting your own life are encouraging crime and abortion, people, people demoralized and dependent on government. seen this for a long time, he understands what the democratic party works, the author of "25 lies: exposing democrats most destructive lies in how to refute them." thanks so much for coming on. >> thank you for having me, tucker. >> tucker: i just cannot past the janet yellen quote because i think it reveals everything, abortion is the key to economic progress. assess that, as you know mike if you would. >> the democratic party, when they ruled the south, the plantations on how they turned
5:52 pm
the whole south into egg gladiator -- fitting poor whites and poor blacks against each other while the elite whites watch us fight and destroy one another in the south, the most depressed place -- fear is a tool for them. they perfected it. demoralization, they perfected it. him they -- they -- they castrate them physically the way they did mentally years ago, destroy economies, made the black church basically a state church, or you have no religion at all. this is what they do, and i have said in my book and i will say it now that the democratic party since its inception in 1800 has been perpetually the evilest institution on the face of this earth. all they do is meditate on blood. and every now and again, they will let something slip, like ms. yellen did, and tell you the truth.
5:53 pm
listen, the american people are waking up, they are hearing it, 2022 and take them out at 2024. >> tucker: i believe that completely. really quickly you had a provocative observation. you said the black church is effectively a state church. what is -- and i know you preach sometimes -- what does that mean? >> yeah, man, i wrote a book, and i went back into the black community. they have been saying the white racist conservative republicans were destroying the black community, but when i went down there, i found out there were so many african american preachers down there that were being paid by white liberals, and these preachers were taking money and they were using their churches and basically conduits between themselves and these rich white liberals. the democratic party basically controls the black church and the black community. not everybody, but a majority of them, and this is why the black community cannot move. black preach is a lot control and lend it to the
5:54 pm
democratic party. they built the church back in slavery and continue to control it right now. they control the politics. they control all of the organizations. they control who get what to affirmative action. they control the black community, and this is why we are at the bottom of every socioeconomic statistic in the world. they are not here to build. they are here to destroy. there like a cancer. they are like a tornado. it is just their nature. and they have not changed their tactics. they have perfected them. they have perfected destroying communities, keeping people afraid. after the stud massacre in buffalo, started reading the paper, and everything was about fear, they feed on it. they want america to be afraid and the black community is just an experiment for them. they intends to expand for us all over the nation the first chance they get, and they have been trying and they are going to continue until they get it, but we are going to stop it. they don't have a chance.
5:55 pm
>> tucker: i believe malcolm x was onto some of this. >> yes, he was. >> tucker: vince everett ellison, great to see you tonight. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: we will be right back.
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